Satan Tempts with Love (1960) - full transcript

"The Secret of a Night"

Carlos Maraux, CN 70 31.

70 31, Carlos Maraux. CN.

Wanted. Escaped from prison this afternoon,
at 18.40. Watch out. He is armed.

Maraux: Born in 1926. Height, 1.78. Eyes and
brown hair. Without particular badges.


- What's going on?
- Sorry to wake you up. Your ticket please.

Of course.

- Thank you. Have a nice trip.
- Thank you.

Tickets please.

Go ahead friend.

- I'm sorry.
- Bye.

Have you, sir. If I were you
I'd be more careful with my wallet.

- You have a nice bunch there.
- It was in my pocket ...

It must have fallen when they controlled me
the train ticket. Thank you.

- A cigarette?
- Yes thanks.

How much do we still have?

What time is it?

- Ten past seven.
- I estimate that about two hours.

I like night trains.

One leaves the station, the kilometers fly.
And when you wake up, you have already arrived.

It is wonderful.

- I'm going to cruise, the first one I do,
to South America. - AND?

I always wanted to see distant lands.
It must be magnificent. Dream lands.

Wait for you to get there!
Suffocating heat, mosquitoes, snakes.

- Do you know South America?
- I've been there, on business.

- Do you travel a lot?
- Yes, frequently.

I envy you.

I have worked, until now, in a bank.
I couldn't take it anymore.

I can't understand him.
Working in a bank seems exciting.

The most boring thing one can imagine.
Always the same routine.

Numbers, dividends, quotes.
Everything revolves around money.

Money that does not belong to oneself.

I was there like in a prison.

- You can't imagine it.
- You believe?

But I've already left all that behind.

I'm going to a new country.

- I'm going to start a new life.
- I wish you good luck.

I am always lucky. You already saw it.
with my wallet. He gave it back to me.

It could have been a thief.

- Is it your talisman?
- Yes, I believe in those things.

I like to imagine that if I wear this ring,
nothing bad will happen to me.

- Are you going to ship tonight?
- No, early tomorrow.

Would have to shop around
by the city.

It is interesting. And exciting.
Especially at night.

Stop by the Bar Colibrí.

The singer is a fantastic woman.

- Where's the Captain?
- Upstairs in his cabin.

The stakes are very high.
Li, accompany the lady to the captain.

My name is Li Fang.
Take there beautiful lady.

Not bad the girl.

But you have to be captain
so they look at you!

Hello Evelyn. I'm glad to see you!
Take a sit.

What are you doing there? Get out!

- Do you want to eat something?
- No thanks.

Something wrong? You seem a little upset.
What happened

Come on! Let it go!

They just called me.

Carlos has fled from prison.

- At last, he got it.
- Arrive today on the train.

By train? Are you crazy The police will catch you.
The first site they control is the stations.

I'm sure this time it's not going to leave
catch so easily.

Last time it was neglected.
That's how they caught him.


Philipp, you told me that if Carlos
ever managed to escape,

... came to you and you would help him.

Well, that occasion has come.

And that's why I'm here.

I already know. I had imagined it.

Carlos is a friend.
Maybe not so much for me,

... as for you, Evelyn.

- Philipp ...
- Yes Yes. It's okay.

It always seems kind of ridiculous,
love a woman,

... that does not correspond to you.

Do not worry.
I will take you to Australia.

We set sail first thing. No one in Australia knows their past and will be able to form a new life there.

Have you thought about it well?

If you help him, they will consider you an accomplice.
Are you going to risk it?

I want to do it.

It's going to be fun to do one
trick the police.

Philipp, I know you don't do it for him, or for
risk it to the police. You will do it for me.

I just wonder if Carlos
I would do the same for you.

I think not.

We will not give more importance
than you have.

Philipp, you are very good.
Much better than Carlos and me together,

Don't go there.

I'm not going to thank you, Philipp.
You know how I feel.

Say it anyway.
I want to hear it from your lips.

Thanks Philipp!

Attention! Attention! On Track 2, train coming
de Trêguier has a one-minute stop.

