Sarit (1974) - full transcript

"Othello - sold out"

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"It is the cause,
my soul.

"Let me not
name it to you,

"you chaste stars!

"It is the cause.

"Yet I'll not
shed her blood,

"nor her whiter
than snow skin scar,

"And smooth as
monumental alabaster.

"Yet she must die,
else she'll betray more men.

"When I have pluck'd the rose,
I cannot give it growth again.

"It must wither.

"I'll smell it
on the tree.

"I wiIl kiIl thee
and love thee after.

"So sweet was
ne'er so fatal.

"I must weep,
but they are cruel tears.

"Who's there? Othello? -Ay,
Desdemona. -WiIl you come to bed?

"Have you pray'd to-night,
Desdemona? -Ay, my lord.

"If you bethink yourself
of any crime,

"unreconciled as yet
to heaven and grace,

"solicit for it straight,

"I would not kiIl
thy unprepared spirit.

"No, heaven forefend!
I would not kiIl thy soul.

"Talk you of kiIling?
- Ay. Think on thy sins.

"They are loves I bear to you.
- Ay, and for that thou diest.

"I never did offend you in
my Iife; never loved Cassio.

"Peace, and be stiIl! -Ask him.
- He hath confess'd.

"What, my lord? -That he hath
used thee. -How? Unlawfully?

"Ay. -He wiIl not say so.
- Strumpet! Weep'st thou for him?

"My lord, kiIl me not!
- Down, strumpet!

"kiIl me to-morrow: let me Iive
to-night! -Nay, if you strive?

"But half an hour!

"But while I say one prayer!

"It is too late."

Dalia Friedland
Yigal Bashan

- Sarit -

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"Soon you wiIl be
alone again

"You'll be all alone again,
on the side

"Without the spotlights,
without the applause

"And then, suddenly,
the curtain wiIl go down

"And you'll walk off
the bright stage

"And you'll take off
your costly dress

"There's no way back
to the stage

"And only your heart weeps,
and there's no choice

"Soon you'll be alone again

"Without a cheering crowd

"All alone, on the side.

"Because you didn't think
about what would happen now

"You threw all
your happiness away

"And you'll walk off
the bright stage

"And you'll be
nameless again

"There's no way back
to the stage

"And only your heart weeps,
and there's no choice

"And you'll walk off
the bright stage

"And you'll take off
your costly dress

"There's no way back
to the stage

"And only your heart weeps,
and there's no choice."

Oh, it's you.
- You were wonderful.

How can a big star Iike you
be leaving the theater?

Is there a new love?
- Yes, there is.

Who's the lucky fellow? -You'll
meet him. -Is it his stipulation?

Living with him means more to me
than anything, even the theater.

We are saying goodbye
to a big star.

I'd give you 1000 flowers.
- I'd settle for one.

Here you are.
- Thank you.

Where wiIl you spend your
honeymoon? -It's a secret.

A secret?
- Why is it a secret?

I don't want you disturbing me
anymore. -Ok, we won't.

See you!
- Goodbye!


This is the most beautiful
night of my Iife. -Mine too.

Too bad I brought you to
this apartment. -Nonsense.

Just a few days away
from the whole world.

Then we'll move
to my villa.

Let's go. -Where to?
- Our nest.

- Gabi.

That's all l need,
my only son marrying an artist!

Mr. Caspi, it'll be Ok.
You need to be patient.

He's getting married with
my money? At his age?

What can you do? -l've had it!
Go to him at once.

Tell him on my behalf
to leave that whore!

Not another penny from me!

Ma'am, here's some tea. -Give it
to him, l don't want any now.

Your tea, sir.
- Put it on the table.

Go see who's there.

ls Gabi here?
- Yes.

Albert, what brings you here?

You're asking me?
Your father.

- Yes, he sent me.

Ok. Come with me.

So, what new business
are you setting up for me?

Your father reads the papers.
He hit the ceiling.

Your mother passed out.

l guess you'll
have to leave her.

Nice. Very nice.
Anything else?

l'm just your
father's messenger.

And if l say no? -You won't see
another penny from your father.

Your expense account
will be closed.

Do you think l'm a child?
- Don't get so excited,

you don't want a girl like her
to take your last name.

Don't forget, she's an artist,
a theater actress.

ln the pot.
- l paid.

Full house.
- Flush.

Sorry, l'm out of money.

Then give us a check,
no problem.

No, it's very late.
Thank you.

Where have you been?
- At the club. You know.

You were playing cards.

You lost.
- Yes, baby, l lost.

Why, Gabi?

We agreed you wouldn't play
anymore. -l can't help it.

What hurts me the most
is that it's your money.

Who cares whose money it is?

What'll we live on when we run
out of money? l've never worked.

l always had my father's money.
- l still haven't met him.

You're better off
not meeting him.

He's heartless, forget him.
He's as stubborn as a mule.

