Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020) - full transcript

A tough army major is deployed to Kurnool on a mission to keep the country safe from external threats.

Yeah, did not appear.

Hello, and welcome. Sister, has a waiting list of all your old plan.

You are here now.

This is not right.

It should be ... not to wear our new age design.

It's a new generation of their new kind of time frame will be set.

We'll sit down to watch.

- Sister. - Yes.

Also Mita?

She is now grown.

- Say 'Hello' baby. - Hello.

We have all the family, a loving kind.

Son, to show all her different.

Today, the children clearly know what they want.

Dear, please provide it.

- She said ... - a white one.

- This is how she wanted it done. - I can see.

I have a stitch that will suit our local told her.

Good sister, your daughter is very modern.

All the children in this very modern.

You're absolutely right.

But my son, Raj is very simple.

Her to take measurements.

That's right. Dear, come here.

- PCs, 14 1/2. - Yes.

Wait ... yes ...

Deep enough behind you do not think?

I will try to talk to her. It's a change.

Mom ... it will create a completely destroyed.

We must consider the design as well as neighborhood watch, Mita.

Get receipts.

Give her a receipt.

- Master. - Yes...

Under the net stitch.

- Hello. - Hello.

Uncle did not know much about fashion.

I'm doing.

I'll do you a stitch. And that is the same.

And that is the same.

And that is the same.

I'll be a few days later. How did you post, Mita?

- Let's go. - Yes.

Do not take this much time.

In all, do not worry.

- Welcome. - Welcome.

Bye, Dean

"L 'trying to impervious my words around your website."

"You see my eyes."

"I call it my obsession or insanity."

"Like an angel, it's you."

"Like an angel, it's you."

"You hear kiwi my silence ..."

"They only talk about you."

"... One thing I always dream ..."

"You have been in love with."

"You can call it love ...

"However, it completely my fault."

"Like an angel, it's you."

"Like an angel, it's you."

Fifty percent off! Fifty percent off!

Manish Malhotra. Fifty percent off!

Hello, sir.

Hello Ma'am, look at least.

Fifty percent off! Ma'am, fifty percent off.

Let's go.

How can we free the two Sabyasachi Abu Janis gives you one?

- the original? - really early.

Is not amazing? Like?

It is so-so ...

Well, what are you looking for thou

- You know. - Sabyasachi or Abu Jani?

- Deepika's ... You know - Tell me your range.

- You know, like Kareena Kapoor. - or a combination of colors.

- It's like. - Loose or appropriate?


Son, you do not post your last question

You have not shown us anything worth our while

However, we asked for a thousand questions.

Not trustworthy, calls.

I'm looking for what you need to know that guy.


Well, okay. I wanna show you something this time

That go out, blow your mind.

You will not find another piece of the city like this.

I assure you.

- We show you something beautiful. - of course.

You were the only tall claims.

Certificate. here you go.

the appearance.

- nice, is not it? - No surprise, the b?

You'll see this really closed, surprised.

But it is definitely good to show my first product.

You will look the best

- but you see it. - Show.

It is totally like.

It is not possible for anyone?

Colors will be closed.

The white light "and is of bright white with."

- It is something different. - plans, too.

Look at the right. The only good is also good.

- Look at the girl's character! - Mother.

Instead, why do not you sell it to her?

Stop wasting our time.

Then let's go, baby.

We did not come here to be humiliated. Okay.

I lost two kilos more

I'm a very brothers married.

- Believe me, calls. - I have been told you a thousand times.

Always your customer, Chotu know.

Club before you show them to be a variety of known.

You know who should be the place to come

Or they like or what color jackets they create.

You know, after

And a wonderful piece to show his heart melts.

I Raj Batra.

Batra Fashion Studio owner.



So Ma'am, would you like to see what?

However, something about a design from Hep?

Aww, you like Kareena.

You are going to love anything, Manish Malhotra, short.

Look Mom, I told you there is equal.

Chotu, Manish's felt to take from the upper floor.

That's what I showed them.

Well, then I have something for the ground floor.

Get fresh stock. We are not yet open.


You have to go downstairs.

Stop asking questions and go get it.

He asks too many questions.

Tea or coffee?

Well, she's the bride

So, I love coal coke food for several days, she should.

How are you? What you will like?

