Sarbjit (2016) - full transcript

Biopic of Sarabjit Singh, a farmer residing at Bhikiwind, Punjab, near the Indo-Pak border, crossed the border after having a couple of drinks. However, he was mistaken to be an Indian spy and was sentenced with capital punishment.







- Sarbjit.



Any clue?

We were very drunk sister

But I swear, I remember
he said he was going home...

If Sarbjit had left for home,
shouldn't he have reached by now?!

Stop wasting time and
go find my brother!

Sarbjit... Sarbjit...
- Yes.



My brother,
have you seen him anywhere?

No, we haven't seen him...sorry

Call someone else and see


Stop here...

Stop stop STOP

I think its him

Sarbjit is that you?

Hey, who are you?

Get lost... let me sleep...

|S it him?...

Where is my brother?


I've looked in all neighboring
fields and villages.

Even called our friends.

No clue at all.

He's never had enemies either.

What next now, sister?

But what's the harm in lodging
a First Investigation Report ?

Relax Dalbir...
It's only been 5 days...

That's exactly what
I've been trying to say.

These young men who
live near the Borders...

Their not interested in farming anymore...

Spying and smuggling
Excites them instead.

Sarbjifs not one of them.

He's responsible. He's a family man.

Madam...these so-called family-men...

They're the ones who flee first.

And why am I am
explaining this to you?

Hasn't your relationship with your husband
been through something similar?'ve known
Sarbjit since he was a kid.

All this is beyond
their reach and knowledge.

For the sake of these kids help us...

How... how can we help with this?

I am sure he's got a mistress
in one of the neighboring villages.

Aunty...please you don't analyze.

Why? Have I offended you?

You've no one to look forward to.

At least let your
brother's family flourish...

Let's go, sister.

‘You've no one to look forward to.‘

‘At least let your brother
settle down happily.‘

Hey they are here...

Brother in law,
Mandev and Sister Dalbir are here...

Hey, Dalbir. Bless you.

Heard the good news. Many congrats...

Congrats, Mandev.

Got this good news after 6 years.
I bet you will have a baby boy.

Absolutely. - Dance everyone.
My prayer is heard.

Where's Dalbir?

Look for Sarbjit
and you will find Dalbir.

"Celebrations taken over my mind...
I've lost myself to this joy...

"The tune of love staned
resonating in my heart..."

"| like this excitement within..."

"| think I am in |ove."

"My hean tells me
to cross all limits today."

"|'ve lost myself to this joy...."

"| lost my heart..."

"|f you say yes to me...
like your nose ring..."

"...or the button on your top."

"l'll always be with you, beloved."

" you tease girls?"

"Don't follow me around."

"| will repon you."

"My head's crazy about your beauty."

"|'ve lost myself to this joy...."

"|'ve lost myself to this joy...."

"| lost my heart..."

"We've been blessed with this
happiness after a long time."

"The auspicious night has arrived,
I can hear the drums resonating."

"Come on, beat those drums harder."

"Shed all your inhibitions...
and shake that waist."

"| am so h8PPY---
so-so haPPY"

"Happiness has graced our home."

"|'m are my friends."

"She's dancing up a storm."

"Let's all have a blast."

"|'ve lost myself to this joy...."

"| lost my heart..."

"|'ve lost myself to this joy...."

"| lost my heart..."

There's no life left.

She's dead...

Hand her over to me, Dalbir.

Hand her.

Hand her to him.

Go, my child.

Almighty will make things right.

Don't worry

This counyard will soon
have a kid playing in it.

Almighty will soon bless
you both with parenthood again...

She's already a mother, to him.

I'm the one left abandoned.

Stop! Dalbir!

Don't be a lunatic.
- I'll have to leave at any cost.

My brother's in the hospital.

He's got severe jaundice.

Why don't you understand?
- Yes I cannot understand!!!

You are incessantly praying...
Fasting like crazy for him.

Doesn't he has a family
to look after him?

Still you want to leave
your house and family for him?

He's my only brother.

He's almighty's boon to me.

I've literally raised him.

Nothing can change my mind.

Let go my hand.

If today I let go of your hand...
then I will never ever hold it again

Come on everyone...
please stop working.

There's going to be a curfew.

Stop work please


Madam...there's going to be a curfew.

Everyone's going home.

If you don't leave now,
you'll miss the bus.

By the cou|d've
taken another week off.

Don't worry...Sarbjit will be found.

‘Only God has the answers
to cenain questions."

‘Tomorrow morning, a procession will
be leaving for the Golden temple.‘

You should go to.
Maybe your prayers will be heard."

"The tears in my eyes..."

"...have all dried up."

"My abode's empty, since
you're not here."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"The one that's lost."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"The season of colors seem faded."

"The tears in my eyes have dried up."

"Who strummed those strings."

"The lanes are completely drenched."

"Obstructions on the road."

"Stop my feet from marching ahead."

"Bring back those bonds
that slipped through my hands."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"The one that's lost."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"The one that's lost."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"O Lord." -"O Lord...bring
him back again."

"O Lord...bring him back again."

"O Lord...bring him back again."


Letter! Letter! Letter! Letter!

Give me the letter.

The postman came in the afternoon.

With a letter for
someone from Pakistan.

Without Name, I didn't touch it.

Since then she's been
ranting letter! Letterl...

Where are you going?

The Post Office must
have closed by now!


- What's the problem, dear?

Uncle...l'll be really
grateful to you

Someone sent a bearer
letter for us from Pakistan.

Please give it to me

Hold on. it is.


"28th August, 1990."

"|n the past eight months..."

"...|'ve lived that
Particular day 8000 times."

Oh!!! You...

Why don't you take my picture when
lam in a nice pose.

When I'm decked up.

Sukh, my sweetheart...

You just have to put some
Lipstick on to look beautiful...

Sukh...Baby Nikki wet the bed again..
- Coming.

Come fast, my child.
- Move.

My child...

My sweet darling.

- Grandpa, wear your specs.

Come on...stop fooling around.

Look after your daughter Swapan,
I've to get to the office.

Take the camera.

And click a family photo.

- Take this.

Useless...don't you
have to go the fields.

My wrestling tournament's next week...

Yeah...a|| you're going
to do is fool around.

Hey...| am not fooling around.

You wait and watch

The entire village will
raise me up on their shoulders and...

