Santitos (1999) - full transcript

When St. Jude appears to her to tell her that her daughter is still alive, Esperanza goes on a search to find her daughter.

Fidencio! Shut all the doors!

I'll be with this woman.

- Hail Mary.
- Conceived without sin.

When did you last confess?

I'm Esperanza,
the mother of the dead girl.

Only she's not dead.


Saint Jude told me.
My saint of desperate causes.

It happened after the funeral.

Dominga, why do I always
end up fixing dinner?


Whoever told you
your daughter died, lied to you.

- Thank God I ran out of Easy-
- Off,

if not, where would he appear?

That oven is so grimy!

Should I clean it, or not?

For now,
let's keep this miracle a secret.

Leave the oven as it is and wait.

This kind of filth is not a sin.

Do you have a filthy sin to confess?

Not really.

Except cursing at my friend Soledad.

It's not fair!
Everything has to stop

when it's time
for her favorite soap opera.

Well, when you are hooked on a soap,
you are hooked.

Like me with Tania's Promise.
You watch it?

No. I don't watch soaps.

Well, try to understand Soledad.

Say five rosaries.

And not a word about our miracle.

To anyone!

In the name of the Father,
the Son...


Hey, Father.

- Can I tell Soledad?
- No!

- Just her, I promise.
- Not even her.

- Don't be so...
- What?

How can I keep it from her?

We've lived together
since our husbands died.

We're like sisters.
We raised Blanca together.

Not everyone believes in miracles.

Your saint
wants only you to see him.

Otherwise, he'd appear
on the wall of the bridge,

like Saint John did five years ago.

- Where were you?
- You scared me!

The Espinozas came to give you
their condolences.

I was with Father Salvador.

So much grief...

What are we going to do with it?

We've been crying for nothing.


Blanca is not dead.

What are you saying?

Saint Jude told me. In person.

For God's sake, Esperanza.

- You are all I have left.
- Yes.

Don't go crazy on me, please!

Saint Jude, you know I'm not crazy.

I just want my Blanca back.

I wore this slip
at my fifteenth birthday.

I'd stitch it a bit shorter.

- Really?
- Yes.

Did you fill this out?

- One always finds a way.
- You'll see.

When you're 15 you'll fill it out.

God will give you
the breasts of an angel.

- It's really shaping up.
- It is.

Let's try the mantilla.

Saint Jude,
you've always been with me.

Tell me where my daughter is.

If this is all a lie.

She wasn't in the hospital
when I got there.

Good afternoon.


I came to pick up my daughter.

- What's the patient's name?
- Blanca Díaz. I'm her mother.


Blanca Díaz...

Blanca Díaz...

She had her tonsils out.

Haven't you been notified?

No. What happened?

You'd better go find Dr. Ortíz.

Doctor! Excuse me.

I'm glad I found you.
How is Blanca?

we don't know what happened.

But your daughter passed away.

Blanca. Easy.

I got the news when I came in.

They have her in the morgue.

- Can I see her?
- I'm afraid not, Esperanza.

She died of an unknown virus.
We can't let it spread.

She must be buried immediately.

Sign here, please.

Your initials here.


- Let them in.
- I have to see her. Please!



- I'm very sorry.
- Slimebag!

Oh! Dear.

Saint Jude, are you listening?

You know I'll do
whatever you ask me to.

Are you listening?

Sorry I'm late.
I had a long day.

- Hello, Fidencio.
- How have you been, my child?

Father, Saint Jude has reappeared.

Fidencio, leave us alone.

This time
I was baking chicken breasts.

you must find your daughter.

Yes, Saint Jude. But how?

Search for her.
Whatever it takes.

Find her!

I'm positive!


- It's my daughter!
- I can't authorize an exhumation,

even if God Almighty
orders it himself.

Don't get confused!
It was Saint Jude!

I just need to open the casket

to see if the body is there or not.

Without an order from the Forensic

we can't exhume a finger.

Don't lean on my desk,
the glass is broken!