Butter cream or ice cream Sunday?

Well, this time the butter will be very heavy.

I think she would have liked to hear what you, Dolly?

- you, not that you want? - you you say?

Do you want to?

If you order ice cream ice cream Sunday, I'll share it with you.

Well, we have to keep it light. One ice cream, ice cream Sunday will share.

Come on, you do not have so strongly with your dad?


It is a bit expensive side.

- Get an ice cream Sunday ice cream! - huh

Get ice cream Sunday!

This is a bit expensive.

But you are going to love these things.

You see, we do not write these things to sell.

It is directly delivered to an elite.

Manish Malhotra's latest bridal collection, the first copy.

Manish Malhotra!

If anyone looks better than the bride

He created will be closed.

Show us more in this style.

If you see a few more,

You'll want to get married a few more times.


I get the traditional clothing.

Now - more dressings traditional.

One look and groom parents

Their hearts will be touched.

This one is a modern backless joined.

Once the groom puts your eyes, he will not be able to look away.

The traditional and the modern is.

Traditional! Modern!

The phone's ringing. get it.

Mom, he is both a great sound.

How can I show you another one?

I do not know which one to buy.

It claims to be invited to the Moon Goddess.

Grab this.

Hello, yes, I am here. on the way. on the way.



- Are you going? - I have to go.

However, your customers will be. It says right "customer God".

Consumer, God is ", but wife is supreme.

"Let your loving requests."

Mosquito Repellent and you first apply

Then you can go out and play.

But madam, there is no longer any mosquitoes.

Seasonal mango no mosquitoes.

I still hear the news people suffering from dengue and malaria.

Before the season, has yet to be treated has not been.

I'm very well informed, look.

I think you should leave you as housemaids and

Instead, try Health Ministry.

Mom, it was too sticky to.

Pia, Do not complain when you are not given to me.

This is an umbrella for your skin, baby.

Why can not we have a commercial?

Good girl, come on!

One second.

Here you protect any head injuries.

Mom, I can not go!

I can not take. You will not, catch a cold.

Ma'am, how she is going to play if she's dressed like a robot?

As she prepared to go to the moon astronaut.

I'll show you how.

Come on, come with me.

How, how, how.

Now, it is clean.

way. How, Pia.

How, how, how.

How you got injured?

- How are you, how do we know? - Yes, ma'am.

I'm your, going with, sir.

So, Pia tiny snack at 3:00 and

4:15 Give her a bath

- mixed with hot and cold water. - Yes.

Do not leave wet her hair and

Remember to switch off the first fan and AC.

Yes, also-

She Zugululu Chuchu TV show.

But do not let her liked more than 3O minutes.

Or her eyesight is poor.

- You remember everything? - Yes, ma'am.

Bye, yes.

Mitho, you need to have the shop now, I will continue to drive for me.

We are not going to push, we're going to choose a school for Pia.

The Onlook magazine has published the Top 5 list of schools.

The better things to do this people?

They always come with a new list.

Top 5 Restaurants, Top 5 resorts.

Raj, so we are focusing on schools.


Raj, the Prakriti is school!

N0 here mugging.

As you know, they are all that music and dance through.

the appearance.

Sixty two, sixty-three, sixty-four, sixty-five, sixty-six.

What the world has come to?

Hello ...

Back in the day, our teachers will give him a gutsy knock.

If you know what you expect from the state school.

I do not understand these techniques, Mitho.

Learn math through music, think.

You remember the song or even numbers.

You know better 'Onlook "magazine more?

The school is in the second place among the top 5 schools.

Was ranked second.

Suraj Valley High School.

The hotel schools or star?

We, as well as do not include? Why is that?

Well, even a five-star hotel on anything short of this school.

I can see.

AC, classrooms. Continental Restaurant.

And their swimming pools are-

Temperature control.

When you want more or less.

Parents, it can not be arriving?


Our children's future is still dicey

Instead, you want to take a dip.

Well, parents have more fun.

You can spell - "swimming pool"?

If I do, I come quickly abandon them?

Fines. Tell me, what is it?

- swimming? - Yes.

- Swimming. - Yes, it is?

- the first 'S' 'coming - yes, the next thing.

You can save your configuration script.

- Look ... - It's not that difficult.

This milestone is the school.

