Satan's Slave (1982) - full transcript

An Indonesian version of Phantasm (1979).

"Satan's Slaves"






You're not asleep, Ma'am?

Karto, you scared me.

Is something wrong, Ma'am?

No, everything is fine.



Morning, Dad.

-Is Tomi still sleeping?


Last night I saw Tomi.


What do you mean?

I mean...

...Tomi slept late last night.

I'm going to mom's grave
and then to a friend's house.

At this time?

-Eat your breakfast first.
-I'm not hungry. Maybe later.

I'll leave now.


Your mom just passed away,
don't come back too late.

All right, Dad.

Good morning, Mother.


I pray...

...that God always forgive
all your sins...

...and take care of you by His side.

Be happy and peaceful always, Mother.

I will leave now, Mother.






Hey, that's Tomi.

Hello, Tom.


How are you?

Where did you go?

I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

Me too.

You have to take care of yourself.

With your mom gone,

you have to remain strong
and don't lose hope.

It's all God's will.

I have also gone through all this.

I stopped going to school
and almost went crazy.

Luckily, there was a fortune teller
who helped me.

Fortune teller?


She told me...

...that after my mother's death...

...I don't need to be sad... good fortune is waiting for you.

And all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Give me the address, Gi.

I forgot.

But I'm sure you can go
to any fortune teller.

The Black King.

That means...

...your life will be filled with darkness.

Red Ace.

This translates to the coffin.

Do you know what it means?

You just lost your mother, right?

That's right.

How did you know?

The coffin does not only represent you...

...but your entire family's life
is in danger.


You have to be careful.

Protect yourself with black magic.



Tom, what's going on with you?

Can't you see I'm concentrating?

What do you want?

What are you reading?

You have been acting weird
these past few days.

Why did you stare at me in the cemetery?

You're not the only one who lost mom.

We all did.

We have all lost someone we really loved.

Stop whatever you are doing right now.



Why are you looking at me like that?




-Is this Tomi's house?

That's right. Who is this?

-This is Tomi's house?

Yes. Who is this?

Hello? Who is this?


-What do you want?
-Calm down, Ma'am.

If this is Tomi's house, I'm very glad.

This is Tomi's house. What do you want?

Don't you dare disturb us again. Jerks.


-Tomi, what's wrong with you?
-Good afternoon.

Why is everybody shocked?

I thought it was someone else.

Tom, what's wrong with your nose?

I'm glad you're here, Herman.

What's the problem?

Why don't you sit down first.

Her, since mother passed away...

...a lot of weird things
have been happening in this house.

Weird things.

Her, do you believe in Satan?


I do believe that Satan exists.

And he will go to people
whose faith is not strong.

Like you and me...

Stop joking around. I'm serious.

What's wrong?


...I think I saw Tomi talking to someone
who looks like mom last night.

-In this house.

Listen, Rita.

I'm not so sure...

...but people say that 40 days
after someone dies...

...the spirit still wanders
around the house.

You're scaring me.

I'm sorry.

I didn't come here to scare you,
but this...

I want you to come to a party.

Thank you, Mr Munarto.

I hope this business will be fruitful.

True. Let's hope that this will be
very successful.

Our project is in line
with government's mission.

To build many houses for the people... as to increase
their standard of living too.


All right.

We won't take any more of your time,
Mr Munarto.

Remember, there is a deadline.

By the way...

...since your wife just passed away...

...and your children need someone
to take care at home...

...may I help in finding a housekeeper?

Thank you.

But Dewi will take care of that.

All right.

-We take your leave. Good afternoon.
-Good afternoon.

Are you going to Herman's party?

He's coming to pick me.

He said
there is a lot of good food there.

I will not eat at home.

By the way...

...I have called an agency
to look for a housekeeper.

Someone who can take proper care
of this house.

To clean all this mess.

That might be her.

I'll open it.

Good evening.

Is this the house of Mr Munarto?


I'm from the agency
that provides the housekeeper.

This is the letter from them.

Who's that, Tom?

We were just talking about you.
Please come in.

From the agency, Dad.

Why have you come so late at night?

Have you brought your clothes?

Yes, I have.

I'm sorry,
I was just informed in the evening.

There are three of us in the family.

Rita, Tomi... What's your name?

-Please show Darminah her room.

Please come.

Thank you.



-Rita, let me get down.
-No, Herman.

