Sathyam Paranja Viswasikuvo (2019) - full transcript

Geetha, Suni's wife, bears the brunt of his negligent lifestyle and often quarrels with him over it. After witnessing a gruesome accident, Suni and his friends find their lives taking some really unexpected turns.


Everything will go
according to plan

Vincent knows to keep a promise
and get things done

Pull the car over if you see a store

-1 want to buy some butter


That's what I have with drinks
to avoid choking

- [driver] Is he Lord Krishna?
-1 need a bunch of bananas too

Pass me that water

Open the lid, man

- Pull the car over here

I need to pee

You can pee when we stop
at the store

You don't decide when I pee

Stop the car right now

0 God, somebody is following us

Could it be those people?

Anoop, I think we're in trouble
Go faster

Lord, what if it's president

- Drive faster
- Hurry up

Go faster

It's them for sure

Anoop, hurry

- I think someone gave us out
- Our plan has to succeed at any cost

It's right behind
go faster

Turn left

Anoop, take that route

(passengers shout at once)

- They're gone
- We're safe (sighs)

That was someone else

Who asked you to stop here?

I can't drive as you wish
There's a ravine ahead

Give me some water

There's nobody around
Didn't you inform them?

Don't worry
Annamma has coordinated it all

This looks like a haunted house to me

It's only until the no-confidence
This is a safe place

You'll be gone
I've to stay here

- [woman on phone] Anoop?
- [Anoop] Yes, sister

- [Anoop] We're here
- [woman on phone] Okay

- [woman on phone] Don't stay long
- [Anoop] Okay, sister

(door opens)


- He's the guy
- Hello

Come on

Okay, then

-Just one man
- One man

Give me a minute

Bring my bag over, man

- Anoop, bring the bag
- Forgot my bag

- So do you drink?

That's a relief
Here, give it to me

- He's a real pain
- But we've to work it out

- Do you live alone?
-1 don't like questions

No questions then
just answers


Yes, I'll be there

Is he safe?

I've told him about it all

Should we move him
to a different resort?

No, that's the trend
these days

But be careful
he left them to join us

Such rats can never be trusted

Okay, I'll be there soon

Anoop, we've to hurry


Pull it

Hurry up

Pull harder


Be careful with the side plank

Are you fixing a boat?

Don't you see the rod drilling in?

What's this?

When it comes to work
there's no place like Gulf

- It's fully air-conditioned
- Can we make good money?

Good money?

You know Rupeesl there is Rupees115 here

Is that so?

They pay like the English do

You've to see the minaret
of mosques there

Its base'll be

10 to 30 times this house

As you go higher

the top part will
be like a nest

Hey you

That's a mosque
This is George's house

That's enough hot air
for the day

If you say anything more
even the concrete will melt

Do something useful, Raveendra

He was in the Gulf
for hardly a year

but this story has been on
for two years

(everybody laughs)

These idiots are so careless


George brother

Gopi, what's this?

- The price's up
- Up by Rupee3 again?

- Then how will I --
- How many bags?

- 35 bags
- Carry them inside, it might rain

Vinod, set up some planks

We've to keep cement inside

order a load of metal

We're running out of metal


Take your hands off
I won't let it go

Here comes trouble

- (clears throat) George?

I don't envy you
building a big house

Dust and dirt from your site

has made a mess of my home

Did I complain?

But this is unacceptable

Ramesh, tell me

What did I do?

No father
I need an answer

Come to the point

Since you started work
on the second storey

My wife can't
prepare fish

wash clothes or tidy up the yard

Did a plank fall
on her head?

I wish it'd been so

Women can't step outside

Your workers ogle
whistle, catcall

1 didn't complain

But this time
it's different

This one is in class 12th

When she stepped out today

she heard a song from above

Afoul song

What song?

"My flower, when I don't see you..."

Now how's that for a song?

I'll screw him up

Ramesha, we'll solve the case

When did he sing?

I came to know
when I returned

Whoever it is
I'll punch his face

I'm not an easy man

Supervisor Rajan
where are you?

- There he's
- Ask the workers to come down

- Call them
- Karuppaayi?

Ask everyone to come down

Call the electricians also

I said everyone
What is special about them?

Call them

Whoever insulted
my daughter

1 won't allow him to
work here

This man is insane

Father, please let's
I told you to —-

Neighbours are watching

Why're you here?
Go back home

I want to see if decent people
have a place here

Who sang that vicious song

to this little girl?

You'll leave after work

I've to live here all my life

As itis, they're
jealous of me

George, it's not about jealousy

Ramesh, panchayat
received a complaint

to stay construction
of my house

Did I say it were you?

But it wasn't me

- Did I say so?

We have to find the singer
Did you see him?

No, I heard him

When I looked up
he moved away

You heard her

Who sings around here?

Then maybe it was an angel

Nobody works until
we find the singer

We've no problem
Your housewarming'll be delayed

(George stutters)

Be honest
tell me who did

There's no point asking

A good whack
oh tummy will do

He'll sing and pee in one tune

And do you think
we'll be quiet?

Just try hitting one of us

We don't earn money
as lookouts

These are the hands
of a hardworking man

Come on
we'll see

Come on, come here
(men argue)

First things first

Give one tight slap

The singer won't admit to it

Ask them to sing

Let the girl hear it

She'll decide the singer

Shall we ask them
to sing, Ramesha?

Let them sing

Karuppaayi, you first


Men his age are

Karuppaayi, sing

Which song?
"My flower..."

"My flower
where's your nest?"

What next?

"When I don't see you"

"Then the fledglings will cry"

What song is this?

You heard him sing

(girl nods)

It's not Karuppaayi
the girl said so

your turn

(Thaamara spits)

"My flower"

This is how I sing flowers
Do you want to hear more?

Do you, child?


So it's not Thaamara



Now let's hear you

"My flower
when I don't see you"

Is it him?


"I don't see the colours"

You want the Bengali to sing?

I don't trust anybody

Come, sing (foreign language)

"My... flower -"

That's enough (foreign language)

Next up is Vinod

(various people singing)

No, father

Ramesha, we're done

There is nobody
left to sing --

Suni brother didn't sing

There're more people
behind the scene

Call him down

Where is he?

He stepped out
for a smoke

So you're hiding him?


I'll call him right away

Father, let's go now

Be quiet

What's taking so long?

Are you smoking a chimney?

Come back soon

He's coming

Your smoke will set me
off to heaven

Others go back to work

You start unloading

We'll wait

Let the case be solved

Okay, let it be


What happened?

Sing the song
"My flower"


You were playing a game?

I thought --

Just sing that song

All of a sudden?

Sing the song, man

Why not after work,
when I've had a shower?

Let's decide that later

As for now
you'd better sing

Are you threatening me?

Give your orders
inyour palace

Supervisor, he's testing
my patience

Sunil, just sing

What is this --

It's a serious matter

Which song?

"My flower"

"My flower"

Not that flower
the one in "Premam™

That flower

"My flower
when I don't see you"

Is this the guy?

It's not this uncle

Not uncle

Okay, it's not him

Are you happy now?

Now go home
with the child

I shouldn't see you
stepping out again

Please return to work

Do you need special request
to return to work?

What about you

My dear Ramesha

I'll find it out soon

Very soon

What's the matter?

