Santhosh Subramaniyam (2008) - full transcript

A bright and ambitious young man yearns to live life on his own terms, but finds himself tied down by his father's overprotective, controlling nature. When he falls in love with a vivacious woman, against his father's will, will he finally find the courage to fight for his independence?

This is the frst clash
between a father and son,

the child is not wrong in trying
to walk independently,

the father isn't also wrong in holding
the hand to keep it from falling down,

but if the father holds the hand
of the son even after 24 years...

ALL the fathers in this worLd
are bLoody f....s kick them!

Who are you?

Are you drunk earLy in the morning?

Why did you kick my bike?


Did you find me to take your anger?

TeLL me what's your probLem?

My father!

Your father? What did he do?

He denies me what L ask.

oh! Then it's a serious probLem.

He gives more than what L ask.

Are you mad?

You shouLd be Lucky to
have such a father.

You won't understand my probLem.

because you're aLso a father, aren't you?

Lf you want to reaLise my pain,

Go and ask the mirror of
LifestyLe triaL room.

Lt'LL teLL you taLes.


I want only lnternational brands...

Sir, this is international brand.

Take a Look at this, sir.

This is oLd fashion.

show me something youthfuL.

- sure, sir.. one second sir...
- Yeah..

sir, this wouLd be better for you.

Not for me...
L'm seLecting for my son.

sir, he has aLready seLected.

Look there!

How wouLd he Look in this dress?

He'LL Look styLish and youthfuL.


Give the one which L seLected...


Lt'LL be royaL and decent, sir.

Lf he tucks in the shirt?

- RoyaL...
- come out cLearLy.

Lt'LL give him a royaL and youthfuL Look.

Lt'LL give him a royaL and youthfuL Look.

Wear it and come.

Hello, I came to select shirts
for Santhosh.

we never had so many
designs in our period.

My God! what variety!

Yes... you know...

Lt took 2 hours for me
to seLect a shirt...


No... I was telling him....
his shirt was superb!

Okay bye...

Show me briefs of his size...

I'll show it sir...

Lndeed a probLem!

Lsn't it?

Whatever it is,

your father is a unique character!

This is nothing...
there's a Lot more...

That styLe!

Hey, what's this?

Are my probLems making you Laugh?

okay... sorry.

come on... continue...

Lf L ask a penciL,
he'LL get a Parker pen.

Lf L ask a cycLe,
he'LL get a bike.

Lf L ask for candies,
he'LL get American chocoLates.

He'LL do everything as he Likes.

Lsn't there a soLution for your probLem?

Why not?

To soLve this probLem permanentLy,

L decided two things in my Life
wiLL be decided by me onLy.

Ls your probLem soLved then?

Lt doubLed!


ALL the fathers in this worLd
are bLoody f....

Muthu, a servant but cLever!

- Muthu...
- Escaped!

Lt's dawn...

ALarm is aLso ringing..

Get up...

Hey, L can't get up for that...

You shouLd start the day
at your favorite time.

Father got up!

Ls this your favorite time?


L may get caught if she comes,

teLL her that L'm not here.

Ammu, Muthu says he isn't here.

Why did you Leave midway?

To save my haLf face.

To practice her beautician skiLLs,

she packs some cream on face
and charges Rs.100.

Lt's known as faciaL.

For turning my straight hair
into springs, she takes Rs.200.

Lt's curLs!

L can bite my naiLs off,

she charges Rs.25 for it.

Lt's manicure!

Whatever it is,

your dad gives me saLary
and you take it from me.

WiLL you pLease shut up?

Brother, you come...
L'LL do faciaL to you.

How much?


L'LL pay you Rs.200...
remove his faciaL...

and do a faciaL again to him.

- L won't taLk to you!
- come...

- You shouLd eat fuLLy, okay?
- okay mom...

Hey sanjay... your ceLL...

Hubby, your ceLL phone.

Hubby, L'm caLLing you aLways,

don't you ever wish to taLk to me?

Ls business more important
to you than me?

- Mother, cut the caLL...
- Wait son.

- Hey santhosh...
- superb, uncLe.

HeLLo America!

How are you?

L'm fine.

When are you coming here?

L know you'LL not come.

UncLe, send some wine.

- My friends are pestering me...
- Give the phone to me.

What did he teLL you?

No... L know...
he toLd you something....

Brindavan belongs to all...
why Radha...

Hi santhosh...

just 2 minutes... it wiLL be ready...

superb, mom...

Without even tasting it?

L said about your song, mom.

Your voice is exceLLent.


Won't you beLieve my words?

can't you hear me?

okay... teLL me...

You've good future, mother.

- You'LL become a popuLar singer.
- Get Lost!

Mother, accept it.

okay... L'LL become a popuLar
singer in future. Ls it enough?

ALL the best.

He is getting ready.

- Ls it son-in-Law?
- Yes father.

Don't ask him to drive fast
seeing good American roads.

okay father.

- Good morning, grandpa.
- Good morning.

- Good morning father.
- Good morning.

- Good morning father-in-Law.
- Morning.

- sanjay...
- Yes dad.

Yesterday L gave you data fiLe of
dam construction, didn't L?

L'm studying it, dad.

L've finished studying it yesterday.

L've marked the tenders.
You just sign the papers.

okay dad.

Pledged his life for a car
and cell phone. Fool!

- santhosh...
- Yes dad...

Do you remember what day is today?

Anybody's birthday?

When L asked you to join office,
you asked for 6 months time.

- Lt ends with today.
- Father, that is...

Hey, why are you eating in LittLe bits?
Take a big chunk of Poori...

FiLL it with vegetabLes...have it...

Pick up handfuL and eat fuLLy!

Hey, won't you advise him?
onLy then, you wiLL be heaLthy.

Grandpa, is this okay?
When L grow up, L'LL be Like you.

santhosh uncLe, Look at me!

Hey Poori, you'LL change the
opinion after growing up.

- santhosh...
- Yes dad...

You're coming to office
from tomorrow, right?

Dad, L'm doing cAD course.
3 more months...

When L asked you to join office
after your coLLege,

You asked a year's time,
L agreed.

You asked further 6 months time,
L agreed.

Now you want another 3 months.

okay, instead of giving you time,
for a change, you give me 7 days time.

- L'LL teLL you why Later.
- Want hot chutney?

GeneraLLy L ask him time,

Now he's asking me time.
What's the matter?

shaLL L teLL you what L know or
get to know it and teLL you?

TeLL what you know!

He has decided to get you married.



Why are you Laughing?

TR said to Laugh away your sorrows.

L mean saint ThiruvaLLuvar said it.

We knew your dad wouLd
become a sorrow of your Life.

But didn't expect it so soon.

We aLL pLanned for a Love marriage.

His was Love marriage...
He aLso foLLowed the suit

ours wouLd aLso be a Love marriage.

But you're the bLack sheep in the gang.

Every gang has a mamma's son,
but you are a dad's son.

santhosh, a girL is near the pop
corn cart is Looking at you.

Don't turn immediateLy.

Hey, stop!

- What? FeeLing for me??
- Yeah....

- Get Lost!
- You get Lost!

That's why L toLd you aLL
not to befriend him.

You didn't Listen.
Look, he's stiLL a LittLe boy.

Hey, if you don't Like the incoming caLL,
why do you make it a missed caLL?

Divert the caLL to us...
we'LL attend to it...

- Hey you... aren't you ashamed?
- What then?

L'm not abLe to judge him right.
You're useLess.

You'd better marry your father's choice.

Listen me carefuLLy,

L want 2 things in my Life
to happen as L wish.

one is my career,

L can't go to my dad's office and
sign where ever he asks me.

second one is my marriage,

L can never accept a Life partner
L don't Love. Got it?

When was the fiLm
'Karagaattakaran' reLeased?

when your father was young.

He has been saying the
same thing since then.

L'LL bash you...

You promised to get me bank Loan
and asked me not to worry,

but haven't done anything tiLL now,

but taLking as if you're very
concerned about me.

Did you ask Rs.25?
You want a Loan for Rs.2.5 miLLions!

Lt wiLL take time.

You know, isn't it? Everything takes time...
Love too wiLL take time.

okay...if you keep quiet,

- wouLd any angeL come for you?
- You're right...

choose 4 girLs...
date 3 girLs..

go steady with 2 girLs,
and marry one.

L don't want to trap a girL,
L want to Love a girL.

There's difference.

My dad wiLL take 10 days and visit many
shops to seLect shoes for me,

so, he may take atLeast an year
to seLect a bride for me.

L'LL find a good girL before that.

Buddy, keep the tempo...
L'LL show you variety of girLs....

Hey Look there...

so many varieties of ice creams.

Let's have them before they meLt away.

we have a Romeo...

we need a juliet...

we have a Romeo...
all that we need is a juliet...

Let's fnd a classical Tamil
speaking juliet....

Let's fnd the dream girl
of our friend in real...

Religion no bar...
Casie no bar...

I want only character...

I don't care about money
or complexion...

I just only want good heart...

whether she's a Malaysian beauty...

Or a cuckoo from Dubai...

Or a moon of Chennai, Kovai or Nellai...

we have a Romeo...

we need a juliet...

we have a Romeo...

we need a juliet...

Let's fnd a classical Tamil
speaking juliet....

we have a Romeo...
all that we need is a juliet...


Ls the girL in orange bLouse okay to you?

- okay?
- Yes...

Hey, he accepted my seLection.

okay? Her husband shouLd
aLso accept, right?

- A software girl...
- I don't want to become a mouse!

- A TV anchor...
- She'll ask for sponsors...

How about a cat walking model...

She smiles for photographs only...

Look at this cell phone beauty...

She is always engaged...

If you've too many expectations...

It's hard to fnd a girl matching them...

Your lifetime is not enough to
fnd the girl of your choice...

we have a Romeo...
we need a juliet...

Let's fnd a classical Tamil
speaking juliet....

Let's fnd the dream girl
of our friend in real...


She must address me
informally with love...

She must be my friend
and my love...

when I go out with her,
the world must die in jealousy...

If I demand a kiss,
she must rain kisses on me...

Take shower together...

Eat food together...

Sleep very little...

Dream more...

I'm searching for a new moon who
will identify my real self to me...

we have a Romeo...
we need a juliet...

Let's fnd a classical Tamil
speaking juliet....

Let's fnd the dream girl
of our friend in real...

we have a Romeo...
all that we need is a juliet...

Don't think of staying there onLy.

Very soon, you may have to come here.

sister, whatever you say,
uncLe won't come to Lndia.

Hey, shut up...this time,
he'LL definiteLy come.

Brother, L'LL do speciaL make up that day,

You must pay me Rs.5000.

Even without make up,
santhosh is handsome Like a groom.

Madam, you must increase my saLary.

- A new entrant wiLL increase my work, right?
- Okay...

Mother-in-Law, now a days girLs
are very modern.

- Yes, true...they caLL husbands
by name...- No...

L didn't mean you sister-in-Law..
L meant my sister...

- Hey you...
- L didn't mean anyone here.

Mother, do you know how fast
the girLs are outside?

L gave a Lift to a girL.

she wants Lift same time...
same pLace... everyday.

Your dad has seLected an angeL
from amongst them.

- ALready seLected?
- Bride's photo.

Look, how beautifuL she is!

He taLked about marriage
just a week ago, mom?

No, we have been searching
proposaLs for the past 6 months.

L took a week to seLect one
amongst the best.

L know what's good for you
and when you need it.

We are going tomorrow
to meet the bride.

Mother, why to marry so urgentLy?

Why is he so scared of marriage?

Advise him...
What's his probLem to marry?

Didn't L marry? Were you aLL not married?
Aren't we Living happiLy?

L think thousand times before
signing a business deaL.

Won't L think more than it
to seLect a girL for him?

- You wiLL uncLe.
- Any Love affair?

- Didn't find the right girL, uncLe....
- shut up, don't bLabber...

Didn't find a girL?

oh no! He meant Love marriage
isn't right for us.

- Moreover santhosh is no way near...
- What's his probLem then?

Give me one reason to
postpone this marriage.

come on... taLk to me as a friend.
share with me as a friend..

- say something...
- We can say "Good bye, uncLe".

shit! You go, man...

Hey, instead of pushing me this side.
Push me that side.

L'LL go down happiLy.

PLease buddy...


sekar, L want to taLk to you seriousLy.

Lt seems you're troubLing your parents.

Your father was regretting.
come and see me Later.

sir, what the heLL is this!

You went Like a wager...
but came a cropper!

That's why siLence is
the best poLicy!

As usuaL, whatever he says,
we shouLd just nod our head and go...

What happened?

L'm onLy taLking...
why are you aLL quiet?

WouLd you Listen even
if we say something?

Anything eLse?

so, tomorrow we are going
to see the bride.

- Are we?
- Yes, we are going, uncLe....

okay then...see you tomorrow, bye...

santhosh, son of subramaniyam...

That quaLification is more
than enough to him.

We don't want anything eLse.

Lf you agree, L'm ready to
conduct their marriage tomorrow.

Your dad has aLready decided
and caLLed us here for namesake.



- sit down...
- Lt's okay..

PLease sit... no formaLities...

L've 3 daughters incLuding
my daughter-in-Law...

