Sargasso (2018) - full transcript


[muffled rock music]


[loud rock music]

You're gonna
have to say that again.

I can't hear you.

Yeah, wh...

Why didn't you say so?

You're not a spy.

Never said I was.

You said you spy on people.

[cars honking]

You got another one of those?

[exhales loudly]


So, what, like...

You wear disguises and stuff?


You carry a gun?

No, I don't ever carry a...

I don't wanna shoot anybody.

So then, what's it like?

It's gotta be exciting.

It can be, I guess.

[Ray] I dunno. I've only been
at it for a couple months, so...

I'm like, still,
basically in training.


I think it's hot.

Oh yeah?

[Missy] Spying on people.
It's like...

It's kinda like voyeurism.

[jazzy dreamy music]

I think I'd be a good spy.

I'm pretty sneaky.

- [Ray] Are you?
- [Missy] Yeah.

You should take me out with you.

I could be like, your...

Like your sidekick. Yeah.

Follow people places
that you can't go.

[Ray laughs]

[Ray mumbling]

[jazzy music continues]

[door latches]


[both moaning and panting]

[Ray] The fuck?

[distant barking]

[under breath] Oh shit.

[phone notification noise]

[camera powering up]

[Ray] Claimant can't lift
more than ten pounds.

Claimant can't lift her
arms over her head.

Claimant has
depression and anxiety

as a result of the accident.

[distant police sirens]


[Ray knocks]
Hey Pat. You wanted to see me?


Have a seat.

[Ray clears throat]

[Pat continues coughing]


How's it going?

Things are getting easier,
I think.

Joe working with you at all?

He's old-school, I know,

but he's forgotten
more about surveillance

than you or I will ever know.

Joe's been here so long,
he trained me,

almost 20 years ago now.

- Wow, really?
- Yeah.

Back then, was he a little, uh...

- Bat-shit crazy?
- Yeah.

[Pat] Ah, yeah.

A little worse, maybe, with age.

Joe's got high blood pressure,
did he ever tell you that?

I'm always on him...

gotta quit smoking,
gotta quit eating like shit,

but he doesn't listen.



what's happening
with the Morgan case?



- Nothing.
- Nothing?

We got eight days on her.

I know.

[Pat] You having
any trouble locating her?

No, it's not that. I mean, um...

I don't think so.

I mean the address is accurate.

And the vehicle is...

Good. That's good.

It'll pop.


For sure.

It's a huge case.

I know. I know.

For us.
It's a huge case for us.

- Right.
- It's Aegis Insurance.

They were one of our biggest
clients a couple of years ago.

Then we fucked up real bad
on one of their cases, and...

And they dropped us.


What happened?

A fucking nightmare.

Our investigators stuck a GPS
tracker on a claimant's car,

dumb fuck.

We don't do that kind of thing.
[Ray chuckles]

It's illegal.

And anyway, the claimant
took her car to a mechanic,

mechanic found it.

The thing was
registered to our guy.

Goddamn clusterfuck.

So we gotta get
something on Morgan.

Yeah, I will.

Be careful too.

Don't get burned.


- I'll try not to.
- Good.

- Yep.
- Alright.

[slow piano music]


[beer bottle clicks open]

I don't really
understand your question.

Me neither.


You brought a chick home, right?

I was wasted.

How was she?


Was she?

You like,

get her number? [chuckles]

Guess not.


- Oh well.
- Oh well.


[slow piano music continues]


How's your mom?


So you like,
have to have insurance now.

I thought it was like,

illegal not to.

Wait, it is?

That's what I thought.

Well, I don't think they
can come to arrest her, I guess.

[coughing and giggling]

It's just fucked up, you know.


It's not like you have
all this money, to just like,

take care of it.

Yeah, tell me about it.


I have a plan though.

- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.

Bank robbery?

Something like that.

[piano music continues]

What do you think?

About what?

Same guy?

I dunno, they all look
the fucking same to me.

- Wow.
- Yeah.

How'd that surveillance go?

I mean, not bad.

I'm trying to get a good
angle here of the building,

you know, the front door.
There's a huge fucking

bush that's blocking it.

This guy lives next to
an elementary school.

You know, I felt like a creep
sitting there, all day.

At one point, this teacher
walks down to the fence

and started looking
at me and my car.

Jesus Christ, Ray.

What is the most important thing
you have to remember

when you're in the field?

Always park in the shade?


The most important thing
you have to remember

when you're in the field,

is that if you think
you're burnt on a case,

You're not. Don't be paranoid.

Or you'll never
make it on this job.

29 years of surveillance.


I think I've been burnt,
maybe five times.

People in this city are stupid.

They're blind.

They're too wrapped up in
their own shit to notice you.

Yeah, tell me about it.

You think,

a neighbor's suspicious
because they see your car?

They're not.

You think a claimant
is looking right at you?

They're not.


Unless police come tapping on
your window, you're not burned.

And, maybe not even then.

[Joe] Unless the claimant
pulls over,

walks up to you, and says,

"Why the fuck
are you following me?"

You're not fucking burned.

You got it?

Yeah, oh yeah. I got it.

[Joe] Yeah.


All that being said,

you don't ever wanna get burned.

[clears throat]

Hey Joe, you, uh...

You got any tips on,
uh, you know,

not getting burned when
you're out on the field?


Oh, okay.

How's that
big case of yours going?

Oh, which one?

You know, the
high-exposure disability one.

- Morgan?
- Morgan.

[Ray] Yeah, alright. Um...

[Ray] You know, I honestly
don't have anything on her yet.

[Joe] Hm.

[intense music]

Ray? Hey.


Nice to meetcha.

It's really loud out here.

Yeah, you look much younger
than you sounded on the phone.