Passengers get on the train!

- I have to say goodbye. Wait me.
- Of course.

- Will we meet at midnight in the Hummingbird?
- I'll be there.

High! Stay still! Still!

High! Don't move, sir!

Passengers, get on the train.

Watch out for the gap between the platform
and the train. The train will leave in a few seconds.

No! No!

My child! Help, please Help!


Hey! Hey, my little one!

It's all over!

- Look around there.
- Yes sir.

- Nothing!
- He must have been around here.

Hello, taxi!



Please, don't you mind if I take it?
I'm in a hurry

Of course. Please.

Thank you. Very kind of you.

- To the port, please.
Excuse me, would you mind taking a ride?

With this time it is difficult to take a taxi
and they are waiting for me.

Of course, you were here first.

Thank you.

It's raining.

I just said it rains.

I can see it's raining.

It is the first time that I am here.

An unknown city.
Above, at night and in the rain.

It has something heartbreaking. As if the city
she was mad at me.


I was lucky that you showed up.
I no longer feel so alone.

I thought they were waiting for you.

I was kidding.
I don't know anyone here.

Well there sure is something here that
could be waiting for me.

But I don't know what.

A breakdown. What we needed!

Any tire has punctured.

- I can not continue. They will have to take another taxi.
- How are we going to find another taxi around here?

You can wait there, where the kiosk,
while I fix the tire.

Come on, it won't take too long.

- I do not think it's a good idea.
- Of course it's good! Or do you prefer to get wet?

- I'll help her.
- Please no!

- See how it was easy.
- You can drop me on the floor now.

Sure, naturally.

- Thank you.
- Excuse me.

I would not do it. It is going to abide.

It is here quite well.

- A lovely kiosk.
- A kiosk like any other.

It doesn't seem so to me.
It's our house.

Built for you and me.

It has a lot of fantasy.

I got it. And also a lot of luck.

Ten minutes ago we were strange.
And now we have our own home.

- Is it superstitious?
- Not.

- I am.
- yeah?

- We just met today.
- It's just a coincidence.

There are no matches.
It was fate.

Everything happens for a reason.
Let the wind roll, let the rain stop.

Let him be near me.

You must think I'm crazy.

No, he is a romantic.
And there are fewer and fewer romantics.

The taxi!

Well, the taxi is ready.

- Lucky that everything was fast.
- Unfortunately, too fast ...

- I didn't say unfortunately ...
- My name is Robert.

- And you?
- Me, Evelyn.


A lovely name.

To the port, please.

- She is waiting.
- Who?

His friend. Girls like you always
Someone is waiting for them.

- He'll be worried already.
- I doubt it.

I would be worried, if I knew I was
strolling with a stranger at night.

I am not walking.
Also, I'm going to tell you everything right away.

I'd rather you didn't say anything to him.

Why not? It is no secret.

- I wish it was a secret.
- Secrets are ridiculous.

A secret would connect us.
We would have something in common.

We already have many things in common.
Maybe too many.

A taxi, a kiosk, a coat.

Isn't he kidding me?

We're almost there.

Yes, we are almost there.

Pity! Will we see each other again?

If it was predestined ...
You believe in destiny don't you?

I believe in him. But it would be better,
help you a little.

Would you still have something tonight
of time to dedicate it to me?

Tomorrow I will undertake a long journey and I do not think
never return. I'm going to South America.

Stop! I get off here.

Thanks for joining me
and good luck in South America.

I was very excited to make this trip,
but now I would almost prefer to stay.

Hope everything goes well!

Where to now?

Yes. Where?

Go wherever you want.

- Where's the captain?
- Captain not to be. Li Fang receive madam.

Li Fang feel honored.

- Has anyone else come?
- A man come. Wait captain in the cabin.

If madam need Li Fang,
Li Fang always here.


Turn off the lights.!

Turn off the lights right away!

- You are injured?
- It's just a scratch.

- Wait. Let me make you a bandage.
- Has anyone followed you?

Nothing suspicious?

