Sarangi museoweo (2011) - full transcript

Sang-yeol, a 30-something loser stuck in a dead-end job as a home-shopping model, is able to marry the girl of his dreams - his modeling colleague So-yeon - when he discovers she's pregnant with his child. But after marriage an even bigger discovery awaits: the child isn't his - in fact he's still a virgin, and he might even be gay...

It's hot, it's hot. Eat slowly.

That's right.

Slowly, yeah.


Is it good?

How was that? Yes, how would you like to have this pork on your table for dinner tonight?

We will leave now.

We sincerely thank those of you that have been with us.

Cut! Okay.

Good work.

Good work.
Good work!

Good work!

Good work, good work.

You all worked hard.

Yes, you worked hard.

PD Park, good work.

Today's sales have reached 94%! It's a huge hit.

How can you eat someone else's meat so realistically well?

-You did well in casting them.
-Ah, yes, thank you.

Your shoe is untied. Look at me.

-Good work!

Give me two of them.

Ah, okay. Good work.

Good job.

Let's put your shoes on.


She's more charming by the day.

I have to get married to that kind of a woman...

That's why you should chew slowly.

Ah, I can't see...

Hey! Pierce this.


Ah. Uh..


Ah really.

Let me see. Ah...

I told you to pierce her hand, but you gave her a shot. A shot!

Do you already have ulnar nerve palsy? You're so young.

If you meet a man, avoid those with ulnar nerve palsy.

He'll have paralysis before he turns 40.

I don't have ulnar nerve palsy.

Ow it hurts..

Ow it hurts..
I'm just shivering because it's cold.

I'm just shivering because it's cold.

What am I supposed to do if you call now, all of a sudden, and say you can't come?? Huh?

Ah hello... hello?

Hyung, I'm leaving first.

Okay. I have to do one more seasoned mackerel.

Ah, right. Hey, do this mackerel before you leave.

-The other guy said he couldn't come in...

-Ah, I can't do mackerel.

-Ah, I can't do mackerel.
I'm allergic to mackerel and my skin reacts badly.

I'm allergic to mackerel and my skin reacts badly.

Ah, what do I do about this? PD Park is going to bitch...

Oh Hello!

She has a killer body, doesn't she?

With that body, she ate meat before, and now she's going to do seasoned mackerel again.

It's really fascinating.

When does it start? The seasoned mackerel?
Does it start right now? I'll do the mackerel.

Didn't you say you were allergic to mackerel?

It's okay, I can endure it.

How do you endure an allergic reaction?

I can bear it!

I've held diarrhea in and turned it into constipation!

I can hold it in. It starts now, right? Where?

That's it! Hey, hey, hey...

-Yes, there is no deal like today's.
-Yes, that is true. Please do not be surprised.

If you purchase this while this show is airing,

We will give you an extra 10 packs.

Then, that means it's 40 packs. I don't know if you could eat all of this.

-It's packaged like this, so you can store them in your refrigerator.


These seasoned mackerel are really big and succulent, aren't they?

So big and succulent.

How plump are those? When mothers look at these,

They ask if the fish are Yankee Mackerel. These are Korean Mackerel.

Yankee Mackerel. You are so funny.

Yes, because they are so large and succulent.

-Please give us a call right away. -Yes.



What's with him? What's wrong with his face?

Change to camera number 2. Hurry!

Hey, Host! Host!

Yes, everyone! Our Ahn Dong Mackerel are so delicious

that our model has grown happy flowers on his face.

-Yes he has. That is how delicious these are.
-Yes, right, right, right..

That could happen if you get an endorphin rush.

-Please make an automatic order.

-Please make an automatic order.


We'd like for you to call again for our second round.

-Please order~
-Yes. Please order now.

Those Ahjusshis always trying to keep the change when they come into the neighborhood.

Myung Boo~

Hey, what's wrong with your face? Do you have the measles?

Ah, don't ask me. Why are there so many annoying things happening today?

Why'd you call me?

Umm, Myung Boo...

Myung Boo~

I can't.

What can't you do?? You haven't even heard what I'm going to say.

You're asking me to lend you money again. Didn't you say you were going to pay me back as soon as you got paid?

