Satellite Shankar (2019) - full transcript

The extraordinary journey of a soldier that brought a nation together. It stars Sooraj Pancholi and Megha Akash in the lead roles and is directed by Irfan Kamal.

Anwar, what are you doing?
Stop it.

Stop that radio.

I told you to just stop it, Anwar.

The Subedar is going
on leave tomorrow.

It's his sister's wedding.
I thought I'd put on a song

and lift your mood.
- Nice.

What can you do, buddy?

I am going home on a holiday.

But there is no excitement
as I used to feel.

My family has ruined my mood
by their constant tiffs.

Mother doesn't call.

I wonder what's going on.

Nobody understands
an army man's issues.

They don't get it.
He comes and goes.

The family doesn't get it.

You're absolutely right, sir.
- Shut up.

Why are you so disappointed,
Jeetu Singh?

Can't help it, Commander.

You're going for your sister's
wedding. - I don't want to.

Where's Satellite?

- Hey, Satellite!


I can hear you, sir.

I'll get the job done.
- He's here.

All set! No tension.

All ready?
- Yes.

Welcome to 42nd Company Lotus

and all my army brothers.

Clap for me, guys.

Where can I take you all today?

You tell us, where are we going?

To our officer's lovely

- Correct.

Wagah! Where to?
- Wagah!

Do you see that?

Sugarcane fields
and that's not all.

Sugarcane fields spread
in miles. Can you see?

How do you find these fields?

Very nice.
- These are the fields in which

the officer ran to prepare
to get into the army.

So right.
- Hey, you.

The most beautiful house in Wagah
is decked like a bride today.

All the joy in the world
is in that house.

There is a wedding in the offing.
Something must happen.

Do you hear the drums play?

Introduce us to your family now.

Let's go, boys!



Here you are, my friend.


She is the best!
My sister-in-law.

She is the mastermind
in this house.

She is the one
who married my brother.

And this one is
your sister-in-law.

She is my wife.

Sir, let's have a bout.

Okay, boy, let's go.

So happy!


Come on!
- You're good.

Look at this one!

What are you looking at?

You look gorgeous.

Let me not jinx you. You were
so young, now you'll leave.

- Greetings.

This is so good!

Where is she?

Here she is!
How are you?

How are you, grandma?

Give me more.

Alpha seeking 112.
Commander, Lotus Post.

Over! Alpha seeking 112.

Alpha seeking 112.
Commander Lotus Post. Over!

Commander Lotus post
online, sir. - Commander.

In light of growing enemy
aggression in the valley,

all the pre-approved leaves stand
cancelled until further review.

Sir, I have sent 3 leave
applications from my company.

If you could only consider
Subedar Jeetu Singh,

it would be good, sir.

It's the army, Commander. Sorry.

And there's a definite info of
aggression on Lotus post tonight.

So, deploy men accordingly. Over!

Lotus, 185, noted, sir.
- Over and out.

We hammer away all year long.

You could have stayed out!
My sister's wedding is 2 days away.

Why did you have to do this?

Sir, this isn't happening.

Let's burn them down.

Be careful!

Lotus 185 has to patrol
more. We will stay on posts.

I can't leave more than
2 riflemen at 74.

- Yes, sir.

- Yes, sir.

Can you manage this?
- Yes, sir.

It's a nearby post. It'll take
about 5 hours. - Don't worry, sir.

We will punch them
if they do any mischief.

Tiger 42.

Let's go.
- Yes!

The captain said, there were
3 leave applications from our unit.

One was Jeetu sir,
one was me, who was the third?

- You?

Yes. Why do you need leave?

I don't have a wife.

But I do have a mother.
- A mother handles every brother!

Right, you're missing
your wife.

My brother miss me more
than she misses me.

There's no one here. Listen...
- Here, it's on.

There's no movement to be
seen on the other side.

I think, either this post
of theirs is vacant

or the boys are good for nothing.

Yes, sir. I'll check
and update you.

Keep a back-up ready.
If my guess is right,

our flag will be waved at their
post at the crack of dawn.

They are up to no good.

Let's watch out. Go ahead.

Hey, you fools!

You didn't let me even eat.
You started as soon as I came.

No, friend. They might be
in a hurry to go to Allah.

No, it seems they are too hungry.

Come on, everyone.

Careful, Sajan.

Watch out!

What's that?


What the heck?

Oh, God!

The one who speaks
His name is blessed.


Are you okay?

Sir, at 114, there was firing
from both the sides.

We killed about seven to eight
soldiers of theirs.

But`I regret to inform,
we lost 4 men too.

You told me that the post was
vacant. - I was wrong, sir.

We were 14 and they were
a minimum of 30,

But if we count the corpses,

the victory is ours.
- Jackpot!

Keep achieving such feats.
Good job!

Let's get to work.
Just keep me updated. Thank you.

Jai Hind, sir.

Anwar got hit by a bullet.

Shankar has got some
injuries on the lower end. - Oh!

At ease.

Well done, my boys. You have
made not only your battalion

but also the armed forces so
very proud. -Thank you, sir.

How are you, Anwar?
How are you doing? - Fine, sir.

Sir, the bullet hit me on the
rebound. Not much damage.

I was merely assisting.

Satellite Shankar
did it all.

I heard.
- Sir.

How are you doing, naughty
boy? - Very fit, sir. Thanks.

Tell me someting, which satellite

lets you catch all kinds of
languages? - I don't, sir.

I catch on to the feelings.

The correct feelings
make you ignore the language.

If you ask anyone in Rajputana
about the KPG rifle group

they will tell you how
great a cook he was.

A Tamilian who could cook Pan
Indian food better than the natives.

He was my dad.
- Okay.

He was under the command
of Sardar Gurubaksh Singh.

He was such a fan, he married
his daughter to him.

- The Punjabi lady is my mom.

He was in Nagaland
when I was born and then

the north, the south, east,
west. I grew up all over India.

So my country is in my blood
since childhood.

So proud to have you
boys in my battalion.

By the way, the doctor
recommends 8 days of rest.

8 days? I don't want it.

I am hurt, but I'm fit.

- Yes.

- Take it easy. - Sir.

Sir, I'm fit.
- Sit.


I need men, but I won't drag
my injured soldiers to battle.

Rest here for 8 days. I will meet
you at the base, Monday morning.

Sir. A request, sir.
- Yes.

Sir, I want to go home.
I just have to rest.

I can do it here
or on a train seat.

I must do something important
at home. - Where's home?

Right here. Pollachi.
- It's Tamil Nadu-Kerala border.

