Satoshi no seishun (2016) - full transcript

Satoshi Murayama was so much more than a Shogi master. Ever since the age of five, he had a serious kidney ailment. Growing up in hospitals and spending so much time sick, he learned how to play shogi; having no idea that he would fall in love with the game and later become a parody. Learn his story of perseverance and competitions despite the cards Murayama was dealt with.

"Osaka, 1994"

It's a man.

Hey! Are you okay?

Aren't you the guy from upstairs?





Could you please...

take me to the Shogi Hall?


Wait. Don't fall out!

Please hurry. I'm running late.

All right.

"Shogi Hall"

To the right.

Over there.

Here you are.

Are you okay?

Excuse me.

Who was that guy?

"Ryu-oh Tournament: Tanaka versus Murayama"

Murayama Satoshi, rank seven.

You have the first move.

"Satoshi - A Move For Tomorrow"

"Satoshi - A Move For Tomorrow"

Murayama? It's me, Egawa.

I'm coming in.


Seriously? You aren't even dressed yet?

We need to hurry.

Is this suit okay?

Not on the shogi board again.

You will earn the Shogi
God's wrath for this.

I'm merely making shogi a part of
my life. Shogi God would be pleased.

Stop talking and get changed.

He did it.

—Who? —Habu won
the Meijin Tournament.

"Habu Yoshiharu went against
the great Yonenaga Kunio."

"In game six of the seventh match
at the 52nd Meijin Tournament"

"Habu took the game
on his 86th move."

"He won four games out of the
six, and got his first Meijin title."

"He has now won five out of the
seven titles in professional shogi."

"The shogi world welcomes
a shot of new blood"

"in the form of an army of young
geniuses dubbed the 'Habu Generation'."

"We have Moriuchi Toshiyuki, Sato
Yasumitsu and Goda Masataka from Tokyo."

"From Osaka, we have
Murayama Satoshi."

"The giant who
aims to beat them all."

They are calling you
the giant from Osaka.

An army? That sounds ridiculous.

All right. We're
running out of time.

Three more pages.

Come on.

You're the star today.

"Murayama Satoshi Promotion Celebration"
Satoshi has advanced to rank seven.

I'd like to thank you again
for all of your support.

It all began 10 years ago.

Mrs Murayama came to me

asking me to take her
fourteen-year-old son as my pupil.

It feels like just yesterday when
they came knocking on my door.

Right, Mrs Murayama?

Yeah. Time goes by so quickly.

Where's Satoshi?

I heard he's on his way.

This is bad.

I think everyone
has cottoned on to it.

Satoshi is late so I'm
trying to buy some time here.

I'm just a third-rate
shogi master.

I get this a lot.

Finally! Rescue Mr Mori
from behind the lectern.


My pupil's poor timing is
making me sweat bullets.

What took you so long?
Did you have a fever?

I was in the middle of a manga.

Really? You've got
to be kidding me.

Anyway, go on.

Without further ado, let's
hear from Murayama Satoshi.

Hello, I'm Murayama Satoshi.

Somehow I made it to rank seven.

It took me a year too long.
I wasted too much time.

But I'm not unhappy.

I honestly don't know
how I managed to get here.

But I know the
fight has just begun.

—From here on... —Egawa.

It's nice to see you.

How's your tournament score?

Eight wins, four loses.
It's going all right.

How old are you?

I'm 23.

Then it's not going
all right for you.

You only have three more
years to become a professional.

We need another of Mori's
pupils in the professional ranks.

That's what our club wants!

For the next three
years, it's do or die.

Buck up, all right?

I don't need you
to tell me that.


I'd like to thank Mr Mori, my
parents and my doctor, Dr Yamamoto.

As you may know, my teacher
is only a third-rate shogi master.

The only things he taught me
were how to drink and play mahjong.

That's Mr Habu. The new
Meijin sure is charismatic.

Are you feeling okay?

Sakata Karen?


Yamazaki Yoshitake?


Please go for your match.

—Takahashi Shinji?
—Move the king.

Nakashima Akihiko?

—Please go for
your match. —Okay.

"Osho Tournament:
Murayama versus Habu"

It's time, Murayama.
Please make the first move.

—Let's have a good game.
—Let's have a good game.

He's aiming for a mate.

But his opponent is Habu. He
will see through Satoshi's moves.

Thirty seconds.

Forty seconds.

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven...

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six...

I admire his precision in
the game's final moments.

Forty seconds.

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six...

I've lost.