It is the fourth.

They tie up with Eton.

Where Eton? Somewhere near Noida?

I never beyond Delhi.

It is a serious sin like.

- Eton is England. - England?

England can go to our little girl?

- Raj. - She's not going to England!

Mita, I beg you.

What do you like

However, I do not leave my child ways.

Sending her to, anywhere?

- Sounds more like exile. - Raj.

She was, what do you want to Queen Victoria?

Raj, listen to me.

Listen to what?! How, how did all of this in England?

Raj, the number of school.

Delhi grammar school.

I, like a number one not.

Politicians and the country's largest industrial tycoon

The museum, Raj out of the first degree.

They keep going up as well, Piaa the picture here?

Not sure what?

But there's one problem.

They include models to

Those who live nearby.

Within three kilometers.

And, why? Come here?

Nowhere within the two miles home in Chandni Nawalapitiya

- but we can be within three kilometers. - what?

All you have to have all the Vasant Vihar house to get.

The school was to be a hundred years old

But not in our house either built yesterday.

We're not going anywhere.

Let's find another school.

- Mitho, eat. - I can not believe it.

stand up.

Please, allow me to sleep.

Then we come to eat.

Come forward.

Raj, I'm not in the mood. Let me sleep.

I know how to fix your mood.

My only way to fix it is to travel mood Vasant Vihar.

There is no any other way to travel from the Vasant Vihar?

What other way?

We can not study Pia

The public schools, we.

- Mitho, we are well. - Raj.

Just good, is not enough.

She will not learn anything public schools.

Poor thing, talking to anyone who would be afraid.

She is afraid that if anyone spoke English.

She will misfit in society.

Then, she will be emotionally devastated.

- she started doing drugs? - Stop.

Stop to predict her future.

English isn'tjust this country, the "class" of.

The best way to be a part of this class,

Good schools to study.

What we can not cope with Pia.

keep in touch.

You must be present to celebrate the wedding of Montu.

We will send your car in the late bride.


- see you. - Bye.


You go, Raj.

We can be the time when a casting

For the role of 'Ramleela' in Jatayu.

You hear, he is?

I have set the stage on fire.

Just trying to cast someone else.

Raj, shall we?

Brother Raj! Brother Raj!

She sent some food for you.

Raj, shall we?

Come forward.

Oh, I was so emotional, even Raj in my wedding.

way. way.

Be careful. House, careful with that the glassware!



Bring it. It is well within all!

Careful, that is, I became sad!

Oh my God!

Raj, what a beautiful home!

thank you very much. Thank you, I love it!

Wrong, darling, what?

How will we adapt here, Mitho?

Nothing around here.

There is no home court.


When the court why you're here, I miss?

I love you baby.

Ma'am, where are you in this TV set?

Raj, we have to keep going

Sale or exchange of a new one?

Now we have to change our home television changes,

I just do not change in the next, Mitho.

Raj, you're in Vasant Vihar now.

You must remove your style Chandni Nawalapitiya.

I stop Mitho.

Huh? Why should I have to do that to you?

You can talk to me ...

What do you do to me?


Yes, it will be?

- what? - honey.


We all, Raj, what should be changed?

If not, no one will because you Pia school.

The friends do before becoming a judge fathers kids?

Sometimes they fail for you based on your car.

The high society, sir.

I do not see any kids playing here.

How she has become friends?

Do not worry, I've also not, a plan.

At least tell me where to put the TV.

Honey hive, and go home.

Oh man ...

Whiskey to come down.

Juice for women.

What is this ... l00ks like sweetmeat?

Caviar, sir. Beluga caviar.

- How was it, sir? - a vast empire.

- What is it? - caviar, sir.

Oh no ...

You get what I fritters, I know.

Fritters, pizza, burgers ... I get it.

- the back yet. - Sure.

Get it here.

It is going to take some time to get the taste for it.

- Oh, man ... - Who do you eat?

Listen ...

Things do not work in your local imported whiskey?

Do not be so stressed, Mith0 ... it is a party.

Let's some fun.

I did not throw this party for fun, sweetheart?

- chill. - It's for new friends to Pia.

- She will ... she ... - so that she can mix with the crowd.

Hold on, baby.

- I'm sorry, ma'am. - Yes.

