Satree lek 2 (2003) - full transcript

This prequel and sequel rolled into one is about a unique volleyball team composed of gay men, transvestites, and a transsexual. The teams gains attention as they win a lot of men's volleyball matches in Thailand. The team name is The Iron Ladies, and they live up to their name with their athletic prowess and their personalities. The team struggles with different opinions, personality clashes, and financial hard times, but they come together in the end because they are a team of friends -- for a match with their local rivals.

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Let's see how long Iron Ladies
will be able to keep

their title of Thailand's
volleyball national champion.



That's all the big news in papers.

So be it.

On today's front pages
of all sports news sections,

most of the headlines are quite the same.


The first one says Iron Ladies insist that

Jung will leave if Nhong stays.






-Iron Ladies fall apart.
-We'll discuss this subject.






They are called the Twin Towers.



They are indeed.

Nhong is so hyped up.

He is going to beat Jung
in Thai League's match tomorrow.

Nhong has recently undergone a surgery.



Great. If they can play like this,
I'm going to give you bigger budget.

Wow. Thanks a lot.


We're definitely gonna win.

Three, four...


Look at him.

Jung is gonna cry like a baby again
because he has lost the game.

-You bitch.
-You idiot.

-You're such a troll.
-You're ugly as fuck.


That's live from
Thai League championship match.

Our guest's just got the trophy.

He is really vivid today.

Mr. Nhong is right here.

Just call me Nhong.

Sounds great.
I'm gonna call you Nhong.

Now, you have become
the team leader

of new Tip O-Sod club...

-...and won 21 matches.

How many times have you won
over Iron Ladies team?

I can't remember that.

People might think that
I hold a lot of grudge.

Only seven times.

Look at him.

He might be bullied
by his nasty girl boss.


-No makeup....
-This is her speaking, Mr. Governor.

-No food is better than no makeup.
-Yes, I'm watching it.

-I'm so confused.

I had nowhere else to go,

and my friends don't love me anymore.

Lucky me that I have April,

May and June who understand
and will always be with me.

Now I realize who's my true friend.

I won't look back

and I will do my best for Tip O-Sod
that gives me a bright future.

I will make our team great
and won't let Pan, Nong,

and Mr. Prasert, our manager down.

Sounds like these six people
are really important to you.

So, we'd like to invite
these six people

to join us with Nhong.

Please welcome April, May

June, Pan, Nong and Mr. Prasert.

-They're coming?

-What a surprise!

Greetings to everybody. Welcome.

-You guys.
-It's a surprise.

Please have a seat.
There's a lot of people

to give you moral supports.

Let's start with Mr. Prasert.

What makes you want Nhong
to be in your team?

-This too.

-He acts like a damsel in distress.

When will Nhong stop dissing me?

And when will you stop
listening to him?

You always keep up with him

and then you're pissed off.

"Now I realize who is my...

true friend."

My ass.

Let me tell you something.
When he did his job,

he found a hunk and went crazy
so he's got fired.

We invested our money
to open this restaurant for him.

He took the money

and gave it to his partner
so the restaurant was down.

You can't really blame him.
He has no job.

This new club offered him both money
and a job. Who's gonna say no to this?

They even gave scholarships
to the triplets.

If Pia didn't break up with her ex,
I would tell her to beat them all.

-Kick their ass.

You would let Pia to tell Nhong
to stop bickering at you?

or tell Nhong to come back
and play volleyball with you?

You know what?

Even you bring Brad Pitt
to convince me,

I'm not gonna be
in the same team with that bitch.


Look. Should we visit Pia?

We might get some ideas
to handle this problem.

Should we?

Go to Xishuangbanna?

Are you crazy?

I'll get fired if I go there.

You're nuts.

Where are you going? Muk?

-To my mom's place.
-I'll drive you after doing laundry.

Muk. Wait!

Muk. Wait a second.


Jung. Is that you?


Chai, my dear.

Why you are so jumpy?
You've never been with me before?

You're late, as usual.

If it wasn't for coach...

Nothing. Let's go.
Hurry up. The ferry is leaving.

Why you're in such a hurry, Chai?
You have to take it easy.

Where's your wife?
She didn't come to see you off?

He's so hot but he prefers guys.
Such a shame.

"Jung, should I be glad or sad
that you're coming to me?

The city where I live,

there's no direct flights there
from Thailand.

