Satan Never Sleeps (1962) - full transcript

A priest (William Holden) arrives at a mission-post in China accompanied by a young native girl who has joined him along the way. His job is to relieve the existing priest (Clifton Webb), ...

We are in November 1949.

The location is in the southwest of China ...

where the Red Army has
not taken control ... yet.

Good morning.
I'm Father O'Banion.

Good morning, Father.
I'm Father Lemay.

He should have arrived a long time ago. We
were told he would get here in a few days.

Well, I designed it, but ...

I had a very difficult trip.

To put it mildly, Father Bovard is already
looking forward to replacing him.

He still has a 2-day trip to

I will tell Father Bovard
how sorry I am for the delay.

We assumed you were traveling alone.

I guess I should tell
you why this girl is traveling with me.

We are very curious, yes.

Well ... her mother has just returned ...

and very enthusiastic ...

to embrace faith ...

to learn more about Christianity.

You know, I
made that unfortunate mistake ...

that I saved this girl from
the spring flood and ...

There really is a Chinese custom that
says that if you save a life ...

are you responsible for that life then?

That's a tradition.

But ... doesn't it exaggerate a bit?

Believe me, I
did my best,

to persuade him not to follow any further.

I interrupted my trip three times and took it home.

The problem is that it’s faster
than this stubborn horse.

This is extremely unusual, Father.

More unusual?
It was a nightmare.

Anyway, for the fourth time, I
managed to get the horse to gallop ...

and I forged a few miles advantage.

And then when I turned around ...

I turned to see him,
he was there ...

a small figure in the distance.

And then ... what do you think happened?

- I can't imagine.
- He passed out.

What could I have done?
I had to go back to revive him.

The point is, I revived it.

And I thought it
was my duty to continue on my way ...

so I put it on the horse and I’m here
tired and with sore feet.

He recovered quickly.

And now you're sitting in the saddle again
and running next to you?

Oh father, it's so beautiful here.

Why don't we stay here?

This is a very good idea.
Please get off.

I will leave you here
and continue my journey.

And when I’m at a safe distance,
far from here, they can send me home.

At least that decision makes sense.

I say goodbye.

- Father, you can't leave me here alone.
- I'm forced.

- I'm going to die.
- Siu-Lan, you have everything for life.

If you leave without me, there will be no reason to live.

I'm going to kill myself.

You have to promise not to.

- I promise I'll.
"It's much worse than he said."

Siu-Lan, committing suicide is a
bad thing.

You know the difference between right and wrong,
good and bad.

To love yourself is not good.
Then I'm really really bad.

Why do I feel so good
when I'm bad?

Siu-Lan, you are very beautiful and
as soon as you find a nice young man ...

- You're very beautiful, too.
"For God's sake, would you say goodbye?"

That's exactly what I'm trying to do.

- Bye bye.
- Father, please don't leave.

Don't leave.

Just pray that something like this
doesn’t happen to you.

- Leave me out of this.
- Help me.


Father, please!

Don't leave!
Don't leave.



- I'm really a priest.
- I didn't even think he was a nun.

I assume Father O'Banion himself.

I see, I made you angry, Father.

I'm trying to cover it up.

I'm terribly sorry I'm so late.

I wasn't waiting for your apology.
I was waiting for you.

It was quite problematic to get here.
I can explain ...

If you will explain how
long it took to get here ...

then I don't want to hear it.

I just want to go.


Hurry with those suitcases.

He goes it alone.

Thank you, Ah-Wang.


- Well, I see you're ready.
- What a brilliant observation.


I've been ready for six seemingly endless days and six sleepless nights ...

with a
weak heart skipping every second beat .

In the last six days, I've realized I
can't waste a minute.

You know ...

I got away after 25 years ...

and I better get out of here right away ...

before the red villains
invade from the north.

They are pushing forward very quickly.

- Did you hear?
- Yes, this is a rumor.

Do you not enlighten about
the mission?

Of course.

He is Ah-Wang, his maid and cook.

He will show you where he will sleep and eat.

There's the chapel.


And there are the nuns.

Do you know some Chinese?

Very little.
You know, I didn't have time ...

He was so late
that he could have learned Greek.

Well, luckily,
some speak English.

They know as much about this mission
as I do.

Forgive me.

And now, the moment I've been waiting for.

Father O'Banion, goodbye.

Until we meet again, Father.

Please, I want to leave happily.

Father, do you want to meet Sister Teresa?

She's in the nursing home.

Yes, of course.

Sister Teresa, this is Father O'Banion.

"Father Bovard spoke of you, Father."
- Yes.

I can imagine.

- Well, do we have it here?
- A badly inflamed throat.

We try to keep
kids healthy , but someone always gets sick.

How do you say "say A" in Chinese?

- Do they have penicillin?
- Yes, but it's hard to get.

We try to
reserve for the most serious cases.

Sister, what's more important than a little boy?

All right, father.

You'll be better in less than a minute, buddy.

Hey, that was a good right.

I made you a delicious rice cake.

You're an excellent cook, Ah-Wang.

Father Bovard was lucky
to find himself.

But sometimes he was very angry with me.

- Why?
- I stole church wine.

Didn't you keep it locked up?

I also stole the key.

He's good. But other than that ...

you're a good Christian, aren't you?

Oh yes.

So if you shut down the wine ...

i know how to steal.

This is how I will be a good Christian in many ways.

Father Bovard said
there was something good in everyone ...

even in me.


Father Bovard was arrested.

Poor Father Bovard.

I am sorry, Father,
that your journey has been so short.

Thanks to you, I
may never leave China.

These red devils don’t tell you
why they brought you back.

All they do is smile at me
and nail their gun to me.

Maybe I'll get an answer from the big boss.

- Ho-San.
- Colonel in the Red Army.


Are you one of those people
and in this uniform?

I wear it with pleasure and pride,
old man.

You are the last person in the world
I expected to lead ...

these terrible enemies of the church.

Choose your words, foreign priest.

Just so you know,
I was sent here ...

One moment, new boy.
Are you still on duty?


Stay out of this.
It's up to him and me.

Ho-San, you owe me an explanation.

How can a man with your mind ...

to get involved in this disgraceful situation?