Now incLuding you,
L've 4 daughters...sit...

Do you Like the girL?

Touch any one finger.

What, got shocked?

NormaLLy peopLe show
two fingers to seLect one.

But this is your dad's styLe.
No choice.

- You have to go with this onLy...
- Leave it... think positiveLy...

May be she's your dream girL...

Try to taLk to her personaLLy...

subramaniyam, poor boy!

He may feeL shy to express
his feeLings before us.

Let him go ahead if he wants
to taLk to her personaLLy.

My son has no such formaLities...

PLease go ahead...

- sit down...
- Lt's okay....

- No probLem... pLease sit...
- Lt's okay...

My name is santhosh subramaniyam..

- PeopLe caLL me 'santhosh'...
- My father toLd me..

- My quaLifications...
- My father toLd you've done B.E.,

About my job....

My father toLd you're jobLess,
and sitting idLe at home.

My father toLd you'LL
join your father's business.

okay... teLL me about you...

My father has brought me up
with good manners.

L didn't mean that...

Friends... Love...
something Like that...

oh no! He is totaLLy against aLL that.

L meant my father...

WouLd you Like to know
anything about me.....?

My father toLd L'm very Lucky
to marry you!

What eLse he has toLd you?

L meant your father...

To make this marriage
a great success,

He asked me to offer prayers
to Lord KaLyana PerumaL.

PLease do...

Thanks a Lot, kinsman.

You waited 6 months for us...
L shouLd onLy thank you.

What do you say?

santhosh, finished taLking?

What is your opinion?

L've given him the best aLL his Life.

Even now L'm giving him the best.

L'm giving him your daughter.
- Very happy, kinsman.

Santhosh, son of Shanthi
and Subramaniyam,

Rajeswari, daughter of Maheswari
and Ramamoorthy,

eLders have fixed their marriage.
Exchange the pLates.

Everything is over.

My dream is shattered.

Your marriage is a faiLure.

But don't worry about career,
L'm there to heLp you.

- Hey...
- Hey, stop him...

My father toLd me about your famiLy.

My father toLd me that worLd is round.

she's no match to me!

she isn't the right choice for me!

okay, L'm not the right choice for her!

- This is better.
- Yes.

Hey, why are you bLabbering?

Have 2 wiLL be normaL.

You said two, right?

santhosh, don't worry unnecessariLy...

Everything wiLL be fine.

You're a good man, aren't you?

- Then...
- Am L a good man?

- Who toLd you?
- santhosh....

L L a good man?

No... L'm a goon...
L'm a rogue....

what is this, man?
He is listing flm titles....

L'm a scoundreL.

santhosh, you're drunk... go home...


L won't step into that house..

santhosh wiLL aLways stand
on his own feet.

Hey, put your Legs down.

stretching his Legs as if getting
ready for a massage.

You may Lose your Legs.

L've Lost my Life...
don't worry about Legs.

What's wrong with my father?

Ls he chiseLLing my Life?

What did you say?

What did you say?

Am L not brave?

Don't L have guts?

Ask him to come here...

Now L'LL teLL this on his face...

L don't Like that girL.

L'LL teLL him.

Ask him to come here...

caLL him here...


caLL him LittLe Louder....

He'LL come here.

Buddy, he's drunk.

Buddy, shunting is ready for you.

Reached your home.

How can my home come here?!

He is right!
We reached your home.

oh no!

Why don't you teLL me?

Broke the gLass

Am L smeLLing?



Come on... come on...

Yes, goaL....

Very good.

Didn't L teLL you he'LL hit a goaL?

- super!
- Have it.

- santhosh, have dinner?
- No...

Hey santhosh, come...
match is interesting...sit...

Hey, have atLeast miLk.

No mother..

- Why? Did you drink outside?
- Yes...

What dad?

Did you have tea or coffee
to refuse miLk?

Yes dad.

L toLd you many times...

Lt's not good for heaLth.

L won't drink again, father.

He isn't weLL for 2 days...
Ask him...

What happened to you?

Nothing, father.

He's smiLing...

Watch the match...
it's interesting.

okay father...

No need. Lt may take time.
You go to bed, go...

okay, father.

As usuaL, go and pray
for mothers-in-Law's death...

Want to ogLe girLs in our absence?

Hey dare you accuse me?

Did L ogLe any girL other than your sister?

Look, how she's accusing your friend!

Be carefuL...

Do you remember what is today?


The day L Lost my Life.


L mean wedding anniversary.

Wives think men Lose the right
to ogLe at girLs after marriage.

But they are unaware that
this is our onLy happiness.

so, Let's go that side,
ogLe girLs and have fun.

Ls this girL okay for you
to have great time?

What man! You've a bad taste...

My wife!

Happy wedding day.

same to you!

Aren't you ashamed to get
beaten up by your wife?

L'm much better than you..

Lt seems you're getting beaten up
by your mother-in-Law.

Don't get beaten up.
Behave decentLy, okay?

she is very possessive, man.

Look, don't bLame our LifestyLe.

Had you foLLowed us,
you wouLd've got a Lover.

Don't waste time to expLain him.

He may start Lecturing
about girL's character....

Even now, L'LL teLL you
the same thing...

Love isn't just face and Looks...

onLy character matters!


Now L butted that girL....

Have L faLLen in Love with
her immediateLy?


Love isn't an accident.

Hey you check shirt....

Lt's you onLy...

come here...

You Left butting against me...

HeLLo, didn't L say sorry?

Lf you say 'sorry',
won't L get horns?


Lf you butt once and Leave it,
L'LL grow horns.

Don't you know?

Don't you know?

okay...butt me once again....

Dash me quickLy...

God is waiting for me over there....


Hey, come here...

Why is he standing Like rock?
come on, man...

HeLLo...check shirt... come here...

Maths teacher shouLd get a stomach ache.

Today, she mustn't come to cLass.

oh no!


shouLd get stomach pain...

stand on Line...




Move in...


oh no! L shouLd pray something
whiLe giving offering.

L forgot!

What shaLL L pray?

L toLd a joke to a fooL
in my coLLege.

Lnstead of Laughing for my joke,

he started teasing me
and Laughing at me.

L'LL pray to God that he shouLd meet
with an accident without bLeeding.

- okay?
- okay.

Hey, who took away my offering?

You hoLd this.

Wow! offering...give me...

Hey, L've to offer this to everyone.
Are you eating it aLone?

Don't you have sense?
Lsn't it wrong? Lt's a sin...

Come here...

Has she Left?

What can we do now?

L've friends to find
her address, right?

Friends to find her address?

Who are those fooLs?

You guys!

This is the paLace your princess resides.

L was tested onLy once for driving License.

But you made me comb
the entire city for her.

onLy saving grace was L found few
oLd girL friends' addresses too.


Hey, what did you name your chiLd?

Thinking of names with so...

Trying to find one.

Hasn't she come out?
Was it a dream?

You fooL! shut up and sLeep....

L don't think she wiLL come...

Wait, even in 21st century women
have to do a Lot of work at home..

shouLdn't she finish her
househoLd chores?

L've to do aLL the househoLd chores.

L shouLd have worn a sari.

Dear, your food, dress and
hot water for bath is ready.

Take bath and....

Took bath is coLd water again?

Your name is 'WrestLer' Govindan.

But can't even bear hot water spiLL.

Look, L can toLerate anything
but don't comment my wrestLing.

Yes, you'LL get angry if L taLk
about things you don't know.

Are you teasing me?

L've pinned down aLL my opponents.

Look at the shieLds and medaLs.
Look at my weLL buiLt body.

You took a photo in Loin and
redesigned it in graphics.

You cheated ReLigious Endowments Dept.
with fake medaLs and certificates.

L don't know how a drunkard
Like you got a job in tempLe?

okay...which dress is good?

YeLLow coLour.

Thanks father.

Why did she ask me now?

- HeLLo...
- Is it Govindaraj?

Yes speaking... teLL me...

Coming Friday is very auspicious day.

- Evening 6 pm is good.
- Ls it?

Can I fx the day to see
the prospective bride?

T o see bride?

Didn't Hasini inform you?

Without even asking me,

have you caLLed them to see you?

They are not here for me,

they are coming for you!

For me?

My maths Lecturer is the bride.

Like my mother,
her husband too died.

Lf L get her married to you,
L can get rid of you and her at time.

Am L torturing you?

L'm going to coLLege, father.

You can't open the windows.
L've seaLed it.

seaLed it? Why?

You keep watching me from the
window tiLL L board the bus.

Lf any boy turns towards me,
you'LL create a scene in the road.

L can't take it anymore, father.

Don't mistake me, dear...
since you're a LittLe girL...

Am L LittLe girL?
L can vote now.

stiLL, you're innocent.
Youngmen are rogues...

Are they men? They are....

come on, finish it...

No...L don't want to use bad words
infront of my daughter.

L don't want to abuse them
without using bad words.

You carry on...

scoundreLs wiLL be waiting
outside Like vuLtures.

Lf they get a chance,
they wiLL make the best.

Hey Vicky, why you didn't come
to pLay cricket yesterday?

QuarterLy exams, sister.

Hey boy.... Lying to me?!

come... come...

Do your exam weLL...
Bye... aLL the best...


- Don't remember me?
- Ls it you?


- L couLdn't taLk to you in tempLe...
- so?

so, today...

shaLL we have a chat
and a cup of coffee?

We can taLk about anything.


What happened, buddy?

- What did she say?- Leave it..

- TeLL me...
- L say Leave it...

Are you going to teLL us or not?

- she caLLed me 'Ldiot'.
- Ldiot?!

NormaLLy you abuse girLs.
Now a girL abused you.

Leave it man.
she is going in our coLLege bus onLy.

- Let's go to coLLege & finish her.
- Let's go...

How many times L had warned you?
Not to foLLow me Like a dog.

can't you get it?

This baLd man never stops Lecturing
though nobody Likes it.

Ask him to stop it...
L'LL aLso stop foLLowing you.

she is a scum bag...
And you are a crap...

Why do you invoLve me
in your probLem?

Why are you maLigning me

cLass of 2005 was the best.

There was a student santhosh.

What a briLLiant boy!

He respected Lecturers...BriLLiant in studies
... active in sports,

Dead against girLs...
and hated Love...

TotaLLy, he was an extra ordinary student.

EarLier students used maintain
distance in respect.

Even pigs get that respect,
Kootha PerumaL!

Who is it insuLting me
by caLLing my name?

He didn't feeL bad for
comparing him to pigs,

But got angry for caLLing his name!

You shut up!

o santhosh....

He isn't o santhosh...
He is s.santhosh.

You scoundreL!
First comb your hair properLy.

What brings you here?

L saw a girL coming in
bLue T shirt and jeans...

Why are you Laughing?

Might have come for
a reference book, right?

No sir...L invited her for a coffee.

she abused me and Left...

Hey sridhar...

Then, Kootha PerumaL...

Hi, Test tube....

What did you caLL me? Ldiot?!

L met you in tempLe and invited
you for a chat over coffee.

WiLL you decide that L'm a
skirt chaser and a bad character?

HeLLo, L'm not Like that.

same coLLege...inquire.

WiLL you come to home the next day
after meeting in the tempLe?

What if my father had seen you?

Do you have a father?

Why are you asking Like that?

That is.... L mean...

Lt's okay...

No probLems for boys...
onLy girLs face probLems.

Lt's okay... L'm sorry...

That's aLL?

What eLse then?

shaLL we have a chat
and a cup of coffee?

Hey, one second...

Without knowing anything about you,
how did L come with you?


To decide your character...

Where shaLL we go?


- Where is it?
- Parrys corner.

- Parrys corner?!
- Yeah!

come up...good view!

oh no driver here!

oh no! L missed it today aLso.

Hey, come here...

Your name?

Yes... what do you do?

- Not yet toLd my name.
- TeLL me then...

- santhosh...
- Good.

Ask my name.

- What's your name?
- Hasini...

Lsn't it nice?

- Your age?
- 2 years oLder than you.

Then why are you wearing this shirt?

- Why?
- Lt's not nice.

UncLes' shirt...oLd taste!

Lsn't it?

ofcourse yes...

Wanted to have a chat
before having coffee, right?

WiLL L you start or L...?

L'LL start first...
L'LL teLL you a joke..

Do you know why the Ant didn't die?
Because it was wearing a heLmet.

joke's over...

You wiLL get down from the
running bus, won't you?

Hey, get down...
get down, santhosh...

cLassic is on that side...
get down...


For a good coffee, this is the pLace.

- suLtan Bhai....
- coming, Hasini dear....

- serve the Last tabLe...
- Bhai shops are famous for tea...

But here coffee is exceLLent.

Dear, didn't L say TenduLkar wiLL hit
a century against Pakistan?

He did hit!

- Bhai...
- Greetings...

- Who is he?
- Guest...

2 coffees.

- Boy, serve them 2 coffees...
- speciaL...

Clean the cups and serve.

- so...
- so...

- okay you start...
- okay you start....

Lf we taLk at a time,
reLatives wiLL visit us, you know?

What are you? Horns if we butt,

ReLatives' visit if we taLk...
Do you beLieve aLL this?

Lt's nice, isn't it?

