Santo and Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein (1974) - full transcript

El Santo and Blue Demon team up with a couple of detectives to stop the grandson of Dr Frankenstein from conducting fiendish brain transplant experiments.

(jazzy elevator music)

(calm jazz music)

(melancholy instrumental music)

(suspicious instrumental music)

(melancholy instrumental music)

(suspicious instrumental music)

(breathes heavily)


(medical apparatus humming)

(machine beeps)

(medical apparatus humming)

- I prepare everything
according to your instructions

grand master,

but I still don't know
who will be the donor.


We're going to
swap their brains.

(medical apparatus humming)

Let's begin.

(creepy science fiction music)


(creepy science fiction music)

Give me the saw.

Now begin the trepanation.

Bring me the cortical cut
guide from the computer.

Hurry make it quick.

(saw buzzing)
(creepy science fiction music)

- Master, here's the
cortical cut guide.

- Bring it closer to me.

(saw buzzing)

- Homicide Section Commissioner.

(door slams)

- Commissioner.

- What is it?

- A man and a young lady

are here to report missing relatives.

- Okay, bring them here.

- Good afternoon commissioner.

- Afternoon, how can I help you?

- It's my sister commissioner.

She leaves work at seven
and always get home at 7:30.

Last night she didn't come home

and we haven't heard from her.

- Hmm, it's the same for you?

- No, sir.

I only came to report
that my wife is missing.

Another department sent me here

and please I beg you commissioner,

pardon the inconvenience
this late at night.

- No no no, don't worry.

Did you bring any photographs

to identify your missing relatives?

- Yes, sir.
- Uh, yes, sir.

(machinery humming)

- We're running short of fluid.

Maximize the electric charge

of their transistors
lodged in the cerebellum.

(machinery buzzes and beeps)

- Electric charge is at max.

- Something is blocking the flow

of the electric charge
into the vital organs.

Damn this body is
rejecting its new brain.

(machinery humming)

(ominous music)

- They're both dead.

(machinery humming)

- Another failure,

but it doesn't matter.

My technique is reaching perfection.

I need two more assistants.

What happened to those two companions

that you had that were brain surgeons?

- I talked to them and
convinced them to work with you.

It wasn't easy.

They didn't recognize me at first.

They didn't believe it was me

until I showed them the
scar one of them gave me

when we were kids.

- After they recognized you,

no more arguments were needed
to convince them right?

- Of course not master.

Excuse me, what do we do
with the corpses?

- The same as the other subjects.

These two women will exit this place

walking by their own means.

- Why don't we put them I the crematorium?

It will be easier.

Why make things harder for yourself?

- Because I want to terrorize society

and I want the police to know

what kind of master mind they're facing.

(eerie science fiction music)

(sinister instrumental music)

- Please lord take care of
my sister wherever she is

and guide her safely back home.

(knocks on door)


Oh my God Berta what happened to you?

No no.




Berta no I'm your sister!

(sinister instrumental music)

(eerie science fiction music)

(ominous instrumental music)

(zombie bangs)

(ominous instrumental music)

- No!

(ominous instrumental music)

- A special group of experts

are studying the bodies
of the two latest victims

of that evil genius.

It seems that incredibly
the brains of each victim

were changed with one another

and both women died during the operation.

Unfortunately, what
experts still can't explain

is how both women were able
to get back to their homes

on their own after
their untimely deaths.

The town is terrified.

Police ask everyone to remain calm

and promise to soon discover

the identity of the man
behind these heinous crimes.

What could be the goal
of this devilish killer?

- Idiots.

They couldn't find in the
brains of the dead women

the electromagnetic
transistors that made them move

and that allows me to
control them from here.

They wonder what my goal is.


If they knew, they would
freeze in fear. (laughs)

- And the heated match continues.

The rivals in the blue
corner are Enrique Vera

is teaming up with Ray Mendoza.

Blue Demon in the corner
watches as his partner Santo

uses a flying neck throw

with all his strength to Enrique Vera.

Santo does the move again.

Man, the crowd loves that move.

- I need the brain of Santo.

- Sorry boss, but one thing is kidnapping

little weak girls.

Another thing is kidnapping Santo.

- If my master wishes, Golem can do it.

- So Golem will bring Santo here?

- No!

Golem has the strength of 20 men,

but he lacks the dexterity
and skills of that masked man.

To bring him here, I
would need to kill him,

but I need him alive.

So don't forget, anyone who hurts Santo

will go to the death chamber.

I have a way to make Santo
come here by his own will,

but our first move

is kidnapping this woman.

- Look at those lovely ladies

cheering their favorite wrestler.

And now Blue Demon starts the second fall

with heavy muscle punches.

Beautiful move!

And now he uses a headlock and scissors

for a double take down.

Ray Mendoza takes cover in the corner,

but no Enrique slams Blue Demon.

Ray Mendoza follows the
attack for the diving stomp

to the ribs of Blue Demon,

but Santo the idol of the crowd

jumps in to help his partner.

