Sarancha (2014) - full transcript

First erotic thriller In Russia. Story starts with a summer fling between a provincial guy and a big-city girl. The holiday is over, the beauty returns to the city and receives a marriage proposal from a rich admirer. The provincial boy comes back being unable to let her go. Things get messy when their passion oversteps all the limits. Soon contemporary Romeo and Juliet get confused about what is really important turning into consuming 'Locust': overwhelming love they have leads them to commit brutal murders.

Thank you.


Here, I brought you some things.


candy and apples.

-How’s Papa?

Papa’s fine. I haven’t told him anything.
It would kill him.

All right, we have to think about
how to get you out of here.

I-- I spoke to a lawyer.

He said he can give it a try.

So, first--

we’ll say you weren’t in your right mind.

We’ll find doctors who can arrange that.



Artem is guilty of all of this.
That’s clear.


What do you mean no?

There’s no helping him, Lera. We can still
try to save you. He doesn’t care.

Mama, no.

Do you think he was really your only love,
the love of your life?

-He’s ruined your whole life!

No! No!

No! No! Let me go!


It’s a simple little toy.
Even a child can handle it.

You couldn’t hit a squirrel
from a hundred paces,

but it’s just the thing for close combat.

-Why do you need it?

Just in case.

Go on, shoot.

Go on.

Go ahead. Exhale.

I taught Lerka and Kiryusha.
You’ll get it too.

And what are you doing here?
Snooping around?

Get out of here.

Ler, do you really not see
there’s a child here?

Go outside, please.

We’re taking a risk.
We’ll get caught sooner or later.

What are you suggesting?

You’re the man. Decide.

I’m sorry.

My nerves are shot to hell.

I’m taking hormones.
Soon I’ll have a mustache.


He wants another child.

It can’t go on like this.
I need to do something.

Okay, I’m gone.

How’s the writing coming?

Just as you see.

Not bad.

You’ll have a breakthrough,
work your fingers to the bone.

Where has she wandered off to?

You haven’t seen Lerka?

There she is.

Lera, where have you been?

How many times have I told you?
If you leave, take your phone with you!

-What? I--
-Never mind! They’re waiting for us.

I told you three times since this morning.
Hurry up, get ready.

-I said hurry.
-Igor, Igor.

You don’t have to talk to her that way.


this is none of your business.

Let me talk to my wife.

Well, that’s it, Kiryusha.


We did well.



Lera, what’s with you! Are you mocking me?

-We’re late!
-Don’t yell at me!

Can we leave on time just once?

How are you?

You laid these out yourself, yeah?

-Forgive me, Tema.
-Forget about it.

It’s just the way I am. I’m an idiot.

I’m madly in love with her,
but she annoys me terribly.

Sometimes I could kill her.

Relax, Kiryusha. I’m joking.
No one will touch your mama.


Why is everyone angry at me?
I only want what’s best.

We’re late to the hospital.
We haven’t been able to conceive.

Will you work with Kirill?

In what sense?

He’s not learning to read.

He can’t concentrate.

I just don’t have the patience for it.

Maybe you will. I’ll put you in touch.

-Thank you.


Artem! Artem!

Come here.

Take the wheel, please.

-Take it. What, is it too hard?

I don’t want to go back.

Let me sit here with you.

I don’t want to be with him
when you’re around.

Should I leave?

What would I have to live for then?

I won’t do that.

Of course.

Of course. You aren’t the one
who has to lie underneath him.

Isn’t it insulting...

to take scraps from his table
and devour them in secret at night?

What kind of man are you?

I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m saying.

It’s time.

-Are we going?



What happened?

Artem, what is it?

Did something happen?

Kirill is having a fit.

He saw something in the courtyard.

Out there. Lera’s already looking.

What did you see?

Tell me, what did you see?

Why were you screaming your head off?

This is useless.

When will they install the alarm system

Lera, are you coming?

I can’t, Ler.

It’s better I leave.


We’re losing each other here.

Remember me fondly.

