Sathya (2017) - full transcript

Sathya, the protagonist goes back to india on request of her Ex and helps her in finding her missed daughter, which leads to twists and turns!

That's the car.


Make it quick!


Hey, go and get the car!





When are we suppose to
send the 'X' to Bangalore?


I'll get it ready for you by 6.

That means we have to get it done by 4.


Finishing of foreigners...

will cost a bit more.

- No. No! No!
- Please! Don't shoot. Please!

- Please! No!
- Don't shoot! Don't shoot!

Don't shoot!

No! No! Please!


Olha! Olha!


VRC company shares are dropping.

So our project has been delayed.

So what you are saying is,
they can't meet the deadline.

Yeah because QA is taking time.

But Shylock...

Why did you suggest
R and D in the first place?

Yes, because even
R and D is taking time.

Go ahead.

So, anyway...

we have to make this delay stop.

- Therefore we have to put
our heads together. - Sorry.

I gotta take this.

What's the hurry?

I was in a board meeting!

Why were you calling repeatedly?

Fine. Let's go.

Now, whose car is this?

From where did you get it?

I turned my toy car
into this one.

Now drive!

Here. Hold my bag.

It's a small car, so make sure
you fold in your long legs.

Now, tell me already!

There is a girl.

Today's plan is to meet her.

Why do you wanna play cupid?

I am free today,
so I thought why not play cupid?

Will you obey me or not?

Ram! Please.

Sathya! Please.

For four years I obeyed you.

So obey me for once at least.

Who is Stacy?

Who is that Stacy?

I don't even remember
where I met her.

You both met at my
birthday party.

She told me that she
liked you very much.

That is why I fixed up this blind date.

- No!
- Yes!

That side.

Stacy is the girl with
beer in her hand.

So you better head
with some hot wings.

- Fool!
- Thanks.

I know.

I know.

This is weird.

I don't usually do this
kind of thing either.

At the party...

You were really nice...

and I thought...

why not ask Sathya on a date.

Oh! Umm...

Is it ok to call this...
a date?

You know what?

I can't do this.

You deserve better.


I'm sorry.

- Message 1:
- Sathya!

How could you be so rude?

Stacy is my colleague.

How could you insult her?

How will I face her again?

Well... only if donkeys ever knew
the fragrance of scent!

You are just like that.

In order for you to score,
I play my part of wing man so perfect..

and you let it go waste?

She is really furious at me.

Over that you switched
off your mobile!

You are only worth of sitting in
your room and being a drunkard!

Now hang up!

Message 2:
- Hi Sathya...

It's me...
Swetha here.

How are you?

I got your number
from our friends.

I am not sure if you
are using this number.

If you are and if you
get my message...

the can you please call me?


My number...




Ignoring the date I set up for you,
where are you off to?

- To India.
- For what?

To sister's house.
To attend a wedding.

She is my sister.

I, myself am not attending it.

Your sister?
She is sister to both of us.

You aren't ready to
give up on your salary.

- Not everyone's like you.
- Stop acting!

I am not good at it.

Everybody knows it.

Come to the point.

Isn't it for her?

Come on.

She said she wants to meet me.

I'm going. That's it.

So, what should I tell Stacy?

You take her out instead.

She went out with you even after
knowing its a blind date.

The only way she'll go out
with me is if she is blind.

What do I tell at work
about your absence?

What's your sister's name?


Ram is not his desk right now.
Do you wanna pass any information?

Yeah right! Put aside your English
speaking course for later.

First tell me why money is
deducted from my salary?

Who are you sir?

Your mew-maw!

Apart from the loss of pay and tax
why is extra money being deducted?

Does confronting the HR makes you...

a thug?

Don't you know the procedure?

- Whatever it is, just email it
and it'll be looked into. - Hello!

You are being paid
here to answer us!

So, answer me!

You better show some respect!

Weekly 3 days you are one leave.

Then 2 day in a months
you never turn up.

You use up all the casual
leave and medical leave.


learn to sit at your work station for
at least half an house continuously.

- How dare you?
- Hello!

What's your employee number?


What can you do?

Hello? Hello!

- Hello?
- Why are you yelling buddy?

Stop mocking me or else...

I'll hurl things at you!

Why were you not in your seat?

Some girl, attended the call
and hanged it up half way!

Why do you recruit
such wretches?

In order to work in a company like this,
arrogance is the primary quality!

See him?

He is a petty burglar who tried
flicking an officer's wallet.

He was immediately
recruited here.

- What about you?
- I am a thug!

I've finished of many of them.
I too was recruited immediately.

Yeah right!


The wretch who mocked
you over the call...

That's her.

- That girl?
- Yes.

This fellow! Oh! Oh!

- How dare you mess with my salary?
- Hey, Sathya, where are you going?

- Let's leave dad!
- What happened?

Let's leave.

Pooja's friend.

Nope. He is my friend.

- Three things.
- What?

1. I like you.

Even after knowing the caller was pissed
off, you still dealt it in a calm manner.

That dealing...
was indeed awesome.

2. I like the respect you
have for your father.

The minute they starts to earn...

every girl thinks they can handle
it all but amidst such girls...

you still get picked up by him after
work, just like a school kid.

That discipline...

- is something out of this world.
- Are you stalking me?

3. Physique.

- Oh! What do I say?
- What?

Who are you and what
rubbish are you talking?

I mean... structure.

No matter how angry your eyes are...

that cute little smile by
the corner of your lips...

that's the best curve
I like in your whole body.

Very nice.

I like all these about you.

But I don't like you a bit!

That's how a girl's
father is supposed to be.

Phew! My part is done.

Do remember this average
looking fellow.

We will be meeting very often.

By the way...
I'm Sathya.

Employee number 50310.

Actually, Mr. Shadow like father...
I don't have many points.

I got just one point.

He just made a fool out of you.

Your name?

Thomas Alva Edison
Mubarak Muruga.

Daddy, well...

I have three things to tell...

Three things I...

completely hate about you.

1. Acting like you are
the man around...

you left me stranded in a check mate,
in front of my dad.

I couldn't say anything.

Your cheap tactics...

I hate that!

2. You run your mouth in
front of my dad and...

then shake his hand and hug him?

That arrogance...

I hate that.

3. You were here all the time yet...

you were stalking
me for two weeks.

That cheap stalking...

I didn't like it.


me being a high
maintenance chick,

the guys around say I've an attitude
and call me arrogant.

They keep their distance from me.

But you dared to
come closer to me.

That too when my dad was around.

I like that courage of yours.


if you need any more details about me,
don't call up to the land-line.

Call me on my mobile.

Remember! If you keep disturbing
me just because you got my number...

Mind you!

I always carry a knife with me.

- Be careful!
- Hey! Watch out! My phone!

By the way...

I'm Swetha.

HR department.

Hi, pizza girl.

It's yours you left that day.

You can give it to your kid.

I love you.

If I don't say I love you to you,
will you leave me and go?

Shweta, I don't have any conditions.

- But every relationship has one.
- Yes.

But as a lover I promise you,
I will always be with you.

No matter what comes.
No matter what.

When I was a child, I always used
to tell my mother that I loved her.

But she didn't live with me for long.

When I was in 10th grade
I proposed to my friend,

that stupid fellow kissed
my best friend.

Then try saying, I hate you.

You'll surely have them with you.

Satya, I don't know
the meaning of life.

Because whoever I loved,
didn't stay with me.

