Satanic (2006) - full transcript

After a car crash, the teenager Michelle has the face completely destroyed and amnesia. In the hospital, she is called Bride of Mummy due to the mask she needs to wear along her therapy. However, her doctor makes a perfect facial reconstruction using family pictures and Michelle is discharged from the hospital and sent to a home that lodges young offenders since she was considered a troublemaker before the car crash. The police release her possessions of the day of the accident - a journal and an Ouija board - and Michelle moves with the host Bisson to his house. On the same day she leaves the hospital, the janitor is murdered. Michelle shares a room with the outcast delinquent Dalia and she has dreadful nightmares during the night and is confused. She befriends Larry, who shares another room in the house with Dutch, and tries to help her. When Dalia is found dead in the room with cuts in the wrists, the evidences are of suicide; however Detective Joyner suspects that Michelle is the responsible for the murders.



Why Michelle?

Why did you do this to me?


Can you hear me?

Can you hear me? What's your name?

- What's your name Miss?
- Michelle.

Michelle stop it.

Hospital's not that far.

She's gonna be OK.

Jesus Christ Michelle, what did you do?

Why would you hurt her like that?

Dr. Barbary.




Easy now.

You were in an accident.

You're in the hospital.

What happened?

There was a car crash.

You sustained injuries.

Do you remember anything?

Not really.

You suffered significant head trauma.

Doctors are perhaps too liberal
with the word miracle but...

Was there a man in the car with me?

Yes Michelle,

your father.

I'm afraid he...

he's gone Michelle.




It's me Father.

Why did you hurt her?

And why did you kill me?


You gave us quite
a scare there young lady.

What happened?

There was a delayed
episode of cerebral enema.

We made a little hole in your
head to relieve the pressure.

In the Dark Ages they used to do that

to let the evil spirits out.

They gone?

The spirits.

You tell me.

I saw something.

Something terrible.

It was...

The man from the accident.


Your father?

I hear you say that,

but... I don't remember.

When I see him,

there's... nothing.


He's my father,

I should...

Why am I so afraid?

A not unnatural consequence.

Your memory will come back to you in time.

How long do these
bandages have to stay on?

I don't wan to give you
unrealistic expectation Michelle

It's going to be a while.

You have a number of

reconstructive surgeries ahead of you.

Will I ever...

pass for normal?

You'll be just as beautiful
as you were before the accident.

Remarkably burns and
lacerations are at a minimum.

What we'll do over
the next couple of months

is re-assemble your
shattered bone structure.

I was...


You get some sleep now young lady.

Your gonna need all
your energy in the weeks ahead.

No, I'm getting to the good part.

So the guy screams,

"Dr. Bennet, Dr. Bennet."

Doc looks up in horrible pain

and says,

"Bent it? I damn near broke it."

That's not only
the lamest joke I ever heard,

It's also grounds for
a sexual harassment suit.

Hey, it ain't like I'm trying to

get on the supreme court or nothing.

Hey Cliff.

Oh hey Mike.

They got you working days now too?

Nah, I'm just doing a double shift.

The day guy's out sick.

So you've been here all night?


I don't know how you do it.

Actually it feels kinda nice.

Sounds like you're in need
of a good 12 step program.

You lost me on that one.

I'm accusing you of being a workaholic.

Not me man.

I mean it feels kind nice to
enjoy the sun for a change.

There's definitely a shortage
of that on the nightshift,

Damn straight.

Place get's pretty scary too.

Especially with the bride of the
mummies roaming the halls.

Gives me the willies.

You know, the girl in 104.

The one with the
invisible man thing going on.


Dr. Barbary's been parading her
up and down the halls at night.

It's called physical therapy Cliff.

She's been bed ridden for weeks.

I don't care what it's called,

still creeps me out.

How much longer is she gonna be here?

Well Dr. Barbary said he's probably gonna

take off the bandages soon so,

if that works out she could
be released in no time.

Provided there are no
complications of course.

Well let's pray for the best.

What's the scariest thing you've seen?

At the hospital?


Well, it happened before I worked here.

Then that don't count.

I wanna know
the scariest thing you've seen.

