Sarkaru Vaari Paata (2022) - full transcript

Themes of banking scams which took place in the country.


I am trying to best to pool
funds from everywhere…

Can you give me more time?

How much more time do you need Sir?

You have been saying the same thing for a year.

I can’t stop the consequences that follow.


We saw better days…

If you auction my assets now,
we lose our reputation in our home town

Please try to understand.

Even if you cry or fall on knees,
there’s nothing I can.

Banks are run based on rules, not by emotions.

The auction starts tomorrow morning...

Be prepared.

Madam…please madam


-Please give me six months madam.
-I have loads of work now…please leave.


Were you able to arrange funds?


I have asked everyone that I know,

nobody helped.

I am terrified by what will happen tomorrow.

When all doors close,
God will show some way out...

I am sure he has better plans for us.

Please forgive us.

We know we have done you lot of injustice.

But we are not that cruel to take you back with us.

I hoped that you grow up right in front of my
eyes listening to words of wisdom.

But your bad luck,

we are not with you anymore

And we haven't been able to leave
you any inheritance...

except just a rupee.

Bheemunipatnam mandal...

Dharmasagaram village...
Adigarla Padmarao's farmland...

It is hereby informed that the
survey numbers of 27, 28 and 29...

admeasuring 0.6 acres of dryland...

will be auctioned by the government.

Government Auction rate is
Rupees Fifteen thousand only

What is the meaning of “Government Auction Rate” sir?

It is the market value assigned to you and your family
in the eyes of the Government and banks.

Let the Sister take charge of the boy…
they will allot a dormitory

Thank you Father.

What is the boy upto?

He will become a good boy.


you are stronger than everybody…
Why are you crying?

I am not the strongest, son.

Then who is the strongest, dad?

The one who owes nobody anything is stronger...

the one who recovers all the debts is the strongest.

Who is the one you want to tattoo on your body, lad?

Do you want Krishna’s image or
Chiranjeevi’s image as body tattoo?

Who Else then?

Sarkaru Vaari Paata
(Government Auction Rate)

Hey Mac…

Bring the monster…
Block the road


Hey man, Get out of the car…
Get the money bag.

Do you hear me?

Give it to me...

Why so much drama to ask your money back?


To take hand loan…


these cars, bikes, chasings, road blockings…

Not required…no?

We came to rob you.

You mean theft?

With me…?


No theft…

Babies… only hand loans.

Please come to the office, okay?

What office?

Mahi Finance Corporation.

since 2005…

For Commercial 20%...

For Housing 12%...

For Educational and Health 5%...

But every month,
by the ninth I should get the interest okay?

In case, I don’t get the interest by the ninth…then…


Then what will you do?

If tiger dates a rabbit…

How it will be?


You miss the interest…
You will get the date

Hey, Kishore…

Why are you calling me repeatedly
when I am on my way?

Sir, my Collection for the day is over…
I am waiting because you promised to pick me up.

I started for you only...

these guys blocked me,
surrounded me and doing crazy things here.

Shit…What are they upto sir?

They are beating me bro.


poor chicks…I pray for them

You have strong legs man...

Must be hogging mounds of meat.


You are an American..I am an Indian

One American Dollar is equal to 72 Rupees…

That means if you give me one,
I will have to give you 72 back...

With interest

You want to try?

You must pamper gals and guys
who lend you money, dude

Don’t handle roughly…

You can steal my love

You can steal my love.

You can steal my friendship.

You can steal my friendship.

You can’t steal my money.

(Announcement of Public Auction)

Let me see your KYC

Give the cheque Cheque
Give the cheque cheque

If your cheque bounces,
you will see stars.

Dhak Dhak Give Dhak Dhak Give
Dhak Dhak Dhak Dhak Give

If you delay beyond the date,
you will get the threats.

Whether your dad is Bill Gates,
Or even if your Uncle is Biden,

If your dues don’t come,
it’s a blast wherever you’re.

Bro, even if you are a local,
My market is all global dear.

I’ll make you crawl across
the globe wherever you’re.

Every penny Every penny
Let’s love every penny.

Even if it is yours or mine,
Respect every penny.

Every penny Every penny
Let’s love every penny.

Will collect all money with interest kick by kick.

This is not fair sir

Just for 25000 dollars,
we used every mode of transport…

Is it really worth it?


A person who defaults on our loans is similar
to a girl in a Bus Stop who blinks at us.

We won’t leave her until she falls for us.

We won’t leave them too until they pay up their dues.

Oh shit!

they are all Gangsters sir…
they will kill us.

Gangsters, my foot!

If they are gangsters, we are Stars.

June 2015, 15000 dollars…

With interest 38000 dollars…


You come all the way to collect the money?

That’s it Kishore…

Running out of money, after borrowing from us…

Give the money…

They will always be busy with their work

It is upto us to go and recover our dues.

Give not any silly excuse
For my count of interest

If you are a pro in default,
Bro, I am devil personified.

Honesty for borrowing is a must,
Or, I will skin you alive.

Even if you hide in a cave or temple,
You will see me come after you.

Whether it’s the dollar in Dallas
Or the Euro in Europe,

you earn it by the sweat of blood.

Every penny Every penny
Let’s love every penny.

Even if it is yours or mine,
Respect every penny.

Every penny Every penny
Let’s love every penny.

Will collect all money with interest kick by kick.

Let me see your KYC

Check or raise

All in



Show down.

Full house… yes..yes…

All my debts got cleared in one shot with this!

Excuse me madam.

I am sorry, bad beat.


You…Thank you

You have pocket Aces


You cheat.

What cheating? It’s part of the game…

What game, you bugger

To hell with your part of the game.

You liar…You rascal…
Play on your corpse too

Hey…stop stop…What happened to you?


You said you will give back my money today.

Give me my money

You said you will give back my money today.

Tonight…I will win.

I will throw money on your bloody faces...uh?

Deal for you.

Do you know, here where they shoot you just
because you didn’t wish `Good morning’ well.

You are now gambling with money
borrowed from such people.

You said you will pay up in one week.

How will you?

Next week, Miami Poker Festival.

If we make it to that tournament...

all our debts will clear off.

All we need now is 10000 dollars loan from somewhere…

I just remembered…

there’s a Telugu guy here…
who rotates money spinning off loans.

Meeting him will solve your requirement.

Why wait?

Let’s meet him and clinch my 10000 dollars loan.

Who that Mahi Fellow?

The girl doesn’t have a good record
of either marks or attendance.

Sir…She needs a loan…
We want `interest’…Why care for anything else?

Why do we care?

You and your foolish talks...

Today is the 16th.

You would have got your pocket money
credited by the 1st itself right?

Yes sir.

Why did you come for money again?

Sir, we have had three parties already.

Oh, you already had parties, huh?

Parents slog off to send pocket money…
so this is how you blow it all up in discos and pubs.

What Kishore?

If I need to lend to someone, I need their
Conduct and Character certificates as additional documentation

Go away, no loan for you.
You can leave..

So I urgently need to build my Character.

Sir…Tally has new software which helps
you navigate accounts easily.

What about the old software?

Market will tempt you with new products always…
but we shouldn’t fall for the new new thing each time.

(Sanskrit Chant on tying the sacred thread)

Oh God…My books…

I am sorry...
I hope you all are fine, right?

Hey, Stop…Stop.

I am sorry.

No…the Car…
Should have been more careful.

It’s okay.

My life is not more important than my books.

Sorry…In my hurry to attend the classes,
I thought I will miss the bus and without seeing you, I just…

Please stop…stop…stop…stop…
Don’t leave me…Please stop…

Please stop ... I will not be allowed to my exam
if my attendance is low.

Sir, let’s go.


Are you hearing any song and sounds like me?

No, sir.

But why am I...

hearing the chiming sounds of marriage,
holy thread and Marriage beats music…

No sir…Nothing of that sort

No man…


is hugging my heart

Oh, Sir, Sir, Sir…I get it…
You see the ID Card around the girl’s neck...

the ID card is hugging your heart sir, that’s all.

Oh, yes.

That’s it but it’s like a bear hug.

Let’s go.

Please stop…stop…


Don’t leave me …please…

C’mon you can do it.

Please stop


Yes…Yes Yes Yes…

What did you say just now?

Well…that it easy to sort accounts
if we buy the new accounting software.

Numbers on Accounts and Rates of Interest
are supposed to be on our figure tips…

Why waste money on softwares?

Sorry Sir…your passport expired,
we cannot give you the loan you asked for

Please sir…These are the only documents I have.

No Sir…The rule No.1 is valid documentation

Hey Kishore…

The rule No.2 is Background...

Why don’t you stick up a notice board of all the rules and regulations
instead of giving tuitions to every visitor who who walks in here.