Shweta, people who understand
don't fall in love. It's just a feeling.

Even if you don't have your mother,
you love her, don't you? It's the same.

- Sathya.
- Thank you sir.

Hello dear sister, Hema.

It's me. I've reached Chennai.

Excuse me.

Hello boss.

Chief, someone's here for you.

I am the boss not you!

- Welcome sir.
- Hi.

Can I rent a car?

Rent a car?

- You! Go bring two cups of tea.
- Ok chief.

Got any idea?


Well, any government certified documents
that proves you are really you.

I mean something like that.

You mean Id?

Yes, that what's I said too, idea.
Do you have?

I've my passport. Does that work?


- Listen!
- Cancel the tea.

- Get beverages.
- Ok chief.

Rent is 5000 bucks.

Then for the diesel,
pollution control charges etc.

altogether it comes to 10,000 bucks.

- 10,000?
- Yeah!

Come on sir.

I am here to rent a car
and you quote a price to rent a plane!

That will cost you even more.


Listen, tea sounds better.

- You got Spice tea?
- Yes sir.

Get me that.

Spice tea?

That means you are one of us.

- Cancel the juice and get the tea.
- Ok chief.

Well, the spice tea has
me at your behest.

Rent is just 2000 bucks.

- Pay it and you may have the car.
- Thank you.

I am Babu Khan.

Babu Khan?

What else did you expect?
Shahrukh Khan?

No one's gonna name me that.

My name is actually Bismillah Khan.

Since, I look like a Biriyani vendor,
I changed it to Babu Khan.

Nice. Isn't it?

- Nice meeting you.
- Ah! Nice meeting you.

Come, let me show you the car.

Please get in.

Religion blockbuster songs are there.
You may enjoy them.

Please don't mind sir.

Just 2000 bucks rent...


no one pays the rent on time.

They rent out cars like bicycles.

I can see them driving around
but no one cares to pay.

Like in comedian Vadivel's comedy scenes.
I love Vadivel's comedy a lot.

What about you?

What's wrong about it? (7.4.18)

- Hi
- Hi Sathya.


How are you?

I'm fine.


what's with the
scar on your face?


Are you ok?


- 2 Cappuccino.
- 2 Cappuccino.

2 Cappuccino?

- Make it fast.
- Ok sir.

what's with the beard?

Well...just like that...

Looks good.


How are you?

I'm good.


Any children? Family?


Family, well...

it's just me and my friend.
That's it.

But what about you?

Any kids?

One daughter.

- Riya.
- Oh! So...

a happy family. Right?

Swetha, its been years...

and only now you remembered me?


over the call you said that you had
something important to tell me.

What is it?


I need your help Sathya.


It was Riya's first
day of school.

By then, we were
already an hour late.

She wasn't willing to go,

it was me, who got her ready with great
difficulty and took her to school.

Is my Riya darling afraid?

Don't worry. Ok?

You will find many new
friends in the school.

I don't wanna go!

My Riya darling
have fun at school!

I won't go!

Come on. Stop crying.

Its just for an hour.

Once done, every one
will praise Riya!

When will you come
to pick me up?

I'll be here only.

Once dad arrives,
we will leave together.

Give me a hi-fi!

Good girl!
Would love to take Dora along?

Fine. Take it.

It's in the back seat.

My darling!


Yeah. Yeah. No worries.

Since then my life
has changed Sathya.

Riya has been...

kidnapped by some strangers.


I need your help.

Can you find out Riya, for my sake?


I need your help.

I left India because
of you Swetha...

and now I'm back,
again because of you.

Should I be angry
that you left me?


should I be happy that
I'm still in your memories?

I have no idea.

When you told me that
your kid was kidnapped...

I saw the desperation
in your eyes.

I saw the tears in your in eyes.

I couldn't bear to see
you in that state.

Day by day my hope of
finding Riya is dying.

There is no response
or any proof.

No one's helping.

I couldn't take it.

That's when...

I recollected what you told me.

I will always be there for you.

No matter what!

I believed life was
all about our love.

But now everything about
it are mere memories.

Whatever you told
me back then...

is what has given me hope now.

I am requesting you this believing
that you really meant every word you said.

Sathya, help me find Riya!

I'm not being selfish.

I am asking you because
this is my last resort.

I've been wandering round,
looking for her, like a retard!

Did you see my daughter
Riya anywhere?

- I don't know.
- No madam.

I filed a complaint
with the police.

You have no idea how many times
I've been to that police station.

Any news?

How many times will you ask?
Didn't you already speak to the ACP?

Any clue...

My husband, Gautham...

is also helpless.

I'm asking you Gautham!
Where is Riya?

Riya is untraceable Sathya.

If not you...

then who else can I depend upon?


what happened to the
Police investigation?

They claim to have stopped
the investigation.

They say that nothing
can be done further.

Like they were done!

Officers are already done with
this investigation. Sign here.


How come without any conclusion...

they can put an end
to the investigation?

Hey, speak out!

- Hey, speak out.
- Sir, please sir, don't beat me.

Sir, the T Nagar file?

Yes. Close it.

Swetha madam! Welcome.
How are you?

Hope you are doing fine?

Any luck?

Madam, wouldn't I have
informed you if so?

Well, I thought you might
have some new information...

Case is closed madam.

How can I give information
when nothing exist?

Excuse me!

How can you be so careless?

She just lost her daughter.

Hello! Who are you?

- Friend.
- What do you mean by friend?

He is a family friend.

Look here madam,

if you bring along some family
friend and question me...

still how I do I bring this child
if it doesn't exist at all?

Oh come on sir!
Isn't it your duty?


Tell me.

Did you file the FIR?

Is it?


How dare you open the
file without permission?

Officer, put it in
the store room.

Look here boss...

mind your own business.

We very well know
how to do our duty.

- Got it?
- Sir...

- ACP wants to meet you.
- Coming.

Just because they have
closed the case...

how can I let it go?


it's my daughter.


do you have any photos of Riya?

Did you guys have any issue
or spat with anyone?

Friends, family, business,

money matter or anything like that?

Nothing like that.

No one even called up
demanding any ransom.


what about Gautham?


was fully lost in his work.

He is controlling his emotions.

Shall I try talking to Gautham?

Gautham doesn't know
anything about you.

I haven't told him.

Can you recognize those guys
who knocked you unconscious?

Sathya, they were
all wearing masks.

I didn't get any chance
to see their faces.

I was unconscious too.

If I knew what I had to do...

I would have already
done it Sathya.

I wouldn't have disturbed you.

What are you up to?

No calls! Not even a message!

She left you for someone.

Why do you want to bother
if her kid is kidnapped?

It's not some stranger
who had asked my help.


Listen Sathya...
you aren't Superman!

You say Swetha was knocked down
and her daughter is kidnapped.

What if someone attacks you?

What if someone tries to kill you?

Think about her situation!

Why should I?

Did she ever think of you
in these past 4 years?

Buddy, let me tell you, girls come to
their ex only when they have a problem.

- Come on. It's not like that.
- Shut up!

Get on the flight early morning...

and come here and fall
in love with Stacy!

I'll do the ground work.

Doesn't have a steady mind,
here or there!

Damn it! And over that he keeps
eating almonds!

May have your access card sir?

- Sorry.
- Thank you.

- Sathya sir.
- Babu Khan.

What happened, sir? Leaving so early?
Is your work done?