Hang on a second, I did see it.

I was all of about 8 or something.

I was with my mom.

She rushed me here
after I had broken my arm,

my brother pushed me
from the top bunk... anyway.

These two guys come ruching in
while we're sitting in the ER

and they're carrying another guy.

He had something in his eye.

I thought this was supposed to be scary.

As far as I could make out,
the thing in his eye was

a woman's dress shoe.

At least the heel.


Yeah, the rest of it was just
kinda dangling off his face.

What happened?
Some woman walk all over him?

I don't know, I never figured it out but

I'm pretty sure he was
already dead though.

I had nightmares about that for years.

I still think bride of the
mummies' scarier.

You've healed wonderfully.

It's extraordinary.

Like what you see?

No complaints doc.

But it's still...

doesn't ring a bell.

You fly much?


I don't know.


Good luck getting
through the metal detectors.

Thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot.

The Sheriffs Department finally released

your personal
belongings from the accident.

I was hoping they might jar some memories.

Do you...

I made this.

It's a real one. Not like the party game.


Are you alright?



I just... went a little spacey I guess.

Hey, I just mopped that floor.

I wouldn't want you to...

slip and fall.

You take it easy.

We gotta talk.

What did you bring this goddamn thing for?

They letting you go home?

It's been known to happen.

Stick around.

I'm off in 20.

I'll get you beer.

Night Cliff.

Ah man.

She is so hot.

Ah man if I could get me some of that.


So you... you heard nothing at all.

Not until the nurse screamed.

I was sound asleep.



Well that'll do it.

- Thank you and thank you Doctor.
- No thank you Detective Joiner.

And don't forget to get
those locks changed,

- As we speak.
- OK.

You heal quick.

That's terrible.

Why would someone do something like that?

Possibly and addict
looking to score some drugs.

That poor janitor.

Cliff had been with us a long time.

We posted extra security.

Try and get back to sleep, if you can.


You must be Michelle.

Soon as you're dressed.
We'll get out of here.

Good morning Michelle.
How are you feeling?

This would be Mr. Bisson.


He's from Harmony House.
Where you've been placed.


You're still a minor Michelle,
with no living relatives.

And given your amnesia
and your history it's really

the logical follow up to your treatment.


You're a problem kid. You'll fit right in.

I mean in a good sort of way.

So... I can't go home?

I'll tell you what. We'll stop by there

pick up some things and after that,

Harmony House will be your home.

You're much better physically Michelle

and now it's time to take the next step.

Jackie and I would love to have you

and you'd be with kids your own age.

It feels good to be out of that hospital.

And it's such a great day for it too.

Don't you think?

- Mr. Bisson?
- Yeah.

It's a nice day.

Don't you think?

Sure kid, whatever you say.

Used to be a great
strip joint right up over here.

'Till they went out of business.

Oh man they had a great buffet there too.

You probably don't remember though.

No, I probably don't.

One night some
drunken bastard got a little too

up close and personal
with one of the dancers.

There she was on all fours
in front of him when suddenly

he's got her ankle in one hand,

and a dollar bill in the other.

Chick freaked and mule kicked
him right in the head.

Stiletto heel went through his
eye and on into his brain.

Chump was dead
before the tip hit the rail.

Place was shut down that very night.

Never to open it's doors
to the public again.

And I had an unused
discount admission coupon,

good for a two for one lap dance.

I hate how one
son of a bitch can ruin things

for everybody else.


Life can be pretty unfair sometimes.

Come to think of it,

I still may have that coupon
around somewhere.

You know, I've always
been a bit of an optimist.

It's part of our philosophy
over at Harmony house.

What are you looking at?


Well, this is it.

What did you mean back at the hospital?

When you said I'm a problem kid?

Well the way I understand it,

you used to be a real goodie two shoes

Made good grades, respected your parents.

Went to church on Sunday.


So there were two.

Well yeah.

Your dad was a pretty
capable guy but even for him

getting pregnant
would have been quite a stretch.

I mean didn't that
doctor tell you anything?

So what happened to my mom?

She had a long bout with cancer.

