Sarocharu (2012) - full transcript

Sandhyaa Arun(Kajal Aggarwal) is a student who is madly in love with Karthik (Ravi Teja), a techie based in Italy. She decides to travel with him to India, confident that the travel time would be enough for her to get Karthik to fall in love. Karthik reciprocates her gestures in a friendly way, but finally reveals that he is married to Vasudha (Richa Gangopadhyay) but is waiting to seek Divorce. Sandhya comes to know about Karthik's stint in Subramaniapuram as a football coach and about his affair with Vasudha and that he wants to divorce her because of Incompatibility. She also realizes that despite all that baggage, she still has feelings for Karthik. At this point, Karthik springs a surprise and reveals a shocking bit of information that he is not married and the story he narrated was his friend's and told it so that it should not repeat in their life as he loved her too. This infuriates her to the core and leaves him breaking in tears. Into this comes in Gautham (Nara Rohith), who is Sandhya's brother in law and madly in love with her. Based on her Mother's (Jayasudha) suggestion, she agrees to marry Gautham. Gautham observes that she still loves Karthik and goes to talk with him. After a conversation, he comes to know the Sincerity in Karthik's love, he lets Sandhya realize it and lets her go to him on their Engagement Day. But all goes vain as Sandhya knows that Karthik left to Ooty leaving her. Finally she too goes to Ooty after 3 months and reunites with him.

Uncle, please don't harm him.

Uncle, I can't live without him.

Please don't separate us, uncle.

No please!

Uncle, please don't beat him.

You're the man to bring her here
from Coimbatore.

If you dare hold her hand now,
I'll leave her to you.

Try it!

Try it, man!

From Coimbatore after crossing Tirupur,
Chennai, Chittoor, Nellore,

Ongole, Vijayawada, Rajahmundry,
I've set foot on Vizag,

it means I've someone to
support me here, right?

It means that someone would
come now and save you, right?

Call him!

Is he an ordinary man like
you and me to come when called?

Is it?

How will he come?

Where would he come from?

Will he drop from the sky or
sprout from earth!

How would he come?

Am I getting introduced now
to get such a grand entry?

This is your first visit to Vizag,

I'll pay car rental,
diesel bill and driver allowance,

you get good Raju's biryani
in Rishikonda,

have it and get going!

Anyway we've come this far!

It's your niece's marriage,

you can stay back
if you want to bless her.

You can attend marriage
and leave by night!

Sorry Ravi!

I had a few drinks last night,
couldn't get up early.

Wipe it.

Just now they put class appearance.

I told you to have biryani
but you want to get beaten up.

Okay, as you wish!

Getting late to college,
have it quickly.

What happened?

I love her for the past 3 years,
neither she says yes nor no.

I told her I'll change
my habits and tastes too.

If she says okay,
will you change your habits?

Making a girl fall in love
isn't done instantly. It's a life.

I don't care about all that.
Will you help me or not?

Who is the girl? Where is she?

Hello! - Hey buffalo!
What's the time now?

Still in bed like a bull!

Am I spending Lakhs on
your education to do this?

What's this, mother?

You're saying as if you work as
maid in 25 homes to pay my fee.

Isn’t my dad who pays the fee?

From where did your father get it?

I came with 200 acres of
land as dowry,

Your daddy is earning from it.

Any topic with you ends up
with your dowry.

Okay, I and my father are
living on your dowry.

We're dependent on it
and yet get angry.

Tell me.

What's there?
Exams start next week.

After that, back to India.
My India is great!

Come quickly, I'll be ready with
a good marriage proposal,

you can marry immediately.

Don't you've any other work, mom?
I think you're free!

I'm getting late to college.
I'll call you in the evening.

Why were you born so beautiful?

When I see you,
I'm getting into the mood.

Any man in this world must get
crushed under my feet.

He'll give a lecture again.

It's better to go out than
hear his boring lecture.

What happened?

Mood off!
- Why?

Didn't your dad send the fee?

A man is following me for
quite long time.

He has threatened to die
if I don't say yes today.

How come only ordinary girls
like you face such problems?

Look at me! I'm so beautiful!

Boys dare not touch me.

She's so beautiful,
some doubt would I fall for him?

She's very beautiful,
some think I would have a boyfriend,

so, if born be beautiful like me,
if not never be born!

I told you my problem
expecting you'd solve it.

Not to use it to praise yourself.

There are two type of love.

One is love at first sight,

It's an accident and it happens
more to people like you,

because you've limited options,

for people like, it's type two,
love at last sight

Love at last sight?

We've plenty of options,
so we take time to select,

and okay some man!

Will you say yes even
if you don't like him?

Do we like to study here leaving
India, parents, and friends?

But we're studying here, right?

Do we like every hero in films?

But we do watch the films.

Life also is like that.

What if you fall in love at first sight?
- Me? No way!

It's not an ordinary thing to
impress me in the first meeting.

He must think and talk, like me.

He wouldn't be around here.
- Had he been there?

Good to hear that.

I'll keep aside my beauty,
ego, pride, and arrogance,

I'll chase him like hell
to get his acceptance.

About your problem,

the man who threatens to die
will never die!

It's just another word
to say I love you.

That's all! So, just chill!
Come on, let's party

My mother won't believe me
unless she sees this photo.

She may think I'm back home
after two year vacation.

That's the trust she has on me.

Little left!
- Hi!

I love you? - What?
What nonsense are you talking?

Did you commit yourself to anyone?
- Even if I didn't, shouldn't I like you?

Like me?

Do we like to study or do a job here
leaving India, parents, and friends?

Aren't we doing it?

Do we like all the film heroes?
Don't we watch all the films?

No use if you like me
or I like you.

A man is following me for 3 years.
- 3 years, then?

I want him to chase me for
a few more days. - Why?

I should know how strong his love is!

Any boy or girl would appear
strong while in love.

They must be strong after marriage only.

Anyway, you don't like him,
so I'll make a try. Come.

No, he's a very nice guy

Good days are here, come.
- Has she agreed? - Yes.


It seems the boy is hot chilly...

It seems the girl is like lightning...

The young couple is very cute...

It's a hot love story...
she readily said I love you...

Like Juliet to Romeo,
like Devadas and Parvathi...

Like a new version of Adam and Eve...
Maybe they were made like that...

Like two eyes and never parting lips...
Like eternal soul mates...

May they were to be like love birds...

Magnet may be here, a needle maybe
elsewhere but it gets attracted...

Like that heart shape may anywhere,
it hits the target perfectly...

Same to same style of talking...
Same to same straightforwardness...

It's strange and great wonder...
Two people like replicas...

