Santa and the Three Bears (1970) - full transcript

When a park ranger tells two bear cubs about Christmas and Santa Claus, they want to skip hibernation to celebrate, but their mother doesn't believe in Saint Nick and wants them to sleep.

[music playing]

Uncle Cal, when will
Santa Claus be here?

Yeah, we're sure awfully tired.

Well, I'm afraid he isn't
going to come until after you're

in bed and sound asleep, kids.

And it's just about time
you kids were in bed anyhow.

Can you tell us a story first?

Yeah, a Christmas story.

I want to hear about
mean old Mr. Scrooge.

I want to hear about
the littlest angel.

Well, wait a minute,
wait a minute.

I'll tell you what.

How would you like
to hear a brand

new, never-before-told
story of Christmas?

A story that no one ever heard?

That's right.

Now, that actually happened to
me when I was a forest ranger

in Yellowstone National Park.

That was many years back.

Say, you climb up
here on my lap.

And I'll tell you all about it.

Here we go.

Oh boy, a new Christmas story.

That's right, a brand
new Christmas story.

[music playing]

I suppose old Nana
the bear and her cubs

are about bedded
down for the winter.


Anyone home?

Hiya, Mr. Ranger.

Hey, Mom, Mr. Ranger is here!



Look out!


Sorry, Mr. Ranger.

Oh, that's all right, kids.

I'm used to an unusual
welcome around here.

About ready to call
it a season, Nana?


That's for sure.

I was just about to tuck
the cubs in for the winter.

Oh, we don't want to go to bed.

Typical kids.

Yep, we're not worth a darn
without a good four month


Oh, I hope my lumbago
doesn't act up this winter.


I guess middle age
is creeping up on you.

So long, have a pleasant winter.

Goodbye, Mr. Ranger.

Oh, Chinook, Nakomi, come on in.

It's hibernation time.

Coming, Mom.

So long, Mr. Ranger.

Oh, Nakomi?


Coming, Mom!

Sure looks like it's gonna snow.

Ah, the first
snowfall of the winter.

It's almost that time
of the year again.

Sleigh bells and snowmen, yep,
soon it'll be Christmas day.

Which reminds me, about
time I went out and cut

me down a pine Christmas tree.

There's something wonderful
about this time of the year.

It makes a man feel
good about living.

Warms him up deep down
inside and all over.

[SINGING] Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way.


Who wants to sleep when it's
snowy all over everything?



Are you kids coming to bed?

In a minute, Mom.

Look, Chinook.

It's Mr. Ranger!

Wonder what he's
doing out in the snow.

Let's go find out.


Hey, this one's perfect-- about
the right size and height too.

What the!

Oh my!


We're awfully sorry,
Mr. Ranger,sir.

Wh-- wh-- what happened?

Well, we kind of got
all snow balled up.

Nakomi and Chinook,
I might have known.

You cubs get into
everything, even snowballs.

Hey, you kids better get
home and start hibernating.

You know how your mom is.

She can be a real
bear when she's angry.

I made a funny!


Now, stand back, kids!

What you're going
to do with that axe?

Why, I'm going to cut
down this Christmas tree.

What's a Christmas tree?

And what's a Christmas?

Oh, Christmas is--
well, uh, Christmas

is a time for good
cheer, singing

carols and exchanging gifts.

Everyone is bubbly and happy.

People are at their best
around Christmas time.

Sounds like fun.

How come we never
had a Christmas?

Oh, well, I suppose it's
because you're bears.

And bears hibernate
through Christmas.



What else happens at
Christmas, Mr. Ranger?

Oh, lots of wonderful
things-- marshmallow

roasts, dance around a warm
fireplace, playing games.

Well, it's been nice.

But you better be getting home
before your mom misses you.



Will you please come home?

We must get some sleep.

Coming, Mom!

Let's ask her about Christmas.

Hey Mom, wake up!

We want to talk to you!


Tell us about,
Christmas, please?