Mister Pradeep Macherla
- Hey Kishore…


Did you see her?


Call her…

Serial Number...

Hey…Damn the serial number…

Call her…

Okay Sir

Excuse me...

ma’m…No…No…the Indian girl

you…you can…you can come.

Hey Kishore…

If that girl says she wants to speak to you in private,
get away from here on some pretext

We will have our privacy.

Please sit.

have your seat

Tell me Madam…
What can I do for you?

I need a loan for 10000 dollars.

It’s a Hand Loan sir…

Sure madam…Definitely…
Any documents you can provide?

What documents Sir?

It’s the usual stuff…
Like Passport…

Take this bloody passport and keep it with you…

I will take it back when I give you the money.

Wicked fellow.


No problem…Driving license

I don’t know Driving sir.

That’s okay.

Any other documents like…Social Security number,
Payslips or Employee contract?

These are my IDs and documents…
I will take this back when I give you the money.

Bald Fellow

bloody hell

Sorry Madam…We cannot help you.

I know Sir…
I know all about you beforehand.

But before you say no to my loan request,
you ought to know about me right?

We don’t have time to give you tuitions in this matter madam…
If you leave now, we will get back to work.


What are you so busy about?

At least, listen to what she has to say no.

What busy…you monkey-face?

Tell me madam..
What do you want us to know about you?

I was nine years old when both my parents died.

Since then, I grew up as a loner in
a Christian Orphanage Home.

I turned to Studies to rid myself of loneliness.

I took the help of a Church Father
to come to America for higher studies.

What the heck sir,
why is she telling you the story of your own life?

Stop it man.

Why can’t similar things happen in others’ lives too?

There are many parallel lives out there.

Since then, I worked hard and studied,
doing many part-time jobs and odd jobs...upto Master’s…

it is now Master’s Final exam
for which I need pay exam fees

I won’ get a good score if I do these odd jobs.

So if you loan me 10000 dollars,
I will pay that and get a top score.

You will crack it, I know…

But without any documents…?

I have many big goals in my life…

To adopt a hundred orphans and
take care of their health and education.

I even decided not to marry because of that goal.


marriage come in the way?

Both can co-exist…

What say Kishore?


Don’t we know a few friends
who manage both ways like this?

They do.

First you withdraw such harsh decision…

Which decision sir?

The decision not to marry


No, but ma'am…Why are you hesitating so much?

How can I take such a big decision so suddenly?

Why not? Isn’t it a big decision
to give loan to you without any documentation?

Didn’t I take it all of a sudden?

Means you…
-Your loan was sanctioned.


Write it as ‘My Personal’, Talk to you.

Many many thanks sir.

Please write down your mobile number here.

My mobile number…For you

No, no…Don’t misunderstand me.

Your interest payment should
reach us by ninth of every month.

You will get a reminder on the seventh.

If you don’t respond on those two dates,
you will see him.

Does she look like she will really need all that?

I mean…the Conditions…

You should judge a client by how they speak

Okay Sir.

I will spend every penny you gave me with purpose.

Sounds good

Do well in exams.

Take care to ward off the evil eye for Sir
every day before bedtime.

What say Kishore?

Those flowers, won’t they fill a few buckets?

What sir?

Those flowers...

won’t they fill a few buckets?

Yes sir, approximately yes.

Yes! Yes.

Soumya, I will play aggressively today…

Why is this fellow following us?

No doubt, he's trying to woo me.

You said he is a tough nut to crack…

but he Just fell for a few garlands of flowers.

Bro, Go to some college, not casino…

Why is he sticking like gum?

Didn’t I warn you about him? Move...

He’s not going to leave you!
Just sneak into any class-room fast.

Okay… All the best


Need to marry her.

What name is Kalaavathi sir?
Haven’t heard such a name in decades?

Just shup up man,

the name itself sounds like a National Award.

Hey Kishore…


Do you think I have attained
the age for getting married?

Come on sir…Are you serious?

You’re still a kid.

Everybody is thinking on the same lines…

Taking helluva effort to keep it in fine fettle.

What should I text him now.

I am studying in the library...
please don't disturb me

Hey Kishore…

See she’s studying in the library
at such odd hours.

Sir, it is 1.30 am now...

As far as I know, no library in the world remains open at this hour.

If not library, then lawns…

For a diligent student, even street lights are good enough…
Bloody fellow, always giving negative energy.

Don’t know Sir.

You seem to be living in a trance ever since you met that girl


He is just jealous I am getting married ahead of him.

Getting married? Never told me sir..
Who’s the girl?

What man?
So much drama unfolding in front of your eyes...

it is Kalaavathi man.
I am going to propose to her...

get married and start my own family immediately…



Since Kalaavathi will come here after marriage...

safer for you to seek another shelter elsewhere.

Later you might think I have become
selfish after marriage...

and discarding you like use and throw.

Sir, forget about me...
You just said ‘use and throw’.

I am afraid that can come true in your own case,
it’s my strong feeling.

To hell with your whataboutery!

As if you are a prophet like Chinna Jeeyar Swamy..

For all your prophesies to come true.

Doesn’t show, but he is full of poison,
useless fellow.

Oh no!

No…Four months since you paid rent
-Sir please try to understand...

I don't want any reasons
I will throw all your things out.

No more time.
-Sir please…

I know what you guys do.

You drink all the night.
-Sir, please give me some more time.

You all brats you are...

Pay the rent now or leave my house.
-Sir, please...

Soumya! Ask him to come after an hour.

He can take it all.

What's she saying?
-Sir, she is also requesting.

Bad morning is it?

Where will you get it all in one hour?


You gamble all day like a champion


What happened?

You already paid my fees of ten thousand
dollars with a kind heart…

My bad luck, I missed the one hour by then

they now want 25000 dollars more as penalty.

What 25000 dollars?

No, no…it’s not that you will again
bail me out with this big sum.

But I can’t bear this any more.

I have been struggling since my childhood…

I exhausted with these struggles.

If I miss these exams, my life’s finished.
That’s why...

I am done!

I had enough and want to end my life now.

Just wanted to say a final word before I go.

After I am gone,

it’s my last wish that you complete
all the final ritual formalities...

with your hands.


I have nobody except you on this planet.



come here.

Sir, dirt here…

To hell with cleaning that…Come here…

What did you say…just before..?

I want to die…

Not that…
No, after that…

That I have nobody except you on this planet.

Each time she excites me like this
with an exhilarating touch.


Where are you now?

I can’t believe it sir…

How can it be 25000 dollar penalty on 10000 dollar fees?

Why not…Aren’t we extorting money
3- 5 times the actual amount of loans taken?

I won’t utter a word more sir
if you keep justifying all that she says.

You may have given it, but ask more firmly…

Stop it man…

Don’t make me a cruel husband who keeps a
pestering count of every penny given to his wife.

Husband, Wife?

He seems to have lost it.

Why think of dying for such a flimsy reason?

I was afraid…
that I won’t be able to write the exams



Why fear when I am here.

No, Sir, a while ago…

Please tell me the name of the college…
I will come and pay.

University of Miami…
Department of Information and Technology.


how do you know my college?

Well, I followed you yesterday.




It’s a boy thing!

Please give it.

So cute!

Give it man…

I heard it...

I am there for you.

Many thanks sir.


(Sanskrit Chant on tying the sacred thread)

This sacred thread I am tying around
your neck is essential for my long life.

O Maiden having many auspicious attributes
may you live happily for a hundred years.

A hundred, or a thousand or a lakh
lightnings struck me, what sheer magic!

Strings in front, there and everywhere
are resonating in mischief, as you pass this way!

Not used to all these ways,
Don’t know why I am so disarrayed

My heart races faster, and yearns to
beat in unison with yours as you beckon me.

Come on, Come on Kalaavathi
You’re my only destiny!

Come on, Come on Kalaavathi
Without you, I hit the Nadir!

This sacred thread I am tying around
your neck is essential for my long life.

O Maiden having many auspicious attributes
may you live happily for a hundred years.

A hundred, or a thousand or a lakh
lightnings struck me, what sheer magic!

Unjustly, you caused a flutter in my heart,
that made me starve and stare at you.

So wicked, you unleashed your finery on me,
that made give up sleep and think of you only.

Intensely and harshly, you disturbed my dreams

Yes! She caught.

Thank you God!

Lord Venkateswara!


And conquered my arrogance, beautifully, you thief.

You tore, pasted, conspired and got rid of me,
And turned my life upside down.

What eyes you have, Kalaavathi?
You have cast me in a spell!

Are those locks of hair, Kalavavathi?
They are pricking me without relief.

Come on, Come on Kalaavathi
You’re my only destiny!

