Satan's Slaves: Communion (2022) - full transcript

After moving from their home to an apartment building, a new terror awaits.

If you tell me what crime I committed

or where you’re taking me,
things will be a lot easier.

I have a weak heart.

If I get too stressed, I can die.

And you will get your hands full.

Here, look.


Kidnapping a journalist is a severe crime.

It's been a crime before our independence,
and all the more so now.

You must know where we’re going, right?

Have I seen you before?


17 APRIL 1955

Major Heru Kusuma!

I was telling them

not to mess with me because
my best friend is a police commander,

but they just said nothing.

Turns out it was you
who had me taken here.

What’s going on?

Come inside.

There’s something you have to see.


Please. Just come in.

What is this?

This morning...

a janitor walked in here
and screamed hysterically.

Some said his hair turned gray instantly.

What kind of psychopath

dug out dead bodies from the cemetery
and put them all in here?

After this, the dead bodies will be
buried back in their places,

and this place will be cleaned up,
as if nothing had happened.

This is a crime scene.
Why won’t you wait for forensics?

It’s a big day for the country tomorrow.




All the leaders from around the globe
will be here tomorrow.

This kind of news must not leak.

Then why did you bring me here?



Dead bodies can’t walk!

I have a feeling this is something big.

Something sinister and dangerous.


You’re my only journalist friend.

I need you to tell people about this,

otherwise no one will find out.

I have orders from the top to keep
my mouth shut and get rid of all evidence.

If this is classified information,
my newspaper will get in trouble.

Then don’t use your newspaper.

Use something else to spread the news.

If you have to, create
a new magazine or newspaper.

Make it sound like a pulpy, hoax article.

But I’m sure that some will believe it.

I was surprised to see you at work today.

Weren’t you supposed to be leaving?

15 APRIL 1984

I’m sorry, but I can’t go, ma’am.

If you let me, I would like to stay
and work here.

You have so much potential.

I really want you to have a promotion.

Not just doing menial work.
But you didn't even finish college.

I’m content with what I have now, ma’am.

If I had been content
with my former job post,

I wouldn’t have been a director today.

Now, I don’t only work,

but I can also provide opportunities
for other people to grow.

It’s not that I don’t want to offer you
a scholarship in Jakarta.

But the university in this other city
is the only place

that offer programs
for college drop-outs like you.

I can’t possibly leave
my younger brothers.

Your brothers are all grown up, right?

Yes, ma'am.


I’ll tell you what.

Give it a thought for the day,
then leave tomorrow.

That way, you can still arrive in time
for the orientation. Can you do that?

This is for your future.

If you succeed,
you can help your brothers.

What's more important is,
you can change your life for the better.


Yes, ma'am.

-Thank you, ma'am.
-You're welcome.

Read all about it! Read all about it!
Hot news, ma’am, sir!

Mysterious snipers still on the loose.

Hide your tattoos!

A storm is brewing over Jakarta.

Read all about it!



How is today’s situation better? Tell me!

Rice is affordable, no more famine.
What more do you want?

But corruption reigned, people got shot
mysteriously, and no freedom of speech.

All the more reason to watch your mouth.

Excuse me, sir.

Excuse me.

Let’s go now.

Where are you off to, Wisnu?

To buy some rice.

-Why don't you take the elevator?
-It takes too long.

Are you feeling better?

Just a little headache.

What do you want to show us?

I found many of these around here.

-What is it?

-But it has no writing on it.
-Maybe it’s an anonymous body.

It just looks like a broken wall.

Do you see any knocked-down
buildings around here?

But why is it so plain and simple?

Well, maybe whoever made it
wasn’t creative.

I don’t know!
But it’s a gravestone for sure.

Besides, who was devoted enough
to bury gravestones?

Your imagination is too wild!
Zombies chasing after you, and all that.

What zombies?

Bondi told me that he was once
chased by zombies.

I told you not to tell him!

-Why am I not supposed to know?
-Because you’re a scaredy cat!

I am not! Says who?

