Sardaar Gabbar Singh (2016) - full transcript

The story revolves around a maverick cop Sardaar Gabbar Singh(Pawan Kalyan) who gets transferred to a village called Ratanpur where the village is ruled by a ruthless king Bhairav Singh(Sarada Kelkar). How Sardaar Gabbar Singh saves the village from the clutches of Bhairav Singh and how he will win his love life Arshi Devi(Kajal Agarwaal) is the crux of the story


Oh! Hey, open the gate fast

Come, brother

How many men were they?

Boss, they were two men


They were two

And you three

Did you watch this movie before?

l have watched it 30 times Now l have come for you

What did you think and come?

Did you think that boss will be very happy?

He will give accolades Yes?


Are you watching the movie by bunking school?

Father, l said no but brother has brought me

You are already spoiled Are you spoiling him too?

Get up! Come

Go You come

Sit down

Why did you marry him?

He is beating me all the time

People look at widows with bad intentions

You were a three year old boy when your father passed away

He was a three month old boy when his mother died

We were worried as what will happen to you because... didn't have a father and he didn't have a mother

That's why we both decided to get married because...

...of the advice given by our relatives

We got married to give both of you parents and...

...not for becoming wife and husband

You will not understand all this even if l tell you

First stop thinking about irrelevant things...

...and concentrate on studies

How long will you take?

Hey, tell your brother to join us

He too must be having money

Hell with him! He doesn't have any money

We both are treated differently in the house

Whatever he does in the house is right

Whatever l do is wrong

He is hero and l am villain

That's why l like villain

l liked Gabbar Singh very much

ln fact l am Gabbar Singh

Your younger son is very lucky

He will become a great person Watch it

Hell with him! lt is not him who will become great

- lt is Gabbar Singh - Hey, what rubbish are you talking?

Astrologer is telling about brother Will you talk like that?

- ls he an astrologer? ls he a brother? - Hey... Hey... l will...

Don't you have respect towards elders?

Whoever is afraid, they are dead

You have committed the mistake

- Will you frame me for that? - Who were playing cards?

- Catch him! - Hey! Catch him!

- Close the gate - Come!

Don't leave me! Catch him!

Where is he? Have you found him?

What if he is not found?

He is not a servant to let him go away so easily

He is a young boy

Tell me, what had happened?

He is found in the neighbouring village

l beat him and put him in a hostel

lf he stays here then he will get spoiled and...

...he will spoil the other one too

Do you know what he said while going?

Hey! Today l am young and you are grown up

That's why l am running away

l will not escape like this in future when l am grown up

l will chase each and every person

l will chase...l will chase...l will chase...

Boy becomes Pawan Kalyan Few years later...

Hey! Who are you? What do you want?

Locker is over there Will you go there or what?

lt is the money that l saved for my daughter's marriage

Are you drinking tea in leisure when the bank gets looted?

One person has already left for bringing back your stolen money

l had never seen you anytime before in this area

Which station do you belong to?

Did l come to a temple for telling my name and lineage?

There is nothing left to know Only settlement!

Hello! Mike testing! Mike testing!

People of Kondaveedu and people from market!

Your money is safe

Show your passbook and settled the amount

Don't fear anyone

Whoever is afraid, they are dead

Sir, you have become our god by giving us our money back

l am not god to appear if you do penance

One will automatically get to see me if they commit a mistake

We thought the money deposited in bank is lost

You brought it back like a hero

Hey! l am not a hero l am a villain

What is it, sir?

Whenever a person commits a mistake and...

...considers himself as a hero then l will consider myself...

...a villain for teaching him a lesson That's why l am a villain

So will you save us from flies and insects too, sir?

lf a fly bites you then you take care of it

lf something else bites you then l will take care

Hey! He is neither a villain nor a hero

He is the same skinny boy who roamed the market when he was young

He is our Venkatratnam Naidu

- Hey, boy! How are you? - Silence!

My name is not Venkatratnam Naidu

Then what is your name?

Hey, look at Gabbar Singh

Hyper Singh of entire lndia

On hearing his name All the muscular men begin to fear

His body is covered in steel

His nerves are made of nylon strings

His character adds a new colour to the kaki uniform

He defines power

His trashing results in swelling

His eyes spit fire

Any villain will find it as death warning

He got these traits since birth

He is the brand for power

His style is high-end

His following is mind blowing

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

He is on the way to do something

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

lt is a brand new song to sing

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

He is on the way to do something

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

lt is a brand new song to sing

lf anybody interferes with me...

The weather will turn hot...

Whoever gets thrashed by me will never walk again

You can interfere with good people

You can pinch a bad person

Who will meddle with a person like me who knows nothing?

He will not worship others

He is rough! He is tough!

He is bit eccentric He is born like this...what to do?

Whoever is afraid, they are dead

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

He is on the way to do something

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

lt is a brand new song to sing

My face is looks classy

My punch carries lot of weight

Let it be any danger, my guts are ready to face it

The dress on my body is like a wind to the fire

l will break the jaw bones and teach a lesson

Ride as if you are flying

l will come like a storm

l will strike like a bullet

His policing breaks all rules

Whoever is afraid, they are dead

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

He is on the way to do something

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

lt is a brand new song to sing

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

He is on the way to do something

Gabbar Singh! Gabbar Singh!

lt is a brand new song to sing

Hey, brother-in-law

l am the producer of the movie that you are going to make

By the way, you go urgently and book two tickets for Bangkok

Sir, what is this?

Mud bath! Very good for health You too take it

What, Mr Siddhappa? What is this mud and mud bath?

Come to Bangkok Get it done there

What a wonderful plan?

lf a bank gets closed, then one has to face police inquiry and lot of questions

We cannot do anything

lf thieves burgle it then lots of money as well as sympathy

Brother! Brother!

Plan has failed

Some guy beat us and took the money

Lost money?

How did you lose so much of money?

Hey, Siddhappa l am telling you right now

lf there's a police inquiry against me then l'll tell your name first

Yes, brother-in-law

He fooled us and now he is offering prayers

Hello! Offer prayers later First settle the matter

You don't worry l will take care of everything

l will take care

l want customers who fear me in the business

l don't want partners who are frightened

Mr Bank, did you commit suicide fearing that the bank heist will get revealed?

So what about you

Brother, the stolen money will not be recovered if l am killed

lf you spare me then l will kill him and come to you

Everyone is making sacrifices We are unable to tolerate it

Go underground for sometime


Nephew, policemen are the enemies of rowdies...

...but not of politicians

Since we are entering the politics now, so we should talk first

lf they lift their head then we should lower it

lf they meddle with us then we should finish them

- Hey, Sooridu - Brother!

Find out who is it

Find out where he lives

Good morning, sir Did you eat breakfast?

l had You go and have

Oh! Again dosa (south lndian food) today?

Make it fast, mother l am getting late

ls it necessary to go on time for doing hooliganism too?

How many times didn't l tell you to help father in rice mill?

Hey, where is your ring?

- Mother, it is in my pocket - Show it

Since it is heavy inside the pocket so l have pawned it


Hey! l didn't sell the pump set from Mr Rayudu's field

His servant has sold it Leave me!

Hey, fool! Why will you sell the pump set when you're served everything on a platter?

ls this your deed?

- First tell them to remove the guns - What should l do, mother?

l have got more enemies in the house than from the entire village

Drop the guns

First of all you don't talk to me

Wherever you worked, you would come home once in every month

lt has been three months since this time

l came to this house to take you to my house

Mother, l got transferred to this village l am given quarters too

Pack your luggage Let us go to our house

You may not need us But he needs me at this age

l will not come lf you want then you stay here

Me? Over here?

What if someone kill me when l am sleeping?

What if they throw me into a well?

l should be helping others

Mother, bless me to live a long life

l am going to the station for the first time

- Hey! - Sir!

l am bending for seeking blessings

- Keep an eye on the targets - Yes, sir!

Okay, take father's blessings

Mother, tell me to consume poison l will do that

Hey, will you talk whatever comes in your mind?

You are not worried about the well-being of family members

- What is this? - lnhaler, mother

lt will help you whenever you find difficulty in breathing

Enough! ls this what you mean by taking care?

Hey, Shah Rukh Khan Bring the glasses

Hey, horoscope What are the planets saying?

l should have your blessing What is it with planets?

There is a good change in you Keep it up

l have got a command over horoscope

But l am not finding any grip over his planets

l have written a love letter inside my heart long back

l have sent it to you long back in my dreams

What, brother? Why are you so late?

Good morning, sir

lf you are the newly arrived Cl then l am the constable who arrived late

- By the way, my name is... - Samba

No... no... no

Whatever it might be, it is Samba from now

Sir, that is not the name given to me by my parents

So did my parents give me the name Gabbar Singh?

- Didn't l keep it? - l see, Samba, lnteresting

- Hey, Samba - Yes

lf you agree then l wish to bring tremendous changes to the police station

What is there with my consent? We will do it

First light that cigarette

l have quit smoking

Quit? Then you are holding...

Quitting doesn't mean to throw it away

To keep it by my side and put it out

Gabbar Singh Station Kondveedu

You have lot of ego

Why did you say such a thing suddenly?

lt is understood lt is clear

- Then do something, Samba - Tell me

Call me everyday after my ego comes to the station, l'll then come

How is it possible?