- [Olga] You get that, huh?
- [Ray] Yeah, a lot.

I do too.

Alright, this way.

So you can see...

- Take a look at our inventory.
- Wow.

It's not bad, huh?

Whatever you need, we got.

[Ray] You got
a bunch of shit here, huh?

[Olga] Yeah,
handcuffs, whatever.

[Ray mumbling]

[Olga] Football...

- [Ray] Not really into sports.
- [Olga] No?

- [Ray] Nope.
- [Olga] What do you like?

[Olga] Halloween?

Just sitting in my car, mostly.

[Ray chuckles]
[Olga] Oh, wow, okay. Well...

[Ray] Being a PI.

[Olga] Oh yeah...

So you order through Amazon?

[Ray] Yeah.
[Olga laughs]

- [Ray] Just camera equipment.
- [Olga] Online. I see.

[Olga] We also got cameras.

[in foreign accent]
Mr. Brey.

Pleasure to meet you.

[clears throat]
[Ray] I mean.

That's as good as I got.

But there's a decent
shot of his face here.

Yes, it is him.

You're sure?

I would recognise that lying

[slams table] anywhere.

Excuse my language.

No, I...

It's okay. I understand.

In my opinion,

Manual Macias
is a lying motherfucker.


He came to work here,

for 10 years in warehouse,
never take a day off.

Even when his wife have baby,

he come in everyday.

He say he cannot miss work,
he need money.

Need money for rent.

Need money to buy food
for three children.

Need money
for mother's medical bills.

Need money,
need money, need money.

He was a very hard worker.

I feel for his difficulties.

I know his life, it was...

It was not easy,
but this, this...

This bullshit
worker comp claim...

He never filed an injury report
while he was working here?


What happens is this:


Come winter time,

when things are slow,
we have to lay people off.

Sometimes we lay people off
who have worked here

longer than Manual.

But then, we hire them back.

Sometimes in summertime,
when work is good.

But Manuel,

he cannot sustain himself,
I think.

He begs me not to fire him.

But there is nothing I can do.

So, a week after we let him go,

we get a letter from attorney

saying he has all these
personal injuries, and I think,

what the hell, you know?

No one see him get hurt.

He never tell
nobody he get hurt.

And now suddenly he claim
he cannot work without a cane.

Yes, look.

He says,

"Cumulative trauma since 2007."

He work here every single day,
never miss one.

Gee, the's crazy.

I know it is crazy,
and you know what is more crazy?

After, I tell him
about attorney letter.

Manuel call me on cellphone.

And he beg me
to give him his job back.

He say,

"Mr. Kozlov,"

"I will be
evicted from apartment."

He say that is why
he has filed the claim.

Not because he is injured.

Listen, Mr. Brey.

I own this
warehouse for 36 years.

People get injured.

It is a warehouse.
These things happen.

But this astronomical
worker compensation premiums,

they are my second
biggest expense after payroll.



I pay employee's
medical bills, but this...

This Manuel Macias...

This lying motherfucker!

He never get hurt.

He just want money.

[Ray] I hear ya, sir.

[Ibrahim sighs]
I feel for him, truly.

I do. But these phony claims,

they push my rates up too much.

And if I pay
every lying motherfucker,

then I have to close the door,

and if I close the doors,
what happen?

259 men lose their jobs.

259 Manuel Macias.

Then you pretty fucking
busy, huh?

[Ray chuckles]

True that.

[Joe clears throat]

[Ray sighs]

I got that video
from Thursday ID'ed.

It is Macias.



I met the insured.
Nice Russian Guy.

He owns a warehouse
down in Downey.

I hope I get something
good for him, you know.


Oh, cuz Macias is full of shit,
that's why.

Well, so? What do you care?

You save some
rich guy a few bucks?

Ruin some poor wetback's life?

Okay, um...

But you know, if he's
seriously injured, then I...

Well yeah, but then what?

He gets paid,

he calls his co-workers,

Pablo, Rogelio, and Oscar,

he refers them
to his scheisser lawyer

and some fucking
chiropractor on Wilshire

who'll diagnose all of them
with, um,

soft-tissue injuries?

Your friend, the insured,
closes doors. Nobody wins.

No matter what you do,

you get film,
you don't get film.

Nobody wins.

That can be
a new slogan for this company.

I should email Chuck.

It's cool. What's all this?
What're you working on?

- [Joe] Saleh Saleh.
- [Ray] The hell is that?

[Joe] That, my boy,

is the elusive white whale.

I had a Saleh Saleh
case open in 2004.

He was a driver
for one of the studios.

Got blindsided
by a semi on the 405.

Filed for complete disability.

Seven figure settlement.

Bilateral, lumbar, CT,

anxiety, sexual dysfunction...
the whole nine yards.

Insurance company got suspicious

when an ex-coworker said

that he spotted Saleh
at a gym in Van Nuys.


Yeah, this is the only
video I ever got back on him.

He's outside a deposition,
back in '05.

Since then,

the carrier has spent probably,
50,000 dollars on surveillance.

And not a damn thing
has shown up.

- Ten?
- Ten years.

No social media.

No, um...

No credit cards, no social
security number, no car.

He's got a PO box, but nobody's
ever seen him there.

But I've actually seen him
twice when I wasn't working.

Once, in 2010,

driving an unmarked
Mercedes up in Sylmar.

And the second time on TV.

- [Ray] On TV?
- Yeah!

Sitting three rows back
at a Laker's game.

So you think he's still in LA?

Oh, I know he is.

Is that why he's up
on the monitor now?

- Did the case get reopened?
- Yeah.

For what has to be
the thousandth time.

He's got a medical
appointment on Wednesday.

They want a two man team.

One guy in the lobby,
one guy outside in the car.