He'll change his mind about me
when he hears that? -What?

That pretty soon he'll have
a grandson to play with.

A grandson?
Why didn't you tell me?

l wanted to surprise you.

Aren't you happy?

Sarit, l love you, but becoming
a father in this situation?

You know l live off my father.
No, Sarit, no!

Sarit, l didn't mean anything
by that, but l must think.

Gabi Caspi, a father?
No way.

Hello, hello.

Hello, Shimoni, how are you?
- Fine. -Yes? -Thank God.

Gabi, it's been months.
- As if you ask about me.

Your father is angry?

What if he hears that l have
a child on the way? -A child?

l made a mistake,
l'll manage.

How will you manage?
You have a child on the way

l'm leaving. -But your wife
isn't going anywhere.

She's not my legal wife.

All we have is an unofficial
document, in my handwriting.

Where is it?

Tammy, Tammy!

Stop wiggling your ass around
like a... Come here.

Who broke this box open?

l don't know, l swear.

l think l saw Gabi
holding it.

Did you lose something?
- l'm the one who's lost.

Nobody two-times me!

- Sarit.

Yes, it's me, you scumbag.
- But Sarit! Sarit!

So, you got rid of
the document you wrote.

You thought that would
end it all.

Another victim, eh?
- Sarit? l? Sarit!

You're a goner. -Sarit, are you
crazy? What are you doing? Sarit!

- Die!

Gabi! Gabi!

Murder at the theater!

Give me a paper!
- Sarit killed her lover!

Murder at the theater!
Sarit killed her lover!

Murder at the theater!
Sarit killed her lover!

Hey, give me one.
- Murder at the theater! Here.

Murder at the theater!

Murder at the theater!
Sarit killed her lover!

Excuse me, is that
the actress Sarit? -Yes.

What did she get?
- Not much, life in prison.

Did you hear that?
She got a life sentence.

What do you expect? She killed
two people. -What can you do?

l'm giving you
everything l have.

Return the keys to the landlord.
You can't pay the rent.

lt'll be Ok, don't worry.

Tammy, here are the papers
for my son.

Everything is in
good hands, Sarit.

You've been good to me
and l'll never forget it.

l'm leaving you with
my most precious treasure.

Take him; take care of him.
l beg of you.

What a sweetie, Sarit.
Don't worry, trust me.

l bid you farewell.

Tammy, don't forget
to visit me.


Have you ever performed?
- No.

But l can do everything:

sing, dance,
in many languages.

Let me audition.
- Fine. -Great.

You're killing yourself,

lf you keep this up,
you'll die.

You don't eat or sleep.
What's with you?

Does it matter?

lt's been months.

How long can l wait without
knowing how my son is?

You trust your maid who
has him,don't you? -Yes.

But she doesn't come
here to visit anymore.

Who knows what she's doing.

"Oh, Abdullah, why do you
only come to me at night?

"Why do you look out the
window all day and not at me?

"Oh, Abdullah,
come see me during the day

"You won't be sorry,
l swear on my own two eyes

"Oh, Abdullah,
come see me now

"Abdullah, you'll see
it's worthwhile

"Please, please."

"The autumn comes slowly
and the cherry blossoms

"Come, Chi Hu,
into the garden

"l will make tea for you,
as well as rice

"Come, Chi,
everything is ready."

"On the Ganges he sits,
playing his flute

"On the Ganges she sits
and thinks:

"lf only l were a snake,
l'd be by his side now

"lf only l were a snake, he'd
play the flute for me all day

"On the Ganges he lies,
playing his flute

"On the Ganges she sits
and thinks:

"lf only l were a nail,
l'd be without him now

"lf only l were a nail,
l'd be without him now."

"Fire in my eyes,
and a song on my lips

"l love dancing to
the sound of the castanets

"l'll keep dancing and singing
till the morning.

"Everyone is singing
here tonight

"Only Don Fredrico
doesn't come to me."

When will you marry me?
- Get your hands off me. Yuck!


Why isn't he asleep?

Dear God, this boy
was all we needed.

Mom, you know l promised
to raise him.

You'll raise him?

All you ever do is go
dancing at nightclubs,

and lie around
relaxing all day.

l'm through with
being a nanny.

Do you want me to throw him
out onto the street?

No, God forbid. Why don't
we put him in an institution?

No way, that's out
of the question.

Why not? What kind of an
education can you give him?

He'll turn into a crook,
a criminal!

Mom, you know
lots of people.

Maybe someone would
adopt him.

Good idea! l think l know
someone who wants to adopt.

Who was it, Naima?
Who was it?

Of course,
the Danieli Family.

A wealthy family. -Yes,
you told me about them.

How those poor things
looked for a child!

Great! What are you waiting for?
- l'll take him to them tomorrow.

Let's hope they haven't
found a child yet.

