Satanic Meat Cleaver Massacre (2017) - full transcript

Satan demands worship but now he demands a meat cleaver massacre. A town under the control of the devil and a mystery killer on the loose leads to shock after shock.



Oh thank you.

What are you working on?

A crime watch story. Community

These people got together and
exposed a child molester that
was living on their street.

He was getting a little too
friendly with some of the kids
in the neighborhood.

So they're trying to get all
the communities together to
form this perv watch.

Perv watch? Is that what you're
going to call it?

Well, that's what I'm calling

but that's not what I'm calling
it in the article.

Hey, covering perverts is
better than covering high
school right? I guess.

What do you want for dinner tonight?

Something that is not too mess.
Probably going to eat it right

I got to get this story
finished by midnight honey.

I'll figure something out.

Hello. Are you serious?


Alright, I'll be there. OK, not
a problem.

Thanks for calling. Alright.

OK. Bye.
What's that about?

My grandmother died.

Oh honey, I'm so sorry.
Don't be. She was a wicked

She used to beat the shit out
of me.

Now my fat aunt Carol just
guilted me into going to the
after funeral party.

Funeral party? What the hell is that?
I guess it's a party after the

I don't know. They're all
having a get together.

I'm just not looking forward to it.
When is it?

What me to go with you?

Nah, there is no need for both
of us to suffer.

Why don't you just hang out
here at the house,

or go out with your friends?
I'll go and make a showing.

I'll eat and then I'll jet out
of there.

I don't want to hang out with
those assholes all day.

Why Lynn? Why what?

Why did you spend 2000 dollars
last month on the fucking Visa?

Maybe because you don't make
enough Scott. Maybe that's the

They're going to take this
house right out from under us.
Do you understand that?

You just need to get another

No, you will have to get a job.

I'm sick and tired of being the
only breadwinner in this house,

and I'm sick of asking my mom
and Rod for money because you
can't stop spending.

I'm cutting you off. Right now.

You are not cutting me off bub.
Not at all. Do you understand

I said do you understand me?

You keep mouthing off like

we can have two funerals this

Understand me whore? You are
not going to ruin me. Do you
understand that?

I said do you understand that?

Yes. Please Scott. I'm sorry.

Yeah, you're the sorriest piece
of shit I've ever seen.

You make me sick. Get out of my

Do you have any plans today?
How's that any of your business?

Are you and your dad going out

We only go out Mona when we get
called. There are no houses to

I talked to my boss. We are
looking for a third shift

I'm not working in some donut
shop woman. I'm not doing that!

I really think it will be good
for you and us to bring in some

You haven't done anything in
months. That's it!

I'm not taking this verbal
abuse. No way. No how!

Hey dad.

Hay is for horses. What the
hell do you want?

I need to borrow 20 dollars. I
met this guy and I want to get
my hair done.

Oh how wonderful.

Wonderful my fat ass.

Where did you meet this great
guy anyhow?

Show him your titties at some

No, I met him online and
there's nothing wrong with that.

There's nothing wrong with
that? Did you hear that Mona?

She said there's nothing wrong
with meeting some guy online.

Don't you know that there are
predators out there

that want to rip you from mouth
to asshole

spill your guts on the floor
and then face fuck your skull?

They enjoy it.

You're totally overreacting

So what's his name?

Tyrone. Tyrone?

That sounds like a god damn
darkie. Y

You spread your legs for one of
those dirtbags, I will kill you.

I will fucking kill both of



What's the matter?

Just had a nightmare. I'll say.
You jumped halfway across the

What were you dreaming about,
pole vaulting?

Very funny. No, I was dreaming
about my grandmother.

Why are you so afraid of her?

I told you. She was a wicked

Yeah, that's all you told me.
Tell me the rest.

Why does she bother you like

Well, she did more than beat

She used to torment me daily.

When I was a kid, like eight
years old, I had this dog named

I loved that dog to death.

One day she comes walking in my
room with that little Scottish
terrier under her arm.

She breaks his neck. She kills
him right in front of me.

Her laughter boomed in my ears,

as I cried and cried.

My god.

When I was younger, the cops
were looking for an old lady

that had killed some kids in my

They never found her. I know it
was my nana.

I would bet the fucking house
on it.

I can see why you have these

Yeah, but this one is

This one was real. It was like
she was trying to contact me
through my dream.

You watch way too many horror

Just shut off the light, go to
bed and forget about the bitch.

You have nothing to worry
about. You can't come back from
the dead.

You're a church girl babe. You
believe in demons.

What if my nana was a demon?

I've seen pictures of your

and even a demon couldn't be
that ugly.

Yeah, you got a point.

Hey, get that away from me.

Come on babe. I'm awake now.

You're scaring me.

You think of your nana and then
you want to have sex?

Come on fuck me nana! Fuck me
nana. Come on. Fuck me nana.

Hey Geno. Hey Wayne.

You're looking lovely today.
Thank you.

Give me that wrench Scott.

Hey Rod.

I hate to ask you this.

If it's about money. This
fucking funeral has wiped me
out completely.

It's not about that. It's about
your first marriage.

Before you met my mother.

Yeah? What about it?

I think I'm going to divorce
Lynn. I can't take it anymore.

Whatever I make at the plant,
she spends.

I work more hours, she spends
more money.

I can't ahead. Stay fucking

These cunts can rob your blind
when you're with them.

When you're away from them?

God damn, they'll rip your
fucking balls off.

You got a young one too. What
is he, 3 years old?

Stay married. Open up a secret
account and throw some money in

Do you have a secret account?

I have a lot of secrets but
we're not talking about me now.

Stay fucking married. Put some
money in a secret account.

Wait it out until the boy is 18
and then ditch the bitch.

If she won't go, persuade her.

How do you do that? There are
ways my boy.

You don't hear a word from my
ex now do you?

What's up with the get up

Did you want to look like a
complete asshole?

If I wanted to look like an
asshole, Rod,

I would have raided your closet
this morning. You punk ass

How dare you say that to me.
How dare you! How dare you!

Calm down Rod.

Nelson what sort of statement
are you trying to make with
that ridiculous suit and top

Carol, you have no room to

and I don't think I'm being
disrespectful. This is my suit.

Personally, I think he looks

This is a funeral. We should
not be arguing.

Let's just mourn the loss,

and forget about what everyone
else is wearing. OK?

Oh shut up. Who's talking to
you anyway you dike?

Nelson, you're out of line.

If you're trying to make a
statement this is the wrong
time to do it.

Can you believe the nerve of
that pig?