On his 126th hand,
five-title holder Habu wins.

I got a little worried
halfway through.

I didn't expect your
pawn strike to 8-C.

What about the knight move?

It's nephrosis.


It's a kidney disorder where
proteins leak into the urine.

Symptoms include
water retention, fatigue,

fever, shortness of breath
and low blood pressure.

In the worst case scenario, he
may have difficulty passing urine.

His blood could clot
which could be fatal.

Mrs Murayama.


Why didn't you
bring him in sooner?

This illness can't be cured, your
son will have to live with it for life.

Your negligence has
made things worse.

You need to be in bed or
the fever could get worse.

—No. —Satoshi!

I don't want to!

Hey, Satoshi.

I bought you something.



Darn! One more game! One more!

Yes! I've won
three times in a row!

Three wins!

How is he?

That game really
took a toll on him.

Can you check my temperature?

I'll die if it goes above 40ºC.

It's 39.2ºC. You
won't die just yet.

Mr Mori?

I'm going to Tokyo.


I'm going to Tokyo where I
can play shogi around Habu.

It's now or never. I'll beat
Habu and win the title of Meijin.

Oh no. The fever
got to his head.

You're in no
condition to say that.

Who's going to take
care of you in Tokyo?

I think that's a great idea.

Mr Mori?

Egawa, I told you I like the
beef bowls from Yoshinoya.

It has to be from Yoshinoya.

Miniyon for cream puffs,
Mitchan for okonomiyaki,

and Tokugawa for katsudon.
They're the best in their field.

Right, Mr Mori?

You're right.

All right. Ouch, my back...

Don't strain yourself, Mr Mori.

I'm fine.

You know what?

Satoshi is the only pupil who would
make his master pack for his move.


I found it.

"Payment for August"

I can't believe
he still has these.

He cherishes these
more than anything else.

Mr Hashiguchi from the Federation
will take care of him in Tokyo.

You have nothing to worry about.

Thank you.

It's getting really cold.


The latest volume of "Playful
Kiss" that I pre-ordered...

We don't have it in yet.

I don't need it anymore.

You found a copy?

No. I'm moving to Tokyo.

Really? That's amazing.

That will be 460 yen.

You should be able to get a
copy easily enough in Tokyo.

In areas like Jimbocho. Not
that I've been there before.

If you ever come back,
please visit us again.

Sure, I will.

"Second-hand Bookstore"

"Sendagaya Station"

Hey, Murayama!

I found several apartments within
walking distance to the Shogi Hall.

I hope one of them
will be to your liking.

Hashiguchi, this is my
bankbook and my seal.

I was told to give you
my important documents.


Find me in the editorial
department if you need these.

Oh, I need you to fill out a
survey for our shogi yearbook.


Do I really have
to fill one out?

Everyone does.


I don't see the point of it.

It's not about
having a point or not.


This is nice.

I'm not staying
beside a graveyard.

Here it is.

What's wrong?

These stairs...

Too much?

When I'm sick, yes.

How is it?

Come in.

Oh, I think this
apartment is for women.

I've always wanted to live in a fancy
apartment with a security camera.

Really? It doesn't suit you.

Well, I think it does.

—This is a little
unusual. —Don't worry.

This will look like
home soon enough.

Are you sure?

Don't worry.

"Shogi Hall"

That's Murayama Satoshi.

The one from Osaka.

So, this goes here...

Hey, he's staring at us.

Should we talk to him?

We'll only be a bother to him.

As I was saying, the gold...

The gold is here, then
push a pawn here...

He took the silver.

Take the silver on 7-I.

Then push the bishop to 3-E.

That would be a mate.

But if you drop the gold on 6-H

followed by the rook and the
knight, you still can't have a mate.

I see.

A combination move with
the bishop will win this game.

I prefer this move.

But if this goes here...

So it's the rook...

Which means move
your rook to 3-H.

I dodge.

Next is gold.

—I escape. —Here's my next move.

King takes it.

Promote the rook.

I escape.

I drop the silver.

Knight takes the square.

Follow by...

I see. Retreat
then drop the pawn.

There's still a chance.

There is? I can't read ahead.


What do you think?

I would like to
hear your opinion.

Mate it.


Mate it.

Are you sure?

Don't patronise us.

Hey! Tell me how to mate it.


How can you not mate it?

You lost fair and
square, Arazaki.

You don't know that
yet. They're still playing.

That's not the point.

You drink too much
and your nails are filthy.

You know what?

