Santa's Squad (2020) - full transcript

An unemployed art teacher accepts a job with the Santa Squad to help lift the spirits of a wealthy widower Gordon (Aaron Ashmore) and his two adorable daughters. As she helps the broken ...


Safe travels, everyone!

Merry Christmas! Merry Kwanzaa.
Happy Hanukkah.

Bye! So long!



- Hi!
- What's going on?


What are you doing here?

I just thought I'd come by
and say hello and...

Maybe see if you needed any help
here at the community centre.

Oh, no. What happened to your
job at the middle school?

Budget cuts.

- The arts
always gets it first.
- Hm.

They said they might rehire
people after the new year

but I could really use
a job during the holidays.

I really wish I could
help out but of course,

I'm all staffed up by volunteers

Plus all the other folk
just left on that bus

to go to The Bahamas.

So, there's no one left
here to look after.

Tony, can you help
me with the decorations

for the Christmas tree?

Connie, I thought you were
on that bus to The Bahamas.

What's going on?

What and leave you here
all alone for Christmas?

Don't be silly!

And here I thought
I had a week off.

Well, can you keep the centre
open just for one person?

Tony, the TV in the
great room's on the Fritz again.

I'll deal with that
in a minute there, bill.


Make that two persons.


(Exhales sharply)
Okay, you're hired.

I wonder if you could start
today. (Chuckles)

Do you know how to fix TVs?



What's wrong?
You look upset.

Of course I am.

This is supposed
to be an angel with wings

and it looks
like a pigeon exploded.

(Chuckles) It kind of does.

I'm Connie.
Nice to meet you.

I'm Allie.

Are you Tony's girlfriend?

Oh, no, we're just friends.

We went to school together.

Oh, okay.

So no spark or anything, huh?

- No. Not really.
- No. Okay. (Sniffs)

Allie, sit down.
Take a load off, talk to me.

So you didn't want to go
on the Christmas cruise, Connie?

Oh, and leave poor old bill
all by himself?

You see, he told me
that he gets seasick.

So a cruise is out of
the question.

And I just thought
I'd stay behind

to see if I can help him,
the poor dear.

Oh, so you
and bill are a couple.

Allie, that's awfully personal.

Oh, okay.

Good movie?

Nah, there's nothing on.

(Sighs) Bill, wouldn't you
prefer to be at home?

Where you could put your feet up

and crack a beer open?

Well, to be honest.

I didn't want to leave Connie
all by herself.

She doesn't have any family.

And when I found out she wasn't
gonna go on the cruise,

I thought to myself, heck,

I can't let her
spend Christmas all alone.

(Whispers) I told her I got



Bill, weren't you a
captain in the Navy?

Well, yeah, I commanded
a cruiser in the pacific.

I had dreams of being
an architect

when I was a young pup.

But my dad and my grandpa were
in the Navy

and I just followed
in their footsteps.

Well, you know, that's something

we could take care of
in the new year.

We could arrange for
you to take architecture classes

or something.

No, no. I'm too
old to get involved

in that kind of thing anymore.

Well, I don't know.

Maybe there's ways for you
to stay young.


Huh? Sorry?
Oh, yeah, sure.

Yeah, of course.

Well, why don't you let me
know if you need anything.

Sure, Tony.

Yeah, thank you.

Listen, we are gonna have
all the activities

that we planned to have this
week, aren't we?

Yeah. Looks that way, bill.


So, let's cut to the chase.

How goes the search
for Mr. Right?

My search?

Oh, I'm not
looking for Mr. Right.

Oh, honey.
Don't kid a kidder.

A good-looking gal like you?

Not in the
market for a sweetheart?

Well, actually, I just
got out of a relationship.

So I'm kind of
putting all that on hold.

Besides it's hard
finding the right person.

What, are you kidding?

With all the snaps and apps
and tubes and tweeties

I bet you I can find you
a good catch in two minutes.

- Here, give me your phone.
- No! No!

Well, would you like
to meet my grandson Nathaniel?

He's very handsome,
lovely smile.

Nice boy.

Oh. No, thank you, Connie.

I could find my own dates,

but I'm not really in the dating
frame of mind right now.

- Really?
- Yeah.


Oh, well, I guess love can wait
while we finish our decorations,

but just remember,
keep your eyes open.

You never know
when you'll find Mr. Right.

You were just
missing the angel's head.

That's beautiful. Thank you.

My pleasure. (Chuckles)

Allie! Wait up.
Wait up.

Thank you for
all your help today.

Oh, it was my pleasure.

Bill and Connie were
very entertaining.

Yes, if by entertaining you mean
a handful? Absolutely.

I'd hate to lose you
after just one day

but I thought maybe this might
be of some interest to you.

What is it?

Looks like a help wanted poster.

It's on the bulletin board

"the Santa squad

can help make your Christmas
dreams come true.

Do you need someone
to help shop for you,

decorate your tree,
wrap presents?

The Santa squad offers a ho-ho-
whole range of services

to help make your spirits
bright all season long.

I'd be perfect for this job.


First of all, I love Christmas.

I can vouch for that.

I've heard you sing
"jingle bells" in July.

I can shop. Christmas
shopping is so much fun!

I decorate.
I've decorated numerous times.

I could almost
call myself a decorator.

Too far, I think.

I'll call them and
see how much they pay.


They'll probably make you wear

one of those elf costumes.

No way.
That's too corny.

- Is it?
- (Both chuckle)

Could you point me
to the hiring office?

Right over there.


Um, hello.

Oh, hi. Did you bring
the pastrami sandwich?

No, I'm here about a job.

Oh, well, that's too bad.

So you're not hiring?

No. No, I meant too
bad about the pastrami.

Oh, right. Okay,
but you are hiring.

Oh, yes. Yes.

We always need elves.

Tell me, what
kind of elf work have you done?

Up until recently, I was an art
teacher at a middle school.

So we had to
do a lot of artsy things

that required artistic skill.

Oh, and i'm
in charge of decorating

the community centre
for the holidays.

Six big rooms with a Christmas
tree in each one

plus handmade streamers,

life-size reindeer
made out of chicken wire

and papier maché.

Oh, for the love of...

Would you look at that?

Oh, um...


There you go.

Oh, ho ho. Nicely done.

Yes, good instincts.

problem-solving skills.

Oh, yes.
I have those as well.

All right, I'm gonna
give you a hypothetical.

It's Christmas Eve and
you get a call from a guy

saying he forgot to get his
wife a Christmas present.

What do you tell him to do?

- Oh, um...
- Tick-tock, Christmas Eve.

I would tell
him to clean the bathroom.

Excuse me?