I told you not to wear that.

How the fuck was I supposed to
know that my suit was going to
give Rod such a fucking hard on?

Jesus christ.

Hey stranger.

What are you doing hiding out
over here?

Just hiding from that crazy
family of ours. So, how you

Good. I visited dad yesterday.

Oh Jesus christ, why'd you do

He's still our father Geno.

No matter what he's done, he'll
always be our father.

Anyways, he's old and harmless.

Yeah, you need to give Mr. M
some slack.

He's a very nice guy.

Then why don't you marry him?

You would be perfect for each
other. I think my father likes
men in leather.

I ain't no fag. Relax honey.

Look, can we please not argue.

I hate that we fight all the
time. So, what else is up?

Well, I got a promotion. I'm
now the team leader.

It's great for me.


So, can I ask you a question?


Have you been having any
strange dreams lately?


Why? I've been having these
horrific nightmares about Nana.

They seem so real.

It's because you miss her.

You may not think that you miss
her but you do.

It's your subconscious telling
you the truth.

You love her and you miss here.

Where can I get a beer?

Boy, it's just not a party
unless you're getting wasted,
is it Sam?

I'm getting sick of your mouth.

Claire, I gotta go. He's the
reason we don't talk anymore.

You lose that dead weight,
we'll be friends again.


Get out of here.

You know how your father is.

Sarah! What are you doing?

I told you I didn't want you
spreading your legs for any
fucking monkey.

Who the hell do you think you

I'm her god damn father that's
who the hell I am.

You need to calm down.

You bring this to your
grandmother's funeral?

She must be spinning in your
grave to know your spreading
your legs for an animal!

Animal? What? I'll beat your
fat ass up.

Yeah, you people settle
everything with violence huh?

You're like a pack of wolves.

When you're together, but by
yourself you're not worth a

I'm not afraid of you!

Suck my dick mother fucker.
I'll kill you both.

Remember what I said Sarah!
I'll kill you both!

I saw a new dress today. It was
only a hundred dollars.

And I saw a job posting today.
No skills required. Perfect for

You need to relax Scott. You're
too tense.

Why don't you go mingle.

I don't know your family. Get

Hey Scott, long time no see.

You could say that.

I just did. What's it been?
Like ten years?

I don't really keep track of
the time. What's up?

Nothing. Isn't it strange how a
family can so separated by time

and then brought back together
when one of their own drops?

There are people here I haven't
seen in ages. This is something

Death can bring people
together. That's for sure.

I think most of the people are
here for the free meal.

So, what are you doing for work?

Working at the newspaper.
Writing articles about this and

Nothing major. Still doing that
crap? Crap?

I mean, I'd rather be working
at a magazine, but I'll take
what I can get.

You still working at the meat

Yeah, still a slave to the

Fucking bastards.

Hey, remember when we were ten
years old,

and we had the super soaker
water guns and we filled them
up with disappearing ink?

We shot up all Nana's clothing
that was hanging out on the

Not really. No.

Come on. You remember! It sat
out in the sun for a few hours.

That purple ink dried in. Oh

She chased us with a bread

We hid in the bushes. It was

Is that what you do? Live in
the past?

No. No.

I just thought you might want
to talk about old times.

I didn't realize you were so

My dad is so crazy right?

Yeah, but I'm used to dealing
with people like that.

I'm sure if he gave me a
chance, he'd probably like me.

He's just so full of hate right

He can't even see anything
else. Listen. Forget that.

Twin Obsession. Coming to
Foxwoods next Friday. I got us
the tickets.

You want to go?

I would love to go.

I love Steven Joseph Adams.
That lead singer. He's such a

Should I be worried? I'm just
happy I could do that for you.

I checked out their CD. It's
alright for a boy band.

They are not a boy band. They
look like sissies to me.

They are not a bunch of
sissies, but I want to thank
you for getting me the tickets.

I'm glad I could do it for you.

So, you want to go have some

Hey, it's the Vershons. Good to
see you.

Geno, read your article on that
pervert. Good job!

I guess I just have flare when
it comes to writing about

Nelson, I don't believe I met
your girlfriend.

Geno this is Cindy. Nice to
meet you.

Likewise. So, does anyone know
what crawled up Scott's ass?

Either he's having a bad day or
he's become the world's biggest
douche bag.

He's a douche bag.

He's going through a lot right
now with his wife and working a
lot of hours.

Crazy hours. It's really taking
a toll on him.

He looks like he's about fifty
years old.

Hello people. I hope you're
having a good time.

Hey, funerals always cheer me

Very funny. Hold my spot for me?

I'll be here. You sure now?

I'm not going anywhere. Promise?

I promise.




Hey Geno, how's it

Good, how are you? Great. So,
when are you going to show me
the ropes?

Go talk to Carmichael. I'm sure
he'll let you tag along on my
next exciting interview.

Exciting? Like what?

Oh I'm just being sarcastic.

One thing you gotta learn about
journalism is it's 99 percent

Just like any other job. I'll
catch up with you in five or so

and you'll be just as
disgruntled as I am.

Come on.

You're out in the world getting
the story out. You're a
valuable guy.

I'm glad someone thinks so. I

What the hell are you doing
over here Britney?

I asked her to come over here

Really? Didn't I assign you to

No sir. I was actually talking
to Geno about that.

I would really like to cover
something for the paper.

Oh alright. Why don't you cover
me a coffee and a couple donuts?

Fat pig. I'll shove a cruller
up his ass.

Bad day? No Geno. A good day. A
very good day.

I got a hot one for you. They
just found two dead bodies out
there in the woods

by the meat plant. I want you
to cover it.

Oh my god. Did they release the

We don't know shit.

That's why I'm sending you. Go
over there scoop. Get the story.

Get it back to me ASAP. Come on

Hello Mr. Carmichael. How are
you doing today?

Shut the fuck up and take off

that ridiculous hat. You look
like an asshole!

So, I see Carmichael yet
another good story while I get
to sit over there

and cover the Ludlow High
football team.

Geibner, I don't have time for
this right now.

Of course you don't. You're too
busy getting all the great

and playing hide the salami
with the interns.

You know, kissing ass is one
thing McGee,

and you do it really well but
you're basically sucking
Gerald's cock right here.

If you have a problem, you take
it up with Carmichael. I gotta

You thought you were really
cute, right Geno?

Running that piece on me? You
ruined my life!

You're a peeping Tom Carlos.
You were looking at a 13 year
old girl.

I think people have the right
to know.

