Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas! (2017) - full transcript

On a snowy and cold Christmas Eve, Santa Claus accidentally steals the family Dog. So begins an epic journey through the twelve days of Christmas as the family ventures to the North Pole to get their beloved canine back.

Ho ho!

Ho ho ho!


What's that, Dad?

Check it out.

It's a frozen cookie. So what?

This is not any ordinary oatmeal cookie, Tommy.

Santa Claus bit
into this cookie.

Santa Claus?

Yeah. Good old Saint Nick.

There's no such thing
as Santa Claus.

Of course there's a Santa Claus.

When did you
stop believing in Santa?

Since I grew up.

You're only 13.

I'm going to be 14
in four and a half months.

Besides, I'm going to be
a detective someday,

and I live by facts
and facts alone.

What does that have to do with not believing in Santa Claus?

We get presents
every year as proof.

That's not proof.

Well, you got that cookie.

And this cookie
is almost 30 years old.

I wouldn't eat it if I were you.

That's right.

Now all we have to do is figure out who took a bite out of that cookie.

How do you do that?

I'm a detective, Suzie.
I'll just send it to the lab.

What lab, silly?

Dad, don't they do
DNA tests nowadays?

I think they do.

People find out
their exact family heritage.

Can't Mom do it?
Doesn't she do that with her patients?


So we'll send it to her,
and she'll prove that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

That is an excellent idea.

That's an excellent idea.

It certainly is.

♪ It's a California Christmas
Don't you know?♪

♪ You won't be hearing
Sleigh bells in the snow ♪

♪ Oh, oh♪

♪ You won't find
Children bundled up♪

♪ In coats and winter boots♪

♪ The people trimming
Christmas trees♪

♪ Are wearing bathing suits♪

♪ It's 85 instead of ten below ♪

♪ Oh, oh♪

♪ It's a California Christmas
Don't you know?♪

♪ It's a California Christmas♪

♪ Don't you know?♪

♪ It's winter but it really
Doesn't show ♪

♪ Oh, oh♪

♪ It's so darn hot
That you could fry♪

♪ An egg out in the street♪

- ♪ And all the plastic Christmas trees♪
- Ho ho ho!

♪ Are melting in the heat...♪

Here we are, kids.

♪ Just an inch away
From Mexico ♪

♪ Oh, oh ♪

♪ It's a California Christmas
Don't you know?♪

Hey, little guy.

He's cute.

Suzie, come over here.

Who's that?

You're really cute.

What's your name?

- Hey, he winked.
- Suzie?

Hey, Suzie.

Who's this?

Scoot over.

Hey, guys. Who's this?

He's really cute.

Now, we're just looking, okay?

It's almost Christmas. Come on.

He may not be here
when we come back.

Yeah, Dad.

Don't worry, Rusty.

Rusty, huh?

His fur. He looks
a little rusty.

I like that.

No, guys, no.

We were just looking.

Please, Dad?

We'll take care
of him and everything.

Right, Suzie?



Come on, guys.

Hey, little guy.

You want to come home with us?

And this is the adoption form.

And this makes Rusty an official member of your family.

Now, as I mentioned,
Rusty, um,

- does have a mild thyroid condition.
- Okay.

It's not uncommon for dogs
over the age of six.

And these are his tags,
and he's had his vaccinations,

and he is now
a member of your family.

Great. Well, consider this
an early Christmas gift.

Thanks, Dad.

Happy Holidays.

Let's go, Rusty!
You got a new home.

Absolutely no way.

You know I'm not a dog person.

I'm not allowing
that fur ball in this house.

Come on, Mom.
Look how cute he is.

Come on, Janice.

What gave you the insane idea
to get them a dog for Christmas?

Come on, Mom. Please?

I said no.

Dinner's almost ready.

Oh whoa, whoa. What's this?

It's Dad's 30-year-old cookie.

We need you to run DNA tests on it to prove that there's no Santa.

We need a DN...

You need to DNA it to prove to Tommy that Santa Claus is real.


This your father's idea?

This is why we don't
live together anymore.

Come on, honey.
Let's get washed up for dinner.

♪ Ho ho-oh-ho♪

♪ Ho ho-oh-ho ho♪

♪ He brings smiles♪

♪ Everywhere he goes♪

♪ Smiles everywhere he goes♪

♪ Ho ho-oh-ho♪

♪ Ho ho-oh-ho ho♪

♪ He brings smiles♪

♪ Everywhere he goes♪

♪ Smiles everywhere he goes♪

♪ Don't look up the chimney♪

♪ It's not under the tree♪

♪ You can't buy it in a store♪

♪ His gift is free♪

♪ It's all over
Children's faces♪

♪ It's not about the toys♪

♪ It's his
Once-a-year delivery♪

♪ Of smiles, love, and joy♪

♪ Ho ho-oh-ho...♪

Oink, oink! Oink, oink!

Oink, oink, oink!

♪ He brings smiles♪

♪ Everywhere he goes♪

♪ Smiles everywhere he...♪

Hurry up, Dad.
Mom's gonna be here any minute.

Dad, come on. Let's go!

Let go, Suzie. They're mine.

They're mine!

Let go. You're gonna break it.

It's mine!

It's mine. Let go!


Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

Have you been
good boys and girls?

I'm gonna get you! Ho ho ho!



Come on, kids.

I have to stop by the hospital,
and then we'll head home.

Bye, Daddy.

- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.

- Hey, where's my hug?
- Let's go, let's go.

I sit in the front seat.

You'll both sit
in the back seat.

Come on. Quit dawdling.

Quick. I gotta get
to the hospital.

Suzie, have you got everything?



What, honey?

Why are you and Daddy
not living together?

Oh, because we're not
getting along right now.

Don't you like Daddy anymore?

I love your father,

but we are
very different people.

How are you different?

Your father needs to grow up.

You mean he's
gonna get bigger? No, sweetie.

He often plays the big kid,

and he needs to grow up and deal with the world around him.

My teacher said a person can be childlike without being childish.

What does that mean?

It means that an adult
can still have

the wonder and appreciation
of a child

without acting like a child.

Isn't that what Daddy is?

Hey, can Rusty come visit us?

The dog stays
at your father's house.


Honey, I didn't grow up
with any animals.

They are a big responsibility.

They shed, and they're dirty,
and they poop everywhere.


I never understood why anyone
would want that responsibility.