Where do you Learn aLL this?

From neighbourhood kids.

- Kids?

Hot coffee for you....

- Fine?
- superb, sister!

Now have you decided my character?

Yes... Ldiot!


- What eLse she said?
- she said 'Ldiot'...


she caLLed me an idiot.
Why are you getting tensed?

cooL... reLax...

Take it easy...

Lt seems to be serious.

L don't know whether
it is serious or joke...

But now, L'm an Ldiot...that's it!


They say love is blind...

I said love is brainless too!

But now?

They say earth exists
because of love...

I said, don't try to fool me...

But now??

I said when two fools talk,
they are bound to fall in love...

I said love will vanish the
moment pocket goes empty...

what happened to me now?

My harmones have shifted loyalties...

I've started singing
songs in her tune...

They say love is blind...

I said love is brainless too!

But now??

They say earth exists
because of love...

I said, don't try to fool me...

But now??

when anyone says he spent all
his pocket money on phone bills....

I used to tease them...

But now??

when I see people talking
to themselves...

I said they are still in the hangover
of last night's drinks...

But now??

I was arrogant thinking,
what could love do to me?

But now, I too lost
my heart in love...

I don't know what happened to me?

My harmones are interchanged.

She's my dawn from now...

They say love is blind...

I said love is brainless too!

But now??


when they said she enters through eyes...

And settles in heart...

I asked why are you telling white lies?

But now??

I wished to have a debate of
who is more foolish, Adam or Eve?

But now??

I said love is a pack of blatant lies...

All my lies proven wrong...
And I realised the truth...

I don't know what happened to me?

My harmones have shifted loyalties...

My life now is at the
mercy of her word...

They say love is blind...

I said love is brainless too!

But now?

They say earth exists
because of love..

I said, don't try to fool me...

But now??


Hi Hasini...

That day, we had a coffee..

T oday, shaLL we go out
for an ice cream?


First time taking a girL out...
Behave decent...okay...once more try.

Hey, why are you here?

- L...
- Any important work here?

Yes... yes...

okay... finish it and come.

- Let's go out, okay?
- okay.

How easiLy she says Let's go out!
What type of a girL she is!

cooL santhosh.... cooL...

shaLL we go?

- Have you come for this?
- No... that is...

- Where shaLL we go?
- Panipuri..

- L'LL teLL the pLace.
- okay.

she took me 15 kms
away for a coffee.

How about Tambaram Mahaveer centre?

Why traveL such Long
distance for a Panipuri?

Babu brother's shop in next street...

Babu brother?!

Ls Panipuri ready?

WeLcome Hasini...
are you fine?

- Hi Babu brother...
- Who is he?

- Friend.... give me 2 pLates...
- Take this.

- speciaL...
- Give two pLats.

- speciaL?

They wiLL cLean the pLates, won't they?
That's why...

Take it.

- Take it, dear.
- Thank you.

Babu brother, bought a new ceLL?

Yes, 2 days back.

- Why you didn't give me the number?
- You didn't ask me.

A friend should give his
number without asking.

Only then it's real friendship.

24 25 26 27...

- What are you counting?
- Phone number.

Don't you have a ceLL?

My father wiLL buy me a ceLL
if L become MD of his company,

L refused it.

What do you prefer?
Ring-a-rose or Ring-a-roses?


Don't you know?

L'LL cut first time after 2 rings,
pick up after the third ring.

UniversaL youth code.

To avoid probLems at home.

You caLL it Like that?
- We caLLed it differentLy.- How?


- 123?
- Yes. Don't you know?

This is nothing.
We used mostLy code Language.

our batch was unique.
We had a great time.

ReaLLy? But L heard you were
the odd guy in the batch.

Who said?

L inquired about you in coLLege,

Lt seems you hate girLs...
and never taLked to them.

one must Like someone
to taLk, right?

But you are taLking to me niceLy, right?

What do you Like in me?

You do what you Like...
L Like that.

That's right...

santhosh, you said it rightLy.
L've so many friends....

They aLL invite me onLy for a coffee.

No one ever said this to me!

Next time, wherever L go...
L'LL caLL you first. okay?

When wiLL you caLL me?

When? Good question...

You're not a student Like me
to attend cLasses.

You're aLways idLe, right?

come immediateLy on caLL.

Hey, finish it off quickLy...
How Long can L sit?

Why are you in a hurry?
showing off Like a busy man.

You have nothing to do, right?

HeLLo, pLease pick up the phone...
You're sitting idLe, aren't you?

Do you want me to do everything?

- HeLLo...
- we are calling lClCl Bank...

Hey, caLL father...

Hey santhosh, it's me!

Ls it you? TeLL me...

L'm going out to shop...
L thought of taking you aLso.

What? shopping?? Where?

Ranganathan street.
Aren't you sitting idLe?

L'm very busy.

just one hour, santhosh....

L'm very busy Like a bee.

Ls it so?

okay... he'LL be idLe...
L'LL take him.

- Who is he?
- Rajesh!

HeLLo.... Rajesh...

Where are you going brother?

To meet a friend.

- Who?
- Rajesh...

Hi said you'LL not come...

L said... but...

Hey... heLLo...

Are you both friends?

Lf he is your friend, my friend too.
Am L right, Rajesh?

Rajesh?? L'm Khan... saLman Khan.

saLman Khan??

He asked me the way to sathya Bazaar...

- L was guiding him...
- L'LL direct you...

Go straight... take 2nd Left...okay?

Thank you..

Hey, why thanks? This is my duty.

okay... you can find many shops
if you go straight...

- Good bye!
- Good bye..

- okay friend..
- Bye AngeL...


He said ten times now that
L'm Like an angeL in this white dress.

- L don't Like it!
- Why?

L don't Like white coLour.

Why santhosh? Lsn't it nice?

- Didn't Rajesh come with you?
- Don't taLk about him. He's a cheat.

What happened?

L caLLed him for shopping..

He's caLLing to watch a fLop fiLm
in empty theatre. RascaL!

- What do you want to buy?
- KaLeidoscope

- KaLeidoscope?
- Yes.

My neighbour Vicky had a KaLeidoscope,

When L asked him to take a Look,
he refused to give...

That's why L decided to buy a new one.

Ls this the matter?
L'LL buy it.

This entire Ranganatha street is mine.

L'LL get it for you.

santhosh, it isn't so easy.

Ln this crowded bazaar?

Trust me.. L'LL get it for you. come.

Come... come...Buy 1 and get 1 free...

Excuse me....


oh no!

Didn't L teLL you can't buy it?


Have you bought it?

How much, santhosh?

L saw a board 'Buy 1 and take 1'.

so, L took one.

oh! stoLen it?


What? Not yet had dinner?

L know if it's 9 am here,
it's 10.30 pm there.

No schooL to chiLdren today
so, they're stiLL sLeeping.


UseLess phone!
Gets disconnected whiLe taLking!

Are you trying to cut teLephone biLLs
disconnecting sister's caLLs?

Now you're increasing it.

- What?
- Get Lost!

- Ammu...
- Yes brother..

Muthu wants a faciaL done...
you're needed here...



HeLLo, we are caLLing from canara Bank...

Yes teLL me, Kanaga...
how are you?


Yes teLL me...

- you've Maths cLass today?
- L do.

Very good. We are meeting today.

L'LL wait in the bus stop.

- You wait, L'LL come Late.
- why?

No probLem for you,

L've to Look for the right time
to escape from my cLass.

Dear, L'm going to office..
Don't forget to take your Lunch box.

- Bye dad...
- Bye dear.

Bye, dad!!

I hear some good song...
Is it Sun Music?

- No...mother's music..
- Ls it a new channeL?

Not a channeL, my mother is singing..

- WouLd you Like to hear it?
- sure, santhosh.

"oh my dear! Are you fine?
L'm fine here".

"When L remember you,
L become a poet..."

"When L want to write it down,
L'm at Loss of words..."

Wow! superb poem!

Ls it nice?

Not just nice...exceLLent, santhosh.

Your mother has a bright future.

Mother, my friend..
says you've a bright future....

- You'LL get a stick!
- Wait... L'LL be there.


Are you broadcasting my voice
aLL over the pLace?

Mother, trueLy you've a good future.

Ls he a good friend?
He may teLL this to everyone.

- Who?
- Your friend.

just now, he heard me singing, right?

L feeL happy to see you smiLing.

Aren't you here if L face any probLem?

- How can you get into probLem?
- That is...

L mean aren't you here
to make me happy.

L've an important meeting.
see you then.. bye.

- Have your breakfast and go.
- No, mother.

- Hey santhosh...
- Yes dad...

L've an headache.
You go to office.

Give this fiLe to Krishnamoorthy...

...ask him to send it to
the auditor after checking.

Then, we have few corrections
in ss constructions designs.

- You correct it.
- okay father.

L think your brother may
extend his stay in Mumbai.

L've asked Kumar to remind
about the iron Load.

He is a useLess feLLow.
He never does what is ordered.

- so, see it personaLLy.
- okay.

Hey, are you going Like this?


- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.

- Where is Krishnamoorthy uncLe?
- He's there.- Hi santhosh...

UncLe, company's statement
must be sent to the auditor.

just now your father caLLed on phone.

L've asked them to take printouts
of the statements.

You pLease wait in the cabin.

Lt's enough if you just sign it.


ExpLain me briefLy...

Go through this fiLe and foLLow up..

- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.

We must deLiver ss construction
pLans immediateLy.

Father toLd us...

- check the figures...
- But there are few corrections...

We have done it, sir.

We have got the approvaL
of your father aLso on phone.

- Nice...
- Thank you sir...- continue...

okay sir... okay sir....

okay sir... L'LL do it...

okay sir. L'LL cut the Line.

Good morning sir...

- Was it my father?
- Yes...

- Did he instructed you?
- Yes sir.

- Go ahead then...
- okay sir.

- May I come in, sir?
- Yes come in...

Yeah come...

Thank you sir.

sign pLease...

sir, L can understand your feeLings.

This is what your father is!

HeLLo, mind your work onLy!

Don't taLk unnecessariLy....

Lf you pass comment on him again,
you may Lose your job.

- Go back to your seat.
- sorry sir.

- Hey...
- Tell me, buddy...

L'm dying here....what happened
to my Loan appLication?

Very good..


Your project detaiLs inspires me
to sanction the Loan.

sekar, how did you get such
an inteLLigent friend?

What do you have for security?

sir, we don't have any security.

Lf you want, keep this security man.

How do L Look Like to you?

TeLL me, how do L Look to you?

- sir, pLease...
- You keep quiet.

He is Looking at me strangeLy.

That guy too!

Did you see this man?
He is staring at me.

You want to say something, right?
come out...

- Nothing, sir...
- Lt's okay...

You want to say something....
come out with it...

No sir... Let's Leave it...

No probLem... come on, speak up...

You Look Like a noodLe
wearing spectacLes.

But L can't tease you because
you're giving Loan to my friend.

You have said everything, haven't you?
Why are you Laughing?

You want a Loan for Rs. 2.5 miLLions.
Won't L ask for a security?

caLL his father.

Let me see what security he has...

Why are you getting angry now?

sir, 2.5 miLLions are nothing
to his father...

Who is his father?

shanthi constructions MD,
Mr.subramaniyam's son.

Are you his son?

You couLd've toLd me this earLier...
PLease be seated..

Your father is one of the Leading
business man...

Why don't you just join him
and do white coLLar job?

Asking me to sanction Loan
to start a new business?

- That too trusting these wastreLs...
- PLease try to understand, sir..

We want to stand on our own Legs..

- oh my God!
- What happened, sir?

You touched my heart!

ALways keep in touch...
L'LL try to sanction your Loan.

Thank you sir.

And this is the foLLow.

- L'LL pLay... L'LL pLay...
- You keep quiet...

Direct hit... pLay..

What santhosh?
Finished your work?

Yes. Lt wiLL be done, dad.

What? L asked him to finish it.

- office work is over, daddy.
- That's it..

Direct hit, dear...

sir, they are pLaying since morning.

- Yes... - come here..
- coming, mother...

PLace is empty...
you aLso join them..

Don't want...

He wiLL pLay for everyone.

Lt's my turn...

Hey santhosh... come...
Let's finish the game...come....

come on brother... sit..

Rs.1000 is on stake.
Only 3 coins left..

somehow, pLease pocket them...

Wait... which one are you going to hit?

White corner pocket...

Don't you have a direct pocket here?

PLace it here and hit the coin directLy..

What's your next coin?

Why don't you pocket the red?

come on hit... straight hit..

Red aLso gone..

just hoLd on...use powder.

Play now.

You keep this here.

Hit confdently direct into the pocket.

Come on...yeah...ready.

- Very good...
- Brother, superb!

He has started pLaying weLL.

Hey... are you angry on me?

ActuaLLy Hasini...
what happened is...

- L'm so...
- L'm so sorry, santhosh..

- sorry?
- Yes...


You wouLd've waited for me
for a Long time, right?

That means, didn't you come?

Why did you do so?

Do you know how Long
L was waiting for you?

ALL started Looking
at me strangeLy...

santhosh, for the first time,
L was trapped.

PLease understand me...

Got trapped?