You ruined my fucking life.
What gives you the right?
You're not god!

If you have an issue with it,
take it up with the paper.

They chose to run it. They
assigned the story.

People are out there killing,
killing! And you focus on me?

One of these days. One of these
days you're gonna regret what
you did to me.

Threaten me again Carlos,

the next story we write about
you will be in the obituaries.

I'll cut you to ribbons boy.

I'll cut you to ribbons!

Help you out there chief?

Yes, my name is Geno McGee. I'm
with the Springfield Herald

I was wondering if I could have
a few words with you?

All I can tell you at this
point is that there are

two victims. One male and one

Victims? So they were murdered.

They weren't murdered. They
were massacred,

but if you quote me on that,
we'll have a problem.

OK, no problem.

So can I see the bodies? Why do
you want to do that for?

If I write about something,
generally I like to see what
I'm writing about.

Come on.

Go ahead and lift up the covers.


Oh Jesus.

Ah Jesus.

First time seeing dead bodies
young man?

No, that's my cousin and her

Jesus christ, what happened to

We should talk.

What the hell happened to them?

We are still putting the pieces

but somebody had a bone to pick
with these two.

This is a crime of passion.

Why would you say that?

Because whoever did this turned
them into hamburger,

and didn't take any money or
credit cards.

Do you have any suspects? No,
not yet.

Still gathering evidence, but
we'll find out who did this.

Maybe you know who did it.

Why would I know? Because
whoever did this,

was close to the victims.

We'll meet down at the station,

and you and I will have a
little talk. OK.


Mike Tyson better watch out

What's up Scott? Lynn kicked me

I was hoping to say with you
and mom for a while.

These fucking cunts always get
to keep the house

and all they do is sit on their
fat asses,

and eat like a cow. Scott, you
can stay with me, but that
bitch wife of yours

is gonna pay for this bullshit.
I'm telling you, she's gonna
pay for this bullshit.

You tell Gamelli to fuck off.
He can't have it both ways.

If he wants the papers to move,
they need some spice now don't

Yeah, yeah. Let me let you go.

What's up Geibner?

Why did you give the murder
case to Geno?

He's my lead writer, that's

I vied for that position,

and I'm far more qualified than
your golden boy out there, and

you're keeping me on the
sidelines covering high school

while Geno gets the story of
the year?

Maybe of the last ten years.

There is something wrong with
this picture sir.

Look Geibner, we are team here.

Everybody's got their role.

Your role right now is to cover
high school ball and whatever
else I ask you to do.

There are a hundred other
writers out there that would be
dying for your spot.

They'd be out there on that
field with tape recorder in
hand and a big

fat fucking smile on their face
and you got the balls to come
in here and complain?

I want the murder case.

Yeah, and I want three blondes.

One for my face, one for my
dick and one to take pictures,
but that ain't happening.

No, it certainly isn't.

You wouldn't know what to do
with it if it was thrown in
your face.

Get out Geibner!

I'll go over your head if
that's what it takes. Right
over your head.

Don't you cross me boy. Don't
you even think about crossing
me or you will regret it!

See you later Gerald.


How you feeling?

To be honest with you, I'm
really not.

I've only recently reconnected
with my family.

My grandmother recently died.
We were all thrown together

after the funeral. I haven't
seen Sarah in years prior to
Saturday night.

Why did you disconnect with
your family?

Lot of gossip and bullshit like

I just wanted to get away from
it all.

That's sad, but I understand.

Tell me what you know about
Sarah and Tyrone.

I don't want to incriminate
anyone or thrown anyone

under the bus, but my Uncle
Gary had a confrontation

with them Saturday night. What
kind of confrontation?

Basically just a lot of

He didn't like the idea of his
daughter dating a black guy.

Yeah Dave.

See if we have a file on Gary
Vershon will yah?

Thanks. Does Gary own any
swords or anything like that

that you know of? I really have
no idea.

Like I said, I really haven't
had any direct contact with any
of these people.

Thanks Dave. Oh, this is very


Your uncle's been a bad boy
over the years.

Registered sex offender.

Holy shit! What did he do?

Child pornography. He was
distributing online three years

Assault and battery on a
stripper in 1998. Disorderly

in 1999. Shoplifting 2000.
Breaking an entering 2002.

Been arrested 11 times.

No wonder he wouldn't go get a

Who would hire a registered sex

with a long rap sheet?

Geno, I want to thank you for
your time. I'm going to continue

the investigation. Please don't
talk to anyone, especially your

About what you know. I'll make
it worth your while.

When we are ready to make a
move, I'll give you a call

and you can break the story,
but if you fuck me,

I will ban you from the scene.
You understand?

I just heard. I'm so sorry.

They butchered her. They
fucking butchered her.

I told her not to fuck a darkie.

Now's not the time for your
idiocy Gary.

Blow it out your ass you fat

She was my daughter.

Going to get drunk. Police have
a suspect but they won't tell
me anything.

They will. They'll catch the
bastard and they will fry them.
You can bank on it.

I just don't understand. Sarah
didn't have any enemies.

Did you read Geno's article in
the paper?

Yes. Cold bastard. So freaking
matter of fact

about the whole thing.

I can't believe he's using this
tragedy to try to further his

I was tempted to call him and
tell him off.

He's always been trying to
outshine Scott, but he never

Even with this crap.

Hey do you have to do that?

Do what?

Litter. You just through your
scratch ticket on the ground.

We try to keep our neighborhood

I'd appreciate it if you didn't
throw your trash on my street.

Oh I'm sorry sir. I kind of
have a bad back.

If you could help me pick that
up, I'll put in the trash can
right away.

No problem sir.

The nerve. The absolute nerve!

I'm going to call the cops.
They're going to haul your ass

You don't want to mess with me

You'd better get to stepping.

Mr. McGee, what are
you doing here?

Where's my son? He's inside.

Boy, I need money. What? What
are you doing here?

I told you never to come around

Why? Because your wife came
onto me.

It was the other way around,

and you know it. When I tell
you not to come around here, I
fucking mean it.

Don't give me your bullshit

You're not going to sit there
and disrespect me!

Then I will stand up and do it.

Get out of my house. I need
money and you have it.

It doesn't matter what I have
or what I don't have.

You'll not get a dime of it.

I should have drowned you at
birth boy.

I should have slit your throat.

Get out of my house before I
throw you out.

Give it a try. I will fuck you

and then I'll give your wife
what she needs you faggot.

You faggot son of a bitch.

Never again dad.

Never again will you come back
here or you will leave in a
body bag.

