Santi-Vina (1954) - full transcript

Santi, a blind boy, and Vina, a strong and outspoken girl, are childhood sweethearts whose love for each other blossoms through their growing years. Krai, who vies for Vina's heart, is determined to keep them apart. The karmic love triangle eventually leads to a tragic yet miraculous end.

Farewell, my good folks.

May you live in peace.

Thank you.

May we invite you to preach to us again

during your next pilgrimage?

Life is uncertain.

If my aged body can still carry my soul,

I will come to you.

Now, goodbye all.

Son, are you ready? Let’s go.

Just a minute, Father.
Where did you put the rice satchel?

On the shelf.

You didn’t put it in the usual place.

I was in such a hurry that I misplaced it.

I suppose you won’t go anywhere
without this flute.

Yes, last night I played it
until I fell asleep.

Is that Vina’s cart?

Who else's could it be?

The whole village can hear that squeak!



Have you heard that Grandfather Abbot
has returned from the pilgrimage?

-Father, I’ll go talk to Santi.
-What a drag!

-Off to school early today.

Did you see the abbot?

No. My father told me
he had returned yesterday.

I haven’t seen him in a long time.

Shall we visit him today, Father?

Not so fast.

He must be tired.

Let him rest for a few days.


Vina, let’s go!

I’ll be a minute.


you should put some oil on the wheels.

The squeak is terrible!

Why? I like the sound of it.

Santi, come to school with me.

You’ll have lots of friends
and toys to play with.

Please let Santi come with me.

Come on. Your dad won’t mind.

I’m sure we’ll have fun.

Yes, it sounds like fun.

Lots of children…

and lots of toys.


I won’t be able to play with them.


My eyes, Vina. I can’t see a thing.

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you company.

Please let Santi come with me for the day.

Go with her, Son.

You should experience new things
so you can tell me about them later.



Students, start copying.

Quiet! The teacher will see you!


What’s going on here?

Stand up.

Why are you hiding here?
What class are you in?

He’s the blind idiot son of Old Serm.

He’s not a student.

He likes Vina so…

Grai, be quiet

I didn’t ask you.

You brought him here, Vina?

Yes, ma’am.

I feel sorry for him because he’s blind.

He doesn’t have any friends.

Santi is well-behaved, ma’am.

What’s your name?

Santi, ma’am.

Santi, do you want to study?

I do, ma’am.

But my eyes…

What a pity.

You can sit here and listen to the class.

Blind boy, give it to me!

You’ll break it. Give it back!

Can’t I borrow it? Huh?

Give it to me!

Just for a short while!

You’ll break it!

What’s happened?


take it! I don’t care about your flute!

You’re such a bully!

I’ll tell the teacher what you’ve done.

Go right ahead. Do you think I’m scared?

Boo to you!


Time to get up, Son.

It’s already light?

Yes, go wash up.

We’ll go out and give alms
to Grandfather Abbot.

The rice is ready.

Grai, pay respect to Grandfather Abbot.

The abbot’s here.
He’s receiving food from Mae Cham.

Don’t mention the name
of that foul-mouth. I can’t stand it.

You’re strange!

I hate her guts!

He’s coming, Mother.

Venerable Sir.

Are you keeping well?
You seem to be in good health.

Yes, sir. My husband told us
you’d returned from the pilgrimage.

We had thought of visiting you
but didn’t have time.


It’s me, Santi.

Grandfather Abbot! It’s you!


Welcome, sir!

Father, he’s here!

Grandfather Abbot!

You’ve been gone for so long.

I missed you terribly.

I have wandered many places.

What about you? Are you keeping well?

My Santi…

Yes, sir.

Sir, I was thinking of
bringing my boy to pay our respects.

Is that so?

How are his eyes now?

How they were before you left,
they are the same now, sir.

Santi, offer a banana.

Since he’s not getting better,
why don’t you send him to live with me?

Let the boy find peace
in dharma and Buddhism.

Maybe the righteous path

will reward him with a recovery.

You are so kind, sir.


