Satan in High Heels (1962) - full transcript

A carnival burlesque dancer robs her junkie ex-husband, goes to New York, gets a job at a high-class club where she becomes the mistress of the wealthy owner. She seduces his son and causes a murder.

Ladies and gentlemen, here we go.

This is the burlesque show.

Here we present girls, girls, girls.

And the lovely ladies here

shake every part of their body,

every muscle.

And the main star of our show with me here

is Miss Stacey Kane.

The highest salary burlesque
performer in the whole world.

She is right in the middle of our
show, our featured entertainer.

You'll last one minute.

All beautiful girls, lovely ladies you've

imagine you've never seen before.

The only place in the world
that you can find one.

Now that you're all ready, so are we.

It's just about three minutes to showtime.

You get tickets there.

Walk in, it's now showtime.

Don't get up.

Go put that money away, or else it's mine.

Ah, Stacey baby

don't start that again.

You know I can't have a table like Vince.

I heard them biting their
fingernails tonight.

I'm glad to hear you testify.

Why raise, you have more
than enough for seconds.

Are you crazy?

You're still under fifteenth.

Otherwise, I'm thinking
of taking a little trip.

There's an early morning bus for New York.

Can't walk out on me, we've got a contract.

I'll do you a favor.

Five minutes of my valuable
time while you think it over.

I'll be in that drafty sewage
you call a dressing room.

Hey Stacey, wait.

Alright. I need you.

So maybe I could manage a few extra bucks.

Maybe seven or eight dollars a week.

Just for you.

Don't tell the other girls, huh?

How's that?

Just get your dirty hands off me.

Now I've got four and a half minutes.

What are you doing here?

I just had to see you Stacey.


Now you have.

You don't dress the same.

I haven't got anything to say to you Rudy.

Stacey, I don't want to
blame you for anything.

Not even for turning me in.

I should hope not.

You'd try to kill me.

You threatened to leave me.

- I'm not on anything anymore.
- Good news.

What's it got to do with me?

I want you to know why I did it Stacey.

Why I dragged myself up out of that grave.

It was for you Stacey.

Found out I needed you more than I...

more than I needed...


Stacey, are you listening to me?

Hey look.

Stacey, look. It's nearly
nine hundred dollars.

We can start all over again, honey.

We can go to New York.

Take me back. Please?


Where did you get the money, Rudy?

The last few weeks in that place

I started to write again.

I did a story on it.

And I sold it.

You mean they pay nine hundred
bucks for a piece about junkies?

It was quite a story.

Alright, Rudy.

I believe you.

How did you get out here from town, honey?

A cab.

I got it waiting outside.

There's a six o'clock
bus to New York, honey.

Yes baby, I'll go with you.

We'll go together.

But first, there's a man
waiting to take me home.

It's alright, he's just some local joe.

But he may cause trouble.

Now look, you wait here for me.

I'll get rid of him. I've gotta
pick up some clothes anyway.

And then I'll come back for you, Rudy.

Wait Rudy.

Let's do it right.

Just wait right here.

I'll come back for you soon.

I got a fare lady.

The gentleman changed his mind.
He's staying.

That's mighty nice of him.

Don't get your hopes up.

You keep your eyes on the road.
I wanna get where I'm going.

Where to, Duchess?

Municipal airport.

And step on it.

The offer still goes.


There is something you might do.

You see, I'm traveling sort of light.

I don't know about hotels.

We haven't got any luggage.

I know just the place.

I thought you might.

Your hotel?

Thanks Pepe, we'll be there.

Thanks Pepe, thanks.

It's all set.

She'll see you at four this afternoon.


Pepe. She runs the club.

Oh she's had other places, Paris, Berlin.

You never heard of her?

I never heard of her.

But it doesn't matter.

I've poured you beer.


This is Paul.

Well, of course I remember you.

Well, the 2:30 show's best.

Of course, Bernard.

That was Bernard.

They're up early and I love your eyelashes.

By the way, where's that
little air conditioning man?

He's still working, I think
he's nearly finished.

Give him 10, he's earned it.


Oh, we have an audition.

Any minute.

Oh, what this time?


Louie found her in Hollywood.

Louie's girls are always female.

Peter, darling.

Would you mind if the
door was left at locked.

Yes, ma'am.

He's a clean cut kid.

Why don't you sit down

and have a nice, long, cool drink?

Pepe, how are you Pepe?

Louie, you slept in your clothes.


Hello Miss uh...

Uh, this is Miss Kane.

Stacey Kane.

Stacey, meet Pepe.

You sing?

Like a bird, she...

You're ahead of the crowd, Louie.

Take a table near the music,
I'll send you a drink.

- Pepe, I just wanted to say...
- Sit down, Louie. I've heard you sing.

A drink, first?


And call me Stacey.

I will.

What would you like?

Something light.

I like your place.

It gets better after dark.

I suppose Louie told you.

We close for vacation in a few days

and reopen with a new show in September.