If I don't pay you back this month, I'll cut my finger off.

Then, go cut it off first.

In the kitchen.

Ah Myung Boo, why are you acting like this? Myung Boo...

I'm begging you.

Myung Boo~

It's raining, the weather is accurate.

Go on.

Hey Sang Yeol,

Can you walk me to the bus stop?

Ah, it's only drizzling rain. You can run.

Jeez, I really can't understand you.

If I caught you, I would really...

Ah, why are you being so creepy?

Because you keep pushing me out from under the umbrella. You're only covering yourself.

When did I push you out? When did I only cover myself?

How can you say such things... Ah what is this smell??

Ahh! Really!

When was the last time you washed your hair?

Tomorrow is the day I wash it.

I heard if I wash my hair too often, it will fall out.

Hey! You trying not to have your hair fall out will make other people's noses fall off!

Why don't you think of others?

You rich bastards are all like that.

Hey, why'd you turn around?

Myung Boo, you go ahead.

There's still a long way till the bus stop...

Take the taxi.

Why are you doing this?

Ah, it's cold.

I don't have any money.

Why don't you have any money?

I lent you everything I had.

Ah dude! How could you lend me everything?

What kind of a person doesn't have $30-40 in their wallet?

Ah dude, really...

I have to use this tomorrow, so be sure to pay me back tomorrow.

Hurry, go!

Ah, right! Right, right!

I was going to get bread on the way, I almost forgot.

I should get some.

Oh? Hello!

Ah, I almost passed you by.

Why are you standing here?

Ah, you're staying out of the rain.

Ah, why is it raining all of a sudden?

Where are you headed to?

To the bus stop.

Would you like me to walk you there?

Why are you doing this to me?

What are you doing right now?

Cover yourself with the umbrella.

Ah, that...

When I share my umbrella...

I care more about the other person...

I saw you coming with your friend earlier and you only covered yourself.

Ah, that was because that friend cares more about me.

What are you doing tonight?

Aren't you hungry?

You didn't even have dinner.

Mm... I don't feel so good lately. I get indigestion whenever I eat.

It's just an eating disorder.

Because you always force yourself to eat.

Do you want a break from your work?

Are you going to take care of me?

You don't think I can?


Miss So Yeon. Hi!

Eat this before you work.

Did someone bite your hand?
No, I...

Ah, you must have an upset stomach again. Um.. Uh...

Give her some good medicine!

Have a pleasant meal.

I'm sorry to keep making you do things.

Ah, it's nothing.

You are so kind.

Thank you.


You are really kind.

Are you like that to everyone?

When was I?

Since when were you so close with the president's daughter?

How am I close?

She's the president's daughter, so I just...

Ah, so if you're the president's daughter, you can touch another woman's man?

Okay. I was wrong.

Let's stop and eat something delicious. Huh?

I'm pregnant.

Oh, right now... here...

If you look here...

There is a problem here.

On both sides... it's a bit serious.

Is it cancer?

It isn't that...

If you undergo surgery this time...

In the future... You won't be able to have a child.


Ah, this pregnancy is a miracle too.

Ah, let's do a test to find out the details.

How old are you?

I'm five years old.

Mm? What are you doing there?

Don't bother the ajhumma and come here. Come here.

Stay there.

It's okay.

How many weeks are you?

7 weeks.

Ah, then you must have heard the baby's heartbeat.

A heartbeat?

You can hear that already?

Of course.

I heard my kids' in their 6th week.

You have to listen to it. It's really fascinating.

I still cry when I think of the emotions then.

Why did you take that out? Huh?

Mommy told you to stay still! Do you want to die?

You really..

Ah, I'm so sorry.

The kids are so active.

I don't hear anything.

I haven't turned it on yet.

I can't do it.

Really, why do you keep saying that?

Am I like this for no reason?

Why are you like that really?

We're already done talking about it.

We've decided to do that.



After hearing our baby's heartbeat...

I can't do it.

I won't do it.

Ah! So frustrating.

Ah, why are you so frustrating and stubborn?

Am I pregnant with a different person's child?

How could you say that?

That's why. Why can't you understand what I'm saying?

