Sat Shri Akaal England (2017) - full transcript

After getting his visa to Germany denied, a man tries to marry British woman so he can move to England.

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Hello, friends.

I am Monika, live from
Living India News Channel.

As you can see,
we are in a beautiful village of Punjab.

Like Southall in the UK
is considered as the Mini Punjab,

similarly, this village in Punjab
is known as Mini America.

It's because two thirds of the people
from here are well settled

with big mansions of Punjab...

the clean roads,

filled with imported goods

and imported cars.

This is what he gave me.


He said that

whenever I wish to talk to him,
I should "ping" him.

Someone tell him

that if I can't handle a phone properly,
then how can I handle a computer?

He wants me to "ping" him.

I don't know what black magic

she has done on my son.

It has been five years.

Neither he has come
nor has he sent my grandsons.

That witch has given such weird names
to my grandsons.

Cha Singh, Shoo Singh.

What kind of names are those?

We visited the entire village.

Now let's talk to seniors sitting here.


I have toured the whole village.

I didn't see a single young man.

-Can I ask something?
-Go ahead.

Is there any young man left
in this village?

There is, dear.

There is one young man.


Mann's son. Major German Singh Mann.

So he has a big post in the army!


German, don't ruin it
with the over practicing.

Here's your file.
It's time for the interview.

I think you didn't hear it, daddy.

Oh my! My son talks so well in English!

Bless me!

What's happening?

Myself Major Ger... Uh...

Not England, Major! What's this nonsense!

This won't help you.

It is so difficult to lie.

My name is...

-I am working...
-Very good, Mr. Khan.

Be confident. Don't be scared of anything.

Talk with confidence.
You are good in English.

I understood.

Talk in English.

Stick to English. That's it.

As you wish. Don't mess up.

So what if you didn't get England's visa?

We still aren't out of countries or money.

We will try some other place.

For now, only his visa application
is being rejected.

In a few years, his marriage proposals
will also get rejected.

He might end up with getting neither
the meat nor the milk

from the goat.

Stop blabbering.

Teja has gone to England when he was 26.

He got married when he was 28.

My son got late because he was studying.

You need to have some change
in the pocket to get the visa.

You cannot make money without
having some money of your own.

Aunt, I am starving.
Please serve me dinner.

Sister-in-law, you shouldn't be so proud
of your money.

My son too will go abroad.

Otherwise, change my name.

Why are you getting upset, big brother?

She has a habit of joking.

I am not joking.

I suggest that you find a nice place
and get him married.

I cannot cook for everyone every day.

I want to get rid of them.

Okay then!

You just wait and watch, sister-in-law.

I'll have the most beautiful
daughter-in-law in the village.

German, get up!

-Let's go!

You didn't get the visa?
But you were very good in English.

Let me tell you the real reason.

These Englishmen don't like us.

It's not the fault of our English.
I am very good in English.

Damn you, Shahid Khan!
You got my visa rejected!

Well done, Major.

You have hit the jackpot this time.

An Indian girl as your visa officer.

What's your name, dear?

Hey, you are a Punjabi!
Forget that, you are a relative!

You know my aunt, Baljeet?
She is married to a Khanna.

They live in the Cable lane.

Where do you stay in Khanna?

I am from Delhi. Khanna is my surname.

Delhi isn't far away either.

If there is no traffic, it's just
seven hours away, give or take.

Don't tire yourself.

I'll come over there and give them to you.

Stay there.

Your name is quite interesting.

It is not interesting. It is troublesome.

While filling forms, I run out of space
before my name ends.

You know what happened?

My grandfather wanted to make me a Major.

And my father wanted to send me
to Germany.

And Mann is our caste.

I have taken four interviews till now.

All four of them made fake documents
to get a visa.

But I am pleased to meet
an honest person like you.

Let's begin the interview.

Look Sonia, honestly speaking,

if you give me the visa...

-I won't be coming back from England.

But I can give you
a visa only for 15 days.

What will I do with a 15-day visa?

Look, the flight itself
is eight hours long.

It takes around two hours to get out of
the airport, including toilet break.

So in total I need a 12-hour visa.

I won't come back.

Then what about your 100 acres of land?

I have added an extra zero to it.
I have only 10 acres.

Ten acres is a lot.
You can get a car in the dowry.

But I am not into dowries and all.

I want to go abroad.
Please give me the visa.

It was a pleasure to meet you.

Sonia, just because I am going abroad...

it doesn't mean that our story ends here.

You can write your address
and your phone number

on the last page of the file.

I promise I will call you
once I go abroad.

I always keep my promises. That is true.

She isn't with me.

My father has come with me.
He is waiting downstairs.

Did I get the visa?

You give it to me so quickly.

This is the benefit of being a Punjabi.

He is trying for England.

It would be great if he pulls through.

Father, come with me.

Shall I book the tickets?

Yes, to go back to the village.

I will be stupid to think
about going abroad again.

Brother, I have to go abroad at any cost.

Let's try once again.

Let me tell you, you have no hope left.

-No, you won't get it.

-It's impossible. Go away.

You won't get it.

-You. Listen.
-You listen to me.

Boota, why don't send him to Germany?

Uncle, his visa application for Germany
has already been rejected three times.

I think this time embassy
will stamp abuses on his passport.

Will that be fine?

Boota, do they also teach a song
or something inside, before the interview?

Uncle, they don't interrogate
for murder in there.

He has a bad habit of telling the truth.

Tell me something.

Why doesn't he say what's written
in the file?

Son, it will be a huge favor.

Do something about him.

his aunt will laugh at both of us.

Sir, people laugh at me.

There was a Visa, but your dearest played

He played with my reputation
Boota please do.

Help me, brother.

I swear, I won't tell the truth.

I will lie so much that even criminal
shows will make a feature on me.

Okay then.

It will cost you 350,000 rupees.

Okay, sir?

Your job will be done.


US A MISSED CALL ON 9814569677

What is this nonsense!

You should have come in a car
or something.

Nowadays even eunuchs come in cars.

At least take my reputation
into consideration.

-I came here quite often.
-Hello, brother.

This baby elephant is very lucky for us.

And listen.

Don't underestimate me.

I have done four tours in Malaysia.

Principal in the school of idiots.

Which dog was listening to you
in Malaysia?

You guys are worse than me.

Stubborn monkeys. Let's go.



Let me talk to them, okay?

I will do all the talking.

You just sit with your mouth sealed.