Make that
bathroom shine like a diamond.

That's what I'd say.

All right.

I think it's a little...


Hello, doll. It's me.

Let me ask you.

What would you think if I
cleaned the bathroom by myself?


Oh, really? Well,
thank you, my love.

All right, bye bye.

Well, you just got my
wife to say sweet things

I haven't heard in years.

All right,
I'm gonna give you a shot...

The church file.

The church file?

Yes, it's a very important job.

One of the biggest.

Talk to Holly,
Holly at the counter

and she'll
get you all squared away.

Oh, and thanks
for the gum balls.

Church file.

[Choral music "ode to joy"]

This isn't a church.

This is bigger than a church.

This is bigger than a cathedral.

[Car horn]

You're in my way.

Oh, sorry! Sorry!


(Scoffs) Now you're in my spot.


Oh, I am so sorry.
This is my first day here and...

Alrighty then.


- Yes?
- Hi.

I'm Allie from the Santa squad.

The personal holiday serv...

I'm Daniel Hyde,
Mr. Church's personal assistant.

Come, come.


I'm so sorry.
I was in the driveway and I...

Oh, wow!

That's kimmee.
That's Mr. Church's lady friend.


Oh, church is the family name.

For some reason, I thought
I was going to an actual church,

but then I thought
why would they gift-wrap?

It's a church, but then
I thought

what the heck,
maybe they have some gifts.

They want to give
to the people...

You'll be assisting
Mr. Gordon church

and his daughters,
Iris and Rose.

Did you bring a resume?

Oh, yes I did.

And you've been alerted as to
your responsibilities

and obligations
vis-a-vis the church household?

I mean, they told me
that I was responsible

for taking care of setting
up for Christmas,

you know, the presents,
decorations, et cetera.

Any outstanding warrants?

Outstanding? No.

Liens on your personal property?


Speeding tickets,
unpaid or otherwise?

No. Excuse me,
I'm sorry,

but Mr. Karl at the
Santa squad already went over...

One moment, please.
Yes, sir.

Yes, she's here.
I will, sir.

Oh, and you asked me to remind
you about the Tokyo call.

The paperwork is on your desk.

Never a dull moment.
One moment

what other kinds of
guidance did you receive

from the Santa squad group?

They gave me
a list of do's and don'ts.

Just general stuff.
A job's a job, right?

The church residence
is not like other jobs.

There are very specific rules
we like to follow.

Rules that have been put into
place for very specific reasons.

Oh, okay. Like what?

I beg your pardon.

What are the specific reasons

for the specific rules?

That's not your concern.

I just thought if I knew the why

it would help with the how.


These are
the interior decorations.

Garlands for the mantle,
holiday candles, etcetera.

One box for the whole house?

Is that a problem?

No, not at all.
I'm just... it's just...

I'm sure there's a very specific
reason. Please continue.

Are the tree ornaments.

Each one handmade,
each one quite expensive.

That's really impressive.

So be quite careful with those.

The tree is in the family room.

Oh, yes, sir.

Yes. I'll
be right there.

Familiarize yourself
with the contents

then come to the family room.
I'll meet you there.

Arigato gozaimasu, sato-San.


How does it look?

(Sighs) I told them tapered.

No, it needs to go back.

How's the new employee
from the Santa squad?

Does she seem up to the task?

That remains to be seen.

How so?

She's a little chatty.

But not obnoxiously, sir.

She seems scattered.

But perhaps it's the adrenaline
of starting a new position.

As long as she gets
the job done.

If I may ask, how did your
call with the Japanese CEO go?

Well, he's not on board yet.

I feel like they're waiting
for us

to try something new,

something that'll knock
their socks off,

but I'm just not
sure what that is yet.

Are smoothies
healthy in direct relation

to how awful they taste? Ugh.

Eugene will have the
jet ready to roll at six.

You're meeting the football
team owner in his private box.

And the girls?

Iris is practicing her flute.

Good girl.

And Rose is studying
for her last test

before the holiday break.


You know, I just wish
that she'd make some time

to have some
fun while she's still young.

Is something funny?


No, it's just the idea of Rose
having fun

would be so unusual.

She's so studious
most of the time.

No offense.

I know that she is,
Daniel, and that's on me. I'm...

I've been neglecting them.

You'll have more time
after the holidays.

Yeah, of course.

Thank you, Daniel.

(Exhales sharpy) Hm...


Hi, I'm Iris. I'm 8.

Hi, I'm Allie.
I'm... pleased to meet you.

Do you work here now?

Um... looks like it.

Are you a gardener?


Masseuse? Chef?

Artwork restoration technician?

I'm here to
help out for Christmas.

This Santa squad?

That's right.

Do you think it would be okay

if we did
a little more decorating

than we did last year?

Well, I wasn't here last year,

but, sure, we can have some
fun decorating.

But I'd like
to speak to your father first.

Make sure it's okay.

You can do that right now.



Hi, Mr. Church.
I'm Allie.

Gordon. Church.

The folder, sir.

Hm? Right, right. Oh.

Everything you need
is in the Christmas folder.


When should I start?

How do you feel about starting
right now?



Just let Daniel know
what you need

and meanwhile,
we need to think of something

to impress the Japanese.

We need something
bold for the presentation.

Can you write it backwards?

Come again?

The Japanese,
they read right to left.

That's why their books seem
like they're backwards to us.

We read left to right.

If you don't mind.

No, no.
Hang on, hang on.

Go on.

I'm just thinking.
I teach art to middle schoolers.

And we like to show them

how different cultures
do things.

Maybe the Japanese would
appreciate it

if your presentation
matched their cultural style?

That's a great idea, um...


That's a great idea, Allie.
Thank you.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

Are you going somewhere, daddy?

Yes. I am going to a
football game in Florida.

Why can't you just
watch it here on TV?

Because I'm not really going
to watch the game, pumpkin.

But you just said...

I know it's kind of confusing

but I will
be back in the morning, okay?


- Okay?
- Okay.


You can get
yourself squared away?


Okay, then.




Uh, I was just getting Allie
set up.

She's with the Santa squad,

the people that come
to your house and do the...

Yeah, we met outside.
Allie, is it?

Yes, I'm Allie.

Allie, in the future,
you can park in the back

by the servants' entrance.
Would that be okay?

Oh, fine. I'm sorry
about earlier today...

Is the Florida trip still on

or do you need
to help Allie some more?

Let's go.


(Exhales sharply)


You must be Rose.

I don't know if I must be.

Who are you?

Oh, I... I'm Allie.

I'm here with the Santa squad.

I'll be helping out
around Christmas.

decorating, all that stuff.