You should take a cargo ferry
from Chiang Saen,

cruising along Mekong River
like cruising on the Elizabeth II ferry

to Dongguan Port,
and then take a bus to my place.

That's the perfect way
for a salaryman like you.

Send me a letter before you leave.

I'll be waiting for you."

Dripping water hollows out stones

through persistence.

Muk, my dear.

We don't mess up with our friends.

Muk heard people gossiping about me.

They think that I'm gay

or... a gay's partner.

She has heard it quite a lot.

So, she left me to stay
at her mom's place for a week.

When I saw the news in the papers,

I wonder if you guys are all gay?

No, sis.

Look, Chai.

Listen to me.

We'll figure this out
when we're back from Xishuangbanna.

Love or hate,

girls like us can't really tell.

Just like the way
you're still pissed off by Nhong.

No, Chai. That troll...

can be called
a disgrace of all pink boys.

You know what, Chai.

He leaves us for a new team
and keeps talking shit about me.

I am not just saying that.
I've got some proofs.



He said that?


You haven't seen everything yet.
This is only part of it.

I have clips of news on TV
to show how bad mouth he is.

He's definitely a gay.
I just know it.


Holy Moly!

There's an old hag
in our town of Lampang.

Damn you, Jung.

Old hag, my ass.

Sis, can't you tell
that I'm just kidding?

It's just for fun.

My ass is for another kind of fun.

What kind of fun?

Having fun on a bike.
I gotta go. Bye.

Why it's so itchy?

My whole face feels so tight.

Stop nagging, will you?

Look. It's messed up.

If the mask works on you,

I'll apply it on Jung's face
when he's back.

Talking about Jung, honey...

-Should I take him to a therapist?
-What's for?

Look at him.
Can't tell what his gender is.



Look what you've done.

Stop! Enough!

Damn you, Kiang!

Come on!

Kiang! I said enough!

-You judge my son!


-Honey, stop it!
-You judge my son.

Kiang! Go home!

Kiang, you go home!
Honey, stop it!

Ouch! That hurts.

If you didn't stop me,

I was going to knock him down.

You're not Dump Matsumoto.

I'm going to check on Kiang.

I hit him quite hard.

No, you're not going anywhere.
He's a neighbor from hell.

How could he judge my Jung?

Congratulate me
for getting a son-in-law, huh?

Damn him.

Taking a photo for what?

Never seen a happy family?

Just you wait.

My son will make our country proud.

Right. Someone like him

-will never knock up a girl.

Bro, do you ever
want to sleep with your friend?

How dare you.


Just you can cause much troubles.

I can't imagine what you
and your gang in college could do.

We had so much fun.
It's quite hard to gather them up now.

We were so bomb
like in the movie of Seven Samurai.

-It's really hard, Chai.

Can you tell me that story and...

your boyfriend is so gorgeous.

Don't bring it out of the room.

Don't bring any papers
or electronic devices

into the test rooms.

Welcome, everyone.
Fill in the application forms here.

This is the volleyball club.

Welcome, everyone
to our volleyball club.

-I'm sorry.

Don't be. It's my fault.

I knocked you down.

Are you hurt? You screamed so loud.

Not really.

You guys alright?


If so, please have a seat
in our volleyball club's tent.



Are you gonna sit here
till your graduation?

-Follow me.
-My leg hurts.

Hurry up.

Hurry up, Wit.

Jung, don't mess around.

Keep up with them.

Jung, damn you!

That hurts, sis.

Wit, my dear.
You don't have to be this tough.

It may harm
our chances for reproduction.

You're insane!


Julapong and Wit
practice the setting for 500.

Kamon, Kiat
you guys take 300 each.

Don't mess around.

I'm fucked because of the newbies.

You too, Wit.

Fuck you, Kiat.

Coach Surapol
gives you a hard time every day.

Shut up.

Look what you've done.

Keep hitting the ball.

Go. Go.

Damn you! Faster!

It's volleyball, not playing chess.

I said faster!

It's just volleyball.

You can't be this lousy.

I'm so tired. It's too hot.

Sis, we practice it like crazy.

You still can't be
one of the main players?

Coach Surapol
picks only the best.

You've just been in the team for two weeks
and think of being a main player?

No, I just do it for fun.

I love Jung Koshika.
Want to be cute and good like her.

Really? I thought you're in
because you like Wit.

Sis, are you dissing me?