Let me walk you to the door.

If it was your daughter,

you'd be digging up her grave!

- Are you crazy?
- What do you want?

A bribe? A little bite?


I should have you arrested!
Crazy bitch!

Why do I need a permit,
with an order from Above?

For God's sake!

I just follow orders from my saint.

What do you think?

It's clear...

...there's nothing more
to be done legally.

Just what I thought.

So I went to the doctor
for a Forensic order.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I'm looking for Dr. Ortíz.

I'm afraid
he doesn't work here anymore.

Dr. Ortíz? Are you sure?

They say he got sick
and they took him away.

Can another doctor help?

When did this happen?
Which day, precisely?

He disappeared
the day after my girl died!

How do you explain that?

I don't know.
A coincidence maybe.

Or perhaps he caught the virus.

Or he took her.

The doctor kidnapped her!

Saint Jude's right!
That's why he's a saint!

Careful, my child.

You have to know
how to read his messages.

It's very easy to misinterpret.

If you think
the doctor kidnapped her,

be very careful in your search.

I always read about this
in the tabloids.

Oh! Father.

She wasn't sold into...?

Don't say it!

Think about what you can do.

And tell me later.
Excuse me for a moment.

Are you going to the bathroom?

Yes, daughter.

Holy Soul, I believe Saint Jude.

But if so, who did I bury?

Saint Anthony, you who can find

a grain of sugar in the desert,

help me find my Blanca.

Father, you scared me!

Sorry to interrupt your prayer,
it's time to go.

I'm sorry to take up
so much of your time.

Don't worry,
my soap doesn't start till eight.

But just in case,
say five rosaries before daybreak.

Yes, Father.

Esperanza, stay out of trouble.

- Remember that I'm here.
- I promise, Father.

Lord, what am I to do with her?

She never tells me
what she's up to.

She won't stop.
I beg you to watch over here.

Go away!

Get out!

Beat it!
You stinking wet dogs!

Saint Isidro, stop this rain!

You won't find any bones here!

Who's out there!

I told you. A grave robber.

Fuck off, dogs!
Let us work!

Leave me alone!
It's my daughter!

This ground is mine.

My property!
I paid in perpetuity!

Here are your tools, Don Arlindo.

I don't know
what's gotten into you!

Don't be mad.
You look ugly.

I've told you a zillion times
not to open the store at night!

And coming to work in this state!

I don't know, Esperanza.

I hate to say this
after your tragedy,

but you can't work here anymore.

You didn't even finish the taxes!

What a disgrace!

You've gone mad.

I've looked all over for you!

- Soledad...
- Don't even talk to me.

This is the last straw!
What's wrong with you?

You're even in the papers!

I only follow Saint's orders.

Esperanza, sit down.


We're devastated
by what happened to Blanca.

Sometimes we imagine things.

But isn't your Saint
too busy with his miracles

to worry about us?

You were out all night!

It's not like you.

I was gardening
with Father Salvador.

Oh! I'd rather you say nothing.

Look at yourself.

Out like this in public.

For the sake of your dignity,
you can't do this to yourself!



You and I will always be together.

St. Michael the Archangel,

you must know by now.

Blanca is in danger
and needs your help.

I've prayed against gang violence.

Now I pray for my daughter.

With all my strength.

Father, you scared me!

- Do you want to confess?
- Yes.


Go tell Doña Carmelita

not to make my cocoa yet,
it will get scummy.

Be with you in a second, folks.

Begin your penance.
Start with a rosary.

You haven't been to mass.

He came back, Father!

My Saint! For the third time,

to say Blanca was in a Pink House.

You know what he meant by that.

- Don't you?
- Of course!

She must be in one of those
dirty places that smell of sin.

She's pleasing men that come and go.

Men with huge bellies
and lice in their body hair.

Bricklayers whose reptile hands
draw bloody caresses.

Married bureaucrats
cheating on their wives.

Go on, my child.

- Go on.
- Father.

Do they really sell children
to brothels?