Your dad spent no expense in her treatment

but there just wasn't anything
medical science could do.

He was with her though,
you know, when she died.

And she died peacefully in her sleep.

It was about 18 months ago.

So how does that make me a problem kid.

Well you tried to stick a knife
in your dad's girlfriend.

That's usually considered a problem.

Now your dad was a saint and all
while your mom was still alive

but in the months after her death he,

scraped himself together and moved on.

He started dating again.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

You didn't see it that way though.

To you... it was like a betrayal

Suddenly Daddy's little girl

harbored a whole lot of resentment.

So I rebelled.

Big time.

Lost interest in school,

started hanging around
with the wrong crowd.

You know I've seen this a million times

And the knife incident?

Dad was able to stop you
in time but the girlfriend

called the police anyway.

A domestic disturbance report was filed

but that was pretty much the end of it.

Of course the girlfriend
never came around again.

But there were others.

Now hurry up and get your stuff.

Make it snappy. Jackie's cooking dinner.

That is one big ass house.


Come on, it's starting to get dark.

Who's your decorator, Charles Manson?

This is nice.


God. Wha...

You gotta have something
good stashed in there.

A whole house and you
gotta hide everything you got

in the most obvious spots.

Maybe this will jog your memory.

I'm gonna slap you like a bitch.

- Try.
- No, I'm not gonna try...

- You gonna do it?
- I'm gonna do it right now.

Fucking idiots.

Hey I'm gonna do you right now.

Shit guys, what is it with these games?

I mean the violence.

Dutch, don't you get
enough of that at home

Hi, I'm Dutch.

Hi, Michelle.

I'm Larry.

Don't get too close.

He just got back from visiting his old man

You can still smell
the dick on his breath.

Dude, you know what dick smells like?

You see how violence on the screen

begets violence in real life?

Kick his ass Dutch, come on.

Time out.

You son's of bitches are gonna fly right

and you're gonna spend
the rest of the evening

on serious lock down.

You hear me you ungrateful
little piles of shit.

Now Dalia, show her where she sleeps.


Come on.

Anybody for a par cheesy?

This one's yours. And I'm over there.

What, you expected maybe the Ritz Carlton?

I wasn't expecting a toxic waste dump.

Let's see what you got.

Oh, music. Always a good choice.
Gotta have the jamskis.

Mr. Bisson thought maybe they'd help me.

What, take a stroll down memory lane?

Somehow I don't think that retard

had your best interest in mind.

No, nope, no. OK. No, have it, no.

She'll take them away anyway.

Why fight it.

We surrender these,

she might not find
the ones that we hide. Right?


Ever see 'Ilze, She Wolf of the SS'.

Me neither.

Dutch says that's who she reminds him of.

I'm not following any of this.

And they say my brain is fried from drugs.

I used to have a problem.

Problem my ass.

Once you stop everything
seems so goddamn normal.



It's all I could find.

I really just wanted
something more comfortable.

Comfortable? This is rocking good.

Something tells me
you used to be a lot more fun

before you hit your head


I'll take it.
Trade you for something of mine.

I'll have to stuff it though
I've got the...

Oh my Lord.

Father in heaven.

Whores of Babylon.

Not in my house.

Pass it over. Now.


You brought this stuff into my house

I didn't, I...

I'm not stupid OK.

Don't treat me like I am.

You the... new girl that my
husband picked up today?

He helped me pick this stuff.

And what part did you play...



Yeah well.

Bisson's got a weak spirit.

Easily led astray by lies of the flesh.


I didn't mean to
get off on the wrong foot.

The only foot you have to worry about

is the one I'm gonna stick up your ass

you get anywhere near my husband again.

Now go to bed.

Say your prayers.
You got group in the morning.

- I haven't had anything to eat.
- Shut it.


I'm starved. I'll see you later.

You don't think that,

Dutch and Di are
getting a little too friendly.

Why, were they playing
footsie under the table?


Like it's footsie I'm worried about.


Yeah right, whatever.

So you can just whatever your
way through all the shit

that's gonna come down on us

when one of these sluts end up pregnant.

It's sinful behavior Bisson.