It will take 3 days to get there.
- 3 to go, 3 to return.

It's half a day's work. I will be
back on the 8th day, and the base.

What is so important
you must go for half a day?

My mom lives alone.
So the fact is

she watches TV all day.

So, she has a film on her eyes.
- Cataract.

Yes, sir. The doctor said
she needs surgery.

I promised to get it done
in the next holiday. If I don't...

She may go blind.
- Sit, Shankar.

Other soldiers have people
at home, who are sick.

They have marriages, kids'
being born. I canceled all leaves.

No, you said, 8 days, so...

I thought of it.
As you wish.

I understand.
As you wish, sir.

It's up to you.

Rifleman KPJ Shankar.
- Sir.

I want you in action at base
next Monday, 29th morning.

Yes, sir.
- I want a soldier's promise.

Sir, I will be at base on Monday
the 29th. Soldier's promise.

Are you sure?
- Yes.

Take your travel pass
from my office.

All the best.

- I got it.

Okay, buddy. It's the same
thing, which of us goes.

I am glad, someone's going
to be at my sister's wedding.

I won't go, my gifts
will get there.

- You're going, right? Take this.

I put in Kartar's number.
Call him when you get on the train.

Okay. - He will come for you
at Ludhiana.

- Hold this.

It's a Pashmina shawl
from Srinagar.

Okay? It's not got a name on it.
Tell her to choose one she likes.

This sari is for Chani.

A rum bottle for my big
brother. Take it.

Watch it.

Put it in.
- Shankar.

A token for Mahesh Mane's

It's been here for 6 months.
Take it.

Call Major Deshmukh
at Chandrapur

station. He'll get
you to Maheshgarh.


Get my papers from your locker.
- Yes.

I took your numbers.
- Explain the situation.

But don't mention
the bullet.

- Stop it already.

I have no space for a shaving
kit. - Mail from your house.

The yellow chit!
The boy's getting married.

Get lost, boy.
- Shankar. Transport is here.

Is it here?
- Yes. - Hurry.

Boy, what's your seat number?
- Uncle...

32 is mine. - Impossible.
- There's no problem.

You may sit here comfortably.

Hello, mom?
- So found time to call me?

Are you watching TV?

Don't go after my TV
viewing, okay?

Did you eat?
- Yes.

Mom, who all have you given
my base address to? - Why?

Who is P. Thangamani?
It's a reference from aunt.

His daughter is learning
nursing in Bangalore.

Your aunt said, their daughter
is ideal for you.

I sent the photo on Whatsapp.
Do you like it? - What is that?

It's a stamp sized photo.
- They are conservative Tamilians.

You're lucky you got
a photo. Your aunt said,

she sent you her digits.
She wants you to speak to her.

I won't speak to her.
- Okay, don't say that.

Her pride is at stake. She is
from your aunt's in laws' village.

Are you in train?

What? No, mom.
What are you saying?

You're coming home!

You're coming home, right? - I find
no time to call, how can I come?

Okay, I will call you back later.

What did he say?
- Mom...

I think he is coming home.

It's not a mistake.
They got on this train by mistake.

You were on the other train.

You got into a train for the South.

This goes to Kanyakumari.
- It does?

What can we do?
- The Shalda train is following.

It stops at Kathua. Get down
there and take it. That's all.

You will have to change the train.
- We've to change. - No problem.

How many luggages do you
have? - Two there. - Four.

What will we do?

Where is the Syalda train?
- Platform 2, hurry. It's leaving.

There it is. Number two.
- Okay. I got it.

Move. You cannot carry one bag.

And you're trying to carry two.

What are you doing?
Hurry, please.

Uncle, walk faster.
- Yes. Come.

- Come on, aunt.

Bengalis always help each other.
- No, I'm not one.

I speak Bengali well.
I am an Indian.

- Good.

What happened? Missed the train?

It's okay, take a taxi to Pathankot.

You'll reach fast by road.
The train halts at the platform.

You'll get it.
Get going.

Rs. 2,000.
- Rs. 2,000?

Just to go to Pathankot?
- Take it or leave it. Fixed rate.

Thank you, boss.
- Thank you.

Such random folks.
- Sir, Pathankot.

Is this yours?
- Excuse me.

You're going to Pathankot station?
Let's share a cab.

He's asking for too much.

That's why I said, let's split.
Come on, we'll share.

Rs. 500 is too much for a soldier.
I have a long way to go.

Thank you, you go.
I'll manage it. - Okay.

I'll pay, just come with me.

All of it?
- Yes, I don't want to go alone.

Do you mind? Let's go.
Come, please.

Sir, you take advantage of
people's helplessness

outside the station.
It's bad.

I clear things up so
we don't have issues later.

Rs. 2,000 is the rate for
cabs. It will cost Rs. 4,000.

Rs. 4,000.
- Yes. - Drop me here.

One moment. Wait.
- He said Rs. 2,000.

Will you pay, anyway?
Sit. - No.

Get in. I'm back. I had a train
reservation from Kathua, right?

But covering the story
took so long, I missed my train.

And I am going crazy trying to
catch it from Pathankot station.

I hired a taxi from here.
From here

to Pathankot is only 28 kms.

Listen to this taxi driver
about the fare he's expecting.

Yes, sir, look here. So...
- Yes.

How much do you want to
go to Pathankot? - I told you.

Shut the camera.
- Do you see that attitude?

His name is Ravindra
Singh, JKHCM.

513492. He drives a Dzire.
- Stop!

He is part of the taxi mafia

which stands outside stations
taking advantage of folks. - Ma'am.

Shut this, or I'll stop the car.
- What will you do?

Let me see you stop it!
Your license

will get canceled, today.
Or I'm not Meera Bakshi.

Come here. - Do you know,
everybody is watching?

Any tourists who come now, will
slap you before taking your cab.

Sorry. Pay me what you want.

It's Rs. 21 per km.
How much is that for 28 kms?

Rs. 588. I'll pay Rs. 600.

- Okay.

I'll be there in some time.

- Hello, Pramila?

Yes, who is speaking?
- My name is Shankar KPJ.

My aunt, Ms Kannan gave
me your number. - Oh! Hi.

You can speak in Hindi, right?
- No problem.

- I am in the college canteen.

The girls gossip about
random things.

What are you studying
in Bangalore? - I'll be back.

In Cunnoor. I study microbiology.

Micro? What?
- Microbiology.

We study micro organisms.

Unicellular, multicellular,
all of them.