"Beautiful years fly by,
many days are put out


"Pretty faces
suddenly freeze

"My face is full of wrinkles



"And like a bird
locked up in a cage

"Whose song is sad

"And wants to fly away
and never come back

"My heart is numb,
there is no hope

"My body aches,
the wound stings


"Silence leaves you
with scars

"And one prayer:
to see my son again



"And like a bird
locked up in a cage

"Whose song is sad

"And wants to fly away
and never come back

"Cold days pass by

"l cry all night


"The black hair
has gone gray

"Time dyed my hair white



"And like a bird
locked up in a cage

"Whose song is sad

"And wants to fly away
and never come back."

Sarah Tamir?
- Yes?

What do you want? -The warden
wants to see you. -Ok.

Sarit, how are you feeling?
- l'll be Ok.

Come in.

Sarit. -You called for me?
- Approach me. -Yes, ma'am.

l have news for you.
You're free.

You could have been
released sooner,

if that incident here
hadn't happened.

Allow me to say that
we will miss you.

A stage star was here.
- Thank you.

So, l'm free? -Yes.
Here are your papers.

Thank you so much, warden.
- Sarit.

l hope you choose
the right way. -l'll try.

Good luck. -Goodbye.
- Goodbye.

"Correctional Authorities -
Neve Tirtza Prison"

Good luck.

Who is it? Who could
it be at this hour?

Who are you? What do you want?
- Where is she? -Who?

Tammy, where's Tammy?
- She's sleeping. -Where is she?

What do you want? -Tammy?
- Leave her! -Where are you?

She's asleep. -Tammy?
- Can't you see?

Where are you going?
- Tammy, Tammy.

Tammy! Tammy, wake up!
Wake up, Tammy!

Who are you? What do you want?
- lt's me, Sarit. Where's the boy?

Did you forget me?
Where's Avi?

Oh, Sarit?

You're out of prison.
Forgive me, Miss Sarit.

Stop it! Where is Avi?
Tell me now! -Ok, Ok.

Don't get all excited.

Look at her. After 20 years
she wants her son back.

l gave him to you,
don't you know where he is?

l know.
Be patient.

l'm coming, l'm coming!

Good morning.-Good morning.
What can l do for you?

Excuse me,
may l come in?

Don't you remember me?

Yes, l think
l've seen you before.

Yes, but it was
a very long time ago.

l'm Tammy. -Yes,
of course, Tammy.

Who's Tammy?

Mrs. Danieli, it's me, Tammy,
Naima's daughter. -Oh.

Naima's daughter!
Why didn't you say so?

But l'm not Mrs. Danieli,
l'm her seamstress.

l'll go get her at once.

Sorry, what did you say
your name was?

Tammy, Naima's daughter, is
that clear? -Ok, Ok, it's clear.

Tammy, Naima's daughter?


Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.

You're Tammy, aren't you?
- Yes, and this is my friend.

How do you do.
Have a seat.

How's your mother?
- Mother?

She passed away long ago.

Oh, l'm sorry,
she was a good woman.

How are you doing?

Fine, thank God. l'm married
and l have kids too.

How's your boy? -Boy?
He's already in university.

Come, l'll show you
a picture of him.

lsn't he handsome? -Gorgeous.
- May God watch over him.

Tammy, you know l owe
your late mother so much.

She was very kind to me.

My mother always said you were
a kind and helpful woman.

What can l do for you?
- l want to ask you something.

Anything. -Look,
this is a miserable woman,

do you have a job for her
here at the house?

Have you done housework before?
- No, this is the first time.

l see.

Do you have children?

Children? -l'll take full
responsibility for her.

Ok, l can't refuse you.

Aside from my son, there's no
one here. My husband died.

Make yourself at home

and treat my son
as if he were yours.

My son?

l've had it! Where are
you taking me anyway?

Are they hot? -You bet they are.
- Oh, please.

Here they come.

- lt's that pest again.

Let's get out of here.
You know what, what do you care?

l care, they won't
leave us alone.

What's the rush?

Cut it out. -What's wrong?
Did we ask you for anything?

Do we do anything to you?
- That's no way to behave.

Forgive me, ladies,
for my despicable behavior.

ls that better?
- Yes.

You're to blame.
- Scram!

We shall scram,
we shall vamoose,

until we all eventually fall
into a little cup of espresso.

How about it?
- Bravo.

On one condition.
Espresso, and that's it.

Anything else?
- No, thank you.

This is the first time l've
been to a caf? with boys.

lt's our first time too,
isn't it, Yosef? -Sure, sure.

And with two gentlemen like you.
- Thank you for the compliment.

First time l'm here with
a sweetie. Right, sweetie?

l'm sweet, but we must be going.
- No way.

She says two words
and already wants to go.

What do you say, Mira?

What do you want us to do?
- What do we want you to do?

- Oh!

- That was very good!

Got a lighter?

l'm trying to save?
- l'm better off dancing.