Come on, Come on Kalaavathi
Without you, I hit the Nadir!

This sacred thread I am tying around
your neck is essential for my long life.

O Maiden having many auspicious attributes
may you live happily for a hundred years.

A hundred, or a thousand or a lakh
lightnings struck me, what sheer magic!

Strings in front, there and everywhere
are resonating in mischief, as you pass this way!


Kishore… you...



Do you know how many awards
the girl got in sports and studies?


There is an Oscar also in that list

Oscar is given to movie stars, right?

Why are you after her?

What did she do to you, poor thing?

Maybe, she acted as a child artiste…
so many kids were on the ship in `Titanic’ movie

The guy gets uncontrollable
in just two seconds of excitement.

You have time to give kisses…
No time to give my interest


Hey…Hey..Hey… again running.

You bloody…


Hey, Oldie... two buy in's

Don’t worry Sir.

Have all the staff left?

They have left, sir.


all of us lie for petty things,
That’s no big deal...

but this girl has been

Only telling a litany of lies all along…


didn’t you see nobody wears anything
but Jackets and Pullovers in this zero degree temperature...

but madam was only wearing
transparent saree to see you sir.

And you, instead of using logic got ensnared into how she dressed,
how many plaits of flowers she used etc.

Now, she made you into a cauliflower!


But Sir…

You were always in self-control…
how come you stooped so low in the case of this girl.

That’s not you Sir.

True Kishore…

I thought whatever wooing she did was only romance…

If it's not a tattoo
she would have snatch this too.

Quite capable, Sir.

Here…see…”Missing you” it seems.

Give it to me sir.

Hi Mahi…

We need all our money back by tomorrow…
That’s it.

What happened sir?

We are liquidating everything after filing for bankruptcy…

Nothing to do with you…
By tomorrow, we need all our money back.

See you in the morning.

Please listen…

What happened Kishore…all of a sudden?

Kishore, ask for our money back…and leave.


No, Sir…I have exams in two days…

After I finish…

Kishore, ask her not to play these dramas again...

Let’s leave.

Please pay it off madam.

Looks like he has just seen something
that’s forbidden!

Sorry Kishore…Can’t pay at such short notice…

Not possible, Kishore…
I want my money back on the spot.

I don’t have it now…
Do whatever you can.

Kishore…Before I get flamed up,
ask her to return my money.

I didn’t give loan for all these bootless
and extravagant trips.

Kishore, don’t talk nonsense…

Who’s bootless? And extravagant?
You are a real waste fellow.

Waste Fellow?

Did you hear the language, Kishore?

Waste Fellow?

If someone else uttered it,
I would have cut them into pieces by now…

Just because she tattooed my name, I am quiet.

Aha, Are you some God or what that
I feel obliged to tattoo your name?


Such deception, Kishore.


Such bi…..should be hanged in public.

Should be hanged in public.


You have already crossed your limits.

Don’t forget you are talking to a girl.

Does anyone call her a woman, Kishore?

Look at her habits and her addictions,
anyone dare call her a woman?

Hey, how dare you call me names?

Mind your language.

Hey, why should I talk to her?
Drag her by hair and recover our dues.

Let’s discuss in a friendly manner…
-What friendship?

She hit me sir.

How dare you hit him, eh?

I can even hit you, if you talk more.

What can you hit me? You bloody….

So you hit me, uh?

Not just hit you…I will kick you with my legs…
-Sir.. sir... stop sir.

Hey…You don’t stop me…Kick her with my legs.
-No.. sir.. no.

If you are indeed a man, I dare you to do it.

Leave me, Kishore…I will kick her.
-Please sir... no.

Let me show what I can.

What’s this sir?

She’s a girl, Sir…handle with care.

You’ve had it today.


Hello daddy…daddy…

What happened?

Because ego was coming in my way to ask you money...

I took a personal loan from a fellow here.

He is beating me because
I didn’t repay him the money on time.

Beating you? Or Asking you?

No, he's beating me.

Give the phone to him.

Here, you are finished now.

-No, hello or hollow…

When are you sending my money?

Actually, you need to be blamed for rearing such a spoilt girl…

How irresponsible of you to unleash her onto the world !

Hey…Who are you?

Hey…Money, money, money when you are sending?

Give the phone to my daughter…

She said she is an orphan Sir…


Try to hold him there for a minute.

Okay Daddy.
-I'll take care.

When is he paying?

He says he won’t pay a dime to you…
And asked you do what you can.

Hey, Kishore...
They are here for you only.

Daddy sent them.

What the …Are they Cops?

No.. no... we are innocent

Please sir… I beg of you…please sir…

Oh god!

I plead you sir…come sir…
come sir…please please…

We’ll see later sir…please…


get lost.

Check it Sir… please

Yes, Kishore…

Sir, you are not at home.
Where are you? Walking?

Yes, man…I was walking and reached the airport.



Why to the Airport sir?

What why? I am going to India to
recover Kalaavathi’s dues from her dad.

Sir, this is too much.

Who will go to India to recover
a paltry sum of 10000 dollars?

Are you so stinking rich to kiss this money goodbye?

Remember we had nothing but a tattoo
on neck when we came to America?

And now you say afterall 10000 dollars?

Take care of the office, will return after four days.

Sure Sir…

Bro, I have made many sacrifices for that company

Yet, he fired me out.

I will show him what I can do.

I’ll show him now what the company will lose
if he lets go off me.

I will start a Travels Company to compete with him.

In six months, I will grab all the market share of Vizag tourism.

My first customer is an NRI, you know?

I will mesmerise him with my hospitality.

And milk him to the hilt…

Hello Sir…I am Rajesh

from Happy Tours and Travels…
Welcome to Vizag Sir.

Please come…

I’ve planned your entire tour sir…
Your stay is arranged at Novotel

Why Novotel?

Staying sir…

But why?

Because that is the best place in Vizag sir.

Why Novotel? A little…

Will shift to Dasapalla Sir.


Better and move to Meghalaya Sir…
It’s Economical.

Only place cheaper than that is My pent House

Lock it!

Come sir…this is it

Passess off as Star Hotel.

Anyways, Star Hotels can’t provide
facilities beyond what is here.

Rajesh ji, you take the fifty or
hundred Rupees that a hotel fetches for...

You make brisk business…
And I get a nice Homely atmosphere here.


My God, stop all that for now…
Something’s wrong with this fellow.

Where are you now?
-Rajesh ji...

What about the laundry etc.?

You mean all these in Rs.50-100 package?

No, no., I don’t mean you should do all that…
how do we manage it?

I will arrange something

Hello Master!

Do you recognize me?

Sir, this is Mahesh..

Remember Dharmasagaram?

I am the son of Padmarao and Venkatalakshmi.

You enrolled me into the hostel.

Wow, Mahi…It’s you!

How tall you’ve grown!

What are you doing? How are you?

I settled down in the US sir..

Software is dominated by all the soft people sir…
I have a finance company... Dealing with loans.

It suits me fine.

You’re still the same mischievous lad
your parents used to worry about!

Mahi…What did you come to Vizag for?

Yes, sir…

Have a client meeting here…
Just 2-3 days work.

Hey, do you know what is the meaning of a loan?

It ended there

Why do you keep asking to repay?

Did you all hear about Simhachalam
Ugra Narasimha Swamy?

The lord’s statue is always ferocious-looking...

but is kept concealed in sandalwood throughout the year...

because nobody can dare face the
fury of His real concealed form.

I am also like that God...

a businessman by outward appearance

But if you try to see my concealed form…


They have dared to ask me to repay the loan
which means they are either very honest or stubborn

I don't like people with those two qualities.

I have to meet Mr Rajendranath once…

May I know your details please…
-My name is Mahi sir…From US

This is the factory layout, bro.

We have sent them to the Industrial
Minister for approval also.

We’ll start the work as soon as it is approved.
Can you please personally call the minister once?

Hello Sir…

Myself Mahi Sir.

Take your seat.

Please tell.

The other day I spoke to you over phone sir, remember?

Which phone?

Your daughter gave the phone to me to talk to you…

That's me sir.

Sorry, I was a bit harsh

I just thought she was too indulgent
and living irresponsibly sir…

I gave a mouthful so she shapes up better
with some discipline sir… That’s all..


who the hell are you to discipline her, uh?

Who are you?

He wants to discipline us, it seems.

Okay, now what did you come here for?

Your daughter borrowed 10000 dollars from me…

I came here to collect that amount from you.


You came all the way from America
to here to collect 10000 dollars?

I will do the same even for ten rupees sir.

If my money is stuck with someone...

I feel as if my own family members are with them sir.

This is my style.

Same with me…

Even I won't get sleep if anybody touch my family.

When my daughter calls now, apologise to her.

forget about the dues...

