Santa's Boots (2018) - full transcript

Holly returns home for Christmas and is put to work as a Santa's elf at her family's store, where she meets a young Santa, Nick, and falls in love. When Nick disappears, in a Cinderella ...

Mom, you'll hardly miss me
at Thanksgiving.

Dad will be busy at the store
and I'm swamped.

I do take time off.

I'm coming home for Christmas.

Yes, I have a life outside
of work, mom.

I actually went on a date
this weekend.

Nobody special,

I haven't found my Sleepless
in Seattle yet

but I'm still looking.

Yes, when I'm ready to introduce
someone you will know, OK?

I'm at work, mom.

I gotta go.

I gotta go. Bye.

OK. Not so fast.

You didn't call me yesterday.

It is way too early
to be interrogated.

No it's not.

If I tell you will you let
me go to work?


It wasn't exactly
a love connection.


I don't like boats
and we went sailing.

OK, I didn't know that
you don't like boats.

I didn't know that I don't like
boats but it was a lot of boats.

Like sailing and stories
and pictures and trophies.

OK, that is too bad.

I just don't think I could
ever compete with his boat.

OK, alright, look.

Forget Boat Guy,

we just gotta get you back
in the saddle pronto.

Get you a few more swings at
bat before the clock runs out.

Take it easy on the metaphors.

It's a bit of a problem,
I'll work on it.

Addison, it's OK.


Is it?

Have you been conspiring
with my mother?

Not saying anything.

Holly, can I have a word?

You know, once a year I get
a report on employee's

unused vacation time.

Did you know that you have 41
days of unused vacation time?

I must really love working here.

Holly, if you don't use your
vacation time you'll lose it.

Look, I get it. You wanna
be the best.

You are the best.

I got you.

But you don't need
another bonus,

you need a vacation.

So take one.

Starting tomorrow.

Wait, what?

Hand things off to Addison
and your team,

come back in January refreshed.

And Holly, say "thank you".

Thank you?

Welcome to Montell's.

It's Holly Montell.

Welcome home!

Hi honey!

Hi dad!

Excuse me, I have a complaint.

It is way too early
for Christmas carols.

It isn't even Thanksgiving yet.

Come here, girl!

Are you here to spell me?

Because I have a plane to catch
to the Bahamas.

You wish.

Did you seriously just fly here?

You look amazing.

You are too kind.

My mom doesn't even know
that I'm here yet,

but I had to come by and say hi
to my bestie.

So how was your boat date?

I can't talk about it.

But how about you?

How's Jay?
How's the kiddo?

The kiddo is this big.


My dear daughter!

Well, she's been here
three and a half minutes

and she's already running
the store.

Nope, she's here
on personal business.


Just don't stay too long.

We'll never hear the end of it
from your mother.

I promise, dad.


Looks good out there, right?

It does.

Why are you hanging
them out here?

They'll get all beat up
by the weather.

Because I like 'em, Uncle Ralph.

Plus it's Christmas time.

Nick, shouldn't those be
at the counter

so we can sell them?

When you're finished that
come and help me in the field.


So Jenny was thinking about
putting the Doug firs up front.


Well, maybe she's right, Nick.


Whatever happened to "if
it ain't broke don't fix it"?

Well, you know,
this is my last year.

Are you gonna threaten me on
the day before Thanksgiving,

Uncle Ralph?

What, you thought I was
joking when I said

I'd turn the business over
to you when you turned 35?

I wasn't joking.

I know.

Do we have to talk
about that now?

Why not now?

You know, your father
and I started this business

42 years ago when I was 26.

I know.

So when are you gonna be ready?

You should take the rest of
the afternoon off.

Come on, Uncle Ralph...

In fact, take all the time
you need,

and don't come back
until you're really ready.

There's a lot to do.

We gotta hang the lights and...

Look. Just go home, Nick.

I ran this business
for 36 years without you,

I think I can manage
a few lights.

Nick, where are you going?



Babe, what's going on?

Ask Uncle Ralph.

Holly, I'm glad
you made it home.

Me too, Grammy.

OK, that needs to be turned.

Ivy, darling, can you ask Kyle
to come to the kitchen?

I do need a man to do that job.

Yes. Sure thing.

And perhaps next year
it'll be your young man

that I summon to turkey duty.

Really, mom?

I just got here.

Elaine, she didn't go to Wharton

so she could chase a bunch
of kids around the house.

She could have done that without
spending two hundred grand.

You always take her side.

I always take the right side.

Chef Rob has arrived.

You scared me but
you're a lifesaver.

Yeah, you're welcome.

For both.


Don't ask.

Too much trees, not enough dirt?

Ha ha.

Couldn't have been worse
than my day.

Yeah? Spill it.


Count 'em, four Santas quit.



And two elves.

How does that happen?

Let me tell you.

Hip replacement,
lower back pain,

the flu... that's actually
good that he quit,

that would have been bad...
and get this.

Hearing aid not
working properly.

He didn't think he was gonna
be able to hear the kids.

That would be a problem.

That is a problem.

Maybe that's what I get
for only hiring old Santas.

What about the elves?

I couldn't get a hold of one,

the other one got in a fight
with her boyfriend

so she was too upset to work.

That's what you get for only
hiring young elves.

What am I gonna do?

I can play Santa for you.

Don't you have a ton of trees
to sell?

Like, literally a ton of trees?

No, 'cause Uncle Ralph
sent me home today.

What do you mean,
he sent you home?

You're almost 35.

Did you get grounded, too?

What're you talking about?

Can we watch TV later,
or is that off the table?

He wants me to take over
the business and insisted

that I make a decision
on it today.


Isn't that your plan?

It is.

It was. I...

So... I'm sorry,
what's the problem?

I'm confused here.

Do I have to, you know, decide
the day before Thanksgiving

what I'm gonna do with
the next 30 years of my life?

I mean, well I've committed
to staffing Santas

for the foreseeable future.