What's a Christmas?

You know, presents and candy.

And lots of goodies!

Uh, well, I really don't think
I know much about it. [sighing]

Awe, come on, Mom.

Mr. Ranger told us this was
the best time of the year.

Why, of course it is, children.

That's when we get our sleep.


Grab her!

No, you, she's
out like a light.

Maybe Mr. Ranger has a
Christmas at his house

that we can see.

Come on!

[music playing]

Let's take the shortcut.

We can cut across the lake.

It's frozen over!

Sure slippery.


How do you stop?

Look out!


Come on, Chinook.

Mr. Ranger's cabin is
just over the hill.


Golly, look.

Look what Mr. Ranger
did to his tree.

It's beautiful.

He's fixing his cabin
up with all kinds

of pretty decorations.

[SINGING]Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way.


Bless my hat, I just get
all choked up at Christmas.

Oh, hi, Nakomi and Chinook.

Nakomi and Chinook?

But they're in
hibernation, I think.

What on Earth are
you cubs doing here?

We came to hear all about
the Christmas fun everyone

has while us bears are sleeping.


Look at tree!

And look at the presents!

Oh boy!

Shiny balls and sparkling stuff!


Wait, you two, stay out
of my decorations, please!



Hooray for Christmas!

Now, kids, try to
control yourselves.

Hey, Chinook, look over here!

Little white tasty
looking mushy things!

I bet they taste just great!

As a matter of fact, they
do, but just one, Chinook.

Me too, Mr. Ranger?

Of course.

Really, you cubs should be home.

Your mother will
be worried sick.

But we want to hear
all about Christmas.

Yeah, we never had one of them.

Tell us about it,
Mr. Ranger, please?


Pretty please with honey no it?

Well, now-- wait
a minute, kids!

Oh, tell you what, if I let you
in on the story of Christmas,

will you promise to go home?

We promise, cross our hearts!

OK, fine.

Well, let's see.

It all began a
very long time ago.

Something very
wonderful happened.

A little child was born to
the family of Mary and Joseph

in a place called Bethlehem.

Is that in Yellowstone Park?

Oh no, it's far, far away.

But anyway, this
little child brought

a gift to the world of peace on
Earth and goodwill toward men.

And even to this
day, people still

give presents on this
child's birthday,

which we call Christmas.

And over the years, many legends
built up around Christmas.

What kind of legends?

Oh, I guess the most famous
one is the story of Santa Claus.

What's a Santa Claus?

Can we eat it?


Oh, no, no.

Here, maybe I can
explain it to you more

easily with a pencil and paper.

First of all, this
is where we live.

It's called the world.

You mean it's round?

That's right.

And at the very top is a
place known as the North Pole.

And this is where a little old
man with a belly that shakes

like a bowl full of
jelly lives all year long

with his eight reindeer and
many, many little helpers

called elves.

What do the elves do up there?

Well, it's said they work all
year long making toys for Santa

Claus to deliver to children
all over the world on Christmas


[music playing]

And so, with Santa
on his way, kids

everywhere wait
happily for Christmas

stockings filled with goodies.

Gee, what a beautiful,
pretty story.

Well, you cubs better
be getting on home.

Oh, thank you, Mr. Ranger.

That was a terrific story.

Good, now run along home, kids.

Bye, Mr. Ranger.

Bye, see you next springs.


Cute little kids, those two.

Maybe Mom will let
us have a Christmas.

She might even let us stay up
until Santa Claus comes, if we

ask her real nice and sugary.

Hey, look!

Do you see what I see, Nakomi?

Oh, boy!

A beautiful little
Christmas tree!

Wow, it must be the prettiest
one in Yellowstone Park.

Come on.

Let's take it home!

But how?

It won't shake loose.

Maybe we can break it off.

Keep tugging, Nakomi!

I think it's gonna snap!


Oh, it's too big a tree.

You mean we're too little.

What's a Christmas
without a Christmas tree?