Or don't sit.

Still I will do all the talking.

This isn't a classroom.

We will first interview you.

Then if Mr. Wilson wants,
we will also test your music skills.

Mr. Wilson wants to know
when did you guys meet?

We just met outside, in the parking.

He means today we met in the parking.

We have known each other
for the past 10 to 15 years.


How many shows you have in England?


You didn't look at this.

Okay! Four.

You please come this way.

He will take us down.

How much are you being paid for this trip?


He said 300,000 per show.

This is bad. He pays us only 3,000.

Drag them out.

Hit him! Hit him!

You ruined it for us!

Please don't hit me.

We got a chance to perform
in England with great difficulty.

They are hitting him.

They are hitting him.

Save him. You need his help.

I'll pay a hit man to get rid of you.

You are a fraud.

Go! Come on.

The police is here!

Police! Police! The police is here!

Run! Run!

Boota, please listen to me.

Listen to me! Get out of my office!

Otherwise, I'll hire goons to beat you up.

Listen, son

Once my son boards the plane,
you can take the money you want.

Uncle, I don't want your money.

Hello, PT teacher for monkeys.

My father didn't say 1.2 million.

Shut up. I don't want to talk to you.

Uncle, you were talking
about 1.2 to 1.4 million.

Okay, you can take 1.4 million.

But I like my respect more than money.

Okay then, 1.5 million.


Listen Boota, 1.7 million, final!
That's it.

-How much did you say?
-1.7 million.

1.7 million?

You are making a bad deal, father.

Look at his face.
Does he deserve to get 1.7 million?

Shut your mouth. Aunt, sorry, uncle.

Respect can be earned again.

One never knows when one gets
a chance to make 1.7 million again.

How can German not go aboard
when I am here?

Shame on me and my office!
Start making preparations.

-Will it work?
-It will.

Of course it will, Mr. Mann.
Do one thing. Lift your hand.

No, put that hand down. Yes.

This one like this. Close your eyes.

When I say three, you use it.

-Use what?
-The deadly weapon.

One, two, three.

Oh, you can do it.

A girl who is a citizen
of England will come here.

She will do a fake wedding with you

and she will fly back to England
with you just like an eagle.

This parcel from England
is really extra large.

That eagle will kill this mouse.

Let's go. Here's the board.

Where are we going?

Boota has asked me not to talk to you.
You should go and talk to him.

Which idiot Boota are you talking about?
I don't know any such person.

Look, he might be an idiot
but he is my brother.

I cannot say anything.

-You talk to him.

My name isn't Geet. It's Komal.

With the heavy hand you have,
your name should be King Kong.

Here we are.

-You have come to pick us up?

Are you my father's brother-in-law's son
who I've come to pick up?

-Move aside.
-Why did you taking the longer route?

Couldn't you say uncle's son instead?

You have come to pick me up?

If I had been so lucky,
I'd have gone to Germany three years ago.

Idiot, then why are you holding a board
with my name on it?

I am Geet.

Get my bags. Listen to him talk!

-Which one of them is your bag?
-The red one.

My name is Lakkha Jhol.

One in a million, Lakkha.

You don't know me.

Idiot! Who is he?

How does it concern you? Let's go.

Oh my God! She is so beautiful.

-How did she agree to marry German?
-Shut up.

God bless you, son.

Be well, my son.

Congratulations, German.

Who is he?

The middleman.

This tiny one is the middleman?

Son, you should wear decent clothes
for the wedding.

We took 1.7 million from you.

But that doesn't mean
that even old wrecks insult me.

He is the one paying1.7 million.

He doesn't look like
he can pay 1.7 million.

And listen. This isn't our first wedding.

Okay, but it is my first wedding.

Come with me.

-Here, brother. Have some sweets.

Take this, sister-in-law.
Have some sweets.

Make sure your blood sugar
has been checked.

Did you look at the girl?
She is so beautiful.

I don't understand how
did she agree to marry German?

You keep your mouth shut.

I thought everything
has already been discussed

but there is nothing like
having a face-to-face conversation.

Tell me, I am listening.

You won't believe it, but I cannot lie.

It might be a fake wedding
but my desires are real.

My aunt is about to have a heart attack.

And there is commotion in the village.
You just don't ask.

She doesn't need to ask.
You are saying everything on your own.

Well, I had come to give this money.

I have already given 500,000 to Boota.

And I have given you 300,000 earlier.

And here's another 300,000.

I'll give the rest once I go abroad.

Give it to me as soon as we reach England

or else I won't sign
on the citizenship report.

Your height and your attitude match.

What do you mean?

Straightforward, like a stick.

Don't get beaten up by a stick.

You are getting married tomorrow.
Go and dance.

Listen, brother.

I am ready to pay 2.7
instead of 1.7 million.

Can this fake wedding
turn into a real one?

Cutting the cake and having it too?

Don't lose the cake because of your greed.

She is very hot-tempered.

What was he saying?

He said there is no commode
in the bathroom.

I said it's not a big deal.
We will manage.

Dust the sheets before you spread them.

Arrange the chairs.
Go and keep the sofa in my room.


Yes, father?

Son, what if our lie gets caught?

No, father. Don't worry.

I will turn this lie
into the truth in a few days.

And your son likes
your fake daughter-in-law.

God bless you.

-I'll go and meet the cook.
-We are there.

-There you go.

-Get down.

-Yes, uncle?
-All good?

Yes, uncle. All good!

-What brings you here?

Everyone in the village
is talking about German's wedding.

I thought I should go and inquire.

I heard that you are getting married
to a citizen of England?

-I swear, I don't believe it.

Are you my wife's uncle that
I need to convince you to get married?

And what do you mean by inquire?

Oh no, let's see.

Hey, this means it is true.

Bitto, she is wearing hot pants.

I find her to be hot.

She agreed to marry German?

I swear, I don't believe it.

No, I didn't see anything.

Get this straight.

Before I thrash you
in front of the whole village,

go near that wall, eat some fritters
with green chutney and leave.

One more thing.

Don't eat cottage cheese fritters.

You can have the cauliflower fritters.

Cottage cheese fritters
are for my relatives.


Let's go, Bitto.

-Take him along.



German, I was wondering,
your family will be the bride's in-laws.

So you should send the girl to our place.

We'll be her maternal family
and your family could be her in-laws.

Why are you in such a hurry, aunt?

We are getting married tomorrow.

We both will be there.
You can look at her every day.

