'Santo' contra los secuestradores (1973) - full transcript

Interpol's Office of Special Investigations sends Santo to Ecuador to investigate the kidnaping of Pedro Miller, a former counterfeiter. The OSI believes that Miller is being forced into ...

There you have
the smugglers, captain.

Thank you very much, Santo,

Your help cannot be

My next job will be to rest
a whole month in paradise.

Have a good trip, Santo.


That way is the San Cristobal,

Then the Santa Isabel,

The Pernatina and the Colon

And that way
is where the seals live

Santo, a message for you
from central.

- Thank you.
- At your service.

Excuse me,

It's an urgent message
from Interpol.

Yes? And what do you
plan on doing?

Looks like the vacation
is over. Let's go.

Look at this picture.

It's Pedro Miiller, an old forger.

I helped him shape up
and become a good person.

What's going on with him?

He's been kidnapped.

- Where?
- Ecuador.

A gang of ruffians...

Is trying to get him to
create counterfeit bills...

on a large scale.

And thus destroy Latin
America's economy, right?

It looks like delicate business.

And elsa?

- Pedro's sister?
- Yes.

She's working in a
luxurious cabaret in Quito.

When should I leave?

After tomorrow,

We need to gather
some information.

You, in your cover as a
wrestler, can destroy that gang.

As they won't suspect
your true mission.

One of our agents
will meet you there.

Santo, to what do we owe
your visit to this country?

I have several agreements with various
sports companies for matches here.

And i also want to see some
friends i have around here.

Where was your last match?

In Madrid against the Spanish Bull.

How long will you be
staying with us?

I plan on touring the
country several times.

Thank you Santo, good luck.

It's a pleasure to have
you staying with us Santo.

Thank you.

May I put a call through
to Ms. Miller's room?

Yes sir.
Call Ms. Miller, please.

Here's the key.

Ms. Miller isn't in, sir.

- She isn't in?
- No, sir.

It doesn't matter,
I'll call later.

Very well.

Thank you.

Good evening.

Welcome to your home Santo,
come in.

What would you like to drink?

- A lemonade.
- It'd be my pleasure.

Excuse me, sir.

Could you tell me where ms. Elsa's
dressing room is? I'd like to say hello.

Come santo,
I'll take you myself.

Santo, you don't know how
happy I was to see you arrive.

So was I when i learned you
were working in this city.

Oh forgive me,
I haven't introduced you.

Santo, he's Mr. Cesar,
this place's proprietor.

It's a pleasure.

He's acted marvellously
towards me,

Both as a man
and as a friend.

Thank you Elsa,

But you deserve nothing less.

Besides, the audience
likes you very much.

Are you here on vacation?

Yes, though first i have to have
a short series of matches.

That were already planned.

You know you can count on me
for whatever you might need.

And now you'll excuse me, I
have to go back to the salon.

And I imagine you have
much to talk about.

Excuse me.

I'm desperate, Santo, my
brother Pedro has been kidnapped.

I know everything Elsa,

That's why I came.

The department of
special investigations

Has sent me to find your brother
and capture the kidnappers.

Now I'll be going, I have
to start working immediately.

I'll be in contact with you
and please,

Don't tell anyone
about your brothers kidnapping,

- Understood?
- I promise.

I feel so much calmer now.

- Oh, i'll give you my address and number...
- I have all of your information.

So long and take care of yourself.

Let me sleep babes,

There's enough for
everyone. Don't fight girls,

There's enough for everyone.

It's me, Elsa.
Evaristo, It's me, Elsa.

Oh, it's you Elsa.

It looks like I fell asleep.

Get in.

Evaristo, you don't know
how grateful I am...

that every night you wait
to take me home.

I do it with pleasure Elsa.

You know something, for a few
nights now you've seemed sad,

- What's wrong?
- I'm very worried for my brother,

It's been a week
since I've seen him.

There's no reason to worry,
he'll turn up.

Maybe he's on a bender or
out partying with some chicks.

If it were only that...

But tell me about
yourself Evaristo,

When are you going
to get a new car.

