Satanás (2007) - full transcript

Three parallel stories that occur in the eve of the infamous Pozzetto Massacre, involving a femme-fatal that cons on rich men, a priest who's in love with his housekeeper and a tired-of-life veteran of war who has become a teacher and desires one of his female students. Three characters looking for love, redemption and second chances in a world reigned by their own fears, temptations, passions and pains, which will end up in a trigger effect of tragic events.

I don't know what's wrong
with my head, Father.

I think about the same thing
every day.

I don't recognize myself.

-Calm down.
-I need to help them.

To free them of this horror.

Alicia, let us pray together.

We'll pray for you
and your family.

I don't need prayers.
Not now, Father. No.

-Trust God.
-I can't.

Don't kid yourself, Alicia.
That's not real love

Love is to take care of,
to protect, to preserve.

What do I get
from knowing that?

I can't even feed them.

Don't go. I'll bring food
for your children.

Yes, Father.

I'll be here.


Father, Father.

Father, it's good to see you.

There's a woman who wants
to talk to you.

-I don't know.

She's at the church.

-What happened?

There's a crazy woman
who wants to talk to you.

-Who is she?
-I don't know.

She's not from around here.
She's over there. Look.


I freed my children, Father.




You have to go shopping.

Do it yourself.

Go out.
Breathe fresh air.

Oh, son, I'm too old.

There are things
I can't do.

You should worry a bit more
about yourself.

Have you seen yourself
in a mirror Lately?

You should Look at yourself
in the mirror.

I've told you not to smoke
while I'm here!

Don't play dumb!

If you want to, go to your room
and crack a window.

You should open it
every now and then.

Here. I saved today's
crossword puzzle for you.

Thank you, son.

Doctor, this is my Last copy
in English.

Thank you, Lucia.



I've always felt curious
about this book.

May I borrow it?

Leave it there.

For whom?

What's it to you?
Don't be nosy.

Are you offended
because I ate your rook?

Focus or I'm going
to check you.

Aromatic ink.
Ink, ink, aromatic ink.

Aromatic ink.

Ink, ink, aromatic ink.

Give me some, babe.

I'm not your babe.

Why so grumpy today?
Didn't someone Lay you well?

-No, sweetie, I'll get fat.

-Let go, creep.

Come on, Paola.
You'll like it.

Don't touch me.

I'm here to collect
your debt, Dona Carmen.

Be polite.
You say ''good morning'' first.

Good morning.

You know what's your problem?

You think you're better
than all of us.

-No, I don't.
-Yes. Yes, you do.

Will you pay me?

How about that?

What an ass.
She'll be easy.

What if she says no?

She won't make me suffer.

Come on, Paola. You could
make 500 grand a week.

I could buy you some clothes.

Paola, I really want you
to do this. Do it right.

-Where do you live?
-In a dump somewhere.

There. We?ll buy you

I have a place on top
of my joint.

If you want, you can
move in tonight.

-Do you live there?
-No. It's empty.

It belongs to a friend
who is out of town.

-It's decorated.
-Come on, Paola.

I know you won't regret it.

How long do I have
to think about it?

10 seconds, babe.

It's now or we'll get
someone else.

Go in, Father.

Father Ernesto,
I'm glad you came.

I thought you'd forgotten
about me.

How could you think so?

Look, I brought you this
so you can clean up.

For me?

How do you feel?

I'm in mourning, Father.

You have to be strong
right now, Alicia.


Thank you, Father.

-You don't have to thank me.
-Yes, Father.

I'm very grateful.

Thanks to you, my kids
aren't suffering anymore.

Any change, Ma'am?

It's your job
to have change, sir.

My job? This isn't a bank.
Think logically.

Don't be ridiculous.

Get off, Ma'am,
don't waste my time.

I'm not getting off.

I'm not asking for a favour or
for a free ride. I'm paying you.

Thank you, sir.

Listen, Natalia,
as you're speaking so well...

...I'm going to give you class
with this novel.

You?ll find it complicated
at first...

...but you'll understand

I got this novel
especially for you.

I know you're ready
to understand it.

Don't leave it lying around.

No. No, of course not.

It's a revealing novel.
I think you?ll like it.

That's it.

There's nothing more,
is there?

-Let's go.

Go ahead.
I'll be right there.

Good morning, Eliseo.

I thought you weren't
in town.

No, neighbour,
I've been here all along.

You never show your face.
How are you, Blanquita?