I don't ever want a child.

You're being so stubborn.

Huh? Is that love?

If you keep going on like this, I have no other choice than to end this.

Alright. Let's end this.

I'm really scared this child in my stomach will be selfish like you.

I don't have any feelings left for that kind of child.

I'll do what you want.

Ah, you crazy fool.

-Why doesn't it turn off?
-Ah you bastard. You rotten man.

Quit playing with yourself, you rotten fool.

It'll explode. Ah gross!

It isn't anything like that.

Hey, then what's this naked woman?

She isn't naked!

It's lingerie!

I'm just monitoring a coworker.

Ah, you bastard. Lies spew out of your mouth whenever you open it.

Aigoo, answer the the phone you imbecile.

Who is it?

-It's a woman.
-I told you not to answer my phone! Why do you keep answering it?

Then don't leave your phone lying around, you idiot.

-Woman who? Aunt? This is Aunt's number..
-Is Aunt a woman?

Lift up your leg. Look at all of this hair! Move out of the way! Look at all the hair!

-Ah be quiet!
-Are you shedding? Why is there so much hair?

-The son or his father...
-Ah, get out!

Ah, why does it smell so sour in a human's home? It smells like sour dog food.

Rub with this you bastard!

I got it! Get out, get out. Hurry.

-Ah, so gross.
-Ah shit really!

-Ah, so gross.
-Ah shit really!
Why does it smell so sour? So sour...
It smells like rotten dog food, you rotten fool.

Why does it smell so sour? So sour...
It smells like rotten dog food, you rotten fool.

I'm going to leave this house, really!

Get out! Please!



Who are you?

It's me, Shin So Yeon.

She heard everything! AHH!

Ah shit! She heard everything! Ah, so embarrassing!!

Your mother seems to be really angry that I called..

[Pirates Of The Caribbean]

Ah no...

I'm sorry.

Oh no, it's nothing.

Ah.. but... Why did you call me today?

It doesn't seem like you are interested in me...


Still, you are pure.


How am I so pure?

She's saying you are incompetent.
Why can't you understand what she's saying?

Ah, you.. What are you doing?

Ah you're doing it again, again.

Excuse me...

Let me ask you one thing.

Yes, go ahead and speak.

A certain man and a woman, in love, got a baby.

The woman wants to have the baby, but the man...

He loves the woman so much...
But he doesn't want a child.

Ah, that's a definite no.

That person is too selfish, in my opinion...

If a person you love,

gets pregnant and wants to have the child,
then you have to let her have it. That's real love.

Am I wrong?

Am I wrong?

Excuse me...

Ah, where is the women's washroom?

Oh, washroom.

That... If you go straight out of here,

There is a parking lot with cars parked. Just go behind there.

Choose any car...


You can't do the number 2... That wouldn't be good..


You can't tell the difference between pure and incompetent?


If a woman tells you you're pure,
it means 'hey you idiot, you couldn't take it even if I gave it to you.'

That's just what you think.


Ah... Forget it... Just give me another bottle of soju.

Also, in this kind of situation,
you have to drink a strong drink, like a man.

That's what makes women fall for you. Ah...

A strong drink?

That's right, for example.. Yea, this one is good, Ahn Dong Soju.

You have to drink something like this.

That's what makes women say, 'Ah, what do I do tonight?'

Give me that.

Ah, hey there!
Go home. Quit being pure.

Ah, hey there!
Go home. Quit being pure.
That is enough of being pure.

That is enough of being pure.

I can go when she comes.

That woman isn't coming back.

Have you seen a woman that pees for 2 hours?

Aigoo, aigoo...

She left?

Ah ahjusshi, you kept telling her to pee behind the truck,
that's why she left.

If she liked you, she would pee even at the front and come back.

You don't think of how much you lack, but have such a temper...

Wait... Stop! Stop! Stop!! Ahjusshi!

Ahjusshi, stop!!

Oh! Miss So Yeon...

You said you were going to the bathroom...

But you are here.

Are you crying?

So Yeon... Why? The weather is so cold right now, and you're here by yourself...

The Han River winds are really strong...

Ah, it's really cold...

Is something wrong?