Everyone will salute me.

And not just my wife...

...but people will also address
you by my name.

Look there comes Sarbjifs sister...

Look there comes Sarbjifs sister

Let it be.

Come on, drop me to the office,
I am getting late.

Come on.
- One photo...



Take Swapan along too, for a ride.

Come on, dear...
we're going to play office-office.

Come on...go with daddy.

Return soon after dropping me.

Sukh ...make bitter
gourd for lunch today.

Defeat him.

Come here.

Hey you Sarbjit!

You don't remember anything
else when it comes to wrestling.

Come home today...
I won't spare you.


You're in big trouble.

Shame on you.

The apple of your eye... sitting outside
without anything to eat.

Sukh's an outsider...

...but Dalbir you are my sister.

Come on ladies... Open the door.

Sarbjit Singh Attwars
not going to climb the wall...

Don't even think about it.

No one will dare open the door.

Do we look like fools to you...

I'll count till 10...

After that I won't
come even if you beg me to.

Sukh...Hope you are listening?

You'll have to raise
both the kids alone.

Yes...don't worry.

I won't give you a reason to complain.


Stay out there.

You're all going to regret this.
I mean it.





Five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Get lost.


Remember...| am going.

Okay...|ove to everyone else.

And to the e|ders...goodbye!
- Look, sister.

Shameless, you're in trouble now.

Keep some bitter gourds for me.

Go to hell.

Let me sleep you rascal.

I must go home.

If Dalbir doesn't
see me in the morning...

...then she'll clobber you for good.


Let me sleep now.

You get the scooter.'re out of fuel.

So what?

Let's fill some.

Instead lets fill the full tank.

"Hail Lord Shankar."

"Saves you from every trouble."

"| drink in thy name."

"| swear.

"Hail Lord Shankar."

"Saves you from every trouble."

"| drink in thy name."

Who are you?
- Who are you?

Come on.

You're here to spy on us.

What are you doing
in the middle of the night?

I haven't done any1hing.

Catch him.

Take him. Come on.

It took me 3 days to understand

that I had left for home..

but had reached Lahore.

Same language.
Same type of dressing.

Even their faces are same.

They seemed to be one of us.

I don't understand
why they are so angry with me.

ls anyone listening?

I haven't done any1hing!

You've got the wrong man!

Do you remember your name now?

You're Ranjit Singh,
aren't you?

I am Sarbjit!

I am Sarbjit!

Let me go.

Sir, I haven't done any1hing.

You've got the wrong man...

‘A lot happened...‘

‘Whether it happened
for days...or months...‘

'...| don't remember.‘

‘Neither do I want
to remember?


Yes...we'|| get you water.

Want cold water or normal water?

I haven't done any1hing.

Forgive me for God sake.

You're Ranjit Singh, aren't you?
- No, sir.

you were behind those five
bomb blasts, weren't you! - No, sir...

There were so many casualties.

How can we forgive you?
- I haven't done any1hing.

Listen...|ets string him up...

It should help him remember better.

Lift him up...

String him up... he knows every1hing.

Hit him.

I haven't done any1hing.

Did you remember your name now?

You're Ranjit Singh, aren't you?

Speak up
‘ Yes!

Now read this.

I can't read Urdu, sir.

Repeat after me...whi|e
looking into the camera.

My name's Ranjit Singh!

My name's Ranjit Singh!

‘I shouldn't have said it.‘

‘But their were others
and their screams.‘

'..are still echoing in my ears.‘

‘I gave up in just eight months.‘

‘No one is more helpless
than a scared guy‘

Where are you from?


On what charges?

I don't know.
- And your family?

They've no clue.

He doesn't even know.

Come on... you've to be
present at the coun today.

There will be justice today.

I will try.. best.

Keep moving.
- Every1hing will be fine, don't worry.

Ma‘! 90d bless!

I've been accused
of killing her mother.

‘I came across a
few kind people here...‘

‘I don't know when
my next hearing is...‘

‘Hopefully before this letter reaches you...
I should return home as a free man...‘

‘I could never imagine,
Pakistan is so far from home...‘

‘And to return from
there was so tough‘

‘But you don't worry...‘

'Everyone's lending a
helping hand in our village‘

‘We are in talk with
supreme police officials‘

Trying to understand,
who is this "Ranjit Singh"...

And why should you
pay for his evil deed

Sister...| was coming to see you.

Just like the rest,
this letter was returned too.


Aunty, they're showing
Sarbjit on the television.


The government is planning

What were they saying?
Was he released?

Sister, He was laughing.
Looking brave as ever.

Every1hing was written in Urdu.

Was he hum?

Don't worry...they'|| re-telecast it.

Don't worry, sit down.
Come, sit.

I'm leaving.

Why did you deny?


I will set the TV here.

You, sit here and watch.
- Okay.

What happened, Maqsood?

My grandpa gets the Urdu
Newspapers from there

What are they saying in here?

Did they release him?

Tell me...

What's written?

Tell me what's written here?

Ranjit Singh
been sentenced to death.



Death Sentence to Ranjit Singh Mattu...
not Sarbjit.

Ranjit Singh Mattu...not Sarbjit.

Ranjit Singh..

Not Sarbjit.

Where have you been?

We were so worried all night.

The Wall's collapsed.

This one's got fever.

I'm not that young anymore...

...nor do I have any courage left.

Have mercy on me, dear.

Have mercy on me.

Who's this?

Can you read Urdu, father?

What's this nonsense?

Sarbjifs photo?
‘Sentenced to Death‘

Indian terrorist Ranjit Singh's
been sentenced... death for conducting
5 bomb blasts in Pakistan.

But he's my Sarbjit.

Supreme coun has announced,
sentence to death.

This is not possible.

What nonsense is this?

The date for the death penalty is..

..yet not finalized in this case.

Lawyer of the accused is Mr. Abdulla Hasan.

They've only announced
the punishment... not the date yet.

You can still stop thisl!

I am helpless, father.

Your are witnessing everything...

His wife, his daughters...his house...

Even/thing's shattering to ground...

...and there's nothing I can do.

As kids if I ever beat him...
you used to confront me

You would go against the
whole village just to protect him.

You can do it.

You'll bring him back home.

This problem is way bigger
than what my courage can handle.

very big.

Undaunted courage can conquer
every obstacle in its way, dear.