But isn't it worth
the responsibility?

They can be our best friend.
They can make us happy when we're sad.

Can't we trust them
more than people?


You are right about that.

Good night, sweetheart.

Sweet dreams, baby girl.
Sleep tight.

The bird is cute, I guess,

but it's just a stuffed doll.

There are thousands,

hundreds of thousands
of stuffed animals out there.

There's nothing to make this bird of yours really stand out.

Yes, Mr. Dougal, but he--

I'm sorry. Uh, Mr. Bosloy.

But he's unique.
He's a dodo bird.

A dodo bird. They're--
they're extinct.

I'm assuming this is...

an original design.

Yes. Yes!
And I-- and I think that he could be the next big seller.

They're extinct,

except for Mister Dodo.

Except for Mister Dodo. Yay!

I don't see anything special
about him.

He's cute,

but it's not something
our toy company

would be interested
in distributing at this time.

The kids, they love him.

Call me if you
develop anything new.

Happy holidays, Mr. Woodshaven.


White-- Whitehaven. Woodhall.

Sorry. I don't usually
use briefcases. Okay.


Come on, kids.
Dad's waiting.

See you later, Mom.

Race you, Tommy! Out of my way!

Oh. Did you take
your homework with you?

It's Christmas vacation, Mom.
We don't have any homework.

You sure?


Jan, give 'em a break.
It's almost Christmas.

Merry Christmas.
I'll pick the kids up Christmas Day.

But I was planning on taking them to the outdoor skating rink.

They have a real skating rink in California.
Can you believe that?

I gave you Christmas Eve.

Daddy said he got me
some skates. I wanna go skating.

There's no such thing as an outdoor skating rink in Santa Barbara.

Yes, there is, Mom.

Dad said it's like
a hard plastic or something.

It's just like ice,
but it doesn't melt.


All right.

Come here, you. Rah!

Scoot over, Rusty.

Let's get out of here
before Mom changes her mind.

♪ It's a California Christmas
Don't you know?♪

Never feels like
Christmas in California.

Why is that, Daddy?

Where I grew up,
we always had a white Christmas.

But it's too cold in Canada.

Yeah, but you've never built
a snowman before.

I want a white Christmas
next year.

Well, maybe next year,
we could spend Christmas with Grandma.

We've never done that before.

That would be awesome.
Wouldn't that be awesome, Tommy?


♪ It's a California Christmas♪

♪ Don't you know?♪

♪ Oh, it's a California... ♪

It's time for
your medicine, Rusty.

Good boy, Rusty.

Daddy, are you and Mommy
gonna get back together?


I don't know, honey.

That's what I wish for
for Christmas.

Your Mom being a doctor just gets a little too serious for me sometimes.

Do you still love her?

I'll always love her.

Did she say anything about me?

Yeah. She says
you need to grow up.

She said that, did she?

Good night, you two.
Santa's not gonna deliver any presents

until he knows you're asleep.

That's right, Suzie.

If you don't
go to sleep right now,

Santa's gonna leave
a lump of coal in your stocking

instead of presents.

No, he won't! Cut it out!

I'm telling Santa
you've been bad.

All right, that's enough,
you two. It's time to go to bed.

Time to go to sleep.
I love you, pumpkin.

Good night, buddy.


We need to get you
a jammy collar.

That way, you'll be
more comfortable.

- Good night, guys.
- Dad, when can I get my own room?

You know what?
Just give it a little bit more time.

I'll see what I can do.
All right, bud?


Ho ho! Giddy up!

Yah! Yah! Yah!

On, Dasher! On, Prancer!

On, boys!

Ho ho! Giddy up!

Yah! Yah! Yah!


Ho ho ho!

♪ Fa la la, la la
La la, la la...♪

Santa was here!

Merry Christmas, you two.

Look at all the presents!

This one will be great.

What'd you get?

What are they? Skates!

Ice skates! How cool is that?

They're made in China!

- Wow!
- I love them.

Dad, what's this? Let me see.

Let's take a look.

"Certificate of Adoption."

It looks like Suzie
adopted a polar bear.

How cool is that?

You know that polar bears are actually endangered species?

Because the polar ice caps
are melting all the time.

That is really cool, Suzie.

I didn't even know
you could adopt a polar bear.

Oh, almost forgot!

Tommy, open this.
You know who this is for?

For Rusty.It's for Rusty.

It's for Rusty!


Hey, Rusty. Come here, boy.





Where's Rusty?

Rusty, where are you?

Come here, boy! Rusty!




Where's Rusty? Rusty!

♪ I'm dreaming of...♪

I'll bring them over
as soon as I can.

He'll find
his way home. It's just a dog.

Janice, this dog means
a lot to the kids.

Look, I'll give you
two more hours.

That's it. Look, I know you
don't understand!

Two hours. That's it.


It's always nice to have a cup of hot tea after I've circled the globe.

And here's to a successful
and beautiful Christmas season.



What is it, Snowflake?

We have a teeny, tiny problem.

What kind of problem?

Come on, lickety-split.
Oh, Saint Nick.


I see toys, stuffed animals.

The one in the middle.

How could this have happened?

How did he get in my toy sack?

There's going to be a child or children somewhere in the world

who's going to be
awfully upset with me.

How could I steal
their family dog?

What kind of monster
have I become?

Santa, it wasn't your fault.

We know that you didn't
take the dog on purpose.

Yes, but does the family know Santa didn't mean to steal their dog?

I'm a giver, not a taker.

♪ I sit and watch
The world pass by♪

♪ Snow falls, and I just
Start to cry♪

♪ 'Cause this ain't Christmas
Without you here♪

♪ And where I turn♪

♪ I see them smile♪

♪ But I miss you, dear♪

♪ And cannot hide♪

♪ That this ain't Christmas
Without you here♪

♪ Without you here♪

♪ Oh oh♪

Go. I'll meet you
in the workroom.

This is impossible.

I have no idea
who this little guy belongs to.

I've never had
a stowaway before.

I don't know how
I'm ever gonna find his home.

Don't worry, dear.
We'll find his owner.

You're just gonna
have to go back

and look at a few billion homes
that you've already been to,

and then you'll figure out just who this little guy belongs to.

I don't know how
this could've happened.

You been good this year?

Of course you have.

You're a dog,
not a cat.

Ho ho ho ho.

Oh, ho ho.

So, who do you belong to?