And those clothes seem a little
worn out, don't you think?

I don't know Elsa,
that depends on my mother.

Your mother?

You've never mentioned
her before,

I'd love to meet her.

If things go like I hope
and my mommy doesn't fail me,

I'll introduce you tomorrow.

Mommy, mommy, don't
forget your little Evaristo,

Remember that daddy needs
a new car and clothes,

Don't fail me mommy!

Don't fail me!

That's it, forward, forward, hurry!

Mommy, I'm a millionaire.

Sorry, sorry.

- Sorry.
- Watch out.

Elsa, save me!

Evaristo, let me help you.

- What's wrong.
- M-M-M-Mommy!

Your mommy?
What happened to her?

My mommy didn't fail me.

Evaristo, i don't understand.

She came in first place,
I won the jackpot,

It was 50 to 1 odds,
I'm a millionaire!

So ask me for anything you
want, 3 millione sucres!

Oh, so your mommy wasn't
your mother, it was a mare.


I'm so happy for you
Evaristo, congratulations.

Thank you.

And I've come to take you
to the bank.

So you can come with me
to cash these in.

What a shame that I can't
go with you Evaristo,

But i have a rehearsal
in the cabaret.

Who's can think of the cabaret?

I'll buy you the cabaret,
the theatre,

The bullfighting ring,
the stadium.

So you can be the queen
of entertainment!

Don't be so childish, Evaristo.

If you can't take me.
I'll look for another taxi.

Oh no, Elsa.

I'm your exclusive chauffeur,
so I'll take you.

Shall we?


Be careful Evaristo,
you're going too fast!

Well, that's true,

But since I thought you were
coming with me to the bank...

- Forgive me Evaristo, if you want...
- Don't worry Elsa,

I'll drop you off at the cabaret
and then i'll go collect my winnings.

And don't forget lovely,

Not only am i the best
taxi driver in Ecuador,

But in all of Latin America!

Now that you're rich
Evaristo, what will you do?

I'm going to go on a shopping
spree fit for a prince.

I'll get myself a whole city
block of horses and women,

I'll have the latest
model cars and women,

I'll have fashionable clothes
and women.

And i'll have a palace...

- Oh Evaristo, help me!
- Are you alright? Are you hurt?


- Do I have an injury on my face?
- Let me see.

No, nothing Evaristo.

Thank god, I don't want to
lose my dashing good looks.

Help me, I can't get
her out, she's too heavy!

Hey you blind old man,
where did you learn to drive?

Old? The sea's old
and it still moves.

And who are you?

The driver of the car you trashed.

So that's why you're here
complaining worm?

Now you're gonna see.
Worm, huh?

Worm, uh?

I said that to you?

I called you a worm?
When did i say that?

And why didn't you get up earlier?

Because i got hit in the
legs and couldn't stand up.

Let's see, nobody panic,
nobody panic.

- Where's the corpse?
- Oh look,

It's my friend Sarcorsa.

I'm not your friend Sarcorsa now,
I'm officer Sarcorsa.

- Who's fault was it?
- His!

Come on, follow me to the
station to see the judge.

Come on Sarcorsa,
Isn't there a way to...

You're trying to
bribe me, aren't you?

How can I say no if I am?

How can i say yes if you can't?

Let's go, the law is
waiting to hand out justice.

Let's go!

The important thing is that
at no time must the kidnappers...

be able to guess the mission
that brought me to this city.

Do they already know that you
belong to the intelligence service?

I don't think so, but
we shouldn't count on it.

According to reports it's a powerful gang
with connections in every social sphere.

Not just in Ecuador, but in
all of South america and Europe.

Confirm the meeting place
with agent Z.

Right away, Santo.

Hello? Yes?
This is Dr. Martinez.

This is just to confirm that the operation
will be at the time we agreed on.

Yes, correct, thank you.


Good. Let's go.

Rosita will tell you the time
and location of the next meeting.

And remember this: the
enemy could be anywhere,

Even among you.

Come with me.

You must be a very brave woman.

Why do you say so?

By collaborating with us.

Instead of being home taking care
of your husband and children.