Don't worry about us at all.

My pension will suppon us.

Just...bring my son back home please.



Come on...get going. Keep moving.


Madam, how much longer are you going
to keep running after these ministers?

I've explained you before.

Sarbjifs stuck in a false case...

That too in Pakistan.

These low-level ministers
and MLAs can't help you.

This is a PM level issue.


Here, son.





Why are you people obsessed
with seeing me hanged as Ranjit?

Stay Ranjit for today.


Eat your roti.



‘I can hardly sleep."

‘Then I think maybe
you're awake as well."

‘And I keep thinking
about you till it's dawn.‘

‘Whether I live through this,
or I don't.‘

"| wish that our love stays intact."

"Whether the earth
or sky exists or not."

‘I wish that our love stays intact.‘

"| am afraid of losing you."

"|f I ever meet God,
I will say to him."

"| don't want the two worlds."

"Tell me.."

"Since you're with me."

"| have no desires."

"My prayers have been answered."

"Whether the moon
keeps shining or not."

"| wish that our love stays intact."

I want to meet the Prime Minister.

I've explained you
so many times before...

...yet you keep coming back every day.

Please leave.

-'s not possible.

Why not?

He's the Prime Minister
of the country.

Why can't he meet his own people?

He can...but first you
must take an appointment.


H ow?

Do one thing.

There's a small shop on the corner.

Buy a small telephone
directory from there.

It's got numbers of all the
ministers and their secretaries.

Call them...


- Greetings.

How long are you going to stay here,
away from your family?

As long as I don't get an appointment?

Getting an appointment
could also take months.

This is like a battle,
it won't end in a day or two.

Think about it.

Vahe Guru.

He's in a parliament
session at this hour

Get up. Get up.

PM's gone on a foreign tour

Please call on the 23rd of August,
afternoon 2pm

‘I've been sentenced to death...‘

'...but the date's
not been fixed yet.‘

‘Although the wait is
enough to kill a man.‘

‘Here when they want to
play with someone's peace of mind...

...they give them a little happiness.

Neither is it dark
here...nor is it lonely.

You can also see the
moon through the window

Waiting for the moon has made me
realize that 6 more months have passed.

I see my little Nikki's face
In the full moon.

May God bless you with His grace,
my sister!

What happened?

Please, sit.

"We'll see what we can do."

That's it.

It took 8 months
to get an appointment.

And the meeting lasted
for only 3 minutes.

And they say "We'll
see what we can do."?

That's the limit of patience.

Father, they said they'll
see what they can do.

That means they will do something.

Right, sister?

And now...?

Say something.

These clothes were
Rotting in the suitcases.

Can't buy new clothes for Girls...

I thought I'll at least
stitch them something beautiful.

Stop it!

Stop it!

We'll call the young one Poonam.



‘my hean is filled with immense joy knowing
you've named the young one Poonam.‘

‘This joy gives me strength
to endure the fact...‘

'...that I've been thrown into
solitude by the new Superintendent.‘

‘With Indians and especially
me he has special hatred.‘

‘Few pages from your
last letter were missing.‘

‘I wonder if I'll
get anymore letters from you.‘

Have a read, you'll find
peace... its written in Hindi

Allah is with kind people,

Allah believes in Kindness,

One who helps others,
Allah is with him,

Allah believes in Humanity


Give these to Ranjit.

You know... from where
you entered Pakistan...

...they've put up
a border there now...

I wished they had thought
of this 3 years back...

‘I was never able
to stay alone at home...‘

'...even when you guys
went to the market.‘

‘And now... far from my actual life...
spent so many years alone‘

‘My daughters must
be going to school now.‘

‘I don't even know
how they must look.‘

‘Do they look more like Sukh...or me?‘

' My Sukh, my beloved... Don't forget
to deck yourself up for my sake.‘

Can I take this?

What's all that noise?

Today is the festival
of 'Diwa|i', dear.

On this day we burst sweets...

...wear nice clothes
and visit our kin.

Us too?

Yes, we too.

Grandpa... Grandpa.

We'll burst crackers...
and eat sweets.

Wow, red bangles.
It looks very pretty.






PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee has announced

That India Has tested 3 Nuclear
blasts at Pokhran in Rajasthan,

Pakistan tested 6
Nuclear blasts yesterday...

...their PM says that this is their
reply to |ndia?s 5 Nuclear tests...

due to this,
situation at LOC has tensed up...

...both nation have
staned bombardment...

India and Pakistan are at war,
at Kargil sector Of Jammu and Kashmir.

Amazing, sir.

It seems the date of my
Hanging has been fixed?

Guess you'll bathe me,
clean me before releasing from this life.

Today is the festival of Eld.
- So was it last year.

And a year before that too.

But what has changed for me.

Don't be a philosopher, Ranjit.

The Superintendent's
in a merry mood today.

Will you fulfill one request?
- Go ahead.

The last picture my family
saw of me was 10 years ago.

And in the past three years
we haven't even exchanged letters.

Please send a picture
of me to my family.

At least they'll know that I am alive.

Morning 11:29 AM,
Parliament faced firing...

terrorist entered the
parliament and opened fire...

After the parliament attack
they have made our lives difficult

Let us go atleast...
we are regular visitors.

Please let us go...
we come here often

Listen to me, sir.

Sir. Sir.

CM sir.

Let me meet him.

CM sir.
- Stay back.

CM sir.

This is Dalbir.
Sarbjifs sister.

Who's she?

Go back.
- Listen to me, sir.

I want to speak to him.

CM sir.

What are you doing? I know her.


CM sir.
- It's's alright.

CM sir.

Mr. Kalra...

Mr. Ka|ra...| wanted to give the
New Chief Minister the PM's letter.

Sister this letter
is many years old now...

Many CMs and political
Panies came in power...and left.

The country has bigger
issues to deal with.

I may not be as
imponant as the country.

And I may only have
one issue to discuss.

But that issue is my only brother.

The new CM will have to listen to me.

After all he's the innocent
kid of this very country .


He's a terrorist. A terrorist.

Your brother has humiliated
us in the eyes of Pakistan.

We can't point fingers
at them anymore.

Your brother has brought
shame upon our country.

Take a look.

And take her away from my sight.

We won't move from here.

We won't move from here.

We won't move from here.