Hey, if I can do Santas
you can do trees.

Well, I'm not doing trees
right now,

which is why I'm gonna do
Santa for you.

No can do.

They send the young Santas home.

Not if they're good with kids.

Do you even know any kids?

I mean, I was great with the 4H
volunteers in the lot.

You remember?


Wait, Rob, you don't think
I can do this?

Well, I didn't say that, per Se.

It was more implied than said
but it's just...

where are you going, man?
Pizza's getting cold.

What, you don't think I can be
jolly for a couple hours

with 20 kids?

Yeah, try 50 kids.
Eight hours a day

on the busiest shopping day
of the year.

So yeah. I definitely
don't think you can.

Well, ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Robbie!

Merry Christmas for who?

Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas!

Where are you gonna find Santas
this committed?

Ho, ho, ho!

Don't make me beg, Rob.

OK, OK, I give in.


Just take that off.
You're my newest Santa.

Just burn this outfit, I
never wanna see it again,

and keep the boots
'cause you can use those.

I'll do the rest.



I can't look at you.

Dad, I can't believe you
were at the store

until 2:00 am last night.

Well, the important thing
is that we are ready

for Black Friday.

Totally ready?

No missing shipments,
no backorder dramas?

No, not this year,
it's smooth like butter.

I gotta see this.

You're supposed to be
on vacation,

not working at the store.

Who said anything about working?

Speaking of being ready,

will you be attending
your birthday ball

with anyone we know?

Mom, it's hardly
my birthday ball.

It is the Christmas Eve ball
and it's your birthday so...

No pressure.

It is your 35th.

OK, dad. Make her stop.

Well, I wanna know, too.

Who are you bringing?

You see?

First of all, we are not
celebrating my birthday

with the entire population
of Noblesville.

And second, I've been home
for, like, two seconds.

When I know who I'm bringing,
if I'm bringing anyone,

I'll tell you.

It's hardly the entire
population of Noblesville.

OK, who wants pie?

I do.



But that...

I'll take that, Grammy.

Anything I can do?

Just don't bother.

Honey, she's just being
your mother.

I know.

Listen, I really don't want
you working

at the store this season.

Take some well-deserved
time off.

Do something you love.

I love the store.

I'm just gonna swing by
and say hi to some folks.

It'll only be an hour.

One hour.

Please tell mom to knock it off.

Otherwise I won't be her kitchen
slave on Christmas.

I mean it.


Grammy, you outdid yourself
this year.


I've missed you.

Holly, hey!

What're you doing here?

It looks like you've got things
under control here.


So give me the dirt.

How's business?

Alive, kicking.

Alright, well how about a bike
ride while I'm home?

In this cold? I don't think so,
Seattle girl.

Alright, softie.

Bye, hipster.



You're back so soon.

Lucky me.


It's only for one hour
because I'm on vacation.


Your Santa's here.



What happened to Larry?

Larry retired last year.

This Santa's kinda young.

He is young.

Excuse me. Hi.

I know I'm young for Santa
but I'm good with kids.

It doesn't matter.

I'm gonna have to call
a staffing company.

I'm so sorry, there's just...

there are so many kids
out there.

It's a lot.

That's great.

And the staffing company

is just running really short
on old Santas.

They know you wanted one
but they sent me

because they knew
I'd do a good job.

Come on, give me a shot.

If you really think I suck I'll
help you find an older Santa.

We got a lot of kids waiting,

just wanna know if we should
tell them Santa's sick or...


He's coming.

Let's get that beard on.


Let's hope this works.



OK, here goes nothing.

Ho, ho, ho!

Merry Christmas, kids!

Merry Christmas!

Come. Come sit next
to Santa.


Do you have something important
to tell me?

Crisis averted.

That's an awesome gift.

We'll definitely get
that for ya.

High five.

Merry Christmas.

Bye, Emily.

OK, Merry Christmas.

Come sit next to Santa.

Come on!

Come all ye faithful


Joyful and triumphant.

Nice try but it's not
gonna happen.


Cara, are you ill?


Come, sit.

I thought you looked pale.

OK, you know what's not good
for business on Black Friday?

A sick elf and a bunch of kids.

Why don't you send her home
and get someone else?

Not possible.

The staffing company is already
down two elves,

that's why Cara's an elf.

I'm sure it's just
a 24-hour thing.

Well, who else can do it?

I mean, I'm sure you have tons
of temp help today.

I looked all over the store
but I...

Yeah, we're short staffed and
this costume is really small.



No, no, no, no, no.

I wouldn't even be suggesting it
if there was anyone else

who could do it.

I will help Santa but
in my own clothes, OK?

Holls, I hate to break it
to you but that three-year-old

who's been waiting 30 minutes
to see Santa

does not want to see you
as Santa's helper.

She wants to believe.

Are you seriously saying if
I don't dress like an elf

I'm going to ruin Christmas
for a three-year-old?

Remind me to have you fired
after Christmas.

This is great.

A baby-faced Santa
and an elf with an MBA.

Elle, I need...

Don't say a word.

Can we get this over with?

I'm sure I don't need
to say anything

about your elf attitude.

Shut it.


I'll be an elf.

I'll even have a great
elf attitude, I will.

But please don't make me
wear these shoes.

They are killing me.

And then you're gonna have
to amputate my feet

which defeats the whole purpose
of this elf-speriment.

I have an idea.

Like another person
wearing this suit?


See? Look, he's doing great.

Here's a chair just for you.

OK, so what're you thinking
you want this year?

He's doing better than great.

He doesn't even need me.

All he needs is a Montell
to show him the ropes.


Please don't tell him that
my dad owns the store.

Why not?

Because nobody likes working
with the boss's daughter.

Just let him be Santa and please
let me keep a shred of dignity.

I mean, look at me.

I just wanna be
an anonymous elf.


Those are great.

You better get out there.

Santa needs you.

Go home, Cara.

It's an elf!

It's Santa's elf!

OK, who's next to see Santa?