I don't have a husband
or a house or children,

I'm single and quite happy.

And that stuff about me
being brave remains to be seen.

I fear that we're going
to be finding out very soon.

I'm nearly sure that car
behind us is following us.

Don't look.

If you do they might
realize they've been noticed.

Did you see Santo, they all
had masks covering their faces.

That would be something members
of the organization would do,

It just confirms my suspicions.

Let's go to the hotel.

And our meeting with agent Z?
He must already be waiting.

We'll have to postpone it and
change the place, it's very dangerous.

Watch out, Santo!

Santo, are you alright?

I couldn't shoot for fear
of injuring you.

I'm alright, they didn't want
to kill me, only capture me.

Anyway, thanks.
Your shots saved me.

It's a pleasure to meet
you Santo. What happened?

Nothing lieutenant,

Just some youngsters
that wanted to play a joke on me.

They had a potato gun.

Look Santo,
I appreciate your story.

But we're in the middle
of a wave of violence.

That's surely backed
by foreign powers.

We'd like for your stay in
our country to be most pleasant.

And I beg you that you
let us know immediately.

If you have any other problem.

Don't worry, I assure you
it was all a joke.

But i'll keep your
recommendation in mind.

Remember that I'm just an
athlete that came to Ecuador...

To fulfil some contracts.

And admire your
lovely country, that's all.

I'm grateful for your
compliments Santo,

It's a honour to have you among us.

Excuse me, Santo.

What do you estimate
the damages at?

Well you see mr. Judge,

The repair of my car will cost about
10 thousand sucres.

It must have been
turned in to scrap metal.

You lie sir, it didn't
turn in to scrap metal,

It was much more powdery.

Aside from that Mr. Judge,
look at my legs.

Oh, how horrible.

That's how they ended up
after the accident,

I'm going to need
treatment and therapy.

And a shave too Mr. Judge.

What does the accused
have to say?

I already have enough
problems, look, touch.

Over here Mr. Judge.

- You have a huge bump.
- Yes, it's from an aerial accident.

What, were you in a plane crash?

No, I got hit with a sling shot.

Your wife, Mr. Judge.

Yes, my love?


Listen you bum, I'm
leaving for the airport now.

If you behave badly,

When I come back.
I'll break one of your legs.

And then the other,
and then the other!

Goodbye, sweetie.

- Sarcorsa,
- Over here judge,

- My old lady's gone!
- My congratulations, judge,

Mr. Judge, can we
take care of this?

I need to be at a rehearsal
at the cabaret where I work.

- Alright gentlemen.
- Over here, Mr. Judge.

What do you suggest as a
solution to this business?

I'll buy the whiner
a late model luxury car,

I'll buy him new legs.

- And even some gold teeth, sir.
- Do you take me for a fool?

You can't blame me if
that's what you already are,

It's the truth,

Look judge, I won
the jackpot today,

3 million sucres!

- Look judge!
- God's teeth!

I was just about to cash these
after dropping the lady off at work.

This changes the whole situation.

Since I have to make sure.

The accused follows through
on his promise.

I'll accompany him
to the bank personally.

Thank you, Mr. Judge.

Tomorrow you can come by
for your new car,

Your new legs,
your teeth, etc etc.

I'll vouch for the suspect.

- Sarcorsa.
- Here, Mr. Judge.

Take the new patrol car.

- And we'll go with the gentleman.
- Over here, Mr. Judge.

At your orders, Mr. Judge.

Did you hear that?
Gentleman they said! Let's go.

Open up, I won the jackpot.

We're closed.

I'll fix this easily.

Now you'll see who I am,
what I'm worth.

Young man, I'm judge Justo
de la Castaneda, open up.

Oh, you refuse?
That's defiance to authority!

It's useless.

Of course the judge is worth
something, maybe a joke or two.

They don't even pay
attention to him.

But what's the problem?

I'm totally broke, Mr. Judge.

Forget it, that's what
friends are for.

I have money for
the whole month here.

And the wildcat that is my
wife will be back in three days.

I propose that we celebrate your
good luck in the lady's cabaret.