- Take you money. Take it, its yours.
- It's okay, sir.

I was acting.

Come on sir, I'll drop you at the airport.

- I'll go on my own.
- I'll drop you, sir. Let's go.

- Thank you. Here key.
- Give it to me.

What is it sir?

You seem to be worried
about something.

Money problem?

Or is it a girl problem?

So a girl problem?

The you must worry.

Just speak out sir.

My heart wants one thing...

but mind wants something else.

Always listen to your heart sir.

It will never betray you.

I need your help.

Sathya, help me find Riya.

Babu Khan!

Turn the car.

That's awesome!

To the hotel?

Hello Ram...

I cannot leave Swetha in
this situation and return.

I had promised her!

I feel I must live up to it.

I don't mind if you
judge me or not.

I can't return until I find this kid.


Tell me Sathya.

Two months ago,
a small kid was kidnapped.

That kid studied in this school.

Kidnapped? When?

June 11th.

Her mom was knocked unconscious
outside the school...

before abducting her.

No way. Nothing of that
sorts happened here.

What do you mean?

Even the police
had investigated!

How can you say that
nothing happened?

- It was outside this school...
- Nope.

Nothing like that took
place outside our school.

I think someone has given
you wrong information.


why are you inquiring about it?

Well, I was planning to put
my son in this school.

But some say that this
incident is true.

It's all a rumor.

We guarantee the
safety of your son.

Nothing to worry.

How can I not worry?
A child is kidnapped!

Until today the kid is untraceable!

Here. This is the kid's photo.

Her name is Riya.

I think you must have
got the wrong school.

Like I said, nothing of that
sorts happened around here.

Very cute child.

Poor girl.

Was she kidnapped?

I'll come tomorrow and
we shall discuss it then.

- Excuse me. Sir, excuse me.
- I will come.

One minute.

Sir, two months ago, a kid was
kidnapped from this school.

Do you know anything about it?

Who are you?

Actually, I am planning
to put my boy...

Are you a cop?

No sir.


Handle it.

- Sir, I am talking to you and..
- Yes tell me. Wait. Hey!

- Sir please.
- Leave!

- Sir. Sir.
- Leave! Now!

Sir, please don't upset him.


Why are you creating
unnecessary issues?

I'll be back to India in 3 days.

Take Bobby's help if
you need anything.

Where are you?

Well, I...

I'm in the balcony.

Just getting some fresh air.

- I've warned you many times!
- Gautham!

- Please!
- Get inside!

Well, Sathya...

I met the school principal.

She says she knows nothing.
She refuses to recognize Riya.

If you had a child, will you put
that child in such a school?

An act of kidnap took place
just outside the school!

So you mean, to save the school from
any kind of shame or embarrassment...

she lied to me?

Of course. They are hiding the
truth to save their business.

Swetha, do you have any
other photos of Riya?

Not as of now.

Something. In your phone or
in your Facebook profile.

I hardly got any friends.

Forget about this
Facebook and all.

Gautham doesn't like it.

Ask him and he'll say "when I'm
here what else do you need?"

Swetha I am talking about Riya's photo!

I don't have any other photos.

Is there not even a
single photo at home?




My husband's brother!

Go! Please go!


- Swetha...
- Just leave.

Sorry, I'll call you later.

Who's there with you?

My brother wanted
me to check on you.

I was at a rave
party last night.

It was mind blowing!

A Russian gave me a rare drug.

It freaking blew my mind!

It went on till early morning 4!

Do you wanna try it?
What do you say?

Do you want me to call Gautham?

For what?

He doesn't like these stuff.

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!


- Sorry! Sorry!
- Out! Now!

- Sorry.
- Please!

Ok. Ok.

Just get the hell
out of here now.


Get out now! Will you?

Do not tell on me to my brother.


Ain't I like your brother?




Yo sister! Soul sister!

I don't want a sister!

Whenever Gautham is out on
business visits to Dubai...

he sends him to check on me.

Wonder who will save
me from him now?

Swetha, do you have Bobby's
phone number or his address?

Don't worry.

I'm here to solve the issue.

I won't blow it up.

Ground floor.

Excuse me.


Do you know Swetha?

Her husband is Gautham.

- In the 8th floor right?
- Yes.

When did you see
their child last?

They have a kid?

No sir.

There is only one apartment
in every floor.

I don't mingle much with anybody.

Ok. Thank you.

Who are you?

Why do you wanna know
all these details?

- Hello?
- Hello.

- Bobby?
- Yeah.

Couple of months back,

did someone kidnap your
brother's daughter?

Hey! Who are you?

Are you a cop?

Reporter in Times of India.


- Hello.
- Hello?

Where are you Sathya?

- You are late for the function.
- I'm starting now. I'll be there.

Make it fast.

Ten minutes. (7.4.18)

Where is Vanaja?

Everyone will be here on time.

Come on now! Where is Ram?

You came but he didn't!

He has important
meeting to attend.

Hence he couldn't make it.

Wonder what's so important
about the meeting?

He is my only brother.
He could have made it, if he wished.

Just leave it now.

You know what? Vanaja...

- Dear sister...
- Yes.

did you know that a child was kidnapped
from a school at Besant Nagar?

Do you know anything about it?

- Which school?
- Nope. I don't know.

It took place outside a
pre-school in Besant Nagar.

A 4 year old was kidnapped.
Any idea?

I didn't hear about it.

Obviously, many such incidents
keep happening here.

The impact remains only for
2 days, at the maximum.

The city has turned
really dangerous.

Do you know...

4 years ago he moved to
Australia along with Ram.

He is my blood and he didn't
come but look he is here.

By the way, who is he?

He is also like a brother to me.

Right from childhood he hangs out
with my brother at our house.

Back then he was this small.

Isn't that obvious?

Please do laugh for his joke.

So, where do you live here?

What about your parents?
Are they here or in Australia?

Quiet now!
His parents passed away long ago.

- Did I ask anything wrong?
- Shut up!

It seems you persuaded
them to send you on site?

Are you getting bored here?


I'm doing this for you.

I shall work abroad for few years,

earn well and then
if I ask your hand in marriage...

I hope your dad might accept.

Yeah right!

Hey Swetha...

I love you.

Can't you hear me?!

Hey! Come on now! What is it?

It's not like I demanded
your dad's wealth!

Can't you give me back at
least an "I love you?"

Hey! That's my dad calling.

I'm leaving.

- I'm leaving.
- Swetha!

You better say it or
I'll talk to your dad!

Leave me Sathya!

To home! Now!


Why did you come here?

Swetha, get inside.

It's ok Swetha.

Stay right here.

We are in love sir.

Didn't I make it clear
that I don't like you?

I said it clearly in Tamil.

Don't you understand?

You aren't a bad person Sathya.


you don't know how
to conduct yourself.

No manners at all.

It might be cool for you to talk about
my daughter's structure in front of me.

But it's not so for me.

It might be cool for you to hold
my daughter's hand in front of me.

But it's not so for me.

It's not your fault.

Only if you had parents...

they would have
taught you manners.

The problem is with the
way your were raised.

The problem is not in the way I was raised
but the way it is looked upon.

There is nothing wrong is praising
Swetha's smile and anger.

In fact even loving her isn't wrong.

You only saw me holding
Swetha's hand...

but do you have any idea
how much she trusts me?

Only after knowing that she
trusts me completely...

I held her hand.

Me without Swetha and...