Now he's being horribly
beaten by Ray Mendoza

and his tag team partner.

He's really taking damage.

Now the crowd is screaming to the referee,

pleading to him to make the
two Rudos respect the rules.

To stop him from beating Santo two on one.

What a back breaker, Blue
Demon goes in for the save,

but collides with the
power house Ray Mendoza,

who stops him right in his tracks.

Santo tries to escape from Enrique Vera,

but gets caught in another back breaker

and Blue Demon gets a torture rack

and now both of them have tapped out.

The match is now tied.

Ray Mendoza and Enrique
Vera win the second fall.

And the match continues.

This is the third and final fall.

Ray Mendoza lives up to
the rudo fighting style.

Those techniques have transformed him

into one of the most feared tag teams

alongside Enrique Vera.

Too bad for Santo and Blue Demon

and look at that beautiful display

of Olympic wrestling moves and throws.

Santo tries to use all his experience

to defeat Ray, but Ray keeps trying to go

for the injured knee of Santo.

I love it when the crowd
recognizes skills in the ring.

A lot of fans are on their feet.

Now Blue Demon is asking for the tag.

He tells Santo that they need
to keep tagging even more,

but Santo right now is on a
mission to dominate Ray Mendoza

who has just escape another attack

and there's the tag.

Hear that ovation for Santo.

Enrique Vera also enters the ring.

Blue Demon awaits him.

Heavy arm bar followed by a snap throw

and Blue Demon gives no rest to that arm,

even when Enrique tried to
escape from that somersault,

the hold didn't break.

Blue Demon is glued to that arm.

The torture doesn't end.

Blue Demon charges again.

Here he comes.

What's he gonna do?

Oh wow, what a back breaker
to the spine of Enrique Vera.

Another one, Ray Mendoza wants to get in.

He wants tagged in and
Blue Demon goes for the

scorpion death lock, this could the match

but no he is interrupted by Ray Mendoza.

Santo complains to the
referee for that illegal move.

Ooh, but the man only
has one pair of arms.

Ray Mendoza punches Blue Demon.

And now a plank a diving
plank by Enrique Mendoza

and Santo goes in for the save.

That counter attack from
Santo was very timely,

but now he receives a
couple of knees from Ray,

who manages to drive him into his partner,

but oh Santo and Blue
Demon change the move,

escape and turn the tables on the Rudos

and now Santo goes to the top rope

and lands a suicide head
butt on Enrique Vera.

He takes his rival up and
throws him to the ropes

to receive him with an overhead throw

and now ends it with an
amazing inverted arm bar.

No, Ray Mendoza tries to
break the arm bar from Santo.

The Blue Demon was there to stop him

and now oh here he
comes, flying head butt.

Now Blue Demon uses the
last of his strength

to hit Ray with a scissor spin.

One, two, three and the winners

are Santo and Blue Demon.

What a great match!

The crowd in here surely agrees.

Just listen to them.

Everyone will go home happy
after this amazing match.

- Your opponents were really strong.

- Yeah, that was a close call.

- Those last two moves we used to win

we learned from your father.

- Much of what we know
we learned from him.

- My poor father.

- Cheer up, Alicia, remember

he always wanted to see you smile.

- And we promised to look after you,

keeping that smile intact.

- You two have been really good to me.

It was thanks to you I
could finish my schooling.

- Your father will be very proud

to see you turning into a bacteriologist.

- In fact, he always was proud

of having a daughter like you.

- Well no need to keep on like this.

Remember you invited me to dinner.

- Of course we remember.

- But we also invited Lilia.

- Blue, I'm starting to feel
a little jealous sweetheart.

- But why, Lilia was your best friend.

You invited her to live with
you when your father died

and were left alone.

- Are you jealous of Lilia?

Do you want the spotlight?

- A little.

Hurry up, we still have to pick up Lilia.

- We won't take long.

- You know I have never seen
one of Blue's matches before.

I think I would faint if I did.

- Don't worry.

I've seen Santo fight plenty of times.

- And how do you feel
when he gets punched?

- When he gets punched, I
get this horrible desire

to get in the ring and kill his opponent.

- Well, you could give
us a hand in the ring.

- Are you serious?

- Well you know I'd prefer
your hand right here.

- Well I promise although
I may faint there,

I'll go to your next match Blue.

- I'd rather you didn't.

I would worry about you
getting distracted

and lose the match.

- Well are you going or not?

- If he wants me to I will.


- This afternoon,

the latest two victims
of the sadistic genius

received a proper Christian burial.

The identity of that criminal

is still shrouded in complete mystery.

- Would you girls like
to go anywhere else?

- No thank you, tomorrow
I have to get up early

and go to the laboratory.

- And I have to go the office.

- Is your boss very strict?

- Professor Ruiz is lovable,
but I can't abuse that.

- Lovable huh?

- Yes, it's a shame he's 76 years old.