I'm gonna find your home.

You know,
I've been to so many homes around the world.

Billions, in fact.


I know they must be
missing you terribly right now.

Come on, kids.

We're gonna find him.
He's gotta show up.

Rusty didn't just
disappear into thin air.

Daddy, we have to get
Rusty back soon.

We have to give him
his medicine.

Rusty has to take his pill.

Dad, she's right.

If he doesn't take his pill,
he could get sick.

Poor Rusty.

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪

In a one-horse
Open sleigh, hey♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride ♪

In a one-horse
Open sleigh, hey♪

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way♪

♪ Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh♪

Ho ho ho!

Now, I believe that this
little dog fell into my toy sack

somewhere between...


and Japan.


we just have to find out exactly

what continent, what state,
what city, and what house.

Eh. Yes, Ying?

That sounds impossible.

Y-Yes, it does seem impossible.

But nothing is impossible.

There's always a possible.

It's all in your attitude.

Now, we'll have to go through
all of our delivery records,

then charts, time charts,
nice and naughty lists.

We can narrow this down

by crossing out all the children
on the naughty list,

who either got coal in their stockings or didn't get a visit from me.

Yes, Ying?

That still leaves
a few billion.



Hello out there.
It's Windy, the weather girl,

reporting to you live
from the North Pole.

According to NOAA,

the National Oceanic
Atmospheric Administration--

Now, folks, can you
say that three times fast?

The weather at the North Pole
today is a warm zero degrees

with a forecast of snow,
snow, and snow.

We've got some more Santa sightings that NORAD sent us

from Santa's busy night
on Christmas Eve.

It looks like Santa
wasn't alone last night.

Looks like he had a furry little helper by his side.

That's Rusty.
Suzie, quick. Look.

Wow, folks, could that be
Santa's dog helping him out?

Santa stole Rusty!

No, someone that looks
like Santa.

Santa stole our dog!

- Santa's not real!
- Yes, he is! systems right now.

Thanks, Windy.

And more news on
the recent Santa sighting.

It appears that Santa... Now, you two, what's going on?

It's Rusty. He's on the news.

Rusty's on the TV.

What are you two talking about?

...NORAD above
the California coast.

Santa stole Rusty!

Oh, honey, that's not Rusty.

Why would Rusty be with Santa?

Looks like someone dressed
as Santa stole him or something.

That-- that is not Rusty.

Look! It's right there!

It is him. I know it's him.

...investigative research
and learned

that this dog is actually
a rare Kai Ken.

This breed is known
for its brindle coloring,

sharp ears, curious eyes,
and loyalty and devotion to its master.

Okay, that's a wrap.


Thanks, Flame.

Oh, nice job, Snowflake.
I mean, Windy the weather girl.

Thanks, Santa.

Now, hopefully, someone will
recognize this little guy

and write me a letter
letting me know.

Let's just wait and see.

Uh, can I help you?

We received a 911 call that Santa Claus stole the family dog.


Well, I didn't call anyone.

Dispatch received a call
from someone named... Suzie.

I am so sorry, officers.

Has anyone seen your broadcast?

Do we know whose dog
I supposedly stole?

No, but I think I've narrowed it down to the little doggie's origin.


My research has determined that he's a rare Kai Ken from Japan.

Of course.

The sacred Kai Ken,
also known as the Tiger Dog...

also referred to as
the Tora dog.

He's Jewish?


Tora, as in T.O.R.A.,

used as a Japanese code word
for surprise,

as in, "Tora! Tora! Tora!"

By my research here,

I've determined
that they are very, very rare

and most only found in Japan.

Uh... Japan still has
a lot of chimneys.

Well, that narrows it down.

Mmm, but thank you, Snowflake.

You're welcome, Santa.

"Dear Santa, you stole my dog.

Please return him
as soon as possible.

Thank you.
P.S. I'm still a good girl."

So you will take my sleigh and look down every chimney in Japan.

Every chimney? All of Japan?

Every chimney, all of Japan.

I get to steer the sleigh!

No, I get to steer!

You shall look into
every chimney

to see if there's a sad boy
or girl missing their puppy.

And you will report back
to me every hour.

Sounds like a great idea.

No, it doesn't.

When you find the right home,
if you find the right home,

you will slide him down the chimney
into the arms of his family once again.

Yes, Santa.Yes, Santa.


Mr. Letter Man!

Mr. Letter Man.

Mr. Letter Man, can you deliver
this letter for me?

Aren't you a little late
for Christmas?

I know Christmas is over,

but Santa has to get my letter.

Well, you know, the Post Office
usually doesn't forward letters

to Santa Claus
until next December.

I can't wait another year.

Santa stole our dog.

- Excuse me?
- It's a long story.


Suzie, get back
in the house right now!

I'll see what I can do.

Can I borrow your pen?

This one? Sure.

Yay! Hey!

That's my pen!

I got his pen.

This is Justin Graham with KBMS.

I'm here with Suzie Whitehaven.

You have a pretty interesting story for us,
don't you?

Santa stole my dog.

What was your dog's name?


Santa, can you please
return Rusty?

Where did you last see Rusty?

When it was Christmas Eve, Santa came,
and he accidentally stole Rusty.

Oh, no.

Santa, all this little girl wants for her Christmas is her dog back.

Can you please bring Rusty back
safe and sound? Thank you.

♪ Up on the housetop,
Reindeers' paws♪

♪ Out jumps good old
Santa Claus♪

♪ Down through the chimney
With lots of toys♪

♪ All for the little ones'
Christmas joy♪

No one's missing a dog here.

We have more houses to check,
but we have to find his family.

♪ Somebody's missing you♪

♪ Somebody's wishing you♪

♪ Were here beside me, too♪

♪ You mean the world to me♪

♪ You're on somebody's mind...♪


How would you guys like
to go to the North Pole?


Are you crazy?

No, I mean it. We could stay at Grandma's.
Yukon Territory's in Canada.

It's a hop, skip,
and a jump away from Santa's North Pole.

Don't tell me
you believe in Santa.

You know I do.

You're too old
to believe in Santa Claus.

No one's too old.

We saw on TV. Santa stole Rusty.

That was someone
posing as Santa.

No, it was the real Santa.

Don't adults stop believing in Santa because they get old and cranky?


They stop believing because they stop believing in a lot of things.

