Sassy Girl, Chun-hyang (2005) - full transcript

Chun-hyang is smart and sassy. Mong-ryong is good looking and his parents want him to enter university. They become involved, fall in love, but his first love Chae-rin enters the picture. An older man, Hak-do, CEO of a entertainment company, and pursues Chun-hyang. Now both are involved with other people that are determined to keep them apart. Will they find their way back to each other?

Is he forcing you
to give me up?

I asked you if he's
forcing you to give me up.

Don't kid yourself.
He's never done that.

You want to hide
the truth til the end?

Fine, but I know
you're doing it for my sake.

And I'll get
to the bottom of it.

You haven't changed, DA Lee.

You wait and see, Mr. Byun.

Mong-ryong, stop.

You're just making
this harder on me.

He's the one who's
making it harder on you.

Why don't you stop
torturing her and go home.

See him off, and come inside.

I'll make sure
it's over between him and me.

You know
I can't be with him.

You should leave.

What are you doing?

Carry this photo
from now on.


It's a new
and improved one.

I was pretty cool before,
but I'm even cooler now.

So look at
that one from now on.

You're such a joke.

You like me so much.

It'd be a shame
for me to refuse you.

So I'll try
to like you too.

Hey, Lee Mong-ryong.
I never said I like you.

Listen to this woman.

The proof is
staring right at me.

What proof?

Sung Choon-hyang.

I'm a pretty
well-known prosecutor.

You want me
to prove it to you?

The defendant's denying
her feelings for Lee Mong-ryong.

I will prove this
beyond a reasonable doubt.

First piece of evidence,
this photo.

What is this a photo of?

My wedding.

This was found
with your financial papers.

Your nickname is
''Money Grubber,'' is it not?


How many times a day do you look
at your financial papers?

About 20...

So you look at this photo
20 times a day?

By any chance, is it
because you miss the marriage?

I was just looking
at money, my favorite thing.

Same difference.
You're a dead woman!

Order in the courtroom!

Next piece of evidence,
the cell phone.

Didn't you look at
the photo of Lee Mong-ryong

and cry your eyes
out every night?

No, never.

One of your workers
has seen you.

I'd like to know who.

No one will testify
out of fear of the defendant.

You keep denying everything.

Then why did you secretly
drop by his place a week ago?

I was just passing by.

Isn't it because you wanted
to get a glimpse of him?


Explain this scrap book
with articles about him.

He was such a lousy student.
So I collected them as oddities.

Will you keep lying
to the court?

You're such a joke!

Order in the courtroom!

You keep denying everything.

So let me ask
the defendant directly.

You really don't like me?

Look me in the eyes.

If you don't answer until I count
to three, it means you like me.

One, two, three!

That's what I figured.

Hey, Lee Mong-ryong.

Now that I know,
I can return to Seoul.

You have to
talk with Byun now.

Please don't do this.
You're making it harder on me.

Don't even think
about running away.

I could bar you
from leaving the country.

And you know all
your employees are on my side.

Good night.

Since it hurts me so much,
can you not let me go?

He's the one who's
making it harder on you.

Mong-ryong, what am
I going to do?

I can't be with you...

So what am I going to do?

Ms. Sung, you should've
done it long ago.

It isn't like you
to be so coy.

What are you
guys talking about?

Mong-ryong told us everything.

You confessed you like him.

Since you confessed, you might
as well beg and plead with him.

- It's not like that...
- He's such a nice guy.

He'll take you back
if you plead with him.

If you like him,
forget your pride.

Lee Mong-ryong, why you...

Did you find Oh Mi-young,
the alleged victim from back then?

Yes, we did.

Where is she?

It's a good thing
we sent Oh Mi-young abroad.

Mong-ryong's looking
high and low for her.

Keep him at bay.

She's Byun's puppet.
Byun already got to her.

Find the investigation
records from then?

Yes. There was
this one strange matter.

It concerned
the security cameras.

