Santo and Blue Demon Against the Monsters (1970) - full transcript

To foil his plan for world domination, wrestling superheroes El Santo and Blue Demon battle the mad Dr. Halder and his army of reanimated monsters.













Good evening, ladies and
gentlemen, once again...

We are witnessing
the crowd-pleasing show:


And today we have
the pleasure of watching...

A battle of
beautiful women!

The contenders are already
before the crowd.

The physical strength is
primitive to man...

The elasticity of the movements
and that feline agility...

In these beauties.

Look at that! The roughness
and the precise blow!

The concentrated look and
the strained body.

No one would dare face
these dangerous...

Representatives of
the weaker sex.

These wrestlers are
truly gifted...

With many resources,
nimble professionals...

With nerves of steel.

Look at the violence with which
they attack each other.

The precision of their blows!

And here comes the whip!

Truly perfect locks.
There you have them!

They are fighting to win
looking for the precise...

Moment to hurt their

And proclaim victory.

The crowd applauds.

And the roughness.

The crowd is pleased,
enjoying every minute...

Showing support for
their favorite wrestler.

And now the relay,
beauty now enters...

Into the domain of sports,
muscles, blows...

And kicking.

Look at that dirty action!

Direct blows to the face.

A perfect lock!

The referee counts to three!

An emotional and daring display
of skill and beauty.

She's trying to get her out.
She kicked her out of the ring.

The winners!

The crowd are touched!

Attention! Two out of three
falls without time limit.

In this corner...

Blue Demon...

And Juan Garza!

And in this corner...

Ébano, the Giant...

And El Árabe.

- Blue Demon!
- Blue Demon!

- Blue Demon!
- This is the fight...

- Of the stars.
- Blue Demon!

- Blue Demon!
- Blue Demon!

It has started
ladies and gentlemen.

El Árabe has immediately
put Garza...

In a lock.

There's Garza... who has also
put him in a lock.

Here we have one of
the strongest and...

Most difficult locks.

But Ébano is coming to defend
his partner...

And has given Garza
a tremendous kick.

The crowd is going wild!

They are divided!

El Árabe is asking for mercy.

But ladies and gentlemen
this a truly...

Exciting fight.

Ébano is really angry now...

And hits Garza
directly in the face.

And here we have the breaker!

Garza has applied
the breaker to Ébano.

He hits him in the head,
a dirty blow.

He grabs him, as you saw,
by the hair!

The crowd is against him.

But here he is!
The famous Blue Demon!

Here to defend his partner.

But here comes Ébano, he
sticks his fingers in his eyes!

They are hitting
Blue Demon.

Blue Demon is defending
himself as he always does...

With head-butts.

He's dealing with both
contenders on his own...

But suddenly, Ébano has
grabbed him, but he has...

Defended himself
beautifully, Blue Demon.

Here's the whip for Ébano!

And look...

At the ease with
which Blue Demon...

Avoids Ébano's blow!

The fight you were expecting,
ladies and gentlemen.

He's groggy now...

Ébano has fallen down.

But now the relay...

And Blue Demon leaps over
him like a frog.

A direct blow
to the chest.

He's down! The referee
counts to three.

The referee... one is out.

And here comes Garza...

To help Blue Demon.

And here's the "Tapatía"!
He has applied the "Tapatía".

The crowd is also counting
to three...

Along with the referee.

And here
we have...

The crowd yelling at
the wrestlers...

Who have been playing dirty.
Look at the way Ébano...

Is mercilessly...

Pounding his adversary.

He's claiming to be
the champion.

He says he has won.
He even wants to hit...

The referee.

But here comes Blue Demon.

He's angry, and
hits him from behind.

He has knocked him down,
he's groggy, there he is...

Asking for mercy,
to be left alone.

Blue Demon grabs him by
the head and hits him...

On the back, and he goes
completely groggy again.

There's Garza, with a direct
blow to the jaw...

He seemed to want to apply
the whip, but he stayed in...