It’s okay to be a scaredy cat.
Chill. As long as you’re not ugly.

Go home!

I'm already exhausted from work.

And I still have to prepare your dinner?
Do you see me as your servant?

Look at your sister, she's starving!

-But I’m not hungry, Dad.
-Shut up!


Are you okay?

Where is Ari’s mother?
Why can’t she do the cooking?

Don’t you know that she is sick?

I don’t live in the apartment building,
but even I know that.

His mother can’t even talk.
She just lies there.

If she needs anything, what will she do?

-Call with a bell?

But that’s not a bad idea.
I’ll tell Ari about the bell.

No, no need!

Look, the apartment building
has tiny units.

Just call out and everyone
will hear you. No need for bells.

Even if what you told Ari
is true, don’t worry.

Many people
live in your apartment building.

All you have to do is scream,
and everyone will come out to help.

That's right.

Hey girl, why aren't you dolled up yet?
Aren’t you supposed to leave for work?

Where do you work, anyway?
You left at night and came back at dawn.

I was planning to move.

But I didn't because you moved in.

Tari, can I take you to work?

I’ll wait and pick you up,
and we’ll go back to my place.

Go back to your place?

And where should we move your mom?

Aren’t you still living in mommy’s crib?

What a pompous woman.

You're embarrassing us, dude.

Shut the hell up!

Are you following me?
I’m not stupid, okay?

If you mess with me, I’ll break your arm.

I’m not following you.
I’m just heading home.

-Which floor do you live?
-This one.

Which unit?

-Unit 924.
-That’s my unit. Are we living together?

-I mean...
-What's your problem?


I was going to help you earlier,
but you managed just fine.

-So, what?

I don’t know. I just wanted to know
where you live, miss.


No, no, no. It’s not what you think.

Hear me out. I'm a nice guy.

I live with my dad, my older sister,
and my little brother on the 8th floor.

Sorry if I scared you.

Well, no one said anything
about you not being a nice guy.

If you want to help, help me
open my door. It’s stuck.

Turns out it's not unit 924.

The hinge is misplaced.
It needs to be fixed.

But can you open it now?

Fine, fix it for me later.


Aside from fixing doors,
can you fix electronic devices?


It's not working. Thanks in advance.

What’s up with you?

What have you been up to?

So did you finally get to know
that older lady on the 9th floor?


Rumor has it, she’s a call girl.

Watch your language, Bondi. It’s not nice.

I have no problem with call girls.

I’m still trying to figure out
how to be a gigolo.

When you’re a gigolo, your job
is to make people happy.

But you might not be happy yourself.
Is that something you want to do?

Aren’t all jobs like that?

Well... true. But it’s different.

What's the difference?

Tell me.

I don’t know,
I can’t think straight right now.

She works at a pool bar, that’s all.

People have nothing better
to do than gossip.

Dinner is ready, Father.

Is dressing sexily a sin?

What she wears is nobody's business.

They need to stop badmouthing others.

We moved here
from the previous apartment building

because the neighbors were too nosy.

It turns out, all neighbors are nosy.

And she’s not that old.
She’s still pretty young.

It’s okay if she’s old.

Mother was way older than Father
when they got married.

Why is everyone quiet all of a sudden?

-Eat your dinner!
-Stop telling me what to do!

Should I tell them what you’re up to?


He’s been digging the empty lot next door,
saying it used to be a cemetery.

What’s wrong with you?
You and your silly fears.

Because we never talk about
what happened to us.

Everybody’s pretending nothing happened.

I’m sure no other families
went through what we did.

Having a mother who became a ghost...

That’s all in the past.
It won’t possibly happen again.

I’m more concerned about the fact

that this apartment building is by the sea
and was built on a lowland.

If the storm hits tomorrow,
we’ll all drown.


Relax. We’ve been living here for
three years, and nothing bad ever happens.

Don't you ever wonder why no rich people
build any buildings around here?

It's the beachfront, it’s supposed
to be a hotbed for business.

-Because they know the truth.