Get back to work now

I like old songs better

My housewarming is on 10th

We'll do it

Focus on your work

Don't fool around

If I hear anybody singing

I'll shove this
down his throat

He ran away with the girl
from his workplace

and trapped his coworkers

True, I lured her away

but I treat her
like a princess

That was the only place,
you came to work everyday

He came but don't say
that he worked

(everybody laughs)

Stop gazing at the sky

Pass me that cord
white dwarf

When you can't beat Malayalis

fight Bengalis

Suni brother taunts him
all the time

That's because
he's a poor chap

Do your job, Kocha

They pay cash
not carrots

He's offended

Yes, I'm

Move the block over here

Shanavas, fetch the lever

Lay it straight

Knock it right there

Lift it up

I'm trusting you guys

1 didn't book
a catering group

Don't worry Rajan brother
we'll manage

[Rajan] Be there early

My music show will be
the day's highlight

I've done my best

I heard that
your last show bombed

- Who said that?
- [Suni] Everybody knows

Why're you sitting apart?

Show was a big hit

He brought special food
that's why

It's just cabbage
and dried fish

(Vinod hums a song)

Why're you scared of father?

It's so dusty

Send me a photo
in your new churidhar

(humming continues)

Make it fast, dear

Get out

It's my mother
from home

George, did you notice this?


Look here

Come closer

This pillar conceals
that doorframe

That's what I said

It's only a grain's length

Grain or yarn

measures can't change

Vastushastra is a science

Pillechaa, I don't believe
in vasthu

(man screams)

Oh, somebody fell down

It's Sujith

I told you so
You've evil tongue

Move aside

Lift him up

How did he fall?

(all talking at once)

[Karuppaayi] Suni, call an ambulance

[Suni] Okay

Sulfi, Sujith had
an accident

Come to the site
with your vehicle


You open the door

Get him in

Come on, quick

Don't hang around there

You're leaving work midway

Make do with this money

And come back soon

Open up

This's no ambulance
Get onto the back

But you ride like an ambulance

Get onto the back

Who called this cart?

Couldn't get a Benz car
Who else do call?

Go fast

Blood is a good omen
when you start something new

Then why not kill someone?

1 think it's the evil eye

Let's fix an ash gourd
on the rooftop

Yes, that can be done


You see that?

It's the power of vasthu

Pillechaa, these fools took
two weeks

and whole a load
of cement and rod

to complete this

You want me to knock them down?

It's your house
do as you like

Maybe you'll learn a lesson
when everything falls apart

- Supervisor

Knock down these pillars

Vasthu cannot be ignored

Shall we knock it down?

Why not?





Around 24



Give Rupee5


Vomiting or sickness?

Not today

Who was with you
when you fell?

Who helped you
get to your feet?

There were many of us
at the worksite

Try to remember

Do you remember
who was with you?

Who helped you up?

We were all downstairs

Some electricians were around

If you want their names

Kamal, Ebin, Sainu...

George, the house owner
was also there

He has had a hard knock
on his head

I want to check if he can
recall everything

Why do you answer for him?

Go and wait outside


Yes, you, get out

Go Man

Stop playing with phone

Hand it over to him


Give that to me

This is going to take time

Don't wait for us

You leave after work


Do you see this?

(grins) That's too many kisses

He's smart

Here he is

Carpenter Soman sent four kisses first

then a thousand later

Is that so?

What's wrong with you?

I understand when married men
use false names on phone

My mother checks my phone

Did Soman sent those kisses
to your mother?

Get an X-ray

Make sure the patient
doesn't walk too much

You wait here

I'll get the X-ray done

It's the patient
who needs X-ray

Oh, you're right

Suni brother?

Aren't you done dressing up?

I'm ready
You please hurry up

-We're late
- I'll be ready in a jiffy

Just a minute

You're playing on the phone?

Your friends are waiting for you

Hey, is that what
you're wearing?

I've pressed a good dhoti-shirt
for you

I've got work to do there

They will be spoiled
in no time

Why do you do this?
This'll do

The sky seems to bloom

When you have frangipanis in your hair

When the silver cloud veil


The crimson sky

Looks down and smiles

My beloved

When gems and jewels glint on you

You are to me a star-spangled lotus

(whacky lyrics begins)

(whacky lyrics ends)

The sky seems to bloom

When you have frangipanis in your hair

The sky seems to bloom

When you have frangipanis in your hair

Pitter-patter rains, bitter winds

Trembling grounds, it's monsoon peak

The minnows waddle into the fields

Mistaking them for their homes

One, two, three, four pots

Count up the nightly malts

Crush onions, chilly, ginger

And have it in greasy parts

When the day's work is done

We smoke at our fave den

In between, we play our lil' games

Of which you better not divine

(folk song refrain)

Stop here

Hey you

Stop there

I said stop

Where is my money?

Jessy, hands off

I'll give you in two days

I've heard this before

I'll give you for sure

I want my money now

I would've come to work
after you gave the advance

Then you hired someone else

- So I should've waited for you?

I'll return your money
when I've money

Don't play tricks on me

Give me my money

No, what'll you do?

- Stop there
- Jessy

You nicked what I kept
to fix my leaky house

Aren't you ashamed?

- Give my money back
- Leave him, Jessy

I won't until he returns
my money

Go away

You'll rot in hell
You scoundrel

I'll give your money
I'll bring it to your home

I don't want your money
You rascal


If you swear again

I'll not let you live in peace

I'll knock you down

She dares to mess with me

Move away


Leave me alone

Mind your own business

I don't need help

What's it with Jessy?

She was the one
who started it

You pledged Geetha's gold
to return her money?

I spent it in ones and twos

I'll return it

Right now, I'm broke

You're getting worse
by the day

You know what she is, don't you?

She's shameless enough to come home
and create trouble

News'd have reached home
by now

- That's what worries me
- I'll talk to Geetha

No need of that

Don't get involved in it

I'll go home late today

Here's some fresh fish
Take it home

No, you keep it

Where'll I take this?

Then throw it back into the river
I'm off

Suni, do you want me
to go with you?

Call me if there's any issue
I'll talk to Geetha

There's no need of that

(whacky lyrics begins)

(whacky lyrics ends)

The sky seems to bloom

When you have frangipanis in your hair

The sky seems to bloom

When you have frangipanis in your hair

Slowly, we'll walk
to the countryside

Play cards, get broke
and go home to deride

Steal change in pots
that milady hides

And get away again
after greedily dine

Walk on the lanes
where birdies fly

All the way munching
tasty bite

Seeking you out
in the dark slyly

As you giggle naively...

(folk song refrain)

From plank to plank

Hit the brad
Shut the board

Hit not the knee
Hits when you tap

Bind the rods
Hack the cords

Raised the homes
From times of yore

In muddy shirts
Over dusty coats

Set out the ship
With choppy oar

Come soon, rally is about to start

- Any news of that Vincent?
- No news, president. It's a gone case

Okay, whatever
Make sure our event goes well

All set

- Did you get the flags from party office?
- Yes, we've

- Ask them to come down
-I'll call them

That scotch was fake

You guys carry on
I'll come later


- How much is the mackerel?
- Rupee 150


- What about this fish?
- Half a kilo at?60, sister

And that one?

Where is our daughter?

She's in that shop



- [Karuppaayi] Be careful, dear
- Father, it's you

Come closer

- Are these biscuits?
- You didn't go for work today?

Yes, saw your mother there

- Don't you attend dance classes?

- Study well
- Come, let's go

Hey, give me?50


- Why don't you invite him home?
-Why can't he ask me?

I earn a fair share of income myself

AllI asked for was to drink less
not give it up altogether

Give me two more

These days money turns into sweat

- Just how it goes, I've no idea
- Did you get something?

- No chance
- [Thaamara] Hello, we're almost there

- We should make some quick bucks, Kocha
- Suni, can I get you a bumper?

We're useless without money
No, thanks

- [Thaamara] I'm coming by bus
- So what's the plan?

I might be the first Indian man
to have been kicked out by his wife

- Then I'll be the second man
- Definitely

I need to buy something

- Annamma is the mastermind
- Now who doesn't know that?