Will you...

hug me?

Why are you crying?

Would you like to get another drink?
I'll buy.

Ah, umm... I drank a lot...

But I have one condition.

Let's go somewhere with a washroom.


Sir, it's time for you to check out.


I don't remember a thing about last night...

Did I come into this room by myself?

You came with a woman.
Why? Is there a problem?

It's my privacy.

It hasn't been long since we met.. but already...

You did good. It's now absolute.

You bastard...


Oh, I'm a little busy.

Has So Yeon come yet?

She quit.

What did you say?


Hey, hey. There, that woman is your new wife starting today.

Doesn't she look like she could eat a lot of meat?

Her nickname is 'the hippo that drinks meat.'

Ah... Just because we slept together once, she quits her job...

I guess it would be uncomfortable to see each other.

What do you mean slept? With who?

Don't be surprised.

Hey, Miss Hippo! Why do you keep eating the props?!

You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.

[Ulnar Nerve Palsy]


Yes, hello. Uh, it's me, Yoo Sang Yeol.
Pure man, Yoo Sang Yeol...


Ah, why did you quit your job over that kind of thing?

What kind of thing?

Uh, last night... Why are you asking? I'm embarrassed...

What about last night?

You're doing this because we had sex last night.

What kind of crazy thing are you talking about right now?

Are you really going to deny it?


Hey you crazy pervert! HANG UP!

What kind of guy is this?

Who is it?

You don't need to know.

Ulnar nerve palsy?

A Chinese person?

Mind your own business.

No.. she slept with me..

And now saying that she didn't doesn't make it so it hasn't happened.

Ah, really...

My heart hurts really bad.

Why that woman did that to me...

You would know...

How cold-hearted of a person I am...

After sleeping together, I can't do anything.

My heart's beating so hard.

Stop eating, you! Stop!

Are you even listening to me?

I'm listening.

I'm ashamed of myself for bringing you along
and telling you these things.

Do you like the Bladder Moon Snail?

No, it's so gross I can't eat it.

Really? Ahjusshi, one more bladder moon snail please.

Okay, buddy~

I heard you have a tough love life.

I don't know about anything else, but if you have any questions regarding romance, ask me.

Ahjusshi, do you know anything about romance?

That's why.

You did it with her.

-But she's arguing that she didn't.


That's a simple matter.

A simple matter?

Of course.

That just means that

you weren't very good in bed.

It isn't anything like that.

I'm telling you I'm right.

Then, ask that woman if what I said is wrong.

How could I ask her such a thing? It's humiliating.

It's okay to ask. The audacity of a man to ask those things,

can be seen as charming to women.

Women? There isn't much to them, the more you know.

If you are bold and good in bed, you are great as a man.

Ah, that's what you think.

This is really frustrating!

Would you like to bet with me?

What should we bet?

How about my eye?


Ah, I called the wrong number. I'm sorry.

Sang Yeol.


Why do you keep doing this?

-Please don't call.
-Ah, that...

I'm hanging up.

Ah, wait, wait.

What is it?

I'm sorry, but I...

Let me ask you one thing and I will hang up.
I won't call you again.

What is it?


was I not very good?

There's nothing you did wrong.

No, that's not it..

I'm asking if I did badly that night...

You don't have any fault.

Yes, I know, but...

That's not it...

What is it?

Was I bad at sex?


-Oh my, this guy is really...
-Uh, no that's not it... Someone asked me to ask so I am asking...

Oh my, what a dirty person!

Hey! Wake up you crazy fool!

That's not it... I don't know how to ask those kinds of things... Hello?

Hello? Hello...

I'm screwed. Shit.

I'm going to pluck out his remaining eyeball.


Hey, why does that idiot claim that you did it when you didn't?

I know. He was drunk, so I took him to the motel...

He took off his clothes as soon as he went in... and then slept.

Then, you must have seen his manhood.


Is it big?


It's small.

Shit. How small?

Quite very small.

How small is that?

Why do you ask that kind of thing?

-Ah, hey.
-I don't know.


Like this, but.. hold on..

It's smaller than that?

About this much?

Well, it's about that size.

Oh my god, that's a shrimp cracker. Is that a human's...?

