Satan's Sadists (1969) - full transcript

The "Satans" are a very cruel biker gang led by Anchor. The gang goes to a diner in the middle of nowhere in the California desert where they begin to terrorize Lew and his patrons and his waitress, Tracy. After a little killing, one of the patrons named Johnny manages to escape from the bikers into the desert. They need to reach a town before the Satans catch up to them and kill them.

Oh, Ben.

What's the matter?

Can't you get it?

Do you want me to help you, baby?

We wouldn't want any trouble...

on a nice evening like this, would we?

No, we wouldn't.

Look, why don't you guys just run along?

What a good idea.

Let's run along and
leave the lovers alone.

Hey, can I break him, Anchor?


Just hold him for now, Muscles.

Right, come on, boy.

I'm on a trip with
this pretty little mama.

Hey, we take a trip with acid.

Get your stinking hands off her.

Stinking hands?

I'm gonna go see if he's got any booze
in his car.

Willie, you're the newest member of the group.

Wanna go first?

Uh yeah!

Thank you, Anchor.

Gina, why don't you get her ready?

Hey, I'll be last, okay?

You bet your sweet ass
you'll go last, brother,

I ain't gonna get what you got!

No, please!

Just cool it, you'll learn to enjoy it.

Oh, how can you!?

Take it easy.

Pretty little peach.

Oh my goodness,

look at this, Acid.

Man, if Firewater saw us
wasting his booze he'd flip.

Ah what's he know?

He's never even tripped out.

Listen, Acid, at least

he never got so high he took a stick...

and jammed it in his ear
like you did, stupid.

Fly high enough,
and you don't have to hear.

You see.

♪ I was born mean ♪

♪ By the time I was two ♪

♪ They were calling me ♪

♪ Calling me Satan ♪

♪ I was born mean ♪

♪ By the time I was 12 ♪

♪ I was killing ♪

♪ Killing for Satan ♪

♪ Yes my mother, she had problems ♪

♪ Too many, of her own ♪

♪ She was young and everybody's girl ♪

♪ Oh, yes she was ♪

IAs a child, oh ♪

♪ I was lost, so lost and lonely ♪

♪ In a dark and godforsaken world ♪

♪ Oh, no one cared ♪

♪ What did anyone give ♪

♪ What chance did I have ♪

♪ To relive ♪

♪ I was born mean ♪

♪ By the time I was two ♪

♪ They were calling me ♪

♪ Calling me Satan ♪

♪ I was born mean ♪

♪ By the time I was 12 ♪

♪ I was killing ♪

♪ Killing for Satan, oh yeah ♪

♪ Yes my mother, she had problems ♪

♪ Too many, of her own ♪

♪ She was young and everybody's girl ♪

♪ Oh, yes she was ♪

I As a child, I was lost ♪

♪ I was lost, so lost and lonely ♪

♪ In a dark and godforsaken world ♪

♪ Oh, no one cared ♪

♪ What did anyone give? ♪

♪ What chance did I have ♪

♪ To relive ♪

Hey Anchor...

I did pretty good, huh, man?

Yeah, man, you did real good.

That's good for a guy with one eye, huh?

Hey you know if this guy
doesn't watch where he's riding...

he's gonna run into a wall
and put out his other eye.

What are you picking on him for, man?

You know he ain't got all his marbles.

Yeah, well that ain't my fault.

I just don't want him riding behind me.

Yeah, well how would you ride...

if your old man beat your brains out...

when you were 12 years old
and put your eye out, huh?

Not so good I'll bet.

Take it easy on him.

Oh, Charlie, let's give him a ride...

he looks like a servicemen.

I dunno honey, it's not a good idea
picking up strangers.

But Chuck's in the service...

wouldn't we want somebody to pick him up?

Maybe you're right, okay.

Where ya headin' son?

Los Angeles.

We're goin' that way, hop in.


I'm Chuck Baldwin, this is my wife Nora.


I'm Johnny Martin.

Where are you from, John?

Ah, nowhere really, ma'am.

I was raised in Illinois...

but I got nobody back there now.

Thought I'd go out and see L.A.,
live a little bit.

Were you in the service, John?

Yes sir, the Marines.

I was an M.P., just got my discharge.

Oh, Military Police!

Charlie's a policeman too, in Pittsburgh.

That's right, 20 years.

My first vacation.

Like a second honeymoon.

That's right sweetheart.