♪ Somebody's missing you♪

♪ Somebody's wishing you♪

♪ Were here beside me, too♪

♪ 'Cause you mean
The world to me♪

Now, switch sides.

You're not taking them
to your mother's.

They've never experienced
a white Christmas before.

Well, Christmas is over.

Then whatever happened
to "12 Days of Christmas"?

I'm not comfortable with you taking them out of the country.

I have them until the weekend.

I am taking them
to see their grandmother.

Besides, we're separated.
We're not divorced.

And you really think you'll be able to zip up to Canada

and be back here
before the weekend's over?

Sure. Why not?

What a dork.

Nice! Hmph.

That was awesome.


Santa, you should really
see this.

What? What?

"Santa Stole Our Dog"?

Oh, my.

This is terrible.

Children all over the world
will never trust me again.

I-- I didn't mean
to take their dog.

I've let the children down.

This is the last time
you pull something like this.

Yeah, you've been
a great sport about this.

Kids haven't seen their grandmother in almost three years.

Yeah, we miss Grandma.

Why does she have
to live so far away?

Why can't she come here?

Because she's getting
too old to travel.

Besides, the kids have
never seen where I grew up.

Who wants to grow up in Alaska?

Did you live in an igloo? Yes.

I grew up in an igloo
until I got central heating.

Are there polar bears
and penguins?

Penguins live in the South Pole,
not the North Pole.

Oh, very good, honey.

Yeah. How did you
know that? I know a lot of things.

Okay, does everybody
have everything?

grab your stuff, guys.

Suzie, do you have
Mister Dodo?

I've got Mister Dodo.

Okay. I'm just gonna
stop right here.

I can't get
my seat belt undone.

help your sister.

Suzie, grab your jacket.

Let's go!

Now, Tommy, I'm counting on you
to look after your sister.


That's my big girl.

All right. Is this all the bags?

Here, Suzie.

Your bag? Yeah.

Okay, you are in charge.

Bye, Mom.

I'll miss you.You, too.

Give Mommy a hug.Okay.

Okay, Dad.
Gonna be late.

Bye, sweetheart.


All right. Have fun,
and be careful.

And look after Mister Dodo.

I will.

Okay.Thanks for the ride.

Of course.

Come on. Let's go.

Did you bring a jacket?

Yeah. It's in the bag.

Come on, Dad.

Hey, slow down.
Wait for me.

Okay. Have fun.


It's too heavy.

I got window!

I wanted the window!

Settle down. Settle down.


Can we get some pretzels? So immature.

I'm thirsty.

Is this your first flight,

It is.

We're gonna visit Grandma.
Then we're gonna go to the North Pole.

The North Pole? Really?


Santa stole my dog.

Can I have some pretzels?

I think it's so wonderful that you're going to go visit Santa Claus.

You believe in Santa Claus?

Well, of course.
Why wouldn't I?

I keep telling him Santa's real.

Of course he's real.

I came to visit you, Grandma.

Oh, Tommy, that's so sweet.

If Santa's real,
then how can he visit

every single home in the world
in one night?

Explain to me that,


He can stop time.

He stops the clocks...


And then he goes to visit all the good little girls and boys.

And when he's all done,
he starts the clocks up again.

It's not brain surgery, dork.

You need to get to the North Pole and get your little doggie back.

Yeah, Santa stole him.

Santa didn't steal our dog.
Santa's not real.

Of course he's real.

Then why would he steal Rusty?

Because it was an accident.

Or he just wanted
a special dog like Rusty.

Oh, I don't think
he stole him, sweetie.

Santa doesn't take. He gives.

I agree with Grandma.
I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose.

If it was an accident,
then why hasn't he returned him yet?

Well, Santa visits over
a billion homes.

I'm sure he doesn't know
which one Rusty belongs to.

Okay, everybody, that's it.

Time to go to bed.

You have got a long trip
ahead of you tomorrow.

Thanks again for letting us
borrow your car, Mom.

Oh, sure. I don't drive
it anymore anyway.

Just sits out rusting away.

You ought to ship it
to California.

Whoa, it's snowing.

That's awesome.

They've never seen snow before.

Oh, we've had our share.

I hope we don't get snowed in.

Oh, have a great trip.

Drive safely, sweetheart.

Thanks again, Mom,
for letting us borrow the car.

Oh, no problem.
Haven't driven it in, like, three years.

Well, it was a great idea to
have the battery disconnected.

A neighbor did it for me.
I didn't ask why.

It helps the battery
from draining.

It's a cinch to reconnect.

I helped.

Oh, Tommy, of course.

You're always
a big help to your father.

I'll help next time.

Hey, Grandma, what happened
to the window?

Oh, I keep meaning to get that fixed.
It won't roll up.

Okay. Bye, Mom!

Love you! Bye, Grandma!

Love you, too!

Bye, Grandma!

Bye, sweetie. Mwah. Bye.

Drive safely.

Bye! Bye!


Look at all this snow.

It's so amazing.

Hey, we gotta make a quick stop,
pick up a car seat for Suzie.

It's okay, Dad.
I took care of it.


Safety first.

♪ It's Christmas time♪

♪ I like the way
You stare at me♪

♪ Sipping on your hot blue ice♪

♪ Blowing on the cup
So carefully♪

♪ Think it must be
Christmas time♪

♪ Love you more
Than I can ever say♪

♪ More than words
Ever allow...♪


Good evening, folks. May I see
your passports, please?

Yeah, sure.

There you go.

Daddy, why do we have
to show our passports again?

We did that at the airport.

That was when we were
going into Canada.

Now we're going back
into the United States.

Alaska is in the United States?


Aren't we getting further
away from the United States?

But how did Alaska
get in the United States?

They made the same mistake
with Hawaii.

We're gonna see Santa Claus.

Shh. Quiet, honey.

Oh, lots of people come
through here to go see Santa.

Don't tell anybody,
but I actually work for Mr. Claus.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.

♪ And the Christmas spirit
Turns its key♪

♪ And the children listen
To the stories past♪

♪ They're hoping every moment
Would always last♪

♪ Christmas seemed
So simple then♪

♪ A tree, some snow,
The list you'd send♪

♪ Mistletoe
And colored lights...♪

You okay? Yeah.

- Are you all right?
- I'm okay.

What was that?


Yeah, that's a real reindeer.

It is.

That's so cool.

Look, look!

Dad, did you see that?

