Sathyaa (1988) - full transcript

Sathya (Kamal Hassan) is a young man who wants to make a difference and ends up becoming a henchman to a political leader who has his own agenda.

Son of Sathya!

You are sleeping
in the sandal coffin!

Sir! Tamilians know you
and your name!

You taught me to love the
human and human hearts!

l am giving this film on
your feet as your fees!

Man! Open the door!

Shall we go? Driver! Start the van!
Start the van immediately!

Open the door immediately!
Come! Carefully!

Move men!

What man? Last train went
now only! Yes! Anand! True? Yes!

Ok man! l am leaving!

l have an interview in the
morning! Tell man!

Let's get job by our face even
if we don't get by education!

l want to go fresh! Shall
l tell an idea?

What? Remove your beard!
You'll look fresh!

Beat him! You're trying
to change our policy!

Ok! Keep that! lf you grow your
beard until you get the job...

lt will stop all your good things!
Why are you talking like this?

He'll go to interview
tomorrow, won't he?

He'll fail! l'll beat you!
Don't worry, Sathya!

You are only going to remove beard
first in our set! Hands dear!

Go man! Best of luck!
Go man! Good night!

Good night man!

Didn't you go to school yet?
Which temple today? Vinayagar temple!

Dear! Don't distrub me!
Here brother! What?

This is the holy ash of Vinayagar
temple! For your interview!

Mom! What is the Tiffen today?

Uppma...? Bring that immediately!

You are wearing this ash
colour coat always...?

Change this first! lt's not lucky for you!

Don't blame the coat! You gave holy
ash of Vinayagar for 5 times!

l didn't get job! You told me to wear
bangle in my hand! l've worn!

l've worn rope in my neck
and l removed my hair!

That's mom's! You do a thing!

Change the God! See the effect,
then! Why there are 3 plates?

Let the studying & working
people eat first!

Mom! Brother is going to attend the
interview today! Let him eat!

Dad! l am leaving! What? Do you
have enough Tiffen to all? Yes!

He can answer very well in interview
only if he goes hungry!

You eat!

Dad! Shall l keep the cycle down?

Sir! Milk credit! Aunty! Call me
only for this! What ma'am?

l told you to come tomorrow,
didn't l? Come tomorrow!

This auto only will go first!
What is the time?

Come! Time is 9 o' clock!
Where do you want to go?

To Saint Merry's Road!
Can you give 15 Rs?

15 Rs...? lt will take only 6 Rs!
My auto will charge 15 Rs!

lf l go by bus, they'll charge
only 50 pasie! You can go! Just 50 paise!

Sir! Please come! You can go
by bus! They'll ask only 50 paise!

That is the first auto! You
can go by that auto!

What man? Sir! Go there!

He is running for 50 Paise!
He is wearing coat and all!

Sir! Where is No.45
Saint Mary's Road?

Sir! That building is No.44
and this is No. 46!

So this should be No.45!
Everybody searched this only!

Did everybody come
for the interview?

That Babu export company...?
We didn't see that company!

No sir! lf it is No.45,
go and see it inside!

l am Hindu. l can't go here!

What are you talking?
We are lndians! That's all!

ls it? You go sir! Men!
Move! He wants to go inside!

What sir? What they are
exporting here? Soul!

Boon! That's all! Did you
send the application for 20 Rs?

See here man!
This is very injustice!

1000 Rs for advertisment
and 2000 Rs for application form!

They had spent 3000 Rs totally!

Other expenses is 2000 Rs!
What calculation is this?

Sir! They had spent 5000 Rs
and they cheated 50000 Rs from us!

Get some other job and
share the family problems!

l am also trying.
But l didn't get! What can l do dad?

Give me that towel!

Ok! That kumar! What he is doing?

He went to Coimbatore!
He too didn't get job like me!

He won't bother about job!
Because he has money!

Do we have that?

What happened? Stone...?

lt is in big size! Mom! See here!

Then what? Will the
mosaic stone be there?

We can eat rice without
stone only if he earns money!

He knows to blame others.
But he is not eligible to get a job!

l didn't tell anything! lf l ask,
no recommentation & no money...

No luck to me!
You'll give excuses like these!

You are thinking that
he'll take care of our family...

He'll do Sudha marriage...

You believe that he'll give dowry
money to my elder daughter Radha!

We won't get a single
paise even if we sell him!

But he is telling that
l am very cruel and all!

He is going to...

lf l tell anything, he'll
get angry immediately!

Man! lf you don't like my
cooking, throw it in the dust bin!

Don't make me to take your plate!

ls my father not here? He is inside!

Mudaliyar! What is this?
Everything is wrong!

Didn't you prepare the statement?
l'll prepare the statement today!

l forgot to take the ledger book
yesterday! You'll forget a thing!

You'll do another mistake!

You've become old, haven't you?
Your vision is becoming dull!

Why are you keeping the specs
in your hands? Wear it!

Why are you giving trobule to me?

Forgive me this time only!

l'd show the calculation to
lncome Tax officer today!

l'd beat me with slippers! Boss!

Can l beat you, then?

My dad recommended you
at the time of his death!

Mudaliyar! Resign this job! Boss!

Don't tell like that! lf my son gets a job...

l won't have any worries after that!

l'll resign the job!

Yes man! l'd bear your mistake
until your generation gets a job!

ls it? Man! What is this?

Lot of dusts on the dust bin!

Sweeper didn't come today!

Why don't you clean it?

Are you thinking this as a
dishonor to you? Not like that sir!

Give this to my dad!

Don't tell about my arrival!

Come man! Did you come?

Go man! We'd do this work
atleast for our food!

Ok! Do it! lf we don't go to
job for some more days...

Our parents will make us to
wear skirt and clean the vessels!

Why are you telling
these jokes? Go man!

Do you want this? Bribe man!

Bribe...? That is money!

What money sir?

Are you trying to cheat me?

Who are you sir? Why do
l want to give money to you?

Are you from Government
or Corporation?

He is talking too much!
We'd teach him!

Leave me! No!

Stamp him! No! Leave me!

Leave me sir! Don't beat me!

Oh! Mom! Oh! Mom!

Wait for few minutes! Come men!

Why are you sitting alone?

Did you leave your anger?
Come! Let's go home!

Man! Come! Somebody is fighting!
Why do you bother about that?

Man! lf we didn't stop that,
do you know what would have happened?

Murder might have taken place!
Why do you bother about somebody?

Ok! Come lets go!

lf we leave these, everything
will get spoiled, then!

What we will do now? Tell man!

l don't know what you people
will do? l've decided what l'd do?

l can't bear all these things!

ldoits! You've got beat from
a third person!

Sinners! You people spoiled
this Rangan's name!

Venu! Go with John, Peter,
Karuppan and beat that mAn! Ok!

Did you see Sathya? l've searched
him everywhere! l didn't get him!

You can get everything in
Nayar's shop! Here Sathya!

Do you want tea? Are you playing?
Ranga's men are searching you!

Go home! lf l go home,
my aunt will beat me!

This is better. l can beat them!
ls this the time for joking?

Go home, please! Do you
know the matter! l know!