We won't move from here.

We won't move from here.

We won't move from here.

Yes, madam.

They just published
that he's a terrorist.

Humiliated his family.

Just once...

You cou|d've asked us the truth once.

See...testimony from six people.

Read it carefully.


He's a responsible guy, a family-man.

He's got a family.

Since 12 years Innocent
Sarbjit is In Pakistan Jail...

...and here his Family is
going through extreme difficulties...

In a small village of Punjab,
in India...

...a family is on fast unto death.

For Sarbjit Singh, a simple farmer..

..who has been incarcerated. a Pakistani Jail.

Small village in Punjab,
Bhikhiwind has come together as one.

Sarbjit Singh from Bhikhiwind, Amritsar
announced sentenced to death. the supreme coun of Pakistan.
It's case of wrong condemnation.

That man is rotting in jail.

But unfortunately our government
isn't concerned about him at all.

Sister 'Da|bir!

Sister Dalbir!

You've a call from Canada.

- Yes?

Who? Why?

It's the Human Rights people.

They say they can
do something for you.

Talk to them.



Yes, brother.

Yes, it's me.

You'll go to meet him?

You'll go meet Sarbjit?

They're going to meet him.

Make some light.

I've already given orders
to take the chains off.

Take them off.

And empty that.

And do it daily.

Or we'll lose all foreign aid.

Things wont be like they were before.

Have faith in God.


No. I am Pakistani.

But all humans are same to me.

lshwar Singh.

Your family has sent these.

You all can't go up...

You don't worry,
I'll take care of the speech

Brothers and Sisters, numerous
innocent Indians since 1971

...are locked in Pakistani Jails...

And our government is
doing nothing about this...

Since past many years...

...young sons of our country
return as dead bodies from Pakistan...

But our Government hasn't
raised this issue with them...

Aunt feels so distant from us...

So many innocent cross
the border unknowingly...

And spend rest of their lives in
solitary confinement in theirjails...

But our government
hasn't raised this issue...

Because this government is Dumb

Mr. Dhillon, say something about Sarbjit

Our party will not allow any sister of
this country to cry out of desperation

Please applaud...

Come sister... come.
- But Sarbjit.

I want to say few
words for Sarbjifls sake...

Its written In the Quran...

That Punishing an innocent...
or killing an innocent

ls killing the whole of humanity

I Trust all Allah's followers...

And I have trust...

In President Of
Pakistan Brother Ashraf

That he's a true Muslim...

And my Sarbjit is Innocent

He'll never be sentenced to death...

He will return back home...

With all integrity he'll return...

All accusations on him are false...

He's the son of this country

He's your brother...

I am not the only one fighting for him

I am well aware...

that every brother and every sister
of my country is with me in this fight...

Everyone should
sign his release petition

This injustice with him
will not continue any further...

Please raise your voice for Sarbjit

And raise it so loud

That it reaches every
Pakistanis hean...

Long Live India...

The President of Pakistan, Mr. Ashraf in his
efforts towards a better India Pakistan relation...

...has decided to release a Indian
inmate rotting in Pakistani jail...

...for the last 35 years,
whose name is Sardar Singh.

My name is Sardar Singh.

Sardar Singh, can you please
tell us that 35 years ago... did you cross the Indian
border and reach Pakistan?

I was a spy in Pakistan.

After his statement, the situation
in Pakistan is quite critical.

Look at the consequences
of doing a good deed towards them.

He claimed to be innocent,
but turned out to be a spy after all.

They are all spies, throw them out.

Sarbjit is my father's murderer.

He ruined our lives.

If he's released,
then we'll kill ourselves.

We'll kill ourselves.

Dear, today is about celebrations.

Anyway... Son, get your computer.

Show your aunt what
mail she wants to see.

Show me, son.


Sister, are you watching the news.
- No I am not Around a television.

Wonder what the news is!
But you please watch.


You Please raise
the volume of your Set.

President Ashraf shattered...

...the hopes and wait of Indian
prisoner Sarbjifs family.

Considering the current situation in Pakistan,
President Ashraf has taken an important decision...

...that has shattered all expectations
of Sarbjifs long wait and hopes.

Sarbjit, who's been in
Pakistani jail for 18 years...

...his death sentence will be carried
out 30 days from now, on 1st May.

You're his lawyer.

How can you give up?

All I've been hearing are arguments,
excuses and regrets.

But no one's putting in any effon.

We still have 15 more days,
Mr. Abdullah.

If there's nothing you can do...

...then at least get us the visas.

We four women, we shall fight
with your government for justice.

Otherwise I am warning you... the same day
he is hung we'll also hang ourselves...

Poonam, have you lost your mind?

He's our father.
- No!

What are you doing?
- He's not our father!

Are you mad?
- He's not our father!

I am tired of trying
to find my father... these old rags and pictures.

At least you have memories of him.

I don't even have a
single picture with him.

What was supposed to happen
15 days |ater...| did it right now.

His final rites.

Stop it, aunt. Stop it!

Nothings over dear.
- Stop it.

I won't let him die.

Don't force us to lead
this incomplete life, live in denial

My mom's not even a complete widow.

Let her peacefully mourn for
her husband for once and move on.

You couldn't hold onto
your husband and family.

But please spare our
family from this tenure.

Please set our family free.

Poonam, see we do have a picture.

Look at this. There's
a picture of you with him.

Don't cry, my child.

We still have 15 days!

What happened?

There's some jam up ahead, sir.

Once they stamp your passpon...
you can enter Pakistan.

That's it.

That's it!
But this stamp took 18 years.'s stamped.

Listen Da|bir...we couldn't
be together, but that's fine.

relations don't break so easily.

Sarbjit grew up right before my eyes.

I couldn't let his
daughters come alone.


Come on, get down.

You can rest in this Guest
House until the permission arrives.

When will we get permission?

Our visas are only for 6 days.

We must go back on the 28th.

Oh that's sadl! Back on the 28th?

I wish the Visa was
for two more days...

...|t would be nice to have
you at the execution on 1st.

Come on, keep moving.

President of Pakistan, Mr. Ashraf.

As you know...

Sistermthe stuffed
bread have turned stale.

It's hard to keep them
fresh all day in summer.

How will we keep
it fresh for two days?

We threw away the sweetmeat yesterday.

Just these...bitter-gourds...

