Sarkar (2018) - full transcript

A successful businessman gets involved in a political battle with 2 notorious ministers regarding the well being of fishermen in Tamil Nadu.

Subtitles By: - Saurabh Yadav

Subs By Saurabh Yadav

Hello everyone.

How many of you knew about Mr. Sundar Ramaswamy?

- What do you know? - He is the CEO of GL. Living in America.

Its revenue in 1800 kror year.

And he is one of the wise men in the corporate world.

He Tamil men.

CEO of GL make it only to destroy competitors.

He's a monster.

To my knowledge, he is not a good man.

All you hear about him is true.

He undermines the authority of each competitor in another country ..

..and leave the country only after they are completely destroyed.

If he goes to a country, a company there be in awe.

Now he is coming to India.

You may be wondering ..

..kenapa an emergency meeting was held.

The goal of our company possible.

Should we become a target company ..

Think of how we want to stop it.

Find all the old records and also his article on its online meeting.

Find information on what is she doing in other countries before!

Now, go! Go! Go!

The last time he was here was 5 years ago when her brother's wedding.

Now, brother and sister-in-law have filed for divorce.

But this girl is no heart at Sundar.

All of you! Let. Let!

He's a giant.

His nickname is Genghis Khan right?

He's a womanizer. But he was great.

See for yourself.

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

It's a compliment!

Take the stage when your name is called!

Exceeds the boundaries of time, it will spread and rings.

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

What are my touch would be gold.

I'm going mad!

You're going to lose! Beware!

In any I have my share!

Small town there, just for me. I want to go?

Rain of dollars showered me every day.

Equally there is sky, land or yellow sun ..

They will change color according to arahanku.

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

As the oxygen in the air, all must breathe with your name.

Google also must find you and be impressed.

If there are problems, we will survive.

If there is success, we'll share it!

If fear approached us, we will make it scream!

Our target is right, every time!

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

You want an ally, to invite me to play?

I missiles! Do not provoke me.

Give way. Stand down! retreat!

Sir! Sir! Instant sir!

Welcome to the Tamil Nadu sir.

You know some companies got busy with the arrival of the master here?

All of them fear the lord figure out which companies want to have.

They also claimed that the master is to buy and close their company.

- States where the host wants to have? - Please let us know.

Please tell. - Companies which one?

I did not come here to have any company.

And I do not want to destroy anything.

What day?

Election day to choose the Tamil Nadu government.

- Are you all already voted? - Yes sir.

I came to vote.

I will be in India just for 4 hours.

First, to cast ballots in school Triplicane.

Then, dinner with the family ..

After that, I'll be back tonight.


Wow! I do not believe it.

Just to cast a vote, he comes from private plane ride away.


Okay all. Come on, you all continue working.


You wait outside. - Okey sir.

The voting cards and passports sir.

- Hello sir. - Greetings.

Mr. Marimuthu, guard my place. - All right.

I'm in the Quality Assurance Division at Infoware.

Mr Narayanan told me a lot about you.


- How are you? - I am well.

Forgive me.

I heard the news that you will come to India.

And he said you were coming to vote.

- Yes. - Good.

Bertandingkan your father?

Twice a representative of the people. If he wins this time, he will be a minister.

Apakhabar sister?

He's okay.

Marrying for love, divorce, disappointed ..

I have seen your brother in court.

I greeted him and he just keeps going.

Can we display to you? - Two minutes left. Sorry.

Can we pose with? - Okay.

Instagram I must be filled with the 'like'!

You write 'single' on your Facebook status.

It's true.

What about the girl who was with you that?

Yes. Just a girl, right?

So of course 'single'.

No, no. He's just my personal assistant.

If there is a woman at my side ..

..I will be more powerful.

Secrets you energetic?

Okay, I got to go first. Bye.

My father is a symbol of the party's ax.

- Cover. - Or.


Salam sir. - Greetings.

What happened, sir?

His vote was cast can others illegally!


There are people I vote for Sundar?

Vote Mr Sundar Ramaswamy has been made by others.

It is an insult to this election!

How many votes have been made like this?

You're watching live from the polling center in the region.

- What do you think? - Leave me alone for a while. Please.

You may remember that in 1991, Mr. Sivaji Ganesan vote were made by others.

Since then, thousands of votes have been made illegally!

Corruption in democracy.

What is this? This all-in on the news.

Let. It happens. Now how?

What do we do now?

Voting period is over.

He will return to the United States 10 minutes left!


There are minor errors occur.

Please do perbesarkannya.

Small mistakes?

I came as far as 13,000 km just to cast a vote!

Telephone Embassy of India and let this incident.

Talk, dad.

What happen? Whole saliva broadcast tv!

Some people have cast lots for Sundar, father.

He wants to create problems for the kind?

I do not know my father. But she was dismayed.

Voting period will end.

Go find him. Talk to him and send him back to America!

Okay dad.

What happen? You're phone the embassy?

We tried to contact 8 different numbers. But there was no one there.

I told you to call the office of the Commissioner.

Her phone rang. But there is no one answer, sir.

Tuan. If the phone rings and I think it is quite good.

Sir, here was no answer.


You do not okey?

I want to follow you?

Sir, want to go?

Left home. Senior airport.

If you continue?

To courthouse. - Go there.

Is fine.

I've heard about it.

I've spoken with the lawyer James Malani in Delhi

I connect you with video calling.

Sir, I'm connected online.

Hi, I'm James Malani.

I was in Delhi now.

I will come tomorrow morning.

I submit my office location on your team.

There are a number of documents to be signed.

I myself will see you.

Mr. James Malani.

Stop counting of votes in the region, today.

Only after I cast a vote, then vote count began.

I will be there tomorrow.

We'll see what we can do.


- Mark!
- Ya.

E-mail me the electoral law. I just wanted to read it.

Oh, okay.

- Law of Election India! - Of course.

He will not let you?

Given the votes Sundar Ramaswamy, CEO GL, was sent by someone else ..

..pakar law have already referred.

Decisions need to be decided in court.

You can learn all about ..

..mencari troubleshooting ..

..membuat decision and consider it.

Note the CEO's number one faced with this situation.

You have to learn how corporate approach him.

I am sure he will wear everyone!

Not only the asset information!

But the amount of money in each container and also charged on everyone!

If it falls in the hands of another person in place at all!


If this continues, we can not deal!

If this is recorded by CCTV cameras, no one can breathe!

Opening it.

Do you remember how you ni James Bond huh?

James Bond ya!!

Dirty dog!

Muthukumar dari Saattai. com!


You take a picture huh?

Take only pictures you brother!


Mr ..



They selesakah when I am here?

Of course. Why not man?

He brought that girl back!

They are asleep!

They are being watched.

She broke the lies of us!

Yes! Uncle has arrived!

Hi, kids!

- How was the trip? - Everything is okay.

- Hi mom! - Hi dear.

Hi, grandma!

- O .. - Uncle, come.

Thank you uncle.

- Come, dear. - Come together, Nila.

Why is this? Just get here you've already filed a suit!

What else Mom?

Should I come away from the United States and let people vote for me?

- Hey, kids! Can not gift? - Yes, it's great.

Hey, Nila lived. Tell her to sit down.

At the present time, who won fairly?

They all wear a strange logo.

The public will select the logo they like!

Such days have long gone.

Now, they pay to get the votes.

Use a lot of money.

Nobody who is 'clean'.

How do you think everything is so

My father was a good man!

He took a little time. Sometimes I saw him take a little money only.

- Family-friendly hotel. - Sorry, we forgot you were here!

Come on. We eat dinner.

Bring them a meal.

Hey, apakhabar?

Which sorts your sister?

She is fine.

She is very happy.

At 8.30 this morning, the vote count was started.

Party members are beginning to revel AIMMK.

Their party was leading in 234 polling centers.

Masilamani former chief minister will be sworn in for a third time!

Retreating all. Stand down!

Hey! This day you come too?

Who knows if I can help you.

Okay. Mari.

You will not come without reason.

Your dad playing here. That's why, right?

That is right, too.

They start off vote there.

My father was in the lead with 30,000 votes!


We heard yesterday.

But we never thought you would be taken him to court.

Looking for directions to postpone the vote count.

But it's already started.

Mr. Venkatesan has led with 30,000 votes.

Then do not announce the decision in that region alone.

Only after I enter my vote ..

..barulah you can announce it officially.

- Is it possible? - No.

The law states that everyone should include the voter's card.

But her status as NRI.

In addition to the voter's card, NRI also must submit a passport with him.

Without all this, by allowing illegal votes were made ..

.. it's a serious mistake.

Therefore, the Election Commission has suspended 12 workers!

The law not only punishes thieves.

But it is also to return the stolen goods.

If the voting rights is something precious in a democracy ..

..and if it's stolen rights is not fair if he is reinstated?

But, what changes can occur with one vote?

Mr ..!

Every vote is important, sir!

In America..

To determine the official language of either English or German ..

English ..bahasa been won by only one vote!

Democracy in France win against military rule by one vote.