Rangan's men are searching me!

Did he tell? Yes! They asked
about you to your father!

Do a thing! My uncle is in Bangalore.
Go and stay with him!

Where can l hide?

Sathya! You can hide anywhere.
But don't hide in my shop!

Man! Here! They have come!

You get inside! You don't have
any relationship with this! They'll beat!

Totally they are 7 or 8 members!
Get inside! Come! Go inside!

What man? Go man! Sathya.
Don't do anything in my shop! Go!

l am going, Nayar! Nothing will
take place in your shop!

Everybody will come here!
We've got caught!

lf we get caught in crowd,
we can't run too! Yes Sathya!

Listen my words! Please!

Man! What is your name?
Sathya man!

Men! Come!

Men wait! Don't hurry!

Man! Driver! Start the vechicle!

Men! Come!

Brother! Oh! Sudha!
You go inside!


Brother! No!

Sathya! That is bottle!

Sathya! Be careful!

Go inside! Go inside!

Sir! Rowdism is taking
place in our street!


Sathya! Come!

Don't leave him! Beat him!

Brother! Sudha. You go inside!

Brother! No! Mom! Rowdy!

Come man! Come
and beat me!

lf we beat, everything will
become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

We are the great walls
of our country!

All the vedas will get
broken by us!

lf we beat, everything will
become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

We'll select a good person and
we'll give our votes to him!

We'll give our soul to
save the justice!

We'll get good
and luxurious life!

Bribe should get spoiled and
charity should live long!

Good year, time & day will come!

Come man! We'll get blessings
from the earth & sky!

lf we beat, everything will
become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

We are the great walls
of our country!

All the vedas will get
broken by us!

lf we beat, everything
will become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

Catch him!

We'll help for our
poor people life!

lf any battle come, we'll take knife!

Poor people should laugh
everyday! He'd get food everyday!

lgnorance should go off!
Politician should get corrected!

Why do we need this
stage speech?

Come! We'll solve the bad things!
Wherever it may be?

lf we beat, everything
will become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

lf we beat, everything will
become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

We are the great walls
of our country!

All the vedas will get broken by us!

lf we beat, everything
will become correct!

lf we see, we can identify!
You understand this very late!

You'll see the great men today!

Thief! Oh!

Thief! Catch him!


Get up! Get up man!
Brother! You...?

l learnt to steal from today
onwards! This is my bag!

ls this her purse? She is
my first customer!

See that everything is
correct or not! Chain!

Where is the chain?
l can't give! Give man! Here!

Go man! Then! 50 paise!

For what? l had ran for so long!

Give 25 paise to him! For
hiting in my face...? Go man!

Don't mistake him!
He is a mad! Go man!

We'll catch the thief and auto.
But you won't thank us!

What's there for you to smile?
lf you smile will pearls come out?

l can't sir! Ok leave it!
Where do you want to go?

Salim! Come! Can you come?

Sir! What auto? Aeroplane too
will come for you! Man! Shut up!

Come! Damaged auto! Drive man!

On whose face you got awakened
today? You are getting hits!

l've spent 25 paise to see
my weight and luck!

l had seen on that card that
l'd meet a great man today!

But l met pick pockets
and thief only!

What? You had met me too!

lf you can't, leave it!
This is not a big joke!

Did you note a thing?
What? She is a Malayali!

This is Chetpet! Where is
your house?

House! This is only!

ls this? lt's looking
like an office!

No! That's on the left side!

Man! Left! Here! Here only!
Stop man!

Your auto doesn't have
break and all!

Then! Ok!

ls this your house? You
can go! This is my house!

lt's looking very nice!
Ok! l am leaving! Ok!

Greets! You can go!
This is my home. l can go!

What sir? She didn't call you
inside and she didn't give auto fare!

Ok! Leave it! Think this as a
charity! Ma'am! l am leaving!

Salim! What sir?

Turn the auto! She has
forgotten her chain!

Keep it! l'll take this for the auto fare!

Whom do you want?

ls she there? Who?

l don't know her name! Now only!
She will be fair and fat!

Oh! Are you asking about Laxmi?


Dear! Who is he?

Oh! Not this much of fat!
She is not that lady!

She was fair like her! but her age is...

Elder? Younger! Younger...?

She got down from auto now only!
She told this as her home!

Dear! ls she that girl?

l'll give tomorrow! You...?

This is my out house.
That's my own house!

That's not my home! This is my home!

l know! Did l give auto charge?

l didn't come for that! You forgot
this gold chain in the auto!

l can't laugh! This is not yours...?

This is mine. But this is not gold!

Did you come here for this?

Can we check it before l come?
Here! Keep it!

ls this your home?

Yes! This is a rental home!

He told! ls he your husband? No!

ls he your house owner?

Yes! Did you see him?
Yes! l have seen him!

Come inside! lt's ok!


l thought that you don't
know this word!

l am leaving!

What is your name?

Oh! ls your brother Sathya?

Where is he working?

He is searching the job!
Ask him to stop with that!

Tell him not to fight with me!

Do you know me? Man! Tell about me!
His name is Ranga!

We'd do something to her and
we have to infrom to her brother!

Brother! What can we do?

Shall we cut her little finger
or cut her ear?

Dear! Give your half sari!

Go and tell to your brother! No!

Ask him not to fight with
me and my men!

lf he is adamant, we'll
do his funeral...

We'll mix his ash
in the drinage!

No! Men! Give the way to her! Go!

My half sari! lf you want
your half sari...

Ask your brother to come
and get this from me!

Go! Dear! Don't you
want your books?

What? Did you see? Will you people
infrom this in police? No!

Go men! Go!

Why are you sitting
in the dark?

Dishonor! What happened dad?

Giving birth to you is a
dishonor to him!

Our family has got insulted
now by your activites!

Dad! Tell me what had happened!

Everything has got spoiled!

You and rowdy gang
fought with Rangan!

He dishonored your sister
on the road for that!


He didn't raped her. But he
did everything! l can't go outside!

What will happen at
any time! What did he do?

He removed my half sari!

They are going to kill you
first & then they'll kill us!

l am falling on your legs and asking!

lf you can't earn and give
money to us, its ok!

Don't dishonor us in our old age!

You come with me now!

We'll apologize to Ranga or you
can kill us by your hands!

Man! Bring a special tea!

ls this your enemie's place?
You can come often!

You know everything! l don't
have time. That's why!

That's correct!

You don't have time
to do your work!

lt's ok! What is the use
of getting money?

Mariyappa is getting the
major part in that!

l can't run this business
without his help!

That's why l am doing this
business with him!

Drink some tea! No Ranga.
l am leaving!

l thought to talk with you briefly.
But you are leaving! Tell me!

Nothing! A free place is
there near our shop!

The problem is there is a
police station near that!

lf you get me that place,
businness will go very well!

Ok man! This is time of
election. So leave that matter!

Because if we talk secretly,
it'll come in loud speaker!

l'll tell this matter to Marriyappan!
l am believing you only!

Who is there man? Man!

Who are you man?
My name is Sathya!

You told my sister that
you would do my funeral!

l have my dad to do my funeral!

l think that you don't have
anybody to do like that!

