Satisfaction 1720 (2016) - full transcript

In " Tordenskiold " we follow the only 29 -year-old vice admiral Tordenskiold and his valet Cold . The year is 1720, the peace is signed, the war is over and the naval hero has no idea what he should do with his life. Cold persuades him to take the suitor journey to England, but the trip develops into an amusing and grotesque journey from Christianshavn , down through Denmark over the border and into the north German kingdoms . ' Tordenskiold ' is an atypical and cheeky period film and a portrait of a friendship between a master and his servant.

It's about Tordenskjold's honor.

Everyone and everyone known
Vice Admiral's achievements in the war.

Femern, Marstrand, Göteborg.

The Battle of Dynekilen
was Tordenskjold's masterpiece.

But now was
The Great Nordic War is over.

Thunder Shield's unorthodox warfare
had made him enemies for life.

Also far into their own ranks.

I know, because I served him
through all the years of the war.

The valet stays here.

My name is Christian Kold.

I was Tordenskjold's valet.

Peter. Stop.

It was peace that took his life.

I was by his side to the last.

This is my story.

Now, valet Cold.

Was that correct?

Was it just like that,
you had imagined it?


This emptiness ... How big is it?

Can this emptiness be quantified?
75 ... 80%?

You feel longing and emptiness,
now that the war is over

-and then you let it go beyond
random women.

Will you say that there is a similarity
between ejaculation and naval warfare?

It is a very classic form
for masculine self-destruction.

Physical intercourse with another human being
is some of the most beautiful there is.

But there is also a spiritual bond

-which is deeper and stronger
than the connection of the flesh.


What happened now?

Why did you look?
over the door, Vice Admiral?

Because you got so damn boring
to listen, Doctor.

It was about time.

- Have you fucked anyone?
-Only a little.

Hell ... Who?

Does it matter?

I want a dog.

Now we wait and see,
what Miss Norris writes.

-It was a sick idea to write.
-It's how you get in touch.

It is then feminine for a sea hero
to woo with a love letter.

Miss Norris is a noble woman.

Unlike many others
less noble women.

How noble is it not to answer?

There is a long way to go for a letter
from Denmark to England and back.

You have to have patience.

Dynekilen. Dynekilen.

It was chaos and there was fire.
People were lying in the water drowning.

Some surviving Swedes tried
to burn or sink their ships.

I gave order and got it stopped.
And I conquered their entire fleet.

On the way out through Dynekilen I got
a glimpse of the Strömstierne itself.

I could easily have done
an end to him.

But I thought, "What the hell ..."

So I shouted at him.
"Thank you for today, my friend."

Thus ended, as you all know,
with that I totally humiliated the enemy.

I captured his ships
and made our king proud.


What is the Vice Admiral's advice?
to us cadets who want up and forward?

A countryman.

You must do as I do.
Seize the opportunity before it presents itself.

If I had followed the order at the time,
where would I be then?

Yes, where is the great sea hero today?

Honestly, Peter Wessel ...
Weren't you just hugely lucky?

As I said...

Fuck it.

Are you a cadet?

Are you ready?


-What is a gay book?
- Do you dislike it?

There is not a single naval battle.
How long should that bookshelf stand on?

Until you have shifted your focus and got
a slightly more nuanced mindset.

Whatever ...
Maybe a black woman shows up.

I do not think you should expect that.

Hell, now you got me
to think of black women seriously.

Do you have
a special person in your life?

A woman who stands near the Vice Admiral?

Yes, or man, for that matter.

I'm Cold.

I'm talking about committed feelings
towards another human being.

About love.

-I have a pen pal.
-And what do you think about this friend?

I do not know her.

Try to imagine that you meet.

What are you doing?

I put her on her back ...

Then I fuck her.

-And afterwards?
-Afterwards, I do it again.

He is a tough nut to crack. It is,
as if the war had encapsulated him inside.

Luckily I have
another card up his sleeve.

It's something,
I was lying and thinking tonight.

Something that should be able to open
even the hardest must.

Childhood. I want to ask about
his childhood. What do you think about it?

His childhood?
What does that have to do with the case?

What number in the sibling group
was Thunder Shield?

-Can't we just talk about naval warfare?
-Which number?

-Out of how many children?

-Was there singing and joy in the home?

-Was there singing and joy or not?

Define joy.

