Sardunya (2020) - full transcript

Just before her final exams, 19 years old Defne, has to return to her hometown after her father's stroke. His rehabilitation sessions will give the pair a chance to heal their fragile relationship in this beautiful Mediterranean town.

Let's make a U-turn up here.

Pull over, my dear.
Answer the phone, or turn it off.

- Hello.
- Defne?

Auntie. I'm taking my
driver's test right now. Can I call back?

Don't be alarmed,
but your father had a stroke.

How's he doing?

He's fine, just woke up.
He's paralyzed on his left side, though.

- You better get down here.
- Sure, I'll be there tomorrow.

Huseyin would pick you up
from the airport.

- No, I can make it on my own.
- Fine, darling. We'll see you.

Shall we go on?
Unless you need to call someone?

Excuse me?

Could we get on with the exam?


- Welcome, sis!
- What's up?

- Have you missed me?
- Would you like to meet Bulut?

- Sure.
- Girl, where have you been?

I couldn't find time
because of my finals.

- Yasemin, go wash your hands.
- Okay.

What's up with the sheep?

Your auntie's sacrifice for Eid.
How was the trip?

It was fine. I'm a bit tired.

Don't be a stranger.

At least the house is cooler.

- Is my aunt asleep?
- Not sure. Go check it out.

We've switched rooms, so that
your dad could rest. She's downstairs.

- Oh, mulberry!
- Hi!

You're so skinny.

- Have you seen your dad?
- No I haven't.

We will pick him up tomorrow
with Bulent.

I see that you've made a friend.
She's tied up to the tree outside.

You youngsters wouldn't get it.

- Romi doesn't seem that bad.
- Well, his tumor is growing.

- What did the vet say?
- That we should put him to sleep.

Your father is worried that
he would bite someone.

No TV, Yasemin!

What's that?

Auntie bangs on the water pitcher
because she can't yell.

Do you think we should call dad?

He must be asleep by now.
We will see him tomorrow anyway.

Are my ears flappy?

No, they aren't. They're beautiful.

My ears were the same
when I was your age.


You've got a crippled father now.

You're not crippled, my boy.

Defne, make sure this dummy
gets his exercise every day.

The first week especially
is very crucial.

- Did you hear that, buddy?
- I did, Bulent. It's fine.

- Should I be driving, really?
- You've passed your exam, right?

I haven't received my license yet.
We should at least get back home.

We're in town.
No worries.

God help us all.

Next time, you're driving.

How much did Huseyin charge?

Not him. It's the cost of the truck,
for septic tank cleaning.

- Should I check why he's barking?
- It must be Huseyin.

- What's with her?
- Praying. Mari taught her.

What's Huseyin up to
at this hour?

He's here to
hoe the garden.

But it rained earlier.
He's going to make a mess.

I wish that dog would bite him.

You've called it.
He would get the gardener first.

You're so weird.

Nadir, I'm all out of
those patches.

I'll tell the boys to write
a new prescription.

I'm in so much pain.
Is that normal?

You know how an ulcer is.
It gives you back pains.

Plus you got fluid in your lungs.
That's the only cure.

You never care about me.

Don't say that.
It will get better.

"Shame on you!"

No, he goes like this:
"Shame on you!"

Your father's a good man.


How are your kids,
by the way?

Kids are fine.
But I'm struggling, Defne.

Your aunt is acting weird
because of those drugs.

She constantly bickers.
She wets the bed.

I'm not a nurse.

She seems even worse this time.

She gets better sometimes.
She takes a walk in the yard.

But it's mostly bad.

Do you think she knows?

Don't think so. They still take
x-rays and mammography.

- And?
- They don't show her.

Those are your father's friends, you know?
They show him first.

- Is it high?
- No.

I will tell auntie about her condition.
This isn't right.

Don't you even dare.
Not a good idea.

Maybe she would feel relieved.
She might reach out to her friends.

What friends, Defne?
This woman has no one.

She has no kids, no husband.

Dad, you keep health secrets
from a 55-year-old woman.

Is this normal?
Wouldn't you like to know if it were you?

That woman has cancer!

It's in an advanced state,
spread all over.

If you tell her, she would
lock herself in her room.

You take her for an idiot.

This woman is still capable
of enjoying nice things.

She forgets about her worries
when she interacts with Yasemin.

Could you imagine what would
happen if you'd told her?

Then why would you
even tell me?

Why would you put me on the spot?

She will eventually figure it out.
How would I look her in the eyes?

Is this how you treat
your patients?

You know this is illegal, right?

