Satisfaction (1988) - full transcript

A group of teenagers have a band, Mystery, with Jennie as the lead singer. They go to a bar at the coast and play during the summer. Jennie falls in love with the owner of the bar, Martin. They get an offer to play in Europe and perhaps become famous. But are they ready for it?

Members of the faculty, parents,
fellow students...

...I'm honored and I'm proud
to be standing here today.

But more than that,
I'm really grateful... all the teachers, friends,
and family members...

...who have supported and
helped me over the years.

To them I pledge
that I'll do my best... justify the faith
that they've placed in me.

It's Bunny. Come on.
I wanna say...

...that in the four years we've been here,
we've seen great changes in our society.

Changes in its cultural values...

...economic priorities
and geopolitical posturing.

- All right.
I wanna say...

...that we've seen great changes
in our attitude towards race, sex...

...the environment,
our justice system...

Did you pop that vending machine
over on Fremont?

- So what?
- So that's my street.

And what you take from my street
belongs to me. Hand it over.

Ah! Shit!

Get her, man!

- Out of here.
- Yeah.

What the hell is wrong?
- I'm trying! I'm trying!

Get off my van, you scumbag.

- Holy shit.
Crazy mother.

I wanna say,
in the four years we've been here...

...we've seen great changes
in our society.

I wanna say these things, members
of the faculty, parents, former students.

- Frankie.
But, I can't. I can't...

You still going to that job at the beach?

...because the world
isn't much different.

- Frankie, I want to go.
As we leave today... become part of that world,
we carry with us the hopes...

...and dreams of tomorrow.
- Oh, Frankie.

And perhaps we, in our turn,
can make a difference...

...because it seems to me,
we have the opportunity.

See, we can either get out there,
and we can make the kind of noise...

...that's gonna wake this world
from its stagnant slumber.

Or we can bloat ourselves,
like those who have gone before us...

...on the synthetic pap
sucked from the techno-tit...

...of those who will lead us
to their tyrannical bullshit...

...our apathetic asses
sometimes deserve.


What the hell?

- Billy's throwing offbeats.
- I like offbeats.

- Don't listen to what she's playing.
- How?

- She's jacked to the ceiling.
- I got a right to hear myself.

How long are we gonna
stay in this steam bucket anyway?

- My hair is beginning to frizz.
- Hey, guys, this is our last rehearsal.

Let's not blow it, okay?

Where the hell is Angie?

- Oh, jeez, I forgot to tell you. She quit.
- What do you mean, she quit?

I don't know. She said something about
rock 'n' roll being the devil's music...

...and people who play it
work for the devil and shit like that.

- Perceptive girl.
- That's it, man. The audition's off.

Oh, come on, Jennie. We gonna spend
another boiling summer...

...playing dives
in this dirtbag neighborhood?

No, we finally got a chance
to do something with a little class.

- I say we do it.
- Daryle, we've got nobody on keyboards.

Our van's in the goddamn river.

- But we can get over Angie.
- Yeah.

- I'll take care of the transportation.
- Yeah.

- How?
- Don't worry about it. I got it covered.

- Well, let's vote on it.
- Aye.

You guys.
All right, let's do it again.

Are you coming?

Would you come on?

- The what-do-you-call-it.

- Give me the what-do-you-call-it.
- Oh, yeah.


Would you stop? Shh.

- I'll crack your head open.
- Sorry.

What am I looking for again? I forgot.

- Hey. What are you trying to do?
Oh, Bunny. This is so romantic.


I swear, I'm such a fool for love.

Oh, Bunny.

We could be here all day.

Oh, Bunny. Oh, Bunny. Oh, Bunny.

Bunny! Oh, goddamn it, Bunny.
Not again.

- So I was wrong.
Just give me my shoe.

Come on, babe. Don't be like that.

There is a God, Billy.

- You can't say no, Hubba.
- I didn't say no.

I said, "You'll go on this trip
over my dead body. "

- Give me one good reason.
- I'll give you four good ones.

Your lead guitar's a junkie,
your drummer's a gangster...

...and your bassist, on good days,
is a slut. No.

- And who's in jail? Angie? Angie's in jail.
- Angie.

So look, you never liked my friends,
okay. This is not new.

- Angie's not in jail anymore anyway.
- Would you lock the door, please?

- I vote we let her go.
- Shut up.

- You vote we let her?
- Yeah.

- Who gave you the right to vote?
- You let me vote...

...on Chinese food last week.
- You are not helping the situation.

Just stop
aggravating your brother, okay?

It seems to me that
you are the one that's aggravating him...

...with your adolescent
rock 'n' roll fantasies.