What? What did you see?

- Yeah, what?
- It just flew away.

It's one of Santa's reindeer.
Maybe it was Planter or Blintzes.

You mean Blixen,
and it didn't fly away.

No, really, it is.

It just flew away.

Hey, cut it out, guys.

It's one of Santa's reindeers.

Hey, hey. Quiet. Quiet.

Car's not starting.

Where is the...

There we go.

Wow, it is cold out there.

All right. Battery cable
was loose. I've got it secured,

but we still need
a little part for it.

So, I think we're gonna have to go to a mechanic tomorrow,
all right?

We'll never get to the North Pole in time to save Rusty.

No, honey, it's okay.

It's okay, Suzie.

All right,
let's get out of here.

This hot chocolate is so good.

Look, this is what
we're gonna do.

We're gonna find
a local mechanic,

have him look over the car,
and we're gonna get that window fixed.

Need to find Santa, Daddy,
and save Rusty.

He needs his medication.

Don't worry, honey. We will.
We'll ask around.

We'll find out where
Santa's workshop is.

I forgot Mister Dodo in the car!

He'll be fine.
He's probably taking a nap.

I couldn't help but overhear.
I heard you're looking for the big man.

Excuse me?

You know, the jolly guy, Santa?
Saint Nick? Kristopher Kringle?

Are you telling me
that you believe in him, too?

Don't listen to him.
He's just my stupid brother.

You think we're all nuts.

I know the big man,
you know, Mr. Ho ho ho!

Let's just get our window fixed
and be on our way.

No. Hold on a second, Tommy.

How do we know that you're not trying to pull a fast one over us?

I'm not asking for anything,
except a ride.

There it is!
I knew he was gonna ask for something.

Come on, Dad. Let's go.Wait a second, Tommy.

I want to hear this.

I want to hear this, too.

Please, I really
need a ride.Where are your parents?

I'm a grown elf. I'm on my own.

Dude, you're my age.

I'm almost 300 years old, sonny.

You look really good
for your age.

Thank you.

So what you're saying is that
this is not the real North Pole?

Well, this is
North Pole, Alaska.

It's for the tourists who think they're going to see Santa.

You made the same mistake.
Happens every day.

Boy, did we make a mistake.

Okay, Dad, he's playing with us.
Let's go.

Hold on a second.

I want to hear this.

Uh, so you're just asking for us
for a lift to the North Pole?

Why the-- why the North Pole?

Because I work for the old man,

and I missed my ride before Christmas Eve,
and I have to get back.

Okay, look, we-- we couldn't--

couldn't drive there anyways.

It's all Arctic Ocean and ice.

Yeah. That's why you need me.

I suppose you're gonna tell us
you're an elf, too.

I would, but you wouldn't
believe me.

I believe you.

Let's go, kids.Hey, hey!

Yeah, Elroy.


Someone's getting stuff
out of our car! We gotta go!

Oh, no. Our passports
are in there.

Hey, get back here.

Santa stole Mister Dodo.

And he had a fake beard.

Little beady eyes.

I think he was sad.

Here you go, officer.
I filled out the police report.

Very good. If we get some leads,
we'll give you a call.

In the meantime, if you could
hang around town for a few days.

It's a small town.
You never know.

Well, we don't have passports,
so we can't go far.

Could we see a sketch?

Yeah, that's him.


Daddy, we need to find Santa
and save Rusty...

and now Mister Dodo.

They're not the same Santa.

How many Santas are there?

I could have dusted for fingerprints,
but he was wearing gloves.

See? It was Santa.


I think we've come
to the end of the road.

You mean the road ended?

No.He means he's come
to his senses.

Whoever stole Rusty
was just a Santa Claus

just like the fake Santa Claus
who stole our stuff.

I think your brother's right.

You mean...

you don't believe
in Santa anymore?

Honey, I'm not saying that.

I'm-- I'm just trying
to tell you that--

You again?

Tommy, be nice.

Whatever.Hey, sorry
about your stuff.

I gotta show you something.

Well, how did you--

That's magic!

That was cool.


does this look familiar?


Can I see that?

What does it say, honey? It's my letter to Santa.

Let me see that.

It's your letter to Santa

saying he stole your dog.

It's addressed to Santa,
not you!

It's a-- it's a trick.

How did you do that?

Well, I'm in charge
of all the letters

sent to Santa in
the North Pole, Alaska.

I already told you that this isn't the real North Pole,

but most kids send
their mail here.

You better get this letter
to Santa right now!

That's the problem. I can't.

Why not?

Well, because I'm stuck here.
I lost my magnet to the North Pole.

A magnet?

A magnet? Really?

A magic magnet that guides me back to the magnetic North Pole.

Without it,
finding Santa's workshop is virtually impossible.

I guess you could say that it gives me my magnetic personality.

I was hoping maybe
if you gave me a ride,

that we could figure a way
across the ocean and ice.

So you wanted us
to drive you there

when you still didn't have
your magnet?

You're contradicting yourself!

We can't believe anything
you're saying.


Who is it?

We believe these were your possessions that were in the vehicle.

This is great.
Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Oh, hey, look. Our passports.

What's this? This isn't ours.

It was in with your stuff.

Hey, isn't that Elroy's magnet?

No way it could be.

It couldn't be.
It looks like a cheap kid's toy.

Hah! Look. Mister Dodo.

There's a switch on it.

Whoa! Get these off!

Thanks again for the magnet.
Told you someone stole it.

The police found it
with our stuff.

It looks like it's time
to get back to California, guys.

Yep. Wait!

Aren't you going
to the North Pole?

Yeah, Daddy, what about Rusty?

Honey, Rusty's not in
the North Pole.

Yes, he is.
Santa took him by mistake.

No, Suzie, he's not.

Somebody who was dressed as Santa,
just like the man

who stole our luggage and Mister Dodo,
stole Rusty.

I'm sure that Rusty's back
in our hometown somewhere.

No! We have to save Rusty!

- Come on, Suzie.
- Wait. Open it.

- This is a present for me?
- Yeah.

Oh, God.

It's empty.

Let's go. Thanks.

You didn't open it right.

Now open it.


How did you do that?

What's this?

They're virtual-reality glasses,

You're such a geek.

Don't call Daddy a geek.

Yeah, you're a geek.

So immature.

Uh, I don't see anything.

Well, they're not actually
virtual-reality glasses.