Ah, life is so pitiful.

Just neatly reject him.

Of course I did.

What about the baby, did you do it?


I'm going to have it.

You're going to raise it by yourself?

Why? Can't I?

You crazy bitch.

Our country still thinks unwed mothers are criminals.

Do you want to live your life being treated like that?

Would you say that if it was the only child
you could have in your whole life?

Ah, it's so complicated.

Don't say that just because you don't have to deal with it.

I'm sorry for saying it, but...

I'm just thinking of you.

Also, do you want to live the same way your mother did?

She had a hard time raising you without a husband.

If she finds out that you are living the same life,

She'll cry tears of blood.

Ah, enough! My ear hurts.

You bitch. You don't understand what I'm saying.

Who is it?

Who is it?

Ulnar Nerve Palsy.

Wait a minute.

Hey. Didn't you say that idiot is arguing that you slept with him?


Then say it's his. That would solve everything.

You crazy bitch.
You're telling me to live with a person that I don't love?

If you find that you can't live with him, just divorce him.

A divorcee is better than an unwed mother.

Are you crazy? I'm about to go crazy anyways.

Would I say this if I weren't as frustrated?

Really, why is he calling? Why?

Ah, so annoying. I'm so annoyed.

Hey. Leave it to me.

This kind of guy will continue if you are nice.

Hey. Hello!

You know why, right?

When a woman says she doesn't want to, but a man keeps bothering her.

Don't you know that's called stalking and sexual harassment?

You could go to jail for this.

If you make one more call to my So Yeon,

Then I will cut off your fingers one by one.

So you won't be able to touch your phone.

Ah, pull out his eyeball instead.

Ahjusshi, Ahjusshi! Please!

I'm sorry, but

I really had no idea that it was that bad to do that.

But, since it's turned out this way, I'm really sorry.

It's okay.

Is it the caller's fault? It's my fault for making you call.

Hey, that's a good line.

So, it's settled.

In the name of repenting and forgiving,

Shall we toast?

You guys have made up. Okay?

Hold it up. Shrimp crackers.

Hey. Let me ask you one thing.

You love her, right?

You're embarrassing me. Why do you ask that?

Ah, shit. You're a man and you can't be honest.

Hey. Backbone!

-Sit straight. Your backbone...

Do you think you are a hunched shrimp cracker?

What do you think you are doing, hunching like that

in front of me?

Honestly tell me. You love her, right?

Do you love her?

A little...

You bastard. What's a little?

That's why that is small too.

Hey. Why do you point out his weakness?

Do you really like me?

Yes, I told you everything awhile ago.

Since when?

The Fall Special... 6 piece beef gift set..

Since then...

What do you like about me?

So Yeon, you may not feel the same but...

Every time you wrapped meat and fed me...

'Ah, we really are a couple.'

I thought those things.

Ah, it isn't that I thought that...

I think I fell into the illusion.

So Yeon, me,

and our daughter... a family...

It felt so happy. Those kinds of thoughts...

Those illusions...

During those times,

I told myself I had nothing more to want in this world.

It made me think like that.

It made me think like that.
It's funny, isn't it?

It's funny, isn't it?

I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have said that...


am pregnant.


What do we do? You'll be so surprised when you hear this.

Hey, PD Park is here.

You've got quite the nerve to call him here.

I didn't call him.

You crazy bitch.

I've heard of switching kids but never heard of switching dads!

Be quiet. Someone will hear.

Hey, this was your idea.

Oh my... you are accusing an innocent person.

You're the one that did it.


Hey, but you've got skills.

You made her pregnant in one go.

There is a really important thing for men.

You can't change it with money or power.

What's that?

Strength! Power, a strength that doesn't know how to tire.

You're joking.

You have a really small one.

Women like smaller ones.

Don't lie!

They like big ones you idiot.

When you scratch your ear,

Does it feel better when you use your thumb?

Or does it feel better with your pinkie finger?

Or does it feel better with your pinkie finger?


See, you fool.

See, you fool.

Can I have all of the groom's friends come out?

We don't have much time.

We're all here.

Whiskey please.
[*Note: Koreans say Whiskey when taking pictures.]