How about you? -Leave me alone.
- Fine, have it your way.

No hands. -Aren't we friends?
- Not yet.

When? -Some day.
- But l'm crazy about you.

Where do you live? -With Mira.
- Where are your parents?

l came here to study.

And Mira? -She's from Haifa.
- Let's go to your place. -No.

We're having a picnic tomorrow,
why don't you join us?

Only if Mira? -She'll say yes.
You can count on Yossi.

Who are you? -l work here.
- Since when? -This morning.

What's your name? -Sarit.
- Come here, Sarit.

Sarita. Pretty name.
Pretty woman.

Why are you up so late?
- l was waiting for you.

For me? Why? -l thought
you may need something.

l don't need anything.

You have an interesting face.
Like an actress!

You should be called Sarah,
not Sarit.

Sarah Bernhardt, the actress.
- Me, Sarah Bernhardt? -Yes.

Sarah Bernhardt, the maid.
- Tell me who you love.

Come, let's go to sleep.
l'll tell you later. Come.

Why don't you tell me
who you love?

Why don't you tell me
who you love?

Me? What do you mean?
Today, tomorrow, next week?

So you can't count them.
- Sure. Guys like changes.

Fish today, meat tomorrow.
A different menu every day.

What about your studies?
- A waste of time.

l don't give a damn
about my studies.

l have a rich mother who
gives me everything l need.

l love her and she's crazy
about me. Whatever l say

is sacred to her. -What if she
finds out the truth about you?

Don't worry, she won't.

Now be a good boy and go
to sleep. -First, sit down.

Stand up. -What else?
- Sit down.

Stand up. Sit down.
Stand up.

"Sit down, stand up,
sit down, stand up?"

Sarit, did Avi just get home?

lt's almost morning.
- lt's Ok, he's still young.

When his father was alive,
he behaved differently.

We didn't have children for
years, till we had Avi.

l'm paying a high price
for it now.

Don't worry, Mrs. Danieli,
he'll change.

l hope so. Go to sleep. He's
still a boy, he needs his mommy.


Hello! -Yes? -l forgot
your name. -Sarit.

Oh, yes, Sarit. Madam Sarita.
- My name is Sarit, understand?

Ok, Ok,
l'll call you Sarit.

lf you want to eat
in this house,

you didn't see or hear what you
saw and heard last night, get it?

Got it. l didn't see or
hear anything. Happy?

Absolutely. Got a cigarette?
- Sorry, l don't smoke.

At your age?
You're missing out.

Hello? Fantastic morning!
Of course, baby, l love you.

lt'll be Ok. Yes, sure.
- Who are you talking to?

To Yossi, Mom.
- Oh, Yossi.

Ask him if he finished
enlarging our pictures.

Ok, Mom. ln a minute.

Good morning, Sarit.
- Good morning, Miss Dina.

How are you feeling?
Are you getting along here?

lt couldn't be better,
thank you.

Would you like tea or coffee?
- Tea, please.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Don't worry, baby.
lt'll be Ok. Bye.

Hi. -Hello. -l thought
you were just talking to Yossi!

Who is this? His ghost?

This is Yossi the photographer,
that was Yossi, the enlarger.

Yes, l take pictures and
he enlarges them. -l see.

Mom, we're in a hurry.
We have to study for exams.

Avi, where are you going?
l made you eggs.

You eat them, Sarita.
- Goodbye.

Bye, Mom.
- Bye.

"Just to taste the fruit,
eat and drink, drink and eat

"For the end may come tomorrow.
Don't give a damn about anything

"For life is still beautiful
today, the sun is still shining

"Life is still beautiful today,
we have no fear, so sing,

"Because things are good

"To embark on a journey,
gallop and fly, fly and gallop

"For things may not be good
tomorrow, it won't be the same

"For life is still beautiful
today, the sun is still shining

"Life is still beautiful today,
we have no fear, so sing

"Because things are good

"To flow like the waves,
run and flow, flow and run

"For the end may come tomorrow,
an end to the good days.

"For life is still beautiful
today, the sun is still shining

"Life is still beautiful today,
we have no fear, so sing!

"Because things are good."

Batya! Are you hurt? -No.
- Are you Ok? -l'm Ok.

lt's Ok.

That was really something.
Come to me. Great, eh?

Can l help you?
- Go away for a minute.

You're shivering,
take my coat. -Thanks.

Batya! Avi! -Listen to me,
don't strain your voice,

those birds already found
a nest. -Batya. -Tell me,

will you yell "Batya"
every time l come near you?

Leave me alone, l have to
look for her.

lf you keep quiet, they'll
come looking for us.

Avi, Avi, no.

You're still up? -l can't sleep.
- What's wrong?

Don't you feel well? -l'm Ok.
- ls it Ok if l go out? -Yes.

Good night.
- See you.

Where have you been?
Why don't you answer me?