He said you weren't set.


Stacey, have you met Vincent?

How are you honey?

Hello Stacey.

And Paul.


Oh, you must've been a boy scout.

You're so kind.

If you've got your arrangements,
Paul will play them for you.

He's no Rubenstein, but...

Have you got a scissors?

Allow me.

Your price tag is showing.

No. I just got this dress.

You can do better.

Tell me. Where were you
working in California?

I've never been to California.

I met Louie on the plane this morning.

- Excuse me, my mother's calling me.
- Sit down, Paul.

Look Stacey, I like you.

I like you.

Provide you're all that meets the eye

there's no reason why you should audition.

We use a few girls, standing
around, decoration...

No thanks.

I've had the chorus

from Puerto Rico to
Portland, Maine and Oregon.

I ask to sing.

Let me.

Okay fellows, let's take a break.

Work something out with her.

- Oh now, really Pepe...
- Yes, really.

Well, where have you worked before?

Places you've never heard of.

I can believe you.

Look, what's biting you?

I dig you. Dig me.


I get your message.

Choose your weapons.


I haven't got an arrangement with me.

I'll sing...

you just follow me.

Hit me again.


Arnold, I wasn't expecting you.

Louie called me.

Hot, isn't it?

Is there a boy to watch my car?

Of course. How was Washington?


I thought you were in Baltimore.

Baltimore and Washington
are very close, Felice.

I was in both.

Why don't you sit down?

I've been sitting for four
days waiting for you.

I told you I'd be busy.

And my phone was working all that time.

- Oh Arnold, if you...
- Where's all the excitement?

She's waiting.

Any time at all I'll
have a word with Louie.

In case you're interested...

I'll be in the bar.

Easy now, we've a party to go to.

Your friends.

If you'd rather not go...


As far as the eye can reach.

Well, hello.

Paul, dear.

Introduce me.

I'm Stacey.

How do you do, I'm sure.

I understand we're about
to have the pleasure.

I think I'll have it on
the rocks for a change.

Do you work here?


I'm lily of the field.

Or something.

Good luck.

Can I get a double?


Stick around when you're finished.


♪ You walked out of my life ♪

♪ You took my happiness with you ♪

♪ And here am I ♪

♪ So all alone ♪

♪ With eyes that will only cry ♪

♪ You walked out of my life ♪

♪ You took the spring and the summer ♪

♪ And now I know ♪

♪ I can't forget no matter how hard I try ♪

♪ I sit in my room and I tell myself ♪

♪ Life must go on now ♪

♪ But the only thing I know well myself ♪

♪ Is that you're gone now ♪

♪ Gone ♪

♪ You walked out of my life ♪

♪ You left me here with a sadness ♪

♪ The sadness ♪

♪ That will live til my life is through ♪

♪ For I'll always ♪

♪ Always remember you ♪

Thank you.

If you're not in a hurry...

I've got all day. And night.

Oh uh, Pepe?

You liked her, Arnold?

Remarkable. Sit down, Pepe.

A new show I think.

Can she be ready?

I'll see that she is.
Tell me what you want.

Oh, not to change her.
Just shine her up a bit.

You know, hair, clothes,
that sort of thing.

And Pepe

keep her out of trouble.

Understand me?

I understand you, Arnold.

Let's join them.

I didn't get your name.

Arnold Kenyon.

Sounds familiar.

- Well, she...
- Where are you staying, Miss Kane?

Some place he recommended.

Well, Louis doesn't go
in for stately homes.

Pepe has a large and quite
comfortable apartment.

Perhaps you'd like to
stay there for a few days

until you find something uh... better.

I'm not sure I get what you mean.

Pepe will explain.

Goodbye, Miss Kane.

Oh uh, Felice have you met Miss Kane?

I forget.

Take me home, Arnold.

Did I do alright, Pepe?

More than.

Come on, we've got a lot to do.

Fix you a drink?

No thanks, Felice.

You'd never believe this
past week if I told you.

Which I won't.

It's all too dull, really.

Nobody's in town. Nobody.

I've been talking to the wall.

If you knew how glad I am you're back.


Couldn't we drive to the
country for dinner?

- That little place where...
- I thought you understood.

- That this party is...
- But why must you go?

Those cheap politicians. Hoodlums.

This happens to be important.

- If you'd rather not go...
- No, I'd rather not.

And I'd rather you didn't.

You shouldn't bother at all, Felice.

I'll go alone.

I've gotta make a phone call.
Will you excuse me, my dear?

You'll be back after the party?

I'm afraid not, my dear.

My dear, my dear.

Is that the kiss of death?

Was there something in
particular you wanted?


To read your mind.

Arnold, I tell you I cannot stay
in this place day after day

- never knowing when or it...
- What about your sister, Felice?

My sister and I are strangers.

And what would I do in Philadelphia?

Whatever the Philadelphians do, I suppose.

Why are you suggesting this?

What are you doing?

You ought to go obviously.