That old man is getting lazy.




I'll get down here.

-All right. Good night.

Why did you lock the gate?

I have told you many times,
if I'm not back, don't lock the gate.

-But I didn't lock the gate.
-You're getting forgetful.

If you're tired of this job, just tell us.

I'm not tired at all.

I have been working here for many years.


Did you go to a party again?

It's none of your business where I go.

Why do you care?

I mean, we just lost someone dear to us.

It is better for us to pray
and send blessings for our loved one.

Karto, stop trying to cover up
your mistake by lecturing me.

I'm not a child.


You're not asleep, Darminah?

Come in.

There is someone who wants to meet you.

Who is it?

He said he knows you.

It's personal and very important.

Dewi, I have told you many times...

...if it's not business related,
whoever it is please tell them I'm busy.

I don't discuss personal matters
in the office.

They can come to my house.

All right, Sir.

I'm sorry...

...but Mr Munarto is very busy.

He will be able to meet you at his house.

All right.

Please tell Mr Munarto
I will come to his house.

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

No, please.

No. Please.


Kill him.

-Kill him.

-Kill him.

-Kill him.

-Kill him.

Kill him.

-Kill him.

Let me go! Help!

-Let me go! Don't kill me.


-Let me go! No!
-Tomi, what's going on?





From now on...'re not allowed to play
with these things.

You will go insane.

It's true, Tomi.

Don't play with black magic.

It is better if you start reciting prayers
and send blessings for mother.

-Yes, Sir.

Get rid of all this...

...and burn it.

All right, Sir.

I will be back home late tonight.

I want you to be home early.


There is a guest who wants to meet you.


He said he came to the office,
but you told him to come here.

-It's personal.
-Tell him I'm not feeling well.

He can come next time.

All right, Sir.


Since mother left us...

...I don't like staying in this house.

Yes, Dad. I feel it too.

I always want to be out.

Don't say that.

Darminah will be all alone here.

What's wrong, Karto?

Is your asthma getting worst?

I don't think I can handle it anymore.

Have you gone to the doctor?

I want to go and be with Him.

Take this and go to the doctor...

...and stop talking
about leaving this world.

Dying is not a good thing.

Thank you.

Go rest now.

Good morning, Uncle.

-Is Rita home?

-How's your college?
-Not that great.

I'm thinking of joining
my father's business.

That's disappointing.


This is Darminah.

-She's the new caretaker.

Darminah, please make some drinks for us.

-Rita, that's the look of death.


There is something about that look and...

Stop it.

Herman, I'm sure this house has ghosts.

I'm really confused.


I'm scared mother's spirit is still here.

That's the reason I'm here.

I have the address.

That shaman is very powerful.

I'm sure he can get rid of all the spirits
that still haunts this house.

-Are you sure, Herman?

On top of that, he can make sure...

...your mother's spirit is at peace
in the other world.

Don't talk about this to others.

I will go there tomorrow.

All right.

Karto, how dare you?

Leave this place now.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to intrude.

I wanted to clean.

Dewi, come here.

-Yes, Sir?
-Handoko will be here soon.

Where is his file?

It's still being analyzed
at the data bureau.

-Can you tell them to hurry up.
-Sure, Sir.

And, Sir, the guest that was here
last time, is here again.

I told him you are busy.

-What did he say?
-He looked very disappointed.

However he did say...

...that you should not only focus
on building physical infrastructure...

...but also focus
on spiritual and religion...

...especially for the family.

How dare he?

I don't need lecture on religion from him.

"Kurnia Esa Book Store"

"1001 Dream Interpretation"

This is also good.

"Complete Prayer Guide"

You're too young to read that book.

Your face shows a lot of fear
and uncertainty.

Take it.

Bring yourself closer to God.

Pray and recite the holy book.

I don't know how to pray.

No one in our family prays.

Your body or any house
will be easily occupied by the devil...

...if you are not close to God
and abide by His rules.

Before it's too late.

Do it now.

Stop that.






Where is Karto?

Karto is not inside.



-We take your leave, Sir.
-Thank you.

Fate has not been good to you, Karto.

-What do you mean?
-Send my father's chair now.

-Hurry up.

-Don't get upset again.

Don't worry about it.

-I'll see you around.

Let's help the victim!

Hurry up!

Hurry up!

Yes, hello.

That's right.



What's wrong, Rita?