- Look at me, I'm Madonna.
- All right... can go in the other room and eat.
- That's fine with me.

The news is on, anyway.

This is probably not even gonna happen.
We don't have anyone on keyboard.

Good. I want you to stay on the books.
End of conversation.

I don't believe this. You make it sound
like I'm not even committed to school.

- God, this is bullshit.
- Watch your mouth.

You know, what stinks is that you're
the one with the real brains here.

You're the one
that should've gone to school.

I only had to eat.

If Dad were alive...

This is not fair.

I'm gonna follow through
with school, Hubba.

Don't blow off school thinking
you'll become some rock 'n' roll star.

That's not gonna happen.

I just want this summer.
Just one summer, please.

Will you stay out of trouble?

Hubba. God, you really
make things hard sometimes.

- You're welcome.
Thank you.


Why don't you
come out for here a minute?

L... I don't know, Jennie.

You know, I've been playing classical
music since before I could talk, okay?

I've never messed with that shit
you guys play.

Yeah, but you could if you wanted to.

Well, yeah, of course. If I wanted to.
But why would I want to?

Because we need you, Nickie.

Hey, Jennie?

How come, in all the time we've been
across the street from each other...

...this is the first time
you've talked to me?

Because I ain't as smart
as I think I am.

Look, Nickie,
I'm talking about a good time, here.

An entire summer at the beach
and getting paid, to boot.

I hate sand.

Anytime I wanna do anything myself,
Frank gets bent out of shape.

He thinks if we get by this audition,
it's gonna be a ten-week beach orgy.

- Who are you?
- Guys, this is Nickie.

Nickie, this is the band.

- Hi, Nickie.
- Hi, Nickie.


This is it, guys. Showtime.
Point me. I'm ready.

You're too stoned
to go anywhere, Billy.

- How can you play?
How could I not?

Hey, open up, man. We're here.

This can't be the place.
This place is closed.

- We blew it, Jennie.
- No, we didn't.

- Look, stars.
Hello? Is anybody here?

Tell me you're not gonna smoke
another one of those.

Why should I tell you that?

Because I still have a headache
from the last one you smoked.

If you took a hit off one of these,
you wouldn't have a headache.

You know what
that stuff does to you?

Yeah. It makes me laugh.

All right. I found the guy who
owns the place. Let's go.

In the van, out of the van.
In the van, out of the van.

Come on, come on.
This is the place, okay?

- He's got to let us audition.
- No, he doesn't.

He will, though. Come on.

We better not have come out here
for nothing. I'm not going back home.

- We'll get it.
- How do you know we're gonna get it?

- Nobody needs it more than us.
- Yeah, plus, if you...

Good job.

Good job, Billy.

Uh, hello? Is anybody home?

We're here.

I don't think we should be in here.

Yeah. You know,
what if someone's here?

- I saw a place just like this in a magazine.
Come on, dog.

This is nice.

Forget the audition.
Let's load the van.

I could get used to this.

Jesus Christ. Look at these gold records.
Who is this guy?

God, you know which Falcon this is?
This is Martin Falcon.

He wrote a lot of, like,
really popular stuff, like, 20 years ago.

- Well, he's not here right now.
- Well, let me check it out.

- Let's make breakfast.
- Yeah, let's do something.

You know,
we got in here and everything.

I feel like we should have a...
What do you call it? Of the occasion?

- Memento.
- Yeah. Right. A memento.

- So what should we take?
- This.


- Oh, come on, Billy, that's stealing.
- Yeah, don't you love it?

Oh, Billy.

I would like to thank the Academy
for recognizing genius when they see it.

Unfortunately, I have no one else
to thank for this but myself.

Thank you so much.

Damn fish.

Plain just out of fish there.

Uh, where...

Where am I? What...?
What's going on here?

I think you're in your living room.

Oh, shit.
I'm being robbed again, aren't I?

Hamlet. Hamlet.

Hey. Go. Kill.
Go on, kill.

Kill. Go on, kill.

What have you done to my dog?
You broke my dog.

You have a really lovely home, sir.

- Thank you.
- Yeah. This is a really nice piano.

- Do you live here alone?
- Yup.

- Wh...? What's the number to the police?

Thank you.

Wait a minute, jack. Before you talk
to the cops, could you just write:

- Hello.
- "Dear Billy, I'll never forget last night"?

Hello? Hello?
- Was that you?

Hey, uh...

911. Hello?

You're not Martin Falcon, are you?

Who the hell are you people?

I'm Jennie Lee.
We're here for the audition.


It is 4:00 in the goddamn morning.

- Yeah. Sorry we're late.

You people are 14 hours early.
The auditions start tomorrow.

Tonight... Tomorrow.
You know what I mean.