You know everything before ls it clear?

He is not an ordinary guy ltem Raja

Oh! Horse, Jeep, Bike

- Will he use them according to the route? - He uses them depending on the places

Sir, you thrashed the bank goons very well

Sir, everyone is talking about you in the market

lnky... Pinky... Ponky... Daddy had a donkey Donkey died...Daddy cried!

What is he?

lt was good that it fired that side Had it been this side then...

Why are you sleeping at work?

l felt bit sleepy and lipped into sleep

What is that language like Telugu subtitles to Hindi cinema?

After being transferred to different places my language has turned into a mess

lf you sleep again at work then l'll put a garland on your photo

Rascal! l will kill you

You don't look as if you are inside the cell

Watching from your side, it looks as if l am in jail

Listen, kids No lock and lockup

Happily walk inside this police station with your innocent smiles and kid like antics

You've to keep this police station neat like how we keep this village

Sir, we cannot stop them if we do like this What if someone escapes?

Not if someone escapes He is already escaping

How beautiful he looks while fleeing!

Young boy!

Hey, no need of pistol Give me the gun

- Hey! - What?

- Stop there - Why?

The range of this gun can cover only this much distance

l am bit eccentric But there is a meaning to it

Escaping from this Gabbar Singh's police station is similar to getting killed

- Hey, Gabbar Singh's army! - Yes, sir!

- Lift the gun and shoot the target - Yes, sir!

Sir, if the bottles shake then we cannot shoot them

Target should remain stiff and steady

Targets don't move during training

But after entering the field, criminals don't move, they run


- l want to meet your sir - Sir is busy

Tell him that Siddhappa Naidu has come

Our sir doesn't meet anyone so easily without any appointment

Who are you to say that?

He is my fan!

Whether l say it or my fans say both are one and the same


Welcome to Kondaveedu

l belong to the ruling party

Youth leader of Kondaveedu

l am like a sun that gives sunshine to this village

lt is good if you remain like this sunflower

l am this

l heard that you recovered the bank money and then settled everyone's account

- l have come to congratulate you - Oh!

l too have an account in it So when will you settle my account

Your address proof is missing

l will do it

Once l find it, l will settle it very soon

Are you having so much of confidence,

l have got confidence Guts and Dare

l too have them

So l am your competitor

Not just you, nobody will compete me

Nobody can compete with me

Siddhappa, it is because l am my own competitor

l compete with myself

You don't know my history So, you are talking like this

l don't want to know the history and trash

l didn't come to fight l have come to introduce myself

But l introduce myself only after getting into fight

You don't know about my popularity in this area

What is it with popularity? lt is like passing cloud

lf the atmosphere turns hot, it melts down

l am like sky

Let there be lightening, thunderstorm or heavy winds,

l will remain the same all the time

The passing clouds that crosses me... l care a damn for them

- How come l am a passing cloud? - Talk with respect, you fool!

Sir...sir Sorry, sir

Don't attend the call Let it continue

What is your work here?

This is my world My house and palace

This is my world What is your work here?

lt has been ten years since the song was released

But still the power is intact

Hey, Bulli Naidu

l will not agree if you ask for credit even today

You cannot play cards if you don't have cash

We will introduce cash Why do you worry?

l didn't understand why the price of silver was increased

lt is for you

- Hey, ATM - Yes

How much will you pay for this?

Hey! Venkatesh!

Your grandmother has passed away Her dead body is being carried away

- Go and see her for the last time - Grandmother!

- Throw the card - What is that? Will you not go?

The funeral precession will pass this way l can see her then

- Enjoy, brother - Wow! l got a life

No One life is lost there One life is found here

God balances the world

- Police is coming! - Hey, relatives attend functions

And police conduct raids wherever cards are played

We have to give everyone their gifts

- Hey, Gabbar Singh's army - Yes, sir!

Strong ones go that side Short ones go this side

- And those who are fit may follow me - So we will not come, you go

Oh, god! lt is okay if my men don't fight

At least make sure they do dieting

By the way, whom are we going to fight?

People who are playing cards Shoot the people who play cards

Finally get rid of this bad habit forever

My goodness! How come the words are coming out in such flow?

- Hey, Samba! - Sir

- Write down - What should l write?

Sometimes diamonds and extraordinary things come out of my mouth

You have to write down them...

Wow! This one too is wonderful Should l write down this too?

lt is not sufficient if you find it extraordinary

lf l find it extraordinary then you should write them

Okay, fine, by the way, we have to raid the gamblers

- We shouldn't fire at them - We have been conducting raids since ages

Did anyone change? No

That's why we should fire

They will not learn any lesson until they get shot by a bullet

Gabbar Singh has come! Run, guys!


One should lose money in gambling

But it seems lives will be lost instead

- Sister! lsn't brother-in-law at home? - Scoundrel!

Playing cards since 30 years

Went to jail for 50 times

lt should be either Gabbar Singh or me lt should be decided

What is this injustice? We will play cards

You have to conduct raids and arrest

l am asking what this firing is

Oh! A great encounter specialist has come

l am playing cards since 30 years

So will you take the law in your hands for that?

What is the need to take law in hands for such a silly matter?

lf l take out this gun and fire...

Hey, what is that? lt will fire

- Don't we know that? - lt seems he is going to kill me

Hey, you might forget to give my 30 rupees

l will come to your house and collect

My goodness! lt seems the entire policemen of the state have come

This is injustice!

- Hey! - Sir

- Whoever is found, trash them badly - Okay, sir

- Where were you all these years? - What?

- Are you married? - No

- Then l will not leave you at any cost - What?

l mean criminals

Will you please leave me? l am feeling uncomfortable

- l am very comfortable - Are you crazy?

How did you find out? Do you too feel the same?

Leave me l might fall down

Definitely l have already fallen

Hey, hope you are fine Anything...anywhere,

- lt seems you are feeling shy - l am fine

- Sir, did you find someone? - Yes, l found

- So did you catch them? - Tightly

- Then l'll take them and put into the jeep - l will kill you

Oh! These rose flowers are piercing a lot

Hey, if you listen to me then you will get away with instalments

Otherwise if my bank officer comes then you will lose your shop

They are dancing when l am asking them to pay EMl's

Hey, bank Didn't you go to duty?

l have come on duty My mind is becoming hot

There is something else that is hotter than it, shall l read?

ls it happy life? Read

Dear Samaram sir,

l went to Rajahmundry during summer vacation to meet my elder sister

But my brother-in-law is giving me strange looks

l am afraid that my sister's life will get ruined

Will you please give me a solution for this?

Because my brother-in-law's looks are making me mad

She is addressing Dr Samaram as dear

lt means the girl is very fast

Oh! Bhagyalaxmi

- What are you doing? - Oh! She has come

l told you to open the shop before me and start the business

Have you sold something?

l am waiting since long time Nothing is sold yet


The newly arrived Gabbar Singh is looking at me

Poor soul

- Maybe he has fallen in love - Hey, Koti

One more tea

She will not fall for you

Why did you say such a thing suddenly?

My goodness! Are you trying her? Tell me l'll drop out

No sir! lf you want then try the girl next to her

She will fall easily This girl is very strict

ls she a school head master so that she has to remain strict?

She is a girl

- Brother - Yes

Some girls fall in a week

Some girls fall in a month

Some girls fall in a year

Finally any girl has to fall for a boy They will fall

That is nature's law Now watch

Why did you come?

Bhagyalaxmi fancy store cum ladies emporium...

...cum handicrafts cum gift shop

Do we not come if you say come so many times?

We will come

- What do you want? - Oh! What will you give?

- Ask and see - Should l ask?

Curvaceous waist...

Smooth neck...

l want a girl with these features

l want a doll of bride

- Will you accept credit cards? - lf you...

- We will accept even ration card - Oh! What is your name?

Rati... Harati You may call me as Basanti

Why did you give this facility only to me?

You are Gabbar Singh, isn't it?

Hey, what is your discussion with customers?

We don't accept credit cards Pay in cash

Here is your bride

ls it okay if there is only bride? Bridegroom too should be there

Nice pair They matched in quick time

Matching people and their minds is not as easy as you do with dolls

My goodness! You said it very well, girl

- Hey, Sambu - Sir

Write down

No... no... not there l will write down this one here

Then what should l write

- What is your name? - Harati

lf you tell your name like this then someone or the other...

Write down this Be careful

How beautiful she looks...

You are the goddess of beauty

You seem to be a goldmine

You will turn me mad

This is a sweet sight

Your beauty is a feast to the eyes

Look at her gait

Now this will begin a new love story

Hey, if the sky turns into a girl then it will be like you

lt will be like you

Hey, if happiness turns naughty then it will be like me

lt will be like me

lf you flow like rain...

lf l become like earth...

We both will merge into a stream

lt will result in flood and will flow into the sea


l got struck in your eyes, dear


Many more things have happened because of you

How beautiful she looks...