Have you heard of Pathology
and all that?

No. Why? - It's a part of micro
biology and it's interesting.

I want to join the college
and start studying.

Okay, it's interesting in
the context of nursing.

I got what you said.

It reminded me of
my old friend, Shreedhar.

He says the most
interesting things, like you.

Let me have him speak
to you.

You will get along
with him.

I don't get what you mean.

Speak to Shreedhar once,
you will get it.

Okay, so if my aunt calls,

please tell her, I called you.
- Okay, bye.

Thank you.

I'm the national villain, now.
As if I'm robbing the country.

What about those who rob us?

RTO, the police, union guys,
local goons.

Nobody scolds them,
but they go after us.

- Friends.

Friends! A taxi driver
from Jammu

Ravinder, if your sister,

or someone dear to you
were in her place,

would you still want
to rob her?

If this is your country,

the other Indians
are your family, right?

Answer me, friends!
Are they your family?

Or not?
- Not bad, dude.

That was bad enough.
Why did you have to

treat me to a friend's
speech? - Listen to him.

How much, ma'am?
- No, it's okay.

Are you sure?
- It's okay, don't worry.

Okay, I'm Shankar.
- Right. Meera.

Hello, excuse me!
Do you mind? Please?

Which coach are you in?
- S-4 32.

- A 116.

Where are you going?
- It's on platform 2.

Are you on the Hyderabad train?
- Yes.

Yes. Which one are you on?
- Tamil Nadu.

Okay. Okay.

Let me drop you.
- Are you sure? Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!
Oh, no! Wait.

My tote bag is in that taxi.

I'm going to lose my train.
- That's okay. - I'm sorry.

Sir, ma'am's bag. Give it
or she'll accuse me of theft.

Go to platform 2.
- Where is that?

Where is number 2, sir?

Sir! Thank you!

How can someone miss the
same train twice in the same day?

Shame on you, Shankar.

Shankar, I left.

I will get to Phillaur before
you. - No, I missed the train.

What? You missed it?
- Okay, do something for me.

Get to Phillaur and get my bag
from under the seat.

It's got my name on it.
It's in S/4 32. - Okay.

I'll whatsapp my location. I will
meet you in there. - Okay.

'All the joy in the world
will be in this house.'

'A happily joyful house.'

'My family has been ruining
my buzz, by fighting.'

'Why doesn't mom call?
What's going on at home?'

I spoke to Arora, who runs
transport all over India.

He said, your best option
is Agra.

You can get many trains
from there to the south. Okay?

Yes, that's fine, but...

Why is the house so

Everyone wanted Jeetu
to arrive.

We are sad
since he's not here.

Where is grandma? Sir
sent a special message for her.

She is unwell.
- Can I meet her?

She hasn't spoken to
sir in a month.

Grandma died,
and aunt's wedding is off.

She has been in bed
for 1 month. She used to move.

But now she is comatose.

Jeetu would be shattered
to know this.

That's why, we are hiding it.

Shankar, I'm Kartar.

This is your bag.
- Thank you.

Grandma would be fine
if he got here.

She was crazy about him.

Come, I'll show you.


Grandma! Jeetu called.

He asked about you.
Jeetu called.

See? The name made
her move.

If she heard his voice,
she'd get up.

Bring him here from
the border, so she can live.

Is that all? With a satellite

you can be near anyone.
Even Jeetu.

Hello, grandma!

Won't you welcome
the soldier?

I came 400 miles
away for you to smile at me.

Smile at me, brother.

This is pure army issue.

We will share it
tonight. What do you think?


Hello! The one who keeps
it all together.

- My dear son.

Here you are. A Pashmina
shawl for you. - For me?

You can give it to anyone
you want. Okay? - Yes.

Hey, is that you?

Little one!

I swear you look lovely.

My little lioness!
My sweet poppet.

Where did you come
to and where are you going?


Are you happy?
I'm here!

I'll make it okay.
See what I got you.

Kartar! My dear boy.

Come and hug me.
- Jeetu!

Let's arm wrestle.
- I'll defeat you.

Jeetu, I will beat you.
- Come on, get with it.

Let's go for it.

Grandma, I beat Jeetu!

Grandma, I beat Jeetu!

It's motherland!

My motherland!

Why are you in bed?
Your daughter is getting married.

What's going on? See what
I got. Take what you want.


You will crib
I didn't get anything.

I got back home. I've not
spoken to you in a month.

Motherland, I'm hungry
so feed me.

Let it go. Give me
some curds.

- My son.

My son.

You're back!

Okay, brother.
- It's okay. Take care of her.

- Thank you so much!

Why are you so happy?
- I'm set for life.

What a hot girl
you introduced me to!

Who are you talking about?
- Pramila! From Cunnoor.

You gave me her number.
If she's set, forget the rest.

Are you nuts? Did you
see her photo?

The kind you get in the papers.
Child kidnapper from Madurai.

She looks like that.
- Check out her Instagram.

I sent you a link
to her account.

I'm sure, everyone looks bad
in a stamp size photo.

If you're not interested
in Pramila, it's okay. Bye.

- Hey, listen!

He is a bad compounder.

My friend has lost it.


Hello, Pramila?
Hi, Shankar here.


Nothing, just calling
about the marriage proposal.

I guess, Shreedhar contacted
you. - Yes.

I can't speak to you.
Sorry. - Sorry?


She hung up.

'The train arriving...'

Don't buzz in.
- Sir, it's 12124.

When will it go?
- Let's move.

What is this?

Why are you crowded here?
Get back!

Quiet. - They're right.
You got into the wrong place.

Go there. Tell me something.
Why did you go there to rot?

That's our burden to bear.
You get free groceries.

You get booze
and if you get shot,

you get compensation.
Footwear, abuses, suspension.

That's all for us. This way.
- Where's the train to Pollachi?

Pollachi. Which division of
the railway is that?

That's the issue with the country.
No one focusses on the railway.

Everyone here is struggling.

It's in Palakkad division.
- Okay, sir.

You can't get a train here.
This is Agra Cantt. - Yes.

You need to go to Agra
Fort. You have 15 minutes.

Is it far from here?

Do you see these tracks?

Follow them and get there
in 5 minutes. It's illegal.

Or, it's 5.5 kms.

Praise the Lord.
Let's go. - So, sir...

It's not easy to help everybody
and you are doing it.

The soldiers are beloved
and so are you.

They love your railway.
I am a fan of yours!

See you. Jai Hind.

Uncle. Which way to Agra Fort?