You can pay me back on monday.

And now we'll dress
you up like a millionaire.

This suit has been my mother
and father for many years.

Forget about your mother and
father, time to change your look.

- Sarcorsa?
- Over here, sir.

Let's go party.

Impossible, Mr. Judge,
I have to go direct traffic.

You're not directing anything,

From now on you're my
personal secretary.

- And I'm tripling your wages.
- Really?

On monday when i get
my 3 million sucres.

We'll be living the sweet life.

You're like a father
to me, Mr. Evaristo!

No Sarcorsa, I mean,
I don't know your mother.

And I always take care

- It was just a figure of speech.
- We're going to party!

Evaristo, I want to ask a favour.

I'd like my friend Santo
to come celebrate with us.

You don't know how much I
admire that Aztec Hercules.

Gentlemen, are you well seen to?

This is all first class, second
class, third and even in reverse.

I'm very glad, Mr. Evaristo.

Elsa told me you won 3
million sucres at the racetrack.

So don't worry if you
don't have money on hand,

You can order what you
like and put it on your tab.

And now excuse me and
keep enjoying yourselves.

Now this is living! Not being
treated like a dog in my own home!

- Cheers my dear judge.
- Cheers my dear Evaristo.

- Let's have a cross drink.
- Yes, a cross.

- Listen, i'm going to propose something.
- Go on.

Let's go to the fair,
and from there.

We'll go sleep at the
fabulous Guayaquil resort.

Agreed, but on one condition.

What's that?

We go do that right now.

Come on, don't back out.

Come on, have more
respect for your judge.

Alright then. And Elsa?

Well, we'll invite her too,
why not?

Alright, then we'll go to
the fair and then to Guayaquil.

She was very lovely!
Thank you!

After this party in Guayaquil.

We'll hurry on home.

And early in the morning
we'll go pick up my money.

And just in case we forget.

Let's tell them.

That's a good idea, judge.

Just a precaution, It's
my hide on the line here.

And if i don't bring my wife...

the months budget that we've
so happily drank.

She'll eat me alive.

I think you'll
give her indigestion.

- Alright, then cheers buddy.
- Cheers buddy!

A crossed drink buddy?

What's wrong Santo?

What's wrong Santo?!

- Alright, come on Elsa, let's go.
- Thank you, Evaristo.

I'm at your orders, boss.

Do me a favour and pay that
nice gentleman driving the car,

- Yes sir.
- Let's go.

Look, look young man, cash
these please, I'm in a hurry.

I came to cash my tickets.

I want it all in small bills.

So I can make a huge pile
to carry around.

Yes sir, just a moment.

Mr. Manager, someone came
to cash this ticket.

You want to cash ticket 56?

Yes, distinguished, Mr. Manager.

Then you're under arrest,
these tickets are a forgery.

What did you say?

What you heard, they're less
real than a set of dentures.

There must be a mistake!

Well, you must forgive me.

But I have to go now,
my mommy is waiting for me.

I'll kill him!

I want my liberty, I've always
defended liberty,

It should never be taken away!

I want to be deported!

To Indonesia, to Singapore,
to South or North Vietnam,

I just want to be deported!

Calm down, Mr. Judge, everything
will work out, you'll see.

I can't, don't you understand?

When my wife finds out
I've been locked up.

And on top of that that I've
spent the money for the month.

She'll turn me in to a rug.

- And put me at the foot of the bed.
- There, there.

Mr. Cesar, how did you get them
to let us go?

By paying bail.

The lawyer was able to prove
that Evaristo had been tricked.

And the tickets he was sold
were counterfeit.

Everything is taken care
of, there's no more problems.

Well then I'll be going.

So long Mr. Cesar,
it's been a pleasure Elsa.

Sarcorsa, Mr. Judge, ciao.

No no, just a minute, you're
coming with me to the cabaret.

What, you're going to
hire me as an entertainer?

No, as a dishwasher,

And if you put
your back in to it...

Maybe in 20 years
you'll pay off your tab.

Mr. Cesar, have pity on him.