You feel aroused, energetic,
and sometimes there is laughter.

Laughter? No. Not what I can remember.

Kept your mom just as much of you
as of the other siblings?

When you say that, I remember,
that my mother once gave my brother an apple.

-I got nothing.
-And you got nothing?

Was there anything special about the apple?


She cut it into slices like small boats.

Then she put him on her lap
and fed him with the boats.

"Here comes the boat, little Caspar.
Here comes the boat. "

Childhood talk? Apple talk?
What does it take for? That's nonsense.

You do not have to go there again.
That was a stupid idea.

-Go with you, Cold.
-Sorry, Peter.

Get lost. Piss off.

Piss off, I said.

Miss Norris.

Holy shit.

I had hoped she was black.

English society women
is probably not black.


"To Monsieur Admiral Thunder Shield."

"I have had the honor of receiving
your pleasant letter. "

"After reading it repeatedly, I am
convinced of your qualities-

- not just as an admiral,
but also as a husband and father. "


We may have forgotten to clarify
Vice Admiral. It does not matter.

"Next month I'm leaving
to Hanover

-with King George's court. Maybe you
have the opportunity to visit me there. "

"I look forward to teaching you
to know more than just writing. "

"Jane Norris."

Holy shit. Here you write a letter,
and then you get pussy?

-That's how you do it now.
-What if she's a gold digger?

She's good for 80,000. You have
only a fraction of that sum.

It might be worth investigating.
Hannover ...

Something has to happen in your life.

Thunder Shield?

Vice Admiral?

-Captain Ployart.
-Do you drink brandy during the day?

I thought you were trading in Hamburg.
What brings you to Copenhagen?

Businesses. Now people are not thinking about
other than spending money and having fun.

Tell me,
is it going to hell with you?

The water is completely flat. Not one
only ripple that can lead to war.

Nice dog.

-Come to Hamburg. My house is open.
-Is there a war in Hamburg?

No, it's not there, but I have
a sister who might be interested.

-Is she black?

But Hamburg has everything one can
fantasize about: Men with female breasts-

card games, seven-headed snakes.

And of course black women too.

But regardless ...
Then we will always have Dynekilen.

You and I.

Travel away, Thunder Shield.
It will do you good.


Cold. Look here. If now ...
I say if ...

If you are traveling to Hanover
From Copenhagen-

-then you have to travel
right through Hamburg.

Yes, there is no way around it.

We left Copenhagen
and all the city's drinking, fornication, and amusement.

Miss Norris was waiting ahead
and a better and finer life.

But it was a long way to Hanover.

It's gonna be good to see your brother,

Do you have siblings Kold?
Have I asked you about it before?

Why so secretive?

You have a plan, don't you?

I've had contact with
a noble man from England.

Now I've heard it.

Miss Norris.

She writes very positively
about me and all that I have achieved.

She wants a potential
future together. With children and dog.

We are to meet in Hanover with the king
George. She's good for 80,000 pounds.

Damn you.
You've always had a hell of a lot of luck.

Women, naval battles, noble titles.
It's nauseating.

But no apple boats, brother.

What about the Danish king?

Does he let his best man get a passport?

I have to meet the Danish king
at Gottorp Castle.

Then we'll see.

Do I sense a little doubt,
a fear, for this marriage plan?

No, you do not sense anything, brother.

Do not. Do not. Do not.

Can't really find anything better
than that? One at your own age?

She has access to much and much.

Her only access
has long since dried in.

When she sleeps,
her breathing is uneven.

Sometimes she stops completely.

The guests.

Count Brockenhuus.

The Duke of Schackenborg with

The Vice Admiral understands that you are
the main attraction tonight?

-Yes, I have to do my best.
-My guests and I expect ...

... that you play your part
in an unforgettable way.

I expect a great deal from you.

Bodily relationship between two people
is some of the most beautiful there is.

But only if there are also
a spiritual bond.

That's how I feel, at least.

-I have otherwise heard that you ...
-Heard what?


Thunder Shield. Thunder Shield.

There was westerly gale when I gave
order for three galleys, two frigates

-a barge and a flagship about
to lighten anchor 1.30 the night of July 8th.

I had not eaten,
nor slept.

I gave my men biscuits,
so they were aroused and attentive.