That's just great, Jennie.

I guess I got the wrong date.

Right. All of you.
Come on. Out. Go on.

Go out. Come back tomorrow,
or tonight, or later, whenever it is.


We got nowhere to go.

Oh, God. Oh, say it isn't.
This isn't it. Say it.

This is not the room you're talking about
in your ad that says:

- "Room and board included," right?
- Oh, yes. The same.

This is worse than my room.

I can't spend a summer
in a place like this.

Well, don't get ahead of yourselves.

The job isn't yours yet.
Not by a long shot.

Beds, mattresses.



So wait a minute.
Where's he gonna sleep?

- In here. What do you mean?
- Well, if he were a gentleman...

...he'd sleep out in the van.
- What kind of gentleman...

...sleeps in a truck?
- Good point.

Look. Look,
you have to change outside.

You stay out there until we're done
changing here, you got that?

Why? I mean, you know, if you're
so modest you should change outside.

What if half of us change inside,
half of us change outside...

...and Nickie changes on the roof.
- Look, nobody's going outside.

We're all in the same boat.
Let's respect our privacy.

I ain't taking off my clothes
in front of him.

Don't be so stupid.

- Everybody wants to go to sleep.
- I don't give a shit. I ain't doing it.

- I can't believe you're acting like this.
- Hey, where are you going?

Hey, don't do me any favors.

- What's that pink stuff they're drinking?
- I don't know.

Man, what planet is this?

We'd better not blow
this audition. This place is heaven.

If this is heaven,
then what are you doing here?

Oh, Billy, you're so funny.

If this is heaven, Daryle,
you're a little underdressed.

You think so?

Hey. I still wonder
how come they call you Mooch.

Because they do.

Well, I mean, why?
It's kind of an unusual name.

Did you get it
when you were a kid or something?

- No.
- Oh.

- You been playing drums a long time?
- Look.

Do I look like
the Shell Answer Man to you, or what?

- Hi, guys.
- Hi.

Listen. These guys, The Blow Fish...

...and the group before them,
The Stove Heads.

Well, I'm...
I'm thinking it's between them.

- I think they suck.
- Wait a minute, you... You're saying... already made up your mind?
- Yeah, yeah. I've made up my mind.

- That's what I'm saying. Sorry.
- Yeah, whoa, whoa, Falcon.

We're better than these guys, all right?
We have come a long way.

We deserve our shot up there.

All right, all right. Ten minutes.
Keep it down to ten minutes.

I'm tired and I wanna wrap this up.

- Ten minutes.
- Ten minutes.

- He's tired. He needs his rest.
- I don't really care, man.

We came here for an audition.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen,
that was The Blow Fish.

We have another group trying out
for resident house band.

A group of young people
that come all the way from somewhere.

Would you please welcome Mystery.

Ten minutes.

One, two, three, four.

Great. What's your next song?

Come on, Jennie.

One, two, three, four.



How you doing?

What can I do for you?

I just wanted to thank you
for giving us the job.

You earned it.

- You're good.
- Yeah, I know.

For a young person, you've sure got
the right kind of ego for this business.


There's a large yellow screwdriver
in the box.

Can you pass it to me, please?

Thank you.

You know, I've heard of you.

Yeah? Well, then,
you must read a lot of liner notes.

Yeah, I do.

I was thinking
maybe you could teach us something.

- I'm not into that anymore.
- What do you mean?

- Listen, what's your name again?
- Jennie. Jennie Lee.

Well, Jennie Lee,
let me tell you something about me.

My life is my business.

I'm a very private person
and I keep to myself, okay?

And I expect anyone who works for me
to do the same.

Go get it.


- Rad dog.
- Come here. Come on.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Oh, here.
- What is it?

Oh, I've... I've made a few corrections.
We're missing a lot of the changes.

So what?

What do you mean, "So what?"
I mean, we're not playing all the changes.

Why don't you relax, man?

You know, this is only rock 'n' roll.

Green. Come on, green.

Come on, green.

Daryle, is this blue or green?

- Daryle. Is this green or blue?
- It's... It's green.

- Put it away. You're already wasted.
- I know, that's why I need a green.

What do you think of these two?


Dudes. Yo, dudes.

- Can't you be subtle?
- Life's too short for subtle, Daryle.

I can't believe you.
Why don't you just go...

...find someplace else to sit.
- Why? I like it here.

So, what do you think?

- About what?
- About Mr. Sand King over there.

He's pretty okay on keyboards.

You know what I mean.

- I think he likes you.
- Yeah? Well, I'm happy for him.

You know, if you keep pretending... don't care about anything,
maybe someday you really won't.

You want this, huh?