I'll help him cover his debt.

Yes Mr. Cesar, pity,
pity for those that suffer.

Well, alright.

After all I have to recognize
that you were tricked.

Tricked, humiliated, mocked,
torn apart and ruined.

I'm staying.

I'll ask them to stay here
for 10 years.

No, Mr. Judge,

Sooner or later you'll have
to face the consequences.

Sure, and besides,
are you a man or a mouse?

A mouse.

Don't worry,

If your old lady gets out
of line smack her a good one.

You don't know her, she
hits like a middle weight.

What does it matter?

Give her a right to the jaw,

An uppercut, a hook to the liver.

And everything will be resolved.

You're right, I'll do it!
Wish me luck.

- Goodbye, Mr. Judge.
- Good luck, killer.

And you Sarcorsa,
what are your plans?

I'm going to present myself
to my superiors.

And see if they'll forgive me.

I'll probably be demoted.

And have to direct traffic
on some miserable side street.

And it's all your fault!

What happened, Sarcorsa?

My secretary didn't last long.

- Excuse me.
- Where are you going, Evaristo?

To the taxi company to see
if the boss will take me back.

And with my job I'll pay back
the damages from the car accident.

I'll let you know how things go Elsa.

Good luck, Evaristo, see you soon.

Thank you.

- So long.
- Goodbye.

Mr. Cesar, you don't know how grateful
I am for what you've done for us.

Now what I'm worried about
is my brother's disappearance.

Don't worry, I promise.

That if by tomorrow you
haven't had word from him.

I'll call the police myself.

Thank you very much, Mr. Cesar.

Yes, this is Elsa Miller.

Listen, I have news
of your brother.

Tell me where he is?

He's fine for the moment.
He'll talk to you now.

Elsa, I'm alright, don't
worry. I'm going to tell you...

If you want him to stay alive don't
tell the police of his kidnapping.

Hello? Hello?

Rosita, how is Santo doing?

Very well, fortunately
they extracted the poison...

Before it could damage
his tissues.

Then can I talk to him?
It's urgent.

Just a moment,
let me give him the phone.

- Santo, it's Elsa.
- Thank you.

Hello, Elsa.

How's the party over there, has
Evaristo cashed his ticket yet?

No, not at all.
I have a lot of news for you,

But first, one that has
me terrified.

What's it about?

I just got a phone call
from the kidnappers,

They warn me not to say a word
about them or they'll kill my brother.

Don't worry, it'd be
against their best interests.

This call could be the key to
find the kidnappers' headquarters.

I placed an apparatus
in your phone.

And perhaps we'll know
where that call came from.

So what should I do, Santo?

Nothing for now,

Just wait until I return to Quito,
we have to be very careful.

Because they've discovered the
mission that brought me to Ecuador.

And they'll try to finish me off
by any means.

Santo, when will you be back.

Tomorrow I have to wrestle
there, I'll meet you in the arena.

We'll talk there.

Don't tell anyone about the
situation with your brother.

Alright Santo, I won't.

Come in.

Are you ready, Elsa?

What's wrong?
What's happening? Tell me.

Just a moment ago
I got a phone call.

From one of my brothers'

They warned me not to call
the police or they'd kill him.

What barbarity.

This means he's in the
hands of true criminals,

But to what end?

I don't know. What can we do?

Well, for now follow all
their orders to the letter.

So Pedro's life isn't in danger.

Surely they'll call you again.

And then we'll know what to do.

Calm down, Elsa, calm
down, you're very nervous.

Let's do this: today you don't
work, you go home and sleep.

And tomorrow
everything will be better.

Thank you, sir.

- Hey, move it.
- Hey, it's my secretary Sarcorsa.

I'm not your secretary.

- What's going on Sarcorsa?
- Don't you Sarcorsa me,

- What's wrong with your junker?
- What?

It's your fault I was sent here,
now what's wrong with your clunker?

What do you mean clunker,
I just bought it Sarcorsa

- And now what?
- That's what I'm asking, now what?

What am I supposed to do
with the traffic?

Do you think I'm not
in a hurry Sarcorsa?

