Satree lek (2000) - full transcript

The Iron Ladies tells the true story of a Thai male volleyball team that competes in the national championships in 1996 with a team consisting mostly of gays, transvestites and transgender players. Mon, who becomes the team leader, was a very talented player who constantly failed to be selected for various teams because he was gay. Jung, Mon's best friend, also experienced the same treatment but was always more optimistic about things. Their chance comes when Coach Bee is selected to put together a winning team, and she announces that the team will be open for all to tryout. But when the coach selects both Jung and Mon to be on the team, some of the more macho players resign in protest. In order to form a team, the coach asks Mon to find a few of his friends to join the team. They select Nong, a gay sergeant in the army; Pia, a trans star of a cabaret show; and Wit, whose parents don't know that their only son is gay.

Where are they now?

Mr. Kasem Suksan.

Mr. Yut Kongpongtun.

Mr. Kanchit Sobchengchai.

Mr. Pratchaya Panbutsaban.

Mr. Panumart Na Srichiangmai.

That's all. For the rest of you,
thank you very much.

-How's it going?
-We've got good players this year.

-Their heights are just perfect.

-One more thing...

Coach, bye.

-Bye. Don't mess around.
-Yes, sir.

Everything's alright. We'll be able
to manage the practice schedule soon.


Let me see it when you're done.

I need time to figure out
how to assign the players.

-For the record, it works...
-Excuse me.

Is it because I'm a homo?

Come on,
try my hot yummy dumplings.

Come on,

try my hot yummy dumplings.


If it's not good,
you don't have to pay for it.

If you don't want my money,
what do you want?

I just want...

your body and soul.

-Just take the money.
-Let's go. Quick.

Take your dumplings, boy.

You want some veggies?


Come on,
try my hot yummy dumplings.

What the hell?

That faggot can sell his dumplings,

but I can't sell a damn thing.

I've had no customers for a whole day.

Well, sis.

Look at your mussels.

They've been dried out in the sun
all day long.

They look dull
and have turned green.

Mon, I think...

Her mussels might be rotten by now.

Damn you, Jung.

You're saying shit about me.
I'm sick of you trash talking.

You're a mean faggot.
I don't know what to do with you.

Don't mess with Jung.
You'll never win.

Welcome to Lampang!

Look at those tourists.

They look like Hipposaurus
and still taking a ride on a pony?

Poor thing,
it's too bad to be a pony.

Not as bad as being a homo.


We are fabulous and proud.
How can you say such a thing?

You're still upset, aren't you?

You already knew that
those stupid volleyball clubs

would never ever
have a homo in their team,

except for those
who act like straight guys.

I know. I just want to give it a go.

Finally, I can give it up.

You can't fool me.

Someone like you
can't give up on volleyball.

Why not?
Why can't someone like me give it up?

Watch me. I will never touch
a volleyball ever again.

Holy shit!


See? Speak of the devil.
Miracles can happen.

Not a miracle.


Thank you.


Cute. Hot. Babe.
He's my type.

He's just right.

-Jung, you're so horny.
-It's our turn.

Chai, make it quick.


Your block was so lame.


Hey, Chai!

Why can't you get the ball?

Damn you, Chai.

Block with me on the second contact.
You never listen to me.

Are you nuts?

You saw the ball coming over the pole.

-Do you ever listen to anyone?
-You want a piece of me?

Hello, everyone.

I'd like to introduce Ponthip,
or Coach Bi to you all.

Well, Coach Bi
is a teacher at Boonyawart School.

She made the school's volleyball team
champions three years in a row.

Does her achievement

have anything to do with us?

It does, because Coach Bi

is going to be the new coach
of our Lampang team.

-What about Coach Chatri?
-We've considered that

Coach Chatri has health problems.

Let's just say that

Coach Bi will take care of you all.

Coach Bi,
just don't let me down, okay?

-I won't.
-Gotta go.


Hello, everyone.

-She's a lesbian.

I'm so glad to be here.

I already know everyone's name,

but I don't know how good you are

-in the game.
-Neither do we.

A high school championship is...

-different from our league.
-That's right.

Keep in mind that the Lampang team
has never been a champion yet.

That's why I want to have a tryout,
so we can see if there's some new hope.

Such a waste of time, Coach.

I am the team's MVP.

We know who is good or not.

Mon, I've just bought a new lipstick.

I'll swatch it for you.

You keep doing that to me.

Jung, take these sausages

to your Auntie Nee's house
in Bangkok for me.

You have to go straight to her place.

-They might go bad.

It's time to start your career, honey,

and behave.

Well, Mommy,

the salary is ridiculous.

I can make more money
from selling dumplings.

Don't say that.
You've got a degree with honors.

You can't just be a food vendor, right?

Jung, your apartment in Bangkok.
What's it name?