- Come on. Come on, dog.

So, what do you think, Sal?

Well, if I ever saw trouble before,
then it's right up on that stage.

Hey, look at all these foo-foos, man.

Come on.

I got it.

Don't look so hard.

- Challenge.
- What?

Go, Mooch. Kill it.


Go, Mooch.

- It went so high.
- You could have hit that.

I always say
I look like my brother a lot.

- Get it.
- Go. Get it.

Somebody's gonna hit me.

No! Over!

No, Nickie.

All right, Mooch.

- Take it over.
- Dear God.

- Yes.
- Get it again.




Oh, what?

- What are you doing?
- Hi, what's your name?

- Do you girls ski?
- Yes.

- Well, not recently.
- Well, what do you do...

...when you're not playing
in your little band?

A variety of things. I like to spend
quiet time curled up with a good book.

Really? What have you read lately?

Well, I just finished
Thin Thighs in 30 Days.

- Looks like it worked.
- Oh, well, thanks.

- Damn.
- So Paris sounds like it was really great.

No, no, no. The skis were in Paris.
I was in the Swiss Alps.

Let me try that.

The object is,
try not to make it into charcoal.

You know, Billy, she...

She always passes out
when she does that song.

She think it's the only way
to do it right.

So, uh... You all go to law school.

- There's a lot of money in law, yes?
- Well, there certainly can be.

Well, you must be really smart.

- It's really not that big of a deal.
- Oh, it is. I'm... I'm really impressed.

And I'm about to puke.
I'm going swimming.

- Billy?
- What?

You don't know how to swim.

Oh, yeah, right.
Then I guess I'll take a walk.

So you are... You're Josh.

And you're Joe.

You know what the ocean
does for me, dog?


I mean, I keep sitting here waiting for
the ocean to, like, inspire me and stuff.

But nothing's happening.

The ocean don't do shit for me, dog.

Here, want some? No?

What are you,
one of them straight dogs?

Hey, you're not a narc, are you?

No, narcs got
way better disguises than you.

So tell me something, dog.

What's it like being you?


You know what it's like being me, dog?

No? Well, I'll tell you anyway.

Being me is like...

Being me is like...

Jeez, I forget.


- That was even before me.
- Yeah, this is where it all came from...

...though, you know? It's the best.

So teach me something.

Nothing to teach, Jennie.

Just keep it in the pocket,
and you'll be all right.

In the pocket.

Yep, in the pocket.

It's too bad you had to give it up.

What do you mean, had to?

Well, your bartender, Sal...

...he told me that you couldn't write
anymore after your wife died.

What else did my bartender tell you?

That you had a couple of shots
to come back, but you passed.

Is that all?

Just, sometimes you blow it
behind a lot of drinking and stuff.

- Jeez, Sal, I'm gonna fire your ass.
- Hey, hey, don't do that...

- He cares about you, that's all.
- That's what all you little kids say...

...when you're busy meddling
in other people's business.

- Hey, I'm not a kid, all right?
- No, you look like one to me.

- You know what you look like to me?
- Tell it to Sal.

A self-indulgent ass.

Now your ass is fired.

- You're a chump.
- You're still fired.

Fine with me, pal.
I really don't care, man.

Oh, shit.


- Hey, listen. You're not fired, okay?
- Then I quit.

- You can't quit.
- Watch me.

You can't. Look, I'm gonna
lose all kinds of money...

...with no group in the club.
- Good.

- Hey, why are you doing this to me?
- Because I'm a kid, that's why.

All right, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You're not a kid. I apologize.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Now, please, don't quit.

We want more money.

- I'm waiting.
- I'm thinking.

- I'm leaving.
- You got it.

One more thing.

- Don't push it.
- I want a ride on your boat.

Ancient ocean

Gloomily, mysteriously

You unfold over your sublime surface
Your incomparable waves

With a quiet sense
Of your external strength

Would you sit down?
You're gonna tip this shit-bucket.

Would you be quiet, please?

We're at sea and I'm the captain.

You're nothing but a lowly third-class
shipmate who conned a ride out of me.

Wait, where was I?

Tell me
T... Tell me, o...

Tell me, ocean, will you be my brother?
Rolling wildly, wildly yet

Sit down, you're gonna tip this...

- Shit.
- Thank you. Thank you very much.

Okay, shipmate...

...let's make for the shore.


Oh, Christ.

Oh, God, where are you?

Don't do this to me. I can't swim.

Oh, God.

Oh, God, get me out of this water.

- That's yours.
- Thanks.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

That'll work.

So tell me about school.

What are you going to study?



And what about the group?

What about it?

Bob Elden, he's a friend of mine.