Mom, leave me alone.

l already left you alone.

l thought you were a man,
but you're still a boy. -Mom,

don't get all excited, please.
- What's with you?

You reek of alcohol. lt's awful!
What are you doing to yourself?

Mom, l can't take it.

Leave me alone!
- Fine, l'll leave you alone.

But l'm warning you,

if you don't start acting
like a human being,

if you keep partying
instead of studying,

l won't be
your mother anymore!

l didn't want
to look for you,

but l was sure your conscience
would bring you here.

But what happened between us
was crucial, l'm pregnant!

You don't seem too happy.
- No,

but it's an unexpected
surprise for me.

But what happened can't be
changed. We're both responsible.

Of course. l'll come by
to see you tomorrow. Bye.

ls something the matter, Avi?
- Yes, l'll tell you.

l have to tell someone.
l can't tell my mother.

l'll help you.

l'm in a fix, Sarit. -Tell me,
my darling, you can trust me.

What's the problem? A girl?
- Yes.

l met a girl named Batya.

We fell in love, we had sex.
l got her pregnant.

Sarit, what kind of father
would l be?

You know l live off my mother.

Help me, as if l were your son.
- My son?

Sarit, l love you, but becoming
a father in this situation?

You know l live off my father.

No, Sarit, no.
- You two-timed me!

Sarit! Sarit!

No! No one will touch my son!

There's no point in waiting.
He doesn't even care.

What can l do? No one will
protect me. -The law will.

l don't want a scandal,
court cases, the police.

l still trust his conscience.

Waiting for him will be like
waiting for the Messiah.

He won't come here.
Go over to his house.

No, l'm ashamed.
- Then at least call him.

Hello? Yes, this is the Danieli
residence. Avi? Who's speaking?

One moment. -ls that for me?
- lt's a girl for you.

You promised you stopped
all this business.

l'm keeping my promise, l don't
want to see anyone. -Good.

He's not at home,
please don't call here anymore.

His mother. Don't call anymore.

Why are you so pale?
What did she say?

She said he's not there.

l heard her talking to him. He
doesn't want to take any calls.

You must go over there

and tell his mother everything.

Even threaten them.
Scare them.

Yes, l guess l have
no other choice. Let's go.

Like l told you before,

don't let her see my mother.
- Ok, Avi.

- Hello.

You must be Batya.
- Yes, l am.

Nice to meet you. Come,
l'd like to talk to you alone.

l work here,
Avi told me everything.

l'm asking you to refrain
from meeting his mother.

What crime have l committed
that l can't meet his mother?

Don't worry, you can count
on me like a mother.

My mother died when
l was a little girl.

My father married another woman
who wasn't very nice to me.

Then he sent me here,
as if to study.

But what will l do?
lt's a disgrace.

lt is sad,
but l'll take care of you.

Thank you. l hope
l can trust you.

Now go and wait patiently.
You can trust me, it'll be Ok.

Thank you so much.
Goodbye. -Goodbye.

Well, what did she say?
- She has complete trust in me.

You're wonderful. You'll get rid
of this burden for me.

You'll never get rid of it.
- What did you say?

She just agreed and left.

She agreed,
but l don't.

You don't?
This is your love for me?

Believe me, l only want
what's good for you.

Then what should l do?
- Get married. -Married?

Out of the question.
Are you crazy?

Firstly, you know l take
my studies very seriously.

How will l support a wife?
With my mother's money?

lf you admit it yourself,
why did you run away from her?

You know
she's a lonely girl.

You made a mistake,
you must pay for it.

Ok, Ok, shut up.
l'm sick of your advice.

Don't stick your nose in
my business anymore, understand?

You're wasting away here.

And he doesn't
give a damn about you.

l'd rather die.
- Are you crazy?

l have only one hope: Sarit.
She promised me.

You're so naive.

All l'm asking you
is for justice.

Who do you think you are?

l told you to mind
your own business.

ls that clear?

l won't keep my mouth shut.
- Meaning?

lf l keep my mouth shut,
l'm a partner in crime.

My conscience won't allow me
to do so.

Get off my back.
l'll get you fired.

Good morning, Mom.
- Good morning, my darling.

l'm going.
- No breakfast?

l'm not hungry.
- Take a little something.

- Bye. -Avi.

Think about what we spoke about.
- Again?

l warned you. You won't stop
till l make you stop.

l don't know what's wrong with
my son. -He's hiding something.

Probably. -Miss Dina,
may l go into town today?

You went out yesterday.

l want to buy something.
- Ok. -Thank you.

l have to wait for
the seamstress anyway.

Sarit, is that you?
- Hello, Batya.

Every time you come,
you bring me something.

lt's my pleasure.

You know that l care for you
as if you were my daughter.

May l call you Mom?
- Of course, dear.

l've waited for years
to hear that word.

Oh, Mom, if only l had a home,
l'd want you to live with me.

You'll have a home, Batya,
and everything will be Ok.

