Saranghago issseupnikka? (2020) - full transcript

A young woman with a miserable life receives a magical book that gives her the power to make every man she encounters fall for her.

Are We In Love?

- What took you so long?
- What happened?

How should I know?

She took out every
bowl in the house saying

she's going to make
bread! It's a total mess!


Hey, what in the world happened to you?

I'm sorry. I'm late.


Are you working someplace else?


Did you leave here to
work at another bakery?

No, it's...

Don't you know what happens

when you're late for work?

Are you going to take responsibility

if we lose money?

I'm sorry. But I already made

the cakes and bread for today...

So, you left the
decorations to a newbie?

You've been working here for months now

but you still can't brew coffee, right?

Do you even want to learn?

Seung-jae, she had
to go home because...

Are you the only person
in your household?

You should take care of yourself first!


You're all done for the day.

So-jeong will take care of the rest.

Shouldn't you earn
your keep around here?

She can't clean all this up alone...

You heard me?

Yes, Boss.

What are you still doing here?


Come on. It's nothing to cry over.

Let's clean up and
grab a drink afterward.

What are you talking
about? I'm not crying.

We're almost done here.

We just have to clean the second floor.

What? He already cleaned up here.


Why did he chew your head off then?

He's such a big softie.

What's a softie?

Oh, it means... well...

Oh, just forget it.

I shouldn't have said anything.

Here. Turn off the signs. We're done.


Wait for me.

- You're not leaving?
- You go ahead.

I'll prepare the
ingredients for tomorrow.

Just do it tomorrow.

I might not be able to
come in early tomorrow.

Alright. Then let's
grab drinks another day.

See you.


Seung-jae left his car here.

Did Anna come to pick him up?

Is it raining?

Oh, it's not.

Who is it at this hour?

Sorry, we are closed for the day.

This is the only place that's open.

It's raining really hard.

May I stay until the rain stops?

Sure. I have work to do anyway.

I baked this as a
new item for our menu.

I made the soup to
share with the staff.

Please help yourself.

Why, thank you.

I'll lend this book to
you. It will help you.

Are You In Love?

Are You In Love?

Are You In Love?

If you have questions regarding love

open the book to any page

and your question will be answered.

Will I ever fall in love?

Many people will
confess their love to you.

What? These answers are so random.

It's like a Magic 8-Ball.

It's one very detailed book.

What? You're still here?
You're not done yet?

Boss, why did you come back?

I left something in the kitchen.

Aren't you going home?

I was just about to leave.

Why are you reading in the café?

Are you going to
pay the electric bills?

You left all the lights on.

The bread is stale
and the soup is cold.

Did you eat alone?


W-What are you doing?

Taking you home
because I don't want you

to end up a dead body.

If you get into an
accident on the way home

I have to pay for
workers' compensation.

That costs money.


He just left... sheesh.

Excuse me.

Hello. Do you remember me?

I said hi the day before yesterday.

Oh, you're the neighbour
who just moved in?

You do remember. Here.

Do you have a boyfriend?

What? M-Me?

Yes. Do you?

- I don't have one, but...
- You don't?

You don't? Then, may I get your number?

I-I have someone I like! I'm sorry.

What is this?

Oh, So-jeong.

You're late.

You must've waited for long. I'm sorry.


I'm so sorry to say this.

I'd like to quit.


I've put up with it until now for you

but your mum is giving
me such a hard time.

I-I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

This won't happen
again. I'll talk to my mum.

Your mother has
Alzheimer's, she won't get it.

I'm sorry.

OK, fine...

It's hard to find

good daughters like you these days.

It's exactly why I can't quit.

See you.

Good night.

Mum, I'm coming in.


- Pardon?
- So pretty.

I-I mean your bicycle is pretty.

I see. It's not even a good bike.

May I get your number?

Oh, the bicycle's model number?

No, your phone number.

M-My number?


I've fallen for you.

- Morning.
- Morning.

Thank you.

So-jeong, I've been waiting for you.

What? Me?

Don't you know I'm in love?

With the banana cake you baked.

Oh, I see.

So-jeong, do you only wear pants?

Why do you ask?

It's just that

there are occasions
you can wear dresses

but you wear pants all the time.

- These are comfortable.
- Oh, no.

You do know that
comfort and looking good

are opposites, right?

Do I wear high heels for comfort?

I wear them because
they make me look good.