What the hell is going on? Why are
the cars not moving? You're incompetent.

- You see sir, it's that...
- You don't owe an explanation.

To this whiskery old goat.

Hey you bum,
do you know who I am?

What, you're think you're
really hot stuff, don't you?

- The hottest.
- I'm so scared.

Don't provoke me,
I may look like a nice guy.

But I don't let anyone
pull my leg.

Maybe not your leg, your
moustache on the other hand...

- You asked for it!
- Take this!

It was a mistake Sarcorsa,

How was I supposed to know
that moustached guy.

- Was a police chief?
- Shut up!

You bring nothing but bad luck!

Because of you they threatened to
demote me and make me a meter maid.

- Look Sarcorsa
- Shut up!

You seem like you're in a bad mood.

If you breath i'll kill you!

What, did a train hit you
Mr. Judge?

I wish. My woman got me
for following your advice.

I'm sorry, Mr. Judge...

That she hit you with an iron fist.

- She hit me with a table leg.
- I feel for you, Mr. Judge.

If only you felt it like I did.

- Sit down, please.
- Leave me alone!

I heard about what you did,
and this time I'll get you.

You can't attack
a higher functionary...

Without having to deal
with the consequences.

3 thousand years of jail
time or 3 months of sucres.

I mean.

3 thousand sucres fine
or 3 months jail time.

Well that's a different thing,
isn't it?

- Where is the money?
- Where's the cell?

I can't believe you paid bail.

Forget it, Evaristo, I'm
just glad you could call.

Oh Elsa, but if you could
have seen how they did this,

The judge and the policeman
are bad men.

Everything's over, just try
not to get in any more trouble.

- I'll give it a shot.
- I'd like to ask a favour.

Your wish is my command.

I'd like you to come with me
to see my friend Santo wrestle.

I'd be delighted,
I love locksmithing.


What does locksmithing
have to do with wrestling?

Well, with all the
keys and locks.

Dear audience,

Tonight this location has the great
honour of being the gathering place of...

The best and most distinguished
wrestlers in South America.

Who have come here to deliver
a message of peace and sympathy.

To that great mexican wrestler,
hero of a thousand battles,

The legendary Santo, the
man in the silver mask.


I've received word that Santo,
the man in the silver mask,

Is an agent of the FBI.

And is on the trail of
our organization.

He's a dangerous enemy...

Yes, I know, and that's why
we must eliminate him...

before he causes us any trouble.

We nearly did it but he survived.

Next time you visit we'll
have further news of him.

I'll be expecting that Carlo.

Have you decided to
cooperate with us, Pedro?

I had decided not to use
violence against you,

However everyone has
limits to their patience.

And mine has run out.

Today you will start making the
plates to create counterfeit bills.

And if i refuse?

You can, but you'll get
an unpleasant surprise.

I'll give you the corpse of your
sister Elsa personally.

Take him away!

It's Santo.

It's the holy ghost.

Don't take me now.

Oh, it's you, you gave
me quite a scare.

Listen Evaristo, I'm
being followed and watched.

I came to tell you not to
separate from Elsa.

From Elsa?

She's in danger and I want you
to protect her.

Because I have to keep

I'll be a personal watchdog, Santo,

She'll be safer
than the safe at a bank.

You can be sure I'll be
Elsa's guardian angel.

Thank you, I was sure
I could count on you.

- So long, Evaristo.
- So long, Mr. Santo.

There he is.

Come out of there
or I'll shoot.

I fooled you.

What are you
doing here, Evaristo?

Seeing as how Santo asked
me to take care of you Elsa.

And since I know that the only place
where I'd be sure to see you would be.

Your dressing room I hid here.

Who is it?

Come on, let's go, hurry!

Help! Leave me alone!

- Everything's over Elsa. Let's go.
- Yes, let's go.

You're a bunch of imbeciles!

Four gorillas and you're not
able to kidnap a weak woman.

Boss, you don't know Santo,
he's a real demon.

We need to change plans.

Santo might be worth
more to us alive than dead.

We're at your orders, sir.