And I'm not going to
tolerate it in my house.

You make it sound like
they're queer or something.

The last time I checked,

Dalia was not packing a penis.

Hey, it's just an expression.

It's not like I
really checked or anything.

Should I take some of this
up to the new girl 'cause

she didn't have any supper.

She's being punished.

Good for her.

Don't you think you're
taking this tough love thing

a little too seriously?

I mean it's her first night here.

If you don't discipline them
right when they get in,

These brats will just walk all over you.

Well so much for a warm welcome.

What would you have me do?

Go up stairs and, tuck her in.


I have one word for you.


Those charges were dropped
baby you know that.


Let's go upstairs.

Come on.


We'll be OK. You'll see.

Dutch, what are you doing?

Nothing Baby.

I'm just looking.

Get over here.

I'll give you something to look at.

She is out cold man.

I think we should do something to her.

Why don't you do something to me?


Who is she?

I don...

Who is this girl Michelle?

What did you do to her?

I can't remember.


I suppose you never
saw these before neither.

Here, let me get that for you babe.

You OK?

What is going on?

It was just a nightmare.

You'll be alright kid.

What are you soft on this one?


This would actually help if you
jerks just try to participate.

At the very least tell Michelle
how it's supposed to go.


Oh, thanks for sharing.

OK, Dutch, how about you?

No can do B-Dog.

Can you tell me why?

I'm sleepy man.

Didn't catch a wink last night.

OK fair. Is that where we should start?

Last night, Michelle, how about it.

I don't know.

I had a dream.

The guy...

my father was there.


Did he touch you Michelle?

Did you like it?



He was hurt.

Like in the accident.

And there was someone...

else there too.

On the floor.

But I couldn't make out who it was.

He kept asking me about her.

But I...

just didn't know anything.

Maybe it was your lesbian lover.


He accused me of lying.

Sounds about right to me.


You've been lying to yourself
ever since the... accident.

Deep down you know exactly what happened

but you're afraid to face it.

That's why Daddy's
on to you in your dreams.

Right Bisson?

I'd caution you about
drawing any conclusions.

The subconscious mind
can be a very complex...

Don't sugar coat it.

You know she's got a troubled
past or she wouldn't be here.

Accident or not, she fucked up somehow.

Daddy's dead, and she's
just gonna have to deal...

- Dalia.
- I'm serious.

Dalia I'm serious.

Hey, I'm just trying to help her man.

You're a jerk.

Well that went well.

Don't let Dalia bother you.

She just likes to stir up trouble.

No. It's even worse than she says.

I'm a really bad person.

Don't say that. It's not true.

Listen to this.

'Father came home with
another one of his whore.

The asshole.

I waited, till they were asleep.

And then I put the leeches on.

I watched them get fat on his blood.

Gorged themselves.

I wanted to join them.

I stood...

barely able to breath.

While they stole his life,

and then dropped off like ripe fruit.

They never felt a thing.

This morning, they thought
the marks were hickeys.'

So you were mad at him that day
and wrote some stupid fantasy.

An accident is just that.

An accident.

You didn't kill you father.

How do you know?

'The earliest boards, were dark and light.

Yes and no.

Egyptian images added alphabets.

Hieroglyphs to impart greater
meaning to their summonings.

The most powerful boards,
the gateways, the daemon boards,

were drawn in human blood.

They were used to open direct
communication with daemons.

It's getting so close.

I can't wait.

The board is almost done.

How I've savored creating the images

with my father's stolen blood.

All I have to find is an offering.'

It's probably just a creative
writing project or something.

It's not funny.

It goes on and on.

Detail after detail.


Daemon summoning.

This is witch craft.


This is me.

This stuff...

I wrote this.

You feel it? You remember?


You're a screwed up kid like us all.

I've got pictures I drew a few years back

of me chain sawing my entire family.

It doesn't mean I'm actually gonna do it.

What about the girl in my dream?

Who is she?

What difference does it make?

It's just a dream.

She's not real.

Come on.

I'll show you around this dump.

It'll take your mind off things.

Boys bedroom.

Around the corner here is the bathroom.