- And your boss is also lovable.

Is he 76 years old too?

- Oh, he's only 30, but I hate him.


- I don't like that you live alone.

That dangerous criminal
is still on the loose.

- Well he's only killed 12 women.

- 12 victims seems little to you?

- More than enough.

What I meant to say is it's
still remaining in this city,

there are more than two million women.

That's counting Lilia
and me guys, good night.

- See you tomorrow.

Let's go.

(zombie groans)

- This colossus is Bortis.

I will transplant Santo's brain into him.

Now you understand?

- Yes master.

You will create a monster
as strong as Golem

and as fast and as skilled as Santo.

- And one I'll be able
to control as I do Golem.

- It will be wonderful.

- To achieve this
wondrousness I need Santo

and to have Santo I have to have Alicia.

(beakers bubbling)

- Good morning Alicia.

- Good morning professor.

- I can't believe what's
happening in this crazy city.

- Strange murders continue.

Yes, that's horrible.

- Did you go out last night Alicia?

- Yes professor, I went to see Santo fight

and then had dinner.

Have you ever seen a wrestling match?

- Never, I hate violence.

Well maybe I have gone to a lucha match,

but I forget.

Is it not where a bull charges
and strikes a poor horse?

- No professor.

One of these nights, I'll
take you to see Santo fight.

He's wonderful.

- I would love to,

but I don't think my
wife would approve of it.

She has me on a leash
that I can't break.

But let's return to last night.

Were you very late arriving home?

- Around midnight.

- Accompanied by your boyfriend.

- Accompanied by Santo.

- Ah, so Santo is your boyfriend.

- No, he was one of
my father's students.

- But he is in love with you.

- I don't know.

- Why don't you ask him?

- You think I should do that?

- What I think is that
Santo will be willing

to do a great sacrifice for you.

- What kind of sacrifice?

- A great sacrifice,
for example, marry you.

Well marrying you wouldn't
be a great sacrifice.

It is quite the opposite.

- What do you think?

- You'll see when you get married,

you stop being single,

but coming back to Santo.

He Santo oh my God I
lost my train of thought.

Well what I want to tell you

that I want to finish these samples

and don't leave before finishing them

and when you finish, wait for
me to count and check them.

- Of course professor.

- And remember to wash your hands.

- See you later.

(beakers bubbling)

- Please do come in.

These are the doctors who
I talked to you about.

They both are childhood friends
of mine and also classmates.

- I'm in.

Dr. Molina is a year older than me.

I am amazed by his rejuvenation.

- I am not as young as I look either.

I'm 113 years old.

My name is Irving Frankenstein.

- Aren't you that famous scientist,

creator of the equally famous monster?

- No, he was my grandfather.

I inherited his knowledge and formulas.

That's why I'm able to beat old age.

I suppose Dr. Molina has talked to you

about my brain transplant experiments.

- Yes doctor, we know of them.

- But he hasn't told you the reason

or the goal of those experiments.

- Of course not, master,
I wouldn't do that.

- Would you kindly follow me gentleman?

This way.

(machinery humming)

That is Sandra, my lovely wife,

80 years ago she was the
victim of brain cancer.

Since then I've kept her frozen

until I can transplant a healthy brain

to bring her back to life.

To ensure my success,

I perfect my skills by doing
experimental transplants.

Till now the 12 women
I have experimented on


have all died.

My only success

has been Golem.

In Golem, I transplanted a brain

from a colossus brought
to me from South Africa.

Golem was already a
human colossus himself.

- You're now looking
at the only human being

that lives with a brain from another.


- At the base of Golem's brain,
I put a small transistor,

which sends the vital electric fluid

to the different parts of the brain.

By using this mini
electromagnetic transmitter,

I distribute the fluid of the transistor

lodged in the brain of Golem,

which allows me to control his actions.

Furthermore, by increasing
or decreasing the charge,

I can make him
as strong as 20 men

or as weak as a child.

Gentleman with a team of
super humans like Golem,

but gifted with the
brains of super athletes,

I could take over the leaders of humanity

and conquer the world.

But I would gain nothing
from conquering the world

and bringing Sandra back
if I didn't keep my youth.

Let's go to my lab gentleman.

Some time ago, I discovered and was able

to isolate beta factors from human blood.

It makes wounds heal and
also renews organic tissue.

Once that factor starts decreasing,

we start getting older.

Old age gentleman is nothing more

than a lack of beta factor in the blood.

By replenishing the missing beta factor,

I can return youth to any old person.

This here is beta factor.

And this is a compound that I discovered,

which negates or neutralizes beta factor.

If I drank it, I would age
50 years in 50 seconds.

Since these gentleman want to help me,

prepare them to receive the beta factor.

- Commissioner, Suarez
and Rosalez are here.

- Tell them to come in.

- Well any news?

- Absolutely nothing commander.

- I do have something.

- What?

- A report, a report about

two neurosurgeons who disappeared.