- No, the streets were quiet.
- I dont believe it.

I know the police.
I don't need to see them.

Leave that! I can feel you.
Do you have a cigarette?

They hide everywhere. After every house
and each wall. They cling to me like shadows.

They are out there waiting for me.

Carlos, you are imagining it.

- I would have noticed.
- What are you going to notice? They were also at the station.

But this time I was able to escape.

Somebody told the police.

And I would like to know who it was.

It could only have been ...

Who do you think could ...?

Come on! Dare to say it!

If you have the shamelessness
not even think about it!

Excuse me but...

- Why are you so late?
- The taxi got a flat tire.

You pity me. Philipp and I try to help you.
But your mistrust spoils everything.

A tiger cannot change its stripes.

You can't even imagine how much
that I've missed you.

In all these years, I've only thought
in one thing.

And it was you.

Excuse me.

What are you spying on?

Li Fang see if honorable knight ...

... and beautiful lady have wishes ...

Dirty spy! Get out of my sight!

You shouldn't have treated him like that. They say that the
Malays are very vengeful. Be careful.

The next time I see him, I will kill him.

Look at those men down there.

Surely they will be the customs ones.

Don't lose your nerve.
In a couple of days you will be safe.

It's not nice to see a man
who is afraid, right?

I'm cursed

No. You will start a new life there.
An honest, decent life.

For that, you have to start young.

Carlos! You are finally here!
You've put together a good one out there!

Evelyn closes the curtains.
Half the city is after you.

They won't have me voluntarily.

If they want a fight, they will have it.

Carlos, please calm down.

Philipp, are we here safe?

No one would think of
look for him on board.

And tomorrow we will be
already at sea.

I have to go
for my performance.

I'll be back in an hour.
I will come as soon as possible.


- What are you thinking about?
- On Evelyn, of course.

It is very changed.

Maybe you are too.

- Did you see her while I was away?
- Yes. Whenever I could.

And you talked about me a lot, right?

Probably more than you deserved.

- And nothing ever happened between you?
- No, nothing, unfortunately, no.

- And why should I believe you?
- Believe what you want.

You pity me.

I don't need your compassion!
Not hers!

She has completely changed
and I want to know why.

- I have a right to know.
- At the moment you have the right to save your skin.

Come take a look.

Do you see those men?

- I saw them before.
- Well, now there are some more.

I didn't mean to scare Evelyn,
but something is brewing.

- Can you trust your men?
- Hard to say.

I caught the Malay earlier spying on us.

Li Fang? Here?

It is dangerous.
Come with me.

Why have you been spying?
Tell me or I'll break your bones.

If Captain threaten Li Fang,
Li Fang forced to go to the Police.

Bad for Captain.
Bad for honorable knight.

Don't be mad, Captain.
We want to talk to you about that man.

It's okay. Ahead.

- I hear you.
- We know that he has escaped from prison.

It is not true.

- It seems you want to speak.
- There's no point denying it. We know.

- We know you want to go to Australia.
- And if so, what do you care?

We have to come to an understanding.

And we all understand it
All very well..

We could also tell him
to the police,

... as arbitrators.
Our silence will cost you something.

Do you think you're going to scare me?

When I first "sing," I shoot him.

Carlos, don't talk nonsense.

Honorable sir not knowing how to count. Only 6 bullets
in revolver. Not for everyone.

Put the gun away.

Save it, I'll tell you again!

What a rabble you are!

Come on! Put the cards on the table.
How much do you want

$ 20,000.

$ 20,000? And why not 100,000?
Or a million? You are stupid!

- $ 20,000 is cheap for Australia.
- And for freedom!

What if I refuse?

Captain! The dock is full of police.
I think they want to get on board.

Quick, to the bridge!


The Inspector in person.
Bad signal. Shit!

- Where's the Captain?
- There on the bridge. Good afternoon.

- Good afternoon, Teniers.
- Man, Inspector! What is the honor due to?

- I bring orders to search the ship.
- Please, are you at home ...

Watch the catwalk and record
the ship scrupulously.