Being the head of the Nazi party, topped only by one vote.

Washington became part of the United States with only one vote!

Even Vajpayee government also fell by one vote.

What are you talking about that right.

That's why we created an awareness campaign to vote 6 months before the elections!

The first rule:

My voter ID card is checked.

Rule number two:

I am not a resident in India.

My original passport must also be examined.

The third rule. Section 49-P.

Everyone knows about 49-0, but I'm talking about 49-P.

Section 49-P in Indian electoral law ..

..If vote was cast by others illegally ..

.then they must be given a ballot paper ..

..and be allowed to cast their vote!

Is such a law exist?


Really he said.

Such laws do exist.

You can find the section 49-P on Google with a mobile phone.

But no one knows the existence of Section 49-P.

Yesterday I did not know, Your Honor.

10 years ago, people did not know the existence of section 49-O.

But now everyone knows, right?


By the same token, they also must learn about 49-P!

Compared to tell that such a law exists ..

..If you convey this sensation decision ..

truths, very deep within a day, the whole of India would know.

But he's already ahead of Being 30,000 votes.


A vote may not bring any change in the area.

But this decision will emphasize the importance of every vote.

Not only in the legal books in the future ..

..but it would be in the syllabus of law students.

The case will be in the exam.

And your name will be the answer.

It is the responsibility of the courts to ensure that every citizen ..

..sedar about the rights they need to perform ..

With this result, public awareness will increase.

Even during the counting of votes in the recent piihanraya ..

..kes Mr. Sudar already discussed by the media.

Through it, everyone will be aware of the existence of Section 49-P.

Although the vote to have been made by an unauthorized person ..

..dibawah Section 49-P, ballots must be delivered to him.

It is a mistake if we fail to do so.

To correct this error ..

sopand voted the same space, the same school ..

..I hereby directs that the ballot must be returned to you.

Only after you vote is carried out ..

..barulah election results will be announced in this area.

Given that this is the fifth day after the working day at school ..

..undian will be made on Saturday at the same place votes.

Court and the Election Commission announced ..

you may use to vote for you on the day.


Thankfully you've got it back.

AIMMK party members continue partying ..

..meraikan victory in the election of their leaders.

But, our brothers from America, Mr. Sundar had allowed ..

We have won, right?

I did not sleep all night. Now I am very hungry.

Lunch can be an invitation from the Chairman Infoware.

Tuan became a topic of discussion in all of radio.

He qualified lawyers, right?

Yes indeed.

He is charged for each hour he spoke in court. As bike hire.

Including court costs and tickets ..

sopand sending the bill to charge several lakhs of rupees.

Several lakhs only for one vote, sir?

Office of the District Officer in there, sir.

Last month, on the 12th day ..

..ayah, mother and two children burning themselves.

They are unable to pay 25,000 rupees to the moneylender.

I was there.

Their children did not budge an inch, sir.

They just stood looking at their father.

Please save them.

Come and help!

Only 25,000 rupees sir!

There are those who survived?

Only a daughter who survived.

He was taken to hospital with half his body on fire.

The government did not take action?

Yes, sir.

The next day, they put the fire engine outside.

Fire engine?

What to do with loan sharks fire engine?

Only people who do not want to see others die alone will solve the problem.

They do not want anyone dying on the ground,

..and fire engine is the solution.

What the public do when all this happened?

They submit in WhatsApp, sir.

In Whatsapp?

They are sending a message on this point in whatssapp.

And those who receive it anyway?

They will submit to more people, and so on.

And after that?

Another issue will arise and we will continue to extend the message too.

Here, the problem is not a solution.

They just need one more problem.

Danny, can you follow the convoy?

Be accepted.

Wait for me at home Infoware Chairman, Nila.

Tell them I'll get another 30 minutes.


Where are you going?

I do not know anyone there!


Hi, Mr. Sundar did not come?

I'm his friend. He will come shortly.

Oh, okay. I Narayan, Chairman Infoware.


I am very happy today.

The arrival of the leading celebrities in this town ..

..kerana for accepting my invitation.

Thank you very much.

One more thing.

Counting of votes is running.

And Mr. Malarvannan party, party AIMMK ..

..sedang ahead in every area.


Pride of Tamil Nadu,

..Encik Sundar Ramaswamy ..

..juga be here today!


He went to court to get his vote again.

Excuse me for interrupting.

But today I am also very happy!

He's explain why.

What is one thing that unites us all?

Do equation that we were there?


She citizens educators. He has six universities, right?

Would she accept a student for free?

Why did he take the legal department?

To identify weaknesses and to save his client!

And this auditor?

To reduce tax payments to the government!


Why did this young man to go to America?

For a salary of 1800 kror. He must be very busy in there.

But politicians?

You want us to serve after spending so much money?

After buying votes to 10 thousand rupees per person ..

..kenapa we want to give a free service?

We can spend 10 thousand and 20 thousand back!

That's our talent right?

Forgive me.

You say money is the similarities that exist in all of us.

Wrong. You dah wrong.

The equation that we have is people.

Public support.

You know not?

Wide audience TV channels.

Business customers. Voters for political leaders.

Passenger plane. Printed media reader.

You know?

But, the word to describe them is 'people'.


Alms given by them to us.

..yang makes our businessmen, political leaders, the CEO of the company ..

..and more.

The words of a great master.

That's what I mean, just use a different paragraph.

We take money from the public.

While you were taken from your customers.

But still too equation is money, right?

Television focuses on faces in my head ..

kror ..yang've got 4 votes in all 234 districts.

They also focus on the youth vote was stolen.

Will it affect us?

Did he go to court to save the country?

Every time his name was mentioned on TV they emphasize that she is ..


What does it mean that?

Is not that also one talent?

But this young man, do not know our talent.

You will cast their ballots on Saturday, right?

Shall I see, the ballot will also be made by other people?

Challenge me to do so.

I can make sure that you are not going to ballot.

It's time. I'm going to head home.

Sister ..

Please make sure you vote for our party this Saturday.

I ask myself first.

Hey, come on!

Mr. Masilamani, AIMMK leaders have passed with 25.0000 vote ..

..mengatasi competitors, Mr. Chinnaswany.

And also, the development of the case CEO GL ..

..Encik Sundar Ramaswamy has attracted media and politicians ..

Kids phone from Canada.

Hi dad. Congratulations!

Chief Minister for the third time huh?

Dad to be headlines in every channel Tamil here!

Sorry, because I could not go back.

Son-in-law's father said what?

What about him? She is very happy.

Do not eat sweets!

Dad did not eat baby!

- A drug that? - Yeah, I eat.

- Tylenol? - It was dah eat.

Sulfonyl Biguanides..?

Dad ate it all, baby.

How many milligrams, father?

2.5 milligrams, dear.

Dad did not like sweets, honey.

Talk to your mother.

..and get the truth father to drink wine two large glasses!

Okay, but just for today.

But not like whiskey. Try brandy, Dad.

Okay dear.

Dad, give the phone on Malarvannan uncle.

Are people can beat us in Tamil Nadu? Impossible, right?


Children need to talk to your head. - Give it.

Hello dear! How are you?

Hello, uncle. I am well!

Win big in the elections right?

The percentage is higher than the previous one.

One important thing, uncle.

I do not want to tell him, so I told my uncle.

Talk affection.

Uncle alone now, right?

Yes dear.

I heard in the area Triplicane ..

..CEO GL, beautiful ..

..akan cast his vote there.

Yes, That's right.

Crazy man.

Because of him, they delay the counting of votes in areas Venkatesh.

That's the main reason why my uncle phone.

He's not a regular guy.

He is very clever and cunning.

Who cares about him?

The trick he will not succeed against us!

No. Uncle did not know him.

Last year, he came to Canada.

He stayed here for 3 weeks.

The third week, he became the focus of all media.

He's top of the well-known IT company.


He stopped 22 thousand employees!

22 thousand workers ..

..and he left the country.

The effect is still felt to this day.

Do not provoke him.

However, we have to win in all areas. Right?

He is only one vote away!

Just listen to me.

Three government had prevented him from coming to their country.

Never mess with her uncle.

Okay dear.

Uncle say something that to him?

No. Uncle did not say a word to him!


Do not interrupt him until he left India.

- Goodbye, uncle. - Goodbye My Love.

I think I have to say something off drinking morning!

But did not he smoked and smiled during I go from there?

There sesuatukah behind her smile?

We are proud CEO GL are citizens of this country, sir!

Some say that the owner of the master pay votes.

I do not be ashamed to buy votes is mine.

But it is the state that should be ashamed.

I only pay my lawyer. Rather than judge.

It's just one vote only. With him, what ..

What am I going to accomplish? Right?

Ya, tuan.

Did you see that? He's a journalist.

He asked what I would accomplish by just one vote?

Some people pretend to be Sundar Ramaswamy and go vote.

The Government believes that it is valid.

If I just hug the body and dropped it ..

..macam where women want to believe and want to marry me?

So, the guy who does not care about his vote is taken by someone else ..

