Sasquatch Mountain (2006) - full transcript

A lonely tow-truck driver gets caught in a deadly struggle between a pair of bank robbers with a beautiful hostage, local cops, and a monster that has come down from the Arizona mountains to eat human flesh.

What's the story here?

Car trouble, huh?

Well, what's a pretty girl like you
doing out on a road like this at night?


Sara Jackson, investigative reporter.

You got a busted water hose
here, Lady.

Is that expensive?

Well, you know what?
I'll tell you what.

You know, I think we can make some
kind of arrangement or something.

This doesn't sound ethical.

That's a $10 word. I was
thinking more like a barter.

Oh. Like, uh, goods for services?

What'd you have in mind?

Chase, I can't believe
you sent me to work...

with a busted water hose,
thank you very much.

Who's watching Raquel?

You know something?
When I was 15 years old,

I could pull an engine out and
put it back in in the same day.

Raquel can take care of herself.
You know what?


When I was 15 years old,

I fell in love with a grease monkey,

and I married him.

You... are... a grumpy..

Having fun?

grumpy, stubborn guy...

who doesn't wanna face up to the
person he really is, which is..

Keep going.

someone who cares about life
more than anyone I've ever met..

Keep it up.
I'm liking it.

and who watches his family
every minute,

works his fingers to the bone.

He always comes shining through.

It's true!
Ladies and Gentlemen..

I'm grumpy, I'm grouchy.
I'm all those things,

but, Your Honor, I gotta admit,
I love my wife.

Oh. Good answer. You wanna
ride in the cab with me?

Is somebody out there Mm-hmm.
Let's go.

Somebody's on the radio.

Holy mother, that thing is huge.
Flew like the wind too.

Yeah? This is Chase Jackson.
Go ahead.

Did you see it, Baby? It's huge! It's
comin' your way. What's coming my way?

Have you seen it? I don't
know what that thing was!

What's comin' my way?
Get out of the road, Honey.

What's comin' my way?
My God, that thing was huge!

Come back. Oh, my dog..
my dog ran after it.

Stop, you son of a bitch!

Oh, my God.
Baby, don't move.

I'm gonna get some help.
No! Chase, don't go.

Oh, Sweetheart.
Oh, God.

Oh, no. Raquel..

Did you see it?

Did you see it?

What, Baby?
It was wonderful.

Did you see it?

Come back.


Come on, Baby.
Don't go.

Somebody come back.

Oh, no.

I've seen..

Come on back now.

Anybody there?


You closin' up for the day?

I got a call from Mrs. Star.

Says some kids broke into her yard
and dyed her prize chicken blue.

We'll try to figure out if
it's the Picket Boys or not.

Sir, I'd be more than happy
to take care of that for you.

Besides, you've already done
your four hours of duty.

I know those insurance companies don't want me
loggin' more than a couple hours under my badge,

but I'm still the sheriff, Ken,

and turnin' 70 ain't a death warrant.

Sir, I didn't mean anything
by that.

I-I know that you can do it.

I just..
I just wanna help.

Ken, your motives have only
been good.

You can give me a hand
by backing me up.

Mrs. Star can get pretty ornery
with that cane sometimes.

That she could.

I must be losing my mind. You gotta
blend in with the culture, Wade.

Whose culture's that, exactly?

I'll tell you what. If this place
is an example of American tradition,

it blows my mind how you lot
took it from us.

What are you talking about?
America was never England.

I hate to disappoint you, Mate.
You mean we used to talk like you?

No. We used to talk like you
until we sorted our heads out.

Please tell me you're not behind on
your meds. I am, as a matter of fact.

You'd think I could at least fill
my prescription in this town.

I mean, who's heard of a pharmacy
that doesn't have Prozac...

but serves bubble gum ice cream
on tap, for God's sake?

Maybe people here don't get depressed.

Are you kidding? Have you
taken a look at this town?

I wish you guys were half as combat-ready
as you're not ready for prime time.

I gotta take this.

Hey, Tim. Yeah.

Okay. Uh, buy a thousand
shares at 750.

No, I don't care what the P.E.
is. Just buy it.

Hey, man,I'm kind of in a rush.
I gotta go.

But will you call me back before
the bell? Okay. See you, Buddy.

Alice in bloody Wonderland.

Sorry to keep you waitin', Sirom.
Here's your coffee.

Is there anything else I can
do for ya? Nah.

This oughta do me just fine.

Priscilla, you got any more
of them muffins?

Yeah, we got more of those muffins.

But you keep eatin' 'em, then your
wife's gonna feed you to the wolves.

Say hi to Krista for me.
♪ Well, I'm fallin' drunk again ♪

♪ I guess she must have got to me ♪♪


Unbutton that.



Oh, my God.

I've got customers out there.

They can wait a second.
A second?

I guess you really don't wait
for tomorrow, do you? Mm-mmm.

Mmm. Hey, Vin, do you remember
that conversation...

I was havin' with you
yesterday about marriage,

when you said you would marry
a girl just like me?