I'm sure you know.

To the right is Jackie and Bisson's room.

Let's check out downstairs.

What's that one?


That's Jackie and Bisson's treasure room.

How much of your stuff did she take?

Everything just about.

Yeah well. Look for it on eBay.

She shakes down every kid
that comes through that door.

I thought the state was paying her way.

You don't know the half of it.

This is the main profit centre
for the whole operation.

We're state sponsored
for all kinds of meds.

Subsidized like.

I'm not on anything.

Check your records sweetheart.

Guaranteed she's got you
on everything from Ritalin

to medical Mary Jane.

Cabinet's stocked and locked

in case child services comes by but,

I could brake in there
in two shakes if I wanted to.

Yeah, I've had quite a bit of
experience braking and entering.

It's what got me here.

Anyway, most of this stuff...

Right out the back door.

And at a hefty mark up I might add.

...came at the
same time. What you like that?



Why don't you put a radio
in this raggedy piece of shit?

Can I ask you a question?


Do you love me?

I didn't mean it.

Ghetty I didn't mean it.

Why don't you let me make it up to you?

Cat got yo tongue now huh?

What the hell are you doing?

I just wanna talk.

You looked like you're about
ready to scream again.

More nightmares?


Starring Daddy I assume.

I know about dreams.

One of the people in
the place I was at before this.

Did a lot of dream therapy work.


I'm sorry I came off
a little strong yesterday.

I think you're just
trying to work out some

unresolved father daughter
stuff in your sleep.

Well it ain't working.

Maybe you need to take
a more pro-active approach.

Got any suggestions?

When was the last time you tried this?

That thing scares me.

Face your fears. It's the only
way to overcome them.

You don't seriously think I can contact

my dead father with this.

It doesn't matter what I think.

It's what you think. It's your board.

But it's...

If it helps you say what you
couldn't say while he was alive.

Then go for it.

What do you have to lose?

Come on. It's just a form of therapy.

Place your hands lightly.

Barely touch it.

See, it's coming back already.

Close your eyes.


Are you there?


It's moving.

I feel something.

It says yes.

I should really be going.


What are you doing?

- What are you doing?
- Making a deal.

- Michelle.
- Shit.

What's he doing home so early?

You bitch.

Hey. What are you kids up to now huh?

Dalia, are you OK?

Get your hands off of me.

What happened? Where you there?

Shut up you crazy bitch.

What is going on?

She hit me.

What did you do that for?

I didn't want my dad
to know she was up here.

Fuck you.

You'll sleep downstairs
on the couch tonight.

No please, I have to talk to her.

I need to know what she saw.

Get her out of here now.

Just tell me if you were there.
Tell me what you saw.

Sort this out in the morning.

You two using this?

You're just asking for trouble.

It's not mine.

Yeah. You're right about that.


If you hit her,
how come your nose is bleeding?

Need a lift?




I'm over here Michelle.


She'd like
to know why you did it Michelle.

Do you know?

I'm not sure.

I don't remember.

You won't get away with this Michelle.

'What's her name'
has got a score to settle.

Hey, who's there.

You're not supposed to be in here.

Oh shit.

Now what?

Dutch I'm so sorry.

She's all I had.

Was she despondent,
or depressed about anything?

I wouldn't characterize it that way.

All of our residents have...
issues of one kind or another.

And we're just here to help.


Any idea how she might
have cut her wrists?

No, she must have improvised I guess.

Weapons of any kind
are strictly prohibited.

Improvised? See we couldn't
find anything in the room,

that would have
inflicted those kind of wounds.

Nothing was removed, was it?

No, absolutely not.

No. Not that I know of.


I'll talk to the roommate now please.

Yeah, no problem.

I'll go get her.

Thank you.

I have to tell you, this girl
Michelle is a literal head case.

She got into a bad car wreck and...

you know.

Thanks for that.

It's OK. Just let it out.

Just let it all out.



Would you come with me please.

What'd you do dickweed?

I have dreams.

Terrible dreams,

Dalia thought, they might stop,

if I could somehow
resolve things with my father.

Your father is dead dear.