Like made with care and perfection,
there's no difference...

It's ninth wonder to see
two people with one mind...

Their height, weight and
all statistics match perfectly...

Planets will pay special attention
to make them fall in love...

I'm nearby, wait, I'm coming.
- Where is she?

I'm coming.

We're getting late, let's go.

Where's he?
- They left.

Why didn't you stop them?

Dad will call now, I'll tell him
everything and settle the matter.

Where's he?
- He'll come.

Call him.

Call him yourself.

You've changed a lot.

What, 200 people?
Are they roaming mad?

Yes, poor guys, I also pity them.
What can I do?

Why was I born so beautiful
to you, mom?

How many more would die like this?

That's the demand I've back home.

Son Srinu, its daddy!
Lift the call, son

Daddy, I told you, she's just like
Jayaprada in the film 'Sagara Sangamam'.

Why are you laughing so much?

Phone call may be fake
but demand is true!

True! I too would've believed
if the phone didn't ring.

Here comes the love king! Escape!



Are you back?
- Hey, short man!

Where's the girl?
- No girl, get out.

I'll stab you.

You can't do that,
she's in the backyard, go.

Why are you working so hard
in hot sun, Bhagyam?

Silly! Hands off me!

How come you're here?

When will you marry me, aunt?

How long will you make me chase you?

By any chance,
will you marry me for real?

Were you born 20 years later or
if I was born 20 years earlier,

I would've taken you away waging wars!

One must be lucky!

I'll adjust with your
daughter for this life.

Who promised to give
my daughter to you?

Why did you say like that?

Please aunt,
I beg to fall at your feet.

Okay, I'll talk to her.

What will I get?

What's in it for me?

What's in it for you?

In fact, I'm marrying Sandhya for you.

I'm unable to sleep at night.

Worried about how aunt is
in her in-laws' place,

how that short man is
taking care of her!

Is she eating or peaceful,
I'm always tensed, aunt.

If I become your son-in-law,

I can live there and
look after you carefully,

that's all, there's no selfish
motive in this.

Indeed! - When we have children,
won't they be yours?

You can wash their mouths, their bums,

you can wash my clothes,

why do you ask
what's in it for you?

You chant Sandhya's name and
she refuses to talk about marriage.

What does she know?
If you decide, it's done.

Do you love Sandhya so much?

I love Sandhya more than myself.

Mad boy! You relax.

I'll fix it for you.

My aunt is gold!

That's why I'm mad about you.

Taxi hasn't come yet,
I may miss the flight.

I cancelled it.

Are you mad?

Don't talk mad!

No use in saying love like
a blind buffalo entering field.

Use it.

Karthik too is going to Hyderabad
on the same flight, right?

Look there!

Karthik is in the next seat.

Just you two!

You can do anything.

Why? Why do you love me so much?

Take it.

Tell me, Reddy.
- Need a small favor.

You remember me only
when you need a favor.

Liquor bottle for your dad, right?
I'll take it.

Not that...
You know Sandhya, right?

She too is coming to Hyderabad.

She's a little girl, her parents
are worried about her safety.

She's not that little to make her
parents worry about it.


Why do you bother about her?
Forget her.

Please listen to me.
- No, leave it.

Give the phone.
- What bloody?

Why are you requesting him?

One must have a range to travel with me.

I'll not go even if volunteers.

Sir is here!

What are you looking?
Get my luggage.

There's nothing to stop you.

I'm getting late.
What's that meeting?

It's done, we're coming.

One thing you must know about Karthik...

Your sister isn't an average girl to
know the details and fall in love.

Not that...

If he asks, give him my details.

One more thing, keep your
cell phone with a full charge.

You'll get a call after
reaching Hyderabad.

I can't sleep, eat or live
without Sandhya.

Sandhya is my life,
give me her number.

Tell me about her...

He'll make an emergency call to you.

No, you don't know about him...
- Get lost!

Looks like you've taken it
seriously my laugh yesterday.

I'm in splits if anyone gets
caught telling lies.

I forget things as it happens.
- Why are you so serious then?

It's unnecessary to you.
You drive.

How many children you have?

I'm not yet married.

I saw you carrying diapers in luggage.

That's for my brother's children.
Ours is a large family. - Great

Why are you going back to India?

Mother has a marriage proposal.

I'm going to marry.

Congrats! I wish you
a very happy married life

It'll be sweet to you!

I'll get it for you.
- No need, I can carry my luggage.

You don't need to scan me like that.

I didn't say anything with
double meaning.

I said about original luggage.

Thank God!

You could say A to Z Sandhya!

Don't laugh, that's my grandma's name.
I'll feel hurt.

Are you sitting here? I was
searching for you all over the airport.

Shall we have a coffee?
- I don't want.

Since you no, I'm sure you
will have it.

Two minutes, I'll just get it.

Brother, I've started the reverse play.

He's itching!

I'll carry the luggage,
I'll get it stamped.

Would you like to have coffee or beer?

He's charged up!

I said Hyderabad, I think I'll flatter
him in Dubai transit itself.

Bye, your brother-in-law is coming.

Why did you make a fuss to
give me a lift earlier?

Am I so cheap to you?

Are you angry for that?

If we get late we may miss the flight.

I'll get angry if anyone
avoids or neglects me.

If anyone feels hurt because of me
I'll say sorry with a gift.

I saw in the shop and thought it
would be good o your hand.

So I got it for you.

Few things are made for few people only.

If you don't accept it now,
I'll feel hurt.

We're getting late,
have coffee and come soon.

Really it's very good.
- That's why I gave it.

What's in that book?

Journey is bore with some people.

You feel like when will
this journey end.

But it's interesting and
happy with others.

You feel it's over so quickly.

How do you feel the
journey is with me?

I feel why it has started at all!

I mean if it starts early
it will end early, right?

I'll sit here, please.
- How would I travel then?

Run after the flight!

Got shocked for my punch line,
I've many such lines.

Please try to understand, brother.

Look, God gave you a beautiful body,
he gave me an antique body,

we can't change into each
other's body, right?

He gave you that seat and
gave me this seat in the flight,

we must sit in our places.

You short man! Go away!

Punch again.

Don't get mad,
I'll deliver all the lines.

Is platinum your surname?
- No, my pen name in industry.

Were you awarded?

They don't give in industry,
you've to grab it yourself.

What's your age and
what's this upcoming?

God gave me a break at an old age.

Age and talent have no connections.

These girls are not as good as we think.

Closing eyes little, wetting their lips,

If they shake their body a little,

they think any man
would fall flat for it.

But I'm not like that.

Are you different?

My foot!

Won't you fall for girls?