Did you mean it?
I've never lied to you.

I guess not in the whole
four days I've known you.

He wants to build a big white house...

and one of those extra large
above-ground swimming pools.

One of those blue things?
No. The pink sparkly kind.

Got fishes on it?

Well, you stick with me, I'll get
you two pools and two pools to match.

Whoo-hoo! It's 1:00.
I got my lunch rush.

What.. Shit!

Baby, I gotta go.

When are you comin' back?

In time enough to make my
princess a queen.

Hey, here's my number.

Don't worry if my mama answers.

Just tell her you're one of the recruiters
from one of those big city beauty schools.

She still thinks I have
a future in front of me.

Beautiful girl like you...

deserves a beautiful future.

I'll see you, Baby.


Get down!

Hey, Baby, how you doin'?
What's up?

The only cop in this whole town,
and here he is.

Where's that Sasquatch festival thingy
I've been hearin' so much about?

You're on the wrong side of town.

Great, great. Thanks, Bro. Son, I think
you dropped this back at the diner.

Ah! Yes, I did.
Thank you. Not so fast.

In this town, that just earned
you a ticket for littering.

Well, uh,
how.. how about just a warning?

Not today. Sorry.

Go, go, go, go, go!
So am I.

Get in the car, now!

Wade, what are you doin'? I'm the
driver, Man. Get out. I'm the driver!

Let's go!



We're closin' early today.
I'll give you a really good deal.

You found the special tape.
I'm Raquel.

Hi. Erin.

Um.. So, uh, what's so special
about this?

They call it the Jackson Footage.

For better or for worse, it kind
of put this little town on the map.

You might have even seen a piece of
it on TV on one of those sci-fi shows.

It was the last thing my mother
ever saw before she was killed.

Oh, God, I..
It's okay.

It only lasts a couple of seconds,
and it's kind of hard to see.

But there's something.

A bear, someone in a suit..
Who knows?

You want me to fill 'er up?

Um, yeah.
Yeah, please.

Where are you runnin' to?

Uh, running to?

Not that I'm being nosy.

Maybe a little bit. I watch a
lot of detective shows.

But I saw those boxes taped up
like you were in a rush,

and the rest of your car's so neat.

It made me think you must've
been in a real hurry.

That's, um..
That's pretty good.

Yeah, yeah,
I suppose I-I am in a hurry.

I'm just sort of, um.. I don't know..
trying to start a new life, I guess.

I'm just a little anxious.

It's 40.
Oh. Yeah.

Thank you.
I want you to take this.

Oh, no, no, no. I don't think
I'm the right person for that.

I don't know what I could've
sold it for,

and it would have either
been too much or not enough.

I just decided the best person to have
it is the one with the clean slate.

So whatever you do with it
is the right thing.

Well, thank you.

Believe me, it's my pleasure.

Oh, um, do you know of, like,
a scenic route that's heading east?

Yeah, just take State Road 29.

It starts off as a dirt road,
but it gets really pretty.

Okay. Bye.


No. Oh, my God.

My God.


Thank God for the seat belt law.

Nice drivin', Wade.

Oh, Man.
Grab the money!

Oh, my God. No.

Help me get this money here.

Grab the money, Wade!
All right. All right.


You got insurance?


That's good, 'cause
we sure as hell don't.

Come on.


I'm hurt, Man, bad!

Wade, come on.
Help me.

Look at me.
You're all right. Come on.

I can't get up, Wade.
Help me.

Hang on.

Are you guys okay?

Yeah, we're just fine, thanks.

Take it easy, Kayla. She looks nice
enough. Didn't have to front-kick her.

It's cool. It's cool.
Kayla, she's coming with us.

Come on, Wade! Get the money, will ya,
before we lose half of it to the wind!

You're a cold bastard.
You know that? Come on!

Get up.
Leave your shit.

Go over there.

Hey, uh, John Wayne's comin'.

Damn it! They're comin'.
Come on. Take cover.

Just your friendly
neighborhood bank robbers.

Let's go! Go!
Come on! Let's go!


Hot damn! There they are!
Keep your head, Chris.

Those are the ones that shot Sirom!

Ken, did you see what I saw?

It looked like more than four,

definitely armed,
and they might have a hostage.

This is Sheriff Harris Zeff! Throw out
your weapons and release the hostage!

Let's keep from sheddin'
any more blood!

I only saw three.
There's only three. Okay.

That's a sweet truck with an
eight-inch lift. Bad-ass!

What do we got?
What's the price now?

Buy 2,000 shares. Hey, I'm sorry,
Buddy. I gotta go. Bye-bye.

Okay, you guys, round out,
fire 'em up,

and let's try not to hit
anything but pork.

Okay, let's go!

Return fire. Go!

I'm out!

We don't want any more
gettin' killed!

What the hell are they waitin'
for? Should we keep shootin'?

Sheriff, I think we should
call for backup now.

Get the state police. They might
be heading toward the border.

Sheriff, we're talkin' about
some bank robbers here.