Herman got into an accident, Dad.

-He died.

-Good afternoon, Nurse.

-Where is the morgue?
-Over there.

-Thank you.

Who are you looking for?

I'm looking for the accident victim
from today afternoon.


His name is Herman.

That's him.

This is him, Ma'am.

-Hey, Tom.

I'm very confused.

Don't you find Herman's
and Karto's death so soon?

Both of them are very nice people.

Rita, I can't help, but think of Karto.

He told me to learn how to pray.

And now he's gone.

Herman died
while he was looking for a shaman... get rid of the ghosts
from this house.

Stop talking about ghosts.

When I was praying, I was disturbed.

I'm going to sleep.

Tomi, open the door!

Tomi, open the door!

Dad, open the door!

Dad, open the door!

No! No, Herman!




How are you feeling, Rita?

I'm fine, Dad.

Thank God.


I have one request.

Will you fulfill it?

Since when have I ever refused
your request?


Me and Tomi have always been disturbed
by restless spirits in this house.

-Please call a shaman.


I don't believe in any of these things.

It's all a myth...

...but if it makes you feel better...

...I will do it.

To the Gods of the seven worlds... the Gods of the seven worldly seas.

Protect this house from the grasp of evil.

Destroy all the evil spirits
and all the lusts...

...of the devil, jinn, and angels.




Leave, Devil!

Don't disturb this house.



I will destroy you.




Rise up from your grave.

Rise up from your grave.

Rise, Mawarni.


Come out!

Follow my command.

Follow my command.

Come out!

Rise up!


Destroy your family.

Rise up!

Rise up!



-Don't disturb my mother.
-Kill him!


Dad, open the door!

Dad, open the door!



Open the door!


-What's wrong Tomi?

She has brought mom out from the grave.

-I saw it myself.
-Who is she?

-She... She has to leave from here now.

She is going to destroy our family.

She has brought all this to us.

Calm down, Tomi.

-Talk properly.

What about Darminah?

Sis, she has also risen
Herman's dead body...

-...and Karto's dead body from the grave.

It's true, Dad.

Since Darminah entered this house,
evil spirits has come in too.

-And then...

I don't believe all this.

This is nonsense.

Let's go and check her room.

Let's go.

Good evening.

I'm sure, Dad.

I saw it myself.

-I'm not...

From now on,
I don't want you to go out at night.

Do you understand?


Let it go, Tom.

Don't worry too much about last night.


I know what I saw. I'm not lying.

Maybe it was someone
who looked like Darminah.


She's the devil.

She can be anywhere.

She will destroy our family.

We have to check mom's grave.

What do you mean?

Let's dig.

Fast, Tomi.


Keep going. Faster.

It's done.

We have to open the wood.

-Quiet. Dad is sleeping.

Where have you gone at this time?

We were...

Where did you go?

We went to Mom's grave.

Mom's grave?

What were you doing?

What were you doing?

I wanted...

I wanted to be sure
about what I saw last night.

You dug up your Mom's grave?


That's insane.

Your mind has been really taken over
by the devil.

Change your clothes quickly.



I'm scared.

I want to sleep with you.




Tomi, open!









Help me, Dad!






You are dead, My Wife.

Go back to your world.


No, Mawarni.

No, no, no.






Kill them all!


Who are you?

I will kill all of you... by one...

...and I will make you my slaves.

What have we done wrong?

I will destroy people
with no faith like you.

We will always come to people...

...who use religion as a mask.

You are evil!

Get out from my house!

Get out!

We will not leave.

Not before we take you with us.

Watch out.


Run... Fast...

Watch out!

Stand behind me.

Watch out!


Don't try to defend them!

I will destroy you too.

You can try to destroy us.

People of faith...

...come in to Islam...

...and don't follow the path of Satan...

...for Satan is your true enemy.

The righteous path is to follow God.

Religion is my enemy.

Destroy them!

I beg for protection from God Almighty
against Satan.

None has the right to be worshiped
except God.

He is the only one
that takes care of all His children.

He does not sleep...

...and uses all his power above and below.

Only we feel protected
with Him next to us.

Without his blessings, nothing happens.

God knows what's in front and behind him.

While they are blinded...

...and does not know anything.

His kingdom covers the sky and the earth.

And he does not feel burdened
to take care of both.

He is the creator
and the seer of everything.

"The End"