Hello, Beatriz.
How are you?

Fine. Struggling.
Trying to make my work known.

Okay, talk to me,

Turns out, I wanted
to ask you for a favour.

Another collection?

Eliseo, if we don't help
our disgraced compatriots...

-...who will?
-No, thank you.


With all due respect,
neighbour, I don't care.

Thank you.

Eliseo, these people
don't have a home...

You're wasting your time
with me.

They're your compatriots,

Don't you read?

It's nature's law.
The weak links die.

It's not about whether
I read or not.

It's just a matter of opinion.

Yes, but it's
a prick's opinion.

I haven't insulted you,
Dona Beatriz.

Don't be rude.

What are you looking at?

-How's this.
-That's it.

Looks great.

-It's a bit...
-No, no.

Put this jacket on.

-That's my favourite look.

Don't feel shy, Paola,
you look great.

How have you felt

-It's great, isn't it?

Are you nervous?

Let's talk business.


I brought you something
for your nerves.

Thank you.

How did it go?

Fine. Fine.
I do what I can.

You look very pretty.

What a tragedy.
Poor woman.

We?ll have to paint
the statue...

...because I can't get
the stains off.

Oh, right. The saint.

I don't know.

Cover it with something
in the meanwhile.

Yes, Father.


Are you going out?

Yes, Father. I was going
to ask for your permission.




You're speaking really well,

Oh, professor.
I'm loving this book.

Really? Why?

I don't know.
It speaks of very true things.

Like what things?

Well, that we're not
just one person...

...but several.
We're just afraid to accept it.

I'll be right back.
I'm going to the bathroom.


and you're invited.

Will you come?

I don't know.
I'll have to check.

Thank you for inviting me.



Go on.

Do you want a drink?

No, thank you.
I don't drink.

Have you been here before?

No, it's my first time.

Lucky me.

Take your clothes off.

What do you do?

I'm an English professor.

Let's see.

Is that a tattoo?

I have one over here.

Show me.

What does it mean?

It's the Viking warrior's

Is this you?

No, it's Odin.

He welcomes those
who died in combat.

Where do those who didn't
die in combat go?

I don't know.

Are you a soldier?

I was in the army
but many years ago.

What happened?
Did you retire?

You could say I did.

-You got bored?
-No, not exactly.

I don't mean to pry
in your private life.

I was in the U.S. Army,
not here.

In the U.S.?

I'm with a real war hero.

May I use your bathroom?

Of course.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry.
I can't.

-Relax. You're tense.
-No, no, I can't.

Thank you.

Whisky on the rocks, please.

May I ask you a question?

Do you want to be
my girlfriend?


Don't laugh.
I'm serious.

You're not interested?


A pleasure, I'm Jorge.


Claudia, what are you
doing here all alone?

I'm waiting for a friend
but looks like I'm stood up.

-Want to call him?

-Aren't you concerned?
-No. Buy me a drink.

Another whisky, please.

Thank you.

-I'll be right back.
-Hurry back.

Claudia, what are you
doing tomorrow?

Nothing. Why?

I wanted to ask you out
to lunch.

All right.
Sounds good.

-Are you cold?

-Want me to bring your jacket?
-Yes, thank you.

-Good evening, Father.
-Good evening.

How did it go?


Come here, pretty!

Kiss, sweetie.

We need to find an ATM, hon.
We can't get paid with this.

All right?
I can't remember the code.

What's the code?

The code, hon.


-I remember now!

Great, hon.!

There's an ATM up ahead.

What do you think?

-Hey, how'd it go?

We got money from
three different accounts.

-But the guy's all right?
-Yeah, no problem.

All right.

Tomorrow we?ll talk
about your share.

You did well, okay?


Holy God, cleanse my sins.

Forgive me
for my trespasses.

My heart and devotion
are yours.

Forgive me for I have
sinned before your eyes.

You, who are always

...that you gave your life
with your passion.

Excuse me, sir.

Can you lend me a pen?
Mine ran out of ink.

Yes. Sure.

You always come here
at the same time, right?


I knew I'd seen you before.

Would you Like
to have Lunch with me?

So, you're a doctor?

Who told you that?

They always call you doctor
at the Library.

No, I'm not a doctor.

Lucia cadis me that way
since I've known her.

My father was a doctor
many years ago.

What do you do know?

I'm an English professor.

Do you do well?


Where do you Live?