- Babu?
- Tomorrow is the no-confidence motion

Let's see what happens

Sir, I've been meaning to see you

Is it about the loan?

Yes, please help if you can

- Here you go, sir
- How much?

Suni, I'm the society president
but mine is not the final word there

The board decides on such matters

I don't want you to write off the loan

- Just need some time
- You earnRupeelooo per day

If you work 25 days a month
you earn Rupees 25,000

That's enough to look after your family
and repay the loan

So your problem is not money

It's drinking
You've money for that, don't you?

Okay sir, you carry on

- I'll take care of it
- Okay

Karuppaayi is here

Birthday candle for seven-year-old
and a pack of vermicelli

Brother, the function is about to begin

Wait a minute

- Here, Suni
- Thank you, Babu

- Let's go, Kocha
- Okay, let's go

Tomorrow we're working at Basheer's house

-1'm not coming to work tomorrow
-Why not?

-It's my daughter's birthday
- You're making silly excuses

-EvenI won't be there tomorrow
- What's wrong with you?

-It's his daughter's birthday
-1'm not coming either

[Supervisor] Stop coming to work
I'll hire some good workers

- When?
- What happened?

Okay then

- Our Ramachandran is no more
- Who? Neremaricha Ramachandran?

- Yes, him
- Shouldn't we go then?

- Yes, we should
-I'm not going anywhere

Then what about me?

- You're still here?
-1 was waiting for you

- Take an auto and go
- Auto

- Those people are real thugs
- Brother, please no

You take this home
Go fast

- [Karuppaayi] Come along
- I'll go with you

- Thaamara?
- Go away

Is this the place?

Koche, this creature looks strange
He'll charge you extra

He can't fool me

-How much is it?
- Rupees 25

We come this way quite often
I'll give you Rupees 30 and no more

Has the body arrived?

No, the postmortem is tomorrow

It was already four
when he hung himself

One lemon soda

- Koche, do you want?
- No, I've a throat problem

- What was wrong with that man?

An astrologer had predicted
that he'll die at 40

That Surendran of Jalajalayam

He turned 40 today
so he killed himself

That's all

- He could've waited a little more
- What for?

He could've easily conned the astrologer

Last night, he came here after work
and sat right there

He bought a soda before he left

Today, he's in a coffin
That's the fate of man

- Koche, have some
- No, thanks

- Thaamara, here's your soda
-But I didn't ask for it

- Pay the bill
- Thank you

- Whose death were you talking about?
- Your aunt's

When he was alive
he was always late to work

Now we've to wait for him in his death

We've seen his body
when he was alive

It's the same but just a dead one

Anyway, let's go and say hello
We can't come tomorrow

Whose body are you taking about?

Your uncle's

That's good
First my aunt, now my uncle

Next you'll say it's mine

There's no need of firewood
We'll use gas

We can get the job done in two hours


That is Ramachandran's brother

-1'm leaving now
-It's his brother

Anyway, we've to wait till noon

I'll make the call

- We just need two cylinders
- That's enough for the rites?

Of course

So the funeral will be held tomorrow?

We just came to know about it
We were at the worksite

He never shared anything with me

It's all a game of fate
That's it

His time had come

He had borrowed Rupees 80 from me
two days ago

We've set everything in the backyard
Please help yourself

-We only have rum
-No problem


- [Karuppaayi] But we'd rum today?
- [Suni] That was scotch

We have our glasses with us

- Here, give me
- (a man mumbles)

Hey, hey

Give me more

- Have water
- Please, I can't have it with water

To speak the truth
he shouldn't have died

- You're right
- It's that astrologers fault

- We've to teach him a lesson
- Yes, we should

That rascal should be --
I daren't say anything more

I'll be very honest here

That's in my nature

He foiled my wedding plans
because I didn't work for him

It's not such a bad thing
There, there, stop crying

- Hey, stop it
- Somebody's coming

Let's go to his place now


Why can't we beat him up?

What for?

The astrologer
said he'll die at 40

He died at 40
so it's his fault

- You're right
- Yes, I'm

- So who do we beat up now?
- The dead one

You can have him later
Have this one now

- (whispers) His brother is here
- I'd like to say something

These rascals who kill themselves

They're the most selfish men in the world

- You're right
- Yes, I'm

Come on, brother
You've one how

-1 hope all is well
- Oh yes, it's all well

Some day, you'll also get a chance
Things should be even better then

Of course

We'll celebrate in his house

So, who actually died here?

"The nocturnal bird awakes"

"The nightly jasmines bloom"

"Nestled in the bamboo grove"

Night came and the child slept
Which hell were you in?

- My coworker committed suicide
- That's his fate

Anyway, you find a reason all the time

Do you know how many times I rang you?
Why did you switch off your phone?

My phone died

I had kept it for charging
but forgot to turn the switch on

You know what
he hung himself in his house

Atleast now you turn the switch on

The member came by again
to remind about the society loan

I'll be the next one to hang myself

- [Suni] Stop talking nonsense, woman

Then what do you think I should do?

My brothers agreed to lend you
but you can't accept their offer

Your purse is empty
but your heart is vain

I already ate
Just give me some water

Why don't you go home?
It's been some time now

Hello, just look at me

Don't you think that I'll go
and bring the money

I promise I won't

I'll go after her birthday

And what shall I make?

I sent you away in the morning
with a list of things to buy

Didn't he give it to you?

- Prasad

Neither Prasad came
nor anybody else

How can that be?

I told him to bring it to you

Hello, it's 2.30 now

- Normal people sleep at this time
- But I've to ask him now

- Suni brother
- Didn't you deliver the package home?


He says he gave it to you

- Then where did it go?
- She says you didn't

Why should [ lie to you?

If you don't trust me
ask her yourself

- Hey

It's Suni brother
He says I didn't give it to you

Tell him I did

He gave them to me, Suni brother


But what was that candle for?

To set me on fire

Give him that phone

Yes, Suni brother?

I asked you to give it to my wife
and you gave it to yours

You better return everything tomorrow

Otherwise, I'll kill you

And light a candle at your funeral

-1told him to --
- Don't give me any excuse

This shows how irresonsible you're

Don't make any promise
but make sure you child doesn't starve

Canyou look into my eyes and speak?

Your life is just about you

Everyday you come home drunk...

People will laugh at me
if I say that I'm Suni's wife

Look at me

And your daughter?
Do you think she is proud of you?

Forget about us

Aren't you ashsmed of yourself?

Kicking up a row with that lewd woman?

With shopkeepers?

Do you know what it means to be respected?

You reek of alcohol and what not

1 don't like it at all, you know

I need a shower, that's all

What's the matter then?

I'll take the 4 O'clock train
and meet your brothers

- Anyway, we can't go to bed to tonight
- You, not we

Do whatever you want
I don't care anymore


Have you heard that song?

"My flower"

"When I don't see you" —-

You get drunk and act like a Romeo

Go away

- Thanks to a song once, I suffer now
- That song is so unlucky for me

- Move aside
- What happened, mother?

I'm going to have a shower
Is there a towel in there?

So you've decided to leave?

Yes, father

Then you better go right now
You can't once they are back

My little girl?

That house is for all of us

But I can't complete it now

"Like dewdrops"

"that whelm tender shrubs"

"And the glimmer"

"in my heart's crux"

"We walk down"

"the sunshiny rustic lane"


“inseparable, in twain"

"Like dewdrops"

"that whelm tender shrubs"

"And the glimmer"

"in my heart's crux"

"In the garden of desires"

"On the wishing plant that inspires”

"Afloret opens a hopeful eye"

"As gently time flies by"

"A fleeting smile"

"A passing pain"

"Harmonising days and nights in vain"

"Beauty is the byword of that love"

"Our unspoken, tacit love"

"Like dewdrops"

"that whelm tender shrubs"

"And the glimmer"

"in my heart's crux"

"Through journeys we make together"

"Do we seek one another?"