They're reality glasses
without the virtual.

What are you talking about?

Yeah, what are you
talking about?

Whoa, whoa, wait.

I see a light now.

Everyone be quiet.
He needs to see something.

What's going on, Dad?

What are you doing?

Are you okay, Daddy?

Hello, son.


How are you, Nathan?

It's not Christmas.
What are you doing here?

Well, you're having
a dilemma as an adult.

As an adult?

Mm-hmm. I had to come back
and see you.

See, Nathan,
I can play with time...


You can time travel?

How do you think I deliver toys
all over the world in one night?

Just one night!


Well, magic with
a little time travel stirred in.

I can also go back in time, too.


You've come back in time
to see me?

Your adult self needs me to have a talk with his inner child.

Inner child?

Well, every adult
has been a child.

They never lose that.

Many cover it up, many forget,
but the inner child is still in everyone.

So what can I do?

Well, when you grow up,
you stop believing in me.

I would never stop
believing in you.

Yeah, well, as an adult,
you're doubting me as we speak.

What do you think of that?

You're starting to question
whether I really exist.

But-- but why would I ever
stop believing in you?

Because when you grow up,
you're dealing with life,

and life throws things at you.

Phew! Curveballs.

Sometimes life is not a bowl of cherries as we'd hoped.

Sometimes people stop believing,

stop believing in the magic.

But I don't want
to stop believing.

That's why I'm here, Nathan,

to make sure you
never stop believing.

As long as you believe
in your heart

and you believe in me
and the magic of Christmas,

the magic will stay with you,
and it'll be Christmas all year round.

Now here's a little something.

What's this?

To remind you to keep believing.

Ah, ha.



Are you feeling okay?

What are you seeing in there?

You okay?

What's that?

You okay, Dad?


Yeah, sure.

Okay. We'll be there
in a minute.

We have to go. Um...

the police found a,
uh-- a suspect they want us to identify.

But don't you
want to go to the North Pole?

I can, now that
I have my magic magnet.

No. Thank you.

It was, uh--
It was nice to meet you, Leroy.

It's Elroy.

Come on, Suzie.

No, Daddy. No!

Wait. Are you sure you don't
want to go to the North Pole?

Bye, Elroy.

You still do not believe
I'm an elf, do you?

Are you sure you don't want me
to take you to the North Pole?

We need to make arrangements
to get back to California.

We're just gonna have to wait
for Santa to visit next winter.

Thank you, but we're--

Where did he go?

Looking for me?

Over here.

Do you believe me now?

See? He is an elf. Cool.

Face left.

Face right.

Face the wall.

That's him right there, right?

- Number three?
- Number three.

Third one to the right.

Should have known it was Kyle.

He's the town kleptomaniac.

What's a kleptomaniac?

I didn't do it!

It's someone who has an incredible urge to steal things.

I'm innocent!

Exit to your right.

Okay, we'll stop
somewhere, honey.


Thank you for not
pressing charges.

Look. A reindeer.

I'm Kyle.

The officer told us how you saved that
family when their Christmas tree caught fire.

It was nothing.

Hey, I hear you're going to the North Pole to see the real Santa?

Can I come with?

Merry Christmas, Kyle.


Kids, we gotta get going.

Look out! Hey!

- Dad!
- Suzie!

- Look out for the car!
- Suzie!


Are you all right?
You scared me. Yeah.


Thanks, Kyle.

Suzie, you almost got hit.

You could have gotten
seriously hurt.

I'm sorry.

I'm glad you're okay.

What did Daddy tell you
about crossing the road?

Don't do that again.

You should have waited for Dad.

- You almost got hit.
- Sorry, Daddy.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I did a bad thing.

Yes, you did.

Well, I guess I'll go now.

Can Kyle come with us?

Please, Daddy? Please?

Okay. Kyle...

you can come.

- Wow!
- But you can't sit in the front.

I'll sit in the back
with the kids.

Hoo hoo! No!

This isn't the first time
I've ridden in a trunk.

Can I at least have a magazine?


Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Unlike the fridge,
the light does stay on.

That's good.Wait, wait, wait, wait!

Where'd you get this watch?

You like it?

Yeah. It's my watch!

Give it back.

Hurry up! Sorry.

Come on.

Thank you.

Stay out of my luggage.

Now if you follow
my exact instructions,

we'll be at the North Pole
before you know it.

What did he say?
Thanks for fixing the window.



Shh. Quiet! We're coming up
on the Border Patrol.

I can handle them.

You know, once I went
to the Border Patrol in Canada,

and I-- Hey! That's not funny!
It's dark in here!

Stay quiet. Quiet. Hey, guys.


Where are you headed?


Arctic Circle
and North Pole, sir.

I didn't know the North Pole
was another country.

We own North Pole.

Ah, the Russians own
the North Pole?

North Pole, Arctic Ocean

are in Russia territory.

It says that...

the Canadians
and the Finnish also claim it.


Wrong. Only Russian territory.

Only our territory.
We have flag.

Where's the flag?

Bottom ocean under North Pole.

We're gonna see Santa Claus!


That's why most people
come through here.

No other reason.

You don't want to live there.


Passports, please.

Yeah, sure.

Here you go, sir.

What's he doing, Daddy?

Thank you.Thank you.

Have a good day. Spasiba.

Don't you need to see
Kyle's and Elroy's passports?


Who Elroy and Kyle?

Her imagination.

Elroy's in the glove

and Kyle's in the trunk.

Her imaginary friends.

You may go.

Say hello to Santa
for me, please.

We will.



Look at that.

It's amazing.

Pretty cool. You don't
see that in Santa Barbara.

Pretty cool.

Yeah, it's snowing, all right.

Can you see
where you're going, Daddy?

It'’s okay. I can see all right.

The brakes are shot.

Brakes are shot!

What does that mean?

Means we can't stop.

I told you we should have
seen a mechanic.

No. I can't stop the car!


Elroy! Elroy!


- Elroy!
- Elroy, Come on!

- Elroy!
- Elroy!

Suzie, it's okay!



♪ mother and child♪

♪ Holy infant♪

Brace yourself!

♪ So tender and mild♪

♪ Sleep in heav--♪

Suzie! Open your eyes. Look.

Suzie, what do you see?

We're flying!

We're flying!

All just part of the plan.

Thanks, Elroy.

We're flying?

I'm scared of heights!