What's your name?


It's Holly the elf.
That's so funny.

Her name's Holly the elf.

OK. Come on.

Go sit in that little chair
over there.

Hi, do you have
your Christmas list.

You sure you're gonna be OK?


You're gonna ruin the illusion.

A computer.

Good choice.

Come on, sweetie.

Mommy wants a picture.

Merry Christmas, Todd.

Do you mind?

No, not at all.

Thank you.

Come on, go up there.

Merry Christmas, young lady.

Have you been a good girl?

I thought so.

And is there maybe something
that you want from Santa?

That's an amazing gift.




OK, Merry Christmas.

Say "Merry Christmas".

Merry Christmas.

Aw, thank you.

Great, Merry Christmas.

Thank you so much.

Merry Christmas.

So, Holly the elf.

I'm afraid so, yep.

And your name is...?

St. Nick.

Funny Santa.

I don't wanna tell you how to
do your job but I had an idea.

Maybe if you usher the kids up
and you take the picture

for the parents and
then we hustle them off

we can keep the line moving.

Sure, great. Great idea.

Alright everybody.

Sorry for the wait.

Get your cameras
and your phones ready

and I'll take the pictures

and we'll get some great shots
of you and Santa.

Come on, it's your turn.


Sweetie, let me
take your jacket.

Alright, say "cookies".


Thanks for your help.

I'm gonna post this
on social media.


He'll be here until six tonight.

Hashtag "Santa at Montell's".


Where do you keep
the princess dresses?

Floor 3, next to kid's shoes.

Thank you.

You good, sweetie?

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.


Santa, you need some cookies?


Santa has other needs.

Got it.

You are killing it out there.

You're not so bad yourself,
you're a natural.


What, being an elf
isn't a life's dream?

Not exactly.

But I'll do just about anything
for my friend Elle.

Those are some serious boots.

Thanks. We've been through
a lot together.

Holly, there you are.


Elle asked me to see if
you guys could head back out.

We just sat down.

Just the messenger.

Nice boots.



Your eye-stay piece is loose.

Why don't you bring them
by the shoe department,

I'll fix it for you.

Great, thanks so much.

That's awesome.

OK, I'll see you guys out there?





Back at it.

Do I look OK?

I... so many things
could go wrong.

Actually your bell is crooked.


OK sweetie, it's your turn.

I like your antlers.

Ho, ho, ho.

Merry Christmas,
what's your name?

Would you like to tell Santa
what you want for Christmas?

You wanna bet this next guy's
a slugger?

A slugger?


What do you want for Christmas?


Boxing gloves?

OK, cool. High five.

Open fist.

There you go.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

How did you know?

Santa's intuition?

I didn't think
you meant literally.


OK, so I have to look out for
sluggers and what else is there?

I don't know, let's see.


You want to sit next to Santa?




Couldn't care less.

I feel for you.

Those are the ones that hurt.

How's it going?

Great, but I think Santa
needs his halftime break.

I know a place where you can
get lunch without any snubbers.

Down the hall.

Santa needs to have
his milk and cookies

but he'll be back in 30 minutes.

I've been catching the
parents in line and asking them

what they need to get their kids
for Christmas

and then telling them
where to get it in the store.

I love it.

Even better,
let's do it for them.



OK, it looks like we have turkey
and ham.

Ham please.


What is it that you do
when you're not being Santa?


Kind of, yeah.
How'd you know?



I... it's just that you look more
like Paul Bunyan than Santa.

Don't tell the bosses that.

Your secret's safe with me.


OK, you're next.

Hope on up there.


Two of you.






Check you out.

What are you doing here?

Well, when your father told us
why you didn't come home

we thought we better come
and see for ourselves.

Do you need more help dear?

I swear I've got an elf suit
packed away somewhere.

Only if mom wears one, too.

We could start a trend.

Multi-generational elves.

Elaine, Ivy, what about it?

I always knew that suit
would come in handy.

But mom, seriously.

You gotta go.


Well, elves don't have moms
checking up on them.

Yes, quite right, the children.


OK, bye.



Is that your mom?

And my grandma and my sister.

That's awesome.

It's so nice to be with family
this time of year.

Is it?

I'm joking.

Where are all the kids?

It's Black Friday.

I guess people are shopping
online nowadays.

There's gotta be some way we can
get more kids over here.

I have an idea but I'll need
some things from my truck

and we'll need a table.

Can we do that?




This is such a great idea.

How much should we charge?


I don't know.

I never thought about it.

I just make them.

What, you made these?


Hey, guys.

Fun ornaments.


Is this Santa's workshop?

It is.

I love it!

I'm gonna make an announcement
on the PA.

Let's draw some business
over here.


He's adorable.

Someone's here to see
Santa again.

OK, kids.

I hate to ruin the fun but Santa
has some business

up at the North Pole.

He has a long list of gifts
that he has to make for you.

Are you gonna have this
decorating workshop tomorrow?

Hey, Santa!

We doing this tomorrow?


OK, we'll be here
at 10:00 am.

Tell all your friends.

Hashtag "Santa's workshop
at Montell's".

I did. I will.


Merry Christmas.

Mommy, can we make an ornament?

Yes, we can come back tomorrow.

Hey there.



How's everything going
on the lot?

We've only sold 30 trees an
hour throughout the entire day.

How'd you pull that off?

Ralph let me print out flyers

and I had the 4H kids
pass them out.


I thought he was against flyers.

He was.

Until he saw the flyer.

That's great.

I'm impressed.

So I thought I would stop by
to see what was going on

between you and Ralph.

It seems kind of weird.

You two are always conspiring
like two thieves

about to break out of jail,
so what's going on?

He wants to retire
after this season.


Yeah, I don't blame him.

42 Christmas seasons
on some cold dirt,

I'd probably want my spot
on the sand in Aruba, too.


He decided that I had to make
a decision on

whether I was taking over
the business that day.

But I thought that
was your plan,

to take over the business.