We have a son about your age...

he's in Vietnam.


I was over there a year and a half myself.

It's pretty rough over there.

He'll be okay though.

Hi, I've brought you those jeans.

Oh, thanks Tracy!

I hope I don't ruin 'em.

Oh don't worry about it...

it's no reason to ruin a good pair of yours.

Gee, I wish you could join us...

if you didn't have to work today.

We'll bring you back a few samples
for your rock collection.

Wish I could go...

I need the lab credits.

Geology's not the easiest class.

Oh, it's gonna be boring out there.

I wanted the guys to come along, but...

I keep telling her it's geology...

and she wants to make it biology.


I gotta get going, I'm late for work.

Have fun!

Oh thanks.

Tell Lew hello for us.

Marines huh?

Boy, I understand those Marines give you...

some real rough training.

Oh, yes sir.

Surprised me everything we had to learn...

just to be a G.l. Cop.

I'm sorry, sir.

That's all right, that's all right...

that's what I am...

just a cop.

You ever think about joining the police force...

now that you're out of the service, lad?

Ah, not really.

Everyone seems to be having...

a lot of problems here in the States...

and I'm kinda tired of problems.

I don't blame you...

we sure have plenty of problems.

All those riots, murder.

Don't get me wrong now...

I'm all for legitimate dissent...

but let it have law and order, you know?

That's why we need kids like you.

Good, level headed, honest cops.

Just like my husband!

I'm getting kind of hungry, honey.

Doesn't seem to be anything around here.

Hell, we've been driving for hours...

and haven't even seen a gas station.

Boy, this is really desert, isn't it?

Wasn't like this back in Pittsburgh, eh dear?

Sorry I was late for work this morning, Lew.

I had to stop by Rita's and give her
an old pair of jeans...

for a geology field trip.

Geology, well you have that class too...

don't you Tracy?

Uh huh.

Now, you know I told you...

you could take a day off for school
any time you need it.

And who would help you out at the cafe?

You know you can't get along without me.

Looks like a gas station ahead...

maybe we can get something to eat.

Okay I'll pull up.

How about it there marine...

ready for some chow?

Yes sir!

Good boy.

Good afternoon!

Fill it up?

Yes please, check the hood too, will ya?

Say, is the cafe open?

Yeah, I'll be right in.


Shouldn't we ask him to eat with us?

Ah, it looks like he wants to be by himself, honey.

Let's leave him alone.

What would you like?

Oh, give me a hamburger, well done...

french fries and a coke.


The special?


Your order please.

Two specials and two coffees please.

Thank you.

Here are your keys.


This is a pretty barren area, isn't it?

We haven't seen a thing
around here for miles.

We're in the most isolated spot in California...

closest town's about 25 miles.

You know, you get off the highway...

you can drive 250 miles,
you won't see anybody.

Pretty hot this time of the year too.

Better stay on the highway...

fella could die pretty easy
out there in that desert.

I'll bet.

What's your name?


Tracy, that's a pretty name.

You live around here or what?

In Clifford, up the way.

Hey, what do people do...

I mean around here, to have fun.

I don't have much time for fun...

I go to Clifford Junior College.

I'm trying to get a scholarship
to UCLA in Los Angeles.

I've gotta get outta here.

I don't wanna be a waitress all my life...

I wanna be somebody.

Well you're a person, aren't you?

And everyone that's a person is somebody.

Kinda hard to be somebody way out here.

I've got to get to a big city...

and meet somebody
important and get married.

Well good luck, I hope you
find what you're lookin' for.

This is the special.

♪ I was born mean ♪

♪ By the time I was two ♪

♪ They were calling me ♪

♪ Calling me Satan ♪

♪ I was born mean ♪

♪ By the time I was 12 ♪

♪ I was killing ♪

♪ Killing for Satan ♪

Hey, Anchor!

Hey, hey.

Let's get some service in this place!

Hey Anchor, look at those spoons.

Wonder how big the guy's
mouth is that fit into, huh?

Hey, here's our beer?

Hey, where's the beer I orderedl?

Come on Willie.

I don't know Romeo, I don't know.

Go ahead, baby.

Ooh, hey Anchor, look at this.

Wouldn't she make a groovy mama!

All right, what do you want?

You, baby, you look good enough to eat.

Hey Romeo, let me take a look at her.

After me, baby!

Come on, come on Romeo.