At least you will get away from Vizag alive.

Hello…Daddy, I am at a Party with friends…
Tell me


the guy who slapped you in America
the other day is here in my office now.

Asking for 10000 dollars back…


he has come to India?

Do not give him any money dad…
He insulted me so much.

Not about giving back the money…
He is now going to apologise to you.

Talk to her…

Say `sorry’.

If he says `Sorry’, will it suffice?

Daddy, he raised his leg to kick me,
you have to amputate his leg.

Only then will I have peace of mind.

He used very bad language about you.

Do not give him any money dad.

What Sir…Such kiddish behaviour
and reckless talk!

Parents should reprimand them for
their mistakes or rectify their actions,

instead of supporting them like this…
It gets messier.


Why are you lecturing us on morals?

We won’t pay anything...
What will you do?

I will kill...

the ego inside of me.

And come and beg again tomorrow…

…and day after

Keep begging again the next day…
Until you guys melt.

We won’t melt.
-You will melt.


Hello…Get up Sir and leave.

One minute…Can’t you see I am talking to him?
-Sir has a lot of meetings to attend…Please leave.

Sir, my money...

Sir…please leave

Get up!




Sir, until I get my dues back,
I am not going to leave Vizag Sir.

Hey, what’s happening?

Hey, What’s all this drama about?

Because you are not giving me
any meetings in office…

I have arranged it on the road.

You are the ones enacting all drama…
catching me by the collar and necking me out.

Why are you doing all this when
I am just asking for my money back?

I won’t give…
-You have to give it, Sir.

It’s my money…

Hey… this is Vizag,

not America…

What are you trying to say here sir?
Vizag... America…, Vizag... America…

they have people there, we have people here…
There are roads there and there are roads here.

There is a beach there as well as here.

Vizag, America…Vizag, America…
As if we can’t figure out.

That’s it.

Is that all you figured out, eh?

Why are you taking the gun out?

Wanna kill me?

Why, Can’t I kill you?

Come, kill me.

Hey, don’t provoke me like that.

Yes, you get worked up so easily then..
Just a small kid

Do not know how to repay money borrowed.


Wait... wait..wait…
-Look who’s come!

Everyone’s taking videos here.

So what? Hah! Rajendranath here!

That’s it…You don’t have to self-announce
yourself as `Rajendranath here’, `Rajendrnath here’.

If you give my money back, I will shout out
your name from the rooftops to the world.

Did you see that?
See how he’s talking?

Brother, he is deliberately provoking you.

Let’s call him to the office and talk.

Hey…I will show you what
I can do, you bloody…

What will you do… yes, what will you do?

He will do something it seems. Uh?


you have messed with Rajendranath on the road.

By tomorrow morning, RK beach will see
an anonymous corpse half-bitten by fish.

That will be yours.

If that corpse is wearing a shirt...

do not forget to put 10000 dollars
inside the shirt’s pocket, okay?

Hey, you...

Hey, open the door

Get in…


What madam?

Why are you standing in the rain?

Master has gone for duty, son…

He forgot to carry his box, wanted to give him.

Give it to me…I will hand it over to him.

It’s okay son, why do you bother?

Please give it to me, mother…
I will give it to him.

Where is his office?

No office, son?

He is just a Night Guard at the
ATM Center near Gitam College.

Why did you have to bring the box?

I told her not to assign tasks to others,
but she doesn’t listen.

She didn’t order me sir

I volunteered myself.
-Sit down

What Sir? Why this night duty?
What is this attire?

Nothing son…

Last year, I promised around my younger daughter’s marriage
that I will construct another floor of the building.

My pension goes mostly for household
expenses and my wife’s medicines only...

So I borrowed fifteen lakhs of rupees
from the bank to construct this...

Have to pay EMIs no?

What’s the loan outstanding sir?

Let’s pay it tomorrow, I will arrange.

No, no, Don’t want like that.

At this age, it is not worth to do night duties
like this to service your EMIs…

think about it.

It’s both fear and responsibility that
drives us to repay the loans taken...

The loss of reputation that comes from an untimely
death is enough to keep a middle-class man in good health...don’t worry

What happened?

I remembered from childhood,

how both my parents used to dread borrowings sir.


and they were always toiling hard every
minute to repay every rupee borrowed.

Hey Sreenu, is it over…?


If whale dates a small fish…how it will be?

It’s the same that happened here.

Who is it?

This is Mahesh reporting from Chepaluppada beach sir.

All the fish you sent reached sir.

I have neatly sliced them,
dressed them well and dried them.

These fish are domesticated fully to be reared
in your homes in aquariums and fish ponds sir.

Don’t send them again into the seas for hunting

They won’t return.

Because the sea is full of whales like me.

I am a whale…

Vizag is terrified with a series of these violent attacks.

Hardly a day has gone by since
yesterday’s attacks that we saw another incident...

near Chepaluppada beach where both the sides have again clashed.

Rajendranath owes me 10000 dollars sir.

When I asked my money back, see how he lost control.

Rajendranath Sir owes you 10000 Dollars?

Are you joking sir?

Why does he have to borrow from you?

Good question…

That’s what even I want to ask…
Tell me Sir…

Why does a man who is so rich have
to default on my 10000 dollars?

Please give my money back sir…

-What’s this sir?

Such a trivial issue and you are
unnecessarily bloating it up.

Hey ACP…I can give you even a crore of rupees

Do something to him.

Why give one crore to me sir
when you can just pay him 10000 dollars?

Just give him and close the matter

He looks adamant

don't make it complicated

Petty issue sir…Don’t be egoistic.

You made a big mess out of it.

Did I, Sir?

How did I make a mess of it, Sir?

Do you remember my body language
the first time I came to your office sir?

Sir, please, sir…the girl, the loan…

And now…

Why did it have to come this far, sir?

Hey, Subbaraju, where’s my coffee?

Ah, sorry I forgot.

Bhupal, get some coffee


Let’s forget the past…

I will repay your loan with interest…
That’s why, I called you.

Super…Here ends the matter…
That’s what I was requesting you all along.

But on one condition…

Hey Subbaraju…order coffee

Hey, Bhupal, send coffee…
-Fast.. fast..


You have defamed me and my family
by taking to media.

Everyone is now questiong
why Rajendranath owes 10000 dollars.

Press and the social media are talking cheaply about me

If I give your money, you will calmly leave...

What about all the allegations you made?

Hence, do one thing…

Confess that you are a blackmailer...

And all that you said is false

You have to confess in front of the media that neither me nor any of
my family members has ever taken any loan from me.


Hey Subbaraju…Where’s the coffee man.

Nice coffee Subbaraju.

Why such an elaborate drama as if I am made to
confess to a murder I didn’t commit, Sir? Is that all?

Call the press, sir, I will confess it.

I have been living like a king in Vizag
for the last 40 years without a blemish…

And now, suddenly some anonymous fellow comes...

and raises ruckus that I owe him 10000 dollars…

the news goes viral without anyone bothering
to know the truth of the matter

Actually, this guy is a black mailer

and a seasoned extortionist who targets
big business families like ours...

Hear the truth in his own words

Tell them…

All of you please excuse me…

I have actually lied with respect
to facts about Mr Rajendranath.

It is not true that he owes me ten thousand dollars…

What are you talking, man?
Did you lie about it?

What’s wrong with you?
You look quite decent in appearance…

Why this Blackmail?

What Sir? Is media looking like a joke to you?

Let’s not leave this guy…
Let’s call the police.

Yes, let’s call the police…Call them…
What do you think about the Press?

This is so absurd.

Everyone wants to make fun of the media.

I don't understand why they keep calling us
to these press meetings is just to make a joke.



please sit down…sit down please

Mr Rajendranath actually owes me
not ten thousand dollars...

but ten thousand crores.

What…Ten thousand crores?

Ten thousand crores of Indian Rupees…
That’s the amount he borrowed from me.

Until he repays this sum of money to me,
I am not leaving Vizag.


shall I take a break?

Government's bid...

Ten thousand crores.

Sensational news!

Noted Industrialist and Rajya Sabha member, Sri Rajendranath
owes 10000 crores to an NRI, it is alleged.

What are you chilling here after
uttering all the nonsense there?

You came for ten thousand dollars first…
Now you are demanding Ten thousand crores.

I am going easy on you because
you are an NRI, you bugger.

What will you do?

What will you do, if I were not an NRI?

What will you do, if I were not an NRI?

All senseless banter…





every advancing step from you will see this
guy get a proper bashing.

Hey…Stop there.

Some people shouldn’t hold onto
some things belonging to others.

For example, my collar…

The other day on beach road,
your brother-in-law should have got a beating from me.

I left at that because he is Elderly.

Now tell me…

What’s your problem?