Yeah, it is.

But I just need some time.

To do what?

Make ornaments?

OK, Nick.


You know where to find me,
if you need me.

So much for only an hour?

I am gonna hear about this
when I get home.

Suddenly it's everyone's

how I choose to spend
my vacation.

Well, tell them sales went up
five percent in the first hour

you were on the floor as an elf,
and they held steady 'til 5:30.

Normally it drops off around
3:30 on a Black Friday.

I told some parents that we'll
be decorating ornaments

in the morning so I guess
that means...

You have a hot date with
a certain Santa at 10:00 am?


Come on.

You can't fool me.

I got eyes to see.

What are you talking about?

You look at that Santa the way
you looked at Roland Pierce

in the fifth grade.

You remember him?

Yes, I remember him.

He was my boyfriend from
early morning math class

until recess when he moved
on to greener pastures.

He was a player.

He was.

OK, back to Nick.

You are completely delusional.

There is nothing going on
between me and Nick.

Plus, I live like 2,000
miles away.

I am not interested in a
long-distance relationship.

Plus, he's probably married.

Like you didn't notice he
wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

Or he has a girlfriend,
or a significant other.


A guy like that is too...


Good with kids.

To be alone.

Well, I could find out.


No, no, no, no, no.

We're not in high school.

I do not need my BFF going
to check

and see if some guy
is available.


I mean, I'll be cool about it.


I got... I gotta go.

Promise me.


I gotta go pick up
the little guy.

You coming?

Sorry. My real work
needs me.


You know, I don't know
how we're gonna keep up.

We went through two boxes
of ornaments today.

I can't believe people are
actually buying them.

Of course they're buying them.

They're amazing.

You know, we could open
this whole area up

and make like a real
Santa's Workshop.

You know, I was just thinking
the same thing.

It feels like it wants to be
something more.


I could bring my work bench,
my tools...



Well, when do you
want to do that?

I don't know, I mean,
I could do it tonight.



That would be great.




How're you doing?

You know, I've been
thinking all day

about what I wanted
to say to you

and I came up with
all of these great things

but come back, Nick.

We need you.

Ralph needs you even if
he's too stubborn to say it.

What is going on with you?

Look, he told me to go away
and think about it

until I was ready.

I've been thinking about it
and I'm still not ready.

I thought that this has been
your plan since...

It was.

Are you having second thoughts
about us?

Are you?

I am.

We've been drifting apart
for a long time now.

We don't talk anymore.

I think we should break up.

Yeah, I think you're right.

I think we just want
different things.

So don't tell your mother

but I made some of
my special hot cocoa.

You want some?


I'm on vacation.

Coulda fooled me.

Hey, can I ask you a question?

Yeah, shoot.

Why didn't you tell me
that the store was in trouble?

Honey, I just didn't
want you to worry.

Well, I am worried.

Well, don't.

We've got miles to go
before then.


You're the worst.

I thought you were on vacation.

Alright, I'll take a few.

You looked great
out there today.

Yeah, it was fun.

Go ahead.


I know there's something
you wanna ask me.

No, no.

Nah, I just... I'm just enjoying
our special tradition.

Well, I gotta head off.

At this hour? Where?

I gotta make some
Christmas magic.



Out of the Santa suit.


You too.

You OK?

You're not your usual
jolly self.

The life of a Montell Santa
isn't always so jolly,

I guess.

You wanna get started?


That looks better.

You really love Christmas,
don't you?

I do.

I really do.

Christmas is a big deal
with my family.


Yeah, Santa and cookies
and decorations and...

and of course there's
the Christmas Eve ball.

I'm told I attended
my first one in diapers.

I've never been.

Are you serious?


How is that possible?

I thought everyone
in Noblesville

has been at least once.

Everyone except me
and maybe my Uncle Ralph.

How's the sign coming?

It's coming.

It looks really good.

I'm impressed.

It looks pretty good.

Are you kidding?

It looks amazing.

You got mad skills, Santa.

I bet by Christmas
it'll be perfect.

So, you never told me
what it is you do

when you're not Santa-ing.

I'm a tree farmer.

A tree farmer.


I should have guessed
by the flannel.

Are you dissing my flannel?

No, no.

I live in Seattle where flannel
is practically a religion.


So are you a sailor
or a computer coder?

No, not quite.

I I'm an executive
at an active wear company.

But I'm also a cyclist
so I fit in.

A cyclist.

Is that a more
serious bicyclist?

I guess.

I mean, I did bike over
1,500 miles last year.

That's impressive.

So I thought you were a
carpenter or like an artist.

I am.

I wanna be.

I make custom furniture.

That's cool.

So you do that and you run
a tree farm?

Well, the farm was owned
by my father and uncle.

Was owned?

Yeah, my dad passed
when I was 14,

so I sorta took over
and run it with my uncle now.

I'm so sorry to hear about
your dad.


What about your mom?

She died two years ago.

I'm officially going to stop
complaining about my mother.

So I mean it's

it's there for me to take over
if I want it to be.

Do you want it?

That's the question everyone
keeps asking me.

Only they don't ask "if",
they ask "when".

I totally get it.

My dad owns a company, too, and

he hasn't asked me in a while
if I'm gonna take over

but I know that he wants me to.

What do you want?

It's hard, isn't it?

It is.

It's so hard.

'Cause I do, but I don't,
you know?

I love my job in Seattle.

I just got a promotion,

I love the pacific northwest,
but my family's here.

My best friend's here,

and I grew up in
my dad's business,

if you know what I mean.

Yeah, I know exactly
what you mean.

Let me know when
you figure it out.

I will.

So did you move to Seattle
for someone?

Yes and no.

I moved there after grad school
with my boyfriend

but when we split up I stayed.

What about you?

Did you stay for someone?

I think I did for a while.

Then I realized I really stayed
for the place itself.

It's funny how it knows you.

It does, doesn't it?


I feel like I can talk to you
about anything.

So do I.