Did you know that some sharks
can live up to five centuries?

No, I didn't know that.

Did you know that
the heart of the shrimp

can be found in its head?

I didn't know that either.

Can you guess which
animal features prominently

in the Christmas song
"the twelve days of Christmas"?

Um... let me think.


French hens, turtle doves

geese, swan and
the infamous partridge.

You're right.

No, I never thought of it
as a song about birds.

There are those who
theorize that five golden rings

relate to the ring-necked

I'm not so sure.

I see.

Well, you have to be sure.

It's vital.

Well, maybe "jingle bells"

is really a song
about birds that...

I don't know,
make a jingle sound.

Birds don't jingle.


Nice to meet you.




Do you like that one?

Yes, it's amazing.

Iris, do you want to
help decorate the tree?

We could ask Rose, too.

We're not allowed to touch
those decorations.

Well, that's too bad.

Decorating the tree

is one of the most
fun things you can do

at Christmas time.

Not around here.

Well, does your family have
any ornaments

that aren't so expensive?

I mean, these are incredible

but do you have
some personal ones

you girls made in school?

They don't do stuff like that

at the kinds
of schools we go to.

Now the Christmas gifts
have been ordered

and should be arriving
within the next few days.

So, all the gifts are being
delivered from online stores?

Yes, of course.

Would there be
any opportunity for me

to do any private shopping?

I'm very good in a mall.

Be that as it may

this is how we
sort the Christmas gifts.

Now, most of
them will come wrapped.

But you'll be responsible

for taking care of the ones
that aren't.

I'll be expecting
perfectly creased corners.

Nothing gaudy.

Conservative bows.
Classic colors.

Oh, about that.

I saw the most
amazing cellophane shells.

You just slide it
over the gift boxes

and you top it with
shredded bows...

- No.
- But...


Are we clear?

Yes, we are.

The girls are adorable
and the dad, he seems nice,

but the house
just feels empty, lifeless.

Yeah, well, the way you describe

that big old mansion sounds like

it'll take a hundred people
are more to fill it up.

So the dad, Mr. Church,

he's dating this woman.

I think she wants
to scratch my eyes out.

I'm sure you just imagined it.

Oh, she looks at me like.

Oh my goodness.

I... I'm sure it's nothing.

(Laughs) I just want to loosen
the girls up,

you know, find the joy of

All they need is a little

I don't know, Allie.
Don't get involved.

I think you should just walk
through these next few weeks,

but a little something
in your bank account.

Hit the ground
running for the new year.

Maybe I can bring
some creativity to the job.

Change things
up in the church household.

Uh oh.

You're getting that Lucille
ball look in your eyes.

There it is, that's it.

I don't like it.
What are you thinking?

Well, first of all,

can I use some of the
community centre's

leftover Christmas decorations?

Of course.

We've got enough to last us
a few years at least.

Well, we've heard of the
Christmas presents list.

Uh huh.

The naughty and nice list.


And now, ladies and gentlemen,

we introduce to you

the master list of fun
Christmas activities.

You look underwhelmed.

That's because
you forgot to sell it with...



Wow. Okay,
that's a really good idea.

- Good, right?
- Yeah.

I think it'll work.


Iris! Rose!

What is it, Allie?

You guys busy?

I'm studying for my big
biology test.

She's been studying for a month.

She's gonna get an a
plus plus plus plus plus.

There is no such grade.

- Is too!
- Is not.

Ladies, come on, it's Christmas.

And I've come up

with the master list
of Christmas activities.


No? Okay.

Anyway, how'd you like
to help me decorate the house?

Isn't that your job?

Well, yes, but it's so
much fun to do together.

We've never decorated before.

Well, that's the
beauty of Christmas activities.

You don't need experience.
Just a little elbow grease.

Come on.
Give it a try.

Come on.


♪ deck the halls
with boughs of Holly ♪

- Here?
- Yeah.

♪ 'Tis the season
to be jolly ♪

♪ fa la la la la
la la la la ♪

♪ Don we now
our gay apparel ♪

♪ fa la la la la
la la la la ♪

♪ troll the ancient
yuletide... ♪

(Chuckles nervously)

Oh, no.

No, no, no.


Oh, no.

(Gasps) Daniel!

Yes, kimmee.
I didn't see you there.

What is all this?

I look away for one second

and the house is overrun
by whimsy and merriment.

I mean that's not
what Christmas is about.

No, no. Christmas
is about luxury and elegance.

Artistry and
the exquisite refinement

of the tasteful and chic.

I'll see what I can do.

Yes, you go do that.

- Go.
- Yeah.


(Scoffs) No.

Did you know that snails
could sleep for 3 years?

Yes! And slugs
can have four noses, huh?

Huh! Well, it actually
reminded me

that sometimes we can get stuck
for a long time

doing the same things
over and over

when there might be a fun way
to break the routine.

How so?

Well... maybe you could take
a break from your studies

and help Iris and me

make homemade Christmas tree

It's next on the master
list of Christmas activities.

(Chuckles) That's not
a real thing.

Is it?

Well, no.

But it
sounds like it can be fun.

- Yeah?
- Yes.


Is... is that glue gun?

Yes, and I have pipe cleaners

and sparkles and scissors
and construction paper.


I thought it'd be fun
for the girls

to make their own ornaments.

Kind of get in the
spirit of the season.

Surely not on this table.

It's an antique.

We'll be so careful.
Won't we, Allie?

Yeah, we can put newspaper down.



There, now, isn't that better?

Now you can make all your
little art things

in the bright light of the day.

It's sort of cold out
here, Daniel.

Yes, well it's a good thing
you're wearing your gloves.

I trust this is the final
decorating activity

for the season.

More or less.

(Exhales sharply)

(Chuckles) So tell me a little
bit about

what you guys usually do
for Christmas.

Do you guys get your
dad a present

just from the two of you?

I can help you do that
if you want.

I can't think of anything
he doesn't already have.

All the Christmas gifts for us
have been picked out.

They're in the folder
Daniel gave you.


Yes, I did see that.

What about getting him something
a little more personal

like a handmade card

or a poem or a photo album?

Something from the heart.

We don't really do those kinds
of things.

Daddy travel so much

we just got used to picking
out our presents

from catalogs.

But don't you guys
ever want to be surprised?

And receive something we didn't
ask for?

Yeah! Maybe get a present

you didn't know you needed.


Like a bicycle?

We already have those.

A puppy?

I'm allergic.



Allie and girls:
(Screaming, laughing)

Now that was a surprise.

Allie and girls:

Allie, you look like
a Christmas tree!


Allie and girl:

Allie and girls:

Good morning, Allie.