I’m at my wits’ end

to help him see again.

Divine grace at least spared him

from the falling boulders

that killed his mother

eight years ago.

He lived, but is blind as a bat.

Think about what I said.

We, as father and son, have no one else.

We stick together wherever we go.


please allow me to go live with the abbot,

then you don’t have to worry about me.

I will make sure to visit you often.

In case my eyes can see again,

I’ll come back to help you.

-Do you want to live with him?

Then you may go.

If he’s set his mind on it,
then I gladly present him to you.

I will bring him to you
in a couple of days.

Put your mind at ease.

The way of dharma

will give him peaceful refuge from
the world's suffering.

I have to go now.

Santi, come see me in a couple of days.

Yes, sir.

Will you miss me

when you go live with the abbot?


I will

visit you often.

When you’re free,

you have to come see me too.

Who's that?

I know it’s you, Vina.

Where did you get the flute?

Santi, have you been crying?

Why? Has someone bullied you?

No. My eyes just hurt.

Don’t lie. I know you’ve been crying.

Anyway, where did you get the new flute?

I asked my aunt for it,
I want to give it to you.

Let’s go sit over there.

Sound as good as the old one?

It’s much better.

It’s light, the sound is wonderful.

Vina, I’m going to go
and live with Grandfather Abbot.


He asked my father
to send me to live with him

in the cave on the mountain.

Did your father agree?

He let me decide.

I’m a burden to him if I stay.

But believe me,

I want my father to be happy.

In fact, I prefer to remain here…

So we won’t see each other
as often as we do now…

Vina, come have breakfast
with your father.

Then go to Tid Sang’s house.


I’ll visit you during school breaks.

I’ll bring you some sweets too.

Vina gave me this.

The sound is beautiful.
Now let’s go eat, Son.

Here’s the Principle Buddha,
in meditation pose.

This one is the Naga Protected pose.

All of these are called
the Balcony Buddhas.

Underneath each statue

are the ashes of the deceased.

We have many Balcony Buddhas here,

so exquisite.

And here’s the reclining Buddha.

These two are also

in meditation pose.

They are exquisite.

Here, come closer.

May Buddha bless you.

Santi, greet your father.


I’m here, Son.




Grandfather Abbot!

What’s the matter?

What’s that noise?

I’m terrified!

It’s just rocks falling
from the cave walls.

Don’t be scared, it happens all the time.

I’m scared, I can’t go back to sleep.

I’m here with you, don’t be afraid.

Go on, good boy. It will stop.

Grandfather Abbot!

Poor Santi.

You’re a man,

and a man must be strong

and not be afraid of unexpected things.

My child,

you must learn to control your feelings.

Remember that your willpower

can overcome any obstacle.

Buy baskets for charity.

This way.

All proceeds go the temple.

Buy baskets for charity.


Don’t stop, come with me!

Buy baskets for charity.

All proceeds go the temple.

Buy baskets for charity.

All proceeds go the temple.



buy baskets to support the temple!

Blind boy, you’re rich!

Share your bounty with me, will you?

It’s sinful.
The money belongs to the temple.


What about this?

Blind boy, you want to fight?

Do you?

Stop it, bully!

What’s the matter, Son?

Oh dear! Who did this to you?

Blind boy! He hit me!

Liar! I saw you hit him first!

How could you see it, huh?

This is none of your business

I don’t care if it is or not!

You always bully him because he’s blind.

You have no shame!

I didn’t hit him, ma’am…

You didn’t? If you didn’t hit him,

how come his mouth is bleeding?

Don’t give me an excuse!

You’re such a shameless liar for your age!

Kids don’t lie.

Only old hags spew lies and nonsense!

Old hags?

Well, this little one clearly learned
how to lie from one!

What? Look who’s talking?

Ladies, will you please calm down?

Today is a day of blessing.

Why are you quarreling?

For my sake, calm yourselves down.

Don’t let a little fire burn
the whole house down.

I take my leave now,
before I commit more sinful acts!

I’ll leave too, sir.

Bye, Santi.