No, I was just wondering,
she came all by herself.

Where is her family?

We still haven't started serving lunch.

Do you know who I am?

How should I know?
Are you the bride's father?

-Yes, I am.
-Get lost.

Hey, serve me some more fritters.

This is my daughter's in-law's house.

Where will I eat, if not here?

What are you saying?

How can girls get married
without their parents?

-Come here!
-Get this straight!

I will start protesting right here!
Let me warn you.

-Get lost!

Come here.
Come here. Come here. Come here.

Boota, you better talk to the waiter.
Otherwise, I'll teach him a lesson.

Enough, try to understand.

Son, the girl is so beautiful.

Her face doesn't match
with her father at all.

Yes, she has taken after her mother.

Look how beautiful she is.

As if her mother is Madhuri Dixit.

Their complexion is bad.

Sister, it is not easy to earn pounds.

You have to lose your heart
and your color. Right?

what are you doing over here?

-Go and make tea for the guests.

Where did you get these oldies from?

You should have brought some
decent looking parents for her.

Mr. Mann,
they are hard working decent people.

And he is also the head
of the labor union.

I don't want him to sit for protests.

Look at his face.
Does he look like my father-in-law?

He looks like Chris Gayle's father-in-law.

Boota, the father-in-law can be ignored.

But at least the mother-in-law
should be decent looking.

-I am leaving then.

Stop it, father. Don't interrupt.

What stop it? One has a right
to joke after being two pegs down.

You can drink three and joke with me.
Leave them alone.

Son, we deserve to get rings
as a wedding gift.

Don't make me stuff your mouth
with a gold bangle.

Not the mouth, it's worn on the wrist.

This one is stuffed in the mouth.

Ignore this greedy man, son.

But do pay us
before we leave in the evening.

You will get your pay, aunt.

But you have to keep two things in mind.

-You don't take any parcels when leaving.

And you will open your mouth only to eat.

All your replies should be
just in murmurs.

And get this straight, Boota.

Make sure they dress well.

-Okay. Done.

-Take them away.

-Let's go, father.
-Let's go. You shouldn't talk too much.

Let's go.


I have a condition.

Oh really? You have that right?


What is it, Geet?
Did he say something? Yes?

He is putting conditions on me.

No, I said it by mistake
thinking about the wedding.

It isn't my condition. It is my request.

Tell her to wear decent clothes
while she is in this village.

Why? Do these clothes cause trouble?

No, but she can at least try
to dress decently.

She is from England. She isn't from here.

Tomorrow, you will also want her
to clean the floor.

You know that here girls wear such clothes
only when playing badminton.

She will get married
in an Indian attire, right?

I'll go to Patiala and get a few beautiful
Patiala dresses for her.

-Brother, aunt might end up insulted.

Now he is talking.

Okay, she will wear Indian dresses.

But it will cost you another 25,000 daily.

Let's fix a lump sum.
It will last only for five to six days.

Fine, give a lump sum amount of 100,000.

I would like to praise you.

-I have never seen a leech like you.
-No problem.

Then good luck dressing her up
in Indian attire.

Fine, I will pay 100,000. Good.


Congratulations to you too.

-Thank you.

Congratulations, aunt.

Son, don't be too pleased.

She is taking money to get married.

Otherwise, you will get upset later.

Father, she is worth it.

It's not a problem if I have to bear
some more trouble because of her.

And as elders say,
you have to die to visit heaven.

Geet, now you are just like family.

Can I make a request?

Don't get too cozy.

It will cost you.

Don't worry about the money.

I'll manage it like this.

Lakkha, please come here.


He says he wants to spend some money.

Money will be spent like this.

Look at this.

Honestly speaking,
I feel like puking when I see you.

Just like when you feel like puking
sitting on the last seat

in the bus while traveling to Shimla.

Fine, then you sit on the engine
of the bus to Shimla

and I will get our plane ready
and start packing.

How many bags do you have
that you need time to pack?

You have one small red bag.
It won't even take five minutes.

Fine, then I will be back in five minutes.

Lakkha, please listen to me.

God will bless you.

Tell her to be a little polite
towards the villagers.

Otherwise, they will get suspicious.

Per day or lump sum?

Lump sum?

One hundred thousand.

Fine. You can take it from the cash gifts.

Hand over the rest to me.

-Lakkha, you should start packing.


-Give me 100,000 rupees.
-Why do you need it?

Meeting and greeting?

Your hand please.

Congratulations, German. Take it.

This is for you.
And this is for your wife.

Give it here. Take this.

This is not fair. This is not fair.

Why are you crying, headman?
You too go ahead.

Get lost! We don't get along with you.
Go away.

-What was this?
-Meeting and greeting?

Give me the money back.

-Give me the money back.

Fifty thousand is enough.

If she keeps greetings so freely,
you will get loads of gifts.

Come on, let's take some photographs.
Come on, come here.

She had brown eyes
And a wheatish complexion

She had brown eyes
And a wheatish complexion

She looked like an angel to me

She just passed by me
And stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She had brown eyes
And a wheatish complexion

Blooming like spring was her beauty

Her lips couldn't stop smiling

Blooming like spring was her beauty

Her lips couldn't stop smiling

She shook my world

She shook my world

She is an enchanting witch!

She just passed by me
And stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She had brown eyes
And a wheatish complexion

She was wearing a bright red dress

She bumped into me at the village fair

She was wearing a bright red dress

She bumped into me at the village fair

The single strand of hair on her forehead

The single strand of hair
On her forehead targeted me

She just passed by me

And stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She stole my heart away

She had brown eyes
And a wheatish complexion



Think about it once again.

This is the most precious thing I possess.

Father, the one I am giving it to
is the most precious thing of my life.

This necklace has big stones.

Big stones to fulfill big desires.


If it is so then go fulfill your desires.

Go, my son.

Hello! Where are you off to?
Where are you going?

-I am going inside.
-I know that you are going inside.

Is there a tunnel to England from here?

Will I have to ask you to meet her
for even two minutes?

You can meet her in the morning.
Go away. You cannot meet her now.

Father, please come here.

Tell him where I am going and what for.

What happened?

Talk to him.


Hello. I seek your sickle's blessings.


But who are you to question him?

My son is going to be with his wife.

If you try to stop him,
then you can see this.

I'll chop your head off.

Monkeys like you are sold
in the fair for 15 each.

We have paid you 1.7 million.

Come on, get lost.