You are the goddess of beauty

You seem to be a goldmine

You will turn me mad

This is a sweet sight

Your beauty is a feast to the eyes

Look at her gait

Now this will begin a new love story

You trapped me You teased me

And then you laughed to your heart's content... sweet devil

You are like a beloved enemy

You caught me You made me helpless

You have caused restlessness inside me... dear merciless angel

You look like a goddess

The entire love of the world will find a place inside you

lt will put me to sleep

The entire beauty of the world will reside inside you

lt wakes me up


l got struck in your eyes, dear

The meaning of happiness... Happiness...

l have a learnt a new word today

Happiness Happiness lt is because of you

A chariot of flower is running inside my heart

You came You tickled my heart

You ruined my entire lifestyle

You have changed my taste altogether

You felt shy... You have cast your spell

You left me only after turning me crazy

You did all this to me


Many more things have happened because of you

How beautiful she looks...

You are the goddess of beauty

You seem to be a goldmine

You will turn me mad

This is a sweet sight

Your beauty is a feast to the eyes

Look at her gait

Now this will begin a new love story

His name is Recovery Ranjit Kumar

Manager of Rural Co-Operative bank manager

He sucks the blood of businessmen in the name...

...of EMl's and installments

lnterest paid to bank and him are different

Hey! All of you fill the jeep with your goods...

...before he gets down from the jeep

lf he comes out of the jeep...

l already got down Hey, l am telling everyone

l will not kill you with weapons

l will kill you with instalments

What, dear? What did you do about my interest?

Didn't we pay it on first?

Not bank interest, dear My interest

- Your interest? - Greetings, sir

Bhagyalaxmi, whenever l see you l feel like seeing you all the time

Then what do you feel when you see me

Do the work for which you have come

Okay... okay

Mother, you don't know how my heart is beating since morning

That is natural, son

Heart beats like that when we show something we like...

...the most to the people whom we like very much

Mother...mother... Look inside that shop

Bhagyalaxmi is the girl in maroon colour dress, Right?

Mother, you are genius

You have all my traits Come! Let us go

You wait! l want to see my daughter-in-law alone

Carry on

What do you want, madam?

- You... - Nothing

There is a function in the house very soon

- l want a box for storing vermillion - Sure! Look at this

This is made of sandalwood This is made of rosewood

- Sorry, sir - No, don't say sorry

lf you are standing after running into...

...Recovery Ranjit Kumar then you have it in you

lt is there Keep it like that

Are you Recovery Ranjit Kumar?

Have you seen it? l don't know you

But you know who l am

That is Ranjit Kumar

Can l click a photo with you?

Come, l will put my hand on your shoulder

- No, l will click a solo one - Oh! Crazy! Come on, take it

What a style, man? Hey! You

Give a short smile

Sir, Gazab whom we missed when we caught Kasab is found

- Gazab? - Sir, he has changed his looks

His belly has come out His baldhead looks the same

Sir, instead of giving dangerous looks he is giving comedy looks

l've sent you the photos through mms Confirm them and tell me


Oh! Have they matched? Good! Good! Good! Good!

Matched? So what will you do now?

What is there in it? First we will shoot you

Later we conduct DNA tests

lf it matches then we will throw the body into the sea

- lf it doesn't match? - We will throw it in a gutter

Why don't you conduct the test before shooting?

Sorry, naughty boy Rules don't permit

l beg you lf you try then the rules will permit

- No, rules don't permit - l beg you, sir

lnstead don't harass anybody from the market

Okay 123

- Greetings, Mr Siddhappa Naidu - Greetings

Greetings... greetings!

Greetings to all the businessmen

By the way, why did you call us for?

lt is nothing Nephew is fed up of his business

Henceforth he wishes to serve you

That's why l am willing to contest for MLA seat...

...from our constituency

Politics has become a costly affair

So do we remain blind if the operation for eyes becomes expensive?

That's why your share on the basis of votes and notes is three crores

- Three crores? - Our business is dull

Because of the advent of supermarkets our business is not doing well

You please show pity

Hey! Will you give the money or die?

- Decide fast! - What is it? Are you threatening?

lf you behave like this for asking money then what should be our behaviour

We will not give What will you do?

l can do anything l can do anything

How dare you raise your voice after coming to Siddhappa Naidu's house?

- Hey! - Okay, sir

- Hey, Sooridu! - Brother!

Nobody should open their shops in the market...

...from tomorrow until they give the money

lf they do it then l will kill you

Market is closed from tomorrow

This is Siddhappa Naidu's decree

Drink water

What is this atrocity, sir?

We are no carrying out any atrocity

We are closing the market in a peaceful manner

lf you open the shops in spite of our saying no then...

...we will thrash you badly That is atrocity

There is more time left for that

Hoirabba! Hoirabba! Hoirabba!

l am the guardian of this area

l am the saviour of the poor

l am the guardian of this area

l am the saviour of the poor

l am the villain for that for the people...

...who are indifferent to hard work and labour

- l am the... - Saviour

lf a person is afraid of someone then they should be afraid of Gabbar Singh

How come you close your shops by fearing him?

- What? - Yes

What is happening here?

Hey! Will you shut them because of his fear?

Or will you open them because of my fear?

Well! Well! Well!

- Hey, Sambu - Yes

Write down

l will write but why are you making me write all this

You have asked a very good question

Let us compile all these points and publish a good book

Me and my eccentricity

Yes, that is that title Me and my eccentricity

Wow! Solid! Superb!

Well, why are you closing the shops?


lf you are dissatisfied then you should visit a doctor

Why did you enter the market?

lt is our dissatisfaction over high command!

ls it?

Well, we will carry out killings if we get bored and...

...commit murders for passing time

Will you stop us? Or will you do something

- Hey, Samba! Write down this too - You!

Hey, open the doors lt is Gabbar Singh here

Hey! lf you are Gabbar Singh then l am Seenu

So what?

Hey, it is not sufficient if you merely utter dialogues

You have to stand by them and prove it

l will show you l will play kabaddi with you

l liked it l liked yours sportsmanship very much

Let us play Let us play only kabaddi

l will be on side And all of you on other side

lf you score even one point then the entire shops will be closed

lf you don't score any then you will have it today...

My goodness... Are you ready?

Ready! Let us play, brother

l was the district champion in my school days

ls it?

l have the habit of giving boons before thrashing

Three guys can come this time

You are a district champion You go

l will not go

He is not playing Kabaddi He is playing something else

He doesn't know the rules at all That is not Kabaddi at all

Hey! You go!


Brother, l am deaf

Sir, spare me

Brother, beat me lightly

Hey! ls this kabaddi? Do they call it, Kabaddi?

l am out!

Sir, l am out You only play

You are acting smart because of the police uniform, isn't it?

That's why we are sparing you Otherwise we will thrash you badly

This police uniform is there to control me

lf l remove it then it will be different

Now tell me Should l beat you by wearing uniform?

Or by removing it? What?

He beat us like this with uniform How will he beat if he removes it?

Hey, if you come to my court then it means attacking

lf l come there then it is your defence

Brother, our men are getting caught by going for attack

Tell him to come here

Sweet boy! Hey! lf you have guts then come to this court

Come for the attack


Gabbar sir, l beg you

Gabbar, sir...

Seenu Siddhappa Seenu

- Don't remember those words - Seenu Siddhappa Seenu

Oh! Gabbar, sir

Seenu Siddhappa Seenu

Oh! Gabbar, sir l beg you

Seenu? Siddhappa Seenu?

Why did you scratch your neck earlier?

ls it itching so badly?

Useless imitations

That day he deprived us from the bank money

Today he deprived us from the market money

Until l hack him into pieces, l cannot sleep in peace

Siddhu, take either medicine or alcohol if you are unable to sleep

What is the need to commit murder?

This Gabbar Singh has come to his native village

His backdrop has become his plus point and thereby his strength has increased

That's why the time to show my strength has come

- No, Siddhappa - Why?

Minister is coming next week for the inauguration of...

...Tribal Handicrafts Exhibition to our village

We will have a word with him and get this...

...Gabbar Singh transferred to a different place

What is the need to use weapons when things can be worked out on paper?

What is the need to create an issue

when the problem can be solved through discussion?

- Hail! - The minister!

New model? Light weight

lf you want then you keep it

You keep quiet, nephew

Why do you use the old one? We will send a new one

No, l just said it casually l have got a good collection

What, Siddhappa? How is everything?

Sir, we are facing lot of problems because of the newly arrived Cl

Nephew is keeping quiet because if he takes...

...any serious action then the party will get a bad name...

...before the elections

lf you can get him transferred then...

Venkatratnam Naidu l mean Gabbar Singh, heard about him

Siddhappa, some people are born in affluent families

Some people are born in reputed families

But he is born with a great following

You will go mad if you see his following in the market

lt is not good to transfer such a person during this time

What else?

The matter of my nephew's MLA ticket for the upcoming election

lt is difficult

High command still considers your nephew as rowdy

By the way, you became a youth leader recently

lf you wish to become MLA or minister so early then... is something like asking for more, isn't it?

lf you can bring down your hooliganism then you will not...

...face any problem with either high command or Gabbar Singh

- What do you say? - What is high command?

- What? - Nephew!

My hooliganism has helped the party secure four seats in last elections

Opposition is very strong in our area

lt is my hooliganism that is helping you to move around freely over here

l worked like a dog for the party

Don't you know what all l can do?