"And the rainbow that glints"

"In the heart of our hearts?"

"Now my mind is a clear sky"

"Where you are brilliant sun, O my"

"Like water from a spring"

"Our virtuous love will grow, telling"

"Like dewdrops"

"that whelm tender shrubs"

"And the glimmer"

"in my heart's crux"

"We walk down"

"the sunshiny rustic lane"


“inseparable, in twain"

"Like dewdrops"

"that whelm tender shrubs"

"And the glimmer"

"in my heart's crux"

Yes, yes
I'm coming

Who's calling at this time?

- What's the matter, Suni brother?
- (Suni) Come soon

(Suni) A liquor truck fell over the bridge

- (Suni) It's loaded
- What?

(Suni) Just come soon

(Suni) Get Thaamara and Kochan

(Suni) Hurry up

I'll come right away

- What's the matter?
- I'll tell you when I'm back

Oh, underwear

-Where're you going all dressed up?
- My underwear has some serious business

Underwears are such a pain

-Where're you going?
- I'll tell you when I'm back



- Where the hell are you?
- (Sulfi) We're almost there

Karuppaayi brother and Thaamara are here

Are you here?

Stop here

No, don't stop

-Why not?
- Take the other route

That's where we can load the stock

- Go on, move
- Thaamara, jump in

Turn around and come down


Hey you, turn the lights off

- Dear Kocha, do you see this?
- What's it?

Come, have a look
We can't finish this in a lifetime

Turn the torchlight on

See, from jawan to king
it's all there

Thaamara, your jai jawan

Don't jump on it

You'll break the bottles

(Suni and Karuppaayi talk at once)

Get up
(Thaamara weeps)

Where's the driver?

I searched but couldn't find him

Let's get to work

- My jai jawan
- Take as many but be quiet

- Brother, but where's the driver?
- No driver?

This is Karnataka vehicle

- There is nobody inisde
- What if they're smugglers?

- Then they'd have escaped
- What about the police?

The police don't know yet
Antony opens his store early

If people come to know
then that's it

Try to grab as many as possible

Come along

Don't go for pints
Only litres and full bottles

Thaamara, you need to hurry

We can't carry them as such
the police'll nab us

- We need to put them in sacks

Where do we get sacks now?

There're a few in my van

- Aren't these enough for us?
- My dear Kocha...

This is Godsend

Let's take as many as we can
Where's the sack?

Bring them over here

- (Thaamara mumbles)
- (all talking at once)

- Don't you have more sacks?
- Be careful



- Three

Kocha, don't confuse me

- Careful, don't break my head
- Grab the Scotch, the green bottles


Thaamara, grab the costly ones
Not your jai jawan

- Hey, get the good ones
- Get whisky

Shall I get whisky?
That's expensive, right?

- The best ones are over there
- Where?

Kocha, come
Let's get some more

Aren't these enough?

- What can we do with these?
- They are plastic

- Sulfi, we need more sacks
- Then let's go get them

Kochacha, fill each one to the brim
We'll bring more sacks

- On my own?
- Thaamara is with you

- Take this torchlight
-Let's go

Who'll drive?

Let's call the others first

- [Karuppaayi] Suni, let me go

- [Karuppaayi] Hey

Kochacha, do as I said
Let's go

I'll break your head with it
Help me out

I can't
I sprained my back

You drunkard

- Mini
- Okay then

Damn, his mother-in-law

- Suni, where're you taking him now?
- One of the planks fell

Need to check on that

- Why not go inthe morning?
- It can't wait until then

Be quiet, mother
He's with Suni brother

Oh, Suni brother

How did you do it
with this restive woman around?

- Some pricks build such houses
- I'll build one when I go to Gulf

- Suni brother
- This is going to be our day

Get that pole

Suni brother, hold tight
My legs are shaky

Don't worry
I've a strong grip

Sulfi, here they come

Throw them down

- Is somebody watching us?
- There's nobody around

- Turn the light off
- Come, let's hurry

- Shanavas, here
- Bring them over

Come on
Where's Thaamara?

1 told you to get them ready
and you sleep off

- Go fill up the sacks
- Thaamara is already tipsy


1 don't know what I'll do with him
Get up and do as I say

These are quite expensive

Suni brother, so what's the plan?

We share the booty among us

- Karuppaayi?
- Move aside

We've to make it big with this

Yes, we'll

We'll find a way
First let's move these things

What about the share?

Equal share

Yes, man

Can we get the job done?

- Make it quick
- No, not those

Leave the plastic ones behind

Where is he going?


- You guys will drive me mad
- The bottles will break

Where do we hide them?

We'll take them to the islet

We can't take them all

- We'll make several trips
- That'll do


A ghost

- What happened?
- What's it?

- A ghost
- Where?

What's the matter?

- Suni brother?
- What're you doing here?

- I think the driver's here
- Are you sure?

Lift him up

- Can it be the driver?
- No, his assistant

- Help me here
- What shall we do now?

(all taking at once)

Leave him there
Why bid trouble?

Let's lift him up first

We can't waste a man's life

Get down

You guys continue
I'll be back soon

You stay put, I'll manage

- Sulfi, be back soon
- Don't worry, I'll

Suni brother, look what he's doing

Gone case

- Here
- Take this

God, this has turned into an ambulance

I'm drenched in blood

- Hello?
- You brought the patient in?

- How did the accident happen?

I was returning after a trip

I found him on the road

Sol brought him here

- His condition is critical
-Is that so?

Okay then, goodbye

- [nurse] Brother, you can't leave

- You should wait for the doctor

Sir wants to see you

- Where's the casualty?
- Over there

Das brother

- Brother, please pay the bill
-Why should 1?

Patient needs IV fluid

Pay the bill

How is he?

Suni brother

Any problem?

I'll run off from here

We need to get the maximum load
or else our plan won't work

We're all set here
You be back soon

Which hospital are you in?

Government hospital refused to take him in

I'm in a private hospital
I've spent a good sum here

Please note it down, okay

We'll do that later
You better hurry up

Tough job, huh?

Oh, it's worse sometimes

Were you involved in the accident?

Dear brother, would I be alive then?
Even my van would be smashed

Don't act like a fool

Where is he from?

I don't know for sure
but he was crying "aiyo"

- Does "aiyo™ mean "aiyo" in Hindi also?
- Of course

Brother, is that the only exit?

- Yes, that's the only exit
- And you're wide awake

Kocha, here
Take this one too

Hush, be quiet

- Who's that?
- Keep this aside

Well, let's just hide

You be quiet

- Stop talking
- Let me look

Come with me

-Who're they?
- Must be anglers

They're not going to leave

Let's move the sacks

We'll keep them there

Come on
Let's move the sacks

Where're you off to?

Brother, there's no signal inside

There's enough signal for you

- Sol can't step out?
- Not until the matter is solved

I'll never help a dying man again

I'll stop helping people from now

That man is awake now

- But your statements don't match
- They don't?

Come back here

If you act too smart

I'll beat you up

Now sit down

Wait until the police come
Thinks he can fool me

Fasten firmly, Karuppaayi

Where are you?

- [Sulfi] I can't come, brother

- [Sulfi] They've detained me

- What's it?
- [Sulfi] I'm trapped

What happened to him?

He can't come

The security's detained him

What shall we do now?

(the muezzin's call)

It's morning already

Suni brother
Let's move them elsewhere

Maybe the bushes near the temple

- No, we can't
- The temple'll be open by now

You know the old bridge?