Go, there's the animal shed.

Come with me. You can hear
what we are going to talk about.

No, brother.

It is your family matter.
You go and talk to her.

And the love that your father expressed...

Do you think I should tag along with you?

-Okay then.

What are you doing here?

Well, I...

I thought you were a decent man.

Don't do anything
that would make me scream.

Can I sit and talk to you?


Well, my mother left me when I was small.

Give me your hand.

This necklace belonged to my mother.

She wanted her daughter-in-law to wear it.

Have you lost your mind?

I am not your mother's daughter-in-law.

But she thinks that you are.

I have spoken to her.

The sooner you get out of this feeling,
the happier you will be.

I think the more I stay in this feeling,
the happier I will be.

You are really crazy.

What will you tell your father?

Don't worry. I will talk to him.

You don't need to say anything
when there is love.

They understand.


Where are you going, brother?


Our flight for London
is booked for tomorrow.

-What do you mean why?

You got married. Come to England
with the marriage certificate.

That's fine but if you leave so soon,
then the villagers will get suspicious.

They will start talking.

Okay, so you want us to stay
for a few more days?

We can stay, but it will cost you.

No problem. I'll pay.

No, there is no need
to make a deal for that.

We have done so much work.
We deserve a vacation.

We didn't wash the utensils.


I will carry it.

Don't think too much into it.

Father, go and give two to Boota.

That's the deal we had made.

Everything else is fine.

Stop it. How much do you want
to talk to your father?

You just came from there yesterday.

Lakkha, England is very beautiful.

You might be a cheap person,

but I cannot express
how beautiful England is.

Give me a hug, brother.

Get lost! He wants a hug!

Okay, now stop acting.

-And pay the 10,000 pounds you owe us.

Which 10,000 pounds?

I don't have anything. Listen to me.

I just have 3700 rupees.

All tenners.
I removed them from the garlands.

You had promised that you will pay us
the balance in England.

-Lakkha, check his bag.
-Give it to me.

Where are you hiding the pounds?

We have brought you to England,
not Bangladesh.

Let me see how you won't pay us.

Sorry. Knickers.

Another one.

More knickers!

Did you bring anything to wear over them?

Or have you brought only knickers?

I had told you to talk about the money!

-Where is our payment?
-Where is our payment?

I am not sitting
at the Ferris wheel counter

that I can give you cash immediately.

Ferris wheel counter?

He is talking about the London Eye.

Why don't you understand?

Don't worry, Geet. I am in England now.

I'll earn 10,000 pounds like this.

Stop it. Pounds, like this!

They named him Major German Singh Mann

like he is the only king of Jaipur.

You will have to pay.

Don't worry, Lakkha. We will handle it.

There is no "we" in it.
You will have to handle it alone.

Whose bag is this?

Come here with the bag.


I wish to eat food cooked by my father

Which father used to feed you dosas
in the bathroom?

If you want to eat radish stuffed bread,
then come outside.


I wanted to ask,
how does one have a bath over here?

There's a shower. Use it.

That I understood. I know how to bathe.

I wanted to ask, how do you wash it?

Here you don't wash, you wipe it off.

And don't think too much about washing.

Think about earning.

-Can I say something?
-Yes, say.

At first,
I thought you were dirty from the outside.

But now I know
that you dirty from the inside as well.

Wait, you!

Get this straight. Don't touch the flour.

I'll come and make the dough.

You drive well, son.

-You are a citizen?
-Of course I am.

But you look like
you have just come from India.

I might be a villager
but I think like a city person.

I found a citizen,

gave her 1.7 million.

She came to India to get married.
And I end up here within 15 days.

You can find such girls here?

Like this! They queue up.

Let me tell you something.

They wear such short hot pants.

They drink these big bottles of liquors.

-Such big bottles?
-Yes, these big bottles.

You can increase or decrease
the length of their shorts

but the size of the liquor bottle
doesn't decrease.


Anyway, God bless them.

Do one thing.
Take the test and get a license made.

You have gotten the job.

Goodbye, uncle.

-Okay, then.

Lakkha! Lakkha, my brother!


Your brother's first salary.

Hard earned money, 47,520 rupees.

What 47,520 rupees?

It's just 500 pounds for us.

You still need to pay 9500 pounds to Geet.


I have loaded the goods.

It should be there before 6:30 a.m.

At 6:00 a.m.!

-Here's the paperwork.


My truck races through on GT road

It will stop directly at Pathankot

My truck, my love

I have Hema Malini's photo
Stuck to the mirror

I look at her when I miss you

Who is he? Looks like one of ours.

Sir, one minute please.

Can you drop me off in the next city?

Come on, get in.

Thank you, brother.

How are you?

Thank you very much, brother.

My name is Amrik. I am from Ludhiana.

Okay, okay, okay.

Amrik Singh.

Your name suggests
that someone in your family

had a desire to go to America.

You are absolutely right.

How do you know that?

My name is Major German Singh Mann.

My father wanted to send me to Germany.

Look where we meet, in London.

You are right.

Let's have some to celebrate the occasion.

Have you lost your mind?

Don't you know how many responsibilities
a driver has?

You want me to get drunk?

Don't drink if you don't want to.

Why are you getting angry?

Don't drink if you don't want to.

Who says I don't want to drink?
We will park and drink.

Play some song.

I don't know how it works.

It's not my truck. You can try.

Okay, I'll play it. It plays from here.

Your trailer has been detached.

What is it saying? Shut it.

Here you go.

It's not working.

I'm done. I have to leave by 4:00 a.m.

-Fine then, bottoms up.
-Bottoms up.

-Here you go, brother.

-I'm off to sleep.
-Okay, brother.

-Okay, good night.
-Good night.


Come on brother, come inside.

How are you, buddy?

Good. How about you?

What's the time?

Six o'clock.

I was to report at 6:30 a.m.
I am half an hour early.

Take your goods off.

-Which goods?
-Don't you get it?

Get your goods off.

Which goods are you talking about?


It's already gone.

Your trailer has been detached.

Brother, you could have come
half an hour late

but you should have at least
brought the goods with you.

Come on, move this truck
and bring the other truck forward.

What will happen?

Get lost from here!

Don't show me your face again.

Try to understand.

I don't have any work for you.

Auntie, I will have to leave England.

Have mercy on me.

Fine, son.

Tell me, what work will you do
in this boutique?

Oh, come on!
I was friends with Kaka, the tailor.

I know how to cut, fold and iron clothes.