You really think so?
- l'm sure of it.

Avi is a good guy.

He's just afraid of his mother,
he's insecure.

So there's still hope.

With a little patience,
everything will work out.

Mom, l love him!

Miss Dina, l found the watch.
- Oh, good.

Guess where. -Where?
- ln Sarit's clothes.

That's all l need.

Sarit, come here.
- Yes, Miss Dina.

The drama of
the lonely woman.


That's what l get for entrusting
my home to a woman like you.

What are you talking about?
- Miss Dina's gold watch,

l found it among your rags.

lt's a lie!
lt's a lie!

Miss Dina, don't believe her.
How dare you? You scoundrel!

You shut up!
- Silence.

l've known my seamstress
for years.

She wouldn't lie to me.

l should notify the police,
but l won't.

Now pack your things
and get out of my house.

And you, come with me.

Hello. lt's Sarit!
Please come in.

Hello, how are you?
- We're fine. And you?

A misunderstanding between
Avi and me. l had to leave.

Sit down. Don't worry.
This is your home, too.

Stay with us.
- Thank you.

l understand that bastard
gave you a hard time, too.

l told you not to keep quiet.

We'll sue him!

No need to sue him.
All we need is patience.

l ran out of patience. Mira is
right, we have no choice.

But you need proof.
Do we have any?

But justice is with us.
We have nothing to fear.

What if we lose? We'll embarrass
Batya in front of everyone.

You're not kids. lt's love,
you both wanted it.

Yes, but he used me and l'm
scared. Help me, Mom! -Batya.

One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.

Lift your leg.
Two three, four.

Your arms too. Do as l say.
One, two, three, four.

Excuse me, ma'am,

who are you looking for?
- May l speak with the director?

Yes, go ahead.
- Thank you.

With your arms? Yes, ma'am.
- Sorry to disturb you?

Hurry up, what do you want?
- l?

l'm an actress.
Do you have something for me?

No, l'm sorry.
- But l have lots of experience.

l'm Sarit. Remember me?
l used to be very famous.


l'm sorry, no. -Doesn't the name
Sarit mean anything to you?

Oh, yes, of course,
Sarit, yes?

But to be honest, the public
has already forgotten you.

Nowadays, all they want is sex.

Take my advice.
Look for another profession.

C'mon, keep going,
Ok, from the top.

What's your name?

Sarah, c'mon,
livelier! C'mon.

Three, four and...

Everyone together.

Harder, harder, c'mon!

What are you doing? -You have
nothing to worry about.

l'll be right back.

Look, it'll take
another month.

No need for any medicine, l'll
prescribe her some vitamins.

She needs to eat well.
Vegetables, meat, cheese.

That's it.
l'll see her again next week.

Ok, thank you, doctor.

Batya, why are you crying?

Because of you. How can you
cover all these expenses?

Don't worry,
for you l have everything.

Director, she doesn't want to
stand in the rain. -Who? -Me.

l mean, she. -Why? -She's
afraid of catching a cold.

Dear God,
these actresses!

Yosef, l have an idea.
Go pick one of the stand-ins

and dress her in her clothes.
- Me? -Go on, l'm telling you.

No way! -Yes. lris, let's go.
Schlimazel! -Write.

For God's sake,
what did they bring me?

Scarecrows, stand-ins,
look at these faces!

l'm going crazy! This director
doesn't know what he's doing!

l'm losing my mind!
l'm going home, right now!

l quit! Dear God!

Look at them.
Stand in a line, straight!

What about you?

Oh, no!
Oh, no, no!

Oh, look down!
Oh, no.

Oh, no.

So serious!
Oh, no!

Come here. Wait a minute.
Don't move!

Wait a minute. Look.
Wait a minute. Finally!

lris! What's your name? -Sarit.
- Come with me, don't be afraid.

Gladly. What should l do?
- lt's not difficult.

Stand in front of the camera
and repeat after me.

Moshiko! -Yoshiko. -Moshiko!
- Yoshiko! -"Yoshiko,

"where are you going?"
Repeat after me.

Yoshiko, where are you going?

Excellent! -Yes?
- Again! -Again?

Yoshiko, where are you going?
- Fantastic.

lris, dress her. Hurry up, why
are you standing here? -Come.

Hurry up! You all may leave.
Go home!

Moshiko! Yoshiko,
where are you going?

Director, l found one,
a real doozer!

Where is she? Did you
tell her what to do?

Of course l did.
- Then where is she?

The dresser is dressing her.

l have something important to
tell you. -What? -She's ready.

Why are you standing here?
Go get her.

l'll go get her,
of course l'll get her.

Go get her! -Oh, her,
of course, of course.

ls everything Ok?
Let's see.

Stand up straight!
This isn't child's play!

Now, begin. C'mon!
- Ok, l'm ready, but...

But what? -l want to finish fast
and l need the money right away.