-I'm not your servant.
-You know that Ann

is so ambitious.

She wants to be a team manager
like in a movie.

Jung, I think...

you can call me Mon.

I'm just one year older than you.
We might graduate the same year.

Let's be friends.

Even your face looks much older,
but I'm alright with that.


Ann, you can go home now.

No, I don't want to.
My parents meet a matchmaker today.

I want to walk May home.

Give it back.

Why you let your teammates
be like this?

Playing around with makeup?

You should be tougher
so they might get stronger.

Our match is coming soon.
Why are not thinking about that?

Here, sis.

It's a new lipstick.

Mister Donut. Can I help you?
We've got a special offer.


Please hurry.

Very pretty, huh?


My son wants to be a daughter.

He wants to be pretty.

Damn you!


You're damn annoying!

Hey, your hair is getting long.

Why don't you tie it up?


All students are welcomed

to participate
in Cha-Am beach's beauty pageant.

Hello, handsome.

How about me?

Can I join the pageant?

For someone like you,

how about die and rebirth as a girl?

But it's alright for Ann.

If you allow me to poke you.

Honey, your zipper!

You dickhead,

I don't need your poking.

Why don't you just go home

and poke your sister.

I heard that she is quite horny.



Take it easy.

I think we should stop talking.

Let's do something manly.

How about that?

This is it. It's fun time.

This pussy team lost the game.

What should we tell them to do?

Say what?

Alright. Listen up.

I know what to do.

Make them dance.

-How about that?

Make the monkey sound

and wave for the crowd.

Party Time!

Ladies! Go hard tonight.
Ann will pay for you.

I've got some gold.

You stole something
from your dad again?

They play really cool music.

-And I can see a lot of hot guys too.

They're all hunks.

That's great.
I don't have to look for a gigolo.

I just come here and pick one.
They're so hot.

At nine o'clock, girls.

Look over there.


How are you? Hungry?


What's up, Nhong?

Do you know
why we're here in your room?

-Can you guess?
-Yes, I can.

You guys come here to be kicked out
because of breaking into my room.

You're still acting macho.

Don't you know
it's not our nature to do that?

May I ask you one more thing?

How can a straight guy
have these posters

like a picture of a pop idol
on the wall over your headboard.

Is it right, Nhong?

What're you talking about?

I have no idea what you mean by that.

And he's got ABBA,
the Carpenters, Gloria Gaynor

Barbra Streisand and Pu Anchalee,
the full collection.

Well, that's not weird really.

But these photos
of close encounter are.

Too many, though.

You damn lesbian!
I will kill you.

-Sis, help me!
-Stop it!

You homo!

Lesbian! Homo!

Just leave me alone.

Damn you, Nhong!
Fuck off!

-Where're you going?

I'm not.

I'm not a homo.

Everybody does that, right?

Oh dear.

Nhong, but you were doing the same things

as homo does.

Kanchit and I, we're best mates

But he doesn't think the same way
about you as you think of him for sure.

That's a guy
who couldn't make up his mind

that he wants to get a wife
or be someone's wife.

Do you have something to say, Jung?

In this case,

I think our Nhong

might not belong to
"that" group of friends.


just be what you want to be, okay?

Coming through.

Please make way
for a just-out-of-the-closet gay.

Move. It's dangerous.

Thank you. Thanks.

This is Nhong.

Oh my god.

So cute. Can I borrow this?

Hi there. I'm Nhong.
What's your name?

Who the hell is this guy?
Look at his makeup, so shabby.

Looks like something out of a freak show.
So ugly but wanna be a queer.

What the hell are you talking about?
I don't get it. Take it back.

Gotta run. Take care. Bye.



Hey! Kanchit.

That's your girlfriend. Go.

Go to him.


Where are you going? Wait up.


We can solve the world's
over-population problem, you know?

Make it quick, Jung.

Right. You troll.

-I'm starving.
-You're broke from too much shopping.

Then you have to beg me for food.

You don't want me
to be prettier than you.

As if. I should be jealous of Ann.

There will be a war outside.

Sis, let's take a look.

-Fine. Go to hell.
-Yes, I will.

If I didn't want something new,
I wouldn't have sex with you.

Son of a bitch.

Just two months.

Only two months.

He just left me.

Making friends with gays
is always trendy, sis.

If he's that horrible, I think...

you should let him go.
Say goodbye to him for good.