I want Santo in my hands
as soon as possible.

Another failure will be the
last for you and your men,

Do you understand, Carlo?

I have a magnificent plan that will
make our organization more powerful.

What's going on Evaristo,
what's all this noise?

No, nothing, I was just
practicing some moves.

Flying kicks, headbutts,
horse locks, backbreakers.

Why were you doing that?

Because I want to be a
famous wrestler like you.

I'd be very pleased if you did.

- And Elsa?
- She went out.

I stayed behind
to watch the apartment.

I need to talk to her,
can I ask you for a favour.

You can even ask for two.

Look, I'll stay here
waiting for Elsa.

And I'd like you to be so
kind as to go to my hotel.

And if there's some urgent
call let me know right away.


Alright, then go
and keep your eyes open.

It could be those men
attack again.

I'd like that,
this time I'm prepared,

Now I know a bunch of holds
like this one.

Look! I'll grab your arm.

Hope I don't hurt you.

Afterwards I throw you
and then hit you.

Well, that was just the theory.

I'll show you how it works
in practice some other day.

Excuse me.

Mommy, my tires!

I've been robbed!

Call the national guard,
the red cross,

I mean the police! Thieves!

Santo, they left me barefoot!

- Barefoot?
- No, not my shoes,

They stole all four wheels
from my car.

What bad luck.

This is going to cause so much
trouble at the taxi company.

With what i already owe them
I'll be working even after I die.

What should I do, Santo?

Look, take the keys to my car,

Explain to them what happened
and don't take too long.

Thank you Santo, I'll be
back before he knows it,

Um, I mean she knows it,

I mean before they know it,

Nevermind, I forgot what
I was saying.

Oh Elsa,

I won, I won.

Get him.

Give your Evaristo a little kiss.

My little cuddly bear.

Looks like Santo went off
on a bender.

Be careful, don't wake him up.

Get his feet.


Don't wake him up.

I'll go check.

Hurry up boys.

Be careful with him,
don't wake him up!

Yes boss, I assure you.

Yes, we have Santo
in our power.

Magnificent Carlo,
I congratulate you.

Follow my instructions:

We need you to keep him prisoner
until so ordered, understood?

Perfectly boss. So long.

But I'm not Santo, I'm Evaristo.

- What should we do with him boss?
- Take off his mask.

Who turned the light back on?

This midget is Santo?

I'm not Santo, I'm Evaristo.

And i'm little red riding hood.
Take him away!

Wait! I'm Santo.

I'll help you Santo, I'll help.


Oh my stomach!

Those guys hit hard!

Poke his eyes! Like this!

The backbreaker! Like that!

I'll help you, Santo!

Before I turn you all in
to the police.

You're going to tell me
the name of your boss.

I don't know him personally.

I swear I'm telling the
truth, the only thing I know is...

That they were going to put
someone in your place.

For the benefit
of the organization.

Pedro, are the plates ready?

Here they are.

At last!
This is what i wanted!

Now keep your word
and let us go.

Don't be naive,

Did you think for a minute
I'd let you live?

It's best not to leave witnesses,
so this is the end for you.

- Have a good voyage!
- Hold it!

Mr. Cesar.

Goodbye, Elsa.

So long, Santo,
and thank you for everything.

And you Evaristo,

Here you are.

What is this?

The keys to my car.

Keep it for all the help
you gave me with this case.

I don't know what to say.

Don't say anything. So long.
Goodbye, Pedro.

Santo, I'm grateful for
everything you did for me.

It was nothing.

It was a pleasure
working with you, Santo.

I accept your invitation
and i'll see you in Acapulco.

I'll see you there.

So long, Evaristo, and take good
care of your car, it's lovely.

Don't worry Elsa, I'll take care
of it as if were the apple of my eye.

It's fine and lovely, like you.

Oh Evaristo, thank you.

- Take care of yourself, Evaristo.
- Goodbye, Mr. Pedro.

- Hey, it's my secretary.
- You?!

It's a small world.

Don't cry, It's not such
a big deal.

Subtitles: turdis july 2009
Ressynch: Kilo