My daughter is ill
and l must go home.

Money? This is
your first role!

Don't give me that nonsense.
- Ok. -You're not the only one.

Most don't last with me! -Ok.
- l'll throw you out in a flash.

Stand up straight!
Now repeat after me.

Yoshiko? Moshiko?
"Yoshiko, where are you going?"

"Yoshiko, where are you going?"
- Good.

That's fine, but don't give me
any hassle. -Ok. -Action!

Director? -Yes. -Everything
is ready, she's ready.

Very good, l see that.
Tell her to stand in the middle.

Tell her to stand in the middle!
Stand in the middle, damn it!

Quiet, we're filming.
- Quiet, we're filming.

- Camera!

- Sound!

- Rain!

Action! -Action!
- Yoshiko, where are you going?

No, that's not it,
that's theatrical.

That's catastrophic!
- Oh, you!

Catastrophic! Ok, action!
- Yoshiko, where are you going?

- Yoshiko, where are you going?

No good! -This isn't
the theater, it's the movies!

Ok, Ok. -More natural.
Camera! -Ok.

Yoshiko, where are you going?
- Again. -Again.

Yoshiko, where are you going?
- Again.

Again! -l can't do it anymore!
l'm leaving!

Nonsense, what a lie!
Avi wouldn't do such a thing.

Believe me,
l only told you the truth.

Why would you make up such
a story about my son?

Go get him, Miss Dina,
he won't lie in front of me.

Ok, we'll see. Avi! -Yes?
- Come here! -Yes, Mom.

Avi, Sarit told me something
about a girl named Batya.

ls it true she has
a child from you?

Mom, don't listen to her,
it's a lie.

Avi, how dare you! l'm a liar?
You told me yourself.

Avi, Avi,
be a human being!

l beg of you! That poor girl.
And the baby?

Avi, Avi, if it's true,
don't be ashamed to tell me.

l am your mother.

lt's not true.

l'll kill him!
Yes, l'll kill him!

No, Batya, no! lf you kill him,
it's as if you're killing me.

Why must l be humiliated?
He doesn't care?

No, this can't go on!
l'll kill him! -Batya! Batya!

Batya, wait! Batya!

Batya! Batya!

Have you gone crazy?
What are you doing, Batya?

What are you trying to do?

You idiot! -Quiet, sir.
- You could have died!

Driver, don't be mad at her.
She has enough trouble as it is.

And l don't? l could have
gone to jail because of her!

Ok. Thank God,
everything is alright.

The driver is always at fault!

Mira, l have to see her.

Who's stopping you? Go see her.
- l'm embarrassed.

What good will it do
if you see her?

lt's not enough. You're
responsible for both of them.

That's true. l'll find
a way to set things right.

That's exactly what she wants.
Go to her. Don't be afraid.

Be a man.

There you go.
Now we'll drink the milk.

Avi, is that you?
- Hello. -Come in.

How are you?
- l own you an apology.

l can't really
be angry with you.

ls Batya at home?

Can l see her?
- Of course. l'll go get her.

Come, sweetie.
Come to Daddy.

Batya, don't get excited.
Don't say anything.

Let me take care
of everything.

Batya, hello.
- Hello.

l know you left me with my
conscience, but now l regret it.

l admit that the child is mine.
And you're my wife.

So you admit it?
- Yes.

Will you sign a paper that
says you are the father?

- Sit down.

Sit down!

- Ok, this is what l'll write:

"l, Avraham Danieli?"
- Ok.

"Hereby confirm...

"that the child born to Batya
Levinson is my son. Period."

Sign it.
- Avraham Danieli.

Anything else?
- Let me have that.

lf you want them, what will you
live on? -My mother has a lot.

And what do you have?
- Me? Nothing.

How will you support
a wife and child?

Listen, Avi, come back
when you can support them.

Now, get out! -What? You're
driving me away? -Exactly.

What are you waiting for?

l don't get it. Who are you
to be giving orders out?

ln this house,
l'm everything.

And Batya has no right here?
- No, l make the decisions.

l came to say that l'm sorry.
l came to stay, not leave.

l'm willing to get married
right now. -Out!

Batya. -l said out! -Batya,
don't listen to her! -Out!

Batya, don't listen to her!

What did you do to me? -lt's Ok,
l know how to deal with him.

What more do you want of him?

l want him to be a man,

to support you and
your son.

That's all we needed.
How did you get into this mess?

l want to get married.

That girl won't set foot
in this house.

But Mom, l have a son.
- Don't you worry about that.

l'll raise him.

You forgot that you promised your
father you'd marry Tsipi.

Tsipi. -l will not permit
this marriage, is that clear?

Yossi, he hasn't come home
in a few days.

Do you know where he is?

Really? No, that's Ok.
l'll go over there myself.

Thanks, Yossi.

- Mom.

Have you gone crazy? You know
that everything l own is yours.