He's getting a European tour together
for the fall. Now, it's nothing fancy.

In fact, I'm not sure whether
I can get him down to the club...

...but I know he's still looking
for an opening act.

- You think we're good enough?
- Maybe.


I can't, uh...

I can't give up this scholarship.

Sure. Well, you know, think about it.
Just think about it.

Ow! Shit. Goddamn it.
What are you laughing at?

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It was just your reaction.

- Are you on fire?
- Very funny.

I'm sorry.
I should have warned you about that.

It's getting late.

They're dry-ish.

There's a room at the top of the stairs.
You can change.


- Just right up there?
- Yep, just right up there.

- Just...
- Just right up. You can't miss it.


How's it going up there?


Thanks a lot.

- Billy.
- You know what?

- I'm ready to go out on my own.
- Oh, and leave us stranded?

- Who are you, Diana Ross?
- That's right.

But I'll you what.
I'll stick with you losers anyway.

Because that's the kind
of slick bitch I am.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- And where were you?
- Look at that shirt.

- This one?
- Yeah.

- I fell in the water.
- That's not all she fell in.

Come on, Jen, we want all
the filthy details. Use all the bad words.

Yeah. So... you like him?
- Did you sleep with him?

- Did he make you breakfast?
- Oh, come on, give her a break.

- Did you sleep with him?
- Yeah, right.

- Listen.
- Well?

You guys wanna play clubs in Europe?

- Europe? What do you mean?
- Who doesn't wanna play in Europe?

What are you talking about?

Martin's got this friend
who organizes American bands... play in European clubs.
- Are you saying we're going to Europe?

- We're going to Europe.
- Oh, shit.

- We're going to Paris.
- Pyramids and shit, right?

- Wait, so, what happened?
- Wait, okay. They're just dive clubs.

Martin's not even sure...

...the guy can come down here.
- Yeah, but if he does?

- Lf he does...
- If he does...

...we're gonna be rich and famous.

You wanna hurry up?
By the time you're ready...

...there's not gonna be any party left.
Shut up and keep your shirt on.

Where's Mooch?

If you laugh, I'll cut you.

You... You look...

- Beautiful.


Oh, yeah,
don't eat with your hands.

And if someone says you have nice hair
or something, say "thank you. "

Shit, what do you think we are?

You don't know people like this.
They do things like shake hands...

...with their best friends.
- Don't worry, Daryle.

- We got manners we ain't even used yet.
- I know.

I just don't want any accidents,
you know.

I've waited all my life
for this party.

Go home, dog. Don't you get it?
This is Daryle's big chance...

...and you don't even know
how to piss in a toilet. Go on. Get.

Okay. We're going in there now...

...and anybody
who doesn't act elegant... a douche bag.

Go ahead.

Hello. Josh?

- Where is everybody?
- I think you got the wrong day.

- No, Monday at 3. It's Monday at 3.
- You know, I saw on TV once...

...that you're supposed
to be late to these kind of things.

I don't understand this.

I think I found something over here.

That's it.

- Look, they're eating with their hands.
- There's Josh.

- Hey. How are you doing?
- Hi.

- Fine, how are you?
- I'm good.

You know my friends.

- Jennie and Billy and Mooch and Nickie.
- Hi.

- Right.
- You have a really great place here.

- It's really nice.
- Thanks.

It must be convenient
having a pool so close to the ocean.


So why don't you relax,
slip into your suits, take a dip.

We didn't actually bring our suits,
so we'll just hang out.

Actually, we have the curse.

- All of you?
- Yeah. The whole group's down.

It's my own private hell, living
with them. Talk about cranky women.

So we'll just walk around and eat.

Maybe later
we'll pop a couple of Midol.

- Yeah, take some Midol.
- All right.

- Bye.
- Hi.

- So...
- Hi.

Nice pants.

- Where's the dip?
- All the dips are dancing.

Billy, put that back.

So, what are you gonna do in the fall?

I don't know. L...
I really haven't thought about it.

Well, I want you to know,
I think you're really different.

I can work really hard
to be the same.

Jennie, Billy,
are you guys leaving early?

Yeah, this party's putting me to sleep.
I wanna find some action.

I really appreciate you coming.
And thanks for being so well-behaved.


Look at all these things.

Did you shoot that?

Oh, thank you.

Josh. Ow.

Josh, wait a minute. Ow!
You're pulling my hair.

- Josh, I thought you liked me.
- I do.

- What do you think I'm doing?
- No, I just think...

- Will you shut up for five minutes?
- No, I really...

- Two minutes. Just two minutes.
- Josh, what do you want?

You want me just to lay here
and be quiet while you ball me?

- Yes.
- Oh, I can't believe this.