Swetha without me...

can exist...

we won't be happy with our lives.

Swetha's marriage...

is already decided.

Earlier, I thought I will ask
her before finalizing it...

but now...

I think I just have
to impose it on her.

The groom isn't like you.

He is disciplined.

He has grown so big in his business
that he is helping me today!

He is the one for Swetha.

Swetha's marriage has been fixed!

Now.. leave!

will you marry me?

Think and let me know.


My mother's wedding dress.

What about your dad?

Let's get married and...
then we will convince him.


So, where have you
planned your honeymoon?

I haven't planned anything yet.

Come on! Did you knock her up?

What do you mean?

Well, it means isn't she already carrying?
Hey! Hey!

You pig face!


- Come on.
- Sathya!

Remember what I told you earlier?

Mom... Love...

I feel it Sathya.

Right now!

I hate you!

No manners at all.

She has been hanging on to you for long.
Put her down.

Aren't you here to get married?

Stop over acting. Now go!

- I'll finish you!
- Go!

Don't you have manners? Now go!

Is this the time to pamper each other?

Come, lets too try
something similar.

My slippers, your face!

I saw you hugging the
watchman yesterday! Come on.

- He's a crackpot. Greetings.
- Welcome.

Today and tomorrow are
not auspicious days.

How about postponing?

Correct swami!

How do you expect time to be
auspicious when these brats are here?

Shut up!


we are going to get married
here in the presence of god.

Then why worry about
auspicious time?

call for you.


I hope it's a happy news.

What happened?

What happened? Aren't
you getting range here?

- Swetha, I'll come...
- Stay here.

- Hello.
- Don't hang up.

I want to hear what the
doctor has to say.


They say, its stage 4.

I thought I had some problem...


never expected it would be cancer.

If I had been treated 6 months earlier...

I could've been saved, they say.


What's going on?

- Hello.
- Hello. Yes?

- Where are you?
- I am coming.

Dear sister...



Thank god.
I didn't spill the liquor.

Excuse me.

Sir, you missed your wallet.

Excuse me.

Your purse.

I need to talk to you.

Sir, who are you?

Remember that kidnapping...

Sir, aren't you the one who created
issues when my master was leaving?


Now tell me.

The kidnapping.

What do you know?

Sir, I don't know
anything about it.

I need to watch the CCTV footage.

I need the footage for time around 8:30.

Why did it skip?

The footage just jumped
from 8:30 to 11:45?

Where is the in between footage?

That's when the
kidnapping took place.

Sir, I've no idea.

Police came here one day.

My master asked me to
leave immediately.

I don't know what happened after that.

I need that footage.

- It will be in master's office.
- He won't give.

- You must help me.
- There is a copy.

But it's at my master's office.

It cannot be taken
without his permission.

I might lose my job if I try.

Look here. I need that footage.

How much should I bribe you?


Are you indeed a cop?

- Why?
- Usually its the other way around.

You are the first cop who offered bribe.

So... the video?

Leave you number. I'll check
the video and call you.

That's my number.

Do call me.

Do you have the footage
of the day before?


Did the police get Bobby's
statement during investigation?

They took everybody's statement.

Including Bobby's, I hope.

I need Bobby's statement.

Can you get it?

Why? What happened?

Right now, I only have questions.

Once I find the answers,
I'll let you know.

Trust me.

Hmm. Ok.


Hello sir.

- Ganesh.
- Yes sir...

- How are you?
- How are you?

Very fine.

How is Chennai treating you?

New place. So its treating me ok.

- Fine sir.
- Sir meet the new assistant.


- Reddy!
- Welcome sir.

Reddy, whats the news on me?

People say that you are very rude to
the culprits and you rip them apart.

That has already
began doing rounds?

Who started it?

Who started it?

The god father?!

I asked, who started it.

Give me the names and phone
number who said that.

Sir, well...

I said give me their
phone numbers!


Fine, what do you
think about me?

But you just arrived.

So wondering when will I exit?

Sir! No sir.

- Sir, no sir.
- You! Hey!

Sorry sir.

- Ganesh.
- Sir?

Why is he sobbing like a small child?

Sir, ACP wants to meet you.

- Tell, I'm coming.
- Ok sir.

Reddy are you ready?

Ready sir!

Damn it!

This is not allowed.

Warn him!

Good morning madam.

good to see you.

hand him the OMR land case file.

- Welcome to Chennai.
- Thank you ma'am.

Good luck.

Come on.

Ma'am, Swetha is here to meet you.

- Send her in.
- Please come.

Hey Swetha!

Come. Come.


How are you feeling?

I need to talk to you.

Tell me.

I can't come along with you.

- Sir forget the formality. We can talk.
- Hold on wait!


Just stepped out.

What happened madam?

What can we do Ganesh?

I understand her situation.

Get into her shoes and think.

Babu Khan!

Why are you following us?



Hey! Throw it to me! Fast!


Now, get up!

And turn around slowly.

Where is Riya?

I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know who Riya is.

- Tell me.
- I don't know!

No! No! No! Please!

Please! Please! Please!

I asked, where is Riya?!
Tell me.

Please! Please! I don't know?

Hi! Sathya sir.

Welcome. Everything
fine with the car?

Who were those Africans?

Answer me Babu Khan!

Do you know Bobby?

Bobby? Who's that?

Stop acting Babu Khan.

I saw you.

They were looking
for some address.

I guided them.

So if you guide them,

they are supposed to pay you?

The address wasn't an easy one to guide.
Hence they paid me.

What if the cops find out?


Go, tell them.
Go ahead.

Bobby's friends
supply stuff to me.

I sell them.

I get 10% commission.

Go tell that too.

Right from ECR to Ennore all the
Police stations are bribed for this!

All of them are well known to me.

We have been doing
this for ages now.

You appear to me a very
genuine and honest man.

You don't need this.

Oh yeah! Don't you threaten me.

I won't be playful always.

We'll pay up if the
cops confront us.

But if an outsider,
like you confronts...

Get it?

I am not here to
confront you Babu Khan.

I need to ask you something.

Why are you following us?

No! He is not following you.

Following me. Not you.

Like I said, not following you.
Only me.

- Why?
- Why?!

That was spontaneous.
What do I answer?

Why do you wanna mess with them?

- Actually what happened was...
- What?

You know what...

I put a Facebook image...

and he didn't like it.

So he..he...he came to see me.

He is my wife's husband's
brother's daughter.

You and me are the same.

Anna Nagar 8th block
is the street name.

Stop following us.

Or you are dead.

Indeed you Evil dead!


Yeah! Shane Warne! Shane Warne!

- Look at his 'Mango seed' like face!
- What?

Nothing you 'Mango seed' face!

You tourist! You looked soft, which
is why I threatened you with the gun.

They would have just
finished you off!

You are here as a tourist and
that is why I saved you.

I don't know why you are here.

But if you come here again...

you will never return home!

Babu Khan.

The reason I came here...

is this.

Have you seen this kid anywhere?


kidnapped her.

I don't know.

Why are you looking for her?

- Leave!
- Babu Khan!

You care for me after knowing
me for just two days.

That girls is missing
since past 2 months.

Think about her mother's plight.

Only after finding her,
I will leave this place.

Hey! Don't move!


Remember me?

What are you doing here?

Hema booked me a room here.

She said that you told the
rooms were good here.


I wanted to...

ask you something.

Won't you be coming
for lunch tomorrow?