- Make sure no one leaves the ship.
- Yes, Inspector.

Ah, Teniers, did you have a good journey?


How about everything at home?
Mrs. Bernardt, in good health?

Yes, thank you, it's very good.

- I hold you in high regard, Teniers.
- And I respect her.

You are a rogue,
but a nice rogue.

"Do you have any idea where it will end, Teniers?"
- In the same place where I started, in my land.

I wish it were so!

What are they looking for?
A pearl necklace?

What am I looking for? A man.
A certain Carlos Maraux.

Stand aside!

- Do not tell me! Are you kidding, Inspector?
- There's nothing out there. Let's continue.

- You sentenced him to 10 years in prison.
- Sure, I almost forgot.

We haven't found anything, boss.
Registered boat. Proven crew.

- Very good. Gather your men.
- Yes sir.

- A thousand apologies for the inconvenience.
- You are always welcome. Little is seen here.

Be careful, dear friend.
Until next time, Teniers.

Until next time...

Li Fang want peace. Li Fang have
afraid of the honorable lord.

Then come to my cabin.

Bring something hot to drink.

All right. When my friend arrives in Australia, all the
crew will receive their reward. Agree?

Li Fang doesn't trust you. First, money.
If not, honorable sir go to hell.

- Your...!
- That won't help you!

- Well, I accept your conditions.
- Are you crazy! Where will we get the money from?

Do not worry.
In two or three hours I will bring the 20,000.

But I will have no choice but to leave the ship.
No one can fix that in my place.

Li Fang having to hear advice.

Have you heard?

If all. He planned it well ...

Be long, forget to return
and we are like idiots.

But he has looked down on us.
Listen ...

Look at them! I am a captive in me
own boat. You have to screw yourself!

Li Fang very pleased.
Find solution.

Captain write small paper,
that he hide knight from the police.

If honorable knight go and never come back, Li Fang go to
police with paper and then, captain and ship, screwed.

Do you think I'm going to agree to that
Has it happened to you? Go to hell!

But the knight go to hell first.

- Both sides are at risk.
- It's just a guarantee. This is a business.

May the devil take you!

Sign the paper, Philipp. If not, I'm lost.

Li Fang knowing everything, but not knowing how to read.

I confess to hiding Carlos Maraux
on my boat and help him avoid the police.

Philipp Teniers, Captain of the "Lolita".

- Is that enough?
- Enough, honorable sir.

- Forgive me for doubting you, my friend.
- Forget this. We are together in this.

I don't trust that Bernardt, the Inspector.
You will see how it returns again.

- I'm going to take you out of here.
- Where?

I have the keys to an empty warehouse on the dock.
No one will look for you there. Grab my coat.

I have to speak to Evelyn first.
I need her.

Well, your first performance is right now.
The 2nd, at twelve. I will send you a message. Let's go.


Someone from "Lolita" wants to talk to you.
Yellow skin and narrow eyes. A sinister type.

- Look, I've tried a new step.
- Yes, yes, chic.

Go inside.

It is not too comfortable.

But far from all the fuss.
Here you will be safe.

Here you are, finally.

I had almost given up looking for you.

Well, tell me.

Mutiny on the ship. The crew demands
$ 20,000 as a bribe.

Or they will report to the police.

- $ 20,000? How will you do it?
- Ask Carlos!

I have no idea.

- Carlos?
- There will be no difficulty.

I have considered everything carefully.

On the train I met a young man.
Inexperienced, harmless, naive.

He carries a lot of money with him.
At least $ 20,000.

He carries them in his wallet.
And he will lend them to me.

- No one is so naive to lend you 20,000.
- Voluntarily, of course not.

We'll have to help him out ...

Are you planning to rob him?

I do not. My hands are tied.
The police are chasing me. It's harassing me.

I couldn't take ten steps out there.

I have thought of you, Evelyn.

That you would do it for me.

You love me, don't you?

Are you crazy. She is also
in danger. As much as we do.

They also watch her closely.
They expect her to make a mistake, to catch her.