Until you can master your language,
I suggest we go inside.

Do you suggest?
I demand.

Are you feeling better, Father?

I couldn't sleep, so I came here.

I have encouraging news.

A sign was painted on the mission wall.

The sisters were very happy.
Guarantees freedom of religion ...

and that they will not disturb
the converts.

How long?

So I do not know. I took a walk out there,
no one stopped me.

I am very weak...

and probably guilty of self-pity.

I wish the Lord had called me
before I could see Ho-San.

I have a hard time believing
he was ever a Christian.

Come here. Look.

He’s here after he was a
minister boy at his first Mass.

He smiles because he made no mistake.

As he grew older,
we talked for a long time that he might become a priest.

I even saw in front of me
that one day he would take over the mission.

- Well ...
- You don't have to say.

He will probably take over.

It's already here ...

I shouldn't think about it.

I'm sorry.

If I remember correctly, my father
wanted to tell me when he arrived ...

difficulties in arriving here.

But I didn't have time to listen.

Well, I have time now.

Father, it has been a very difficult day.

I wouldn't burden you with my little worries.

- Good night.
- Father.

If you open that display case,
you will find a bottle of rice wine.

Maybe we both sleep better
if we take a sip of it.

Great idea.

What about the morning mass?

We can't eat anything after midnight.

- What time is it?
- I have 5 minutes in midnight.

With me in a minute.

Are we adjusting to my watch?

Good morning, Father.

We have a beautiful day.

What is so "beautiful beautiful"?

- Did you drink church wine?
- He is not.

Never during the day.

What are you doing here? He doesn't cook anything
and the table isn't ready.

I'm ready.
I'm ready to resign.

- What?
"Would you tell Father Bovard, please?"

"By the time he gets angry, I'm gone."
-Wait a minute.

Why are you giving up?

Colonel Ho-San spoke to me.

He quickly understood with me
that I better resign ...

and I will be a happy comrade
rather than an unhappy dead Christian.

So I...

I stayed too long.

It seems disgusting, but
I prayed for a rosary for Ho-San ...

I prayed that I would not lose it completely.

You better start praying for Ah-Wang.

He lost him.
He resigned.

I'm sorry, Father. But Ho-San said
it makes him very happy.

You little, ungrateful traitor.

Is that the only way you give up your Christian faith?

Oh, no, Father.
I'm just changing my appearance.

Inside, I remain the same Christian.

Bye bye.
I will pray for you.

What's in the package?

Only personal stuff.

Of course, personal belongings.
Open up.

Open ...

I'd rather go to the happy gathering of the People's Party.

What kind of convert are I?

I lost Ho-San first,
and now Ah-Wang.

Inside Christian Ah-Wang.
Outward thief Ah-Wang.

Well, Father O'Banion,
let's face it.

I am your pastor and I
do not intend to be your home servant.

- Can you cook?
- A little. Nothing special.

We don't need specials.

Well, if you want to try ...

shouldn't risk my stomach , but ...

let's see what he can do instead of Ah-Wang.

Just heat
the canned beef ...

and prepare the egg powder.

I ate egg powder when I
served in the Navy.

Remember how to make it?

I couldn't do worse.

- I hope ...
- Me too.

Not bad.

He warmed it up very well.

- What is this?
- Scrambled eggs from egg powder.

Not something good, is it, Father?

Father O'Banion, he has
surpassed the Navy.

Why did you test on me ...?
If you served this to someone ...

- I do not know what to say.
- Well, I know.

If you had arrived on time,
I would n't have wolf-eyed this ...

Name it, grab it and bury it.

- Do mine without it.
- It took away my appetite.

What happens now?

Colonel Ho-San sent the children home.

And he said he
couldn’t provide our protection.

I think we should
be grateful for your efforts.

We learned
that after complete liberation ...

period of aggression and retaliation ensues.

It's best if the sisters leave.

Now pack up, my car is in the trash
to take you to the bus.

We only
accept instructions from Father Bovard .

They can only take us by force.

I admire their courage, sisters ...

but I have to think seriously.

Old man, from now on I will think.

I respect the sisters ...

I may take them away by force.

you're still talking like a little boy.

They make my job very difficult.

And we will continue to do so.

What about your posters out there?

They guarantee that they
will not interfere with the work of converts.

New boy, his knowledge of their Chinese is
very limited.

We guarantee freedom of religion.

Educating Chinese children is
our responsibility.

For the
time being, the teachers of the People's Party will take over the work.

Is there anything I can do
to make you feel even more pleasant?

Burn in hell.

I can't burn in your hell.

I am no longer a believer.

I find this new freedom limited.

It’s like
being squeezed with an invisible rope.

I wonder what this "new freedom"
will bring tomorrow.

Today is not over.

Ho-San seized
his horse and jeep.

This is the service instruction about it.

I don't think we're going anywhere.

I wanted to go.

But now I can even stay.

Are you feeling bad, Father?

It's just
that my heart is no longer young.

I haven't seen it yet, my child,
though he speaks English.

I learned English at a school in Guangzhou.


Not yet, but I'm still learning.

Good. Good.

- Sit down, child.
- How nice of you.

What brought the wind so far from Guangzhou?

I followed a young man
who had conquered my heart.

Are you hoping to marry this man?" - Yes, Father.

I think he will reciprocate his love.

He didn't admit it,
but I know he loves it.

Then follow through
and persuade him to admit it.

- I'm going to pray for you.
- Thank you, Father.

But without money, my journey was over.

Well, I can help you out a little.

Not much, just a little.

Father, I'm not looking for alms.

I'll just find a job somehow.

What a beautiful dish.

Tell me, when was the last time you ate?

It's been a long time.

I love to cook
when the food is so beautiful.

Can you cook well?

My mom said I’m the only one
who makes a feast out of nothing.

Well, he seems to have found himself
a temporary job.

Thank you, Father.

My child, I just have ...

my worst chef
in all of busy and free China.

- Come with me.
- Share your burden with me.

It brought light into a very dark day, my

Mine to you.

I can't wait
to tell the news to Father O'Banion.


What are you boiling now?

- Just water.
- Thank God.