The ropes.
Ébano is asking for mercy...

He is saying enough!

He is asking for the support
of the crowd.

Garza has taken care
of El Árabe.

And here is the referee...

In the middle of the ring.
And he pronounces the winners...

As always Blue Demon
and Juan Garza.


"The recently deceased
Dr. Halder, who conducted..."

"Bold experiments, surprised
scientists by reviving..."

"A dead person by means
of a brain transplant."

"We ask ourselves if his brother,
professor Otto Halder..."

"Will be able to revive him
by using his own methods."

I remember my uncle talking
about an abandoned castle...

Where he conducted
his experiments.

- What castle did he mean?
- He never told me.

Daddy, what kind of
experiments did my uncle do?

Why did he end up
hating you?

Maybe you should have
incinerated his body.

His last wish was that his
body not be mutilated.


- Is something wrong?
- Yes.

- This thing about Bruno Halder.
- Mh, it's a closed case...

The professor is
dead and buried.

Yes Demon, but that man made
a promise before he died.

I have a feeling something
bad can happen...

- To Gloria and her father.
- You lovebirds...

Are all the same,
don't make assumptions.

Your girlfriend and
her father are safe.

I wish I was as sure
as you are.

Forget about it,
go with Gloria and enjoy...

Your vacation,
as I will enjoy mine.

Good luck.

You are...

A magnificent
disciple, Waldo!

Thank you, Master.

Look at the Master.

And remember that you were

That he saved
from your graves...

To be revived. You shall
obey his orders...



You promised that I could
experiment on live beings.

I will keep my promise.

Blue Demon!

That masked once more.

We meet again, Demon.

Saint and you
destroyed my life.

But the day I died I swore
I would get my revenge.

Master, keep your promise...

Let me experiment on
Blue Demon before you kill him.

Take him away!

Pray Blue Demon,
your time is up.



This way would be
too quick.

- But Master, you said...
- Shut up!

Master, what will you do?

I will destroy
The Man in the Silver Mask.

And who better for the job...

Than his best friend,
Blue Demon.

You won't succeed,

Good will always
win over evil.

Not this time.

You will kill to
the Santo.

You, Demon.

And then I will
destroy you.

Take him to
the duplicating chamber!

Now, Waldo!

Come closer, Waldo.

It's a perfect reproduction.

No one will know it's
not real.

It's programmed to kill
and to obey me blindly.

Get out! I'll send him.

It's time for revenge.

I will begin to terrorize
in a way...

No one
has even imagined.

And my brother and his
daughter who called me crazy...

Will die.

And I swear to Hell, Waldo,
that they will wish that...

They had never been born!

They will beg for death
while writhing in pain.

Go destroy to the Saint!

They will go with you.

God forgive me...

But I feel that
my uncle is not dead.

He always frightened me.

A long nightmare has ended.


Now that it's all over,
I feel at worry...

- I don't know why.
- Forget all that, let's enjoy...

The ride, relax.

We better go.

Ah! Santo, be careful!


Let go of me!

Santo, help me!


No! Let me go!

Let me go!



Let go of me!

Santo, help me!

Help me!


He's following us,
step on it!

- I was afraid of that.
- It's unbelievable!

No one can resuscitate.
Maybe they stole the body.

We should face the truth.

If my brother is still alive,
he is capable of having created...

Those terrible creatures
that tried to kidnap Gloria.

I sense that my brother
is planning...

To destroy us,
what shall we do?

Why didn't you tell my father
that Blue Demon is...

- With them.
- That's impossible!

- Unfortunately, it's true.
- He attacked us with rage...

With the help of
the monsters.

Up until yesterday, Demon
was my best friend.

Maybe your traditional
rivalry provoked him.

We are only rivals
in the ring.

I can find no logical

What if he were resentful
towards you...

- And you never knew?
- Bruno Halder's monsters are...

Obviously invulnerable.

This is all the information
I could find...

On my brother's

Maybe if you told me about
your family history...