Kirill, get in the house quickly!

Igor, what?

Don’t touch her!

What are you doing, you idiot?

Do you take me for a fool?

You’re taking birth control, you trash!

Come here! Come here, you snake!

Come here!

Come here, you snake!

-Come here, you whore!
-Calm down.

-Why are you in my face? Fuck off!
-Calm down!

Artem, stop!

Easy. Is everything okay?

You bastards.

In my house.

Behind my back.


I thought of you as a friend!
I trusted you! Bastard!

Kirill, swallow!

I’m asking you to swallow.

He drank it. I locked him in the room.
He’s sleeping.

I can’t do this on my own.

You have to come with me.

He’s alive.


So he won’t float.

He went to the cliffs after dinner.
I fell asleep at 10:00.

You didn’t wait up for him?

He often comes back after midnight,
and I take sleeping pills.

When I woke up in the morning,
he wasn’t here.

Giorgy Vadimovich, we can’t get any divers
because of the weather.

They say the storm will be over tomorrow.

And where were you?

In the city at a club.
I met a girl and spent the night with her.

-Can you give us the address?
-I’ll give it to you. Sure.

Giorgy Vadimovich.

The boy isn’t any help.
I’ll try later with his doctors.

Change your pants.

I’m sorry.

I feel like sleeping all the time.

You probably think that everything
worked out for us after that.

If only it would have.

Happiness calls out to you,
and you chase after it.

But I caught it and asked,
“Was it worth it?”

You know
I’m still uncomfortable around you

because of the situation with Natalya.

Forget it.

You had nothing to do with it.

Gosha didn’t forget you either.

I don’t understand. How much is here?

According to the current exchange rate,
about $60,000.

It’s nothing spectacular, of course.
But in these times--

And me?

You’re the legal guardian.

Gosha’s entire estate passes to Kirill.

But since he’s legally incompetent,
you’ll administer the assets.

Well, of course,
working within a trust arrangement

and with the approval
of the custody and guardianship agency.

And what did he leave me-- me personally?

You personally?
He gave you a personal monthly allowance.

An allowance? Like a child?

Ler. And by the way,
the money is not that bad.

What if something happens to him?
He’s sick. So I end up on the street?

You’ll have nothing to worry about.

You’re the beneficiary.
Everything isn’t as bad as it seems.

The allowance, as you put it,
is the only cash left to you.

Pocket money.

But you still have access to the trust.

Everything concerning Kirill--
the house, maintaining your lifestyle--

you have access to it all
as the legal guardian,

as long as you can prove
it’s necessary for the child.

-No problem.
-Prove to whom?

To the custody and guardianship agency.

Once every three months,
they’ll audit you.

No. I can’t!

What’s wrong?

I can’t do it... here.

Don’t touch me!

I’m sorry.

Sleep downstairs, please.


He’s yours.

Anton Sergeyevich,
what’s the matter with his memory?

Kirill has suffered stress.

A child’s mind is more impressionable.

He’s blocked the death of his father
from his memory.

-That and the last three months.
-Will he be able to remember?

-What should we do?
-I wouldn’t rush things.

For the time being,
the outlook is guarded.

We’ll have to work on it, but not now.

-Will he be able to talk one day?
-Maybe yes, maybe no.

He has everything he needs
to be able to communicate.

In theory,

he doesn’t have
any serious functional deterioration.

Teach him to read and write,
and he’ll fit into any social situation.

He’s stressed. He has fits.

His previous doctor
prescribed barbiturates.

I don’t like to comment
on how my colleagues work,

but I’ll say that I’m not an advocate
of that kind of treatment.

If you want,
you can keep giving it to him.

Write the prescription.

Of course.


Can you loan me some money?

Of course. How much?

As much as you can.

I’ll pay you back in a month.

With interest.

Forget the interest. How much do you need?
Is 10,000 enough?

No. I need 20,000--


Marat, have you lost your mind?

In return for a million. Do you hear me?

We’re allocating these contracts.

Basically, a hundred goes to this guy
tomorrow after midnight.