Merry Christmas.

Bye, Merry Christmas.

You were so right.

That area needed trees.

How did you know what it needed?

Santa's intuition?

You know what we should do?

We should have an ornament
decorating contest.

We can announce the winner
with the holiday bake-off winner

at the Christmas Eve ball.

I love it.



Merry Christmas, man.

Mom, Grammy, Ivy.

Let me guess.

You got the elf costumes.

Where do I change?

I do wish you would stop
bringing that up

as if it actually might happen.

I've always wanted to do that.

Like LeBrain Jones.

LeBron James, Grammy.

But A for effort.

The reason why we're all here

is because we wanted
to bring you this.

It's perfect.

Thanks, Ive, can you put it
over there?


I do wish I had a grandchild
to bring to Santa.

And on that note I'm gonna
go look for a gift for Kyle.

Mom, don't you have somewhere
you need to be?

Holly, I have barely seen
you all week,

and did you know that
my daughter is turning 35

on Christmas Eve and she has yet

to tell us who she's bringing
to the Christmas Eve ball?

OK, mom.

Santa does not care
about my love life.

He has Mrs. Claus.

Look who it is again.

Santa, are you flying your plane
to the North Pole?

I am gonna take my plane.

How did you know my sleigh
was out for repairs?

I was thinking very hard with
my brain and I figured it out.

You're very smart.

Put it here.

OK, Merry Christmas.




Ho, ho, ho.

Santa needs to go feed the
reindeers for a little bit.

So I'm gonna take
a little break.

So you must be
Holly's grandmother.

You can call me Grammy.

OK Grammy, I will do that.


You know, I can always use
a good elf around here.

Don't keep a promise
you can't make.

That's... that's so funny,

my mom used to switch up
little sayings like that.


I only know one person
that did that.

Is your mother Rachael Porter
by any chance?


Well, that's who I got it from.

Well, she could make me
laugh out loud.

How is she?

She passed away a couple
years ago.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

She was such a light in my life.

How did you know her?

I volunteer at the hospital.

You know, I remember she used
to bring you up there

on snow days when she
couldn't cover her shift.


You have an amazing memory.

Well, I'm not one
of those old ladies

who can't remember things.

You're definitely not.

Well Grammy, it looks like Holly
cannot join us for lunch today.

Quite right.

She has big elf

Yes, she does.

It's so nice to see you again,

but you know, I didn't get
your name.

It's Nick.



OK, Grammy, I'll see you soon.




Lovely to meet you.

Nice to meet you.



Let's go.

Thank you.

I think mothers were put on this
earth to torture their children.

I'm so sorry.

I said I was going to stop
complaining about her.

It's OK.

All elves make mistakes.

I think you're gonna want
these on a day like today.

Thank you.

It's you!

It's me.

Well, between the boots
and the eyes I recognize you.

You're actually handsome
without that get-up.

Thank you.

Almost as handsome as JD.

Who's JD?

My husband of 62 years.

You guys had quite the run,
didn't you?


JD would have loved
to have seen Holly in there.

She's so like him,
vibrant and kind and so smart.

You must really miss him.

Every day.

We did have something special.

Kind of like what I see
between the two of you.


We're not... I mean,
we're friends.

JD and I were friends once, too.

Time will tell.

Alright, I gotta get going.

Stay warm.

You too.


Dinner's almost ready.

Remember that trip
we took to California?

I do.

We were visiting your cousins.

You two were so young

I can't believe you actually
remember that trip.

Uncle Jimmy's beach,
that's what I remember.

Visiting Uncle Jimmy's beach.

I think I thought all of
Santa Monica bay

was Uncle Jimmy's beach.


Those dresses you and Grammy
made for us

with the fairy tale theme.


I remember it was
a really big deal

that you let me wear that dress.

I had to promise like ten times
not to spill anything.

Well, you didn't disappoint me.

Like I am now?

Disappointing you?

You don't disappoint me.

Is that what you think?


If I don't bring the right guy
to the ball or if I don't...


I am so sorry.

You don't disappoint me.

You, married or unmarried,
you are enough.

Thanks, mom.


I love you, sweetheart.




Not funny.

You never don't have a joke,

Well, always come prepared.

That's the first thing
they tell you in boy scouts.

So I talked to Jenny.


I'm sorry, man.

It's OK.

She was right.

We haven't been connecting
for a while now.


How do they know
so much about us?

That sigh doesn't sound like
it was about a woman, though.

What a day.

I'm all ears.

Well, one, I think it's weird
you know so much about my sighs,

but two, I forgot how hard
it was to Santa.

You put the suit on?

I put the suit on.

I swore I'd never do it again

and here I am cursing my own
self, Rob you idiot.

I would say I know what you mean
but I don't know.


I love it!


Yeah, really.

Don't tell me you found
your calling.

I don't know about
my calling but,

you know, the kids are great
and I have this awesome elf

who's helping me out.


I didn't send you an elf.

Yeah, I think she's just giving
her friend a hand

from the store.

Now I have more questions.
What's her name?

Her name's Holly,
and she's really funny

and she gets the crowd going
and the kids love her, so...

I don't know.

You like her.

I barely know her.

Sounds like you like her.

Yeah, because you know,
she's... she's really great.

And she's making my job easier.

OK. What's her story?

What do you mean,
what's her story?

What's her last name?

Where'd she go to school?

Where does she live?

These are questions humans
ask other humans

when they like them.

Yeah, OK, well I don't know
her last name, actually.

And I don't know where
she went to school

but none of it really matters
'cause she lives in Seattle.


Seattle Schmeattle.
Who cares?

Like she's gonna move back home

because a complete stranger
likes her.

Well, they say every important
person in your life

starts out a stranger.

Who's they?

I don't know.

I just like the way it sounded.

I'll bring in the team.

Holly, let me introduce Mallory
Tuckman from Wincoff Retail.

Holly Montell.

You're John's daughter.

I am.