Which train do you want?
- To Palakkad. Comes in 15 minutes.

Yes, the signal turned green. It's
up. Last train to the south today.

Get on it at once. Yes.
- What happened? An accident?

The crossing gate was open.

The train went over some cars.
It brought down light poles.

The pieces are all over the place.

Let it go. It happens.
Get on your train.

There it comes. Run.

I'm trying to go near the bus
that collided with the train.

No one is coming forward to help.

The train got signal and it's gone.

There's lot of smoke here, I have
to see what's going on inside.

Oh, my God!

Driver is badly injured.

Oh my God! Guys, there are
some 20-25 people here.

Please, if any of you is watching,

please help. There are kids here
as well. - Guys.

Did you see what happened?
- What is it?

A bus is hit by a train
and people are stuck inside it.

Looks like, this is a bomb.

- Help!

It tumbled again!
We need to do something.

The bus is again on the track.
Move! Get aside.

There's short circuit.
- A tain is approaching.

Call and get the train stopped.
- Please! It's ringing.

No one is answering.

- What's going on there?

My family is in that bus.

I will get him back.
- Promise?

Soldier's promise.

Yes, tell me. - I was in a
lecture, so I disconnected.

Anything important?
- Yes, no. I mean...

I was too quick.
- You know what it means

to suggest another guy. It means,
you're not interested in me.

Who told you that?
- Never mind.

I understand everything.
- It's not like that.

Don't waste your life over a
soldier. Our lives are not secure.

I was on leave. I should be
on a train to Pollachi.

But I am in the streets
of UP, Agra. - Why?

I guess, that's army life.

Fight and keep fighting. - The
world is a battlefield, Shankar.

There are battles all around.
Which battle are you

involved in, depends on you.
It's that simple.

You're so bright,
sharp and smart.

Why waste your life
over a soldier like me?

Shankar, listen...
- Pramila.

I only have 5 percent battery and
I must make an important call.

Thank you for your
nice words.

Shankar, Johnny here.
You did so well in Punjab.

The Subedar told everyone,
you're a magician.

Johnny, let me speak
to Anwar.

I have no battery, I
must talk to him. - Okay.

Yes, brother. Where are you?
Did you catch the train?

No train, only pain. I'm in
Agra, leaving for Pollachi.

I have no time for going
to Itarsi. - Really?

If you go to Gwalior,
Itarsi is closeby.

Okay, fine. I'll tell the family.
- Sure, you do that.

I know you'll think,
I'm preening I'm on leave.

I promised but am breaking my word,
but... - No one said anything.

Just get back on time
or sir will abuse the unit.

I am really very sorry. I missed
2 days, as I was doing chores.

Just go to Pollachi, man.

'Itarsi is close to Gwalior.'
- Now what?

How did the train get a signal
to pass by after the accident?

The railway rescue team
should have been there. - Yes.

People were stuck for an
hour or so.

Tell us, who was the hero
who saved everybody?

Ma'am, every channel is
playing this video!

Your video is breaking
the internet right now.

People are asking who saved
you and the others.

Did you see him?

Last thing I remember is falling
on the bus, bringing it down.

I saw him. He was a soldier
and he saved my dad.

I know his name,
it was on his bag.

Satellite Shankar.

He's right. Thank you so much!

Can we go live,
right? Okay.

Ready, ma'am.
- Hi, guys.

I am certain all of you want to
know who is this unfortunate

train accident's actual

Let me be the first to tell you
the real hero of the tragedy

is an Indian soldier
named Satellite Shankar.

Trust me, I have met him
and very good

I promise you I will
have you meet him too.

So, all I ask is you
stay tuned, since this story

is far from being over.
- Are you serious?

A guy called Satellite Shankar?

A child said something random
and you announced it. - Come.

It's not the kid.
It's this bag.

How did it get back to me?
It was left with me in Pathankot.

He saved all of us.

I don't know where he is
but I will find him.

I am going to return
the favour

by making him the biggest hero
this country has ever seen.

Hero of the Agra tain tragedy

is an Indian soldier
named Satellite Shankar.

You may find this very dramatic
and unrealistic, but...

Until I see it, I won't believe it.

She is cooking up stories.
Shankar Satellite, she says!

What is she talking?
Who is this Satellite?

It seems fake to me.
- Is this real?

Let's have a bet.
- Of 100 rupees.

Do you believe in stories
that come on whatsapp?

All this... Do you really believe,
someone of this name can exist?

Uncle, where is the house
of Anwar, the soldier?

That way.
- That way. - Yes.

Satellite Shankar!

Mom, Satellite Shankar is here.

It's you!
Come in.

How are you? - Anwar said,
you missed the train.

Then he said, you're going home.
- I was, but thought I'd meet you.

Let me see my dad
through the satellite phone.- Wait.

Let him sit.
- Please!

Don't hassle mom.
- He saw your videos on his mobile.

He knows you. Was it easy
to find the house? - Yes.

Mom! Shankar is here
from the unit. - It's okay, son.

Satellite Shankar?
Sit. - Yes.

Anwar is calling every day,
lately. - He is at the base.

So, he gets time.
- All well? - Yes, just...

He sent some papers.

Papers? What are they for?

So, you're Shankar? We went
to the train to meet you.

He called and we thought
he'd given us the slip.

What do you mean?
- What he's done since 2 years.

'I can't get leave.' Why can't he?
Is there war in Kashmir?

He sent papers asking me to
hand it to you or Mr Tahir.

Thank you.

What is that about?
- Nothing, the lawyer asked for it.

It's for his signatures.
- He's taking our land.

We have to pay off his debt.
- You better keep quiet.

Your brother brought the scheme
for the farming project.

He may have, but you
both agreed to it.

What did Anwar know?
He's at the border.

So what? We aren't
at the custom's house.

The debt of Rs. 500,000 must
be paid off. - Shame on you!

The land is worth Rs. 5 million!
- Stop it.

Be quiet. I am speaking
to them.

You are brothers.
If you can't have some shame

at least, fear God.
He is risking his life

for the country.
He has a child.

Where will he go
if anything bad happens?

You're wrong, mother.
- She is right.

Where will our kids go?

This is too much.
- Why should we care?

Don't you understand...

What are you talking, mom?
- Sir...

You said, you're in a hurry.
If you want...

Brother, don't tell him...

You say anything.
- Is it?

What do you mean? I know where the
money can be arranged from. - Sir!

Okay, I forgot to give this.

Sorry. Letter from Anwar.
- What is this?

What language is it in?
- I wrote it in Tamil.

