Santhu Straight Forward (2016) - full transcript

Santhu Staight Foward is a perfect example of a commercial film. It follows a safe storyline -- boy meets girl story, and with a little help from friends and a loving family, the two end up together. All a steady march towards a happy ending. Though it is a tried and tested template, this still makes for a one-time watch because Yash keeps the show going. The title character Santhu is a carefree youngster, who believes in being straight forward and his parents are proud of their son's open nature. Enter Ananya (Radhika Pandit) an architecture student and it is love at first sight for Santhu. But his dreams suffer a crushing blow when he gets to know Ananya is engaged to Deva (Shyaam) a builder and her maternal uncle. The rest of the story is whether Santhu plans to propose to Ananya and how he wins her over.,878 --> 00:00:15,878

Violent street gangs from
Los Angeles are now trafficing in drugs,

We will have no dark alley ways to hide in.

The Los Angeles police
departments Crash program.

War on drugs are focused on crack.


Shit, It's a one ton,
They got A battering ram!

-I got this!

-Get to the back fuck!
-Hey get to the Back!

You better not try a motherficking thing!

Hurry up!

Man get, Get to the back!

You know what to do with it?



-Turn around!

Oh, Shit!

What happend?

What you mean, What happen with what?

-Andre, Boy don' play with me.

Do you even care how it makes me look?

Called in favors to get your thoughtless
ass an interview and you cant even show up?


Look, I'm sorry ma,
I just got caught up in this DJ stuff.

I guess forgot.

-You have A child Andre.

Spinning records aint paying
none of the bills around here.

What you talking about I get paid.

-Fifty dollars,

So that makes you rich?

It's A start.

Danm, Why you ride me so hard?

-I'm not riding you baby,
I'm trying to make you understand

You ain't in no power to run my house

Now you gonna have to go to school,

Or your gonna have to go to work.

Now I don't even care if you are a janitor,
I don't care what the hell you do

-Calm down,
I own the company I know, I know

But you don't own the company,

Lanzo does.


You think were done here?

-Ya, I mean you,

You got something to say to me?

-You don't care what I'm fighting for okay.

I already know what
I want to do with my life.

And it definetly ain't
sitting at no cubeicle.

Takeing orders on a bullshit ass job.

-Shut up!

People used to tell me
I was to young when I had you.

-Said I would'nt be shit.

-Said you would'nt be shit.

Now I worked my ass off to get us here.

And I refuse to let you throw it all away.

Yo, I have some of your stuff

Good looking out T.

You comeing back?

Man, I don't even know.

I got alot of things to figure out.

-You know mom,
She just, She wants the best for you.

Yeah, I Know that T.

But check this out
I want the best for me too.


That means I gotta go.


When I get set up right,
I'm gonna bring you with me.

I don't even worry about
nagging me in Miami

You know, You got to keep it in Miami.

-Don't play man,

Get me somewhere.

Hey I'll call you later.

For now,
Stay your little ass out of trouble.

-Yeah, Yeah

Hey, Now for real.

-Alright brother.


What you been up to fool?

-Shit, Writing rymes.

You a poet now?

-The flyest one you know nigga.

This nigga, Okay.



Oh shit nigga come here.

-Hey what up cuz?

what up cuz?

Hey hood!

what up cuz?

Hey, what up cuz?

Code red!

-Ah get out of here man.

Did you see that shit?

Shut it down!

Man open up the God danm door, Man.

[Bus Driver]
-Hey what's going on here?

Shut the fuck up blood.

you all nigga's ready to die today?

Don't get quiet now.

All that shit you all was
throwing up out the window,

What's up with it?


Didn't think we saw that huh?

Let me see how do that shit again,
Let me say

-I was just playing man I swear,

-I swear I was only playing man.

You think nigga's out here playing?


Nigga's die every day.

I kill crip for breakfast.

Don't you ever put your mother
fucking hands up on a school bus nigga.

You understand me?

-Ya- Yaeh,


-Ya- Yaeh,

You all mother fuckers need
to gang bang them books.

Instead of trying to be
something you all ain't.

Shit you never know.

Cause I might be the one
to kill your mother fucking ass.

Remember me.

OG 2-Tone.

Crenshaw mafia boy.

You all drinking drinks in there?

-Yup nigga can.

Hey auntie

-Hi baby

How are you doing?

-It's fine,
Thank you.

Auntie Where Dre and Jakes at?

-They're in back.

Hey little momma.