- Suris here. - Yes, please.

Come on, Raj.

Keep that. Let's go.

Hi. How-how ...


In addition, Kbir.

What are you doing here?

Well, because you invite Ayaan has come with his father.

Oh ... I see.

- This is my wife, the Aarti. - Hi. - Hi ...

My husband.

I Raj Batra.

Batra Fashion Studio owner.

here you go...

Ohh ... thank you.

You, what you like, my dear?

Please ... we import everything.

I'll mojiṭō.

Hey man ... I came here.

Ask her what she wants.

- Do you have whiskey? - Yes.

- How about a? - Sure.

Come on, I'll give you one.

Come on ...

So, you guys know each other?

... just friends just went to the school.

Come in, please ... Now, there's no standing.

Come on.

Dad ... Dad ... Dad ... it's our song.

"Level awake at night counting the stars, and you disappear."

"I can not stop the tears from my birth."

"I wake up at night and you are missing and counting the stars."

"I can not stop my tears one."

"Your love to me!"

"Your love to me!"

"Your love to me!"

"Your love to me!"

Wait, I'll be right back. I'll fuse.

Oh, God ... it is blown fuses n0t ...

what are u doing?

what happened?

No blown fuse ... I have power off.


What is the terrible dance you there?

The Pia's favorite song.

She has so much fun ... everyone will have fun.

No 0ne's having fun, they are kidding you ... Raj.

I do not know why you do not understand this.

You Chandni over Nawalapitiya, Raj, but ...

... Chandni Nawalapitiya you are not out.

This is terrible.

- OK, I do not dance ... - Do it. Please. No ...

For me.

Fine ... Come back to the party. Come forward.

- Let's go upstairs. - Just a minute, I'll go with you.

you go.

- Hold on. - I'm coming Raj, I said.

Come on.

I did not expect.

- Come on ... - Once more.

Once more ... once more ...

No more dancing.

- Come forward. - Raj come ,.

- No more dancing. - You really dance well.

Well ... l 'dancing has been banned.

- Hey, did not appear, change the song. - Yes, sir.

- Play something else. - Sure.


what happened? Why are you crying?

PlaYi "9 you are not?

- N0 with one game. - Did you fight?

N0, I did not fight.

Okay, stop crying-

Why do I have, you'll not play with.

come with me.

Hey, kids.


- Why do not you play with Pia? - She speaks Hindi.

Why do not you speak Hindi as well?

Mom says not to speak Hindi.

But Pia is your best friend, son. She play with you.

I want to marry you ...

... but that we need to talk. - He was a point.

I come, then we are at home.

Why do you stop talking in Hindi?

It is a bad habit of talking in Hindi?

Kisidu- no- no, it is not a bad habit.

- But it is not allowed in school. - I can see...

But this is not a school, you do not need to worry much.

I know.

But you do not need to worry about either school.

You can send her anywhere.

It's not really a problem.


I mean ... y0u Chandni guys belong in Nawalapitiya shop.

The so keep your children also.

But, our kids can not do that.

We send the Delhi high school ...

... that they can, they would be great.

Their future in.

Pia will do the thing with her life.

And your children are not "elite" schools are the only ones.

Soon Pia will also go there.

How, Pia.

- what was that? - "Elite."

Mom, it's hurting.

Pia, now available in English only.

Mom, it's hurting.

Competition begins tomorrow in Delhi.

I'm not talking about any marathon.

Delhi I'm talking about the nursery school children included.

School will start tomorrow from their models into fourteen.

Let the parents of winning this race.

- Is there a queue? - Yes.

- the queue for entry? - Yes?

- also includes form? - Yes...

Hey, is not likely, the 253 people did not enjoy standing in the queue.

- Come back to me .... - What?

- No, you are. 254. - If you come in the morning?

Yes, I'm 5am.

I'm standing here since 4am.

12:00 am ... I have in the queue to yet.

You have not gone anywhere from 12:00 am?

- I was ready. - This is crazy.

It's crazy, it's not school admission.

- Hello. - Raj. What about lunch?

I was a big part, shoving and pushing to honey.

There is still more to come.

The long queue?

Yes, it is a long long quota.

Pupils have quota for quota for the brotherhood.

We are only ordinary people, like standing in queues error.

We are even on the basis of an inspection form is included.