This was a government project.

It must’ve been a rush and sloppy project,
built on the cheapest piece of land.

Are you suggesting that we move?

Yes. When I get my college degree,

get a good job, and earn a lot
of money, we’ll move.

So you're moving out of town for college?

Yes. I’ve finally made up my mind.

You’re leaving us?

I wouldn’t put it like that.
We are all grown up now.

Before we know it,
we all will have our own lives.

This is an opportunity for me to grow.

I’ve spent my whole life taking care
of my family, even dropped out of college.

When are you leaving?


There’s a storm tomorrow
and you’re leaving us?

We’ll evacuate if we have to.

I could ask a friend
to give you a place to crash.

We’re not going anywhere.

It’s safer
to live in an apartment building.

If we lived in a house
and something happens, we’d be alone.

You go. We’ll stay here.

The agency of Meteorology,
Climatology, and Geophysical

predicted Jakarta's weather forecast
for tomorrow,

Monday, 16 April 1984,

will be raining heavily with a chance
of storm in the North Jakarta area.


Currently, the number of victims
of the mysterious sniper shootings

has reached two thousand people
since 1981.

The victims are mostly men with tattoos,
who are alleged criminals.

Who is this tattooed-people killer?

The army and the police,
to reduce crime rate.

Apparently they think
people with tattoos are bad guys.

So I guess I’m not getting
a tattoo anytime soon.

What kind of tattoo do you have in mind?

A teddy bear.

They won’t shoot a guy with a teddy bear
tattoo. Maybe just a little pinch.

Ouch... It hurts...

So you’re not scared
of radio sets anymore?

This belongs to that lady
on the 9th floor.

You never turned down
helping a damsel in distress.

That's called being a good person.

Now you're fixing a radio set.
What’s next, fixing a broken heart?

Come here, let me fix
that smart mouth of yours.

What’s wrong, Rini?

Thanks to Bondi and his weird
imagination, now I’m all paranoid.

How can all the problems
in the world be my fault?

What did you see?

Forget it. I’m sleeping out here tonight.
Bondi, you can take the room.

It should've been that way
from the get-go.

Me, Bondi, and Father
should take the room.

Just because of one woman in the house,
we all ended up camping out here.

Alright, then.

I’ll sleep in the room.
You three can sleep out here.

And that's all for today's news.
Good evening.



Open the door, Wisnu...

Open the door, Wisnu...

It's hot in here, Wisnu...

It's hot in here, Wisnu...

Open the door, Wisnu!

According to our reporter,

people living in flood-risk areas

have mostly been evacuated
prior to the storm tomorrow.

This is Pasopati AM radio.



What I want you and the world to know

is the fact that I decided to leave
not because I’m a coward.

I left to protect my family.


This is also my way to punish myself

for letting this happen.

These past few years I have wondered,

was evil created

at the same time humankind was created?

If this was true, is there any purpose
of attempting to defeat it?

Is evil something we have to accept,

just as we accept humanity?

This is all the evidence
I’ve collected

for almost 13 years.


I apologize that from now on,

you will bear the responsibility
over this matter.


I do not know if all the evidence
I gave you

is still of any use.

Or if the world is even worth saving.

But I put my faith

in whatever you feel needs to be done.

Have I seen you before?


Maybe I decided to leave

because I couldn’t bear
to see what would happen.

May God help you and those still living.


You're useless!
I'm sick of taking care of you.

We're broke after buying all your meds.

Why don't you just drop dead?

Dad! How dare you talk to her like that?
She didn't ask for this!

-What do you know?
-Are you crazy?

How dare you talk back to me!

-Let's go!

Look at that good-for-nothing
son of yours!


Come back here!

Darn it!

Hurry up! My dad must be taking the lift,
I'll be dead when he finds me!

Don’t forget to find a cab
with meters for Rini.

Not one of those dodgy drivers.

Yes, Father.

There you are! I've been looking for you!

You go first, Father.


You, scram. I have unfinished
business with this chick.

Her business is my business.