Thanks, but l don't need it,
leave me alone.

l have two hands and a good
brain. l'm going back to work.

Yes, Mrs. Danieli.
l'll go over to see her at once.

No, that's Ok.
l'll talk to Batya myself.

No, no, she'll come.
l promise you, Mrs. Danieli.

You're welcome.

l expected to see her,
not you.

l came instead of her. Tell me
what you wanted to tell her.

l hope we can get along.
- So do l.

Avi is engaged
to another girl.

A relative of ours who's
like a daughter to me.

l won't forsake this girl.

l'm even willing to pay her
a monthly allowance.

And l'll raise the child.

You can't buy them
with money.

l see there's no understanding
between us.

But let me make
one thing clear:

No one will take Avi away
from me. l'm his mother.

Does someone want to take
him away from you?

lf he listens to you
and marries her,

just as l raised him,
l can destroy him, too.

l know you can destroy him
with one word.

That you aren't?

That l'm what?
- That you aren't his mother.

How do you know?

l know, that's all.

Does he know, too?
- Of course not.

Don't worry, he won't find out.
He's your son; you're his mother

Only if he listens to me.
lf he doesn't?

l hope you're happy.
- Yes, thank you.

Here's my first salary.

For my son and wife.
- Avi?

Batya, Sarit was right
to drive me away.

l went and worked.
l sweated to earn this money.

Now you can't drive me away from
here. l did what you wanted.

This is my son, and Batya
is my wife. -No, Avi.

Please, don't stand
in our way.

What else could you
want from me?

l want you to be happy.

But you can't get married
without your mother's consent.

Something will happen that
you won't be able to take.

l don't care what she says.

The wedding will take place only
with your mother's consent.

Enough with these problems.
- l said no, and that's it!

Tell us,
what is the reason?

lt's becoming unsettling,
even scary.

As if there's a secret
that you don't want to reveal.

l can't tell you.

l don't care. We're getting
married and that's it.

l'm not listening to anyone.

Batya, get ready, and leave
all the arrangements to me!

"Every night l whispered
a prayer to the stars:

"May the girl l love
be my bride

"My friends say there
is no truth in the stars

"Stars only lie,
don't believe them

"My friends say there
is no truth in the stars

"Stars only lie,
don't believe them

"Every single night
l whispered to the stars

"That l finally want someone
who l love to come to me

"My friends say there is
no truth in the stars

"Stars only lie,
don't believe them

"My friends say there is
no truth in the stars

"Stars only lie,
don't believe them

"Tonight the stars
lit up your house

"We love again.
- l'm finally with you

"My friends say there is
truth in the stars

"Stars don't lie
if we believe

"My friends say there is
truth in the stars

"Stars don't lie
if we believe

"Every night we'll whisper
a prayer to the stars:

"May we always love the way
we did in the beginning

"My friends say there is
truth in the stars

"Stars don't lie
if we believe

"My friends say there is
truth in the stars

"Stars don't lie
if we believe."

Hello, Mrs. Danieli.

l want to talk to you.

l hope you came to give
him your blessing.

l came to tell him the truth.

Mrs. Danieli, please,
don't destroy his life.

Don't turn his joy into sorrow.

l'll tell him in front of
everyone that l'm not his mother

He can go look for his
real mother in some dump.

And he can forget about
the inheritance.

Do you think that's
what he cares about?

Telling him the truth is
what will tear him apart.

Why do you care so much
about it? -l care.

Because l am...
- You're what?

His mother.

Yes, l'm his mother.
- His mother? -Yes.

l'm his real mother.

Mrs. Danieli, l beg you
not to ever tell him.

Why do you want to ruin the
paradise you created for him?

He belongs to you
more than he belongs to me.

You raised him and educated him
and took care of him.

You didn't sleep at nights
because of him.

You brought him this far,
he's your son.

And l?
What have l ever done for him?

All l did was give birth to him.
You did everything for him.

Please, go in to see them.
Give them your blessing.

See how happy they will be.

l promise l'll take your secret
with me to the grave.

Go inside,
for your sake, too.

Let me see you together
one last time,

and you'll never
see me again.

Everyone's here.
l wonder where ldo is.

Avi! Your mother.
- Mom!

"Soon you will be
alone again

"You'll be all alone again,
on the side

"Without the spotlights,
without the applause

"And then, suddenly,
the curtain went down

"And you'll walk off
the bright stage

"And you'll take off
your costly dress

"There's no way back
to the stage

"And only your heart weeps,
and there's no choice

"Soon you'll be alone again

"Without a cheering crowd,
all alone, on the side

"Because you didn't think
about what would happen now

"You threw all
your happiness away

"And you'll walk off
the bright stage

"And you'll be
nameless again

"There's no way back
to the stage

"And only your heart weeps,
and there's no choice."

- Sarit -

English: Suzy De Lowe
Subtitles: Elrom Studios

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