It's next to a university, isn't it?

-That's right, Daddy.
-Yeah. I got that right.

Your foundation looks weird.

Come on, Daddy.

Stop it, Jung.

I said stop it.

Lampang City Station.
Lampang City Station.

Mon, come here. Hurry up.

You have to see this.

-Follow me.

Don't ask.
Come on, hurry up.

-I have something to show you.
-Where is it?

The train will be leaving soon.
Where are you going?

Look, Mon.

See that? It says volleyball.

Lampang team
is recruiting new male players.

What do you say?

Nothing. I don't give a shit.

Mon, wait. It's volleyball.

Mon, we haven't had a chance
to play volleyball for years.

Let's do it. I can't wait.

Wait, Jung.

What about making a team?

This is volleyball,

not a video game
that only two of us can play.

The team is nothing.
It's normal. Don't you worry.

I'll just take a walk around

and then lots of guys will follow me.

-You mean dogs?

Granny, not dogs.

Boys. You'll see how hot I am.


What about your job?

And that sausage too?

How do we get there?


My dream has come true.

I will survive.

We'll see, Jung.
If we don't make it at the tryout,

you'll have to pay for our new tickets.

Coach Bi will have a tryout.

I guess we'll be alright.

-We're so ready.
-Coach Bi, my ass.

Bullshit. Hey!
Where's my beef salad?

I can't take this.
She's just a school coach.

A high school, bro.

She must be good at it.

You're trying to please that lesbian.

Wanna hook up with her?

-I think you're not her type.
-Son of a bitch.

I gotta go.

These homo people

are really disgusting.
I can't stand them.

They are a disgrace to humanity.

Wanna eat this?
If you do...

cook it yourself.

Mon, you go to him.


It's your idea, Jung.

Mr. Yuttachai Srisattayakul.

Mr. Kamon Klaimae.

Mr. Julapong Wiwattananong.

Jungkochika's team is here.

-I'm Julapong.

Right, next.

He acted up
and then mingled with the homos.

Please, sign it.


What's the point of this tryout?

They're all losers.

Such a waste of time.

The next round of our tryout

will be Meungman's team
versus Jungkochika's team.

Hey! Hey!

Incoming. Ouch!

We attack first.
Mon, you're on the right and Jung...

He's hot. So perfect.

His sex appeal is no joke.

Hello, handsome.

You're Meungman, right?

Such a pretty name.

Why are you here, cutie?


Why don't you just go
and fuck yourself?

Oh my goodness.

Why are you so rude like a jackass?

-What's up, faggot?

You have nice legs but...

they're quite big, you know.

-Let me see.
-What are you doing, pervert?

Asshole. Son of a bitch.

Go away.

Let me see it.

Get lost, will you?

On your positions now.

On your positions.

Go to your position.


You'd better use your anger for the game.



You, shut up.
Stop it.

Why can't you get the ball?

What was that?

-That's my position.
-No. It's mine. I got the ball.

The ball's coming!


-They're good.
-I'm so happy.


See what faggots like us can do?

Now for the list of players

of the Lampang volleyball team.

Mr. Meungman.

You are the team's leader.

Mr. Yuttachai.


Mr. Julapong.

-Mon, I made it.
-Mr. Sakda.

Mr. Kamon.

Mr. Sobprab.

Mr. Somsak.

Mr. Samran.

Mr. Rattana.

That's all.

-I'll let you know...

As a leader,
I want to make a change right now.

I don't want these faggots in our team.

Leave him alone.


if you discriminate against people
based on sexuality,

you don't deserve to be an athlete.

How dare you, Coach?

Do you know

what you are doing?

Mon, our team must be awesome.

Where are you going?
Is Coach Bi not home?

Coach, don't tell me that
those two are...

What? All of them quit?

Do we have anyone else from
Boonyawart School?


you should keep Meungman.

Me and Jung are not that good.

Seriously, it's getting out of control.

Do you have any other friends
who can play well?


Do you know anyone
who is good at volleyball?

Yes, I do. They were so good
when we were in college.

Their skills are no joke, seriously.

Well, they are not...

like you, are they?

He's in an army.

-Set the ball.

-That's him, Nhong.
-The troll-like one, Coach.

Is he okay?
Is he good at it?

-He's so powerful.
-He's good and different.


Just a moment, Coach.

These people are so mean.
That hurts.

You can't just drop me. I'm hurt.

What's up, pussy?


Are you sure it's the Cabaret Show,
not a freak show?

This is the seventh show.

Pia. Pia.

Nhong, is this nice?

-This one is cute.
-I prefer this one.

Turn around, okay?

-You can go.
-So chic.

-Sis, your silicone is so bouncy.

You've undergone
so many plastic surgeries.

You guys, my boobs
are not your toys.

All three of us
kept finding you in the crowd,

and we almost couldn't recognize you.