Who are you?

-He's my brother!
-Oh, really?

What's his name?


Udin the clown?

What do you want?

Why are we going up?

It’s okay, we’ll go up and then down.
Otherwise, the elevator will be too full.

The lift's stuck again.
Let's take the stairs.

-Get out of my way!
-That's mine!

Where are you going?

Away from here!

Let us come with you!


-Get out of my way! That's mine!
-That's mine!



Stop that!



-That's mine!
-That's mine!

Mom, take my hand!

Take my hand!



Mom! Help!



-Everyone, get out!
-That's mine!

Everyone, get out! Hurry!

Get out!

There is no deity other than God.

06.30 PM

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.

I feel guilty.

I was the one who asked Ari
to come out and play.

I don't know what to say.

I should be grateful,
but that feels wrong.

What did the police say, Father?

They were asking questions
about how I had survived.

I don't even know myself.

I passed out.

I'm going to help Wisnu
take care of his mom.

His relatives are not here yet.

It's too late in the day.

All the funerals will have to wait
until tomorrow.

There is no deity other than God.

There is no deity other than God.


By the Quran, rich in wisdom!

You, O' Prophet, are truly
one of the messengers

upon the Straight Path.

This is a revelation
from the Almighty, Most Merciful,

so that you may warn people

whose forefathers were not warned
and so are heedless.

The decree of torment
has already been justified

against most of them,
for they will never believe.


-Are you going by Mandara apartments?
-No, sir. It'll be flooding there!

-Mandara apartments?
-The one in the north?

-They said there'll be a big flood there!

Please. If I don't get there, bad things
will happen to a lot of people.

It's a matter of life and death.

Same here. If I die, bad things
will happen to my wife and kids.

You're going to Mandara apartments?


I heard there's an elevator crash there.

My relative in the police force told me.

If that's what you meant
by a matter of life and death,

then you're already too late.

There's something
far more terrifying than that.

Peace be upon you, Ustaz!

May peace be upon you!


-Aren't you going home?
-In a minute, Ustaz.

Better be going now
before the rain gets too heavy.

Alright then, I'll head home.
Peace be upon you!

May peace be upon you!

The radio is working now.

Just a disconnected battery chord.
I've fixed it.


I'm Toni.

I'm Tari.

Leaving for work, Miss Tari?

Not sure. Just call me Tari.

It's raining cats and dogs.

I heard no public transport
would pass this place.

Okay, then.

Hinder me from my peaceful rest

Now I return in silence

And the evil of the night

That was the song from legendary
songstress Mawarni Suwono

titled "Secret of My Vengeance."

We have a caller. Go ahead.

Hello, my name is Nur Faizah in Condet.

Any song dedication?

To my mom, dad, siblings,
and someone special in North Jakarta.

Is that all?

Oh, and to my friends in my high school.

Alright, hopefully,
they are all listening.

We have another caller. Good evening.

Hello, good evening.


-Evening, any song dedication?
-To my family up north.

Who's speaking?

And also to the woman who broke my heart.

I want her to know
that I'm not letting her go.

Wherever she goes, I will find her.

Hello, my name is Tari.

Any song dedication?

To my mother.

Please tell her that it hurts.

My grave is so small.

Maggots are eating my flesh.
I can't move. I'm all tied up.

Mom, they keep torturing me
in the grave. Please help me.

They keep coming to torture me!
I'm so scared! It hurts!

Help me, God, forgive me!

-Feel the pleasure.

Feel the pleasure.

Help me, God!

What's wrong?


Why is this building suddenly so quiet?

Some have evacuated because of the storm.

The remaining people
take shelter in their units.

Can I ask you a favor?

Throw this radio away.

Or keep it to yourself.


Are your relatives coming tomorrow?

I called my uncle.
He said he'd come tomorrow.

Is that your father?


Is he still around?

He died last year before we moved here.

Was he sick?

Our rented house was on fire.

Mom and I managed to get out.
Dad was locked in the room.

Are you okay?