Can't you do one transfer upon my asking?

Siddhappa, any person would keep dogs as pets... that they would bark at others Not on the owners

Any person who wishes to make progress in politics...

...should get along with everyone

He shouldn't create trouble for others

Party needs rowdies for contesting elections

Not to sit with us in assembly

Come, time to inaugurate the exhibition

Hey! He talks about Gabbar Singh's following

l need to show him my following

Throw footwear on him when he begins his speech on stage

Nephew! He is a minister

Then you don't do

Hey, come! Come!

Hey, Samba

You will find many people who show their talent...

...with hands in handicrafts exhibition

l mean purse thieves They...

Gabbar Singh!

Why did you run into me like that?

There are people all around Control yourself

How? How, dear? l am unable to do it

But l will try to the maximum

Hey... What are you doing?

- Oh! Cell phone - l took it for you

Henceforth my mobile should ring continuously with your calls

My inbox should be filled with your messages

What else?

Write down the number 9988444333


Fancy number...

- Oh! Fancy number? - l am going

- Okay, you have to - ls it necessary?

lt is necessary

- Bye - Bye

- Our manager is bit mad - Yes, sir

Why do we need stalls in exhibition?

Whoever wants to take loan will come to the bank?


Who is it?

Gabbar Singh

Oh! Oh! What, dear?

What do you want?

Please give the phone to your friend, dear

Hey, Gabbar Singh

To me

Dear, you are the first girl whom l liked after my mother

l called you to tell the same matter One more thing

You are looking very attractive in the midst of so many people

lt is very difficult to do my duty

Hey, he wants to tell you something

Whatever it is, you are liked very much by Gabbar Singh

- Keep it up - l know it long back

- Hey - Call for you

- Okay, sir - Enjoy

- You look superb! - Superb?

When you walk in the market...

Why did you stop? Speak

Come on You tell me, darling

You tell me something

Hey, bank Use your own cell

- Hail! - Minister Pradeep Kumar!

Now l request our dear leader Mr Pradeep Kumar to speak

Our country lndia is a treasure filled with arts

l like the culture and rituals of Kondaveedu...

...that has three states on its border

l feel very happy for being invited

This Kondaaveedu...

Now our youth leader Mr Siddhappa Naidu will speak

Greetings to all

Market people...Go ahead

As said by Minister Pradeep Kumar...

Hey...Hey...Stop this What is it?

Hey, Gabbar Singh's army

Turn back!

- Yes, sir! - Now walk

- Sit properly - Hey... Steady

- Will you touch me? - Hey, leave me


Hey, what is the nuisance?

He is creating nuisance, sir

He has mixed quarter in water

ls it a big matter to mix quarter in water?

By the way, who has caught him?

l only caught him, sir

He didn't mix it in water He was mixing in the water tank

Okay, it is just liquor Leave him

- What? - Leave him

Leave him? How easily you said it, sir

We have caught one criminal by risking our lives

Will you tell us to leave him?

lt has become common in every industry...

...for seniors to snub juniors

Where will this society lead to, sir? Which way?

Hey! Did he drink alone? Or did you too drink with him

- No, sir - Father...

- Father... - Father?

My father

Ms Bhagyalaxmi, thank you for coming to our studio...

...and telling such a good thing

Uncle, do you drink alcohol?

Which brand do you drink?

Okay, take these bangles and let him go

This is common for you, isn't it?

l don't have money right now

Will you give bribe to Gabbar Singh?

Had anyone else said this then l would have shot them by now?

But she is a girl What will you do to her?

First l will encounter you Rascal!

Okay, girl! Anyways you are saying that you will give bribe...

Hey, Gabbar Singh's army

- Turn back! - Yes, sir!

What is happening on that side?

Law is taking its own course

The bribe that you need to give is...

With your beautiful lips...

Yes, with lips?

You have to give a short smile

Don't you want cauliflower?

You have brought shame to the department,

l am unable to laugh now

So your father is not coming home now

Again turn back!

Yes, sir!

Hey, whoever makes this girl laugh will get 1000 rupees

That's it?

Okay Okay 1000 rupees plus full bottle

Full bottle? So can l give a try?

Yes, you can

We are drunkards! We are drunkards!

Whenever we booze then we behave like kings in our own way

We are drunkards! We are drunkards!

Whenever we booze then we behave like kings in our own way

We will dance after drinking toddy

We will jump around after drinking hooch

We will rule the entire universe until we get rid of the hangover

Why do you look down upon drunkards?

ls it because we speak truth after drinking

Once a person gets drunk then...

...he is not bothered about the surroundings

Government cannot survive without this alcohol

Alcohol leads to heaven

Will these drunkards ever die? Do they die?

We are drunkards! We are drunkards!

Whenever we booze then we behave like kings in our own way

We will dance after drinking toddy

We will jump around after drinking hooch

We will rule the entire universe until we get rid of the hangover

She has laughed!

Hey, girl! Don't go like that after giving a smile

Why are you watching?

Everyone play their own instrument

That's it!

She is a girl carrying looks of a gun

How can you run away by firing at me with your smile?

She is a girl carrying looks of a gun

How can you run away by firing at me with your smile?


You have ironed my mind

Strawberry! Blueberry! Blackberry!

You have mixed them all

You have set up a French juice factory on your lips

Oh, babe! Life without you is similar to a white paper...

...with black colour

Oh, babe! Life without you is similar to drinking alcohol...

...without tasking pickle

She is a girl carrying looks of a gun

How can you run away by firing at me with your smile?

lt is like sugar-coating...

lt is like licking honey...

lt is like squeezing grapes and making juice...

This is how your sweet smile looks...

lt is like putting thousand dots...

lt is like the milk getting boiled...

lt is like celebrating festival every day...

Something like this is happening l swear on you

Don't kill me! Don't kill me!

Don't pull me into your fire like smile

Don't tear it Don't tear it

Don't fill the dark nights with colours

Oh, babe! Life without you is similar to riding a bike...

...without brakes

Okay, babe! Life without you travelling on a train...

...that has not tracks

World cup will be held for winning a small cup

lt is not a mistake if a short world war takes place...

...for your short smile

Country has to repay a debt of thousands of crores

Give a short smile

We can get rid of the debt by selling it, dear

Beat it! Beat it! Beat it!

Beat the drum hidden inside the heart

Write it...write it...write it

Write the best song ever written on smile

Oh, babe! Life without you is similar to rotating a top...

...without a rope

Oh, babe! Life without you is similar to food without salt

Hey, girl!



We are going to see the girl for my marriage, isn't it?

- Yes, sir - Of course

They why are you dancing so dull?

Dull means...

Where is the energy?

What do you mean by energy, sir?

Hey, give me the gun


lf the energy becomes less then you are finished

Dance! Run!

- Hey! - Sir!

l will go inside and come out with good news

- You wait like good boys, okay? - Yes, sir

lt is me, girl Gabbar Singh

You are okayed by my mother Your father is okay for me

lf you say yes then we will enjoy

For what?

l am a man Will you make me tell everything?

lt is...about our marriage

l will not get married

Will you not marry me? Or will you not marry at all?

l will not marry at all Do you know about my father?

Yes, l came to know

l heard he is drinking away your heard earned money

lf l put him in jail and thrash him in Gabbar Singh...

...after our marriage then he will understand

And then uncle will give up drinking and...

...change his behaviour, right?

Since l couldn't change him so l have changed my mind

Will you not marry until he dies?

l will not marry as long as he is alive

- Dear, it is not that... - Please spare me

Will l not spare you?

Are you a convict so that l can catch you with force?

You are a girl

What will l do? l will leave by doing nothing

Did you paint this doll?

Yours is an artistic family

You paint dolls during day time And he drinks at night

And people think that it is a sacrifice

Society is living in an illusion

Do l need this dress and show off?

Music...Drums...Total waste

Sir has come Play the music, guys!

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Stop it! Stop it!

Hey, give them money and send them away

Send them away? How did we come and how should we go

Play the music, guys!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Stop it!

He has lost his senses

Give them money and send them back

Sir, you don't say anything for sometime

Sir will say that You carry on

Come on! Come on!

l am saying that she rejected my love

And you are playing music? Music? Music?

Mother! Mother!

Are you here?

Your prayers have been answered

You have joined hands with god and made this plan

She didn't agree for marriage Are you happy now?

She is like you

As you don't leave these two people she too doesn't leave her father

By the way, it is her madness

Will she find a guy like me even if she searches the entire planet?

One day she too will realize her mistake

And then l will say that l have to take care of my mother

lt is not possible for me to get married as long... she is alive

Anyways you are a strong lady She will then come to know

What do you say?

Mother, l am telling you

What do you say, mother?


Mother... Mother... What happened, mother?

My dear son eat one morsel and play

Just one morsel You are my sweet boy

Why are you not eating?

You pamper him and he beats me

No No lt is not like that

Elder son is studying well

We will make him highly educated

Younger son is not intelligent We will give him rice mill

He only said this

Look, if you don't respect Naidu or treat him like...

...your younger brother then consider me dead

Mother? l will do whatever you say

Don't speak such words again Please

Then eat

You feed me

How come l should feed you too?


Brother! Eat food

lt has been three days since you ate food


Oh! What, brother?