AsusaL, L jumped down steaLthiLy
from my cLass...


- Don't Laugh, santhosh...
- sorry. What happened then?

she taught me entire year's
portion in one day...

oh no!

Maths teacher is a deviL!

santhosh, not onLy that...Later...

- Hasini, hod on pLease...
- Listen santhosh....

- Hasini, L can't Laugh anymore...
- Lt's enough... - PLease...

Listen to me...
rest in person, okay?

cut the Line.

Hang up the phone, Hasini.

You cut the Line.

oh no! PLease Listen to me...
cut the Line...

You cut the Line...

Lt seems you're finding it
hard to smiLe...

My goodness! L haven't smiLed
Like this before.

santhosh, L haven't remained
so sad in my Life time.

santhosh, how can a 19 year oLd
girL face so many probLems?

What bothers you in maths?

What question is this!

Look, a book fuLL of probLems...

okay, you vacate the pLace.

Lt's okay, santhosh.
L'LL be here.

can't you hear me? You go...

Why do you want me to
Leave suddenLy?

- Excuse me, you know us?
- Yes.

But L don't remember you.

Hasini, they are Guna,
sekar and seenu.

Vasan, srinivasan.

coconut srinivasan...

L saw the writing,
"coconut srinivasan Loves ManjuLa."

Lt was written aLL over
the coLLege campus...

Haven't they cLeaned it?

Why everyone caLLs you
as 'coconut srinivasan'?

ActuaLLy L'm a great fan
of actor coconut srinivasan.

L used to mimic him often.

- so they started caLLing me.
- who asked your flash back?

Hasini, Let's go, it's getting
Late to the coLLege. L'LL drop you.

just a minute.

- L want to taLk to you.
- L'm Leaving...

oh! WiLL you stay back if he teLLs you?

Poor santhosh! Yesterday,
he waited aLL the day for me.

oh my God! He is a big Liar!


Don't you know the matter?

Yesterday he didn't wait for you...

Yesterday, he was with me
to seek a bank Loan...

- Lf you want, confirm it.
- Did you Lie to me?

Did you?

- PLease Listen...
- Don't taLk to me!

- Hasini, pLease...Listen to me, Hasini...
- say sorry...

say sorry, santhosh...
say 1000 times sorry...

1000 times sorry...

Let's go..

L'm a fooL, santhosh.

You are trying hard to get
a Loan for your business.

Without knowing it, L caLLed you
a Loafer, etc., L mistook you.

sorry, santhosh...10000 times sorry.

ALL the best..

- Hi...
- Hi..

HeLLo senior...
is your route cLeared?

Your mother's song was superb!

shaLL we go to Muthukadu on sunday?


How do they know aLL this?

Aren't they my friends?
That's why L toLd them everything.

- Did you teLL them everything?
- Yes.

- About that driverLess bus...
- Yes..

- KaLeidoscope of Ranganathan street...
- Yes.

- That toiLet matter...
- L forgot it.

Go and teLL them... go..

Won't you keep any secret?

- Don't you keep anything personaL?
- What's my fauLt?

ALL my friends are asking
what's going on between us?

What's going on?
What's going on between us?

Nothing! Go and teLL them..



- L wasn't brought up weLL...
- What?

L wasn't brought up weLL...

Thank God! You smiLed!

- Bye santhosh...
- Bye uncLes...

- UncLes??
- You're married, aren't you?

she made fun of us!

Bye santhosh...Lets meet
tomorrow during Maths cLass.

We toLd about your Lies,
she didn't shout, it was confirmed.

- But as it stands...
- Hey, what man?

Hey, pLease, teLL me...

Now we can't teLL you...
Tonight, we wiLL have it...

our friend has got a girL...
congratuLate him..

Hey seenu, pLease come again.

You're keeping quiet,
if she scoLds you. That's okay.

But if you scoLd her,
she is down..

L swear, she Loves you 100%.

Hey, keep teLLing me this man...

- Whatever you say is beLievabLe.
- This is okay. But...

Hey, don't confuse...
our friend has trapped a girL.

Lnstead of congratuLating him...
congratuLate him...

congrats, buddy....

Hey stop...who is this?

congratuLate me.
L'LL pardon you and give way...

Hey drunken boys!
congratuLate him....

- What did he do?
- He did nothing... nonsense...

our friend has trapped a girL!

This is what we do everyday!

That is different, you monkey!

- our friend has won a girL's Love.
- ReaLLy?

He must be appreciated then!

Not onLy once...
L'LL congratuLate you thrice...

Thank you...bye...


How dare you dash me?

Is he driving jCP?
It's lowly scooter.

- why are you starring at us?
- Hey wait...

Let's Leave him,
if he congratuLates me.

- congratuLate me...
- What are you Looking at?

oh! You don't know the matter, right?

our friend has won a girL's Love.

oh my God! That girL...

No words to express about her!

- We must buiLd a tempLe for her father!
- certainLy.

- First congratuLate me...
- Hey, he is giving a pose...

Hey, ask him to congratuLate me.
He's raising my tension.

He won't congratuLate me.

Because he is aLso a father, isn't it?

Hey, L don't need wishes
from oLdies Like you.

congratuLations from youth
is enough for me.

- You can go now...
- Go... go...- Get out of here...

He may start abusing you badLy.

He abuses his father after drinks.

Why is he reminding me
about my father?

What can he do?
Ask him to come here...

Ask him to come here now...
L'LL teach him a Lesson!

scum bag!

Why is he stiLL standing here?

L've asked you to Leave the pLace...
Get out of here..

He won't go...he has settLed here.

L'LL remove his spectacLes.

- Hey, didn't L ask you to go?
- Hey, get out of here.

ELse, he may take you
as his side dish. Go...

L fear to send my daughter out
because of such goons.

Hasini is in Love!

- Leave me, Hasini. What happened?
- come here... - Why?

- come... L'LL teLL you...
- What happened, Hasini?

What's this?

- That is our coLLege...
- Are you bLind?

Take a Look at my hair.

Draw it niceLy.

- Ls it?
- Yes.- okay..

That side?

oh my God!

Hasini must be smiLing even on the waLL.
ALways smiLing!

Don't you know this?

- What about this Love matter then?
- Ask her.

- Hi Hasini...
- Hi santhosh...

- What's going on there?
- A smaLL probLem...

He drew my face on the waLL.
L took him to task.

You shouLd've seen his reaction.

By the way, why are you duLL?

Last night, L had a drink.

- Do you drink?
- Yes.

- Which brand?
- j c Rock.

My father's brand.

santhosh, why do you drink?

UsuaLLy L drink to abuse my father..

Yesterday L was in a happy mood...

Do you abuse your father?

What wiLL you abuse him?

Won't you ask me why L was happy?

Leave it, santhosh.

WiLL you abuse him badLy?

What are those bad words?

Teach me atLeast 3 bad words...
PLease... pLease...

Do you want me to teach you bad words?

- What happened to you?
- PLease....

santhosh, you abuse your
father after drinks.

shouLdn't L abuse my drunkard father?
PLease santhosh...

- Hasini, not attending cLass?
- You go...

L'LL Learn few bad words and come.

Bad words?? L'LL teach you, Hasini.

L'm a bad man.

L speak onLy bad words.

shaLL L teLL you about your shapes?

shaLL L admire you inch by inch?
You have a fair compLexion.

Ln that, you've a mango shaped...

- Hey, stop it!
- cooL, man...

Lf L admire her,
why are you getting restLess?

Hey, what? Losing your temper??

Hey, what man?

santhosh, don't fight...Leave him.

PLease santhosh...


santhosh, Leave him...

santhosh stop.

PLease santhosh...

- Now teLL me...teLL me...
- Leave it, santhosh...

Rajesh is my friend.

Rajesh, he is santhosh, our senior.

Lf he is our senior,
can he raise hand on me?

shut up!

First L shouLd beat you!

Ls everyone your friend?
Did you see how he was taLking?

What did L do?

- Ls it wrong to be friendLy with aLL?
- That's not wrong.

Trusting everyone is wrong.

ALL aren't Like you...mind it.

That means, L'm friendLy with you aLso.
can L trust you?

Why it is bLeeding?

How did you get hurt?


What have you done?

Mother, nothing to worry.

L know....

ALL of you Leave the pLace.
Let him take rest.

- Let chiLdren go to bed earLy.
- okay mother.

Didn't I tell you several times to
get him a car instead of bike?

Did anyone listen to me?
Look at his condition now!

First surf about present cars
in the market.

- Let's buy it immediately.
- Okay father.

Why are you inquiring with me?

L'LL give the phone to santhosh.
TaLk to him.

just hoLd on...

Brother-in-Law is on the Line.

Yes brother-in-Law...

- what happened, Santhosh?
- He feLL down.

- How?
- skidded from bike.

- Be careful...
- L was aLso teLLing the same thing...

TaLk to him yourseLf.

Did you ask him?

- Good night...
- Good night, grandma..

Don't run... you may faLL down...

- HeLLo.
- How it happened?

Hey, hang up the phone.



Hey, L want to taLk to you...

Yes...he aLso asked me to taLk to you....
My father..

Lt seems you met with
an accident....

- Took medicines?
- My sister gave it.

- juice?
- Muthu gave it.

- Food?
- My mother served it.

L want to sLeep.
L'LL taLk to you Later.

- That is...
- Bye...


Why you picked up the phone
at the first ring?

Not yet gone to bed?

TeLL me...

L'm going out to have an ice cream.
You aLso come, santhosh.

Lce cream at this odd hour?

- Are you going aLone?
- That's why L caLLed you...

Hey, L won't come.
You aLso don't go.

PLease santhosh...

How is your father aLLowing you to
outside at this Late hour?

He had few pegs...
your brand onLy..

He wiLL wake up tomorrow onLy.

You aLso go to bed.

You said don't trust anyone...
But you refuse, if L caLL you..

what can I do then?

Don't go out at this hour.
Listen to me...

Won't you come then?

L'LL go... bye.


1 Butterscotch.

Take it.

You said you wiLL not come.

Do you want?

Give one more ice cream.

- Give a smaLL one...L've onLy Rs.10.
- okay.

Take it, sir.

Don't want?

Give me big one..

Rs.25, sir...

Take it from her.

Ganesh, L'LL pay you tomorrow.okay?

- Ganesh?!
- okay.

Ls he aLso your friend?

L toLd you not to go out, didn't L?
Why did you come out?

You said you wiLL not come, didn't you?
Why did you come then?

- L'LL sLap you...
- sir, poor Hasini...

Ganesh, you pLease go...

Hey, can't you hear me?

Lf you've decided, you couLd've gone...

Why did you caLL me then?

Putting me in tension

Why are you getting tensed?

You wiLL know,
if anything happens to you.

What wiLL happen?

Don't you know?

L don't know!

Won't you Listen to me?

What now?

Hereafter, L won't go out Late
nights for an ice cream.

L have toLd you, haven't L?
can't you smiLe a LittLe?

Lt's okay... you go...

Leave it santhosh...

WouLd anyone go out to have
an ice cream at midnight?

Lt's not wrong. You go...

But before going, caLL me.
L'LL take you.


At 1 pm?

At 2 pm?

At 3 pm?

We have reached your house.

- No... promise me...
- Govindan...

Hey, how wiLL you go aLone?

shaLL L drop you?


You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...

You steal my sleep
appearing in my dream...

If you come before me,
you are taking my life...

My eyes brighten on
seeing your face...

You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...


when we walk together,
I long for a never ending road...

when you appear like a rainbow,
my eyes too turn colourful...

Flowers in my garden are
looking forward to meet you...

My threshold is asking
when will you step in through it...

You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...


Every cloud on sky appears
like your face...

I'm losing my heart...

Even buzzing butterflies admire
your beautiful and graceful gait....

Your each action is
a translation of my love...

The sweet memories
I gather everyday....

You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...

He isn't to be bLamed.
You aLL are responsibLe for this.

You teased him saying you're going
to marry before Loving.

LnsuLted our gang's name...
You provoked him...

Now did you see what he has done!

Hey, do you accuse us of
provoked him to faLL in Love?

Hey, his father has fixed his
engagement with another girL.

Won't probLems arise,
if he comes to know this?

Do you know his probLem?

You were his coLLege mates onLy.

We know him from our chiLdhood.

TiLL now, he never toLd
what he wishes.

For the first time, he wished openLy.
What's wrong in that?

Won't he face probLem?
Don't you know that?

What probLems wiLL he face?

- Hey, don't be siLLy.
- WiLL you pLease shut up?

- she is right.
- stop it...

What are you aLL taLking?

santhosh, we are taLking
about your Life...

Hey sumi... my...

Nothing wiLL happen to my Life...

L'm a good man.

Lf L marry Hasini,
L'LL be happy aLL my Life.

L Love that girL.

L Love her!

Did you express your Love to her?

L'm going to teLL her tomorrow.

Yes teLL me...

L'LL ask you one thing...

can you teLL me the truth?

L thought you wiLL say something...

Are you going to ask me?
Ask me...

Hasini, what's between us?

TeLL me...

What is between us?

L'm asking you seriousLy...

santhosh, what's between us?

L asked the same to you...

- L'LL teLL you Later.
- When?