I called my baby…She says she only took
ten thousand dollars from you, it seems.


She said what she knew…

But that’s not the truth.

Your baby trapped me in the name of love.

Around same time, I was wooed by an hour-glass
figure called Jessi who was crazy after me…

Jessi was both beautiful as well as affluent,

but I rejected her as I went after your baby.

She got hurt and married someone else.

Do you know how much is Jessi’s networth now?

How much?

Ten thousand crores…

I lost a sum of ten thousand crores because of your baby.

Who will give that much money to me now?

Will you give?

Or your baby?

Who ?
-My brother-in-law will give you.

Brother-in-law will give.

Mr Rajendranath...

You raise loans for business expansion, no problem.

But the loan of 10000 crores you took from that youth
is not reflecting anywhere in the company’s books of accounts.

You’ve shaken the foundations of my
40 year old company…

Who are you really?

Where did you come from and why?

Tell the truth

As far as I know, I don’t remember
ever having met you before.

Who are you?

What do you really want?
Why are you doing all this?

Are you free now?

If so, then come to Delhi immediately…
We’ll talk there.


Why Delhi?

I am in the District Central Jail of Delhi.

Come over here and we will talk.

Sir... Sir... Sir…

please can you bring a dozen apples and oranges ?


Fruits sir…Fruits…

the usual variety we take for sympathy visits.

Don’t be tense.

Everything will be set.

Oh, you arrived!

So punctual…That’s why you are in such top position.

Come, give it to me.

Take it madam

What are you thinking?

I made him return whatever is borrowed.

Yesterday, he said he is paying my 10000 dollars.

today he gave fruits…

soon he will pay 10000 crores also.

Don’t worry…Be calm.


Oh Madam… why did she leave and go?

Please come sir... sit.

Please come sir.. let’s sit and talk

Do you recognize her sir?


I met her at the airport when I was returning from America.

She was returning after visiting her kids studying in America...

And got apprehended by the police authorities at the Airport…

Going to take care of some formalities…
Please stay right here.

There are cameras all over.

So please don’t do anything smart.

I am also a government officer.

you can carry on your duties.

I will be right here.


Excuse me...

Can I use your phone?
Need to make an urgent call.

Thank you.

Hello Cherri…

Mom here…

Why are you crying?

Don't worry!
Nothing happened to me.

Take care of the brother.

I will come soon.

Mummy, please... come soon.

Okay... bye.

Thank you.


Is everything okay?

Later, she told me sir.

She is a senior-most Bank official.

You have submitted false documents and project report,
used all your political influence...

to get loan sanctioned for 10000 crores
from the bank where she is working in.

Later, you defaulted the same loan...

but falsely implicated her as a corrupt official who took commissions
for sanctioning your loan and got her arrested, it seems.


don’t stare at me like that sir.

no, no..I have nothing to do with this issue.

you may have your equations and financial transactions sir.

But Sir,

I was deeply moved when she
told me something sir…

I felt sad infact

I am not hurt because they arrested me.

If not me, some other employee would have been arrested.

I am saddened only by one thing...

Many middle-class people borrow for multitude of reasons- education,
agriculture, business expansion from banks like ours.

And irrespective of whether they earn well or not, eat well or not,
they save on every rupee to pay their EMIs in time.

If at all they miss an instalment or two,
banks like ours will chase and terrorise them.

You would have see many stories of such people in news...

whose families committed mass suicide by consuming
pesticides for not being able to pay EMIs in time.

Actually, they are not suicides...

they are genocides...

they are genocides by our bank employees.

During my service, I would have been
responsible for 60 to 70 deaths like this.

Whereas, some are looting banks by taking loans for
10000 crores, 25000 crores, 5000 crores, 3000 crores...

and pillorying the banks.

Money in institutions is getting usurped by individuals.

This is how the big wigs in our country are
waiting to defraud banks in the form of huge loans.

Till date, the total outstanding loans is roughly
Rs.13 lakh crores.

If only these loans are regularized and repaid...

it will give peace to at least
some of the bank employees’ ...

souls who committed suicide unable to recover the dues.

I felt like crying sir.

I remembered my parents.

Sir, my parents died because they
couldn’t pay 15000 rupees loan.

You know ?

My parents committed suicide just because
they could not pay the loan amount of Rs.15000

Now imagine for 10000 crore rupees loan,
how many times you may need to die sir?

You’re committing a big mistake sir.

I will ensure somehow that you will repay
the loan before I leave India sir.

When you kept repeating ad nauseum
the figure of 10000 crore rupees,

I was wondering where and when
I borrowed from you such a huge sum.

You are talking about loan amount?

Meanwhile, you actually did me good by calling me to Delhi.

Otherwise, I would have struggled to tell you more about
influence which you wouldn’t have fathomed enough...

Could have become a big headache.

Now if you are free for next couple of hours...

come with me.

This is how Rajendranath’s influence works
in the capital city of our nation…

You know it right?

Anyone who controls Delhi, controls the rest of the country.

Do you know what I did with the 10000 crores loan?

I gave Rs.3000 crores to the central parties
during last year’s General Elections.

and I've distributed Rs.1000 crores each to our two states.

Remaining Rs.5000 crores was retained in my business.

For the next five years, all of them are now my dogs…

I will keep throwing biscuits at them

A loan is like a daughter sir.

As the daughter grows, the father will worry...

more about her future about her future husband

and mostly what happens to her if he is no more.

Likewise, as the loan grows,
one should worry and be more fearful sir.

Nobody here seems to behave
like a responsible daughter’s father

Before I leave, I promise you that you will
become a responsible father of a daughter sir.

It's fix.

Listen…it’s a big deal whether
I repay the loan or not.

we will talk about it later…

But tell me first, will any bank official dare
to knock on my house, stand in front of the door...

and say,”Rajendranath Sir..
so and so, so and so…” and serve a notice.

Can he survive after served the notice?

So, is the delay on your side all because
no notice is served on you?

So, if a notice comes to you, you will consider paying, right?

Okay sir

tomorrow 11 am sharp, notice will come to you…


What are you thinking of Rajendranath?

Do you know where my house is in Vizag?

It is spread over 200 acres.

Usually, someone will fortify home with
giant gates and security guards.

But I fortified my house with two towns.

And you want to reach beyond all that
and serve me a notice?

Sir, do you take breakfast?

I mean, the habit of having breakfast?

If so, have a sumptuous breakfast tomorrow and be ready.

If the clock shows the seconds hand move
even one tick past 11’o clock...

you will never see me again.

I didn't know how to convey this

First you give the notice to this…

I come later.

Good morning sir...
-Good morning

Hello Sir…

Please sit down.

My name is Mahesh sir…

I stay in US

With regards to M.P. Rajendranath Sir’s
10000 crores which is outstanding in our bank...

Wanted to talk about it.


How many times do I have to tell you
not to keep the plate wet? And keep it dry…

When you meet big people or deal with big people,

it is important to be mindful of who is
in front of us and who is behind.

Don’t take life risks…Go…

Sorry Sir.

Sir, I have come to talk about the notice
to be served on him for returning the loan.

Dear Jaanu, how many times should
I tell you not to pour chutney over idly...

They are broken.

Don’t repeat it again.

Come again...

That’s it Sir, if you can come with me, both of us
will serve notice on him and seek a response.

One second.

Wonder how she will pack lunch

Useless …

Do you have an iota of any shame?

What am I talking about ?
And what are your reactions?


Sorry Sir…

I didn’t mean it.

Who are you man?

Why are you vandalizing the bank?
No notice, fotice…Get out

Security…call the police…

this guy is vandalizing.

This is vandalizing.

this is rowdyism.


-Come here…

when you deal with public,
or talk to public, be careful and just listen.

Don’t be at the receiving end of their fury
and get assaulted like this

Now tell me…

Did I really vandalise ?

Not at all

You have come to request the bank
to issue notice to Mr Rajendranath.

What really is a bank, in your view?

Bank means public…

Public, money…

Bank means a temple…

Holy place!

In ancient past, people used to work hard
and earn money but fearing robbery etc,

they used to store it in temples instead of their homes…

…their hard-earned savings,
they believed would be protected by the Gods

As civilization grew, banks assumed
the role of temples...

And in such banks, dacoits and looters like Rajendranath
are ransacking the banks by borrowing thousands of crores

Don’t you think you have to now play God here by...

sending a notice for immediate repayment…

How dare you say, no notice, fotice?

I'll bash you up.

Would you spare borrowers if he were a Software
Engineer or a farmer or a small-time businessman?

No, right?

As the calendar month ends, a person checks the mobile banking
apps for fund credits more than the screenshot pictures of their loved ones…

whether salary is credited or not...

or debtor paid dues or not…

Because, only when the funds are credited into the bank account
can he be assured of financial security for the family.