-Why you ain't say hi?

Danm Dre!



Fuck that shit up Dre.

That shit is dope homie.

Sup Cube.

Man, I had some crazy shit
happen on the bus today.

I had a Crenshaw Mafia OG. get on the bus.

Pulled a gun out on us.

Gave a fucking motivational
speach and then bumped out.

This shit is crazy.

You must be staying awhile?


-His mamma kicked him out
cause of that mouth.

shut your ass up.

She ain't kicked me out I left.


It's what they all say homie, Alright.

-You got them rymes?

Man I'd stay with the rymes

Man I'm talking about that hard shit.

All I write is that hard shit Dre.

So whats up man, You ready for Doo-To's?

-Shit is Doo-To's ready for me?

You know thats Comton right?

They got body bags at the door.


Your ass better bring it.

Cause if you don't.

You might end up in one for real.

- body bag?
Man I don't know about that shit.

Ain't nobody fucking with you man!

-Better tell your moms
to this motherfucking A.C.

Man What are you doing here?

Get off me nigga!

-Get the fuck on down!

Get the fuck of me man!

-Wher the fuck you going?

Hey man I'm just trying to get home man.

I'm....I'm not even doing nothing

-Put yourfucking hands
on top of your head nigger

Spread your fucking legs!

-You was'nt suppose to watch!

Shut the fuck up!

-Look these boy's
they all grew up on this block, Okay.

That's my son!

---That's my son!

That's my son!

-Lady, I'm telling you, Get back inside

Or I promise you I'll ruing
your fucking night!

-Man you ain't got to talk to my moms that!

Shut the fuck up!

You mother fucking nigger.

-Oh I'm a nigger now?

Oh wait a minute my ass mother fucker.

Officer can yu explain
why ypu jacking us right now?

-Man i ain't explaining shit to you.

Get the fuck up off the street

-I'm on my property,
I can stand right here.

You got that!


We right here.

-Where you got the fucking rocks homeboy?

Not everybody slinging dope man.

Fuck, This is L.A - P.D.
I'm the only gangster around here

Alright they all check out.

-Check out, Check what?, You
all just over here just fucking with us!

Get up!

We got charges on all of them anyway.

Pick that shit up!

-Get the fuck out of here!

Okay lets go.

Head home.

-Get the fuck out of here!

Take a fucking walk!

Do you really want to be here?

This club foot power rules.

-We straght.

Ya, Thanks for the tip homei

I look in your eyes and see a capecorn

you A capecorn right?

I knew it

I can look at a girl and I know their sign.

It's just something I do.

Lorenzo coming man!

No, no, no,
Weak at the knee's.


Weak at the knee's.

-Hey, Go outside and make sure
nothing is popping off all right.

I want you to keep
these fat asses in shape.

Don't play none of that
street ass rap shit all right.

I want these mother fucker's
to think about pussy,

Not pistols



I saw you talkin'to my lady man.

Keep your
mother fucking hand's to yourself.

-All right!

Man why are you always
fucking with lanzo's girl man?

Nigga why not?

Can't be afraid
of a grown man in high heels.

You up!

Hey yo Compton

I got my little Homie

He's about to bust a little ryme for ya'll,

I've want ya'll to give it up,

For Ice mother fucking Cube...!

I fucking told you.

-Yes you did!

I told you.

-Yes you did!

That's what I'm talking about man!

Now see I'm this close
to fireing your monkey ass.

What are you trying
to start a riot up in here ?

I told you, Didn't I tell you,

I didn't want
that hard core shit played in my club.

As soon as I
turn my back you do that shit anyway.

-I'm just trying
to help your business out lanzo.

You saw they went crazy for that shit.

Man don't worry about my business alright!

You just remember the only
reason you're up on that stage

It is because
I put you up on that mother fucking stage

Man you a bad ass DJ. I give you that,

But you don't like to listen Dre.

I get tired of arguing all the time.

Cause you know
alot of cats will come in here

And they'll play exactly
want I want them to play,

Like that shit right there.

Cat's that understand
you don't bite the hand that feeds you

Now you take a backseat to that nigga.

-These fucking marching jackets and shit

Marching my ass

You march your ass and do what I say.

Hey Dre...

Why you tripping in there homie.

-Nigga ain't got no fucking vision man.

That's why I'm gonna fuck his bitch,

After he leaves.

-I'm down with that shit homie.


Dr. Dre

-What's up D.

It's been minute man.