This feels Like an interrogation
but if you want to know...

...I Live with my mother.

Thank you.

You don't Like soup?

I can have it traded
for something else.

No. No, thank you.

-Are you sick?
-No, it's not that.

Then what?

I don't know.
This place?

If this and I are too Iowa
for you, you should Leave.

I can finish my meal alone.

No. That's cried
beginners' Yuck.

I can give you Lessons.

You didn't want to come.

-What's this for?
-For having beaten me.

Open it.

Do you Like them?

Very much.

Do you know why
I gave them to you?

Is this why you
Looked for me?

Why haven't you
ever had a boyfriend?

I've never seen you
with anyone.

I Like to be alone.

Now that you have
the means... should do it.
Go out, meet people.

I'm going to try it.

It's Satan, Father.

I was just thinking
about you.

What does all this mean,

They're real cases.

Do you read the papers?

I've made to try
and get you out of here.

I want to tie you a secret.

My kids think of you as
the father they never had.

You're not Listening to me,
Alicia, I want to help you.

Really, Father?

I know that for God
to forgive me...

...I must be repented.

But I don't know if God
can forgive me.

That's why I need
your forgiveness.

Only yours.

It's absurd to think that I can
forgive you and God won't.

Do you think I'm pretty?

Very pretty.

Very pretty.''

Look at them, Father.
Touch them.

I know you Like them.

Cover yourself.


If you think I'm repentant,
you're wrong.

He's coming for you.


Are you sure?

You think I'm dumb
or what?

It's your call.

Hello, neighbour.

Would you give me
a bag of milk?

Excuse me, sir.
I need milk.

Don Joaquin?

Buy somewhere else
and get out of my store.

What? Why?

That's how you treat others.

I've never come to your store
to insult you.

You don't need to.

I finality found out what kind
of person you are.

Sir, I have no idea
what you're taking about.

Play dumb.
You can't chip in...

...but you can styli ask
for a favour?

You're not welcome
at my store anymore.

I'll get help.

-He's feeing very sick.

-What happened to him?
-Says his blood sugar is Iowa.

You know that's normal.

He wants to an ambiance.

Yeah, right.
I'll take care of him.


See you tomorrow.

Pablo, wait.

You think he? I be all right?

Yeah, don't worry.

See you tomorrow?

What are you doing here,

Didn't you tie me I had
to forget this?

Yes, I know.

That your vocation
came first?

That's right.

I'm sorry.

What's so funny, pretty?


-Why are you taking this way?
-It's faster.

Don't worry, pretty.

Get down, bitch!
This is the devil!

What the heir, man?
You coo?

I'm up to my ass in debt.

What? Didn't you say
you had a Iota of work?

-What a bunch of buoy.
-Where are the cards?

-I have cash in...
-Don't Look at me!

-I'm sorry! Sorry!
-She saw my face, man!

Leave her alone, man!

Give me the cards, bitch,
or I'll bow your head off.

Calm down, man!

Bitch. All you've got
are stickers!

-This was some waste of time!
-It doesn't have to be.

-I don't waste my time in vain.
-That's right.

-Come here!
-No! Please, no!

Come on!
Just go along with it, bitch!


-Just enjoy it, bitch!
-Please, don't!

Bitch! You fucking bitch!


No! No! No!

Come on, bitch!

Party's over!

Get the heir away
from me, fag!

Good, good, good!
Stick it! Stick it!

Stick it! Stick it!

Get away, ashore!

Do it! Do it, man!

All right! Yeah!

Like with your guy, bitch!

Bitch! Fucking bitch!

Stick it! Stick it!
Good, good, good!

Good, good, good!

Lay styli, bitch!
Lay styli!


You're a faggot!

You're a faggot!

Son of a bitch!


Just when I was going
to baptize him...

...I head him in my hands
and dipped him in hoity water.

It was horrible, Irene.

It was horrible.

I couldn?t Let him go.

I didn't want
to him go.

His face was turning purple.

His parents where there.
They said nothing.

Their relatives.

People kept on chatting.

I drowned him, Irene.

I drowned him.

It's only a dream.
Everything's okay.

Come Ice down.

It's not okay, Irene.

Something is happening.

What happened to you?

It's me, Pablo!
Calm down!

It's me, Pablo.

Come here. Come.

Mom, I need you
to Lend me money.

I don't have any.

It's so I won't have
to go to the ATM.

I you I don't have any.