I shall come.

Super. Did you just arrive?


Let's go?

Shall we go inside?

Ok. Please come.

Nice room.


Mr. Beard...
shall we have some drink?

Whiskey, Brandy or Beer?

No. I don't drink.


So what's this?

Black tea?

Shall we order dinner?

Actually, I finished my dinner.

Sir, dinner.

Oh no!


Take rest.
You need it.

Shall I take this?


Hand the bill to him.

- Hello?
- Suresh here.

I'm waiting for the photo.
Can you come down?

Yep. Right away.

- Hello.
- Sathya.

- Was it you?
- Yes.

Now what's with the ad?

Why did you publish it?

Whose number is it?

Don't you need the truth Swetha?


If Gautham finds out...
then that's it!

Swetha, I'm doing
this for your kid.

I'll be in a big trouble.

Listen to me Swetha. I'm sure this
will help us get some information.

Something will turn up.

You don't worry.

We will find Riya for sure.

We must find her!

Trust me. Fine...

did you go to the police station?

I won't be able to go.

- Gautham will be back today.
- No Swetha...

you go to the police
station today itself.

Update me whatever
happens there.

Ok. I'll go.


Here is a breaking news.

What happened?

Hello? Sir...

I saw you AD. You've mentioned
the prize is 1 million.

Old currencies or new ones?

Look here!

I'll pay only if you
have valid information.

What do you mean by information?

Sorry, I got a call.

What are you up to?

Two minutes.

- Hello.
- Sir, I saw the newspaper AD.

Can I talk to you about it?

Speak only if you have
any valid information.

I'll pay you for sure.

Sir, I don't want money.

I just wanted to ask that why did you
put up my daughter's pic in the ad?

Can we meet?

Where should I come?

You tell me. I'll be there.

Order a tea.

Excuse me. 2 tea please.

Look over there.

Mr. Vasanth?


Were you the one who called?

Yes sir.

6 months ago we had been
on a trip to Shirdi.

- Ok.
- I lost my kid over there.

I lodged a police complaint
and searched everywhere.

I thought I'll ask you,
if you know anything about her.

Do you know anything?

Why aren't you there even
in a single picture?

I took these photos.

If you need photos of me
with her, I'll get them.

Is Riya indeed your daughter?

Yes sir. She is my daughter.

Where did you get these photos?

Get them? Sir!

- Who gave it you?
- Sir, its all...


- Sir!
- Tell me who kidnapped Riya?

- Sir, she is my daughter.
- Tell me!

Speak the truth!

Sir, she is my daughter.
Why are you beating me?

This is not fair!

I even have the birth
certificate sir!


Here is the birth certificate.

Have a good look at it.

This is the hospital
discharge report.

This is the FIR copy
I filed in Shirdi.

She is my daughter!

- Hello?
- Hello.

This is Gautham.

Swetha's husband.

Are you the one who gave
the ad in the newspaper?

I want to meet you.

- Can you come to my office?
- Sir!


You blind little f...!


Give me a paper to wipe.

It's him right?


It's indeed him.

Kerala police...

is looking for the girl in Chennai?

He is a police!
We must be careful.

Vasanth Menon.

Sub inspector of Police.

Trivandrum city.

Do you know Chennai very well?

Right from childhood...

I was brought up here.

Your commissioner...

is my college senior.

Jaysingh Mehra.

Do you know him?

Yeah. I know him.


Let me call him.

Hello Gautham. How are you? Long time.

I'm fine sir. How are you?

I am too doing good.

How's everyone at home?

All are doing fine.

Nice. Ok.

- Sir...
- Tell me.

do you know Vasanth Menon?

- Vasanth?
- S.I, Trivandrum city.

Oh! Vasanth Menon?

He is on leave.

He is in Chennai to attend a wedding.

- Ok.
- Hey Gautham, what's up man?

Would you like to talk to him?

Is he there?

Oh yes. Why not?


Sir, the minister is waiting on the call.

Ok Gautham...

I'll call you later.

Looks like he is got an
important meeting to attend.

He hung up.

How do you know Swetha?

We met in a restaurant.

That's when she mentioned that
your daughter was kidnapped. So..

I thought, let me help.

Wasn't it you who spoke to
Mr. Srinivasan in my apartment.

Swetha said that the
investigation was closed.


I was just trying my luck with your
neighbors for some information.

As soon I came to know
about the newspaper ad...

I flew down to India, Mr. Vasanth.

I don't know how to
explain this to you.

don't have a kid.



We don't have a daughter.

Two months ago...

on 11th June...

when Swetha was driving car...

I called her up.

She halted by the road
side and spoke to me.

That's when suddenly someone...

attacked her and...

stole the car.

She was in coma for seven days.

Actually, it was on the same day
morning we had that conversation.

That if we had a baby...

it would have been nice.

I wanted a boy.

She wanted a girl.

May be...

it's all in the mind.

When she came back to
her senses from coma...

she started asking
"Where is my daughter?"

She repeatedly kept asking.

It's all her imagination.

Doctors said that
she was in trauma.

Swetha, please!
We don't have any child.

- We have a daughter Gautham!
- Open the door.

No! We don't Swetha!

We don't have any child.
Please open the door.

Police doubted me initially.

How can I give information
when nothing exist?

It took a month's time for them
to understand the reality.

Only then they realized that all they
were searching for is her imagination.

How I do I bring this child
if it doesn't exist at all?

Last week...

she pointed out to some other photo and
started saying that was her child.

Mr. Vasanth...

it is said that never believe
until the eye meets the reality.

But a few...

believe what their
mind has to tell them.

Even if it is a lie...

they just can't accept it.

So, I don't know how to tell you.

We don't have a daughter.

So is it all an imagination?

You mean its all her imagination?

You spoke to her.

What do you think?

Do you think she is normal?


How's your health?



Mr. Vasanth.

Do not give ads in paper and...

make our lives...

- even more complicated. Please.
- Sorry.

Riya's photos are nowhere
to be found.

Not in your phone,
facebook or in your house.

When I asked about Bobby,
you threw me out.

You got scared seeing
the ad in the paper.

Even when I asked what Gautham
did about it, you didn't answer.

The information you gave was false...

which is why the police closed the case.

Swetha, no one has ever seen Riya!

The school principal hasn't seen her.

says there is no such girl!

I didn't even see her
in the CCTV footage!


was hiding in the
back seat of the car.

saw it with my eyes.

was scared!

Swetha, they were there
to steal the car.

Not to kidnap your daughter!

Believe me Sathya!

How can I?

You showed me a photo
and said she is your daughter.

Another person shows me
the same photo saying that's

his daughter and shows me
the birth certificate.

He has all the proof.

Whom do I believe?

All of them...
are lying Sathya!

So did you tell me the truth?

Didn't I ask you for
Bobby's statement?

Why didn't you to the police
station on the same day?

I did go!

But none of them are ready to
believe that I have a daughter!

Not even Gautham!

Why didn't you tell
me all this earlier?

Because I was scared.

After 4 years...

if I call up and say
that I have a daughter...

no one is ready to believe.

Everyone believes I am retard
that's why I told you.

What if you didn't believe me?

- Hence I was scared.
- Swetha...


Just once, for my sake...

just close your eyes and think.

Tell me if you
recollect anything.


I have a daughter!

So you too don't believe me?


Leave me alone.

Swetha, listen to me.

Leave me alone please!