That's why l came here
to do your funeral!

Flowers! Ash!


Death cloth!

Where is my sister's half sari?

You called me to take my
sister's half sari it seems!

l've come & taken it!

Greets to everybody! l don't know
to talk with rhyming like others!

Particularly l don't know to
act on the stage!

Don't know to act on the
stage! l know only...!

Our heart should be clean
and our duties should be clean!

We'd have justice
in our duties! What?

Everything should be
justice! Believing our party...

We'd do our duties
to our people!

Greets brother!
Are you fine?

We shouldn't cheat our people!

l don't know to talk
above this! That's why...!

l am finishing my speech with this!


l am feeling tired!

l'll come after taking bath!
Prepare the drinks!

What? This is the medical
company file!

lf you sign on this! You'd keep
this confidential file boldly like this!

l should send this urgent!
Keep it carefully!

l am living believing you only!
l'll take care, sir!

ls that auditor? Come!

Come! M.L.A....? When did you come?

When did you come? When you're
talking in meeting... You spoke nicely!

lf that Dhandabany comes...

People gave respect to him &
they didn't listen your speech!

l don't like that! l am feeling very much!

l came here directly!

l've finished 5 rounds!

l thought to drink with you.
But l drank alone!

Give one peg to sir! What happened
if that Dhandapany comes?

Matter is that...! You!

You are getting M.L.A post
continuously from 15 years!

You didn't give the chance to others!

Dhandapany told this in committee!

He can tell! All the committee
members are in my pocket!

What? They are in my pocket!

Dhandapany can thearten others!
He can't do anything else!

Didn't you change your party? Oh!

What did you tell?

l had grown up drinking
your drinks!

l swear on this that l won't
change from my party!

Am l moving with you
as an auditor?

l am moving with you as
your close friend!

You've made me to get upset! l can't!

l can't! l am leaving!

Wait! l'll come after taking bath!
We'll drink together!


Small...? No!

What Seenathana?

What? That Rangan...?

ls it? Ok! l'll take care!

Some Sathya had beaten Rangan!

Our Ranga...? Who have guts
to beat Ranga and his men?

He may be Dhandapany's man!

Greets sir! Greets Naidu! Come!

People told his name as Sathya!

Sathya...? lt seems he is honest
according to his name!

He is too brave!

Otherwise could he have
beaten that Rangan?

They told that they didn't get
polio drops shortage!

Greets sir! They told as polio
drop is out of stock! Did it come?

lt has come!

Ranga thought to start a
recreation club!

lt won't take place in his dreams too!

How did you get injured? l had
fallen down from the cycle!

You should be careful! Go!

They are talking such boy as
rowdy and all! Sir! Not only that!

They are telling Sathya is
your man! They can tell!

Naidu! Where is this food is going?

This is going to Chengalpat Orphanage!

To how many children? 150 members!

ls this enough? 2 tempos are
coming behind this! Ok! Take care!

People will tell something!

People will talk like this if he
asks anything justice!

He is a Graduate! He doesn't have
job! He might be disappointed!

Can they talk like this?

Country needs such men now!

They should need our help!

l wants to meet that man!
Do the arrangements!

l'll take care of everything!


l won't ask anything! You have
to tell everything!

My name is Geetha! l came
to this city with my mom only!

My mom had died 6 months before!

l am living alone now!

l need a job in any way!

l studied upto 12th standard!
l don't have money to study more!

lf you give this job to me...

Are you a Malayali? Yes!

Geetha! Why are you crying?

l have got my mother's
remembarance seeing you!

Ok! Leave it! Don't cry!

What is your native?
Trivantram! Trivantram...?

l am also from Trivantram!
You have to see this!

No! Ma'am! Please ma'am!
l did this very well!

l didn't give my house rent!

lf you see my qualification... No!

One second!

Lord Guruvaurappa! Where is
your house? lt's near!

How many members are there
in your house? Nobody!

You are alone and
l am also alone!

Where do you want to go?
Come with me!


Do you have RSA application
form? Yes sir! lt costs 2 Rs!

l can't cut my class
hereafter! Brother!

He is Mr.Ravi!

He is an lnspector! Hello!

l and Sudha! l and him!

Are you loving each other?

Man! You are an lnspector,
aren't you? What's the secret in this?

You are hiding in this
family room!

l am loving her seriously!

l told everything before!
You just keep quiet!


You can laugh!

l'll give you fire!

You are Sathya, aren't you?

How do you know? l should know
everything! That is Naidu!

Do you Mr.Dhandapany?

Which Dhandapany? What is this?

He is doing lot of charties and all!

ls he?

l know him! He is the Dharma
of this 20th century!

l am his secrety! He wants to see you!

l...? What's there to see me?

l am care of platform!

Dhandapany sir used to tell often!

As youths only are going to
change our country's fate!

There is no ink to write our fate!

How can we change our
country's fate?

See here! Do you know
Hanuman? No! Tell me!

Keep this! Man! Come here!

Why do we need this
street fight & quarrel?

Ok! Where did l stop? Hanuman!
l stopped in Hanuman!

People, who like me only know
about Hanuman's strength!

Do you know diamond?
l know!

That diamond is..! Tell me
what do you want! Sathya!

l've got the interview card
from TATA company!

This is Dhandapany sir's
address! l didn't get!


Why do you want all these things?

You go & meet Dhandapany sir tomorrow!
Everything will get corrected!

Oh! Bag! Sorry! Everything
is there only!

Tell! With that Naidu...?

Who? Our Azhagu only!

You told that, didn't you? Come!

Come directly! We'll talk!
Keep down the phone!

What happened?

He saw that Sathya with Naidu!

With that Naidu...?

He is that Dhandapany's man!

What did l suspect is correct!

Today is his birth day!
He is cutting! Wait man!

Only one piece is big!

Birthday is for you only!
We should sing!

Enough! To me!

He had hit my nose with spoon!
l thought that as Vada!

Don't you know the difference
between Vada and nose?

Vada has a hole!

Nose too has hole!

Sathya! Give 50 paise!
For what? Greets!

Thank you! For what?
She is coming!

Where? Who? Why are
you hurrying? She'll come!

Sing Santha! Sing!

Daughter-in-law! Daughter-in-law!
Daughter-in-law! Bride! Come! Man!

Did he get 50 paise
for this? He is waste! Man!

This is my seat!
You can sit there! Man!

Give place to her! Sit down!

Daughter-in-law! Bride! Come!
Here sir! One tea & four glasses!

Drink tea! To you people!

We drank now only!
Sister-in-law! Drink the tea!

We've folded our legs!

You don't mistake! He will hit
us like this always!

He will feel shy! You don't mistake
him! Drink tea! Sister-in-law?

lf my brother is Raman,
you are Seetha!

ls it! Sathya! Stop!
Where are you going?

Stop man! Man! Brother! Stop!

Come! Come and sit near
my sister-in-law!

Laxmana! You keep quiet!

You are very naughty!

Oh God!

Go dear! Janaki! Drink tea!

This is Ayothiya super dust tea!

You can't get this in Midhilai too!