Would you be available?


[Ray] Have you ever
done a medical before?

No, uh, not that I, uh...

You ever done a two man?


You'll be fine.

He won't show up, anyway.

[Ray] Sweet.
[Joe sighs]

All that maddens and torments.

All that stirs up
the lees of things.

[intense music]


So, I spoke to Earl.

We talked to a couple
of our ex-coworkers,

they're uncertain but they said
she used to do a yoga class

in Silverlake
on Wednesday nights.

Now, they didn't know
the time or place or anything,

so I'm gonna have you
back out there tomorrow,

starting round noon.

And you can stick
around into the evening,

and see if she
goes to this class.


Have you used
the hidden camera yet?

No, not yet.

Alright. I'll have Joe
show how they work.

Hidden cameras are the longest
running joke in this industry.

It all started with
this fucking monstrosity.


[Joe scoffs]

Half the time,
it took video upside-down

when it worked at all.

Didn't have
a date-time stamp on it

so it wasn't even
admissible in court, anyway.

And then
it evolved into all of these.

Hat camera, tie camera,

pen camera, water-bottle camera.

They all came from China,

nobody could
understand the instructions,

and they didn't work.

- What the fuck is this?
- The um...

Rock camera.

[phone ringing]

Who the fuck
uses a rock camera, man?

I have no idea.

[Joe] Well,
things are better nowadays.


[clears throat]

You just take this,
point it, and record.

You push
the top button to turn it on.

Push it again to record,

and you push
the bottom to turn it off.

This is so sick.

[ethereal jazzy music]

[car starting up]

[ticking noise]




First time?


First time here,
or first time ever doing yoga?


Alright, well,

just don't push
yourself too hard, okay?

Listen to your body,
if it's uncomfortable,

you just push
yourself a little bit,

but not to the point of pain.

- Alright?
- Thanks.

Cuz I'm pretty inflexible, so...

Well, saying you can't do yoga
cuz you're not flexible is like

saying you can't drink water
because you're too thirsty!

[laughs softly]

Oh, I'm Wendy.
If you need anything.

I'm R...

- Rick.
- Nice to meet you Rick.

[Wendy] And on an inhale,
raise those hands

up into the air, over your head,

in a simple back extension
on an exhale.

Fall forward
into a full forward bend.

Breathe into those hamstrings.

And if your body allows it,
clasp the elbows,

and gently rock back and forth.

And on an exhale,

I want you to either jump
or step back to a plank.

Make your way into Chaturanga.

You're going to keep
your elbows facing inwards

and up into
an upward facing dog.

We're gonna lift the spine
up out of the pelvis

to create space
between the vertebrae.

And really just
focus on your breath here.

A really deep child's pose.

Breathe into the hips.

Arms straight in front of you.

Yoga is the best way to prevent
injury if you're very active.

If you play sports?

- I don't, no.
- Oh, well.

All the more reason
to practice regularly.

You spend
too much time sedentary,

your body starts to compress.

[laughs awkwardly]

- Bye, Wendy.
- Bye!

[Wendy] What do
you do for a living, Rick?

[suspenseful music]

[Ray sighs]

Is this the hidden
camera video of Morgan?


- You know it's utterly unusable.
- I know.

Well, it's okay kid. At least
you know how to turn it on.

Yeah, thanks Joe.


Don't beat
yourself up over this.

You see these worker's comps,

they have what they call,

"the good day defence".

You gotta have repeated activity
over a long period of time

to even hope
for a reduction in benefits,

let alone a dismissal.

Let alone a fucking prosecution

in this state of
communist California.

- What is she's lying?
- So what? Good for her.

How else is she gonna survive?

She saw an opportunity
and she took it.

It wouldn't be right, Joe.


You know, Ray,

when you're a single mom
with no college education,

then I'll listen to you

tell me what is wrong
and what is right.

Yeah well, I didn't
go to college either, Joe!

Look at me, I'm here.

I'm in this shithole.

I'm making a paycheck.

Because you're a fucking sucker.

- That's why.
- Well, so are you!

You're goddamn right, I am.

But I have accepted...

the pointlessness
of my non-existence.

I have accepted
that this is who I am,

that all I ever will be.

Everyday is...

the best day of my life
and the worst day of my life.

You should quit, Ray.

Unless this is what you want.

Look at me, Ray!

I am your fucking endgame!

This is where you will end up!

[ethereal jazz music]

[Ray] Hey.

So, I just
go in the waiting room?

[Joe] You think you just
might possibly manage that?

I mean...


What if they
ask me why I'm there?

[Joe] It's a waiting room.
You're waiting for someone.

Alright. Okay.

Well, who am I waiting for?

[Joe] Who fucking cares?

[Joe] So, we stay till 3,
and then we call it a day.

Okay, yeah. Sounds good.

Hey Ray.

You ever heard of
the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?


Is that a heavy metal band?

It's a floating island of trash

somewhere between
the U.S and Asia.

Miles in diameter.

Made of plastic shit
people have thrown away.

When the plastic decomposes,
it turns into toxic sludge,

which ends up
in the digestive system

of millions of sea animals.

The funniest thing
about the island,

is that because it's literally
in the middle of the ocean,

no country wants
to take responsibility for it.

So it just gets bigger
and bigger everyday.

- Wait a sec.
- [Joe] What?

- I think I saw him.
- [Joe] Saleh?


He was leaving,
not coming though.

[Joe] It's only 1:15,
there's no chance it was him.

But it was him, Joe.

[Joe] If you really
think you saw him,

go check the sign-in sheet.



I'm sure it was fucking him.

[suspenseful music]

[elevator buzzes]

Come on.



He's in the garage.

He's getting in his car.

[Joe] You need to see
what car he gets into.