We'll hide them under its pillar

- Shanavas, did you count?
- Why should he count?

Pick them up

Here, take it


Give me

- Suni brother
- Pass iton

Come let's go

Thaamara, pick some large stones

Fasten them to the sacks
Just go with him

Hey, don't sleep off
Bring them over here

Now tie a stone to each sack

- They're glass
- Be careful

Hey, watch out

- Have you tied the stones?

- Don't break them
- Catch these

The car has to be here by now


They've offered welfare standing committee

Is it useful?


The panchayat has two quarries
and a sandbank

Sand is costlier than gold these days

I'll have fun

(phone rings in background)

Hello, we're in the church


When is the noconfidence vote?

10 O'clock, Father

When you become president
come straight to the church

I need your blessings, Father


No-confidence will be passed today

I'm going to lose my job

I sailed alone all the time

That too with such hostile people on board

But I wasn't expecting this twist

No, we know he's a fraud

We don't know where he's hiding

Or else, we'd have nabbed him earlier

But now it's too late

I'll call you later

- Prakash, any news of him?
- It's tipped again

He's tipped again?

It's another accident on the bridge

I thought he tipped over again

You're always thinking about it

There's utter confusion there
We've to call the police

It's a liquor truck

Which bank?

Opposite bank

You wait here
I'll go with you

God is with me

I don't get you
What do you mean?

- Prakash

- This has opened a new path for us
- How?

Whose ward is it, you fool?

Shall I call her?

Don't invite her

- But make sure she arrives
I'll set it up

Aren't you guys ashamed to do this?

- (commotion)
- You're a disgrace to our village

- Move aside
- President, watch out

President, don't you see this?

Where're you taking them?
Put the bottles back

- Nobody is listening
- Hold them off

- (commotion)
- They've turned this into a circus

Is this SI sir?

President has arrived

Let's check out

Come, Kochaa
Come on

- Where?
-Just come

What're they doing?
This is so sad

- (commotion)
- Suni?

- (commotion)
- Why do you need so much?

- Your liver will stop working
- Suni

[Suni] Stop this madness
Put them back

- Sir, do somethng
- Who, me?

- (commotion)
- (several people talking at once)

- [Suni] Give it back
- Run off

The police are here


[Suni] Nobody takes anything

[Suni] as long as we're here

Go away

Sir, you see this?

[President] You please drive them away

Go home, run

Hey, go home

Don't run away with them


Kochaa, come

- Go home
- Shoo off

Kochaa, be calm

[Karuppaayi] Why drag me away?

[Suni] Becuase you're being a poser

- Please don't, I'm a teacher
- Then stay away from here

- Go away
- Okay


Sir, can we check your bag?

Let me see what's inside

- There are just books in my bag
- Let's see then

Look out everybody

This schoolteacher stole a pint

- It's for the lab
- So children come to the lab to drink?

What'll children learn from him?

Such a shame!

How do you respond to this incident?

What incident?

We all drink

But we buy them
and pay the tax

We don't steal like this

I'd like to say something

These teachers frown on drunks like us

But their salary goes from our money

Geetha sister

Suni brother is on TV

Suni brother is on TV

Hurry up, mother

When a liquor truck tips
and people steal

can you call them civilised?

Mother, father's on TV

If a cash truck tips
will they take cash?

Or a gas truck tips
they take gas?

When did he change his clothes?

This is disgusting

Disgrace to our village
and even Kochachan

Can you give me your phone?

I want to take his photo
for school

No need of that
The way he looks


So this is why he left early?

What's the time now?

- It's past 10
- Have you set it up?


- Where are they?
-In the coconut grove

Okay, let's go then

We can't stay any longer
Let's go

- Where shall we go now?
- To work?

At this hour?

Let Kochan call and find out

- He'll give me an earful
- You call him


We'll come to work today

Half the wage will do

[Suni whispers]

We're only four


He'll send three Bengalis away
Let's go then

- Hey, come here
- Suni brother?

Let him stay here

You watch
For trouble, call

Okay, Suni brother

- What about him?
- Drag him along

What's this?
Come on

- Do you have any money?
- About Rupeeloo

-And you?
- My money is in the water

What are the procedures?

Section has changed

It's with excise department now

Sir'll tell you

We've to record the stock
after sorting the brands

Other procedures will follow later


Sir, I've to be in panchayat by 11

-If you need help, ask Benny
- Yes, Benny's here

-Let's go
- Okay ma'am

Annamma, you can't leave now
You are answerable here

This is your ward

(noise drowns out dialogue)

So many accidents have occured

What've you done about it?

- Keep calm
- No, don't say another word

Can you please let me pass?

No, we won't let you go

Stand aside please

I've to leave now

Sir, you've to do something

-Annamma, we won't let you go
- Move

What's this?

- (inquilab calls)
- Ma'am, get into the car

We need justice

(inquilab calls)

Don't let her go

Don't let her go

When can we take them?

At night

Once Sulfiis back

we will shift the sacks

Did you call him?

No, I couldn't

Will he screw us up?


He won't do that

Let me call Shanavas



Where're you going?

To pee

Suni brother

Hello, Suni brother

They lifted the truck

Did you check on our sacks?

No, I didn't

Don't roam around

Check out the sacks


Go soon

I'll call you later

Any problem?


You were the first to see it

You are asking me
what's Raman to Sita?

Is he dead?

Nobody died here

Kocha, stop scaring me

What if he dies?

Kocha, don't make me mad

(wakes up screaming)

What's it?

I was —

Don't get supervisor angry
Go back to work

What can I do now?

- Suni

I've not given Thankam any money
for the new house

I want to give her some money

Then I'll complete the house work

and live happily with my family

I'm fed up of sleeping
at this idiot's place

What about me, Kochaa?

I was on my way to borrow money

That's when God sent this my way

All will be well soon


Can we visit Palani
with our families?

I'm okay with Sabarimala

Not how

I want a strong gate

Afan in my bedroom

We'll put up a room on top

That we'll be our haunt

Can we get Rupee34 lakh?



We should change our setup

We'll have a blast

One minute

Tell me

Suni brother, there's a problem

What happened?

They're up

Opposition loses no-confidence vote

in Thirumarady panchayat

Incumbent James Chammaniparambil

will continue as president

Independent A Vincent
of ruling coalition

is said to be missing

Ruling party alleges

that opposition has confined
him in a secret place

President hopeful Annamma

could not attend the vote

due to a public protest

Frequent accidents on Moonthal bridge

have irked the public

Protestors blocked
Annamma's car

preventing her from
leaving the premise

Opposition leader Annamma alleged

that ruling party sabotaged the vote

Opposition is organising a sit-in protest

in front of president's office

Sit-in protest continues

Panchayat may observe a hartal tomorrow

Brother, get some water

Liquor truck tumbles over
Moonthal bridge

No casualties reported

Go away before sunset

Several lakhs worth liquor are missing

Some villagers were reportedly
stealing liquor

Thirumarady and adjacent villages
are on alert

Excise police started investigation

There are people here

Turn that way

Somebody's coming

Suni, not working?

No, I didn't go today

It's becuase of you
that they're up

You fool, I'll -

What did I do?

What you mean
it's my fault?

Remove your slippers

Get down

Kochacha, take this

What to do now?

Fasten and pull down

Move it aside

Fix it over here

Let's go

What're you doing here?

Just having a bath

That's good

You're here too?

I just got here

You're all here?

You all here for a group bath?

Yes, we came for a swim
in the river

Is it?

Why not bring a hat and
pair of glasses?

Just for fun

Don't reply, let's go

Should we be worried?

Did you see the show
he put up today?