-I love your jacket.

By the way,
Your naging on me

You know I don't like wearing this!

This is lanzo's sht.

-Just part of the gig?

Yeah.. you remember
the homie that ran from Cali park right?

-What's so Dre.

What up?.

-What's up, man.

I heard you been um..

Spending some time at your Auntie's house,

What's the couch like?

-Its fucked up.

I'm too tall for that shit.

Plus I got my woman
and baby liveing there, It's hard man

But you know,
everybody can't do what you do.

-Yeah Dre,
What I do is get played out quick,

Mother fucker's getting locked up
and laid down out here, You know.

I need some changes.

-Changes ain't bad

I've been thinking
about making some changes myself

-What you mean?

What you think about
dumping some money into this music shit?

Hey look I got some ideas.

[Let's give it up for Dr. Dre.]

-Fuck... I got to get back up there.

Nice and flawless nigga.

Hey E.

Think about it.


Said what homie?


Get moveing

-hell Nah...

Hey don't be
fucking with my little brother nigga!

-What the fuck did he do to you?

Ah-huh nigga
looking at me like you owe me something.

-Man I told you about this shit!

[Alright clear the parking lot]
[Everybody go home]

What the fuck is wrong with you man?

-Chill the fuck out.

You too-

-One time

Dispand this whole
area and clear this parking lot!

Were just standing here.

-Whats going on?

I fell.

-You fell?

He fell?

-Thats what he said.

I didd'nt ask you what he said.

-Get the fuck fhome!

I am home

-If you don't start walking,

Or what?

-Turn around!

Hands on your head.

Come on!

-Remain siolent!

-Stop resisting boy!

I already know what it is.


Sucker punched that dude man.

Hey man,
nah, nah, nah...

That was, That was tyreese man.

You know he always got that temporary shit.

Always getting me in fucking trouble man.

-So what they lock you up for?

I was ... literally,

Just standing there, man.

Thats it.

-Ah, ha ,ha, hah!

Is far as thay were concerned.

the gangterist shit I heard all week.


-Well i was thinking about
what you were saying last night little man.

Oh yeah?


It's interesting.

-How long
Really think,

How long you think
that shit you doing out there gonna last?

Because there ain't
no happy endings in gang banging.

-Nigga you said alot, For
A nigga who just got Bailed out of jail.

I'm just saying man.

You can slang dope


Like work, What

-Just get fuckig for real with what I said

Yo, Yo!

If you can sling dope man,
You can sell records man it's easy.

You got A mind for that shit E.

-So what you talking
about doing, Little homie from last night?

Nah man...
He in the group.

You know they be tripping.


But that shit,

Realality reps,
Thats what i'm talking about man.

Thats it.

My boy's DOC,
He comeing in from Dallas....Dope!

-My little homie Red rap too.

Oh yeah?

-Hey look I got these cat's.


Homeboy's on ya.

From New York.

Dope voices man.

Some whack ass lyrics though..

Que he wrote this shit for um, It's crazy

I'm sure we can
probably do something with that.

It's what I'm saying man
start a lable or something man.

-A Lable?

It's kind of fucking far fetched Dre.

-Yeah but check this out.

What would you
call a record Lable like that?



Sick of these fucking police

Let's get the fuck clean
out of here trying to get me sent to jail.

Get your simple ass in the car.

What the fuck is jacking?

And whats a 6..4?


It's a car.

A 64 Impala

-Jacking is when you jack somebody man.

It's not a big deal,
the shit just sounds better.

-Yo man it is to much cursing for the radio

Like.. I mean besides who gives
a fuck about Compton anyway right?

-Hold the fuck up,

Hey hold up man

Hey ya'll got
something to say about Compton?

Cause u might reply one up in this bitch.



Then do the lyrics.

Cause I'm really lossing my patience


Stop fucking emberusing me man.

-Man I ain't with that shit.

Man fuck that shit.

-fuck this jerry curl rap bullshit man.

Yo fuck you

Weraing a cambo
don't make you LL. Cooljay nigga!

-What you gonna do about it?

Whats you going domarked ass nigga!


Let's roll B.

-Beach steet looking mother fucker

Jerry curl ass.

-Keep talking that bullshit
on your way up out the door Nigga...

Well there goes the talent Dre.

-Shut the fuck up nigga.

I'm saying.

-How the fuck we suppose
to make a record in not even a week?

Hit records
and we ain't even got no talent.