I thought you were Paris Hilton.

He's right.

We have something in common.

The magic of plastic surgery.

-Wow. So chic.

Sis, what about our volleyball team?

-Are you in?


I really want to help you, but...

I haven't touched a ball for three years.

-Worried about your boobs?

I'm scared that my face will be ruined.

If my nose was messed up,
what would I do?

Just call your doctor.

Pia, are you done?


Chat, these are my friends and coach.
They came to see me.

-So hot.


If I could do it,

I would undergo plastic surgery
as much as Pia did.

If I could do it,

I would fuck Pia.

Well, she's not in.

Probably so into her boyfriend.

All girls need their boyfriends.

Who doesn't?

Just like all the bees

are always welcomed by flowers.

Then, we can go home now.

No need to rush, Coach.


-You're gorgeous.

Well, you can't be with us,
so we have to go.

Yes, that's right.

Who said that I can't go with you?

I talked to Mama and she said
I can take a week off.


Pia can join us.

Mama said yes,

or your boyfriend said yes?


Wit. Wit.

Your friends are here.
They're waiting for you over there.

You should meet them.

Hey, have you seen the woman...

How come?

Oh, Jung.

Today is your big day.

How could we miss it?


You're getting married

and you didn't invite us?

It's just an engagement.

So it's a small party
with our families only.

Congratulations to you, Wit.

Where's your fiancé?


This is Julie, my fiancé.

Oh, her name is Julie.


You have a pretty name.


Li Ju, come here. Hurry up.

-Greet your granny.
-Mom, I told you to call me Julie.

Can't you call me Julie, Mom?

-She calls herself Julie though.
-You guys.

The master told me,
after seeing Wit's birth date,

that a long engagement
is not good for him.

So I want you to get married soon.

I think I should wait.

What are you waiting for?

Get married and have kids.

Mom and dad will take care of them.
Let's do it.

I need more time.

My friends asked me
to join their volleyball team.


Oh, right.

He's always liked playing sports.

He saw a bodybuilder
when he was a kid. He was so...



Where's the mirror?

Oh, God.
I look pale like a ghost.

I look like one of Wit's relatives.

Look at my face.
It's horrible.

-Hey, Wit.

Now you're a lesbian?


Absolutely disgusting, isn't it?

Don't be silly.

It was so sudden,
I didn't know what to do.

They've already
arranged my engagement.

What would you do
if you had to get married to her?


How about doing it
like you're making a movie?

You and her enter the room
and turn off the light.

Then, you switch up with a stand-in.

That's crazy, Jung.

You've watched too many movies.
Such a drama queen.

-It works though.
-It really does.

-Good idea.
-You do it.

-Are you insane?
-If this happens to him...

That's enough.

I'm serious.

Hey, Julie is quite pretty.



-Don't do that.
-Right. I can't die here.

-Wit, are you going to be a lawyer?
-Hey! Look.

Nice tractor, uncle.

All of them?

Yeah. It's gonna be fun.

They're all good players.

Chai, I missed you.

Hurry up. I'm going to introduce him
to you guys.

This is Wichaidee.

This one...

is Pia, Pianuch.

And this is Nhong, the troll.

Hello to you.

You're way more good looking
than what Jung said.

Are you guys done?

There are only six of us in the team,

so I asked three of my students
who can play volleyball

to join us for practice
and be our substitutes.

I'm so relieved.

Here they are.

Come and meet your seniors,
April, May and June.

What did you call them?


-I'm April.
-I'm May.

I'm June.

We're so glad to know you all.

-They're so cute.
-Yep. Come on.

-You guys are so cute.


You're not coming with me to see Nan?


I can't beat your teammates' beauty.


They don't really hit on me.

Now I'm not sure about this team.

I'm just kidding.
Don't be upset

that everyone says
you are the moon among the stars.

People don't think that
you have anything to do with them really.

Can I ask you something?

Seriously, do you not like them
because they're not straight

or you want them to be girls?


Totally Sports sponsored by
Kaikaew energy drink.

With some cheering from the crowd
in the stadium,


Lampang team has made it
as the representative of District Five

to participate in
Thailand National Games this year.

They beat Nan team
by winning three sets in the preliminary.

They've become
the top team of this tournament.

We shouldn't underestimate them.


We thought they're weak like girls.

They also did a lap dance
when they got points.

It's really distracting, you know.

My players couldn't focus on the game.

They're getting more confidence
for the next match

with their tricks and talents.

They beat Lamphun team
like it was nothing.

I'm pretty sure that the third match

was not too hard for Lampang team.

They played really well
and won over Phrae team.

The cheering crowd went wild for them.


My boys haven't practiced much as a team
so there's a lot to improve.


They can beat teams of straight guys
three matches in a row.

What do you want to say about that?

Let the best team win.