Channel, interviews

He made a big fuss

You seem to be lost

If my family comes to know

there's no point living

You're in big trouble

Now dig deeper
for troubles

Kurian, it's going to create trouble

Will it come on WhatsApp?

It'll be on WhatsApp in no time

For sure

It'd be like stripping
in public

The whole world will watch

That Suni is the cause of it all

Very true

When I asked him to settle
his dues

he insulted me, sir

in front of my shop

Do you know that?

Has the electricity bill come?

Yes, it's there

I'll fetch Biju's bike

Alright, see you later


Did you see Jessy?

i Who?
ghway Jessy?


What do you want from her?

There's a letter for her

It's been with me for two days

Who writes to her?

It's a government letter

Must be a job offer

I thought it'll help her
have a better life

But I'm going to return it

When she returns from her other work
she'll lose this one

Isn't it so?

You're her neighbour
can you tell her?

Neighbour? They're relatives

That's why I'm silent

We're distantly related

Once, I went to her place to talk

she blasted my wife later

She did that to you?




When did the letter come?

Two days ago

She won't stay away
for two days

It's been two days

Two days

Keep the flour inside

Sister, two tea

Where were you?

You've been gone for sometime

I've my doubts on Suni

What doubt?

Today I saw him
under mysterious circumstances

So what?

That Jessy's missing for two days

Keep your foul mouth shut
Don't gossip like women

When he insulted me
why were you quiet?

What do you want?

I'll have my revenge

I'll screw him
That rascal

If you want to be thrashed



Did Suni act on his word?

What word?

What man?

He threatened her before us

Don't you remember?

That's right

- Stop there
- Jessy

You nicked what I kept
to fix my leaky house

Return my money

You rascal

If you swear again

I'll not let you live
in peace

I'll knock you down


Certain matters need more clarity

We'll ask Divakaran

Get up
come with me

What's the matter?

We'll meet Divakaran
to clear my doubts

Come on

I'll be back in 10 minutes



Is there a reason
to doubt Suni?

When I saw him this morning
he'd blood on his shirt


He was soaking wet

Looked so tensed

Something's fishy

Next time he sprung up
from this river

Not just him
his entire set

By then he'd changed
his clothes

God made me a witness

Or else, why would I go to buy
coconuts then?

You tell me

Yes, that's a point

And another thing is

he never speaks to me

But today he did


He's hiding something

Call Rajan and find out
where they're

Why should I, sir, you

If we call, he won't reveal
anything to us

It's better that you call

Just call


Rajan, this is Antony

[Rajan] Tell me, Antony

I called you several times
about my house repair

But you've done
nothing so far

Please do something

- [Rajan] I'll send someone tomorrow
- Okay, one more thing


Don't send that Suni
I've an issue with him

Ask about others

[Rajan] He'll not work with me again

He begged me to
come to work

Later they disappeared
all of them

Ask him when they left

When did they leave?

I don't know

There's something wrong

They acted strange

Okay, I'll call later

Please do the repairs

What did he say?

Our doubts are not misplaced

Rajan swore at him

They fled the worksite together

He's a callous fellow

True criminal

I'm sure he killed her

and drowned her in there

Otherwise, I wouldn't have
seen him here





Would you like to come home for tea?

When your wife is back after delivery

I'll come to see your baby


I've something to tell you

What's the matter with you?


I like you a lot, Jessy

What exactly do you like
about Jessy?

You are a disgrace to men

Go away

Jessy, just once --

If you take a step forward
I'll smash your face

I know I'm no saint

Calm down

But I don't sleep with
married men around

I don't break families

Jessy, money --

To hell with your money

Do you want to get one
with this?

This is Jessy's sandal


Are you sure?

Yes, I'm sure

- Are you sure?
- Yes, both parties are in my ward

- What parties?
- Jessy and Suni

The other party is waiting outside

You can ask him yourself

-Canl call him?
- Okay

Bring me the curry

Kurian, come in

Member told me about it

What's the issue between
you and her?

Nothing at all

They're related

Distantly related

Our families are at odds

I am a decent man
from a good family

If you ask me about Jessy

Her comings and goings
are shady

- Right?
-Yes, yes

So that's the issue here?

Not just that

Once she'd a letter from society

When I went to her place
to tell her about it

She swore at me
and left

Did you say something back
or hit her?

No, I didn't

When she said things about me
my wife gave it back to her

You didn't see her after that?

So she's missing

President, this is a clean
missing case

He'll file a complaint
with police

or he'll be in trouble

Why should I go
to police?

- You should
- [Prakash] Yes

Otherwise you'll be
in trouble

But if go to the police
I'll be trapped

- What for?
-You'll be trapped, if you don't

Once they're after you
don't come crying for help

We're here to help you
Don't worry

Kurian, trust president

You go to police
That's the correct way

You go how

Carry on

1 got news from their committee

Annamma is back in the game

They're planning a hartal
to stop the quarry

Any problem?

We should work hard

- When do bombs fall on borders?
- Are you planning to call the army?

Prakash, we can't get going
without fire and smoke

On the shores of —
Once more

A string of accidents is turning
this place

into a valley of mystery

The disappearance of a woman
is the latest in the series

Valley means riverbank, right?

- But "Thaazhvaaram" movie is a forest
- Forest?

Or maybe there's a river too

Yes, there's a river

I'll step down
You get a wide shot

What's he doing?

Hey you

There's a hole after mining sand
You want to die or what?

That'll do

Little sambar curry


Brother, an Idea
recharge card

- How much?
- Rupee50

- Where's Suni?
- He's not at home

He owes me Rupee70

I'm tired of asking him
Give me if you've

You give me Rupee20 card

Keep Rupee40 with you
You can get the rest from Suni

Where is Karachira colony?

That way

Is that where masons live?
Yes, that's the place

Hello Kochacha
Is Suni there?

[Karuppaayi] Yes, he's with me

Call for you
from home


I've been calling from morning
Can't you ever call back?

Why make me walk on fire?

Must be drunk by now

Hey, I'm sober today

Even the child hasn't eaten

If you want to scold
do it in person

We're planning something big

I'll tell you when I'm home
You get lunch ready

What's it?

My daughter's birthday
I've to go for lunch

- She's waiting
- I'll go with you

Then we'll go with you

You've to shift the things
after sunset

We should start selling
from tomorrow

I've told driver Reji about it
He'll help us

Why did you tell Reji -

We'll talk to those
who queue up

outside beverage shops

We can make easy cash

We'll share the money equally
after we've sold out

- Or there'll be nothing in the end
- That's right

That'll do

So I'll take off

It's charged out again

- Hello
- [Prakash] Brother, member Prakash here

- [Prakash] Is Sunil with you?


It's member

What's it, member?

Where are you now?

I'm at...
I'm here

Is there any problem?

What problem?

What did you guys do?

Police are after you



Don't you know why?

What's there to know?

Don't try to be smart
Everybody knows

You'll be screwed
you know that

What can we do?

There's nothing much to do
Police'll nab you soon

How did you know about it?

So there's some truth in it


We'll help you out
President has agreed

He's here
You talk to him

Yes, president?

- What?
- (whispers)

If police find you out
you'll be done for

It's a non-bailable of fence

Go somewhere
for a few days

at least until this buzz
is over

Is that okay?

Police will track you down
using mobile tower

So don't call me
I'll be in trouble

Switch off your mobiles
and run off


Isn't it enough?

So it's true
Police are after us

President said we've to go away
for some days

Is there anything else?

What else?
Will the bottles get washed away?

No, I got a call earlier

It was about that Highway Jessy

Forget about her

When we have our money
I can settle hers easily

Don't make a mountain
out of nothing

Anyway, switch off
your phones

President told so
We've to be careful

But where shall we go?