Mom and I wanted to get away
from Dad, anyway.

He was a bad man.

Mom and I had to make
our own secret sign language

so that he won't understand us.

Show me.

Mom and I went to bookstores quite often.
We found an unopened suitcase.

I found this in it.

I wanted to live with my uncle.

He might not let me
since he already has many kids.

If not, I'll live in an orphanage.

Can you help me find one?

If no one takes you in,
you can live with me.

You have enough on your plate, taking care
of your brothers since they were little.

I heard you had a brother my age.

Where is he now?


Was he kidnapped?

Hang in there, Rini.

Tonight's downpour is predicted

to cause heavy floods in several areas,

especially low-level areas near the sea.

The same is predicted
for Central Jakarta and Seribu Islands.

This forecast serves as a warning

to those living close to the coast.

And to Whom alone
you will all be returned.

God the Almighty speaks the truth.

Thank you.

This is all I can bring from my place.

It's impossible to go out for food now.

The ground floor is already flooded.

Thank you, Bondi.

Please eat, Auntie, Wina.

Aren't you going home?

I'll go tomorrow.
I'll keep you two company tonight.

Is it too late to change my mind?

May you bow upon Him
who will soon be born.

-Mom, what did you say?
-That wasn't Mom.

It came from the door.

There's no one out here.

Don't you have any candles or oil lamps?


I'll go to my place to get candles then.

Will you be okay here?
Or do you want to come with me?

I'm fine. I'll stay here.

What are you doing?

I'm looking for candles.


-Where are you going?

I'm heading home, Ustaz.

Come and help me check
on the victims, will you?

Most of today's victims live alone.

I just want to make sure
everything's okay.

What do you mean?

Check if any ceiling is leaking,
and make sure windows are closed.

I feel sorry for them.

Here it is.

They are husband and wife.

Unit 406.

Excuse me.

They sell clothes at the market.

Poor them.



If you're done, let's visit other units.

I feel even more terrible for this one.
She was eight months pregnant.

Her husband died five months ago
due to a bike accident.


Unit 316.

Excuse me.

Looks fine.


Is something wrong, Ustaz?

Can you check on the rest of the victims?
My back is killing me.

Won't you let me give you a massage
so we can check on them together?

I'll check on the children victims

You go check on the elderly couple
on the 13th floor.

Unit 1303.

I'm really good with massages, Ustaz.
Look, I have long, steady fingers.

I only have one flashlight.

But I got matches.
You want the flashlight or the matches?

What's wrong?

Are you scared?

You should only fear God.

Are you sure you want to go home?
You'll be struck dead by lightning.

You scared of the blackout?

No, jerk. I just don't want
my parents to worry.

Would you look at that.

That caused the blackout.

I bet there are no blackouts out there.

Even if you could swim,
you'd still be electrocuted to death.

Why has this building gone so quiet?

Some must've evacuated
when they saw the water rising.

No, I mean, it's really quiet.

I haven't seen anybody for hours.

Maybe they're all at home?

Excuse me. Hello?

Anybody home?

Where is everybody?
The whole floor is empty.

Asleep, maybe?

It's really nice to sleep
when it's raining outside.

I'd be sound asleep.

You'd be sound asleep
even inside a mosque's drum.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Ma'am? Sir? Anybody home?

This is the neighborhood chief's place.

How do you know?

My mom and I went here
when we first moved in last year.

Excuse me.

What are you doing?

What if somebody's trapped in there?

How do I do this?

The Chief's office.


There's only one room,
but it's an office, not a bedroom.

Where does the Chief sleep, then?

-Probably sleeps on the couch like you.
-You dunderhead.

Why are you so clingy?
You're so close you'd get me pregnant.

Look at this.

These are the registration cards
of all the families in the building.

My family's also here.

It says here your father works freelance.
What does it mean?

Does he work for free?

It means he has many jobs, idiot.

Many jobs, but small pay.

At least he never beats me up.

Sorry, Ari. I was out of line.

Yeah, you were. He's already decomposing.