They're all grown men.
No differences.

my team comes with great passion.

Their passion or whatever
is unbelievable.

The volleyball team
with a feminine touch from Lampang

can beat the mighty Chiang Mai team

three sets to one.
We have no doubts about them.

Only time will tell, in six months,

what will happen in the upcoming
National Games in Nakhon Sawan.

Will Lampang team
be able to get a gold medal

for District Five?

Totally Sports
sponsored by Kaikaew energy drink.

We have only one month
before the match, chief.

We don't have time
to train some new players.

Your boys are pretty good.
They made it to the top in Nan.

Their teamwork is awesome too.

We can't do it from scratch once again.

Hold on, Coach Bi.

I didn't mean that.

You don't have to change
any of your players.

I mean...
I'm talking about...

that tournament in Nan.

I think it's pretty weird, Coach Bi.

How should I explain it?

The ways that they behave.

Do you think it's alright
to behave in that way?

You mean they're being sassy
like school girls?

That's what I mean.

I'm so worried about this,
Coach Bi.

I mean, people with authority.

If one of them is not happy
about our boys,

we could be in trouble.

-What's wrong, Nhong?

What happened to you, Nhong?

-What's up with you?
-Are you okay, Nhong?

-You've got cramp?
-What is it?

No. Not a cramp.

What is it?

My nails are ruined.

I did my manicure last month.

Take it easy, Nhong.

We will fix them with some hot glue.

Let's have a chat.


Come here.

We haven't practiced for a long time.

You guys are not in your best condition.

I want you all to practice as a team.

Too bad that Pia can't be with us.

She has a lot on her mind right now.

The fact that we've made it
to Nakhon Sawan

drives me crazy. It's so surreal.

If we don't have Pia,

-I think it's alright.
-That's great.

We can have a new guy.

Only queers like us made it, remember?


we should always remind ourselves

about what we're doing.



We'll have to sacrifice a lot for our team

or we might lose it.

You know, I met the district chief
on the other day.

You have no idea
that there are some people

who hate the way you behave.

Don't have too much pride.

Who's that?

Doesn't matter who they are.

The point is, they have authority

that can bring our team down,
end of story, just like that.

One. Two. Hey.
One Two. Hey.

One. Two...

-Pia is here.
-Oh, sis.

-Pia is here.
-Oh, Pia.

What's going on?

Pia, you poor thing.

She looks like she has been dumped.

You're right.

He told me

his parents wanted us to break up.

He confessed to me later

that he...

loved someone else.

Isn't it awful, Nhong?

I mean, she's gorgeous.

How could he do that to her?

God bless her.

Everlasting love doesn't exist.

Sis, you made the right decision
coming here.

It's better than wandering around.


You guys take care of Pia
and take a rest.

Let's call it a day.

Come on, sis.

Poor Pia.

Kamon, what happened?
Tell me everything.

It's quite complicated.
Pia broke up with her boyfriend

because he fell for his fiancé
whom he had been totally ignoring.

Sis, look at these shoes.
They are so pretty.

Must be really expensive.

The color and design are so nice.

All guys are the same.

They'd never fall for a transgender.

If you're transgender,

you must be naughty, slutty,

and have sex as much as you can.

My goodness, what an attitude!

When you were with him,
you said that you were a monogamist.

Your ex just went back to that girl

and you have turned into a polygamist?

We've been waiting for the right guys,
just like you said.

They are all satanic.

Why are you so suddenly
changing your standpoint?

I can't follow you.

People like us
will never have a happy ending.

That's right, sis.

If so, why would you care for him?

-Stay here and play volleyball with us.

You've got a month off.

Spend it wisely. Don't be upset.

Right. Turn your sadness
into power for the game.

It's much better than
being sad and bitter like this.


Well, Nhong,

I've known you for seven or eight years.

Finally, you said the right thing.

Bitch. You think I'm useless.

You slut!

You bitch! You ugly whore!

Chat, you go to hell.


That bitch.

-What's your problem?
-I just can't do it.

Take it easy, Mon.

-Easy, Mon.
-What's wrong with it?

-Take it easy.

-He didn't mean it.
-Take Chai away.

Mon, take it easy.
It's nothing.

-How could he...
-He didn't mean it.

Damn. Can't deal with his ego.

Don't be upset.
It causes wrinkles, you know.

Right, Mon.

You have an ego as big as he has.

Everyone, listen up.
Hear me out.

I have a surprise today.


Please give Nhong
a big round of applause.

Thank you.

This is for you, Mon.

A jacket?

-What about me?

These are for April, May and June.

My God.


These jackets
are my mom's designs.

She designed and made them herself.
Our team's name...

is Coach Bi's idea.

It matches you guys perfectly.

Strong but feminine.

Feminine but strong.

Absolutely awesome.