In this investigation, we
noted that both of them

got in a black car outside
of the neurological center

and haven't been seen since.

- Oh God, don't tell me that madman

will start killing surgeons.

- This report is interesting because

neurosurgeons are the doctors
behind brain surgeries.

You understand me ladies?

- Oh, which is precisely
what the killer does.

- Carmalita you're a genius.

- Are you serious sir?

- Yes I am.

- Drink this liquid while
holding your breath.

Next, take a deep breath.

- Doctor how much time
until it takes effect?

- The transformation
will begin immediately.


(dramatic music)

- Genaro, give me mirror
please, a mirror please.


It's amazing!
Absolutely amazing!

I'm very young.

I'm young once again.

As young as you Genaro.

- Told you.

- For Pete's sake, Alicia,
it's almost midnight.

Why are you still here?

- Professor, you told me to stay here

until I finished with the samples.

- Oh, and have you finished?

- Yes I did.

- Then let's go sweetheart.

I will take you home now.

- Don't bother, I'll call a taxi.

See you tomorrow professor.
- See you tomorrow my child.

(dog barks)

- Hey taxi.

(dog barks)

(ominous music)

Stop, please!

(car wheels screeching)

No, let me go, let me go, ah!

(ominous music)

Help me please!

- Follow that car quickly.

(siren wailing)

- Boss the cops have us cornered.

Tell Golem to attack them.

(sirens wailing)
(ominous music)

- Attention Golem, attack
the police officers.

Remember their bullets can't harm you.

You have body armor
underneath your clothes.

- Stop, who are you?

Answer me.

- Stay where you are.

Stop now or we will open fire.

(gun shots ringing out)

(ominous music)



- Four policemen torn to
pieces by strange man.

One of them survived a few
hours to tell the story.

- Commissioner Professor
Ruiz wants to meet you.

- Send him in.

- Thank you.

Good morning commissioner.

- Good morning sir, please take a seat.

- Thank you.
- How can I help you?

- I came to report a
disappearance of my assistant,

young Ms. Alicia Robles.

You know I own a chemical
laboratory, right?

And Alicia works with me...

- Professor Ruiz, these
two young detectives

have been specially assigned
to the investigation

of all the women who
have disappeared lately

and who were, unfortunately,
later found dead.

The professor came to
report the disappearance

of a woman who worked with him.

- When did you notice your
colleague went missing?

- It was last night.

- How do you know it was last night?

- I suppose it was last night

because she didn't come to the lab today

and last night she didn't come home.

- You went to her address
to search for her?

- Yes and I talked to a young lady

that lives with her.

- Ah and she told her
Alicia didn't come home.

- I don't remember what she told me,

but what I do remember
is that the little lady

was really scared.

- What family or relations
does Ms. Robles have?

- I don't know any relatives

and as for other kinds of relationships,

that's Santo, Blue Demon, Blue
Demon and Santo or maybe me?

- Explain yourself.
- What do I need to explain?

- Everything that has to do with

Santo, Blue Demon and Alicia Robles.

- I do believe that she's married to them.

- Both of them?

- No no no no, deary, now I remember.

Alicia told me that she
still hadn't married anyone,

but I think that Santo wants to marry her.

- Professor Ruiz, did
you take your meds today?

- Uh huh, uh huh, yes tell the
commander we're on our way.

What could the commander want?

- I don't have any idea,
but let's go meet him.

- Let's go.

- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.

- Were you looking for us?

- Yes, gentleman, thank
you very much for coming.

I'm Commissioner Gutierrez.

These young ladies are the two detectives

assigned to the case of
the 12 murdered young women

and well these gentlemen

don't really need any introduction.

- Of course not.

- How can we help you?

- I asked you come to
inform you of a certain case

you might be interested in.

It's a very serious problem

and perhaps even a painful one.

- What is it?

- It's about Ms. Alicia Robles.

Do you know her?

- What happened to Alicia?
- She disappeared.

- When?
- Last night.

- Professor Ruiz came
to report the case.

He told us that Ms.
Robles didn't come to work

this morning at the
laboratory where she works.

The professor asked for more
information at her home,

but she didn't get there last night.

Professor Ruiz himself informed us

of the relationship of Ms.
Robles with both of you,

though he was vague and
contradicted himself.

- Alicia is an immensely loved
person for the both of us.

- Do you believe the
disappearance of Alicia

has something to do with the
investigation of your criminal?

- I'm not sure, but this
case has the same leads

that the others do.

- We must understand then
that the official police

hypothesis of the case is that Alicia

was kidnapped by that insane man.

- That's right, gentleman.

- If that's true, please inform us

of everything you know about that monster.

- It's just we know almost nothing.

- Even less than nothing.

- Blue, we have to rescue Alicia.

We have to do something
and save her, but what?

- Anything.

She's our responsibility.

Our teacher left her under our care

and we can't fail him.

- What are the police doing right now?