What’s so exciting, Vina?

The canal is full of
pretty little krathong.

They come in all sorts of shapes,
floating in a twinkling procession.

So wonderful!

I’m sure they’re wonderful,
but I have no way of admiring them.

No point giving spectacles to a blind man.

I knew you’d say that!

You can’t see, so I described it.

But you’re so sarcastic.

Please, I wasn’t being sarcastic.

Whatever. Don’t make excuses.

Your voice is more beautiful than
the whistling of the flute.

Tell me a story.

I just want to hear your voice.

Take it.

Someone’s singing?

Yes, they’re following the krathong
in their boats.

Do you want a pair of spectacles?

A man and a woman set their hearts
on loving each other.

Do you like the verse?

Yes, it’s beautiful.

But I don’t know what it means.

Why must a man and a woman

set their hearts on loving each other?

Well, that’s the way it is.


are we a man and a woman?

What a question!

But I really don’t understand it.

Of course we are a man and a woman.

What a funny question!

So, have we set our hearts
on loving each other?

Have we?

Tell me, Vina…

Tell me…


Vina, you kissed me…

This is what lovers do, darling.

Can I kiss you too?


You can leave me here,

I can find my way back.

We’ll share our lives together.


you’ll be my husband…

And I…

will be your wife.

We’ll be together till death do us part.

Yes, together until the end of our lives.


what should we do to make it happen?

We have to wait until…

Until our time comes.

When is that time, Vina?

It seems like a long time…

I don’t know,

but let’s not think about it now.

You should go, it’s late.


why are you in such a hurry?

I want to be with you a little longer.

I can’t, my mother must be worried.

Tomorrow after lunch,
I’ll come see you here.


Santi, wait!

I give it to you.

What is it?

Take good care of it.




Where have you been?


I went to the krathong ceremony, sir.

Who walked you back?

Vina, sir.

What is in your hand back there?


Uh, it's…

It’s a flower.

Go to sleep, it’s late.

Sight, sound, shape and smell…

they stir unhappiness in the mind.

But human beings

can’t resist the temptation.

The weight of worldly affairs…


what if you regained your eyesight,
what would you do next?


I never thought about it.


I don’t think it will happen.

Nothing’s definite.

It depends on your merit and good deeds.

If you recover your sight,

I’d like to see you become a monk.

A monk?

You’ve been living with me
since you were a child.

By now you must realize

that the saffron robe

offers the only true solace.

What do you want, birdie?

Hungry again?

You’re such a nuisance!


You have no manners, birdie!


Restrain these dogs!


What should I do with these dogs?

Go away!

Don’t bite me, I’m your neighbor!

They really think
I’m a stranger coming in here?

I live next door,

they should remember my face, huh?

You’re drying bananas all over the house.

So hard-working!

Buddha help me!

I thought the damn dogs

followed me up here!

Cham, what wind has carried you
to my house?

Grai’s hens have been laying lots of eggs.

I thought I would bring some to you,

Vina and Vart.

I meant to visit you earlier.

Look, these are fat ones!

They say eggs have lots of…


Tamin? Vitamin?

They make you strong.

Noi, look at me.

I take two in the morning
and two in the evening.

See how my skin is so firm!

Cham, get to the point

and tell me why you’re here.

We’ve never talked to each other
in seven or eight years?

Now you’re here to talk about dogs,
hens, and eggs.

How about saying something about people?

You're right.

I actually came here to talk about people.

Look, you and I can’t get away

from each other, right?


It’s about little Vina.

I can’t bear to hear

unpleasant gossip about people I know.

When I hear some, I feel ill at ease.

Don’t tell me you didn’t hear
the rumor about your daughter?

She didn’t go around
painting the town red.

She lives a quiet life.

I doubt that is the case, Noi.

Everyone in the village knows

Vina is in love with that blind man.

That’s what people are talking about?

I’m not a gossipmonger.

Trust me, I never tell lies.

If those two were a good match,
no one would mind.

Now let’s say…

Let’s say it was the case between

Grai and Vina,

no one would say bad things about that.