- It's a crime.
- Enough, Defne.

Enough is enough.
Why did you even come down here?

Don't you see what I've been
going through?

What's this got
to do with you?

You did it all to yourself. They
told you not to smoke, but you did.

And you drank. You're such a selfish man.
She's withering away.

Shame on you!

You're not cut out for it.

What do you mean?

I mean driving.

You can't pull in or out,
or park.

Yasemin is my last hope.


He's here.

How are you feeling, bro?

I'm fine, Ayhan, thanks.
A bit on the crippled side, as you know.

That's good to hear.
Feel better soon.

Here's the prescription.
But we can only write two at a time.

- Let us know if you need more.
- Thank you so much.

- Best wishes and happy holidays.
- Thank you so much.

Happy holidays.

Here, get it filled
once we get back in town.

Put it in your pocket.


What's the matter?
You okay?

You were gonna
get me my medicine.

I'm sorry, I forgot.

Can you just take a painkiller for now?

I'll run out and find a pharmacy.

Auntie, please stop that.

I'm going out to get the medicine.
Please, let's not panic dad.

I had left the prescription on the
dinner table. Have you seen it?

No, I haven't.

I can't find it.

Come, say hi to the kids.

- Gomerca...
- Gamarcoba.

I need to step outside for a bit.
Could you keep an eye on my aunt?

Sure, I will.

- Defne?
- Hi, Gizem. What's up?

- Not much. I'm with my brother.
- Can I drop by?

Are you in Izmir?

I'm sure we don't have the patch.
But we must have a generic version.

This one requires a narcotic prescription.

I might have to say
it went missing.

Is it too strong?

Naturally. This is morphine.

It's in pill form,
instead of a patch.

Don't worry, we sell them

- How much is it?
- I have to check.

Are you okay, auntie?
I got the medicine. Do you need it?

Give it here.

- What's this?
- It's morphine.

Does your father know?

I've lost the prescription,
so I bought it from a pharmacist friend.

She said
it's the same thing.

Do you want it?

This one's from the school trip
when you were a kid.

Let me see them.

Would you have called me
if you hadn't needed my help?

What is that
supposed to mean?

Don't be like that, Gizem.

I'm not being like anything.
I don't feel like hanging out.

I couldn't have called,
because you remind me of other things.

Like what?

You remind me of that time,
my mom and the circumstances back then.

Your dad doesn't come down anymore.
Does he exercise?

He's a very difficult man, auntie.

That is how we were raised.

He wanted a dog
when he was about 12 years old.

Your grandfather got him
a single geranium plant instead.

He told him that
in order to own a dog,

he must prove to be responsible
for that plant.

One morning we got up
and all the branches were broken.

Your grandfather accused him
of not taking care of it.

- He didn't get him the dog.
- How were the branches broken?

I did it.

Does he know
that it was you?

Haven't told him then.

But he learned a lesson.
He became an ambitious man.

He became a doctor.

And you. You've been to
nice schools in Istanbul.

You've been to college.
This guy grew up in a small village.

You've got cancer.

It had spread to your entire body.

Do you remember the day we were
chased by those geese?

No, I don't.

You had toothache
and there were no dentists in the village.

We had to go to the next town.
Probably around 10 years old.

We had to walk all day. My dad had
put me in charge of you.

That day we were chased
by those geese.

Physical activities might include
mobility training...

motion therapy, constraining use therapy
and water exercises.

The duration of the rehabilitation
depends on the severity of...

- Defne.
- What is it?

- Come over for a second?
- What's up?

Your dad is not feeling well.

What's wrong?

Here, dad.

Are you okay?

It feels like
the walls are closing in.

I feel depressed.

I'm overwhelmed.
This is not who I am.

- This is too much. Where's your mom?
- What are you talking about, dad?

Would you like a glass of water?

- Huh? No.
- You can go back to sleep, Mari.

Here you go, dad.

- What's that?
- Your anti-depressant.

Give here.

Another one.

- Wouldn't it be too much?
- No, it's fine.

So this is how people go crazy.
I've made a mistake.

- Defne.
- Yes?

How is Istanbul?

Not bad. I usually spend
all my time studying.

- What?
- Mostly studying.


Is there anyone
you're interested in?

You can say that.

Is that so?

How about you?


Why are you like this?

What do you mean?

You hate me.

That's nonsense.
Why would I hate you? I don't.

When you were little,
like, around 5 years old,

your mom and I called you over
and asked:

"What are you going to be
when you grow up?"

You said you wanted to be
a soldier.

I was like "That's my girl.
What kind of soldier?"