I don't have much cash with me, but...

I want you to have this cheque.

If you need the money now, I'll send
Louie around to cash it for you.

You've been shopping around
for weeks, haven't you?

I... I don't follow you.

But now the search is over.

That girl at Pepe's.

What's her name... Stacey.

I wonder if you know what you've found?

Just... one for the road.

What do I do?

Leave the keys with the doorman?

If you will.

- I knew I could count on you to be realistic, Felice.
- Oh, I am.

I am.

Real realistic.


I see I'm also very lucky.

I never dreamed that
getting rid of me would be

worth more to you than ditching that...

- city councilman, you know the one I mean.
- Now just a minute, before I get...

Don't bother.

I know what you mean.

So, go now.

Who would believe the likes of me?

Talking about the likes of
you with your operation.

So don't worry, oh great white father.


I love you.

That was the best dinner I ever had.

Just threw it around together, my
cook will be here in the morning.

She's better than you?

In the kitchen.

Ask her for anything.
She doubles as a maid.

Make yourself at home.

Some music?

Not just now.

I like the quiet.

My hair is a mess.

Feels like a mop.

It is. But it will be fixed.

Some talk?

There are some things I'd like to know.

Such as?

Arnold Kenyon.

He isn't easy to know.

Kenyon and you?

A business arrangement.

He has many.

I run his clubs, I have others.
Rather better, in fact.

Arnold wants a certain standard in clubs.
And in women.

The one that was with him?

Felice? She's an old friend...
of Arnold's and mine.

She used to be in pictures.

What is she now?

Must I draw you a map?

Well, something's wrong there.

She hasn't quite worked out.

I only ask because I'm so
anxious to get started.

Take my word for it, Stacey.

You are started.

And a word of advice.

Don't rush things.

What do you mean? All I
wanted to know was what...

What do you propose to do?

Rush across the street and pay him a call?

Across the street?

Oh, that um... big building on the corner.

That's a museum.

His is the townhouse next to it.

Oh, there's a light on the second floor.

It's probably Larry.

Who's Larry?

The son and heir.

He's a night person.

You're tired?

A little.

I feel kind of dazed.

What about you?

Sleep's a waste of time.

Isn't it?

But tomorrow promises to be busy.

I don't care if you can breathe or not.

You'll wear a girdle and smile.

No, that's for Pepe, cinderella.

Mind your own business.

How did you live to your present age?

Oh, go soak your head Paulette.

Put that down Stacey.

You'll eat and drink what I tell you to

until you lose five pounds
in the places where.

- Now listen...
- You listen!

Now, now, now. Little birds
in their nests agree.

Stop it this instant.

Get out.

- Pepe, she...
- I saw it. Now go... somewhere.


Difficult, aren't you?

I don't want anymore of this.

You don't?

Your decision, but be sure.

For days I've been running around
this town like a mad woman.

Shoes, hats, clothes.

Walk this way, talk that way.

Don't eat, don't sleep.

I'm sick to death of it!

Alright. Shove off, anytime.

You do want it, don't you?

I'd like a cigarette.

And my feet up.

A little more work first.

- One thing.
- Yeah.


I haven't seen him since you have.

Does he have the final say on me?

He trusts me.

OK, let's run again.



Welcome back.

Paul, sweetie. How wonderful to see you.

And just after Bolton,
you're the first one.

You look wonderful Sabrina.

Oh, it's clean living, dear.

Paul, darling.

Do you have an extra cigarette, please?

Oh, certainly darling.

Actually, I'd given up smoking.

It does save carrying them around.

But, Pepe.

Do let me tell you everything
about the Riviera.

Not in front of the children, dear.

Come, I want you to meet Stacey

and I want you to see your
dressing room, it's been redone.

Angel, you've won my heart.

No dear. A matter of necessity.

The ceiling fell in.

Yes dear. I know.

Don't go away, sweetie.

I'll be right back. Au revoir.

Why, hello.


Stacey, this is Sabrina.

I've been hearing about you.

I wished I could say the
same for you, dear.

You will.

I hear you sing rather well.

I strive to please.

You're kind of an artist yourself.

Isn't she sweet?

This was a mistake. Let's go.

Oh. Do come over to my
dressing room sometime.

Just across the passage.

- The one with the star on the door.
- I've noticed.

So long.

Oh, by the way Pepe. How is Arnold?

As usual. I'll be with you
in a minute, Sabrina.



I need a day off.


Did Arnold Kenyon find her?

Sabrina found herself.

Get along with her, please.

I will.

I wanna swap dressing rooms with her.

We have a visitor.

Not allowed.

The crown prince himself,
looking for daddy.

Larry, wonderful.

So, they got on a moment
and this one says...



It's good to see you.

Uh, listen. I hate to bother you, but uh...

I can't seem to find dad anywhere.

I expect he went away for a few days.
He needed a rest.

Can I help?

Well, uh... spot of trouble and...

nothing serious, uh...

Tell me, Larry.