We'll do something


[Police] Prakash, why're you late?

This is her house

Two of you stay here
Don't let anybody in

Come, sir

You stay here
You two come with me

- Vijaya?
- Sir

Go and check if the backdoor
can be opened

What're you staring at?


To hell with that woman

- President called the station, right?
- Yes, he did

He said he can't make it
as he's busy


You come here


Stay away from trouble
or you know what I'll do

You see that?

- It's good you complained, right?

-Who made the complaint?
- He was here



Yes, sir

Is this Jessy?

Yes, that's Jessy

This was taken on
her engagement day

It's an old one

Do you've a new one?

No, I don't

Where does Jessy work?

Don't you see sir's asking you?
Answer him

Sirsheis a... a decent job

Sir, she's known
as Highway Jessy

She had shady deals
with truck drivers

Sir, prosecution

Where is Suni's house?


Is he there?

I saw him last on TV

Pass that bottle
I'll show you

Give it to me
See, police

Anybody in?

Does anyone of you live here?

He is calling you


Do you live here?


Where is your father?

Tell me where he is



Why're you crying?
I just asked for your father




Ask her

Why are you crying, dear?

Tell us where your father is

I don't know

Tell us, dear


My child

So you were hiding?

There is something wrong

Where is your husband?

Sir, he is not here


Tell me where he is

He went to my house

When did he leave?

Early morning

And not yet home?

Sir, what's the matter?

Any problem?

If you're hiding him
you'll be in trouble

It's nothing, dear

Sir, he's not here

Did he call you?

No, sir

He didn't call?


Do you have a phone?

Report to us when he's back

Otherwise everyone gets
locked up

Move aside

Kochachan, do you remember?

The house owner wanted us

to build a swimming pool at the centre

Only God knows where he is?

Be careful

Kochachan, it's your turn

Start the game

If you don't want to play
don't play

You have it

Suni brother

What's it with the police?

The whole village stole
bottles from there

Then what's the big deal?

Yes, that's a point

Don't know how the news spread

No clue

Because you couldn't keep
your mouth shut

No, I didn't tell anybody

I think it's that
teashop owner Antony

He saw us there

Who knows?

I'm worried

Next month I'll receive
my passport

If I don't go abroad
my life will be ruined

There's nothing that
money can't solve

Don't think too much


My sister...

I've some commitments
to my brother-in-law

Don't be emotional

Let's sell the liquor first

That money will solve
your problems

Leave it

Stop police inaction

Police serve us justice

Arrest Jessy's killer

Stop police inaction

[S.1] Stop it

Police serve us justice

[S.1] Stop it

Police stop foul play

[S.1.] Hey, stop it

James, don't make it worse

Sir, don't worry

I'll manage

Everybody sit down

Sit down

Sir, any problem?

Don't bother they will
deal with it

Hold properly

Arrest the killer

Calm down

Dear friends

Whatever happened
was a shocking crime

Jessy's disappearance

shook the entire village

Due to police inaction

murders have turned into
a daily event

We can't remain silent

Until the killer is arrested

we'll continue with the protest

Inquilab zindaabad

-Inquilab zindaabad
- (crowd cheers)

Arrest Jessy's killer

(crowd cheers)


Come to the police station

S.1. wants to see you

I'll be there

Sir, have some tea

What will I do now?

I told you to mind
your own business

We should tell what we saw

I saw Suni that day

Divakaran is not ready to talk

As they call me

Police will summon you too

Don't mess with me

Take my credit
Here's Rupee96

Keep the balance
with you

I'll never come here again

Hey Divakara

Crooked guy

Sister, what's the matter?

Mind your own business

Divakaran, stop there

Where did you get this from?

I found it outside

My stomach is upset

My stomach is empty

so I don't have a problem

Are you hungry?

I'm starving

Shall we go outside?

It's not safe

What'll we do now?

Is there any tender coconut?

It's over

Suni brother, I'm starving

I'm hungry too

When will this end?

It was foolish of us

Somebody has to end it

How did you solve the puzzle?

I tried several times

I just pulled the stickers


I pulled the stickers
and pasted in order

- Karuppaayi

Stop there


Stop there, old man


You nasty

Sir, don't hit me

I've surrendered

Kochacha, they found you

Hello sir

Sir, slowly

Get in you --

Sir, don't leave
I want to go with you

Who are you?

I'm one of them

Get in

Why didn't you escape?

What will I do alone?

Don't say anything
about the bottles

Don't say anything

[S.l.] Come here


Let sir have a good look

Need any tea, water or refreshments?

No thanks, sir


We've the evidence

Tell me the truth

We don't know anything

We were busy with work

Where were you last night?

We were... the warehouse


Do you stay there often?

Once in a while

Then why were you there

We passed out after drinking

What about the others?

We are coworkers

How many pegs do you have


How much do you drink?

Three pegs

Only three?

You seem like you can have
a full bottle

No sir

What about yesterday?


He'd six pegs
including mine

Not six


Then you dozed off?

How many bottles did you have?

Three bottles

You can't even get
the peg count right

(Suni stutters)

Should we believe that you
went home straight away?

You guys don't deserve
to be treated well

Where did you hide it?

How did you kill Jesssy?

Sir, what do you mean?

Sir, we don't know anything

Did you smash her head
or hack her to death?

Sir, we know nothing
about it

Sir, we didn't kill anybody

We don't know, sir,
we're not lying

- We didn't
- (all speak at once)

We didn't kill anybody, sir

- Vijaya?
- [Vijayan] Sir?

Ask them properly

Where did you hide
the body?

We know nothing, sir

Which side of the bridge?
This or that?

Sir, we're telling the truth
We don't know

Tell me the truth

We don't know, sir

Take them inside

Get in

-0 God
- 8ir, no

Please don't beat me

- Sir, no sir
- Please sir

Please don't do this

Where did you drown her?

Sir, we don't know

So you won't tell the truth?

Where did you dump her?

Sir, I don't know

Shut up

You'll tell me
Sir, no please don't

Sir, please leave him
He's innocent

- Sir, sir —
- Move back

Move back

Sir, no, he's innocent

- Sir
- Hands off

You dare stop me?

I don't know, sir

Who killed her?
Was it you?

You drowned her --


Vijaya, stop it

That's enough
You move back

Is this how you interrogate?
Check if he's alright

You come with me
I've a family too

I can't be answerable to this

Let's go inside

Please take him
to a hospital

Hey, check this out

We've CCTV visuals of them
on the bridge in the morning

Then the other guy
that short one


It's clear they came
in a carriage van

Have you found the driver?

We'll get him today, sir

Call details explain it all

Suni killed her

So he called his friends
to dispose the body

All the calls were made
from his phone

- Send a mail to dog squad
- [constable] Okay sir

They've to be here by morning


But there's one glitch
We've to find the body

Else we can't proceed

Sir, the teashop guy saw bloodstains
oh Suni's shirt

If we get the shirt to forensics
the case is solved

An open-and-shut case

You trace that driver

Don't do it again

- Alright sir
- Okay


Be sensible
not sensitive

Sorry sir

Sir, this man took in my son
to teach driving

Then he abused the boy

Who is he?
Where does he live?

On the bund road

When I asked about it
he tried to hit me

He's drunk


- Yes sir?
- Let's go check this out

Prashant, come down

Prashant, keep watch

When did you
change the shirt?

At the warehouse
this morning

- What did you do with it?
-1 dumped it

- Where?
- At the same place


Kochacha, it had

You rascal

You were cheating us
all the while

Kochacha, why do you
say that?

You've ruined our lives

ol -
- He's a liar

He used liquor as a bait
to trap us

Her body might be in one
of the sacks we dumped

I trusted you
but you lied

(all shouting at once)

(policeman) What's happening there?