Sheriff, please..
Cover me.

Wait. Sheriff..

Chris, come on!

They're in the timber!

Oh, wow.

We got us some real damn bad
guys here.

Let's get 'em!

Hold it, Chris. Radio Bernardo
and Britt to get into uniform.

Then call old Eli.

Have him bring his dogs
and hardware out here.

That's some bad country
they're in.

You're right about that.

And we're goin' in it.

Put me down, Man.
Put me down.

Put me down! Come on! Put me down!
Put me down. All right. All right.

Come on.
Oh, Man!

Two more jobs and we're out for
good, remember? Man, it's cold.

We gotta leave him, Wade.
He's not gonna make it.

Shut up, Travis. He's still breathing.
Look it. He's finished.

We're not gonna be able to emerge from this
forest with stolen cash and a dead guy.

He dodges bullets for you,
and you just wanna leave him?

He didn't dodge bullets for me. He did it for
the same reason we all do it.. for the cash.

He walks into every dodgy job you toss
his way, always looking up to you,

and never questions a word
you said.

Look, he's not gonna question this
word either, okay? You need your pills.

You know that? Cut it out!
Come on!

Hey, law dog's got some company,
so we should get goin'.

Ow! Man, he does not look good.

Our Father who art in heaven..

Aw, geez.

Come on. We've gotta go!
Come on. Let's go.

Go. Go, Man.

I'm dead.
Listen, I'm dead.

I'm dead, Man.
Just go.

It's okay, Man.
Just go. I'm sorry.

Come on, Wade!

It's all right.

You got yourself here pretty quick.

You know how it is.

I was rigged out of the mud when
I got the call over the radio.

Next time you refer to me as a
prehistoric hemorrhoid over the radio,

I'm gonna shoot you in your foot.

But that's your C.B. handle, Eli.
Don't you remember?

When I'm on the job, it's Eli.

My old lady, she's got her
ears on all day every day.

I don't need her on my case.

Them the slicky boys that got Sirom?

Four men and a female hostage.
Where are the dogs?

Hell, I had to take 'em to the
vet to get their canines clean.

I'm sure they're flyin' high on some
kind of dog dope. But don't you worry.

Ain't nothin' they can't track
that I can't anymore. All right.

Well, these two blue legs
here'll be eatin' my dust.

I'll have 'em bagged and
tagged before chow.

We're in dark territory. Cell phones
and radios will last about a half a mile.

Eli, you know this terrain.
Any trails?

Hell, this is Mount Piez.
Bad country.

Hell, even old monkey boy Chase Jackson
doesn't know that territory.

Eli, you know that old boy
watched our backs...

for two tours in country.

We owe each other for life.

Yeah, but you know he's not the
same guy anymore, Sergeant.

When he came asking you for a
job, I know you noticed that.

Yeah, I sure wish we had him
with us now.

Well, I'm the only point man
you'll need.

Keep your powder dry, Mijo.

Keep my power drive?

Hey, who do you think you are,
old man?


What does that mean?
"Bend over. Here it comes again."

Is that a real person?

Lay chilly, Boys.
He's dead.

Let's keep those guns half-cocked,

not make this boondoggle
any worse than it is.

A dead body. I mean, we got
a real dead body, Guys.

Ken, get Stanley on the hook.

The radio. Find out where the
backup is. Yes, Sir.


Yeah, this is Stan. Stanley,
what's the 20 with our backup?

We have a bit of a problem.

They can't get no choppers to help
us till early tomorrow. Over.

So we're all on our own?



Let's go have a look.

Hey, you slugs. I'm 10 minutes
ahead of your bad guys.

Say, that six and 20 tootsie they
got with her, she sure is good-lookin'.

I'd like to pick them apples.
Eli, keep your short arm to yourself.

What's their position?

Ten minutes east of here.

Uh, say, Harris, uh,

I'm thinking maybe we oughta get
the next pack of Johnny Laws...

to come in here and pick up
these flies.

We're gettin' into some..
some deep, serious now,

and I sure am gettin' that..
that old feeling again.

I think I'm gonna..

I'm gonna break radio contact.


Damn fools are steppin' right
into the mouth of Satan.

Oh, my God!

Do not, I repeat.. negative..
do not come up to this area!

That really doesn't
sound good.

Fall back! Fall back!

Eli, come in.


Eli! Come in!

That was no coyote, and we're
walking right towards it.

That's a good point, Kayla.
Let's hold up, you guys.

I'm gonna get reoriented here.

Got yourself a man?

A woman?
You wish.

Nothin' to be ashamed of. As a matter
of fact, I will come to the wedding.

I'll even come to the honeymoon.

Let me get something straight
here. I don't quite understand.

Um, you drag me out into the
middle of the forest at gunpoint.

You threaten my life if I
don't go with you.

And then you flirt with me.


Hey. Hey, where are you going?

Hey, how'd your yard sale go?

Hey, did you sell everything
you needed to?

Weneeded, Dad.
We agreed, right?


You hear about the robbery?