And Elle Simmons, our head of
marketing and special events.


Ladies, please join us.

Well, John just took me
on the complete tour.

I have to say you run
a tight ship.

They run the tight ship.

I'm... I'm just a passenger.

Well, I'm gonna cut
to the chase.

You have a thriving business
serving a loyal customer base

and Wincoff Retail has
aggressive growth goals

and to meet them
we need to acquire.

That's where Montell's comes in.

We've actually had our eye on
your store for a few years now.

We're flattered.

Well, why don't we talk
after you've had a chance

to fully review our offer.

Let's do that.

I'll show you out.

Well, I don't have a Christmas
tune for this one.

Hey, hon.

Still working I see.

These gifts aren't gonna
wrap themselves.

You deserve a break.

I love wrapping gifts.

It's therapeutic.

I can't argue with that.

So, see our latest numbers?

I may have taken a look.

So you know how good they are.

And I don't know what's going on
with you and that Santa

but if you figure it out tell me

because I wanna bottle it
and sell it.

I also looked at the offer.


What do you think?

It's solid.

It is, isn't it?



I know what you're thinking.

Yeah, I am.

I mean, look at what you did
out there.

Santa's corner is the reason
we're 40 percent up

over last year.

You're driving business
throughout the entire store.

So yeah, I wish you could stay.

Hey, I know.

You love Seattle.

You just made VP and
I'm very proud of you.

I was just... I was just dreaming
out loud.

I knew that one day you were
gonna have to sell.

It's just kind of a shock
that that day is already here.

So hey, if after this little
chat you feel like you need

more therapy I got some presents
you can wrap.

Bring 'em on.

I love you, dad.



Good morning, Holly.
You're here early today.

An elf's work is never done.

Are these new?


They've been here a while,

you've just been too busy
to notice them.

You know, they say boots
are coming back.

They're sturdy, comfortable,
and unexpectedly stylish.

Believe me.

I know all about boots.

You know, if you find
a pair that fits

you can wear them forever.

No, I'm telling you.

Emma wanted a basketball,
Abby wanted a doctor's kit,

Connor wanted a dump truck...

You are making all of this up.

I'm not.

Sarah wanted an art kit
and she was very specific

about the colours.

There is no way you remember
what all these kids want.

It's a steel trap.

I'm not convinced.

I'm Santa, I know
what the kids want.

You, on the other hand, though,
I'm not so sure about.


Well, I want what every
elf wants.

What does every elf want?

A toy for every child.

Of course.

I don't know, I'm new
to this elf thing.

Apparently, it goes
with the job.

I can get behind a toy
for every kid.

I'm Santa.

But what else?

I want to find my true North.

And I really, really

want a new hat.

Sorry kids, Santa will be
back tomorrow at 10:00 am.

He's gotta go get some
milk and cookies.


It's OK, we'll come back.
Let's go.

I'm thinking no milk and cookies
for me tonight.

I've actually got a beer waiting
for me at the Santa convention.

The Santa convention?


Supposedly all the local Santas,

meet up at Malone's Bar
on the 20th every year

to celebrate, commiserate,
you name it.

I gotta see this.

You should come.

Wait, are you inviting me,
an elf,

to the Santa convention?

Maybe I am.

Maybe you'll see me there.

Great. Maybe you should come
at 8:00.



We can't do that.

Because it's against our policy.

With you in just one second,

I know.

My hands are tied.


Do your best.

How can I help you?

Hi, I'm Holly Montell.

I called earlier from Montell's
department store in Noblesville.

I don't know if you've
heard of it.

I've heard of it.

My mom used to work there.


Yeah, in cosmetics.
Jan Darling.

Mrs. Darling.
How is she?

She's good.

Retired, lots of gardening,
watching grand-babies.

Please tell her I said hello.

I'm... I'm sorry,
what was your name?


Jordie. Nice to meet you.

I... I just had a question.

How long have you worked here?

Seven years.

OK, so you were here
before new management.


How are things different?

We're more efficient,

but if you ask me the heart's
gone out of this place.

Why do you ask?

Wincoff Retail offered
to buy Montell's.

You stand to make
a lot from that.


Well, what's your heart worth?



Hey, I thought I would take
you up on your offer

to fix my boots.


'Cause I love it when people
repair their shoes

instead of just tossing
them out.

I would never toss them out.

I love 'em.

I even have a nickname for them.


Yeah, I'm not gonna tell you.


Well put your name there.


And I will fill out the rest.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Your name is seriously Nick?

It is, I swear.

Well, I will have these for you,

before your next shift.

Thank you. I really
appreciate it.


Excuse me, I'm sorry.

There you are.

You made it.

I can't believe I found you
in a room of a zillion Santas.

It's crazy.

This is, I know.

What do you want to drink?

White wine please.

You look amazing.

Thank you.

You look...


The same.

Well, you can't come
to the Santa convention

in your street clothes.

Excuse me, since when
does Santa wear sneakers?


Well, my Gibney's
took the night off.

They've been working hard,
they deserve it.

I noticed there are no elves
at this convention.

Yeah, no elves.

They gotta get themselves

We're the unsung heroes
of Christmas, we elves.


Thank you.

To elves.

To elves.

So tell me the truth.

Is your last name Claus?

You ask tough questions.

A man of mystery.

I guess it's a little unfair,

I do know a bit more about you
than you know about me.

How's that?

I mean, I know your birthday.

Right. My mom.

Thanks mom.

I know what it's like to have
a birthday on a big day,

even better a big birthday
on a big day.


Try and top having your birthday
on Christmas Eve.

Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day? No.



That is so much worse.

Yeah, it's pretty bad.

That is so much worse,
especially for a guy.

I'll drink to that.

It's bad enough having your
birthday being made a big deal of

but to have your birthday
and your love life

being made a big deal of
every year?


And plus, I mean, this year
is the big 35.

Brace yourself now.

Trying to brace myself.

I'm sorry.



Is everything OK.

I'm so sorry, I have to go.