Of the five cameras
in the parking lot,

only the one at the site
of the crime wasn't operating.

That footage
would've cleared you.

The very opposite
could've happened.

It was a setup.

That footage would've
finished me.

And Kang Min would've
become an even bigger star.

Sir, Mr. Park
from Hit Productions is here.

Mr. Byun.

Our lead actor, Kang Min,
is all the rage in Japan.

Our Japanese investors
are very pleased.

Mr. Park.

Before we finalize
the co-production contract,

I'd like to
clarify some things.

Who are these people in Japan?

Why does it matter
as long as we get the money?

And besides, we have
to grease some palms

if this movie's
going to be a hit.

I'll talk to
some high-ranking people,

so don't worry
about the promotion part.

We don't want
any behind-the-scenes PR work.

The authorities seem
to be onto something.

Please be careful.

Find out
who Hit's Japanese investors are.

Why does that matter?

We just need to make
the movie with their money.


We've found the source
of Hit Production's funds.

Where is it?

It's a syndicate based in Tokyo.

Yakuza, I see.
You're a dead man, Byun.

Remember that his fate
is still in my hands.

Make the deposit for me.
I have to go to Seoul.

Are you going
to see Mong-ryong?

Make sure you
look really nice.

I'll be back today.

It's all right.

Stay a few days.
I'll take care of everything.

I said I'll be back today!

You're not being shy now
that I know how you feel.

Are you investigating
Dodo by any chance?

- Yes.
- Lee Mong-ryong!

I'm hungry.
Let's talk over lunch.

Why are you
investigating them?

Why do you want
to mess with Mr. Byun?

Why are you so worried?
It's my job.

I lock up criminals.
This is my job.

If they're innocent,
they needn't worry.

This is my first meal today.
Let me finish eating.

Why are you skipping meals?

You're showing your concern
for me freely now.

I'm not concerned...

What's wrong?
Are you sick?

I'm all right.
This happens once in a while.

What's wrong?

Must be some inflammation.

I should be used to it by now.

Then you should see a doctor.

I have no time.
Let's go.

I'll take you back.

We can't go anywhere.
I'll get you some medicine.

Here you go.

3 minutes and 10 seconds?

That was so fast. And
the pharmacy's far from here too.

Thus the power of love.

You pulled a fast one on me?

I really was feeling sick.

I'll take you to the airport.
You'd better take a plane.

No thanks.
I'm not going to Busan.

I'm staying at Da-ni's
for a few days.


To see me everyday?
I'm rather busy though.

What a joke!
I'm here on business.


Look after
yourself, all right?

Sir, we've found the reason

why Dodo Production's movie
is being so heavily promoted.

- They greased some palms.
- Yes, sir.

Look into their accounts.

Make sure to track down
their stock activities as well.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Park, you shouldn't
have done this.

You must know
the authorities are onto us.

Don't be so petty.

I'll handle it.
Just focus on making the movie.

I don't work like this.
Let's forget this contract.

Then what about Kang Min?

He's the reason I was
able to get the funds.

And you want to renege?

Find another actor
and produce a movie yourself.

I don't want
any part of this.

But sir, we'll
lose money as well.

If you're doing this
because of DA Lee,

we have something
that'll tie his hands.

I'm not here on business.

I just wanted to see
how your baby's doing.

Be honest. You're here
because of Mong-ryong, right?


I heard he's
been investigating Dodo.

Is it because of Mr. Byun?

There's something more to
that incident from before, right?

No, not at all.
Mong-ryong's still not over me.

Then why did
you leave Mr. Byun?

There were reasons.
Let's not get into it.

Mong-ryong worries you,
but not Mr. Byun, right?

He used to be
such a great gentleman.

But his obsession for you
has changed him.


He's like a different person.

What's this thing called love?
I feel bad for Mr. Byun.

After all, you're
responsible for him changing.

You were so cold to him.

Is this about
Mong-ryong again?

Afraid I'll hurt him somehow?

I'm sorry, Mr. Byun...