Don't you know who girls are?
- My dear!

You wouldn't have met a real girl.

You wouldn't have met any
girl like me, right?

Did you ever see a girl so closely?

This is enough for your life time.

Had it nicely?
- Not bad, better.

Where's he?
- He has a breakdown.

He won't get up till
we reach Hyderabad.

Why is cool like ice?

It's flight and night too.

How do you feel?

If they serve anything quickly,
I want to eat and sleep.

How about you?

I feel like having a full
bottle and fall flat!

Do you drink?

I don't want.
- Not for you, both for me.


That's my routine for night
two pegs to sleep.

Why? You're a girl, about to marry,
isn't it better to quit such habits?

You feel so, and then I'll not drink.

You don't need to change
your habits for my sake.

Nothing like that, I have a kick
in quitting for your sake.

I'm quitting drinking from now!

At least you could've said good girl!

What sort of a man he is!

- Food is here, want to eat?

Very happy! I'm not hungry,
you carry on.

Are you human?

If a girl says not hungry,
it means she's angry.

Don't you know you must request her?

I know if I ask why you are angry,
you'll give 100 reasons,

I'll try to convince you,
but would you women get convinced?

Instead of that if I eat and sleep
I can enhance my glamour.

Just for fun! Eat!
- No need, eat like a pig and sleep.

I said sorry, right?

I got it for you only, eat!

You look like a little girl, eat!

That's it.

It's you who fed me after my parents.

Lord of the world...real macho man...

You've inspired my beauty,
O handsome...

Lord of the world...
I'm eager to be yours...

On seeing you once,
my heart is no more with me...

It thinks about only you
and is going sleepless...

O Princess of heaven...
You're a sweet torture...

May I rule over the land
of beauty and charm...

It's you everywhere I see like
the chill breeze tickling me...

Can the wind be quiet seeing
the treasure of beauty...

It's you always like the hot day...

Can the bee ever leave
a garden of flowers?

You moved my heart...

You moved my heart and
plunged me into despair...

You shook the sea and
raked up desires in me...

May I pluck the bud and
vanish your shyness...

I'm very near to you...

I'll say kiss my cheeks
shutting the world's view...

May I bring down the stars
and settle the accounts...

I've all the rights on you...

I'll say loot my lips baiting
with sweet kisses...

May I check the vital statistics...
- Yes, you can...

Rule over my youth...

If you seek help with iron hug,
I'll readily say yes...

It's tempting hours,
he's getting tempted.

Are you mad?

You won't understand it.

I was...on him...

Idiot was born at wrong time.

I hate myself.

I feel like I'm drenched with acid.

What? What are you looking at?

If you tease a girl for fun,
it's beautiful.

If you insult her, it's very bad!

At least open the door,
I'll jump down.

Would he stop talking to me?

I must do something and
put him back on track.

What happened?
- I was coming having a coffee,

a six-year-old kid was about
to fall from the escalator,

I saved him suddenly.

Am I not?

Wash yourself clean in the rest room.

I know what to wash in the washroom.

Do you've any shame?

A girl and that too a girl like Sandhya,

that too inside a cloth shop,
if she says my clothes are spoiled,

it's a golden chance, use it.

Buy a pair and impress me.
Score big marks.

I don't want any marks.

- I said no.

Then, I don't want this dress.

Rowdy girl!

Let's try that one, come.

Why for me?

Stealing isn't my habit.
Take it.

How's the dress?
- Whose selection? Super!

You're very proud!

It's really good.

I'm hungry, shall we have an ice cream?

What's this like a little girl?

Am I not a little girl?

What's your date of birth?

No one will tell the date of birth for ice cream
and bank balance for chocolates.

Come and have it.
- That's better!

Didn't get one for yourself?


You can have it with a spoon, right?
- We'll get late.

What's your opinion about
love at first sight?

I don't have any opinion
on love or sights.

There's nothing love on this earth.
Even if there is, it's useless.

We call it by many names like
love, blood relations, friendship.

If he passes comments on me,
can't you hit him?

It would make me happy.

You must be ashamed of
being born so beautiful.

If beat people passing comments on you,
I may spend my life doing that only.

Did you chide or praise me?

Finish it, I'll come now.

Why are you so tensed?
You got scared, right?

Fearing about me!
Tell me.

I slapped you in anger.

I didn't see your anger in that,
I saw your responsibility.

I like it.

If I do anything mischievous,
you must scold,

if I go overboard,
you must beat me.

Mother used to tell no man can
tolerate you, he'll run away.

But you're not like that.

You'll tolerate my mischief,
you'll satiate my hunger,

if I get angry, you'll beg,

you'll ease my anger,

above all, you'd take
good care of me.

You don't know this, I fell in
love with you at first sight.

That's why I'm mad after you.

I don't have any such idea on you.
- Why?

Don't you like me?

What do you lack?
You're very beautiful.

Then, why? Do you feel
I'll not match you?

I'm not a match to you.

No problem, I can adjust with you.

Though you're ready to adjust, I'm not.

I'm already married.

Oh God!

My fate!

Whenever you said I'm like
a little girl,

I thought you're saying with love,

I was elated,

my mother always told me to stay out
of love, dreams, and fantasies,

off course you're beautiful,
what do you lack?

Come back to India, she said
she'll find a good groom for me.

But I chased you for having same
ideology of life and thought.

I got good stick.

I wanted to marry Pavan Kalyan
after watching 'Khushi'.

They no, you're a little girl.

I thought of proposing to Mahesh
after watching 'Okkadu'.

They said he's already married.

I wanted to see twin towers
and study in US,

somebody brought it down,

everything I wished in my life,
I never got it.

- What?

Did I...

You didn't do anything.

I did everything myself
to end in tears.

How many children?
- I didn't plan it yet.

Why? Why did you stop?
Why didn't you have a few kids?

Who is she?

I mean who is your wife?

I don't share my personal
matters with anyone.

Did you bring me this far
without doing it?

Your marriage isn't your
personal matter.

Who is your wife?

In Ooty...
- In Ooty?

3 years ago in Ooty...

Stop Seenu!

Did you return it and
scored marks from her?

No, I loved non-vegetarian food,
I ate it.

Ate it?

She too had the same reaction.

Ate it? How can you eat it?

Are you human?

It's so cute and innocent...
It’s a sin!

For health reasons.
- Stop it.

Rabbits for running fast,
monkeys for jumping,

dogs for barking,


You can eat anything.

I can't bear it.

Why are you feeling so much
as if I ate you?

Watch out, you'll be born
as a rabbit in your next life.

Somebody would cut and
eat you like this.

If you cut so...