I'm sorry.
It's an emergency.

I totally understand.

I'm so sorry.

What happened?

He was complaining
about being cold,

he wouldn't go to the hut
to warm up.

I forgot about it and then
he just fell over.

I'll give you two a minute.


You know if you wanted to see me
all you had to do was call.

I'm sorry I wasn't there.

I'm fine, I told you I don't
need to be here.

I always say when I see a farmer
I know it's serious.

Farmers never go
to the hospital.

What does that mean?

It's just an observation.

Well, you have hypothermia, sir.

And a heart palpitation
that needs monitoring.

But with proper care he can
be home in a few days.

However, no more working
outdoors in the cold.

You need to rest and recuperate.

Thank you.

I'll be back to check
on you later.

Is this why you insisted
that I take over

the day before Thanksgiving?

I want you to take over

the farm is yours.

It's your inheritance.

And it's what your father wanted
for you.

It's time.

What's going on?

What do you mean?

You never sing with me.

You're in love.


With that Santa.

Stop, I'm not in love.


Holly, you better snatch him up
while there's still time.

Speaking of time, this elf
has to get to the North Pole.


Take these to Nick?

Of course.

That's, like, 13 gifts.

You know what? Sure.

I see a lot of sluggers
in this line.

Where's Nick?

It's St. Nick to you,
my dear.

Look, it's one of my elves.

Ho, ho, ho.

You're next.

Hop on up there.
There you go.

I'll be right back.

OK, one gift.

What do you want?

Hey, where do we get
our Santa's?

Rob's Holiday Staffing, why?

I need to find out what happened
to our Santa.

He's not out there?

No, it's just some old guy.

He left his boots with Arturo
last night and he put his name

on this work order form
but I can't read it.

Could be Parker?

Let's call the staffing company.

You OK?

Yeah, go ahead.

Rob's Holiday Staffing,
Rob speaking.


I'm calling from Montell's
department store

regarding our Santa.


Did he show up?


It's just that we're
a little concerned.

We were really happy
with the Santa you sent before.


Nick had a family emergency.


I'm so sorry.

I hope everything's OK.

I think so.

Well, please tell him that
we hope everything improves

and we'd like
to send him a card.

Is it alright if we send it
to Nick Parker,

care of Rob's Holiday Staffing?

Yeah, that's fine.

I'm... I'm sorry,
are you still there?



She's gone.



I hate tapioca.

Nobody hates tapioca.

I do.

What? I do.

See? What'd I tell you?

It tastes awful.

Well, let's get this exam over
so I can get you some jello.

OK, now you're talking.

Alright, time to get
my own tapioca.

Take mine.


Hey, bro.


Hey man.

Thanks for coming, guys.


How is he?


What else is new?

It never ends.

That's fine, take it, Rob.



OK, two minutes.




You wanna talk?


OK, let's go.

Thanks again for bringing
him in,

for being there.

I'm glad I was.

How's everything over
at the lot?

Do I need to go over there?


Things have slowed down now

that we're so close
to Christmas.

My brother's got it covered.

OK, good.

I don't know if Ralph told you

but this season has been
our best in over ten years.



I've been able to do all of
these things

that I wanted to do.

At first I was upset with you
for leaving us with so much to do

but then I realized
I can do this myself.

Jenny, that's really amazing.

And I've had so many
ideas and...

not arguing with you about them
has just been easier.

I get it.

And I'm glad.


Of course, friends.


Who knew there were so many
Nick Parkers?

But no Santa Nick.

I know. This is impossible.

We're never gonna find him.


Maybe we're going about this
the wrong way.


I have an idea.


It's pretty perfect?

I don't know.

What do you mean?

It's brilliant.

We're already getting buzz
on social media.

We're driving business to the
store and finding your Santa.

Not so far.

We will.

I know it.


You're out of the elf
outfit already?


Listen, I wanted to tell you,
I went to Broman's in Carmel.

You did?

When did you find time for that?

Well, after my elf duties I

squeezed in a scout
the offer trip.


And I ran into Jan Darling's

She's worked there
for seven years.

Jan, she was a great employee.



She said the heart's gone
from the place, dad.

So the offer's good for us.



You're the reason Christmas
was such a success.

You cracked the code.

Well, who knew the code was
an elf suit and a young Santa?

It surprised me.

I thought you were gonna
kill Elle

when she made you
put that outfit on.


I couldn't have done it.

I really enjoyed being there
with the kids and the parents

and all the customers who have
been coming to the store

for as long as I can remember,
and they're bringing their kids.

Those kids are our future.

It was rewarding and fun
and the numbers went up.


But it's all making it
so much harder.


That's that.

Accept the offer.



My little elf.

You put a lot of heart
into your work,

and that's good.

Save some heart for the other
parts of your life.

Promise me.


That's done.

This is a great idea, Holly.

It was all Elle.

Gotta go, it's crazy in here.

This is so fun, right?


Why am I doing this?

What do you mean?

Why am I trying to find him?

I'm sorry, is this
a trick question?

No, seriously.

I leave in two weeks, I love
my job in Seattle,

I live in one of the most
beautiful cities in the world.

Close your eyes.


Just do it.

Tell me, what's your
favourite colour.

You know it's blue.

Favourite Christmas song?

"The Christmas Song".

- Beach or mountains?
- Mountains.

- Favourite name?
- Nick.


And that's why you're doing it.

Holly, I have never
seen you happier

than when you're with him.



And if you don't at least
try to find him

you'll always wonder
what might have been.


You know you're
kind of brilliant, right?

Well, I mean, I wouldn't say it

but if you wanna say it.

I love you.

I love you.

OK, I gotta go find out why
the sale signs aren't up.

He'll be back.

Why is everyone so sure?

I'm sure he already misses...
his boots.

You're starting to look like
your old self, Uncle Ralph.

See? I told you I was fine.

Hey, I didn't say anything.

It was that lady
in the white coat

that was making all the fuss.