Another word for monitoring interviews.

Keep walking seems not, this is not a barber shop.

Oh, I see!

Get the form right now ....

- We will see what to do next. - Okay.

You, Delhi grammar school, right?

You can recommend for Pia?

Delhi grammar school children included?!

Qkay ...

However, such an approach ...

... can be negative than positive.

- But ... - you help, or not?

I mean?

There is a way.

I am sending you the number of consultant.

Consultant? Access to the nursery?

... I trust her a lot of help to pave the parents.

Thank you.

It's your paper, is Ms. Batra, it's yours.

10:00 would be am, basic math class right?

And 12 is the club has a swimming class.

2 in English class.

4 basic good manners and habits ...

She is only ...

- a question? - No-no, do not.

Okay. Art and music classes are about the gallery at 6.

All classes will be involved ... so really ...

I mean ... she will sleep, eat, or when?

She has to eat or sleep!

I said before ... like you're too late.

Parents during pregnancy, which I reserved.

In the first trimester.

- pregnant? - Yes...

Your kid has a lot of catching up to his eyes. You understand right?

- She's a bright kid. - of course.

She has all the classes you do not need.

Pia ... Pia, children come here.

Come on, baby.

Her poem, children say.

- ... tell a story in a poem a poem. - English poem, Raj. English poem.

Her poem, children say.

Two lines at a time.

Come on, children ...

Come on, children ...

Children are always treated at the right time for you.

Come on, dear ...

All the time she chanted. But we never tell her when.

She wanted, she does.

- Come on, dear ... - That's right.

She was to be her.

Come on.

You know, we are toys, there's all kinds.

Sensory toys, discovery toys ... toys body.

Whatever you Pia.

Oho dinosaurs!

Aara, we are friends.

Two dinosaurs?

This is a Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the Stegosaurus.

I see ... the one that is going to win?

Clearly Tyrannosaurus, it's biology.

Wonderful Aara, excellent.

Good morning, Parth.

- Buonas Dias! Bonjour! Good morning! - Morning.

- [Speaks German]. - Yes.


what did he say?

One language is not enough, Mr. Batra.

He is trilingual and a sitar player and ....

I can see...

He is in the India International Center,

Only last month.

With the children running your child.

"Slowly Slowly little-stars."

"How do you think I am."

Yes, dear .... what you

What you what.

Dhruv, I can see you. Do not bite your nails.

Come on ...

- OK ... we'll send our child. - Great.

- So how can she start? - just now.

But it will not be Pia ...

... Of course, the two of you will have the training.

Kisidu- n0 ... We do not need any training. It includes her. Train goat.

She will work hard.

We can pay you more.

Sure. You want what is said Batra.

- no problem ... - No ...

But ... if you do not train ...

... then, Pia will not be included in a nursery school.

If she does not get into high school ...

... So, no, she is going to get a good college ...

... anywhere in the country.

And without a good college, she started on the back ...

... She is not going to swear to get a job.

All her friends and a good job ... without firm.

absolutely right.

She will leave only.

absolutely right.

She is left alone, she has failed to do.

She is depressed.

- And what drugs, if she started? - wait ...

We'll do all you want us to tell us what to do.

- Great ... - What are you doing?

S0 ... The first step is to fill the school application form.

Remember, Batra said. The removal of the first round.

Pia is a word of life, or can break.


- Great. - Thank you.

See you tomorrow.

It has been 25 years.

Mahishmat / (mythica / location) to mourn the time to come here.

The walls can be broken only mystical serpent.

Anna, I did so.

She's forgotten all mAh / shmati about.

She '2' Full even remember it has been 25 years.

Raj ...

- $ 0, then we think. - Raj, are you listening?

- Yes ... - Yes, what?

Raj, what are you doing?

Minutes, honey ... one minute.

Turn off only.

Is about to take revenge on the serpent.

I will fill in the form. Go through it once.

Someone asks, you must know how it is.


- Look, do not forget. - Okay.

I go to bed.

Going to spread your poison.

She made it to her ... it's done!

Child profile.

Pia Batra.

Is Pia ...

... curious nature.

She always asks the question ....

what is this? The work is not.

'Rapidex ...' Yes, this is the right one ...

Pia ... in examining the nature of ... important ...