Unfortunately, these types
never make it to my confessional.

- But do they exist?
- Yes.

Blanca's living in Hell!

What should I do?

You can only search for the truth,

come what may.

Just what I thought.

So, I got a job at "La Curva."

- Have you been there?
- Esperanza!

It's that little blue hotel
by the hairpin turn.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I cleaned the rooms
on the second floor.

I waited for couples to leave.
I changed sheets

eight times a day!

I told Soledad
I was working in a hotel.

It was half true.
I didn't want her to worry.

Catch me!

I changed sheets stained
with blood, booze, urine.

Covers were so ripped,
I had to throw them away.

But not a trace of Blanca.

Not even her scent on the sheets.

For God's sake!

I want to confess on her behalf.

Forgive her.

She can't even get close
to a church.

You know I can't absolve
in a third party confession.

Come on!
What does it take?

OK. I'll give her
a temporary absolution

until she came in person.

Do you have any leads?

More or less.

I finally got a clue in "La Curva."

Sure, they've got them young.

Really hot, too.

Yeah, sure.

Thirteen, fourteen years old.

You have to ask in advance.
It's not for just anybody.

How much?

Neither of us could afford it.

They come from all over,
Oaxaca, Veracruz.

Young girls.

- From the North, too?
- Yeah.

All virgins. Untouched.

They are precious.

A marvel...

Where is the place
you're talking about?

Hey, it's a secret.

But I can whisper it in your ear.

Afraid of the public?

- No.
- Come. Let's go upstairs.

I'm not what you think I am.

Then, why are you here?
Come here to pray?

The truth is...

Catch me!

- Didn't you come here to pray?
- Give me that!

Let's see, let's see.
What's going on?

Come on out of there.
Come on.

It's late. See you.

- And the secret?
- What secret?

That place, is it the Pink House?

That's up in Tijuana.
Only gringos go there.

They pay big bucks

to bang teenyboppers.

All the way to Tijuana?
How can I get there?

You're better off here.
They like them young up there.

This is on the house.

You're kind of rusty.
That jumping thing!

May the Angel Raphael guide us...

...our mind, body, and spirit.

Guide us through danger,
Angel Raphael.

That's not a boy, that's a midget.

What's your name?


Traveling alone?

Where do you live?

In Monterrey, in Guadalajara,
in Acapulco...


In Tlacotalpan, Veracruz.

Why go to Tijuana?

Same reason as everyone else.

And you?

Me too.

Long fucking haul, huh?


Could I lie down?

Sure, of course.

I'll be your pillow.

- Can you hold this?
- Sure.

Do you have a Holy Child?

How about Juan Soldado?

Beautiful! I'll take one too.

Oh, my God!

Grab him! Slime bag!

Fuck! I could've got both!

Don't worry.
The important one's here.

Well, kid. See you.

Will you be okay?

I could ask the same.

- I'll buy you lunch.
- Okay.

Fucking asshole.

I'm stuffed!

Excuse me.

Have you heard of the Pink House?

The Pink House?
Is the name right?

I'm positive.

No. I don't know.

Can I have the bill?

Who could have guessed!

Oh, my God!

Hey, my treat.

And I'm gone!


Oh, Holy Child, forgive her.

Blanca could end up like this.

Ask for Cacomixtle.

Cacomixtle? As in "weasel"?


- Good evening.
- Good evening.

I'm looking for the Pink House.

You wanna work there?

Yes, work.

Got any references?

Sure. Eight years of experience
with all types,

white, black, Chinese...

That's so?
Maybe I can help you.

One of my clients knows.

- Really?
- He'll be by later.

All right. I'll come back tomorrow.

Got a place to stay?

I'll look for a hotel.

And what's this?

José Luis, please understand me.

Is the client here?

No, but here's a present.

If you're a whore,
I must be Michael the Archangel.

What makes you think I'm not?

What are you after?

Let me guess.

You need money
to cross the border, huh?

- Easy, right?
- No.

You'll ruin the trade's reputation.