Hey, come on, ring around the rosies baby!

Ring around the rosies,
pocket full of posies!

Now, now, now, fellas.

Now, wait a minute.

Look, I don't want no trouble.

Now, if you wanna eat, eat.

If not...

What'd he say?

Sit down, we don't want any trouble.

You half breed bastard.

Anchor's the one who gives orders
around here.

It's all right man, just cool it, huh?

Everybody, easy.

It's all right Lew...

they'll leave soon.

Hey honey, do you think you could...

stop staring long enough to give us
a little service?

Now bring us seven coffees, will you.

Make it six.

Oh man!

That sucker up on the hill...

I had him, right here baby!

Right here!

I coulda killed that sucker.

Why didn't Anchor let me do it?

Yeah, cool it.


I can hardly wait till...

we get to the beach next week, Anchor.

And we can go on the water
and sleep on the beach.

And maybe, just maybe,
we could be alone together.

Maybe we ain't goin' to the beach...

you ever think about that?

I don't care where we're going, Anchor.

Just take me with you.


Maybe by that time I'll want somethin' new...

know what I mean?

You know I can be anything
you want me to be.



Can you be a spade?

Oh Anchor.

Why don't you go play with the waitress
or somethin'...

now get off my back for a while.

You stink.

I don't think you're gonna find your...

prince charming amongst your guests.

I guess not.

Don't let it bug ya...

I've been riding like this for a long time.

We gotta stick together.

Ain't much, but it's better than nothin'.

Boy, I've had a lot of nothin'.

I do anything he wants me to.

I even sleep with who he wants me to.

Doesn't he know I dig him?

Firewater, why don't you put a coin
in the machine...

and I'll do a little dance.

Maybe that'll turn him on.

Hey baby come on!

♪ Ooh, I like the way you work, baby ♪

♪ I'm gonna work it on out now ♪

♪ Ooh, I like the way you work, baby ♪

♪ Come on and work it on out now ♪

♪ You know you got the motion ♪

♪ Love is your emotion ♪

This is a place to eat,
not a place to dance!

We got a big man in the crowd, huh.

What'd he say?

He thinks he's a big man...

let's see how big he is.

Cool it man, cool it, relax.

Look, if you're lost, Buster,
try looking at this roadmap.


Gee, she's sure got a nice set of boobs.

Hold it, hold it right there!

I don't want any trouble from you people...

so I suggest you beat it, fast.

Watch out!

I got him!


Well you really blew it man.

For no reason, he was only complimenting the lady.

How you feel, man?

I dunno, man.

Okay let's bring 'em outside.

You punks are always trying
to push people around.

Well why don't you get out?

I'm not afraid of that gun.

And bring the wise old man too.

Hey Muscles, you better stay here
in case hero wakes up.

See that face now.

Ah, it looks pretty bad.

Hey lets get the waitress...

get the waitress...

we need her to fix Romeo's face.

We'll call you when the fun's ready.

Yeah, I'll be there.

Come on!

Okay find some wire
or somethin' and tie them up.

You better watch yourself, sonny.

Yeah, you got a mirror?

Get him tied up.

Just take it easy now.

Better find out what his bag is, right?

Got a wallet on you I hope?

Nothin' in there.

Ah haha, yeah.

Oh, that's the greatest thing I've ever seen.

You guys ain't gonna believe this.

You know what his bag is?

His bag is bugsy.


He's a cop!

Hey listen fella, I don't wanna alarm you...

but, uh, well your bag is busted.

You know now that I think about it...

you're a sneaky cop too.

You don't got guts enough to wear a uniform.

Ain't that right sweetie, huh?

Now listen to me fellas...

don't do anything you're gonna regret later.

I tell you what...

I'll make a deal with you.

You boys leave now...

and I give you my word...

I'll forget this whole thing ever happened.

That's a deal, gimme your word.

Look, Anchor, we better split outta here.

What, and trust a cop?

You must be drunk, man.

Yeah, yeah, brother, Anchor's right.

You don't trust no cop!

Hey, you know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna trip with your old lady.

Why you filthy!

Cool it, cop!

Anything but that, huh?

Okay, come on, I'm gonna
make Dick Tracy's wife clean.

Hey, you idiots!

Here, Willie.

Hey Anchor!

Can I have this one?

He's kinda cute.

Sure, baby.

What about you, old man?

Not with a whore like you.