He told me, and I wrote
it. - Why did you write it?

He told me not to tell.
Let me read it.

Let's hear it. I bet he has
abused us. I know.

'Brothers, greetings. I can't
seem to get leave.'

'So, I'm getting this letter
written to you.'

'My mess in charge Joydeep gets
drenched in sweat while eating.'

'Just like you. He had a check
up and it turned out'

'he had high cholesterol.
I am worried about you.'

'Please, get your check up
done, as soon as possible.'

'Tahir, dye your hair,
for God's sake.'

'At the base, when I show
our photos, they ask'

'if you are my dad? You've
always been most handsome.'

'So, take care
and be happy, always.'

'Henna said, the land and
money is causing issues at home.'

'I don't get why. My brothers
got me new shoes.'

'They covered up
for my mistakes.'

'That is worth all the wealth
in the world.'

'I am facing enemies
at the border.'

'It's because I trust
in my brothers.'

'I got Shankar to write
this letter since last night'

'I took an enemy bullet in the
left shoulder last night.' - God!

'Don't worry. I'll heal
in a week or so.'

'But I wish, it had hit
me in the chest.'

'We would have enough money
to tide over the debts.'

'But still, if that is the case,
don't worry.'

'Send my son to
the orphanage at Nagpur.'

'And get Henna married again.'

'I have signed the papers
and sent them. If I live, '

'we will meet at home,
God willing.'

'Or in heaven.'

I knew he wasn't okay.

- I'll leave, brother. - Wait.

Sit. Sit down.

Will we send him away
before serving him lunch?

I will serve the food.
I will be back in a jiffy.

Don't get worked up.
Well, we will leave now. - Okay.

It will at least take two

to three hours to reach Nagpur.
- Right, brother.

Good-bye, brother.
I will leave now.

Where are we now?
It's almost four hours now.

Brother Tahir told
we will reach Nagpur.

The thing is, the Government no
longer collects the octroi. Right?

But there are lot of
octroi collection centers.

Who are they?

Stay there itself.
Don't come out.

Go there.

How much money do you have?
- 10,000 bucks. Please adjust.

Sir, they take
the longer route from inside.

How many are they?
- Only one person.

He is handing me over 10,000 bucks.
Shut up. - Send them up.

The rest of them will
automatically come down.

Please have a word with

someone in the police station.
- Look back.

Just look back, that's it.

Mister, let me go.
- Okay, siir.

Mister, please take the money.

Don't hit him. Wait!
Wait, mister. - Hold on.

Why are you hitting him? Wait.
- Why the hell you are interfering?

Why are you hitting him?
- You ask me that?

We will hack you to pieces!
- What is it?

Please stop them.
Look, don't hit him.

We will go to the
police station if he is

at fault.
We will have a word with the cops.

Who the hell are you!
- I am a soldier.

Go to the border if
you are a soldier

what the hell are
you doing here?

Don't interfere in
the civil matters.

We will hack you to pieces.
- They are hitting an Indian guy.

And you people are just watching?
- He's trying to become a hero.

Let him do what he wants.
But don't help him.

Are you sure, sir?
- I am dead sure. - Okay.

Alright, sir.
- Take out the stuff!

Give me the chopper.
And also your camera.

Come on, out with the chopper!

How are you, friend?

Are you sure? I shouldn't help him.
- I am dead sure.

I am very much sure.

Your men started licking the
dust the moment he hit them. - What!

He has broke open the
skull of your one more men.

But what are you doing there?
Go and stop all this.

Are you sure?
- I am dead sure! Go and stop him!

Come on, move! Enough.

Enough of your antics.
Arrest him first.

Send them away to the hospital.

They got beaten up for no reason.

Arrest him. Take care of the rest.

Call the ambulance quickly.

You were right.

About the reservation in S4-32.
- What? - 42.

It was booked in the name of
KPJ Shankar.

Where's my phone? Can I use yours?

I swear to God!
Doctor Kaushik...

I will not share

any classified information
about the battalion on my blog.

Take him in.
- Come on, macho-man.

Take him inside.

Make him sit here.

Sir, please call the officer.
- Wait.

I don't have much time.
Call him, I have to leave.

Hello? Yes?- Good evening,
I'm Mira Bakshi. I guess, Lt Colonel

Dr Kaushik might've put in a word
for me. - Yes, ma'am.

How can I help you?- Can you
please connect me to someone from

the 42 Rashtriya rifles, please?

And the man I'm looking for
is KPJ Shankar.

Here's a person from his unit.
I hope he may help you, ma'am.

Oh, wow! That's great, okay.

Hello?-Hi, good evening, sir.
My name

name is Mira Bakshi
from 1 MB of Truth.

Mr Shankar has gone home.
- I know that.

We both missed the train
at Kathua station.

And he had met me again in Agra.

He was there in Moshi
today in Mr Anwar's house.

And Anwar was in the hospital
and he cried inconsolably

when his brother called up.

I was there with him.
- Well, okay. That's great.

You seem to be
an interesting person.

Can you tell something
about Shankar?

Should I tell you in detail
or in short?

Let me know in detail. Get the car.
- Yes, sir.

We will have a word in the morning,
not now. - Please, sir...

- Serve him food.

Sir, he harassed us all night.

He said, he has to leave quickly.
Call the military police.

Call him from Mahadik. He said,
please charge my cell-phone.

Send him. Let me deal with him.

Tell me something, are you a
soldier, gangster? Who are you?

You fought yesterday
in the civil area.

According to the norms,
you should have

called up the military guys the
moment you got me here. - Correct.

Norms? I know about the norms.

But before I call the military
police, I would like to confirm.

Under what charges
should I book you?

The guys whom you thrashed
are in the hospital.

Should I charge you under
the attempt to murder?

If someone of those die...

Should I book you
under section 302?

Or should I convert
it into murder?

None of them will die, sir.

Are you sure? How come?

Because I have thrashed them.

I kill my enemy.

But they weren't my enemy.

They didn't mend their ways,
that's why I thrashed them.

They will not die.

What are you saying, sir?
Even I am not your enemy.

Shedge, what name did
sir mention?

Mahadik. - Inform him to meet me.
And charge his cell-phone.

You can go, sir.
Charge your cell-phone.

I will call up at the hospital.

Everything will be cleared.
You can leave, sir.

Sir, where have you reached?
- I have reached Nagpur.

I am coming along
with the media guys.

I hope the soldier is still there?
- Do quickly whatever you want to.

He told me that he
will call up his headquarters.