We've heard you fighting with him
all the time.

I thought it's just a chaos
of a pregnant woman.

So, I ignored it.

I didn't know you go
to the same college with us.

If you can't come to class tomorrow,

you can stay with us.

Just let me know
if you need anything.

You said for two months.

What's about that?

I've got some money.

So, I can get a boob job
to make him happy.

What's wrong with these perverts?
Why they're so obsessed with boobs?

Do you want mine?
Just take them away.

Damn. They're really annoying.

Now I can pee like a man.

Good god.

How dare you?

Are you alright, sis?

When people gave me a hard time,

these guys took care of me.

So, I could make it through.

Well, it's hard to believe that

you can be a grateful person.
So cute.

He's not that stupid. Look.

Ann, give him a hand.
Excuse me.

There's something in your mouth.
Let me fix your bad mouth.


Ann, what that means?

He says I'm pretty, right?
No need to give me a compliment.

I know that I'm prettier than you.
That's a fact.

Cheers. See?

I gotta go back to work.

Alright, Mon.
We need more doughnuts.

It's on me.

There. He's over there.

-I can't see anything.

He might have heard us.

Wow. What a hunk!

Let me see him.

What is a hunk?

-A girl like you know nothing.
-I think he's gay.


You come to practice for a few days,
as our substitute players.

If you can't make it,
so be it.

My god.

What? You lesbian.

My hands are total mess.
What? Wait.


Hey, Wit.

-Have a seat.
-Sit here, my dear Wit.

Are you tired?

Wow. Really expensive dishes.
Who will pay for these?

And what's the occasion?

Ann will. Well, today...

she came out and told her parents.

-Listen to me, Wit.

Nhong, you ugly bitch.

What a clumsy homo.

Ugly but sassy.

The matchmaker brought a guy
to see Ann again.


But she is...

That's right.

That's why Ann is so upset.

I told my dad,

my mom, my aunt
and that guy named Hong

that I can't be anyone's wife
because I'm a lesbian.

My mom choked on shark's fin soup.

That guy and the matchmaker
just walked out.

I was waiting...

for my dad to kick me out.

It didn't happen.

Mom came and give me a hug.

Dad didn't say a word.

He ordered to take the food home.

On the way back, he even said to me

that he hasn't seen
you guys for ages.

I think your mom and dad

are gonna hate that soup for life.

Shut up.


Is that our Pia?

I'm a showgirl

and I'm fabulous.

You're itching or what?

Want to be slapped?

-Why do you keep hitting me?
-Take a look.

That bitch, Ann.

I'm so pissed.

I flirt with him all the time

but he's never touched me.

But with Ann...


You have a lot of guts to do that.
You do indeed.

You guys have lots of guts as well.

Come in.

What's up, funny?

Pussy. Pussy. Pussy.


You keep pressing that damn button.

Want to have a pussy that much?


Look. We're going to die.

Shut up. You won't die
even if you're poisoned.

It's just a blackout.
It happens quite a lot here.

It's because of you.

Talking about death is a bad omen.

I haven't got a cute boyfriend yet.

I don't wanna die.

Help me.

Save me.

Nhong, Your voice is so loud.

You're not helping.

Angels like us

-are not going to die in here.

I don't think it's a blackout.

If not...

-What is it, Wit?
-Don't tell me that...

It's fire!

I'm going to die for sure.
Mom, dad please help me.

I haven't been a grateful child.
I can't die right now.

Oh my god.

Shit. Our bodies
are going to look terrible in here.

What should we do, Nhong?

Get a grip, Jung.

I've just come out of the closet
and never been with anyone.

I can't believe
I'm going to die in the fire.

Calm down, all of you.

If we can block out the smoke,
we might have enough air to breath.

-Let's do it.
-Make it quick, Nhong.

I wanna say thank you
to all of you

for everything.

Thank you... for helping me

to make it through.

Thanks to you guys

especially you, Jung.

You make me enjoy volleyball a lot.

You too, Nhong.

I'm so happy to have friends
like you and everyone.

Don't cry.


I love you.


That's impossible.

I'm gay.

I'm gay!

Save me.
Nhong, I like you.



It's beautiful.


-One room.

We are together.

Please come in.
Make yourselves at home.


Chai, I'm so tired.

Chai, it's me. Jung.

Not Nhong.
Why are you so jumpy?