It's a Jaguar.
Newer model. Gray.

[Joe] Plate?

It's got a dealer plates on it.
Gray as well. So...

[Joe] Get your
ass back down here.

I can't believe he showed up.
The white fucking whale!

You're finally
gonna get him, Joe!

[panting] I'm so glad
I'm with you on this, cuz,

tailing is definitely not one
of my strong suits, you know.

I feel like it makes me
uncertain about it all and shit.

I never know how far
or how close I need to be

when I'm tailing.

But I'm good at the
pretexting and stuff, but shit!

Joe, I know this though.

If it were me
tailing him right now,

and I was this far away,
I'd probably lose him.

You might wanna
get a little closer.

Shut up!

Sorry Joe, I'm a little high
right now, you know.


I mean, I'm really nervous.

Well, don't be.

God, what the fuck is this?

[Joe] Come on!
[car honks]

God, what the fuck!

Nah, man. There's
a fucking dog on the street.


Yeah, there's a fucking dog
in the street blocking traffic.

[cars beeping]

Wait here.

[Ray] Joe,
what the fuck are you doing?

Wait here.

[distant barking]

Damn it!

[honking and beeping continue]

Oh god.


What are you doing?

[dog whimpering]

Don't put the dog in here, man!

What the fuck!

Dude, what the fuck is
with the dog in the car, man!

- What if he bites?
- He doesn't!

[Ray] How do you know?

We're gonna lose him, Joe!
What the fuck!

[Ray] You know, I know
I'm new at this whole thing,

but, I mean
I'm really confused, Joe.

I mean, I think we might've had
a lot of attention drawn on us.

We could've
easily have lost him.

Yeah. Maybe.

I mean,
this is a stray fucking dog.

There's millions
of them in this area.

Would you shut the fuck up?

Listen to me, you little shit.

We need to get
something straight, right now.

Pat told me to show you
the ropes, and I am.

But you need to understand
that I hate this fucking job.

I hate driving in this car.

I hate the people I work with.

I hate tailing.

I hate this fucking city.

I hate everyone in it.
And I hate you!

If I don't get video on a case,

I feel like shit.

And then even when I do
get video, I feel even shittier.

I make shit money.

Living in this little

fucking apartment
in North Hollywood,

next to some
drug dealing nigger,

and some
dumbass bitch from Ohio

who thinks she's gonna
make it as a movie star.


I got no college education.

I got no family.

What I got
is high blood pressure.

They have me on
this fucking Hydroton for years

and now I'm on Dyazide,

and if I don't take it,
I feel like shit everyday.

I'll tell you something.

I have been on
the Saleh case for ten years.

Ten years!

And we may have
lost him back there,

but I don't really
give a good goddamn.

Let that camel jockey
milk the system.

Let Powell Insurance's stock
drop a millionth of a point.

Who really cares?

But look!

Look! This is a living creature.

He's scared.

He's hungry.

He's alone.

And by god,
I'm gonna save his life.

What else really matters?

Eat it!

I mean, it was
just the latest in a series

of strange events that's been
happening in my life, you know.


Then, what happened
last week at rustic...

I started doubting everything.

Like, reality.

I felt very certain.

[sticker noises]

[sighs] And then
the shit with my mom...

I'm really stressed out, man.


Like, Joe...

Shit, it's like,
how's he even possible?

A guy like that?

How does he even exist?

He's really racist.

That's fucked up, man.

I mean, he's racist
towards everyone.

[mumbles] Like,

I don't think his hatred

even has
a specific direction, you know?

Still, I mean...

He goes on these
crazy-ass rants... I dunno.

[phone vibrating]


- [Ross] What? Who is it?
- [Ray] It's him!

It's Joe!

Answer, bro! Put it on speaker.

- [Ray] No...
- Dude, answer it!

I wanna hear him.

- Alright.
- Dude, I won't say a word.

- Hey Joe.
- [Joe] Hi Ray.

What's up, man?
Everything cool?

[Joe] Nothing's cool.

[silent laughing]

Hey, how did
it go with the dog?

Well, he's good, I think.

I had to take him all the way
down to Anaheim.

One of the only
no-kill shelters in the area.

He had fleas.

Was a little malnourished.

But no diseases or anything.

I think there's a good
chance he'll get adopted.

I hope so.

I paid to have him groomed.

[exhales slowly] Well,
that's really good of you, man.

Uh, I really think someone
is gonna snatch him up.


[Joe] Sometimes, when I'm
sitting in the traffic on the 5,

I close my eyes.

I feel the heat.

I listen to the wind
outside my car.

And I imagine
I am in the Sargasso Sea.

You know what that is?

In ancient times,
there was an area of the ocean

where seaweed grew
tall and thick,

and boats were sail through it
and get snared.

There's no way out.

The crew would then,
starve to death,

and the boats
would just stay there,


that's pretty deep, man.

I think about

what all of this was
before humans came

and ruined this valley.

I watched birds fly through
the sky that bleeds acid raid.

Tree roots bulge up under
the sidewalks we've laid,

ruining the foundations of the
shitty little houses we built.

That's the only time I feel
anything other than despair.

You should stop
smoking weed, Ray.


[Joe] Doing this job,

it'll make you paranoid enough.

Okay, well...

Alright, Joe.

Have a nice weekend, Ray.

- Yeah, you too, man.
- [Joe] See you Monday.

The fuck?

[ethereal jazz music]

[woman] I'm just saying that
you have to have real food.

- [girl] Okay.
- [woman] Okay!

[giggles] [woman] Do you
wanna be that annoying?

[distant talking]

That Morgan?


Did you finally
get something on her?

Um, no.

No, this is just the ID photo
they sent, you know.

You know,

you do this job long enough,

you start
to feel like a pervert.