Why don't you wear skirts?

You should glam yourself up.

You think guys would
like the way you look?

Should I say you're unique?

I just don't get it.

- Anna.
- Oh, Seung-jae!

Ki-hyuk, can you get
me a glass of water?

Are you venting your
anger on the dough?

What do you mean?

Man, how frustrating.

Whenever I come to work

I get frustrated because of you.

Should I give you a little push?

Roll the dough out
until it's 15mm thick.

After you're done,
put them on the tray.

She's just so annoying.


Excuse me.

- Yes?
- You made the cakes, right?

I did. Yes?

Let me see your hand.

Turn them over.

I knew it.

You don't have a boyfriend, do you?

- No.
- Let me introduce you to someone.


- What...
- He's a good guy.

For real. A really decent guy.

What do you think of me?

Would you like to go on a date with me?

- What?
- I know what you're feeling.

You're flustered, right?

I'll give you some time to think.

I hope to get a yes from you.

I'll come back in a week.

That was smooth.

Have a good day.

- Do you think he's a scammer?
- Probably.

He could be from a
creepy religious cult.

Come on. He could be serious.

No way. You were sitting right there.

Why would he go for
So-jeong instead of you?

Isn't it weird that

he fell for So-jeong at first sight?

Well, it's been happening

quite often these days.

Look at you. It's like
you're some hotshot.

It's not like that. My
next-door neighbour

also asked for my number.

Gosh, is that so?

You should've taken a picture as proof.

He's right.

You should say something believable.

You're pushing it.

No, it's not. Go away.

You should give him an answer soon.

Oh, I just finished baking these.

You made a lot for samples.

I wanted to share them with everyone.

What did you top the tarts with?

Traditional Korean honey.

I wanted to make a special dessert

using Korean honey.

How does it taste?


- Pardon?
- It tastes bitter.

It can't be. It should taste sweet.

There's a bitter taste at the end.

Are you sick of this job?

Are you not going to focus?

I am focusing.

Then pay more attention to this.

It seems like your focus is on dating.

- You're home.
- Yes.

- You must be tired. Get some rest.
- OK.

I can't believe it.

Are You In Love?

Those men hitting on me today.

Was it all real?

Don't think it's impossible.

Just believe and it will happen.

No way!

Then, does this mean
they were all real?

What is this supposed to mean?

When the darkness
lifts, truth reveals itself.

You were so funny then.

When was this picture taken?

When you were a baby?

Look at this.

Look at your face.


Are you slacking off again?

Hurry and roast the coffee beans.

What? Is Seung-jae looking for me?

No, he's not.

Our boss is so busy right now

that he doesn't even care

if you're napping or working.

What are you talking about?

Oh, we have tarts.

It tastes good. You did a good job.

Did you use too much honey?

It tastes a bit bitter.

It wasn't for me, was it?

Why would he put the tart back?

Hey, So-jeong. Wear
some makeup, will you?

Are you trying to look single?

It's true that I've never dated anyone

but I'm pretty popular these days.

Men have been hitting on me like crazy.

Great! Jump right in and swim.

Hey. Is this the Han River or what?

Why should I swim?

That's right!

Being on a roll doesn't mean anything.

If you're unlucky, you
might get swept away.

You have to meet Mr Right.

Mr Right! Don't just
go out with anyone.

- I don't have a Mr Right.
- What?

My Mr Right has met his Ms Right.

So I don't have a Mr Right.

She sure is drunk.

Just half a bottle of
soju and she's wasted?

Should we take her home?

Yes, we should.

It's time to drink. Chug.

Hey. You sit over there at that table.

You listen to me.
Guys don't like girls.

Guys like sexy women who are girly.

No! Guys like girls too!

Excuse me.

Do you have a boyfriend, by any chance?

No! But there is a Mr Right for me.

I see.

You're having a fling
with someone then?

How about a fling with me?

No. I don't do flings.

In our café, we brew coffee.

We bake cakes and brew coffee!


- We'll head home, Boss.
- Bye.

- Bye, Seung-jae.
- Let's go, Byung-oh.

You awake?

You! Don't be like that!


You're so mean.

The tarts I made... were they that bad?

You're funny.

I want this.

Hey, this is...

I want this.

So-jeong, you're still here?

W-What time did I get home last night?

You don't remember?

A young man gave you a ride home.

Who was he? Your boss?