This is what I'm talking about.

She just doesn't have a grasp on reality.


would you excuse us please.


Oh. No problem.

Little better huh?

So Michelle,

You say you were trying to...

patch things up with
your dad by using the board?

I know, it sound ridiculous.

But there's got to be something to it.

It was...

it was bizarre.



It transported us.



I don't know.

And... your father was there?

Not at first.

He showed up just before I hit Dalia.

You hit Dalia?

Why would you do that?

I didn't want him to see her I guess.


you were still at the hospital

the night the janitor was murdered

You remember, you and I talked.



His wounds...

were very similar to Dalia's.

Maybe caused by the same instrument.

Detective Joyner,

If you think Dalia
had something to do with...

Wait a minute.

You think I...

But Dalia's a suicide.

We don't know that for a fact.

Am I gonna need a lawyer?

That depends.

Are we done?

Yeah. We're done.

For now.

Where're you going?

- Out.
- It's way past curfew.

Fuck curfew.

What's going on?

Is everything OK?

Short answer...


And the long answer?

You don't wanna get
mixed up with me Larry.

I gotta go.

Before that cop shows up
with and arrest warrant.


But Dalia was...

I know.

But it's a lot more complicated than that?

I think...

I killed somebody.


Your dad?

I don't know.

I might have somehow caused the accident.

But I'm talking about
something more overt.

I'm talking about human sacrifice.


That journal's going to your head.

We've been over all this before.

It's more than that.

I can see her in my dreams.

My victim.


I've never seen her face?

I just know I picked her up hitch hiking.

My head...

feels like it's about to explode.

I've got to get out of here.

Wait... I'm coming with you.

You sure you aren't
making a big mistake Larry.

You're my friend.

Cool and smart and

I bet if you put some of
this shit behind you

you'd be pretty fun to be around too.

- Shit.
- What.

The journal.

I left it behind.


You're better off without it.

- But I need it.
- Why?

I just do.

Alright I'll go back.




Sorry Larry.

Do I know you?



What's going on here?

I uh...

Thought you'd steal from me.

Is that what you're calling it?

You breaking into my room.

Looks like thieving to me.

Is that right?

You mind telling me
where you got all this stuff?

How many kids are you
collecting checks for?

How much are you getting for
my anti-psychotic medicine?

I want the journal back.

What journal?

The one you took from Michelle's room.

I want it back now.

What the fuck would I want with a journal?



never mind then.

Thieving son of a bitch.

This is what you get
when you let them in your home.


Fuck you think you're going?

Get your hands off me.

Would you rather I put them
all over your little friend?

I'll let you watch.

She ain't into beasteality fuck face.

- Son of a...
- Hey.

What did I tell you about punching walls.

- But...
- But nothing.

You've got to find more constructive ways

of dealing with your anger.

Huh. Now get back upstairs.



What the hell.

Tell me about your childhood.

I don't recall.

What is this, CIA and Contra hearing?

Tell me about your childhood.

How were thing between you and dad?

I don't know.

I can't remember.

So it's the old 'No me recuerdo' Huh?

Mr. Johnny buy you that outfit?


I don't know what you're talking about.

And they say my brain
is fucked from drugs.


Was that her name Michelle?


What kind of person are you?

What did you do Michelle. What did you do?

Dr. Andrews, recovery please.

Dr. Barbary?

I'd like to talk to you
about my friend Michelle.


I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.

Who are you?

Who are you?

Who are you?

What's your name?


My head hurts.

OK Michelle.

What did you do to her?



Need a lift?


It just can't be true.

I know her Doc. She's not
capable of hurting anyone.

Yet she insists she did.

Before the accident?


Sometimes severe head trauma

can change a person dramatically.

To the opposite of who they were?

There's a well documented case
from the late 1800 early 1900,

of a man who had a railroad spike

blasted through his head.

He went from being a kind gentle soul

to a cold hearted
son of a bitch overnight.

Maybe in Michelle's case
thing worked out for the better.

You have to understand

the severity of her injuries Larry.

I built her face...

from nothing, from shards
of bones and photographs.


We had to use family photos as
a guide to rebuilding her face.