Hi! Sorry
about this.

I don't usually wear glitter
on my face.

Oh, here, you missed some.



Uh... can offer you a coffee?

Oh, um, no thanks.

So the decorations look nice.

I don't think we've ever had
this much Christmas

in our house before.

I hope that's okay.

Of course. I heard you
persuaded the girls to help you.

Oh didn't take much persuading.

They were
really excited to pitch in.

Really? Even Rose?

- Yeah!
- Hm.

I think when kids are young
they don't realize

the fun that can be had
with simple activities.

They're all so fixated

by their devices and screens.

They forget there's a big world

just waiting to be experienced.

I'm afraid I fit into
that category.

No matter how
many phone calls I make

I'm always five calls behind.

So what's on the agenda today?

Oh, um...

Iris and I were just making
some homemade...

Ornaments for the tree.

Really? Has Daniel not
shown you the ones we use?

Oh, yes! And... and they are
so beautiful.

I just thought you know, why not
add a personal touch of tree.

How about you.


I'm sure it's been years

since you
bedazzled a Styrofoam ball.

Oh, I don't think I can.

What's on my schedule this

Uh, you have a... you're
expecting a call

with the arbitration team.

Right. Um...


That can wait 'til after
the holidays, though. Right?

Let's make an ornament.

Okay. (Laughs)

Iris and Rose:


The glitter's not really

I think you have a
little too much glue.

Okay, well, let me...
Wipe some off here.

Uh oh. (Laughs)


I... I need help.

This will be interesting.



Thank you. Okay, let's... let's
try this from the top again.

I think I did it again.
I need some more help.

Yeah. Thanks.



I think we're really stuck here.


Isn't this a cozy picture?

Hey, kimmee, um...

I didn't know you were
coming over today.

Clearly. I thought i'd
surprise you with a lunch date.

That's a great idea.

Let me just get cleaned up and
we can get going.

Guys, we'll see you a little bit
later. Okay?

Excuse me, guys.

What's your favourite
part about Christmas, Rose?

Is it the songs on the radio,

seeing your favourite movies
on the TV?

I like it when Christmas day
falls on a Monday.

How come?

Because Mondays are hard.

And Mondays mean I have to
go to school

and find
out if the work I've done...

If it's good enough.

Oh, Rose.

That's a lot of pressure to put
on yourself.

Honey, all you can do, all any
of us can do, is try our best.

You can't beat yourself up

every time we don't get
an a on a test.

But I do.


Rose, what's that bump in your

My ornament.

Wow, that's amazing.

It's the eye of a dragonfly.

Each of their eyes
is made of 30,000 facets

resulting in 360-degree vision.

Well, that is
a gorgeous ornament

and it deserves a place
on the tree.

Come on.


Allie, you don't have to keep
coming in here

to hang out with us. There's
really not that much going on.

Well, we don't need a lot of
people for the next item

on our master list of Christmas

Visiting loved ones.

I see. And who do we have here?

I'm Iris. I'm eight.

My name is Tony.

I'm 32.
That's four times that.

And who are
you, pretty little lady?

My name is Rose.

Nice to meet you Rose.

Rose, you're
so good at making ornaments

I thought you could help.

And Iris, you look like you'd be
pretty good with a paintbrush.

I'm not allowed to draw at home.

But can you keep a secret?

Cross my heart.

Well, sometimes when
I'm supposed to be practicing

playing the flute,
I draw and I paint instead

and I hide my
pictures under the bed.

Well, today you can
paid out in the open

in front of everybody.


Come on, I think
you'll like this. Come here.

Okay. So once the circles are

we're going to string
them all together

and hang
them all around the room.

Oh, that's gonna look so nice.

It'll look like Christmas


So, um, does this little
one here

(whispers) Come with a single
father by any chance?

Iris, do you mind going
and filling up

my water glass
for me in the kitchen?

- Sure.
- Thank you.

She's a nice kid.

- Connie!
- Uh huh?

It's a job not an
opportunity for a date.

Allie, everything's
an opportunity to find a date.

No, he has a...

I guess you could call her
his girlfriend.


I take it you're
not too thrilled with her.

Well, she just
doesn't seem like his type.

She doesn't connect
at all with his daughters.

It's like she thinks
they're in her way or something.

Anyway, it's none of my

No, none of your business.

Well, it isn't.

Is it?


Oh, hey.

The girls are great.

We should bring kids
around here more often.

They make old folks happy.

They're having a great time.

I don't think they get out much.

Their lives are kind of

Ah. Would you get a load
of this.

I try to get bill
to open up for weeks.

Ten minutes with this kid,

and she has him gabbin' away
like they're Old Navy buddies.

This is ready
to drink now and serve. Table 2.


What's that, a Christmas cow?

It's a reindeer.

Oh, yeah. Huh.

Did you know that reindeers'
eyes turn blue in the winter?

I did know that.

Did you know that cows sleep
standing up

but they dream lying down?

(Chuckles) That's a good one.

- You are really something.
- (Laughs)

That woman is staring at you.

Uh, what woman's that?

Over there.

Oh, yeah.

She's probably looking
at the clock on the wall.

I don't think so.
She's wearing a watch.

So she is.

Did you girls have fun?

- I did.
- Me too.

Okay, wait, there's one more
activity tonight.

What is it?

The next item on the master list
of Christmas activities...

Holiday lights!


Come here.

Allie and girls:


(Sighs) Is this even real?

It's like looking at a
fairy tale.

When I was a girl

we used to drive
around neighborhoods

with lots of Christmas lights.

It was magical.

Did your family
have Christmas lights?

Yeah, we sure did.

We used to get
a big dusty box of decorations

down from the attic and
the whole family would pitch in.



They look so happy.

Christmas can do that to people.

Why don't we do things
like that?

Like what?
Eat dinner? We do.

No. I mean like play

And we hardly ever go
to see a movie together.

Well, you know
how busy father can be.

I think we should do more
things together as a family.


That could be nice.

Time to get you girls
home for dinner. Come on.

Where on earth have you been?


She's tired. So am I.

What did you do to them?

Nothing. I just took them to the
community centre, like I said.

You never told
me that you were going to the...

Oh, yes.
Maybe you did.

Just now he went
through the neighbourhood

looking at Christmas lights.

I thought they would enjoy it.

Lights wouldn't upset Iris.

She saw one of the families

through their living room

It seemed to make her...

I don't know, wonder about
her own life.


Come with me.

Iris is sensitive girl.

And despite. Mr. Church's

his the schedule
doesn't often allow him

to create the
kinds of family scenes

that she
apparently saw in that window.

But kids need those moments.

Well, the girls do have
those moments.