Yes. That was my boss.

Oh my god! What have I done?

Are you going to work?

- I'm late.
- Here, eat this.

Where's this cake from?

Your mum was lucid yesterday.

She made a cake using traditional

Korean cookies and honey.

She did an excellent job.

I was so surprised.

Not tarts, but cake!

How is it? Isn't it good?

It's good. Serve it.


Is Mr Seung-jae here?

- Yes...
- Yes, I'll take that.

These must be the coffee
beans he mentioned.

- Thank you!
- You're welcome. Take care.


- I got this.
- No, it's OK. I'll do it.

You're busy.

I'll take it to him.

What's wrong with her?

She's too enthusiastic.

Why are you telling me that now?

Why are you getting so mad?

How can I not get mad?

How could you

not tell me when making
a decision like that?

Hey, I wanted to study.

Why should I ask for your approval?

Who said anything about my approval?

You're going away for two years!

Why are you telling me this now?

Oh, Seung-jae.

Are you that upset that I'm leaving?

Stop it.

You're talking as if
America was next door.

You should've just left
without saying a word!


For two years?

You have no respect
for the person you love.

- Do you know that?
- What?

What do you mean by that?

Should I say it in English for you?

Here's the special cake you ordered.

- Wow!
- Looks so pretty.


- Let's take a picture.
- Excuse me.

Could you take a picture with us?


I don't usually do it, but sure.

Two, three.

And he said he's too
hungover to do anything.

But female customers perk him right up.

Where are you from?


Two years...

- So-jeong, what are you doing?
- What?

Oh... I... I'm not doing anything.

Oh, I see. You're not doing anything.

What about the genoise sponge cake?

We're really busy today.

You need to pull your socks up.

- Ki-hyuk.
- What?

If your girlfriend
decides to study abroad

in America for two
years, what would you do?

What? What are you talking about?

Is something up?

Well... it's my friend's friend.

His girlfriend is
going to study abroad.

A long-distance relationship?

I don't like that.

The farther away you are

the weaker the love gets.

Would you break up with her?

I'd either break up
from waiting too long

or break up from the
get-go. One or the other.

He'd be heartbroken, right?

Yeah. And you look
pretty down yourself.

Is that important right
now? The genoise!

Right. Yes.

Let's focus. Focus.

Is the pound cake ready yet?

Smells awesome!

If you're finished, you can leave.

I'll finish cleaning up.

That's so not like
you. Can I really leave?

But I get to take the
leftover pumpkin tarts.

- Deal?
- Deal.

Looks so good.

What are you doing?

I was just about to leave.

I'm leaving too.

OK, then.

It's on the way. I'll give you a ride.

What? It's OK!

Don't you have something to

tell me about yesterday?


- I want this.
- Hey.

I want this.

Nope! I have nothing to say! Nothing!

Why are you overreacting?

Whatever. Finish up and come outside.

I'll finish up here,
so just go with him.

You're saving up on
your bus fare. That's good.

No, I'm not.

"No, I'm not."

If not, never mind.

Hurry up and get a free ride.

I-I can go home by myself.

Why? Do you feel uncomfortable?

- It's not that.
- Yesterday, you...

What are you doing? Come on. Let's go!

Hey, what are you doing? Get out.

What? We still have
things to talk about.

How about we go for a drink?


Get out. Get out now.

I don't want to.

Are you going to drag me out?

Were you always this rude?


Get out. I said, get out!

Hey, what are you
doing? You must be crazy!

Get out. Your car is right over there!

Stop it, please! Don't fight!

You two love each other, so stop.


I should go.

It must be something important.

So, please have a good talk.

About what? There's
nothing to talk about.

See you tomorrow.

Why did he have to
put my bike in his car?

Wait, I won't be able to
cycle to work tomorrow.

Darn it...



You're just going to ignore me?

What more is there to say?

Come on. Don't be so mad.

Why do you always have your way?

Seriously, you haven't changed a bit.

That's my appeal.

Why did he put my bike in his car?

Appeal, my foot.

My appeal.

Is this what you mean by

the truth revealing itself?

Soon, the opportunity will come.

Don't miss it. Seize it.

Hey, even I could say that.

The One is coming to you.

Who is it at this hour?

Who are you?

My passenger gave this as his address.

- Boss?
- Yes, Boss.

- Hey, you!
- Why are you here?