Does she really have a daughter?


Swetha, what are
all these height markings?

I thought you will believe me.





Hi Sathya.

I need your help.

So you too don't believe me?


- Is it him?
- Yes sir.

Look here boss.

Basically, I am a
little short tempered.

I am a bit violent too.

- Isn't it Reddy?
- Yes sir.

If you irritate me

I'll rip you apart.

So just answer my question.

Why did your wife...
commit suicide?

Enough. Enough.

If you drink too much of water then you
might excuse yourself wanting to pee.

- What's the time Reddy?
- 3:10 sir.

Saw that? He answered
me right away.

What's your problem?

One slap and...

your jaws will be displaced.

Answer me now.

Where were you when your
wife committed suicide?

I was in Dubai.

- Reddy.
- Sir.

Get me all the flight
timings from Dubai.

Ok sir.

What's the nature of
your work in Dubai?

We have our main office there.


- Reddy.
- Sir...

the main is over there.


Who else comes here
when you are away?

No one.

Reddy, noted it down?

- Yes sir.
- So you are lying?

Just now the security said that
your brother visits often.

so what if my brother visits?

Oh yeah.

What's wrong if his
brother visits?

I asked, if he had visited today?

You don't know?

- Reddy.
- Sir.

Reddy! Reddy! It's him!

Yes sir.

- It's indeed him.
- Yes sir.

He pushed her down!

You know what?
Let me call my lawyer.

It's getting hot in here.

Shall I switch on the fan?

Hang up!

I said hang up the call.
Keep your mobile down!

Who is your lawyer?

I'll arrest him as well as you,
shoot both of you down

and turn the case in to an encounter.

Give me that file.


Sign it.

Keep your phone switched on all the time.
Never switch it off.

You must come to station
whenever summoned.

Never ever give any lame excuses.

If I find out that you
had pushed her...


He will push down the
exact same way.

Let's go.
You may drink the water now.

this the mobile of the deceased girl.

- This is the last dialed number.
- Ok sir.

- Trace that number and inform Reddy.
- Ok sir.

Unavailable to take call right now.

What's wrong Reddy?
Why aren't they picking to call?


- What's this?
- The information about the number.

Its in the name of a person named Sathya.

It's a new SIM card. He has provided his
alternate number and an address too.

Sir, do you think the
address would be correct?

What do you think?

- You went to find it out. Right?
- Yes sir.

- Shouldn't you have
investigated thoroughly? - Sir!

- Aren't you too a police?
- Sir.


- Sir.
- Hey...

- Hey Reddy!
- Sorry sir.

Now, what did I say
that made you weep?

Sorry sir.

- Acting?
- No sir.

You are well trained in it!

Wipe off the tears and
continue your work.

Now come on. Move.

- Hello?
- Greeting madam.

- Can I speak to Mr. Sathya?
- And you are?

We are calling from the
mobile service company.

He has won an offer.

If you give us the address,
we shall come deliver it.

Sorry, not interested.

Madam, let me tell the
offer then you may decide.

3 costly Silk Sarees...

and 2 gold chains as gift.

For the ladies
in the house...

we will gift 2 sets
of gold girdle.

We will give you a coupon and
you just have to fill it.

She is giving it a
thought, Reddy!

"No. 6, Riverview road,
Kotturpuram, Chennai - 85."

Thank you madam.

Got the address.

- Reddy.
- Sir?

Give an offer and any women
will blurt out their address.

- Indeed sir.
- Come on.

In Besant Nagar, a married woman
residing in an apartment building...

slipped off the 12th floor.

The residents living there
are shocked by the incident.

The police is still investigating
if this is a murder or suicide.

It is said that the answers given by the
husband of the deceased shocked the police.

He said that his wife was mentally
unstable for past few months and...

she was undergoing a treatment for it.

Greetings sir.

Babu Khan...

I'll pay you later.

May I come in?

Tell me.

Once in every two
year I visit Hajj.

I've never felt any
difference between religions.

But... no god forgives if
one has sinned.

I've done many mistakes...

like smuggling drugs etc.

But I was never responsible
for anyone's death.

Just because I hid a
truth from you...

I never expected it
will lead to a death.

Why are you telling me all these?

Remember you showed me
a photo the other day?

If I had told you the
truth back them...

then Swetha madam would
have been alive today!

How do you know Swetha?

Apart from that...

I know many more stuffs.

I swear on Allah.

I'm not hiding any truth.

I did see that child
the other day.

I saw.

Greetings brother.

Call me after you deliver
it at the Chittor border.


Your money.

What do you want us to
do with the girl now.

I asked you to come at 2 O' clock!

You are early.

Take her inside.

That's when I saw her.


the kid?

Don't you open your
mouth about this!

Poor Swetha madam.

Many a time...

she kept visiting
the police station.

My friend told me.

Daughter's lost.

The police too didn't help.

Gautham lied.

So many have betrayed her!

Everyone looked at her
as if she was a retard!

Damn it!

Even I didn't believe her.

Why didn't you say
it the other day?

I was afraid of getting killed.

Then why say it today?

A life is lost because of me.

So Riya...

- is alive?
- I don't know sir.

I never saw her after.

Bobby knows.

Whom are you calling?


Switched off!


I know where we can find Bobby.

We must nab him at any cost.

We must!

Who is he?

Vasanth Menon.

They must have mistaken him
for me and killed him.

Before they find out who I am...

we must find Bobby's hide out.
Come on.

Please come sir.


You have murdered the wrong person!

Hello, sister...

Sathya the police
are here at home.

Didn't I message the other day itself that
it was not him I met in the coffee shop?

They are inquiring about you.


Is this how you execute your plan?

They are talking about some suicide
or murder. Something like that.

- Hang up. I'll come.
- I'll come there.

Come on. Move!

Police has reached Ram's
sister, Hema's house.

What are you saying?

I'm sure there is something
big in this issue.


trying to hide some truth!

Without Bobby we
can't get any lead.

Babu Khan...

please nab Bobby for me.

Ok sir.

What are you doing here?

I came to tell you a secret.


I know who killed your brother.

Stay inside.

Get out of here
before I kill you.



Bobby killed your brother.

Tell me, I'm at Kotturpuram.


What happened?

Are you Sathya?


Reddy do you have a matchbox?

I've got lighter.

Before committing suicide
Swetha had called you up.


Your SIM card's address
proof is this but...

you are staying in a hotel.


I am asking you!

Why did she call you repeatedly?

Are you her boyfriend?

Secret one or...

you guys are open about it?

Does Gautham know this?

How is that you maintain
things without getting caught?

- Reddy.
- Sir?

Why aren't we so lucky?

We can but not with
such a serious face.

- Yes sir.
- We must look like him.

There are 2 types in this.

One is either be a reacher or...

be a settler with whatever comes.

So what are you?

Reacher or a settler?


Did you guys...?


Look here!

In order to wrap up this case...

don't you talk rubbish about her.


you know what I need?

- Reddy!
- Sir.

Reddy! Reddy! Reddy!

It's him.

It's indeed him!

Come on. Let's continue this
discussion at the police station.

Take your hands off!

Is Bobby there inside?

Why is Babu Khan here?

Bobby wants him to come.


Hey! Police! Police! Police!

I told you not to see me here.

I'm hiding.


what the...
Babu Khan doing here?

Why did you kill my brother?


Why did you kill Olha?

What are you talking about?


What the hell?