"Will you join something that will
be remembered for hundreds of years? "

"Will you join something that will
be remembered for hundreds of years? "


Yes. Do I have to hear?

I can not hear anything.

Raunstrup, are you there?

Good, fine men.
Well-trained Norwegians, most of them.

Not hopelessly spoiled
as the Danish soldiers.

Inside the wedge lay the Swedes
with twice as many as us-

-and far more firepower.

One must understand about Dynekilen,
that it is very long-

-and very, very cramped.

The power trails believed his boats
lay safely in there.

Commander Gyllenskruf
at Capricorn believed that:

"Now it's a little important
to monitor the inlet. "

The power trails could have
blocked the inlet, but the road lay open.

For the first three hours of the battle
we had the sun in our eyes.

We are being shot at by heavy artillery.

A beer mug. A good choice.
Thank you.

-Good evening.

I would like to thank the young lady
with all my heart.

If I turn 100,
I will never experience anything like this.

That's how it feels in here.

I do not think you will be 100 years old.

The average life expectancy for men
is much lower. Maybe only 40 years.

-No forget it.
-My father will demand that we get married.

Then you must make sure that your father
do not get to know anything about this.

No, now I will forever be one,
who has visited Tordenskjold.

It will make me
to an attractive person.

Because I'm famous
and have won some battles?

Not because I look good
and seems exciting?

You look acceptable, but I did
only because you were Thunder Shield.

-Where are young people cynical.
-That's how it has been.

Vice Admiral Thunder Shield?

-I demand satisfaction.
-Isn't that a little primitive?

You should have thought that
before you climbed my daughter.

Isn't that too easy, Thunder Shield?

You should have thought about that
before, Mr Schackenborg.

-I assume you're shooting first?
-That's the rules.

It's just going to be a selection, right?
A shot in the air or on the ground?

We shoot as best we can.

-Some people want you to go to hell.
-Who are we talking about?

I have the right connections,
if the Vice Admiral enjoys life.

Shut up, Duke.
Let's shoot as well as we've learned.

Are the duelists ready?

Do you know what it's called, what you

-Piktåge! (fucking fog). That's your diagnosis.
-Uha, uha ...

You'll have to ask yourself,
who you basically want to be.

Do you want to be an idiot, like hero
and holdn't lacks impulse control?

Or do you want to be an adult,
who can say yes or no.

Shape your life so that it becomes good. Does not
only for you, but for as many as possible.

-Yes, then it must be the last.
-What do we do then?

I guess I have to get out of the "fog".

-I want a dog at home.
- Now shut up about that dog.

All the fucking land.

I have a bad feeling
quite around this travel.

Come on, if you have to ...

Peter, you do not let the king wait.

If I go to the king now,
then I get a travel passport.

-Then there is no way back.
-You also just went into Dynekilen.

Are you saying it was foolhardy
to go into the Dynekilen?

I say that when Thunder Shield enters,
then the world changes.

-It just seems more dangerous now.

-It's not a war, but a woman.
-Women are the most dangerous thing there is.

You do not know anything about that.

Now you go up to the castle,
charms the king and gets travel passes.

Maybe the king is sitting on information
about a new naval war.

-Then we have to turn around.
-Yes, then we turn around.

That's the king, Cold.
Here we arrive correctly.

It became a little too proper to sit
in there. I'm Thunder Shield.

Remember to stay on good footing
with Madame Reventlow.

-What if she wants to be teased?
- Do not be alone with her.

Hello, Gottorp.


Yes, Hanover.

She's probably taking the sea hero ashore
of fame. A depressing thought?

This is how it is to reach the top at a young age.
Do people choose him for who he is?

- Do you want to know what I think?

I think you should stay home
and jump out from the Round Tower.

But the sea hero is probably immortal. What
do you think about death? That was fast.

-When it squirts out, it goes fast.
-Quiet Peace. Show the king the painting.

Holy shit.

She looks pretty amazing then,
this Norris woman.

I think I would have fucked her,
if I did not have you, Anna Sofie.

-And the queen.
-Hell yeah.

Let's get it over with,
so you can marry Miss Norris.

-I can stay at home in Copenhagen.
-Of course you have to travel.

- Madame Reventlow said the opposite.
-She mixes in everything.

She also has some advantageous sides.

I'm impressed that king
both the madam and the queen manage.

It's not going particularly well.
It's actually going to hell.

