Satan's Children (1975) - full transcript

Runaway teen Bobby is given shelter by a cult of Satanists, but his presence and questionable sexuality leads to conflicts within Satan's Children,

[bells ringing]

[voices whispering]

[eerie music]

[ominous upbeat music]

[lawnmower buzzing]

[girl shouts]

- Bobby!

[birds chirping]

[saw whirring]

[lawnmower buzzing]

[door slamming]

You clean up that mower?

- Yes sir.

- Fill it with gas?

- Yes sir.

- You do very good work.

- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Wanna get me a drink?

- Get screwed.

- Is that an offer?

- Janis!


- I didn't do it!

- Go inside and
tell your brother

I want him out here right now!

- He's not my brother!

- All right!

Then go get your
step-brother, right now!

- My goodness.

- [Bobby] Get out!

- Is that all there really is?

- Get out!

- I mean it does get
bigger, doesn't it?




- Let's find out!

You wanna find out!

- You lay one hand on me boy

and my daddy will
break you in half!

Now get on outside.

- Why?

- Since when do you ask why?

Daddy wants you boy,

and that's all the why you need.

- Look at that god damn mess!

All the way down!

God damn cripple could
have done better than that!

- I'm sorry.

- And the front and
back is just the same.

And over there by the house!

- I said I was sorry!

I didn't mean to yell.

[water splashing]

Yes sir.

- And while you're at it,
you can get that edger out

and get to work on
the front sidewalk.

And when you get
through with that

I want the whole yard raked.

- You said I didn't have
to rake til tomorrow!

- Don't tell me what I said.

I know what I said.

- But I'm supposed to go
over to Jimmy's house!

- You should've thought of that

before you loused up
this whole god damn yard!

Now get on inside and
change your clothes!

Where you going tonight Bobby?

- I don't know.

- [Daddy] What the
hell does that mean?

- How about the movies?

- I don't know what's
got into you lately.

- Bobby's mad at you daddy.

- You be quiet.

- I think he needs a girlfriend.

- I said that's enough!

- [Janis] All right!

- Now eat your dinner.

Both of ya.

Stop acting like a
couple of kids.

If you wanna be mad at
me, you go right ahead.

You listening to me?

- [Bobby] Yes sir.

- I don't care if you're
mad at the whole world.

Look at me when I'm
talking to you.

You just keep it to
yourself you hear?

- Bobby keeps
everything to himself.

- I said shut up!

- All right!

I'm sorry daddy.

I promise not to
be rude anymore.

I'll try to be more
pleasant from now on.

What's that brown stuff I
found in your room Bobby?

- What brown stuff?

- You know, the brown
stuff in the bag

in the closet in your room?

I know I ought not to be
going through your room,

and I really wasn't, I just
ran out of some typing paper.

- I don't keep typing
paper in the closet!

- Well you don't have
to get mad about it.

All I wanted was some paper.

And if you'd of been home I
certainly would have asked.

But it just so happens
you weren't and,

how did I know you
were hiding anything?

- What's she talking
about Bobby?

- Here, I'll go get it.

- Stay out of my room!

- You don't have to shout.

- Sit down Janis.

- Well I was only
trying to help.

- Sit down.

Bobby will go get it.

- I don't know what
she's talking about.

- Yes you do.

Now go get it and bring it here!

Go get it!

- Looked like some kind
of tobacco to me daddy.

[door clanking]

- Bobby!


- You go to hell!

- Come back here!

- [Bobby] Go to hell!

Go to hell!

Go to Jesus!

H Christ Hell!

[slow paced music]

- Anyone sitting here?

You from around here?

What's your problem?

What's your problem?

Ain't nothing to be ashamed of.

- What?

- Having a problem.

Everybody's got problems.

What's your name?

- Look dude...

- What the hell you doing?

Didn't I tell you not
to come in here anymore?

- I can go anywhere
that I want to go.

You just can't come in here
and do things like that.

You can't.

I could go anywhere.

- Get out of that booth!

- That god damn queer.

Trying to put the make on you?

- Something like that, yeah.

- Uh huh, what's your name?

Wanna be friends?

Where are ya from?

God damn.

God damn!

So, what's your name?

[both laughing]

[rock music]

All hell, and you need
a place to crash.

What are you gonna do?

Sleep on the damn street?

- [Bobby] Well I
really appreciate it.

- Just get the hell inside.

The living room's in there,
bathroom's over there.

You wanna beer?

- Sure, but what
about the grass?

- Well dope makes me thirsty,

don't make you thirsty?

Well have a beer.

Go in and look around, I'll
be with you in a minute.

Like it?

[knife clicking]

Now you keep quiet

and we're gonna have
a real good time.