You have to aim for the top.

—Another one. —Sure.

We all want to be the best.

Any fool can want it.

The key is knowing
how to achieve it.

The noodles here
in Tokyo are awful.

Say what?

Especially the udon noodles.

That's what everyone from Osaka
says. You should try soba noodles...

Folks in Tokyo are
an unfriendly lot.

Nobody spoke to me until
you showed up, Mr Tachibana.

Well, our young pupils are too awed to
approach the great Murayama Satoshi.

I came to Tokyo
to be the Meijin.

Warn us when you
change the subject...

I have to beat Mr
Habu to do that.

One game with Mr
Habu is worth twenty wins.

Arazaki, beating
you is just one victory.

You're still young,
there's no need to rush.

I'm not like you people

"You people"? Show Mr
Tachibana some respect.

You're an idiot.

A real idiot.

Shogi is a game
of kill or be killed.

That's the life
for shogi players.

You're so rude...

I'm going to take a leak.

I can't believe you
could laugh about this.

He's an interesting guy.

—Welcome. —Mr Tachibana.

—The game's over? —Yes.
Murayama was spot-on.

The game ended
at the 117th hand.

You asked Murayama
about the outcome?

You know what, Arazaki?

Beating you only
counts as one win...

I heard you the first time!



Man, he's such a pain.

—Come on, get up! —I'm sorry.

—The bill, please. —Certainly.

"Osho Tournament:
Habu versus Tamura"

"Oi Tournament:
Murayama versus Arazaki"

Arazaki, rank five.
Your time is up.

From now on, it's
one minute per move.

He's really good.

I've lost.

—The fight started with the
pawn to 6-E. —Thirty seconds.

I was too late.

Not at all. I nearly
lost the game there.

—But I didn't enclose
it... —Forty seconds.

Yes, I see.

"Shogi Hall"

I've lost.

"Habu wins all seven titles!"

"What an accomplishment."

"Habu Yoshiharu wins
the 45th Osho Tournament,"

"beating champion Tanigawa
Koji in their fourth game."

"Habu has achieved the unprecedented
in winning all seven shogi titles."

"I didn't expect to win
four games in a row."

"I was able to perform to the best
of my abilities in all four games."

"My desire to win seven
titles distracted me at times."

"I hope this victory will help me
overcome the pressure to win."

"This amazing accomplishment..."

"has influenced shogi
fans all over the country..."

I've drawn up the document.
Could you check it for me?

Okay. This looks good.

Thank you.

"Murayama: A
fruitful first year"

"Habu: Unstoppable genius"


Habu married Hatada Rie!

"Habu marries idol and
achieved his eighth victory"

They are calling it
his eighth victory.

Who cares?

—Good morning. —I
was such a big fan!

King to 7-H, then silver to 8-I.

Then retreat king, exchange 6-H
with the silver and use it to mate.

That's a mate if the king stays.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Excuse me. Thank you.

Have some.

Thank you.

—Richi (A ready hand). —Chi.


I win!

—How many points, Hajiri? —Two
dora tiles and a self-drawn tile...

—Three more bonus tiles.
—Doubling. Winning all on your own.

All right, Hashiguchi
loses three points.

Next game.

Let's start.

—Do I look weird
in this? —Not at all.

That's... quite a shirt.

What matters is you like it.

Yes. I'll go with this.

Excuse me. We'll take it.

Hey, we're here.

Darn it! Not in my new car!

Don't worry.

I'll never get in
your car again.

Bloody hell.

You got some on me.

You forgot what
this game is about.

No wonder I
couldn't figure it out.

I see...

You have progressive
bladder cancer.

We need to remove your bladder.

One of your kidneys
is not functioning.

The other kidney is failing.

How did you let this happen?

Well, I was busy playing
shogi and mahjong.

It pains me to
see you in denial.

You know your condition
better than anyone else.

You know what will happen
if you continue to ignore this.

—Good evening. —What's up?

Mr Tachibana versus Murayama?

—Who's first? —Mr Tachibana.

It's a tough game
for Mr Tachibana.

He's not his usual self.

Losing the game would mean a demotion.
His A-class status is on the line.

It's probably the pressure
getting in the way.

I'm talking about Murayama.

You need two to play shogi.

Of course.

But Murayama isn't looking at
his opponent's chess pieces at all.

What is he looking at?

I've lost.

A complete failure.

Can we skip... the post mortem?

My apologies.

I didn't put up a good fight.

No worries.