I will not have any view!
It is my freedom and I will defend it at all costs.

Even with violence, if necessary.

Sorry, I can't do it, Carlos.
You have no right to ask me for such a thing.

These years that you were not there, I tried to lead a decent life. Now you want to drag me through the mud.

- Shut!
- No, I won't shut up.

I have been silent for a long time. Everything
what was clean and decent in me you destroyed.

And for that you have taken revenge.
You gave me away to the police!

- Carlos!
- It could only have been you!

- Retract yourself! Get it back, you scoundrel!
- Philipp, please, no!

No, Carlos, I have not given you away.
Not all of them are as bad as you.

Okay, okay.

I'm going to buy you my freedom.

I will get you the money.

After that I don't want to see you
never more.

You won't get that.

You are not going to get rid of me.
You belong to Me.

I need you.

Where can I find
to that man?

It will go through the "Hummingbird" at midnight.
She wears a large ring with a very rare stone.

His name is Robert Martin.
Nice guy.

It will be easy prey for you.

Philipp! Wait for me in front of my house.
I will bring you the money before dawn.

You are the worst scoundrel than me ever
have found.

We have no idea what the police
may be plotting.

You better stay here until
let's set sail. I'll come looking for you.

Would you like a flower? They bring luck.

- I might need some tonight.
- Thank you.

May I sit here?

If you want.

It is rare to find a young man
like you alone at a table.

- There must be a lady very close.
- I'm waiting for a gentleman.

I feel sorry for you

A bottle of Veuve Clicquot.

- Are the proceedings over yet?
- No. The best is yet to come. Singer.

It is extraordinary. It can go very far.
If luck is with you and nothing happens to you.

- You didn't expect this, did you?
- What does it mean?

- Find her again here and now.
- I had no idea.

- But how do you know that I know her?
- Well, dear friend ...

- Waiter!
- Are you looking for your dressing room?


Following the hallway,
the front door.

Thank you.

- He runs there. Straight to his ruin.
- Excuse me.

It's from Schiller!

I've looked everywhere
but I couldn't find him.

Pay attention when you get out there.
He wears a special ring, something like a seal.

- Will you try?
- Trust me. He is good looking?

- What difference does it make? It is just a business.
- One does not exclude the other. A new step ...

I wonder, when will they hire me ...

- Do me a favor and go away.
- Yes, I'm leaving.

- Where's Miss Evelyn's dressing room?
- Right there.

Evelyn, it's wonderful to see you again.

- I have no time now. I have an appointment.
- You can't fire me like that.

- I've thought about you all this time.
- Very nice, but I still have a date.

Do you know what I expected?

To have her in my arms again,
as before, in the rain.

It will rain again and hold another woman,
crossing over a puddle.

We have shared a taxi.
A fleeting encounter. It's over!

For me it has been more. Much more.

Why don't you understand it?

Because it doesn't make sense.
We hardly know each other.

- I know you are not happy.
- For real? And if so, what does it matter to him?

I care a lot.
I'm also not happy.

If two unhappy souls meet ...

- Shouldn't they get close to each other?
I'm not in the mood for deep chats.

I beg you to go now.

Goodbye! Maybe I have time tomorrow,
or the day after tomorrow, or any other day.

- I won't be here tomorrow.
- Ah yes, you are going to South America.

So have a good trip.

One moment, please.

- Save the change.
- Thank you.

- Be so kind and take them to Miss Evelyn.
- With pleasure, sir.

Please wait.

Give them to yourself.

- Come with me.
- But I...

Evelyn, this gentleman wants to give you
these precious flowers.


- My talisman.
- Beautiful ring.

Thank my Lord......?

Martin. Robert Martin.


Bad luck, Mr. Martin.

- I missed my appointment because of you.
- Oh I'm sorry.

Well it's not true. On the contrary,
I don't feel it at all.

I guess I'll have to go home ...
Do you want to join me?

- With pleasure. Please.
- Thank you.

- He's following us.
- He's just a harmless pedestrian.

- I'm sure.
- Do not be afraid. I am by your side.