If the army reaches before you,

we will land into a problem.
- Stop joking.

Let's go.
- I am coming.

Grandma, how come you are here?

Tell me what happened.
Didn't you call me here?

I called you? I would have come
to your place had I some work.

Shedge, who called her here?

He called her here.


You were telling me about
them, the Mahadik family?

Are you from Mr Mahesh Mahadik's
family? - He was my son.


I am Lieutenant Shankar,
from Mr Mahesh's unit.

I am blessed I got to meet you.
- You are Satellite?

How are you, sister-in-law?
- I am fine. - Hold on.

We had a terrific celebration
at the base when she was born.

Brother was leaving, so all had
collected the token money for her.

But Mahesh's body was wrapped in
the tricolor when he came home.

He had gone to Shirdi
to pray for a baby girl.

But when his daughter was born...

He passed away.

You are uncle Satellite, right?

Can I meet my father
via your satellite?

Sure, hold on.

Why didn't you come home when
you came here from far away?

Why did you call me here?

Mom, I had left for my home
that's in Pollachi.

I didn't get a leave.
I was off-duty for eight days.

Six days passed here and there.
But no problem, I met you after all.

That's more than enough for me.
The moment...

If sir leaves me I will board
a train to return to the base.

What do you mean?
You have detained him? - Yes...

No. We haven't detained
him actually.

There was a mess up.

Do you know
they don't get a leave?

They don't come home for a year.

Their wives yearn to have
a glimpse of them, and

mothers yearn to feed them.

And how dare you stop
a soldier from going home!

He isn't the only one responsible.

There are some other reasons
too, my holidays just passed by.

When did you go home last?
- It has been more than a year.

Have you ever thought of your mom?

I want to report on Monday to
the base. And if I don't go...

Will there be an earthquake?

Mahesh said,
he will come day after tomorrow.

He disconnected the call after that.

He was a soldier after all.
He kept his promise.

He returned that very day.

But he was lying in the coffin.

Mother... - He had promised me,
but didn't keep his promise.

Promise me.
You have come so far away,

you won't return without
meeting your mother.

Promise me!
- Alright. - Promise me first.

Promise me!

Sit down, mother.
Get water for her.


You wish to see your father?

These people who are wearing a
uniform for the sake of the country,

all of them are your fathers.

Sir, please...

Sonawade, get the vehicle.

Drop sir to the railway station.
Okay? - Yes, sir.

Shankar, please meet your family.

I'm sorry, I wasted your time.

No problem, sir.
- Sir...

Your cellphone is charged. Sir!

Listen, we'll be there
in five minutes.

Keep some refreshments ready.
- Sir...

You listen to me. Don't even
come here by mistake.

If you come, I don't know
what charges I will force on you.

I'll see you soon once I make
your file and dig into details.

Hang up, now.
- Stop the car.

Stop it, I say.

Pull over the car. Stop it.


If Mr Shankar, the one
you call as Satellite...

Hadn't he dared, I would've
been cut into pieces, madam.

Thank you, Bablu.

Everybody who thinks Satellite
Shankar does not exist,

and that I invented this character
to increase my followers,

I have a request for you all.
Come to Maharashtra

and meet Mr Bablu
in the Government hospital.

And for the rest of you,
please stay with me. Very soon,

I'm going to introduce him
to you. In fact, I'm

an arm length away from him.

I'm so excited. I'll see you.

Hello. - I tried to reach you
on phone so many times,

you could've answered
at least once. - Any problem?

No. All okay.

Did you think I'm an useless girl?

You switched off your phone
since two days.

What's my mistake? Tell me at least.

Tell me what did I do.
- Hey...

My phone battery was dead.
I just turned it on.

What has happened?
- Look, Shankar.

I can tolerate anything in life,
but not lies.

If you didn't like me, just say it.
Why judge my character?

Listen, I didn't lie to you.
What are you saying?

Didn't you tell me
to find another suitable guy

and not waste my life
with a soldier?

Why did you say that?
Do I seem like an idiot to you?

Don't I understand
the value of a soldier?

Did you think
I was a selfish person?

I'm already worked up as I had only
eight days leave to visit home.

Forget home, I am nowhere
close to home right now.

I've promised my CO, I'll report
at the base on Monday morning.

I don't know what to do now.

I also promised a colleague's mom
that I will definitely meet my mom.

I must meet her
as I have promised someone.

I really don't know what I say
or talk when I'm worked up.

If I have hurt you in any way,
I'm very sorry.

Why didn't you tell me this?
- What are you talking about?

That you have to reach Kashmir on
Monday morning. Where are you now?

Yes, this is Kalaburgi.

You take National Highway 44 and
you'll reach Salem early morning.

Salem? - Yes, you reach there
and I'll see you.

You'll reach your base on Monday
morning. This is my promise.

I know you're joking. Aren't you?
- Not at all.

Neither should you joke like this
because it is very hurtful.

What is it? Why are you following
me? - You speak Hindi so well.

I heard it after long.

I'm sure she was your wife, sir.
- Why so?

Girfriend will only lament
and not listen to your problems.

Can you please drop me at NH 44?
- Of course, sir.

Narayan! Narayan!

Satellite Shankar...

He is smarter than you.
- I've become his fan.

I want to meet this guy.
- Satellite Shankar did a great job.

Mathura, Agra, Jhansi,
his name is everywhere.

Satellite Shankar is a superman.
- Chennai and Tamilnadu as well.

Satellite Shankar is my hero, man.
- In buses, trains...

He saves everyone's life.
- He is a true hero of our country.

I must say, he is awesome.

Madam has got herself into
trouble with her lie.

She'll be insulted on national
level. Wait and watch.


Shankar? Did you just come?
- Yes, I just came.

I came at 4:00AM and was awake till
5:00AM to take the 8:00AM train.

But then I dozed off.
Had you come an hour back,

we could've taken Palakkad express
which would've halted in Pollachi.

- Nothing.

I spoke to you over the phone in
Hindi, you sound so different.

You speak so fast.

When you speak in Hindi, it feels
there's time to breathe.

On hearing you speak in Tamil,
it's like, I must run for my life.

Is that so? If two Tamilians
meet and speak in Hindi,

and dad gets to know of it,
he'll cancel the marriage proposal.

Thank God, you cancelled it
before he did.

Hey, Pramila. I did
not cancel it.

- Forget about it,
we have no time.

Palakkad express is gone.
That halts at Pollachi. Now, sit.

But never mind.

We have another train in half
an hour, but it has limited stops.