It's mine. Give it to me.

They say kimchi stew is the best when you have morning sickness.

Ah, don't just sit there because you don't have an appetite.

Try to eat something.

Have some.

How is it?

I don't feel like eating.

Then watch me eat. People say that when they watch me eat,

it makes them want to eat too.


Did you brush your teeth before eating?

I will brush when I'm done eating. Oh hot!

You don't brush your teeth when you sleep either, right?

Don't you brush your teeth in the morning?

Do you have to make that much noise when you eat?

What noise is she talking about?

It's hot.

I'll be right back after stopping by the hospital, So Yeon.

Hello. You're peeling garlic.

Sit here for a bit.

Sit here for a bit.
I can't. I have to go.

I can't. I have to go.

Just peel 3 of these for me before you leave.

It's because my hands hurt.

I would like to do that too...

But I can't be late.

What are you doing?

I'm an actor.
[*Note: Actor in Korean = bae woo = to learn also :)]

What are you learning?

Ah, that is... I'm acting on T.V.

A talent?
[*Note: A talent in Korea is like a celebrity.]

A person with a face like yours can be a talent too?

His wife is like a flower growing on dog shit.

Wow, this really tastes the best of all the meat I've tried.
It just melts in your mouth.

Yes, we hope that you can experience this melting feeling as well.

We will leave the decision to you.

I am Shopping Host Hong Ga Young and Ha Wee Soo. Thank you.

And cut!

Good work. Good work.

Good work. Good work.

Hey. Is this all you can do?

If you eat, frowning, do you think the viewers would want to eat it?

Ah, it's not that...

This woman kept wrapping the meat...

And kept shoving it into my mouth...

I'm not a meat grinder...

Ah, Yoo Sang Yeol is right about that.

That woman shoved it in very roughly.

Are you his representative?

I apologize.

Didn't I tell you not to let the actors overlap?

He ate at another show, do you think he would be able to eat again?

You're a useless bastard.

Are you okay?

Do your job right!

-Did you work another job in the morning?

You told me to work hard before the baby was born.

Ow! My nose!

My nose..

Ah, see! You snore so much, of course your nose hurts.

I have something I want to eat.


Ah, that's great.

What is it?

-Barbecued chicken.
-Barbecued chicken?

With lots of radish in vinegar.


Oh, what brings you here at this hour?

You're going to have a drink?

No, do you have charcoal?


I can't use that because it's too expensive.

What do I do?

My wife wants barbecued chicken.

Can't I do it on the grill?

Ahjusshi, if you grill a chicken, would that be considered a bbq chicken?

Is that how it is?

Does it become a lightning chicken?

Lightning chicken?

It's so good.

-It tastes better than barbecue.

-Isn't it?

This is totally different than barbeque.

A lighting strike has much higher wattage...

Oh, then is this grilled with lightening?

No, it isn't anything like that...

Why? Are you looking for something?

My radishes. Radishes in vinegar.

Ah, we grilled that at the street stall...

Why? Why aren't you eating it?

I don't eat radish to eat chicken.

I eat chicken to eat radish.

Just eat this for today, it's raining a lot outside.

When a pregnant mother

says that she wants to eat something,
it isn't because she wants to eat it,

it's because the baby

needs the nutrition in that food.

Ah, well... okay. I'll go.

I'll go right now and buy some.

What kind of nutrition does radish have that you want it so bad...?

Oh, it moved! It's moving.

Wow, it's fascinating.

Doctor, when will our baby be born?

There're 15 weeks left.

Didn't I tell you?

Oh I see.

It's kicking again, again! Wow.


is our baby a son or a daughter?

I can't tell you that.

Ah, why? I heard all of the other hospitals tell you things like that...

We go by the rules.

Oh! That looks like a weenie.

It's a boy! That long thing is a weenie, right?

It's the umbilical cord.

-How is your constipation?
-It's bad.

If you continue to be constipated, then you can take a laxative.


Also, the baby is very good looking.

Thank you.

-Get up slowly, from your side.

"We go by the rules"

Will you get much business like that?

The gynecologists are going bankrupt because people aren't wanting to have babies...

They couldn't let us know even that...