[Joe] Kinda a funny
phenomenon, actually.

But all the sneaking around,
the lying, spying on people...

That's all for
a good cause, supposedly.

But there's
something that we do,

what our bodies do...

[Joe] Our bodies
listen to our minds,

But I think
the opposite is true too.


That's why all these actors and
actresses' marriages fall apart.

They spend all day,
pretending to kiss people,

pretending to fuck,
pretending to be in love,

and then one day...

[balloon deflating noise]

[intense jazzy music]

[sighs loudly]

Ugh, shit.

- [Joe] Yeah?
- Hey, Joe.


I'm on the Colleen Morgan case.
I've [stammers]

I've been here since seven.

Um, her car is here.

I think she's home.


[inhales slowly]
Look, um...

I gotta take a shit, man.

What do I do?

[Joe] Go shit.

- In my car?
- [Joe] No!

Go shit, man.

Like, go somewhere, and shit.

- Like, a bathroom.
- Okay, go to a bathroom.


[Joe] Haven't I taught you
about shitting yet?


[Joe] Well, if you gotta shit,
be a man and do what you can.

A lot of it depends
on the area and the day.

When you're desperate
and have no other option,

the last resort
is a gas-station.

You want to avoid diners
and cheap restaurants too.

They're usually small,
dirty, and crowded.

The worst ones
have serious gap issues.

Gap issues?

[Joe] The walls of the stall
aren't set together properly,

so when someone comes in,

they're looking you right
in the eyes while you shit.


Oh yeah. I hate that, man.

Yeah, everybody does.

Beware of the walls
of the stalls.

What you want is a Starbucks.

Now, that's the
gold standard of shitting.

When it's very late,
or very early,

or if there's
no Starbucks around,

one of my favorite
shitting locations

is a motel lobby.

No questions. Usually empty.

Usually clean.

Well, those are
your options though.

Well, I saw a coffee shop
on the way in here, so...

I'm gonna take a shit there.


[upbeat electronic music]

[flushing noises]

You work Morgan today?


- [Pat] And?
- Nothing yet.

[Pat] Well...

Maybe I should get Joe on it,

he might be able
to make something happen.

No, no! It's fine. I can...

I got this.
I can handle it. I just...


I know she's fucking home,

I just need her to do something,
you know what I mean?

- You do a pretext?
- Yeah.

- Anything?
- Nada.

She didn't answer.

[Pat sighs]
But, I know she's home.

Well, we gotta
get something on her.

I talked to Juan today at Aegis.
They want to deny her claim.

She's supposed to be unable

to raise her arms
above her shoulders.

She's got
a young daughter too...

Well, they think
she's gotta be lifting the kid.

Well, I'll talk to Juan again.

See if he has anything
else on her that'll help.

- Hey! Joe.
- Pat.

You gotta stop the coffee, man.

It's terrible for you.

You smell like cigarettes.

Are you smoking again?

I never quit.


This fucking guy.

[Pat] He'll have a heart attack.
Drop dead. Then he'll be happy.

Did you know that I trained him?

- Really?
- Yeah, just like you.

That's what you got
to look forward to one day.

[Ray chuckles]

[cracking noise]

[distant police sirens]


I want you
to visualize perfection.

For yourself.

And for everyone around you.

I want you
to visualize a white light,

coursing through your body.

Hold it in your hand, and pass
it off to your neighbor.

Live in it together.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I am. I'm fine.

[girl] Mommy!

[exclaims] You are so heavy!

- [woman] Ready to go?
- [girl] Yeah.

- [girl] Can we get pizza?
- [woman] Duh!

[girl] And donuts?

[typing noises]

Oh, there you are.

- This yours?
- Yeah, one of them.

- This is Shelly.
- Nice to meet you, Shelly.

So, wait. They don't care
that you [stammers]

bring your dog to work
on the weekends?

[Joe coughs]

Jesus, you alright, Joe?

God, who knows?

Can you believe I used
to be a half decent athlete?


I used to play basketball
at the YMCA in Hollywood.

I blocked
Stan Brundy's shot once.

You know who that is?


I don't really
follow sports much.



I dunno.

I'm too scared to even jog now.

Afraid I'll have a heart attack,

fall down on the side walk dead!

I don't really think
that happens very much, Joe.

Sure it does.

The silent killer...
they call it.

Yeah... Well...

my dad's got high pressure.

But he's still alive,
the prick!

Lives way out there,
in Riverside.

That wasteland suburb
of serial killers,

meth heads and...

other assorted
and sundry highway trash.

He smokes, he drinks,
he doesn't take care of himself.

But he's still kicking...
the bastard!


[Joe] Oh well...

how's that Morgan case?

I'll say it's um...


Hey, how's Saleh Saleh?

Well, he's vanished
into the mists again!

He's not at that house we
tailed him to. Fucking prick!

[Joe coughs]


[Joe] Oh well...

[mobile phone ringing]



Alright, okay.

[inaudible voices muttering]


[Pat] There's Ray.
Come in.

What part of "look presentable"
did you not understand?

[Ray] I uh... did... my best.

[Pat] Right... right.


Fortunately for you...

Earl and Juan,
are old friends of mine so...

they don't really give a shit.

[Pat] Earl, Juan,
the new guy, Ray.

[Juan] How you doing Ray.

Still don't know why Joe
isn't in on this?

Well Joe is still...

tied up on Saleh Saleh.

Saleh Saleh! Fuck me...
that case is still going?

[Pat] The guy is a fucking

what do you want me to tell you?

[Earl claps]

Speaking of which...

Earl and Juan are seeing
the case managers,

of Aegis who are overseeing the
Morgan case.

I think I told you that they're
gonna want a briefing,

on the investigation so far.