..juga will not do anything if people do evil on their wives?



Do you try to provoke others to vote was stolen?

Who asked the question?

Pat. Pat all.

I tried to incite them, man!

You are right.

When I get back my vote. it has become a law.

When a decision is made in this case ..

.then the same decision would be taken if such cases arise.

What I received will be accepted by others as well!

Although Section 49-P know it existed ..

..macam where if they do not want to regain their votes?

If someone let someone else vote for them ..

..I have just mentioned what kind of men they were.

There are manners to mention it. Why do I say with pride?

How are they gonna do? Some of us do not have a brain.

Sorry. Sorry.

Please sit down. Sorry. I am sorry.

Half of us are smart.

You see one?

What I have just said, similar to what I said earlier.

At first you're denied.

Now you're all silent.

The same. When a matter is referred to the negative tone ..

damning piece will act immediately.

This is called a 'marketing'.

Puffed up her right! Speaking with pride!

Some people have voted for me too!

According to section 49-P, they have to return my vote too!

As if she's someone special!

He said, people who sell votes will not defend his wife!

If you are looking to Section 49-P on Google they have complete details about it!

When a decision is made in this case ..

.then the same decision would be taken if such cases arise.

What I received will be accepted by others as well!

Any video that is played will be a video speech in advance!

It has been so.

She works outside the country, right?

Corporate man came here to get her vote back!

There are a lot of votes in Kallakurichi built illegally!

We must reclaim it!

Many votes in Pollachi made illegally.

We have to get our votes back!

Some people are willing to file a case.

Unfortunately they have no money. We have to accept as well!

Legislation Trichy college students already go to the website.

If the votes were illegally ..

..they will file a case if we provide Aadhar card and voter ID data.

Please send it to my mom! There are rogue'm voting for me!

Instant. If you have Aadhar card and voter ID ..

you may use file a case!

28 thousand people have filed cases!

The numbers are increasing.

Previously Mr. Masilamani can form a government ..

..tetapi thousands of people have filed a case ..

..mengatakan their votes ..

..telah made illegally.

Through the application developed by the College of Law student Trichy ..

..seramai 30 thousand people have filed a case ..

sopand high court to enter their votes.

Oh god! 30 thousand people have filed cases.

Only now I know how important the vote in this election illegitimate.

36 thousand people so far, sir.

They demanded to get back their votes.

- Good .. - Thank you sir.

They are a junior lawyer in the office of the lawyer Jethmalani.

Together with my case, they'll take care of this case as well.

For now, no one can know I'm involved.

Hey, all ..

I call all because there is an important reason

This place is my home.

There's a problem arises during this visit.

Maybe then I eat a week back.

I have a lot of work here.


Therefore, you can all go back today. At this time.

Mr. Sundar.

We are facing a problem of taste host. But we need the master.

Sir, do not worry.

As long as we're here, no one can not hurt you.

Wide that all?

No sir.

Although we were not here, no one can touch you.


You all go home.

I also convey a message dah ..

..I will be back here when all'm done.

I do not do much when girls give me a warning.

You should not have let it go this far.

A total of 2,000 people in each area have filed cases.

Why did not you tell me sooner?

I never thought this would happen, Appu.

The oath taking ceremony will be held tomorrow.

He can not make a scene.

It must be done tomorrow.

You can not force more ..

..but you dah nak kill people?

Killing is not necessarily going to be a solution, Mr. Rendu.

If a person was killed ..

..parti must use it to raise fear.

The limbs must be in chopping.

I'll call you when a task is completed.

The police can not come immediately.

Let the corpse lying in the road for some while.

Let the people take pictures and spread it on the phone.

Then other people will fear.

Do you feel attracted to me?

What's wrong with you guys?

You're okay, right?

Come on!

Do you feel attracted to me?

I want to ask you for this.

But hard-nak conference alone.

So why talk like this?

Children learn English in school.

So the secret must be spoken in dialect classic.

Tamil classic for secret talks in Tamil Nadu!

And that's spoken by young politicians!

Instant yes.

They point you to kill the target ..

..or just to bully it?

If the directive is to bluff ..

they ..beritahu me shudder!

They do not point to bully you.

They told us to delete you.

Not you alone.


Touch it.

You can not stay here anymore. Go back to America.



Wide that all?


Continue to look at him!

Do not arrest him. I'm on my way.


We have found the man responsible for all this.

Who? Either Dad?

No. It is not!

We found where the guy who voted for you, that is!

Who is that man?

Really wants to see him!

Hey, buddy!

Only alcohol served to upset the family, right?

Fermented rice to cool. How it can burn down the house?

Anything that no alcohol in it will damage the household.

What is this?

Two bald man wearing two shirts?

He is the one, sir.

What this theater troupe doing here?

What is this? Oh god!


Why not hit me kind ni?

Punch drunk you got rid of me! Why?

I saw you on TV.

You ask your votes back, right? Leave!

Tell me why you hit me.

He asked the reason!

Why did you take my vote?

Your Vote? What would?

What is this??

You do not know the name but you took my vote?

I've done quite a vote without knowing the name of their owner, friend!

You are one of thousands of it!

Can we sit down and talk? Sit down.

The bald man, say to her. Powerful right punch.

How much they pay you to vote?

6 thousand. Add 200 to travel.

For one vote, I flew with a private plane as a controller!

For such a small task, why should God take Muneshwaran?

Guard means security!

Security huh?

Listen! You know who's in charge ..

..and appeal to everyone here to go to vote?

- I. - Come on!

And I, Kaushik. Nice to meet you.

My father..

Hey, take that jug. Download!


If you want our friendship last long, drink this!

I myself did not hearsay. Create alone!

Forget the food side. We will give the dry fish.

I drank from the jug was also a friend.

I got a life, man! Now drink up!

Drink up!

Right quick you drink!

Never drink before?


Next what? Dah break the jug, what's more, sing!

Why ask him!

He's American! He knows only sing English songs!

- Hey. - Why?

I only work outside the country.

But I'm still the origin of the local people!

I knew it when you hit you until the last moment.

You must be familiar about this place.

All right.

To prove you are a local, I will say a few words.

Mention back to Chennai dialect!

Why are you busy drinking alone? Put it down!

Stand, I say!

Dah may ask?

This is it.

"Lets Rock"



Big Shot!

Great people!

Wah! forbidden him this time.

We must rule the world.

We have shaken the world ..

I homeland!

Great! Amazing!

Starting today, I'm your friend!

Next what?

You start singing!

We have to fear fraudsters, keep it away from us!

We have shaken the world, my fatherland!

Body shake friends!

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

Simply mix a charming man and this gentleman.

I get a place here! I will finish up and go!

These brave men were still alive and in action.

We will be partying. Wear belts and enjoy.

We have to fear fraudsters, keep it away from us!

We have shaken the world, my fatherland!

Get ready to rock out and dance, my friend!

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

Haluanku noise and you're finished!

Come forward, my lord!

Give me a kiss.

Are months in hiding?

Have dreams will grow?

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

Haluanku noise and you're finished!

Let's play and have fun!

Falls from heights all that and you're going to die!

They are having fun in a country that we invaded.

Give a cheeky smile! Do not do not do much!

Let's Take on the world!

Come with a vibrant rhythm.

We have to fear fraudsters, keep it away from us!

We have shaken the world, my fatherland!

Body shake friends!

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

I manifold, dear! Kacaulah me, you I would let it hang!

The attention, the bearer of the problem. Step down and bow to the floor.

Haluanku noise and you're finished!

Calm you all!

Listen to me!

They cancel the swearing.

3,000 people in the area I've filed the case!

The case has been filed over the city, sir!

They want a place in the swearing!

The hearing at 10am! We have to do something about it!

Party members'm angry sir! We destroyed those who file a case!

We have rioted to stop the trial!

Calm down. I told told off !!

You will live or not?

Tell me, dear.

Why dad? Emergency meeting?


Many cases filed and the swearing-dah postponed.

The hearing at 10 am tomorrow in court.

What father's decision?

Riot must be made to stop the trial.

If everyone went to court to ask for a vote of sorts that he made ..

..pasti big problem will arise later!

Needless to rioting father.

Why would?

Riot have disappeared from use.

I warned him not to mess with.

When the trial?

Tomorrow at 10 am.

Dad has sworn 8.00am.

- Dear? - The hearing at 10am.

Dad has sworn 8.00am.

First we have to have the power first.

Once we are in power ..

..adakan an emergency meeting with all the judges of the high court.

The trial will be postponed for a day.

To ask the Minister of Home Affairs announced that the high court building unstable.

And next week will be spent on maintenance.

A week is sufficient.

We will make everyone pull back their case.

All right, dear.

Phone Governor.

You must be sworn in at 8.00 am tomorrow.

Okay dear.

A total of 30,000 people have filed a case to get voting rights re ..

..akan discussed in the High Court at 10 am.

We were told at 8:00 am ..

..parti Mr. Masilamani will be sworn ..

sopand residence of the Governor.

Hello Sundar.