Mr. Church
loves his daughters

but he also runs an
international organization.

It's just that,

you know, the girls won't be
young forever.

And every day that slips past

without a meaningful
relationship with their father,

it's a lost opportunity.

Daniel, would you mind if
I went up and talked to her?

Please do.

Mr. Church. Um,
I was just, we were just...

Daniel, it's...
It's okay.

Allie's right.

Kids do need moments like those.

I've been leaving it up to
somebody else

to do something that I should
have been doing myself.

[Knock at door]

Come in. (Sighs)

Iris, I'm sorry if
I did anything

to make you feel sad.

You didn't.

But you were...

I was just being silly.

Iris, no you weren't.

You were just saying
what you were feeling

and there's
nothing silly about that.


Right now I feel
like I have a circus tummy.

What does that mean?

I mean when I'm sad my tummy
feels like it's doing flips.

Iris, can you maybe show me some
of the pictures you've drawn?

No, they're silly too.


These are incredible.

Iris, please never stop drawing.

You have a genuine gift.

Are you crying? Do my
pictures make you feel sad?

No. You make me very happy.

Iris, you are an artist.


Oh! Don't touch that! (Gasps)

Iris, this ornament
is worth a fortune.

I was just looking at how pretty
it is.

Look but don't touch.

Wait, where are the
ornaments that we made?

Oh, Iris. They really clashed
with the aesthetic of the tree.

I mean, you don't want to ruin

the organic wholeness of
the decor, right?

Where are they?

Hmm? Where did they go?

Yeah, I don't seem to recall.

You threw them away.

No, I was just...




(Clears throat)


Everything changed
when that woman

walked into our lives, Gordon.

I mean she has filled your house

with cheap decorations and she

has absolutely no
respect for the amount of hours

that I put into decorating
this magnificent tree.

Oh, and worst
of all, worst of all,

she has completely taken over
the affections of the girls.

Kimmee, the Santa squad
thing was your idea.

You didn't want to have anything
to do with decorating the house

or shopping for presents.
You said so yourself.

I was planning our
trip to the the islands.

And the girls respond to her
because she makes the effort.

Well, I painted their
nails once.

Okay. (Chuckles ruefully)

Kimmee, I have two daughters

and nothing's going to change
that fact

and let's be
honest, spending time with them,

it hasn't been
your highest priority.

Is it yours, Gordon?

No. No,
it hasn't been.


And that's why I thought
it might be a good idea

to consider boarding school
for the girls.

Boarding what?

Don't get me wrong.

I know the transitions
going to be rough but... but...

I thought I could help you with
the transition by moving in.

So you want my girls to move
out so that you can move in.

Yeah, it sounds like
a win-win, doesn't it?

Actually, no.
It doesn't.


(Exhales sharply) What are...?
Gordon, what are you...?



Why can't she just leave?

We need a Christmas
miracle for that to happen.

[Knock at door]

Hey, girls.


I just wanted to let
you know it kimmee and I...

We've ended our relationship.

Nothing else is going to change.

I'm still here.

Our family's gonna stay together

and Christmas is
gonna go on as planned, okay?

Just let me know if
you have any questions, alright?

Oh. Now tomorrow...

We're gonna go find
another tree.

One that we
can decorate ourselves.

- Really?
- [Gordon] Yeah.

Make sure to tell Allie.

Good night, you two.

Rose and Iris:
Good night, daddy!

- Yes!
- Yes!

Kimmee's gone!

Best Christmas ever.

I know! (Laughs)

We should get a big tree.

We already have a big tree.

Then we should get a bigger

Well, if it's too
tall, we're going to be making

decorations for
months trying to fill it.

Whoa, that
sounds like a lot of glitter.

Would it be against the rules

if we maybe bought a few

Allie and girls:

(Laughing) Okay, okay!

Rose and I are gonna look over
there for Christmas trees.

But there's lots of trees
right here!

But the ones over
there are really nice.

Oh, right! Yes.

Iris and I I will be at the
opposite end of the lot.

Way over there, in
case you were wondering.


Duly noted.

I think my girls are having some
big ideas.

Seems that way.

You know, when I was a kid,

my father used to shake
the trees

and if the pine needles fell off

that meant that they were old

and that it was probably going
to dry out.

So it's almost like a science.

Give it a good shake.
Work it out.

You want to
be a savvy consumer, right?

- Uh, sir?
- Huh?

Would you mind
not shaking the tree?

Oh, sorry. Yeah, I was
just seeing if the...

Yeah, I know.

It's an old wives' tale

about the pine needles dropping.

Trees come pretreated nowadays.

Oh, really?

Well, uh, thank you very much.

As you were, carry on.

You learn
something new every day.

(Chuckling) Yep.

I'm about to get
us kicked out of this place.

They're smiling.
That's a good sign.

Are you sure they're not

It's hard to tell the
difference from this far away.

Who grimaces in a tree lot?

Good point. They're probably

Allie, I just want to say

thank you for spending so much
time with the girls.

I know
it's not in the job description.

Oh, no, I love being with them.

They're so
interesting and sweet.

They make the
job a real pleasure.

I'm not sure if you
heard but kimmee and I, we...

No longer seeing each other.

Yes, I heard.

No, it's fine, really.

It's been a long time coming.

We haven't been in
a good place for months.

I think that
she was a little bit jealous

of the way that
you and girls hit it off.

I hope I
didn't cause any problems.

No, you actually
helped me see a problem

that was there
from the very beginning.

[Cell alert]

Excuse me.


Good news?

We closed the deal with
the Japanese.

They loved that we revised
the presentation

based on your suggestion.

Thank you, Allie!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I, uh...

I got a little carried away

Of course, perfectly fine.

I'm just glad I could help.

You know, it's funny.

Sometimes the thing you
need is right in front of you

but you just can't see it.

Yeah. And then when
you do see it,

you can't believe you
didn't realize it all along.


We found a tree!

It's the perfect size!

And we did that
shaky thing you taught us.


I hope nobody saw you.

- They might have us arrested.
- [Allie] (Gasps)

- [Girls] (Laugh)
- [Gordon] Okay, let's go!
Show us!


Next up on the master list of
Christmas activities

is tree decoration.

I never knew you could
decorate a tree with food.

Okay, so
you take your needle and thread

and you stick it...

In the middle of each
popped kernel like this.


I'm having trouble getting my
thread through a needle.

I believe this is
mathematically impossible.

Actually, if I remembered an
old trick my mother taught me.

Take the needle

and rub the needle and thread
back and forth like...


Wow! (Giggles)
Yay, daddy!

Well, came in handy
when I was away at college.