I just told him a teeny tiny lie.

He fell for it.

When I look at you now...

I feel like bursting out with laughter.

But I won't laugh.

Do you know why?

If I laugh, he will find
out that I was lying.

He is lying.
This guy is lying man!

- Don't believe him.
- No! I am not lying.

See, I tell the truth
and he stares me like an angry bird!

He is very emotional
about his brother!

That sentiment is what
made him fell for my lie.

He won't rest until he takes
revenge on you. You game is over.

It's your game that
is going to get over.

- Wait and watch.
- See?

He killed you brother in a brutal way.

He is lying man!

This guy is lying man!

Murdered him brutally,
like in a Tarantino movie!

I didn't kill you brother.

My brother died badly?

You die worse!

- Don't shoot.
- Please don't shoot!

- I didn't kill you brother. Calm down.
- Beat him but don't shoot!

I didn't kill your brother. Listen!

I didn't do that! I didn't do that!

If allowed you would've
finished me off too.

How dare you?!

Why did Swetha call you?

Madam, looks like he won't reply.

How about shock treatment?

That machine has been
idle for long.


Where are you from?
Why are you staying in a hotel.

What's the link between you and Swetha?


What was the fourth
question Reddy?

Well, when she slipped off...

Where were you when Swetha
slipped of the balcony?

When her daughter was kidnapped...

where were you?


I was having a frozen yoghurt.

It was bit sour but
still it tasted good.

I am the one suppose
to ask questions.

You just give me the answers!

Why do you keep repeating that
her daughter has been kidnapped?

She was mentally unstable.

Reports claim that she
is mentally unstable.

Are you sure that she
was mentally unstable?

Did you witness?

Have you met her in person?

So, in order to act this way...

how much bribe did you accept?


- Reddy.
- Sir...

Why does he keep standing up?

If he sits, he would still be taller.

Looks like he wants to
exhibit his height!

Tell him that I hate such activities.

Sorry sir.

Why did you apologize now?

Do you want to hit?

Hit me.

- Hey!
- Chowdhary!


They are testing your patience.

This is an investigation
method to bring the truth out.

He is like that.

We are trying our best to find the
reason behind Swetha's death.

We need your help.

It's been 2 months since
that kid went missing.

And why are you
suddenly bothered now?

It's been a month since
that case is closed.

There is no proof that
there is such a girl.

And Swetha had some issues.

So he bought you out too?

How much did he pay you?

10 million?

- I mean Gautham!
- Sathya...

you are being emotional.

I am talking about the reality.

Investigation took place as planned.

But there is no proof that
she has such a daughter.

The girl is true.

What if I prove it?

It's stinking!

He is alive!

- He is alive Reddy.
- Ok sir.

Who is he?


Gautham's brother.

As of now, Riya's whereabouts...

is only known to him.

We can't arrest him
without any evidence.

This is the drug he smuggles.

Only a little is here.

Rest is running in his body.

Is this evidence enough?

Or do you want a selfie
of him with the drugs?

Let's arrest him. (7.4.18)

Can he see us?


If you are blank,
find and let me know.

I mean, he can't see anything
but blank from inside.

Because he won't say the
truth if he sees us.

He is a bit dangerous too.

Where is Riya?

She is not here.

Did you check your pockets?

Intoxicated mongrel!

Tell me, where is the child?

- Give me a joint and I'll tell you.
- Oh!

Demanding drugs to a cop?

Rest assured, you'll get it.

Look here.
If you answer me...

I'll give you the required protection.

I'll ensure your safety.

Tell me where is Riya?

I'll tell the truth.

- Good.
- I'll tell you

Tell me.

Touch any one of them.

Please sir.

- He is thrashing him!
- Allow us to do our duty!

How dare you mock
a police officer?

You can merely mock at me.

I can mock at you...

as well as I can finish
you off in anger!


- No madam!
- Ask him now.

Please take the gun away.

- Tell us the truth.
- Don't shoot.

- Don't shoot.
- Where is Riya?

Please, move this gun away.

- Please.
- Speak!

Don't shoot.

This won't workout madam.

Let's try the shock treatment.

Chowdhary will you shut up?

Madam, do not move. Stand still.


- Sir! No!
- He is having a gun!

- Sir! Leave me!
- Sir!

Even without pressing
charges on me...

Listen to me.

Are you guys trying
to finish me off?

No! Bobby.

No! Damn!

- Listen!
- No!

- Leave me please!
- Put the gun down!


Bobby listen to me!
Put the gun down.


Listen to her Bobby.
I won't do anything.

- Place the gun down.
- Damn! No!

Bobby! You better listen!

Sir no! Anything
could happen inside.

If you guys don't let me out...

I'll shoot all of you.


Listen Bobby.
You are committing a blunder.

- Put the gun down.
- Don't do anything crazy.

Calm down.


Madam, are you ok?

Madam, let's go to a hospital.

We have already informed.

Don't worry.

The bullet just brushed me.

the wound looks serious madam.

stop worrying.

This ain't a lock up death.

It was an act of self defense.

We have got evidence.

Send the body for autopsy.

Yes ma'am.


Swetha's death is
still a mystery.

The reason why Bobby was
hiding too is still a mystery.

Even Gautham's statements
cannot be trusted.

In fact even Riya is a mystery.

But one thing is for sure...

if all our actions
turn out to be sin...

then I won't even
forgive myself.


I need to talk to you.

In person.

I'll be at my shop sir.
See you there.

See you madam.

Are you ok?


Are you ok?





in a failed quest to
find her daughter...

Swetha committed suicide.

Isn't it?

None of you care about it.

My husband.

Two years ago...

we met with a small accident
on our anniversary.

He died on the spot.


I do care.

But to fly down from
abroad, stay in a hotel,

and getting caught
by the police.

Nobody wishes for that.

Do you love her?

It's your life damn it!

Sathya my dad!

The absence of a loved one.

I can very well understand that.

He is dying slowly. It's his...

death wish.

Myself and Swetha
worked together.

I don't have the courage to refuse.

Nor do I have the
power to accept!

Sathya, I don't have anyone else
in this world other than my dad.

We planned to get married.

So, Gautham?

I too don't have anyone else in
this world except you Swetha.

In two days I am getting
married to Gautham.

I have to go.


Please don't go.

Good bye Sathya.


- I'm done with the chores.
- Fine.

Shall I take leave?


Excuse me.

- Drop Lakshmi at her home.
- Ok, madam.

- Near Mandaveli station.
- Ok madam.

- You may leave.
- Ok madam.


When Swetha asked me to
help her find Riya...

I couldn't refuse.

But after investigating, everyone
here has buried the truth!

Bobby, the school principal
and the Africans!

In fact...
even Gautham.

The fact that I believed them all,

that's what hurt
Swetha the most.


for a imaginary kid Swetha wouldn't commit
suicide. There is no need to do so.

What's the proof that
the girl exists.

There are height markings
of Riya in Swetha's house.

Even when everyone hid
the truth about Riya...

Swetha was able
to dig this out.

Bobby abducted Riya!

Now Bobby's dead!

Can you do me a favor?

The only person who know
about Riya now is Gautham.

I can find Gautham...


I can't trace out Riya's location.

My target...
is not Gautham.

It's Riya!

Can you...
arrest Gautham?

It's impossible to arrest
someone on the basis of doubt.

Strong evidence is required.

This must be dealt very carefully.