I brought you into this world.
I will take you out.

Fucking ingrate.

I'm gonna get that money.


Hey, I think you had

I had enough of your bullshit.
I'm gonna take a fucking leak.

When I come back, if there's
not a drink right here,

on this bar, there's gonna be
some trouble.

Can I help you with something?

Fucking Massachusetts.

They legalize that fucking

and I see you two skirts in my

This is America.

Yeah, this is my country, and
you two deviants are part of
the problem.

Shouldn't you be up the street
at the queer bar? Just go and
eat something.

I think I'm standing too close
I don't want to catch AIDS.

Don't let him get to you.

I'm just so tired of dealing
with white trash like that.

Gary might be a rough customer.
So be ready.

He's likely to be more of a
pain in the ass with all that
booze in his veins.

Want to call for backup?

No, be ready. Ladies.

I don't see my drink bartender.

No, I'm cutting you off.

You're lucky I don't come over
this bar and strangle you.

I'd like to see that. Hey man,
you got five dollars?

Get away from me you piece of

Wayne, leave Gary alone. Don't
make me call the police now.

Come on big boy, give me five
dollars and I'll fucking suck
your dick.

Faggot fuck. They're coming out
of the woodwork.

Gary Vershon.

He wanted his dick sucked for
five dollars.

Now Gary, you know soliciting
prostitution is illegal right?

Who the fuck are you?

I'm detective Dwyer. This is my
partner, detective Adams.

We need to speak to you.

I don't talk to no pig cops.

This can go the easy way or the
hard way.

Let's go right now. I said no
fucking way.

Come on Gary. Put your hands
behind your back.

You're under arrest for the
murder of Sarah Vershon and
Tyrone Williams.

Put your hands behind your
back, or we will put you down.

You think I killed that race
mixing bitch

and her animal lover. Your
grasping at straws.

Get away from me or I'll kick
both of your asses.

Let's take him down.

Come on! Do you fucking mind?

Not at all sweet tits. Let me
see those melons.

You pig. Come on Romeo. Fucking

Fucking pigs. You have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say

can and will be used against
you in a court of law.

Oh I know the routine. Better
not put me in a cell with a

You OK? Yeah.

Just had another god damn

Have Carmichael take you off
that case.

It's messing with your mind.

I was having these nightmares
before I was put on that case.

They've just gotten worse.

Why are you having them?

There has to be some root

I find it hard to believe that
you're deathly afraid

of some dead elderly person.

I'm gonna tell you something,

but if you call me crazy, I'll
go sleep on the couch.

I won't call you crazy.

I think my grandmother has
something to do with the
murders of Sarah and her


I don't have a clue, but I just
feel it.

Claire, get me another beer.

Sam, get off your lazy ass and
get it yourself.

You have to take out the trash

God dammit, I'm fucking tired
of you telling me what to do.

Well, you don't have a job now
do you?

So, I have to wear the pants in
the family.


Anybody over there?

Kitty. Kitty.



Where the hell are you? You
better not be out here getting

Lazy fat bastard.

Fat bastard.

Hello. Are you serious?

Yeah, I'll be right there.

What happened? Somebody killed

Your brother in law Sam?

Yeah, I got to go make sure
Claire is OK.

Want me to go? Yeah, let's go.

How long was he out of the

Maybe 20 minutes. Something
like that.

Has there been anything unusual
going on around here?

Any phone calls out of the
ordinary? Any strangers hanging

Anything like that?

No, nothing.

Was Sarah killed by the same

We don't know.

But Uncle Gary is innocent,

We can't make that kind of
statement Mrs. Slone.

Detective Dwyer, what do we

Not much Geno. We are still
making heads and tails of this.

We should have something for
you this evening. I'll give you
a call.

These detectives are top notch.
They will catch this guy. I

I just can't believe this is

You can stay with us if you
want to get out of this house.

Thank you. I think I'll be

We are going to finish up

If you need anything or you can
think of anything to tell us,

don't hesitate to call. Thank
you detective.

I just talked to the guy next
door. He had some very
interesting things to say.

Oh yeah?

He saw and old lady right here
in the back yard,

just moments before Sam Slone
was killed.

An old lady?

Did he have any description
other than that?


What was it?

Remarkably similar to Phyliss

Phyliss McGee, the dead

Come on now. What are you

We got three dead bodies. All
related in one way or another.

We got one slob in jail that
couldn't have possibly killed
Sam Slone.

Let's say that somebody is
killing off members of this

for one reason or another,
dressed like the grandmother.

Are you gonna write about this?

I'll have to.

I guess you do.

It's OK. I understand. I know
it's your job.

Sam was involved with a lot of

Do you think he could have
messed with the hell angels or

Sam was home all the time. He
never left the house.

He must have been in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

Uncle Gary didn't kill Sam.

He probably didn't kill Sarah
either. Then who did?

I've been having these horrible
nightmares lately.

Nana's been chasing me around
with a sword.

It's funny that you say that.

She had a sword. After she died
we went to her apartment to
pick up her cane,

and hidden within was a blade.

Anyone home?

Where's that god damn money?

Hanes her way.

Better than panties.


You're dead.

Geno my boy, you are a smash!
The old lady assassin

is flying off the shelves and I
have you to thank for it.

Thank you Mr. Carmichael.

Please call me Jerry. Listen,
I've been thinking of a couple

really good ideas to push this
serial killer angle.

I don't know if that's a good
idea. I'm sort of involved.

That's the great part of it.

Have you thought about the big
picture Geno?

You're in with the cops. You're
in with the family.

Put that together and what does
it fucking mean? I don't know.

Movie deal. That's what it

Listen, I know some people in
New York City

and they got deep pockets just
looking for a storyline.

You and I can make a fortune.
We'll split the money down the

Look at the movies that made
money. Amityville Horror. Texas
Chainsaw Massacre.

Do you know why they were so

They were based on a true story
Geno and that's exactly what we
got right here.

We need to jump on this. We
need to jump on this now.

I don't know. I got to think
about this. Think about it.

Think about having a million or
so bucks in your bank account.

You know where to find me.

Hey there star. Thanks.

How you hanging in there?

Honestly, they're running me

I think I need to go back and
cover the pervert police.

I'm not cut out for this blood
and guts.

You need to relax. That's what
you need.

You can say that again.

My parents are away this

Why don't you come over to the
house and take a dip in the hot

I don't think my wife would
approve of that Britney.

To hell with your wife.

Have some fun.

Tell her you're covering
something for the paper and
stop by the house.