Dear! Forgive me!

l don't want this! Dear!
What do you want, then?

There! That deer!

Oh God!

Why are you laughing like this?
No! You told as Seetha & Raman!

l imagined all of you in that appearance!

My brother is Raman, isn't it?
Who is Hanuman, then?

Birthday boy! lt's you!
You are that Hanuman!

My friends spoke very much!
Don't mistake them!

What's wrong in that?
They spoke very well!

We are meeting 2nd day.
But they should not call you as sister-in-law!

Can they talk after 10 days?

Won't it to be a honor?

8 days are there!

Dad! How are you dad?

How are you dear? l am fine!

How is Sudha and brother?

l have brought sweet
and flowers to you!

Here! What is the need of this?

Come inside dad! Stop
for few seconds!

What parcel is this?
Did you bring money? No!

Some sweet and flowers! Then!

You didn't bring money!
You came with empty hands! Man!

You told that you'd give money
by last month, didn't you?

See here! We are not asking simply!

We are asking our dowry money!

We are asking that from you only!

What groom? Are you fine?

Come uncle! Come! Man! Go inside!

l didn't tell that l would not give!

l can't give now!

Then do a thing!

Your daughter can stay in your
home until you give our money!

Oh! Don't tell like that!

See Mudaliyar! lf you don't give
money within 10 days...

Your daughter will come
to your home!

You can't come here,
then! Be careful!

Not only that Mudaliyar!
Dowry balance is 15000 Rs!

lnterest and including everything...

Totally 20000 Rs!

Give that and you can go!

Dad! Dad!

We'll do prayer before
we take food!

No! That's a good habit!

Whether we get anything
by prayer or not...

Acids in our stomach...

What's your profession,
Sathya? l'm a member of J.S.S!

J.S.S? What's that?
Political party? No!

What do you think
about Geetha?

Good imagination talent!
Then...? That is all!

l know that much! lf l move,
l'll know beyond this too!

Did you hear his word's?
Naughty man!

But we should think about him!

You told as love! lf he
tells like that...

You chase somebody
for marriage!

l won't compel her! l too have
dignity! l'm also a respectable son!

l don't have job! That's all!
What else lacks for me?

Are you a Malayali, Sathya?

Palakadu! No...? How do
you know Malayalam, then?

l know Malayalam & sister's
mind too! What do you know?

Sister likes me! Though sister
is thinking about a matter!

Don't think too much!

Let him be! You're worrying
for this and all!

Won't l kill him? Sir! Didn't you
see new duplicate labels?

Show the labels that we
receive in the morning!

See these are too good than
the original labels!

Color to is... What is his anme?

Yesterday too... Seenathana!
l'd like to see him immediately!

Ok? Ok sir? What man? You're
sticking the lable wrongly!

Stock is duplicate! Why don't
you stick this atleast correctly?

Everybody is going to go
to prison, then!

Why do you come with me?
Why? Shouldn't l come?

Won't sister search you?
What time you told her?

l can go at any time! Sister
knows well that l'll be with you!

lf you're there with me, can you
go at any time? Go after a month!

What's there for a month?
Tell me! l'll be with you until my death!

Bangle is singing song!
Cold breeze too is blowing!

My fingers are shivering sometimes!
My body is getting disturbed!

This young girl is not a girl!
She is a flower garden!

Play the love orchestra!
Here is a love procession!

Bangle is singing song!
Cold breeze too is blowing!

My fingers are shivering sometimes!
My body is getting disturbed!

My eyes will send a love letter!

l'll get a wish of seeing you!

Your sights towards me
will become like flowers!

lt will become thrones that
hurts in my heart!

Dear! Wounds that you got
my sight will get cured by my touch!

My fair body will starve for
the day, when l will join you!

Bangle is singing song!
Cold breeze too is blowing!

My fingers are shivering
sometimes! My body is getting disturbed!

This young girl is not a girl!
She is a flower garden!

Play the love orchestra!
Here is a love procession!

Bangle is singing song!
Cold breeze too is blowing!

Each & every minute,
when l miss you is a year for me!

l'm your permanant song
! l've joined with you now!

100's of tunes & beats
will spellyour name, king!

Yu're the golden bee!
Your sweet talk is like the music!

Bangle is singing song!
Cold breeze too is blowing!

My fingers are shivering sometimes!
My body is getting disturbed!

This young girl is not a girl!
She is a flower garden!

Play the love orchestra!
Here is a love procession!

Bangle is singing song!
Cold breeze too is blowing!

My fingers are shivering
sometimes! My body is getting disturbed!

He is not there here! See
Sathya's friend is coming by cycle!

Whoever may be Sathya's
man! Murder him!

Sathya! lt's me!

Your friend Sundar... Sorry!
Relatives only will say sorry!

lT's enough if policemen
do their duty!

You didn't find the murderers yet!
lt's 3 days since this took place!

Do you have any doubt
in our actions?

Where are you taking me?
You! Come here, man!

They were there in incident
place! We arrested them!

But they are innocents until
we get witnesses!

Hold him! Sir! Call my
advocate! Advocate... Rascal!

Didn't you get witness or
nobody is giving witness? Both!

But 1 witness... l'll turn
them into pieces!

lf l bring that witness...
Go! l'll do my duty at that time!

Our Sundar used to buy things
in your shop! He helped you!

People killed him! You come &
show the murderers!

Brother! He is no more now!

Will your Sundar come back
by finding the murderers?

Not that! Our boy! lt tok place here!
You saw that person!

You come & tell to police!
Nothing will take place! Leave me!

ls watching such type
of incidents my job?

Leave away!

What your son is studying?
Send him to me! Sivaprakash sir!

You're a teacher! You'll teach
your students to tell truth!

Come sir! Our Sundar! Come to
police station! Don't fear!

l don't fear! l will come!

l understand your problem!
But l went to the school on that day!

l heard that some incident
took place in street after that!

Did you go to school on that day?

That was Sunday! Sunday...
Don't lie! Go man!

All of you watch this! But nobody
come & give witness!

Why man? Come man! l didn't see!
Didn't see! Nobody knows!

What Nair? Didn't you too see?
l don't know!

Your shop is here! Bridge
is here! Come & tell, man!

Leave me! Nair! l didn't see!

Don't we have any other job?
Go man!

Run off & get hidden!
Or the truth will hurt you!

You people used to tell
many stories about witness!

Come to give witness!
One person!

You people are not humans!
You people are idiots!

Dead bodies! Somebody...

Leave me, man! Who is
creating problem in the street?

Come Naidu sir! Sit!
lt's ok! You sit!

Why did you come here?
l've come to take our man in bail!

ls he our man? Yes! Sir too
has come! Has our sir too come?

Ask him to come! Send our
man first! Ashok! Leave him soon!

Come out! You'd come as
soon as they open!

Sathya! Do you think how
do we know about your state?

That is Naidu! Sir has come
to see you!

Who's that? Dhandapany sir!
Have they torn it?

Who has torn it? l didn't tear!
lt was like this only! Come!

Good thing only will happen!
Or will sir come searching you?

Luck only! What's your zodiac?
l don't know! Ok! Leave it!