You're an asshole.



You like it?
It's like an orange creature or something.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- Thanks.
- So how come...

...I don't see you in there with a guy?

So, what are you, chopped meat?

No... I just meant that...

You know what I meant.

You know, I like this.

If we never go back home again,
it won't make much difference to me.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

So, what's your story, Mooch?

I ain't got no story.
I'm just what you see.


So, um, what do you see?


...I see someone
that's kind of lonely and lost...

...and a little sad.

- Never mind.
- And I like that a lot.

- Get out of here.
- No, I'm serious. I'm not kidding.

All right, so you're serious.
So I'm happy for you.

Well, I'm... I'm really sorry.

Do that again.

Hey, pal.
You want some of that action...

...the line forms behind me.

You know what I mean?

Yeah, that's my girlfriend
you're talking about.

Hey, hey, hey. I think you need to get
out of here. Go on, get him out of here.




So where was Falcon tonight?

How should I know?



- What?
- Get up. Get up.

- What?
- Did you hear that?

- That's the dog.
- No, listen. Listen.

I can't see a damn thing.



- Mooch.
- I got him. Shit.

- Do you mind?
- Oh, get off, man.




What did you fuzz-mouth bitches
do to him?

Yeah, that'll be the day,
when these two turds can do this to me.

- It was them bouncers.
- Wait. That was you?

- What were you trying to do?
- To keep you...

...from humiliating yourself.
- What are you talking about?

I'm talking about that you guys
are nothing but meat up there.

My girl don't tease pud
for no money. I'm taking you home.

Look, Frankie. I'm not teasing
anybody's anything, Frankie.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Quit it.

- Let's go.
- Whoa, Frankie, man.

You're all wired,
you're all pumped up.

You're not thinking straight.
No, really. Listen.

We're doing a job down here,
and if Daryle leaves, we're out of a job.

- I'm crying for you, Jennie.
- All right, lose the violent stuff, all right?

Calm down and think.
There's five of us and one of you.

I'm really shaking.
You see me shaking?

You never met Nickie. I don't wanna
tell you how crazy he can get.

Okay, wait.
Look, let's just go outside.

We can talk and everybody else
can get some sleep. Okay?

By the way, Bunny Slotz knows
you grabbed his van...

...and he's bopping everybody in town
trying to find out where you are.

Good night.

What is he talking about?

Bunny's the scumbucket
that dunked our truck.

I don't believe you, man.
That's Bunny Slotz's van?

The van we came up here in? The van
you said you borrowed from a friend?

- Why worry you with any minor details?
- I don't believe you.

This is great. I guess we can expect
to be arrested any minute now.

Bunny don't mess with the cops.
He takes his own revenge.

- That sounds like fun.
- Look, would you stop worrying.

How the hell is he gonna find us
way the hell out here in the boondocks?

- What's the matter with you?
- I can't find my dog.


I can't find my dog.

I guess I really hurt his feelings.

I saw Frankie outside.

Him and Daryle are starting to foam
all over the sand.


Frankie and I wanna take the van.
Can I have the keys? Please?

Thank you.

I think I'm in love all over again.


Bye, Nickie.

Is someone gonna turn the lights out
or what?

- Wanna go to breakfast?

We're going to the beach.
You wanna come?


Hey, we're going out to eat.

Do you wanna come?

- Is that a no?


Hey, Martin.

Hey, Martin.

- Martin, you up there?
- Hello.

- Hi.
- Lost?

No, I'm looking for Martin.

- Oh. Are you a friend of his?

Are you?


That's a nice shirt.

Listen, if Martin's not here,
maybe I'll just leave.

Yeah, maybe you should.

You were right, babes. They were.
They were in the bedroom all the time.

- Hi, Jennie.
- Hi.

Well, Martin, aren't you
gonna introduce us?

Sorry, yeah, this is Jennie Lee.
Jennie, Tina.

Jennie's with the band.

She's with the band. That's cute.

I gotta go.

Look, I'll catch you later.
Slam the door on your way out, all right?


It's not what you think.


Tina's someone I know.

She likes to give people a bad time

Christ, what am I doing
defending this?

You're just a kid.
What the hell do you know?

For an adult,
you're pretty fucking stupid.

Look, look.

Jennie, listen to me.

I shouldn't even be hanging out
with you.

You're so stupid. You're so dumb.

- You're so... You're so blind.
- Come on, baby, don't cry.


I think it's beautiful.

- Really?
- Really.

Well, you did it, you know.

You pulled a new song
out of an old burned-out case.

You did.

Don't say that. You're not that.

Thank you.

Well, I'm gonna show this
to everybody else.

And maybe we'll do it next week.

See you around.