What happened, brother?


No, brother!

Bring the plate

- Eat - No, brother


l don't feel like eating now, brother

You are not eating when l beat you with footwear... front of our men

Then how will l eat when l am beaten with footwear... front of so many people


Your anger!

Your anger is correct, nephew

Will he not talk if we talk to him?

Will he not get frightened if we threaten him?

lf we kill him...

Will he not die?

Banda Swamy!

After killing him, bring only his head

That head carries more weight

Hey, do the packing

Why did the exhibition end so quickly?

l would have made Gabbar Singh fall for me...

...if the exhibition ran for few more days

Keep quiet He is already depressed on losing...

...his mother and you are talking about love

Have tea, sir

Mother's incident happened suddenly

She was sitting like this

When l went near her while talking...

l got transferred to our village, thinking that l can meet mother daily

l thought of taking mother with me after marriage

But mother alone understood me very well

l don't understand what to do when mother is not there

Why do you disturb me when l am talking about mother?

Why do you interfere?

l didn't come to interfere with you l came to kill you

Sir, what is this?

Hey! When our enemy comes to kill us then...

...should we kill them or die?

- We should kill them - That is final


Pick it up!

Pick it up and shoot


Do policemen fear stepping into your house?

Now a person has come who can put his leg on your heart

Watch him Watch properly

Hey, you shouldn't spare a person like me...

...if you want to kill them You shouldn't miss it

Now see

Not a single person is left alive there

You know to send people l know to kill them

You are doing all this because l am interfering with your politics, isn't it?

Now l am telling you Write down!

Even if your high command gives you ticket, Gabbar Singh will not give

Nomination... l will not let you file nomination from this area

l am telling you not to do such foolish acts

Am l not talking here?

Why are you in a hurry to die?

Keep your anger and stupidity inside you

Let it not come out Don't let it come out

Hey! How come you will give me the ticket?

Why are you killing like that?

Are you eccentric?

Yes, l am bit eccentric Bit there is a meaning to it

l will show it and settle everyone's score

lf you don't regret for interfering with Gabbar Singh...

lf you don't realize it then they know very well what l am

Hey! Don't think it has already finished lt has begun now


l have taken birth l am experiencing it

l have seen it all l have seen it all

l have changed into a human being

lncrease the volume

l have taken birth l am experiencing it

l have seen it all

l cannot bear this

l can no more bear this

Nephew, it's sufficient if you have anger to cut a banana tree

But for killing Gabbar Singh, you need to have an idea

There could be a person who doesn't posses any strength

But there wouldn't be any person who doesn't have any weakness

lt will be there like everyone, he too has some weakness

We should catch it


Hey, Samba

- Do you want me to write down? - Over take the vehicle

This lorry is not letting me to do my duty

Hey! Get down!

Where is the licence? Where is the RC book?

What, sir? What happened?

Hey, are you smuggling sandalwood?

There is not a single tree around so where will we find sandalwood

- Hey, Samba - Sir

The face of the person who committed murder near...

My god! Murder case?

Sir, it is better to get involved in smuggling case

Check according to your wish Go and check

- l like you - Go, sir

l though yesterday it would...

Hey, Gabbar Singh

Why do you shake like that all the time?

We are girls We should stay in limits

Whether a leaf falls on a thorn or a thorn falls over the leaf... is the leaf that will get pierced

Hey, it is better for the leaf to get pierced than to get dried up

Don't go, Harati


lt is our lorry Come

Coming... coming

What is it, sir?

Why did you settle down beside girls in the name of checking?

What is the guarantee that wood wouldn't... smuggled on the way?

Let us go l too will come with you

So you will come with the wood while we come in jeep


l mean to say... Take care of the wood

We only didn't get any wood

Loving policeman with two wives

What, uncle? ls she your daughter?

- Yes - What is she studying?

She can send an email to her husband

l should get her married

Marriage? You are still alive, isn't it?

What, girl?

Will you get married when your father is alive?

No, my intention is not that You should take good care of him

You should bring him home if he gets drunk and falls down

When all these things happen then only marriage can take place

lsn't this the trend these days?

What, girl? She is not following the trend

Stop it, sir Why do you make fun with us?

Sir, by the way, are you following this trend?

l don't follow trend l set it

Hey, Samba Don't steal diesel money too

Put the phone down

- ls Minister inside? - You are...

He is waiting for you, sir

Greetings, sir

Yes, come... come What will you take? Coffee Tea


Will you always crack jokes like this?

Yes, sir l do my duty alone seriously

l came to know of it and that's why l called you to say thanks

lf you were not there that day then l would have been hit... footwear from Siddhappa Naidu's men

But he belongs to your party, sir He and you...

Once you enter politics then you don't think of party

You think if the concerned person is our man or not

We have to concentre on Siddhappa Naidu

Sir, you just say yes

We will take the gun out...

We will place it at a point blank range

We will press the trigger

But we don't have permission and powers to do that

Sir, power doesn't lie with position

lt lies within us

The one who has it in them doesn't need any permission

Sir, if people like Siddhappa Naidu are having...

...their own way then it doesn't mean that bad people are powerful

lt implies that good people are sitting idle

Super! lt is good

l have called you to congratulate you

You have given me lot of energy

l feel like doing something urgently after talking to you

Let us do

Let us do something good for people for being in power

Oh! Touch screen?

Sir, l don't know all that except red button and green button


Wish you all the best

l thought of calling you yesterday but l couldn't do

- Don't tell stories l will not believe - l will definitely come

Please believe me

- So should l go now? - Okay, l will wait

Who is he?


Sri means

Sridhar We call him Sri with love

The vehicle is going with good speed

Okay, let you be with anyone or anywhere...

...l just want you to stay happy

l wish only for your happiness

Hey, Rangaiah What is that song?

Sir, how do you know my name?

Will your name be Rajnala and not Rangaiah... this kind of atmosphere?

lf you want then either listen to the song or eat food

lt is not possible to have everything in life


Look, Bhagyalaxmi lf you and Sri like each other...

...then l will find an auspicious date and...

Hey, stop He is my brother My cousin

He is working here in minister's office

Brother? Did you hear, Rangaiah?

Well, will you come in lorry for meeting brother-in-law?

lt is okay if people stay apart

They should remain closer in thoughts

We only should make relationships

Well! Well! Well! Samba is not present at the right time

How wonderful you said it


Sir, do you want me to lower the volume?

lncrease it


What, Mr lnspector? Why did you come here?

- There are no criminals here - Not criminals?

l have come thinking that my loved ones are here

l have realized that one can go to any extent and... anything for the sake of loved ones

Let bygones be bygones

Henceforth let the three of us stay together

You need not work hard at this age

Father, l will take care of it

Even if you crack jokes on me, l don't have the patience and age to laugh

l never begged anyone for anything in my life

l am asking for the first time Listen to me

l am not in a bad position to listen to others and... the food given by others

- lt is not that, Mr Naidu... - Now you go, sir

Showing love suddenly...

Why don't you speak?

Will you give money or should l drink by selling these dolls?

Father, don't create nuisance at the shop

Come after one hour l will give

Yes... Yes... You will give

As long as you give, he keeps drinking

This is not necessary for you Please you don't talk in this matter

You said it well

Didn't she drink milk with my money in her childhood?

Now l am drinking alcohol with her money

What is wrong in it?

l have committed a mistake by letting you go...

...from the police station that day

Please spare me

- Listen, girl l say... - No, leave it

Don't mind whatever l do for sometime


Don't you have shame to drink by taking daughter's hard earned money?

Daughter? Me?

- l didn't mean it is you - But it is me whom you beat

Any person would win Bhagyalaxmi lottery...

...if they buy a ticket

But you got it in the form of a child

What is this?

Dialogue over there and action over here

You are not connecting with the character

lf you get into the skin of the character then... will not feel the pain

ls it?

Will you not get your daughter married?

l will not do it

Yes! She is my daughter and it is my wish

She will work in the shop all her life

She has to give me money for drinking

Will you do something?

l said l like you l will take good care of you

She said she will not get married as long as you are alive

Why is your death becoming a hurdle for my marriage?

My goodness!

Hey, market people

This is the story taking place behind my back

Hey, will you both get married after my death

l am asking you whether any person has a daughter like her

Listen... Listen...

Did my character live up to your expectation?

Was it good? Hey, tell me

Tell me Did l live up to your expectation?

Hey! Tell me, friend

Greetings, brother

Come, brother

You already look like a bridegroom

lt gives ten litres of milk every day

She is the mother of our house

My real mother is lost Therefore why do l need this?

That's why l am selling it

First let me test it

My goodness! lt is a bull

What? Bull?

Then it is father Give something and take it

Okay l will give you something

l have seen money with you after many days

Clear the remaining debt within a month

Otherwise l will come to the mill and create nuisance

Hey, there is a big game being played in the neighbouring village

l will clear the entire debt if l play one game

Hey! Leave it! Will you win the game? l heard it many times

There is no person to thrash you That's why you became like this

Hey! Why do you talk as you wish after taking my money?

He is Gabbar Singh's brother, isn't it?

Yes, brother

Brother, l can never forget your favour

- Hey, what is there with me? - Greetings, brother

What, brother? He looks so thin He is dominating you

How come he manhandles you in public?