Swapan, taste these please.
- Yes.

Are they fine?


I mean...any problem?


What can be worse than this...

that we're just
few steps away from him...

...but we still couldn't
meet him for two days

We||...not your same old sob stories.

Let us fix a time for tomorrow! Okay?

You can meet him.




The bitter gourd's are fine.
They're fine.

I still have four days.

I still have four days.

Yes, four days.

But your family's coming
to meet you tomorrow morning.

Don't you want to get ready?


My family?

Here? To see me.

Are you telling the truth?

Don't make me angry, Ranjit!

They're coming, aren't they?
- Yes, in a few hours.

Tea...p|ease serve them tea
when they get here. - We will.

Can...| make it myself?

Get in.


Come. There..

Take that off.
What's in this?

Did you put something in it?

Did you?

Show me what's in your hair.

Open your bag.

Open your bag.
What's in your bag?

Lower your eyes.

What's in this? Poison?

Eat it and prove it.

Eat it.

Come on.

This will stay with me. Take it later.

Won't you talk to me?

I've been waiting to hear your voice.

Are you okay?

I am now.

Be strong.


What for?

This cell ate up your youth.


It's been ages since
I last saw the mirror.

Few of your hairs turned grey.

Otherwise my brother looks the best.

Let it be.

Did your hair turn grey under the sun? still look the same.

You only forgot to
wear lipstick for me.

Hello, brother Mandev




My Nikki.

She's just like you.

Don't you feed her?

Tha||u...we still have time.

Come here, children.
Let me take a good look.

God bless you both.

Dalbir my sister...

You saved my family.

Shut up.
- Save them.

Shut up.

Don't do this.

I've made tea for all of you.

My desire's been fulfilled.


I've brought these for you.

We||...every1hing else went stale.

No containers allowed inside.



You took really long
to feed me these bitter gourd.

I've brought Rakhi!

Satnam Waheguru
(Wonderful Lord)

‘Bow down to You!‘

Take this.

I weaved this from the finest cotton.

It'll keep you warm during winter.


You'll come back home
way before the winters.

You learnt it.

I had nothing else to do.

Come on, time's up.

What time up?

The time is up.

We didn't even talk to him properly?

Come on...get up.
- Just two more minutes.

Get up. Time's up.

Just two more minutes.
- Get up.

Two more minutes.
- Come on. Move I say.

Come on...get up.
- I won't go. I won't go.

Please go.
- Just two more minutes.

They'll stan to misbehave,
and I can't do nothing.

At least I got to see you.
- I am there.

I don't have any more courage.
- Time is up. Let's go.

You will come back.
Nothing will happen to you.

I won't go.

Please turn around
and look at me once.

Please look at me once.


Enough...|et's go.
- Stop staring at me, and get out.

You'll come back home.

- Stop shouting now.

don't just stand there. Keep moving.

Do you want to settle down here?

Let's go.
- Let's go...madam.

Come on.

We are going.

Close the door properly.

47 minutes,
we only spent 47 minutes with him.

We only spent 47 minutes.

You sent a pleato the President
to pardon Sarbjit, right?

This is their answer to that.

Then I want to hear their answer.

Hang Sarbjit. Hang Sarbjit.

My brother's innocent.

You won't get an answer.
- My brother's innocent!

Madam, this isn't right.
- I want to talk to him.

These people don't know the truth.
- Take her away.

The people of Pakistan
don't know the truth.

He's innocent!

Dalbir, they won't understand.
Come on.

Someone tell them the truth.

You please go.

I lost my father in that incident.

I only said what the
police asked me to say.

They said he's Ranjit Singh.
He carried out all the blasts.

Kalim Ali is the only
witness in this case.

And he has disavowed his statement.

Do you see that?

That this TV interview
has no imponance.

The statement can only
be changed in the court.

Then take him to coun.

Stop his death sentence.

Today is Sunday, madam.

And this country's government
will change in three days.

Until then we can't file a new appeal.

This is a conspiracy.

You people are ignoring
evidence of his innocence.

Your anger is justified, madam...
- Let that be.

Let it be, Abdullah sir.

Here's the pardon letter.

Ashraf sir has given
you an opportunity.

If those 27 families sign
on your brother's pardon letter...

...then Sarbjit can
be pardoned as well.

You're leaving in two days,
aren't you?

You can try this as well.

The Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid Delhi,
Sayyed Ahmed Bukhari...

...has mentioned in his appeal that...

...Sayyed Ahmed Jalal, requests the
people and the President of Pakistan...

...that they view Sarbjifs
case through humanitarian view.


Madam... one of them
is here to see you.

But he's refusing to come inside.

He's sitting at the balcony,
and waiting for you.

His name was Bilal. My brother.

He was only 21.

I didn't even have his
entire body for the burial.

God will decide your
brother's punishment.

Not us.

But he's innocent.

My brother's innocent.

Sister, only the families are
innocent...on both the sides.

And yet they are the ones punished.

Dalbir ma'am!
Dalbir ma'am! Dalbir ma'am!

Dalbir ma'am!

Madam. The new
government of Pakistan...

...has put a stay on death penalty.

put an indefinite stay.

It means Sarbjifs death
sentenced has been postponed for now.

This means...papa's coming home?

Not yet...but he definitely will.
- Mother.

India's largest city Mumbai
was taken at the seize last night. suspected Pakistani terrorists.

Crores of innocent
citizens were ruthlessly.

..murdered and several are suspected. be still held hostage.

Whole world is left in shock. Indian democracy is under attack.

No one will.

You listen to me.

You won't board this
stupid bus and go there.

This stupid bus will
depan today, mother.

And is Bakar-Eid.

This day calls for sacrifices...

Go Backl! Go Backl!

Go Backl! Go Backl!

I'm sure you're filled with anger too.

Don't you want to express your anger?

Anger is what I've been
expressing all these years.

Go Backl! Go Backl!

Go Backl! Go Backl!

Go Backl! Go Backl!

Go Backl! Go Backl!

Go back!

ls this a joke?
Only one man.

We tolerated so much
and gathered here for peace.

And this is their answer.
Only one man.

Go back! Go back!

Go back!

Go back!

Go back!

Go back!

Whether it's one torch
or one hundred thousand

All you need is one
spark to ignite it.

Whether it's love or hatred... hean is enough
for it to thrive in .