... substance ...

- May I? - Yes.

- Oh ... - Raj, let me ...

allow me.

Pia character check.

She is substance in her body.

She answered all the questions every object, every item.

She heard ... new things.

The tests were all ... actions-reactions.

She is a specialist child-is.

- Okay. - Are you ready?

Yes ...

Why did you write it?

Surprisingly, is not it?

I spent the whole night ... through the entire scan dictionary.

The George and his writer. He will help you.

- Help? - Yes.

Is not that right?

Full marks for effort Batra said, but this is not going to work.

Understand that.


She in maturing, it is balanced by the irrepressible charm ...

Sense of humor ... and invigorating.

She is what the parent might need.

Bright, energetic ... but we have a very important ...

... honest and humble.

We are very blessed to have as our daughter Pia.

Surprised, sir ... just wonderful.

I had our daughter can not be identified.

Child, father to kiss.

I love a lot of Pia.

But I completely impressed by her.

Thank you, sir.

Pia's surprised everyone.

Now our turn.

"Why go to all the Gusi and Armani?"

"Brands, check the tags."

"Why go to all the Gusi and Armani?"

"Brands, check the tags."

Send it to me, I will go back.

Yes, you, I have to do something ...

Send me a spreadsheet ...

"Why go to all the Gusi and Armani?"

I ... I have to get back to.

"Brands, check the tags."


W0w ... amazing.

You two look like store brand.

- we have to store brands. Exactly. - All right.

Get a sense of the elite ... we thought we should.

Otherwise, we'll see a different side parents.


Well ... the two of you have different look.

But, you see ... not to show the rich people.

"Less is more." "

"Why is a more or less?"

Less is more ...

I'll get someone to explain it to you.


Hi, darling. I was really exhausted after Fashion Week, you know ...

But there are two people who really need your help.


Yes darling ... thanks, I owe you. Big time.

Bye, now.

Lucius is going to help you.

Sale and the number of my office before you come.

What's the matter?

Okay ... it's a mock interview, but take it seriously.


For the preparation of a?


If your child refuses to go to school, what will you say?

Well ... we are not sure she'll be hit or scold.

Very good, is relieved.

We ", you go to school, we'll give you the kiwi lollypop".

- what? - Lolly Pop.

- LqiiypOP? - Lollyp0p-

... What, Mr. Batra wrong with you?

How do you go about it?

Not giving any right.

I mean ... you can not get her lollypop to her school.

- Bribery is not right. - All right.

We'll ask her why she does not want to go to school.

So you see, sometimes ...

... We see little things, you can be a big problem for children.

Yes ...

But even bribe the child is not right.

This is my favorite question.

How will you introduce your child 'poverty' concept?

... Why do we want to introduce poverty?

It was not like that exist everywhere in our country?

We are in every nook and corner of a retreating beggars alms giving ...

We do not want to introduce them.

If you want to think about these things, but please ...

Do not say such things ... interviews.

If you ask them this question ...

... only "email ad is always" after ...

Sharing is caring for obtaining.

- Sharing is caring for obtaining. - Very good.


We'll take the kid.

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage.

We'll take her orphanage ...

... toys and children with her to share her this ...

... So she understands.

Sharing obtaining care due.

- Sharing ... - art.

- Sharing ad. - That's what I mean.

The first 'exchange' the 'sensitive'.

Because email ad ...

what is that?

Lord, it was a wonderful interview ...

... should be great as a result.

Offering every Tuesday.

Offering every Tuesday.

Sir ... it's a very modest request.

Every morning they offer.

I want to get to my child.

Every Sunday, I will get a blanket.

Get to my child. Please-please-do.

Jesus, please give my child included.

Every Sunday, I will be in the church lit candles.

Allow her to pave.

Listen, we've been in many prayer ...

... l hope it's not the problems.

Raj, who will answer our prayers.

I mean, God, I hope not to push on each other ...

... "You do it," says.

Wait ...

Mister, you have left your mobile behind ...


Step ... step ... do not seem to

Mister, you fell down your wallet.

Mr. steps ... ...

Mr. ...

- Oh ... 252. - 254.

- You too? - Raj ...

We were.

Raj, let's check before.

How-to-the-way ...

M0ve ... apparently not, please ...

The list is wrong ...