In three weeks, we’ll resell the contracts
to people in Moscow.

At twice the price. It’s a sure thing.
My father-in-law told me.

We’ve already got half.

Tema, I’m asking you as a friend.

I know how much you both pounced on.

And I covered for you.

There was a bum.

He came in to file a statement about you.

He saw you at the shore.

I ran him out of the city.

So will you help me, brother?

Huh, Tem?


It’s a sure thing. I’m trying to help you.

You know I don’t care about money.

-Are you sure about him?
-I’ve known him since first grade.

First he asked for the money for himself,
as a loan.

I talked him into
letting us in on the deal.

Ler, stop wallowing.

We’re not worse than anyone else.
We deserve something too.

Just believe me. I won’t lose it.

Okay. What do I need to do?

Can you take the money out of the trust?

-I have to account for it.
-In three months.

Within a month, we’ll have put back
three times the amount.


How much?


That’s all we have.

30,000 is yours. The rest is ours.

Marat, Lerka went into the trust.
If we don’t get it back, we’re finished.

No way. All right, don’t worry.

You can order a Ferrari.

-That’s it. I’m gone!
-Marat, you’re leaving?

-Yeah. I’m going home.

How were you able to drive?


Time passed. I sobered up.

-Why are you sitting here?
-I went on your computer.

Do you want to put us in prison?
What are you writing?

-A novel.
-Artem, have you lost your mind?

I’ve kept quiet,
but you’ve started drinking. It’s--


I’m writing it for myself.
I’m not planning to publish it.

If I found it on your computer,
who else can?

All right, I’ll delete it.

I’ll write it down on paper and hide it.

-But I can’t not write.
-Well, try.

They come every night.

My father.

Igor, Natasha.

They sit across from me and watch,
as if they’re checking what I write.

At least your nights are fun.

Talk to me.

We don’t talk at all.

What did you expect?

You’re drunk all day every day,
and I’m popping antidepressants.

Can you imagine
what kind of marvel we’d give birth to?

Compared to that, Kiryusha would shine.

-We wanted children.
-Can we be allowed?

We’re monsters, Artem.


Do you think that would help?

I’m 26. I’m getting old.

Let me go.


Go on. I’ll catch up.

-Why don’t you answer your phone?
-Why are you shouting?

Let’s go.

Let’s walk. Come here.


You have to wait a bit.

Wait? How long?
You said everything was fine.

It doesn’t matter what I said!
That’s what they told me. So what?

That’s it. Sit tight.
I’ll get in touch with you.

-Where’s my money?
-Take your hands off me.

-We put up everything we had!
-The money is safe. Calm down.

Give it all back!
I don’t care where you get it!

Are you stupid, or what?

Do you have any brains?

Do you understand
I could have you arrested at any moment?

And your chick too.

So sit back and don’t make a move.
And forget about your money.

And be grateful you got off easy.

It’s no big deal. You won’t die of hunger.

You made off with plenty.
You need to share.

You were my friend.



And where were you, friend,

when the Mirnovskys
were squeezing me for money?

I called you and had a chat
with your answering machine.

You went to Moscow.
You did well. You fucked a millionaire.

And what, you couldn’t call your old crew?

You didn’t even call!

You went to the funeral, yeah?
Showing off with your cars and money.

What the hell did you want?

You’re nothing to me.
I won’t be calling you. Got it, scumbag?

Dear God! What was I thinking?

If we don’t have the money in three days,
that’s it. I’ll be removed from the trust.

I’ll find it.

Where, Artem?

You start digging around for it,
and things will only get worse.

It’s too late.

We’re in too deep.

We can’t just stop.

We have five million in easy reach--
Gurevich’s estate.

No. Shut up.

What does he have to live for?

He’s not even normal.

Shut up.

There are big waves out there.

He loves to walk by himself.

You see? I’m telling you everything.

I could’ve stayed quiet.
I’m not looking for sympathy.

But maybe I’m doing exactly that.