She says it's a boy.

Who did?

She says it's good looking.

Hyung, do you see this long thing here?

Do you know what this is?

-The umbilical cord.
-Oh. You know at first sight.

I was so happy because I thought this was a weenie.

Hey, how could that be possible?
They say the size of a weener depends on genes too.

Ah, that's true. He shouldn't take after me on that...

Have you given him a name?

Yes, Bok Ddang. The lucky 'bok' letter and
the thank you 'ddang' word. So Bok Ddang.
[*Note: "Ddangi" in Korean is like a cutie.]

-Thank you 'ddang'?
-Yea. Look at how high his nose is.

Hey! What are you doing?

Ah, you're here?

You're not getting ready for the show?

Director. Look at this. It's Sang Yeol's baby picture. Isn't it cute?

Do you have time for this right now?

Have you passed out all of the cue sheets?

Ah, those.. PD Jang said not to pass them out.

Are you PD Jang's assistant or mine?

Ah, I'm sorry.

That's why you are still an assistant after all this time.

Hyung, isn't PD Park younger than you?

Why does he speak so informally? He's very rude.

That kid is younger than you too.

Really? Are you serious? I'm shocked.

Hyung, let's speak to him comfortably from now on too.

Ah, what can you do if you want to live.

I can't do that even if I starve. He's younger than me..

If I catch him, I'll break his leg...

-Hey! Come in!
-Yes? Yes.

Hey, hey, hey, me, me, me...

I get more nervous by the day.

It seems like Sang Yeol knows something,

and is acting like he doesn't...

What are you going to do? You're so nervous.

Also, that means that Bok Ddang is coming out in 8 months.

Even the most innocent person knows that a baby is born after 10 months.

That's true.

Ah, why didn't I think of that?

It's driving me crazy.

Hey, just tell him that Bok Ddang is premature.

There are more babies that are born in eight months than you think.

Do you think he'd believe that?

No, if it's Sang Yeol, he'll believe it.

He's not a common idiot.

Who's an idiot? He's just innocent.

Crazy bitch.

Just because he is your husband.

Ah, that feels good.

You ate a lot for lunch and you're eating that again?

The baby has to grow, so the amount that I eat would of course increase.

This belly...

By chance, is it that it isn't a baby growing...

But your poop is piling up in there?

Ah, I'm eating. Really...


Can't we take that picture down?

It makes me feel like that weird guy is going to pop out.


But, that is supposed to protect your love,

And it holds your water veins steady.

So, it's a good thing...

We can take it down.

But, I'm kind of sad.

Just leave it then.

No, it's not that...

This is your home, So Yeon.

There's no need to ask permission from me.


Yes, So Yeon.

-Sang Yeol...

It's about to come out...

-The baby is about to come out?

Oh, poop is about to come out?

Hold on just a minute.

Sang Yeol!

Yes, I'm coming out.

Hurry, please.

Ah, that smell.

Why, Why?

So Yeon, what's wrong?


Is this poop or an anaconda?


I'm going to die of suffocation.

How is it?

So Yeon, will you open the door for a minute please?


I can't breathe.

Ah, I don't want to...

I won't open the door until the water has gone down.

I'm scared...

What are you afraid of? I'm the one who's going through your poo.

Oh, I think it worked.

I'm going to flush it.

That's right, that's right.

Uh... this shouldn't happen, right?

Open the door, So Yeon!

The anaconda just popped out.

-Oh no!!
-I won't open it.

I won't ever open it.

Just one time.

Go to sleep. Please!

I'm tired.

Just sleep. I'm tired.

I told you to go to sleep.

I told you I'm tired.

What are you doing right now?

I'm asking you what you're doing right now!

Ah, So Yeon. Why aren't you sleeping?

You're not letting me sleep.

You keep doing this. How can I sleep?

We did it just once before marriage and haven't done it since.

The doctor said

to be careful. Don't you remember?

Go to sleep. Okay?

Let's sleep.

You have another worry?

If you are worried about something, tell me.

Ahjusshi, mind your own business.

Don't sit here and go. Quickly.


Something's really bothering you today...

On a day that you feel down like this,

there's nothing better.