May I have a drink?

First things first.

Well, it's another traffic ticket.

I may lose my license.

And a very good things that would be.

Oh Larry, look. Someday it will be serious.

Please, Pepe. No lectures.

Just put me in touch with dad

- and I promise I'll...
- I'll do nothing of the sort, for your sake.

Now Arnold's at the end of the line
with you, Larry. He told me so.

Dad always comes through.

Don't risk it darling.

You might have to go to work.

Let's speak to Louie.

Oh, that one found under a rock.

And don't know him. If you will.

It's Pepe, darling.

How are you at fixing things like...

tickets this lovely summer's day, huh?

Ah, you're positively psychic, Louie.

Yeah, he's right here. I'll put him on.

And mind your manners.

He's a doll, really.

Hello Louie.

Yeah, it's the bad penny again.

Sure Louie. I know how dad is. Appearances.

I'm gonna reform. I really am.

I'm gonna give up wine, women...

the richful life.

- I think we're getting there, Stacey. That's good.
- You bet Louie. Thanks again.


Hello yourself.

Oh Stacey, I guess you didn't meet Larry.

I'm sure I didn't.

Stacey Kane...

meet Larry Kenyon.

He's Mister Kenyon's son.

That sounds reasonable.

Well, I don't see much family resemblance.

You and dad, are you uh...


We've met, once.

Oh. That's good.

Dad doesn't talk much
about this place or...

girls here.

I am not just one of the girls here.

I can see that.

George, why don't you take five.

I just did.

Again. Please?


I see your lights at night.

Oh? How do?

I'm right across the street.

Oh. Pepe's apartment.

Oh, that's wonderful. She didn't tell me.


Do you like fast cars?

I don't like slow ones.

What do you like?

Fun and games, and money.

We should form a little club.

Listen, I know a great little
spot where we can have dinner

- and then right after that...
- Let's just play it by ear, huh?

Give me a minute.

I'll go change into something
more uncomfortable.

And of course, it matches my eyes.

Such a charming idea.

Oh, don't you think so?

The chaise lounge in my dressing room.

It oughta save wear and tear on the floor.

But, of course.

Laurence! Angel boy.

I hear you conquered Europe single-handed.

Oh, well now that's a slight exaggeration.

But, I'm told you want
to take me out tonight.

Unfortunately, I do have
another engagement.

Well, you know, I was so sure of that

that I went ahead and made another date.

Oh, you're so far-sighted.

I like that in a man.

Oh, by the way... did you meet?

- Your name is...
- I've met Mister Kenyon.


I say. What on earth is that?

It's a riding crop for Stacey's act.

She's riding?

This I must see.

I've knocked off work for the day.

You've what?

I think I pulled a muscle.


My left shoulder.

You were alright a minute ago.

Well, these things happen.

I'll be in in a minute to look at it.

- Never mind, I can take care...
- I'll be in.

Pepe really, I must go now.

Fine, I'll call you later. I
wanna hear your new material.

Oh, it's absolutely divine.

Heavens! Where's Rosemary?

Where's my baby?

Oh, Paul took her out to the curb.

Oh, thank goodness. Wow, what a turn.

Well, goodbye Pepe.

And, another time angel boy.

Oh. And do give my love your dear father.


Something wrong?

I hope not.

Well, I'm all squared away with Louie.

Happy as a lark.

Now, may I have that drink?

The bar's just opened.

Where are you going later?

Oh, dinner eventually.

Your date?

Stacey. Beautiful, isn't she?


Don't go.

Look Larry, I mean it. It isn't wise.

Well, is she involved with somebody else?

There's been no man, she's
hardly been out of my sight.

Well then?

Look Larry, I'm fond of you.
Can't you take my word?

But Pepe, honey.

I know you mean well, but...

I really like this girl.

It's quite possible to
like a shark out of water.

Oh, I think you're afraid
of losing your protégé.

Ah, protégés are in every corner.

- Look Larry, you're a child.
- Oh, I don't like that talk.

I don't like having to say it.

- But if it's the only way you'll listen...
- Well, I won't listen!

My shoulder's better.

With the practice you've
had, you're a poor liar.

I've had a chat with Larry.

I'll just bet you have.

I know of course why you accepted

but it's out of the question, you can't go.

I wanna have some fun.

I'm flesh and blood.

Little too much?

Miracle of the week.

I'll be down to bones the way I've
been knocking myself out for you.

You need discipline.

What have I had? Tender love and care?

For a lot longer than I like

I've been enjoying your cultivated
company in that hothouse you live in.

Or down here bellowing out my lungs.

What I need is some fresh air.

And a man.

Larry isn't a man.

Then I'll make him one.

You leave now...

and you don't come back.

Finish your face.

You can have a drink with Larry
at the bar and make your excuses.

Thanks a lot.



I'm busy.

Don't be.

You wait here.

Dad. There's this girl, Stacey.


- Well, I didn't get a chance to see...
- Have you met her?