But the blind boy

has lived his whole life
through the abbot’s mercy.

My goodness!

I hate this bird!

You should have fed it
to your dogs a long time ago.



you should nip it in the bud.

Consult Vart, and do something.

It’s not good to leave it like that.

Think of Grai, will you?

I want him to settle down
with a good girl.

Where’s Vina?

I haven’t seen her.

Where is she?

She went for a dance rehearsal
at her old school.

Then I should go now.

Noi, think about what I said.

Having a daughter
is like having a fire in your bosom.

If you want to put out that fire,
have her settle down.

Think about what I said.

You naughty bird!

Don’t interrupt me.

I'm exhausted.

Wait for me. I shall hurry back.


How are you Mr. Santi?

You seem to be very happy.

Your lover follows you wherever you go.

So handsome and charming…

Women in the village
are madly in love with you.

Everything about you

is so charming.

Except one thing.

Your eyes are nothing but darkness!

Damn you,

blind boy!

Are you so happy because you think

Vina is going to marry you?

Just wait

and see who’ll get her!

My dear blind boy,

don’t you know

your life is worthless?

All you can do

is sell baskets and beg
for food to fill your stomach.

Your father can’t support you,

so how can you support Vina?


You’ll drag Vina into the gutter with you.

Look at Vina.

She's dressed up all pretty.
Isn’t she lovely?

So pretty!

Stay, there are more shows.

I have to go see someone.

Are you going home?

You danced wonderfully!

Everyone was enchanted, especially me.

Thank you.

I’ll walk you back.

I can go by myself.

I know you’re not going home, am I right?

I can go wherever I want.

It’s none of your concern.

Believe me,

soon it’ll be my concern.

What? You’re crazy!

You’ll see,

what you do

will completely become my concern!

I’ve never seen anyone
as stupid as you are.

You’re a fool!

So stupid you can’t see my reason.

You can’t tell what’s good from bad!

Your father and I want you to be happy,

to live a good life like other people.

But you have no judgment.

If he were a good match,

I wouldn’t say a word!

Have you ever heard of anyone

wanting to marry the blind
or the disabled?

Plenty of fine men out there
but you don’t look at them.

Tell me, what is it
that you don’t like about Grai?

I don’t love him.

You don’t love him?
That's all you can say?


Does knowing how to love
make you so special?

Mother, I pity him. Although he’s blind,
his heart is pure.

That’s why I love him.

Don’t try to convince me,
I’ll never love another man.

Fine, from now on

I will not let you leave this house.

You must do what I tell you,
not the other way round.

If you don’t obey me, you’ll be sorry!

Working hard?

Where are you going?

Noi’s daughter is getting engaged
to Grai, Cham’s son.

I see.

You haven’t come by
to chat in a long time!

I'm rather busy.


is getting married to Grai…

Today is an auspicious day.

May the couple be blessed with happiness
and prosperity in their lives.

This is the engagement gold,

is that right?

It is, sir.





Come here, quickly.

-What now?
-Come here.

What is it now, Mother?!

I kept calling her but no answer.

I thought she might have taken ill.

I was at a loss. Vart was afraid
something had happened

so he climbed in through the window…

What happened?

It’s Vina.

What happened to her?

She disappeared from the house.


When did you find out?

This evening.

Did she take her belongings?

I haven’t checked.

She probably took the money we just
got from selling our rice about $40.

Good Lord! She must've taken
the engagement gold too!

Who’s that?

Who’s that?

It’s me, Grai.

What’s the matter at this hour?

Open the door now.

What are you looking for?

Hey, what’s all this?

You’re intruding on my property.

Aren't you?

I know you’re conspiring with him!


What are you talking about?

I was mending a mosquito net
and you barged into accuse me!

Who am I conspiring with, young man?

You know in your heart
what I’m talking about.

Don’t feign innocence.

If you want to play dumb, fine!

Are you provoking me?

You’re just a boy,

still wet behind the ears!

My, oh my,

acting all arrogant!