-I'll pay you back tonight.
-Are you deaf or something?

Is it that hard
to do a favour?

How many times have I you
not to do those disgusting things!

Don't hit me.

Now I understand
why my father kited himself.

Eliseo, how are you?

-Go ahead, please.
-Thank you.



-I'm glad you came.

Thank you so much.

The one
who brought me a gift.

What is it, Natty?

It's a diary.
Look, it's pretty.

Thank you very much,

It's very pretty.

You're sweating.

Do you want something
to drink?

No. No, thank you.

Natty, a picture with
your professor.

Professor, you're too serious.
Smile a bit.


-Hello, mother-in-Law.
-How are you?


-Happy birthday, princess.
-Thank you.

-You beautiful.

Eliseo, this is Esteban.

My boyfriend.

It's a pleasure.


Sorry, why don't you go
have a seat?

-Thank you.
-Make yourself at home.

-Bye, teacher.

Would you help me?

Good afternoon.
What would you Like?

I'm not having anything.

I just need to sit down
for a few seconds.

I'm sorry, you have
to order something, sir.

I'm Leaving.
Just give me a moment.

I'm sorry but it's policy.

There's an ATM outside
if you need it.

I know how to find them.

I know the place
where they took me.

There were two men.

A cab driver and another guy.

I'll talk to Alberta.

He knows a of people.

-What's wrong?

-Are you sick?
-No! Nothing's wrong!

I know what's wrong.

You're resentful.
A Isomer soldier.

Are you all right?

Are you sure?

I'm not a believer.

You don't have to be.

I feel Ionic, that's all.

You Live ?

You have no one?

I Live with my mother
but I can't stand her.

What worries me is that
I've been having weird ideas.

What kind of ideas?


When I them in the eyes
I feel Like...

I can't stand banality,

Some time ago,
a woman was here.

She felt Ionic.

She kited her three kids
because she feed them.

I tried to help her but...
Let's go to my office.

I'll get you some coffee.

No. I have to go.


When will the city
be cleansed of all this trash?

Don't say that.

It's not their fault.


What's your name?


Look, Eliseo.

This is my number.

If you need me, me.

They found them
and the hit is tonight.

Are you sure
that's what you want?

All right.
They want the money.

-I offer to pay for...
-I brought it.

-No, Paola, I...
-I got this.

-Let me at Yeast...

Is this everything?

All right.
Let's introduce you.

Father, a Kitties charity?

A coin?


Father, a coin?
I'm hungry.


Come on, Father.
I know you have some.

Father, a coin.

Father, please.
Come on, Father.

Give me a coin.
Have some charity.

Come on, Father.
I know you have some.

Be merciful, Father.

I don't have any!
Don't you understand?!

Hello, dear neighbour.
You thought things through?


About what we discussed
at your apartment.



I went to ask
for a collaboration...?

Listen carefully,
menopausal hag.

I don't give a shit
about your poor bums...

...or you and
your fucking charities.

If you keep bugging me...

...and turning the neighbours
against me...

...I'm going to pump
your head with Lead.

I'm going to gut you.

Got that?

Body of Christ.

-Body of Christ.

Body of Christ.

That's him.

There's the other one.

-Let's go.
-Wait! Wait, Paola.

Are you sure?

Let's just give them
a good scare.

We're not murderers, Paola.

I knew it.
You're just Like the rest.


What's up?!

Remember me?!

-I asked you a question!
-Forgive me, chid.

-Do you remember me?
-I'm very sorry!

Don't hurt me, sweetie!
I'm very sorry! Really!

I beg you, chid!

Don't kill me!
Don't kill me!

Shut up, pussy!


What is it?

You've been in there
all day.

What's wrong?

What's it to you?
Mind your own business.

Are you sick?

Go away
and Leave me alone!

-What's up?

-Do you want anything?
-No, thanks. I'm good.

I Left it just
as I received it.

What will you do now?
Work at the plaza again?

Yes. I think so.

Paola, if you don't want
to go you don't have to.

I do.

I don't want you to go.

It'll be easy to find
a replacement.

Please understand.

Pass my regards
to Alberto.

-May I you?

Good afternoon, Don Jaime.

Hello, Paola.
How are you?

I'm glad you're here.
I have your uniform.

Thank you for your support,

This is your home, Ernesto.
May God bless you.

It's the end of the world,

Seven pesos are missing.

Yes, sir.
I rounded off the amount.

You said the exact amount.