I'm almost at the Bar.

I would arrive at the court at 10am.

Not 10am. Our case was rescheduled for 8 am.

8.00am? How?

Before the swearing in Karnataka state elections recently ..

..keputusannya was received at 2.30am ..

..and swearing-in ceremony has been postponed.

I have quoted the case and requested an early trial.

It was great.

I'll be there in 10 minutes.

Come here. - Yes sir.

Their trial at 10am. How can you start early anyway?

The hearing was brought forward .. - Do not just standing alone!

- Go an eye! - I'll check.

Because of you, more than 2000 people ..

sopand every area asked to vote again.

They did not ask to vote for 're' Your Honor.

They actually still have not voted yet.

He does not understand our language.

Elections were unconstitutional shall be considered invalid.

Elections must be held!

Re-election is not a joke.

It involves a lot of work. Do you know how expenses will be issued?

To catch a thief who stole 1,000 rupees ..

..pihak police will spend 10,000 rupees.

If you only think to save 9,000 rupees ..

sopand will continue to be a lifelong thief, Your Honor.

This is not the time to think spending.

But the time to save the people.

What do you think the Election Commission?

When he said his vote was made illegally ..

..we gave him the right to vote again.

But many people came forward and claimed that their votes were stolen.

We can not just let him alone be able to vote ..

..and deny the rights of others.

Nearly two thousand people in each area who filed the case.

There are some areas that wins the majority of votes between 800-1500.

This is an opportunity to change it.

Not only that, Yang Arif.

Votes made illegally have also been included in the vote count.

How do you separate them?

Or even to reduce it?

In the Tamil Nadu elections in 2016 ..

..just made 2,60,000 votes to ..

..membezakan winners and losers.

But this time the person who filed the case over 3,45,000.

You ask for their oath lifting event at the delay.

But the ceremony was held at the residence of the Governor.

Therefore, make a quick decision Your Honor.

I am very glad to meet you all.

You all know ..

..Ketua highly qualified minister.

The Election Commission has the power sebegitukah?

In 1975, the Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi ..

..menang vote in Bareli.

There are allegations that are not good during piihanraya held ..

.then Allahabad high court has to get rid of the parliament.

Believing that democracy remains ..

..kerana elections are held every 5 years.

..and the right decision will be issued ..

Just because some people are unethical ..

..orang public should not lose confidence in democracy in India, Your Honor.

And now..

Chair Chief Minister ..

As you all know ..

Our chief minister is highly qualified.

A lot of good things that he has done to us all.


Your Personal Assistant Governor, right? - Yes sir.

Who phoned?

Out of court.

He came from Delhi.

Looking for the original here. Turn off your mobile phone.

I, Mr. Masilamani ..

I, Mr. Masilamani ..

Starting today..

Starting today..

In this country ..

In this country ..

Forgive me.

Ya ..

Mr ..

Chief Minister is pending.



Chief waiting.

After all, time is not good bye soon.

Can you go and wait?


All right.

Mr. Masilamani.

The High Court and the Election Commission has just made the announcement ..

The election results held on February 22, 2018 ..

..telah was canceled.

The next election is ..

..will be held..

truths, very deep period of 15 days.

And in this situation ..

I am sorry.

I have to cancel this event ..

..In the middle of the road. Thank you.

Think of our success, has been postponed.

Our actions will be determined at the headquarters of our party.

Please disperse peacefully.

Thank you very much at all.


Yes, dear. Instant. This is it.

- Dear. - What did you do to her?

Elections will be made 15 days.

What can we do now?

The whole country is watching, Dad.

If we bediam themselves, the court decision will come true.

Massive riots must be held.

The plaintiffs. Members of the opposition. Everyone must fear.

One more thing.

If we miss Sundar today, he would go to America.

He will return 15 days left to vote.

If we create something to him when it .. will involve us with the police.

We can not hurt her if she was in the United States.

It must be done today. Right now.

It must look like people or students who rioted.

Do not miss her father.

After he was killed, we will secure the party of government for 10 years.

Our enemy. Our allies. Everyone will be afraid of us!

Even members of our own party will submit to us!

It looks like the work you've done.

So going back to America?


Why talk like this when he was about to leave?

If he does not vote, he not respect his company.

Just because one thing he made all sorts of drama.

How many plans?

Wait alone here, look at that kid lit fireworks!

Come on, Mom.


Sundar uncle is coming?

Uncle uncle said I will heal you?

Uncle will heal.

Brother, I told you, my uncle would heal me.

Yes, dear.

When my uncle wants to heal?

If the wound is healed a bit. Uncle would recover.



- It is for you. - Thank you.

- You in what grade? - Grade 3.

- And you? - Grade two.

The boy's face is the destiny of Tamil Nadu on when this.

What if children feel hurt mak mak minor burns?

His own father ..

Pour gasoline on his family ..

..and burned with them.


Father's heart when her light matches near the body of his son ..

How heartache when it?

Who caused him to have to make loans at high interest rates?

Let mom.

Every person who was lying on the bed rather than the patient, mother.

Each one of them is the Department.

This man..

..ada 6 family members, including his parents.

He was the only breadwinner in the family.

Working overtime and work during the holidays ..

He was bedridden for the past 4 months.

These small things.

When riding a bike, bus break governments.

Because they appoint someone who is not qualified as a driver.

..they just blame the transportation services ..

..and this guy lost both legs.

Transport Department.

Small countries also develop and train high-tech aircraft.

But here, the electric wires exposed to rain already killed three children.

While trying to save them, these workers lose both hands.

Department of electrical energy.

Could the tragedy of 8 deaths in a month ..

..akibat mosquito bites can happen elsewhere?

Dengue fever.

Did you see that?

Another child struggling to survive.

And this?

Social welfare Department.

Social welfare, road transport, education, electricity, agriculture!

There are positions behind their woes mom!

Politicians think they can do anything ..

..for the 5 years they were in power!

I did this to get rid of their pride.

If they go back, I will fight back!

That is all! I do not care about other people.

The decision of the High Court who is not in favor of the former Chief Minister, Masilamani ..

..menyebabkan swearing stopped by the governor.

Following the riots, all the shops were closed in the net.

Riots occurred in several places.

People are ordered to remain at home. People started to panic.

It seems there is no one at home.

If I get him, drop him I was working on.

Let's all!

Check in every room.


- Stop the car! - Get out!

- Fast! - Street!

To the edge!

- Fast! - Open the door!

What's your problem?

Find all over this place!

- Do not miss a single vehicle! - Check the car he was in it?

Search the car.

- Get them out! - Get out I said!

I do not care article tu.

Police assistance will arrive later in the morning.

Kill him before that.

You're looking for a 12-hour dah!

A man you could not find any!

And you dare ask me where she is!

Guards! Give me the walkie-talkie!

Hey! Guard the main gate.


There is what there?

The man named Sundar want to meet with you.

There were other people with him?

No, she's alone.

- Send him in. - Yes sir.

How many are there? - 18 here. 20 ranked below.

Get them all here.

- Go get the gun. - Hey! Go grab a weapon.

Hey! Telephone solicitors us!

Red, lawyers on the line.

- Varada. - Ya, tuan.

Sundar come to our party office.

He's on his way in.

There are no legal problems if we kill him here?

In the office party?

Wait until the host can hear from me.

I'll call you back off talks with senior lawyers.

Greetings all.

I know you find me.

I came to talk alone.

No need to listen to your partners.

The law and the media is not like before.

No matter when the crime was committed.

Very dangerous.

It is not easy to eliminate.

Crimes that you all do ..

is done with the weapons you have prepared for your enemy.

They will kill you with that weapon!


It's okay if you see a lot of money accumulated in the container.

They will die without a chance to see the container!

So, in the golden age as you, you do the crime long ago ..

..akan for you arrested.

Imagine what if you are aged 75 or 80 years.

One of suffering.

Hey! Save the sermons you hear it for the boy!

This battlefield.

What are you going to achieve?

The swearing-in was delayed only 16 days.

Once again, we will win.

I was chairman of the third-generation politician!

Politics is so deeply ingrained in him for 55 years!

Needless to campaign or meeting!

Her face will suffice!

During his 55 year stay in our minds.

I was chairman of the face each product and each skim!

Of goods to the dustbin, all face!

He is like our brand!

You do not know anything about the brand, right?

The face of our leaders is our brand!

With it, if dogs or donkeys represent us ..

elections truths, very deep, we will win.

We want to demonstrate? This is a challenge.

Oh, God..

It's extreme.

Mr. Rendu!

How can you be so arrogant despite being in second place ..

..and you're also the same name with the word "both".

Successfully passed the test, was selected in the interview ..

..and work in the country's first number one company ..

..duduk in key seats, should not I be proud?

Always be careful when challenged.

What do you say?

Brand huh?

Actually, I'm an expert in destroying the brand!

Now I'll create a challenge, Mr. Rendu!

Men's number one above you ..

Beloved leader you that!

I will destroy the brand.

Although the party did win again ..

..I would not justify the chairman you win!