Well, one of my concerns has been resolved.

He will be replaced as a chef.

I share your relief.
But who would take the courage ...?

Come in, my child.

Give me, let me help.

Here you go.

Father, this is almost a miracle.

On the edge of the village, I found exactly
who we needed.

Heaven sent it.


In addition to being an excellent chef,

you know how to
grow herbs for my heart.

His name is Siu-Lan.

- Yes.
"This is Father O'Banion, my child."

Can I take off my apron?
It doesn't suit you, Father.

Father, we are back to life today.

Show him where things are.
I'll be back if I've read enough.

Would you help me, father?

Do it yourself.

I'm so glad to see you.

I'm sorry I
ca n't say the same.

Her lips don’t, but her eyes say
she’s glad to see you again.

If you want me to be happy,
leave immediately.

He doesn't say that seriously.

Isn’t it bad for a priest to say something
he doesn’t mean seriously?

It's alright then.

Stop my harassment.
You can't stay here.

I'm serious.
You have to go.

Father Bovard?

- What is it, Siu-Lan?
- Dad said I had to go.

To go?


I’ve never heard of a
female chef on a mission.

Well, now you've heard of it.

It is no more unusual than we have
female nuns.

Father O'Banion,
I'm leading this mission ...

and Siu-Lan stays here.

So I would thank you for not interfering
and getting out of the kitchen.

Yes, father.

Go on, my child.
The whole kitchen is yours.

Thank you, Father.

Father O'Banion, are you out of your mind?

- It looks awful.
- Well, I don't feel very well.

It's from your brew.

Whatever it is, I feel bad.

What bad news did you bring now?

I came to invite the
old priest to hear my speech.

I will speak to the villagers.
You will surely find it enlightening.

All right.
"Know your enemy."

- I go.
- Good.

And another thing. I noticed they
have a new person in their household.

A beautiful Chinese girl.

Since you took Ah-Wang,
he will help you in the kitchen.

You don't understand me, old priest.

That is why he is my responsibility.

With your permission, I'd talk to him.

Only if allowed.

We didn’t even eat a regular meal
before the devil put his foot down.

He'll send him out of here and see you.

Well, maybe that's how it will be, Father.

You said the best?

- It was just a thought.
- A silly thought.

It would be better if you prayed to
leave that girl here safe with us.

I assure you that I will pray a lot.

- Do you think he's abusing him?
- He was the one who yelled.

Let's go and see.

- What happened?
- An accident. Nothing.

I interviewed the girl.
You can stay for now.

Ho-San ...

Is it possible that
traces of Christianity have remained in you?

Don't insult me, old man.

I can change my mind.

You heard him, Father.
At least Siu-Lan can stay.

Yes, I heard him.

Siu-Lan, everything is taken care of.
It can stay.

Thank you, Father.
I'm very happy.

I did not understand.
What did Ho-San say?

He said many things.

And he tried to court me.

That's not interesting.
What he said?

He said I had to report everything the
two of you do.

- Everything?
- Do not worry.

- I'll tell him good.
- God bless you, child.

So now
I’m a cook, a washer and a spy.

I feel the loop is getting tighter.

How right you are.

God bless you.

There were crowds in Ho-San’s speech, I
wondered if anyone was here.

I'll see.

Our congregation is only from Ho-San's
father and mother ...

and of course the sisters.

God bless them.
And from two loyal minister boys.

Let's start the Mass.

Are you worried about something, Father?

I'm thinking about the future.

Do you mean Christians
who are already afraid to come to church?


And if they never come back?

What will happen then?
Where are we going?

Where are we going ?!

I will go where the bishop sends me.

And your instruction does not apply to you.

I wish I could talk to your bishop.

- I could understand him.
- What would you understand with him?

- U.S.
- U.S?

Anything you could say about us could
only be an imaginary fairy tale.

Not imaginary, beautiful.

You are the blonde prince
and I am the chosen one of your heart.

It is written that much torment ...

and we will go through a storm together.

But once the Sun emerges from the clouds ...

and love will
prevail over all.

- You're crazy.
- Are you crazy?

- You mean, like, really crazy?
- Yes, he's really crazy.


I mean, fool.
He knows a priest can't get married.

I made a vow.
I swore.

- You mean in life?
- That's right.

Then you're crazy.
Other foreign priests may marry.

I knew a priest
who had two wives and six children.

So if your first wife dies, you can
take another one.

He is not a priest.
He's a Protestant ... a pastor.

They have to get married.

We also have a happy ending.

He becomes a Protestant.

That I...?

You're ridiculous.
I've been staying too long already.

But ... father?

Father O'Banion?
Father O'Banion!

Father! I'm sorry I hurt you.
Please don't be angry.

Father O'Banion?

When you’re not too busy,
I want to talk to you.

Yes, father.

Tones inside.

Don't play hide and seek with me.

Come here now.

Father, you better calm down.

- Because of his heart, you know.
- Shall I calm down?

yourself who is probably hugging in the back ...

with our beautiful young chef?

He seemed to be stroking it.

I didn’t hug or caress her.

I was just trying to push it aside.

Then he put his hand
on me and I freed myself.

- I interrupted.
"What did you interrupt, Father?"

Anything you two ...
That's exactly what I 'm trying to find out.

Why did you have to push him aside?

Because of what happened in the garden.

I was afraid of that.


Do you think this is the subject of a joke?

I'm sorry, Father, but it's so tragic
it's funny.

I'll decide.

Tell me in a laughable,
careless way.

What happened in the garden?

He asked me ... to marry me.

He asked that ...
And you agreed, of course.

And now he has come to ask for my blessing.

When will the wedding be?

- Father, it's not time to fool around.
- How right you are.

He noticed that he had suddenly
replaced the Communists,

as my biggest problem?

I did not encourage the girl.

It's just a childish passion.

- That's right once.
- Thank you.

You know, she trusted ...

for I am a more ordinary kind of priest.

Searching unsuccessfully ...

the man she's really in love with ...

and he turned to himself in despair.

Remember what I say.

You are simply ridiculous in
the image of the blonde prince.

And when he finds him,
his problems are solved ...

and may continue the
priestly vocation full time.