Right, um...

well... uh ha.

Honestly, I really
don't have anything on her yet.

Well that's okay...
I mean...

plenty of time.

She's a real piece of work,
Colleen Morgan.

[Juan] You know, she's got
a history of claims,

going back almost a decade.

She got a pattern.

Getting hired
and getting fired.

Hitting her employer post term
with everything under the sun.

From uh... soft tissue crap

anxiety from sexual

[chuckles] You know...

I remember when
her ass was two words...

[all laughing]

[Juan] Yeah. Have you seen
her yet Ray?

Ms Morgan her ass...
it's really good!

[Ray] Huh! That's a good thing
to know...

This bitch is doing yoga!
We just know it!

Maybe other shit too...
Maybe... uh, pilates?

[Juan] We get her doing
just anything,

it'll help us with our

Cause she's saying
with the anxiety,

she's got...
sexual dysfunction.

Oh, hey Ray.

Could you fuck her?

And then video it?

Just for use as ...evidence
in the deposition of course.


I think,
that might be entrapment.

maybe just a blow job then...

[all laughing]

In all seriousness though Ray...

don't have any contact
with her at all.

[Earl] Not that we need
to mention that obviously.


[Earl] Her attorney is
Don Kerrigan.

And that fucking vulture
will use anything.

[Earl] You ever had
to testify Ray?

No... uh...

[Ray] not yet. I... um...

I... I gave video to
a lawyer once.

Um, but the case went to

before I was
actually needed.

Well hopefully this won't
come to that.

Cause Kerrigan...

will tear you a new one!

Anyway, you've been
on her a week right so uh...

what you got so far?

What? No.
You guys don't understand.

Well... what do you want
me to do?

I mean you guys ain't gonna do
that and I appreciate it, but...

what if she... um...

Oh, okay, so it falls
on my shoulders then.

I don't have any credit cards.

I don't think I'd qualify.

Crowd sourcing, what the fuck
is that?

I don't think that's going to
be an option for me.


I mean, that'll help,
I guess,

but the thing is...

it's not that I can't
afford that bill...

it's that I cant afford
ANY bill.

[tense music]

[Colleen] Hey, can I
have another please. Thank you.



You're Colleen Morgan right?

Do I know you?



Okay. [laughs]

I wanna talk to you
about your disability case.

Excuse me.

I'm a private investigator.

I was hired by
Aegis insurance company,

to do surveillance on you.


To get evidence.

To show that you're
not really injured.

Okay, get the fuck away from me.

No. I wanna help you.

I'm calling my lawyer.

Colleen, please, look.

I can get in a ton of trouble
for this.

But I actually want to help you.

It's just a huge fucking risk!

[Colleen] is this really
the best time?

Maybe not...

but, I know that this place...

none of the people I work with
come here.

Okay... um...

can you just like...
give me a second.

Oh yeah, absolutely.

[bar music and
background chatting]

Can I have another one
of these please.

You know what,
make it two...


Just one.

[Ray] This is a great idea,
I think...

I don't see why
it wouldn't work.

Yeah, I don't know.
It feels really shady to me...

Well I been doing surveillance
on you for over a month now,

your case it's... it's bullshit.

Yeah well.
I don't need your help.

[Ray] I've been on you...

I've seen you.
You're not hurt.

Maybe you are...

but not...
like you're claiming to be.

Kerrigan says our case looks

This is makes it
more than solid.

it's un-losable.

There's nothing Kerrigan
can present,

that can help you more
than me.

I mean, I'm hired
by the other side,

to gather evidence.

You understand?

How do you not get it?
You have the power here.

You know, you can call Kerrigan
at any point

Stop all this, you know.

I can't tell anyone about it.

I'm the one who proposed it,
you can deny everything,

I'd be fucked.

Why would you do this then
if it's so risky for you?

I need money.

There's other ways to get money.


[Colleen] Okay. Well then,
just do what I did.

And file a worker's comp claim.

I haven't been with
the company long enough.

What do you need the money for?

My mom...

she's... she's sick.

No insurance.

Okay, so if we tried this...

I can shut it down at any time?

Yeah! I mean at any point
you can call Kerrigan.

Call it off.

Here's the thing...

they'll just put another
investigator on you.

Sooner or later you'd slip up.

And again your case
would be fucked.

If we do this...

and we go this route,
we do it right,

and we're careful.

I promise,

everybody wins.

Everybody except
Aegis insurance.

Yeah well,
fuck those guys.

I was there a few days ago
with them,

they don't give a shit
about you.

[sighs] In fact they told me to
be careful with this case,

not to make any contact
with you.


- Alright?
- I'm not saying yes but...

If I did.

What'll we do?

[Ray] Well uh... simple.

You'd do what you normally do.

[Ray] Well, you know,
do what you'd normally do,

if you were actually injured.

Cause ah... you know,
for this to work...

for them to buy in...

it's gotta be a lot...

like, over a period of weeks...
maybe even months,

different times of day,

different days of the week.

[softly talking to daughter]

[Ray] Then you know...
keep going you know.

Um... they'll... they'll keep
asking me for some footage,

Video and stuff.

I'll give them footage of you,

and they'll see
that you're hurt.

And then they'll have
to close the case.

It'll go to... depositions
and what not...

and they'll have to settle.

Hopefully you'll get close to
what you're asking for.

And you'll get 10 per cent?

It's just a small price to pay.


[gentle traffic noise]

- Hey.
- Hey


so this is how it looks
on the inside.


let me get you a drink.

Yeah, sure.

[door closes]

[beeping of video game]

Oh, thank you.

[Ray] So... uh...

where's Casey's dad?

Not here.

[Ray] Oh.

I... you know, my dad abandoned
me when I was a kid too...