- Nicely done.
- Thank you.

Okay, now we see

who can thread the most amount
of popcorn in one minute.

- (Whistles)
- Ready?

Set... go.

This is dangerous.

- I'm on one.
- Me, too.

Not so fast!

Not by the hair of my

Ah! All right, you!

Oh, man, am I ever slow at this.

Okay, stop.


Oh my god!


Allie, you win.

I think we all win, Iris.
And we had fun doing it.

So who wants to do the honors?

Why don't you?

Why thank you.



- [Rose] Wow.
- (Chuckles)

It's so beautiful,
isn't it, daddy?

It is, isn't it?

A competent addition to the yule

Now we just need some presents
to put under the tree.

They've all been ordered.

They should be
coming by delivery this week.

I know but I had something
a little different in mind.

Really? Like what?

The next item on the master list
of Christmas activities...

Shopping for presents!

But I'm sorry. You're
not allowed to participate.

- What?
- Girls only, daddy.

(Chuckles) Okay, fine.

Well, then I will just stay
here and eat popcorn by myself.

Father's becoming quite silly.

I know and I love that.

All right.

So your mission today

is to find and buy Christmas
presents for your father.

We're just going to have to find
him a gift that surprises him.

Can we do that?

Rose and Iris:

Okay, let's do it.


Two dollars for four

A nice frame costs $30 plus tax.


Okay, how about a big smile?

Come on, Rose, can't you
do better than that?

Smiling is a zygomatic response

involving multiple muscle

It'll be obvious if
I only pretend to smile.

Okay. Well, what if I told you

I failed high school algebra
and biology?


That's nearly impossible!

Allie, one picture left.
Come in and join us.

Oh, no, I shouldn't.
This is your gift.

I'd like to have one
of the three of us, please?




Oh my gosh, look at that one!

- [All] (Laughing)
- Look at you.

Oh, he's gonna
love this, guys. Look.

Hey girls look. It's snowing!


Okay, so you take a
little snowball like this

and you roll it on the
ground little by little.

I don't want to get my knee
on the slush.

It's getting so big.

The heat of the rolling
motion bonds the ice crystals.

That's so cool.

I wish daddy could see me.

I do see you, Iris.


You didn't think I was gonna
let you make snowmen without me,

did you?

Here, give this a roll.

Okay, thank you very much.
You guys are doing a good job.


So you think you guys...
We can put this thing together?

Yeah. I have a head.

Okay. Yeah, looks like
you got the head.

I have the body.

Roll it on over.

It's cold out here.

(Chuckles) Okay.
So there we go.

Ready. (Grunts)

Okay. Oh! (Laughing)


Pack it in there.
Okay, on the count of 3

let's let this guy
go and see if he stands.

You ready?
1, 2, 3.

Ah! (Laughing)

Needs a little bit more work.

We're gonna have to work
on that a little bit.

A little bit more here.


It's a snow family.

Not quite.

Who's that?

It's Allie.

May I?

- You may.
- Boop.

Want this?
Here you go.

Okay, you guys maybe
help me make it look good here.

Just straighten this
out a little bit.

Here we go.

Does that look like Allie?
Little bit?


Right. Now
it's a snow family.

Well, hang on.

We need snow angels to keep
watch over the snow family.

Is she having
a medical incident?


No, silly.

Snow angels!

How about you, Gordon?

Oh, no, this is cashmere.
I got it in London.

It cost like...

Oh, no.

Who cares how much it cost?


You know what would
go great with hot cocoa?

I'm not sure but I'll
bet it's next

on the master list of Christmas

You are correct
making... Christmas cookies.


Do you have
cinnamon and sprinkles?

I'm gonna go out on a limb
and say no.

Okay. You know what?
That's okay.

I have everything we need
back at my place.

So I'll just pop on over
and come right back.


Dad, it was so funny
when you made your snow angels.

Wasn't it so cold?

My bottom is still frozen.

Me too.


- We have a problem.
- Oh, no.

My car battery died.

So no cookies?

Afraid not.

Wait, dad, you have a car.

Yeah, but I don't think
that that's...

Why don't you drive
Allie to her apartment

and you can pick up the

And we can start baking in the

no girls. That's okay.

I can just call
someone to jump start my car.

- It'll only
take a few hours.
- Okay.

Father, the chivalrous thing
would be to offer

to drive Allie.

- Oh, Rose...
- We insist.

In fact, Daniel was just gonna
watch a movie with us.

I was?


Oh yes, of course.
"Santa's something or other."


Why don't you both go have
dinner somewhere?


- Girls.
- We don't mind.

You're going to get
the ingredients anyway, right?

Well, I once heard
that you should never

get ingredients for baking
cookies on an empty stomach.

Really? I don't think
I've ever heard that one before.

I think I read it in a medical


Oh. I think we're out-numbered.

Allie, may I please escort you
to your apartment

where we can locate many
delicious ingredients?

And dinner?

I'll see what I can whip up.



I had no idea that my
girls could be so conniving.

Yeah, well, kids
have skills that would put

carnival con men to shame.

Well, here's to them.

To the girls.

[Glasses clink]

Oh, I'm so sorry. I have no idea
how old that wine is.

Oh, it's fine,
totally fine. Thank you.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

Actually, you know,
this gives me a chance

to thank you again for letting
me work with the girls.

I know that wasn't exactly on
the Santa squad to-do list

but they're really great.

I really enjoyed
spending time with them.

They like being around you too.

You know, Allie, my wife
has been gone

for most of the girls' lives.

She died a long time ago.

I'm so sorry.

This week I've seen a spark

in the girls that I have not
seen in a very, very long time.

Yeah, they're just
getting excited for Christmas.

That's part of it.

But mostly it's because of you.


Please don't take this

but have you put any thought

into spending
some more time with the girls?

I mean after Christmas is over?

Of course, it's
on my mind all the time.

I think it's on theirs, too.


Did they say something to you?

Not in so many words,
but I can tell.

It's just my schedule, you know,
it's impossible.

But you have the ability to say
yes or no

to meetings and trips
though, right?

When I was a kid, my family,
we had nothing.

When Christmas came around, as a
kid, all I wanted was one bike,

this... they call them
spider bikes.

They have these really
long seats that were amazing.

These high handlebars,

and every other kid in the
neighborhood had one but not me.

And I told
myself that when I grew up,

I'd be able to buy
myself one of those bikes.

So I set out to create
my business, my company,

and I worked very, very hard
and eventually I became CEO.

Did you ever get that bike?

No, no.

No, by the time I was successful

I was too old
to care about it anymore.

But my point is that

my girls will never go without.

And they will know that
I cared enough about them

to help them
become self-sufficient.