Why are such idiots born?

Would you like to have coffee?

Lost myself in sport I forgot
there are girls are in the world.

From now sport and girl
both are very important.

Important but you must be alive, right?

Did you see that palatial house?
Very big family!

Only daughter, they'd kill you.

I can judge it myself,
tell me the details I don't know.

I'll come here for cigarettes, tell me.

She's very strict,
she'll not fall for idiots like you.

Mischievous, she'll fall easily.

She's a very good girl, anyone who
marries her is very lucky.

You're very lucky man!

Light it.

- Not enough.

There are more details.

She has a younger brother.

Sister, stop!

Step now.
- Why?

I said step on it.

What's this?
- Thorn, sister.

Couldn't you've picked
and thrown it away?

I didn't get that idea, sister.

Don't know how you'd survive
in this world.

When you're here,
why should I worry, sister?

Sister loves brother,
sister is life to the brother.

They both go together to any place.

Whether it is school, cinema,
park or picnic.

You didn't pay for the cigarettes.

I said I'll come every day,
write it in my account.

We mustn't sell cigarettes in Ooty.

Why is it so small like marble?
- It must very big for me.

If not you and your pushcart
will vanish.

Who is it?

I can't see the man but
the ball has come to me.

Football is nothing but kicking...

Who kicked the ball?
- I kicked!

What right you've to kick my ball?

You fool, no use in eating
and growing fat!

You know the size of the ball,
do you know what is football?

Do you how many are in the team?

I kicked the ball...
- Shut up!

Kicking ball for coming near leg,
if the maid enters the bedroom...

You're talking too much.

Am I talking too much?
Who is an idiot?

Who is sir to you?

I've 50 jewel-like students.

I'll accept if they call me sir,
who are you to call me sir?

If you've shame, sensitivity,
learn football and kick the ball,

Why are you staring at me?
Will, you beat me?

Whether you come with father,
uncles, brothers or sisters,

what's that staring!

I'll kill you, fool!

Rabbit! You?

I thought you eat only rabbits,
do you eat children too?

What's his sin?

He's a kid, will you beat him?

Beat him or cut his leg?
- Sister

He has so much talent and
wasting it on the streets.


I saw him kicking the
ball in the market,

I was shell shocked seeing it.

He may be a kid to you,

but I see a Pele, a Maradona, a Ronaldo!

I can see all of them
together in him.

Leave him to me for 6 months,
see what I would do with him.

What will you?
You'll kill him.

That's all, right? Come.

Stop there!

I'm scared, sister.

Newton on seeing a falling
apple from tree,

you and this world knows
he became a scientist.

Did anyone bother to know
why he sat under that tree

and why apple fell
at the same time,

did anyone ask about that?

A teacher like me saw
the talent in him,

he made him sit under the tree,

0he climbed the tree and
threw an apple down,

a shocking truth is,

Newton didn't sit under
an apple tree that day,


It was a mango tree!

It was not season, so teacher
had to drop an apple.

Today everyone talks about Newton,

did anyone bother about that teacher?

Did anyone care about him?

People will talk about the goals,
games and cups he will win,

nobody will care about me.

Still I don't care.

I don't want his talent to die amidst
these mountains and tea estates.

I'll not let it happen
till I'm in Ooty.

That's why I beat you.

You're joining, right?
Try to understand me.

I'm joining!

You're selected for world cup.

World cup! I joined today only.

It's difficult to make gold shine,
diamonds are difficult to find.

Don't have any other engagements.

You may have to come
with us to Germany.

It's not my greatness.

You're her brother,
that's your biggest asset.

You're too much,
World cup on the joining day?

I thought world cup
would have a big impact.

Won't you forgive me?

When you chased rabbit,
I thought you'd also eat it.

So, I made a dish of it and
searched for you all over Ooty.

Do you think everyone would eat
chicken and goats like you?

Chicken and goats are here
for our consumption only.

We heard about humans getting
old and dying,

did we hear about chicken
and goats dying old?

You're ugly in anger,
your pout is prominent.

Come tell, I hate you, stop it.

You say and we take it.

Father, it's not important
that she likes me,

I must like her,

all I want is she must be a Telugu,

whether it Kodaikanal or Kulu Manali,

Or Ooty!

I think she has come down.

A deluge of proposals.

What's wrong with you?
Why don't you marry?

Basically, I get a lot of dreams.
One dream keeps on coming again.

You must know about it.

I will be working as
a teacher in Ooty.

A mad girl comes to me.

I take care of her.

I feed her, I comb her hair
and put plaits.

I nurse her to normalcy.

The girl goes away in train
unable to recognize me.

I'll try every trick I know
to remind her of me.

But the train leaves.

How can she remember?

I'll spend the rest of my life with her
memories amidst these mountains.

It's over!

When I told her a heartfelt story,
I don't know why she didn't react.

You're Kamala Hassan
and she's Sridevi.

With this dirty face!

That's why I became a director.

What should you do to
become great players?


No, you must fall in love.

Do you know what he said when asked
what made him a great player?

I've lied to the world.

That Boost is the secret of my energy.
But that is not.

He said love is the secret of my energy.

So, what should we do now?
- Love!

Today we learnt about love,
tomorrow, let's learn about marriage.

- Yes, marriage.

It's marriage after love, right?

How to marry a ball?
How to look after the game like wife?

Romance with goals,
sweet nothings with dribbling.

lets learn this tomorrow.

Girls are like this,
they fall for a few jokes.

If you come here suddenly,
won't I get shocked?

How to receive you?
How do I take care of you?

You've come to my home for
the first time.

Let's talk over coffee.

I'm not here for your coffee.

Is it? Last night half a bottle of whiskey,
I poured it down the drain.

I'm seeing you, why are you after me?

I don't like you.

We don't make good partners.
- Why? Why not?

I don't need to explain you.

I's better to stop it here.

But I owe an explanation.

I'm liked you at first sight.

If I'm okay for you,

I can love you so much to make
you forget your parents.

If you don't like anything in me,
I'll change it for you.

If I don't like anything in you,
I'll tell you and have it changed.

Whatever it is,
I'll look after you well.

This is good to tell!

What do you know about me
to follow madly?

Do you know my mindset?

I'm very stubborn.

I'm very short-tempered,
I'm a pampered girl.

I'll get upset if I don't
get what I want.

I'll shout, can you bear all this?

Can you be my partner of life
tolerating this?

One may have many reasons
to say no,

but to say yes,
your heart must first like it.

If it likes, one can answer this
to brain all the life.

My heart loves you.

I'm seeing since morning,
you're ignoring me,

when I smile, you look seriously,

I don't like people who don't like me,

I don't care about them,
let it be anyone.