You better be quiet

- Where's the little one?
- Sleeping

We don't want you
to stay alone

We've enough at home
for the two of you

We can stay at our home
Let's go

-1 don't want to go
- We're not giving you a choice

Do you see where your choices
have led you?

We've been worrying about you
the last eight years

Enough is enough
Let's go

Our father suffered
after you left

until he died two months later

(clears throat)

I saw your car coming in
that's why I came

If it's a personal matter
then I'll --

We're here to take
our sister home

That'll be the right thing
to do now

Go home for a few days

Once she leaves
she'll not return

And if she does

we'll consider her dead

That's it

I'd helped him out

when he eloped with her

Later I realised that
it was a mistake

What shall I say?

It's up to you
to decide

So you're here too?

- What're you doing here?
- She has called her brothers

to save her husband

What about my boy?
Who'll help him?

- He'll be left to die
- You're mistaken --

I'm not mistaken
My boy was sleeping

Suni came home
and asked for him

I saw him leaving with Suni

- Do you know that?
- Be quiet

My boy has never lied to me

When I called him last night
he said a bunch of lies

Isn't that because of him?

What's with your father?

- Mother, you come here
- She is six months pregnant

He's not from around here
but he looked after us well

- Come here, mother
- Leave me alone

Take her home, child

Hey you, take your man home

Hey, we've heard enough
from you

-Why do you bother my husband?
- Now you've also come

- You go home
- This is my family matter

He was more a sonto me
than a son-in-law

If anything happens to my boy...

You'll be doomed

You'll rot in hell

Let's go home

You can't solve the matter
by shouting at his wife

Go back, you

Go home with your daughter

- My girl won't have a man
- We won't let that happen

She'll end up just like me

What'll I do?

We'll come tomorrow
Be ready to go

Let's go

Like the morning flowers
that smile

And the paddy field wind
that beguiles

You spent days
fooling around with me

You got away
flapping my sari, you see

Like the morning flower
that smiles

And the paddy field wind
that beguiles

You spent days
fooling around with me

You got away
flapping my sari, you see

Lighting my way
with the sun departing

Streaking with kisses
my hair's middle parting

You caught the very air
I take

Lighting my way
with the sun departing

Streaking with kisses
my hair's middle parting

You caught the very air
I take

When a dart halts

the beat of my heart

I know you won't weep
or bid farewell

1 know I'm not in the stories

Why is the dog coming here?

Go away

When I told her
she didn't believe me

Now do you see?

(police) Go on

[Geetha voice-over]
Everyday you come home drunk...

People will laugh at me
if I say that I'm Suni's wife

[Geetha voice-over]
And your daughter?

Do you think she is proud of you?

Do you know what it means
to be respected?

(crowd) Sir, stop the vehicle
We want to take a look

(bus employee) Moonthal bus stop
Get off quickly

(crowd hoots)

Sir, there's Suni


What happened?

I don't know

You go

President, there she goes



Jessy is here

She's not dead?

(Jessy) Haven't you seen me before?

Sir, please stop

Please stop the van

Stop it

Sir, there goes the woman
1 killed


Where were you?

There's a letter for you

You should collect it
from the office

Sir is calling you

What for?

He will tell you
Come here

It's turned upside down

Move aside

Make way for her

Sir, what's the problem?

Are you Jessy?


You were Kill...

Where were you?

I was away
for a personal matter

Get into the van

There is a missing case

What's it?

Someone has reported
that you were missing

So get into the van

What? Me?


- Why should I get in?
- Get in

Take her in

Why don't you release them?
There's no case now

We'll release them after
the proceedings

They're our people
Don't mess with them


Aren't human rights
for humans?

Vijay, let's go

(crowd hoots)

Stop it

I said stop it

Go stand over there

Brother, you didn't kill her?

[Sulfi] Are the bottles safe?
[Suni] Shut up

Where were you
the last few days?

Sir, not few days

I left day before yesterday

Hardly two days

I'd an interview, sir


Yes sir



Note down the details
of her interview

In detail

No sir, I'll tell you

Sir, you know what I do

Usually, I don't go to
far-off places

But that night I slept off

When I woke up I was
in a remote village

in Karnataka

1 didn't know where I was
felt completely lost

At last, yesterday I found a truck
to get back home

That's what happened

Don't give us trouble

with your odd job

No sir

I've received a job offer

I'm going to stop this

That's fine

Anybody giving you trouble?

Sir, this one is a nuisance

He's always after me


Is that true?

Sir, I was just trying
to help her

like a good neighbor does

Do you go around helping
all your neighbours?

Sir, I

Sir, I'll take care of this

I've been planning to see his wife
about it

That'd be better

Are we set for
court proceedings?

- Yes, sir
- Then you go on

You can also go


- [Kurian whispers] Jessy?
- Sir, I

Sir, may I go now?

You move to this side

You're behind this entire mess

No sir

What is your business
on the riverbank?

I'd no business there

Then what did you dump
in the river?

That sack was empty

You were seen carrying a sack
on your bike

No, sir, I didn't carry any
sack on my bike

Then what's this?

Sir, I'd waste from my hotel
and milk packets

for dumping
into the river

Good Lord

So you learned nothing
from the floods

River is not the place
to dump waste

We'll release the others
but not him

Slap Section 118 and file a case

Ask the panchayat to cancel
his license

Sir, one minute

Get their signatures
and release them

[police woman] Okay sir


- What's your name?
- Abhilash Kumar

That's my real name

Sign here

Tell me

How did you get bloodstains
on your shirt?

I don't know, sir

- Tell the truth
-1 don't know, sir

No sir, please sir
don't hit Suni brother

-1 will tell you everything
- Shanavas

So you know everything?

Then you tell me

-1 don't know, sir
- Tell me

Sir, please don't hit him

- [Sulfi] Sir, please leave me
- No, sir, please leave him alone

1 will tell you everything, sir

So how many in total?

18 sacks


You should be applauded

You guys managed to hide it
all this time

I understand it if you'd taken
a few bottles to drink

You did this to make money?

Are you fools?


Poverty forced us to do it

We thought of it as an easy way
to make money

Sir, please help us to
get out of this mess

Do you know the consequence
of what you've done?

Three years in jail

and a fine of Rupeel lakh

Even bail will be denied

Do you know where you'll be taken to?

To the jail

Let's recover the loot first

Crime No. 85/18

Properties under
Section 379 IPC case

Sunil Kumar, age 42/18, S/o Kumaran

Thattel House, Anchalpatti Post

as shown by the stated

Kaakoor police station
Sub nspector Abubecker Sethi

towards the examination
of the case

in the presence of witnesses

to take into custody
the properties

on 21.09.2018 at 14 hours
preparing the inquest report

What is the punishment for
drinking in public?


Buy a 100-page notebook

and come to the police station
every day for two weeks to sign

And then?

Then get the bail

Okay then
let's start

Come to the station
with a notebook

Give me that

- Sir
- Sign here



How many sacks left?


Leave one behind

- Take it at your convenience
- What?

Take it at your convenience

Move aside

Okay then


Pack the properties

Sir, it's all done

Pack them up

Thaamara, don't break it

Suni brother, yesterday I...

It's okay

Forget it


I'm leaving

Suni brother?

Suni brother?

Let him go



Say something to me

1 didn't know our life
would come to this

1 didn't know our life
would come to this

1 will stop drinking

I promise you'll never

Don't say anything now

I won't drink again

I won't

Don't cry

Did she have dinner?

Don't cry

What did you learn at school today?

I learned a song

Shall I sing?


(child sings)

This is her tea

Be careful
it's hot