Don't we know to do it? Are we not strong?

l mean it might lead to a fight...

Are we not there? What, friend?

Hey! Are you creating an issue or not?

Tell me! Tell...


What, friend? Do you want loan?

What is it?


Call Gabbar Singh saying that there is a fight taking place... the cattle fair

Look, sir

Look how he is beating me for lending him money

What if he is your brother? Look, sir

Are you complaining against me?

Now l will begin, you stop l will beat until you say stop

- Gabbar Singh! - Come out!

Come out? By the way, l am coming from outside

Why did all the crooks gather at one place?

Hey, Raghava

He named the police station as Gabbar Singh station

Greetings, sir

Greetings, youth leader How are you?

Watch how he beat, sir

l heard l heard

He is taking revenge in the name of duty

Watch it, sir

l am watching

Raghava, did you hear? Our boy didn't change at all

Even though he gets transferred to various places...

...he is thrashing people everywhere

He is my younger brother, sir

This Siddhappa Naidu is interfering in my family matters unnecessarily

Raghava, the person whom Gabbar Singh beat now is his own brother

Did you come to give justice? Or to make phone calls?

l am asking as my right for being a public representative...

...and also on behalf of the public

Sir, suspend him

Get me money for compensation

Or else make the younger brother beat his elder brother

That will be fine

lt will be difficult to follow so many sections

You are an elder person You tell

Ours is a respectable family since the beginning

He beat in front of everyone

Therefore he should say sorry in font of everyone

Okay, Mr Naidu lt is not that...

Sir, nobody should speak

Did you hear it, mister? Sorry? Go ahead


What? Loudly


ls it over? Now leave

Raghava, our Gabbar Singh said sorry for the first time in life

Greetings, Gabbar Singh You start


Didn't you say it before? Why do you say again?

To beat you again,


- What is this? - Sorry

- Sorry - Don't come forward

Come and accept few more

Don't feel happy thinking that you escaped in your brother's matter

l will beat you where l should beat you

Tell me if l don't make you suffer heart attack within 24 hours

- Hey, Samba - Yes, sir! Tell me

Write down

Finally he too is giving punches Write down

lf people like him come to station then...

we will fall short of books lt will be scriptures

Hey, Gabbar Singh's army

Yes, sir!

Bring all the goons of Siddhappa Naidu

Tell them that your sir has called you for tea

lf they don't come...

Tell them that l will be coming by carrying a belt

Okay, sir

- Go! - Follow me, guys

Hey, Samba!

Yes, sir

Lift the gun and point it at these dogs

Here l do it, sir

Hey! Your brother has challenged me saying...

...he will do something within 24 hours

What is his thought? What is his sketch?

l should know all this

We don't know anything, sir

Nowadays he is not spending time with us He is going out with politicians, sir

You don't make me angry

lf you tell me quickly then l will buy you chocolates... and cashew nuts

How do we know, sir? We don't know!

What did you say? What?

Sit down! What did you say?

How do we know, sir? We don't know l said this

No! You didn't say in this tone

How do we know, sir? We don't know!

You said it in this tone

Tell me in that tone

How do we know, sir? We don't know l said this

Why isn't there anger in the face?

Where is the base in voice?

lf you don't say it correctly then your head will break... watermelon Say it correctly!

lf you put the gun near brain then how will l get base, sir

He got scared!

Hey, fatty You got scared, isn't it?

Sir, you do nice comedy

What comedy? Do you find this as comedy?

Like joke...

What joke?

Do you find it as joke if l put a gun at point blank range?

Tell me! You should tell a joke and l should laugh

Tell me the joke

Sir, l don't do comedy l don't know jokes

You should tell a joke and l should laugh

Tell me! Tell me!

He too got scared!

Hey, Samba! He too got scared

Why isn't anyone laughing?

Why isn't anyone laughing when Gabbar Singh said a joke?


You should laugh when l tell a joke You should laugh! Laugh!

- Sit down, sir - That's it!

Why should we fear him?

You just say yes l will play football

- You shut your mouth - Hey! Hey! Hey!

What is he saying? What is it that he wants to play?

Sir, he is new to our gang

l am telling him about the recent kabaddi game you played

No Not that, he said... Let us play something... Football

No. we have stopped playing outdoor games after your coming

We are playing games like snake and ladder...

...hopscotch and antakshari

Then let us play

Let us play antakshari

The guy on whom the song ends should...

...disclose your brother's plan

Who is that guy?

Who is that cute little boy?

To find out the same, play antakshari right now... Gabbar Singh's studio

First let us begin it with you


Which letter, sir?

Sing a song Ra

- Ra? - Yes

Oh, flower! Why do you need rhythms...

...when you are going to fall down?

Why do you need colours when everything... going to turn dark?

This is the night that will never see the dawn, dear

Oh, dear! Don't sing yesterday's song

Sing with ma

l will be there for you to support you... a tree climber

l will be there for you like moonlight at night

Oh, dear sister

l will become the mole on your leg and repay the debt...

...for being your sibling

Oh, dear sister

l will become the mole on your leg and repay the debt...

...for being your sibling


Mother, l want to see you

l want to see you and father

l should kiss father

l should sleep in your laps

Mother! Mother!

Mother, l want to see you

l want to see you and father

l should kiss father

l should sleep in your laps

Mother! Mother!

Sir, brother sings very well in lady's voice

ls it?

Hey, keep quiet Are you cracking jokes?


He is making joke, sir


Song is not what you sing when someone asks you to sing

Game is not what you play when someone tells you to play

Song is not what you sing when someone asks you to sing

Game is not what you play when someone tells you to play

What you give when asked to give is not your heart

Whether it is a flower or smile, it will not come for you

Hey! Stop it!

What is it? Why are you singing sad songs...

...when l am asking you to sing songs?

Where is the enthusiasm? Where is the energy?

Sing some energetic songs, rascals!


Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose flower!

Rose flower! Flower

Are you the one who blossoms every day?

Are you the most beautiful flower?

Are you the flower that gives fragrance?

Are you the crazy and tempting song?

Wow! Wow!

Rose! Rose! Rose! Rose flower!

Rose flower! Flower

Are you the one who blossoms every day?

Superb! Superb! Great job

Do you always do this? Or are you doing it only these days?

What, Samba? What do you say?

How well he sang, dear Nobody is able to understand us

Rose Rose Rose What rose is it and what nuisance

Next item!

My dear beloved Don't beat me and scold me

My love on you will never become less my dear beloved

My dear beloved Don't beat me and scold me

My love on you will never become less my dear beloved

My dear, babe

Don't bring shame to me in the name of love

Hey, young boy Sa for you

Oh, my dear! Listen to me Listen to the music of love

l have chosen you You too chose me

Oh, my dear! Listen to me Listen to the music of love

l have chosen you You too chose me

Next Hindi ma

Someone threw green colour over me

Happiness has killed me lt has killed me

lt has killed me

Someone threw green colour over me

Happiness has killed me lt has killed me

lt has killed me

Oh, god!

lt has killed me

Oh, god!

- lt has killed me - Oh, god!

lt has killed me

Hello... Hello...

Brother, it is me

Hey! Whom are you calling?

l am calling, brother

Do it, but don't talk Sing

Whatever you speak... Convey it through the song

Show your craziness! Show your craziness!

Once you come Come! Come! Come!

Ksha Your letter is Ksha

Sir, there are no songs with ksha

There will be if you can sing

Bring it out

Oh, moon! Come

Oh, moonlight! Come

Cross the mountains and comes Bring some gifts

Oh, moon! Come

Oh, moonlight! Come

You are caught

You have changed the moon...

Tell me what your brother is thinking

Tell me what he wants to do

Tell me!

He is getting your lover married to some other guy

Thanks a lot for coming to my studio and giving us...

...your precious time and information

Thanks a lot to all of you

l though Gabbar Singh is very strong

Uncle, what you said is correct

He too has a weakness

Hey! Will you challenge me saying that you will stop me...

...from contesting elections?

What is it with elections?

They come once in every five years

But marriage happens once in hundred years

There is still one hour left in the time given to you

Well, you have some calculation Right?

That's why he told you

Who is it?

Oh! Sir has come

What did you say?

l am a useless person who cannot get his daughter married

l have found the number one son-in-law from Kondaveedu

My son-in-law has got 35 liquor shops in this area

Hello! He is marrying without taking any dowry

He is giving me money in return

Anyways you have come

You and your staff sit on one side, eat food and go

lf you want then you can even have drinks

My son-in-law has made those arrangements too

He is the owner of 35 belt shops

By the way, you both should drink together...

...after the marriage

He will drink in sadness And you will drink in happiness

You don't worry at all She is my daughter

l can stop this marriage with my force and power

But l cannot marry you forcibly

One can sacrifice their life for the sake of father

But they shouldn't ruin it

ls it for a father like him?

l can imagine under what circumstances... agreed for this marriage

You need not tell me anything

lf you like me then lift your head and...

...look into my eyes once

Even if he ties two knots by then l will stop him...