How about a little of this, baby?



I'll try and fix you up in here.

Not bad.

I'll get you, you little bastard.

I promise you...

I'll get you if it's the last thing I ever do!

You're right cop, you're right...

I am a rotten bastard, I admit it.

But I tell ya somethin'...

even though I got a lot of hate inside...

I got some friends who ain't got hate inside.

They're filled with nothin' but love.

Their only crime is growing their hair long...

smokin' a little grass and getting high...

lookin' at the stars at night...

writing poetry in the sand.

And what do you do?

You bust down their doors, man.

Dumbass cop, you bust down their doors...

and you bust on their heads...

you put 'em behind bars.

And you know something funny?

They forgive you.

I don't.

I'm not gonna get any burn scars, am I?

Ah damn, my face!

You son of a bitch!

You're gonna get yours, hero.

You're gonna die.

All right, all right, come on...

you fat ugly mother.

All right fat face, come on, come on.

Have you got any transportation?

The dune buggy, outside.

Okay, let's go.

You had to kill 'em.

You just had to do it.

What the hell kind of animal are you?

Now we're gonna have to
get the hell out of here...

and get out of here fast.

I'm gonna go into the cafe first...

and take care of some unfinished business.

Man, I wish he wouldn't have done that.

Not till I got mine.

All I wanted to do was trip
with that cop's old lady.

Then he coulda had his fun.



Anything that Anchor does is okay by me...

that makes it okay by you.


♪ She had problems ♪

♪ Too many of her own ♪

Willie, find out what that was!


They got Romeo and Muscles.

Well, what do you say you guys,
let's get that bastard!

What do you think they did
to Lew back at the cafe?

I dunno, we haven't got time
to worry about that now.

What's the matter?

I dunno, something's wrong with the car.

Do you have any gas in this thing?

There should be plenty.

Well that's what it sounds like...

like we're outta gas.

Busted something loose when we
ran over those bikes, no gas.

They're gonna be on us any minute.

Now those rocks will give us some protection...

they won't be able to get their bikes up there.

Let's go.

Come on!

Hey Anchor!

Looks like they went this way.

Let's get this orange crate outta here.

Look, Anchor, my hog broke down.

It ain't gonna go any further.

My machine's busted too, Anchor.

Well, let's just cool it for a minute, uh?

Let me catch my breath.

Gina, where's my hat?

Yeah, let me think for a minute.

Are we in trouble?

We got no trouble.

Let's all get stoned, forget those two.

Let's not get stoned, huh?

Let's not forget 'em either...

they're witnesses.

Unless you guys wanna fry.

Well I for one ain't gonna sit around here.

I'm gonna go on top one of these hills...

and take a look around.

Well, there's not much there
but it's better than nothing.

Tracy, we better get moving.

They're sure to be after us.

But they can't get their bikes over that mountain.

They can do one of two things...

they can circle around or
they can follow us on foot.

In either case, we'd better get moving.

Let's go.

Hey Anchor.

Seen some people camped overhill up here.

Think it's them?

I dunno, couldn't get close enough to tell.

I will check it out though.

All right.

Hey, Acid, you and Gina stay here with the bikes.

Come on.

Hope they don't take long.

I don't like being left alone.

Man, you're always alone.

Not as long as I got this.

All you think about is LSD, one long trip.

One of these days you're gonna take a trip...

and never come back.

Yeah, you think so?


Hey, just a sip!


Are we gonna make it?

Well now my little friend...

I'm not gonna lie to ya.

It's gonna be tough.

But, with a little bit of luck...

yeah we'll make it.

Let's get going then.

Oh, I haven't done that since I was eight!

Yeah, I didn't think you were the outdoor type!

That doesn't mean I can't run fast...

the boys could never catch me!

Wow, and I was gonna stay back in that dorm.

You know, this is really beautiful out here.

Oh Carol, you're a genius
for bringing us out here.

You two girls act like just released inmates...

don't forget this has been here for centuries.

All you do is drive up and just take it in.

Did you find any interesting samples up there?

How could anything be interesting without men?

Well, we found a lot of new rock samples,
didn't we?

We have about 26 varieties.

It's more than I expected...

but we'll have to take...

one more swing through in the morning.

I'm gonna start dinner now.

Yeah, well I'm gonna go get some more sun.

Firewater, better bring nature girl back.

We're gonna check out the camp.

