Sator (2019) - full transcript

Secluded in a desolate forest, a broken family is observed by Sator, a supernatural entity who is attempting to claim them.

Well, let's see, he was in
charge of me,

my life, me.

But he comes up every once in a

just in my mind.

The name is very clear.

Sator, it was Sator, who

was in charge of everything.

All upon
the face of the forest,

shall tremble at his presence.

And the mountains shall be
thrown down.

For Sator's eyes are in every

on those who fear him,

On those who hope for his

his acceptance.

Every beast of the forest,

everything that moves is his.

Sator has made a covenant of

illuminating all harmful
beasts from this land.

And uses their flesh

to cloak his disciples,

so that we may all live
securely in the wilderness

and sleep soundly in the woods.

We find you stranded

in a howling waste of a

We observe you.

We learn all about your ways.

And when the sun rises,

we withdraw and lie down in our





Get out of my head.

I bet the card's messed up.

Who's cam is this?

Grandpa Jim's?



You hunting deer?


You know grandpa kept a lot of

at the main house, right?

Probably had another one of

Some beer too.

Wanna stop by?

I would have put a shotgun
in my mouth by now,

if this is where I thought I'd
end up.

Fuckin' Deborah.

She could have fought a little

for you to be where I'm at.

I'm telling ya, man,

if you would have just talked
about Sator,

I guarantee the home
would have accepted your ass.

all kind of places.

Well I'm not anyone who
gets up to anything anymore.

Not up to anything?

No, I sit in this spot here.

But my brain's dead.

- Mine too.
- Oh.

Welcome to the crowd.

- Yeah.
- No, I don't know, I,

memory is something I lose.

I pick up something in the

take it around and put it down,

and then I can't find it again.

- I forgot where I put it.
- Yeah.

Ha, I wasn't lucky when Jim

but when he did,

they still let me stay on here.

I've just been here ever since

I don't know how many
years since Jim died.

I miss him every day.

So distracted down here.

Forget to look up sometimes.

I'm Evie.

Can I help you look for

Don't drink all of

When you
summon Sator,

he will turn his attention to

Submit yourself

to him, trust in him completely.

And do not lean on your own

You will be tested by affliction

for he is

a consuming fire.

And after you have
suffered a little while,

he will refine you.

He will

make you pure.

- Hi, Nani.
- Oh,

hi there.

How are you?

How come you my name and
I don't know who you are?

Oh, hello.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Good to see you.

Fred, Jack, Joe?

You know, you know me.

- No, I don't.
- You know.

I don't recognize you. Why is

I don't know.

- It'll come to you.
- Oh, I don't know why.

I just don't recognize
you for some reason.

I'm your grandson.

Well I thought so, but
you got a beard, you've grown

considerably since I last saw

I was just here yesterday.

- Yesterday?
- Mm-hmm.


We had a good talk yesterday.

- Who did?
- Me and you.

How you've been sensing spirits.

I don't remember

Oh, that's okay.

What kind of things did...

What kind of things happen
around here

that are peculiar?

You sure that was yesterday?

I'm pretty
sure that was yesterday.

Well occasionally,
something happens.

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

Things are,
they'll be moved somewhere

- from one place to another.
- Yeah.

You put something somewhere-

Yeah, and you know darn

- you didn't do it yourself.
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, where are you?

Are you in here?

Come on, where are you?

Oh, there you are.

What are you doing?

What's going on with you?

You playing hide and go seek?

- Who are you?
- Okay.

Oh, my God.

I used to do automatic writing,

and I was told what to write by

It's implanted in your

- Yeah.
- And you just transfer it

from some other entity
that's telling you what

to write down

Yeah, it's that sort of thing.

Like my guardian

I have a guardian

that I, he, he's always there.

I always, he's gonna

just let me know something is
not right.

- Mm-hmm.
- If it's going to

be a good thing or something

Sator is like a human being

that lives around here

Somebody who manages to get into
my brain

and talk to me. Knew everybody,

what they were saying and doing.