Why did you then move me?
Won't you give time to think also?

You've time all your life,
think over it leisurely.


You can tell me about
what you don't like in me, right?

I'll change it.

But please don't avoid me.

I can't take it.

Did she fell for that?

From that, it was fun all the way!

There's a girl with pink cheeks...
She has confirmed to me as her man...

It's fun all the way!

She's a five foot beautiful magnet...
She attracted me towards her...

Her waist is thin but
her beauty is rocking...

Measuring her beauty would make
even the numbers to sweat...

Mummy is inquiring...

Daddy is troublesome...

Aunt is beating...

Uncle is asking...

What am I to tell them?

If the girl is good, say no to dowry...

If I tie the knot to
become your husband...

They would come themselves
to wash my feet...

I've made a challenge,
marry me immediately...

Before the summer ends,
let's present them with a grandchild...

If sky is the town and
earth is our home...

If we get married and
if you make a wish...

I'll play marbles with nine planets...

If the moon becomes the bed and
if there's no wind...

If chillness is taking our lives...

I'll bring in the summer
with our breath...

You're a girl who makes me
all charged up...

What charm have you spread to
make my heartbeat for you?

What happened after that?

What would happen in any love story?
Her people came to know about love.

It ensued a big fight.

What sorry? Are you drunk?

Which place are you from?

I said sorry!
- What sorry?

Sorry, I didn't see you.
- Watch now!

Fight? Who's paying for it?

Who sent you to beat me?

I'm asking who sent you?

Watching Mani Rathnam films,

I thought Ooty means mountains,
trees and beautiful girls.

Are there villains too?

Ooty is also polluted.

Didn't you think I missed it?

I missed it wantonly.
Tell me now, my sweet little boy!

Who sent you to beat me?

Won't you tell me?

Who are you man?

Do you've any problem to
come right now with me?

Hey, let's sit and talk.
- No more talks.

You brought in action in
a happy cool romantic tale.

Once I get into action mode, I'll not
give time to the enemy to react also.

If you say yes,
we're marrying today evening.

She will not come.

I'll come, Karthik.

Bloody life!
It would've good if I wasn't a girl!

Would've got rid of bad time.

Flights to Vizag are canceled,
I've to go urgently.

I can't wait,
my friend's vehicle is here.

I'm leaving.

How could you say goodbye so easily?

I won't be seeing you again, right?

It is hurting me.

Vasu is very lucky.

For getting a husband like you.

You want to go to her and be with her
as quickly as possible, right?

I'm in India to divorce her.

She's not in my life anymore,
we got separated.

Greetings sir,
sir told me to give the keys.

Is it? Is he in the office?
- Yes, sir.

Okay, get my luggage.

Bye sir.
- Ok

What are you doing here?
When did you get in?

Switch the gear.

The impression on me is no more
after hearing my story, right?

What happened after your marriage?

Like all others our life too
started with romance!

Silence is whispering in
a new unknown language...

Youth is expressing itself
in a newfound slang...

I wish to hear from you that you
want only me, not anything else...

It's a boon to be with you,
I don't want anything else...

My breath is warmer than earlier...

If you're before me, I'm taken over
by the vapor of happiness...

You arrested me in your arms and
gave me the sweetness of freedom...

You're the property I own
in this world...

I'm getting the thought if you're with
me, I don't need this world...

It's exciting to see myself
differently as shown by you...

I'll not leave your hand even in sleep...

If I hold your hand I'll not
get up from sleep too...

My shadow also has left me
to be with you...

What's wrong with you?
You were having a great time, right?

She's letting you do anything with her.

What else do you want?

You may get drunk and beat her
or burned her with cigarettes.

Or else you would've lost
interest in her.

So these are the reasons for a man
to divorce his wife, right?

Aren't there other reasons?

What else would be there?

You loved her,
eloped to marry her!

The girl I loved was different
from the girl I married.

She wasn't the same after our marriage.

In fact, she's not the girl I loved.

Any girl would change after marriage.

No way!

No way? Do you know how Vasu used
to be before our marriage?

Look there!

Where are you, dear?

I'm nearby, just 2 minutes only.

If not 2 minutes, two life times.

Can't I wait for 2 minutes
for my sweet darling?

Driving with cell phone is
dangerous, cut it, dear.

Watch now!

How long should I wait, Karthik?

I'm coming.
- Stop it.

No times sense at all.
No punctuality.

I'm coming, I'm nearby!
- Why? My mood is gone!

No need to come.
Stay put there.

Where are you, Karthik?
- Near bank.

A friend needed money.

If you take care of friends so much,
how much you'd take care of me?

Who is it, brother-in-law?
- Your sister.

She's praising me for
lending you money.

She's an angel.

Watch now!

Where are you?

I'm in ATM to withdraw money,
Seenu needs it urgently.

Spend what you earn meagerly
on friends and girls.

Didn't that fool find anyone
more innocent than you?

He's like a pig, can't he work?

Tell this to that rogue.

Who is it, brother-in-law?
- Your sister.

She told me to give you money
whenever you need it.

Your sister had excellent
impression about you.

Sister loves me!
- I too feel the same.

You're great!

What are you doing, dear?

Friend's birthday...
- Having drinks?

But Vasu, I promise to quit
after marriage.

Did I ask you?
But don't drink too much.

Have just 2 pegs only,
go home carefully and sleep.

I'll not disturb you.

Watch now!

For friend's birthday,
friend bought a new car,

friend bought a new home,
drink every day and get ruined!

No dear...

Don't touch me.

It's laughing matter to you
but I'm totally confused.

Can't understand what she would
say is right or what's wrong?

Any girl would be like that only.

Don't you chase girls
as if they're your world?

World cup finals are just
one match only.

We can't watch every match like
it is world cup final, right?

While in love, the only target
is to make the girl fall!

So we spend 24 hours
at our disposal on them.

But after marriage in
the same 24 hours,

we've to take care of home, wife,
kids, career and provisions.

Our concentration will get reduced.

For that,
you don't love me anymore,

you were not like this
before our marriage,

you've changed!
What to do if she says like this?

Girls like their husbands to
spend all the time with them.

That's enough!

But husbands have another
important thing also.

To create a status in the society
for wife and kids,

to give them security,

during that time, the distance
between husband and wife increases.

If she can understand it,
life will go on smoothly.

But if she tries to find fault
and start fighting,

it won't stop there,

whether it is love marriage
or arranged marriage!

It happened in our lives too,

I had to spend more time
in academy after marriage.

She felt lonely.

Cut the cake quickly.