People can lose trust of parents,
siblings or others...

but you rarely come across anyone
who loses faith in the banking system.

And when someone is pilfering the money
that is needed to keep faith in the banks...

no notice, fotice...

If you are all unmoved after what I spoke...

either you are fearful or careless

if you are all afraid, I will stand besides you all.

But if it is carelessness...

unless one of you accompanies me to give
the notice, I will not move from here.


none of us here, including myself, has the
courage to come to Rajendranath Sir’s office.

Please leave us alone sir.

I won’t move Sir.

Notice is being printed sir.

I am coming with you.

Krishnamurty…Assistant Manager…
Service Department

Joined in Physically handicapped quota sir.

Who told you sir that you are Physically handicapped.

You are not sir.

Let’s go Sir

I will ensure you will be unharmed and
back in your seat within the next one hour.

It’s tough sir to overcome all these
people and move ahead.

They may even kill us if we are stubborn.

Come Sir, let’s go back…

Please let’s go back Sir.

Boss…he’s so terrified…
almost pissed in his pants.

Very good…

Tell everyone we will have a party in the
evening with food and liquor.

Okay boss.

Come sir.

You never saw a bank notice
or were arrogant it won’t ever come

Mr Rajendranath sir…

Yesterday, you were boasting about your so and so etc...

He is Mr Krishnamurty from the bank

All the so and so’s about you,
he is going to fill and read out to you.

listen carefully.

Go ahead sir.

Honorable Mr Rajendranath…

In respect of your borrowings taken for business from State Bank..,
the total outstanding loan of Rs.10000 crores has to be fully repaid,

failing which, the bank will take possession of
all the properties in the name and style of yourself and your companies.

That’s all?

For all this farce, why were you bloating about yesterday
that we have to cross the towns and lakes etc?

All nonsensical talk

And yesterday, all those hands waving at you like this…

don’t mistake it for support sir...

it is all butter…

Actually, cholesterol sir.

Light it and it will all melt in a moment sir.

I am forgetting something else...

Oh yea…

you are not young enough to get sprouts of it again.

You have little of it, don’t waste it.


All this happened because of me.

I seem to have provoked him...

and invited more problems for daddy.

He would be annoyed with me right?

What uncle, you seem so relaxed
when I am so restless..

Who’s Jessi?


You know only the 10000 dollars he gave you.

All the cheap tricks you played on him
actually made him turn away from his lover Jessi.

That girl has a net-worth of 10000 crores…
the same sum that he is asking your dad to pay up now

-What, what?

What do you know except drinking and gambling?


Somehow both of us should catch hold of that Jessi,
unite her with that Mahi fellow and solve this issue.

Did he give any details?

I have a plan for that.

Welcome, welcome, welcome Mr Mahi…

Come let’s have a cool evening.

Why are you wearing half pants?

It’s a trend, right?


-Please come.. let's go.

Hello, how was the day?


Once she knew you are coming,
my baby prepared all of these in just half an hour.

Come on, uncle…

Uncle, did you show him the entire farmhouse?

Mr Mahi, all of these are priceless antiques…
you want to go around and see?

Why, as I can see…

Oh, my Mahi…Uncle, didn’t I say?

Didn’t I say?

Mahi is a raconteur,
he can keep cracking jokes that can kill you…

Even in the US…time just flew
Do you know?

Just remembered when you said time…
Why are you wasting time?

Let’s start

Mr Subbaraju...


Sir, you are not touching non-veg at all

I don’t touch meat when I am gulping it neat.

Everything will come out, with this one peg!



Mahi ji…

by the way…who’s that Jessi?

Why all that now Subbaraju?
I am already perturbed…

Leave it.

Please tell me sir… please…please.

It’s sheer coincidence, Subbaraju

You’ll wonder, if you tell about it, you know?

Some incidents are just…

Then you have to tell it.

Then you have to listen to it.

Tell me, tell me Mahi ji…
c’mon tell me.

Jessi lost her parents in childhood just like me.

Fearing that her her relatives will kill her
for the thousands of crores of wealth,

she got support of a Church Father and came to America

Jessi loves studies.

So much that she can be seen
in the library at 2 am, you know?

My God! There are some specimens, like that!

Why…doesn’t sound exciting?

It’s the same story I told you.


This is what I told him when I was in America.

Mahi ji…

My baby told you the same it seems, no?

Parallel lives, Subbaraju.

What happened in my life, happened in your baby’s life

What happened to her happened to Jessi too...

What’s wrong?

Sir, where is Jessi right now?

She lives in my heart…

What else, sir? She is with you only, right?


are you speaking sense?

What will I do if she lives inside of me?

Only if she is outside,
can I do something with her right?

You seem to have invited me here
to spoil my mood... shit!


we’ll wind it up, okay?

Even your eyes have become red.

So what?

The fellow is drunk, so his eyes have reddened is it?

It’s been 15 days since I had a wink.

Why sir?

When I was in America, Jessi used to come to
my apartment every evening, fresh as a flower.

She used to engage in banter with me,
cook for me, and put me to sleep as if I were a toddler.

Every evening, I used to stretch
my legs over Jessi and fall asleep.

Sh…Oh mother..

But ever since I came to India,
I know of neither sleep nor anything.

Who can I take the liberty of stretching
my legs over…who will agree?

Uncle, let’s leave.

Let’s leave, come.

We will get going now...
you please relax.

Hey Subbaraju...

you leave man...

I will send her tomorrow.


You leave now…She will come tomorrow

What are you talking? Are you nuts?

I won’t do anything to her…
Just stretch my legs on her and fall asleep, that’s it.

If you want, you stay here.

Nothing will come out of thinking hard about it.

Either give my 10000 crores back
or put me to sleep…

like my Jessi

Hey Subbaraju…it’s me Mahesh

Yeah, tell me.

I want to sleep.

Don’t try to pull of these cheap gimmicks again,
I will break your legs.

Put the phone down

Okay, I putting down...

Where is your brother-in-law?

He will be in office, Why?

I will call him now and tell him that yesterday you had
dropped your daughter to be with me alone at night...

and that she came back only in the morning.

You, sinner…

you will die a wormly death!

All sinners will die a wormly death, Subbaraju…

Come…and get her.

Let's go.

As soon as he falls asleep, message me.

We will find some information in his laptop
or phone about Jessi…It might help us

Hey Kala...

Just 15 minutes... I'm checking accounts.


what will you do all alone?

Let some rice simmer in that cooker
and make some Sambar.

we will chat while we eat

I don’t know…And I wont cook.

You have to learn and cook

Hey Kala, I have an idea...

Even if I am on a whim that I won’t eat…
you have to coax me to eat something.

He slept.

Now I will show you.


Yes, Subbaraju, when are you coming?


Why only cooking for me every day?

Okay, carry on, carry on, it’s sleep time.

I already spoke to the farmers, sir

You can start your work from tomorrow.

Is it six o’clock now, Sir?

Yes Sir, Why?


didn’t you see the time?



just put your leg on me.


I am unable to sleep…just put your leg on me.

Put my leg on you?

Yuck…hey…take it away…
it’s not at all matching.

Show me once you complete all the designs…
I will...

Okay sir.


I am in a meeting now, I know it…

I will bring her at 7.30 pm sharp.

put the phone down.

Uncle, this is Baby here.

Baby, what’s up?

Did he call you?

What are you talking about?

Just in case, whether I should get ready or not?


Why, are you getting so addicted to the routine?

Instead of being happy he didn’t call you,
why are you pining for his call?

I will gorge your eyes out…
Put the phone down!

Just received mail sir…

Supreme Court grants a stay on
Rajendranath against the notice we issued

We know what usually happens with folks like this sir…

That’s why we also stopped reacting.

Rajendranath here...

Rajendranath here…

Rajendranath here…

Now announce my name to the whole country…

Did you read the stay order?

It says all proceedings against Rajendranath
must be stopped at least for 6 months

Do you know what it means?

It means that no matter how many thousands of crores
that Rajendranath borrows from banks and defaults...

he should get infinite time to pay it up
but should never be asked to repay it back

Nobody can touch him, that’s the summary.

Hey, what did you say?
That a loan is like a daughter?

In my view, loan is like a concubine

You know how we handle a keep?

Use and throw…That’s all..

In my business and career, every rupee I earned, I earned it this
way only – borrowing from banks and reneging on payments

All these loans and the losses
made after writing off such loans

the banks already know how to cover them.

And the government knows how to protect people like us.

Why do you bother in between?

Do you know why I got a stay order for 6 months only?

Next month, the Parliament is in session
for passing a bill to write off one lakh crores of NPAs.