After 5
minimum 4 years 8 months...

Now itseLf, teLL me..

- ELse, L'LL speak out...
- Hey, won't you keep any secrets?

- Don't you have anything personaL?
- Listen to me...

L won't Listen to you...
L won't...oh no!

- Hasini, pLease Listen to me...
- No way!

Now you wiLL teLL me..

Later you wiLL bLame me for
reveaLing it to everyone...

- Listen to me, Hasini...
- L won't Listen to you!

- just one time, Listen to me...
- L won't hear you!

- Lf you don't, L'LL go for another girL...
- Go ahead...

- TrueLy, L'LL say this to some other girL...
- okay!

HeLLo, you Look beautifuL...
L Love you!

He has said it.

okay teLL me...L'LL Listen...


Hey, L caLLed you..

can't you hear me?

Who is that girL?

Did she say 'okay' to you?

My engagement is fixed with her.

L don't want to hide this with you.

Lf L had such an idea,
L wouLdn't have toLd you now aLso.

Hasini, the engagement happened
without my consent.

stiLL we can't brush it a faLse.

But that is my probLem.
L'LL see to it.

Hasini, you've become
so important to my Life.

onLy after seeing you, L'm Living happiLy
for the first time in my Life.

Hasini, L want that
happiness aLL my Life.

Lf you've faith in me,
think and repLy me...

L'LL wait for you!

Your stop has come...

Have you come?

What can L cook for dinner?

oh! Madam is very serious...

Yes... coming...

L'LL fry them...

HeLLo, is it teLephone department?

- Ln my house...
- Press 1...

If you want in Tamil, press 2...

Not 2... L'LL press your neck...


santhosh, L don't Like this...

L don't want to be Like this..

As if L've Lost something...

L can't be serious
thinking aLL the time...

You said you wiLL do
what you Like, right?

You aren't interested in
that marriage, are you?

Then don't marry.

You do what you Like!

L have faith in you!


Hey Hasini... wait...

PLease.. L didn't get you...

Hey, repLy me and go...
Hasini, wait...

What do you mean?
Hasini, make it cLear...

senior sir, L Love you...

Hasini loves you!
Hasini loves you!

Best of luck, senior sir...

Hasini, L Love you!


Don't shake the hand.

- Ammu, put henna for me aLso..
- she may charge you aLso...

L'm doing you a favour
by showing my hand.

- Different coLour pLease.
- okay sister-in-Law.

What's this nonsense?

Ls it home or beauty parLour?
cLear the pLace.

Ask him to come to office
from tomorrow.

What happened, hubby?

- Ask him to come to office.
- TeLL me, what happened?

Ask him....teLL her....

He is saying L Love you to a girL
standing on the road..

ActuaLLy, what happened to you?

Who is that girL?

What is your probLem?
TeLL me...

- How wiLL L know if you're quiet?
- That girL....

Father, L Like that girL.

Your engagement is aLready over.

Have you forgotten it?

You've agreed to marry her.

We eLders fix the aLLiance.
Do you remember it?

You shouLd've toLd us that
you didn't Like that girL.

Didn't we ask for your opinion?

You shouLd've toLd us that
you didn't Like that girL.

Didn't we ask for your opinion?

L had no reason then.

Now you've a reason.

What reason?

Now you Like this girL, right?

one reason.

L've 100 reasons to say that
L don't Like your girL.

shaLL L teLL you?

TeLL me. shaLL L teLL you?

Know about her and
then give me a reason.

Heard him?

He says that we aLL shouLd
know about her.

But how?

Like the way you knew about her.

Going after her on the road,
in the restaurant, in theatres.

okay. Let's go.

Let's aLL go.

okay. We are ready to come.

Which road shouLd we go
to know about her? TeLL me.

Look. L don't get you.

ExpLain it properLy.

What shouLd we do to know about her?


Lf possibLe...

Make it very cLear.

L wiLL bring her home for a week.

Know what you're taLking?

L'm taLking about my future.
PLease be quiet.

After seeing her, give me one reason
why you don't Like her.

L wiLL forget her.


Bring her home.

How couLd you agree, father?

What eLse can L do?

Lf L teLL him that L don't Like her
he wiLL get hurt.

Ls it okay if L say after a week?

1 week.

7 days.

just 1 week.

Bring her.

He says that they wiLL decide
about her in a week's time.

Lt's Like a doctor giving
the patient his deadLine.

You couLd've asked us for an idea.

We were happy since you
had taken a decision.

You've ruined it too & made your
father the decision maker.

TiLL now L was wondering how am
L going to teLL this to my father.

But now L toLd him that L Love her

and L've aLso got the permission
to take her to my home for a week.

That's my first success.

What bLoody success?

You know weLL about Hasini
and your father.

WiLL it work?

Lt wiLL work.

Lf he comes home,
everything wiLL be aLright.

Ln these 7 days,

won't L get one chance to prove
that she is the right girL.

WiLL Hasini come to your house?

she wiLL come.

No, L won't come.

Am L asking you to come
to beach or theatre?

or am L asking you to
eLope & marry me?

L am asking you to come home, right?

How can L stay there for 7 days?
How couLd you expect me to come?

- No chance.
- TeLL her.

Hasini, if we waLk in the same speed,
we wiLL reach his house.

We can go inside just Like that.

Keep quiet.

Hasini, we have to prove our Love,



Don't compeL me.

I won't come.



Hasini, we have onLy two choices.

1. To take you to my home.

2. or L shouLd waLk out of my home.

Lf L come out, L wiLL miss
a very good famiLy.

Lf L take you to my house,

L'LL be happy to have given
you a good famiLy.

- TeLL me what L shouLd do?
- What famiLy...?

Don't L have a famiLy?

oh God!

Her's is great Ambani famiLy?

Your father is a drunkard.
And you're his daughter.

Ration card shouLdn't have
been issued to you both.

We must teLL the
government withdraw it.

Hasini, L want you.

Lf you want me,
trust me & come with me.


But how wiLL my father agree to this?

WiLL you come if he agrees?

He must agree...?

L've a doubt.

Why are you inviting her father
to your house?

To give you company whiLe drinking.

Ldiot! He is inviting
his daughter onLy.

You don't worry.

There is an idiot to
handLe her father.

WeLL. L'm KoothaperumaL,
MA., Phd., FRcs., London.

L'm working as a Lecturer
in your daughter's coLLege.

so what?

L can't send my daughter to
coLLege tour for that reason.

sir, though my parents named me
as KoothaperumaL, MA, Phd.

students caLL me as 'sLide Head'

Lf you send your daughter to the tour,

students wiLL caLL me "Youth PerumaL"
instead of KoothaperumaL.

Lf L mispronounce your name,
your name wiLL sound very bad.

To avoid aLL that, L'm requesting you
to send your daughter to the tour.

Look sLide Head,

- my daughter is getting many missed caLLs.
- Ls it?

Lf L know who it is,
L'LL cut his Legs & hands.

someone from your coLLege...

No. Not from my coLLege.
Not from this batch either.

How do you know that?

L've done my Phd.

Do anything you Like.

But she wiLL not come.
You can go.

You say that she wiLL not come.
But he wants her to come.



You mentioned "He"
Who is he?

Did L say that?

L heard you saying.

just because you heard something,
L can't accept that L said that.

You shouLdn't suspect even whiLe drinking.

Lf the buLLock cart driver is fooLish,
can the buLL caLL him as a friend?

You're taLking rubbish.

Look, everyone wants your daughter
to come to the tour.

But she wants your permission
to come to the tour.

sending your daughter
or not is your wish.

Why have a daughter & spoiL her happiness?



Do you have a phone?

Lt has a number too.

Give it.

What wiLL L do if L give you the phone?

L meant the number not your phone.


To give missed caLLs.

L've to stay away from my daughter for a week.
shouLdn't L taLk to her?

Very good.

But L didn't get you.

My daughter wants my permission
because she respects me.


Then, L shouLd respect her principLes
and send her to the tour.

so, you are permitting your
daughter to the tour!


Thank God.

L'LL not have his probLems anymore.

He? Who is he?

L convinced her father somehow.

Thank you very much, KoothaperumaL.

You shut up.

WiLL L become more popuLar
among student community?

Lf you get caught, your name wiLL be
pubLished in newspaper too.

Get caught? What do you mean?

Lf journaLists come to know about this,
they wiLL pubLish in newspapers.

oh reaLLy!

Take good care of her.

You must aLso be carefuL.

Why L shouLd be carefuL?

Who Lied to the wrestLer
to bring Hasini here?


Who wiLL be questioned
if something goes wrong?


Then who wiLL be punished?


You rascaLs!


Where are you taking her to?

Father, she is...

L know.


Ha..ha...Hasini, uncLe.


This house has a discipLinary code.

L know, uncLe.

santosh didn't teLL me.

L can see that.

But you don't worry about that.

You are guest to this house.

And that's it.

You be what you are.

For just 1 week.


Lntroduce her to everyone.

she is my mother.

Greetings aunty.

Your voice is superb.

L heard your voice through
santhosh's phone.

she is my sister-in-Law.


oh no!


He did what he said.
He brought her home.

He might introduce her to me.
You keep taLking.

L wiLL try to avoid under the garb.



santosh uncLe, who is she?

Why did you bring her to our house?

- she is...
- There is no one teLL you stories here.

so, he brought me to the house.

- You know many stories?
- L know many.


- L know oswaLd too.
- Mr. Bean?

L know Poppeye too.

she wiLL teLL you stories Later.


L Like your room santosh.

Today, L too Like it.

My Lover in my room...!
Lt's Like a dream.

Lt's not a dream.

L Love you.

What did you whisper now?

L Love you.

Why did he shout?

L pinched him.

Did you pinch him?

You both need no introduction.

But stiLL, Let me introduce you both.
Hasini, a very good girL.

- And he is...
- Muthu, good man to good peopLe.

L'm a servant here.
TeLL me anything you want.

L can even Lift a mountain.

Get me st.Thomas Mount.

- Very good. superb seLection.
- Thanks.

L forgot to teLL you something.
You're invited for dinner. PLease come.

Give that to me, mother.

Muthu, informed everyone?

TaLk to me, mother.

Muthu, keep water on the tabLe.



Weren't you taught to
use napkin whiLe eating?

L was taught to eat without
spiLLing the food.

UsuaLLy, Hasini offers prayers
before eating food.

No. since there are too
many items to eat,

L'm controLLing my mind
to eat Less.

Why are you so quiet?

Won't you taLk whiLe eating?

Lt's because you're new
to this house. Eat.

Do your parents know
about your stay here?

- They know.
- No uncLe.

They don't know, santhosh.

WouLd they send me here
if L teLL them the truth?

Forget about my father.
WouLd you send your daughter?

- shaLL L serve chutney?
- Yes.

ActuaLLy, L shouLdn't have come here.

But L didn't want hurt santhosh.
so, L came here, right?

My father is working with
ReLigious Endowments Board.

- Entry to aLL tempLes are free for us.
- What about offerings?

Free, Muthu.

shaLL L teLL you something?

You Look very handsome, uncLe.

- Do you taLk Like this aLways?
- No uncLe.

L am new to this pLace,
L am taLking Less, right santhosh?

Does he Like this girL?

say something, shanthi.

He said that it is his future.

What can L say now?

No shanthi.

When chiLdren go wrong,
we have to correct them.

We must guide them
to the right path.

They won't Listen to us if we mereLy
teLL them that they are wrong.

They wiLL understand onLy if
we make them understand.

That's why L toLd him
to bring her home.

Ln these 7 days,

won't L get one chance
or one issue

to prove that she is not
the right girL for him?

- Where are you going?
- Room shifting. To your room.

To my room?
Who is coming?

shaLL L teLL you what L know or
shaLL L teLL you after knowing it?

TeLL me what you know.

- Your father is coming.
- Father?

L too got scared.

But Later L knew it is your brother
who is coming to your room.

Brother, sister-in-Law gave me
these buds. L don't know why.

Do you know why?


Did you get scared?

L wanted to know whether
it is visibLe in the dark.

L couLdn't see anything.

come. L don't need fuLL bed.
just a berth.

Are you going to sLeep
on the fLoor?

on the bed!

Why these piLLows?

Won't you taLk?

Keep quiet.
so, she gave me buds for this...?

Where did L throw the buds?


You ditched us, Bucknor.


Hey, what are you doing here?

L couLdn't sLeep. And you?

- Me too.
- Why?

What question is that?
We have onLy 6 days remaining.

We have to trap 6 peopLe.

L thinking about how to catch
them with the fishing rod.

Fishing rod?

We can catch aLL those fishes
with a fishing rod.

Ls it so?

Why are you coming cLoser?

- L'm very tensed.
- so....?

- L'm very tensed.
- Don't make me tensed.

WiLL our tension reduce
by coming cLoser?

Lt wiLL reduce a LittLe.

A kiss wiLL reduce it fuLLy.

My heart has changed a lot...

are your eyes a pair of magnets?

I've come of age...

are your words dipped in sugar?

My youth battles with the
sound of your smile...

I feel scared to see
your yearning eyes...

Youth is divine...

Is it fair to get separated from me?

It rains when our eyes
become the clouds...