Yeah. Phone's been ringing
off the hook.

They shot him down right in
the middle of the street.

I'm sure Harris has it all
under control.

Zeff? Yeah.

Everybody's down at the diner.

Now they really got something
to talk about.

Poor Sirom.

This is really nice.
What's the occasion?


Oh, God.

I forgot.
I am so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Damn it!


I tried to get word over to Stanley about
Eli, but I can't seem to get through.

You try then.

They were here.

Damn, Robinson. Even I know
that, and I ain't no Injun.

Chris, you got anything else in that
skull of yours except for stereotype?

Hey, I got lots in my skull.

Alls I'm sayin' is us rednecks got
just as much sense as you redskins.


Then lead the way.

With pleasure.

Just catchin' my breath.
Let's head on up the valley.

They're still in the woods.

Last radio contact said
something happened to old Eli.

We're positioned at Grizzly Peak.
We need those choppers by morning.

Is that doable Doin' our best, Stanley.

Copy that.
Son of a bitch.


You scared the shit out of me.

Give me that.

That's okay. You can scare the crap out
of your crazy old man anytime you want.

I don't think you're crazy.


I didn't forget about your birthday.

I knew you wouldn't forget.

You always come shining
through, Dad.

It's.. It's wonderful.
Your mother used to say that.


You know what would be wonderful? If you
went back to school and got your degree.

Summer's over.

Well, at least you're not
telling me to get married.

I love what you've done to the
place, but I want my house back.

No, Dad. I don't wanna go.
I wanna be here with you.

I don't need a mother. I'm a
big boy now. I know that.

But not now.

Just not now.

We wanted a girl, you know.

Your mother was in labor for 14 hours.
She was shakin' like a leaf.

I brought you, and I put you right on her chest,
and you both fell asleep just like that.

I came home and planted a tree.

I hadn't slept in 48 hours.
Forty-eight hours.

It's a good story, Dad.



So I'll open this later, okay?


I love you.
I love you.

Bernardo, get a car over to Krista's.

Tell her about Sirom.

Oh, Sirom. Goddamn it.
Copy that. Will do.

Doggone it.

You're supposed to be guaranteed
nationwide coverage.

Hey, grinnin' Vinnie,

how about passin' your new girlfriend's
water around before we pass out?

Hey, you got any burgers in here?
Granola bars.

Healthy stuff?

You obviously don't like things
that are good for you.

Ooh! Porn.
Yeah, porn.

Why don't you go put it
in that VCR over there?

Vin, why don't you stop mucking about
and take the water out of the bag?

All right.
Drown yourself.

Hey, Robinson?

You think your ancestors are
gonna give us a tribal blessing?

You know, like from up
in the great powwow sky?

Keep us protected?

I'm Mexican, you idiot.

The only Indian I ever knew was
the one that ran the cigar store...

on Alvarado and 13th.

I always thought you were Indian.

What in the world..

What is all that gross stuff there?

Is that blood?

It's after birth from something.

We're clear.
No one's been here.

It looks like Eli was.

You think they shot him?

I mean, you think they really
killed him?

That's a strange smell.

What are we gonna do, Harris?
I mean, they're killing us.

Easy, Boy.
Focus on what we need to do.

Give yourself a goal.

We get ready to buckle our dust and find
these people before they can do this again.

Come on, Son.

Where are you from anyway?

Yeah, well, welcome to my world.

You think somebody owes you
something, huh?

Hell yeah, someone owes me.

I can look at you in two minutes and
tell you think someone owes you too.

It may not be money,
but it's somethin'.

Travis, she's just holdin' us back.

Wade, we may need to use her
as a bargaining chip, okay?

What are you talking about, Man? If it
wasn't for her, we'd be long gone by now.

If it wasn't for you,
we wouldn't be in this mess.

If Vin had been driving like I planned,
we'd be out of here right now.

It's my fault now?
Where's he all the time?

Oh, watch it. Watch it.
It's tricky around here.

Oh, my goodness.
English guys.


Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo!

Easy, Boy.
Knock it off, you big babies.

All right, all right.

Okay, Guys.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Geez. You know how many
rounds you just wasted?

What the hell was that?

You gonna be okay, Buddy?
Come on.

What are they shootin' at, an army?

Boy, you really did hit somethin'.

Jesus Christ, that's a lot of blood.

Is it human?

Looks like you got your first bear
there, Mate. Shut up, Travis.

Don't screw with me again, Vin.

Oh, come on, Wade.
I was just messin' with ya.

Yeah, very funny. Do you know
what your problem is, Mate?

Everything to youis one giant
"E" ticket ride.

It's just you in your little garden playing
Jesse James to impress all the girls.

You make me sick, Mate.

Guy needs his Viagra.

It's Prozac.

Yeah, whatever.
Oh, shit!

You run pretty fast for a chick.

I knew those legs of yours
had to be good for something.

We shouldn't be out here! But
you just don't get that, do you?

That's a good punch.

Where'd you learn to hit like that?
Boarding school cage fights?