I can place my hand
on your hot iron and...

Swear upon it?

You are funny.

Fine, I'll give you a job.


but you will get only 300 pounds per week.

-How much per month?

-How much in Indian rupees?
-You do the math.

I will not be able
to send it to India anyway.

Nine times twelve.

In this way,
it will take a year to pay Geet.

-It's OK.
-OK, tell me something.

Can you at least converse
in English a little?

A little? I am great in English.
Go ahead and test me.


Okay. If you want to say "come here."

To whom?



And if you have to say "go there?"

Go there.

-There? There?

You think this is a difficult question.

I'll go there and say come here.

Fine, start working.


You? What are you doing here?

You didn't come to collect the installment
so I was worried.

I thought I should inquire
about your well-being

and also give you the installment.

Who gave you the address of this place?

I took it from Lakkha's drawer.

Really? Didn't you feel ashamed?

People here don't touch other people's
personal belongings.

I wanted to discuss
something very important.

What did you want to talk about?

What are you trying to prove?

That you are very handsome and
you have a very impressive personality?

Geet, I...
I want to take you out for dinner.


Why should I go to dinner with you?

I love you.

I told the sooner you get rid
of this feeling, the better it would be.

But you didn't get me.

No, you don't want to understand.



How are you, bro? All good?

Ricky and I are getting married
next month.

Lakkha will be attending it.
So you too can attend it.

Anyway, you have a good experience
of handling a wedding.


Have a look.

Look buddy, you and I are from Sangrur.

We are brothers. You don't have to worry.

You are unnecessarily working
for 50 pounds a day.

Spend a little
and become a permanent resident.

It is expensive.

Twenty thousand pounds
is hardly a huge sum.

Do one thing, pay half before the wedding
and half after the wedding.

-Hey Brinda.

-It won't cause a commotion, right?

I am not selling you the London Bridge
that I'd cause a commotion.

You'll make me a citizen?

Brother, you can become a permanent
citizen only after you get married.

You are not bread
that I can bake you in an oven.

Hey bro, what's up?

Hey Hey, How is this?

How are you?

Serve me a drink, bro.

It's stiff!

I have explained everything to him.

He agreed.

-Come on!
-Come here, then.

-Stand next to her.
-Now you two are set.

For performing a fake marriage
with a Punjabi boy

to help him get citizenship.

But last night, you told me
how you perform fake marriages.

You will have to answer me.

You mean to say that you got married
but it wasn't fake?

Neither meet nor try to meet Geet.

I know that you went to India
on May 7th with Lakhwinder Johal.

We will find that Punjab boy
in a few days.

So it would be better
if you tell us the truth.

Yes, I got married.

But mine was a genuine marriage.

Oh, so this is a genuine marriage?

Call your husband
and ask him to come here right away.

What happened? Can't get through?

I know you got married for money.

And you two don't stay together.

I told you!

Mine wasn't a fake marriage.

My marriage is genuine.

My husband has gone to Vegas
with his friends.

Then why didn't you go with him?

I don't like Vegas and gambling.

When is he coming back?

You will come here
with your husband in two weeks.

We will interview both of you.

If you are unable to prove
that your marriage is genuine,

then you will get five years imprisonment
and a 100,000 pounds fine.

Ricky! Ricky! Ricky!

Where are you going?

My cousin in Manchester
was in an accident,

-But I need you.

Geet, try to understand.
My cousin needs me too.

-He is all alone over there.
-What will I do, Ricky?

Ricky! Ricky!

Now you are more concerned
about your cousin!

Why don't you understand?

Immigration officers know that German
and I performed a fake marriage.

Look, Geet.

I'll appoint the best lawyer
in the city for you.

But I will have to leave right away.

But Ricky,

I did all this for both of us.

I know, darling. I know.

I will be back in a few days.

Please, try to understand.

For two bucks.

Bro, have you seen this boy anywhere?

-Yes, I have seen him.
-Really? Where?

-He used to work for us.

He didn't show up.

He worked for 15 days
and then he didn't show up.

Where did he go?
Any forwarding address or anything?

No, I don't know where he went.

No woman can be so tall.

I think our guy made a mistake.

I will have to do something about it.

Forget it, it's not important.

Within two weeks,
you will come with your husband.

One interview will happen

If you can't prove
that your marriage is genuine,

then it's five years imprisonement
and a 100,000 pound fine.

Hey! German!

She is Mayor Adam Bell's daughter.

The white gown I had asked you to iron,

is it ready?

-It is ready.
-Get it.

What the hell, Major! What happened!

The gown was fine till yesterday.
What did you do?

It was very big, aunt.

It would have trailed behind her
like a carriage behind horses.

It is a wedding dress.

If she would have tripped on it
and broke her bones,

then who would have been held responsible?


So I cut it short.
Now she can dance all she wants in it.

It's okay, aunt.

Excuse me. Stay here.

She is getting married.
Soon she will have children of her own.

I made this dress for her daughter.

Get up, aunt! It's okay.

Get up, aunt! Don't worry. Get up, aunt!

How are you? Is everything fine?

I am okay here, just travelling.

Going to the office for work.

Why are you following me?

When did I follow you?

You have a habit of lying.

Look, you paid me.
You got the citizenship.

Now go and mind your own business.

I take this bus to work every day.

I go there every day at this hour.

I am not following you. Listen to me.

This is England.

Here you need money
to fulfill your dreams.

I wanted to settle in Liverpool
after getting married to you.

That's why I did all this.

But I didn't ask you
for any clarifications.

I don't complain either.

Why are you troubling me?

No, I... just...

If there are any grudges,
then we can talk.

You have grudges and complain
if you have an ego or arrogance.

And there is no place
for these things in love.

But if you still think I am coming
in your way then forgive me.

I won't do it again.


I have searched the whole city
looking for you.

-Come with me.

The immigration department
has gotten suspicious about us.

We need to give an interview.

I have to report to work at 11:00 a.m.
I am not free.

What are you doing?
Why aren't you listening me?

Have you lost your mind?

You are worried about your work?

If the immigration department
finds any proof,

You don't even understand English!

They will send you back to India.

I don't need your help.
I'll handle it on my own.

Have you gone crazy?

You are in deep shit.

I am not.

It's not like they are about to declare
my high school results

that I would be in deep shit.

You are in deep shit because
the immigration department caught you.

Now you will be put behind bars.

I will handle my situation in my way.