She's just not waking up.

I think she took too many pills.

Come on. Come on.
Come on, Billy.

All right, Mooch.
Okay, Mooch, just back off.

- Mooch, come here. Come on.
- Let go, all right?

Okay, Billy, that's it.
Right, right, like that.

- Oh, Christ.
- Oh, God.

- Christ, somebody get the shower.
- I got her.

- Daryle, would you get the shower?
- Watch out. Come on.

Hurry up, turn it on.

Billy, come on.

Come on. Billy, come on.

God, that right hook.

We should have seen this coming.

You're gonna do what?

I'm gonna marry Frankie, Jennie.

He's already gone back
to the city to rent a hall.


Because I love him.

- You do?
- Yeah.

Frankie may not be rich
or well-educated...

...or refined and sophisticated...

...but he has many other fine qualities.
- He does?

Look, don't worry about it, Jennie.

We could still do the tour
because you cover for Daryle.

And what about you, Nickie?
You still in?

I don't know, Jennie.
Maybe it's just not meant to happen.

Yeah, I don't know, either.
Maybe it was just a dumb idea.

- You mothers.
- Hey.

Hey, Billy, come here.
Come here, I wanna talk to you.

Yeah, well I don't wanna talk to you.

- Billy, you all right?
- Yeah.

What happened, Billy?
What did you do?

I don't know.
One minute, I'm feeling no pain.

Next, somebody's slapping
me in the shower.

Billy. You know, you nearly scared
the freaking hell out of us.

I swear, you ever pull that again,
I'm gonna crack your head open.

- Well, that makes a lot of sense.
- Hey.

Billy, this is not funny anymore,
all right?

We're telling you right now, this is
the end of the line, okay? No more.

- I'm not going to tell you.
- No?

Well, listen, the infamous Bob Elden
phoned up this morning.

He's coming down
at the end of the week.

So, Jennie, I want you guys
to knock his socks off.

Which you will.

Hey, I've been thinking
about this whole thing...

...and it's really getting
complicated with the group.

And I don't know if we
can hold it together, you know?

I'm thinking that maybe
I don't wanna go to Europe right now.

- Well, what then?
- Well...

...I am thinking that I'll stay out here
and maybe move in with you.

If you want me.

- Lf you don't want me around...
- Jennie, Jennie, it's not that.

It's not that, all right?

I don't want you turning your life
upside down just to hang out with me.

You're really sexy...

...when you're trying to be a shithead.
- I'm being serious.

Well, don't worry, because this is my life
and I'll take the weight.


- Hey, Falcon.
- Hey, Billy, how's it going?


So I hear we're gonna be
sort of related.

- Related?
- You know, like, I heard...

...Jennie's gonna be moving in with you
after the summer.

So you guys gonna get married?
Or you just gonna live together in sin?

What did she tell you, Billy?

Jennie's my best friend
in the whole world.

So make sure you're nice to her.

What happened to you?

I'm waiting for the tide
to come in and carry me out.

You see, the tide came in and went...

...when I wasn't paying attention.

And it left me stranded here.

Why are you drunk?

Come on, let's talk.

I'm waiting.

I think you should go on this tour.

I mean, I...
I know my friend's gonna love you...

...and I think you should go.

- I don't wanna go.
- Then I think you should go to school.

- Why are you saying this?
- I don't want you to pass up...

...on opportunities you've got
coming to you just to hang out with me.

I think I'm gonna be sick.

Oh, Jesus, Jennie.
I'm trying to do the right thing here.

No, I mean it.
I think I'm gonna throw up.

Feel better?

- I love you.
- No, you don't, Jennie.

And you love me.

No, I don't.
You just happened to be there, that's all.

You're lying.

You're just lying.

I'm not. I don't love you.

You're lying. I can see it in your eyes,
Martin. You're lying.

Yes, you are.

I'm not lying.

You're lying.

You're lying!

Oh, what are you talking about?
Getting married is a very natural thing.

So is dying, but most people fight
to keep it from happening.

- There is no comparison there.
- I bet if you found a married person...

...and compared notes
with a dead person...'d be very surprised at the results.

What are you...?
What are you doing, Jennie?

- I'm getting the hell out of here.
- What?


Wait a minute, did something...?

Something happen
between you and Falcon?

What is wrong, Jennie?

I have had it, that's what's wrong.
And I don't wanna do this anymore.

I guess I can't do this anymore.

From now on,
you can marry who you want... can steal what you want,
you can kill yourselves if that's...

- I don't care.
- Look, Jennie... know, we could pull it together,
we could go for the tour. Screw him.

Yeah, it'll be okay, Jennie.

It's not okay.

Yes, it is okay.