Greets! l'm Dhandapany! l worry
in meeting you in this state!

l wanted to meet you many times!
But you didn't come!

Your friend late... Sundar! What
will be his age, sir?

He is my age boy, sir!

ls this an age of dying? Let's
talk about this later!

You'd come out first! l've told
Naidu about your bail and all!

Naidu is our man!

Don't worry! Good people
won't get danger ever!

l am leaving!

Can l ask at least now? Blamming
others is easy! Proving...

For what you should involve
in violence?

There's reason! lf anybody kills
your friend, will you be calm?

lf anybody kills your sister,
will you get convinced with them?

l can't bear! Sundar was
talking with me until yesterday!

He's there in Krishnapet
as an ash today!

l can't keep quiet!

l'm not a wood! l am an
animal that has feelings!

Who is that?

Mother! Radha! What dear?
What happened?

Why there are wounds in your
body? Why did you come now?

Sister! What happened?
What dear? What happened?

They've beaten me & sent out
me from their house! Why? Mom!

They are torturing me
asking money!

l can't bear that, mom!

Our God has come! You've come
before my daughter's death!

lS the insult that you got
us enough?

Why do you torture us? We wanted
to live with honor!

But you've spoiled our honor!

Please go off! lf he stays here,
we should commit suicide!

What's the use by him? Brother!
Why do you start now itself?

Are you supporting him?

Arrange for the money, brother!
l can't bear their torture!

We'd die before he arranges
the money!

Dad has told him to go out!
He'd have sense to understand!

Brother! Listen to me!
Don't go out!

l was coming to your
home searching you!

l don't have a house now!

Have they sent you out
from the house?

lt's ok, Sathya! That too
is good for a thing!

This is not your room!
My house! Come!

Why do you see?
Our principle & way are same!

Let our house too
be the same!

There's an enemy for
both of us! Who is that?

Criminal... Shall l tell
you little clearly?

This area M.L.A Mariappa was the
cause for your friend's death!

Nobody has guts to oppose him!
l'm ready to oppose him, Sathya!

But l am not young! You are
young! That's why l am asking you!

Come with me! Do it thinking
this as a social service!

Service is... Ok! Don't think
this as a social service!

Do it as a work! Do it
as a principle!

Do it as a duty for
your friend Sundar!

Come! lt's ok! Wear
the slipper! Come!

How is it? Your house...?
This is your house, Sathya!

Yes! You're going to stay here
only! Where are you going?

Come on!

This is your house!
Sit down! l'll sit! You sit!

An important matter! Tell me!

l arranged some people
for your protection! Why?

Don't ask me why! Mariappan's
men won't trouble you!

l've arranged them to avoid the risk!

Do you need anything else?
No sir! Tell me! Nothing sir!

No sir! You're not telling keeping
something in your mind!

Tell me!

Money...? How much do
you need? My sister's dowry...

Tell me, man! 20...
Ok! Sir! 20000 Rs! Ok man!

Give me 20000 Rs!

ls that correct? lt's correct!
Sir! How can l... lt's not a credit!

l accept it as a credit! l know
how to get back this from you!

lf you don't know to
thank me, leave it!

What's this? l gave
credit to Sathya!

l'll trouble you to return it!
What man? Take rest!

l'm leaving! You stay here!
l'm leaving!

You...? What's the matter?
Money matter! Sister matter!

You'd give money to leave
your sister! Do you know?

l know! What? Keep quiet!
Have you brought money?

l told you already that
brother would bring money!

When? l told! My pant is
tight! Can you collect it?

Collect it! You too come!
You too help her!

Will you leave me the way?
Go carefully dear!

You'd not stamp the money!
lt's God! Go dear!

l'd like to talk to groom!
Talk! Go man!

Give me that too!

l'd break the bones of mother,
father & son for asking dowry!

Right or wrong! My dad
promised! So l've brought money!

She's your house girl hereafter!
lf she comes with tears...

l won't worry even if she becomes
a widow! Ok! l understand!

You've given the money,
haven't you? Today is our 1st night!

Dear! Do you want to have
something? No! You talk!

Collect it! l can't bear their
trouble! We'll run separate family!

Start a life! There's no wrong!

Mom told them as my parents,
when l came to this home!

l to think like that only!

They have wish on money!
But they are very good!

Old people! l can't go
leaving them alone!

l don't need to run separate
family! Tell him!

He will listen to you!

Take care of her! Not
impossible! Don't tell like that, sir!

Sudha & l... See! We don't
need policemen's matter!

You get inside! There's Sudha's
betrothal within 2 days!

Don't spoil her life in the
name of love now!

l beg you! Don't
compel us, dear!

Please go off from this place!
How many times l'd tell you!

Everybody is coming to
my home! Go idiots!

They have no sense!

Brother! There's my betrothal
by tonight with our uncle's son!

You know about me! l need
your help to get my lover!

When did she give this letter?
Before an hour...

She was fearing a lot! Problem...?
Great problem!

No! You drink & then go!
Sathya! l need a small help!

Ok! You go! l'll tell later!
No! You tell me!

Mom's health is not good!
There's finance problem in my home!

l don't need money!
Get me a job, man!

Job...? Ok! You do a thing!
Come after 4 days!

Remember the name Naidu!
He only got me this job!

l'd go immediately! Shall
l come to help you, man?

l don't need this! You'd
not tell! Go after eating this!


This marriage is taking place
without your consent, isn't it?

For what you've come here?
To stop your crime!

Betrothal is going to take
place now! Don't stand here! Go out!

l'll go! Man! What? Do you think
that there is none to ask you?

Keep your rowdism in the road!
lf you show that to me...

Don't ask me like this in
front of these people!

lf l do anything, there won't
be respect for your age!

Everybody is seeing sight!
My daughter is keep on going there!

What man? Did you think
that there is no brave man here?

Ask him to leave her! Sudha!
Listen to your dad!

Tell him! What dear? You're
standing simply! She's going!

Ask her to wait! Ask her to leave him!

Listen to your mom! Don't
go trusting that rowdy!

Come! She's not listening to me!

My daughter is going!
Everybody is seeing!

Call my daughter!
What dear? Sudha!

Have you married
your lover? Thank you brother!

Why do you thank me?
Thank to our dad! Yes!

lf he had told me, l'd have
left you there itself!

He's the elder! He blessed
you through his silence only!

You'd thank him! Go & see him!
He'll scold me! No brother!

He has great affection on you!
But he fears to tell!

Please go & see him, brother!

What a typing is this? ldiotic!
You have a long years service!

Tell me, man! Nearly 30
years! 30 years!

What a typing is this for
your service? without space...

Why do you kill me?
Are you doing each job twice?

l asked Sethu to get me
soda! Ask him to get me soon!

Sir asked you to go home!

Give me the soda! No sir!
He asked you to go home!

You go! Come tomorrow!
Ok sir!

Where's soda? From how long
the glass is empty? Pour man!

Senseless Sethu!
What a matter...

Where is Sethu?
He didn't come! Who are you?

Sethu's relative!
Ok leave! l'd close the shop!

Go man! l'd close
the shop! Let me close!