You said: "Enemy soldier, daddy."
Your mom and I laughed so hard.

- Should I check your blood pressure?
- No.

Have a good night.

You too, enemy soldier.


Where's your father?
Go get him.

I can't take it.

- How's your father, Defne?
- Fine.

Couldn't you sleep, auntie?

This place used to be isolated.

But people from Istanbul
have flooded it.

This place would add
years to your life.

- Nadir is a man of taste.
- All this was left from my wife.

- My condolences, Defne.
- Condolences.

Excuse me, I have to explain
the situation to my daughter.

Sure, go ahead.

Are you okay? Mari said she
couldn't wake you up.

Shut the door.

My girl, your aunt has passed away.
She killed herself.

Mari had called the ambulance
without telling me.

She wasn't thinking.

Now they want to ask you
a few questions.

Like what?

Basic procedure.

What time did you go to sleep?
Have you heard anything? Etc.

- You got that?
- Yeah.

She had taken this medicine.
Do you know how?


I've sent Mari and Yasemin
to the neighbor's.

If they ask, you've called the ambulance.
You got that?

Then you've passed out from fear.
And that's all you remember.

Do you understand?

Put that sweater on.

Let's give a good impression
in front of strangers.

Dear Defne...

Do you know why we would like to
talk to you?

To get my statement.

No, this is not that serious.
The prosecutor would like to ask...

My condolences, again.
We've talked to your dad.

The pills your aunt had taken last night
are not prescribed.

- Did you buy them?
- No.

Could you guess
who might have bought them?

What was the last time
you saw your aunt?

After the dinner.

Like, around when?

7-8 o'clock. I can't remember.

Have you felt anything strange?
Did she look distracted?

Could you tell us about
this morning?

One day, one naughty crow...
Ha ha ha hah...

Stole a piece of cheese...
Ha ha ha hah...

Your aunt was a strong woman.
She grasped the situation.

And after seeing your dad like this,
she wanted to unburden us.

I mean, I think...

What are we going to do
with this sheep now?

- You haven't slept yet?
- I can't.

How did you get up here?

What was that talk about the autopsy?

They do an autopsy on suicide cases.

They will hold your aunt
in the morgue for another day.

Stupid Mari.

What would have been different
if we hadn't reported it right away?

We could've stashed
the medicine container away.

You guys never think about that stuff.
I should've been told first.

How could she have known?

Get out of here.

She had cancer. Why the autopsy?
What suicide? For god's sake.

A woman like your aunt...

Anyway, don't talk to
other people about this.

And with this prayer,
may her soul be blessed...

and may she rest in peace in
the afterlife.

May she join you in the heavens,
our almighty god.

May you bless those who remain behind
with patience.

Let's all pray together
for the deceased's eternal soul.

Would you all give your blessings
to the departed?

We do!

- Would you all give your blessings?
- We do!

God bless and condolences.

My condolences.

No, the stem needs to be green.
Otherwise it's garbage.

And make sure they are not too firm.
Go ahead.

- I'll be in the car.
- My bag is in the car.

How much should I get?

About a kilo and a half.

Did you grab some cash from home?

No, I haven't.

- Fine. Is this enough?
- I guess so.

What do you mean? Don't you know
the price of things you're buying?

Come on, dad.

You learn everything from scratch.
Like using your arms and legs...

Sure, the brain forgets
these things instantly.

Thanks, god willing.


Have a good day at school.

Have some olives.

I have.

I used to eat 50 of them
when I was your age. Have some more.

I think that's Mr. Harun.

Mari, maybe you should
go downstairs.

No, she's fine.

Are you sure?

I'm sure. No worries.

- I'm going to let him in, then.
- Go ahead.

If they ask, you are my uncle's daughter
and came here to help.

"The contents of her stomach
indicate poisoning.

"And the trauma markings
around the mouth..."

Thank you dear.

"And the trauma markings
around the mouth raises suspicion

"of murder rather than suicide.

"For this reason,
it is advised to re-evaluate the case."

Could you read
the last part?

"And the trauma markings
around the mouth raises suspicion

"of murder rather than suicide."

Where did that come from?

My sister had only
a few months left to live.

That night she must have been
fed up with all...

and decided to take all the pills.

And maybe she pressed her hand
against her mouth to not vomit.

What else could it have been?

This report is controversial.

It's nonsense. Now we have to go
through a bunch of paper work.

Unfortunately, you are right.

We might have to come
back here again with the squad.

And even the prosecutor
might come along.

This is very unfortunate.

What have you done
with the olives?