Uh huh, I'm taking her to dinner.

Arnold, darling.

The way you appear from the blue.

Hi Pepe.

Is she ready?

Look uh, Laurence I'd like
a word with you alone.

Stay here, I have things to do. Vinnie!

About those traffic tickets...

I thought that was all taken care of.



Don't come here again.


But, we went through that...

You know a number of nice girls.

I suggest you see them.

Dad, who's telling who what?

How's Felice?

Miss Hayden?

She's in Philadelphia
visiting her family. Why?

Well now, how about that.


If you have an interest
in any of my enterprises

I suggest you find another more suitable...

Maybe you want me to drive
one of your trucks?

Speaking of driving, I also want that car

which is parked very badly, by
the way, stored in a garage.

- Now look...
- Or it'll be taken from you.

Hey dad, what is this?

I want the car stored now.


But I told you, I have a date.

- How can I go on a date without...
- Pepe will apologize for you.

The bank has notified me

that some of your cheques are coming back

written in an extremely wobbly hand

and I don't like that, Laurence!

Also, according to my calculations

you're about eight months ahead
of yourself in your allowance.

If I must close out your
account, Laurence, I will.

Enough is enough.

Goodnight, my boy.


Small bills, please.

Yes sir, Mr. Kenyon.

She'll be here a moment.

Oh. Thanks Pepe.

Hope Laurence wasn't a nuisance.

No. I just turned my back
for a moment, that's all.

Forget it, my dear.

I'm glad you're here. It's time.

- Oh, the arrangements?
- Done.

About the act?

You'll get your money's worth.

Ah, you've done well Pepe.

I guarantee it.

Thanks Vinnie.

Listen Arnold...

A word to the super wise.

Just keep out of weather...

Good evening, Miss Kane.

Good evening.

One of life's little surprises.

What were you saying, my dear?

I said run for your life, but let it pass.

You're looking very well.

It's an illusion.

I'm a wreck, really.

A drink might help.

May I, fairy godmother?

How would you like to be a
pumpkin in the morning?

Oh, I think I'll risk it.

Scotch, Vinnie.


I met one of your kin this afternoon.

Oh? Oh Laurence, yes he told me.

He'd entirely forgotten something
he had to do for me. I uh...

hope you can forgive him.

I'll try.

Pepe gives me a good report on you.

Was the leather costume your idea?

Mm. Suggestion.

I thought it might suit you.

It does.

Just got back in town, huh?


Do you have plans for dinner?

Oh? None.

Pepe and I have begun to bore each other.

Well then, I could hardly ask
both of you out, could I?



I think that Pepe has another appointment.

'Well, naturally.

King Farouk and I are
dining at Howard Johnson's.

Looks like you're stuck with me.

Oh, it's my pleasure.

Shall we go?


Don't wait up, mother.

Can you cook, Stacey?



Can you?

Yes, as a matter of fact.

Teach me sometime.

Do you um...

insist on scotch?

Let's experiment.


You're married, Pepe tells me.


Why is it that men always say that?

Why, indeed.

Drink up. I mix a mean martini.

So you do.

Where is she?

My wife? In Europe.

She prefers everything
apart, and I don't mind.

That's interesting.

But, I mean um...

the lady who lives here. Or did.

Your friend.

Aren't you jumping to conclusions?

Am I?

Well, no.

As a matter of fact, there
is I believe, a new tenant.

That's even more interesting.

Would you like to see
the rest of the place?

Take a look at the bedroom?

Oh, I wouldn't want to miss that.

By the way...

Where are you taking me on
my invitation to dinner?

Oh, that charming little
place right next door.

Is it dressy?

Mm, so-so.

I won't be a minute. You
can pour me another.


This way?

A right at the foyer.

Oh. Take a look in the closet.



Felice is in Philadelphia. I told you that.

What do you want with her anyway?

I wanted to offer congratulations.

On getting away from you.

I'm about to do the same thing.

Listen Laurence...

You may be considered a
wit in some circles, but

you don't amuse me.

That wasn't my intention.

I just wanted to say I'm
not giving up my car

and you may not see me for a few days.

And just what do you propose to do?

You can hardly be called self-supporting.

Well, I'll get by.

So long, pop.

Was it anybody I know?

Oh no, just a wrong number.

I've got to get that one changed.

Why don't you let the new tenant do that?

Might make her feel more at home.

Mm, if you like.

I like. But, not now.

First thing in the morning.

You know?

I can't wait to show you off, Stacey.

I like the way you look.

It's the dress.

Oh no.

I'm not finished in back.

I think there's a hook at the top.

Mm-hm. There is.

Are you pleased, Stacey?


With you?


I don't know if I'm... glad
or sorry you answered.

I do.

I'm glad.

Can you hold on a minute?


Are you still there?


Just wondering why I called.

Maybe you wanted to apologize
for standing me up.

It wasn't like that.

Look, are you staying there?

Well, a girl has to have
a roof over her head.