In the meantime, you may benefit
from prayer and meditation.

Thank you, Father.

Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka.


I'm sorry, Father,
but Siu-Lan went to the market ...

and has been away for a long time.

"You should have come back by now, I'm worried."
- Yeah I know.

While I was praying to the Virgin Mary ...

until then he himself roared
like a sheep, "Siu-Lan."

How do you know he didn't come back?

- He may be resting in the convent.
- She's not in her room.

You mean, like,
you climbed a monastery wall?

No, I mean I
stood up and didn't answer.

- Father?
- Here's your answer.

- Come in, my child.
- I'm sorry, but I didn't get to the market.

Two soldiers took him to Ho-San headquarters.

Her parents were there too.

- Because they came to Mass?
- Yes, Father.

Oh, what he said was really bad.

I had never heard a boy
talk to his parents like this before. Not worthy of China.

Ho-San is also aware of
the Christian commandment:

"Respect your father and mother."

He broke that command.

His father even burst into tears.

Then Ho-San asked
if I was going with the espionage.

I told him I
would keep my eyes open.

He said his eyes were open too and he liked what he saw, alluding to me.

He said he works hard
and needs a break ...

and asked me to rest with him.

Which means he broke
another commandment.

I was really scared.

Then the soldiers brought in more people ...

and Ho-San said
we would rest at another time.

So I'm here, safe for now.

Well, that's the most important thing.


I'm sorry, Father.
No food for dinner.

Maybe it’s time to
do a miracle.

- That would be nice.
- That's right.

What if we assumed
that it was in front of his eyes ...

a delicious, perfectly cooked meat ...

and as a side dish to it with tasty,
fresh, tender vegetables?

- I'd say I think if I see it.
- All right.

Follow me.

No no.
On the right side.

And lift the tree.

Say. Got it.
Very good.

Bring it here and put it on the table.

- Marhapörkölt.
- Siu-Lan, tessék.

- To make it just ...
- Leave it.

He knows how to make it.

- Do you want me to put it back?
- No.

Ah-Wang knows where he is. By now, he
had probably told the Reds.

I need to figure out a new hiding place.

I kept them for rainy days.

Well, I have to say it's already raining.

Maybe we should eat
before they are served.

- Yes.
- Is there anything else in there?

Well, his brain started working.

Then I forgot.
There are two more bottles of cognac there.

They are on the left.
And carefully lift the tree over.

Siu-Lan, I hope you
don't say that in your spy report.

No, Father.
I will eat too and I will be guilty too.

Well, I got it.

Now I need a drink.

- I'll open it for you.
- No, he won't.

Just bring a glass from the cupboard.

- A glass?
- A glass.

- How is it going?
- I think so.

All they write is
"Warm up and eat."

I've never eaten beef stew before.
Is this an American dish?

Well, I'm sure your taste ...

I'm sorry, Father.
The bottle is open.

- Do you like cognac?
- Oh yes. Yes.

- And what effect does it have on you?
- Oh, I can handle it.

You can bring yourself a glass.

Well, thank you.

Here you go.
Spend a little for yourself.

Father, let's have a brighter future.

You don’t have to drink brandy for one swallow.
It has to be tasted.

Do you knock?

I'm sorry I'm Turkish.
I forget.

It's a religious holiday ...

or has it become their evening habit to
drink more than they need to?

Drink more than you need?
I just took a sip.

Excellent old cognac.

And a whole crate of expensive canned food.

Old priest, I came to inform you
that my parents had finally seen the light.

And there is no doubt
that they will join the People's Party.

But now I know that a much
more serious sin has been committed against the people.

- Food concealment.
- Food concealment?

Father Bovard said he
was an intelligent man.

How can you accuse me of such nonsense?
These canned ...

I will not ignore this impudence .

Compared to a rookie, he
quickly collects violations on his account.

I’m glad their congregation
doesn’t see this now.

They drink the best cognac,
they hide expensive food ...

he took it all on money taken from the poor .

Old man. He lost all
contact with the people.

You know I did
n't take anything from the people.

Ever since I came here, I've just given.

Ho-San, since you can’t find truth on
your side, you’re just telling lies.

Predicted lies!

It's a shame you talked to me like that ...

because it just proved
he was drunk and couldn’t hide it anymore.

For my own sake, I'll take this ...

and this.

Good night.

Make sure they
are evenly distributed among the poor.

If you can’t figure out a striking answer,
just go.

As the saying goes,
"Let's share fairly."

- Thank you, Father.
- But don't drink it for a swallow.

It seems ready for roasting.

Where could Siu-Lan be?

Don't worry about it again.
He will be back.

I can't help it.
With your two bottles of brandy ...

Ho-San still decides
it's time to ... relax.

Her concern is embarrassing.

He must have vacated an awful lot
when he became a priest.

- Father.
- Well, even in times like this ...

we must not lose our sense of humor.

I’ll make sure he’s
really gone.

What the hell are you doing?

He wants me to have dinner with him. I said I had
to cook dinner for you.

That's right. I see that he is
always the protector of the oppressed.

- Let it go.
- Thank you, Father.

Go, go, go.

Violence proves nothing, Ho-San.
You better leave.

Oh yes.
A good Christian does not want violence.

Now we see
how well he practices his religion.

He was taught
to hold his other cheek there as well.

Now the other face.
The other cheek.

The other cheek.
The other cheek.

You are a good Christian.

He defended himself from Ho-San,
but now he is not defending himself.

He has no courage to fight.
There is no courage in it.

A paper tiger.

Thank you, Father, for what you did for me.
I'm so proud.

Congratulations, Father.

If they ever hit in
the name of the Almighty ...

Really, father?

Give me power.

"Can I talk to you, Father?"
- Come in.

It’s very disturbing what I did to Ho-San.

The more I think about the future,
the more restless my heart is.

I regretted being hit.

It’s not an ordinary
chipping in our judgment.

This is the church that resorted
to violence against an officer in the Red Army.

But that big chip will remain.

I said I regretted being hit.
What else can I do?

If you consider the church to be the most important,
perhaps you could rule yourself.

He had just raped Siu-Lan into the car.

I thought it was the will of the Lord
to stop him.