I mean you said
hold up my side of the dea.l

You said put some money up.

Shit it's time for you to do that.

-Why don't you do this shit E?

-Naw for real get in there on the mic.

You ain't got shit to loose.

It's your money.

You paying for it.

-No I can't cause I'm not a rapper.

Theres your rapper.

-I'm in a group already man jinks
and them would trip on me if I do anything.

Look I understand
you want to keep throwing your life away,

with jinks
and the fact that their a boogie band.

-Ah whatever,
But I'm the very core of this shit.

So whenever ya'll figure
out what ya'll wanna do, Just let me know.

-Come on man look,
This song is about you E.

Eazy mother fucking E.
I'm telling you.

-Come on man.

You the only mother fucker with a 64,

You got a 64?

-I don't have a car.

You got a 64?

-I got a poor porsch now

Nigga come on man.

-You ain't doing nothing.

Put you in buseiness man so you know

-It's only you.

We got a cold ass song though...

I think we can hit that shit.

-I'm not sold Dre.

What you mean your not sold?

-Just gonna sit there?

Your kind of being a hoe right now Eric.

-Fuck ya'll nigga's.

-There he going with the same thing.

I ain't scared

-You ain't scared?

Waht are you doing?

Let me produce.


-Let's get with it.

Man shut up and get comfortable.

Let's go.

-Cruising down the street in my 64.


-What the fuck is so funny?


Hold up, Oh E,
Can you hear me?

-Yeah I can hear you,

Hear how much ya'll fucking lauphing.

Oh, E.

You good just hit that first beat hard

-Man you got to come in on beat.

Cruising down the street.

-You cruising.

You good Eric!


Its dope.

But on beat,
Again... alright let's go.

Were cruising.


Cruising down the street in my 64

That ain't it

It really ain't.

-Hey, Hey,
Dre he got to go if were going to do this.

Q, You got to go.

-Get the fuck out of here yo.

You not talk..
--Now nigga both of you all.

You talking to me?

Lets go Qube.

Hey yo like get the fuck out of here man

so we can get this shit done.
-Write the song Qube.

Shut the fuck up!

-Whatever you be bitching Cube.

Ah, Yes!

-Man come on you know it ain't



Mother fucker...

Come on E.
-You sitting strange you want to lauph too?

I stay in this bitch by myself.

Just say the words alright.

-What's that even mean?

Man just say the shit with me alright.



Yeah cruising,
Now let's go.

Dre. You know this
shit ain't never going to work.

-Alright you,

You trying to be funny

But you see how you said that shit right.

Like you believe it.

-Yeah I believe that shit.

Then say it like you believe it man

Like it's a mother fucking sunday,

And you cruising down Crenshaw

In your mother fucking 64

Come on say
that shit like you believe it man.

Like you show words feel that shit.

Stop playing around loosen the fuck up.

There you go

-Cruising down the street in my 64


Hey that was dope E.

That shit was dope man!


That's what i'm talking about man.

Cause you may be feeling that shit right?

Now we only got 59 more lines to punch in.

But it's all good,
Were going to get through it.

Let's go on to the next one.

Alright Eazy!

-Hell ya!




Hey Doc

What you think man?

You think
they going to pull that shit in Dallas?

To be honest man.

That shit was super dope.

-Nigga hell yeah!

The lost lord

-Rick what you thinking?

Sounds like some
wasted time shit to me.

Look trust me
this shit ain't going to work.

Alright you ain't going to get no
radio to play with that shit right there.

-Oh, For real?

Oh yeah,
For very real!

And ya'll need to wrap this shit up too

Cause I need to get
back on that slow jam that we talked about.

This whole reality
rap shit ya'll trying to be talking about,

Low rideing from jail,
Nobody wants to heare that shit.

Now you need to get back in there and
work on that slow jam that we worked on.

Now i'm serious

About all you mother fucker's.

Takeing up my time,
That's comeing out of your pay.

No disrespect nigga's,
But I know your real

But you mother fucker
I ain't going to take that shit from you.

Twenty years from now
your going to fucking thank me, watch.

-Nigga Twenty years from
now your still going

to be recording love songs
in this dusty ass garage.

-Get the fuck out of here.

Wrap this shit up.

-Get your ass out of here.

Yeah okay,
You got it.

-No you got it!

[All lauphing]

Your a fucking genius

Thank you.


These phones are burning up

This is 1580 KDAY.

This great map of the Mac attack.