- Right now our police officers

are doing an intensive surveillance

of the area to stop
further disappearances,

but when they have
happened, as you have seen,

we don't have any clues to follow.

- I understand commissioner.

Will you accept our help?

- Your help is more than welcomed.

- Let me warn you commander,

if that murderous bastard
falls into our hands...

- We'll hand him over to you.

- At least what is left of him,

if there is anything at all.

- I know how you feel.

- We will like to talk to Professor Ruiz.

- I don't think we will
get much out of him.

Quite frankly, he is an old
man hindered by his age,

but if that is what you wish, let's go.

- She's stayed here very late

while watching after some samples.

When she finished, I offered
to take her home you see,

but she told me that it wasn't necessary

and all that kind of things you
say in situations like that.

- She left by herself?

- Yes, that's what she did.

- And she didn't tell you anything

that could explain her absence?

For example, something she was doing

or maybe going to a friend's house.

- Oh yes, she told me
she has a boyfriend.

- Did she say who it was?

- Let me think.

I remember now.

She told me her boyfriend
was a wrestler named Santo.

- I am that wrestler professor.

- Oh so you're her beau.

No no no no no,
she told me it wasn't you.

I remember now.

She told me that she
didn't have a boyfriend.

- Thanks so much professor.

- It was my pleasure to help you.

I hope my information
will be of great use.

You know I would like to see the man

who kidnapped your girlfriend jailed.

- Excuse me professor.
- See you later.

- From which mad house can
Professor Ruiz have escaped?

(machinery humming)

- I don't mind police wearing pants,

but police wearing skirts confuses me.

Cute and skilled detectives
in charge of investigation.

I have never trusted female intuition

and these cute detectives are
a nuisance I must eliminate.

They must be my next victims.

Have Golem bring them here.

- Let's go.

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(ominous music)

- Thank you very much.

Come any time.

- Of course see you later.
- Later.

(ominous music)

- Did you notice?
- Yes.

(car engine revs)

(ominous music)

- Come on let's do it.

(ominous music)

(window shatters)

- What has happened?

- Take it easy.

(ominous music)

- Come on.

(ominous music)

- Shh, quiet.

(ominous music)

Take them away.

- Get off me!

- Let us go.

(punches ringing out)
(men grunting)

- Golem, come now!

(ominous music)

(punches ringing out)
(men grunting)

- It's great that two ladies like us

had to defend ourselves, but
we thank you for defending us,

right Carma?
- Yes.

- Your living room now
looks like a disaster area.

- Let's hand them over to police.

- Shh.

(ominous music)

(ominous music)

That was marble and
iron and look at it now.

If he touches us, we are dead.

- I think we are almost as good as dead.

That must be the monster

that slaughtered those
policemen in four seconds.

- Let's go, I have a plan.

- Wake up.

(ominous music)

Wake up.

(ominous music)

Wake up.

- Come on, let's go.

Let's go.


(men moaning)
(ominous music)

(ominous music)

- Go go.

(gun shots ringing out)

(ominous music)

- The thing I don't understand

is why Golem didn't kill those masked men.

- I ordered Golem to do
nothing more than protect you

and that's what he did.

You damn idiots!


The newspaper and
television won't take long

to talk about my first failure.

And that will really harm my reputation.

I really need to do something
to catch the public's eye,

to erase this moment.

- To think that Alicia is
in the hands of that maniac.

- Maybe he already
transformed her into another

of those walking zombies.

- And to have to fight right now.

- We don't have any choice.

(knocks on door)

- What is it?

- Ready.
- We're on our way.

- And so begins one

of the most anticipated tag teams matches,

Santo and Blue Demon
versus Angel and Valentino.

Many fans in the crowd believe

that Santo and Blue Demon
could lose this match.

The invincible tag team
of Santo Blue Demon

will be put to the test.

Angel is a really strong wrestler.

A great rudo with an incredible physique,

weighing more than 220 pounds.

But who still flies through the air,

thanks to the skills of Blue Demon.

He goes for the tag.

Santo goes in.

As does Valentino.

Valentino's been waiting for

this chance to fight Santo.

He not only wants to defeat him,

he wants to rip his mask to pieces.

That is one of the biggest
wishes of Valentino.

Look at those rudo moves.

He doesn't care about anything

as long as he defeats Santo.

Nice throw, Santo's the
master of the camel clutch

and the arm bars.

He also has the skills to
escape any bad situation,

just like he did right now.

Oh look at that, he's on
his feet and counterattacks.

Look at Valentino, he's been training

for days and weeks for
this great challenge.

And how he uses
a dangerous Boston crab.

Oh Santo is able to break the move

by using all the strength of his legs.

As always, Santo and Blue Demon

bring a lot of attractive
ladies to the arena.

Oh but Angel goes in and
breaks the hold on Valentino.

Angel goes in after
the tag from Valentino.

Santo looks like he never tires,

oh but takes a heavy punch to the face.