Well this gourmet delight is almost ready...

and our free spirit still isn't back yet.

You suppose we should go look for her?

And spoil this beautiful dinner?

She'll get back when
she gets hungry enough.

You don't suppose she's lost or anything?

Who, Rita?

Oh God, no.

You know you really aren't the camping type,
are you Jan?

It's good to see you're enjoying yourself
so much.

I'm glad I came,

I've never been camping before.

I always thought it was for boys.

At least that's what Daddy always said.

My folks took me camping
since I was six months old.

Hi there little lady.

What do you want?

Look at the brave one, Anchor.

There's more food there
than two little mamas.

Was you expecting us?

We have enough food here...

if you'd care to share it with us.

Hey Anchor, want some of this chow?

Yeah, this is real nice of you girls...

to share your food like this.

Not everybody'll share their food.

Hey, don't think I'm eating your, uh...

that other girl's portion, do ya?

What makes you think
there's anybody else with us?

What makes you think there's not?

Carol, what if they've hurt her?

Yeah what if, what if ifs don't count?

What have you done to Rita?

Hey Anchor, the name Rita, that's pretty.

I think I like her already.

Can we rest a minute?

Yeah okay, sit down we'll take a minute.

Well, I can't tell if it's much further or not.

Ready to go?

Here Anchor, this one was out
there keeping her milk warm.

She ain't been takin' no ugly pills either, brother.

Was she alone?

I looked around, I couldn't see anybody else.

Okay, better go back and get Acid and Gina...

there's plenty of food and water here.

And you and Willie take off on the two bikes...

that are working and get after
that hero and the waitress.

And I don't care if it
takes all night, find 'em.

I'll stay here and keep
Laurel and Hardy company.

Oh Anchor, can't I have a little...


Now Willie, I want you to go that way,

I'm goin' that way.

Now Anchor wants you to meet
right here by that tree...

you hear me?

Okay Firewater.

You go look for hero and come back to this tree.


Well, we'd better start looking...

for a place to spend the night.

But can we take the time?

We're gonna have to...

we can't wander around in this desert
after dark.

I guess you're right.

Have you tasted this stew?


Hey that's pretty good.

Great, isn't it?

Well that's not bad.

You turned on?

Oh God, look what I done.

You better clean it up.

Good as new, huh Anchor?

Let her eat it.

All right.

I'm not hungry.

Oh that's right, you want to eat a little
don't ya?

Right in here.

No, please.

Yeah, come on, open wide for dada.

Oh no, mother hen, it's this
little mama that's hungry.

Wasn't I the one that said we should share.

Mother superior wants to protect her from...

the fate worse than death.

Hey, why don't you give her some?

Let's see if she'll eat it.

You want some?

Hey, she likes it.

Yeah, she's hungry she said.

You watch.

Come on honey.

Open up now.

Way open.

Now, ain't that good?

Now lick it, come on.

Let's see your tongue.

Come on, lick it.

Give her a big piece of meat, here.

Shut up!

Eat a little honey, come on.

Anchor, baby, please Anchor let's get outta here.

Hey later Gina, okay?

I'm havin' fun.

They're gonna be looking for us soon...

I don't want anything to happen to you.

We could just get out of here, Anchor...

if one of the bikes is fixed.

We could get out of here now.

Please Anchor.

Come here for a minute...

I want you to show these chicks
how you eat stew.

We know how to do it.

Come on, show 'em how.

Please, Anchor, I don't want to right now.

Anchor, Anchor, I don't want to.

Come on, show 'em how to eat stew!

I don't want to, Anchor.

Now open your mouth like a good girl.

Please, please, Anchor.

Come on, open your mouth.

Anchor, please!

Open your mouth.

Isn't that good?

Now eat it!

Isn't that good?

Now go back where you belong, okay?

Or I'll replace you.

Dumb bitch.

Now, where were we?

This looks like a good place.

You stay here, I'm gonna go check it out.

I'm sorry, it was a snake, it frightened me.

Well this cave's gonna be just fine for tonight.

You take the stuff in,
make yourself comfortable.

I'll be in in a minute.

Anchor, Anchor...

I made it.

I just know they're gonna kill us.

Don't worry Jan, I can handle this.

Hey Anchor, Willie back yet?


Well that poor soul...

something must have happened to him.

Ah, what coulda happened to him?

I dunno, but I'm gonna go look for him.

What the hell are you
and Acid doing with these broads?