In the area where he competed, I will fight it!

Watch Alone I will tear it into pieces of the brand!

Brother, lawyer says we can proceed.

Kill him!

I killed her brother.

Hey! Release him. Release him!

Let go of him!

Why, brother?

You want to play in my yard, right?

You remember this is a computer game that is played in the air-conditioning?

It involves blood, pain and soul!

I'll show you what the real political game!

I am waiting!

- What did you say? - Yes sir.

Sundar came here last night.

He came and met Mr. Rendu.

The main building away from the fence.

I do not know what they discussed.

I think they talked for 40 minutes.

After that, I went back home.

I'm so happy! Very, very happy!

Victory will be mine!

And praise should be given to my daughter.

- It should be on my daughter. - Why is dad? Daddy sing?

When the father-in-law thought, make you want to sing.

Who is the father? Brother husband kah?

- Remind him now angry father .. - Not he.

Groom's father mean to you!

What? My bride?

Last night, the CEO of GL do you like that, Mr. Rendu met at the party office.

Really? Which I know?

Is not there a spy in the office of the father?

Dad was the same too? What to do with all this?

Mr. Rendu meet your lover and make understanding.

He must speak to the Chief Minister ..

..and get a place in the cabinet's father.

Victory will be mine.


If there is for any dad, dad hit apologize.

Welcome to the son in law! Please come in.

Uncle, I came to apologize.


Why call a sacred word tu?

After you.

- Actually .. - Welcome. How are you?

- but Pakchik. - is.

They did not let me speak. Go to sign in.

Do not take the things done.

On a lucky day, bring your parents back home.

We are going to set everything.

You kind? Okay?

Do not be a father!

He went off in anger!

He was not angry, but he felt reluctant.

Uncle ..

My uncle went to the office party last night.

Uncle heard.

I met Mr. Rendu.

I decided to enter the fray.

You too?

Uncle did not know.

You will join our party?

Sit down, sit down. Uncle happy to hear it.

Talk to the head and uncle get a place in the cabinet.

I can not talk with the head of my uncle. - Why?

Because I competed against him in the area!

Those eyes. It was great.

Each of them just like the moon.

Oh the wind. Hug and kiss like the wind!

Like a bird whistling, I'm Cinderellamu!

Oh god, my girl, I cintakanmu dear!

Come with me, as soon as possible.

Ma earlier than the others. I am your best friend forever

Should we rolled on the floor and laugh together?

In my vision. thousands of girls ogle you.

Tell me how much you love me. I do not know the answer.

In my view, only you're just gorgeous, half of my soul!

Not moving even a millimeter! Always in touch with me.

I do not know how I lived without you.

Those eyes. It was great.

Each of them just like the moon.

Oh the wind. Hug and kiss like the wind!

Like a bird whistling, I'm Cinderellamu!

Oh god, my girl, I cintakanmu dear!

Come with me, as soon as possible.

Ma earlier than the others. I am your best friend forever

Should we rolled on the floor and laugh together?

In my vision. thousands of girls ogle you.

Tell me how much you love me. I do not know the answer.

In my view, only you're just gorgeous, half of my soul!

Not moving even a millimeter! Always in touch with me.

I do not know how I lived without you.

Those eyes. It was great.

Each of them just like the moon.

It was a beautiful morning when I glance your face.

I fell asleep in a dream when you lean on me.

Funny text turns over the phone!

You're my love, for sure.

When I go out to other places, I need newspapers that you ask.

I wanted a fun kiss and miss five times a day!

On the day I met you was the day I was due!

If you hug me every time, how good you are!

Oh my dear girl, you are given the task!

Should I thank you. You're a cute girl!

Shall I take care of yourself. Should not we live together?

Oh, God. I cintakan you dear!

I'll come with you, as soon as possible.

Ma earlier than the others. I am your best friend forever.

Should we rolled on the floor and laugh together?

In my vision. thousands of girls ogle you.

Tell me how much you love me. I do not know the answer.

In my view, only you're just gorgeous, half of my soul!

Not moving even a millimeter! Always in touch with me.

I do not know how I lived without you.

Those eyes. It was great.

Each of them just like the moon.

Oh the wind. Hug and kiss like the wind!

Like a bird whistling, I'm Cinderellamu!

Why is that? Various objects out of Jurassic Park!

Stylish touches.

- Kaushik! - Bhos.

- do not know why I brought you along? - Not the boss.

Good guys and bad guys here seem the same.

- Tell me if you have any friends or allies. - Good boss.

I must be careful with them.

- What is this? - Mari.


- where they 'laminate' ya? - Yes!

Laminate was like a picture. The word is actually "nominate" (Nominated)

Look at her face. Various empty shells.

Know the rules of the elections?

Piihanraya was held because he knew the rules.

Proof of address. - Proof of address.


An international driving license.

Everything is original.

Birth certificate. - Birth certificate.

Community certificate.

Certificate of income tax.

Kad Aadhar.

Credit tub.

There is a postcard for you too.

Write down on your brother when you have spare time.

Pictures of Aadhar cards not like your face.

Do not say that. I voted to use that card.

What did he say?

I have to look like in the Aadhar card ..

..or tu Aadhar card image touched me look like now?

You must face the same image in this Aadhar card.

Not vice versa. - Whose fault is it?

It's one of my department.

Department of you it means what?

It is the government!

Listen to that! Government officials themselves say, the government is at fault.

Does anybody hear me?

Sister, do not ruin my career.

They've suspended 12 workers for letting illegal votes.

I have a mortgage.

I had to pay in installments every month!

Please tolerate, sir.

10 people from the area you have to initial the vote.

Look over there.

If there is a problem with 10 people, there are 10 more others.

If 10 it was not possible, there are another 10 people.

Tell me if you need more, I can bring a truck.

All details are already complete.

Just as good as I go ..

..kalau I hear there are typos in my application ..

..and it as a reason to reject the application ..

..I will suit you all in the Supreme Court.

Tell us, Mr. Narayanan.

What about the rivalry between Mr. Sundar and Chief Minister?

I know them both.

The chief minister has won three times in the area.

But in the meantime, Mr. Sundar is a corporate giant.

Genghis Khan!

Strategies and tactics will definitely scary!

It is definitely a very intense competition.

It is not as tenaciously where.

He's still young.

But he is not wise!

He can kror salary of 1800 rupees!

In fact he wants to be more.

Get free publicity here!

Ask him how his company stock rise since two days ago.

There must be an increase.

Is Mr. Sundar doing this to raise its stock price ..

..or as there are good intentions? Only he can menjawapnya.


Mr. Sundar way here. He will come to the show.

While I invite you said just the two of us. This live event!

We did not think sir.

Rather than show my pictures and interviews by telephone ..

..saya himself will come!

He went to the TV station!

- Where do I want .. - Here. Please sit.


Do you doubt?

People here can not do anything with their votes.

But you cause the state government with the votes that you do not do.

Pretty smart.

There are many marketing of your company.

And prove you are willing to do anything for your company, right?

If you doubt it ..

of normal today, I resign as CEO of the company.

How can he do that?

Do not do that, Mr. Sundar.

You're the CEO of GL, and make the country proud.

Tuan serious?

Small office at the company is a dream for some people of India.

You obviously do not?

The company is no longer my company.

Now what do you think?

That is all..

Actions like this will not help you win against my head.

The mind does not want any opposition is a threat to democracy.

Your belief for me gobsmacked.

Our Party, a great organization!

And you're just one person.

Mahatma Gandhi also alone when he was forced off the train!

Now, one person can be a group ..

..and one group can turn into one.

..just in one day, sir.

He's got spare time because I stopped working, I have many things to do.

I go first.

Hey! Turn off the camera. Stop recording.

Sister ..

I said outside recording.

Residents in the area are very angry because you were up against my head.

Do not go to Ayodhyakuppam.

In other places they will just burn the statue.

There they will burn people alive.

- What was the name of the place? - Ayodhyakuppam

My first encounter will be made there.

Please be quiet.

A warm reception.

Various they want us at any time!

Let go of this meeting.

You can make at home using Twitter right?

It's easier that way.

He said they will burn and chopping people.

Not seen any like that.


Can you see them just screaming, but no attack.

There's a reason behind it.

Once you start playing, has increased the demand for votes

Price ballot have increased, from 5,000 to 9,000.

You have to survive if they want to be paid!

Please calm all.

Please be quiet and calm. Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

thanks. thanks. thanks.

The program is organized by us, students of IIT.

He posted on Facebook Live now.

It's a fun program.

We did not bring him to raise the issue.

Now, you will be playing with him.

Permainkanlah he participated like you!

You still raw in politics, right?

This must be the beginning of their ideas.

Mr ..

You know not the price of one kilogram of tomatoes?

What is the price of one kilogram of salt?

Have you eaten rice and salt?

Looks like you're all in kid mode play.

To be honest I do not know the price of one kilogram of tomatoes.

But you know where such a kind of tomato?

Hey, show him the tomatoes!

Sir, this is the tomato.