"Murayama makes his
way to the final tournament"

This is no good.

Satoshi is winning too much.

"Murayama proceeds
to the final tournament"

"Murayama wins
five games in a row"

"Murayama can't come
to the phone right now."

"Please leave your name
and message at the tone."

"This is Harada from
the Urology Department."

"I tried calling many times. You've
missed your pre-operation tests."

"Please call us immediately."

"Press 'seven' to
delete this message."

"Your message is deleted."

Here's your order.

—Pick up the order, please. —Got
it. Corn and potatoes with butter?

—Yes. —All right...

Here you go... sorry
to keep you waiting.

Excuse me.

You're back.

Just for a little while.

How are you? How's Tokyo?
Are you getting used to it?


It's okay, I guess.

I can't live outside of Osaka.

Have you read anything new?
What are you reading now?

Oh yeah.

I bought these during
my trip to Arima.

It's delicious. Would
you like to try one?

—I'll... —Yes?

I'll come back another time.

"Shogi Hall"


Why are you here?

It's my turn.

Why do you play shogi?

Excuse me?

Tell me.

What about you, Egawa?

I asked you first.

I'll tell you if you tell me.


I just happened to find shogi.

They called me a prodigy back
home and it's been twenty years since.

So, it's your turn to answer.

Not fair, you
said you'd tell me.


Thank you...

for practising with me today.


I'm very grateful.

I managed to get to rank three.

If I lose the next game

I'll have to resign.

And I'll die...

Don't worry. Everyone
dies someday.

What concerns us
right this moment...

is our next move.

Rank Three League,
game fourteen starts now.

Have a good game...

Thank you.

Fifty seconds.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight, nine.

Four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine.

Fifty seconds.

One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight,

—Nine... —I've lost.

That's no good.

Let's go.

Sorry about all that whining.
I feel much better now.

Good to know.

I've come to terms
with it. I have no regrets.

It was a great
dream while it lasted.

You're right.

You have a long
life ahead of you.

I've dedicated my youth to shogi.
This experience will help me move on.

I learnt many things along the
way I couldn't have known otherwise.

You should take a break and...

Satoshi, you drank too much.

I envy you, Mr Mori.

You can play shogi for fun
and get paid while you're at it.

—Watch your mouth...
—Playing shogi is painful for me.

Healthy people have
no idea how I feel.

That doesn't mean playing shogi
ought to be painful for everyone.

Shut up. You died on
the chessboard today.

I don't want to
hear from a loser.

No more. You've
had too much to drink.

—Why? —Stop talking.

—What do you mean?
—That's enough.

What do you mean?

How much was it?

It's my treat.

—Thank you. —How much was it?

It's okay, I got it.

No, I want to pay.

I have the cash.

Money means nothing to me.

What are you doing?

I have no need for it.

So let me pay. How much was it?

Stop it, Satoshi.

Money may be
important to the living.

But it means nothing
to a dying man.

Stop that.

Cut it out!

I've put my life on
the line for shogi too!

Like hell you did!

"A second life"?

That's what losers say!

What a depressing life!


I'm running out of time.

I want to win! I have to win!

I must become the Meijin.








You look like a kid.

Satoshi, look this way. Come on.

This way, please.

Watch your steps.

Today, Murayama, rank eight, will
challenge Habu, the four-title holder.

They are neck and neck
with six wins and five losses.

I hear the fans are very
excited about this game.

—Yes, they are finally
facing off today. —Indeed.

I believe Murayama has his
mind set on beating Mr Habu.

—He's very driven. —Right.

How would you describe
Murayama's style in one word?

Murayama's shogi in one word?



It's hard to sum
it up in one word.

—How are things?
—It's tough every day.

Were you up late last night too?

—Thanks. —Don't mention it.

—How is it? —I couldn't
stand the tension in there.

You could cut it with a knife.

Whose side will
the Shogi God take?

Rook to 7-E.

What? What's going on?

What a dangerous move.

—I agree. —He might lose.

No, I don't think so.

I didn't see that coming!

What an amazing move.

Who would have seen that coming?

Habu must be reeling
from this unexpected move.

Thirty seconds.

Forty seconds.

What a move!

That's awesome
gameplay from Murayama.

This is amazing.

Forty seconds.

—Fifty seconds. —I've lost.

Come on. Eat to
your heart's content.

Is it good?


—Yes? —Well...

Will you be turning in soon?

Why do you ask?

If it's okay, would you like to
go for a drink or something?

Just the two of us. Outside.