It makes me nervous. Let's go. Hurry up

- Oh, I was also in the "Hummingbird".
- I'm sure it's completely harmless.

Perhaps he is also in love with you.

It's already gone.

- Good evening, Commissioner.
- OK OK.

- Anything new, Werner?
- Still nothing, Mr. Attorney General.

- My orders? - They have been fulfilled.
Two men on each corner. The rest here.

- Excellent.
- If he comes, he will be caught. If it is coming.

Will come. He is in love. Like grouse
in heat. You cannot see or hear anything else.

- Is that what you think about sex?
- I'm married.

- Very reasonable.
- Boss, they're coming.

- So ... Thank you very much and good night.
- Evelyn!

Maybe I want to see, where am I going
to place your flowers ...

- The snake is going to devour the bunny.
- I should be more careful. It is dangerous.

Here we are.

I hope you like my house.

I call it my swallow's nest, because
it stands out above the other roofs.

Well, take off your coat.

I'll hang it over here.

Take a turn. There you have the radio.
I'll be back in a couple of minutes.

The best thing about the house is the view
from the balcony.

- She is truly beautiful!
- Superb! it is not true?

It is as if the sea is talking to me.
For me, there is nothing more beautiful.

Every light, there in the port, is my friend
and each ship takes me to distant countries ..

I would like to see the world. But for that, it takes
money. And I have never had enough money.

I have enough money for the two of us.
More than enough.

You are a very unique man.

Let's go inside. It is refreshing.

I don't know if you will believe me, but ...

... you are the first woman in my life,
that is, the first one that really counts.

Besides you, I only cared
my mother. She was wonderful and beautiful like you.

I have his portrait. Would you like to see it?

With pleasure.

He looks a lot like his mother.

Did you hear that?

Someone is out there.

- I have not heard anything.
- Could you take a look?

Do you remember the man we saw down the street?
I'm afraid he followed us. Please!

I'll take a look. Do not be afraid.
Nothing is going to happen.


There is someone out there?

There was no one.

- Are you always so scared?
- Yes, I am always imagining things.

If you hadn't brought me the flowers,
I'd be here alone with my fears

I still have to put them in water.
Have. Don't forget your wallet.

- What do you think that was?
- Maybe dinner for Maraux ...

Can Li Fang ask? The honorable
gentleman succeed?

Inform the first officer we set sail
within three hours.

Then row to the warehouse
and you let Carlos know.

I am in love with you, Evelyn.
I want to always be by your side.

Today, for sure. And tomorrow?
Have you forgotten?

Tomorrow you will be on the high seas.
But I will not travel alone. You will come with me.

- Don't protest. You will come with me.
- You hardly know me. I have a past.

And that is past. We will start a new life,
just us. And we will toast to it.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Never found
a man like you.

Do you like me




Unfortunately, I like you.

You are now a new woman.

Not that of the "Hummingbird".
Not that of rain and wind.

You are now my Evelyn.

Just like I dreamed you would be.

When I think of yesterday ...
I didn't know anything about you yesterday. And today...

Today i think i'm happy
for the first time in my life.

I love you Evelyn.


Li Fang have good news
from the Captain.

Money to come. Honorable knight
be calm. Boat ready to go.

Let them hurry up. It's no fun waiting
in this hole. Honorable sir have patience.

Captain come in person to pick you up.
Half an hour before leaving the boat.

Evelyn, I couldn't live without you.

I've asked you before,
if you will come with me tomorrow.

Of course.
I will follow you to the end of the world.

Where no one can find us.

Would you love me too though
was poor?

I will always love you. But i'm happy
that you are not.

No, I am not, but only since yesterday.

What do you mean?

I'm not that rich boy
that you think I am.

He was nothing more than a little employee
bank. My life was gray, seedy, normal.

Always the same job, the same table.
The same figures, the same customers.

I couldn't bear the endless day to day anymore.
He had absolutely nothing.

All I had to do was lengthen
hand and it would be rich.

Did you steal the money?