Hold it right there.

All right,
let's everybody stay calm.

Shut up, Bitch.

Hey, hey, hey!

Now, see, what we have here is
what's called a Mexican standoff.

You ever done pulled that
trigger on somebody before?

You mean like you shot Sirom?

Virgin hero, huh?

Freeze right there, mister,
or I'll.. I'll shoot you dead!

Oh! Just kiddin'.

You hold him here.
Where's Harris?

I don't know. Started spoutin' off
that Vietnam gobbledy gook and ran off.

Damn it, Chris!
What did I tell you?

You shouldn't leave him alone.

All right.
I'm goin' after the girl.

You get that signal flare off.

Hey, uh, you got a smoke?

Oh, yeah, I got a smoke for ya.

This is the last smoke
you'll ever have.

You came to the wrong damn town
to rob the wrong damn bank..

Damn it.. and shoot at
the wrong damn law.

That's a lot of damns.

Damn straight.

I never liked girls like you
in high school.

Graduating with honors,

all the boys, all the money, all
the luck, and no one owes you jack!

I never graduated, Bitch!

Okay, Ladies, that's enough
estrogen boil-over for one day.

Drop your weapons!

Give me your guns!

I'll give you a free round of what's
inside mine. How's that sound?

Don't kid yourself, boot. Right now, I'm
ready to put you all down inside a Glad bag.

Relax, General Jackson.
This don't mean nothin'.

We're just gonna take a little walk,
and then we'll let the lady go.

How many men you have out there?

How many have you got, you mean?

Hey, wanker, come out here!

Show your face!

Oh! Okay.

Come on.

Come on. Just go in.

Nope. Excellent.

AWOL as usual.

Harris, check the windows.
See if anything's coming.

What's that foul smell in here?

Don't see anything.
This is Old Harmonica's Lodge.


Chris is out there.
Watch out!

Drop it, General.

Drop your gun.

Don't even try it!
The other one, now!

Okay, Stonewall, this unit's
gonna have one commander.

And seeing as I'm the only one that's
registered, it's gonna be me, okay?

You, go check him out.
See if he's gonna die.

Go, go, go!

Hey. Uh, he's hurtin'.

"He's hurtin'." What do you think,
I'm an idiot? I'm not a doctor!

You're a cop. I know what you know.
Looks like he has a concussion.

He might have cerebral bleeding. He's gonna
need medical attention, that's for sure.

Good diagnosis. And what is this
place? It's an old ski lodge.

Nurse, I want you to find a
room and put him to bed.

His wheezin' and sighin'
is driving me crazy.

Come on!
Yeah, that's it.


I'll blow a hole in you
if you move. All right.

Now, would one of you guys
like to tell me...

what the hell just happened
out there?

Well, well.

What have we got here?

H.. He.. Help me.
Help me down.


How'd you find me?

We don't get too many gigolos
wandering out here.

You another Dudley Do


I'd choose my words if I were
you, city boy.

You know, you should be careful
'cause if you sneeze..

I'd say, "Kiss my ass," wipe
my nose and then walk away.

Sheesh. So much for small town

Hey, Man, you spit on our streets,

you rob our bank...

and you killed a friend of mine.

This is small town hospitality,
you horse's ass.

All right. All right.

Now, what were you doing
up the tree?

Well, it was that..
whatever that thing was.

That thing. The mutant gorilla..
whatever it was.

What are you talking about?

My melon's all twisted right now anyway,
so I know it's not Angelina Jolie.

Think it bit me.
Think I'll turn into one?

You're very colorful, aren't you?

What direction did it come from?

That way.

All right. Get up.

Move. Move!

Easy, Paul Bunyan.

You're livin' on borrowed time, Kid.

You know what it's like
to lose somebody you love?

Do you?

Move. Come on.

You gonna help me?
Yeah, I'll help you.


You killed a cop.

Sit down.

I knew we saw something, Baby.

I wish you were here to see this.

Who you talking to?

It smells like skunk and
mother's milk.

You didn't stumble onto this thing.

While it was foraging, you
threatened it in some way.

Threatened what, Dude? I don't even
know what the hell's going on here.

You have no idea?

You have no idea.

Aw, Buddy.


Let's find your friends.
Come on.

Actually, it was my older
brother that was in Vietnam.

Golf Company, 2nd Battalion,
1st Marines.

He got his balls blown off...


But as soon as he healed up, he
went right back in for another tour.

Proud son of a monkey.

So, men of principles actually
do run in your family.

Yeah. Either that or stupidity.

I followed him into the service, you
know, but I never made it in country.

Hangnail kept me out.

I'm definitely sorry to hear you didn't
get your chance to go over there.

Course, when my brother came back,
he was the apple of my daddy's eye.

Me.. I could have burned the neighbor's
house down. He wouldn't even look at me.

You know what it's like...

to pray at night...

that your old man would care
enough about you...

to actually smack you once or twice?

Well, I'm sure he'll be
real proud of you now.

Okay. Kayla?