Looks like our leader
feels uncomfortable with that name.


You'd better be strong like the name.

Mon, why can't you shut your mouth?

You always bite his head off.

Let me do it for you.

Sure. I need someone
to help me out.

-Oops. My bad.
-What do you mean?

-To your health.

It's sizzling. Looks yummy.

Uncle, are you alright?


We're here. Thanks.

Private Nhong.


Salute to you girls.

Jung. Look.

-Jung, hot guys coming your way.

What's your name?
Just call me Nhong.

Nhong, go.


You're not coming this way, Leader?

I will.

I just forgot something.


If you could make a wish come true,
what would it be?

I don't believe in magic.

I believe in myself.

I knew
that would be your answer.

You know,

I used to be like you.
I used to believe in myself.

But my life experiences

have proven me wrong.

I had this dream for so long.

I wanted to play for a famous club.

I wanted to be in a national tournament,
an international one,

like SEA Games or Asian Games.

How about Olympic Games?

That must be hard.
You should get a good start.

Oh, you started with queers like us.


just do your best.

You see us like everybody does.


have you ever
made friends with a queer?


How many queers

have you known so far?

If none,

you have no right to look down on us.

Thank you. Thank you.

Rambutan please.

Why are they so small?

A queer's rambutan
are always small like these,

but I can guarantee you,
they're all delicious.

How many do you want?
I'll get them for you, cutie.

How about three kilos?

-Maybe not today.
-Why is that?

Come on, cutie.

It's so pretty. Can I try it on?

No! You can't try it on.

Your head is so huge.

You'll ruin it. Go away.

I won't sell it to a homo like you.

Go away from my stall.
Take your stuff away too. Go.

I said go away.

I saw your team from District Five.

Where did you find them?

Man, they're something.

Don't be too harsh on them.

Right. They might get hurt easily.

I have a better idea.

Why don't you and your team
transfer to women's volleyball?

That way,
your team might have a chance to win.

Winning isn't everything, is it?

No matter what gender my players are,

they are real athletes for sure.

I heard that one of them
is transgender.

For local or provincial tournaments,

-I think it's okay.

-But this is a national one.
-That's right.

I don't know
how they've made it this far.

I'll do something about it.

Sir, here you are.

This is it?






Honey, it's on TV.

Hurry up. The parade's beginning.

You'll see our Jung.
Just wait for it.

-He's coming?
-All of them will.

Where's our son?

You'd better watch those
walking at the end of the line.

They get a lot of attention
from reporters.

We don't know who they are.

-There he is.
-I need their details.

-One moment.
-He's cute.

According to the report,

-at the end of the line...
-So pretty. the men's volleyball team

from District Five
and their team is called

The Iron Ladies.

It'll be really interesting

to see how well they perform in the game.

Hey, we've got some good news.

We have to play
three matches in a row today.

-Three matches?
-Oh, my God.

I'm gonna be dead for sure, Coach.

I'm not a machine.

They're trying to get rid of us.

They want us out today.

We should be ready.

Somebody wants us
out of this tournament so badly.



Hey! Let's see the wrath of queers.

You haven't paid for it.


Come on, Jung.



Get the ball.

The Iron Ladies.

-The Iron Ladies.
-Everyone, come on.

-It's better than the second match.
-They're hyped up.

Good job, all of you.


Trust me. They can't make it through
three matches in a row.




-Hey, what's up?

Are you not coming to see me?

No, I'm afraid I can't take a day off.

Where is everybody?

They are so famous now.

They have an interview at a radio station.

They've gone crazy.

Wit is...

studying for an exam in his room.

Oh, he is so hard-working.

Do his parents know
that he is...

No. Don't let them know about him.

Must be big trouble.

Look at them.
We've never seen so many fans like this.

I'm so touched and speechless.

Here's the last question.

The Iron Ladies team
beat other teams in Nan,

and today you won
three matches in a row.

Does that mean queers can play volleyball
much better than straight guys?

You're a big star today, Nhong.

-A fruit juice vendor.
-Jung, wait up.

Right, The Iron Ladies.

What's up?


I'm so sorry.
I'll buy a new one for you.

That's okay. I don't want it.
I'd prefer some oranges.

You jerk!

You son of a bitch.
Asshole. Ugly as hell.

-Dick head.
-What did you say?

I said...

you're a dick head.


-Want a piece of me?
-You're bullying my friends?

What a loser.

Stop it. Stop.

Get a grip, people.

Knock it off,
you guys are athletes.

It's really nothing.
My friend just wanted an orange

and they acted like drama queens.

-Bullshit. You're lying.
-Easy. Stop it.

That's enough.
Everyone, back to your place.

Are you drunk? Go home, now.

-Go away.
-He said go.

Take it easy.

-Thank you, Officer.
-That's alright.

If you hadn't stopped them,

we might've been in big trouble.