What do you make of that?

The DNA is showing
chromosomes from all races.

According to this chart,
the DNA is over 1,000 years old.

A 1,000 years old?

Yes. A 1,000 years old.

That can't be right.

There has to be
a mistake somewhere.

Thank you.You're welcome.

I did not sign up for this.

Leroy, we're in
the middle of nowhere.

It's Elroy.


Where'd he go?

Where did he go?

There's nothing
here but a stupid snowman.

I am not stupid.

As a matter of fact,
I'm extremely intelligent.

A talking--Did you know

that the square root
of 3,558 is 59.6...


Bless you.

Bless you.

Bless you?

Bless you.

Thank you.

Do you have a cold?

I'm a snowman.
I've always got a cold.

I love sno-cones. Me, too.

Daddy, what's happening?

Hello! What's this--
Now what's-- what's that?

Wow. Whoa.



Welcome to the North Pole,

the land of Christmas wishes
and candy cane kisses.

You just missed Santa.

In fact, he's gone to return your dog,
and he'll be back soon.

California's not that far
for Santa and his sleigh.

and he'll be back in a bit.

he'll be back in a bit!

Do you like living here where it's Christmas all year long, Mrs. Claus?

Oh, yes, Tommy, and you can
call me Carole.

Would you like
more hot chocolate?

Yes, please, Christmas Carole.

I'm sure you're looking forward to meeting Santa.

Oh, you know, you're all here.
I hope there's somebody at home.

Oh, no.

Now, now, now, now,
don't get excited!

Calm down.
Calm down, please. Please.

I-- I'm returning your dog.
I took him by mistake.

I accidentally took him
in my bag,

and I-- I had no idea that he was there until I got to the Pole.

I don't know how
to explain it, but relax.

Are you okay, Kyle?

I'm okay, Suzie.

Thanks again for saving me
from that car.

That was nothing.

Kyle, why do you cover up,
even your hands?

Oh, I like to be
like Santa Claus.

No, really, why?


no one really
wants to see me. I'm...


No, you're not.

Is it because you got burned
saving that family?

You should be proud.
You saved a family.

But I got scars.

Those are proof you're a hero.

What happened?

You really want to know?


it was a very cold Christmas Eve
about five years ago,

and I had just bought my wife
a nice beautiful necklace.

She was--



then I hear screaming,

and I-- I look up,

and I see smoke coming out of
a second-floor apartment.

I go running up the stairs.
I wasn't even thinking.

And there the living room is
completely engulfed in flames.

The Christmas tree is ablaze.

The ceiling has got fire lapping all the way across it.

And I run in. I find the family.
I get 'em out,

and it's then we realize that
the daughter's not there.

The daughter was still inside.

So I go back in.

I find her.
I pull her out just as the Christmas tree falls,

and then I'm on fire.

I had third-degree burns
over 70 % of my body.

I was in the hospital for three months.
I almost didn't make it.

So you wear the Santa suit
to cover up your burns?

It's like people
showing off their tattoos.

You should be proud.

These are skin grafts

from parts of my body
that weren't burned.

I think these are my legs.

They don't look that bad.

Yeah, but now
when my butt itches,

I scratch my forehead.



Hello, Suzie!

Oh, I'm so sorry for
the mix-up with your dog.

I didn't mean to steal him.I forgive you.

Thank you, Suzie.
That means a lot to me.

And you're looking good, Nathan.

Hi.And Tommy.

My goodness.

I bet you're chasing off
the girls now, aren't you?

And Kyle, Kyle.

You haven't changed a bit.

Suzie, can I see your dodo
for a minute?

You'll give him back, right?


I'll give him back, certainly.

Let's see now.

Let's see.

So your daddy designed him, huh?


I love Mister Dodo.

You got something here, Nathan.

Thanks, Santa.

But he's missing something.

- Yeah.
- I've got an idea.

This just might bring him
over the top.


It's Elroy.
What's up, boss?

Uh, well, uh,
you're still in charge of the electronic chip department?

Sure am.Well, I, uh, I've got
an assignment for you.


Be patient. Be patient.

He'll return shortly.

That was fast.

Thank you.

All right, here you go, Suzie.

Ask Mister Dodo...

- a question.
- A question?

What kind of question?

Well, any-- any question
you want.

Mister Dodo, where is
the North Pole located?

There are actually
two North Poles.

One is the North Pole, Alaska,

and the other North Pole,
often associated with Santa's workshop,

is located in the middle
of the Arctic Ocean.


I knew that.

Of course you did.
You're no dodo.

You made him into an interactive educational toy for children?

- That's so cool.
- Yeah.

That's brilliant.

I only enhanced
your creative creation.

- Hmm.
- Yeah.

Mister Dodo,
how far is the North Pole in the Arctic region from California?

The middle of the Arctic Ocean to the northern state line of California

is approximately 5,623 miles

or 9,049.3 kilometers.

That's amazing.

- Thank you, Mister Dodo.
- You're welcome.

I love it.

Now you are no longer a dodo.

He called you a dodo.

Whoa! What's that? Whoa!


What was that?

Happening a lot lately.

Little tremors.

Earthquakes in the North Pole?

Not earthquakes.

They're tremors from the ice caps melting here in the North Pole.

Why are they melting?

One day, the North Pole will eventually be ice-free

from the Arctic ice shrinking
due to climate changes,

often referred to
as global warming.

Yes, the Dodo's
absolutely right.

That's awful.

I-I've heard of those.

If this continues,
eventually my workshop, my elves, and I

will fall into the Arctic Ocean
and be swept away forever.

If this were to happen,

who would bring presents
to all the good boys and girls?


Christmas would cease to exist.

We can't let that happen.
I'll help stop it, Santa.

Well, when you get home,
you need to spread the word.

You need to let people know.

Will you do that for me, Suzie?

Yes, Santa, I promise.

You're a good girl, Suzie.

I know. You've always been
on my good list.

You're a good girl.

For continuing to believe
in me and the magic

and for being a good father
to both Tommy and Suzie,

I award you this medal.


Ah, "Good Boy!"

Thank you.

For being a good son
and a good brother...


...and for helping your father in his journey to rescue your dog, Rusty,

I award you this medallion.

Thanks, Santa.



now to my little Suzie.

For your courage,


and keeping your father
and brother in check,

I present you with this highest honor from the North Pole.

"Good Girl!"