You and I are abandoning this position...

and takin' all the artillery
with us.

We're goin' out there
without Wade and Vin?

You wanna sit around here and
play peekaboo with Opie and Andy?

What's that?

This is ridiculous.
Give us a gun! Shh!


Thanks for leaving me out
there, Dude.

Wild man, why don't you come in
the front door like a human be..

That's why.

You know, we've already been through this,
and frankly, I'm not gonna do it again.

You listen to me, Pumpkin Head.

We can start shootin', killin' each
other right now. It's up to you.

It's your choice.

Hooah, Zeff.

You all right?
Doin' good. Where's Chris?

He's out there.

Us good ol' boys are the only chance
you got of gettin' out of here.

I don't think that's true, 'cause I think
there's a vehicle on the property somewhere,

and we'll be driving away, laughin'
while your body's rottin' on the ground.

Why don't you just walk out
there and check it out?

You go check it out!

I know what's out there. What's
your guess, the Abominable Snowman?

Actually, the Abominable
Snowman's Yeti.

Lives in the Himalayas, uh, in Tibet.
I mean, it's a little manlike animal.

This guy's an encyclopedia
on this crap.

Well, whatever it is.. and,
frankly, I don't care what it is..

we left it about a half mile back.

You bet.

Yeah, they're all around this place.
Big Woolly leading right up to the door.

Kayla, why don't you verify that lie?

Just go check outside the
front door, Honey, please.

Travis! It's here.

You satisfied?

I'd say nobody has anything to worry about
except whatever's in front of these, okay?

Oh, will you shut up!

Come on. Shoot. I'm right in front
of your big bad gun, so shoot me.

Don't push him. Yeah, please
don't push me, Sugar Pants.

You don't think I know you, Travis.

Let me tell you something.
I am not scared of you.

I just gave up everything I own
to leave a man exactly like you.

What else are you gonna take
from me, huh?

What are you gonna do?


Let me get this straight.

You're telling me you can
get us out of here alive.

I said we're the only chance
you've got.

Now, take it or leave it.
I reckon I'd listen to him.

Trav, we may need their help.

Is he gonna be all right?


If we can get out of here soon.

Oh, that's nasty!

There's our smell.

It's Harmonica. I haven't
seen him for a few weeks.

Uh, poor old fellow.

What a way to go.

Just like the King.

It's like taking out my
grandma's garbage,

multiplied by a thousand.

It's not exactly my funnest moment.

Ain't so bad out there.

You know, at this point, it
could be a great white shark.

Jesus Christ!

Hold it!

It's using rocks?

This is crazy.
What's going on here is nuts!

This thing is really making
me sick!

Oh, what is it?

That old guy had a phone
in here somewhere?

Nope. Always said he didn't
need one.

Came into town about once a month,

bought himself some supplies.

Quite a bit of horse feed.
Don't know why.

Never had any horses.

Why? Wantin' to, uh, call the police?

Very funny.

No, I'm trying to get a hold of Tim,
my stockbroker back in the world.

He had a big deal that could
make me.

Well, what's up?

There's a girl in the street
in there after all, huh?

The way you were starin' down
Travis like that..

I tell you, this guy you left...

must be one hell of a rootin'
tootin' son of a bitch.

That's good though.

You know, marriage..
it's over rated.

You know why divorce is so expensive?

'Cause it's worth it.

You just don't get it, do you?

Go look in the mirror, Vin.

But look really hard, past your
kiss-me smile and green eyes,

if you can.

I'm.. I'm just trying
to be a nice guy.

Yeah, Mr. Nice Guy.

Uh, excuse me.

I'm just saying things to try
to make her feel better.

Yeah, that's what you're
good at, isn't it?

Priscilla.. you remember her?

That cute little girl
down at the diner,

dreaming of the guy that's gonna
come back and take her away.

Or whatever sort of crap
you sold her.

She told everybody in town you
weren't part of the robbery.

Hey, Chase.

You don't wanna make me mad,

'cause I ain't as charmin'
when I get mad.


Come and get it.

Your hitchhikin' days are over, Kid.

You're gonna have to be a man
or die tryin'.

That's a lead pipe cinch.

You know I don't.. I don't
owe you an explanation.

No, you don't owe anybody
an explanation.

But you're not foolin'
anybody now, are you?


Sorry, Ace.
Didn't mean to give you a start.

It's all right, Zeff.

How you doin'?


It's like.. It's like being
back in country, isn't it?

I just came to realize...

that I should have given
your story a second chance.

And when...
everybody was doubting you,

I should have stood up for you.


I surrendered that
a long time ago, Zeff.

Don't even think about it,
for God's sake.

When you came to me...

lookin' for a job,

I let you down, Buddy.

Let you down.

Zeff, what kind of cop
would I have made?

Oh, my. There's the guy.
He's a cop. Big Woolly cop.


what really happened up there?

I remember, clear as a bell,

it was October the 12th,

10:00 at night.

I got a call from Sara,

and she was up on Hatchard
Road, stranded.