Where I come from, we say:
"Hungry and thirsty, but pussy first."

-Yes, pussy.
-Oh, in that way...

The Norwegian language is damn
so rich and nuanced.

I'm happy to be king
over the idiotic mountain country.

With this you can cross
as many limits as you want.

-Is there no uprising for a naval war?
-No, there is calm on all fronts.

Satan, piss, shit, gay

Is there no one at all ...

... aggression
in some of the king's seas?

What is this all about?

Satan, shit, pussy king.

The king must not stand without his best
man if there are to be controversies.

The security of the kingdom must come

Everything is good. Now just travel down
to the English woman.

What if I sign up for service
with the English king?

Do you threaten the king,
Vice Admiral Thunder Shield?


It's just all this land.
I'm going crazy over it.

Off, Thunder Shield. Get married
and have some kids so you relax.

And greet the king of Hanover.


I was stabbed.

-You slept.
-A snake stung me right here.

It was a dream.


A huge snake monster
with a lot of heads.

Caspar's head was the one
Dr. Mabuse, Madame Reventlow ...

And you, Cold.
It was you who stabbed me.

No, Peter.

Are you doing something?
You, my brother and all your buddies?

There are no companions.
There are no snakes with many heads.

There is no one who will stab you.


I should have understood that.
It was a sign, a warning.

This is where we should have turned around.
We should have forgotten Miss Norris.

We continued the journey.

Came with it.

Give it to me.

It is fine,
you stimulate yourself, Cold.

Even though the church says it's dangerous,
then I mean it's natural.

But if you use the image of min
potential breach, it is on the verge.

Maybe sick too.

A dog, Cold.
No matter how this ends-

-then I want a dog.

How are you really, Cold?

If you keep everything inside,
as long as you have done-

-then the juices will be as otherwise can
used for ecstasy, they become acidic

-and you get trapped
and sick in the brain.

We have to find a woman for you.

You must take the opportunity in Hamburg.
You need to get some pussy in Hamburg .

Say it.
"I'm gonna get pussy in Hamburg."

-Come on, Cold.
-Please just shut up.

You think you're a happier person
than I. You are not.

Yes, it is I, for I take for myself
of life. You're just so scared.

Have you ever tossed? What?

Have you ever fucked anyone?

You're so simple in the head.

What if you found out
that your so-called talent

-only consisted of being the right one
place at the right time.

And that you have been too stupid to be
afraid. Then you would be ashamed to death.

But you're too stupid.

You're too stupid and too lucky.

Now you have to sleep with everyone,
because you need confirmation.

Fucking is the only thing
you have left, Peter.

Your big, stupid fucking clown.

Now we do as you please. Tell me,
what is right and not right.

Okay. From now on, we play the chamber tone.
You say "I" and "the Lord".

No more "you" and "you".

And you stay outside.

Hello, Hamburg.

You're not going anywhere. You're
standing there.

And then you think,
who I am and who you are.

When I come back,
I will see a grateful smile.

Javel, Mr Vice Admiral.


Captain Ployart?


-Vice Admiral.

Hannover calls, I hear.
An English woman.

The rumor is already circulating.


-Yes, that's the plan.

I thought I would say hello,
when Hamburg is on the road.

-Yes, say hello.

I know why you're here.

A black woman. Am I right?

If you insist.

Well. Wait here.

My sister can entertain you in the meantime.
Not true, Leonora?

Maybe I could ask for two?
Maybe the captain wants a black one himself?

I get what I want.
It's probably going to be my turn.

Peter Wessel Thunder Shield.

I hear you have a fetish
with black women.

I do not mind whites either,
but blacks are just more ...

... black.

So, I'm not coming
Considering? I am not worth it?

I think your clothing
confused me a bit.

So, a woman in menswear.

Come on, we'll find something,
which suits the Vice Admiral.

I have a few conditions.

Three, to be exact.

-Which is?
-I control that.


Put the dress there.

- Undress.

-You have to bathe. First condition.
-I have not done anything yet.

Condition number two:
First wash.

What if I shit on the terms
and just takes you.

Then I scream.
Then two guards come and shoot you.

Turn around.

Do I get my reward then?

We just need one last condition.

It's lying there.

No, I do not have to.

Have you never slept with a woman,
who knew what she wanted?

Or what?
Then you have never slept with a woman.