Your love for me...

the pain I caused you...

I never paid attention.
I just ignored you.

I apologize.

I've never expected
anything from you.

That's why I feel even worse.

You cannot want
or expect anything from me.

My heart's filled with
love for only one man.

I don't care.

I'll wait.
I'll hold onto you and wait.

I'll wait as well.

For you to return
to your old self.

I won't run away.
I'll wait.

My, I am so sorry.

You almost
got into an accident.

- Who the heck are you guys?
- You must be DA Lee Mong-ryong.

My boss has
a message for you.

You work for Hit Productions?

Your recent actions
have our boss chagrined.

He'd like
to give you a warning.

Thankfully, nothing
happened tonight.

But if you keep it up,
you'll have a huge accident.

Excuse me.

Hey there, penguins!

Yes, you guys.

Make your warnings
simple and clear.

''Keep your nose out
or you die.''

Tell your boss this.

I'll keep sticking my nose
in it till I'm dead.

That DA has got
mush for brains.

If you're doing this
because of DA Lee,

we have something
that'll tie his hands.

Go get Baek right now.

Yes, sir.

Mr. Baek!

Have a seat.

How did you spend that money?
Was it not enough?

- No, sir...
- I see.

About what you said
yesterday regarding that DA...

I'd like to hear the details.

Well, about that...

I thought our discussion over
the co-production was over.

Take a look at this,
and then we'll talk.

I didn't realize this was
what made Kang Min a star...

You had a copy of the tape?

I didn't keep it to
do something like this...

He learned
these tricks from you.

But why would you
hold onto something like this?

You could make
Kang Min a bigger star.

And you'd bury
that annoying DA as well.

What is it that you want?

Let's work
together again, Mr. Byun.

With this tape,
this movie will be a huge hit.

You should
really think it over.

If you don't do it, I will.

Yes, sir.

Prepare to make
a copy of the tape.

Yes, sir.

Sir, a delivery for you.

I wonder what it is...

Sir, this is the video...

Byun, this is
what you've had all along?

everything's okay there?

Not to worry.

By the way,
you received a package.

A package?

It's from Dodo Productions.
It's a videotape.

A tape?

Sir, DA Lee is
here to see you.

Mr. Byun.

Did you send
this tape to Mong-ryong too?

Yes. He was just here.

Are you trying to
blackmail me with this tape?

Yes, I am.

It's the only way
I can separate you two.

You think I'd go to you
if you destroy him?

You think she'd go back
to you if you destroy me?

Whether the tape is
released or not depends on you.

Release it if you want!
I'm not afraid.

It's time for you
to let Choon-hyang go.

What you really want is me.

Please leave Mong-ryong alone.

You can give up
everything for love?

You don't care
about your own life?

Your manipulation of us
ends right here.

I love her.
So I'm never giving up.

I'd risk my life
to protect Mong-ryong...

...because I love him.

I'll leave right now.
So please don't hurt him.

If he gets hurt,
it'll kill me.

What's happened
to all of us?



And you as well...

I knew you'd do this again.

Where will you
run away to this time?


Unpack your bags,
and let's talk.

As long as I'm not with you,
things will be okay.

He won't release
that tape then.

I just have to leave you.

So you're going
to leave me again?

You saw the tape.

People won't be interested
in finding out the truth.

Once it is released,

Kang Min will become a hero.

And you...


I'd be branded
as some psycho rapist.

I wouldn't be able
to practice law.

I probably wouldn't be
able to step out of my house.

I'd be finished.

How can you say
that so casually?

I realize it too.

But you believe me.
Don't you?

That's all that matters.

I won't end up like that,
if only for your sake.

So just trust me,
and stay with me.

Mong-ryong, let's
leave each other.

It's too hard for both of us.

I guess we weren't meant
for each other in this life.

We just don't fit.

Don't say that.

Don't even think
about running away.

I'll find you
no matter where you go.

Your manipulation of us
ends right here.