Okay, maybe we can talk
about something else.

Right, I'm sorry.

It's cool.

[to himself] Shit!

[pots clattering]

Do you like meatballs?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah. Do you?

No, I'm a vegetarian.

[Colleen] The hell you are!

You said "hell"!


The "heck" you are!

[Ray] You really didn't
have to...

You're right,

I wanted to.

I really appreciate you
helping me.

You're helping my mom?

[Colleen] Yes!

Ray is helping me.

[Casey] What are you
helping with?

Art projects?

[Colleen] Exactly.

Can I see it?

[Colleen] When it's done

- [Casey] Okay.
- Okay


That is seriously gross!


[Colleen laughing]

Oh my god what do you do
if you have to poop?


Yeah, what do you do?
Do you get like a bag?

I don't poop in a fucking bag!

I'm not an animal!

What would a girl do
if she had to pee?

I don't know!

You tell me.

[Colleen] Pee in a cup!

You know... sometimes
life takes some...

weird... turns


I do appreciate
what you're doing for me.

I mean I know you're
doing it for your mom...

and the money and...

I'm doing it cause I think
you're a good person.

Am I?


[Colleen giggles]




[ominous music]

[telephone ringing]

Have you ever been married Joe?

Yeah, once.

What happened?

you really wanna know?

I was fucking around on her.

Oh, shit.

[Joe] To this day, I don't
even know why.

The one woman on this planet,
that could stand me.

And I wasn't even unhappy.

[Pat] Ray!

Hey Pat.

Still nothing on Morgan?

Nah, just um...

just more of the same,
you know.

She's really messed up.


This bill is going
to be enormous!

Ray, we gotta
get something on her.

I just point the camera...

I can't control what it gets.


[Joe] Would you like some help
on this case?

No. I mean,
nothing I can't handle.

Suit yourself.

Can I buy you lunch?


I think,

it's the dumbest fucking thing
that anyone has ever done!

I oughta go up there
and tell Pat right now.

You'd be royally fucked.

Yeah, I know.

[Joe sighs]

[Joe huffing] Oh shit!

[Joe muttering]

Tell you the truth,

I've actually thought of doing
it myself a few times!


You thought of it...

so why didn't you do it then?

Were you scared
you were gonna be caught?

No, of course not.


I just don't trust anyone.


[Joe] Like this chick...

do you really think...

that she's gonna pay you...

after she gets her hot little
hands on that cheque?

I trust her, Joe.

You don't know
a goddam thing about her...

Are you kidding me... I've...

I've been watching her

every single day.

I looked her up on line,

she has no criminal record.

I trust her, okay?

You stupid idiot!

You know what,

you just jealous
that I actually had the balls...

to do it.

[Joe chuckles]
You probably right.

[Ray] Joe...?

[Joe gagging]

You alright?

Scared me there for a minute.

Just a little gas, that's all.

Jesus Christ man!

- You scared the shit out of me!
- [Joe] Yeah

[soft knocking]

[Colleen distant] It's open!

[Ray] Where's uh,
where's Casey?

She'll be here soon.

She's with Jules.

[Ray] Alright?

[Colleen] I had to meet
with Kerrigan today.

Which is why
I'm just getting home.

[Ray soft gasp]

Huh! Okay.

[Colleen] I fucking hate
getting dressed up!

[Ray] Yeah... um...
me too.

[Colleen] Hey, why don't you cut
open that wine?

[Ray] You going to
have some wine?

[Colleen] Hah yes!

[Ray chuckles] Okay.

[Colleen] No more okay! Mommy
has company...

seriously stop!

[Casey] But I don't feel good!

[Colleen] I understand.

That's why you need
to go to sleep, okay.

Sleep makes you feel

[Colleen] Aaah!

Christ, I'm sorry!

No, it's fine!


I was thinking.

What if...

What if Aegis just decides
to pretend,

that the videos we are making
don't exist?

Usually doesn't work like that.

It's kinda like
the legal system.

Innocent until proven guilty.

I mean, you're injured because
you're claiming to be,

until proven otherwise.

[Casey] Mommy!

Oh my god...

No it's fine!

Excuse me.

[piano music]

[Colleen] Aaah my god!

That took forever!

That's fine, seriously.

I'm so sorry.

Don't worry about it.

I need more of that!



So you're going to get
a lot of money.

[Colleen giggles]

What are you going
to do with it?

- [Colleen gasps]
[Ray] You going to buy a house?

Yeah, I don't know...

Yeah, move somewhere
with a yard.

I was thinking the other day...

this is a big gamble.

For me, I mean...

like what we're doing,

it's gonna mean I win my case
in all likelihood.

But it also means that...

even though you...
would get in trouble.

You could...

fuck me.

- Uh! What?
- [Colleen laughing nervously]

over... you could fuck me over!
I want to die!

No it's fine!

Ssssh! Shut up!

If you wake up Casey,
I will seriously kill you!

I'm glad I me you Ray Brey.

I'm glad I spied on you.

You know, you could have
really hurt me.

Doing your job...

getting video of me.

If there was anyone else
assigned to my case,

I'd be in trouble.

But it wasn't.


Oh shit!


Shouldn't we... um...

shouldn't we go to the bedroom?

No, Casey's in there.
She wanted to sleep in my bed.

Oh, couch it is then.

[Colleen whispers]

No! No! [laughs]


It's been a long time
for me.


I'm sorry

It's okay.

You sure?


[Ray] I don't know for certain,
I mean... ah... I think... ah...


I don't know...

exactly when.

Soon, I think.

They... I mean, I could...

give you guys
a call back next week.


I got it.

No, no, I'm

I mean next week I think I'll
be able to cut it all back.



You doing the Morgan report?