I'm sorry. It's very tempting,
but I know my wife,

and I'm sure if I even stopped
by your house to say hello,

I'd be the next Bobbit.

The offer is on the table.

Yes Mr. Carmichael.

Please shut the door.

Take a seat.

Yes sir. What's up?

Your time is up young lady. I'm
god damn sick of you walking
around here

like a cat in heat.

Wait a second. Don't talk to me
like that.

I run the show here

and I'll talk to you as I

You got that? I'm not some
walking hard on

like some of these writers out
there on the floor that drool
whenever you walk by.

You're a distraction Britney.

What do you want me to do, wear
a bag over my head?

No. What I want you to do is go
home. I'm done with you.

And why is that?

Um, mostly, because you annoy

but you're also coming onto a
married man.

What are you, the morality

No, I run this paper and you're

You're going to learn young
lady that bad things can happen
to bad girls.

Very bad things.

Hey there. Hello.

What's the matter?

Nothing's wrong. Just leave me

Do you like me? What?

I'm a real good fuck. I can
fuck all night long.

Get lost before I call the god
damn police.

Come on bitch.

Put out!

Help! Somebody help me!

We can share her!

You sick fucking bastard.

What? are you a homosexual?

Are you OK? Yeah, I think so.

Use your cell phone. Call the

Hello. A guy just tried to rape

I'm at the Springfield Herald
and a guy just tried to rape me.

Yes I'm safe now.

My co-worker knocked him out.
He's in front of me.

OK. Thanks. My unlucky day
today Geno.

I got fired and nearly raped.

Carmichael fired you? Why?

Who cares? You have my email
address. Stay in touch.

I will.

You got a world of talent.

Don't let this bullshit saw you
from chasing your dreams.

OK. Thank you.

Hey there coach. How do you
think your lions did today?

Well we won, didn't we?

Yeah, you sure did, but not by
too much though.

Did you think it was gonna be
that close?

You never know, but a win is a

I think we'll do a lot better
the next time out.

That if we're not all butchered
by then.

You're referring to the recent

Well, the police are doing what
they can

which is admittedly not very


I want my team in the paper. It
makes them feel good and try

There's a psycho out there and
this is a waste of time.

Why don't you try to figure
this out. You're smart.

I've read your stuff. Sharp as
a tack.

A lot better than the other guy
they have on it.

Well, my boss wants me out here
covering this kind of stuff now.

And my dad wanted me to be an

Sometimes you have to go with
what you feel.

Go with your instincts. The
cops aren't going to solve
this. Your boy at the paper

But you can. You can.

Let's go over this. Geno
McGee's grandmother Phyliss

Geno returns to see his family
for the first time in years,

and now we have three bodies on
our hands.

So you suspect McGee.

Well, I don't rule him out.

Let's put it that way. But why
would this one death spark a
blood bath?

And why kill these particular
people? Completely unremarkable

Sarah was a high school
dropout. So was Tyrone.

And Slone hadn't worked for
nearly twenty years.

Maybe the killer hates
laziness. He sees these three

aren't going anywhere and it
bugs him,

and perhaps he's close to the

Her dying sends him over the

and now he has the balls to do
something like this.

I can't see it Adams. I just
can't see it.

The picture is bigger than
that. There's a connection we
are missing.

There's a piece of this puzzle
that we still have to find.

Why was it that McGee said he
lost touch with the family?

Something about gossip and
bullshit he didn't want his
wife to have to put up with.

Something like that. Well let's
follow the money here Dwyer.

Geno's the only one benefiting
from the murders so far.

How so?

Think about it. Here's a guy
writing about female fucking

for the local paper but then
this happens. Now he's a big

investigative reporter. He
probably got a raise and

And his wife. She won't have to
deal with his family anymore,
is she?

Once they're all taken out.

So, why dress up like the

We'll have to ask him that when
we find him.

I think we need to pay a little
bit of attention to this
reporter friend of ours.

I agree.

But let's not focus on him
alone. I don't get the vibe
from Geno

that he's capable of this kind
of thing. He doesn't seem like
the kind.

They rarely do.

People can hide what they are
at their core very well at

But eventually it rears its
ugly head.

It's nearly impossible to lead
two lives.

Nearly impossible.

Geno, how are you?

I'm fine.

What can I do for you Nelson?

Well, there's some fucked up
stuff going on around here.

I'm shit scared. I don't feel
safe and I don't think you are

Jesus christ, they killed my

Yeah, I know. I'm really sorry
to hear about that.

So is your dad still behind

No, they let him out yesterday.

He's at home, drunk on the
couch. Passed out as usual.

Then what are you doing here.

I overheard something the other
day, and I think you might be

OK. My mother was talking to

and she mentioned some sort of
family secret.

When I walked into the room,
she totally dropped the subject.

What do you think that means?

I have no clue. What do you
mean you have no clue.

You're a god damn investigative

People are dying and there's a
family secret.

Read the writing on the wall.
They're talking about Nana.

They could be talking about a
recipe for mint brownies for
all we know.

They mentioned Papa too and
they seemed worried about him.

Like he knew something.

You know, I'm not interested in
your conspiracy theories
Nelson. I'm not.

You know, I'm not even
interested in this case anymore.

I can't sleep at night. I'm
having nightmares about Nana

chasing me around. My boss at
work is up my ass and I'm at my
breaking point.

Wouldn't hurt to talk to him

Talk to him about what?

When we get there, we will cut
right to the chase.

We will mention a family
secret. If he seems clueless,
we'll split.

And then drive three hours
home. It's just not worth it.

I mean what could he know?

I think he knows what's going
on and that's why he abandoned
this family all those years ago.

No, he hated his wife. That's
why he wasn't at her funeral,

and that's why he left this
family. It's just that simple.

Listen, I'll go alone, but I
much rather you come with me.


Hi, you probably don't
recognize us.

But we're your grandchildren.
I'm Geno McGee.

This is Nelson Verson. Oh my

I can't believe it's you.
Welcome. Come on in please.

Come on in.

You know guys,

I feel I actually owe you both
an apology.

Many times I wanted to get in
touch with both of you,

but I didn't want to bring you
into this. I wanted to keep you
out of this,

but you were always in my

Thank you.

So, what do I owe this great

I'm a writer for the
Springfield Herald newspaper.

Oh a writer? I used to do some

When I first met your
grandmother, I used to write
her poems

Speaking of Nana, did you hear
that she died?

I did. Yes, I did.

We didn't see you at the
funeral Papa.