It's a pleasure when your
breath touches me...

My heart goes wild...


My heart has changed a lot...

are your eyes a pair of magnets?

I've come of age...

are your words dipped in sugar?


The honey dew drops which
you left on my heart...

makes me yearn & jump in joy...

I will scold you...

So, no more tricks...

This pot of milk will spoil
if you touch me...

Beauty is to be devoured...

Are my desires wrong?

Till the day of togetherness,
let's be friends...

Be it night or day,
I see you everywhere...

It rains when our eyes
become the clouds...

It's a pleasure when your
breath touches me...

My heart goes wild...


If coming near you is a crime...

are you the girl made up in flames?

My heart would warn me
about the crane...

I'm not an idiot fsh to get caught...

Your ears tempt me to bite them...

My hands are eager to slap you...

Be it your walk or clothes or
tresses or your thin waist...

something keeps hitting me hard...

It rains when our eyes
become the clouds...

It's a pleasure when your
breath touches me...

My heart goes wild...


Madam, coffee for you.

- Do you read newspaper?
- Why shouLd L?

A husband & wife come
every morning on TV

read aLL the news with a smiLe,

switch off the Lights & go away.
Lsn't that enough?

They both are news readers.

Ln TamiL they are caLLed husband & wife.

Why are your eyes so red?

L couLdn't sLeep Last night.

This pLace is new to you.
You wiLL get used to it. Don't worry.

- Thank you...
- Very much.

Father has awaken.

And ran away from home.

- How many times to teLL you
that it is jogging?- coffee.

Why are your eyes red?

L couLdn't sLeep Last night.

she didn't sLeep.
He didn't sLeep.

Then, there is something
something between them.

Don't try to know that?

You'LL Lose your sLeep.

Good morning uncLe.

Do you want paper?

Thank you.

L haven't finished sports coLumn.
L'LL give after finishing it. okay?


What are you doing?

L Love you.

How many times wiLL you teLL that?

UntiL you teLL me "L Love you".

You said you wiLL teLL stories.

santhosh, stop.

TabLet, water.

- Muthu.
- L'm coming.

Where is the tabLet?

This is my father's BP tabLet.
- You give him.- Why?

Fishing rod to trap.

To trap the big fish.

- Go...go...go.
- okay.

- Muthu, get me my tabLet.
- UncLe, tabLet.


Where did you go?

Don't you know to be here
when L'm Leaving to office?

Mind your business.


Ls this what BP is?

This is the first time
L'm seeing it so cLose.

Fishing rod is not enough
for the big fish.

Lt's not an ordinary fish.
Lt's a whaLe.

- For other fishes...
- We don't need a fishing rod.

- Let's throw a net.
- Net?


My mom caLLed for you.



Hi aunty!

Did you caLL me?

Did you see me butting santhosh's head?

- L got it, Muthu.
- sorry. Lt's not me.

Why did you butt his head?

Which one you're taLking about?
The outside or the inside one?

Did you do it outside too?

santhosh did it outside.
L did it inside.

Lf you butt anyone's head once,
you wiLL get horns.

- Don't you know that?
- Horns?

L butted her.
Did L get horns?

L pity her husband.

Lf he sees her with horns,
he wiLL get shocked.

Lt's nice, right?

Does santhosh beLieve aLL this?

just because he Liked this,
he invited me for a coffee.


L aLways have coffee at Parrys corner
suLtan Bhai's shop.

TeLL us about santhosh, not about you.



c'mon, Hasini.

He wiLL come to coLLege
everyday to see me.

He missed the function at home
to have panipoori with me.

Do you know that?

What's happening inside?

shaLL L teLL you what L know or
shaLL L teLL you after knowing it?

TeLL me what you know.

- That's impossibLe.
- Why?

Your girL chased me out.

so, L'LL first know what's happening
inside & then teLL you.

Lnside, you've Lot to know about.

Don't miss that entertainment.
- Go.- okay.

A good boy...?

Lf he hears this word,
he wiLL reaLLy get angry.

When he gets angry,
he'LL use bad words.

- Bad words...?
- our santhosh?

Lt reminds me something.
once in our coLLege...

What? TeLL us what happened.



Do you know something?

A person whiLe sLeeping putting his
Legs on the man next to him.

What are you saying?

Who puts Legs on whom?

okay. Friends.

okay. TeLL us.

one day, boys in our coLLege
were teasing me.

santhosh hit them bLack & bLue.

Muthu, did you get hurt?

Lt's aLright. He'LL not get hurt.
You continue.

Ever since then, boys address
me as "ELder sister".

- sir.- TeLL me.

- Friends.
- okay. Friends.

TeLL me.


Lf you can't teLL me,
keep it to yourseLf. No probLem.

Your sweetheart is
screening a movie.

L wrote the script, screenpLay,
diaLogues and direction too.

she is just an actress.

so, you toLd her to teLL
aLL these things.

L underestimated you.
But you're too good.

such a mass hero inside
this cLassic hero!

Fish, fishing rod, net
are a Low cLass idea.

Lt comes to me naturaLLy.

- Ls she teLLing them about me...
- Lt's thunderous.

L know. she is very taLented.

caLL Hasini.

she is not going to come out now.

L know how to caLL her.

Lnstead of knowing about her,
they are knowing about him.

L wonder what's going to happen.

- Hi sundar!
- Okay.

The ring wiLL stop.

Like this.

The ring wiLL stop again.

Don't you know this is
universaL Lovers' code.

Now if we don't pick the phone,
it wiLL keep ringing.

HeLLo. Ls Hasini madam avaiLabLe?

We are caLLing from LcLcL Bank.

- Lt's santhosh.
- santhosh, it's me.

Thank God.

L thought make-up mad or phone deviL
might pick up the phone.

Phone deviL?

okay. What were you taLking
in the kitchen?

- Lt's santhosh uncLe.
- something.

- L wiLL teLL you Later.
- L'm deaf.

Tell me what you told them.

- We used to have ice creams...
- Yes.

Lt's been very Long since
we jumped the waLL.

Now, it is LittLe tough.
We both have to jump the waLL.

How did you trap those fishes?


Don't say that.
They say you are a good boy.

That's what L pretend
to be at home.

ALL of them are frogs in the weLL.

They don't know about the
outside worLd's LifestyLe.

Phone, make-up,
kitchen and father.

They think these things are Life.

- Poor souLs, santhosh.
- L pity them too.

Whatever it is, our pLan is working fine.

shaLL L ask you something now?


Lt's been many days.
L'm yearning for it.

just once...


just once...

just once caLL me an idiot.

caLL me.

You are reaLLy an idiot.

- stop.
- You seem to be very tensed.

Lt's time for your father
to come home.

Why are you so happy?

Lt's time for my father
to come home.

My father must come here.

And he must know aLL that had
happened in the kitchen.

- Everything...?
- Yes. Everything.

From mass hero,
you've become a cuLt hero!

Thank you.

Don't you know to foLd
the sari properLy.

My father does it at home.

- Where are you coming from?
- From sekar's house.

He must've Lied a Lot to us.

Not Like that.
come L wiLL teach you.

No thanks.

Do you want her to jump the
waLL after she grows up?

- jump the waLL?
- WiLL you have tea?

No tea, Muthu.
He came home just now.

Give him an ice cream.
Lt wiLL cooL him down.

Lce cream?

Do ice creams taste good
onLy at midnight?

come here.

Get Lost.


L won't come to you.
L might become an idiot Like you.

Ldiot! Why is everyone taLking
in a bizarre manner?

What are you saying?

You wrote the script, screenpLay,
diaLogues & directed it too.

What do you mean?

This was the movie
she screened in the kitchen.

This one?

Why are you tensed?

Lt's time for my father to come home.

Hi father!

Why are you Looking so tensed?

- Nothing.
- L know.

- What?
- Take it.

Father, Hasini in the kitchen...

Don't taLk unnecessary things.

oh my God! Why did you bLabber
everything to them?

- What happened, santosh?
- What happened!

Lt's aLL because of you.

You agreed to my pLan
of spreading a net.

WiLL you make me as the bait?

L don't know whether you do it
knowingLy or unknowingLy.

What L toLd them in the
kitchen was very LittLe.

But you toLd them more on phone.

on phone?

Your sister switched on
the speaker mode.


Thank God! My father doesn't
know anything.

Lf he came to know this,
L wouLd've been finished.

L have another idea, santhosh.

No ideas, pLease.

L wiLL Look after everything.

Lf you taLk to anyone at home...

say that you won't taLk to anyone.


L can't keep quiet.

Even with the piLLows
in the middLe,

you can't stop yourseLf
putting your Legs on me.

- Then why these piLLows?
- okay. sorry.

- The cream is appLe fLavoured, right?
- Yes.

Lt smeLLs great, ah?

No. You appLied a LittLe
on my mouth too.

Don't keep taLking.
Keep your mouth shut.

That's too hard.
You've Lot of work to do.

But L have no work.

- stay put for 20 minutes.
- okay Ammu.

Make me sit on the sofa.

L wiLL sit and watch TV
for 20 minutes.

- Are you aLways in good mood?
- Yes Ammu.

Ammu, why don't you start
a beauty parLour?

L asked my father.
He arranged one at home itseLf.

Lt's boring to see the same
oLd faces again & again.

- Then, why don't you start outside?
- L need money.

Like santhosh, you too try
for a Loan in the bank.

What? Ls santhosh trying for a Loan?

Don't you know this?

He has appLied for a bank Loan of
Rs.2.5miLLions to start business.




What's this?

- That girL is new to this house.
- We don't know who she is.

- L'm taLking about this.
- FiLe, uncLe.

- How wiLL this work out?
- L designed it properLy.

L'm taLking to them.

Not onLy Rs.2.5 miLLions,

L wiLL give him aLL that
L have earned tiLL now.

Lf that isn't enough,

L wiLL aLso give aLL that
L wiLL earn in future.

- Won't L give him or not?
- Yes, you wiLL.

Lt's wrong to have approached
a bank without my knowLedge.

Lf L stay quiet even after knowing it,
it's even more wrong.

This shouLdn't happen again.

What do you say?

What you say is right, uncLe?

- When is your marriage?
- Whenever you say.

Day after tomorrow.

TeLL him.

- Day after tomorrow is my marriage.
- We wiLL teLL him.

As his friends,
give him a piece of advice.

A big good bye to your famiLy!

We escaped from the satan but
we got caught to the LittLe deviL.

Hi! Guna, sekar, seenu.

When did you come?

After sending me to this house,
you didn't even give me a caLL.

You said that L wiLL forget you aLL.

L didn't forget you.
You forgot me.

L've a short term memory Loss.

- L've amnesia.
- L've south Asia.

Wait. You must have coffee.

Muthu, coffee for these uncLes.

- How is he Living in that house?
- L wetted my pants.

Now you guys know
how difficuLt it is.


What's it santhosh?

Why did they Leave even before
L couLd get them coffee?

Are you mad?

Why? What did L do?

What did you do...!

A very good job.

Ls it wrong to offer coffee to friends?

WouLd these beggars die
if they don't have coffee?

since you toLd the Loan matter,
L've a big probLem with my father.

And now, my father has come to
know that you aLready know them.

Are you mad?

How wiLL L know
what's happening inside?

Yes. You know nothing.

You don't know how to behave.
You don't know what to taLk.

And above aLL, you don't know
why you are here,

Am L right?

- No santhosh.
- Hang the phone.

You too.

Won't you cut the phone?

You hang the phone.

somebody, pLease hang it.

L've to caLL my sister-in-Law immediateLy.

L'm not abLe to understand, shanti.

TiLL yesterday, L thought that
she was his onLy probLem.

L was confident of making him
understand things.

Now, L can't...

But L can understand one thing.

Not just the girL, he has
some other probLem too.

santhosh uncLe.

sorry santhosh.

L'm reaLLy sorry santhosh.

Kiss me if you want to.


johnny johnny yes papa.

- A new game.
- what game?

ALLow me aLso in the game.

Muthu, there is a new uncLe
to our house.

oh my God!
Why did he come here now?

WeLcome uncLe, pLease come.

How are you?

so, he is an oLd uncLe.

WeLcome...what a pLeasant surprise?

- sorry, L couLdn't give you a caLL.
- Lt's aLright. PLease sit.

- sir, shaLL L get a BP tabLet?
- Louder.

- sir, shaLL L get a BP tabLet?
- Get it.

For me too.

- coffee or tea?
- Get me aLso a BP tabLet.

- WeLcome.
- Greetings.- PLease sit.

Why did they ask me to come down?

Your future father-in-Law is here.

Why did he come?

Hasini is pLaying with chiLdren.

- can you teLL me one good news?
- sure, L wiLL.

He has come with the
wedding invitations.

And the groom's name is printed
as santhosh subramaniyam.

2 good news.


Lt's a custom to give you
the first wedding invitation.

WeLcome son-in-Law!
How are you?

- sit.
- sit.

Take it.

- Thank you.
- The marriage arrangements...

3 ants were going in
a straight Line.

The 1st ant said that it is
being foLLowed by 2 ants.

The 2nd ant said that it is
being foLLowed by 1 ant.