I want to tell you an interesting story about the crime that these tomatoes?

In seven countries across the world ..

..sos made of tomato us ..

..dinikmati with full of fun.

Tomato growing on our land, have tremendous demand worldwide.

But there is one big mystery.

People who grow tomatoes, always just die here.

You know why?

The amount of tomatoes that are grown here ..

..suku of the total left to rot ..

..and will be discarded in the trash.

Suppose they both have 55kg of tomatoes per person.

Although there is high demand,

..I will only buy tomatoes with one of them.

I will not buy tomatoes from another man ..

..walau else I need it.

The life expectancy of tomatoes it?

Only two days.

I do not know who will be damaged tomato ago, both the seller will always feel afraid.

Now, prices are based on prices offered by manufacturers sauce.

He would buy tomatoes worth 40 rupees only 6 rupees.

It was he bought with a salesperson alone.

Tomatoes are available on another vendor ..

..akan damaged and will eventually be thrown in the trash.

Foreign families in other countries in the world enjoy a meal with tomato sauce ..

..manakala our farm families here ..

..bunuh themselves and die.

So, next time if we want to throw a tomato ..

..we think farmers who grow these plants.

Why is this?

Why silent all the time?

If you messing with me, go ahead.

- Sir, I have questions. - Ask.

During the elections, sometimes we voted for an excitement only.

There are times when we will be able to vote for a fee.

But why would you want to bother just because of one vote?

You already know that section 49-P that exists.

You topple the government.

You resign. Why do all this?

I want to tell the real reason?

Come on! Come on!

My hometown is Rameswaram.

Try living among poverty in the land and sea forces as well.

..keluarga we were among the hundreds of fishing families.

There is no guarantee to return alive after going fishing.

Families of those who died at sea will be abandoned.

Hunger affects all families.

Then, there is an election.

We do not believe all the candidates.

Without a vote, they go to sea.

My uncle went with them.

Elections took place when they were at sea.

The politician who has been in power for 5 years.

But, the people?

They only powerful one day.

Realizing their mistake go into the sea at that time ..

..they tried to return.

And at that moment ..

..tentera neighbors and fishermen who shot my father was innocent.

In that attack, my father ..

Together with my father ..

13 people ..


Those who survived the attack, trying to bring the wounded to the beach ..

..but my father who was shot to say ..

.. "Do not take me back to the land"

"Preparing for the funeral will cost 2000 rupees"

"My kids can eat for 2 years with my money .."


"Bring my body .."

"And throw it in the ocean," he cried.

When he breathed his last breath ..

..they measles body.

To the ocean.

Always heard, the measles remains in the sea ..

But this time my father was thrown.

And the person who wins the elections did not do anything!

Fishermen's associations to fund learning my mother.

My mother studied and became a school teacher. And he forced us to learn!

I learned of a crazy kid. More intensely than ever.

I attended every interview is coming!

No matter the city and country where I was, I always go back.

For elections.

Some people asked me was not it?

Have you eaten rice and salt?

You know! I'm fishing!

Salt is in the air that I breathe.


In this meeting ..

None of you are not from Chennai ...

How many of you have come from outside? Raise your hand.

How many people who want to return home?

Why do not you go home?

They all came here to escape from hunger there!

You of Rameswaram. I'm from Pudhukottai.

I really wanted to go back. But people come here because of the hydrocarbons.

How can I go back?

I'm from Tirunelveli. Problems usurer!

I'm from Chengalpet. Problems wages!

I am from Thanjavur! Methane problem.

I'm from Kanchipuram! Thieves sand.

I can not take water from the river Cauvery.

Krishna river inaccessible.

Mullaiperiyar Dam did not help!

With all these problems, how can I get him back?

32 issues in all 32 two regions!

We live as fugitives in our own hometown.

If we remain silent, they would not let us naked.

One day, they have to answer all of these!

What do you say? Could you please repeat?

One day, they have to answer all of these!

When you ask them questions?

Without asking, how are you going to answer?

Write every problem they call on paper.

I would ask that question!

The Chief Minister Masilamani!

I would ask those who have the power ..

..bila they will solve this problem, right now.

From here keep to it.

Lord, Lord!

We can not go there now, sir.

Mr. Masilamani were at the party.

Not saved if only go there now.

If I decided to ask, then I would do it immediately!

Then, we will follow you.

We will participate once.

We all will follow once!

We all will follow once!

We all will follow once!

Asking questions will cause problems.

And when asked directly, the problem will come with vengeance.


We all will follow once!

We all will follow once!

Let's go.

Come on! Keep moving!

Come on! Keep moving!

Come on! Keep moving!

I top man! Very strange!

I am the brave. As I turn on the axis!

Cover them. Keep them back!

Risks exist in our raddar.

Who are you?

Submitting! Scream!

Submitting! Scream!

Hey, you!

How many elections made so far?

How many elections?


Sundar way here to see you.

He wants to come here?

Really dumb.

He came riding a motorcycle.

I'm a top man! Coming soon strike back!

Fikrilah twice before attacking!

Get out! Let it get some air!

One shot will make you apart from me! Do it!

Do not you dare turn merenungku and strength!

When someone opposes, it's just a sign of progress!

I lealki top. I'll turn on the axis!

Planting a tree would cause rain, they say!

Fraud is this?

Is Ocean lined with trees?

Rain did not go down there!

When I told them my word stupid.

Why not print money 5,000 or 10,000 or 20,000?

You do not know whether it is productivity?

Is this not the party leader and pioneer in productivity?

What is this?

I want to join a political party?

Or did you come to know you're gonna want to go back there?

I have not come for that reason.

I came to ask questions.

You dare me up on the stage ..

..and asked me the question huh?

Can you see how many are there?

If I say a word ..

There was no need to say anything.

If I give the signal ..

..di here, they will pull your limbs one by one!

This is a major issue 32 of 32 regions.

People in poor condition and difficult.

If you made the announcement at the microphone and promised ..

..yang you'll finish after the elections.

I will withdraw from the contest.


If you're scared, admitted alone and get out of here.

Rather than write a letter mcam school boy.

I read tamil.

Luckily I learned.

What is it all about?

What we back up every time elections for 30 years ..

wrote damning piece of paper in half this?

If we make this right, no more poverty!

If there is no poverty, people will receive money for mengundikah?

They have to steal for food!

They must suffer stomach ..

..and their ears will hear a famine.

Then, by 5000 that we give ..

..they will come like a dog for our vote.

How are you going to understand all this? Take it!


You've misunderstood.

They can withstand hunger and poverty only temporarily.

In addition, if you touch their dignity ..

You remember?

"Jallikattu" (Events tame cattle)

Sister ..

In Tamil Nadu there are only two major political parties ..

One of them is me.

And another, who was on a microphone that.

Now he's come together in such a united party and my party.

Now I have full majority!

So, if people want to vote in anger once ..

..they will give 100 votes to soap symbol ..

..or 200 lots for brush symbol. That is all!

If the majority is more than ever before, so it can be resolved quickly!

You're crazy!

With the money I get from all this, I have to buy them!

234 ahli MLA ..

..and 36 ministers! The source of their income ..

..dari paper in your hand.

What you can accomplish ..

..With against me only in one area alone?

My party will rule shortly ..

..and the only dissenter.

Is not it somewhat unique?

Now I get it.

I get it that you are not the political machinery ..

..but just a small wheel at the enterprise.

Not so the wheel, but the entire machine needs to be replaced.

At first I just wanted to stop you in your own area.

I tell you now.

Not just in your area.

But in all 234 constituencies ..

..orang the people I will be contesting.

He talks a lot but does not know anything.

You dah too much duitkah?

You said I came to this rally like in a trap, right?

When you arrive, how many viewers?

Look at the number of spectators present.

You did not hear?

Can you hear the roar?

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

They come just a day!

Mr. Rendu.

Now, a person can be a group ..

..and one can be a lot.

Only in a day.

Let them go.

Let them go!

Who is that?

I miss you because you're a woman. You would not survive if getting hit!

Do not talk to women who have delivered that he can not bear the pain!

Strike me! Pukulllah me!

Strike me. Pukulllah!

Strike the hand that receives money in exchange for votes. Strike.

Strike legs can run after the promised free goods.

Strike the oral question the atrocities you all!

Got sick? Pain is not it?

They were sick too.

It hurts just like them!

I am sorry.

All of this is my fault.

Do not Cry!

Just today we know, they'll be at if we ask.

This pain can not lose.

I can feel the spirit of Kumaran, a freedom fighter in this pain.

It's not what's up, brother. It will be well if I rub turmeric.

Can we go forward if we are afraid of the pain?

I know you said you got anything for my good.

I hear what these women say in the commotion earlier.

Do not talk to women who have delivered that he can not bear the pain!

That's what she said!

This pain is also the same as the maternity hospital kid!

Hold on!

Something new..

Tamil Nadu which will be born!

Will be born!

The topic of conversation in Tamil Nadu today ..

..mengenai party rally former Chief Minister, Mr Masilamani ..