I think it's them

that might be in trouble.

Look, it's a mess.

Officer, can I have your name?

I'm Jung.

Yute. Lieutenant Yute.

Your name sounds so manly.

Why did you hit me, bitch?

Lieutenant, look.
He hit my hands.

Sis, are you alright?

You're thinking of that jerk?

Yeah. It's great that I have you guys
and our matches in my mind.

If not, I'd probably feel so depressed.

I just don't get it.
Why are you so into that jerk?

We had lots of good memories together.

It's good for him to be with his fiancé.

It's better than spending his time
with a queer like me.

He is so selfish, like all men are.

Right. All men are selfish.

No matter what their sexuality is.

That's right.

Just like my dad.
He never loved me or cared for me.

He ignores me.

I grew up with my mum.

He is so selfish

and abusive. He hit me and my mom
when he was angry.

He hates me because I'm gay.

It's funny.

Mom always tells me
to love and respect him just because...

he's my father.

But I'll never love him.

You can't love him,

but you don't have to hate him though.

Hating someone makes you suffer.

You troll.

Lieutenant Yute likes me.

Says who? He had a crush on me.

Stop it.

Focus on the game.
You can't even get the ball.

I'm in.

Give a signal when you move.

Your team is not really
on top of their game today.

They're not professional

and they're unstable.

They can be really good or bad.

My team has a problem too.

He thinks he's the best, right?

Nailed it.

Take this!

Take this!


What the hell?

Can't you guys pull yourself together?

Mon was out because he got a red card.

Our game was a total mess.

Nhong was absent-minded

and made lots of mistakes.

It's you who was absent-minded.

-I made a mistake because my arm hurts.

-You troll. How dare you blame me?
-It's your fault.

-It's the real deal.

Not the time to mess around.

Man's team
might be laughing their asses off by now.

How about you, leader?
You were so lame too.

Not as bad as you, homo.


Stop talking about homos.

Wit and Pia were so good.
Why don't you say something about that?


-don't blame other people.
-Coach, you came just in time.

-We're having a big fight.
-It's just begun.

You're finding someone to blame,
aren't you?

You all should know who it is.

Today, you're not The Iron Ladies

who won three matches in a row
the other day.

The Iron Ladies are just acting girly

and playing with makeup.

You said it makes you play well.

-Chai, hold on.

Excuse me, Coach.
Just let me finish.

I've had enough of their pettiness,

spouting nonsense and being trivial.

I am trying to be a good leader

for all members of our team.

If they had priority for being gay,

-I would quit.
-What? Chai.

They are so feminine.
How can they make it to the semifinals?

You look so disappointed.

Mr. Kitti, it's quite interesting
that they're different.

Right. I don't think it's a problem.

I think it is a big problem.

I'm giving you the last warning.

Keep your boys under control.
Don't mess around.

Don't step out of line again,

or I'll drop your team out
of this tournament.

Oh my goodness.


-Today's match will be on live TV.


I look pale like a ghost.

When people see me on TV,

my rating will be dropped.

Jung, stop making a fuss.

Remember what you promised Chai.

Look at Nhong,
he's not making it a big deal.

Come on.


Don't you forget it.

Bring me some powder right away
when we have a break.

Don't worry.

-You're in a good mood.
-I am.

They haven't put on any makeup today.

When my parents watch us on TV,
they won't know anything about us.


-Are you ill?

I'm not. Why do you ask?

-You look pale like a ghost.
-Damn you, Mon.

I'm so nervous today.

-Your lips are so pale.
-We'll be on live TV today.

I went to do my mom's business
in Ang Thong.

I saw you on TV so...

I came here.


I really miss you.

Chat, I will go and find our seats.


Is that her?

She's cute. Perfect for you.

Pia, listen.

-I always loved you.
-Enough, Chat.

Just go, please.

Are these yours?

I found them.


I think we should take Pia out

and let April or May in,

or we might lose today.


Why there are so many problems today?

Just want to remind you that

District Three used to be
Thailand's team in SEA Games.

Look at them. They're titans.

Most of them
are from Royal Thai Air Force team.

Their teamwork is excellent.
They have passion to win.


Move. Hit it!

You said they were so lively.
Look, they're boring.

They are actually sassy and fun.

Sassy? Let's go home.

If District Three win this set,

The Iron Ladies will be in trouble.

My goodness.

I think The Iron Ladies team
is trying so hard to score.

But they keep making mistakes.

Nhong, how could you miss that ball?

You guys can't concentrate.

What do you say?

I know. We're playing so badly today.

You guys look horrible.

I can't stand it.

Just put some makeup on.

Don't let our coach down.

Are you sure, leader?

We are The Iron Ladies.

I don't know what's going on
with The Iron Ladies.

They're gathering in a group.

Is there anyone having a stroke?