Sorry, Ari. I was out of line.

No worries. He won't mind anymore.

This building looks nice
in pictures, don't you think?

How many floors does the building have?


Why does it look like
it has fifteen floors?

-Do the 14th-floor ceilings this high?

Maybe it's an attic?

No way, the stairs end on the 14th floor.

That's odd.


What's this?

You might be right, Bondi.
This building used to be a cemetery.

Not necessarily. How would we know that?

It's the same tree.

Mommy, I promised I won't wet my bed!

This looks cool.

Stop playing with it.

If it breaks,
you're too poor to replace it.

-And you. You still wet your bed?
-Sometimes, when I hear thunder.

Why is everything dated April 17?

It happens every...

39 years.

It's actually 29 years.

Oops, sorry. I'm bad at math.

Bad? How about suck big time?

-At least I have curly hair.
-So what?

I look better.

Isn't there anything else
you can be proud of?

Sadly no.

What date is today?

The 16th.

That means something's happening tomorrow.

A gathering, like in the pictures?

When the clock strikes midnight,
it'll be the 17th.

Come with me.

Where are you going?

For God's sake.

Udin! What are you doing?

Nothing. What are you doing?

I live here. That's my unit over there.

Oh, okay.

Udin, wait!

Can you do me a favor?

You said the brick fell off
just like that?


I was taking a nap this afternoon
when my mom woke me up

to tell me she was going
to my aunt's house.

When I woke up, I found the hole.

It goes right through the unit next door.

So what do you want me to do?

I need you to get something next door.
You're small. You can fit in the hole.

I tried but my belly's too big.

To get what?

Are you telling me
to steal from your neighbor?


-I need you to get my fork.

-My fork fell through the hole.
-Your fork?

Yes. Fork.

Are you nuts? All this hassle for a fork?

My mom would go ballistic
over a silverware!

She beat me up once with an iron bar!

Just get it for me, will you?

Alright, alright!

How did your fork end up next door anyway?

Were you gouging the wall?

I'm not!

Admit it. If you admit it, I'll help you.

Fine, I admit it.

But the brick was already loose!

Then why didn't you use
any other object? A knife, maybe?

If dented, it'll be more noticeable.
I'm scared of my mom.

You're impossible!

Hold on to this.


Help me with my feet.

It's so cramp.

Hold on to my feet!

Hold on!

Give me the flashlight.

Is it there?

I could've just replaced this
with my own fork.

My mom would notice.

And you think she won't notice
a hole this size?

She only cares about her kitchenware.

She doesn't even care about me.

Making a hole in the wall is quite a way
to steal from your neighbor, Genius.

Here, hold onto this.


-Are you okay?

-What was that?
-Give me the flashlight.

What are you doing?

I accidentally knocked over a cabinet.

What are you looking at?

-Just some photo albums.
-What photo albums?

-Doesn't matter.
-Let me see.

-It's not important!
-Show me!

-It's not important!
-I love looking at photo albums.

-Even other people's photo albums?
-Well, you're also looking. Give me!

Fine, here!



Help me up!

Come on!


Watch your feet!

My next-door neighbors must have
lived here for quite a long time.

In the pictures,
the building looks brand new.

-These are pictures of this building?
-Look at it yourself.


-Good God.
-Who are you?

I'm Ustaz Mahmud.
I live on the third floor.


I just moved here last week.

I'm supposed to be at work tonight.

But I ran late. So I'm stuck here.

I was just making tea.
Would you like some?

-Please come in.

Thank you. Excuse me.

I'm so glad to run into you.
It really freaks me out to be alone.

What are you scared of?

I think something
was haunting me earlier, Ustaz.

A human?

I don't think so.

If it's human, it's a bit tricky.
It's dangerous to be alone.

If it's not human, it's easier.

All you have to do is surrender to God.

Pardon me, what is your religion?

I was born a Muslim, Ustaz.

And now?

Still a Muslim, I think.

That's good.

Do you still remember
how to do the shalat prayer?