..malam was contaminated with riots.

He went to any of his own!

One by one. We can not follow him. Just look at him.

The riots that occurred in the party rallies former Chief Minister, Mr Masilamani ..

political ..pakar predict which political party AIMMK ..

..not yet received support from the public.

They were beaten up like veal!

What action the Association of Human Rights?

They can not hit people like that.

I did not know he was good or bad,

..but it's something interesting to see.

A study was conducted by Loyola College ..

..and shows the support of 52% against Mr Sundar Ramaswamy.

Previously she has approval ratings of 4% .. the study held yesterday.

I said that people I will contest in 234 constituencies!

Bye elections soon.

People saw what happened last night on TV ..

..and read it in the newspapers.

They want to know what our next step.

Look over there.

There will be more news.

200 to 300 hundred people in each area come forward to help without being asked!

I'll tell you what we will do next.

First we need a place to work.

The place? This is the place!

But there are many families living here.

What you are! To the edge!

Give way.

All listen up!

Until the election is over, this is our office block!

These housing blocks.

We are all united under one roof.

We are all one family.

When we go out, we eat, and fight together, right?

Like it! Do you understand? - Yes!

Our enemy ??


Yesterday we ..

Naive and gullible!

Today we ..


As of yesterday ..

We are naive and gullible!

As of yesterday ..

We are naive and gullible!

Starting today..

We woke up as heroes, though not perfect.

Hero, hero!

Starting today, we are ..

Hero, hero!

Hero, hero!

Hero, hero!

Hero, hero!

Hero, hero!

Hero, hero!

This revolution of the vote!

Can you sense his emotions?

This revolution of the vote!

Can you sense his emotions?

Everything is ready, sir.

- Ready? - Ready.

First of all, thanks to all.

I'll tell you why I say that.

We can be a lot of questions about who contested in each area.

And there are 200 or 300 people ..

..memberi support to compete in their area.

I thank you for them.

You need not be afraid, if this is another political party.

Because this is not a political party and not the brand.

People in cities will determine who their representatives.

We will find them!

Each city is a place where there is a sincere social worker.

They are also available in your city as well!

They may be school teachers, military retirees or young farmers.

You have to choose three people in each area.

They will say that they are not interested. Do not miss them.

Rely on us to find our own will and Kamaraj!

And you have to choose three people in each area.

Among them, we will choose one.

There are no interviews or anything else! Just scan the Internet only.

Email old and orders they send. Purchasing long.

Bill payments on time, traffic cases.

School, college attendance rates, sincerity and health!

The way they treat their parents. Examination marks!

We'll check and see if they ..

..ada violated the rules or pay a fine ..

..and choose an honest and qualified people ..

.. where are you to lead us.

He's a real corporate giant.


Head out and look at you!

This is our Government!

To eliminate poverty ..

..perlulah tried!

To keep out of poverty ..

..itu are the strategies you?

We have the strength to fight back!

Wait until our fingers didakwatkan black.

Why do you sleep when you turn came?

You sell your vote and now you rindukannya.

Sell ​​your dignity, what you got?

This revolution of the vote!

Can you sense his emotions?

Is not shiver when we fist because injustice together?

Is not the destiny written by ordinary people will bring a new dawn?

When my uncle wants to heal?

Iyyanar farmers to Theni.

Teachers who oppose NEET. Mrs. Sabarimala from Tindivanam.

Mr. Fakkarudin. We of Rameswaram.

Mr. Flower. We of vedaranyam.

Politicians crowded but silent as a statue!

Members of social reform, Kalki. We are from Pollachi.

For businesses of young people who never get the support of the party ..

..and choose to represent the area of ​​social reform ..

..I ucapakan good luck.

Professor Fathima Babu against Sterlite's Tuticorin.

We choose the members of the Foundation Akshya feed 450 people every day ..

..iaitu Mr. Narayana Krishnan.

Mr. Ramesh of the Organization Mugavari in Attur ..

..yang provide higher education to 350 people so far.

This revolution of the vote!

Can you sense his emotions?

To eliminate poverty ..

..perlulah tried!

Eliminate poverty, whether that's your strategy?

We can be a lot of positive reception in social media. Just a little..

Red keeps me tell you on the phone.

My name Rathnaswamy.

I made signs in Nagappatinam.

My friend, Muthukumar is a freelance journalist.

10 days ago ..

Honestly I'm saying, he disappeared before the elections again.

I've filed a complaint at the police station. But still do not know where she is.

I went to his house yesterday.

Her sister gave me this hard drive.

I was surprised to see what is on the hard drive.

After long consideration, rather than leave it to the police or the media ..

..saya leave it to you.

Now we can be 64% of the vote.

This is an important weapon against Masilamani.

Before the election begins ..

..patutkah we imprison him?

You are a ball bowler who brought victory in this war.

Good job.

Live our queens.

Puan Komalavalli longevity!

- What happened uncle? - It ..

Get inside, mother.

Through our friends Appu, chief done some 'cleaning'

The hard drive containing the information available on the man.

I do not know if he will spread it.

If it is exposed to the public ..

Give me 10 hours, Dad.

I will kill him with the vote invalid.

Uncle Rendu ..


Call a press conference.

Dad would talk to the media.

He may be corporate criminals.

But I really criminals from the womb.

They said I attacked the police party.

Can the parties contest in my area ..

..datang to rally the party?

And I let him sit next to me on stage.

You already saw in the TV.

Why did he have to call the people to rally my party?

Just look at this monitor.

Look what he did two days ago when he came to my party office.

Now tell me.

Who caused the mess? Who is behind this violence?

Is he someone you want?

You put aside the people who live for you all.

I am against injustice.

Today you go to court wearing a suit, right?

You're not like Khadi clothes is this?

Come on! Let me know!

I'm going to die now!

I will tell you something more important.

He received 60,000 rupees kror of two corporations .. destroy this government.

I will provide details and documents related thereto, at 9 am tomorrow.

Head! Head!

Is he doing all this for the sake of kror 60,000 rupees?

If you receive money as much as it was, I would just do it yourself!

What about the evidence?

I'll take care of the child.

Puan, this is 6,000 rupes. And this is 2,000.

Appu, all ready?

Ever seen an accident in front of the eye is not, uncle?

Only in the received video on the phone and on Facebook ..

..di whatsapp, from there.

We'll see him hit? Good!

Uncle was not an accident?

With the blessing of god, never again.

Wear a seatbelt, uncle.

- Why, dear? - Wear it.

The accident ..

..bukan to him.

- But for us. - Alamak!

Do not do this.

- No need for all this! Please. - uncle.

Ni car there are 6 airbags.

There will not be endangering lives.

Call senior doctor!

Sorry for the pain this girl!

You dare take video? Go, call your doctor senior.

Hey! Go!

Go take a senior doctor!

Honey, why do you pull it all?

- Dah sign? - That's better.

- Dear. - Uncle, do not feel pressured uncle.

Everything is okay, right? I wanna go home?

Hold on, baby.

Why do we want in a car accident on our own?

Only then he can get that document bag.

You acted accident so that the thief can empty the bag line?

Empty bag?

Is not it contains evidence that the father mean?

But he was not there anything ..

Following the announcement made by Mr. Masilamani .. give evidence against Mr Sundar tomorrow ..

..and the vehicle carrying the child, along Komalavalli document ..

..ditimpa accident at 9pm.

And surveillance cameras that record the tracks of the road ..

..menunjukkan truck driver who caused the accident ..

..telah take a bag of Mrs. Komalavalli vehicle.

Mr. Sundar Ramaswamy suspected planner of this heinous act.

What is all this?

Dad did not understand anything when you hear the crash!

Feel father alive again when you do not hear anything.

He's planning something big! People are angry with us!

It's okay if people mad at him.

But he is no important evidence with him.

If he reveal?

Before he cheats more people, we have to expose the hard drive.

Nobody can talk about the evidence available to it.

Every road, valleys, places and corners in Tamil Nadu only going to talk about my father.

All right.

News will be filled with stories father.

Date of birth, father's story when she was young. The fight. Everything about my father.

Not only the chief minister in neighboring states ..

But the prime minister must be on the fence of our house.

All right.

If we imprisonment ..


The corruption charges will be four. And the 40 people who conspired to associate.

Party will be lost because of carelessness.

Although we were not here, we have to continue the party in power, father.

Roads, bridges, stadiums and universities will be named after us!

We face on the monument and stamps.

We will be all this what if we were imprisoned?

What we need now is a full victory in the elections.

You remember, dad'm losing party.

More than that, we've got our own regime.

Rendu know everything.

He was always with his father.

Do not miss Sundar.

I know you will not.

Because of the death of former Chief Minister, Mr Masilamani ..

..anaknya Komalavalli will play in his place.

sopand polling Masilamani in Anna Nagar.

Because of the death of former Chief Minister, Mr Masilamani ..

..seluruh Tamil Nadu started against Mr. Sundar Ramaswamy.

Rumors that Mr Sundar Ramaswamy ..