You've been so distracted lately.

The desserts are a mess.

- Excuse me?
- I'm sorry to interrupt.

But it'll be $20.

Oh, right.

I'm sorry.

Sir, I'll pay with a card.

You can't pay with a credit card

and this is a business card.

Yes, I can.

J-J-Just a moment, please.

Why can't I pay with a credit card?

You have to pay in advance for that.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Hey, you!

You! Yes, you.

You're getting on my nerves these days.

Did you come here to scold me?

No. It's not that.

Want to go out with me?

- What?
- A lot of guys are asking you out.

But those guys are all jerks!

So don't go out with them!

Go out with me instead.

Are you kidding me?

You have Anna! Aren't you two dating?


Anna and me?

I can't date her.


Are you doing this because

Anna is going to America?


How did you know
Anna's going to America?

Why are you doing this to me?

Are you making fun of me?

I'm fed up as it is.

You're using that as an excuse!

Think about it.

I'll give you exactly two days.

Go home.


Hey, you should think about it!

Think about it! Hey, troublemaker!

Exactly two days!

Two days! That was smooth.

I did it like a man!

I must be insane.

I have bad taste in men, I swear.

Just because she's leaving

h-he decides to ask me out?

Am I Anna's replacement?

Is this what you call
the perfect chance?

What kind of messed up chance is this?

Don't miss out on
this opportunity, huh?

Is this book insane too?

It's the same darn page.

This is so annoying!

It's already 3.00am!

What is this?

"Lie down on this gold mattress"

"and you will fall asleep right away"?

"Eat this miracle medicine"

"and you'll become pretty"?

Let's go.

What's the matter with you?

I fell for you at first sight.

I'm not interested in you.

You're so pretty, yet
you look burdened.

Physiognomy doesn't lie.

You have to offer the ancestral gods...

She said no. What's wrong with you?

No, your phone number.


I've fallen for you.

Ma'am, this could be the biggest

turning point in her life.

So mind your own
business and go on your way.

As if I said anything wrong.

Go on. It's a green light. Excuse me...

- Good morning.
- Oh, hey.

B-Byung-oh, what are you eating?

Are you insane?

So-jeong, the new
menu item is delicious.

You've got mad skills!

- The best.
- You guys are out of your minds!

This is the limited-edition cake!

I have plenty to worry about already.

Why? Did something
happen with the boss?

How did you know?

When I came in this morning

I saw him eating the cake to recover

from his hangover.

Didn't you make this cake for us?

I guess not.

He ate it too?

Stop it. I have a headache
from the hangover.

I see Seung-jae made
quite a lot of mistakes.

My head is ringing.

- Stop it!
- Come on.

Hey, So-jeong!

Oh, hello.

You made that, right?

May I have another slice?

No, you can't!

You can't have another slice!

She seems really angry.

Why are you down so quickly?

You should keep fighting with him.

- Right.
- What?

What's wrong?

Could you check the tables...

What's wrong with you? Move!

What do you think of me?


Can you make one more of that cake...

I guess not.

Ki-hyuk! It's sold out!

I have to leave early today.


I'm taking my mum to the hospital.

Of course.

Darn. That hurt my pride.

Are the test results out yet?

What did they say?

It'll be OK. At least
she's not getting worse.

You can leave early today.

I'll take my mum home.

No, it's OK. I'll be home alone anyway.

I'll walk your mum
home and take our time.

Ma'am? Let's go now.

I'm OK!

I am fine!

I'm OK.

I'm OK.

Darn it.

- What is this?
- Excuse me?

I know you rejected me

but why did you throw this away?

We paid money to make these, you know!

Did you leave this behind?

Did you hit on me to
sell that gold mattress?

And you don't have to buy it.

There's no need to throw this away.

That's why you don't have a boyfriend.

- What did you say?
- Look here.

Why did you step on
this? It's all dirty now!

Oh, these were yours?
This isn't my fault.

It's her fault.

I wouldn't have stepped on it

if she hadn't thrown
it out in the first place.

What? You threw this away?

Why would you throw
away what I left for you?

Let me get this straight.

The two of you hit on me

to sell gold mattresses
and health products?

What other reason would there be?

Because of you, we
can't use them anymore.

How will you take
responsibility for this?

What's the point of asking?

She should buy our products.


What are you doing?

Who are you people?

And who the heck are you?

If you aren't her
boyfriend, just back off.