Let it be...

Hands which hold guns in them...

...their hearts only desire hatred.

Greetings, India.

My name's Awais Sheikh.

I am a small lawyer from Lahore.

Thanks to Allah I've never been
associated with guns or bullets yet.

I knew no one's coming
alongmyet I came here all alone.

Because I am sure...

...a single voice raised for peace speaks
louder then a thousand voices raised for enmity.

I've heard a lot of Sarbjifs case.

Don't worry. I'll meet his lawyer.

And I promise you...

...he'|| now have a kin in Pakistan.

Amidst the sound of bullets and firing,
with a message of peace.

Ranjifs lawyer, Abdullah Hasan...

...didn't appear for the
last three hearings, and...

...he won't this time either.

But sir, this is absolutely wrong.

This way the appeal will
get annulled automatically.

And anyway, this is Sarbjifs
last chance to freedom.


All I am asking for is another date.

It's just a date for you,
but for him... means some more time to live.

Mr. Sheikh,
you're not his appointed lawyer...

...nor are you his relative...
- Call it a human bond.

Unfortunately, these things
don't exist in our country anymore.

I am rejecting this appeal.

But his lawyer has only 48 hours... file one last petition.

Thank you.
Thank you, sir.

If you like to play messiah,
then take up some other issue.

You can't save this Indian.

We tried our best...
- The problem is... tried him as an Indian,
and not your client.

You cou|d've at least
been honest to your profession.

Then you show your
humanity and honesty.

Why lust him?

There are many other Indian
infidels rotting in our jail.

Be their messiah.

Here you go.

Here's some more.

And this too.

I have some more files.

Take them and go.

It's from Pakistan.
- Pakistan?

- Hello, sister.

Awais Sheikh speaking.

Remember me.

We need to file a
new appeal for Sarbjit.

We have only 24 hours.

So email me the power of
attorney as soon as possible.


ls every1hing okay, aunt?

Let's go.

I'm saying it again...

I cannot allow you to meet that man.

We've not received any
application from his lawyer.

Sir, that lawyer's been terminated.

I am his new lawyer.

You have papers.
- that's what I have come to get signed.

We cannot allow you to take any
papers inside without coun orders.

Get that?


That means...| can go inside
without any papers. Right?

This is the death sentence barrack.

And this stench is of fear.

Come on, walk fast.

Half of them have
already lost their mind.

And the rest live in solitude.

Meaning in solitary.


You don't give them death...
but instead take their life away.


Last time only my family
addressed me with this name in here.

I am no stranger, brother.

My name's Awais Sheikh.

And I am your new lawyer.

We've very less time.
So just trust me.


I need your signatures on these.

Sit down for a minute.

I don't get visitors too often.

I promise you,
brother...|'|| return soon.

And when I do...|'|| bring good news.

Take care.

Let's come to the point.

I heard something about you, sister.

If you decide to do something... don't let
go until doomsday. Huh?


Ranjit Singh..

If Ranjit Singh...
committed the crime...

...then he's the one
who should be punished.

You have all the evidence to prove that
he's Sarbjit, but no one believes it.

It's clear that no one wants
to admit their mistake.

No one's trying to
find the real Ranjit Singh

It belongs to my son.

But it'll come in handy to you.


Introduce your aunt to Mr. Google.


I've heard that Google can
find anything except for God.

- Yes.

Brother, this rogue is hiding right here.

Dalbir, I have information about
the real culprit, and I can send it to you.

He has also been accused of the
1990 bomb blast in Lahore, Pakistan.

But Sarbjit Singh is serving sentence.

Who is this man posing as Ranjit Singh
aka Mumtaj Sarik aka Anmol Singh.

A reponerma terrorist
or a businessman?

He is a double agent.

Pakistani Sakil Asad
Sheikh has said...

...that he will soon
conjure some evidence...

...and on the basis of those evidence,
he'll appeal to reopen the case.

Please don't... Please stop

Awais Sheikh, you must die...

Bloody Traitor...

He's fighting for an Indian

Bloody Traitor...!

Awais Sheikh, you must die...

Oh this is crazy... how funny to see
a lawyer practicing judicial duties...

what difference does it make
if your client is Guilty or Innocent

we should only look at him as an Indian,
and he should be punished for that

burn this traitor down...

How can he forget our 62
year old hatred towards India

Burn this traitor down

Lets set an example...

So that no one ever
dares to fight for humanity

Awais Sheikh, you must die

Humanity, you must die

Sir please come with me
Sir please let leave

You're back.

How did you bring it?

You've grown up.

"| sleep with pains."

"For you, they are raindrops."

"They are actually my tears."

"For you, they are raindrops."

"They are actually my tears."

"|'m waiting on the path."

"|f I had wings,
I'd have flown to you."

"| wouldn't even take a halt."

"What kind of punishment is this?"

"| feel checked..."

"..these days."

"..these days."

"..these days."

"| sleep with pains."

"| sleep with pains."

Madam, Ranjit Singh

...has been arrested
on charges of fraudulent in Chandigarh.

He'll be presented in coun tomorrow.

Go straight from there.

Ranjit Singh Mattu

Take this... leave me.

Hey!! Who are these two...

I will not spare you.

What are you doing?
- Leave me.

You Rascal...

Are you mad?

Stop them...

Can you Sleep peacefully at night

Can you eat peacefully

One innocent man... is paying for
your evil deeds since past 20 years...

Don't you fear Almighty...

You shameless Rascal...

Now you won't be spared...

I've have all evidences in place...

I'll make sure you
are hanged for your deeds...

Oh Sisterl! me and the evidences against
me have been roaming free for a long time...

But did anything ever happen!!!

Nothing will happen! !

They didn't arrest
me... I got myself arrested...

My well wishers are immune
from your curses and proofs...

Come, let's go...

They gave me back my identity,
but not my freedom.

They caught him,
Ranjit Singhl!

What more evidence
does your government need...

...for my innocence.

Brother, have politicians and government
ever admitted to their mistakes...

...that they'll admit now

The Indians let him
free in just four days.

If they had arrested him here,
I would've...

Anyway...we won't give up.

The Courage's left me instead.

All I have now is my stubbornness.

I am stubborn too.

No matter how high
the destination is...

...the path's always
under our feet only.

Mr. you believe in fate?