I had my reasons. I did have my

Did you hear about the murders
that happened last week?

Yes I did and they were

I was sorry to hear about them.

A lot of strange things have
been happening,

and we thought that maybe you
could help us sort this out.

I'm just one old man. What can
I do?

Last week Nelson heard your
daughter talk about a family

and I was wondering what that

Let me ask you something Geno.

If there was something out
there that was so terrible,

that if you saw it, it'd make
you want to commit suicide
would you still want to see it?

Would you like to be dropped
into a basket of live

Look, I just want to do my job
and maybe save a few lives.

There is no saving lives. The
only way to save lives

is to get the fuck out of
there. You're terrified.

You're trembling. What the hell
do you know?

Interesting choice of words.

I know a lot about hell and I'm
not going to drop you in the
meat grinder.

The family secret has to stay a

And if you're not supposed to
know it, you're dead.

Does the family secret have
anything to do with the murders?

What a foolish question young

Yes, certainly. Of course it

But do not chase this thing. Do
not chase it. I am gonna chase

And I'm gonna catch it. People
are dying

and I'm not going to stand back
and let that happen.

Geno, you're only one person.

What you want to confront is
beyond reason,

beyond your comprehension. Even
if you saw it, you wouldn't
believe it.

I thought I was tough. I
thought I was a bad ass mother

Until they showed me what they

and how far it spread.

I've been having nightmares
about Nana.

They're calling you my boy.
They're calling you.

And they have their eye on you.

What do you mean? Nana's
calling me? She's not dead what?

Let me put it this way. What's
black is white.

And what white is black. Don't
believe anything you see,

and don't trust anyone.

They're all dirty.

Hey. What's this about?

Something big. Something really

Been doing some investigation
into this old lady killer.

What? I told you to cover

Don't get your panties in a
bunch. I am covering sports,

but I'm looking into this too,

and I figured some shit out.
Been talking to some of the

and they helped me piece the
puzzle together.

OK, tell me about your puzzle.

What do you know about Geno

He's my lead writer. I know

Take a look.

What exactly am I looking at
here Geibner.

When Geno was 16, he nearly
killed his father.

He attacked him with a knife
for christ's sake.

And now there's somebody
running around, dressed like
Geno's dead grandmother,

killing somebody with a knife
of some sort.

Geno is no killer. You don't
know that.

What you do know is that
putting him on this case was a
massive conflict of interest.

Look it. The only thing I know
is that you don't know shit.

Geno had it out with his dad.
So what? What 16 year old

You let your jealousy get the
best of you here Geibner. Geno
is on this one,

and I want you forget this case
even exists.

Not a chance.

Then you're fired.

So be it. So be it.

When I figure this shit out,
you're going down too Carmichael

and I will own this paper.

Leave right now!

Sue, what's all the noise out

Oh come on girl, don't be like

Call detective Dwyer
immediately. He needs to speak
with you.

Why are you so worried?

He asked about your whereabouts
the nights of the murders and
Scott's house just burnt down.

He wants to know where you

They fucking suspect you Geno.
They think that you're the


Yes, can I speak to detective
Dwyer please.

OK. Yes. detective.

Yeah, yeah, I can come down.

Can I ask what this pertains
to? OK.

I'm on my way. Are they gonna
arrest you?

For what?

I haven't done anything. Look,
just calm down.

Have a cup of tea. Relax. I'll
be home in an hour or so.

They probably just want to
bring me to the fire for my
report or something.

Just calm down.

Geno, please have a seat.

Sure. We have some things to
talk about.

You know you scared the shit
out of my wife, right?

Sorry about that, but let's
move on OK?

Geno, trying to put the pieces
of this puzzle together

and you keep coming up,

You don't show your face for
ten years and now you're back
and people are dying.

You tell your sister that
you're having nightmares and
she should get rid of

her dead weight of a husband
and now he is dead weight.

You visit you grandfather today
and now he's dead.


Found his body all sliced up.
What am I supposed to think

I was with Nelson all day. He
was with me.

Before, during and after my
meeting with my grandfather.

He can clear my name.

Yeah, or he can lie for you.

Fuck you. This is your idea,
isn't it?

I got to admit, dressing up
like your dead grandmother.
That's original.

It's a first I think. Maybe Ed
Gein thought of it first.

But you're going to be right up
there with

John Wayne Gacy and Jeffrey
Dahmer. You're gonna be famous.

Detective Dwyer, I want to
speak to you one on one,

if not, I want a lawyer, now.

Whatever you want.

Geno, talk to me man. How do
you explain this?

Your grandfather dies
immediately after you visit him.

Doesn't make sense. None of
this makes any sense.

He knew something. Something
about a family secret.

They found out somehow and they
got to him. Who are they?

I don't know. He didn't say.

But, the serial killer is only
the tip of the iceberg.

I'm telling you, if we get this
old bitch.

It might just be the first
brick in the road of uncovering
something enormous.

Let's talk a little about the
fire at the Garvey residence.

I don't know anything about it.
I was away all day,

and if you clear me on that,
you have to clear me on the

I'm not a killer detective. I'm
a reporter.

That's why I keep showing up.

I'm covering a case that you're
trying to solve.

You're wasting your time with

I'm gonna level with you Geno.

I've dealt with some cold
bastards. Killers that strangle
their mothers

and rape their grandmothers and
never shed a tear.

You are either innocent or
you're the coldest son of a
bitch I've ever met.

I'm gonna give you the benefit
of the doubt.

You can leave, but don't stray
too far. I'm gonna sort this
mess out.

This is a family issue.

And I'm gonna find out who's
spilling all this blood.

So they charge you yet?

Charge me with what Geibner?

With murder. They're gonna
figure it out

and you're gonna get charged.

You can't hide behind your
granny's dress forever.

Why don't you leave me alone?
Hey arent you unemployed?

What are you doing with this
fucking tape recorder.

You got no one to turn it into.

Yeah, I don't shine Gerald's
knob like you do.

You didn't answer the question.
They charge you yet?

Get off me. I know you're the

I can feel it. And I'm gonna
expose you to the whole world.

It's no wonder you never got a

Your investigative skills are
worse than your writing ability.

Whatever you say killer. I'm
not afraid of you killer.

Maybe you should be.

Hey Nelson, you and your bitch
watch this. This is how you
fucking bowl.

Yeah! I'm gonna take a fucking

I know Cindy. He's an asshole.

Hey cunt. How about a date.

Gary, you need to relax and
keep it in your pants.

Why do you have to play so hard
to get?

Because you disgust me.