I think we both need each other.

And other times, it's "get lost."

You are just as unpredictable
as the weather.

Okay, I could think about it
if you apologize.

This was just a facade.

I want it to be said
with feelings from within.

I know a little English.

But I want you to apologize
for everything, in Punjabi.

That too in one breath.

I have troubled you a lot.

I apologize for that.

Oh God!

No day has ever been
as beautiful as today.

Come on, let's go
and prepare for the interview.

Let's go.

Groceries and bills
have been taken care of

All we need to take care of is the rent

It's close, dear

It's your beloved drink

Tell me, what do I need to do?

Our interview will take place
next next Monday.

We will stay together in my apartment
for the next two weeks

so that we can get
to know each other better.

The same apartment which has a sea view?

It's not a sea, it's a river.
Thames river.

We will stay together?

Yes, we will stay together.

I'll also show you the London Bridge.

I'll take you to...

A beautiful tall maiden

Her eyes are like a deep ocean

She is a beauty

God has taken His own
Sweet time to make her

Even the sun is awestruck

Even the sun is awestruck

When it is blessed with your presence

Water feels blessed

When you take it to your lips

Water feels blessed

When you take it to your lips

There is no one like you

Even the angels are jealous of you

Even the best damsels

Cannot be compared to you

Even the best damsels

Cannot be compared to you

Your cheeks are milky

You apply cream on them daily

Water feels blessed

When you take it to your lips

Water feels blessed

When you take it to your lips

When you smile,
Millions of flowers blossom

Hey my fair lady,
You don't need to apply any make up

Even the snake wants to be kohl

Even the snake wants to be kohl

When you wish to apply some on your eyes

Water feels blessed

When you take it to your lips

Water feels blessed

When you take it to your lips

We have to take my parents along.

You got married?

But didn't you go to Scotland
to attend your friend's wedding?

How did you end up getting married?

I had gone to Scotland, mom.

That's where I had met him.

We fell in love.

So, we got married.

Who have you got here!

If you had to get married
without informing us,

then you should have found someone better.

Ricky was much better than him.

Don't have any doubts.

I am English at heart.

England is as much mine as it is yours.

You didn't think it was important
to even call and inform your mother?

Mummy, everything happened in such a hurry

that I didn't get any chance to think.

Whenever you shop in a hurry,
you buy the wrong things.

Mummy, where's papa?

I called him at the truck station.

He is coming. He is on his way.
He'll be here soon.


Shit! Damn. I mean, oh my goodness!

It's boss!



Geet, you know how upset I was with you?

Yes, papa.

But I am pleased that
you got married to a Sardar.

-Really, papa?
-Okay, I forgive you.

Papa, he is your son-in-law,
Major German Singh Mann.

But why is he looking the other way?

German, papa?

Why are you feeling shy like a new bride?

Show me your face.
Okay, I forgive both of you.

Do you really forgive us?


Oh. German, you?

So, you got married to my daughter
and became a citizen?

-So you gave her 1.7 million rupees

and she went to Punjab
to get married to you.

Satwant, you know this boy
gave her 1.7 million rupees

and she went to Punjab
to get married to him.

Don't you have any shame?

You have cheated us.

Sorry, papa.

-I needed the money.
-You needed money?

I have always given double
the pocket money you asked for.

Tell me, did I ever stop you
from doing anything?

And who did you get married to?

I have never seen anyone more duffer
and overconfident than him.

A container worth 20,000 pounds,
filled with fresh fruits,

he parked it on the road
and went to sleep. He was that sleepy.

Get lost from here!

Don't show me your face!

-Papa... I...
-What papa?

Get lost from here.

I feel ashamed
that my daughter got married for money.

And a fake marriage at that!

Look, you can throw me
out of your house if you want.

But please let your daughter stay here.

Where will this poor soul go
in this condition?

What is wrong with Geet?

You are going to be a grandma.


Look, no matter what you say,

my daughter won't leave this house.

Okay then, goodbye.

Please forgive me, if possible.



-Yes, daddy?
-If I see you even anywhere

close to my house, I'll shoot you. Out!

I am going, daddy.

German, my son!


Listen, our daughter is pregnant.

What will we tell everyone?
Think about that as well.

Go to hell, I don't give a damn.

Take it inside, kid.

Mummy, what you said about son-in-laws
is very good.

Please make some rice and curry.
I am hungry.

Okay, I'll make it.

Geet is sleeping on the floor
and German is sleeping on the bed.

What are you saying?

Go and see it for yourself.

What? Let's go.

Mummy? Good morning, mummy. Come in.

Good morning, son.

-She is still sleeping?
-No, mummy. She is very fortunate.

She sleeps soundly.

What happened? Is everything alright?

It's nothing, son.

I just came to tell you to get ready
as I am preparing your breakfast.


You should stay within your limits.
Don't try to get personal.

How many times have I told you that!

Don't make me angry.

If your mother had seen you sleeping
on the sofa,

then you would have
been wearing prison clothes.

Go and have a bath.


I know you are upset with me.

But let me tell you the truth.

German is a very nice guy.

Tara writes from London!

Tell me what's happening
in the village, my friend!

What is this?

In England?

No, it's not that.

It is a toy.

You won't find anyone smarter than him.

Give him a chance.

From where did you get this wild man?

Does he even know how to live at home?
Crazy man!

Throw him out of our house!

What happened? What happened here?

How did this happen?

He dares to call me daddy!

Mother, you should at least
keep some wipes handy at home.

-What happened to her suddenly?
-What happened?

-What happened?
-What happened?

-It happened last night as well.
-Tell me what's wrong!

It happened last night as well. Get up.

-It's okay. Let's go inside.

-Hey. at least tell me what's wrong.

-It's okay. It's okay.
-Let's go inside.

-It's okay!
-What happened?

I thought that you could only talk.

But you can think on your feet as well.

From now on, you won't cause
any trouble in front of papa.

Do you understand?

Here's a pen and a notebook.

-And start preparing.
-Preparing for what?

For the interview.

This wasn't the deal.
It will cost you 500 pounds.

Fine. Now leave.

What "fine?"
First pay then the job will be done.

My account balance is zero at the moment.

And I won't ask papa for money.

I'll remove some from his cupboard
in the evening and pay you.

Now leave.

To take stolen money is like stealing.


-Give me your slippers.
-What is it?


What? What did I do?

Okay, your size is eight and a half
and mine is seven and a half.

My size is eight and one quarter.