These fate lines are very stubborn.

You can clench them...
but never control them.

Fate is for everyone
Even for those who don't have arms.

Listen, remember Sukhbir.

From barrack no.11.

He's become Salman now.

He comes out in open
air five times a day.

To pray-

And I've heard that he'll
be set free on next Eid.

If you want, I can...

May my God also bless him too.

I just got my identity back.

Now I won't give it back.


Sarbjit Singh Atwal.

Son of...

Sulakkhan Singh Atwal.

Vi||age...Bhikhiwind. India.

India's supreme coun has annulled
the mercy petition.

..of Ajmal Kasab, the main accused
of 26/11 Mumbai attack.

Now the date of Ajmal Kasab's
death penalty is final.

I've been coming here for six months.

Will I ever get to see him?

You don't get it, Mr. Sheikh.

We can't let you in
Without the court's order.

Come with me.
- ljust want to give him his medicines...

Come with me.
- Sir...

I'll show Father all
my wedding pictures. - Yes.


Brother, did you get the job done?

I could get only one visa.
- One?

God knows what I had to
go through for your visa alone.

I tried my best for the rest,
but unfonunately.

They are joking with us.


Just because India passed
the verdict on Ajmal Kasab...

...we've to face the consequences.

But how can I go alone?

What Will I tell Sarbjit?

They are his wife and children?

They have a right to meet him.
- Let it be, sister.

Please sister, his wife and kids
have only lived off hope till now.

When have they got the chance
practice their rights. - No, no.

You'll get your rights soon.

And I promise...
I'll bring Sarbjit here soon.

You just see.
- See what?

Eyes have no life left,
they've become rocks.

Now its only both of you.

Who have to fight this battle

For us it?s again a long wait.

‘I am here for a month.‘

‘I'll come see you at any cost.‘


'Look...Swapan's looking
so cute in her wedding dress.‘

‘She sent all her wedding photos too.‘

I don't get anything here anymore.

Just paying for my deeds.

What crime did I commit so grave...
that I've been cursed like this.

What are you saying?

Your fami|y...the entire
Country is praying for you.

That's why you're
still safe and sound.

I am safe and sound.

I am safe and sound.

I am safe and sound!

You call this safe and sound.

It's been 21 years since
I last hugged someone.

In 21 years I've bathed only 11 times.

I am caged like a animal...
my life has no meaning...

And You call that safe and sound!

I couldn't sleep for days.

My entire life revolves
in front of my eyes.

What was my mistake, sister?
- No, no...

What was my mistake, sister?

I live that moment over
and over again for years...

I will go crazy.
- No, no...

I don't want to go crazy.
- For God sake, No.

Don't do it.
- Save me.

I won't let anything happen to you.

Save me. Save me.
- No, brother.

I will go crazy.
- No, brother.

Save me. Save me.

Be strong.
I won't let anything happen to you.

Save me.

Sheikh sir.

Sheikh sir, stay back.

Stay back Sheikh sir.

Forgive me, but you'll have to walk.

You can catch a bus up ahead.

You can step down if you want.
I won't have any regrets.

Will you?


But I'm fighting for my brother.

Me too.


Do you think Mr. Ansari will
be the're waiting for?

Your country is giving
death sentence to our people...

...and you've come here
to get Sarbjit acquitted.


Please lets all stop
pointing fingers...

Life is too shon to waste.

After that...
we'll all be reduced to dust.

Wow, Dalbir.

Does RAW train their
agents in poetry as well?

Common people like us cou|d've
never said something like this.

Why do both our countries only
share a relation of doubt?

We're connected by land.

We're connected by
the lush corn fields.

When did these rifts
crop up in our relations?

Why is every Indian an enemy...

...and every Pakistani a terrorist?

Be it in anger,
but try to embrace us once at least.

You'll find a brother,
and not a enemy.

Sarbjifs your brother.

What's this hatred
towards your brother?

Mr. Ansari...he's just not
mine but he's your brother too.

Blood is neither Umber, nor Green

We share the common
red in our blood...

Will The people of Pakistan hear

...This sisters Plea



Sit down. Sit down.

Let's eat together...
I cooked.

Sit down. Sit down.


You've become quite
famous around here.

Everyone talks quite
respectfully about you in jail.



They gather newspapers for me.
- They are great.

Look. destiny can't be changed.

But you have power now.
You've the stature.

You can help someone else...
- Power?


If I could do something...

...we would be sitting
in our home instead.

I've grown old banging one door after
another. Answering to everyone's questions.

I give a speech...and
listen to their claps.

I give another speech and people applaud...
I give more speeches and people applaud more.


These newspapers...
this news, they're useless.

Bunch of joke.

I am a joke too.

I couldn't do any1hing, brother.

I couldn't do anything
in all these years.


You Crazy!!!
You made me Sarbjit again.

My name.

It's soaring all around the world.



Look here.

This Pakistani was 11 years old...

...when he separated from his
family at Delhi Railway station.

He's got paralyses.

Yet he's been locked up
all these years in Tihar jail.

Return him to his mother.

Promise me.

You tell everyone...

...that they should look
at me as their brother.

Then you look at him as your Sarbjit.

No...|et's eat.

I made it with such love, eat it.

Here. You eat too.

Give me.

You'll be going back
through the border.

But before you go,
I thought I should show you a place...

...where there are no borders yet.

"Everyone prostrates in faith."

"But I'm going to bow from my heart."

"|'m going to mend my broken fate..."

" Your threshold before I |eave."

"l came here because You called.

"| am grateful."

"Then eradicate these borders..."

"...that exist between us."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

Pakistani President Mr. Ansari arrived
at Ajmer Sharif Along with his son Hilal.

In their efforts to better
their relations with Pakistan...

...|ndia has decided
to release Khalil Chisti.

Hopes are not high
for Sarbjifs release as well.

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"|'ve decided this today."

Father's being released tomorrow!
? "At your doorsteps.."

Father's being released tomorrow!
? "..|'ve shed tears."

Father's being released tomorrow!
? "|'ve no complains. Have tried all the tricks."

"You can turn years
of imprisonment..."

"...into freedom in a moment."

"My nature's to commit crimes..."

"...and it's Your habit
to forgive them."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"There's a incense
burning inside me..."

"...|'m lost in your fragrance."

"| feel fresh like the spring..."