...from tying the third knot and also stop the marriage

lf you don't look at me today then l will never see you anytime

l will not show my face

Didn't l say? She is my daughter

Guests and hosts, this marriage will take place

lt will continue after a short break

Don't go anywhere till then

Stay tuned to Gabbar Singh Don't change the channel

Hey, l will fire 30 bullets by the time you tie three knots

Three knots or thirty bullets? Decide yourself

l have got 35 wine shops

l want neither marriage nor bullets

lf l stay alive, l can marry thirty times

Hey! What is this atrocity?

- Hey, Gabbar Singh's army - Yes, sir!

l shouldn't hear anything other than the priest's chanting

lf anybody talks or moves then shoot him and threw him out

Let us deal with the consequences later

Everyone come and bless the couple

l don't have anyone to bless me

Dear, you stay happy and keep me happy

lf you want then take your father's blessings

Earlier l had father But he is not there anymore

There are still ten minutes left from the time given by you

l don't believe in time l believe in my timing

ln your dreams... ln your dreams...

ln my happiness... ln my happiness...

l am flying in the blue sky

ln your shining eyes... ln your shining eyes

ln your sweet smile... ln your sweet smile

l am jumping around in madness

ls it the illusion of first sight?

Or the happiness of getting drenched

Oh, dear l have seen the madness

My heart slipped out and went missing

Finally l found it with you

There is something crazy about you

lt has entered my body

ln your dreams... ln your dreams...

ln my happiness... ln my happiness...

l am flying in the blue sky

My heart is beating like a mandolin

My body is shaking like a spring

Oh, dear... My better half

My drape is flying like a bird

A battle of Panipat is taking place inside

lt is for you l swear on you

After seeing a blue-eyed beauty like you...

My crazy mind started whistling

lt began doing somersaults like a mad monkey

My heart slipped out and went missing

Finally l found it with you

There is something crazy about you

lt has entered my body

There is a carnival happening between two eyes

Some strange happiness is playing volleyball with me

This happiness is quite different

Cheeks wanted to write a love letter

Otherwise shyness wouldn't get lost

This eternal

l have found a gorgeous lady

l will not feel this drowsiness even if l drink something

Heart has stopped playing love games...

lt is simply jumping

My heart slipped out and went missing

Finally l found it with you

There is something crazy about you

My dear... My dear...

Are you here?

Did you sleep well last night?

Sleep more


What an entry you gave like my favourite heroine Savitri


What is your name?

Don't you know my name?

So without knowing my name... Last night... All this...

Bhagyam, did you marry me without knowing my name?

l have understood your love That's why l married you

So what did you understand last night?

l came to know how much you love me

You look like a villain to me when the entire village calls... as Gabbar Singh

l am a villain Who said l am a hero

Should l give you a pet name?

No need of pet name

lt is sufficient if you kiss me

This fellow changed his behaviour for good...

...due to Gabbar Singh's punch

My goodness! This is Siddhappa Naidu's house

- Think once - l won't give time to think

Does he not pay EMl's after buying Sumos, Qualis with the loan money?

Seize all vehicles,

Why are you entering directly? Whom do you want?

- ls Siddhappa Naidu there? - Who?

- Siddhappa Naidu - Siddhappa Naidu?

What is the need to talk to kids?

What is that look?

Because of this madness our sir got transferred...

...from market section to houses and vehicles section

Hey, Siddhappa Naidu! Come, Come out!

Let us decide whether it is you or me today

Face to face Let us face

Do you know whose house you have come?

l know l came to the house of a goon who skipped EMl's

Hey! By the time nephew comes...

...remove the bull's head hanging on the door...

...and hang his head

Hey! Kill him!

One step...One step...

Think for a minute before you take one step

lf anybody dares and comes forward then...

...everything will get cut


Tell something before leaving


By the way, what is it due to which you are showin hese guts?

On what basis are you doing this?

Horror for a criminal...

Terror for Crime...

One and only Gabbar... Gabbar Singh!

Look at there

l said, sir, l have to seize Siddhappa Naidu's vehicles l need your help

He said l am very busy

l said it's okay, my work'll be done if l carry your cut-out

That's why l brought this

Cut out of a person is sufficient if he has guts in him

For making all of you...

- Hey, Ekaambaram! - Sir

Seize all the vehicles and bring the bunch of keys

l will see who will stop

Hey, Bhagi Wife Bhagyalaxmi

Bring the belt

You are wearing the belt

Then bring the gun

lt is by your side Check

Purse Bring the purse

What? You are passing orders continuously

lt is nothing

lt was my childhood wish to see my wife doing work...

Hey, Bhagi! Will you give something else?

lt is not necessary that lips should be closed only with hands

You always chase goons by carrying a gun

Are you not afraid?

Afraid? Me? Fear for Gabbar Singh?

l fear a lot

Somehow l manage by laughing like this

You are...

Don't stop, dear Don't stop

You should always laugh like this

Dear, this is no my blessing

This is the wish of this old man

Dear, even enemies are given a chance... bless the married couple

But you didn't give this chance to your father...

lt means l have died then only

l drank for forgetting my grief

l forgot my responsibilities Greetings, dear


lf you drink once in a while then it is for happiness

lf you drink on regular basis then it is a habit

lf you drink daily then it is a disease

lf you want to stay healthy or if you want us to...

...stay happy then you have to stay with us

Bhagyalaxmi, take him inside

- Bring his brother! - Okay, brother

Hey! Get down!

Leave me! l beg you Leave me! Brother! Brother! Brother!

l beg you! Leave me! Brother!

Brother! l beg you Leave me!

The day l fought for you, you have become... younger brother that day

Brother shouldn't live at feet He should live in arms

lt is an insult to me if my brother owes money... everyone from the village

How much is your debt?

Brother, it is approximately 5 to 6 lakhs

That's it?

lt is interest, brother

The principal amount will be another five

My goodness! Money?

- ls it for me? - Take it

Well, brother! Why are you giving so much of money to me?

- What should l do, brother? - Public service

l do public service l don't expect benefit

lf you want to do something...

Elections are nearing Campaign for my nephew

You go, brother You go to assembly

Brother, you will win with great majority...

...if my creditors alone vote for you

Siddhappa Naidu! Hail Move aside

Siddhappa Naidu! Hail

Always like that?

Of course

Brother, Gabbar Singh

There is no need for us to fear anyone or...

...give respect to any person here, sit down!

You go

lt is very hot here

l should buy a skoda car urgently

What is it that you want to buy?

l can understand that this is not your hard earned money

Something is happening somewhere

The day l find it out then forget the skoda car

You will not be able to buy soda

Behave well

Did Gabbar Singh give up his job and...

...started giving predictions?


Hey! Why didn't Koti fellow bring tea yet?

You have seen this one, isn't it? l will show you another variety

Look at this! lf you don't like it then there are many l will show them

My god! My god! Your house is bigger than our assembly

Okay! Then take the house and give us your assembly

lt has become a habit to drink by making sounds...

...since my childhood

That's why you settled in politics

Nephew too has decided to become MLA

lf you convey this to command even as comedy...

...then the work will be done

lf you want then l will spend l mean party fund

What are you both uncle and nephew talking about?

High command doesn't sell tickets for money

Our party doesn't need your money

Then you?

ln fact elections are nearing Think


Wow! Wonderful! What a nice painting

ls it costly?

One crore rupees ls that fine?

One can spend any amount for such things

Three crores

When we want something of our choice...

...then we shouldn't think of money

Five crores

Oh! Oh! Oh! Useless painting! Why do l need it?

Why did you say five suddenly?

l would have taken even if you had said four instead of five

l would have given even 14 if you asked instead of four


Nephew is very determined for doing public service

Very good Will you take money with you?

Why? To hand them to the police at the check post?

No need, l will tell you when to send and where to send

l have to convince many people with me

l'll take leave

Siddhappa Naidu is giving lot of money to the...

...high command in the name of party fund

lf the money reaches the high command then...

...he will definitely get the ticket

l feel this is wrong

Do whatever you feel is right

Once the money reaches the high command... will enter assembly

Brother, money will reach the party tomorrow and...

...the lass will reach here tonight

Tonight will be a rocking night

Hey, when l am walking in the street with flowers in my hair bun

And finger on my cheeks...

Kevvuu Kekaa!

The entire street is going crazy

When l was walking with a vermillion in the street...

Kevvuu Kekaa!

The entire street is going crazy

The blood inside the body boils...

Date with me is similar to eating a special meal

My age is hot My figure is spicy

l will serve you my best when you come to me for eating

Kevvuu Kekaa!

My goodness!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

My goodness!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

My goodness!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

My goodness! Kevvuu Kekaa!

My beauty is similar to a bank...

lf you burgle it like a thief...

What if we burgle it?

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Hell with you!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

lf l light your cigarette by striking the...

...match stick against my cheek...

What if you do?

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Hell with you!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

You come and cut the ribbon

Kevvuu Kekaa!

You come and play any number of shows

Kevvuu Kekaa!

You have seen the trailer Now you will see the picture

Your mind will go mad You will become insane

Kevvuu Kekaa!

My goodness!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Hell with you!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Your style is attractive like the new silk cloths and...

...perfume bought from gulf

Kevvuu Kekaa!

They are hot like laddoos and comfortable like a double cot bed

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Your enthusiasm is riding horses...