Stop your nonsense.

-I use size eight. I am telling you.
-I told you to shut up.

Now tell me,
on which side of the bed do you sleep?

I sleep on the right.

I don't sleep on the bed.

I sleep on a cot,
with the head on the other side.

And my cot is right under the fan.

I fear heights the most. You?

I didn't even prepare so much
for my high school exams.

If I had, I would have stood first.

I fear...

Do you know how to give the right answer
to any of the questions?

You keep lying.


What is wrong with him?

I think he got bullied again.

There is an issue of racism over here.

Mitha is very innocent.

He gets scared quite easily.


He comes after me like a bully.

Hurry up, son. Your beans are ready.

Mom, I don't want to eat beans today.
You make beans every day.

What else do you want to eat? Tell me.

Idiot. Mummy, give him some buttermilk.

It will refresh him.

It will scare the Englishmen away.

And fried food isn't healthy.

Give me some stuffed bread. I will eat it.

Okay, son. I'll make some right away.

Mom, I'm going to the gym.

Dear, you just had
a contraction yesterday.

You should stop going to the gym.

-Nothing had happened to me, mom.

Nothing happened because I was with her.
I was with her.

-Anything could have happened, mother.
-Yes, son.

This problem can take place anytime.

Do one thing,
take German with you to the gym.

I said, take him with you.

-It will cost you 1000 pounds.
-Get lost!

Come if you want or don't.

What happened, son? What is she saying?

Nothing, mother. She asked me to hurry up.

Roll the bread and give it to me.


She has found a nice husband.

He is so innocent.

Stop it already.

You'll erode your bones
with so much running.

Plastic dolls like you pose like this
at clothing stores.

Come on.

Do you want to increase your weight
or decrease it?

If you want to increase,
then have bananas and cream.

If you want to decrease,
then have lemonade with honey.

In lukewarm water.

Let me exercise.
Go and mind your own business.

Here's your 1000 pounds. Take it.

Mummy has done some shopping
for you as well.

Here's the bag.

I think she spent a lot of money on me.

Well, it's all about how much
you love your dear ones.

Earlier you looked only like a thug.

Now I think you are a murderer as well.

Give them back.

I will, give me a minute.

-What's happening here?

Nothing's happening.
Go and mind your own business.

Tell me.

Tell me.

Elders say that sorrow
decreases when shared.

Last year, when Ricky
and I were coming out of a club,

we were cornered by a few foreigners.

Come on, give me.

We don't want any trouble!

I'll give you what you want.

Next morning,
someone sent us these photographs.

And started blackmailing us.

Ricky gave all his savings
to the blackmailer.

I sold my car.

And I started stealing money
from papa's cupboard.

We have so far given 17,000 pounds
to the blackmailer.

German, where are you going?


There's the dead body
of the man you stabbed.

Brother, my name is Amrik.
I am from Ludhiana.

Don't push him!

Don't hit him with this!

Don't hit his head with a brick!

-Wait, wait!
-Don't kill him.

Damn. You have lost your mind!

Don't get me arrested!

Thank you very much for saving me,
brother, or else she would have killed me.

Brother, Anthony and Ricky
had given me 500 pounds

to do this drama.

There was someone hiding
and taking pictures of all this.

And both the blood
and the dagger were fake.

I know, once our own is in trouble,
then how do we feel bad?

Yes, I know Ricky cheated me.

This doesn't mean that
now you stand a chance.

You have four days.

Appear for the interview
and get out of my life.

German, who else do you have
in your family?

Everyone, except a mother.

And I found one here.

Why are you feeling scared, Mitha?

They are just lanky boys.
Hit them and move forward.

I cannot hit anyone.

If you cannot hit them, you can
at least be brave enough to face them?

Now if they hit you, don't feel scared.

You will see that
they will get scared and run away.


German, he cannot do it.

He has to gather the courage, mother.

Today, they are telling him
to leave the ground.

Next, they will tell him
to leave his house.

And then they will tell him
to leave this country.

Come on, my boy, go and face them.

You will have to get rid of your fear.

it will keep killing you slowly.

I think you should go there.

Mitha stays quite happy these days.

All this is thanks to German.

By the way,

For helping Mitha.

I know.

But that doesn't mean
that now I stand a chance.

Father's calling.


Ricky was good.

But German is very good.

Geet. Ricky was good.

But German is very good.

This necklace belonged to my mother.

She wanted her daughter-in-law to wear it.


Where are you?
Come here. I want to talk to you.

Come here.

Sit down.

Look at this. Isn't this teddy very cute?

-Yes, mom.
-And look at this one.

Look at these. A few baby pictures.

Isn't this baby very cute?

Look at this one. This one is so cute.

Geet, every parent dreams
of getting their children married,

in a grand way.

This dream of mine couldn't come true.

But now I won't listen to you.

To welcome my grandchild,

I'll decorate this whole house.

Get ready quickly.

Your papa wants to go to the Gurudwara.

Get ready quickly.

I'll wait for you.

Listen, your father seems to be
in a good mood today.

I suggest you should talk to him.

Khalsa belongs to Lord.
Victory belongs to Lord.

Babaji, my daughter is pregnant.

We want you to pray for her good health.

You said this lie

in front of mummy and daddy.

Oh my God,
how many lies have I said in front of you?


What happened, dear?

Geet! Why are you crying?
Tell me what's wrong with you!


Why are you crying, dear? Tell me.

Geet! Are you feeling alright?

I don't know why she is crying.

Tell us.

Why are you crying?


No, papa.

I am not alright.

The truth is that
the immigration department

knows that German and my marriage
is a fake one.

They have asked us
to come to their office on Monday.

And you and mummy also have to be there.

We lie that I am pregnant
so that we could stay here.

You could have told us the truth.

How many more lies
will the two of you tell us?

I still doubt whether or not
you are telling me the truth now.

Look at your child, Satwant Kaur.

You two should be ashamed
for playing with our emotions.

I can never forgive the two of you.

Get lost from here!

Satwant, ask them to leave
or you will see me dead.

Papa, please. Forgive them.

You stay out of this, Mitha!

You two should leave. Go away.