What happened?

Why? Why?

Honey. Honey.

The Iron Ladies
have put on their makeup now.

It's getting more exciting.

This is what I'm talking about,
the highlight of this tournament.


The Iron Ladies...


-It was me.
-I scored those points.

It was me.

Hey! Get your shit together.

I want to tell you that
you did really well today.

I almost fainted at the beginning.

You guys,

I think Chai has something to tell you.

You guys look great with makeup on.

Way better than without makeup.

Damn you, Chai.


-Bi, is that you?
-No. Jung's speaking.

I'm her dad.

Oh, hi.

Where's Bi?

Coach Bi is talking with Mon downstairs.

I need to poop, so...

It's okay. Too much information.

Today is her birthday.

I just want to wish her a happy birthday.

That's alright.

Tell her congratulations
for making it to the final tomorrow

-and tell her that...
-Wait, hold on.

Need to write it down.

Make a wish, Coach.
Do it.

Blow out the candles, Coach.

Go ahead.

Thank you.

Thank you to you all.

Keep looking at me, if you want to

Some people do it and gossip

They look from head to toe

But never see who we really are

You might be unhappy
with what I am

It doesn't mean that we are evil
We're just...


Open your mind
Try being in my shoes

We couldn't decide our own fate

Accept us for what we are

And just be open-minded

Don't hate us
You don't have to love us

It's alright
Just open your mind

One day you might see it

That I'm no different from you

I am what I am...

Homo freaks make a birthday party
for a lesbian.

It doesn't mean that...


Just different

Open your mind
Try being in my shoes

We couldn't decide our own fate

Accept us for what we are

And just be open-minded

Open your mind
Try being in my shoes

We couldn't decide our own fate

Accept us for what we are

And just be...


Happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday to you.

-Thank you, all of you.

All of us

-want you to be happy.


Even though
we haven't known you for long,

you treat us with love and care
like our mothers do.


are like the outcasts.

We are not bright,


or confident like the way we act.

But we're so lucky to have you
as our mom.

No, I'm not that old.

-You're our Coach Mama.



You've ruined my mood.

I have something for you, Coach Bi.

Here's a note from your father to you.

I wrote it down word for word.
Let me read it to you.

"Bi, be happy
and keep in mind that

winning over oneself
is the true victory."


Listen up.

That show might be not perfect,

but you guys did it quite well.

Can you do something like this
for tomorrow's game?


I used to think that
winning was everything.

Today, I know that my happiness

is not seeing you as the winners
with gold medals.

I want you guys to be a great team,

like in my father's note.

Winning over oneself
is the true victory.

Bless you.

Making fun of me?

My humps

Do you like that, boys?

Hey! We should get going now.


-Chat, what are you doing here?

How have you been?

You should know that.

Where's Lookkade?
Is she not with you?

She's gone.

You should leave too.

Why do we three have to be in pain?

-Just let me go.

You're hurt
and I'm hurt too.

I need you.

Where are you going?

Let's have some fun.

Is this faggot that good

that you can't live without her?

It's none of your business.


-Let me have her then.



used to do a stunt show.


What the hell?

My nails.


Wanna die, faggot?

-I'm gonna hit you.

I said quiet!

Enough with the fighting, okay?


please let me go.
I didn't do anything.

All my nails are messed up.

Who are these people?

Teletubbies, perhaps?

-Are you alright?
-Your face is damaged.

You're being mean to me again.


Thank you for taking care of me.

I'll always take care of you,

but we need to be friends.

That's the best for us.

Ouch. Easy.


Thank you.

What were you thinking,

to save me from him?

I don't want to lose
one of our best players.

Coach Bi told me that

we have something in common.

We have passion.

We're eager to win.

we overlook what really matters.


I always play as if it's the last game,

and I need to win,

so people can't look down on me.

I know that will never happen.

Gold medals or silver medals

don't really matter.

I'll just do my best.

I'd prefer a gold medal, you know.

-Oh, dear.

Are you okay?

Bitch, you left me behind.

I need a favor.
They're my friends.

-Are you sure, sir?

Coach, Wit's father is here.

He's going to bring Wit back.

-He and Wit are having a big fight.

Sir, I'm begging you.

Wit, go home.

Wit, I said go home.
Get in the car now.

You can take it,
caps or fans with Jung's face.

Coach Chatri,
how about this one?

Just leave me alone.

It's alright. He might prefer a cap.

It can protect you from the sun,
protect your bald head.

One hundred and thirty...

The fans of The Iron Ladies team

keep coming into the stadium.

They're dressed up and look like

-they're going to a costume party.

they're not holding back.

Today, we have the governor

who has come here to watch the game,

and he will present medals for the winner.

That's right.

Your team had a fight last night.

It's a disgrace to this tournament.

We have to punish them.