Which includes my 10000 crores loan too

So, because you messed with me,
the country is losing one lakh crores, get it?


is the money demanded by Mahi
the loan you borrowed from banks?

So, do we have to pay the banks?

No need to pay it now.

What are these?

Blank cheques... 22 of them.

Every birthday of mine,
my dad has the habit of gifting me blank cheques

I realise now that you are fighting for a good cause.

But you are not safe here.

As my dad is a really tough guy…

So take these cheques, solve the issue
and get away from here to safety.

Tell me the truth.

Didn’t you forge your dad’s signatures?

I didn’t expect anything better from you!

Okay, dear I will change for good…

It is human nature to change.

Give some time.

You are still a kid…

You don’t get involved.

I will manage it.

Hello Sir, what kid?

These are 22 cheques, 12 cheques…

How many cheques do I give now
to earn the tag of a grown-up from you?

Will 70 or 80 suffice for you?

Stop saying, just a kid!

Hey Kalaavathi…

If I had known that will fall for just a leg of mine,
I would have put it on you, long back!

I know you will, you will…

Hey you…Give me five measures of jasmine here.



Sir will pay you.

Take from him

Thin boxwood flowers for you, by Monday,

Jasmine Flowers bouquet for you, by Tuesday.

Marigold flowers plait for you, by Wednesday

Multi-hue flower bouquet for you, on Thursday

Hey Sir, let’s party with Jasmine floral bed on Friday

Hey Sir, Bring it on, the Gold flower fragrance on Saturday

But by Sunday, land on my lap
And stick into my plait, six floral garlands,

And play around with my beauty.


I’mmm ready and coming on to you.


I’mmm ready and coming on to you.

Go to Berhampur Bazaar,
Get some bed of roses,

Reach the edge of Siripuram,
And fetch some lovely lilies.


I’mmm ready and coming on to you.


I’mmm ready and coming on to you.

Hey, boy, throw not your cute smiles like that,
It’s driving me mad and go after you more.

Hey Man, your masculinity envelops me like cool breeze,
And makes me get intoxicated from all sides.

Let the cash register ring in with the sounds of your kisses,
Every day, at every meal time.

You’re my chatter-box, my love pulling me in,
Where’s the room for any shyness, dear?

No room for shyness, no escaping you, you Rogue!

My love is in budding stage, doesn’t seem to go away soon!

So why wait longer, pour some sweet porridge,

with all the sweetness into a glass of milk to me.


I’mmm ready and coming on to you.


I’mmm ready and coming on to you.

Stop right here...

Get down.

Why did you put on a double lock?

It’s not Sir.

We have put it.

Recovery Agents here.

We came from the banks you took the loan from.

Since you guys are not keen to pay EMIs
for two months now nor inform the bank...

we came looking for you.

Nothing of that sort sir.

my wife’s been terribly ill for the last two months,
most of the money went for her medicines and tests...

Next month, I will pay everything due,
mortgaging everything I have.

What are you going to achieve now
by repairing this old lady?

Giving ill-health Reasons for your wife, for your keep!

Hey, who are you man?

I was your wife’s boyfriend when she was in college.

After me, another fellow called Suresh tried to woo your wife.

Did she fall for him or were you just lucky?

Hey, bugger what you blabbering about my wife?

Then why are you talking about his wife, fellow?

They have been toiling day and night, working multiple
shifts to make good their loan payments and you greet them with threats.

But send courteous emails and requests to buggers
who evade thousands of crores from banks?

Sir has two months’ EMIs outstanding…
Let me see how you ask for it.

When will you pay the EMIs?


your EMI’s are outstanding for two months now…

You can pay in two ways…
Either, please pay at the bank

or give us a convenient time for us to come
and collect the amounts from your house.

Now, leave.

What is this Sir?

You didn’t agree when I offered to
pre-close your entire loan outstanding.

You didn’t have to see all this farce in public.

This is the house…Stop right here

Hey…Who is that fellow?

Come out of the house.

Who was it who manhandled
my person when he came for loan recovery?

You think it’s a joke or what!

Taking loans and defaulting on them?!

Sir, can you please do a favor for me?

There, he is the one!

What dear?

Why are you raising your hand?

We are also capable of raising hands and all.

Calmly pay the EMIs and say sorry to my guy.

Master Sir…Tie the board.

Petrified at the sight of a knife, is it!

Actually, do you know who is a Recovery Agent?

The one who can dig you out from
wherever you are – from the seas, sky...

or the netherworld and make you cough up
the EMIs – he is the Recovery Agent.

And you dare lay your hands on a Recovery Agent!

No Entry for in this house for
Bank employees or Recovery Agents?

What does it mean?

What drama is this?

You’re driving me mad, just remove the board.

Remove the board I say!

What is it that went into the stomach?

Where is the glass in your hands?

What is it, sir?
How did you do this?

How will it come out now, Sir?

You are a Recovery Agent right?
Recover it now.

But what is this glass all about?

Why are you talking to him, bro?
Just finish him off.

He is taking every thing we speak in a flow,
too seriously, Sir.

Yes, so what?

Glass…its not after all…Crazy fellow

Corona (Covid19) didn’t spread in crowded bars and theatres
how can it spread if schools reopen?

Hey, you…

My dear Naidu…

Come here

Didn’t you already know that his hand will hit hard?

Yet you brought me here, right?

He was just having tea…
Had it been Coconut water, imagine!


Recovery… Recovery… Recovery…

Look, son...

we are all waiting only for you…
Why are you leaving?

Heard you got into a scuffle in the afternoon?

There is a procedure to implement
any new rule in this colony?

And there’s a President for it.

Who are you to unilaterally design and affix new boards?

Recovery Agents were creating a trouble
in front of Master sir’s house...

So, you can bash them up is it?

Won’t they come knocking on the doors
if you haven’t paid their EMIs?

You can’t behave so irresponsibly here,
this colony is home to officials, it is not a bazaar…

Mind it.


Who are these officials, sir?

Officials means...

Ohh…You mean those who served earlier as officers?

Don’t you all pay EMIs?

Of course, we do…

But we pay on time.

How much do you pay per month Sir?

Rs. 38000

Ok, last year, how much did you pay sir?

Last year?

37950 rupees…

Why did it go up by Rs.50 this year sir?

Ohh, because you are all officials...

you won’t mind if it goes up by fifty or hundred rupees

Our country is full of such “officials” sir.

Whether EMIs go up by 20 or 30 rupees...

or levies like ATM charges, credit card charges or late fees etc...

we don’t bother

Do you know where all these sundry levies
collected are funnelling into?

It is going to the poverty-stricken People…

like our M.P. Sri Rajendranath…

When people like him are borrowing 3000 crores...

5000 crores or 10000 crores of rupees from banks...

and defaulting as NPAs,

all the above charges collected
from us is subsiding the big loans.

Even then, let’s not mind it Sir

because we are all officials.

What are you saying, man?
All these losses are borne by the public?

What else sir?

State Bank of *** bad loans
for 2019-20 is Rs.16000 crores

Union Bank of *** – Rs.24000 crores

Bank of *** – Rs.9000 crores

With so much of losses, how do you think
all these banks are managing to survive, sir?

Do you expect the Bank
Chairpersons to sell their personal assets...

or whether government is making
special budget allocations for these?

We are allowing it… Officials like us.

When we slog our butts off...

and paying our loans, willy-nilly, with Mortgaging
every bit of gold and land we’ve got...

we are paying our Loans as well as on
behalf of all those loan defaulters too.

Yet, we will not speak a word.

we are officials…

slave-like officials.

He has been an ordinary school teacher
teaching students for 50 years...

but still works night shifts to pay his EMIs.

When such a person is asking for a two months’
reprieve to pay up his dues because his wife has fallen ill...

it is unacceptable.

But when someone like Rajendranath evades
paying 10000 crores, 25000 crores, it’s alright.

Maybe he is a bigger…

I am not a big official like you sir...

but a tough nut.

I am going to bend him backwards and
cough it up from him.

I promise.

Until then, the Maths Sir will not pay his EMI
and that board will remain as it is.

“Here comes Government Auction Rate!”

“It starts with a Nod
by the son of Allure surname”

“Here comes Government Auction Rate!”

Since the early hours of today morning...

the mega city of Vishakapatnam is witnessing a massive rush
of people queueing outside all the bank ATMs and branches.

People are withdrawing their monies from their accounts.

Everybody’s saying only one thing…

”Until Mr Rajendranath repays the Rs.10000 crore bank loan,
none of us is going to pay a one rupee of EMI.”

What are these?


Everyone is tying them in front of their homes.

If you display these boards outside your house,
we won’t have to repay any loans or EMIs, you know?