So now you are
putting the Lord on your side?

You know what Ho-San's intentions were.
Don’t say you support rape.

How shrewd.
Avoid attacking me.

- I'm not attacking ...
- Why did you raise your voice?

Why do you feel the need to protect
yourself? Tell me honestly.

Why did you hit Ho-San?

- Well ...
- Exactly why?

In that situation
, I would have come to protect any woman.

But she's not just any woman, Father.
He deviated from the subject again.

- I lost my head.
"Your head, Father O'Banion?"

I brought you dinner, Father Bovard.

I can't eat now, Siu-Lan.

Not even a bite?
She was very gorgeous.

- No thanks.
- Then I'll put it back in the oven.

That when you can eat it should be hot.

Your dinner is waiting in the dining room, Father.

Thanks, I'm not hungry.

Then I'll put yours back in the oven.

Are you mad at me, Father?

- No, of course not.
- Well.

I am so grateful for
what you did for me. You are my hero.

Do you think I enjoy this?

Believe me, I wish with all my heart

that I wish I had
already returned to the United States.

Believe me, I wish the same.

But since I'm here, would you be patient with me?

Allow me to solve
my problems with the help of the Almighty.

I would assure you of this if I thought
the Almighty would help you.

So I'm allied with the devil now?

What an interesting thought.

Your own thought.

Father, I wish you would stop
counting the words.

It's me again.

I brought this bell for you, Father Bovard.

If you are ready for dinner,
please ring.

I don't think
I'm going to eat tonight, Siu-Lan.

No need to hurry.
I look forward to it.

I put a bell
next to your bed, Father.

How considerate of himself.

Well, come on, say it.

No. I'd rather hear from you.

You brought him here.

Why aren't you in bed?

I'm worried about Father Bovard ... too.

Well, he went through a lot.
He must have fallen asleep already.

You don't have to stay.

Don't you need anything?

I do not need anything.

For nothing?

For nothing.

I want to meditate alone.

The moonlight is amazing.

Maybe we could meditate together. If?

I want to meditate alone.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Well, good night.

Good night, Father.

Did you ring, Father?

I didn't ring.

I thought I heard the bell.

You know very well that I didn't ring.

Maybe my
heart echoed in my ear .

He was so brave today. You are the
greatest of all men.

"I'm more in love now
than ever." - Stop!

Now more ...

I owe you more than ever.

What can I do for you, Father?

Just one thing you
could leave me alone, fast.

As you wish.

- Aren't you going to change your mind?
- Go.

- What are you doing here? Get out of here.
- I knew it was going to ring.

I didn't ring. It was a coincidence.
The bell fell off the table.

But this is not true.
He rang and then turned off the lamp.

No no no. It was a coincidence.
It's on the ground. Get out of here now!

- I do not see.
He must have rolled under the bed.

- Get out.
- I'll find you.

- You shouldn't ...
- Father O'Banion, are you awake?


- What went out the window?
- We? What?

That's exactly what I'm asking you.

What went out the window?

- It could have been a bat.
- A bat? In slippers?

Father, you know without your glasses
your vision is a bit blurry.

It's not so vague.
Why did you hesitate?

Couldn't decide if he was awake?

I was awake.

Forgive me, Father.

I didn’t come to help, but I heard you.
I'm a spy, as you know.

You must not
think badly of Father O'Banion.

- I'm trying not to think.
- I heard the bell.

And I came to ask what
he wanted, and he said that ...

the bell fell off the table as
he turned off the lamp.

I see it from here. I'll pick it up.

- Do you see?
- Yes, it's clear.

- It's clear. "Go to your room immediately, you
little bat."

Yes, father.

use the door for variety .

Yes, father.

How could Father O'Banion?

In my long life,
I didn’t know a person like you.

It added a new dimension to the priestly vocation.

Sisters, did you see ...?

- Father Bovard, you should rest.
- That's what we said.

- But he's not listening to us.
- We can do the garden work too.

So should I rest?
In addition to a million and a problem?

And speaking of problems, sisters,
if they did, they would leave us alone ...

i think i can solve one now.

As you wish, Father.

Father O'Banion, before further embarrassing
his own name and his church ...

Siu-Lan has to go.

I agree with you.
We have to send it.

I wish I could be absolutely convinced
that the desire he felt for me was bad.

- I thought I might have made some
progress, but ... - Progress?

The last time he was in his room.

If I hadn't intervened,
where would they have gone from there?

Father O'Banion, I have
a question.

When Siu-Lan came here, he said
he was looking for the man he was in love with.

Did you find him?


Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

So I prayed
that he would come with you.

You have to go now. It's in the garden.
Go and tell me right away.

Yes, father.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

I picked up a few flowers on the table to
decorate for the reheated dinner.

will look like a fresh breakfast with beautiful flowers .

Please, sit down.

Sri Lanka ...

I thought very seriously.

- About us?
- Yes.


You must leave the mission.

You mean, it's time to say goodbye?


But you can’t say it seriously,
knowing that I love you with all my heart.

If you consider me so important,
never say that again.

- But you ... - Promise me you'll never
tell me that again.

All right, father.

I promise...

i will never say ...

that "I love you" again.

But it will always go through my thoughts ...

and in my dreams.

You can't protect yourself from my dreams.

From those beautiful dreams.

That proves you have to go.

I know it's hard to say goodbye.

- Cruel.
- Maybe, but that's the only solution.

But I will always remember ...

Goodbye, Siu-Lan.

- Father, I can't leave.
- You have to.

Make a note of my words.

On the next bus that comes through this, you
will be on it.

I'm going to get off it.

Father Bovard, I can't say a word.
All our work is in ruins.

They demolish the chapel and
take everything out of school.

- Maybe if they protested at Ho-San ...
- That might help.

It would just deliver more.

I'm sorry, sisters,
but they can't prevent this.

The nurse.

Our medicines were believed to
be consecrated water.

Everything was destroyed,
including penicillin.

They are now spreading diseases
along with their propaganda.

Oh, no.

Act fast, Ho-San.

My comrades were enthusiastic and went
beyond my instructions.

For sure.

ordered some changes in the chapel.

Do you want to watch it?