Hey, wait!

Mom could break that
tree off in two seconds.

Come on, Chinook!

Wake up!

Yoohoo, Mom!

Hey, Mom, wake up!

Uh, what is it?


A forest fire?


Can we have a
Christmas tree, Mom?

A what?

You know, a Christmas
tree like Mr. Ranger has.

Listen, children,
I hate to be angry.

But you should have
been asleep weeks ago.

But, Mom, just one teensy
little Christmas tree?

Please, Mom?

I'm sorry.

It's almost a month past
your bedtime already.


Oh, all right, but you must
promise to remain in the cave

for the rest of the winter.

We promise, Mom!

We do!

We do!

Yippee, we're going
to have a tree!

Hooray, we found a beauty
just down the slope, Mom.

I'm going.

I'm going.

The problems of motherhood,
I've got a feeling

it's going to be a long winter.


Well, let's get the old cave
ready for our Christmas tree.

I guess this is the
tree the kids want.

Isn't it a terrific
Christmas tree, Mom?

I'm glad you're
happy with it, kids.

Maybe now we can
get some sleep, hm?

[SINGING]Jingle bells, jingle
bells, jingle all the way.

Oh what fun it is to ride
in a one horse open sleigh!


Hooray for Christmas!

We want Santa Claus!

Now, now, listen, kids, I don't
want to spoil the fun, but this

noise simply cannot continue.

Just what is all this Christmas
stuff all about anyway?

Oh, it's terrific, Mom!

Yeah, a fat holly
old man in a sled

is going to bring
us some presents.

Yeah, and his big
old belly shakes

like a bowl full of jelly!


And he comes down the
chimney and says, ho, ho, ho.

And how did you kids
learn all about this?

Mr. Ranger told us.


He certainly can
tell some whoppers.

Oh no, it's true, Mom.

And no matter what, we're going
to stay up until Christmas Eve.

Oh dear, and just when
is this Christmas Eve?

Well, uh, we don't know.

We sort of forgot to ask.

Great, it could be next July.

We'll go ask Mr. Ranger, OK?

Oh, no you don't.

You cubs wait here.

I'll have a talk
with that Mr. Ranger.

I'll find out all
about this Christmas

business once and for all.

Do you think Christmas
might be in July?

I don't even know when July is.

Ah, yes, 'tis indeed
the season to be jolly.

Uh-oh, good heavens,
there's a bear at the door.

It's old Nana.

Wake up, Nana.




Wake up, you're, uh
blocking my door, dear.

What are you doing here anyhow?

Oh, I just can't get any
sleep with Nakomi and Chinook

all excited over this
thing called Christmas.

They're determined to
stay up until Christmas

Eve, whenever that is.

Oh, I see.

But it seems you're the only
one who knows when that is.

Say, who is Santa Claus,
with a bowl full of jelly,

and reindeer and all?

Well, it's all sort
of an old legend?

You mean it's not true?

Have you been
fibbing to my kids?

Why, no, not exactly.

I thought you bears
would be hibernating.

Now, how can I hibernate
with two cubs all excited

over a Santa Claus
who isn't even real?

I don't mind losing
a little sleep.

But the kids will
be so disappointed.

Well, maybe they
won't have to be.

You know, I used to be an
old department store Santa.

And I still have my
old outfit packed away.

Why don't I just show up at
your place on Christmas Eve,

give a couple of ho-ho-hos,
drop off a few goodies, and--

And the cubs will
have seen Santa.

And we can all bed
down for the winter.

Oh, I just hope it
works, or those cubs will

be awfully sad and unhappy.

See you tomorrow
night, Mr. Ranger.

Bye, Nana.

I'll be there.

You know, this might be fun.

It ought to be a real nice
old-fashioned Christmas.

[music playing]

[wind blowing]

Ah, Christmas Eve at last.

Time for old Santa
to make his rounds.

Say, I don't look half bad.