Are you at home?

I left home.

Where then?

A bar in the Village, 11th and Hudson.

I've got a rehearsal at eleven.

You wanna have a cup of coffee with me?

I'm not coming there.

You weren't invited.

Do you know a little coffee shop
on the corner of 57th and 1st?

Yeah, I know it.

Why don't you meet me there?


I'll hurry.

See you in a half-hour?

You look like something
leftover from a flood.


Does it matter?

Why spoil a good thing?

There's something I need to know.

- If you and my pop...
- Good morning.

Good morning.


I'll have another.

You should eat.

Two coffees, please.

There's something you need to know.

What is it?

Well, I...

The apartment.

I've moved in.

- Well, that's...
- Shouldn't I?

No, you shouldn't.

You told me you weren't...

You weren't just one of the girls

- You said it...
- One thing I need to know.

What are you thinking?

Well, what am I supposed to think?

I call last night and...

dad was there and you were there.

Just a minute.

I don't exactly owe you an
explanation, but you're gonna get one.

I can get along with Pepe,
but not at such close range.

Your father offered me that apartment.

What it has been I don't
know and I don't care.

Until I get a spot of my own.

And I take exception to...

I guess this meeting
wasn't such a good idea.

No, Stacey please, don't go.

I'm sorry.

- I'm really sorry...
- It's alright.

I guess it does look... odd.

You'll be going back to school soon.

Maybe you'll invite me to the senior prom?

Listen Stacey...

I could be in from school every weekend.

If I could just see you.

What about today?

I told you. Rehearsal.

I'm due now.

Well, later.


I'll pick you up.

That's not the best idea.

Well, then we'll meet somewhere afterwards.

Please, Stacey.


We could meet here.

That's great.

That is great.

And we'll do something
real far out, like uh...

go bowling or we'll take a ride
on the Staten Island ferry or...

no, no...

I know. We'll uh...

We'll go see Shakespeare in the park.

I don't think I can wait.

I'm terribly sorry Mr. Kenyon, but uh...

She isn't here yet, and we
haven't heard from her.

Yes sir, the minute she comes in.

He wonders if she's been in an accident.

She may have caused one.

Well, tweedlee dee

Tweedlee dum.

You are one hour and forty-five
minutes late for rehearsal.

- I'm sorry.
- And I won't stand for it.

Do you realize you have
an opening in two days?

I'll make it.

One of your admirers has been
calling you every fifteen seconds.

I have so many.


Call him for me, will you

and tell him I have a fitting or something.

I'll change and be right with you.

And I want to know where you've been.

A long walk.

Be careful.

You may take a longer walk.

Somehow, I don't think so.

I'll speak to Arnold.

Oh, thanks baby. Your mother needs a lift.


Who doesn't after today.

Oh, stick around Vinnie. Have a drink.

Well, that was a quick change.

Usually you're slower than Christmas.

I'm exhausted, I wanna get out of here.


Give her a drink. Vinnie's
here to revive the weary.

I'll have just one.

How'd it go, Pat?

Oh fine, but I'm beat.

How was my song?

I hate the sight of you,
so I hate to say it...

But I've never seen a better rehearsal.

You might say I was proud of you.

You don't have anything to
worry about tomorrow night.

That's what everybody keeps saying.

Keeps saying what?

Arnold, I thought you
said you couldn't come?

I wouldn't miss it. Didn't Pepe tell you?

That was a surprise, Arnold.

What's a surprise?

A small party here.

Everybody in the show and a few
people I'd like you to meet.

Oh, well I can't stay. I've got
to get home, I'm dead for sleep.

Oh, stick around for half an hour, Stacey.

- And then I'll drive you home.
- No, I can't.

But, the party's for you.

Well, that's all very well.

And I hate to be a party
pooper, but I can't face it.

I shouldn't even be having this drink.

Goodnight Pepe. Arnold.

Don't bother. I'll take a cab.

Excuse me.

Well, I guess the kid is rather beat.

Hmm... maybe.


You seem upset.

I am not upset. I'm tired.


Where's the mystery?

I've been working myself
in and out of the woodwork

and I have an opening tomorrow night.

But, we need to talk.

Oh, if there's one thing I
don't need it's conversation.

Now goodnight.


Are you alone?

No no, I'm alone.

I've been calling.

I just got in.

I expect you're tired.

No no, I'm not tired at all.

Hungry then?


Maybe, a little.

I'm at that same coffee shop.

I thought maybe...

Are you asking me?

I guess I am.

Then I guess I'll be there.

Just give me a few minutes to change, huh?


Oh. Hello.

I hardly recognized you.

I'm really Katharine Hepburn.

Who are you?

Oh, I don't know um...

Cary Grant. Why are we here?

We are about to make off with
the uh, stolen diamonds.

Across the desert.

I have a camel waiting.

There's a full moon out tonight.

Or was.

I never see the moon in the city.

Would you go to the moon?


I'm glad to see you.