From now on, it will be a
meeting place for the leaders of the People's Party .

Ho-San ...

We have prayed many times together in this place.

Why you did this
with this consecrated chapel ...

maybe God
will be merciful to your miserable soul.

Knowing his worries,
his heart was still beating.

"Can I do anything, Father?"
- Nothing.

Ho-San holds a meeting in the chapel.

I think you better not mind
until you leave.

- Thank you. It will be.
- Good night.

He's still breathing.

Thanks to sleeping pills, you
don't know you're here.

Do you have any plans for us to do it tonight
or tomorrow?

I no longer trust priests.






Dissolve it.

- Father.
- He didn't sin.

It was unintentional.

I can no longer
serve you with innocence.

I was hoping ...

I'm going home now.

Oh, my father!


I brought you some herbal tea.

It will do good to your heart.


And I wrote down how to make it
when I’m no longer here.

My child, I don't know
how well Father O'Banion expressed himself ...

but you have to go.

And remember,
everything happens for the best.

But, Father, if you could ...

My child ...

i am much older and wiser.

And you are so young.

Father, I have just comforted Siu-Lan.

He seems
very upset for no reason .

I’m sorry I have to be strict,
but I have no choice.

Sri Lanka ...

One day, with a smile, he
will remember it all.

Yes, father.

Then you are a great help.
Why didn't you help me comfort me?

I thought he had said enough.

It seems to be as
difficult for him as it is for him.

I know divorce is hard ...

but after what happened,
Father O'Banion, this ...

- Ho-San is calling us. - Tell me you
're sick. I'm going alone.

- He wants both of us.
- Why don't you leave me alone?

My glasses.
My only glasses.

I won't be able to read now.

I will be happy to read it to you
whenever you wish, Father.


In the meantime, we better
find out what Ho-San wants ...

otherwise, it may be that St. Peter
will read it to both of us.


Uh, Ho-San ...


Well, at least he suffers in a luxurious environment.

What's wrong?

Something serious, I hope.

A knife was stabbed in me ... in my back.

Who would do that to a
person as lovable as you?

That's my business.

But I can assure you that the perpetrator
will receive the punishment he deserves.

That's why I called myself ...

because the wound became infected.

Good. Good.

That's not funny, old man!

I may be old and I’m not funny,
but now it looks like I’m going to survive you.


Have a fever.
40 degrees.

Yes, 41 degrees would be enough already.

Your doctor can
be sure to treat the infection.

You do not currently have the right medicine.

What a coincidence.

You need penicillin ...

and the enlightened comrades
destroyed our supply.

In what other mission is penicillin?

And why should we tell?

Because that...

their foolish religion does not allow
a man to die.

Well, at least that's what you remember.

All right.

Penicillin must be found at
the Lao-Cham converts ...

if your comrades have
not yet taken on the mission ...

and destroyed the life-saving medicine.

We have not yet released Lao-Cham.

How unfortunate.

Well, we have nothing to do ...

just wait for the end.

Ho-San ...

I can go on a mission to Lao-Cham
if you give me permission to

to go through
communist territory.

- And why would you do that?
"In return for Father Bovard's freedom."

I take it with me and
come back alone with penicillin.

Don't bargain with this devil.

- I accept your offer.
- Well.

But with just one change.

Leave the old man here
until he gets back.

- Then he will be released.
- What security do you give him?

I give it my word.

And I give my word for that too ...

if he doesn't come back ...

he will be killed.

Take the necessary action.

I'm leaving immediately.


Bye bye.
And don't come back.


Then at least drive slowly.

I will be ill from these many shocks.

Can I get out of here now?

I think so now.

Will he get medicine to
make Ho-San heal?

Is this called
evil to be reciprocated by good?

Something like that.

Then I would never be a good Christian.

I wish I had dug that knife deeper.

Siu-Lan, you should go beyond
this bitterness.

But I wish he was dead.

That bus goes to your home.

I never thought
it would end that way.

She will be home
safely with her parents soon .

That should be enough for the trip.

- If I could just stay.
- Please.

Enough of this.


There is a word in another language ...

which sounds sadder than "goodbye"?


But you have to be sad.

Siu-Lan, I wish you well ...

and happiness.

Maybe you don't have a little photo?


Oh, it's okay.

I will always remember your face.

Will you forget my face, Father?

Of course not.

I know I promised
not to express my feelings.

Would you tell me how you feel?

Say something
I can remember forever.

Something I can keep forever.

What would you say if you weren't a priest?

I would answer this:

I will never think of myself again ...

as far as I do at the moment.

Can I take comfort in this?


The bus is here.

Goodbye, my good friend ...

Father O'Banion.

Bye bye.

Goodbye my friend.

I will always remember ...

I've been waiting for you.

Greetings in the cellar.

Father, I'm afraid
Ho-San won't let go.

This is nothing new to me.

The next day after he left, he
liquidated the entire mission.

I heard he was now a military barracks.

What happened to the nurses?

They were deported from the occupied territory.

The Chinese sisters were
sent back to their village.

It is forbidden to lean against the wall.

Of course, he got penicillin.

Ho-San's condition is already improving.

In moments, you will
feel better than I do.

And as a reward, he’ll let
you rot with me here.

I partly blame myself, Father.

Why? You kept his word.

I did more
than keep my word.


I smuggled Siu-Lan out of
the mission area.

Did you smuggle it?
But he could have left freely.

Or did he just want the pleasure of
being in his company?

I took her to a bus that will take her home.

He was in great danger because of Ho-San.

- I do not understand.
- Well ...

Forget it.

So the blonde prince
saved the girl again .

Well, at least he's not a part of his life.

Unless he promised to write to him.

The two of you look worse and worse
every time I see you.

They don't even know how sorry I am
that these months full of suffering ...

they would have been avoided
if these confessions had been signed.

My confession seems thicker.

What have you added
since you were thrown in jail?

Probably hiding lice.

They act like fools.

We act like Christians.

They are intentionally committing a deadly sin.


But I'm sorry
they won't have a chance,

to continue to torture themselves.

The superior will soon arrive from Beijing.

And then they won't have an easy time.

We miss the easy life.

I am sure about that.