I don't suppose the real Saint
Nick would mind me standing in

to bring a little
Christmas cheer

to Yellowstone National Park.


I guess I've got
everything, including

a couple of stockings full of
goodies for Chinook and Nakomi.

Those cubs are in
for a real treat.


[wind blowing]

Oh, why did tonight have to
be the night for our worst

blizzard in years?

[wind blowing]


What do you suppose
Santa will bring you?

Oh, I sort of expect
a good winter's rest.

I sure wish Santa
would hurry up.


I'm tired.

Oh, I'm sure he'll
be here soon, kids.

Yeah, we don't
want to fall asleep.

Hey, Chinook!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Do you want to
miss seeing Santa?


Remember, Santa
is coming, I hope.

[wind blowing]

It's no use.

I got to stop before
I get snowed in.

I got to wait till
this snowstorm passes.

[wind blowing]

Gee, it's getting awful late.

Has it stopped snowing, Mom?

Not yet.

Gosh, maybe Santa
can't get through.


Wake up.

Oh, good, there's an old
bus stop for summer visitors.

At least it's got a roof.

I'll wait out the storm in here.


Where is Santa Claus?

I can't stay awake much longer.

I'm afraid I'll just have
to tell them the sad truth,

even if it hurts.

Come here, children.

Do you think Santa
is coming, Mom?

Shouldn't he have been here?

Well, dears, I'm afraid not.

Perhaps it's best
you know the truth.

Santa is only Mr. Ranger
dressed up in a red suit

and wearing a false beard.

You-- you mean there's
no real Santa Claus?

No, no, not exactly, it's--
well, it's sort of just a nice

old story that the ranger told.

But rather than
disappoint you, he

decided to dress up
like this Santa Claus

and visit you tonight.

But I guess he can't
get through because

of the bad storm outside.

I guess Christmas is
for people, not bears.

I'm sorry, kids.

Gee, no Santa?

Besides, well, we're all
together in our warm cave.

That's sort of nice, isn't it?

So let's all go to bed.

And we'll talk all about
this in the spring.

Goodnight, kids.

[music playing]



Oh, I just wish there
was a Santa Claus.

[wind blowing]

MAN: Ho-ho-ho!



Great, now he shows up.

Oh, it's only Mr. Ranger
dressed up like Santa Claus.

And he's just trying to fool us.


Merry Christmas to all!

And to all a goodnight!

He just wanted you to have
a nice Christmas, kids.

This is the worst
Christmas I ever had.

Even if it is the only one.

Well, it's all over now, kids.

Let's try to forget
and get some sleep.

OK, Mom, goodnight.

Goodnight, Mom.


Oh, dear!

It's almost morning.

Phew, at last the storm quit.

I better get up to those bears.

I'm way overdue.

[music playing]

Oh, I just hope
they're still waiting.

[clears throat]

Anyone home?

Santa Claus is here!

Ho-ho-ho, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Hey, wake up!

It's me, Santa Claus!



But you were already here.

Uh, I was?

I mean, I wasn't.

I just got here.

And I brought these
stockings full of-- huh?

Where did those other
stockings come from?

Didn't you bring
them, Mr. Ranger?

Well, no-- I mean,
I'm not a ranger.

Oh, you know.

But how?

Because a real Santa
Claus was already here.



There is a real Santa Claus!

I-- I suppose there must be.

Oh boy!

And he brought us our
Christmas stockings!

SANTA: Ho-ho-ho!

Up Donner!

Up Blitzen!

Uh-- what's that?

Could it be?

It's him!

Santa Claus!



In the sky Why, it is!

It is!

It's good old Saint Nick
and all his reindeer!

Bye, Santa!


Merry Christmas!

Isn't Christmas wonderful?

Goodnight, Mr.
Ranger, and thanks.

Yeah, thank you, goodnight.


Goodnight, kids,
goodnight, Nana.

See you in the spring.


Say, do you believe
in Santa Claus?


I sure do.

[music playing]