Because we're all here for you.

We are. We're all here
for each other, right?

- Right?
- Yeah, yeah, of course.

I'm not gonna kill myself
no more, Jennie.

And I'm gonna...

- I'm blowing off Frankie.
- You are?


I decided that Rome and London
and Bulgaria sound pretty good.

What Bulgaria?
Bulgaria's not in Europe.

- Of course it is, stupid.
- Your ass.

She's right, Billy.
Bulgaria is definitely in Europe.

How can frigging Bulgaria
be in Europe?

You're just agreeing
with her to go against me.

I'm not.
- I just happen to be right, Billy.

- You ain't been right in years, twit.
- Oh, right.

Have you ever been to geography class?
I've been there. I've read maps.

I know what a globe is.
And don't spit on me.

- You thought the pyramids were in Paris.
- All you do is...

Hey, Elden, I hope you're taking this in.
The kids love them.

Thank you. I'm gonna try something
a little different now.

- Yeah.
I love you!

Talk to you later.

Bunny Slotz?

Coming, Mooch.

Leave her alone.

- Get off of him!
- Come here.

Stop him!

Over here, faggots! Over here.

Get her!

- Look out! Get out of the way!
- Just get out of the way.

Oh, mama.

All right, you dirtbags.

Oh, shit.

Get the hell out of here!

I'm gonna kick your country ass!

- Sorry about the hassle and everything.
- That's cool.

- Listen, you got my card. Call me.
- Yeah, thanks.

You guys all right?
Where the hell was I?

So, what did the guy say?

What do you think he said
after seeing the best band around?

Holy shit.

I turned him down though, guys,
because it just wasn't right.

- So...
- You what?

I turned him down. I told him...

...maybe somewhere down the line.
- What are you, nuts? Why?

Because I wanna go to school
and everything, and...

- Oh, man.
- I just mailed Frankie a kiss-off letter.

I know, Daryle, just trust me on this one.

We ought to be working
locally for a while.

Christ, this is a monster letdown
here, Jennie.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

You know, this shit might play
with everybody else...

...but it don't play with me.

- What do you mean?
- What do you think, I'm blind?

Jeez, you screwed us, Jennie.
I mean, it's all right for you, right?

I mean, she's got college
and the rest of that crap.

Well, what about the rest of us?

You passed up a chance for the rest
of us, something we really wanted.

- Wait a minute.
- You wait a minute.

- I think what you did sucks.
- You don't understand...

...what I'm trying to say here, okay?
- Wait a minute, Mooch.

That's not what happened.
He didn't want us. He only wanted her.

He wanted her to stand
in front of studio musicians.

- I'm really sorry. I overheard, you know.
- What a mind-freaking nightmare.

If that's what he wants, Jennie,
then you should do it.

No. Come on.
And not hang out with you guys?

Let's go home.

Shit. I'm sorry.

It's... It's cool.

- I'll carry that.
- Yeah, thanks, Nick.

No big deal. Thanks, Nick. It's cool.

God, when I think of all the
clothes I could've bought in Europe...

Forget it. None of us
speaks European anyway.

So where do we go from here, Jennie?

Well, as long as we hang
together, anything can happen.

That's it for me.
I'm in no shape for this kind of activity.

Oh, yeah, Billy. Do your share.

My share is one guitar, one amp,
and one knapsack.

And I'm always helping
with Mooch's monster drums...

...and your 200 pounds
of clothes and makeup.

So don't start foaming
about my share.

- All right, Billy, take a break.
- Thank you very much.

You're welcome.
I forgot something. I'll be right back.

I hear you passed on the tour
for school.

That's good, Jennie. School's good.

You got a minute?

You're right, you know, I...
I am a liar.

Oh, God. I don't usually do that.

I don't usually give up what I want
just to...

Just to do the right thing. I usually...
I usually grab what I want...

...hoping to deal with any regrets
on a day that'll never come.

And they always do.

And I wouldn't want
any regrets with you, Jennie.

Anyway, I woke up this morning
and I was looking for my shirt...

...and I remembered
that I lent it to you.

You're still wearing it, obviously.

So I'll just... I'll just hang around
while you change out of it, okay?

I'm sorry.

And I'm sorry too.

I'm not talking about that.

I'm talking about the shirt.

The shirt?
- I'm gonna keep it.

It's yours, babe.

I gotta go.

- Hey.
- Jennie.

- Want a ride?
- Yeah, let's get out of here.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

I'm not talking to you.
What do you want?

Bye, dog. Nice knowing you.

Go on, get.

Come on. Omelet!

Shut the door behind him.
He's gonna fall out.

I think the dog's name is Hamlet,
not Omelet.