The 3rd ant said that it is
being foLLowed by 2 ants.

- How is it possibLe?
- How is it possibLe?

How is it possibLe?

That's my question? TeLL me how?

Do you know the answer?

- May be 3 ants are going in a circLe.
- No...

- Lf that is so, the 2nd ant must
be foLLowed by 2 ants.- Yes.

she is right.

- You give the answer.
- shaLL L teLL you?

shaLL L teLL you?

The 3rd ant Lied.

We were fooLed.
The 3rd ant Lied.

- okay. L wiLL take Leave.
- Thank you.

The ant Lied.
We didn't know that.

L wiLL take Leave.

- sir, BP tabLet.
- No need.

she did the job of the tabLet.

My bLood pressure came down
in just 5 minutes. Bye.

- sir, for you?
- Get Lost.

Who is she?

she is my friend.

- she is very beautifuL.
- Lsn't she?

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Good morning sir.- Good morning.
- Your mobiLe is ringing.

Lt's your mobiLe which is
ringing not mine.

L know that.
L was just testing you.

The wrestLer is caLLing.
Where wiLL L hide?

- Move.
- Get Lost.

L can't Lie suddenLy.

How wiLL L pick up the caLL?

sir, Like this.

- You scoundreL!
- scoundreL!

- Whom did you say that?
- Not you, sir.

one of my student didn't study weLL.

so, L caLLed him scoundreL.

Why shouLd one study
when you're on a tour?

Yes, why shouLd one study
when you're on a tour?

- students don't study in coLLege.
- stop bLabbering.

- Give the phone to my daughter.
- Your daughter?

she is somewhere.
And L'm eLsewhere.

What? ELsewhere?

Do you know where L am?

Do you know what aLL L see?

A garden fuLL of fLowers.

Road with curves.

- Lt's a visuaL treat to eyes.
- Are you teasing me?

L admired onLy nature, but stiLL
L am getting into troubLe.

Where is my daughter?

There is a waterfaLL 10 ft from here.

- she is dancing with her friends.
- WaterfaLLs?

L don't hear any sound.


Now you wiLL hear.

- Do you hear now?
- VagueLy.

Lt's because, out of 5 waterfaLLs,
2 are dry. so, Less noise.

- okay. Give the phone to my daughter.
- L feeL very shy.

Why do you feeL shy to give
the phone to my daughter?

Lt's not for that.

Your daughter is taking bath
in the waterfaLLs.

What are you doing in a pLace
where girLs are taking bath?

First, get out from there.

L wiLL give the phone to her.
You taLk.

Hang the phone.

Now L've to piss.

Lt's very nice.

Lt's very nice, father.

Nice? Lt's exceLLent.

Wear this for the next board
of directors meeting.

Do you know how he was
Looking during Last meeting?

He comes & stands Like
an ordinary man.

Hey santhosh, come here.

Come here.

L've bought a suit for you.

You'LL have to come
to office someday.

White coat. Lt'LL be nice on you.

santhosh, new coat? Very nice.

But you don't Like white coLour.


Lt's nice, father.

- You don't Like white coLour.
- L said go.

Lt's reaLLy nice, father.

You bLabbered again!

L don't know whether you do it
knowingLy or unknowingLy.

L don't understand.

Ls this the way to taLk
infront of my father?

L wiLL caLL you...

L scoLded myseLf.

Don't go out to caLL me for this.

Thank God! You smiLed.

Thank you santhosh.

- Muthu, packed our Luggage?
- Lt's ready.

- Look, she is making me a new bride.
- Make it fast.

- We may reach after the marriage.
- Lt's aLmost over.

Ls santhosh ready?

He has gone to buy a gift.

Ammu, have you toLd
Hasini to get ready?

Aren't you peopLe coming
to sekar's marriage?

Yes, we are coming.

Muthu, everyone is coming.
L wiLL go with them.

No need for an auto. send it.

- HoLd this Muthu.- okay.
- carefuL.

My father is here.

Do you remember what L said?

L shouLdn't shout.
L shouLdn't taLk. L must be quiet.

That's it.

ALL 3 mean the same.

They aLL mean the same.
But foLLowing them is very tough.


Thanks for making it
with entire famiLy.

- Behave yourseLf.
- she wiLL behave properLy.

- sekar has done it.
- Hi aunties!

- L am teLLing you not to...
- Leave me santhosh.


Excuse me uncLe.

Why are you caLLing us aunties
infront of everyone?

shut up.
caLL us by our names.

How is it possibLe?

Was that a joke? okay.

Have you earned a good name
in santhosh's famiLy?

Lt's enough if she doesn't
ruin it further.

Everything was going fine.

Yes. Lt is going fine
in the wrong direction.

- WeLcome drunkards!
- Have aLL our friends come?

Hi Manju!
Did you Love sekar or not?

oh my God!

she might get us divorced
even before marriage.

Then why aren't you happy?

Why is your make-up so duLL?

Wait a minute.


come here.

You must appLy make-up
for the bride. come.

L'm coming.

KaLam sir. Greetings.
How are you?


When L hear that word,
it sounds so sweet.

L've been waiting for years
for this kind of respect.

You're a roLe modeL for youngsters.

- We respect you very much.
- When did you respect me?

You used me as a Ladder & sLided
over me. L feLt very bad.

Ladder & sLide!

Hey! He is our sLide Head!

Why are you in this disguise?

L got caught with the wrestLer
whiLe trying to heLp you.

He caLLs me every minute & teLLs me
to give the phone to his daughter.

onLy 2 more days Left.
No one wiLL find you.

Remove this & move freeLy. Go.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Why didn't you invite me
to your son's wedding?

When he didn't even invite
me to his marriage,

how can L invite you?



- WeLcome.
- How are you?

Why aren't you performing your son's
marriage in a grand manner?

Lnstead you've arranged
it in a tempLe.

What L'm doing now is a great thing.

- What happened?
- He eLoped with that girL.

- sekar?
- We caught him in the raiLway station.

But he threatened to
compLain to the poLice.

L toLd him not to defame us.

L brought him home & now
performing his marriage.

His son is far better.

My son threatened to sLit his hand
if L don't accept his Love.

How couLd you perform their
marriages for threats? No.

Don't we have the responsibiLity to
choose what's good for them?

They are not bothered about
good or bad. Look there.

Ls there a one good boy
who is responsibLe?

Lt's enough if they get
what they want.

They aren't worried about anything
happening around them.

Lf they reaLLy respect us,
and if they teLL us about their Love,

won't we think once?

Won't we think once?

Ls there a one such boy
in that group?

Lt wiLL taste bitter in the night.

Don't Leave him. Poor guy.

Look there.
The oLdies are hoLding a meeting.

- What wiLL they taLk about?
- Nothing big.

My father wiLL say that his
son is a cheat.

Your father wiLL say that
his son is a fraud.

Lt's not their mistake.
Lt's our grandfather's mistake.

since they performed their chiLdren's
marriage at the age of 13,

they don't know the vaLue of Love.

Lf we faLL in Love with a girL and
teLL this to our father,

is there a father there to think about
why his son feLL in Love with that girL?

Let's go & wish the bride.

Did L disturb you?

They were discussing
about their chiLdren.

About chiLdren?
What did they say?

They say that chiLdren
do as they wish.

They don't Like that.


What are you doing?

- He won't Look nice with horns.
- shut up.

- Promise me you won't butt my father.
- Leave my hand.

You are aLways dictating me.


Promise me that you won't butt my father.

- L wiLL try.
- Try?

UncLe, Look at him.

- L fooLed you.
- Hasini, come here.- Here L come.

Beat the drums.

L wanted to perform his marriage
in a grand manner.

But he forced me to
make it very simpLe.


Be it America or Aandipatti...

when we fall in love,
everyone is opposed to it...

Be it America or Aandipatti...

when we fall in love,
everyone is opposed to it...

One day cricket is long gone.
T20 is here...

But our parents haven't changed...

O Lord Muruga! Are we asking
for 2 wives like you?

O Lord Muruga! we struggle too
hard to marry the girl we love.

Love makes life beautiful...

Love makes life beautiful...

Be it America or Aandipatti...

when we fall in love,
everyone is opposed to it...

Love has no caste or religion...

You had a lot of passion...

Parents will never ever
let that happen...

Love makes life beautiful...


when you fall in love,
you forget our affection...

Love is nothing but cheating...

Even if you go to
a bird sanctuary...

what's the point in looking at a crow...
Love is teenagers' soul...

Defaming our affection is cheating...

Your every cell reflects our sacrifce...

Father son relation is
not a business...

we never forgot your love
and affection...

- Father...
- Leave me.

Love makes life beautiful...

Love makes life beautiful...

Be it America or Aandipatti...

when we fall in love,
everyone is opposed to it...

stop the music.

- Aunty, you come. PLease come.
- What?

Do you know she can sing very weLL?
onLy one song.

- Keep quiet.
- just one song.

- just one song.
- Uncle, tell her to sing.

Beautiful Radha welcomes
Lord Krishna with her eyes...

Blue hued dark Lord Krishna was rushing
like tidal waves hitting the shore...

Lord Krishna never
forgot Radha 's love...

without Devaki's son,
Radha 's nights went sleepless...

Radha's nights went sleepless...


when you need money,
you come after us...

when you fall in love,
you go against our word...

School times are different...
Teen life is different...

Even our hearts don't listen to us...
what can we do?

A direction less ship will
never reach shores...

A boat will never see an ocean
if you tie it in the shore...

Children who fall in love never
worry about their parents...

Father who loves his son
will not fnd it wrong...


Love makes life beautiful...

Love makes life beautiful...

Hasini's father has come.

- Where?
- over there.

- oh no!
- Go & manage.

- come here.
- What santosh?- Your father.

Are you bLind? Get Lost.

- UncLe...
- carefuL.

- stop.
- HeLLo...

oh no!

He butted against me.

- Are you drunk?
- caLL him.


- L wiLL taLk to him. You go.
- How dare he!

Do you know who L am?

ManhandLing me whiLe L'm taLking.


- sorry...sorry.
- Why are you running?- Father.


- You?
- Leave me.


What did L do?

What more do you want to do?

L insisted you to foLLow certain ruLes.

Did you foLLow anyone of it?

AtLeast, you couLd have behaved
decentLy infront of my father.

Lnspite of my warning,
you hit him. Ldiot.

Your father joined the party too.

You're shouting at me. Fine.
Why abuse my father?

Abuse? L am so angry that...

He got drunk & came to the tempLe.

You aLso drink & abuse your father.

You're talking as if you're a good son.

Don't taLk Like that again.

sorry santhosh.

PLease santhosh.

santhosh...sorry santhosh.

Lt's me. sorry santhosh.

Do you have any sense?

Apart from what aLL you toLd tiLL now,
do you have to teLL them that L drink?

L did say sorry.

PLease. Forget it santhosh.

Do you know what santhosh
is in that house?

But today, it's aLL gone.

Now, santhosh means a rogue.

A drunkard.

Lt doesn't portray you as a bad man.

They wiLL come to know about
it someday or the other.

After coming to know aLL this,

they wiLL feeL very bad for not
bringing me up properLy.

WiLL they respect my words?

WiLL they agree to our marriage?

L'm scared about what my father
is thinking about me.

Won't you think about me?

L Love you. Lsn't that enough?

Do you want me to think about you?

Whatever L did were stupid things.

Do you want me to think about you?
Tell me.

- Hasini...
- come home.

How Long wiLL you keep thinking?

Go home first.

That very thought scares me.

7 days which my father
gave me ends today.

can you Live without Hasini?

You can't.

Then, why worry about
your father's decision?

Have confidence in your decision.

Lf necessary, go against your father.

Excuse me sir.

signature, pLease.

Why are you Laughing?

The other day, even santhosh was
hoLding his shirt Like you.

sorry sir.

- HeLLo.
- Your kinsman is on line.

will you talk to him?

- L can't taLk with anyone now.
- Okay.

- just avoid that.
- Okay.

Father, construction at
Anna Nagar site is over.

We have to decide about the painting.

We can use the paint
which we reguLarLy use.

This paint is new in the market.

Lf the quaLity is as they promise,
the resuLt wiLL be very good.

Lf you choose the paint,
we can't start our work.

We can decide tomorrow.

Are you thinking of taking
a decision tomorrow?

He is not used to your
kind of Living as L do.

Lt's aLright. Whatever you do
is for our own good.

- sanjay...
- Father.

Don't take risk choosing the new one.

Use the oLd one.

sir...your father is caLLing you.


Had food?

santhosh, you aLL know what kind
of a father L am to this famiLy.

L'm not a singLe man.

You aLL are part of me.

Even santhosh is not a singLe man.

L know.

L understand.

L'm teLLing you after giving
it a serious thought.

TiLL now as a father, L never committed
a mistake nor wouLd L in future.

L've taken a decision.

L have aLso take a decision.

Let me speak first.

PLease Listen to what L say...

L'm not finished yet.

Father pLease...

WiLL you pLease Let me say something?

can L say something, uncLe?

Hasini, you be quiet, Father...

L don't want santhosh, uncLe.

L'LL Leave from now

L don't know the basic manners
of how & what to taLk.

Even now, L'm disturbing you when you
were in a serious conversation.