That man is not blessed
with my patience.

They have their own methods of persuasion.

Like pulling out your nails?

Do you expect
us to be soft with our enemies?

As you made it soft
when I almost became a priest?

Now look at me.

I have
an important part in a strong movement ...

which will soon liberate the world.

- There is no limit to my future.
- Your future?

I thought there was no place for
individual ambitions in the People’s Party.

I warn you that even
my patience can reach its limits.

These confessions
must be signed immediately!

Young priest, you're smarter.

Would you explain to this
confused old man ...

that signing papers
means freedom?

I'm trying to help you.

So you're trying to help us?

And I'm the confused old man?

You are a blasphemer and a traitor,
a disciple of the devil.

I know what you're up to.

Who will make my confession ...

in the village with all those lies ...

for people to read that
I spent my whole life scamming.

I came to China on behalf of the Lord ...

to take care of the sick
and the poor.

I will not deceive them.

I will never fool them.

Now I want to go back to my cell to sleep.

If he dies, he will go to his prison.
You will kill him.

He will be a martyr of the people
who loved and respected them.

And then what will
people think of you, Ho-San?

I will instruct my soldiers
to leave the mission area.

So you can go back and
die in your own bed.

I think this will be the best
for your future.

I'll be done soon.

Ho-San brought my bed back
to die in it.

I'm not worried about you anymore, Father.
You are indestructible.

Be careful with that razor.

I have to
keep my little blood left over.

I can do this on my own.

I have to say my help was
in his two-handed way.

’m even starting to feel some appreciation for you.

That's the sweetest thing
you've ever told me, Father.

I know, I've already regretted it.


Well, I'll put myself here.

The soldiers, in their haste outward
, forgot some food here.

I’m lucky, maybe I can make a Sino-Irish stew.

I'll take a risk after the prison toast.

But there should be only one chewy meat per serving.

While it cooks, I wash a little.

Sino-Irish stew?

Father, I hope you feel better.

- How did my stew taste?
- I made a mistake.

I was so hungry
that I ate two chewy meats.

Well, I did a lot more, just
in case you changed your mind.

I will not.

Sri Lanka.

Forgive my father for coming back.

But I need help.

I'm expecting a baby.


Come in.
I give him permission.

Come in.

Come on, baby.
Sit down.

Thank you, Father.

If I were married, I would be
overwhelmed with happiness now.

But now I have only sadness.

When his father realized his condition,
he instructed him to leave his home.

To preserve the memory of our ancestors.


And her mother?

My father gave money without his knowledge
and wished him luck.

Then he came back here.

Well, father.

Siu-Lan, why did you come back?

She's back because she's expecting a child.

Oh, no.

This is a terrible situation.

I'm sorry, Siu-Lan.

This possibility never occurred to me.

He should have sent it earlier.


This is a tragedy.

I agree.

Stop walking up and down and
do something. Call for help.

"I'll bring Ho-San's mother here."
- Please.

Why Ho-San's mother?

Ho-San is the father.

"Didn't Father O'Banion tell you?"
- No.

He also knows
it happened against my will.

- All is well?
- Nan hsiao wa wa.

--Nan hsiao ... micsoda? --Wa

Father Bovard.

Father Bovard.
Siu-Lan had just given birth to the baby.

- Boy or girl?
- A nan hsiao wa wa.

She must be strong while she is breastfeeding.

That's exactly what I was thinking.
I heat the stew.

You barely touched it.

Crush, pull out, and take out
those horrible chewy meats.

Maybe it will be nutritious for him.

- Oh, Father Bovard.
- Yes?

Mi az a nan hsiao wa wa?

A beautiful baby boy.

I made some food.

I hope it will taste fine.


Very beautiful.

But this kind of beauty
comes from a wonderful love between a man and a woman .

As it should be.

I heard I have a son.

I thought it was best if you knew.

Strong family similarities, Ho-San.

Too strong.

"I'd talk to Siu-Lan face to face."
- No.

Don't leave him alone, Father.

I'll be outside nearby.

What about Ho-San?

Oh, Ho-San was a beautiful baby.

Well, it has changed.

The baby is crying.
He must be in pain.

Maybe the baby wants his dad.

I will move this mother and child
to my parents ’house as soon as possible .

I will not allow my mother
and father to come on a mission.

Good. This will make it easier for them.

And you,
come to my headquarters tomorrow morning.

What did you say when you were alone?

He said something like he regretted
that this was how things happened,

because if it hadn't happened ...

it would have happened differently
or something like that.

Compared to Ho-San, that means a lot.

Not for me.

I now foresee the future of
"nan hsiao wa wa".


Good morning.

Young priest.
I called it because ...

Before you begin, I
have a message for you from your son.

He said, "Gu."

Don't talk like an idiot.

I received important news.

Many other priests and converts ...

they signed their confession
and left China.

At least they had the wits
to admit defeat.

Please explain to my comrade ...

since he doesn't speak russian
and i don't speak chinese ...

I also speak English.

Good. Good.

So we have a common language,
even if it is despicable.

Please understand, Comrade,
that the Russians ...

they do not give the appearance that
they have power over themselves.

I am only here to suggest those who will exercise this power.

Forgive me.

I am aware of your rank, Comrade.

Why is the priest here?

He only taught about communism.

What a pity he doesn't have a better teacher.

Well, if you'll excuse me.


You mean, like, this alien spy ...

does he actually come
and go as he pleases?

Only between this house and the mission.

There is an old priest who became very ill
when he was in prison.

- And I thought ...
- I know.

His file shows that
he spends a lot of time thinking individually.

And little else.

Please, sit down.
We'll talk to you later.

Comrade, this is your file.

Absolutely the worst thing I
’ve ever had the misfortune to study.

The village's folk education plan ...

his results are worse than deplorable.

Because the old priest had a
great influence on the people.

But the old priest wanted to leave China.

- Why did you stop it?
- I thought...

Here, he's thinking again.

It seemed best to put
it on a pedestal in front of people.

So he's been here a year.
Why didn't you put it on your cloak?

It is a very difficult case.
He doesn't know him.


But I'm getting to know you.

Colonel himself is soft.
Take this house, for example.