Sir, I don't have coins
of that denomination.

That's your problem.

I don't have to Leave
the bank my money.

Take a ten peso coin
if you want.

I don't want to owe you
or anyone anything.

Understand, sir.

I can't soave that
little problem right now.

Give me all my money.
Right now.

I'll see what I can do.
Right now.

Here are your seven pesos, sir.

-I have a surprise for you.
-Good or bad?

I resigned.


My priesthood.

Don't fret, Father.

You don't have
to call me that anymore.

From now on,
I'm Ernesto. Just Ernesto.

Aren't you scared of going out
Like an ordinary man?

No. Quite the opposite.

Well, I am scared, Father.

Of what?

I don't know.

That we stop Loving
each other.

That won't happen.

We?ll Love each other forever.

-Father, you're...
-I'm not a priest anymore.

Don't call me that.

I don't understand.

I thought the news
would make you happy.

Say something.

Irene, do you Love me?
Yes or no?

Of course I do.
It's not that.

Then what?

I was in the neighbourhood
and I stopped to visit.

Natalia is in her room.
She's writing an essay...

...about that book
she's reading with you.

-She Loves it.
-I'm glad.

Would you Like something?
Soda, coffee?

-A soda.
-Go, I'll get it.

My maid resigned.

Eliseo, what do you think
of my daughter?

Is she improving?

She's too intelligent
for her age.

She?ll be perfectly fluent
in a few months.

That's what they say
at school.

She's first place in everything.
Sit down, please.

You startled me.

I knocked
but you didn't hear me.

What a coincidence.

I was writing
for our class tomorrow.

Let me read it.

I've come to show you
how right you are...

...about everything you've
written and thought.

Isn't our class tomorrow?

Today is a special Lesson.
It's about suffering.

There's a shadow
you have to cross...

...and I'll help you.

You're scaring me.

You're right to feel scared.


Calm down.
She's coming.

Everything that's happened
to you up till now...

...everything you've lived,
has only been a dream.

You know what?
You just woke up.

No. What will you do?

You smell nice.

So clean, so groomed.

Such a soft skin... perfect.

No, please.

-Hello, Antonio.
-Hello, Eliseo.

Mario hasn't come?

Yes, he was here early
but you didn't show... he got bored
and Left.

-Whose clothes are those?
-What's it to you?

Don't speak to me Like that.

I speak to you
however I want.

Why do you hate me
so much?

I've never harmed you.

So now it turns out
that you're the victim?

Do you want coffee?

-Don't change the subject.
-Don't hit me.

You know what, Mom?

This shit is over.

Oh, it's you.
That explains it.

-What's with the noise?
-You fucking bitch!

On your knees!

They're all Like you.

-Look how your hands shake.
-I beg you.

Forgive me, I beg you.

Good evening, Lucia.

Good evening, Eliseo.

What brings you here
at this hour?

-I came to say goodbye.

Where are you going?

I'm going far away.
To the other side of the world.

Where is the other side
of the world?

I'm going to the antipodes,

Don't tell me you're off
to some war?

It's confidential
and I can't speak of it...

...but something Like that.

-When are you Leaving?
-Right now.

I hope you?ll write to me.

I came to say goodbye...

...because you've been
very special with me.

I hold you in high esteem.

You're a very intelligent man
and a great reader.

-Don't forget me.
-Don't worry, Lucia.

You?ll hear from me soon.

You?ll do very well.
I'm sure of it.

-Good evening, sir.

Would you Like an aperitif?

Some of the house's red
and while you're here...

...a spaghetti Bolognese.

Very well, sir.
Excuse me.

Why your obsession with me,
Jesus, son of the Almighty?

I pray to God
that you cease to torment me...

...because He said: ''Get out
of this man, evil spirit.''

And I asked it:
''What's your name?''

It answered, saying:
''My name is Legion.

Because we are many.''


Keep the change.

Thank you, sir.
Thank you.

Table for two?


Someone will be
right with you.

Thank you.

On December 4th, 1986
in Bogot?, Colombia...

...a former soldier
in Vietnam cried...

...Campo Elias Delgado
killed 20 people... a restaurant and
took his own Life Later.

Hours before, he'd murdered
nine more people...

...including his student
and his own mother.

Though the reasons
were never clarified...

...for what was cried
The Pozzetto Massacre...

...there are those who say
that the key... in Stevenson's novel:
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The killer was writing
a Literary essay on it.

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