What are you doing?

Who are you, man?
Don't beat me!

Don't take that paint box!
lt's paining! Don't beat me, man!

Don't push that shelf, man!

Don't take that paint box!
lt's paining! Don't beat me, man!

Waht sir? You've made me
to get hanged like this!

You asked the reason!
Shall l tell? Tell me!

Do you know Rajaratnam Mudaliar?
Yes! My worker! Why?

He's my dad! No! Why?
Tell me his name!

No! Mr. Rev. Rajaratname Mudaliar!
lf you had told this already...

...there would not be this
much expenses! l didn't know this!

l didn't know that he has
such a young son!

l know his 2 daughters!
They're like my sisters! He's like my dad!

You're like my brother!
lf you want to break anything else, do it!

l to can't bear it!
Shall l leave?

Allow me, man!
Thanks a lot! You leave, sir!

Go making me to
come down! Why should l do so?

lt's wall, isn't it?
Get down, man!

Mother! Sir!

What happened?
lt's paining! Don't touch me!

You come! You don't
touch anything! Here is the chair!

Come! You come
calmly! Sit down!

You sit down!
You need not work in this shop!

Sit! You're like
my dad! No! You're my dad!

Sit! You're standing!
Sit down!

You need not do any work
in this shop! Come in the morning!

Sit simply &
go back in the evening!

Oh! Sit down! Sethu!
Bring a tea for dad, man!

Dad! Sir! You should
not do like this, sir!

What do you see?
Everybody can't become rich!

Everybody can't become
poor too for equality!

We can control the criminals &
we can reduce the poverty little bit!

What can we do beyond that?
ls this like the stage speech?

That is my weakness!
This Pradeep is a great body builder!

He will do anything if l say!
He will kill everybody immediately!

l have 100's of peopl
like this! That is useless, Sathya!

People, who act thinking deeply
is needed for our group!

This Andhra liquor...

l asked from how many days
Mariappa smuggles Andhra liquor!

That takes place from many years!
Are you thinking about that?

We can't do that anything!
Why do you laugh?

Nothing! l thought about
a thief's state after getting caught!

Stop the lorry, man! ldiot!
lt seems that he is sleeping!

Come man!

Why did police keep a check
post here? l don't know, brother!

Yesterday's check post is
not there! They've kept newly today!

Some new policeman might
have come getting transferred!

They are troubling us in the
name of check post! Constable!

What? Are you sleeping?
Didn't you see the lorry number?

Whose the lorry is? Water...
l'm asking! But he is keep on going!

Don't play! This is
rich people's matter!

Sinners! 6 lakhs, men!

What is his name? Sathya!

That Sathya should die!
Tomorrow... Not tomorrow!

Today & now itself!
Wherever he may be! Do what l said!

Or accept that
you can't do it!

You are to happy now,
aren't you? Yes!

Why do you ask me suddenly?

There's marriage for Sudha!
Radha has joined with her husband!

You've got a good job!

You're happy, aren't you?
Yes dear! Come!

ls there any great happiness
than this? Than this...?

Nothing! For what else
you will feel happy?

l'll feel happy if you walk
little fast! Or car will hit us!

Tell me! Wait! l'll tell you
after crossing this road!

Tell me, please! What do
you want me to tell?

lS there any disturbance
for you? Don't you like me, then?

ls there any confidential
secret? lt's there or not...?

What do you have in your mouth?

No! You're thinking to much!
So you are questioning me a lot!

l am not a confusing person
as you think!

lt's he! Don't leave him!

That Sathya is a single person!
Can't you murder him?

Where is Seenathana?
He has got caught! What?

Has he got caught?
Yes! People caught him!

They might have handed
over him in police by this time!

We'd bring him out before
they record his case in police station!

That is impossible! Why?

Because Seenathana got
caught only after killing the police!

So they will take him
to the court definitely!

He should not blabber
anything! Sathya! Sit down!

Nothing has happened
to you, has it? Sit down, Sathya!

l got worry hearing this news!
Sorry! You're taking food! No!

lt's ok! Tell me! No! l've
come to see you! That's all!

Any food...? lt's ok!
You take Sathya!

Please sit & eat!

l didn't tell you for these days!
l had a son in your age, Sathya!

He passed away
in a car accident!

l was living without any
interest in my life after his death!

After meeting you...
Please! Be careful Sathya!

Be careful for me! Geetha! See!

He didn't kill anybody!
Somebody tried to kill him!

l think that Sathya is a
good boy! Everybody is good for you!

Because you are good!
You too are good, aren't you?

Why do you scold him
like this? What a logic is that?

There is no logic in love!
lt's like the film!

lf Sathya comes & asks
about me, tell that l am not here!

Good morning, sister!
Come Sathya!

Want to take sweet? There is
no shop today! Where's Geetha?

lsn't there Geetha in home?
Do you want to drink cool drinks?

l asked about Geetha only!

Don't make me to lie!

Tell the truth, then!


lf she is angry on me,
she can spit on me in contact!

She can fight with me!
l don't know why she is hiding!

l don't know
how l'd act now!

Can l get inside
breaking the door?

Or can l run off
with tears...?

l am telling you this,
what l want to tell her!

Tell to that fool!

l love her very much!

What do you want?

What do you want?

Why do you threaten me
like this? You should believe me!

How can l believe you?
You are telling that you are working!

What is your profession?
Where is your office?

l see you into the police station!
Or l see your murder attempt!

Who are you?

How can l believe you
having these doubts?

But a thing, Geetha!

l don't do any crime against
law according to my conscience.

This Dhandapany...
l'd be grateful to Dhandapany!

See! Jeep! Money! He is making
me to get stunned by helping me!

lf he had not given me money,
my sister's life would have spoiled!

Should not l thank him?

Give me some days! l'll leave
this job! But you'd trust me!

You should not doubt me!

Will you believe at least this?

Lie will reflect in our eyes!

Look my eyes!

lf you believe this, you can
believe my words too!

Where is sir? Ok! Leave this car!

What happened to sir? His health
is not good! He's there inside!

Go and see! Shall l...
He's there inside! Go!

What's there for your health, sir?
What else! Mind... Naidu!

Sir didn't the get ticket
in the election!

Naidu! Without... Why?
Don't you want me to tell him?

ls Sathya a third person?
Sathya! Did l say like that?

You should know these?
There are 9 people in election commitee!

Our people 4!
Mariappa's people 4!

One person in them was
different! He didn't support anybody!

He supported us as
our sir helped him!

People killed him yesterday!
Killed him...? Yes!

lf it is some other politician,
he will leave him!

Sir is too sad thinking that!

l am like you! l can't
bear this, Sathya!

Why should you bear this?
You've received a matter for that!

As duplicate medicines &
children's death... Whose is the pharmacy?

lt's Mariappa's pharmacy!

There's a file for that! lf we get that,
Mariappa will get punishment!

You keep quiet! Sathya may
go to bring that file for me!

No need! Correct! Tell me
where it is! l'll bring it!

Don't bring! Sorry!
You just keep quiet!

l know the place of the file!
Come! Let's go!