And loved.


And loved.

I think the
ingredients are up here

on the top shelf.

Okay, we should definitely
grab those.

- Here, I can get it.
- Oh, no, I reach fine.

Okay. Oh!

Nice catch.


Um, I think my car battery
is probably replaced by now.

Yeah, we should
probably get back to the house.

I"ll put these ingredients
in a bag.

I will meet you downstairs.


Thank you.

I'll put the groceries away

and tomorrow morning.
We can make cookies.

Okay. Sounds good.

Good night.

Good night.


I'll be heading home, sir.
If there's nothing else.

No, that's fine Daniel. You have

you have an early morning
meeting downtown, sir.

Should I send the car?

No, no, I'll drive myself.

Was the dinner productive?

Yes, we got what we needed.

I see.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, I've known you for
quite a long time, sir,

and, well, not to speak out of
turn but it does seem to me

that she has caught your

She has.

It's nice to see you happy, sir.


Hey, sailor. (Chuckles)
Buy a lady a cup of coffee?

How do you take it?



One hot cup of coffee coming up.


Say, did you know that in
Taiwan the rhesus monkeys

get all the sweetest,
best coffee beans

and they chew them
up and they spit them out?

Is that right?

and then the humans come along

and they gather
up all those seeds

and they roast them for
maximum flavour.

Well, that's absolutely

(Chuckles) Tell me more!

What kind of
monkeys were they again?


Okay, the successful
creation of Christmas cookies

is all about timing and

Some common mistakes:

Making your dough but
forgetting to grease your pan

or icing the cookies
when they're still too warm.



Go ahead and mix this up.

With this?

No. With your

It's important to get the
mixture just right.

Oh! It feels like
primordial goo!

Okay, that's good.

We want to keep rolling it

until the goo
feels more like glop.


Then they're ready

to be dipped
in the cinnamon sugar.

Rose, you're
making them too big.

How do you know I'm not making
a gigantic cookie pie?

Are you?


Allie and Rose:

Rose, that is so clever.

It's a cookie pyramid.

If my hypothesis is correct

the weight displacement
of the foundation

will support at least six

That's so cool.



It's so big.

That should just about do it.

Time to pop that
pyramid in the oven.

Rose, why don't you do it since
it's your creation?

Just make sure you get
the oven mitts

because the shelf will be hot.


Be careful!
Don't forget the top.

I will.

Okay, 15 minutes, and we
will have a cookie pyramid.

- Okay.
- Come on.

So what was
your favourite Christmas

when you were little, Allie?

Oh my gosh.

I've always
loved this time of year.

I guess one of my favorites

was when I was a little younger
than you.

I woke up early on Christmas
morning and I crept downstairs

to find my dad asleep on the
floor snoring like a jet engine.


He had stayed up all night

to put together this Victorian
doll house I'd asked for.

He was all thumbs.

He couldn't replace a light
bulb without hurting himself.

But it didn't matter.

Somehow he built this Dollhouse

and it... oh, it was so

Every little detail.

[Smoke alarm beeps]

(Gasps) What's that?!

[Smoke alarm continues]


[Smoke alarm stops]

Now, here's your culprit.

Somebody forgot to
take the oven mitt out.

I'm positive I didn't
leave that in there.


Oh, you're okay.

Come here.

Dad, you're squeezing me.

Gordon, I... I...

There's mostly smoke damage.

But if that fire has gotten
any larger,

the gas line would have caught

and then we'd have had a really
serious problem.

I don't know how this happened.

Allie, how could you?

Did you
even stop to think how dangerous

a fire could be to my girls?

How could you be so careless?

You could have burned down
the whole house.

But I...

Look, I'm sorry.

This is unacceptable.

You're done here.


Dad? No!

They're all I have, Allie.


[Footsteps recede]

Hey, it's okay. Come here.


Hi! Guess...
Guess who might be

possibly having a potential
date, maybe?

Well, don't get yourself too
excited. You might pass out.

I'm sorry, Connie.
I'm just... I'm in a mood.

Did you get bad news?

You could say that.

I'm sorry.

Here I am running off at my
mouth about myself

and you're suffering.

Would you like
to talk about it or...?

["Silent night" on stereo]

There you are.

I was wondering if you
want to go catch a movie.

No, thank you.

I'm busy.


Because I think they're playing
that funny Christmas one.

The one with the
snowman who comes to life.

I have to finish my drawing.

Okay, um...

You want to string some
more popcorn for the tree?

I'm tired. I'm gonna
turn in early tonight.

And I'm also tired, gonna
turn in early for the night.


Look, this can be
a rough time of year.

I'll say.

Say, do you want to hit the
town, just us two single ladies?

I do a mean chacha.

Oh, I don't feel like dancing.

I hardly feel like walking.

You really are low, aren't you?

I'm just feeling sorry
for myself.

Because you care about someone

you're afraid
they don't feel the same way?

No, they do... he does.
I think.

Really? Then why are
you here instead of there?

Ugh. It's complicated.

You know, people get their
heart set on something

and they
hang on to it with both hands,

even if they know it
just might not come true

because it gives
them a feeling of hope.

So I should let go of my dreams?

No, no, no, not at all.
Hang on to your dreams.

I mean hopes and
dreams and wishes are the...

The ingredients you need to
still have faith in something.

But what if people don't
have the same faith you do?

Well, miracles have been known
to happen this time of year.

Anyway, do you want to stick
around for the caroling?

Tony's dressing up as Santa.
I can't wait to see him.


Oh, thank you,

but I have
to get back to the house

to pick up my last paycheck.


Hang in there, Allie.

You'll figure it out, honey.
You will.

- Thank you.
- Okay.


I miss Allie, it isn't fair that we don't get to see her.

Grown-ups can make as
many rules as they want

and kids have to follow them.

When I grow up, I'm never going
to tell my kids

that they can't see anyone
they love.

thinks when they grow up

they remember what it's like
to be young.

But they never do.

Just because Allie
made one mistake

doesn't mean that we get

I think I'm the one who
left the oven mitt in the oven.


Yes. I've thought
about it a hundred times and...

I'm pretty sure
that was my oven mitt.

I should say
something to father.

Okay, let's go and tell
daddy now.


[Knock at door]


What is it, girls?

We have something to tell you.


(Moans softly)



Allie, you coming here,
it won't change...

I know, I know, I know.

I was just coming
to get my paycheck.

I see. Well, if you
don't mind waiting here,

I'll go and get it.


How are the girls?

Well, of course they're both sad

over this recent turn of events.

And Gordon?

Well, I don't usually talk about
my employer behind his back.