It was like, making a skull from...


Her name was Kayla.

Where is she?

I swear to Christ if you
don't tell me where she is

I'll kill you.


Dr. Gordon, this is
Dr. Barbary at Queen's Hospital.

I'm sorry to bother you
at home at this late hour.

Yes, I'm aware that you've retires sir but

I was hoping that you could
assist us in locating records

of a former patient of yours.

I know it was you.

I saw you there that night.

What did you do to her?

What the hell did you do to her?

Tell him Michelle.

Tell him what you did.

Well, these don't tell us
what we want to know.

Hopefully Gordon's stuff will.

I just hope she's OK.

She's a survivor. That you can count on.

Dr. Barbary.

These just came in.

I killed her.

I killed her.

Oh my God.


You've got a pretty good intuition.

Dalia had it right.

I was afraid to face the truth.

I'd like you to call the police.

Mr. Bisson.







Dutch. What happened?

Come on, come on.

Somebody pick up for Christ's sake.

Oh my God, Dutch.



Why did you have to kill us?

You... you bitch.

What's happening?

Why don't you try again.
Maybe you dialed wrong.



They're all dead Larry.

What are you talking about?

I killed them.

No you didn't. You didn't kill anyone.

It's time we both got real
about who I am Larry.

What I am.

Michelle, hang tight.
I'm gonna be right over.

Don't come here Larry.

It's not safe.



She doesn't sound so good.

I gotta get over there right away.

Can you give me a life?

Paging Dr. Barbary.
Please report to the ER.

Come on Doc. This is an emergency.

Take my car, and bring it back.


There's been a huge mix up.

They got it all wrong.

The dental charts don't match.

The house, the journal, the board.

It's got nothing to do with you.

The guy in the car, not your dad.

The y rebuilt your face
from the wrong photos.

Don't you get it?

The girl, the one that wrote the journal.

It's not you, that's...

Do you understand what I'm saying?


Looking good kid.

Need a lift?


Ew, gross.

Science project.

Want something to drink?

I made this.

It's a real one. Not like the party game.

Wow, you really were thirsty.


Shit, what's he doing home so early?

It's alright, I should get out of here.

No, you can't leave yet.

Eddie's probably starting to worry.


What did you bring that goddamn thing for?

Michelle stop it.

Hospital's not that far.

She's gonna be OK. She's gonna be OK.

Jesus Christ Michelle. What did you do?

Why would you hurt her like that?

Give it up man.

She'll be dead by the time
you get to the hospital.

I poisoned her.

Oh my God. What are we gonna do now?

She's street trash Daddy.

Don't sweat it.

What kind of a person are you?

What did you do Michelle? What did you do?

Just worked a little deal Daddy.

A deal for her life.

You, I'm going to
give to them for nothing.

Oh my God.



What did you do to him?

Larry. Oh my God.


He bothered me.

Did they all bother you?

They stood between me and the board.

I needed it back.

You've got it.

Why are you still here?

I've been waiting for you of course.

There's still a little misunderstanding

that need to be cleared up.

And I'd like you to
set the record straight.

Summon the nether world
daemons and explain to them

that you're not me.

I don't believe in that stuff.

Humor me then.

Summon them.

Tell them you're not me.

What difference does it make?

I need to reclaim from you.

What is rightfully mine.

I don't know what you're taking about.

You got the board back.

I'm the one who bartered
for immortality, not you.

There's no such thing.

Then how did you survive the poisoning?

How did you survive the car crash?

You're own doctor called it a miracle.

You're crazy.

Do it.

Do it or I'll...

Or you'll what?

Kill me?

I'd say your logic's a little flawed.

Isn't it?

You can still feel pain can't you?

Now summon them.

I don't know how.

Now tell them.

Dark Lords of the underworld.

There has been a mistake.

Keep going.

My name is...


I wish to rectify a grievous error.

I have not payed
well enough for your gifts.


So I bring you another.

You bitch. Only one of us
is getting out of here alive.

That's exactly what I was thinking.

Thank God.

We were worried about you.

You ought to know better than that Doc.

I'm a survivor.