And he was aware of
everything that was done

and what should be done
and what has to be done,

what wasn't done.

How you people are this and

Sator would help me, was
teaching me,

training me to be a person.

Every once in a while,
I just wake up in bed

and he's there.

He talks to me.

It's interesting to have that

of care. The talking in my head.

I have nothing to do with it.

It just starts, and I listen,

and if I'm supposed
to write it down.

I write it down or whatever.

I don't know.

People think you're nuts
if you tell them that.

Well I don't think
you're nuts.

Oh good, I hope not.

Although, when I feel
like wanting something

that I want to know about

or think about

or something, I just think about

and he comes in my brain,

or he manages to

make me aware of him,

talks to me and do, you know,

make me do some things and

That was just a period of time.

- Mm-hmm.
- Then I went off

on my own way, I'd guess you'd

I still wrote stuff.

What's that for?

I would hear
from him occasionally,

have something written to me.

When I've taken something

- and tried to write on it,
- Come on.

He gets in there

and telling me I should not be

and doing what I was doing and

My dog ran off.

I'm sorry.

Things got so

and too many people involved.

- Think something hurt him?
- He still gets

a word in every once in a while

that I'm aware of.

Although he did, he talked to
James. Jimmy.

I'll keep an eye out.

I don't know any more.

Time has swallowed it all up.

Well that's
very interesting, Nani.

I had voices.

I get messages,

and I still do in a sense.

And he comes to the house.

He comes here,

Sator does, often.

And just not in this particular

but out there where he
comes and stands around

and and just
watches what I'm doing

or whoever else is there, you

he watches them.

And it still happens.

I still get messages from Sator.

Ugh, Sator can fuck
off, dude!

I don't know
what else to do, dude,

and like, he's holding
Ma hostage somewhere

and doesn't want her to fucking


I don't know, maybe, I think
I need a cigarette right now.

Seriously though, Brother.

trips me the fuck out what the
brain chooses

to hold on to.

Like helping
Grandpa Jim build his cabin.

I have this image really
fucking clear in my mind.

But then I found a photograph of

and that's what I'm actually

is a damn photograph.

I don't remember that day at

It's the same shit with Evie.

I have all these photographs,

but I can't remember her or the

And that shit was recent.

But we were fucked up
most of the time together.

So I guess that's different.

This is

Your path to purification

will be tried with fire,

only then will I make you in my

But first, I will send a
messenger to your temple.

One who shall prepare the way
before you.

Are you fucking

What the fuck?

For this messenger will
be like a refiner's fire,

and will sit as a refiner.

Are you ready

to have dominion

over every creeping thing that

Ready to cleansed

and purified.

To join Sator as one of his

I am now waiting

for your burnt offering.

I delight in burnt
offerings and sacrifices

just as much as you,

obeying my voice.

Hi, Adam.

Your dog ever come back?

I brought you something.

It was hidden at your

I didn't know when you would be

so I thought you might wanna
have it.

It was with Pete in that

Glad he made it out okay.

Thought that'd be a nice memory
to have.

Sorry about your mom.

Was anybody able to find her?

I was in a similar situation,

and Pete was the only
person I had to go to.

I think you're lucky to
have someone like Deborah.

She really kept it together
for the both of you.

I hope one day the three
of you can come together.

Sator has
searched you and he knows you.

He knows when you rest and when
you rise.

He perceives your thoughts from

He observes you're going out

and is familiar with all your

When you lay your hand upon

such knowledge will be too

too high for you to attain.

There is nothing covered up

that will not be revealed,

and secrets that will not be

He who reveals the
profound and the hidden,

will know what is in the

What can't be seen in the dark,

can be shown in the light.

Well, I don't know what

to fucking tell you, Brother.

Your dog's gone.

Should have held it
together for Deborah.

So fucked, this was all put on

Shouldn't have to put
up with all our bullshit.

I still think grandpa
Jim sacrificed himself.

So Ma could be with Sator.

You know there was a lot of
weird shit going on there.

I don't think Mom could have
fucking done that herself.