She had a busted water hose
I should have fixed a week ago.

You know, we..


she was standing there, pretty
as an angel, you know.

She's got this camera that I bought her,
and she's running around like a school kid,

shootin' everything, tryin' to capture
everything as if it was the last time.

Then, uh,

there was this awful silence.

Really, it hurt my ears.

And then I heard this sound.

Ah, well, metal and flesh.

The next thing I know, she's
in my arms, and she's..

Her eyes are lost up in the
woods, up in the hills.

And she's telling me,

"Oh, now I see."

But now I understand.


You're grumpy today.

You are a grumpy..

Havin' fun?

grumpy, stubborn guy...

who doesn't want to face up
to the person he really is,

which is... Keep going.


someone who cares about life
more than anyoneI've ever met...

Keep it up.
I'm likin' it.

and who...

watches his family every minute,

works his fingers to the bone.

My old man told me one thing
that sure turned out to be true.

No matter how hard you try, no matter
how high you get in this life,

there's always gonna be
a devil on the mountain...

waiting to knock you back
into your socks.

He said nothing was ever
gonna be easy.

He was right about that.


Hey, somebody out there

Holy mother. That thing's huge.
Flew like the wind too.

Yeah? This is Chase Jackson.
Go ahead.

It's coming your way.
What's coming my way?

Get out of the road, Honey.
What's coming my way?

Have you seen it? I don't know
what that thing was!

My God!
That thing was huge!

Oh, my dog.. my dog ran after it.

Stop, you son of a bitch!


Hey, check this out.

Um, I was walking to the bedroom
back there, you know, where..

And I decided to take a long, good
look in the mirror like you said.

And, uh, you know, the irony was...

the mirror was cracked.

All right. That's cool.
I'll talk to you later.

Why don't we go powder our noses?

What happened to all the high
school animosity?

Come on. Let's go.

I didn't think we were supposed
to have the lights on.

Yeah, well, I do what I want.

No one gave you much in life,
did they?

No. Mm-mmm.
What I have I've worked for.

What I have I stole.

I don't have photos of ex-boyfriends
neatly tucked away in my purse.

Those are my reminders.


Oh. Yeah, right.

Vin breaks hearts, not bones.

Well, we all have scars.

It's just that some of us
don't have the option...

to hide behind a pretty smile.


You look so much better
with your mouth shut.

Come with me.

Good morning.

You know what I can't
get out of my mind?

That if it wasn't for you,

we wouldn't be here right now.

If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here
right now. Don't answer back at me!

You've caused enough trouble
as it is.

One lousy instant and a
couple of feet.

That's all that stood in the
way of us being rich and comfy...

and now being stuck here
with you.

Maybe we can do something.

Shall we?

Drop it, Wade! No!




Zeff, I'll go.
Just keep them headin' east.

All right. Let's move out.
Come on, Honey.

Where is that dead, uh,
Toilet Guy?

Wait! Where's everyone goin'? No, we
should stay here. It's safe here, inside.

Kayla, we need to get out of
here. It's not safe.

You know what, Trav?
Keep my share.

It's safer inside.

Safer to stay inside.

It's out there, you see.
It's out there. It's not in here.

Stupid, dumb men.


Oh, my God.

You were feeding it.

Oh, Boy.




You're a hero now, Buddy.

All right.


Chase. You can put that
shotgun down now.

I thought you bought the farm.

No, hell. I'm not gonna let some
over ized rodent seal my tin can.

Nah, I just had to pull
an over nighter here.

I got a little thrashed around.

Oh, L.T.

Long in the tooth.

It's been an interesting day, Eli.

How are we gonna get out of here?

Well, near as my military
mind recollects,

we should be hitting pavement...

before too long.

We got people to find.

Hey, look.
I'm gonna tell you something.

If you ever tell me that you
saw the Loch Ness monster,

I'll be right there to back
you up.


I've had enough of this group therapy.

It's every man for himself.
You're going with us.

Yeah, right.

Hey, what, am I supposed to do
a buck and wing for you now?

Boy, if I had been your father,

I'd have tanned your hide
until you saw straight.

But now, if it takes a bullet,
well, so be it.

If you plan on pulling
that trigger again,

I'm gonna give you
a slug in your heart.

When I told you I wasn't going
back to prison, I meant it.

You want to stay here with me
and do this dance, that's fine,

but these people and this money..
they're gettin' out of here.

Do you want to split
this money two ways?

Or, Vin, would you like
to split it three ways?


Oh, my God.

Uh, take a breath.

Move over there. Sweetheart..
Just back off!

Mother Teresa,
I can actually help him.

You know, I remember when I
just turned drinking age,

and my old man and I used to go out to
more drinking contests than I could count.

One night he pushed the limit.
I knew his ego'd get the best of him.

We were stumbling down the
docks of Chesapeake Bay.

I saw him take a big breath
of air.

I thought maybe he was trying to get some
fresh sea salt down his gullet to sober up,

but then he fell right on his face.