Angel almost broke his nose.

Blue Demon is now receiving heavy blows

if you can call it that from this monster

who weighs over 220 pounds.

However, Blue Demon is
now quick on his feet.

The match has barely started,

but everyone is showing
great moves and courage.

There's the pin, one, two, three

and Santo comes in with
an Irish whip throw

that slams Valentino against the mat.

And here he goes, here comes Santo.

Oh and now he uses one
of his trademark arm bars

and secures the win.

The first fall goes to
Santo and Blue Demon.

Just listen to that
sold out crowd ovation.

And now the second fall begins.

Sometimes you can't help but wonder

how Santo can send someone
has heavy as his opponent

flying through the air.
- Go Santo.

- But now the odds are against him

and the referee can't
do anything to stop it,

as the rudo side goes two on one.

They are the worst.

And now oh
what an escape by Santo

and now he goes to the arm bar.

Sometimes Santo likes to wait,

but he makes up for that with skill.

Santo is pinned to the mat, but
knew how to avoid the count.

Oh, now a DDT.

Blue Demon is cheering
for his tag team partner.

But now Santo is in
danger in the lion's den.

He needs help.

Blue Demon gets sick of it

and enters the fray like a bull.

The other side had it coming.

Santo and Blue Demon are
doing the best they can

to get the second consecutive
fall on Angel and Valentino.

Can Santo get rid of Valentino

now that the odds are in his favor?

Maybe not, now Santo is on the ground.

Blue Demon is minding his own business,

but now Santo strikes Valentino

who doesn't stop fighting,

but the crowd, but more
importantly the ladies

are worried for the technicals.

And now here's a another chance.

Santo, Blue Demon strike in unison,

but the Rudos fight back.

Terrible strikes and knees
to the body of Santo,

but Blue Demon goes in for the assist

and the crowd screams.

One of the Rudos needs to be
put into submission first,

but Valentino has tremendous stamina

and has managed to withstand
all the attacks from Santo.

And now Santo receives a
terrible head butt and body slam

as Blue Demon gives up,

oh heavy butt drop on Santo.

One, two, three, the match is now tied.

The second fall goes
to Angel and Valentino.

The third fall has begun.

The stakes are high now.

Valentino begins the match
by throwing Blue Demon

against the ropes and waiting
for him with a heavy punch.

Oh he might have broken Blue Demon's jaw.

I can see some blood from his mouth.

And Valentino doesn't stop,
he keeps punching him.

Santo worries for his
friend and screams for him

to ask for the tag.

Angel in the other corner receives

Blue Demon with tremendous kicks.

Blue Demon finally tags with Santo,

but Valentino now strikes Santo

with horrible punch to the guts.

- Detective Margo I just
received this letter.

It's urgent you get it
to Santo right away.

- Angel gets the tag
though and in he goes.

Blue Demon hasn't recovered yet.

The international referee
Matalai close to the action

and he finally sends
everyone to their corners.

This amazing tag team continues
takes this chance to recover

I believe he's ready to go
back in with all his might.

There he is waiting.

Here he comes, the idol of
the crowd gets the tag now.

Blue Demon can barely stand

and now Angel faces Santo.

Quick leg sweep and pin by Angel,

looking for the victory,
but Santo counterattacks

with a reverse ankle lock,

but now the lock is used against him

as Angel flips the move,

but wow look at that Santo reverses into

a reverse arm and leg breaker move.

The crowd screams give up Angel.

They also scream for
their idol Santo, Santo,

but oh Valentino breaks the move

and Blue Demon couldn't stop him

and once again the referee Matalai

couldn't stop the Rudos from cheating.

Scissor hold to the neck of Angel.

He tries to escape.

The sold out crowd
believes Santo will win.

But once again Valentino
like I said earlier

will stop at nothing to defeat Santo

and tearing his mask to pieces.

Santo's tired, but he has
an amazing recovery ability.

He goes down to the mat looking

to use his famous scissor hold,

but Valentino escapes with ease,

only to receive a kick to the chest.

There's the pin, but Angel is really close

and gives a cruel kick

to the back of the head of Santo.

All of these attacks have
drawn blood from Santo's mouth.

He's tired now.

He's trapped in an arm lock.

Now gets a hard blow to the ribs.

Santo seems to be out of energy,

but wow he escapes from the corner

and now Angel is hit by La Santina,

one of the most famous moves
of the idol of the crowd.

He throws him and he goes for it again.

Angel is flying, crashes down on the mat.

His back must be broken
and now Santo's using his

trademark camel clutch and Blue Demon

enters to assist the move
and make Angel give up,

but no Valentino enters as well.

Flying scissors, great move by Blue Demon,

whoa it's amazing,
Angel finally surrenders

to the clutch as Blue Demon
sets up Valentino to a head butt

the crowd wants to see a legal win

and Blue Demon gives it
with a torture cradle.

The invincible tag team has won.