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Your curvaceous figure is leaving us dead

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Nobody can compete with me once l hold my baton

l will drink a soda and make you scream

Kevvuu Kekaa!

Hell with you!

Kevvuu Kekaa!

My goodness! She kissed me, Samba!

Stop it!

What do you want?

Why did you come?

Should l tell you?

l will tell you

Hey, l don't know why you are dancing

Should l tell you why l danced?

l have seized the money that you had sent for the party

l have transferred it to Kondaveedu Police Welfare Association

Hey! You!

Nephew, if you agree saying that money belongs to you...

...then you will be sent to jail for stacking black money

Then you wouldn't be able to file nomination

You said it correctly, uncle

lf you want nomination then you will not have money

lf you want money then you cannot file nomination

Uncle, nephew got trapped nicely

Now you will have...

Kevvu Kekaa!

Your nomination... Kevvu Kekaa!

Hey, Siddhappa Your are now...Kevvu Kekaa!

Brother, it is raining Let us go inside

Hey, Venkat You are ready to die for me, isn't it?

Now get drenched for me

He hit me on money

l tolerated it

He hit me on my respect

l tolerated it

He humiliated me

l went through it

But for the first time in many years, l am afraid

Uncle, l am afraid that l will die without becoming MLA

Brother, just now l received the call

Minister told Gabbar Singh about our money

Oh, rain! Did you remember me now?

For how long will you hide in the sky?

You come like a relative

You meet me and go

lf you say that you will stay with me...

...then will l not make you mine?

lf he is getting drenched in happiness then... means that someone is going to die

- Whose house is it, sir? - Minister's house

Tell the ministers to forget all the fights and...

...ask him to forgive me

Tell him that l will think that he has forgiven me...

...if he accepts this small gift

Okay, brother

You watch it l will make everything fine

What is the need for me to go

Why don't you send some guy from your gang?

He is getting irritated on seeing our men

He is not giving entry too

Will l get entry?

Say that you are Gabbar Singh's brother

They will send you

Your brother is of no use to you

At least use his name for these works


Nephew, why did you send him?

l would have gone and settled the matter

l have sent him to settle the matter

l have kept a bomb in that mobile


l have to go to hospital l will return in half an hour

You have become mad

Do you know what you are saying?

lf you do this kind of stupid things before the election...

...then you will never enter the assembly all your life

One step...

Minister and Gabbar Singh on both sides

That step is going to change my life

My constituency...

Sir, he is Gabbar Singh's brother



Siddhappa Naidu has sent this for you

Well, he has sent a costly phone

Tell him that l will not fall for such cheap tricks

What is your relationship with him?

l thought your brother has sent you

Okay! Tell him that l accepted the sweet box...

...and rejected the gift

Didn't he take the gift? Did he take only the sweet box?

Where are you?

Nephew, minister didn't take the cell phone

What, nephew?

Didn't you say that l am a rowdy?

l have started playing politics

l didn't keep the bomb inside the cell phone


Get inside

Come, brother

lt is your brother

He went inside after telling your name

People who came before him were the regular volunteers

They didn't bring anything

The visitors who came later too have...

l have received orders from high authority... suspend you and take action

Since l know you so l am just suspending you

You will join your duty as soon as you catch your brother

Leave it!

Move aside!

Sir, were you already aware of the bomb blast?

Your intelligence and police group has failed...

...on various fronts

What is your comment on it?

We heard that you are an angry person

Did something go wrong between you and him?

How many politicians will you kill like this, sir?

Tell me, sir Tell me

Tell me your answer, sir

lt is sufficient if you have a mike and channels for you to speak

l need witness and proof to speak

You spoiled him saying he is born under a lucky star

Now watch He is going to be hanged

Your son has started doing wrongs things...

...that began from taking debts for gambling

Now he has planted a bomb in minister's house...

...after joining hands with Siddhappa Naidu

He has done all this by using my name

l got suspended because of it

Even if government spares him Gabbar Singh will not spare him

l will shoot him!

lt is only me who will conduct your funeral rites

Forget him!

Hey! All these days you were flying high

Now you have fallen down

Will you stop me from filing nomination?

Now l have removed your job

l will get your job back after l win

Do you know why?

To salute me

lt will take some time for these things to take place

Therefore run behind my convoy and shout...

Hail! Siddhappa Naidu!

l will get you biryani and alcohol every day

What? What?

Should l thrash you in uniform or by removing it?

Crosses! Punches!

Now you don't have uniform to thrash

lf you want uniform then you will not have your brother

lf you want brother then you will not have uniform

He is caught now

He is not a Gabbar Singh now

He is rubber Singh

What was that?


Doctor, how is Mr Naidu?

lt is a massive heart attack

We cannot say anything before 24 hours

Now tell me

lt is a mild attack, sir

You can take him home within 24 hours

- Can l see him? - You can stay there, sir

Are you Mr Naidu's heart?

He says he wouldn't talk to me

At least you listen to me

Why did you become so weak?

See how strong my heart is

Why don't you learn from other hearts?

l lost my father in childhood

Did anything happen here?

Nothing happened

After that my mother married Mr Naidu

Did something happen to me at that time?

Nothing happened

Recently my mother passed away

Did something happen to me at that time?

lt happened

How can you become like this before l get over the grief, Mr Naidu

Should l tell you why you didn't like me since childhood?

Because l live on my terms

Truly speaking you too are like that

You too live on your own terms

Now too you live like that

But live, Mr Naidu

You live, Mr Naidu

What, uncle? Why did he kill the minister like that?

l didn't kill him You have killed

He thinks like that

But many people from the village think that he killed him

Especially Gabbar Singh

Uncle, will Gabbar Singh let him live?

He thrashed him badly when he beat his creditor

So will he keep quiet if he kills him favourite minister

He will get him hanged Or shoot him

Because of you Gabbar Singh lost his uniform

Gabbar Singh might survive without breathing

But he can't live without wearing uniform...

What if he was to live...

His brother should die

What are you saying?

Yes, you should kill him before he kills you

Should l kill Gabbar Singh?

Don't you want to live?

Take it

Uncle, he is filled with fear

Do you think that work will happen?

Siddha, lot of works in this world are carried out in fear

You don't worry at all

Why did you stop? Shoot

lt is because of me you have become like this

You have killed the minister Who am l to you?


Why will l kill you, father?

So did you come to kill him?

Your father would have died long back due to heart attack

Your brother is taking care of me

Hey, elder son He will not let you live in peace

Kill him before he commits another mistake

Don't think of anything l am telling you

Kill him!

Brother, l don't know anything l didn't kill the minister

lt was Siddhappa Naidu

Brother, l have got bad habits but not that of killing people

What will l get if l kill the minister?

Believe me

l beg you, brother Believe me

Siddhappa Naidu didn't believe that you will kill me

That's why he has sent him

So how will l believe you?

At least now do as l say

Brother, l will do as you say l will do as you say

Hey, call Peddi Reddy and tell him to arrange 100 vehicles for nomination

Gather thousands of people

The rally should look great

High command should know what l am

Nephew Sooridu has died

Both brothers have become one

lf he opens his mouth in front of the magistrate... will get non-bailable warrant and not nomination

Your political career will get nipped in the budding stage

Brother, l am feeling frightened

There is no need to fear when you didn't do anything wrong

Tell the entire truth to lG

Hey, Peddi Reddy

Tell me, brother

Gabbar Singh and his brother shouldn't cross the village border

He should be hacked to pieces

Okay, brother

Trample him with our vehicles


Brother, Siddhappa Naidu

l will tell you good news

Asthma didn't kill your mother

lt is my anger

Hey! Are you listening?

We killed your mother by showing her hell

Why isn't there any reaction?

ls she not your mother?

l thought Gabbar Singh didn't have father

Even his mother is not his own

lf you don't come here immediately...

Accept that she is your mother


Killing him is justifiable

His death is inevitable

Will you die for him?

Or will you save yourselves after his death?

Decide it

Decide it!

Brother, what about us?

l will see that all of you get police job

Brother, will rules agree?

lf Gabbar Singh accepts then all the rules will fade away

Hey, come

Gabbar Singh Parade Grounds

Gabbar Singh's army of rowdies-turned policemen

Lift the gun and shoot the target

Greetings, sir

What is this, sir?

lf target remains at one place then it will be difficult

We can have fun only if it moves

Sir, they are all mad But there is no meaning

lt is okay

A person might be eccentric, furious, foolish and arrogant

But the point is that whether he is moving ahead...

...or going back for having these qualities


We cannot manage with these guns,

Give us knives We will finish the target

Oh! Khaki and knifes don't match

Just imagine Public will fear you

By the way, police is not someone who instils fear in public?

Policeman is someone who removes the fear from public

Wow! Wow! Wow! Hey, Samba! Write down

Sir, book is completed So he went to give it for printing

Oh! How many things did l say?

Dear, if a son is born to us then we will name him Jabbar Singh

- What do you say? - No! We will have a daughter

lt will be your mother

Oh! You have tickled my heart

Mother, come fast Let us fight

l have prepared your favourite dishes Fish curry

Lemon rice, Leafy vegetable curry Rice flour papad

You are killing me

Didn't you bring chilly?