Back off.

- Get in the car.
- You little...

- I said, get in the car!
- Hey!

We investigated and
planned for this operation

so back off.

That's right!


This is regarded as
obstruction of business!


Come here!


What's wrong with you?
Get a hold of yourself.

This happened because

you're always so distracted.

From now on

don't go home late alone. Understand?


But why did you come
all the way to my house?

When I went to your house last night...

Want to go out with me?

No way.

Stop spilling things when you eat.

Wipe it off.

Yesterday, when you came over...


Yesterday, when I went to your house...

you paid the driver, right?


I don't remember paying the driver.

There's no one else
who could have paid him.

Did you pay him?

How much was it?

It was all fake! All of it!

Hey, say something!

You'll spend time with your beloved.

It's going to get hot.

What? "It's going to get hot"?


Get in.

What are you doing here?

Isn't it obvious?

I'm here to pick you up

after what happened last night.

Hey, troublemaker.

Get in.




Are You In Love?

Strange. Ever since
I received this book

strange things have been happening.

The confessions, and now my boss...

This time, please reveal the truth!

Take one step forward.

The person is already behind you.

You startled me.

What? Have you finished plating?

- B-B-Behind you!
- Behind me?

Behind me? What?

"You have already
fallen for that person."

Go out with me instead.

Hey, troublemaker. Get in.

Why did Boss smile at me?

He's never the smiley sort.

No. No way.

Was he always like that?

(Japanese) OK. I'll be waiting.


It's still ongoing?

I'm just waiting for an answer.

Just go straight ahead! Step on it.

It's not so easy.


If I do, are you going
to send us together?

I might consider it.


- What's going on?
- What the...

What's going on?

Hey, are you OK? You hurt?

Bring water and take
So-jeong out of here!


You can't come with us.

Only the guardian can come.

I'm sorry.

- He'll be OK, right?
- Yes.

Why is this here?

Be brave.

Many people will
confess their love to you.

I've fallen for you.

May I get your number?

We went to the same middle school.

No way...

What do you think of me?

When the darkness
lifts, truth reveals itself.

This could be the biggest

turning point in her life.

You'll spend time with your beloved.

It's going to get hot.

Hey, are you OK? You hurt?

Bring water and take
So-jeong out of here!

Hold on.

I-I'll go! It's my fault.

I should take responsibility. Please.

All right. Please take care of him.

We'll be leaving now.

"It's going to get hot."

The book said it was going to get hot.

Do the opposite.

Compliment him.

Don't see him for a while.

What did the doctors say?

Are your nerves damaged?

Y-You won't be able to use your hand?

What should we do? It's all my fault.

Your hands are practically your life.

What should we do?

It's my fault. I'm sorry.

You're embarrassing me. Don't cry.

You can move it?

You're OK?

Of course, I am. It's nothing.

They told me to

get the dressing changed often.

And I thought you were
going to be a cripple!

A cripple?

Come here, you.

You're learning bad
words from Byung-oh.

Were you really worried about me?

Is that even a question?

It's not the right time
and place for jokes.

Why didn't you tell me you're OK?

Now you understand how I feel?

I should've let you worry

for two more days before telling you.

But I'm not a patient man.

Did you really mean what you said?


Are you OK?

I almost became a cripple.


Did you hurt yourself...
down there too?

Never mind.

Let's go. I parked in front of the ER.

- They asked me move it soon.
- Let's go.

Aren't you coming?

You go ahead.

You can't go out looking like that.

He's right. Let's go together.

I'll give you a ride home.

I'm OK. I just want to

take a walk to calm down a bit.

All right then.

Don't keep me waiting for too long.


I'm sorry.

Are you OK?

Our boss...

Why is she so out
of it? Is our boss OK?

He's OK. He's an OK guy...

- What?
- So-jeong?

Did she inhale too much smoke?

I think so. She's
not in her right mind.

So-jeong, is our boss OK?

How frustrating.

His fingers. Do they work?

To date...

Date? His fingers are dating...

They're stuck together?

Wait, what the heck is she saying?

Did you ask our boss out?

No, he asked me out.


I knew it was going to happen.

You knew?

Our boss likes you. You didn't know?

Wow. I only had a hunch.

You dummies. Did you just realise that?

But our boss...

Our boss... he has Anna though.

It's not right for him to do that.

Just because his
feelings have changed...