Let us also display them…

outside our offices and factories, everywhere.

Unless all the banks, which are established
by the people, of the people and for the people,

demonstrate that all types of borrowers
are treated equally,

the people of Vizag said they are clear they
won’t repay or service any outstanding loans henceforth,

this is Sanjana from Vizag.

What's this?

What’s happening in Vizag?

Sir, the customers of banks in Vizag
have done a mass boycott.

Approximately EMI, Rs.23000 crores due this month
to various banks is stuck

Until Mr Rajendranath pays up 10000 crores
to the banks, nobody wants to pay their dues

If this agitation spreads to the rest of the areas in the country
and if the people begin to react on the financial crimes

it’ll be a big trouble for India sir…

It may lead to financial emergency too.

Hello sir…

Hello, Rajendra…

The party will not tolerate lapses like this which
bring disrepute to you in public image

All bank transactions should
take place as usual in Vizag

Otherwise you will have to
repay a loan of Rs 10000 crores

If the issue is not resolved,
you will be thrown out of the party

And you have to resign from the Rajya Sabha also.


I was the one who helped you form the government.

And you dare tell me even about my
Rajya Sabha seat also?

My foot!


You are losing your control.

Shut up! Shut up!

I know very well what to do and how to do.

By tomorrow morning, every fellow in Vizag
will queue outside the banks and pay up the Dues.

If not, don’t call me by name!
Keep the phone down.

Pay your EMIs by 11 am tomorrow and
take your kids back, okay?

-Buy another one...

Hey, who are you...?

Lakshmi! Lakshmi!

There is a complaint against you
under Anti-Social Element Act.

Central Intelligence team wants to see you…

A small enquiry...

Let's go.

What’s this?

What enquiry?

what has this lad done?

Where’s the warrant?

Why, you think it is some Missing or
Pick pocketing case to issue a warrant?

Anti-social elements act...
the one have to come unconditional

Do not teach me about the rules

You seem to have grown your clout in
Vizag as a leader.

Did you ever hear of a person kidnapped
from every family?

That’s what is happening in Vizag today

There’s a lot to settle scores with you.



It’s only a small enquiry…

Let me go and come back.

No, Mahi…I fear something...
-It’s okay Master sir…

Let’s go.

You are an imbecile that collecting a dime
or a dollar for petty loans in America...

why do you care if I am usurping loans
from the Indian banks!

Let me give one last chance to you

Stop everything here right now
and go back to America calmly

I know how to buckle the people here to pay up the loans.

Don’t make me a mass murderer of so many innocents.

You seem to lose your marbles already

You are terrifying now, right?

You’ve kept so many people under your control.

And kept me at point blank range too

Why are you still bargaining?

I get it Sir.

You are running scared.

Let me guess… let me guess...

It’s not you, it’s the mistake you made –
that you are really afraid of..

Me, being afraid?

Me, being afraid?

You are going to die now.

I'll make everyone in Vizag pay up their
EMIs queuing up outside the banks...

All the best.


All the best to your entire team.

Sir, Sir...Stop it sir.

why do you bother?


Police department will take care about him.

Come Sir…

Hey, let’s go.

Sir, I made a promise…

That I will make you a good father of a Daughter.

I will make you the best father in the country sir.

-Sir, sir…Stop sir.


nobody should even get a trace of his body, understand?

Make his body drenched in blood
-Come Sir…Let’s go.



why is the bank sealed?

Sir…even my bank is under seal

A stamp of one rupee is affixed on it sir.

Tell me...

Sir, every bank in the city is under a seal and shut
each seal bears a one rupee stamp

What to do?

First try to break atleast one bank branch.

By 11 am, the first EMI in Vizag has
to be deposited, understand?

Who the heck is inside, let’s see

It is not enough to make people paying EMIs

You will also need bank employees
to make the transaction.

It’s not over until you polish off someone fully...

Not enough if you just assaulted them!

Do not have the raw nerve to shoot you sir.

Everybody here is a victim of somebody
trying to default on bank loans.

We are all in these cosy jobs because of the
loans taken by our hard-working parents.

Sir, you have to ensure that the scoundrel pays the loan.

Sir, I have killed many people with this gun.

but today, the bullet shot out of this gun is not for you.

Well, that’s what happens
when you have fans everywhere

Look after them.

Especially with people who
wish well for public and care for them.

Is it?

If you try to stop us now, then this fellow is gone.


you please go and sit at that cash counter.

Hey, it’s not 11 am,

I am giving you time till 5 pm until the close of business hours.

Even if you can cut one receipt out of that book,
you have my neck on line.

You… come and try your luck.

Come, you oldie...

Fill the form…

It’s as if you guys just barged into a room where a bridegroom
just popped in 100 Viagra pills to take on the first night action.

Come on!

Boss... this guy’s bashing up everybody with ease.

Bloody bugger.

Do not let him in...

Let's kill this idiot right here.

Who the hell are you?

Hey, move...
-Finish him off.

Hey, where are our boys?

Rajendranath is coming towards One town.

Don’t fear, sir…We’ve reached the city outskirts.

What do you lose if you pay that 10000 crores sir?

Will you lose your assets,
your villas or your cars or anything sir?

Sir, imagine a fisherman who ventures out into the high seas to
catch fish and doesn’t come back for few months.

Even he is sure if he will return.

But if he nets thirty to forty thousand fish in his expedition

If he pays just five to six thousand rupees EMI,
some of that includes what you evaded, sir.

Likewise, school teachers, Bus conductors...

businessmen, employees, farmers...

all of them who pay their dues with their savings
are paying something for your bad loans as well, sir

Sir, I know that all these laws, courts and
government will not make a difference to you

Because businessmen like you are so influential that you guys
decide who the country’s next Prime Minister, or a state’s Chief Minister

From growing with political muscle, you guys have
grown so big you call the shots in politics as well.

Who can really do anything against you sir?

Sir, it’s not my intention to hurt you,
destroy you or kill you...

If it was so, I would have left you with
those fellows in the bank for 5 minutes...

You have to transform yourself.

And pay off this loan.

Then more people will see you as an inspiration
and pay off their dues at least once in six months or an year

You have always lived off the country...

Please do something for your country sir.

I know you can still escape your punishment for this felony.

But I can tell you one thing sir...

If you pay off the loan and come to Vizag,
the city of Vizag will welcome you differently...

If you don’t pay, the welcome will be quite different.

It's up to you.

Sir, one should have an element of fear when taking a loan.

Our heart should swell with pride
when we are repaying it.

All your life, you were stuck at the place where one only fears.

Why don’t you try, feeling proud of repaying sir.

it gives a Good feeling.

This is absolutely a victory led by the public.

Finally, the noted industrialist Mr Rajendranath
has relented...

to the pressures of “Bank Boycott” movement of
the public witnessed over the last few days.

Public and Media friends, please forgive me.

Bank Manager Rajakumari madam has
no role to play in whatever has happened.

Hello Madam

You met me as a stranger in Airport.

but managed to solve such a big problem of mine

I can’t thank you enough for what you did.

You have done so much for me.

Who are you?

My parents happen to be there in the list of all
the sixty to seventy people who died because of you madam.

Madam, don’t you already know how bad
the crop has been this year?

Stop there, man… Will hunger stop growing
because this year’s crop comes a cropper?

Or, will you stop eating?

You have four days’ time to either pay up or die…Think

It is not your fault, madam.

You did your duty…

If the parents are distraught,
the children also become restless madam.

When I saw you speaking so soberly with your children.

I recollected my childhood.

I wouldn’t like my situation to repeat in others’ lives madam.

hence, all this…

now watch this, madam...

Henceforth, it will be tough for defaulters like this to thrive,
your banks needn’t run after them

the public will look after them.

From now onwards, “Government Auction Rate” is a clarion
call not just for the common man but for everybody.

Take care, madam.

What is this man?

You’ve thrown the whole office in disarray
during just fifteen days of my absence.

No trace of an account or a ledger.

What is this?

Sir, I was just updating the software

What did you update?
Can’t see a thing over here.

Hey, why did you come back again?

You’ve destroyed everything…
We stopped giving loans.

We moved into another business.

I didn’t come for any loan
-Then what?

I am feeling sleepy.

Feeling sleepy? So what?

Either go to your room and sleep or make a room and sleep.

will you come and sleep in the office?

Kishore, you are still not getting it.

It’s been fifteen days since I had a wink.

Look at my eyes, they are so red.
I am going to die…it’s crazy.

sir, are you hiding something from me?

Hey, Kishore…

Just stop everything for half an hour…
I will take care of her.

Sleep when you are sleepy…
How can you resist that?


Oh my god! He has fallen from grace so much that he is now
giving loans and recovering them through other barter system.

Only God can save him now.