[Pat sighs]

What a cluster fuck!

Hey... those guys
over at Aegis...

they not pissed off, are they?


I mean, the bitch is injured
so they going to pay.

They've already reached out
asking for a settlement,

way more than they
wanted to pay.

Probably close to what
she wanted.

Probably high six figures,
at least


Good for her.


Have you spoken to Joe?


When I don't hear from that
self destructive motherfucker,

I start to worry.

I'm sure he's fine!

- Yeah
- [Pat] Yeah.

You know, I'm really
worried about Joe.

He doesn't disappear like this.

Maybe he moved
o the trash island.

[Art chuckles]

He's got health issues man...
high blood pressure.

Well, he's self-destructed.

Yeah, I hope he's alright.

I'm sure he's fine.

[Ray] This chick, she...
hasn't texted me back either.

[Art] The insurance scam chick?

You haven't told anyone
about that have you?

Of course not,
I mean... who would I even tell?

No one.

I'd be fucked!

I know! Huh... but you're being
careful like you said.

And... at this point she's in it
just as much as you are...

so I'm sure she'd be
just as screwed.

No dude! She wouldn't be!

Alright man,

she's probably just dealing
with the whole settlement thing.

I mean, it's like...

Now... right?

I guess.

Well, I hope it works out man...
you know like...

the whole thing
with your mom's fucked.

Me too.

Did you sign a contract
or something?

No, I didn't have her sign
a contract.

[Art chuckles]

Yeah, I guess you could
not have done that.

I dunno man... like...

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Me too.

Hey... Uh...

Morning Sir... I was wondering...

I was calling... on the
uh... Colleen Morgan case.


did you get my report?

I mean I sent it to you guys
a couple of weeks ago

Yeah, totally, you know,
I mean...

I wish I could get something
better for you guys,

something a little more useful.

Alright so it's over then?
Did she settle?


How much did she get?

Seriously... hmm.

[tense music builds]

Fuck me!


Hey man!

She moved.


The moving truck was
here this weekend.

But no! I... uh...

Do you, do you,
know where she was going?

No... she didn't say.

She was here with her husband,
they loaded up...

- Wait... her husband!
- Hmm...

I thought it was her husband,

Maybe it was her brother.




Hey Pat

You hear about Joe?



I mean, I've been trying to
reach him,

but he hasn't been answering.
Is he okay?

I told him!
I fucking told him...

that he's gotta
start taking care of himself,

or something like this
is gonna happen.

What happened?

[Joe coughing]

[Ray knocking]

Fuck off!

[Joe groans]

[Joe] What do you want?

[Ray] Jesus Christ, Joe!

A fucking heart attack man!
What the fuck!

These doctors are a bunch
of ass holes!

They keep hounding me,

about what I should have
done differently.

There's a lot I should
have done differently!

I know that!

But here I am!

Well... I'm really sorry Joe...

You know I believe in God?

I didn't always.

Always seemed like an idea
that was so improbable...

then something happened.

What happened?


a case I had a couple
of years back...

guy named Crespo...


I got dragged to this party...

By a... guy I knew.

We were working on this,

business venture we
were trying to get started.

So... we go to this party,
we meet...

this rich guy... Crespo.

And I'm telling him about
our idea...

And he gets really interested,
and says...

Yeah, well it's
an interesting idea.

I'd love to hear more about it.

[Joe] So we exchanged
business cards, and um...

the next week...

we went out for lunch and...

he really seemed interested.

One day...

I'm on a call, with Olivier...

heading into the office.

He loved our business plan,
he's jacked up about it.

We thought he was really ready
to cut a cheque.

So I go into my office...

walk to my desk...

while I'm talking to him,

and I looked down,

on my desk,

there is this new case file...

and it says Olivier... Crespo!

Nah! You got to be kidding me!


So there were two guys
with the same name?

[Joe] No.

It was the same guy.
He was a coiner.

There was some telemarketing
firm he worked for.

All his rich guy shit
was all bullshit!

But that's not the point.

The point is...

I was talking to him
on the phone...

and there on my desk...

is a case file
with his name on it!

What did you do?

I just... I was in such shock
I just hung up.

That's almost too incredible
to be true.

[piano music]


if there's anything
you want me to do...

What do?

My dogs. I'm worried
about my dogs.

[Joe groaning]

Maybe you could check on them?

Yeah. Absolutely.

I... I... I talked to my
neighbor, the nigger...

he'll watch them, they'll be
okay until I get home.

I don't know when I'll get back.

I don't know.

[dramatic music]

[music builds]


I'm going to go to the bathroom.

[tense music]

[Joe] Husband?

I'm sorry, Ray.

Thought he was gone?

[Colleen] He was.

We were separated,
but not divorced.

Did he come back before or...

or after the settlement?

Well that... the case
is still ongoing

No it's not!

Jesus Christ!

Fuck! I should have listened
to Joe!


[Ray whispering] Goddammit!

You didn't tell someone what
happened, did you?

[Colleen] You didn't tell
anyone what we did?

You couldn't be
that fucking stupid!

Relax. Joe's not going
to say anything.

Yeah, well he fucking
better not!

[Colleen] If anyone finds out...


I'm going to say
you forced me to do it.

I'm going to say,
it was all your idea.

Well... it was my idea.

And I'm going to say
that you raped me.

[traffic noise]


[Ray] So my ten percent...

you not going
to pay me shit are you?

[fist thumps]


Yeah, I really needed
that money.

I don't know what I'm going
to do about my mom!

I have my own family... Ray

I'm sorry.

[Colleen] If you say anything
to anyone.

I will seriously ruin your life.

[Ray] Oh, what can you do?

Let it go.

[dramatic music]

[music builds]

[male voice singing]