You know, I'm getting sick and tired...

of your warped mind, Anchor.

I think we oughta get
the hell out of here now.

You know I'm getting sick and tired of your lip!

Now we're gonna do what I say...

and I say we stay here...

and that Willie's gonna be back soon...

and everything's gonna work out just beautifully.

Yeah, well I for one ain't gonna fry...

for what you been doin'.

I'm goin' out there and
I'm gonna find Willie...

and we're gonna get the hell outta here.

Hey, how about some coffee, it's getting cold.

Yeah, that'd be okay, wouldn't it Anchor?

I'll even serve it for ya.

Anchor, please get out of here
while there's till time.

I don't care what happens to me anymore...

but I'd die if something happened to you.

Just get on your bike and get out of here.

You tryin' for the Academy Award or somethin'?

Big dramatic deal.

Can't you get it through your thick head...

that I don't wanna be bugged anymore?

Okay, I won't bug you anymore.

I'll do whatever you want me to do.

Take a walk in the desert...

look for rocks or somethin'.

Just get out of here.

I love you.

Love, what do you know about love?

You're good for one
thing, and one thing only.

And you know something?

Now that I think about it...

you're not even so good with that anymore.

You ain't nothin' anymore
to me baby, I'm sorry.

You're just nothin'...

a piece of dead meat.

- Anchor, please Anchor, I need you.

(pained gasp)

Now I'm gonna tell you somethin', baby.

I warned ya.

Now I'm gonna go back
to those three girls...

and see if I can't find myself a new mama.

Tell me about yourself, John.

Oh, there's not really much to tell.

Three years ago all I knew
was Chicago, Illinois...

and then the Marines.

I guess I can thank the
Marines for teaching me...

how to stay alive, how to survive.

Without you here to help...

I'd be back there with them.

I wouldn't have had a
chance, I'd just give up.

Well I guess there comes a time

when everyone wants to give up...

to stop living.

I give the credit to the Marine Corps.

They taught me that the
most important thing...

in the world is to stay alive.

Well, at least if you're alive...

you've got a chance to find out...

what it is you're looking for.

Now, now, don't worry Tracy.

I'm gonna get you out of this.

Now you get some rest.

♪ ls it better to have loved and lost ♪

♪ Than to have never loved at all? ♪

♪ To play with fire at any cost ♪

♪ For a moment of pleasure ♪

♪ The sooner the treasure ♪

♪ I knew I'd get burned ♪

♪ I was playing with fire ♪

♪ With a heart full of love ♪

♪ ls it better to have loved and lost ♪

♪ Than never to have loved at all ♪

♪ To play with fire at any cost ♪

♪ For a moment of pleasure ♪

♪ The sooner the treasure ♪

♪ Here I stand all alone ♪

♪ I lost everything ♪

♪ I got all the heartache ♪

♪ ls it better to have loved and lost ♪

♪ Than to have never loved at all ♪

♪ Paid the price, at any cost ♪

♪ For a moment of pleasure ♪

♪ The sooner the treasure ♪

♪ ls it better to have loved and lost ♪

♪ Than to have never loved at all ♪

♪ To pay the price, at any cost ♪

♪ For a moment of pleasure ♪

♪ The sooner the treasure ♪



Finally got your reward, huh Willie.

Anchor finally did it to you.

You followed him right to hell.

Your turn.


Anchor, Willie's dead.

Willie's dead.

Where's the girls?

They're uh, back up here waitin' for ya.

Your turn.

You sadist bastard.

I'm gettin' the hell out of here.

Your turn.

There's Clifford.

Just a few more miles.

Well, Tracy, we made it.

You go on ahead, I'll catch
up with you in a minute.

But I don't wanna go on without you.

I'll wait here.

Please, Tracy, you do what I tell you.

You go on ahead, I'll be right behind you.

I just wanna tell ya...

Anchor won't bother you no more.

Yeah, sure bet.

Oh Christ.

In Vietnam...

at least they paid me
when I killed someone.

All right now, you stay
behind me and don't stand close.

If you could just see your face!

Oh, you look so scared man.

You thought you were gonna get away...

from old Satan, didn't ya?

Don't you know you can't
get away from Satan, huh?

All right, you got us.

So now what?

Now what?

You just don't know,

do ya man?

You just don't know.

I'll tell you somethin',

I paid my dues, man.

Now it's your turn.