Yeah, maybe she's right.

Maybe I did need to take it
a little easy.

I mean, she may know
a thing or two,

she's a doctor after all.

So what's the word?

I can't work the lot anymore,
so you gotta take over.

Uncle Ralph, I love working
with you

and I'm so grateful for
everything you've done for me.

You know, you taught me to be
responsible and honest,

but the farm and the business,
it just isn't for me,

and this is probably the hardest
thing I'll ever do.

But I love making furniture,
and I'm good at it,

and I wanna follow that.

I figured you'd say something
like that.

But you do make good furniture,

You think so?


I also may have a solution
that would let you retire

and me do what I love.

Yeah. What's that?

Hand the farm over to Jenny.



I mean, she loves it,
she's great at it.

She said you guys had the best
season in 10 years.

What do you think?

Well, she's a hard worker.

Works harder than anyone.



Well, I think you may be right.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You did this.

All this.

It happened because of you.

Thanks, dad.

You know what I'm thinking?

Some special hot cocoa
when we get home?

Thank you.


Grammy, what're you doing here?

I'll ask you the same question,
Saint Nick.

Just visiting my uncle,
but as me.

Well, I hope everything's OK.


Yeah, we're getting there.

You know, you never got to put
your elf suit on.

Sadly, not my only regret
in life.

You know, I'm so glad
I bumped into you.

Do you have plans
on Christmas Eve?

You sure know how
to put a guy on the spot.

Well, at my age I don't want
to waste time,

you know, dancing around
the subject.

No, ma'am, I don't have
any plans,

but don't tell anybody

because I don't want them
worrying about Santa.

How would you like to be my
guest at the Christmas Eve ball?

You could be my one plus.

You know, I'm just really not
in the party mood.

You have a girlfriend.

There you go again.

No, I don't.

Well, then you'll be my guest.

I'll leave a ticket at will call
under my name.

You know, I just don't think
I'm gonna be able to make it.

It's impossible to say no to me.

Is it?

Futile is resistance.

There you go again,
slaying me with those sayings.

How about I say
I'll think about it?

Arrive at 8:00.

Put on a nice jacket and a tie.

And don't forget
your dancing shoes.

No Santa suit?

Give the old boy a rest.

There's my car.

Let me give you a hand.

Thank you.

The ticket will be
under my name,

Adeline Montell.

I know you won't disappoint me.

Adeline Montell?

I really appreciate all this,

but it's just one Christmas wish

that's not gonna come true.

Hey, you don't know that yet.

It's not Christmas.


I love you, I'm gonna
miss you so much.

I love you, too.

And nothing says
you gotta go back.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we would like to begin
by thanking you very much

for joining us here
this evening.

We should head in.


It's your support year
after year that makes

the Christmas Eve ball
such a success.

And now, the winner
of the holiday bake-off...

Alegra Hunter and her caramel
macchiato bundt cake.

You came.

I did.

Merry Christmas, my dear.

Merry Christmas, Grammy.

Allow me.

And of course our
newest competition,

the ornament decorating

Nicola Rose.

I need to stop here
for a second.

I thought you might.

How're you doing, old girls?

Looking good tonight.

Please be careful
when trying the boots on.

I've got a difficult
announcement tonight.

It's something I spent a lot
of thought on.

Wait, you're him.

You're Santa... I mean,
you're Nick?


...but this is something

that's been in the works
for a long time.

I am very proud of what we have
built here at Montell's

over the years and I...
excuse me.

That's my daughter.

What is it Holly?

Don't sell, dad.
I'm staying.

As I was saying, I have
a big announcement tonight.

This year was a roller-coaster

until a magical elf
joined our team.

My daughter's worked
at Montell's on and off

since she was very young.

She knows the business well,

but this year she proved that
she is the key to our future.

I am excited and very proud
to introduce

the new CEO of Montell's
department store,

is Holly Montell.


Holly Montell?

She's in there somewhere.

Go find her.

Thank you dad.

Thank you everyone.

I can't wait to get started.

Come here, girl.


I can't believe I get you back.

I don't know why it took me
so long to figure it out.

We're going to make
an unbelievable team.

Excuse me, Elle,
I have to steal her.

Yeah. Of course.

I have to get home
before Santa does,

so Merry Christmas,
Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

So, nice surprise to me you
did not sing "happy birthday"

so thank you.

I think this is a much
better surprise.

A celebratory father-daughter

A celebratory dance.

So what was it?

What do you mean?

What was it that made you
change your mind?

Falling in love.

With the store,
with Noblesville.

It's as if it knows me.

What about Wincoff Retail?

You said it,

I couldn't let them take
the heart out of our store.

And I may have built a 30-day
out clause into the contract.

I thought just maybe
you might come around.

May I have this dance?

I'm gonna go find your mom.


Am I here?

Well, your grandmother can be
very persuasive.


You had an emergency.

Is everything OK?


Everything is great.

And happy birthday.

Thank you.

So you are

the new CEO of Montell's,

I decided to come back
to the family business.

So you figured it out.

I did.

With a little help from Santa.

And I saw that there was
a boot contest.

Were you really gonna give
my boots away?

Only to the rightful owner,
I promise.

So, what do you think?

The famous Christmas Eve ball.

Admit it, you wish you'd come
every year.

I wish I had come every year.

And I'm glad I dressed up.

You do look dashing.

I'm glad you're here.

I'm really glad I'm here, too.

I'm sorry.

Santa's boots.

Alright, alright.

This is really
impressive wrapping.

Open it and find out.

I love it.

Love it.

That's lovely, Holly.

Flannel from Seattle.

It's gorgeous.

Look at that colour.

But the real gift is being
here with you,

Uncle Ralph and the rest
of your family.





What is this?

Just something I made.

I love it.

That's adorable.

And he made it, yeah.

Look at that.

I figured it'll tide you over
until it's cycling weather.

It'll tide me over,
as long as you come with it.

Calm down, mom.