Victory for Santo and Blue Demon.

- You should know that Ms.
Alicia Robles is my guest.

She is safe and her
only wish is to go home.

I will not have any problems
fulfilling that wish

if the famous wrestler Santo
takes her place instead.

If he accepts tomorrow at eight p.m.

my personal vehicle will pick him up

right in front of the building where

detective Margo and Carma live.

I advise if the police my vehicle,

against my wishes Ms. Robles

will be reduced to nothing
more than a walking corpse.

As you can see, it's signed
by Doctor Frankenstein.

- If this man is really Dr. Frankenstein,

he would need to be over 100 years old.

- If that murderer can make the dead walk,

he might as well be Dr. Frankenstein

or rather it has to be him.

- Can we inform the commissioner

that the killer is Dr. Frankenstein?

- Yes, the commissioner will
have to check for himself,

but I believe Blue is right.

- So Dr. Frankenstein huh?

Sounds crazy, but we have to believe it.

- We could have policemen follow that car

if they go dressed as everyday civilians

and they drive a common taxi.

- Carmalita I bet Dr. Frankenstein

thought about that too.

If he notices he is being followed,

there's no doubt he will kill Alicia.

We are talking about a human life

and I simply cannot take such a big risk.

- I didn't think we would
need the watches so soon.

- I contact you with the watch,

only when things get too dangerous

or when he has released Alicia.

- I will be ready, but what I really want

is to personally see
Dr. Frankenstein's face

and then break it.

(suspenseful instrumental music)

- Hey boss, we have Santo with us.

- Bring him to me.


I knew for sure you would
honor your hero title

and come to the rescue of the damsel.

- And I knew I can't believe

in your promise of releasing her.

- (laughs) I can see you're very smart.

- Only a fool would trust
the words of a murderer.

- To fight against death
sometimes you have to kill,

but you are right Santo,
I won't keep my promise.

Bring Alicia Robles with us.

- Hmm.

- As you can see,
there are more of us.

Also behind that door is
the deadly Golem. (laughs)

You already know him.

- Santo!


(raucous instrumental music)
(men grunting)

- Let me go!

- Don't use your guns.

Remember I need him alive.

(men grunting)
(punches ringing out)

- Oh, let me go, you bastard!

(men grunting)
(punches ringing out)

(device beeps)

(raucous instrumental music)

- Santo if you don't surrender,

Golem will rip Alicia apart.

(ominous music)

Take Alicia to her room.

- Come here.

Let's go.

- And Santo to the operation room.

There are three medical experts

with special instructions to prepare you

for a very important experiment.

Take him away.


- And to think that just a few days ago

they were right here with
us in this same place.

(watch beeps)

- I have to go.

I have no time to waste.

Here, do me a favor
and pay the bill.

(eerie science fiction music)

(bell chiming)
(watch beeps)

(eerie science fiction music)

(bell chiming)

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(watch beeps)

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(watch beeps)

(suspenseful instrumental music)

(ominous music)

(suspenseful instrumental music)

- Wait.

We're going to need a huge
amount of anesthetic gas.

We better get another tank.

- I'll go get it.

(eerie science fiction music)

- Hey, new guy, connect
the tank to the mask tube.

What are you waiting for?

(gun shots ringing out)

(spray hisses)

- I guess you notice
I'm not an anesthetist.

- Still you put them to sleep

and I almost fell asleep too.

- Did you find Alicia
and Dr. Frankenstein?

- Stay vigilant.

Tonight I will perform the feat

of doing an incredible important surgery

and don't want to be
interrupted, understood?

(spray hisses)

(men grunting)
(punches ringing out)


What happened?

(punch rings out)

- The other,
the other masked man came.

- Surely before entering Blue
Demon informed the police.

It won't be long before
an army comes here,

but it doesn't matter.

There's no time to lose.

I will order Golem to escape
through the secret passage.

You go with him.

- And you boss?

- I don't need to escape.


(men grunting)
(raucous instrumental music)

- Be careful.

In this place, there is a
surprise behind every door.

- Santo!

- Oh!

- What did I tell you about surprises?

- Now we have to keep
searching this damn labyrinth

until we find Frankenstein.

Take a look at that.

- Professor Ruiz?

- What are you doing here professor?

- A bunch of gangsters grabbed me

and threw me into a car when
I was leaving my laboratory.

- We have to keep looking
for Dr. Frankenstein.

- Yes, but it's also time
to contact the police.

- The killer of the 12 young women

is the legendary Dr. Frankenstein.

Wrestlers Santo and Blue Demon

were the ones who discovered
and entered his lair.

The police detained
many men from that place

who are now being strongly interrogated.

The preserved frozen
body of a beautiful woman

was discovered and has
been moved to the morgue.

In the same place, a humongous man

with brutish physique was freed.

Unfortunately, Dr. Frankenstein was able

to escape without a trace.

Authorities were not able to find

the monster who killed
the four policeman either.