It's the same with me.

Would you like to take a drive?


Oh, I don't know. I hadn't thought.

I know.

There's a place I liked when I was a kid.

It's near the family's house and
you can see the ocean from there.

Sometimes even a ship.

- Your family's house?
- Yeah.

Is it far?

Well it's quite a drive.

- Are you up to it?
- Mm-hm.

We'll get something to eat
on the way, or there.

I forgot.

The power's off.

Do you know your way around?

Well, I should.

This is where I grew up.

Are you afraid?

No Larry. I've got you.

♪ She'll be coming 'round the
mountain when she comes. ♪

♪ She'll be leaving five
white horses, she'll be... ♪

Bravo. Bravo.


Good morning.


Isn't it?

I saw you swimming?

You should've come out.

The water's wonderful.

We'll go again later.


Come here.

I'm shaving.

You heard me. Come here.

When do you have to get back to town.


Oh no, you know, sooner or later.

I can pretend, can't I?

I've been here for sometime.

And all alone?

It must've been dull.

Quite the contrary.

I like the view from these windows.

The new buildings and...

and occasionally an interesting
sports car on the street.

Well, the view's alright.


This apartment is exactly as we'd left it
yesterday when I took you to rehearsal.

Where have you been?

In the country.

I thought you were so tired?


I went to relax.

And did you?


All over.

And right now, I'm going
to go relax some more.

I'm going to take a nap, Arnold.

So I'll see you at the club tonight.

You were with my son.

With your son at your house.

And for your information, I've
seen him everyday since we met.

Some days twice.

And I think I can have him if
I want him, and I think I do.

Laurence will be sent away.

I'm not gonna have him around you.

Of course you won't want
me here after this.

So I'll move back to uh, Pepe's.

Or maybe a hotel, maybe Louie's hotel.

I'll find myself another job in another...

I'm sorry.

Stacey, I shouldn't have done it.

I shouldn't have done it, Stacey.
I'm sorry.

Please don't leave me.

Please, I'll give you anything you want.

But please don't leave me.

Give me a while, Arnold.

To think how I want it.

Hello Pepe.

Well. Felice.

Where's the vast cheering throng?

We don't open til ten.

What brings you to town?


Or money.

I'm forever getting those two mixed up.

How's Arnold?

As usual.

Look, why don't you go have a drink?
I'll join you in a minute.

I want to thank you Stacey.

This afternoon at the apartment.

For our new understanding.

For the first time, we've been completely
honest with each other, haven't we?

Yes Arnold. Completely.

I'll come to your dressing
room before you go on.

You do that.

Pepe. Happy opening.

Arnold, so you're early.

Laurence been around?

No, is he expected?

Oh, I should think so. As soon as...

Oh, Felice. How are you?

I just dropped by to wish
everybody well tonight.

How kind of you.

I thought so.

Under the circumstances.

I want to see Laurence
at once, in the office.

Of course, Arnold.

Perhaps we can have a drink later.

I'll be around.

To the troops.

This is my last season.

I'm buying a rocking
chair and keeping a cat.

Bonsoir Pepe.

I've changed my mind. Who wants a cat?

Not I.

Angel, you look divine.

But really, I must go. I can't
talk to you now because...

I have to get ready for the show.
Au revoir.

Atta girl.

Ladies and gentlemen.

May I present our own Sabrina.

So here we are alone in your apartment.

No, I'm not sorry that I came.

I've seen all your etchings.

And I've heard all your records.

But the answer is still the same.

♪ I would if I could ♪

♪ But I can't, so be good ♪

♪ Stop the music. Put on the light ♪

♪ Please don't hold me quite so tight ♪

♪ Another kiss and I think I might ♪

♪ I would if I could, but I can't ♪

♪ I won't. No, I won't ♪

♪ But it's not cause I don't ♪

♪ Mama gave me the best advice ♪

♪ Mama's been there once or twice ♪

♪ She said no dice til you get that ice ♪

♪ I would if I could, but I can't ♪

♪ Heaven knows I'm in the mood ♪

♪ Heaven knows I'm not a prude ♪

♪ But let's go out and get some food ♪

♪ Cause baby it's hot inside ♪

♪ I'm in my prime ♪

♪ But tonight's not the time ♪

♪ I like diamonds, I like furs ♪

♪ A Cadillac, the kind of purse ♪


- Larry.
- Is Stacey here?

Yes Larry, she is. But now
look, your father's waiting...

No no, I think that'll just have to wait.


♪ If you'd like to feel a thrill ♪

♪ If you'd like to warm the chill ♪

♪ Better pay that old gas bill ♪

♪ Cause baby it's cold inside ♪

♪ I'm in my prime ♪

♪ But tonight's not the time ♪

♪ One more kiss, and then that's all ♪

♪ Hold me up, or I might fall ♪

♪ My will is big, but my want is small ♪

♪ I would if I could, but I can't ♪

♪ I can't be good ♪

Look, I've been trying to call you all day.