Sathya! Won't you listen t
o me? Sathya!

He will tell like that by
his affection on us!

We should do something
for his help!

l know the place of that file!
But l don't have guts!

You have that! Come!
Let's go!

Leave! Sathya! Dear! No!
Nothing will take place!

Don't fear! l won't get anything!
Come! l'll come with the file!

What Mariappa?
You gave us wine & party!

There is no side dish! Sorry!
l'll ask them to bring!

Bring that green leave plate!
l didn't mean that, man!

l asked about the girl!
Do you ask about her?

She would have come by this time!
She might have got demand!

Where is our lust auditor?

Today his mom's death anniversary!
So he should not drink!

Good time!
He didn't come today!

Do you think like that?
Let it be night 12 o'clock!

See whether that man comes or not!

Why the girl is missing yet, man?

She ahs come! Shall l open?
l'll hit you! l only will open!

ls it too late? No!

Move away!
Tanjore's chariot is coming!

He is like the wall!
Wherever l rub! He is there!

l'll become a flower
in the nighttime!

lf l become a flower,
many bees will dance with me!

Move away! Tanjore's
chariot is coming!

He is like the wall!
Wherever l rub! He is there!

Shall we sing in chorus,
when you sing?

Shall we play the
back ground music?

Play the orchestra!
Play the band!

Play the orchestra!
Play the band!

You... New grooms!
Something... We've brought!

l... A continuous struggle!
You... A great gang...

Go man! Can many
men touch me? Tell me!

You'll get excitement,
when you get more money covers!

lt's wrong!
Why do you tell like this?

lf you tell us your needs,
won't we give that now itself?

lf you tell us your needs,
won't we give that now itself?

Move away!
Tanjore's chariot is coming!

He is like the wall!
Wherever l rub! He is there!

101 .

Where is the file?

Are you measuring the depth
through your eyes? We can't measure!

Are you starving for me daily?
We have no other go!

Hen has many more cocks!
Which boy will protect a girl?

Hen has many more cocks!
Which boy will protect a girl?

Move away! Tanjore's
chariot is coming!

He is like the wall! Wherever
l rub! He is there!

This record is enough!
Marippan's history will get spoiled!

What Naidu? Sathya!
You don't know how great job you've done!

You told me! l've done it!
That is all!

Do you want me to do
anything else? Else...?

This is enough, Sathya!
See day after tomorrow!

l'll show Mariappan's evil
character to everybody!

You will be tired! Go & take rest!
You're standing yet! Go!

Can l go, sir? Leave Sathya!
Naidu! But a thing!

You should take rest well! Ok?

Did you see Sathya's sencerity?
He's a talented person!

You've destroyed a great
ghost through this silly person!

l told on that day that we
could acheieve our goal through him!

Taht brother has his
soul on you!

He is always roaming
behind you!

This file matter should come
in paper! Shall we gather press meet?

Fool! Press meet?
You are greedy person, man!

This is not to give to press!
This is to bargain.

This is to talk business &
correct my accounts!

l am a fool! Tell to
Sathya... Sathya!

Who is Sathya? Which Sathya?
What is his position in party?

We gave him a role! His role
is over now! Understand? No!

You arrange me to meet
our party president!

Mariappa should come there!
Mariappa should participate...?

Ask the time, when l'd come!

You are torturing me a lot!

How it will be if you ask me
a heavy cash as l got caught?

You're asking my seat &
money too!

l don't have 20 lakhs!
What can l do, then?

lf you can't buy it, l'll send
it to the press & police station!

You man! We both are taking
fish from the same drainage!

l can bring out your acts too!

Can you blame me for any matter?
l can show many matters!

l'll give a great list!

Cheating people's money through
a trust! Duplicate passport business!

Selling our country's
secrets to foreign!

You can say anything
with imagination!

But matter with evidence is
valuable! See Mariappa!

People, who got failed
should accept the mistake!

You only should save the
honor of our party giving him money!

What Dhandapany?
You told correctly!

l'm ready to get

Mariappa should
decide hereafter!

l can give only 15 lakhs!
l can't give 20 lakhs!

l accept! But you'd not less
even a paise for 15 lakhs!

Ok! That file...? Don't hurry!
Why do you worry?

l have that safely! l'll return
it after the election gets over!

l saved it from 15 years!
You've come to share that today!

Ok Mariappa!

lf l had saved that, 50 children
would have not passed away!

5 would have passed away!
Why don't you laugh?

Don't you have sense
of humor? Ok!

Shall l keep the documents,
then? l'll keep!

You'll give! There's quarrel
in between you now!

Have you people got

We've got compramised
for our party!

We both have
become pure!

What's the problem there?
Oh! You...?

Naidu sir! Where is sir?
he is not there here!

Where did he go?
l don't know!

Did you see the paper?
See! Has it come in this too?

Why do you tell like this?
How can it come?

What do you tell? Should
people print sir's photo with your permission!

Why do you talk like this,
Naidu sir?

l brought that file as sir told
that he'd publish that, didn't l?

l don't understand your
words! You just move!

Where is sir now?
He's gone to meeting!

Ok! Let me go by
jeep & see him!

You've got confused!
You'll be alright if you go by walk!

l'll send the person tomorrow!
You vacate the house!

You yourself keep the watch!
You man! Why are you calm?

Close the door, man!

lt's nice, isn't it? lt's nice sir!

That's... Sir! Ask them to
print it dark! Ok sir!

What happened, Mariappa?
ls there any problem?

Yes! This Seenathana case
is coming to the court!

l was too far fearing for the
consequences of this matter!

You'd not involve in this!
lt's good for you to stay far!

You understand this! Seenathana
should understand it!

lf he tells the truth by
his anger on me...

lf l do something in the court,
my name will get spoiled!

What do you tell?
Are we rowdies?

l too don't understand that
only! You didn't think!

lf you had thought
you'd have got the seat!

lf we have a person like Sathya...
l don't need him, sir!

You won't get Sathya ever!
l've sent him out!

What's there for that?
ls there only one Sathya in the city?

There are many Sathyas
throughout the country!

One minute! l too will take the fire!

Are you Anand? Yes!

Chitambaram! Somebody
has come to see you!

Who is that? He is your
brother-in-law it seems!

A boy named Anand is standing
outside! Brother-in-law?

l don't know anybody like that!
Who is Anand, man?

Our man...? Who had sent you?
Did Mariappa send you?

For these days...

This is a murder! People will
give you hanging punishment!

Why did you do like this?
Money man! Money!

ls money a great thing?
Mad! You're mad! Money only is great!

Patient mother! l need 50 Rs
for medicines daily!

What's that for month?
Calculate it! Unmarried sister!

Hunger! Money is great, man!

What's the hatred between me &
Seenathana? l don't know him!

l did it thinking as a
profession! l got money!

Do you think 100 or 200? 50000
Rs! 50000 Rs...?

You too want it, don't you?
Go mad! Who told you to do?

l don't know!

You won't tell even if you
know! Who gave you money?

How much did he give? 500
Rs as advance!

He gave me 500 Rs! He told
that he'd give the balance later!

l don't have a faith that
l will go out from here!