Why live in this luxury ...

should you be with your soldiers in the village?

- I have a military barracks there.
- Yes, what's covered in dust.

And these are upscale furniture.

Why don't you distribute it to people ...

according to the rules of procedure of the People's Party?

I distributed the food I found here.

But what would peasants
do with this upscale furniture?

Would they use firewood
to cook their rice?

So you are
talking contempt about the peasants.

I just meant they did
n’t need classy things.

That's why
you take all the classy things yourself, huh?

This is a sad situation.

Very sad...

to find an officer in office
who did not teach himself.

No matter how much you deny it.
You are still a Christian.

He left the priests free, even though
they did not sign their confessions.

He sent his own soldiers from the barracks ...

for priests to live in luxury.

If you think you have eight months in captivity ...


He refused to share with the people ...

to afford
to live in luxury as a capitalist.

You bring shame to
the Communist Army.

You betrayed the People's Party.

- I did what I thought was best.
- He's thinking again.

He always thinks.

If they send me where I will suggest ...

you will have a lot of time to think.

I will also suggest that
Comrade Chung Ren replace himself in his position.

Thank you, comrade.

Before sending elsewhere ...

i'll show you how you should
have done your thing.

I would love to learn.

I’ll start by showing you how to get
the old priest to testify quickly.


By any further torture of Father Bovard ...

they only
violate their own interests before the people.

Ho-San is right.

We found another match ...

about how
he and the church govern the People’s Party.

However, with your permission,
we will act in accordance with the agreed procedure.

Within 24 hours, Chung Ren
obtains the testimony of both priests.

And within 25 hours, you will be sent ...

Do you know, Colonel?
The further I look at you ...

the farther you will be sent.

Get ready for a long trip tomorrow.

So the suffering started ...

to us and to you.

They're just going to be sent.

I wonder what will happen to your son.

Fortunately, he is too young
to remember himself.

- But since family ties
mean nothing ... - Stop it!

You're right.

I'm sorry.

What worries you, comrade?

Don't have a stomach for that?

I didn’t know I should enjoy it.


Are they ready to testify and
tell the people the truth?

- Are you ready, Father?
- Yes.

He is ready to tell the truth.

The old man is weakening.
Ready to testify.

"This is the man you called 'my father,'
this is the man you trusted ..."

this is the man you confessed to ...

you will hear from your own mouth
how he has betrayed you.

Turn it over.
What do you say?

He was asked to testify
on behalf of himself and the young priest.

But those who asked him to testify
made it difficult for him to speak ...

due to strangulation.

Your dog opens his mouth too wide.

And at the cost of difficulties.

"Here is my answer to those who tortured me.

Their leaders are ...

who destroyed
their religious freedom ...

and they humbled themselves
into slavery. "

"But they cannot destroy
their faith in God ...

if they have the willpower
to let fire burn in their hearts. "

I never wanted violence.

Let's pray ...

that no one may lose his life because of me.

I called the barracks to
report this situation.

- They're sending reinforcements.
- No reinforcement required.

30 armed soldiers
can control the crowd.

So can you control this ...?

So can you control
this situation with 30 soldiers?

Some inferior villains from the mountains
joined the crowd.

- Priests will be punished for this. "So
what's your next brilliant idea, Comrade?"

Public hearing for priests,
followed by execution.


Before they take me,
could I have another thought?


I would suggest that
you deport the priests now ...

there would be no living role models
or dead martyrs.

The uprising would have no cause.

Do you know?
This time the soft is right.

Get rid of the causers.

Shameful expulsion from China.

Not ashamed, Father.

People will always remember
that you told the truth yourself.

I hope so.

Ez Ho-San.

Now send us back to the village to
be shot.

This is not an instruction.
I'm trying to escape.

- I need their help.
- How can we help?

I planned everything.
Get in my car.

If we're lucky, we'll do it before ...

I just wanted to ask if you understand English.

No more questions now.
Hurry up. I'll tell you everything later.

This was my last
act that did not fit the Christian.

You can sit up now.
Don't drown.

Sri Lanka.

I'm grateful they joined.
I hope we have a safe journey.

Is he here by free will?

I'm just with Ho-San for the baby.

If we get to Hong Kong freely ...

we are getting married ...

just because of the baby.

Just to give the baby a name.


There is more to it.
I want to raise my son ...

"A fiamat"?

Our son ...

where parents are free to
talk to their child.

You have to learn a lot from your father’s mistakes.

He was a strong opponent, Ho-San.

I hope
he will be just as strong as an ally.

I'm trying to be like that.

One day, I
suffered a lifelong disappointment.

I saw my mother
and father shot in a chapel ...

just because they went to pray.

Oh, no.

After all my years in China ...

a sense of uselessness caught on.

Not my father. This is the greatest recognition
the Communists have been able to give themselves.

They were so afraid of his strength
that they had to reject themselves.

That's exactly what I told you.

They follow us.

This is the killer of Chung Ren, my mother and father.

Forgive me for a moment.
I'll be right back.

I have now performed my first act
as a returned Christian.

See how well I designed it?

The guards on the communist side of the bridge
will think ...

that we are a poor peasant family.

And they are strangers
who have expulsion papers.

But on the free side,
we will suddenly not be strangers to each other.

I replaced the baby's pelus.
We are ready to go.

My wife will be their cook
and I will be their humble maid.

And will we guarantee your own plan?

This is my plan.
I figured everything out.

You better think again about
how to become a humble homemaker.

Forgive my apparent arrogance ...

but I brought ourselves
a few miles from freedom.

thought of this brain they wanted to turn off .

For everything except that.

They showed again how stupid they were.

- It's impossible to land in this place.
- It doesn't sound like a plane.


Let's hide quickly among the trees.

They think I'm traveling alone.
Without me...

they can safely cross the border.

Siu-Lan, one day you might be
telling our son good things about me.

He will be very proud of you.

Father Bovard, wait!

They are the godparents.
My uncle Ho Yung Fung ...

and my aunt Ho Tai Tai.

Well, it would be time
to baptize the baby.

What name will the child be given?

It was your idea.
You tell me.


Ho what?


His wish is to keep
his name in my family.

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