And I got to
give it up for my boy Dr. Dre...

Who's comeing with
Comptons very own Eazy E.

And your listening to
The Boyz In The Hood.

The numer one recripted song,
For six weeks and counting!

I guess i'll see you soon.

-Excuse me!


-I heard your record

I'm Jerry Heller.

-Eric Wright.

Real pleasure to meet you man.

-Same here.

Would it...

Here let me get those for you,

Let me get those for you.

Would it be possable to have a word,

With you for A second Eric?

-About what?

Of musuc.

Sorry I thought your album was good man.

-It's good.


Hey, Hey-
-Hey, Hey!

I thought it was exeptional.

Yes fantastic.

Please just sit down alright?

We'll start this again.

Come on.



Were going to try this again okay.


As a music manager
let me tell you what I can do for you Eric.

I will make you legit.

-It seems as if
I could do something for you.

I see, You think cause
I don't have some.

flashy office I dont' know
what I'm talking about.

-I've worked with Elton John,
-I worked with owess remming

Let me see I worked with...


I worked with Stix...

-Have you worked with anybody this decade?

Let me tell you
what I see here, Eric.

Alot of raw talent.

Alot of braga-duetude.


Ah, But if you think
anybody's going to talk to you,

You think anybody's
going to let you in the building.

Or somebody
might listen to you or talk to you?

You think thtas going to happen,
Your crazy man

I'm sorry.

But that is what I can do for you.

I can make you legit.

I can get you in.

That building

And i will protect you.

I will block out all the noise
of this crazy fucking business.

And we can build something big.

But you
got to believe in me Like I believe in you.

The way that I believe in this.

Because you
have a uniqe talent Eric.

Very special.

Don't fuck around.

You know what?

If you can't handle it,

If its to much
fucking presure for you, Then fine...

Get out of here.

-I'm listening.

You got more music for me?



Cause your going
to have to funnel this up Quick.


Now what does
N.W.A. stand for huh?

No whited allowed somthing like that?


Nigga's with attitude's.

I'll buy that.

Good I like that.

I like that alot.

You in dept?

Big ten.

Ten thousand.


00:37:18,781 --> 00:37:19,781
Hey Dre.

Hey fella's

Ya'll got any idea why
I asked ya'll to wear all black tonight?

Because were an allstar group.

And to be an allstar group.

You got to look like it.

Sound like it.

Dress like it.

You mind telling me
what the fuck happen to your situation?

-Man kiss my ass,
This is the only clean shirt I had.

I say you lauph about how you look.

-Are we getting paid to wear all black?

I ain't looking out for you ass no more.

Man put this on.

Ah shit look at Mr. Drummond.

-Nah, Nah,
That's Mr. furley from Trree's Company.

Ya'll finished?

This man been out
shopping our stuff around.

Trying to get money for ruthless.

He's trying to get us retribution.

He's trying to get us on tour,

He could probably
bring some real money to the table

So let's take this sereuse

-Ok then what E?

All he does is take twenty off the top.

We cut eighty,
But that's how manager's work.

-Hey, This mother fucker
Jerry heller bring in more pussy?

Cause that shit's worth twenty percent.

-Hey man, For real though.

They want N.W.A.

Let's give them N.W.A.

-Hell Yeah!



Let's go get this money....

What do you think?

-Can we make friends
in ComptonI don't think so.

Queens maybe

Listen, You find the
next Cameron Jones you call me ok.

Good luck.

-Thanks for comeing.


-The stage was shakeing so much

I thought my le was going
to fall off the breaker.

-yo, I was tripping
off those noble words though.

That shit was crazy!

-Hey yo i'm telling you,
Comptons definitely on the map yo.

Yeah right nigga.

That's for damn sure man.

-Damn our people could represent tonight.

Hey suge man, foreal what you been up too?

You still out there in Vegas?

It's suge.

-What's up man.

Man I just been back and fourth man.

Doing some security bodyguard work.

If you ever need my
service's let me know?

-I don't think we need
no bodyguard man we got that coverd.

But you never know
what you need until you need it.

I just came here to give ya'll props.

I got people waiting on me.

-Excuse me.

Ah, okay

That was...
one hell of a show.

You kicked ass yeah.

You definetly did.

Okay this is um,
Eazy E. and N.W.A. obviously.

Guy's this is Brian Ternan.

-Ice Cube.

Um, Pleasure.

Briain runs priority records.

And he wants to sign you.