You make any noise,
you're gonna get hurt.

You got that?

Now you be still okay?

All you gotta do
is just be still.

Just be real still okay?

All you gotta do is be still.

All you gotta do is be still.

[phone ringing]

- [Male] Hello?

- [Male] Hey, how ya doing dude?

- [Male] Hey Jake,
where ya been man?

- [Jake] Oh here and there.

You know, in, out.

- [Male] Oh yeah?

- [Jake] Oh yeah.

Say, is Kenny around?

- [Male] Yeah, you
wanna talk to him?

- [Jake] Yeah, ask
him if he wants to

have a party tonight.

- [Male] Well what
kind of party?

- [Jake] A good as hell party.

[engine chugging]

[men laughing]
[muffled screaming]

- [Male] Jake hold
his head down!

Hold his head down!

[men chattering]
[Bobby screaming]

- Hey, this a sweetheart girl?

- [Male] Don't he look cute?

- [Jake] Give him
a drink of beer.

- [Male] Put a
little in his hair.

Put it in his hair.

Come on you little.

- [Jake] Give him
a drink of beer.

- [Male] Hey, loosen him
up there, loosen him up.

- [Male] God damn it!

[men shouting]

- [Male] Jake man, hold his
head down, hold his head down!

- [Male] Bobby.

- [Jake] Come on
pretty dude here.

Hey is this a sweetheart.

- [Male] Hey, give
him a drink of beer.

Put a little in his hair!

Put a little in his hair.

[Bobby grunting]

- [Male] Hey keep
that head down.

- Get into it man, get into it.

- [Male] A cop,
keep his head down.

[birds chirping]

- No!

- Sherry!


- [Male] Hey come on,
throw that damn ball!

[people shouting]
- [Woman] There!

- [Male] Hey, over here!

- [Male] Got the ball!

- [Woman] Throw it!

- [Male] Hey over here!

- [Male] I need the ball.

- [Woman] Over here!


- [Male] Hey get the ball.

Shot up!

- [Woman] Over here!


- [Male] Hey, I need it!


- Sherry!

- [Sherry] I said no.

You got that?

- I can't help it.

- Then I'll have to
tell Simon won't I?

You want me to do that?

Then you better start
trying to like guys.

[loud slapping]

[water splashing]

[people shouting]

- [Woman] Get it!

- [Male] Now kill
Joshua, come on!

Come on!

[men screaming]

- [Male] Back over here.

[male shouting]

- [Male] Hey Sherry!

We found this kid
over by the road!

Looks like somebody beat
the shit out of him.

- So?

- [Male] Joshua said to ask
you what to do about him.

- [Sherry] What
does he look like?

He's beautiful.

- [Male] He's queer.

- Get out.

- You got no business bringing
him in here like this.

- I said get out Joshua!

- Simon's got rules!

- Simon's not here.

And while he's gone,
I make the rules.

- You enforce the rules,
you don't make new ones.

You don't change them

just because you fall
in love with his face

doesn't mean you can
bring him in here.

Simon's the only
one that can bring

new people in and he
would never bring him in!

- [Sherry] Shut up!

- Simon won't have it and
neither will the Master.

And don't say he was raped
'cause you don't know.

Even if he was raped
that only makes it worse.

Simon don't like victims.

And the Master--

- [Sherry] The Master
will grant dispensation.

- You're insane!

- I am in charge.

- [Joshua] Simon is.

- Simon is gone!

I have the power.

I have the authority.

You can either live with
that or you can leave.

But if you interfere
with my actions,

my decisions, I'll bring down
the wrath of Satan himself!

- You go making sacrifices
seeking dispensation

for a queer and you'll bring
down Satan's wrath all right!

You'll unleash all the
demons of hell on this place!

- Get out!

[eerie music]

- Our master which
weren't in heaven,

hallow be thy masters name,

kingdom come, thy will be done

in heaven as it is on earth.

Hear me old lord,
master Lucifer.

[birds chirping]

- I don't understand what's
going on around here.

- You don't need to.

Not right now.

All you need to do is get well.

There's plenty of time
for explanations later.

- How many people live out here?

- [Woman] 15.

- What do you do?

- Whatever we want.

We have a good time.

- [Bobby] You don't
work or anything?

- Of course not.

[door knocking]

Come in.

- Danny wants the key
to the altar room.

- Why?

- [Male] He doesn't
think we have enough

powder for the circle.

- Tell him to go find Joshua.

- [Male] We've looked
all over for Joshua.

He must've gone
somewhere or something,

we can't find him anywhere.

- Go get some people
together, I want him found.

I also want to know.

Go get your powder.

Bring the key back
to me immediately.

- You sent Simon home master.