Let's go.

—Really? —Of course.

Good evening.

—Hello. —Welcome.

—Thanks. —Beer, please.


—Please. —Thank you.

I found this place yesterday.
It's rustic and very nice.

I bet you're tired of
eating gourmet food.

Not at all.

Plus, the owner here
doesn't bother you at all.

—Welcome. —I bet he
knows who you are.

But he won't show it.

I love this eatery.

Good evening.

—Are you Mr Habu? —Yes.

May I have your autograph?



Thank you.

"Playful Kiss"?

It's a manga. You've
not heard of it?


You don't read manga?

No, not at all.

Do you play mahjong?

No, I don't.

Horse racing?


I like chess. Do you play?

No, I don't.

We have completely
different hobbies.

Here you go.

More beer, please.

—Another bottle? —Yes.

—Mr Habu. —Yes?

I have two dreams in life.

One is to become the Meijin and
then live a quiet life without shogi.

My second dream...


To fall in love and get married.

I see.

But I can't. Not with this body.

My time is running out.


At least once before I die

I want to be with a woman.

Here you go.

But if it wasn't for this body,
I wouldn't have known shogi.

And I wouldn't have the
chance to play with you.

God works in mysterious ways.
He always have me blindsided.

Mr Habu.


You and I...

Why did we choose shogi?

I don't know...


when you beat me today,

I was so devastated
I felt like dying.

Not wanting to lose.

That's everything to us.

Mr Habu.

The ocean that you see is different
from what everyone else sees.

Sometimes I get scared.

If I dive too deep, I fear I
might not be able to surface.


But with you,

I feel like we might make it.

I wonder what we'll see there.

Let's go there someday.
To the depths of the ocean.


Do you see the
shadow right here?

This is a malignant
tumour and in your case,

it's at stage 3B where cancer
cells have pervaded the bladder wall.

The tumour is in
a tricky position.

The only option is to surgically
remove the bladder and prostate.


Did you know about this?

—Why didn't you tell
me? —It's my own problem.

—Doctor. —Yes?

How long will it take to
recover from the surgery?

That depends on how
you define recovery...

Just be straight with me.

You'll need at least
three months rest.

You won't be able
to compete for a year.

That won't do.

I finally caught
up with Mr Habu.

A year would put me behind.

Listen to me.

Even if the surgery goes
well, you're a young man.

Which means the chances of a recurrence
within the next three years is 50%.

Doctor, what will happen...

if he opts not to
have the surgery?

He'll have three months to live.

Satoshi, this is
bad. It's checkmate.

You understand
what's at stake here.

What about anaesthesia?

Of course. You'll be
given general anaesthesia.

I'll agree to the surgery if we
can do it without anaesthesia.

Anaesthesia dulls the brain.

I need to stay sharp for shogi,
so no anaesthesia for me.

You want us to remove your bladder
and prostate with you fully conscious?

I'll endure the pain.

No way. That's impossible.

I can do it.

Enough... it's enough!

My son has made it clear. He
doesn't want to undergo the surgery.

He's going to live
life on his own terms.

And then he's going to
die and leave us behind.


Yes. Okay.


What's up?

Yonenaga is mad at you again.

He said you've been
badmouthing him.

Did I? I don't keep
track of what I've said.

You should trim
your fingernails.

I can't bring myself to do it.

To trim my nails or my hair.

They're growing, and
that's proof they are alive.

That has to mean something.

Are you not feeling well?

I've never been well.

Forty seconds.

Fifty seconds.

One, two, three, four...

six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Mr Murayama?

Murayama Satoshi
falls from A-class.

Open the door.

Somebody! Open the door!

Open the door!

Let me out of here!

—Wait! You'll break the door!
—Open the door! Somebody!

Hurry up!



Let me know if
you need anything.


I'll do the surgery.

I'll never have kids.

I'll never have my own family.


I'm sorry, Satoshi.

I couldn't give
you a healthy body.

Satoshi, I'm going out.
Do you need anything?

No, I'm fine.

Your urine bag?

I'm good.

"Shogi Yearbook Survey"

"Hobbies: Music and reading"

"Your motto: Losing is winning"

"Ideal type of woman:
Someone with a good personality"

"If God could grant you
one wish, what would it be?"

—Right? —Yeah, it's good.

—Better than anything
I've had. —I told you.

If you want a beef bowl, you
can't go wrong with Yoshinoya.

Miniyon for cream puffs,
Mitchan for okonomiyaki,

and Tokugawa for
katsudon. I have a list.