The olives are ripe,
but who's going to pick them?

Do you also store them
in plastic containers?

My wife has hung ours
from a tree in burlap bags.

I had forgotten about them
and later thought they had gone bad.

But I still gave them a try.

They turned out pretty dry.

The rain had washed away the salt.

Anyway, I should get going.

We had neglected the dog,
with so much stuff happening.

We should take care of him.

Do you think it's necessary right now?

The animal is in pain.

How are we
going to do it?

We can slip some pills
in his meatloaf.

And in about 40 minutes...

Steer to the right.

- Mari should go away for a while.
- Why?

The police are going to be around.

There is some cash missing
from the house.

Are you insinuating that
Mari took it?

She could have taken it
any other time if she wanted.

- What, are you going to fire her?
- Not so fast. I didn't say that.

This is not about money,
it's about trust.

Dad, don't be ridiculous.
Who's going to take care of Yasemin?

Why don't you go back to Istanbul?
You don't study here.

Now, I don't want to take
too much of your time.

Murat, are we done here?

Good, could you leave us alone?

We need to talk about Ms. Meryem.

Defne was not the one who called
the ambulance that night.

You had told us that
she came to help,

but turns out she is employed by you.

We have to interrogate her as well.

Come now, there are a lot of
houses in the area with caretakers.

I'm sure we can
find a way around.

The prosecutor has the case.

Is that why?

Could we show her as
employed by someone else?

There are companies too,
you know.

Impossible. There are
phone records and neighbor statements.

Also, I don't know how long
she's been working for you, but

- how was her relationship with your sister?
- They were close, no grudges.

Actually, there is some
cash missing from the house.

Listen, if you got anything
on your mind, we should talk.

No, she sometimes
forgets to mention.

She has been working with us
for a long time.

Plus, my late wife
left her to my care.

I have to clarify
certain things first.

Not that I have thought about this but...

If we cannot talk to Mari,
you will be the prime suspect.

Defne and I
might be as well.

So, if you prevent me
from talking to Mari...

What do you mean by preventing?
What are we even talking about?

- That's not how I meant.
- So why are we in this situation?

You said something about
missing money.

Yes but, I don't want things
to get complicated.

Plus, you should figure out
who provided that medicine first.

Then we can talk.

I wish you'd mentioned this before.

I cannot believe you.
I think you're a bad man.

What are you saying?

Do you even hear yourself?
I think you got confused in the head.

You are talking about Mari here.
How can you dismiss her?

Watch your mouth.

Your aunt was a woman of faith.
I don't believe she'd commit suicide.

So what are you insinuating?

Are you hungry?

You okay?

Your father spoke to me again.

He asked about
that night and the medicine.

What do you think?
Should we tell him?

Tell him what?

Maybe he can figure it out.

Had you visited your aunt that night,
or heard anything?

I was asleep Mari.

But I saw you in the kitchen
that night, right?

So, what are you trying to say?

You're mad at me.

No I just don't get
what you want.

Look, Defne, here is the situation:

I send money to my son.
His dad doesn't take care of him.

Should we talk
to your dad?

So he doesn't think that
I was the one who got the medicine.

Dad, should we do your exercises?

We're swimming against the current.

What am I going to do about work?

Forget work right now.
You're slowly getting better.

It's easy to say.
What about your tuition?

Who do you think pays for it?

Anyway, let's take
care of that dog.

Right now?

Or, don't worry.
Huseyin and I would handle it.

Fine, but first let's do some exercise.

Should we have taken him to a vet?

Same difference.
He would've done the same thing.

Feels like we're rushing.

- What happens now?
- We wait.

I'll talk to Yasemin.

Do animals and people
go to the same heaven?

Have you known about auntie?

For a while now.

- Did auntie know?
- Yeah.

How did she find out?

I told her.

Why did you?

Wouldn't you like to know
if it were you?


Good job!


How's Yasemin holding up?

I don't know. This is heavy stuff.
Especially for her age.

My dad had a stroke, my aunt died,
the dog died.

And there's that sheep.

Maybe you should have waited a bit
for the dog.

For what? Poor animal was vomiting
every other day. He was in pain.

I was just saying
the timing wasn't right.

Well sometimes you got to do
what you got to do.

You sold me the medicine,
and now the woman's dead.

She wouldn't have swallowed it
if you had given me those patches.

What are you
trying to say?

Are you feeling okay?

Gizem, my aunt
didn't die from cancer.

She killed herself with those pills.

The police are looking into it.

Tell me about what happened.

That night, my dad
had a panic attack.