We will continue informing
you about this case.

- My new objective is revenge.

Santo and Demon will
suffer humiliating death

by the very hands of Golem
in the same ring and coliseum

that has been the stage of their triumphs.

That way
the deaths will be legal.

- But master,
Santo will recognize Golem

because of his skin color.

- I have a plan for that.

I will change his skin pigmentation.

- And now ladies and gentleman,

it's time for sports news.

To our country has come a colossus,

a masked and mysterious
wrestler who hides his identity

under the frightening name Mortis.

He has issued a direct challenge to Santo

to a match where the winner
will take home 100,000 pesos.

Will Santo, the idol of the crowd accept?

- You can tell the fans that I accept

the challenge from that foreign fighter

and I will do my best to win
the match and take the prize.

- Will the idol of the
crowd accept the challenge?

- I already accept it.

We'll sign a contract soon.

- Here comes Mortis.

- What a big guy huh?

- Mm-hmm.

- Why do you hide your
face behind that mask?

- He doesn't understand you,

because he doesn't speak English.

He is Mortis's manager.

- Whatever it takes to publicize
a fight like this, right?

- This way please.

Santo I have the honor to
introduce you to Mortis.

Uh well let's sign that contract.

- Go to the desk.

- Okay.

Your turn.

- Sign the papers, Mortis.

(ominous music)

- Be really careful Santo.

I don't know why, but
I don't like that guy.

He has a sinister aura.

- Don't worry.

I'm going to win.

- I hope so, but don't lower
your guard even for a second.

- Ready?

- Good luck.

- Thank you.

(crowd cheering)

(crowd claps)

- Santo, Santo, Santo!

- No other man in the
whole wrestling world

has created so much expectation as Mortis,

who easily weighs at least
130 pounds more than Santo.

Look at this man, he is a monster.

Santo is risking it all on this match,

even his secret identity.

Losing wouldn't be the only
consequence against Mortis.

Run, run from him.

This is a mysterious opponent,
but something is happening.

Mortis seems to be keeping his distance.

Santo is chasing him,
trying to take him down,

but Mortis simply keeps raising his arms

trying to avoid the fight.

Now attack, Santo hasn't been able

to get ahold of Mortis

and now the referee is scolding
Mortis telling him to fight

but he doesn't care.

However, he's starting to use
some weird and illegal moves.

He strikes Santo through.

And now he's trying to
rip the mask off of Santo.

The referee gets between
them and stops Mortis,

scolding him for breaking the rules.

The stakes are through
the roof in this match.

There's mystery in the air tonight.

Me, the crowd and everyone else

is captivated by that mystery.

Mortis is fighting
Santo with all his might

and the crowd is cheering
Santo, Santo, Santo.

- Get over here!



What are you doing here you bastard?

What are you doing here?

- Nothing.

- I don't believe you.

You are planning something.

Tell me, tell me now.

Who is Mortis?

- I don't know.

Let me go.

- If you don't tell me who is
the man with the black mask

I will break this arm

and then I will do the
same with the other.


Now speak.

I don't have time, nor patience
for this, who is Mortis?

You want to tell me, yes or no?

- Okay, okay, Mortis is Golem.

- Oh, he is that monster, huh?

- Yes, now let me go.

- And who is the manager?


Tell me who is Mortis's manager?

- The manager is, Mortis's
manager is Dr. Frankenstein.


Just let me go, let me go.

- Come, move along.
- Let me go.

- Santo is being crushed

with an unstoppable
bear hug by Mortis.

Mortis gives it all he's got...

- Finish him off Golem.

- Oh no, strikes the referee

and he's out cold.

Now Santo is putting
every ounce of strength

that he has left in each strike,

but all of that and all of his courage

haven't been enough to weaken Mortis.

The crowd and all of
us watching this match

are scared for Santo.

He's now being strangled by Mortis.

He uses his gigantic hands
to try and choke Santo.

- Officer, take this man.

- Okay Blue.

- Come on let's go.

- He's choking Santo.

This could cost him his life.

The idol of the crowd is in lethal danger.

- Golem, come to me now.

- But now Mortis stops the attack on Santo

and is leaving the ring.

Everyone in the arena is shocked.

Meanwhile Santo is finally
recovering from the attacks.

(men grunting)
(punches ringing out)

- What's going on?

Any idea?

- That black masked man is Golem.

And his manager is Frankenstein.

What do we do?

- This is bad.

- Which way did he go?
- Through there.

- Let's go.

(raucous instrumental music)

- Any plan?

- Think we can get him down.

- It won't be easy, but
you know let's just do it.

- Let's go.

(raucous instrumental music)


(crowd screams)


(crowd talking)

- Get back, get back.

Don't go any closer, stay back.

(crowd talking)

Stay there.

(crowd gasps)

(crowd talking)

(ominous music)
(crowd talking)

- There calm down Alicia.

Tomorrow we will think all
of this was just a nightmare.

(ominous music)