I have it then. With many.

But I say:
Then you have never slept with a woman.

Then you have only slept with yourself.

You should try it. For me?

I see no black women.

Women, men, black, white,
isn't it hip as hap?

Now do not be petty, Thunder Shield.
After all, it's Hamburg 1720.

How long were we on the lake together?

Five years.
There was war, death

-piss and shit.

It's the kind
that brings people close together.

Just not you, Peter.
You have never seen anyone but yourself.

What do you see?


For you, it's just a circus number.

Who are you?

A whore?

Who are you? A clown?

I'll give you the Dynekilen.


Vice Admiral?

Who are we then? You and I?

You are the Vice Admiral,
and I'm the Vice Admiral's valet.

-No more than that?
-What does the Lord mean?

Shut it up with "the lord"
and the "Vice Admiral" and piss and shit.

How long have we fought,
lived and ate together? What?

Long, I would think. Since 1714.

Long enough to have stayed
friends in a way?

It is not possible for a Vice Admiral
and his valet are friends.

Not in this world.

What if the world looked different?

In a very strange world, perhaps.

Yes, then we will not talk about it

The damned land.
Next stop, Hanover.

- "Baron and Baroness von Görtz".
- "Baron and Baroness von Görtz".

Do we have to go to that company?

In Hanover
do as the Hanoverians do.

I vomit from Dynekilen.
I can no longer bear it.

-Never more Dynekilen.
-Never more Dynekilen.

-Last time.
-Last time.

Ladies and gentlemen.
Dear friends.

Dear friends.

It has hardly passed
Their attention-

-that we're here tonight
has a very venerable guest.

Denmark's strong
and brave liberators

-in the Great Nordic War.

Now God has given us the opportunity to

-to hear him recount
about its most famous-

-and convincing deed-

-namely his convincing victory
at Dynekilen.

Ladies and gentlemen, wish him well
Welcome: Vice Admiral Thunder Shield.

A light breeze blew from the west ...

... when we went to sea early
on the morning of July 8th.

-I had not eaten ...
-Sir. Vice Admiral?

Excuse me, but was not
foolhardy to take in the Dynekilen?

- Be quiet, Mr Staël von Holstein.
- Pardon, Baroness.

A light breeze blew from the west ...

... when I placed the order
to our three galleys ...

Had the correct not been that
awaiting order from your superior?

Was it not de facto-

-a completely idiotic thing to do?

If the result had been different,
had you been in jail today.

Do you want to shut up?

You would have stayed in the Swedish navy
degraded immediately.

You most likely had
got his head chopped off.

But in Denmark you became completely.

We'll laugh at you, Vice Admiral.


Does the Swedish sailor want more?


I demand satisfaction.

I thought duel
was illegal in Hanover.

Faith can be done in the church.

- We'll probably have to find a place.
-Another Swedish compatriot. Who?

André de Sicre. I'm von Holsteins
secondary. You should get one.

That would be an honor for me
to serve you as secondary.

Colonel von Münchhausen.

As the challenged party
you have the right to choose weapons.

-In this case, I choose gun.
- Are you sure?

With a gun you will be able to hit a man

Pistol and thus basta.

I was thinking about that duel.

I want to be the man
who kills the Thunder Shield itself.

But the thing is, I'm looking bad
long hold, so if you choose a gun ...

-So you die?
-Yes, I probably do.

- If you might be able to choose right ...
- It's going to be a gun.

I understand.

I had hoped for
to provoke the Vice Admiral.

It was the plan itself that you should
be the one who demanded satisfaction.

-What plan are you talking about?
-There have been many plans.

There have even
been a bounty.

-We are blowing on the duel.

I'll be going back to Hamburg tomorrow
early. You say I'm run away.

Say it. Just say it,
then it's me who's the coward.

It's better to be a coward
than to be dead tomorrow.

Think about it.


They made a fantastic effort
in Dynekilen. Absolutely superb.

Cheers to Dynekilen.

You're a real human being, Cold.

And I'm just empty inside.

Empty. If I could quantify
this emptiness, so ...

Then it's so big.

Then it's good luck that Miss Norris
will soon fill this emptiness.

-Do you think?

She will teach you to do
the right human things.

Then she teaches me
the right human things.

But what is the plan? I think,
i have lost the thread the last few days.