Excuse me,

the officer didn't even
make a report on them.

So, legally,

nothing happened last night.

But they did have a fight.

You are just trying to kick us out
of this tournament

because you hate queers.

I hate lesbians too.

Not just lesbians and queers,

you can't stand it

when you see a female governor
or a female astronaut.

You think patriarchy rules the world.

-You and your dick head.
-Hey, you...

You think women should be only

in the kitchen or in bed.

Those who are different from you,

or do things that you don't like,

are worthless human beings to you.

I think everyone in my team

is more worthy than a jerk like you.

-They never discriminate against people.
-Are you insulting me?

I thought your attitude was bad,

but your manners are much worse.

I want The Iron Ladies team

out of today's game immediately.

Mr. Kitti, is it too late to do that?

-We can't do that. People might go crazy.
-I don't give a shit.

-Rules are rules.
-Rules are for the game.

-Not for you.
-I don't care.

I want the fucking Iron Ladies team
out of this game now.

The Iron Ladies

Everyone, we have some breaking news.

They might disqualify
The Iron Ladies team.

It's not official,
but if it really happens,

it's going to be chaos.

We're going to be in big trouble for sure.

The Iron Ladies! The Iron Ladies!
The Iron Ladies! The Iron Ladies!

I'm not quite sure that

my players are horrible.
It's you.

Is he dead?

Too bad he's not.
What are we going to do now?

Well, he fell, so...

let the game begin.

Thank you.

Attention, please.

Attention, please.

The volleyball championship match

will begin in five minutes.


ever since I've known you all,

I've been so tired.

You guys might feel the same,

but we probably won't have
a big chance like this ever again.


give it your all.

Yes, Coach.

Wit is also giving us moral support.

Paknampo Games'
volleyball final match

has started with the first set.

District Seven beat District Five
with the scores 15 to 8.

District Seven team
attacked District Five team

and many of its players are injured.
That's why they won the first set.

Sports News 97.25 radio
will keep you updated on the hour.

Next is the weather forecast.

Get that troll.

He's badly injured.

That's it, Coach.

On your positions. Get ready.

Hurry up, people.

Welcome to...

Paknampo Games.

Here we go.

They hit it so hard. No mercy.

You can see they keep hitting it hard.

Bam! Boom!
That's the real deal.

Don't even blink, people.

People, today we...

Why is that, Otto?

District Seven has already won

-two sets.
-Maybe they're not that good, chief.

Man attacks us really hard, Coach.

We should be careful.

We don't have any substitute players left.

I will get that faggot with boobs.
She's the weakest one.

I'll get it.

In the third set, District Five team
still makes mistakes.

Please make some noise
for District Five team.

Give a big round of applause to Pia,
she is really something.

I think she's got something
really interesting.

Well, her body is...

What's wrong with you, pervert?

Give her some respect, will you?

-Are you alright?
-Are you okay?

Her head is almost cracked.
Sis, do you need some rest?


Are you alright? Are you hurt?

I'll be her substitute.

-He's so hot. Wit!





It's a miracle.
Now they are even.

Fuck you.
How could you miss that?

You have to focus. I'm so tired.

If those faggots win,
you guys will be so embarrassed.

That was close. Really close.

You can't really tell
who's gonna win this game.

Both teams really need the next set.

If District Seven get it,
they win.

For District Five,
one more chance for them.

We'll see.

Look, Big Sis Mi and the rest are here.

The Iron Ladies! The Iron Ladies!
The Iron Ladies! The Iron Ladies!

The Iron Ladies!

They are the bomb.

-We're ready.

-Are you sure?

Cat Woman's killing serve.

I see that right now,
both teams are using their best players.

The Iron Ladies won the fourth set.

Now both teams have won two sets each.

He hit hard and scored.

Everyone, right now,

the first point of the fifth set
goes to District Seven.

If they hit the ball across the court,
Nhong, you move back quickly.

You guys need to be quick,
Mon and Chai.

Block the ball from Man together.


Now District Five has got four points.
They're even.



What's wrong with him?
Has he passed out?

-Jung, get up. Come on.
-What should we do?

-Get up, Jung. Come on.
-Get up. Get up.


Jung! Jung! Jung!

One more point and it'll be over.

I might have a heart attack.

District Seven needs this rally point.

Come on. Let's cheer them.

Come on!


We did it.

-We won. We won.
-My boy won.

-Our Jung.
-Our Jung won.

The result of men's volleyball
final match,

District Five, Lampang,
beat District Seven, Suphanburi.

Three sets to two.

The medal ceremony

will commence soon.

We won!

Great. Absolutely great.

Queers rule the game indeed.

This year should be
the year of all queers.

Just accept us for what we are.
That's all we need from you.

Wow, your waist.

One, two, three.

Subtitle translation by Chutarat Banthakit