You scared me.
Make a sound before coming in.

Chai, my man.

Don't you call me
to put you to sleep later.

Honey. Don't play with the phone.

Somebody might want to call us.

Someone may not reach us
if the line is busy.

I want to call daddy.

I want daddy.

Let's play with your toys.

-I want daddy.

Easy, Nong. That hurts.

Hold on.
It will help your muscles.

Be gentle. Ouch!

He's not getting better, Coach.

I think he's okay.

Are you, Nhong?

I've almost gone back
to my normal state.


For you, Mr. Prasert

we will give it all.

Bullshit. You three idiots.

For Tip O-Sod team,

I'll give it all I've got, Mr. Prasert.

And we all will be dead.

We have a big project to do.

Chiang Mai's governor wants us
to play for his team in Group 5.

That's great.

If we win,
we could be in the national league.

If we played for Chiang Mai team,

-we have to play against Lampang.
-That's right.

That's why
I have no confidence in our team.

Our three-step plan
for being the national team,

will be... impossible to realize.

If we couldn't find
some really good players

to join our team,
we would definitely loose.

Look at our team. Disaster.

You're right, sir.

But there're no more gay people

who can play well
and also who are good looking like me.

We've got Nong,
who is such a godsend.

He looks just like me.
Like we're brothers.

We don't need only gay players.

Look at Iron Ladies team.

They've got Chai.

You have a point.

Right. Straight guys will do.


How about Meungman?



Nong is a fake homo.

Mr. Prasert tricked me.

He told Nong to act like a homo

so our team will be famous
like Iron Ladies team.

Then he kicked me out.

What should I do, Mon?


-Should I ask him?
-Do it.

Pan Loe.

Pan Loe?

Chai, Pan Loe.

Pan Loe.

Chai, don't rub with your shirt.
It's dirty.

Your eyes will get irritated.
Use a handkerchief.

Why not?

Still don't trust me, huh?

Don't rub them with your shirt.

Sorry, Jung.
I understand it.

I understand it.

But my instinct really doesn't.

That's why
Wit loves to hang out with us.

Straight guys won't do that.

Damn you, Wit.

I've flirted with him for ages.

How about that girl, Ann?

You guys don't talk about her anymore.

Democracy belongs to us!


After Ann's been rejected by Wit,
she's totally changed.

in 1992,
she had a mental breakdown.

She went abroad
and rarely contacted us.

I miss her a lot.

The jacket that you mom did
is so multi-purpose.

Don't come closer!

Go away. Just go.

Your jacket should be destroyed.

No, don't. Trust me.

Bitch! That's my jacket.

-Go to hell!
-Come on, Jung!

Stop. Stop it.


I've heard that Kitti
supports Mr. Praset's team.

He's the one
who always causes us troubles.

I'm not sure
that they're real nice.

You care about me?

I think
you only care about yourself.

Bitch. Shut up.

I'm so worried about you
just like everyone else.

-Because we're in the same team.
-That's right.

We are in the same team.

I really want that.
It's not your team.

It's not my team.

We work together as one team.

Let me know if you need anything.

I'm not a bad guy.

I'm the team manager.

I have money.

-I've got a budget.

You hear that, Nhong?

That's all he needs.

You are just something he can buy.

I'm not gay

but there's one thing that
makes me different and special.

We're friends.


We warn you
because you're our friend.

You guys

get your opportunities
and then leave me behind.

This time I've got mine.

Why can't I do it for myself?

Do you think

that stupid restaurant

is the best thing for me?

I won't let it happen again
like on that day.

It's not gonna happen again, Jung.

What day?

The day we left the army on a bus.

Students ask for your autograph

but not for mine.

You laughed at me.

Excuse me. Are you Thai?

Hello handsome.
Can I take a ride with you?



We are so lucky to meet you here.

We had to hire this van.

I'm not so sure that it's a luck.


Hello, Coach Bi.


Hi, Mon.

Nhong, take a seat.

We gave you a call when we left
but nobody answered.

Someone prepared the trip for me.
I've just arrived this afternoon.

What? Pia told me that
there's no flight.

There's a non-commercial flight.

I know one flight attendant
so I tag along.

You followed him around, right?

How about Coach and Wit?
On a vacation?

Not really.

You can ask Chai.

I have no idea.
You should ask Pia about that.

Greetings, everyone.