L even don't know whether
this is right or wrong.

But L know that L'm not the
right girL for santhosh.

When you toLd him to bring
me to this house,

L wondered how couLd someone know
about a person in just 7 days.

But after coming here,
L understood it is possibLe.

L don't know what you know
about me, uncLe.

But L came to know
a Lot about santhosh.

EarLier, he aLways wanted me
to say something.

Now, he doesn't want me to taLk.

EarLier, he feLt happy taLking
to me on phone.

Now, he caLLs for scoLding me.

What aLL he Liked in me earLier,

now he disLikes aLL that.

L'm not Leaving this house because
santhosh is scoLding me.

santhosh used to scoLd me earLier too.

There was Love in it.

Now, it's missing.

When L was aLone at home,
L never feLt LoneLy.

But here, inspite of so many
peopLe around me,

L feeL very LoneLy.

L can't act according to the
environment L am in, uncLe.

Lf L stay here, L fear that L may
have to act aLL my Life.

That's why L'm Leaving.

L came here as a guest.
L'LL Leave as a guest.

Forgive me if L had at
any time hurt your feeLings.

Bye aunty.

Auto has come.


You promised to teLL us some stories.

Never leave me, O my soul!
Never discard your soulmate...

There is no world without you...

O dream! Never end...
Never get dissolved in tears...

There is no dawn in
my life without you...

I was like a toy before you
entered into my life...

You gave me an identity
with your smile...

I wanted to live with you
all my life...

You disappeared from
my life like a lightning...

You said you had scored
99% in Maths.

L signed the report card
knowing it was a Lie.

L toLd you to be modest.

But you insisted to do
what you want.

L agreed that too.

Do you know why L gave you
so much of freedom?

Lt's because of the trust
L had in my daughter.

You have ruined aLL my trust.

Hereafter, L wiLL do as you wish.

Never leave me, O my soul!
Never discard your soulmate...

There is no world without you...


The places where I went with you.. questioning me that
why have I come alone?

The tree under which
I stood beside you... now spitting fre instead
of giving me shade...

My shadow knows my loneliness...

My body understands
your separation...

But my heart never believes this...

Never leave me, O my soul!
Never discard your soulmate...

There is no world without you...


- HeLLo.
- L'm Ramamurthy speaking.


L'm unabLe to catch you, kinsman.

sorry sir. L forgot to caLL you
because of work pressure.

Even my pressure is buiLding up.
Because L'm bride's father.

The marriage day is nearing.

we never discussed about what & how
to make the arrangements.

Lt wouLd be nice
if we meet in person.

L wiLL caLL you in a coupLe of days.
PLease don't mistake me.

Lt's aLright. Bye.

Thank you.

Why are you Looking so duLL?

He is caLLing me again & again.

What shouLd L teLL him?

Never keep you face Like that.
L hate to see that.

TeLL him.

TeLL him.

Why are you upset?

As if some unwanted thing
has happened.

Why are you aLL Looking so duLL?

she went away on her own.

L did what L had to.

WiLL any father aLLow a girL to stay
in his house for 7 days?

L aLLowed. Why?

For his sake.

Lt's good that she has Left.
she couLdn't stay here for 7 days.

How can she Live here aLL her Life?

santhosh, just Listen to me.

You don't know what you want.

Do you know?


Do you reaLLy know what he wants?

- Did L bring him up without knowing that?
- Yes.

- What are you saying?
- No. L might yeLL at you.

Why are you taLking about that girL?
What do you know about him?

Do you think boys behave the same
way as they are at home?

No. They'll never behave
the same way.

Do you know how he wiLL be
once he steps out of home?

He jumps waLLs at night.
He wiLL Lie at wiLL.

He wiLL fight on the road.
He wiLL drink.


- Do you know what he wiLL
do after drinking?- Mother...

- After drinking...?
- He drinks. Lsn't that enough?

No mother.

L'm taLking about my son's
future & not yours.

You did aLL the mistakes.
- Why bLame him?- PLease mother.

- You did everything...
- she says that L'm at fauLt.

- Dad, L'm responsibLe for everything.
- Why shouLd you?

Mother pLease...

L'm at fauLt.

L wiLL come to office from tomorrow.

L wiLL marry the girL you seLect.

santhosh, stop.

What's happening?

she says it's aLL my mistake,

you're waLking away saying
it's aLL your mistake,

what's happening here?

Ls it wrong to care for you
peopLe every second?

Ls it wrong to think of giving
my chiLdren a good Life?

ALL of your faces are duLL.

What wrong did L do?
You teLL me.

What wrong did L do?
What wrong did L do?

You did everything.


You did everything.

Enough father.

Enough of the things you did
for me from my chiLdhood.

Enough of the things L Lost.

Not anymore, pLease.

What did you Lose?

Haven't you understood even now?

something which Hasini had
when she came to this house

and that which she Lost when she
waLked out from this house.

That's what L Lost.


L Lost LittLe joys & happiness.

You aLways wanted to make
your son someone big

and want to give them a great Life.

But you wiLL never think about
my wishes or desires.

As far as you're concerned,
L think 1000 times before taking a decision.


You think 1000 times whether
it is good for me or not.

But have you ever thought
whether L Like it or not.

You know the satisfaction of
giving more than asked for.

onLy L know the pain when L don't
get what L wished for.

onLy if you taLk to me,
you wiLL know my Likes & disLikes.

You caLL my friends to taLk.

TaLk to me. Look into my eyes.
Try to be friendLy with me.

L used to say this everytime.

You wiLL say this.

But you wiLL not be friendLy.

Because you want everything
to be done as you wish.

You bought this shirt.
You wiLL caLL it a superb one.

And you wiLL convince me saying
that it is the best for me.

Do you know how L wiLL feeL Like?

L want to tear this shirt off and
scream that L don't Like this shirt.

You wiLL send me to office.
L wiLL aLso go to the office.

But you wiLL finish aLL the work
ever before L reach office.

staff at office Laugh at me.

You wiLL invite me to pLay carom.
L wouLd want to pLay it in my way.

But you want me to win.

so, you hoLd my hand and
guide me what to strike.

Lf you pLay my game too,
why shouLd L pLay?

Above aLL, if you teach me
how to eat,

L couLdn't swaLLow food.

L couLd neither do as you say
nor couLd L be as L Like.

Lt's nothing but sheer heLL.


L don't know how to reLease
my anger, frustration, hatred.

one day, L even yeLLed at mother.

From that day onwards,
she stopped taLking to me.

When my mother can't understand
why L'm Like this,

how can the girL understand?

she Left.

she said that there is no Love and
santosh is not the right man for her.

she Left taking away aLL
my happiness & joy.

When L brought her to this house,
L gave her a promise.

L promised to give her
a very good famiLy.

But mark my words now,
this famiLy has Lost a good girL.

You have Lost her.
she is gone.

What shouLd L do now?

Marry the girL whom
you have fixed, right?

L wiLL marry her.

The shirts, things & bike you bought me
don't know that L don't Like them.

But it's a girL who is
coming to our house.

someday she wiLL know
that L don't Like her.

on that day you wiLL feeL
bad for ruining my Life.

TiLL now, you thought
you're a successfuL father.

To make you win,
L've been Losing for 24 Long years.

Lf L keep Losing and
if L Look back someday,

L wiLL find onLy "YoU" in my Life.

There wiLL be no "ME" in it.

L was never happy aLL these days.
L tried to be happy.

And L'LL try to be happy
in future too.

But L have a humbLe request.

Don't force me to be happy giving me
something which L don't Like.



- Father-in-Law...- What happened?
- Father...

L am okay.

L feLt content thinking that
you aLL are happy.

L didn't know that L was content
by taking aLL your happiness.

L didn't know that.

L didn't know.

Making a profit of Rs.10 miLLions in
business is not a big thing for me.

But if L buy you a shift, L wiLL teLL
everyone & feeL very happy.

L never thought of taking aLL
your happiness for my joy.


L am sorry.

You couLd've toLd me aLL this.

Why did you bury aLL your
pain inside yourseLf?

This was the reason.

L know that you wiLL feeL
hurt if L had toLd you.

one can abuse a father who
doesn't care about his chiLdren.

But you are a rare kind.

A very good father.

You aLways think about & care about us
by hoLding our hand every minute.

And you find happiness in doing so.

L wanted to give this happiness
to you aLL your Life.

L can't give up on you.

so, L tried to take my hand from
your hoLd for two things.

But even now,
you're stiLL hoLding my hand.



L'm responsibLe for everything.

L wiLL correct it myseLf.

L wiLL stop this marriage at any cost.

Your Life is in your hands.
Go & be happy.

- Father...
- Go. L wiLL take care.

- HeLLo...
- what?

- AppLy turmeric to these invitations.
- Okay.

WeLcome, my future son-in-Law.

AtLeast today you made it here
after the engagement.

L am very happy.

- our son-in-Law has come.
- Greetings.

- Get him some coffee.
- PLease sit.

How is everyone at home?


Do you want to taLk to Raji?
Go head, taLk.

- No. L want to taLk to you.
- Ls it?

TeLL me.

UncLe, Let's stop this marriage.

Thanks dear.

surprised to see me say thanks
instead of a apoLogizing to you.

When you came to our house,
L understood what santhosh is.

When you Left our house,
L understood about myseLf.

He toLd me what aLL he Lost in his
24 years of Life because of me.

As a father, L wish to give him back
aLL that he had Lost.

But for now,
L can onLy give you to him.

L know for sure that
if L give you to him,

L wouLd be giving him back
his 24 years of Life.

As a father, this is the onLy
chance L have to win.

WiLL you make me win?

L won't agree no matter what you say.

You're onLy a kid.
You know nothing.

Your father is a respectabLe man.
What happened to him?

UncLe, pLease don't curse him.
Lt's aLL my fauLt.

That's why L've come in person.
PLease Listen to me.

What wiLL you say?

WiLL you teLL me to bear the pain
whiLe you cut my head off?

You're a man.
so, no probLems for you.

But if a girL's marriage gets stopped
after her engagement,

you wiLL not know the pain
she wiLL have to undergo.

UncLe, you're taLking about
engagement before marriage.

L'm taLking about
Life after marriage.

Life is more important
than engagement.

L'm not the right choice
for your daughter.

Rajeshwari, L tried to teLL you about
myseLf & know about you.

But when you mentioned your
father's name for everything,

L understood that you were
brought up just Like me.

L feLt that we wiLL not be
happy after marriage.

L shouLd've toLd you that day itseLf.

Lt's my mistake for
teLLing you so Late.

L'm reaLLy sorry.

When your father toLd about me,
you agreed for the marriage.

Now L am teLLing you about myseLf.
WiLL you stiLL agree?

Poor girL! she is a smaLL girL.
What wiLL she teLL you?

L wiLL teLL him.

L don't know what to say.

My father was very angry for
the mistake L committed.

Hereafter, L wiLL do as
my father teLLs me to do.

TiLL now, L did aLL that you said.
But this time, Let me speak.

He himself says that I will not
be happy if I marry him.

What more do you want?
No father.

L don't want this marriage to happen.

just because he rejected me
doesn't mean that L'LL never get married.

What's wrong with me?

Now, if you make him accept for
this marriage, L wiLL not accept.

PLease father.
No more arguments.

Thanks santhosh.

Thanks for teLLing this before marriage.

L wiLL taLk to your father.
His anger is justified.

When santhosh toLd me about you,
even L got angry.

L asked him whether we have to stand
on the streets to know about you.

Today, what L said has come true.

My entire famiLy is waiting for you
on the street. There they are.





Mr.Hero, everything has gone weLL.

Then, why are you stiLL cursing fathers?

Gone weLL?

The actuaL probLem started after this.

ALL the fathers of this worLd
are bLoody f....

When you took my daughter
to your house,

L was so angry to chop you into pieces.

But when L see the same famiLy
standing infront of my house

on the streets for the
sake of my daughter,

L feeL proud of my daughter.

L feeL happy about my upbringing.

But L won't give my daughter
to your son.


Even L brought up my son
in a good manner.

Good manner?

Do you know what wiLL he
say when he gets drunk?

oh god!

When he gets drunk...?

He wiLL abuse you to the core.


Lt's aLright if my son abuses me.

L wouLd've done some wrong.
so, he is abusing me.

That doesn't mean he is a bad boy.

When he can't respect his own father,
how can he respect his wife?

He wiLL respect you.

He wiLL take good care of you.
L trust him.

Lf you don't trust him,
L wiLL send my son to your home for a week.

Give me one reason for not
Liking him. L wiLL agree.

- Are you going to her home?
- Yes...

Ls that her home?

This time, what your father did is right.

You've proved as a good son.

Now prove yourseLf to be
a good son-in-Law.

okay Hero. L'LL move.

ALL the best. Victory is yours.


You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...

You steal my sleep
appearing in my dream...

If you come before me,
you are taking my life...

My eyes brighten on
seeing your face...

You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...


when we walk together,
I long for a never ending road...

when you appear like a rainbow,
my eyes too turn colourful...

Flowers in my garden are
looking forward to meet you...

My threshold is asking
when will you step in through it...

You're doing something to me...

You've stolen my heart...