We could investigate

All right. You have your reasons
for asking, Santo.

Our ancestors are originally
from Transylvania.

In that part of Europe
the legends about...

Human vampires and
other monsters were...

Believed even by relatively
educated people.

Bruno, in spite of his
exceptional intelligence...

Became interested in
studying these superstitions.

Later on, completely given
over to science...

He got ahead of our
times be resuscitating...

People who had
died of brain traumas.

In his arrogance, he
crossed the line between...

Life and death, by resuscitating
people who had died...

Mutilated in accidents.

Your brother has resuscitated
and is forming an army...

Of the living dead
in order to destroy us.

May Heaven protect us if you
are right, Santo!

They're alive!

Put on the brain wave


Look at those men!

They will never hurt you!

I am your Master.

I have given you life...

You shall obey my mental
orders, or else...

I will destroy you.



- Help! Help!
- Lupe, take the child.

Get out! Get out!


The footprints are from a
large plantigrade animal...

That comes from
the lagoon and returns to it.

What will you do?

Find the animal.

No, no, no!

We are done, Waldo.

Put him in
the decompressor.

That damned Man in the Silver
Mask almost destroyed...

One of my faithful allies.

But tonight, Waldo...

My fury will be merciless.

Santo and my family which
I hate, will die!

They will kill for me.

They will get my revenge.






Santo! The gun, on the floor!

Demon, come back,
the sun is rising.


He said he would rip
off your mask...

And end your reputation
as invincible.

He has even made
public statements.

And if you refuse, he will say
you were afraid of him.

I accept
the challenge.



Santo! Santo!




Santo! Santo!

- Santo!
- Santo!

- Santo!
- Santo!


The fight of the century!

In this corner, The Vampire...

Versus Santo
The Man in the Silver Mask.

Two out of three falls,
without time limit.



- Good evening, miss!
- Hello, could I ask a favor?

I urgently need to go home,
could you take me?

I would be honored.

You are the victim of the
power of a human vampire.

Tell me, for your own sake!

We may have no way out, Santo.

Not even the rays of the
electronic gun could hurt him.

Even so, I will keep you and
Gloria out of danger.

My uncle will also
try to kill you.

Those monsters can only
attack at night...

While I locate
the mysterious castle...

You will sleep during
the day, and at night...

You will go to crowded


When will this end?


Brazil, I come to sing to you.

Brazil, I invite you to enjoy.

I am reminded of
an old love.

In Copacabana.

I fell in love
while dancing this Samba.

And left my soul in her arms.

Brazil is singing, laughing,
and crying.

Your life is a carnival.

Run! I'll cover you!

Give her to me!

Take them!

- Is everything ready, Demon?
- Ready.

You said I was crazy.


Those have re-implanted
heads and limbs...

From other dead people,
and these monsters...

Which idiots like yourself
still consider mythical...

Were brought back to life
and are at the mercy of my will!

Even Blue Demon thinks what
I want him to think.

I have mastered
life and mind.


I will disintegrate
my niece.

And you will suffer
as you watch.

You are wretched.

Crazy. Do you hear me?


Frankenstein had
this stuck in his neck.

An electronic vibrator.


Santo is alive.

I will welcome him for
the last time.

You, go watch the entrance
to the castle.

And Demon on that side.

Maximum intensity.

Dear brother, let's see which
science is more powerful...

Yours or mine.

Bruno, my death will in no way
help your treacherous plans...


You will pay for using science
for evil purposes.

You are wrong, coward!
Proceed, Waldo.

Hurry, Waldo, more amperage!

Blue Demon, wake up!

It's Santo, your friend.

- What happened?
- I'll explain later.

Innocent people's lives are
in danger, let's go!

In your last minutes
of life...

Look at what I, your brother,
have created.

- Ready, Waldo?
- Ready, Master. Shall I proceed?

Destroy them, Demon.
Obey, I order you.

I warned you that evil would
never win over good.

Santo, destroy the machines,
I will cover you!