Even if his relationship
with her isn't...

What if he leaves

w-when he finds someone new?

T-That's just not right.

You didn't know?

She doesn't seem to know.

Anna and Seung-jae are twins.

Fraternal twins. Anna's the older twin

but because they are
only five minutes apart

he doesn't treat her
like his older sister.


It's no different from a Magic 8-Ball.

What? You're still here?
You're not done yet?


He just left.

Good night.

Good night.

Is it that hard to say?

I've practised so many times... sheesh.

What the...

Is she being asked out or what?

What about me?

Seung-jae, drive carefully.


How long have you been back there?

Since a while ago?

What? Did you see everything?

From the beginning to the end.

Don't act like your life's over.

So what if I saw what happened?

If you're too scared to tell her

I could tell So-jeong for you.

Or not.

No way.

My boss likes me? For real?

Take some time.

What? What does it mean?

"Take some time"?

You're annoying me.

Well, I am so annoyed.

Good morning.

Not a good morning for me.

Have you thought about it?

Why won't you just
answer a simple question?

Is it that you can't?

Is your head not working properly?


I just need more time.

You need more time?

Are you some kind of a slow cooker?

Why would you need more time?

A slow cooker...

I guess!

Hey. Wait.

How about you think about it

after we go on a date?

Come on. Wait!


Hey, troublemaker.

If it's too difficult, you can

give me an answer
after we go on a date.

Hey, troublemaker. Open the door.

Here I thought she was just a tomboy

but she knows how to play hard to get.

- Jeez, my arm!
- She's better than me.

Hey, troublemaker.


Good morning.

Will you go out with me or not?

Are you still thinking?


Still need time?


Did you just receive a love confession

or a scolding?

- I'm not sure...
- Seung-jae!

What should I do? He seems angry.


Are you laughing right now?

Wow. Goosebumps.

You scare me. You two must be crazy!

Just go away.

Go! Now!

How much longer are you going to take?

I'm starting to get upset.

Oh... well...

Seung-jae gave up on
going to Japan for you.


You didn't know? He was asked

to teach the art of
coffee brewing in Japan.

He said no because he was afraid that

you might get a
boyfriend while he's away.

What should I do?

How long should I play hard to get?

The time will come soon.


Have you given it some thought?

I think the time will come soon!

Can you guys even
see me? Am I invisible?

You guys sure do treat me like I am.

Isn't she cute?

Excuse me, what's so cute about her?

I didn't know, but she's
not an easy woman.

You two just go ahead with your games.

Hey, these must've
gone bad. Smells odd.

He must've hurt his
head during the fire.

So-jeong, are you
still thinking about it?

Why do you keep asking about that?

- Just give her time.
- What?

It's normal to think deeply about

important matters.

You're head over heels for her.

Would you like a refill?

Forget about the
refill and come sit here.

What's this about?

What is...

It's a brochure for a dessert school.

And my job is to find

promising students
from around the world

and offer them scholarships.

They asked me for recommendations

so I recommended you, So-jeong.


Remember when I said that I love

your banana cake? I meant it.

Did you really recommend me?

You can study there for three months

and up to two years.

Seung-jae will be in
Japan for six months.

So I guess you'll stay
for six months too?

It's only a ten-minute walk

from where I'll be teaching.

It's a great chance to
get work experience.

So, think about it.

You should say that to yourself.

I told you. If she
doesn't go, I don't go.

So cheesy. There's
no use in talking to you.

So-jeong, are you
going to take this up?


Let's go now.


- I...
- There's no need to rush.

Talk to your family about it too.

What's there to think about?

If I were So-jeong,
I'd say yes already.

Her mother is sick.

But her mum is able to walk on her own

and she doesn't
seem to be critically ill.

Wouldn't six months be OK?

That's true. I heard her mother is sick

but I don't know what
she's suffering from.

- Do you?
- She doesn't really talk about it.

Asking her wouldn't be polite either.

I'll be heading home.


You did a good job
today. Get home safely.

Bye, So-jeong.

It's late. Don't ride your bike.

I'll give you a ride home. Let's go.

What should I do in these situations?

What should I do?

What's wrong with this thing?

No way!



This is her.

Her name is Han So-jeong.

- Is that so?
- Yes.

May I try one of her desserts?

Yes, of course.

Bring him some cake.
The banana cake and

the limited-edition Korean honey cake.