But in my opinion, Mr. Church is
not entirely pleased

with the way
things have turned out.

I know. I feel
terrible about the fire.

I completely understand
why he reacted the way he did.

Would you just let him know

I would never
do anything to harm those girls.

I'm so sorry that something

while they were in my care.

I'm sure he knows all of that.

But I will let him know anyway.

Thank you for telling me that,

I think you should talk to her.

Sometimes you need to think
about the bigger picture

not just
the things that you want.

But this thing
makes all of us happy.


Oh. Good evening, sir.

Daniel. You going somewhere?

Uh, just out for a...
Breath of fresh air.


But it's freezing outside.

And you don't
even have a coat on.

Well, you know me.

Like a polar bear.

You're, um... you're
going outside.



Yes, I am.


- Allie!
- [Gordon] Girls...


(Chuckling) Hi.

We knew you'd come back.

Oh, I'm not back.

I'm just here to pick up my
last paycheck.

But we miss you.

I'm so sorry.
I just came to get my check.

I didn't want to disturb you.

You're not disturbing us, Allie.
We want you to come back.

I'm sorry, sweetie. I can't
come back.

I know it's complicated but
I have to go now.

[Cell alert]

That's not true.

Yes, it is, Rose.

And I...

Oh, no.

What's the matter?

Oh, my friend
bill is in the hospital.


That's the old man I sat with.

He's my friend too!

Girls, we can't just go barging

into an emergency scenario with
someone we barely know.

He's over 80 years old.

He served in a cruiser
in the war.

Then he drove a bus for
30 years.


Okay, come on.
Let's go get our coats.

Excuse me. I'm here to see
bill McCulloch.

Allie! Thanks for

How is he?

When I found him he
was just lying there.

I couldn't wake him up.

They think it's his heart.


They insisted.

Is he gonna be okay?

We don't know yet, honey.

It's okay.

I'm so dumb.

I just sat there and made
eyes at him all that time.

And I should have just gone up
to him and told him how I felt.

Well, sometimes telling
someone how you feel

is the hardest thing to do.

And now it might be too late.

Hey, don't say that.

Bill's a strong guy.

He's not gonna let anything
knock him down.

Oh, Gordon, you should
take the girls home.

It's officially Christmas Eve.

I tried.
I didn't get anywhere.

I'm not going anywhere
until I know he's okay.

Rose, that could take days.

I'm young. I have time.



About yesterday...

Excuse me, that's my cue.

You don't have to say anything.

Yes, I do. I...
I overreacted and I feel...

Terrible about it.

You're right, though.
They're your girls.

They mean everything to you.

You mean a lot to me, too.

I know this is not the
right time or place, obviously.

But you've come to mean
more to me

than just someone to decorate
the house, to wrap presents.

You've brought
light into our lives, Allie.

I don't know what to say.

You've shown me things
that are right in front of me.

Things that I haven't paid
enough attention to until now.

Like that.


Iris... I didn't know
you could draw like that.

I thought if I told you
you wouldn't love me anymore.

No, this is amazing.


What's wrong?

I lied about being
able to play the flute.

Well, that's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay.

(Snoring lightly)


Good morning.

Is he okay?

Are you family?

Yes, yeah.
Yes, we are.


There's my little encyclopedia.

You're okay!

Yeah, just a little mix-up
with my meds.

I have to remember to keep
my cheaters on

when I'm looking at
those bottles.

Bill, I was so worried
about you.

Don't ever do that to me again.

The girls
insisted we stay the night.


Oh, that's about the nicest
Christmas present I ever got

aside from you.

Bill, the nurses said they
were discharging you today.

I was wondering if you and...

Well, everyone care to join
us at our house tomorrow

for Christmas dinner.

Oh, I'll have to think
about that for a minute... yes.




Thank you.

Okay, whoa, whoa.
Say that again.

Houseflies buzz in the key of f.

Some sharks glow in the dark.

Bats turn left when they
leave a cave.

taste with their feet.

She's pretty amazing, isn't she?

Yeah, you can say that again.

So are you connected to Wi-Fi?

(Laughs) No!

She might be a Google.

I gotta get a library card.

[Bell ringing]
- [Gordon] Ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas!


Ho! (Chuckling)

Thank you for the suit,
by the way.

Hey, no problem.

I have got some
presents for you guys.

This is for you.

- And that's for you.
- Thank you!

Come here.


And I have heard that
everybody in this room

has been very good this year.

So... everybody gets a present.

Bill, I believe that this...

Is the cruiser
that you sailed on.

Oh, my goodness.


The s.S. Mattigans?

- It's my cruiser.
- Oh!

Look at that!


Thank you.

You're very welcome.

And, Connie, from what
Allie has told me

you love life and you
like trying new things.

So this is for you.

- Thank you!
- [Gordon] You're welcome.

What is this now?
Oh, my goodness.

(Gasps) Cha-cha lessons for two!


Oh! It's gonna be fun!

Thank you.

You're welcome.


I understand
the community centre

is always in need of funding.

So I've
got my company to sponsor

the arts program
for the coming year.

Supplies, museum trips,

Gordon, that's...

That's really
generous. Wow, thank you.

I don't believe it. Thanks.



You are the best right-hand
man ever.

You've helped
me more than I can say

and certainly more
than I thank you for. So...

Three weeks, all expenses paid

luxury resort in...


Oh, you want to go to Tahiti?

- Yes, Tahiti!
- Oh! (Laughs)

Oh, the soothing silence!

Oh, the calming
caress of the trade winds.

Thank you, sir.

You're welcome.

Now, girls, um...

I'm going to take a
leave of absence from work.

For the next few months

we're going to get to know
each other again.

We're gonna...

Bake cookies,
watch movies, build snowmen.

But most importantly we're gonna
spend time together because...

I don't want you two growing up

not knowing
how much I love you both.


Come here.


- [Gordon] Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

I'm so happy you could be here.

Well, I had to.

To give you this.

Spider bicycle.

Yeah, sorry. It's not the same
size as the real one.

I don't know what to say.

The acceptable social
response ritual

would be to say thank you.

(Chuckles) You're right, Rose.
Thank you.

Got a little
something for you, too.

Somewhere at the...
Bottom of the bag here.


It's beautiful.

Now it's beautiful.

(Clears throat) I believe

there's one last master list
Christmas activity

that has to happen.

Which one?
I thought we did everything.

Kissing under the mistletoe!

- (All laughing)
- Oh, my...



So does this mean

you'll let the Santa squad come
back next year?

Maybe we can just
make it simpler and...

You can just
stay all year round.


- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

- [Iris] Merry Christmas!
- Woo!


(Clapping, laughing)