Bet Nani was in on it too.

Sorry we couldn't find your dog,

What's going on with you,

♪ Happy birthday to you ♪

We want cake!

We want cake!

We want cake!

We want cake!

We want cake!

- What is this thing?
- Ooh!

Got in there, an atomic


Shouldn't Ma be here for this?

You really
think you're gonna get her

- to come out here?
- I'm not going

back there, Deborah.

First I will send a

to your temple.

One who shall prepare the way
before you.

Are you fucking
kidding me?

What the fuck?

Go back there.

We need to burn those fucking

I wanna get
Adam out of this place.

You wanna take him to
Midground and go see Evie?

Or not.

Do you think that's


Having him around that many




Did I hurt you?

Where do
you go when you do that?

Anyone talking to you?

Like with Nani and Mom?

Is it Sator?


Do you know what
these are?

It's my handwriting,
but I, it,

I can't read it anymore here.

your automatic writings.

Yeah. Oh.

- You'd get in trances and
- Yeah.

- spirits would write for you.
- Yeah, well somewhere

along the lines there,

I wanted to have something
going on in my life.

The next thing I found
out was that in my head,

I was being told about things.

For a long time there,

I was writing down stuff
that was given to me,

like people talking to me.

So I would listen, just listen,

and write down what was
being said in my head.

You know, I had access to them.

Even now I can see them.

The people hopping around
in my head.

Did you know mom
was also able to hear them?

Your mother you're
talking about?

- Mm-hmm.
- No.

I think she
was trying to join them.

- Well, it's a good possibility.
- Yeah.

Look at this one.

"They've chosen you from
the furnace of affliction.

You may now present an offering
by fire before purification

as a soothing aroma to Sator."


Do you remember the day
that Grandpa Jim died?

Yes. That was sad.

He seemed to be involved
in it quite a lot,

and we had discussed his
dying somewhere before,

that this is what he is
intending to do.

And he walked out of the house

and went out laid down in the
grass and

and we found him, and he died

That's all I remember at this

- Yeah.
- 'Cause he died.



His death
caused Pete to get into

- a lot of trouble with Evie.
- Oh my, yeah.

He's been in a home now for a

He gets out today.

- Oh.
- I get to pick him up.


We have to show him how proud
we are of him.

For all the progress he's
been making to get better.

Yes, yes,
that's important to him.

Do you think
that you can help me

- with that, Nani?
- Sure, yeah.

I can try.


Think it's genetic?

What, dementia?

The voices.

Well if it is, I'm glad
Nani never hurt anybody.

Ma didn't either.

If you still think
Sator killed Grandpa Jim,

we can send you back there right

I have no problem with that.

What about Adam?

- What about him?
- Can we visit him?


I feel bad for just
leaving them up there.

Excuse me?

You feel bad because
you left him up there?

Did you even see how
it wasn't exactly safe

for him to be around us?

'Cause I don't remember
you making the decision

to isolate him from
everyone because you didn't.

I left him out there.

Give me a goddamn break, Pete.


It's been nice talking
to a friendly face,

but I must find my brother and
get home.

I have a long road ahead of me,
and I can't waste any more time.


Right at home

with the people, the
beaches, the cool waves.

Welcome to Midground.

A perfect family vacation.

Come stay in the Blaze Inn

with breathtaking views
of Younglove Island.

Take leisurely strolls...


You want company?

I'm all right.






You going to get ready for
bed, Nani?

Hey, Nani?




Doesn't anyone talk
to you in your head.

I don't know how to explain it.

It's just, it's been given to

Sator will send messages
that land in my head.

And so do the other
people who if they want to

will just talk to me.

Right here, talking to me.

Like you now...

What is it that you need?

What do you want to know for

That Sator loves you?

That he cares about you?

That you're being good?

That you're not being good

about some things,

a little antagonistic,
at times.

Well, I don't know where this
comes from.

I find you quite well organized,

and take good care of me and
what's here.

And I get this voice saying,

and does what we tell you to.

Okay, your turn.

Any messages coming?