What a delight.

The sweetness of Korean confectionery

and the traditional
honey's tangy flavour

mesh really well together.

Is that so?

Anna sure has an eye for talent.

Thank you.

This is the letter of acceptance.


Please contact me.

OK, I will.

Who was that?

An examiner at the
training centre in Japan.

You passed.

I-I'm not going.


You said you'd think it over.

I said I'm not going!

What are you getting angry for?

You said you'd think about it.

I'm not going! I don't want to.

Why not?

- This is a good opportunity.
- Yes.

If it's a good opportunity, you go.

What's wrong with you?

Is it because your mother is very ill?

It's not because of my mum.

I'll be outside to clear my head a bit.

I'm such a dummy.

Sorry, we are closed for the day.

It's raining really hard.

May I stay until the rain stops?

That old lady!


My book.

It's not here. My book is gone.

What are you looking for?

My book! Have you seen it anywhere?

Your book?

Didn't you borrow that book?

Some old lady came in and took it

saying she lent it to you.

She said it can no longer help you.


What's wrong?

I still need it.

What's wrong?

Hello, Café Greenery.

Yes, she's here. One moment, please.

It's a phone call from home.


Ma'am, are you crying?



D-Did you call the police?

Yes, I did.

I'm sorry, So-jeong. It's all my fault.

It's because I dozed
off for just a minute.

It's OK. We'll find her.

Please check the hospital again.

I'll go that way.

OK. Got it.



Is it the old lady?

Ma'am, may I help you?



- Is she your mother?
- Excuse me.

Can you please get her out of here?

She reeks.

Mum, let's go home. Come on.

I'll give you a ride.

It's OK.

I'll give you a ride. Let's go.


Can't you just look
the other way this time?

- Your mother is barefoot.
- I know!

Please pretend like
you didn't see anything!

Let's go home, Mum.


I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

Your feet is all bruised and bloody

because I couldn't swallow my pride.

I'm sorry.


Good morning...

I was about to suffocate to death.

What was that for?

Stop saying nonsense
and get ready to open.

We need to talk.

Let's talk!


What's all this smoke?

There's smoke coming from the oven!


- It's hot!
- Be careful!

What the heck is this?

I reserved a cake a month ago

and now you're telling
me you don't have it?

I'm sorry.

Hey, it was a three-tiered
cake. Three-tiered!

It's for tomorrow, so I can't get it

from anywhere else now.

Are you going to take
responsibility for it?

- I'm sorry.
- Who the hell are you?

I'm the owner of this café.

We'll give you a refund

and we'll order a similar cake

from another café.

Of course, you should.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Step aside. I'll take care...

I'm sincerely sorry.

I said, move!

Wow. You really are something.


Make sure to have my
cake ready by tomorrow.

Or I won't let this slide.

Hey. Have you gone insane?

What do you think you're doing?

So-jeong, this isn't right.

We need to talk.

What was that about?

I should be the one apologising.

What's wrong with you?

As the café owner, that was my job.

I asked you to look the other way!

How could I look the other way

when you're acting like this?

You have no idea

how I feel or what I'm going through.

When I go home, I resent my mother.

When I come here...

I can't bear to see your face.

I have nowhere to go.

- I...
- Up until now

I had a good life with my mum.

Between the café and home

sometimes, I'd go for
walks with my mum.

Sometimes, I'd go out for drinks too.

I was doing OK living like that.

You know how I feel right now?

I like you.

I like you a lot.


And that's making
things so complicated.

I like you more and more

and that makes me look back at myself.

I've lost confidence.

I feel so pathetic
and foolish. And I...


I was a decent person

but now I feel so ashamed of myself.


I didn't know this
is what love is like.

I shouldn't have fallen in love.

What should I do?

You don't have to do anything.

What's that supposed to mean?

I'm sorry.

I'll quit.


I can't accept that.

Then what should I do?

I don't want you to see
me like this anymore.

If it's too hard for you, I'll leave.

You stay at the café.

Can you do that?

What should I do at a time like this?

Now that I don't have the book,

I don't know what to do.

You're serious? So suddenly?

Take good care of the café.

The café or a certain someone?

I don't think there is any other way.

You've liked So-jeong
for a really long time.

I want this.


I don't think she's interested in me.

I gave her so many hints.

Was she always that dense?

Just confess already. Like a man.