..bertanggungjawab for the death of the late Masilamani ..

..mula swept across the country.

The forces of evil! Back! Back!

The forces of evil! Back! Back!

Sundar! Back! Back!

Bye elections near.

I do not know if we can give evidence that we have.

He's sure the evidence is already meaningless.

People have started mad at us.

If we suspected person is gone, people will increasingly hate him.

Here, every person who dies is like innocent, right?

I want to talk to you personally.

There are no secrets here.

All is one.


You are well aware of the current situation, right?

You can not possibly win.

According to the study, 2% of your vote and I'm 98%.

I have a proposition for you.

You hit back to America today.

You can not be here during the election tomorrow.

What's up again?

You've caused a lot of problems for me.

But in fact, you've helped me a lot.

You help me identify my enemy ..

sopand entire area with 234 candidates in the election made them.

234 cases have been difaikan against them.

In the week after the elections will see what will become of them.

I would rush every one of them.

Suicide, accidents, drug use.

Merciless I will destroy them.

You said you would win. So why do I contact to go today?

You have to go without the need to vote.

It will enhance my victory.

Leaders who suddenly appear like you can never exist again.

You retreat from here, it will be an example to them.

I got accustomed to retreat.

You can go.

Then, when I'm swearing ..

..tengoklah them off one by one.

Little child!

You have not won again but you dah nak dream of revenge?

Your father? Masilamani ..

If he wins the election and the swearing ..

..semasa he say "I, Masilamani .." we have to hang him.

Go on!

You hit first win.

Then, thank you post.

We think of all this afterwards.

Sit back and watch what will change in just a day.

My corporate criminals.

I know you are criminals from inside the womb.

Now go.

Election day.

Why are you all stop?

Already one hour lottery held in all places.

15% of the votes were recorded.

Elections have begun!

It is not over yet, right?

Go to the operation room.

Sweepstakes begins at 7 am and still going!

Men, women and young voters eager to cast ballots.

Anita, pause.

- It has been confirmed? - I think so

Breaking news!

The evidence against Mr. Sundar allegedly disappeared ..

..and he said responsible ..

..atas death of Mr Masilamani have been found.

..mendedahkan evidence in his Twitter page.

He claimed that the bag containing the evidence against Mr. Sundar thereto.

This morning, when he arrived at his office ..

..anak Mr. Masilamani, Mrs. Komalavalli ..

... said, by exposing it ..

..semasa violate election law ..

..and Mrs. Komalavalli respectfully refused to accept it.

He said he himself will reveal the evidence against Sundar ..

..esok morning after the election is over.

Do not panic.

I was writing a tweet using the Muthukumar.



You wrote a tweet against yourselves?

Sundar, 2% of the vote it was not necessarily that we can.

Why do this?

All of you..

We have six hours left before we disbanded.

From now on, every minute that passes is important for us.

Follow only what I tell them.

Ask me, if you do not understand.


This all works Sundar.

He said he had evidence against him?

He raises a good name you praise your integrity.

Why did he use the tweet on behalf of others?

Mrs. did not want to reclaim the evidence called by the father madam ..

..and madam did not want to disclose it ..

..kerana piihanraya it violates the law.

How madam can act so mature?

Any information disclosed during the election ..

is done with violating election laws.

That's why I asked for it to be disclosed tomorrow, when it all ended.

Mrs excellent.

thanks. thanks.


Another good news.

He told the location of the container containing the money ..

Sundar ..yang multinational companies take from that.

Containers containing money?

That's our money.

Why did he say that money is he?

The case was filed against Sundar under three sections.

He expected to be arrested today.

And piihanraya was walking, he would lose his deposit money.

Drop Sundar!

Elections are taking place ..

..and evidence against Sundar is very worrying.

Now the time of elections and the focus of the public must be disrupted.

And it is in violation of electoral rules.

Mr. Muthukumar ..

This morning when I met you ..

..I told you, tomorrow only disclose evidence to the police.

I ask that you do not do anything in this case, just for a day.

Mr ..

It does not matter if we lose in pililhanraya this time.

Please stop "tweet".

The police are looking for us all.

My father ceaseless call me!

Why did not you tell me before? I just post one tweet!

He said there are containers money! But there are only a corpse alone!


It remains Muthukumar, sir!

So Muthukumar dead?

She says she met Muthukumar morning.

He passes on the news that Muthukumar submit evidence this morning!

She said she met people who had 10 days off this morning.

This morning when I met you ..

This morning when I met you ..

This morning when I met you ..

But it seems she has also died more than 15 days ..

..macam where they can see you this morning?

Attempts to contact Komalavalli on this point, failed.

Dah 2pm.

How much done?

45%'m done.

The maximum, the turnout was 60%.

Do not worry.

Whatever he's trying to do, we'll still win.

Some of you may suspect ..

..yang Sundar is the mastermind behind all this.


Indeed I am.

From the first tweet I made ..

..atas name of the man who's dead 15 days ago ..

..perempuan know that it is me.


He did not know what my next plan ..

..and he knew the dead come back to life ..

..he's lying.

Not only that.

The cause of death of former Chief Minister, Mr Masilamani ..

..akan disclosed soon by her close relatives ..


That person..

Masilamani is done with his wife.

His own mother!

If there are people who still have not voted, please wait.

He will give this a reality 2.30. Vote after the hearing.






Mommy's gone.

Mom could not speak, uncle.

We only have 4 hours again.

If the mother did not give a statement ..

..I will return what has already fallen.


My mom go?

He said he wanted to grave sir.

It seems that you're up early here!

Reporters on the way.

We have 10 minutes left.

Have not you read the newspapers anymore?

Not guess how long you wait, the reporter will not come.

Once the election is over, the news will come.

I know the headlines?

Nothing. You do not okey?

Instant yes, ma'am!

I do not want to fight in the mood now!

I rarely get angry often. But this time I was really annoyed.

I'm not going to stop at.

I'll hit you to death!


Try installing facebook live!


Tell the media what did you say to me, madam. Please help!

- Nila, are you ready? - Yes, ready.

Now, tell me your name. Talk.

My husband, Masilamani not die because normal pain.

He was killed by our daughter, Komalavalli.

I saw my son give a higher drug dose than usual.

I did not try to stop him.

For my husband is not a good man.

I told them all about the murder of Sattai Muthukumar.

If you let my son rule ..

..dia will be sold throughout the country.

Instant. Instant ..

Facebook will be broadcast live on all channels.

I know everyone is watching.

So far, 53% have voted.

Usually, the number of voters is 80% maximum.

If we nak save yourself from the situation today ..

..Everyone must vote!

That's all our expectations!

These young children.

What do they expect?

Not only journalists Muthukumar!

So far they've killed 18 people ..!

Who questioned their crimes!

All of them kind of young people who are here.

Aside from hoping to bring happiness in the lives of others ..

What mistake did they do?

From where they can be nerve to kill people like that?

They do not consider us human!

But only the votes they have paid for!

The money that we receive and that we make the vote ..

.. I made them so arrogant!

In a country of this size, only 45% - 50% of the vote.

10% is paid voters! 5% is illegal vote!

5% is to exchange gifts!

Only 20% of 100%, which determine who will govern.

Is this democracy?

At the very least, people can do for his country ..

is done with the vote!

Only 3 hours again.

This is not a job for the lazy ..

..or was just sitting at home not doing anything ..

Although you have an important job, suspend and ..

..pergilah vote!

If you're not willing to queue for 30 minutes to chop your fingers ..

..for the country voted for you ..

... you are simply thieves at the top of the list!

You are criminals at the top of the list!

Only 3 hours away!

If you let it pass ..

..situasi will continue for another 20 years!

The state will retreat for 50 years!

Take your voter ID!

This is the revolution of the vote!

Can you sense his emotions?

This is the revolution of the vote!

You all remember not?

It all started with one vote!

To eliminate poverty ..

To strive.

Do away with poverty is the only strategy you?

In the case of the assassination of former chief minister, Masilamani ..

..ketua AIMMK, Komalavalli ..

..and Rendu Malarvannan have already apprehended.

210 members of the Legislature!

Without the support of the party you are running as independents ..

..and win as a team.

Who among you are chosen as chief minister?

210 ahli MLA ..

210 symbols.

It's a surprise.

Who is the Chief Minister?

That's the next question.

Once again, 209 people need at a glance. The most qualified will be selected.

I say 209 because ..

..I will not be a part of it.

The mind does not want any opposition is a threat to democracy.

I'll be on the other side.


As anyone who asks!

This decision was made after thinking about it. It is final.

Among you there are former employees of the District, Mr. Sarkunam, IAS.

I nominate him as Chief Minister.

We only have 14 days.

It all became a reality because of young children.

If you go to another country ..

..and asked who are willing to shed blood and soul of the community ..

They will appoint someone to live 30 or 40 years ago.

But, if we ask the same questions today in Tamil Nadu ..

The answer is, "Young people who shed their blood in this year"

Those who gave their lives last month.

Although it is an agonizing ..

..I feel very proud.