I love her.
So I'm never giving up.

I'd risk my life
to protect Mong-ryong...

...because I love him.

I'm home.

Can we talk?


Are you eating
regularly these days?


Is this latest
investigation about Byun?

It's not based
on any personal vendetta.

I'll keep my personal
affairs separate from my duties.

Do you know
what he has on you?

Yes, I do.

And you're confident?

Don't worry.
I'll get him back.



Yes, we looked
into Hit Production's finances.

There were large bribes made
under the guise of PR work.

And there have been some stock
distributions as well.

- What about Dodo Productions?
- They're surprisingly clean.

And that movie they're
co-producing with Hit,

they haven't signed
a contract yet.

Proceed with
Hit Productions first.

Look into the finances of
all the peripheral characters.

And question
their employees as well.

Yes, sir.

I don't have
a good character.

Tell me
where you got that money.

Tell me now
while I'm being nice!

I don't want to stay
all night up because of you.

Lee Mong-ryong.
If I get my hands on him...

There's been
a huge media uproar.

It'll affect the upcoming
movie's image as well.

You're just going
to stand there and watch?

If you don't do it,
we'll release that tape.

Why don't you
release the tape?

It'll be a chance
to solidify my star status.

Call a press conference.

What are they
going to announce?

It's about the assault case
that made Kang Min a hero.

We've had a dry spell.

I'd thank the Lord
for a story like that.

Byun Hak-do.
Try it if you can.

Mr. Byun, you can't.

Ms. Sung, can you slow down?
We'll have an accident.

The reason we've
asked you to gather today

is to release some evidence
regarding an incident

that involved Kang Min
a few years ago.

There's a rumor about a
videotape of the incident.

Is it true?

Yes, it is.

Mr. Kang's feats seem
even more heroic on footage.

But isn't that other person
DA Lee Mong-ryong?

Yes, it is.

Mr. Kang, could you
tell us what happened?

Yes. At the time...

Excuse me.
There's some additional footage.

Would you play this?

As you can see,
this incident was staged

in order to make
a star out of Kang Min.

These tapes will be
confiscated and destroyed.

I apologize
for the inconvenience.

Why did you
stage such an incident?

How will you handle
the onslaught of criticism?

I have nothing to say
except that I'm sorry.

Mr. Byun, why did you do that?

I realized that there are
some things I just cannot have.

You've lost so much.

It's the price I pay
for having tortured you.

I probably
won't see you again.

You can go back now.

Mr. Byun...

I hope that you'll find
happiness in the future.

Who would've imagined
he'd do such a thing?

Anyway, everything
turned out well.

Everything's fine now.
Just be happy with each other.

Mr. Bang Ji-hyuk, you're
even better looking in person.

Can I get an autograph?


Right here.

What are you doing now?

I smell a little cause I haven't
taken a bath for a long time.

What a long
roundabout trip we've had.

Yes. We got married
10 days after we met.

But it took us a long time
to get back together.

When will you
come back to Seoul?

Why would I come to Seoul?

Seoul is where your husband is.

And who's my husband?

Will you stop playing coy?
We should get remarried.

Personally, I'm in no rush.

But you can't bear
to be apart from me.

What a joke!

you're so bad...

Byun Hak-do, you jerk.
How dare you backstab me!

It's not just a matter
of Kang Min's career ending.

The authorities want
to investigate our finances.

Sir, we got a call
from the Japanese investors.

They're demanding
a huge annulment penalty.

I shouldn't have
brought in those guys.


You must know.

You must know
Byun's biggest weakness.

You must know...

Ms. Sung, are you that happy?


And you put on
a front all that time?

So will you
move to Seoul now?

Well, I don't know yet.

Is he crazy or what!

What's going on?

What the heck...

Wait, let's talk.

Put me through to DA Lee.

We have the arrest warrants.

- Get ready.
- Yes, sir.

Come any closer,
and you're all dead.

What kind of a broad is this?

- She bit me like five times.
- Come on!