When you get to the edge of the abyss,
you feel like jumping.

It pulls at you.

But we walked away.

A lot jump, but we walked away.

God saved us.

Although the way he chose to do it
was strange.

Look who I brought over.


So there’s this chick in Vitebsk--


Lera is laughing like I’m a comedian,
but I haven’t said anything funny.

What, her first time?

I rolled too much.

That’s it. I’m going to bed.

How are you guys doing?

I don’t know.

Looking at you,
I’m happy I don’t have any dough.

The richer you are, the sadder you are.

What do you mean no dough?
You said you were doing well.

I said that so you’d let me in the door.

Otherwise, you’d think
that I came here to ask for money.

So, why’d you come?

To ask for money.

So what?

You don’t care.

You don’t give a damn about money.
You’re rich now.


What’s so funny?

Lera and I are broke.

I wanted to borrow some from you.

Listen, I have no money whatsoever.

Broke as a joke.

You know me.

What? None whatsoever,
or none that you can get your hands on?

None to get our hands on.

I’m selling my car.

And my father’s house.
Lerka is selling her jewelry.

We would’ve borrowed against this place,

but her parents only have enough money
to take care of themselves.

That’s how it is.

And you were so cool, remember?

Listen, I can give you 500 bucks,
but that’s it.

I don’t have any more.

Let me have the 500.

-Will you have anything left for yourself?
-What do I need it for?

I have a round-trip ticket.

I’ll get back to Moscow.
It’ll throw something my way.

I have arms and legs, and my brain works.

So no big deal. Anyway--

We’ll get through it.

Do you remember what I taught you?
Be more positive, dude.

Well? Want to take a swim?

“What then is my name to you?”


To the left, the left.

I’m sorry.

No, I’m sorry.

How are we going to go on, Tem?

We’ll survive.

We’ll love each other.

Artem started writing a novel.

He practically stopped drinking.
I had gotten off the pills.

We got some money.
And my parents gave us a lot of help.

It sounds stupid, but I was happy again.

It was so peaceful.

Artem had gotten close to Kirill
and taught him how to read.

They came up with this game.

Kirill would read a book,
but Artem didn’t know which one.

Then he would describe it.

Artem had to guess which one it was.

Sometimes I guessed.

It’s my father’s anniversary today.
I’m going to see him.

Why didn’t you tell me? I’ll go with you.

No, you don’t have to.
Should I buy something?

No, let’s go together tomorrow.

Kiryush, I’m late.

Well, all right, come on.
Half an hour. Let’s go.

That’s enough.

Kirill, go inside.
I’ll come back and play with you.

Read a book.

Do you remember when I told you
happiness was a lie?

It really is.

I grabbed the boy
and threw him in his room.

Igor woke up.

I could’ve killed him then.

I didn’t want to kill Igor.

I’m not going to lie. I wanted him dead.

I dreamed about it, but not seriously.

I could’ve spared him, but I killed him.

I became attached to the boy.
We decided to not kill him immediately.

It would’ve raised suspicion.

We had to wait a year
so that things would quiet down.

Kirill, put that back, please.

Artem! Artem!

Wait, wait.


Help me!

Kirill, get the phone!


After that,
everything came out in the open.

Maybe I could’ve ridden it out,
but I didn’t try.

It didn’t matter.


I don’t want to go to prison.

You probably think
I got what was coming to me.

I deserved it, right?

I don’t know.

I’m not some kind of animal.
I’m a normal person.

I loved him, and he loved me.
What’s so bad about that?

What are we guilty of?

We’re guilty, but...

Do you really think I haven’t paid?
I buried Artem.

Come in.


I understand I can’t ask you,
but I don’t want to go to prison.

The lawyers said they could
try for a psychiatric institution.

I agree to it all.


I’m afraid prison
is the best option for you.


These are the results
of your medical exam.

We need to confirm them,
but it seems you’re pregnant.

If you go to a mental facility,
they’ll take your baby.

Do you want to abandon your baby?

Subtitle translation by Amelia Wolford