She knows not what she does.

All your followers are
loyal save for her Master.

They follow her blindly,
believing that her course

is correct and true.

[evil whisperings]

Simon is needed Master.

[door creaking]

[evil whisperings]

Your children are
faithful Master.

You need not incur your wrath.

Send Simon home Master.

Send Simon home.

- Both the head and the
carcasses ought to be burned

before she's taken
to the altar room.

- Sherry!

- You'd think the poor girl
was going to be crucified.

- Sherry, Joshua's
in the altar room.

He's praying.

- Oh don't Sherry, please.

- I want you to stop screaming!

- No.

- Stop screaming!

Through no fault of your own

you have gained a reprieve.

One more day.

I want her left like
that all night.

Throw the blood out,
it has to be fresh.

- Hear me oh lord
and Master Lucifer.

[Joshua choking]

- [Crowd] Satan,
Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

Satan, Master, Lucifer!

- I wish I didn't hurt.

- Why is that?

- I can't move my legs.

- It'll get better.

- I wish it was
better right now.

- I'll think of something.

[crickets chirping]

[body thudding]

- Good morning.

- Good morning.

How did you sleep?

- Great.

- Want some breakfast?

[bell ringing]

- Good morning.

Simon requests your presence
at the breakfast table.

Oh, at your leisure of course.

- Hello Simon.

- Good morning.

- I didn't expect
you back so soon.

- Neither did I.

- [Sherry] Have a nice trip?

- Okay I guess.

You have a nice hanging?

- Simon, I can
explain everything.

- Alright.

Go ahead.

Go ahead.

You want some coffee?

- No, no sir.

- No breakfast at all?

Where's your friend?

- [Sherry] He's in bed.

- He doesn't care to
eat breakfast with me?

- He'd love to eat
breakfast with you.

- Ah.

You didn't tell him
he could come?

- He, he can't come.

- And why is that?

- Joshua was thwarting
my authority!

- [Simon] And how was that?

- My...

I'm in love.

- For your sake,

you'd better hope he is.

- Come on!
- Dig okay!

- [Male] Awe that's too bad!

- [Male] Come on, I
can't see you dig!

Dig it!

Hey, come on, I wanna
see that shovel!

- Dig!
- Dig it deeper!

- [Male] Let's get stoned huh!

- [Male] Come on
woman, dig that hole!

- [Male] None of that hurts.

- [Male] Come on!

- [Woman] Come on,
bury yourself!

- [Male] Come on, you can dig!

- This is not of course to say

that Sherry's fate has
been completely decided.

Sherry has leveled certain
charges against you

which should they
prove to be true,

might serve as partial

for some of her actions.

The Masters verdicts are harsh.

His judgments are final,

but he is fair.

And in this situation being
there no witnesses as such,

it essentially being a case
of her word against yours.

And Sherry being in all
together as it is,

the only fair way to get to the

truth in this situation
is to ask you about it.

You understand that?

- Yes sir.

- I have no way in
knowing how strong

your belief in
Master Lucifer is.

I would hope for your sake

that you have no
doubts whatsoever

concerning his eternal
power and presence.

If you do have doubts,
nothing I can say now

is likely to erase them,

but for the record,

if you do have doubts,
don't bet on them.

The charges are
not that serious.

The worst conviction could bring

his banishment
from the followers

the grace and the protection
of the lord of the earth.

- I have no doubts.

- [Simon] My lord
and Master Lucifer.

- My lord and Master Lucifer.

- [Simon] Thou art my
god and my prince.

- Thou art my god and my prince.

- [Simon] I serve and obey thee.

- I serve and obey thee.

- [Simon] I worship
and adore thee.

- I worship and adore thee.

- I give thee my life,
my body, my soul.

- I give thee my life,
my body, my soul.

- Forever, forever,
through eternity forever.

- Forever, forever,
through eternity forever.

- By this oath and in
the name and presence

of Master Lucifer do you
hereby swear that the

testimony you shall
give in this,

the holy court of our prince

shall be true to the
best of your knowledge?

- [Woman] Yes sir.

- Have you ever in your
life as a follower of Satan

entertained in your
mind erotic desires

homosexual in nature?

- No.

- Have you ever in your
life as a follower of Satan

ever made homosexual
advances toward

any sister follower of Satan?

[eerie music]

- No.

[evil whisperings]

- Have you ever in your life--

[woman gasping and moaning]

- [Male] Are you
enjoying this bitch?

- [Woman] Have a
nice trip Sherry.

[people chattering]
[Sherry screaming]

- [Male] And then
you'll really enjoy it.

- [Woman] You're gonna
love this trip Sherry.

- [Male] Sure, all over you.