Are you going out?

I've to go to the ground.

If you can't give me little time,
why did you bring me here then?

Did I ask you to celebrate
my birthday?

At least on birthday...
I'm sad!

Look, after a girl becomes wife,

love, care, time,
presence of husband is enough,

but when a boy becomes husband,

there's an emotion that will
dominate everything else!

That is fear!

To secure a safe future for
his wife and children.

Not because I don't love
you anymore.

I don't have time.

I'm not happy working out
leaving you alone at home.

I too miss you.

To stay and spend time together,
God has fixed an age for it.

let's do it then!

I've full hope!

We'll meet here after 10 years,

we'll think about this discussion
and laugh out loud.

Wives are like that only.

They grow up in another home
for 24 years,

they'll get angry on father, brother,
but on husband now!

You've to balance it.

You've to give all the love.

We're ready to give but you must
be clear of when to take what!

Your father leaves for office,

he'll say I'll be back by 9.30 pm,

you call him at 9.30 pm,

he'll say I'll be late,
you eat and sleep, dear.

What will you do then?

You say love you, good night
and you hang up the phone.

But if the husband comes late after
promising to come early.

Won't you rip him apart?

Your brother goes on a tour,

you'd say it seems girls are very
beautiful there, don't miss them,

but if husband goes out,

bloody, where the hell are you?

ln which hotel are you staying?

What are those voices next to you?

Who are those giggling girls?

Call me from land line.

Won't you torture him from
evening 6 pm to midnight?

Please come home early by 5.30 pm.

Let's go out.

I'll come home by 4.30 pm,
do we've to go out?

Is it necessary?

You come home on time,
you'll get everything.

Evening matter for evening,
let's go to the bedroom now.


I'll be waiting.

He's Mariappa, he played in
under 19 team.

Good forward player.

Last season he made 10 goals.

He's Munusamy,
he played inter-college games,

if we encourage him,
he'll become a good player.

He's Shiva, excellent goal keeper,

If we support...

What is my Vasu doing?
What is she cooking up?

Keep it in fridge.


Are you not well?

Do you just see my body only?

I didn't feel anything
even when I left home.

When you leave me alone at home...

Is that your problem?

Why delay then?
Let's start the production.

You're trying to answer the
soul's problem with the body.

Always that thought only!
Even animals do it!

I'm very cheap to you, right?

What happened now?

You chased me with love,
I eloped with you, right?

What's it? What's your problem?

Last night I shut the door
in anger, had I died?

What's the problem you've
to think about death?

Why are you talking like this?

You can see all the problems
except mine.

Academy, children, selections!
Die with them.

That's my career,
that's my life, my dream.

Please try to understand me.

If that is your life and dream,
what am I then?

Why did you come after me
in the name of love?

Why did you marry me?

I told you I'm stubborn, short-tempered,
you can't tolerate me.

I said I'll shout and
get upset easily.

You said if heart likes,
you'll compromise with brain.

But you didn't love me with heart.

You loved me for something else.

I've come to know how much you
love me with this slap!

Since you've married me,

you think I won't go if you
beat or scold me, right?

Whatever it may be,
I was wrong to slap Vasu that day.

I realized my mistake and said
sorry to her in many ways.

But still she didn't care.

Please forgive me!

Under the same roof, husband and wife!

But living separately.

Colleagues or roommates,
I don't know who we were!

She was minding he work
and I was minding my work.

We married with great expectations,

we're man and wife only legally,
but not emotionally.

Why shouldn't we go for divorce?

We're not train passengers
to get down easily!

We're husband and wife.

What did we get by living together?
Heartbreaks and sorrows!

Right or wrong, once I hold hand,
I'll not leave it for life.

Pain will ease, please let me go.

If you still love me,
please let me go.

When she can't see love in
my responsibility,

if my patience gives her pain,

what else can I do?

What did you do?

From the house where I took her
like a prince,

I stood before them
my head hung in shame.

Vasu says we can't be happy together.

Though it hurts me,
I'm leaving her here.

I made a mistake,
please forgive me.

The mistake maybe anyone's,
it was my daughter who lost heavily.

Humans don't do mistake unwittingly,
they do it wantonly.

We think our children shouldn't face
the difficulties we faced,

but if they're born on earth
they'll face difficulties,

we don't decide not to have
children, do we?

I did the same thing with Vasu.

I thought love means liking each other.

It is, understanding each other.

I didn't want to commit
any mistake in life,

did I do the mistake of
falling in love or marrying?

If you're ready to adjust,
I'm always ready to take the burden.

If she had turned back once,
I would've taken her back home.

But it didn't happen.

Till then I thought
she was angry on me,

didn't know she hates me!

After this I understood one thing,

women must love less
and understand more,

men must love more
and understand less.

Our bad luck is that
it is happening in reverse.

If a woman decides to separate,
she needs to convince herself only.

But a man must answer
many questions.

Just now you asked me
a little while ago,

was I drunk to beat her or
burned her with cigarettes,

or had enough of her?

Many questions like this.

No problem, take it easy.

I said sorry.

Can you stop somewhere to freshen up?

Didn't you ever try to meet Vasu again?


If marriage breaks down,
the girl's situation...

Poor Vasu!
- Poor? What about me?

What's with men?
They can find another girl easily.

Is it? Can I?
Will you marry me?


It will be like this.

You have many friends, right?

Call them on phone,
tell about me,

ask if anyone's interested
to marry me?

You're too much!
What do you lack?

Is it? Call anyone.
Make a call!

Switch on the speaker.

How are you? is too boring?
You know that?

Why? Didn't you commit
yourself to anyone?

No, I didn't find anyone.

A friend of mine is here, he's sexy too,

Please forward his number to me.

I'll do but there's a small hitch.
- What's it?

He's already married...

A divorcee!

You don't have any problem, right?

I'll kick you and
that man with slippers.

How do I look to you?

What do I lack to marry
a second-hand man?

If you're so interested,
why don't you marry him?

Cut it.

You're getting to know
everything about me.

You didn't tell me how you
expect your husband to be!

It's enough if he's just like you.

If I had got you, I would've
looked after you like my eyes.

Missed you!

It's easier said than done.

What would you've done
if you were in Vasu's place?

Your wife is mad!

It's different to split for affairs,
bad habits or irresponsibility.

but a man like you who dreams to
give a good life to wife and kids,

if I get an understanding
husband like you,

any girl would feel
she's very lucky.

You sit here, I'll go for unloading.
- Unload?

Forget about that,
got down from flight early morning.

where are you roaming?

Did you ask that?
Daughters are cheap to you, right?

Would you dare ask that with sons?