Have a drink of soju and go to your wife.

That's the best thing.

I got it.

-Eat lots.

You scared me.

Why'd you call me all of the sudden?

Why'd you call me all of the sudden?
You idiot. Really..

You idiot. Really..

I don't have any money today, so don't think of borrowing any.

This outfit doesn't even have any pockets.

I bought this because of you.

[Pirates of the Caribbean]

I haven't done it in so long, I think I'm going to explode.

I'm not getting married.

Marriage is a crazy thing.

It isn't that you aren't getting married. You can't.

I'm leaving.

I thought you were leaving.

Pay back all of the money you borrowed from me right now.

Why are you so heavy?

Just a little more...

Hey, Sang Yeol!


Try to get up.

Hurry, get up!

Wake up...

He's totally drunk.


This is revenge.

Wake up!

I told you to wake up.


So Yeon, what are you doing? It's too noisy.


So Yeon, what are you doing? It's loud...

Where is this?

How long has it been since we got married
that you slept outside?

I was drunk and I had no idea...

Where did you sleep?

A motel..


A motel...

What are you saying? Say it clearly!


A Motel?

A Motel?

With who?

-Myung Boo.
-With Myung Boo?

Nothing happened between us.

Okay. There wouldn't be anything between you and Myung Boo.

Do I wash?

Go wash up.

Ah that rascal.

I, go to counseling lately.

I know. Ahh...


even if a man sits next to me in the bus,

I get scared.

No matter how drunk I was,
no matter how much I haven't had sex with a woman,

How would I do you?

How could I do a man?

And honestly.

How do I trust your words?

It's not like there is any evidence.


Here. You see the yellow, right?

What is this?

What do you think it is?

What do you think it is?
-Shit, really...

-Shit, really...

Put it away, quickly. Put away the evidence.

There's no use in denying it anymore.

I did a DNA test yesterday.

What is it that you want?

Compensation from the heart.

[Bok Ddang's Mom]

[Bok Ddang's Mom]


Where are you right now?

Sang Yeol is busy doing laundry...

Ah, Myung Boo!

But why is Sang Yeol doing the laundry?

Ask him yourself.

The sinner.

The sinner?

What are you ...

What are you ...
The sin of wanting me.

The sin of wanting me.

Myung Boo, you make the funniest jokes.

This isn't a joke.

Ah, Myung Boo. Come over to our home sometime.

Then I'll go today.

Then I'll go today.


Ah, today's a little... What about next time?

-Yes. That sounds good.

No... good... That's not what I ...

Scary. It's like a red balloon.

So Yeon. Don't you worry.

I'm a hunk of collagen. I won't explode.

If you're done eating, you should go.

Hey, hey. Myung Boo.


Don't try to trap me.

What does that mean?
What do you mean by trap?

It's nothing.

Whenever he drinks, he babbles.

Like that..

I'm going to the bathroom.

Do you want to die?


Are you scared?

Why did you do something you would be afraid of?

Let me off just once. Save me.


Hurry and go. Okay?

What are you doing here, you crazy fool?

I can't sleep on the couch because my back hurts.

I have a herniated disc in my 3rd and 4th vertebrae.

So what do you want me to do about it?

Let me sleep on the bed..

I'm going to sleep. I'll sleep quietly.

Why would you sleep here? Hurry and get out.

So Yeon, sleep well.

You crazy fool.

-Leave me alone.. I'm going to sleep here.
-Get out. Hurry.

Sleep with him here, Sang Yeol.

I'll go to the sofa.

Why would I sleep here with him?

Then, are you telling me

to sleep with Myung Boo?

I agree with her.

Ah, So Yeon, it's not that...

I'll take him out to sleep.

So Yeon, sleep well...

Hurry up and turn off the lights.
We should sleep.

You son of a bitch. Sleep, you son of a bitch.

Ah... You really hit me..

[Dad's Bok Ddang Diary]
[Dad: Yoo Sang Yeol]

[The lucky 'bok' letter and
the thank you 'ddang' word.]

[Lighting chicken]

Bok Ddang likes = Radish in vinegar..?!

Bok Ddang's family picture.

[Yoo Sang Yeol