Wasting an old man’s time

from mending his mosquito net.



Where have you been?

Why didn’t you come see me?

Are you angry with me?

I’ve been waiting for you every day.

Don’t say that.

Mother forced me to marry Grai.

She kept me from seeing you.


So it means…

our plan is hopeless.

No, we still have hope.

I’ll run away with you.

Go where we want to go.

But where can we go, love?

We can stay at my aunt’s house
for now, then we can…

Who’s there, Vina?

It’s me! You’ve hurt me too many times!

Don’t hurt him!

You heartless creature!

-Oh no, Santi.
-Take this.

You're better off dead.

-Stop it now!
-It's none of your business.

-Get out of my way!

You think you're so special?

Abbot! Please help him!
Please come and help Santi!


How special are you now?


Please come and help Santi!


Grai, stop it!

Take this, Santi!

Here. How do you like it?

You pushed me to the edge.

Santi! Enough!

Stop it!


Santi! Enough!

You’re bleeding!

This is bad.

Are you hurt, Grai?

Santi, why were you so violent with him?


Please forgive me, sir.

What I did was wrong.


I didn’t start the fight.

It doesn’t matter who started it.

What matters is what you will do now.

I can’t remain in the village.

If I stay, there will be more trouble.

I’ll go away,

right now…

with Vina.

Allow me to pay my respects to you
one last time, sir.


They’re coming! We have to hide!

Let's go.

Let’s rest here.

I’ll go ask for some water.

You wait here.


-Have you got any water?

-Could I have some for my brother?

Here you go.

-I’ll bring it right back.
-Go ahead.

We have to run! My father’s found us!

Where are you going?!

Come home, Vina!

No, I won’t!

I’ll go my own way!

Ungrateful child, don’t be so impudent!

Let me go!

Santi! Let me go!


Let me go!



Let me go now!

No! You thug!

Let me go, father! Santi is hurt.

Father, let me go now!

Help! Anybody!

-Please help!

Let me go!

Can’t you see Santi’s hurt?

-Now die, Santi!
-Let me go, Father!


He’s learnt his lesson!

I'm not going back with you.

You’re still lucky!

Leave me!

Why are you so stubborn?

I’m not going back!
I’ll live and die with Santi!

Vile girl! You’re nothing but trouble
to your parents!

I’ll take you home now!

Here, get on!

Uncle, please.

I want to be with him!

Please bring him to Khao Noi Temple.

He’s blind.

For goodness’s sake, help him.

Bring him to the temple!

Santi, my love!

I knew this would happen.
I was mending my mosquito net

when the bastard barged in.

Acting like a hooligan.

If I were as strong as before,

I would have given him one.

Let it go.

People are born
with good and bad qualities.

Revenge only begets revenge.

Noi, have you sent someone
to invite Grandfather Abbot?

Yes, I have.

People who are born with ego

who know nothing about perseverance

and sacrifice…

will never find eternal happiness.


you should give up worldly affairs.

They’re getting married tomorrow.

There’s no use clinging on to the feeling

that makes you unhappy.

You should start life anew.

Do not feel attached to worldly happiness
that has already passed.

Soon you’ll be my husband,

and I’ll be your wife.

We still have hope.

I’ll run away with you…

we’ll go wherever we want.



you should give up worldly affairs…

They’re getting married tomorrow.

You should start life anew…

You should start it all over again.



Santi! Look out!

Get out of there! Watch out!


Grandfather Abbot!

What’s the use of giving me back my sight!

I don’t want to see the world.

I don’t want anything!

I don’t want anything!

Make me blind again.

And give me back

the abbot!

Give me back Grandfather Abbot…



Santi, I still love you.

However much I loved you before,

my feeling is the same today.

I never stopped loving you.

Even when I die,

my love for you will remain.

Vina, our love

will remain strong.

But we…

We can’t…

We can’t live together and share our love.

If you recover your sight,

I’d like to see you become a monk.

You’ve been living with me

since you were a child.

By now you must realize

that the saffron robe

offers the only true solace.