Then do it.

But I heard that some people were still
haunted while doing the shalat, Ustaz.

It's because they do it
for the wrong reasons.

They were afraid of ghosts instead of God.

If one does shalat
to fully surrender to God,

If God is willing, not one creature of God
will mess with you.

God willing.

God is The Greatest.

God is The Greatest.

God is The Greatest.

Tari, what's wrong? What's wrong?

Calm down, calm down!


Open the door!

Mom, open the door!


















You wait here.

What is it?

Rini, let's gather at our place.

-Not at our place.

I'm not sure yet. It's not safe either.

Not at my place, that's for sure.

It's so high in here.

Let's find out.
There might be stairs going up.

This apartment building is so weird!

-It's quiet like a cemetery!
-It might as well be a cemetery.

Think about it, there are 10 dead bodies
in this building right now.

Insensitive much?


I'm really okay with my dad's death.

I'm not sad at all.

He spent his whole life beating up
my mom, me, and Wina.

-Your dad beat up Wina, too?

That's messed up.
My dad never laid a hand on me.

He spits on me, though.

Now that's messed up.

Your dad never beats you up, Bondi?

Nope. He never even gets angry at us.

Such a perfect dad.

Even though his job is a bit murky.

But seriously, what does
your dad do for a living, Bondi?

I myself don't know.


What's that?

Long story.

Dino did it. He wanted to steal
from his next door neighbor.

And a hole in the wall
is what you came up with?

Wouldn't you get caught right away?

Rini, put that here.

Rini, take a look at this.

These are the same people
in Mother's photo album.

The one I once showed you before.

How do you know?

I still remember.
I can never forget their faces.

-What event was this?

No idea.

But I bet it's an important one.
Lots of foreigners in there, too.

Where did you get this photo album?

-From next door.
-What? You stole from next door?

You accused me of stealing,
and now who's the thief? The nerve.

Check this out, too.

They were in this building.

I think there's something
in this building.

Something haunted me
when I was praying earlier.

You should pray in congregation.
So we can pray together.

Along with your mom.

Ustaz told me to check
the dead bodies earlier.

All the floors are empty.
Like, all tenants just disappeared.

Or they're gathering in one place.

And you also have to see this.


I don't think so.

I think this is her name.

Raminom. What kind of name is that?

No idea.

I was looking at some old
family pictures this afternoon.

This is not how Mother dressed back then.
Only after she released that album.

Can you fill the rest of us in?

We have to get out of here.

What's in this bag?

We never know what
Father does for a living.

Even right after Mother died,
Father never told us where he went.

And he always takes this bag
wherever he goes,

and when he gets home,
he'd lock it inside the cabinet.

Let's guess the combination.

I know.

Six six six.

Smart. That's gotta be it.

Not smart enough.

Usually, the most obvious
is the most unpredictable.

Say, zero zero zero?

Are these real or fake?

It's real!

Toni, we have to find Bondi!

We have to get out of here fast.

I'm not going anywhere without Bondi.

You guys go ahead first. I'll find Bondi.

No. I'm coming with you.

Fine, I'll take Tari and Wisnu.
I'll see you two later.

No, I'm going with Rini.
I'm not sure Dino can protect us.

You'll regret it.

Let's go, Tari.

Let's go!

Let's go!

Where could Bondi be?

I know. Follow me.

We've searched every corner.

There aren't any stairs going up.

I bet it's just how the building
was designed, so it looked like that.

If there's no stairs out here,
I bet it's in one of the units.

Are you suggesting we wake up every tenant

and ask if their home has some
mysterious stairs or not?

I'm sure all the apartment units
are empty anyway.

Excuse me.


There it is.

Excuse me!


There's no one here.



She's alone by herself.



No one in here!

You saw what I saw, right?


Let's go!

We'll search each and every floor.
I will not leave without Bondi.

Excuse me!

Excuse me!

-Excuse me!

This one's open.

Open it then.

I'm scared. You do it.

Out of my way.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Bondi, what's wrong?