Cock tease.


Wendy are you alright?

Absolutely. I know how to deal
with guys like that.

I can talk to him if you want
me to.

Thanks Banas, but I don't need
a man to fight my battles.

If he insists on being a prick,
I'll just call the cops and
have him removed.

The offer stands.

I got you Geno. I got you.

What's your issue baldy?

You're the one with an issue,
not me.

The only issue I got, is some
bald pecker staring at me.

Don't even talk to him Banas.

Yeah, listen to your bitch. Get
yourself hurt you bald fuck.

Hello girls.

Ready for another game. We
should probably pack it in.

It's getting late. Late? I'm in
no rush to call it a night.

Let's go to the casino. I'm
feeling lucky tonight. Come on.

Don't you need a job before you
spend money at a casino?

Who the fuck told you to talk?

Don't you think it's messed up
that you take your wife's money
from that freaking donut shop

and spend it at a casino? Why
don't you get a job?

Can we drop this already,

Get her in line there boy. You
get her in line. I'd never let
your mother pipe up like that.

Hey we're going to the girl's
room. We need some money.

Why would you need money for
the girl's room.

We need soda stupid. Give us

I want the change.

Lane six is jammed.

Can you take care of it? On it.
Wendy, I was wondering.

I have a couple of tickets for
the Danzig concert this
Saturday night.

Wanna come with me?

Sorry, but I think we've been
over this ground before. Forget

Just forget I said anything at
all. You know what your problem

You go out with these total
scumbags that treat you like

Maybe you like that kind of
treatment. You won't hear
another word out of me.

Live your life. I'm sorry I
hurt your feelings.

I have a lane to fix.

Hey Baldy.

He's got no hair. No hair at

He just introduced me to his

That's a good thing. Not
really. His dad is 400 pounds.

If he follows in his footsteps,

he'll be a beached whale and I
won't be with a guy that has a
bigger chest than me.

What is taking you
so long? Other people have to
use it.

What, did you fall in or

They can't still be in the
bathroom. Larry can you check
it out?

I'm not going in the girl's

Come on man.

Just go, knock. If they don't
come out, just come back, OK?


Angela! Angela!

They ditched us. They
took your car and they left us.

Angela is a prankster man. She
thinks this is cute.

I got her cute hanging for her
right here.

Do you have your keys?

No. Shit. I'll be right back.

Changed your mind about those
Danzig tickets huh?

I don't blame you. Listen, this
isn't going to work Wendy. Can
you do me a favor.

Grab me a nine, sixteenths.
Nine sixteenths. Wendy.

Wendy, nine sixteenths. Wendy!

Yo Jeremy what you doing bro?

Jeremy? Oh my god Jeremy! Oh my


Come on. Let's go bitch.

What the fuck is your

Who did you tell? Who the fuck
did you talk to?

Only you and I knew we were
going to see Papa and now he's
been butchered

and the police suspect me.

Let him go Geno. Let him go!
You set me up!

Whoever's going around killing
people found out we went to see

and you're the only one who
could have said anything.

Geno, that's enough.

Blow it out your ass Gary.

No, no, leave my son alone.

Or else. What, are you in on
this too?

Is that why you're protecting
Nelson here?

Why don't you chill out Geno.
You're losing it.

No, I'm starting to put it

What's the god damn family

I don't know. There is no

Fine. Play dumb. But if I find

either one of your are involved
in this, you're both going down.

What a dick. Dad are you

Yeah, yeah.

What is his problem? What is he
talking about? Grey haired

The other day we took a ride
and visited Papa.

He thinks I blabbed to someone
about our conversation.

Well, he's acting pretty
irrational. You think he could
be it?

Be what? The guy who's hacking
people up into hamburger.

Geno? No way. Out of the

Closing time. Time to go guys.

We're leaving. Just give us two

Fucking white trash.

Hey we're closed.

Where is that god damn cunt?

Do you have to talk like that?

Yes, I have to talk like that?

What is that prison talk? You
were in prison right?

No, I was in jail, and I talked
like I pleased there.

I don't take shit from anybody,
least of all some bitch.

I bet you were the bitch in

I bet you had a boyfriend.
Didn't you Gary.

Nobody cornholed me bitch.

Open it! Open it!

In here!

What about Nelson? What about

Nelson is on his own. He's on
his own.

What kind of father are you?

Shut up bitch. I'll fucking lay
you out. That granny is out

Shut up!

Oh fuck!

Fuck! Fuck!

Come on! Come on granny fuck!

Come on!

What are you doing here?

You want a story. I'm working
on one. Not like this you're

You can't just come in here and
look through anything you want.
You need clearance.

You're getting as bad as

Hey, be quiet. I just lost my
grandfather and I want to know

And the files here are going to
help you?

You bet your fat ass they will.
Gotta be here somewhere.

What exactly are you hunting

The old lady killer isn't the
story here. There's something

Something my family has hidden
for god knows how long.

No, no, no. Geno let's not get
crazy here. We got a nut on the

That's what we have. Yeah, and
that nut may be a part of whole
group of nuts.

That's what I'm trying to find

Oh shit!

Let's get the hell out of here.
I'm right behind you.

Where the fuck were you. I've
been waiting for hours. I saw

I fucking saw her. Saw who? My

She's alive and well. Come on.
Sit down.

Let me make you a coffee.

No time for that. We have to go
to the graveyard.

What? Why? I want to see my
grandmother one last time.

You're crazy. You're out of
your mind.

Honey, the cops are gunning for
me. I have to clear my name.

Geibner is up my ass.
Carmichael was slashed to
ribbons and I was there.

What do you think the cops are
gonna say. I think my
grandmother is alive,

and I'm gonna prove it.

How are you gonna do that?

If she's in the coffin, then
it's not her running around
with the blade.

But if she's not, she either
cheated death or the devil sent
her back to earth.

Come on. Let's go.

Jesus. Dwyer, you let that son
of a bitch go and now look what

Fucking bloodbath. Calm down.

Don't tell me to calm down. He
just butchered

ten more people.

That bowling alley looks like a
butcher's shop.

No, I'm taking him down

You're not doing anything. Sit
down and shut the fuck up.

Who the fuck do you think
you're talking to?

You. Now sit down. Let's talk.

No, there's no time. There's no
fucking time.

What kind of ring is that? It's
a ring.

I like the design.

Now let's think this out here
Adams. No.

Forget it. You think it out.
I'm going to go take care of

Well, here it is. Hold the
flashlight please honey.

This is illegal Geno.