The phone was off the hook.

He wouldn't leave me alone for a minute.

He practically took a shower with me.

He? Who?

Arnold, of course.

He was waiting.

He saw you bring me home.

Well what of it, what could he do?

You remember what I told you
about your father and me?

Yes, you said it was only...

Well it was more.

It was even more this very afternoon.

I should never have let
you take me to the door.

Larry. Larry, you're the only one I want.

And you're...


I love you.

Oh. Come in Laurence, I've
been waiting for you.

I'm sorry I kept you waiting.

Listen, dad...

I've gotta talk to you.

Alright. Let's talk.


I don't know where to begin.

The show is on.

Alright, alright.

Have you seen Arnold?

I'm ready for my song.

Family conference, I believe.

Well, how long does that go on?

Tell me, have you by any chance
made an important mistake?

There's an awful lot of wear and tear

playing all sides against the middle.

You probably could use a friend
when you really want this for.


Poor friend.

Arnold, I thought you'd forgotten about me.

Louie here yet?

Yeah. I'll find him for you.

I'd like to seat him at my table.


Pepe says you spoke with Laurence.

Laurence is going to Europe.

For a year.

Possibly two.

But he... well, what about school?

School would be tame after
his summer in town.

He's out of his element here and I'm...

grateful to you for
making him realize that.

Now, let me tell you...

this trip was... was his own idea.

My son's not so open-minded as I am.

Shall I drive you home after the show?

If you like.

I do.

I want us to be together
constantly from now on.

Pepe, you've gotta find him for me.

Bring Laurence here, please?

Seen your prettiest.


Do you think that you can find Mr.
Kenyon's son, Laurence, for me?

Well, I can try Miss Kane.


Tell him to meet me in my dressing
room right after the show, please.

Yes, ma'am.

♪ I'm the kind of woman ♪

♪ Not to hard to understand ♪

♪ I'm the one who cracks the whip ♪

♪ And holds the upper hand ♪

♪ I'll beat you mistreat you ♪

♪ Til you quiver and quail ♪

♪ Female of the species ♪

♪ Is more deadly than the male ♪

♪ When you mess with me or the flame ♪

♪ When you find that you've been burned ♪

♪ You've only yourself to blame ♪

♪ I'll hurt you, desert you ♪

♪ If you ever should fail ♪

♪ The female of the species ♪

♪ Is more deadly than the male ♪

♪ There's no doubt about it ♪

♪ I'll take my hat and go
when our affair goes down ♪

♪ So long. I can do without it ♪

♪ I'll find myself another man ♪

♪ I'll find myself a clown ♪

♪ I'm just like a gambler ♪

♪ You have to take a chance ♪

♪ With me you play a long shot ♪

♪ When you gamble our romance ♪

♪ The payoff is way off.
Here's the point of the tale ♪

♪ The female of the species ♪

♪ Is more deadly than the male ♪

Did I ever tell you you turn
up at the craziest times?

Yeah, you've come up a way in
the world, haven't you Stacey?

Worked at it.

Yeah, I'll bet you have.

Did my money help, huh?

I didn't spend any of it, Rudy,
You can have it all back.

Later Stacey.

What's wrong with you?

They fix you something? I'm not a pusher.

Sure, sure I need a fix.

I need something else, a lot worse.

I need to cut you up.

So Stacey, you're never gonna do
to anybody what you did to me.

Who is it?

It's Peter, Miss Kane.

Just a minute.

Rudy, be quiet. Please!

Be quiet.

Well, did you find him?

He's not in the club, Miss Kane.

Unless he's in the office.

Well, why don't you look in the office?

Mr. Kenyon just went in.

And I'm not allowed in when he's around.


Is Mr. Kenyon alone?

I guess so.


Oh, little baby.

Oh, you don't know how much I
wanna get away from this place.

Just go away with you.

Remember how things used to be when
we were together before the fights?

Before all the trouble.

Oh Rudy, can we go away together?

Can't you take me back? Will
you take me back, Rudy?

You mean, now?

Yes, let's run away together now.

Oh Rudy, please?


No, I can't.

Why Stacey, why?

There's this man, this terrible man.

This vicious man, Rudy, he'd run after us.

He'd kill us. He'd find us,
no matter where we went.

We can't go anywhere that he wouldn't come.


Unless what?

Where's the knife?

Stacey. Stacey, you can't!

And you.


It's the only way.

You will Rudy, won't you?

- Me?
- It's the only way.

His name is Kenyon.

At the end of the hall,
there's only one door.


I'll be waiting for you.

Mr. Kenyon?


Where do you know her from?

My wife!

She's my wife!

That's enough, Louie.


Did you do it?

Did you do it?!

- Please Stacey. Can we go now?
- No.

No, we've got to stay here a minute.
It would look suspicious.

When they find...

Well, Stacey...

Tell him who I am.

I never saw this man before in my life.

Arnold I...

Larry... Larry...

I love you.