Salem to Dindikkal, Palani,
then Palakkad.

It won't halt at Pollachi.
- No. It will go via Pollachi.

I'll jump out if it goes slow.

Your aunt told me, you look
exactly like Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh Babu?

Do I?

That is why, I didn't
recognize you immediately.

Periamma's problem.

How long will it take for you
to reach home from Palakkad?

It's close by. I'll take an hour.

Okay, so we'll get off at Palakkad.

You go home and I'll go
to Coimbatore Airport.

Why will you go to the airport?

You have to join duty tomorrow
morning at Kashmir.

Didn't you say that?

Yes, but airport? - How else
will you reach in such short time?

I'm not a wonder woman to carry
you and fly to drop you there.

Flight tickets are too expensive.
- It's between 4 to 8 thousand.

In the last minute, it could be
double the amount.

But don't worry, I've carried
my debit card.

Pramila, no...
- Don't worry.

Return it later.
Like a loan. - No...

I can afford to buy it too.

But my mom will shout at me.

Does your mom check your account?

No, well... - It's okay.
My dad checks my account too.

- But I'll dare to take this risk.

I have to do that as I need
to keep my promise.

From Coimbatore to
Srinagar, there

was a morning flight
which is gone.

My friend told me, there's one in
the afternoon too.

That's not showing on internet.

I need to go there and check.
- Okay. - Did you eat?

Not yet. It's okay, Pramila.

Are you a fan of Mahesh Babu?
- No.

- Dalapathy Vijay!

But I don't intend to marry him.

Idiyappam! I prepared these.
Would you like to try some?

Thank you. It's okay
even if you get a flight to Jammu.

You will get another flight from
Jammu to Srinagar.

I'll go to Coimbatore and check.

Or I will go to Cochin.

You just stay alert,
I can call you anywhere. Okay?

How much time will you need
to spend at home?

Around two... - Two hours?
At home, two hours. Total, 3 hours.

Do you wish to marry Alia Bhatt?

Who told you that? Did Sridhar
say that to you/.

Don't believe him, he is a liar.
I just gave you his number.

Ready? Okay, guys. Hi. Please
allow me to give you this update

in Hindi. Our small, humble blog,
1 MB of truth.

Like the main stream media
people have been saying so,

from today, one million
English speaking Netizens

won't influence us all.
Because this is now

a meeting sound. From Baramulla to
Barabunki, Cuttack to Coonoor.

10 million Indians have joined us
from all over the country.

And this was made possible
because of one of our soldier.

All thanks to the story
of a true hero.

And this happened because of
your love towards our army.

So, it is now time to...
- Wake up, now.

To meet the soldier.
Right now, we are

at Salem railway station,
where according to our information,

he is present. So, any moment,

we will be meeting him.
So, let me tell you,

if you're sleeping, wake up
and sit straight.

Say hello, Namaste, Sasriyakal,
Vanakkam, Asalaam Valekum, Kem Cho.

Satellite Shankar!
- Say anything you want.

But madam has caught
the attention of the entire country.

Pramila, I want to tell you
something very honestly.

About Sridhar?

I want to clear that as well,
but I'm confused as to how to begin.

I want to tell you something
very important too.

But I was wondering if I should
say this or not.

What is it about?
- No, you go first.

You say it.
- Shankar...

Will you keep this a secret that
I came here from Coonoor for you?

I told my friends,
I'm going with my family.

And I told my family,
I'm with friends.

If my dad hears this,
he'll die of shame.

I'm doing something like this for
the first time in life. I'm scared.

Will you keep this a secret?
- Ladies and gentlemen...

Citizens and Netizens, here's
the man you've been waiting to meet

for so long. The good soldier!
The winner of all hearts.

Satellite Shankar!
- Madam, what are you doing?

Shankar, you remember me?
- Yes, but this camera...

Shut... - Hold on.
- Ask him to shut the camera.

Hold on. I'm sorry,
we didn't want to harass you

try to bother you. We just want
that millions of your fans

meet you. India has been looking
for you since four days,

trying to talk to you.

India? - Yeah. - Who India?
- Our country, Shankar.

From Jammu till here,
you have

touched the hearts of so many.
And your bravery in Agra...

And the way you thrashed those
goons, all those stories

was covered by me, by the grace
of God and showed it to India.

After that, the kind of responses
we've got, you have no idea of it.

Right now, there is no greater
hero than you in our country.- Hero?

What are you talking? Please leave.
I am already worked up.

I understand, you'd taken 8 days
leave to visit your home

in Pollachi and are still trying
to get there. That's the beauty

of the story, guys. The hero
doesn't even know, he is a hero.

This great soldier of Rashtriya
Rifles... - What's going on?

Who told you, you could publicize
my name and regiment details?

She is gone!

Madam, what you're doing is wrong.
I am not a hero.

I'm an ordinary soldier
of the Indian army. That's it.

Have you seen a helmet hung on
a rifle on our Amar Jawan Jyoti?

That's my identity
and that's all I need.

Whatever I did is what I thought
was the duty of an Indian citizen.

You want to stir the nation

Wake those people who are mere
spectators during accidents.

And who blame the system.

And people like them who only shoot
videos on their mobile phone.

But they don't help their own people
who are in trouble.

Stop this drama
and leave with your camera.

Oh, gosh!

Okay, please calm down.
- It's not okay.

Tell me right now that you'll
stop doing all this.

Okay, soldier. I promise, I will
never mention you on my blog.

Sorry, I raised my hand.


Well, guys. As
promised to the man,

this is me signing
off this story.

It's over to you, India from
here on. Jai Hind!

Your prediction that she'd be
insulted, came true.

The one she turned into a hero,
insulted her...

- Chote...

Get the camera.
- Brother, are you ready?

Can't we help Shankar
without his knowledge?

He lost his holidays,
to help us.

Isn't it our duty to help him
reach his base?

We can at least respect his

Mira has promised not to
take this story further ahead.

We haven't.

Check this video.

Today is his 7th day of his leave.
We'll help him reach Kashmir.

I'm 20 miles here
from Salem station.

Does anybody know
where Shankar is right now?

He is in Palakkad Superfast
general coach. My friend

is in that coach
and the information is true.

Why did the journalist
call you Satellite?

Did she think you were an alien
and not a soldier?

No. That's what everyone
calls me as. Here...

It's all thanks to this.
This is Satellite.

My childhood friend. When
my dad went for duty,

everyone back at home
used to miss him so much.

With its magic, I used to show my
mom and grandma his live telecast.