If you too have a beautiful daughter
as I've, you'll understand.

I'm always tensed!

Mother, flight got canceled,
I'm coming by car.

Come carefully,
I don't know the driver,

tell him to drive carefully,
we can pay him extra bucks.

No problem.

I've much to discuss with you, mom.

I need few valuable suggestions too.

Are you bringing home any trouble?

I'm coming home, right?
I'll tell you then.

Can we get drinks?


It seems English speaking girls...

...shout too much.

Like this!


Why did you touch my cheek
without my permission?

Why did you touch it?

Will you keep quiet if I touch
your cheek without your permission?

Will you keep quiet?

If you pass comments on Sandhya...
She deserves it

Because she's beautiful.

If you say anything vulgar,
that is also okay,

You're drunk, you'd repent
for it by morning.

If you dare touch her,
it means you did both wantonly.

You did it willingly, right?

How dare you beat an MLA's son!

Let me see, how you cross Rajahmundry!

There are four ways to
cross Rajahmundry,

right side, Jaggampeta,
Rampachodavaram and Tuni,

left side Kakinada, Kathipudi and Tuni,

down Kovvuru, Bhadrachalam,
Sileru and Tuni,

up Annavaram and Tuni!

But you've only way to
go out of this eatery.

You've to cross me.

Can you?

Is there anyone here to
help you cross me?

You select the language,
I'll decide how to bash you up!

But I must hear your cries
in English only!

Stop...where are you running away?

Get up! Will you dare touch Sandhya?

Will you kiss her if she touches
you without permission?

Kiss me now!

I touched you, right? Kiss me!

Come, let's eat.

Have egg curry, very popular here.

Call her by name,
her name is Sandhya.

Can you please come to
station for an inquiry?

She'll not come.
- Who the hell are you?

How are you connected to her?

She's my wife!

No scared thread or toe rings.
- It's not our custom.

Come, let's go home,
children will be worrying.

We kill if anyone dares touching
our wives!

Tell your MLA!

Sorry Sandhya.
I said that unwittingly.

Though it was a lie I was very
happy for few minutes.

It would've been good if I had
such a journey with Vasu.

Our lives wouldn't have been like this.

I too have the same feeling.

If we had such a journey
before you met Vasu,

it would've been very good.

I wouldn't have left you.

Sun got entwined in the
eyes of young beauty...

Moon fell flat for the
smile of the damsel...

There's a secret in the eyes...

There's an unseen willingness...

What are the kohl laced eyes

What are the silent flowers
saying loudly?

Tell me, girl...

What are your bangles telling?
What is your heart saying?

Tell me, girl...

You brought festivities to my heart...
You made my bangles to jingle...

You've become the string of
my garland of flowers...

You've become tears in my eyes
and poured down...

What are those little steps of
beauty saying in rhythm?

You're my partner and
your friendship is enough for me...

No need of seven steps,
just six will do...

What's the henna on your hand

Says no need of long life but
a short lovely life is enough...

What's the nose pin of this
beautiful girl saying?

It says be my shine, shy
and breath...

What are your anklets telling
secretly to you?

It says it'll not hear anything
other than what you say...

I was very tired and fell asleep.

My home!

I'll introduce you to my parents.

Why now?
- Come on, get down.



Mother, she's Sandhya.

Greetings aunty.
- Greetings.

What are you looking at, dad?
How is your daughter-in-law?

The girl who loves me and
one who understands me well.

Talk to her family, dad.

Are we marrying?
- I'm not married.

What I told you is true! But that is
my friend Ravi's life and not mine

3 years ago, they came to me bloodied.

They said they love each other
and help them to marry.

I conducted their marriage.

What's all this?

Married in haste without
knowing about her well.

She's not the right girl for me.

You said both can't live
without each other.

That was before we knew
about each other well.

Can you live without her now?

If she can't love my responsibility,

if my patience pains her,
what choice do I have?

Do you know who is the
luckiest person on earth?

People who get understanding
partners, those who love them.

They married each other without
understanding each other.

They ruined their lives.

Since then I didn't have a good opinion
about love, girls and marriage.

But I fell in love with you
at first sight.

I could raise your expectations with
lies and makes you fall in love.

But I don't like that.

That's why I came with you.

I wanted to tell you about
my lifestyle and my preferences.

I told you.

By luck you too understand me well.

Why don't you say something?
- Please stop the car.

I'll drop you in home.

I said stop the car.

What happened?

Will you test before marrying?

A girl can tolerate a slap
but not cheating.


Cheating! I was with you for 3 days,

when you told me,
I didn't suspect you even once!

You acted so well!

I fell in love with you at first sight,

my heart almost stopped
when I heard you were married,

when you told about your wife,

I imagined myself in her place and
thought I'd look after you well.

but now you everything was
a big lie!

I said all that for our good only.
- What good?

10 years after our marriage,
one fine day,

if I was just testing if you're
good for family life,

all these years are a big lie,
if you say so!

This was to know each other well.

You said you came to know about me,
what did you know about me?

That is...

May I tell?

She's an emotional fool, a mad girl!

She'll believe whatever I say!

I can cheat her and
have fun all the life.

That's what you go to know
about me, right?

It was for a compromise.

For two people to live together,
no need for love or understanding,

at least mustn't
play with emotions!

Girls need trust not clarity.

I don't get it on you.

It's difficult to forget you.

Because I can't act like you, right?

But I'll forget you.

May all the evil eyes cast on
you are warded off!

Mine too?

It affects her more than anyone else.

How are you dear?

Why are you shaking head?
Say something.

Have you forgotten Telugu?

You come in, your mother will
inquire about everything here only.

You wanted to discuss and
take my suggestions too!

- Please tell me, dear.

I said nothing!
Don't irritate me.

I'm more a friend to you than mother.

If you can't share it with
a friend or mother,

it's not good for your future.

What happened, my dear?

What happened?

Why did I trust him, mother?

What do you want to do now?

As a friend and mother do whatever
is good for me.

Shall I talk to Sandhya?

Come... come I say! Come.
- I feel shy.

She may feel bad.

Did you recognize him?


How do you do?

Sandhya recognized me, aunt.

You don't worry, he has a disease.

- His disease is Sandhya.

He eats, drinks and sleeps Sandhya!
He kills me with your chant.

You always get hiccups, right?
He's responsible for it.

Not only that, he has written
many poems for you.

You'll go crazy if you hear that.

Tell one.
- No need now.

She'll know if you tell.

Okay, tell!

Take it out.

May I?


Who would I share my agony?

Can it ease if I tell aunty?

If you ask, I'll swim
across river Godavari!