I was bangin' and poundin'
and screamin' and cryin'.

I was trying to get that
busted old heart going!

Come on, you busted old heart!

Live, you mean,
old son of a monkey! Live!

But his heart never did
start up again.

Yeah. Oh, Boy.
He was a mean old buzzard though.

A really tough buzzard.

Vin! Vin!

Thank you.
You're welcome.

It's good to see you back. Just
don't tell any of my friends, okay?



We shouldn't be here.

This is his house.
Come on. Let's get out of here.

You take cover.
Let me handle it. No more.

You can't escape me anymore!

No! Kayla?

She's my family, you stinking
sack of bad cheese!

You son of a bitch!

Hey! Hey, you maggots.
Let's get this party moving.

Eli. Chase.

We gotta split into smaller groups.

Split up?
We're stronger together.

No. That's the point.
We may be threatening him.

Chase is right. All right.
Now, listen, teen queen, Diddy Bop.

Head towards the sun
till you hit a road.

We're gonna keep Big Woolly
off your back.

Just go.

We're still here, Zeff.

Clocked and locked and ready
to rock, uh-huh. Hooah.

All right, Gentlemen.

Old habits die hard?

Hey, uh, I was wondering
if you'd do me a favor.

I can't wait for this one.

Just in case.

You ain't really that tough,
are you, eh?


You want the money?

You think you're so smart,
don't you?

You were gonna rip us all off and
take the money for yourself. I know.

But you didn't count on me,
did you

The weakest actually turned
out to be the strongest.

So just give me what's mine.
Give it to me.



Wait. Wait, wait.


Go over by the girl.
Take her hand.

Come in, Sheriff.

Sheriff, it's Stanley.
Do you read me?

Sheriff, please.

Stanley, you there?

Over. Oh! Holy Moly!
Sheriff, is that you?

Yeah. Yeah, it's me.

Uh, sorry for the language, Sir.
What's your 20? Over.

Uh, we're.. we're back
at the wreck site.

Looks like we must have
come full circle.

Mr. Jackson's daughter Raquel
has been here all night.

She wants to talk to him.

Well, he's.. he's right here.


Who is it?

This is Chase.
Dad? It's Raquel.

Yeah. Go ahead, Honey.

No, no. I'm fine.

We got some stuff to take care
of here. I'll be home soon.

Bye-bye, Sweetheart.
Bye. Hurry home.

Oh, God.

Hi there.

That's me.

Uh, somebody wanted you
to have this.

For me

It's a whole lot of hope.


Well, there she goes.

You ready, Son?


Thanks for letting me stick
around for the finale.

Well, I know you didn't want
her to see you like this.

The cuffs.
These, Dude?

These are cool.

It's these hand-me-downs you got
me in here that are embarrassing.

Well, better get used to
funny-looking clothes.

Good one.

Hey, Harris. Think I would
have made a good sheriff?

Well, do you think I'd have
made a good bank robber?

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Some people are just
different people.

Yeah, I guess so.

911. What are you reporting?

We've got someone or something
rawling around out here.

Did you see what it was?
Person or an animal or..

I can't tell. Alls I know is
that my sensor light came on.

And I just happened to glimpse and see
this thing running across the yard.

A good-sized man. Or something looks
like a man. I don't know what it was.

Just.. It ran across the yard.

You've had problems in the
neighborhood before?

Yeah, my dog was killed here just
recently. I don't know it was.

I don't want to go outside.

Jesus Christ!
Get somebody out here.

What's going on now, Sir?

That son of a bitch is about
6'9" I don't know.

Do you see him now, Sir?
Yes, I'm looking right at him.

Uh-oh. Is he in your yard, Sir?
'N yeah. God, he's big.

Okay. What's he doing in your yard?
'N he's looking at me.

And the guy is on foot, this..

I don't know what it's a big,
real big person.

That's all I can say.
He's big. He is big.

♪ We're holdin' on to what we love ♪

♪ We'll never let it go ♪

♪ I've got all my brothers
and my sisters around me ♪

♪ Here to live the fast life ♪

♪ No one can tell us to slow ♪

♪ Then we're turning nothing
into something, something ♪

♪ We will, we will ride forever ♪

♪ Time is all we have ♪

♪ Now we'll never trade our
lives to come together ♪

♪ We will, we will ride forever ♪

♪ We're taking our last chances ♪

♪ This is all we know ♪

♪ I've got all the strength I need ♪

♪ With my people behind me ♪

♪ We'll stay as long as we can ♪

♪ No one can tell us to go ♪

♪ Now we're turning nothing
into something, something ♪

♪ We will, we will ride forever ♪

♪ Time is all we have ♪

♪ Now we'll never trade our
lives to come together ♪

♪ We will, we will ride forever ♪

♪ I can promise you anything ♪

♪ He won't play by his own
rules anymore ♪

♪ Anymore ♪

♪ Tomorrow this is mine ♪

♪ It's all mine ♪

♪ Everything is mine ♪

♪ It's all mine ♪♪