"...and chirpy like the birds."

"| can see through and through."

"|'ve become Your mirror."

"|'ve met myself at
every nook and corner."

"With Your grace
I'll meet my beloved."

"Feels like heaven's
been laid under my feet."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."

"O benevolent One."



What are you saying?

Such a bad joke?

Not Sarbjit, its Surjit.

Serving sentence in
Lakhpath jail for bomb blasts...

...|ndian citizen
Sarbjifs release story...

...turned upside down due to sensitive conditions
on Babur Abdullans decision.

Late night, president Asif
Ali Zardari's spokesperson...

...Farat Ullah Babur informed us

That Pakishtan will be releasing
Surjit Singh and not Sarbjit.

Even Surjit Singh was locked
up in Pakistan's Lakhpat jail.

While clearing the misconceptions
on Sarbjifs release, President Zardari said...

I think there has been
some miscommunication.

First of all, this is not about
asking for forgiveness.

Secondly, Surjit is being released,
and not Sarbjit.

Aunty. Aunt‘!-

Aunty isn't opening the door.

Aunty. Aunt‘!-

Aunty isn't opening the door.


Open the door.



- Aunty.

You've become more
imponant than us, right?

Your battle, your sorrows...
they're bigger than us.

You even tried to
make a sacrifice today.

Da|bir's so great.

She gave up her life for her brother.


This sister is a fine
example for this world.

I am his wife.

Even I thought of ending every1hing.

Liberate myself from
these responsibilities. kept saying,
that you'll bring him back home.

And I kept listening.

But my husband didn't come home.
- Sukh.

That man who was released
todaymwas locked up for 32 years.

He was released 21 years
after he had served his sentence.

Even his family had
forgotten all about him.

But he's back home now...

...not my husband.

I know I made a mistake.

But...Sarbjit's issue isn't so big.

Why don't you understand?

Sarbjifs alive today
because it's such a big issue.

Today One man was released because of
him...tomorrow they'll release more.

Only because you didn't
make the mistake of keeping quiet.

You kept this battle alive.
You kept me alive.

But remember...| am only breathing.

My life comes back with Sarbjit.

So don't you dare...

Don't you dare step back now.


Brother, file a petition.

Sister I hope you understand
this is our last chance

Then let's put our
hean and soul to it.

Mr. Ravindra.

Sarbjifs family has been
on a hunger-strike since four days.

Did you come here
to give them assurance?

Mr. Ravindra, lwant to ask...

Mr. Ravindra...the entire
country's with Sarbjit.

Why not the government?

I promise you...even the
government's with you now.

In breaking news.

Ajmal Amir Kasab was hanged today.

Conditions critical in Pakistan.

We must to stop the
bloodshed on both the sides.

Even we have some criminals...

...whom Pakistan wants released.

What if we demand Afzal Guru's
freedom in return for Sarbjit?

One person who is responsible
for the attack at our parliament...

We don't want our fathers
freedom at the cost of his release...

Our beloved country is wonhy
of several such fathers sacrifice...

International community has
condemned the hanging of Afzal Guru.

Can't stand Indian democracy.

Indians declared Ajmal Kasab as terrorist
and hanged him within one year...

Then why have we still not
hanged Terrorist Sarbjit Singh...

Blood should be repaid with blood!

That's our Chambail Singh.

More infidels will fall.

They'll kill one... we'll kill ten

Hurry UP-

Why don't you do it
at home before you leave?

You have to get busy anywhere.


Do you have any idea...
I've to drop you at school...

...and get to the jail by 9.

I won't move until the Indian
High Commission doesn't arrive.

This is a limit.
Man is not safe even in jail.


Basheer. Where are you taking me?


I've lived my last 23years...
with the same hope...

That one day Sarbjit
will return to his country...

And sister has kept this hope alive.

I saw it 5 years ago.

‘I've spent so many years in darkness,
that I dream even with my eyes open.

Today is the day when I am released.

Today I will return home...
to my people... to my land

Then by evening...

I console myself again...

Tomorrow will be that day...

When I'll roam free...

Take this...

We have succeeded

Come on, let's go.

Oh Allah...

Move back.

Move back.

I am his lawyer.

It's impossible to go inside.

Tell him.

It's impossible to go inside.

The situation is really bad.

The Taliban have issued
death warrants for all of them.

Go back.

Go...go back.

Please stay back. Please.


- Sister...

Go back.

Stop it.
- Please stay back.

Stop it.

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop this madness.

At least let someone be human.

Shame on your anger!

Shame on your revenge!

You talk about justice!

You did what you wanted to.

You staged an attack on a helpless,
unarmed prisoner inside the jail.

You call this justice?

It's a shame.

And now you've issued death
warrants for the four of us.

Go tell your Taliban...

Tell us the place and time.

This Sikhni will be there!

All you know is to stab in the back.

But we Indians never
learned to turn our backs!

I am right here.

If you have the courage,
then shoot me now.

Do you have the courage?

Do you?

Come, Sukh.



You cannot go inside.

Sir, he's my brother too.
- Only family member.

You saw your brother, didn't you?

Leave now, time's up.

Come on, let us do our job.

Now you'll come back
to your country...

...your home.

Please come to my
house and stay there.

We're going to Delhi.

We'll request the government...
to treat papa at home.

Nothings right here.


Do you know, his fingers moved.
I saw it myself.

But they say coma...

He can be treated here too.

Please try to understand.


It's fine if you don't want to stay.

But don't worry about anything here.

There's a death warrant
issued in your name.

It's best that you leave
Pakistan along with your family.

This is my country...
and I won't run away from here.

Think like a father.

I promised him...

...he'|| come back home.

Bring him back.

Bring him back.

The images you see on screen...

The ambulance you see...

Are of Amritsar Airport...

Has Sarbjifs Dead body In it...

‘People will also address
you by my name.

‘Look there comes Sarbjifs sister...‘

‘Look there comes Sarbjifs sister...‘

‘The whole village will
carry me on their shoulders...‘

‘Everyone will salute me...‘

‘My name Sarbjit.‘

‘It's soaring all around the world.‘


‘A Pakistani boy...‘

' locked up in our Tihar Jail.‘

‘You tell everyone...‘

'...that they should look
at me as their brother.‘

‘Then you look at
him as your Sarbjit.‘