- [Woman] Is it a little
warm in there Sherry?

[door clanking]

[Sherry crying]

- My name is Simon and
you are in trouble.

- [Male] Sweets for
the sweet Sherry.

- [Woman] You ought to
really enjoy this Sherry.

[male chuckling]

- [Male] Come on,
bring that over here.

Wait til this is all over.
[Sherry grunting]

- The object of
course is to afford

the answers much
leeway as possible.

Run the syrup in a straight
line directly to the target

you automatically determine
how and very nearly when

the ants will reach
their target.

[Sherry grunting]

With a circle however,

you never really know.

Place an ant on the
edge of a circle,

he could go practically

Around and around

or straight for the center.

[Sherry screaming]

- [Sherry] No!

[Sherry crying]

- Why?

- She was wrong about you.

Had she been right, then
Joshua would have been wrong.

In which case, Joshua's
attempts to summon me

would have constituted an
improper challenge to authority.

In which case, the hangings
were totally justified.

If she hadn't done them
then I certainly would have.

Undue annoyance.

But she was wrong.

- [Bobby] She was right!

We talked about it last night.

She was right I tell you.

I'm willing to give
Satan my soul right now.

[Simon chuckling]

- [Simon] He doesn't want it.

- Why not?

- [Simon] You're weak,
you're a loser.

Satan wants winners.

A winner is someone
who gets what he wants.

And you never have.

Right now you want to get
up and out of that bed.

You've been wanting
to ever since you

woke up in this room.

But you haven't.

And you won't.

- I'm hurt.

- You're in pain.

To be hurt is to be
physically incapacitated.

You just don't feel good.

Your ass is sore.

Poor little boy got
raped by some queers

and he's perfectly willing
to forget all about it.

You must believe in Jesus.

"Meek will inherit the earth

"blessed are the
poor in spirit."

You must be an expert on
turning the other cheek.

Would you like to trade
places with her?

[Sherry moaning]

[alarm blaring]

[body thudding]

He's heading into
the woods directly

northwest of the house.

If he gets passed the fence

he'll probably be in the swamp.

He won't have any
idea how to get out.

Chances are he'll
be afraid to swim.

So he'll try to
stick to dry land.

Make his way out from there.

That should put him out
around Feldman's Point.

- Yes sir!

- [Simon] Don't sit
and wait for him!

Go and get him!

And be sure to activate
that fence too.

[engine screeching]

[fence clanking]

[men grunting]

[fence buzzing]
[men groaning]

[heavy breathing]
[Bobby grunting]

[birds chirping]

[Bobby groaning]

[birds chirping]

[Bobby grunting]

- Johnny!


- Hey, you got him?

- Over here by the lake!

Come on, let's go!

Will you come on
already god damn it!

- [Johnny] I'm coming!

- Johnny!

- [Johnny] I said I'm coming!

- Hurry!

- I said I'm coming!

- Johnny, I'm in quicksand!

- Where?

- Over here Johnny, over here!

Help me!


Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

Please help me!

Help me!


Help me!

Help me!



- Grab the belt, come on!

- Help!

- Grab it, grab on!

- Help me!

- Don't jerk it god
damn it, just hang on!

- [Male In Quicksand] Help me!

[Johnny screaming]

Help please!

Help me!

[TV guns firing]

[door clicking]

- Thank goodness, I can
finally stop worrying.

- Shut that door!

I said shut that door!

[glass shattering]

[body thudding]

- Look you two, for god's sake!

[Janis screaming]

You're crazy.

- [Bobby] Go get in bed.

[Janis moaning]

[gun firing]

[male grunting]

[saw scratching]

[knife clanking]

- Morning.

Got something for you.

- That's, very nice.

- Thank you.

- What is it supposed to mean?

- That Joshua was wrong.

[slow paced music]

♪ For you my love ♪

♪ My only love I would
fight the world ♪

♪ Any time ♪

♪ Believe me ♪

♪ There's no pain much
too severe my love ♪

♪ To keep me away ♪

♪ Away ♪

♪ The love we share ♪

♪ Is deeper than
the deepest sea ♪

♪ You and I will climb ♪
[Janis whimpering]

♪ The highest mountain of love ♪

♪ With ease ♪

[evil whisperings]

♪ Beneath the cement ♪

♪ Your eyes said I love you ♪

♪ And I know ♪

♪ My eyes said the same to you ♪

♪ My love ♪
[loud hammering]

♪ Because I love ya ♪

♪ With all my heart ♪

♪ Because I love you ♪

♪ I have from the start ♪

♪ Because I love you ♪

♪ With all my heart ♪

♪ Because I love you ♪

♪ I have from the start ♪

[bell ringing]

[slow paced music]

[rock music]