It's a lot less years for this
then what they got pinned on me.

Please just hold the

I'm cold.

Relax honey. I'm almost there.

I want to thank you for this
romantic evening.

Hey, if I don't figure this
shit out,

I will have plenty of romantic
evenings behind bars. Now, just
give me a minute.

Jesus! Jesus!

I told you! I told you! They
buried an empty coffin.

I told you! There has to be a
logical explanation for this.

Yeah, there is. Nana's alive
and the bitch has snapped.

What's the plan now? I got to
figure this shit out.

That's the plan. I want to know
why my Nana faked her own death.

When I figure that out, the
rest of this will just fall
into place.

I'm gonna find out what's going
on here and when I do,

everyone involved is gonna go
down like dominos.

You're a writer. That's all.

You're not a crime fighter.
Just go to the cops.

Why? So they can say I stole my
Nana's corpse.

Come on. They're idiots.

They're looking for someone to
blame and they're focused on me.

I'm guilty until proven

You should have stuck with
covering high school softball.

Wasn't in there, was she?

No she wasn't. I just cracked
the case. You're in danger.

Get in the car. I need you to
jump in. Both of you.

Alright, let's go.

Looks like your Nana faked her
own death and she's on an all
out killing spree.

There's more and you know that
detective. Yes.

There's evidence of cult

But I found out where they're
meeting tonight,

and we are gonna crash they
party. Us and what army?

Don't worry about it. I got a

I didn't want to get anyone
involved that we can't trust.

I don't know how widespread
this cult is.

What's that? What's
that noise?

I don't hear anything. There's
a thumping in the trunk.

I got a bowling ball back
there. It's rolling around.
It's what you're hearing.

What's your name there darling?

Well, Danielle.

I'm gonna need you to stay in
the car while your hubby

and I take care of business.


This doesn't feel right. Trust
me, will you?

Let's kick some ass.

Oh shit. Fuck.

Oh fuck.

Who the fuck are you?

The man asked you a question.


Surprised? Thanks for bringing
him here.

You're in on this too? Geno,
you're not dead.

There's a reason for that. Be

People are dying. They're
dropping like flies and you
want me to be happy?

Just come to our meeting. It's
starting in a couple minutes.
Fuck you.

You think it's loaded?

You are too much.
I'll get that.

Just listen to them honey.

No, not you. You wanted to know
the secret.

And you are gonna find out and
you'll be glad that you did.

You told these sons of bitches
that we went to visit my

It wasn't Nelson. It was you
god dammit.

We're wasting time here. Follow
me Geno. Learn something.

Oh, so you like dressing like a
woman, huh, Scott?

I thought you were a man's man.
I do what's best for the family.

Dressing like a drag queen.
That's what's best for the

Silence. Silence? You sound
like a fucking asshole.

I wish I never went to that

Three thousand years ago it

and tonight we celebrate the
addition of a new member of our

Tonight will be night of
sacrifice and rebirth.

What are you? Fucking
Satanists? No. Just listen.

Geno McGee is with us tonight.

Although he may not realize
this. He shares our philosophy.

He's ambitious and driven and
he has discovered our existence,

which is not an easy thing to


We have had our eye on you for
a long, long time.

Being so observant, I'm quite
surprised that you haven't

that we have been with you all

From the time ou were born. To
your marriage.

To now. It is now your time
Geno. Your time to realize your

So Rod.

What you're telling me, my
whole life has been arranged by

and this group of misfits.

This group of misfits, as you
call them,

is part of a much larger
society that rules the world.

That rules the world Geno.

All of the world leaders are
told what to do

and when to do it by us. To
answer your question,

we have made life easier for
you. Mentoring you and molding

You have had a good life. You
have a home.

A wife and a good job.

Now things will be much, much
easier if you allow it to.

So, what do I gotta do? Wear a
robe and worship an owl?

Why do you simplify everything?

Many have misunderstood us for
thousands of years.

Now Geno.

To become one of us, you must
make a sacrifice to Moloch.

Detective Adams has been a
thorn in our side

for quite some time. And now,
Geno, your future is now.

Kill him! Honey please. It's a
great opportunity

for us. You want to become a
world famous writer and this is
your chance.

Write a book about the granny
killer. It's part of the reason

for this ridiculous get up. All
the pieces are in place for us
to be great.

I used to think we were great.

But it would have never been
enough for you, would it?

Look at me! I have a fucking
knife in my hand,

and you're cool with me
stabbing this guy and joining
this sick group.

It's for the good. They're not
sick. People die every day.

They die the streets and in
bullshit wars. Those deaths are

This one means something to the
both of us.

Remember when you told me that
you wanted to rule the world?
Now you can.

Literally. Dammit, you know I
didn't mean literally.

I thought you had more heart
than this.

I really did.

You said the reason we don't
talk anymore was become of Sam.

Sam is gone now. Now we can be
a real brother and sister again.

No. I don't want the blood on
my hands. It's not worth it.

None of its worth it. I'm going
to the FBI.

The FBI works for us.

Now, make your choice. Join us!

Geno, this is a golden
opportunity for you.

You look good for a dead man
Carmichael. I had to do

Didn't expect my golden boy to
show up and pawing through the

Once Scott showed up, I had to
do something. Make your choice!

Join us.

Fuck you.

Jesus christ. What the fuck?

Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!

What are we gonna do? Continue
with the plan.

What if goes to the FBI? Let's
get back to the meeting.

He cannot run forever.

I'm filing for divorce.

I'm Agent Rivera. Sorry to keep
you waiting. No problem.

Read your statement.

It is something else. You've
had quite a night now.

You could say that.

I did some research on this
Moloch character. Very

Some people believe the
Clintons, the Bushes,

and every other world leader
worship that damn thing.

Imagine that. Worshipping an

Meet at this place called the
Bohemian Grove,

and now they meet at a small
town, Ludlow.

Next time you go to one of
these places,

say hi to Bill Clinton to me.
You need to lighten up.

Lighten up?

How many more bodies need to
pile up before you want me to
take this seriously?

I'm sorry Geno. The story is so

It's tough to digest. Maybe it
would be easier if you went up

to that cabin and made some
arrests. Here's my question.

Your uncle said that this
organization ruled the world.

All the richest and most
powerful men and women were
part of it.

Why is your uncle part of it?

He makes less than I do. It's
not about money Rivera.

It's about usefulness I think.

There's people from all walks
of life involved in this. In
all different levels.

My uncle even said that the FBI
was involved.

Really? Why don't you tell me
what else your uncle said?