Our boss has got some guts...

But isn't she too strong?

What the heck is that girl?

So you're weak
when it comes to women.

I had no idea the mighty
Byun Hak-do had this side to him.

Where is she?

Don't be in such a rush.

Sit down,
and we'll talk business.

What do you want?

It's about that contract
to co-produce the movie.

Why don't you reconsider?

Your investments are
coming from the Yakuza.

I have no interest in
making a movie with their money.

Doesn't matter.
You want in or not?

I guess I have
no choice right now.

The bribes you made
under the guise of PR work

and the stocks
you've redistributed...

What will you do about them?

You're a man of ability.

What about
the sharing of profits?

I understand there
was an assault last time.

Oh, that?

My credo is that
might triumphs over words.

And over the law as well.

In fact, might rules the world.

That's my credo.

Mr. Park. You're
under arrest for racketeering.

Under arrest?

For what?

I have an arrest warrant.

And there's plenty
of evidence as well.

You scumbags!

Where's Choon-hyang?

She's in the building somewhere.

Ms. Sung, be careful!

It's okay.

Come any closer,
and I'll jump.

Make sure they don't escape.

You guys, that way.
And you guys, that way.

What's that?
Be careful!



I guess we weren't meant
for each other in this life.


Do you still refuse
to accept my love?

There's someone else
who resides in my heart.

So I have no room
in my heart for you, Magistrate.

Even if I kill you?

Even if you kill me...
There's nothing I can do.

- Are you all prepared?
- Yes, sir!

wait just a little while.

I'm coming to save you.


My husband...

Kill me.

It's time
for you to back down.

I'd rather that you kill me.

I cannot attain
your love in this life...

I will attain your love
in the next life.

In this life or the next...

I have no love to give you.

The only one for me... my husband.



Lee Mong-ryong...

Mong-ryong, wake up...

Lee Mong-ryong!

Lee Mong-ryong!

What the...

You scared me.

Sung Choon-hyang,
don't you have any fear?

Lee Mong-ryong,
you're such a dummy.

Is it true that there is
an inflow of Yakuza's money?

Why do you kidnap
Ms. Sung Choon-hyang?



Hey, Mong-ryong.


How did our busy
DA make time for me?

You're mad because
I haven't had time for you?

You just miss me so much.

What a joke. Not me.

Take care of
everything in Busan?

I left everything to Dong-soo.

I should get ready
to go study abroad.

You're leaving again?

Now that I have money,
I have to study.

I'm old already.

No way!
You can't go!

Why not?
It's up to me.

I'll forget my DA job.
Take me with you.

What a joke.

First, marry me.

And after having
about three kids, you can go.


Run to that clock tower
and back in 10 minutes.

And I'll reconsider.

I can't wait 10 minutes.

- Will you marry me or not?
- What?

Will you or won't you?

- Want me to kiss you again?
- I will.

I'll marry you.

He's already
more than 10 minutes late.

We've waited
more than 10 years for this day.

What's another 10 minutes?

Ten minutes?

No, I can't wait!
Come here now, or I'm leaving.

Mong-ryong, you're a dead man.

Thanks to these cases popping up,
I can't even get married.

I'll just get out here.

Mong-ryong's still not here?

Wait til he gets here...
He's a dead man.


And a belated congratulations
on your engagement.

He hasn't changed at all...

Come on, hurry up.

What were you doing?
How can you be late today?

I'm so sorry.

They're fighting
til the very end.

What were they to each other
in their former lives?

Who knows?

How can you be
late on a day like today?

There was so much traffic...

Could we meet as husband and wife
in the next life as well?

Even in the next life,

we'll recognize
each other at first sight.

Please don't
ever leave me again.

I do promise.
I'll never leave you again.

Sung Choon-hyang.
Leave me again and you die.

Lee Mong-ryong.
Just behave. You're such a joke.

Even when this life is over.

Even when the next life begins.



You and only you, forever.

I will love you.