I'll climb Himayalas in minutes.

My heart tells to jump down
from there.

Not you, it's on paper.


Don't overact,
3 lines and it is done.

Your name is dawn...
your eyes are magnets...

If you say yes, I'll stick to you
for life like an iron piece.

Didn't tell how my poem was?


I've about 60 to 70 poems...

She came yesterday only,
she'll be tired.

Another day, please.
- I'm in mood.

Okay, go...uncle is waiting.

We can have a sitting there.

Didn't he write well?

Mad man! Mother, aunt and
Sandhya are his world.

Life is going away from hurt
and move closer to good.

You said I know what is good for you.

The good I've for you is this man!

At dawn...

At dusk...

Well done!

I know if you hear my poem,
you'll go mad.

I'll read other ones too

I want to talk to you.

I love a man.

Now we're separated.

Won't you ask why?

If I ask you why,
it'll be doubt not love on you.

Astrologer predicts perfectly.
- Yes indeed.

Are children back from school?

They would have come, brother.

We went to meet astrologer to
ask about you and Gautham.

He fixed engagement on 9th
and marriage on 14th.

Is it okay to you?

I asked about this marriage
not dates.

Okay, mother.

Forget the past, say sorry to
Sandhya and try to convince her.

It is wrong if people who you hate
chase seeking love,

it is wrong to be with people
who can't understand you?

Your phone number!

That's mine.
- I'll save it.

Coming, mother is calling,
I'll be back in a sec.

No problem! I'll wait here.

Under which name did she
save my number?

What would you like to have?
- Don't want anything.

Can you please come out with me?

- My friends want to meet you.

Sorry Goutham. I'm not interested.
- It's ok

I'll slap you! If you do it again,
I'll throw in river Godavari.

Don't you know what is a plaything
and what is not?

Do you think you're a little boy?

Shut up.
Don't act too much.

Do teachers teach you this?
- Are you scolding him for a watch?

Leave it, we can buy another one.

Do you know how important
that is to me?

Did Karthik give it?

P.Mohan Rao's daughter's marriage
is fixed with G.Padma Rao's son.

You can exchange the rings now.

Give your hand.

Why did you and Karthik split?

He cheated me.

Aren't you doing the same thing now?

- Wait, aunt.

You say cheated for lying about
what wasn't there as true.

Why are you cheating by hiding
the love which you've for him?

I met Karthik.

I love Sandhya for 20 years.

When she said you both split,
I didn't even ask the reason.

Should I be happy for
agreeing to marry me,

or feel sad that she still
loves you.

When she'd be happy and
when she'd be sad,

when she'd be in good mood or not,

I don't get it.

I have a doubt,

it's a good idea to test if she matches
you after marriage or not,

you did everything with
a plan for a better future,

how could you miss, Sandhya would feel
bad if she comes to know the truth?

I know.

Don't you feel bad for lying to her?

My lie is a foundation for two lives
and their golden future!

Me and Sandhya!

Value of my lie, is two lives.

My friend Ravi and his wife!

Why did you tell her then?
- Because I love her more than my life.

If in the future, I fight with her,
I may not be able to bear it.

I don't get one thing,
Sandhya is very beautiful,

she loves you and
you also love her,

isn't that enough to marry?

Not enough!

Before marriage they like each other.

They mistake it as love.

Like and love are different.

Real love is necessary after
marriage only.

Do you know why marriages of our
earlier generations were so strong?

They didn't have internet
and living-in relationships.

They see, they like and they marry!
Then love!

I too did the same thing.

I liked Sandhya,
I wanted to marry her.

Love is understanding and
not chasing for me.

She couldn't understand a lie
I told for our good,

how can she understand me
all the life?

Sandhya is a very good girl,
she must always be happy.

Whether she's with you or me!

Though he's losing his lover,
he's very confident.

Though I'm getting the girl I love,
I'm not happy.

I met Karthik to tell him
I'll be happy with Sandhya.

But I'm scared to get
engaged to you.

We must think, aunt.

Though so many are here,

Why Sandhya is unable to
forget Karthik?

If Sandhya is hungry,
we'll serve food,

but Karthik will feed her.

If Sandhya cries,
we'll wipe her tears,

if he's with her,
Sandhya will never cry.

If Sandhya gets angry,
we'll ask reason,

but he'll please her!

They say fix a marriage
by telling 1000 lies also,

but nobody will talk about the
consequences of those lies.

He old just on lie about getting
married for his good future,

if marriage ends most of
the lovers' love,

his love starts after marriage only.

That's his greatness!

Marriage must happen with consent.

But not as an angry reaction.

Our marriage is your angry
reaction on Karthik.

Why do you bother about that?
Think about what you want.

No aunt, if I marry Sandhya,

Sandhya will carry a cell phone
and a handbag,

and I'll be next to her, that's all!

You get angry on people you love.

It is also love.

You and Karthik love each other.

Don't give him up, I'm telling
because I love you.

you can't be happy with anyone
other than Karthik.

If you miss Karthik, all your
achievements in life come to a naught.




You too love her, isn't that true?

I indeed love her
but he's honest in his love.

Truth may lose but
honesty shouldn't lose.

Where's Karthik?
- Just now he went to the airport.

3 months after Karthik left Sandhya...

What should we do to
become great players?


No, team members must
understand each other well.

Understanding must be like two lovers.
- Lovers?

Yes like lovers.

If problems crop up,
how to solve them,

if anyone commits a mistake,
how to forgive them magnanimously,

recently I met Sania Mirza
and asked her about this,

though you both belong
to two warring nations,

how come you don't fight each other?
You know what she said?

Sandhya! If your heart likes,
life is adjusting with your mind.

Today you learnt about love,
tomorrow let's learn about marriage.

I can't understand though
I'm saying sorry,

Karthik isn't ready to forgive me.

Why do such problems come to
average girls like you?

No use in falling in love like
a blind buffalo entering field.

Use it, you're a girl...use it.

Won't you forgive me?

I said we don't match,
leave me alone.

Not match! Nobody will match
with another in this world.

You've to make it work.

You look terrible in anger.

Your nose is prominent.

Okay, if I hurt anyone,
I say sorry with a gift.

No need of it, I'm a cheat,
liar and an actor.

I'll confuse you.
Leave it.

Which idiot said that?

Why did you lie to me?
For our good, right?

Why did you act?
With love on me, right?

I'm scared of you.

If you're like this now,
you'd finish me after marriage.

It'll not work out, leave me.



Can't you tell the things
you don't like in me?

I'll change.

But please don't avoid me.
I can't bear it.

Did he fall for this?
- Yes

Here after it's fun all the way!