Give me few days time.

I'll take care of it.

I don't know why you asked
me to meet in person.

But one thing.

Even after being in
coma for 2 months...

if she can remember me, with
whom she broke up 4 years ago...

then how can she forget her kid, who
was kidnapped just 2 months before?

See you madam.


Who else knows
apart from Sathya?

Answer us!


Go check who is it.


Babu Khan.

I thought I would have to go all the
way to your hotel to catch you.

I had 100% kill record and you...

destroyed it!

Babu Khan!

Babu Khan!

Babu Khan, get up!

Babu Khan!

Come, let's take you
to the hospital.

Babu Khan!
Don't give up Babu Khan!

Babu Khan?

Babu Khan?

Babu Khan!


There is no proof that
such a girl exists.

Swetha was able
to dig this out.

The police were here.

We don't have a daughter.

Vasanth Menon.

I did see the kid the other day.

Now Bobby is dead!

- Sir, where are you headed to?
- I want to meet ACP.

She has gone out.

- To where?
- No idea.

Everyday she steps out at
this hour to somewhere.

Drop Lakshmi at her home.

Nearby Mandaveli station.

Sir, do you know where ACP's
maid servant Lakshmi resides?

I don't know.

Do you know Lakshmi?

I don't know sir.

- I don't know.
- I don't know.

I don't know.

- I don't know.
- I don't know.

- No.
- I don't know.

This address? I've no idea.

I don't know.

Why are you disturbing
at this odd hour. Sorry.

- I know no one with that name.
- I don't know.

Try the next street.

Sir do you know where
Lakshmi resides?

- The maid who works at
a police officer's house? - Yes.

That corner house.
You can find her there.

That one?

Where is ACP?

- The address?
- Mahabalipuram.

In the EC Road.

Come on Chowdhary, pick up!
Pick up!

She is my daughter!

Not that way!

Drop the gun Sathya.

Drop it.

Put it down now!


What did you do to Riya?

Where is Riya?

Don't shout.

She is asleep.

You might wake her up.

So I hope you
understood everything.

Riya is with me.

Will be with me!


As my daughter.

You are committing a blunder ACP!

There is nothing right or
wrong Sathya.

I like Riya.

I'll raise her.

Gautham didn't like her...

- he tried to kill her.
- What?!

You don't know right?

What happened was a kidnap.

Not a car robbery.

The money was in the trunk.

The child was in the car.

The plan was to kidnap
her and finish her off.

Wondering how
I know all about it?

I'll get it ready for you by 6.

I'm on my way.

I finished early.

You are two hours early.

Is that a problem?

You have three days time.

Let me know once you are done.

- And don't forget...
- Ok.

I've your passports.

What was that?




She hugged me and
addressed me as 'Mom.'

That's when I realized that the kid is...

No! No!

Don't shoot!
Don't shoot!

Remember, I told you that my
husband died in an accident?

He was not the only
one to die that day.

I was seven months pregnant.
Even my kid died.


I was left with no
happiness at all.


Renu? Reshma?


But look...

the moment I held Riya, she
hugged me and called out 'Mom.'



Just when I thought that
I would never be a mother...

a child called out to me as 'Mom.'

When those words
fell in my ears...

I couldn't imagine
giving up Riya.

That's when I made up my mind.

That Riya will be
with me here after.

I'll go to any extent for Riya.

I'll kill any one!

Riya is my child hereafter.

Your child?

Did you give birth to her?

I saved her!

But at the cost
of Swetha's life!


Poor woman, she is coma...

and she is desperate to find her child.
Do you expect to me sympathize?

When you can never understand
a mother's pain...

then how can you be a
good mother to her?

You can't bend the truth ACP!

It can be hidden.

In fact...
it can be erased.


What is your demand?

I want Riya!

Gautham helped me.

First, he erased off every thing
related to Riya without even a trace.

He forgot the height marks.

He bribed the school principal.

To all his friends, family and neighbors,
he narrated a story I scripted.

- He earned their trust.
- Swetha is in coma.

When she regains her conscious...

and finds out Riya is no more...

she won't be able to handle it.

So I've planned to do something.

Even doctors and police...

say that this is for the best.

I am going to tell her that
we never had a daughter.

- I think this is not a good idea.
- I think this is not a good idea.

- Gautam.
- Do you have a better idea?

Please tell me.

Whatever, you must
appreciate my plan Sathya.

More than killing someone...

it is very difficult to
erase off their identity.

Finishing of foreigners...

will cost a bit more.

I finished of the Nigerians.

I erased off the CCTV footage from
the house opposite to the school.

Then the FIR...

- Close this investigation.
- Ok ma'am.

Time waste.

I finished off every
obstacle that came my way.

I did it very carefully.

Take the gun.

In a systematic manner.

I did everything I felt
was necessary for myself.

Clean sweep.

Actually, when Swetha
was in coma...

I wanted to kill her.

But Gautham wanted her to live.

Where is Riya?

Who is Riya?

Who is it Swetha?

Gautham, where is Riya?!

Where is Riya?

He wanted to her to die every
second as she continued to live.

There must be a doll here.

We had hanged Riya's
photos all over here.

This was Riya's photo.

Where is Riya?

What are you blabbering?

Our daughter...

- She used to play right here.
- Where?

- Our daughter! Riya!
- No Swetha.

- We don't have a daughter.
- Where is my daughter?

She turned retard in
pursuit of her child.

- No we didn't see any such kid.
- Do you have a child madam?

She used to play with them.

Stop searching for a daughter that
doesn't exist. It's embarrassing.

Am I the one lying?

I do have a daughter!

You don't need police.

A psychiatrist.
Please do go for a checkup.

The way she suffered and
how long she used to cry,

Gautham keeps me posted
everyday and enjoys it.


He is not the sadist.

It's you.

Won't you just settle down?

Even as the death stares,
you keep finding faults?

Don't shout!

She is asleep.

You might wake her up.

Now what?

Why are you panicking?

Afraid! Aren't you?

Do you know what's your weakness?

You realize what you've
done is a mistake.

Check it out...

I just asked you one question...

and you just provided all
the necessary evidences.

I am not afraid anymore Sathya.

You are my last sacrifice.


- What is it?
- Gau...


why did he want to kill Riya?

Because Riya isn't
Gautham's daughter.

Good bye Sathya.




Sathya, look here.

14 years imprisonment guaranteed.

But I striving hard
to get you hanged.

How could you even think about
murdering a 3 year old?

How cheap?!

How could you be so cruel?


Swetha's reports are clear.


it's your reports that are...

- Sorry sir. You are impotent.
- What?

Forget about having a
second child, Gautham.

You will never be able
to father a child.

I already have a daughter.

- She is sitting there outside.
- She can't be your child Gautham.

Riya isn't my daughter.

She was born to some
other guy and Swetha!

Do you know why did Swetha
want you to look for Riya?

If not you then who
else can I ask?



Sathya where are you going?

Sathya wait.

Good bye Sathya.


Please don't leave me Swetha.

Please don't leave me Swetha.


I love you.

Are you ready to meet?

She is my daughter.


We plan something...


fate guides us by our hand,
towards a different direction.

What happens when?

Why it happens?
Nobody has the answer.

She called me.

Why did she call?

I came here without knowing
why she called me.

In this world where
I am lonely,

she has left me a relationship.

I couldn't believe my eyes!

Who are you?

In such a big city...
I found my own child.