Well earned re-puta-tion.

Face a guy ready to pop his rocks

and you'll run
like hell the other way.

Hooking is like killing.

Sounds easy, but few got the nerve.

May I?

So, you are into costumes, baby?

I meant it about killing.

But only the first time is tough.

Then it becomes a habit.

Like this. Like this.

That's it!

You need to learn
the basic rules of the trade.

The first one, baby,
is called intimacy.

I don't think the client is coming.

Where do these go?

They're dirty.

Come here.

Come here!

The Madame's name is... Trini.

Don't mention my name.

Say that Mr. Scott Haynes sent you.

Mr. who?

Scott Haynes.

Thank you.

No problem.

Nothing like recommending
experienced whores.

You're fucked.


The devil
doesn't fall in love, asshole!


Good morning.
Is Doña Trini in?

Who's calling?

Mr. "Escot" Haynes sent me.

Scott Haynes, the San Diego judge?

Yes. He said
that maybe I could work here.

Come in.

What a weirdo!

This isn't a whorehouse
or a love hotel.

It's a service institution.

We only cater to men
like Mr. Haynes.

Our clientele is very demanding.

Are you tested for AIDS?

No, but...

I'll send you to Dr. Oseguera.

He examines all my girls.

- That means I'm hired?
- On a trial basis.

Saint Theresa of Jesus!

Esperanza will stay
in Yuriria's room.

That girl won't be back!


You may only enter
your room and the public areas.

You understand
that this is my guest salon.

Oh! Hide your little box somewhere.

Yes, Doña Trini.

This is your room.

Monthly rent is $3,000.

What? $3,000?

Includes meals. Don't worry.
You'll make much more.

You have an oven?

- She cooks too?
- And really well.

How about pork and beans?

No way, Missy! I'll bloat!


The other girls?

You'll meet them.

Closet with hangers.

And these clothes?

If they fit, they're yours.

Except for this one.

Saint Jude, don't leave me alone!

I'm here.

I've done
what I never thought I could,

and not a sign from you!

Don't you pig out!
My budget's very tight!

Oh no, Cesar.


Fidencio? It's Esperanza.

Get Father Salvador.
It's a long distance!

Hello?- Father? It's me.

No, I'm in Tijuana.

Soledad wants to know
where you are.

She wants to find you,
but I didn't rat on you.

A lot has happened.
I need to confess.

You can't confess over the phone!

You and your rules!

Can you call my confession
a confidence?

All right, go ahead.

So, at Trini's I met this gringo.


You said I recommended you.

I'm sorry, Mr. Haynes.
Someone gave me your name.

- Who is "someone"?
- Yuriria.

I took her place, mister.

Call me Scott.

Thanks, "Escot".

You're not mad at me?

I'd like to find out
if my recommendation is good.

I'll spare you the details, Father.

This man has been good to me.

He visits me regularly.

What's this?

Four thousand dollars.

Last time you gave me $300.

Don't see other clients.

- But $4,000?
- You need more?

No, that's not it.
But why?

I want you only for myself.

He said I remind him of his mother.

"But she must be as blonde as you,"
I told him.

"It's the way you look at me,"
he said.

What a crazy gringo!

So, I haven't had any other clients.

I don't know
if what we do is a sin, Father.

If you feel guilty, it's a sin.

If not, it's not.
You'll be able to tell.

I just want my girl to know
I'll do anything to save her.

Even if you knew women,
you wouldn't recognize me, Father.

I never thought
I could look like this.

Enjoy. She's still tender.

Nobody should know what I'm doing.

Be careful, my child!

Yes, Father.

My daughter.

She's so blonde!

I've been everywhere,
except one room.

Cesar guards it like a watchdog.

My daughter is a few feet away.

But Saint Jude says nothing.

He ignores me!

Don't lose faith, my child.


I've got to go.
It's long distance!

My Lord.

Esperanza is driving me crazy.

Why do you send her down this road?

If Dr. Ortíz is dead,
what do you want from her?