Make sure to order it with egg
and miso soup the next time.

Got it.

Oh, yes. One more thing.

I want a "misso" when I die.

"Misson"? Is it tasty?

It's not food.

"Misso", as in
a private funeral.

You can hold a
funeral in private?

I don't know. But
that's what I want.

All right. I'll look
into this "misson".

Please do.

And it's "misso", not "misson".

Yeah, I get it.

What are the two of
you laughing about?

It's men's talk.
We can't tell you.

Right, Dad?

Oh, you guys...



"Shogi Yearbook Survey"

"If God could grant you
one wish, what would it be?"

"Get rid of God"

You know what?

It feels like we're back
to when Satoshi was little.


Satoshi is still recovering
from his surgery.

But we've never gone
on a family trip before.

That can wait.

He needs to rest
and recuperate first.


Good night.


I got my testicles removed.

I don't even need porn anymore.

I feel like a new man.

His recovery is astonishing.

I think he's in serious pain.

The doctor is opposed to this.

Excuse me.

Four-title holder Habu's toss.

Three pawns.

Habu goes first.

We'll break for dinner
and resume at seven.

It's going to get more intense
with the exchange of the rook.

Things are going
to get interesting.

A break in concentration can
lead to an unexpected move.

I agree.

Excuse me.

Excuse me?

When will the game end?

When one of them loses.

This is too taxing
on Mr Murayama.

Then it's game over.
Satoshi will lose.

This bear-in-the-hole
play is brilliant.

Hey. Come here.


He's playing an excellent game.

Murayama, rank
eight, your time is up.

From now on, it's
one minute per move.

If it wasn't for this body, I
wouldn't have known shogi.

And I wouldn't have the
chance to play with you.

God works in mysterious ways.
He always have me blindsided.

Thirty seconds.

Mr Habu.

You and I...

Why did we choose shogi?

I don't know...


when you beat me today,

I was so devastated
I felt like dying.

Not wanting to lose.

That's everything to us.

Thirty seconds.

Mr Habu.

The ocean that you see is different
from what everyone else sees.

Sometimes I get scared.

If I dive too deep, I fear I
might not be able to surface.

But with you

I feel like we might make it.

I wonder what we'll see there.

Let's go there someday.
To the depths of the ocean.


Fifty seconds. One, two...

Fifty seconds.

One, two, three...

The battle raged on in
the silence of the room.

The nurse was on
standby in the waiting room.

Everyone's eyes were
fixed on the screen.

Fifty seconds. One,
two, three, four...

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven...

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six...

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven...

Fifty seconds.
One, two, three, four,

five, six...

That's the deciding move.


Satoshi will win
with pawn to 7-B.

That's right.

This is it.

The game that began at 10.00am

came to an end at 1.43am.

Five, six, seven, eight....

Murayama made a
devastating mistake

that brought the
match to a sudden end.

Forty seconds.

Fifty seconds.

One, two, three, four...

Thirty seconds.

I've lost.

Let's go.

To the legendary
treasure island.

The ocean splits.

I have to hide the cave.

—Dad? —Yes?

What's happening to me?

—Mum? —Yes?

Can I count on you?


You're very straightforward.


Just what's happening?

Pawn to 3-D.

Silver to same position.

Pawn to 3-C.

Knight to same position.

Not good enough.

Oh, man...

Excuse me, I just got
a call from Mr Mori.

What is it?

Hello, Arazaki?


Satoshi passed away just now.


You did great.

His colleagues from Tokyo
will be coming tomorrow.

Habu came to see him earlier.

Is that right?

He said he had a game in
Osaka and couldn't stay long.

I see.

It was five months after
his last game with Habu.

On 8th August 1998

Murayama Satoshi, rank
eight, breathed his last.

In the month following
his battle with Habu

Murayama fought and won
five B-class ranking matches.

He won back his A-class title.

Each of those five
games was a masterpiece.

Each proof of his life on earth.

They were also a testament to...

Murayama Satoshi's
passion for shogi.

"...testament to Murayama
Satoshi's passion for shogi."



Excuse me.

Take Murayama's memorial
issue to Sankyo Press.


Murayama will be
furious if you drop it.


"Shogi Hall"

"Murayama Satoshi passed away at age 29"

"Total score: 356 wins and
201 losses including 12 defaults"

"He achieved six wins and eight losses
against Habu Yoshiharu"

"Murayama was posthumously
awarded shogi rank nine"