Each moment feels like a decade

My body is alive
But my heart is slowly dying

I cannot find any support

I cannot find any support

Even God has refused to help us

My dear

First you built
Our own little world with love

First you built
Our own little world with love

Then you broke our trust

This isn't right, my dear

Then you broke our trust

This isn't right, my dear

Not fair

Not fair

This isn't right, my dear

Not fair

This isn't right, my dear

Yes, this isn't fair

Why dream when I know

My dreams will break

All the hopes I had

Will shatter

Why dream when I know

My dreams will break

All the hopes I had will shatter

We were only meant
To be together for so long

We were only meant
To be together for so long

You squeezed life out of me
This isn't right, my dear

You squeezed life out of me

This isn't right, my dear

Not fair

Not fair

This isn't right, my dear

Not fair

This isn't right, my dear

Yes, this isn't fair

My eyes have forgotten how to sleep,
My love

Now even the fans blow out hot air

My eyes have forgotten how to sleep,
My love

Now even the fans blow out hot air

I keep treasuring your memories

After helping

After helping

After helping the kite of my life soar

After helping the kite of my life soar

If you let go of the thread
Then it isn't right, my dear

If you let go of the thread
Then it isn't right, my dear

Not fair

Not fair

This isn't right, my dear

Not fair

This isn't right, my dear

Yes, this isn't fair

It's not Geet's fault.

She did all this to save her life
and your honor.

It was my fault.

I lied to you and said
that Geet was pregnant.

Whether or not you forgive me,

you should forgive Geet.

Because when kids from good families
end up in prison,

then you lose your reputation.

Geet, you like vegetables, right?

And what's that you eat
applying peanuts on the bread?

What is it called?


And what do you eat with milk?

Corn flakes.

Please forgive me, Geet.

I always get caught when I lie,
since childhood.

You had gotten me the citizenship.

It was I who couldn't do the right thing.


It is my fault.

I shouldn't have gone back to Lakkha.

I was never worthy of you.

And I never will be.

I will be arrested tomorrow.

You will be deported to Punjab.

That means we will never meet again

Forgive me for all the stupidity,

for all the mistakes I have done.

If you ever come to India again
then do pay us a visit.

There are five questions on this sheet.

Answer them and give it back to me.

Then I will ask you
about each other's life.

Your parents didn't come, Geet?

-They won't be coming.
-I knew that this is a sham marriage.

You are fooling the UK government.

I'll make sure both of you get punished.

Geet had come to Punjab
in May to marry me.

I had given her 1.7 million rupees.

We got married and came to the UK.

And we no longer live together.

This is what you think, Brinda.

But we live together
at her parents' house.

She is my real wife.
Our marriage is not a sham.

Papa, you came!

Mother, thank you for not letting
your anger get the better of you.

Be careful, dear.
This is the question of your life.

Okay, mom.

Let's go.

Nothing. You start the interview.

Geet, what's German's qualification?

He's gone to high school.

His biggest weakness.

German's biggest weakness

is that he cannot lie.

His biggest dream?

His biggest dream

has always been to get out of India.

What's German's shoe size?

His shoe size?

German, you have mentioned
it as eight and a quarter.

Ms. Brinda, let me explain.
My shoe size is eight and a quarter.

I stuff these to make them fit.

You can put anything.

A rag, a rolled up sock?

So it is eight and a half that way.

I told you it is eight and a quarter.

When did you say it?

Geet, what was the name
of German's last girlfriend?

German, now I will ask you five questions.


Which game does Geet like the most?

Basketball. Ask me why.

Okay, I'll tell you.

Tall girls like her either play basketball
or clean ceiling fans.

Geet had a boyfriend. What was his name?

I know everything about him.

What was his name? Ricky Manchanda.

He lives in Manchester with his cousin.

His village is close to Jalandhar,
Zandu Singha.

He is into quite a few illegal activities.

He cheats rich girls.

Pull up such cheap tricks.

There isn't any bad thing he doesn't do.

At the moment, what's the balance
in Geet's bank account?


Nothing. You must be wondering that
I gave her 1.7 million rupees

so she must have a hefty bank balance.

Eighty-five times zero is also zero.

I mean she doesn't have any money.

Empty account.

What is she saying?

She's asking what's my body weight.

-Tell her.
-Shameless. She is asking you.

-One load full.


What's the most precious thing
in Geet's life?

What is she saying?

She is asking what's
the most precious thing?

My mother's necklace.

-For whom did she mean?

I told her about myself.

I too had written the same reply.

Mrs. Satwant Kaur,
what's German's mother's age?


German was quite young
when his mother passed away.

Mr. Hardayal Kahlon.

What was the first job German took up
in the UK?

German's first job in the UK,
he was a truck driver.


Brinda, just ask everything you want now.

Or else she would keep troubling us.

She is through.

No daddy, she might come back
and ask questions again.

Let's end this once and for all.
You ask whatever you want.

She is through. Let's go.

-Let's go.
-Let's go.

Thank you.

Just you guys wait here,
I am coming with the car.

You guys still married?


Will I for others only?
I can't get married life

Won't I get married and settle down?

-I mean my better half, Pari.
-Then what are you doing here?

I've come to the immigration office
for an interview.

I need to become a citizen.
Wait, you scoundrel.

-Just joking.
-You kept me worrying for six months!

-He is very emotional!
-What do you think you are!

you can say whatever you want.

You have citizenship.

What do you know about the sorrows
of soldiers like us in England?

Let's go, Pari.

We shouldn't waste time
talking to rustic people.

Let's go? Shall we?

Your tresses are like a mesmerizing snake

Your reflection is imprinted

In the waters of my village

Your reflection is imprinted

In the waters of my village

Your reflection is imprinted

In the waters of my village

Your reflection

A glass bottle

A glass bottle filled with perfume

Talk about a lifetime of togetherness,
Don't be hasty

Talk about a lifetime of togetherness

Don't be hasty

Talk about lifetime of togetherness

Don't be hasty

Like child's play, don't use me for fun

You steal hearts with your enchanting eyes
You are a clever one

You steal hearts with your enchanting eyes
You are a clever one

You steal hearts with your enchanting eyes

You are a clever one

One glance and your soul belongs to me

My sight is like a well
Filled with sweet nectar

My sight is like a well
Filled with sweet nectar

My sight is like a well
Filled with sweet nectar

Like the beautiful sight
Of a peacock on a branch

Beautiful tall damsels
Look good with handsome Sardars

Beautiful tall damsels

Look good with handsome Sardars

Beautiful tall damsels
Look good with handsome Sardars

I rule the land of beauty

The sky is my veil

And the swings my tresses

The sky is my veil
And the swings my tresses

The sky is my veil

My life is like heaven