I can't solve this enigma.

And she hangs up on me!

That's why long distance confessions
are forbidden!

Is that girl.
I said one hour.

Come in.


I'll be frank.

Business is slow.

The word is out
about your altar,

and other clients want you.

So, take care of them.

- But Mr. Scott...
- He doesn't have to know.

Lying won't fix the problem.

This house needs
a spiritual cleansing.

Why risk your best client?

Cleansings do wonders.

I must enter every single room
in the house.

Every one.

Don't get fresh with me!

Someone cast a spell!

That was Cacomixtle.

Don't worry.
The evil is out. See?

I must open all the doors.

I need to chase out all curses.

Let's go!

Go away!

You must swear you'll keep this
to yourself forever.


Holy Virgin!

There are no little girls here!

You're not helping!
Where's Blanca?

Forgive me! Forgive me!

Should I hate you or worship you?

First, you send Saint Jude
and then take him away!

Give me back my Blanca!

Why did you waste my time?
That Trini has no girls!

Doña Trini.

I didn't know you liked girls!

Don't be stupid.
I'm looking for my daughter.

She was kidnapped.

No wonder they took her.

Though her mama's even better.

Do you know where she might be?

Do you know who her father is?

You're talking nonsense.

What a pity!

Divorcees forget
their husbands quickly,

but widows carry them around
their necks like holy medals.

Have you seen her?
Yes or no?

They might have taken her
to the other side.

The United States?

Saint Jude, what's worse?

The Other World or the First World?

There's a spot in Los Angeles
you should check out.

The owner's my buddy.
He knows all these girls.

Ask for Doroteo.

I don't even have a passport.

That has never been a problem.

Juan Soldado...'ve helped
so many of us cross over.

Please give us a hand.

Thanks, Scott.


So, you're off to a paradise place?

No. I'm here for the job.

I can't choose
till I've interviewed everybody.

Let me know soon
so I can tell Mr. Scott Haynes.


Mr. Haynes told me to see you.

Now you tell me.
You know Scott?

We're like family.

He got me out of the can.

They thought
I was a fucking guy, you know?

Holy Virgin!

But hey, ancient history.

I need help with everything.

We sell tickets for shows,

wrestling events, you know?

What's your name?

Eleven to six.

Welcome to Paseo Travel.
See you tomorrow.

This apartment is nicer
than the other,

but a guy was murdered here.

Don't worry.
I already wash it down,

redecorated, fixed it up nice.

I'll take it.

Terrific! I'll be great!
I'll get you the key.

If you want the job, is yours.

Cacomixtle and I work together.

He always sends good material.

Come. I'll give you a... tour.

This theater is unique.

Because I created myself.

Look. The girls go up the stairs.

Come, follow me.

Down here,
the clients can do their peeping.


You watch the show
through these sex-o-scopes.

Take a peek.

What's the show?

The girls wear uniforms,

and do what they do
when no one's watching.

They dress, undress,

comb their hair, masturbate,

battle their cellulite...

What's the point, Doroteo?

The violation of intimacy.

Saint Jude, please.

Am I getting warmer?

I'm losing hope with you.

How will I ever find Blanca here?

Massive destruction

between the Border Patrol
and the Angel of Justice...

It's that man again.

Tell the bastard
we'll call him back.

You're in luck,
I've got the last tickets.

But hurry. See you at six.

If there's an extra one,
I'll buy it.

I can't miss the Angel of Justice.

Cool. Let's go see
the Border Patrol get stomped.

And your night gig?

Look, I don't care if they fire me.

Presenting the top wrestling match!

- That's him.
- The bad guy.

Tonight's referee, the famous Furia!

And now, entering the ring

the immigration monster,
the Border Patrol!

Risking his Championship
of All Masks

to challenge from the heavens,
the Angel of Justice!

We worship you!

Angel! Angel! Angel!

Angel! Angel!

These spectacular wrestlers

will fight tonight
for the Lightweight Title.

Give him a piledriver!