My aunt was screaming.
I was worried about my dad.

Then I put her to bed. But she was
still breathing when I was there.

So she did it after you left?

I don't know. The bottle was empty
when I went in the room.

I thought she was
going to sleep for a while.

- I guess a part of me knew.
- So let's tell them that.

I don't want trouble.

If we tell, you'll get in trouble, Gizem.

Since it is suicide,
this would arise more suspicion.

The laws don't work that way.

- Who's that?
- Fuck.

It's Harun.

Come, Defne, sit down.

Anything to drink?

How you guys
been holding up?

We're fine.

How is Nadir?

He's recovering quickly.

They have tracked down the
pharmacy that sold the drugs.

Topkaya pharmacy
has them in their inventory.

Is that where you
fill your prescriptions?

I don't know,
don't think so.

You know Gizem.


So you haven't bought
any drugs from there?

Could Mari have bought any?

I don't know.

Now, Defne, your aunt
might have requested them.

Maybe she asked for it.
You would've never known her intention.

So if you know anything and share with us,
we might turn this around.

I did not buy them.


I will talk to Nadir.

Go on dear, eat your meal
before it's cold.

I said, eat your meal.

You give Mari a hand.

Did you get your aunt's medicine
with a prescription?

I had lost it.

What then?

I lost it...

Look at me. What happened then?

You went and got the drugs
from Gizem, didn't you?

Get the fuck out of here.
Get out!

Get out of this house!

- I didn't do anything.
- You wanted her dead, right?

Get out now! I've been
beating myself up for this for days.

- My own daughter!
- I didn't do anything.

She was crying out for you.
I just put my hand over her mouth.

Are you fucking nuts?
You just covered her mouth?

Get the fuck out of here!

- She'd already taken the medicine.
- Get out of this house!


She says she covered her mouth.

Why did you even
come here?

She says she covered her mouth.
She didn't do anything.

Are you insane? Covered her mouth?
What an imbecile.

You better leave tomorrow.

What good have you ever done to me?

Get the fuck back off to Istanbul!

When you had left for Istanbul,
your aunt came to me and said:

"I'm in pain."
I told her that I'd look into it.

I told her that we would
get her checked out if it got worse.

Then she felt better,
and I've ignored it.

How would you have known?

My world turned upside down
when your mother died.

I've made a bunch of poor decisions.

I regret the day I hit you.

It's not only that, dad.
There is so much more.

You've had me kill a dog
just the other day.

We have a vet, and there is Huseyin.
Why me?

Do you think this is normal?

I shouldn't have left you alone
with Yasemin. I'm sorry about that.

Well, we are both bad seeds of
bad fathers. What can you do?

You've gotten us into big trouble.

Nadir, I've spoken with the pharmacist.
She doesn't know.

Then I've spoken with her daughter.
Defne has bought the drug.

- Has this been documented?
- No. But you've put me on the spot.

You're right. I will talk to the
doctors involved in the case.

If only I had more time.

Any longer
and this becomes illegal.

What? Are you going to
arrest my girl?

You know, you and I go way back.
Tell me, what would you do?

I am aware what I'm asking from you.

And I do this as a dear old friend.
And I'm ashamed.

You have got to
give me some time.

Yes. I'm calling on behalf of
Mr. Bulent and Mr. Ihsan.

I am calling as a friend of theirs.

With many thanks to their referral...

Yes, sir. He's the one
who would help us out.

Yes, the statement
would be "negligence". Sure.

I already appreciate your help.

Is that so? I wasn't aware of that.

Defne hasn't spent
too much time around here.

She mainly lives in Istanbul.

Would you like some coffee?

Mari, you are like
a daughter to me.

You've been with our family
for a long time.

And we need to handle some
family issues at the moment.

I have spoken with Harun.

You have to give a statement as well.

What does that mean?
Couldn't you handle this?

Unfortunately we are forced to
face certain charges.

No doubt.

So, this medicine...

Someone has to have bought it
without prescription.

That's where we're at.

So, if I may cut to the chase...

how much are we
paying you each month?

500 dollars.

How much is that in a year?
Six thousand, right?

What does that make in 10 years?
60,000 dollars.

I don't know what to say.

Isn't this a bit cruel?

I haven't done anything.

I'm not being cruel.
I'm just trying to do the best for all.

What's the other option?
You will get deported.

Defne would go to jail at 19 years old.

But I was planning to bring
my children here.

We're talking about
60,000 dollars here.

You won't have to work again.

You can leave without being interrogated.

Let's go.

Yasemin, don't forget to shut the door.