At first, I was afraid

I was petrified

Kept thinking I could never
live without you

by my si-si-si-si-side

But then I spent so many nights
thinking how you did me wrong

And I grew strong
And I learned how to get along


And so, you're back
From outer space

I just walked in to find you here
with that sad look upon your face

Hello, Coach Bi.

How have you been?

-You're like Kylie Minogue.

Who is the guy
that's waiting for you every night?


At ten o'clock.

Can't be.

Sis, is this guy
the best one you've got?

It's a big no.

Bitch. He's the nicest one.

I've dated a lot of good looking guys.

Why can't I see someone
who's ugly as hell but nice?

Sis, about your ex-boyfriends,

what's wrong with them?

They're asshole.

Just leave me alone, will you?

I'm so happy right now,
more than I used to be.

Coach, you've made up your mind?

-Have you?

I've talked with these guys

but haven't finished it yet.

Nhong has left for karaoke.

Jung, that's enough.

Nhong has learned his lesson.
He regrets it.

Look, Chai.

When victory, fame and money
come through one door,

will leave through one as well.


has changed.

Go on now, go

Walk out the door
Just turn around now

'Cause you're not welcome anymore

Is it the time to get to know
your new boyfriend, sis?

Please introduce him
to our big mama.

-None of your business.

Coach, this is Doi.


Is he top or bottom?

Shut up, bitch.

He's the president of
national sports association here

and he wants our Iron Ladies team

to play against his team.

Good. We can practice it
before the match held in Lampang.

Iron Ladies are awesome.

God, Chai.
Help me.

Pia. Save me.

Where's the comb?

Are you hurt?

Can't believe that Iron Ladies team
can play in an international match.

This is what you want, isn't it?

It's time, ladies.

There are lots of people out there.

I should have sold tickets.

I can make some money.

Let's see if you guys deserve
to play for Lampang team.

Let's go.


Go Iron Ladies!

Coach Bi.

Have you finalized the list
of players for Lampang team?

I don't know if it's alright

but I've already asked Jung's mom
to make these.

Chai, help me out.

These are for everyone.

Orange is my color.

Absolutely fa-bu.

I need to pee.

I'm always jealous of you.

You always have confidence

in everything you do.

Unlike me,

I always need your advice
before doing things.

Even about my life.

My parents don't care about me
as much as you do.

Since I've known you...

you are always in a spotlight.

Sometimes I think

it would be great if I were you.

It must be awesome.


just realized...

that you didn't mean
to steal my spotlight.

You're just worried about me.

Why I'm so stupid?

Even Coach

and everyone else,

they're all concerned about me.

I thought they're...

jealous of me

like I was of you.

You hear that, Jung?

Can you hear me, Jung?

Can you hear me, Jung?

You hear that, Jung?


Can I poop in peace?


I will forgive you

when you accept the fact that
I'm prettier than you, dumbass.

Alright, but...

It's between you and me, alright?

-Get a room, will you?

It's raining, come in.


The championship match
for Group 5's leading title

kicks off today.

Lampang team versus
Chiang Mai team.

Players of Chiang Mai team...

are all from Tip O-Sod club,
the latest Thailand League' s champion.

They might not let their fans down

because they win every match
through the finals.

That's a true champion.

While the previous year's champion,
Iron Ladies of Lampang team

are struggling to make it...

to the finals.

what makes people interested

is the similarity of these two teams.

Not just their looks,

the ways they are and their behaviors...

are quite the same.


You have to keep an eye
on today's match

on every ball, every second,

see who will win the title
of Group 5, Lampang or Chiang Mai

to play in the upcoming
national tournament.


Ladies and gentlemen,
a miracle happens just once.

Chiang Mai score over Lampang
two to zero set.

I'm dying here.

We've played for too many sets.

My throat is dry like a desert.

Don't be too nervous.

Don't be scared to lose.

Remember this,
we've made it through the finals

Right. Just two sets.

Listen, they will use three blocks
in the next set.

Nhong, I'm begging you
to be in the game.

-Can you?

-I will.

So, you and Chai have to do
the back attack to break the block.


How do you know
that they will use the three blocks?

I have my supporters as well.

Our team have a lot of supporters.


Sorry, that's awesome.

Now Iron Ladies are on fire.

Lampang team will serve the ball.

Let's see
if they can get their first score.

Go away from me, homo.

My dear man.

Don't fuss.

I'm straight just like you.