From tomorrow
and the rest of this fucking life-

-then there's Miss Norris.

There's Miss Norris,
there are children, there are dogs ...

... and then there's you. You and me.

You really are my best friend, Cold.

Tomorrow it's Miss Norris ...

But now I have to have a black woman.

-No, Peter.
-Yes, I have to.

-Now you just pick her up.

-You do as I say.

I'm the Vice Admiral,
and you are a valet.

Shall we take it one more time?

Thanks, Cold.

Fucking Dynekilen.

I regret.

Of course you get your money.

He does not thrive in peacetime.

Once got his brother
an apple of the mother-

-but Thunder Shield got nothing.

His brother sat on the lap of his mother.

He got small apple boats.

-What was it?
-Nothing. Maybe a horse?

I have been here for several years
waited for him day and night.

One time
I take some time off myself ...

... then this happens.

Not in this way.

A man like him is not suffocated
in his own vomit.

He is killed in war or duel.

Did he have enemies?

Did anyone want to take his life?

Many. Why?

It was like hell.

Sin and shame.

Thunder Shield's honor is at stake.

Well. Maid Cold-

-how he imagines
the honorable death of this sea hero?

It was about
on the honor of Vice Admiral Tordenskjold.

It was peace that took his life.

Of all the many enemies of the Thunder Shield,
peace was the worst.

Who would understand that? None.

Good, valet Cold.

Tell us,
how you imagine the duel.

-How does it take place?
-The duelists choose weapons.

Thunder Shield is the challenged party
and select first.

Yes, he chooses a gun.

But that is not realistic. None of
us can trap Thunder Shield with gun.

I have nothing against a white lie-

-but I do not put my good name,
von Münchhausen, on the

-for a complete
unrealistic explanation.

-Then we say goodbye.
-Why should he choose right ...

... when he could pick the gun.
It makes no sense.

To give von Holstein
an honorable chance. That's how he was.

Brilliant, valet Cold.
It will give Thunder Shield honor.

And that's why we're here.
Isn't that right, gentlemen?

Could we perhaps say that von Holstein
used an ordinary gun-

-while the Thunder Shield had
a garment?

That would make it easier for me
to explain it at home in Denmark.

No, damn it.

Von Holstein, they get hero status
as the great Thunder Shield's pioneer.

Continue with the duel.

The two duelists look at each other.

-Tell with a little more emotion.
-Yes of course.


We sense nervousness.

Even the birds are silent.

There is no going back.
The certainty that death awaits one of them.

They are looking for a good foothold.

Where's the valet Kold located?

Yes, why do not you intervene?
You will be asked about this later.

I was held back by the carriage.

Thunder Shield shows no respect.

I stand by the carriage and shout:
"Peter, stop."

Thunder Shield's gaze says:
"Do not embarrass me."

-Nice detail, but continue with the duel.

They are getting ready.

Now von Holstein is making outbursts.

Thunder Shield departs it.

So does Thunder Shield,
as he has always done.

He throws himself headlong forward

-with all his damned contempt for death.
Like a wild animal.

Completely careless.
As at Dynekilen. As always.


It would go wrong.
That should be it.

Then he says:
"God be gracious to my poor soul."

Now, valet Cold.

Was it like that? Was that correct?

Was it just like that,
you had imagined it?

Yes Yes.

I summarize:
During this short duel-

made Tordenskjold a little too
hasty, overconfident

-where he was unfortunately taken
here in the chest, just below the shoulder-

-and died instantly.

You write that the Vice Admiral
only had a decorative card.

The others tell
about an ordinary gun.

Then no one will doubt,
that this duel has taken place.

One last thing. He must be stabbed.
-Stick? No.

German thoroughness requires equanimity
and a death certificate.

He must be stabbed here.

-It's bestial.
-The man is dead, valet Kold.

He feels nothing.
Well, von Holstein? Do you want to play completely?

I'm like Tordenskjold's track man,
but I do not stab a dead man.

So you can do it?

Never in my life. I will shoot
like living kings in the head.

But a dead Vice Admiral?
It's too shabby for me.

Then there is only you left.


No. My profession is to serve my lord,
not to stab him.

Your lord lies dead before us,
because you neglected your duties-

-and indulged in thoughtless desire.

We do not have all day.
A hard and precise shock.

That's how it was.

My name is Christian Kold.