You only should give
that money in my home, man!

lf you accept the guilt,
your punishment will reduce!

Don't do anything
like a mad!

You too don't tell
to anybody!

lf anybody knows this,
they will destroy my family!

My work will become waste,
then! Sir! lt's the time to leave!

Money man! Money!

You only should give
that in my home in any way!

Man! Don't worry about me!
l'm ok here!

Sathya! Thanks man!

Who is that? There was
Anand's family here!

Have they gone out?
He's gone to jail!

His mother has passed away!

lt's 3 days!

He had a sister!
l expected this!

Are you asking about Sumathi?
She went with somebody!

l wanted to set up her!

Do you have sister?
That's why...

Constable! Who wrote
that F.l.R.? Our lnspector only!

He wrote it, didn't he?
We don't have problem hereafter!

Then! Sir! Wait man! Leave
this matter without any problem!

Sir! What? Sorry sir!
Where is Anand?

Anand...? He had gone!
Where did he go? Everything got spoiled!

He spoiled this station's name!
He committed suicide in the lock up!

Body is going for
the postmortem!

Sir! l am! Van is going!
Go man! Go!

Then! Tell!

Sir! Who are you? Where are
you going? He is my friend!

Friend...? See! Man!
Show his body!

Did you see? Seeing is
enough! Leave man! Go!

Start the van!

Respected elders & ladies
those who are coming here...

We've decided to make
Mr. Dhandapany to participate in election!

Not only l! All of our party
people should agree this! Ok?

We will put garland to
Mr. Dhandapany on behalf of our party!

Mr. Dhandapany
will speak next!

Dhandapany! Live long!

My honorable party leader!

My brother Mr.Mariappa!

Our party's eye balls!
My greets to everybody first!

l want to make Mr.Mariappa t
o compete in election again!

That is fair & that is
everybody's wish!

But my friend Mariappa's
health is not good from some days!

That is why our party's higher
officials handed over me this!

l get some questions while
accepting such a great post!

l doubt on me whether l can
serve to people like him or not!

You can do it definitely!

You can do better than him!

You too can kill poor people
& children doing crimes!

Because you both are from
the same drainage!

Mariappa is better than you!
He's a thief! Everybody knows that!

But you are a murderer!
Nobody knows that!

l've come here to show out that!

How? This country's fate...
Your fate is there in my hand today!

l will... You have...
Sit down, please!

Did you see? This happened
by taking youngsters in wrong path!

But we should not be
violent for that!

We should join them
with us with affection!

We should forgive their
guilts with broad-mind!

We should touch their
hearts telling them good points!

Youngster's society will
get new image only then!

Get out, man!

What is this? When l bring
my daughter for the first time...

Why do you come
with this idiot too?

lt will too bad! He should
not come to my house!

Brother! Mom! Brother got
wound in the street!

Corporation person will take him!


lf you talk anything about
my son, l'll kill you!

Sathya! You get inside!
From 25 years...

Mom! Don't you have grace?
Will you do like this for your son?

Brother is the cause for
my happy life, mom!

Dad too doesn't know this!

lf brother had not given 20000
Rs on that day, l'd have died!

Are you a lady? Shit!

Brother! Should you go now?

What's there if you go after 2
days? There's election within 2 days!

lf l don't go now, l can't go
forever! Will you do a thing, then?

Tell me! l'll see whether
l can do that or not!

Show me your hand!

What? You used to tell me
to change me God!

l did Pooja for this in temple!
You won't get any danger!

Brother! Be careful, brother!

Take Tiffin and then go, dear!

You can't defeat them! lf any
danger comes to your soul...

l don't bother about that!
l don't worry about victory or failure!

l'd show them! Sathya!
you gave me a promise!

Sathya! Think about me!
Don't stop him, dear!

Doing crime is a sin! Bearing
that like cowards is a great sin!

l was doing that sin
from 50 years!

l've got changed now! lt's my
duty to send him blessing him!

Sathya! You go bravely!

Our leader Dhandapany!
Live long! Our leader Dhandapany!

Our vote is for Dhandapany!

Stop the car in the street
behind the house & wait for me!

l'll come!

Our leader Dhandapany!
Live long! Our vote is for Dhandapany!

Our leader Dhandapany!
Live long! Our vote is for Dhandapany!

Who is that? Watchman!
Somebody has entered inside!

You man! Open the door!
Watchman! Open! Who is that?

Why did you come in?
Where are those files? Which files?

Where are Marippa's files?
l'll tell!

Those are in that bag
that is in that shelf!

Where's its key? lt's there
in my hip belt! l'll give! Wait!

l'll give! Wait!

My vig! My vig!

You man! Move apart!
You may get wound!

What is this? Start the car!
lt's not starting! Start man!

ls the water available?
No! Soda is available! Do you need?


50 paise only!

lf l give soda to drink,
it seems you will waste it!

Give me the bottle,
sir! l'd shut the shop!

Drop down the pistol!
Drop man!

What happened?
l only donated blod! Do you know?

Our blood is of
same group only!

What happened to
Dhandapany's matter?

You've got saved!
Truth has got failed!

l gave you
documents! With that...

You are alive yet
after getting gun shot too!

This file too is a
cause for that!

Did you see? Blood!
Your blood!

They washed out their
sins in your blood!

Why are making the patient
to get excited like this?

Good people won't
get spoiled ever!

Did you see how
sincere Sathya is!

l had a sonj in your age
, Sathya!

We people should not have
urge & violent thought for that!

Your house has come!

Get out, man! l've worked
to Dhandapany a lot, man! Leave!

You're sending me out! l
suffered a lot for him! Go man!

You've sent me out
before it gets torn!

Will you go or not?
We both sent out many people!

You've sent me out
now! Duty! Leave!

Get destroyed! Leave man!

You will break me!
l'll see you! Go man!

You auto! Everybody
is showing proud!

l'm keep on calling you!
You are sitting simply!

ls there any passenger?

Didn't you pass
away yet? Prayer!

My prayer has become true!
Sathya! How did you come here?

Dhandapany is not here!

l want to help others
to compensate my sins!

l'll tell you his place! Him...

Will you do what l want to do?

Go to beach! l don't worry
about Madhurai Ramanathapuram!

l fear on Dharmapuri only!

You're talking about other
areas! l fear on our area!

Why didn't we receive the
phonecall yet? You will...

Who is that? Sathya!

You told that he is serious
in hospital! l don't know that only!

These are very common
in our matter!

You don't keep it in mind!
l'll give you needed things!

Why do you talk to him?
Call up to police! l'll call!

l am speaking from
Dhandapany's beach bungalow!

2 people have passed
away here!

Dhandapany & Mariappa...
l think somebody had beaten them!

Did somebody beat them?
Who is speaking?

l am Sathya speaking!

Sathya! Do you know
what will happen if police comes?

You can't even stand!
Why do you threaten us, man?

What do you want, Sathya?
Truth! Truth means...?

lf you know that,
why will you...

l am like your father, Sathya!

Leave me! Sathya!
l don't know anything!

Sathya! Listen to me!

l request you to give Sathya
a severe punishment under section 302!