I don't care about riches.
I didn't take it because it was money.

I took it because it opened the door for me
to a new life.

- Robert, tell me, please, it's not true.
- You know everything about me now.

Am I going to be alone again?

I am not who to judge you.
I love you Robert!

I love you!


- What happens now?
- Almost everything is ready.

Hurry up.

Wow, Evelyn! Has something happened?

- Philipp, do you still have the money?
- yeah

- Thank God!
- Do not worry.

- We will give it once Carlos is on board
and we have set sail. - Please give it back to me.

You just gave it to me
an hour ago.

I know. But my whole life has given
a change since then.

- And what about the money?
- I have to return it.

- Why?
- Because I have to return it.

- And what about Carlos?
- I do not care. For me, get him back in jail.

Ah, I see.

In an hour they can happen
many things.

Philipp! He is not like us. It is from a
clean and decent world. You cannot return to it.

- Who stops you?
- He stole the money, Philipp.

He embezzled.

There is still time to return it. I don't want it to be
become someone like me or like Carlos.

Or like me, you mean.


Come on. Don't cry, Evelyn.

Everything, so that you are happy.

Thank you.



You are alone?

Where's Evelyn?

Where's Evelyn?


You cannot come with us.

You have to find another means of escape.

- Didn't he give you the money?
- He gave it to me.

But I gave it back.

You've gone mad?
How the hell am I going to elope?

You have betrayed me.

She loves you.

And you have lost it. Forever.

You have to conform.
Just like I do.

You signed a paper! We will finish both
behind bars without that money.

- Yes I know.
- Then you give up. Good for you!

Do what you want.
But I do not give up. I do not!

I'm going to get it back!
And the money, too!

You are going to leave her alone!

You are going to leave her alone!

You are going to leave her alone!
Leave her alone!



Petersen, keep looking.
And you two stay around here.

It has to be hidden nearby.
We will force him out of hiding.

There is!

High! Stop! Do not move!

Attention Central, please contact me!
Here, car 5. Reporting our position.

We are on the dock near number 6.

High! Do not move!

Do not move!




Come on! Shoot!

- It is gone.
- Damn!

- How can we pass?
- You have to chase him. Go on!

- I stay here.
- Cover us!

- Keep driving.
- What do you want? Put that aside!

Get out of the car!

- Roll over.
- I will not say anything!

- Roll over.
- Do not do it! I have family ...

- Robert.
- Let me go!

I have the money. I have recovered it.

What do you mean, have I got it back?
I do not understand you.

I ... stole it for someone ...
from whom I ...

... of whom I ...

... I was in love sometime.

- I wanted to buy my freedom, for you.
- And why are you giving it back to me?

I don't want you to live like him. I do not want that
be a criminal, you end up in jail.

Robert, please. Return the money!

Tomorrow is Sunday. No one knows yet.
On Monday, when opening, everything should be in its place.

And everything will start again.
Robert please! Please come back!

And I will remain a poor man.

But I will love you for that very reason.
It is better to be poor than to live in fear.

I was always a coward.
I did not want to face reality.

- It's getting late. You have to take the train.
- And you?

I will go tomorrow and then
I will be by your side forever.

Hurry up, Robert!


A taxi! Hello, taxi!

To the station, quickly!


Raise the alarm!

Attention to all police stations!
Carlos Maraux is wanted.

Calling all patrol cars!
Calling all patrol cars!

He has been seen for the last time
driving a Chevrolet.

- Registration 88 XX 174.
- It is understood.

- Keep the change!
- Thank you.

- The train leaves at 7.10. We still have 6 minutes.
- What's the matter, Evelyn?

Is nothing. Only the emotion.

Let's go. Platform 2.

The suspect's car, registration 88 XX 174,
has been found abandoned at the station.

Report all patrol cars.

The train is already there.

Passengers heading Weberrich get on the train.
The train will leave in a few minutes from Platform 2.

We have three minutes left.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow

Please step aside.
The doors are going to close.

Please come up.

You have to get on.

Good trip!



Be reasonable, man!