Over there!

The rain stopped a while ago.
Why does the water keep rising?

We can't get out of here.

Yes, we can. Can you swim?

If we swim,
we'll get electrocuted to death.

Not necessarily.

You want to try? I'll pass.

What do we do?

That's our brother.

If that's really Ian,
he's the Devil's offspring!

If Ian is the Devil's offspring,
then so are we!

Then what do we do?

We have to take him with us.

No way!

-We have to!
-No! No way!

Let's just ask him what happened.

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I don't know.

Who are you?

A friend.

Do you know who we are?

Yes, I do.

Rini, Bondi, Toni, my siblings.

Bullshit! He can talk!

Can you talk?


Do you remember when you left us?

All I remember is I was asleep,
and when I woke up, I'm here.

We have to get Ian out of here.

No! No way! I won't be anywhere near him!

Bondi, this is our brother Ian.

My point exactly!

If he's also an innocent victim,
you still want to leave him in here?





Bondi, let's go!



We can't get out this way.

So what do you want?
You want to get out of here or not?

I should've gone with the others.

Fine then, go! I'll leave myself.

Stupid woman.

Who are you?


There's a shroud ghost!

There's no such thing, my child.

Only djinns exist.
And they can't be seen by human eyes.

Shroud ghosts are just
manifestations of human fear.

Then what do you call that?






To forget betrayal of the past

That was a song from
our songstress, Mawarni Suwono.

Now let's take another call. Hello?


Who would you like to say hello to?

To the one who is about to join us.

-Join you where?
-In hell.

Why hell? What did she do wrong?

She did nothing wrong.

She did everything right
to get herself here.


I can explain.

Please let us go, Father. Leave us alone.

I've always wanted to protect you.


Everything I did is to keep you all safe.

Everything about you is all lies!

This is all my fault.

I was the one who got your mother
to have a deal with her.

With whom?


I'm trying to save all of you.

Save all of us?

We don't even know who you are...

Or what those things are in your bag!

I did it all for you!


May you bow upon Him
who will soon be born.























My friends...

Eat this, Rini.

Forget everything.

Live happily.

Look, one of us here has gotten
the highest score this semester.

And that person will get
a scholarship to the Netherlands!

Who is that person?


Forget your family.

You can live happily forever.

Stay here.

You can have everything you ever wanted.


Why the long face?

Come, Rini.


Wake up!


No need to be afraid.

Wake up!

Wake up!


Horses! My pretty horses!

I love you all.



Three, pull!






Rini, hurry!


Hop on.

Don't touch the water.
You'd get electrocuted.

-Hurry, hop on!
-Darto, please help me.

Come on.

Wisnu, how did you know those zombies
speak the sign language like in the book?

Your brother was mentioned in it.

I'm sorry.

I was always late.

Your father was a police officer.

Back in 1955 when he was on duty,
he found out about Raminom's cult.

Then he asked your mother
to join the cult.

So they could have children,
so your mother could be a star.

He tried to terminate the deal.

But it cost him a lot.

He had to kill a thousand people.

He became the executor
of mysterious shootings.

But of course, killing a thousand people
wasn't as easy as he'd thought.

Your father made a mistake.

But he loved you dearly.


He sacrificed Mother.

They targeted your father
from the very beginning.

Your mother only served as a camouflage.

This isn't just about your family.

A much more sinister agenda is brewing.

I will tell you everything.

We should've been here last night.

We have to let last night's events
happen as it were.

Just as we planned it to be.


People will get confused
as to which side we are on.

Which side do you think we are on?

We are on our own side.

As long as you do not get sick of me.

Even for another thousand years,
I will never get sick of you.

I wish to smile, laugh, and joke

Sitting side by side on the lake

Listening to the free birds chirping

If you're gone, my heart will be broken

Where are you?

Where are the happy memories?

Why do tears drop?

Flushing down the happiness

I wish to build a golden abode

As a solace to the promise
Of a glorious romance

But the heart should not be gloomy

For I'll be waiting in eternity