-So mean.
-It's really exciting.

The scores
keep changing on set three.

We'll see who is gonna be the winner

the original team or the dupes?

If you guys're messed up like this,

our sponsors will leave us.

I've invested a lot into this team
and I don't want to lose.

I want you guys
to have a better quality of life.

If it's bad like this,

your dreams will be over.

Focus, please.

Time out.

Dear god,
please make Lampang win

then I will get promoted to be a mayor.

You have to make a prayer,
Mr. Governor?

Iron ladies like us
are already the miracle.

Is that right, Mr. Governor?


You in the front, Chai in the back.

April in the middle.

For Nhong,

You attack from the back
and then Jung...

do the B-quick ball.
Pia will do the double block.

May and June defend,

Mon, you have to help Pia
with the block.

-Chai, stay on the left.

How many of us now?

Let's do this.

Attack them first, got it?

I think you should take some rest.

Got it?


Hold the ball when they serve it.
Don't ever lose it.

If you can do it,
we might still have a chance.

Chai, I'm just worried about him.

He jumps, attacks
and sets the ball.

His leg can't hold it much longer.

You look so pale.

Give me some bronzer real quick.

On your nose too.

Look at him.

That hurts like hell.

Coach, take a time out.

Time out, please.

What's happening?

How are you gonna handle this?

If it's not because
your team is so unlucky,

those homos won't get any chances.

This trick doesn't work.

We'd better attack over the net.

If that doesn't work as well,

you guys can give up.
Let them win.

This is a technical timeout
for our staff to clean up

the broken bulb.

What're you doing here?

-Where's mommy?

Go Pia!

What are you looking at?

Go Pia!

Chai, I'm so sorry.

I should be the one
who really trust you

but I...

-did that to you.
-It's okay. I get it.

But you have to handle it though.

People keep questioning my sexuality

but I've got it under control.
Don't worry.

I've been upset a lot lately.

It might be because...

What I'm having, honey?

I'm having a baby.

Both teams have to keep

their rally points
as long as they can to win.

Every match
between these two in the past

was like a war.
They won't let the other win easily

-especially the championship set.

You fake homo.

How dare you to imitate me?
You're so lame.

You drag queen.

Watch me.


Time out.

People go crazy.
Today's game is unbelievable.

They're so great.

That's right. A sponsor should
give the injured players extra money.

All you need to win this game

is not my advice

but your true spirit.

Our opponents are right there.

It doesn't matter
who's the real gay.

It's the last set.

Go get them!

Nhong, you have to finish this.

Make them pay for it.

Let Mr. Prasert see
what Iron Ladies are made of.

What do you say?

Can you do it?


-All pretty girls have a hard life.

You all are pretty girls.
You must have a hard life.

Let's do it, my pretty girls.

Go Iron Ladies!

It's okay, you guys.

Come here. It's alright.

If Nhong didn't touch the net
before the ball hitting the ground,

Iron Ladies would serve
and have a second chance.

What a pity.

Their destiny has totally...

turned upside down.

If Nhong didn't hurt his leg...

but it's okay.

Today is another day

that Iron Ladies
gave it all they've got.

Iron Ladies are the best.
They are the best.

They might've lost the game

but they always
win people's hearts.

Right, everyone?
Mr. Governor?

-That's right.
-Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Iron Ladies. Iron Ladies.

Mr. Prasert, how do you feel
about today's victory?

Winning and loosing
are quite normal in sports.

Actually, I really want to know

if I could be the manager
of Iron Ladies team.

Can you do it?

I'm happy
to work with talented people.

This is a letter from Ann
sent to my dad's address.

They all will be thrilled.

That bitch!

Jung, look at her.

A man and a baby!

They've just told us
to call them Iron Ladies 2.

What do you say?

Do you agree with that?

If they see us as a role model,

that would be a big compliment.

We're honored.

They want to make a movie
about Iron Ladies team. Is it true?

Let's hope for it.

I don't think it will be a big hit.

-We gotta go. We're in a hurry.
-Wait. Please stay.

Where are you going?
Finding somewhere to get over it?

We have a promise to keep.

-What promise?
-But you guys lost the game.

-I didn't make a promise to win.

If we won,
we could have another downfall.

-You guys don't look upset.
-Excuse us.

May I?

Gotta go. Bye.

Ladies, ready?

Subtitle translation by
Chaimas Sainampueng