Gurjyot, what say?

I love you, darling.

Gurjyot! Is that your mom's name?

This is only a toy.

The true satellite is in our
hearts. His heart, your heart.

In everyone's hearts.
We just need to connect.

Once you think of somebody
with love, you connect to them.

You connect to everyone,
except me. Right?

Pramila, listen...

Guys, don't bother him directly.
You saw how he fumed at Mira.

He won't even know and the job
will be done, if we smartly handle.

Palakkad Superfast does not halt
at Pollachi. I checked on Google.

Can anybody contact
the driver or guard of this route?

Looks like, the whole
country is determined

to have Shankar keep his promise.

There are thousand things
that divide our country.

But a soldier got them all together.

They're so united!

Hello, southern railways?
- Pollachi is not in my list.

If I halt there, I will lose
my job. Try to understand.

What are you talking?
Who are you?

You must be wondering
why did I risk my job.

It's for those who risk
their lives for us, every day.

Come inside.

Come, sir. Have a seat.
- What are you doing, Sridhar?

And this doctor? - You won't
go to the hospital for operation.

So, the hospital will have to come
here. Let me check your BP.

No. I don't want to get
any operation. Take this away.

Get up and leave.
- Mom... - Get lost!

The one who took the responsibility
of the operation doesn't care.

Why do you come to disturb me?

The one who took the responsibility
has called us here.

You see carefully.
Look, who is there!


Mom, the Bature is so delicious.
Can I have more? - A mom feeds

her son Payasam and Idiyappam.

But she feeds Bature.

You'll spoil the child's religion.
- What religion? - Tamil customs!

Here, have it. Have some more.

Hello, Shankar. There's no flight
from Coimbatore right now.

There's a flight at 5:30PM
from Cochin for Jammu.

Will you be able to
make it there on

time? I'm seeing a
lot of traffic.

Call me once you enter Cochin. I'll
be at the ticket counter and

book your ticket immediately.
Okay? - How much does it cost?

It's your money. I had saved it
for your marriage.

How did you like the girl
whose photo I sent you?

She is okay.
- You didn't like her.

Should I find some other girl?
- I didn't say, I don't like her.

You mean, you like her?
- You think what you feel like.

Bye, mom. Bye, grandma.

Shankar is on his way
to the Kochi Highway.

Guys, anybody of Kochi
highway for Satellite Shankar?

I'm sitting in my car and am
half an hour away from him.

Where to, Soldier?

- Hop on.

Don't you see in front?
- Check the signal.

Leave, leave, Soldier.
- Thank you, brother.

Hey, I told you to call me
once you entered Kochi?

I didn't get a chance to even
breathe till I reached. - Come on.

Sorry. - What? I asked you to
block a ticket, right? It's urgent.

Yes, madam. But we cannot block
online bookings. I'm sorry.

You're sorry But he has to be
in Kashmir tomorrow morning.

How could you say this? You
shouldn't! I promised to help him.

We've been wandering since two days.
What shall we do now? - Pramila!

We've wasted two days. What will
we do now? - Listen to me.

Sorry, ma'am.

I want you to cancel my ticket.
- Okay.

The refund will be in your account.
- Thank you.

Ma'am, please come.
We got a ticket.

We're so sorry for the inconvenience
madam. You can get your ticket.

You've his name and other details,
right? Charge it on this. - Yes.

Hey, no. I have the money.
- 27000!

I only have 20000. - So, I'll pay
only the difference amount.

Won't people taunt me

that I spent my girlfriend's money
to travel by flight first time?

Who is your girlfriend?

No, sir. You won't
need cash or card.

Luckily, you happen to be
our 10,000th customer.

You win our free ticket.
Congratulations! - Free?

But why? And what about...
- Hello! How much will you argue?

You have a problem with paying
27000, or getting a free ticket!

Are you a Satellite or a tubelight?
Do you have time to argue?

Here's your ticket. Immediately
go to the check-in counter.

The gate will be closed
in half an hour.

Go... Go... Go.

India, flight is on time.
Shankar will reach his base.

Now, please stop
breaking the internet.

Your Satellite will launch
straight for Jammu.

Hail Lord Shiva!

Yes, sir. - At which gate is
the flight to Srinagar expected?

Sorry, sir. All the flights
to Srinagar are cancelled.


Hey, soldier. Any problem?

Lot of problems. What should I say?

I'm a member of Anirudha's fly club.

I'm going to Anantnag,
early morning.

Thought of asking you,
if you'd like to join.

Who are you, sir?
And what's happening with me?

All the angels are coming
forward to help me today.

Why are you doing this for me?

Sir, who is behind all this?

I thought it would be you.

But I told you not...
- I kept my promise, soldier.

I didn't post a single post of
yours on my blog after that.

Whatever is happening with you,

India is doing it for their soldier.

We take our loved ones's
safety and wishes

for granted always.

For the sake of our happiness

and safety, so many Satellite
Shankars sacrifice their family,

their freedom and rest,

and fight at the border
day and night.

What do we do in return,
for them?

Can't we stand together happily

and try to even thank them? Today,

this is exactly
what our nation did, soldier.

Thank you.

Jai Hind, madam. - Jai Hind!
Jai Hind, Army!


Will Shankar reach on time?
- Why do you worry?

Have faith in God.
He'll make it on time.

He is there!
- Come on.


Wasim! Tahir, son.
Come quickly!

Hey, you!

Hit him!


Are you out of your mind?
Will you save an enemy?

Not an enemy, but humanity. To help
this child reach his destination,

the entire universe is striving.
If he loses today,

humanity will die!

If he loses today,
humanity will die!

You may put up this drama
on some other day.

Today, humanity is being worshipped
and it won't tolerate any evil!

To help a soldier
reach his destination,

even Kashmir will pray.
- Come on, hit him!

Come on, son!

Stop this now!

Go, son. May you be victorious.

God willing!

- May Allah bless you.

Platoon number 1,
Section one.

Subedar from Haryana...
- Yes!

Joginder Verma!
- Sir!

Brijesh Kumar!
- Yes, sir!

Platoon number one,
section number two.

Subedar Jeetu Singh!

Rifle One, Arvind Mahajan.

Naik Ravinder Singh!

Mohit Sangwan.

Rifle March, KPJ...

- Present, sir!

My lion is back!

Parade, B-2!


Shankar has reached the base.
Thank you, India.

- Hurrah!

Satellite Shankar has
reached his base!

Shankar has reached!

Hail, Satellite Shankar!

Satellite Shankar!
- Long live!