-Hey E. ah well fella's
I gotta tell you iI loved the show.

Alright what you did
with that crowd out there,

I mean I never seen anything like that,

I think honestly, You know one
or two of you guy's would fit perfectly.

With our Lables.

Nah, Nah, Nah Man.
No, No man hold on man

I mean priority records,

I've never heard of them.

Man what you got?

We represent Lida Bake but mostly R&B.

-Who's that?

Well it's ah,
California Raisins.


It's ah,
California Raisins

-Um the raisins from the comercial,
I heard it through the grape vine?

Yes Cube for the last word yes

-That would be the one.

By slip two,
I promise then let's start cashing checks.

So look,

I got to tell ya,
Those little fucker's went gold last year.


Almost platinum Yeah.

What do you say fella's?

Do you want to go make a record?


Thank you.

Thank you!


You did real good,
You did it Jerry

You did,
Thank you man.

-You did it!

Alright so look, If your lines
ain't tight you ain't makeing a record.

This ain't lanzo's shit it's the real deal.


So your shit better be dope.

Who's up?


Get that shit randell,

-Get that shit randell!


-Let's see.

Hey young play that shit.


-Get it!
Get it Dre.

Check this out.

That's what i'm talking about man.

But you hear the difference right?

Way better than the shit I came up with.

I know I fucked you.

-Excuse me gentlemen,
I thought you'd like to know,

Our deal with priority records is done.


And this stuff
right here is for you to sign.

-Thank you,

You keep sounding like this,
This album is going to be incredible.

-Well you welcome Jerry.

Very strong lyric's too Qube.

Very strong.

appreciate that Jerry.
- uh hmm.

So what's up with our contract stuff?

Thier getting done right now

Lawyers are on that

yo dogg there's something
outside you need to take care of.

Right now!

Let me get this straight,
You going to do this right here right now?

-What am I suppose to do?

Were sleeping on a twin bed at you
aunties house we have a baby Andre.

You expect me to wait
for what your doing in there?

And you in the streets fucking around!

You crazy?


Don't come over here
busting my fucking ass.

Day and fucking night
trying to create something,

You going to come up in here talking
about some bitches than your crazy.

-You don't get it.

No you don't get it labetta!

It's alright baby

-Chill out man

Now your okay alright?

Right baby?

Daddy love you.

yo you cool?

Fuck no,
I'm far from cool.

-What happen man what she say?

What did you do?

Ah shit here we go again.

Awe shit,
One ton, One ton.

We ain't even doing shit E.

-I got that shit.

-You mguy's lost?

You nigga's suppose to be somwhere?


We work here.

-Oh you work here.

Yeah i'll bet.

-What did we do?

You'll find out in a minute what you did.

-What's this?

Shut the fuck up man.

Get your ass on the ground now!

Get on the ground!

-On the ground?

What am I suppose to do with this?

-What we do.


-Get down!
Get on the ground now!

Get your punk ass
on the ground, You too!

Get the fuck down!

Hands behind your
back interlace your fingers!

-This is fucked up.

Interlock them!

What the fuck you got us
on the ground like this for officer?

It' for our protection.

There is seven of you and four of us.

So sit tight and let us do our job.

-Officer i'm sorry what is going on?

Sir can you stay right there please?

Were trying to check these
banger's to make sure they're clean.

Aright I'm sorry
these are not banger's okay.

These um..
These are artists.

-Excuse me artists?




-What kind of artist's?

Rappers and they're working
with me in the studio right now.

-Well see rapping is not an art.

And I'm sorry who are you?

-I'm the manager.

Well your wasteing your time.

Mr. manager-
-you got to be kidding me?

Your wasteing your time.

These client's of yours, these rappers

They look like gang member's

You can't come down here and arrest
people because of what the look like.

What are you crazy?

But that's police harassment!

-You said your a manager right?


-Your not a fucking lawer.

Does that matter?

You can not come down here and
harass these guy's because they're black!

People have rights

-Said step back

I'll step back
if you let them up, Get up guy's

God Eric!

-You don't tell them to get up!

I'm stepping back
you have no idea the people I know.

I'm going to call the mayors office.

-Step back

Now get up!

Get up now!


And you keep your
people in line you understand!

Get the fuck out of Torrence

You got a problem?

-Tore my jersey.

This is jump street.

-Get to stepping.

Eric come on,
Come on let's go.

-You got a proublem?



It's a fucking setup.

-Shut up!

Every things fine ok.