Rip him apart!

Look, he's not playing fair!

Give him a neck breaker!

Grind his bones!

Hey! Watch it, fucker!

Not his balls!

Hide there!

This fabulous combat

ends with the victory
of the Angel of Justice!

Now, we'll reveal the identity
of the Border Patrol!

There he is, the new champion,

The Angel of Justice!

Good night.

- You scared me!
- Now what?

I have the wrestler's boot.

Is the Angel present?

It depends.

A lady wants to see you.


Don't you need it?

You're making me feel
like Cinderella.

Why didn't you catch me out there?

- We haven't been introduced.
- God forbid!

- The Angel of Justice.
- My pleasure, Esperanza Díaz.

You bring a car?

I could drive you.

I won, you see.

There's a party for me,

and whoever catches the boot...

You have any strength left
after the beating you took?

I dished out more than I took.

I'm really sorry.

Does it hurt?

Let me rub it.

Don't take my shoe off!

Are you embarrassed?

You've been carrying my boot.

No, I just always lose my shoes.

These are my favorite.

Yeah? Well, you won't...

...lose them here.

Who are you?

Don't ask.

- Why hurry?
- You are...

Can I see you soon?

God willing.

- May I help?
- Yes.

Your foot!

No. You could get hurt.

Didn't it hurt
when he gave you the axhandle?

The axhandle?

- Did it hurt much?
- No.


Good night.

Good night.

You forget something?

My favorite one!

I'm glad you came back.

I'll give you the choke slam
and unmask you.

And I'll punish you
with the hurricane, the crab,

- and then the Crucifixion.
- The Crucifixion.

This side...

Let's see, catch me!

Now, the neck-stretcher.

And she gives him the head-vise.

But he escapes

with a tiger-pounce.

There she goes...

No, no, wait!

- What will you...?
- My hair.

There she goes, like a shot.

I hold your arms...

- And the Crucifixion.
- Crucifixion?

First, we roll to our right.

- That's a spine-cracker.
- Yes, sir.

- Wait.
- Now the mask.

Not yet, Esperanza.

Why can't I?

Off it goes!

But he covers his face.

She can't see him.

What happened?


You unmasked me.

My name is Angel Galván.

Non even my mom knows who I am.

So, your lips are sealed.

Saint Anthony, please don't mock me.

I never tortured you.
Why make me fall in love?

What if he's just playing?

I ask you for Blanca,
you give me an Angel.

I can't follow both.
So, get your act together.

Fucking whore!

- Don't laugh!
- Why are you here?

That's better, you slut!

Come here, fucking whore!

That's better, creep!

Where are you!

Where are you, whore?

There are no little girls!

What's going on?

Just chatting with your friend.

Stop her!

You all bitches!

You ended up here too?

One does anything
for one's children.


Saint Jude,
have I understood your messages?

We've gone too far.

Saint Anthony, I guess
you have to wait. I'm sorry.

Saint Jude,

I'm going back home.

I hope to see you there.

Good lord!
Just look at you.

You brought back a refrigerator.

Oh, Dominga.

Mama, we'll always be together.

Here are some presents.

Thank you!

Saint Jude...

What did you do to the oven?


With this!

I just cleaned it.


Oh, my Lord!

How are you, Father?

Where were you?

Somewhere in Los Angeles.

Look at you.

You're so different.

Do you want to confess?

I don't know, Father.

I don't know.

God will never abandon you.

He knows you did everything
to find your daughter.

Everything, Father.




Blanca! My little girl!

We will always be together.


Holy Mary, mother of God,
pray for us sinners...

Let's go outside.
I can't be here dressed like this.

How did you find me?

There's only
one Tlacotalpan, Veracruz.

But what are you doing here?

I have orders to find you.

Why did you just disappear?

Same way you just appeared.

Esperanza, come with me.

I can't Angel.

Why did you leave so suddenly?

Things happen in a strange way.

I had to travel so far
to find what was in my own house.

What can I do to convince you?

My little girl!