Step ... step back. Principal ... through c0ming.

- what are u doing? - Take steps to ... ...

- Check her name. - Yes.

- Look right. - Yes.

How do you see it? You can even "admission" can not spell.

Pia, but I can spell ... You're too much.

- Move You See It ... -.

Pia Pia ... ...

Do you see it you?

Do you see it you?

Pia Pia ... ...

Where are you looking?

Step ... step ... Mr ... please.

it's OK.

This is not the last one.

We have four more to go school.

Consultant says we should not worry.

Do not worry.

Do not worry.

Can we panic?

Published the results in the four schools ...

Pia ... but it did not name anything.

Delhi is now the only grammar school is left.

You even have to face, we provide training to Pia.

What a great question ... s0 and interviews?

There are no problems with your kid.

So, what problem?

Schools do not need to shop for 'rushed to the children.

Ma'am, it does not fit some of the shop.

It is the fashion studio.

I'm a businessman. They called me and positive local tycoon.

Business tycoon might be positive ...

... However, if parents think schools are not educated ...

... They do not focus on, the education of their children.

How can they say how such a thing?

Look ... we're very serious about our children's education.

... I do not feel the school.

You have to realize it is not personal.

And do not worry.

I have done some college list.

The "B list"

Keep your list in this B- schools.

How, Mita.

I'll show you what a businessman.

Come on.

Ladies first.


So Batra said, what's up?

- Shop in all fine? - well...

- N0 with the MCD problem. - no no...

You politicians the way people understand,

Even people they do not know well.

That's exactly why we're here ... at your service.

Well ... on g0, tell me.

- I need some help. - Yes.

You should have heard the Delhi grammar school.

Yes, everyone has. It is the best school in the city.

- better? - Yes...

Well ... I want my child to get admitted to the school children ...

... If I can get, the Chief Minister a letter.

You see ... Mr. Batra, the letter does not matter.

But you must understand that you do not do any good.


Before you see ... once I got a letter ...

... access to the child's office.

But Delhi Grammar School ... is very strict.

She rolled article half.

It said Batra ... Why are not you apply for a liquor license.

L 'can do it in 2 days.

How about gun permits?

Everyone these days has taken one.

So you can not do it?

What do you think about this? The vegetable market?

Sorry, ma'am, I think this is how it usually works ...

Ma'am, I was just giving donations ...

You know the joke? How dare you end table with a bag of money?

If I call the police ...

... They teach you that lesson.

If I ever see you again in this university ...

... So, I kid you blacklisted.

She will not get anywhere, including Delhi.

It just does not stand up. get out!

- Let's go. - Sorry Sorry.

Message to the next.

Raj Batra.

Raj Batra.

Who is Raj Batra?

- Deepak Dhingra. - Yes, sir.

Come on.

Hey, honey ... Why are you in the dark?

You go to the kitty party was not expected to know girl?

what happened?

- I had to cancel my plans. - Why?

what happened?

Prakriti to school children of mothers ...

... Kitty is a separate party.

S0 to capital schools.

My child did not have any of the school's.

So I do not participate in the party kitty!

Even Kitty Party has decided ...

... children ... on the basis that too much school.

Forget it, Raj.

The kitty party does not make a difference to me.

Some good news?

Including no progress to?

Well ... I ... all good ...

I mean ... try, honey, I am.

try on.

I'm really trying hard.

Determination], you still try?

You mean you're trying do it?

Look ... do you try.

You know, let's do it.

We pack our bags and go back to your Chandni Nawalapitiya.

try on.

Do not talk to me like that.

Sir ... Ch0tu here to shop.

Why do you want me to do what? He welcome?

Send him.


calm down...

- Hello, ma'am. Hello, sir. - Yes.

If you do, did not shop ...

... I think I'll come over personally and gives candy.

He has another child have like.

How many kids are you going, Chotu?

No-no ... English medium schools, including my daughter.

- Wow, Chotu. - Yes.

- That's good news. - Yes.


Prakriti school.

Which of the Prakriti?

There is one Prakriti.

- Prakriti school. - Yes, embellishment ...

- How did she admitted what? - all thanks sir.

- Sir? - Thanks, sir?

- all thanks to him? - But I did not do anything.

- all thanks to him? - But I did not do anything.