What if I get rejected?

If you get rejected,
just give up like a man.

What the heck? Are men not humans?

Hey. What do you see
in So-jeong anyway?

She's a total tomboy.

Hey, what do you see in your husband?

I should've killed myself
before the wedding.

We're exactly alike.

Just like how you love your husband

one day I just found myself loving her.

I can't help it.

My bad. I shouldn't have asked.

OK. To Seung-jae and his true love!

- Cheers!
- Cheers!


Wow, your glass is almost empty.

Did you call for a driver?

Let's go.

Where should I drive you?

To confess my love.


Both of you are so frustrating.

You guys are clueless.

Why do you guys make
love so complicated?

I might get cancer at this rate.

Are you really leaving?

Sorry, Sis.

You only call me "Sis"
at times like these.

Because you don't act like one.

I'll be going to America
next year instead.

I'll check on the café
often, so don't worry.

Give me a hug, little brother.


Be careful. It's getting late.

Want me to give you a ride?

I'm OK.

Hey, what's wrong?

No, it's nothing.

Get home safe.



My sweet mum. Why are you angry?




Mum, don't cry.

Don't cry, Mum.


Mum, don't cry.

Six months later

Hey, any news of Seung-jae's return?

No, not really.

- Good morning.
- Hi, Anna.

I'm tired. Can I have an Americano?


We were just talking about Seung-jae.

Is he not coming back?

Hasn't he been absent for too long?

Oh, about that...

He's back in Korea

but he won't come
here for the time being.

He has some things
to take care of first.

Some things?

I guess there's no
harm in keeping this.


I'm OK.

Why else would you
want to see me so late

if not for beer?

What is this?

Are you giving me an allowance?

Is this... a letter of resignation?

Byung-oh, sorry for
asking a favour like this.

Don't say that.

I'm not going to be doing that favour.

- But you know...
- I know.

I do, but...

He's not coming back
because of me, right?

It's not like that.

He said

he has to sort things
out before coming back.

I'm sorry.

Still, this isn't right.

You should give it to him in person.

You still haven't made
up your mind yet?

Hey, are you working someplace else?

Did you leave here to
work at another bakery?

Do you even want to learn?

How does it taste?

W-What are you doing?

If you get into an
accident on the way home

I have to pay for
workers' compensation.

That costs money.

Get out! Your car is right over there!

Stop it, please!

You two love each other, so stop.

Want to go out with me?

- What?
- I'll give you exactly two days.

Hey, troublemaker! Exactly two days!

I must be insane.

I have bad taste in men, I swear.

Are you going out with me or not?

Hey, are you OK? You hurt?


What should we do?

Were you really worried about me?

Is that even a question?

It's not the right time
and place for jokes.

Why didn't you tell me you're OK?

Do you understand how I feel now?

You have no idea how I feel

or what I'm going through.

- Ma'am?
- Mum...

When I come here

I can't bear to see your face.

Let's go home, Mum.

Let's go.

You know how I feel right now?

I like you.

I like you a lot.


And that's making things so difficult.

I'll give you a ride. Let's go.


Can't you just look
the other way this time?

Your mother is barefoot.

I know!

Please pretend like
you didn't see anything.

I feel so pathetic and foolish.

And I...

I used to be a decent person

but now I feel so ashamed of myself.

I didn't know love is
meant to be this way.

I shouldn't have fallen in love.

Thank you...

for everything.

So-jeong, aren't you going to work?

Are You In Love?

The contents of the
book aren't important.

What's important is

the person who reads the book.

What does that mean?

Isn't it true?

The same goes for a Magic 8-Ball.

It's not a book of prophecy.

It cannot have all the answers for you.

So-jeong must have known

the real answer all along.

The title of the book...

What was it again?

You can't memorise
something that short?

If, by any chance...

If you don't hate me...

I can't process your resignation. OK?

Even if you hate me, you cannot resign.

What are you dissatisfied with?

You want a raise?

Is it still uncomfortable
for you to see me?

- Boss?
- Yes?

- Can you make the cover dark green?
- Yes.

- And print the title in gold, please?
- Yes.

And the content of the book?

- Pardon?
- The content.

- Oh, the content?
- Yes.

As for the content...

Yes, I am in love.

Time for breakfast.

Are you smiling?

Why are you smiling?

Did something good happen?

In memory of the
beautiful late Jeon Mi-sun