Good girl.
Ha ha. Good girl.

Good way to go, Suzie.

I promise not to let you down.

I'll spread the word for everyone to stop global warming.

I promise your home will not melt into the ocean.

Ah! Ho ho ho ho!

Thank you, Suzie!

I know I can count on you.

And now to Kyle.

Kyle, Kyle, Kyle,
Kyle, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle.


Kyle, Kyle, Kyle.

Your turn, Kyle.

For your bravery...

in rescuing an innocent family

from their burning home...

...after their Christmas tree
accidentally caught on fire,

I award you this medallion.

It says, "Good Boy!"

Good boy, Kyle.

And for your actions in stealing
this wonderful family's luggage,

taking Elroy's North Pole magnet

and anything else
that's not glued down...

Yeah, not glued down.

...I award you
this second honor.

Way to go, Kyle!

It says, "Bad Boy!"

Bad boy, Kyle.

I'm not finished
with you yet, Kyle.

And for your unique devotion
to me...

and the spirit of Christmas--

Where, um-- Oh.

Thank you, Elfis.
Thank you very much.

Thank you, Elfis.

I award you the honor

of Santa of the Bad Girls
and Boys.


You shall now have
the job of visiting

bad girls and boys
all over the world

and leaving a lump of coal
in their stockings.

This will allow me to be
more efficient in my time

visiting all the good boys
and girls

- who deserve presents.
- I deserve presents.

Does this mean I get my own
sleigh and reindeer?

You'll get your own
toboggan sled and donkeys.


Thank you so much, Santa.

I promise, I won't let you down.

Ah, congratulations to you all!

Ho ho ho!

♪ Ho ho ho♪

♪ Na na na, na na...♪

One hundred sixty-seven

Don't you think it's about time
that you did something about it?

Like maybe losing a few pounds?

Yes. Yes.


♪ Whoo hoo♪

I, uh--♪ It's such a magical season♪

Beginning right now.

♪ Festive lights
Are all around♪

♪ Santa's back,
And he's pleasin'♪

♪ People hear a merry sound♪

♪ Christmas love is calling♪

♪ I can feel the joy
The laughs, and cheer...♪

I think this is the one
you should wear tonight, dear.

That's my favorite color.

I own this color.

♪ Na na na, na na, na na♪

♪ Na, na na, na na♪

♪ Ooh ooh, hoo hoo♪

♪ Na na na, na na, na na♪

♪ Na, na na, na na...♪

Any corrections?

♪ Hoo hoo♪

♪ A world of
Bright happy faces♪

♪ Reindeer fly through the air♪

What's this?

Had to shrink your car down.
It wouldn't fit in the sleigh.



Just remember to leave it on the driveway when you get back.

♪ Na na na, na na, na na♪

♪ Na, na na, na na♪

♪ Ooh ooh, hoo hoo♪

♪ Na na na, na na, na na♪

♪ Na, na na, na, na♪

♪ Hoo Hoo, Christmas love...♪

On, Prancer! On, Dancer!

♪ Feel the joy...♪

Come on, girls and boys!

♪ Christmas love is calling...♪

On, Dancer! On, Prancer!

On, Dasher!

On, Nixon!

Eh-- Ahh!
Ho ho ho!

On, Vixen!

Bye, Santa! Have a nice trip!

♪ Lights will
Sparkle and shine♪

♪ Christmas memories,
Yours and mine♪

♪ Na na na, na na, na na♪

♪ Christmas love is calling♪

♪ Na na na, na na, na na...♪

Bye, Santa!

♪ Hoo hoo♪

♪ Na na na, na na, na na♪

♪ Na, na na, na na...♪

Ho ho ho!


Ho ho!

Giddy up! Yah, yah, yah!

♪ The laughs and cheer♪

- ♪ Christmas love is calling♪ -Ho ho ho!

♪ It's a celebrating...♪

Here's our house!

♪ Time of year♪

Come on, Rusty!

Janice. We're back.

Missed you so much.Mommy!

We went to see Santa!

Tommy! We missed you.

Oh, I missed you so much!

I was so worried about you.

- Hi, Rusty.
- Hey, buddy.

I missed you.


Good boy.

Look, Mommy.


See, Mommy.
Santa is real.

Bye, Santa! Bye, Santa! Thank you!

Thanks for the ride. Bye!

Bye, Santa! Bye, Santa!

Thank you.Bye!

Ho ho ho! See you next year.

Bye! See you next year.

Bye! Thank you!

- Bye!
- Merry Christmas!

Okay, everyone to bed.


I can explain.
I can explain that.

Tommy, you were supposed to leave the car in the driveway!

♪ Fa la la, la la,
La la la la♪

♪ It doesn't feel
Like Christmas to me♪

♪ The temperature...♪

Where's Rusty?

Yeah, where is Rusty?

We can't take any chances.

Rusty isn't going
anywhere this Christmas.

Tommy, go unchain him.

Come on.

♪ We should be trimming...♪

Ho ho ho!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah.


Mom, Dad, come quick!
You'll never believe this.

♪ Mm, the holly
And the mistletoe♪

♪ The warming fire,
The chilling snow♪

♪ Christmas is my favorite
Time of year♪

Merry Christmas, kids!

♪ Children nestled
In their beds♪

♪ Dreams of presents
In their heads♪

♪ Christmas is
My favorite time of year♪

And now to this year's
most popular Christmas toy,

an interactive talking dodo.

Suzie Whitehaven,

the daughter of Mister Dodo's
creator, Nathan Whitehaven,

met with world leaders today

to stress the importance of saving the planet from global warming.

So do your part.
Save the planet.

I'm Jim Johnson from KBMS News,

wishing you and yours
a very merry Christmas.

♪ Oh, how I love
A peppermint stick♪

♪ Eggnog always does the trick♪

♪ I can't sleep♪

♪ What's that I hear?♪

♪ Could it be Saint Nick
Is near?♪

♪ People full
Of yuletide cheer♪

♪ I wish that it could
Last all year♪

♪ Christmas is my favorite
Time of year♪

♪ Oh, Christmas is my favorite
Time of year♪

♪ Oh, how I love
A peppermint stick♪

♪ Eggnog always does the trick♪

♪ I can't sleep♪

♪ What's that I hear?♪

♪ Could it be Saint Nick
Is near?♪

♪ People full
Of yuletide cheer♪

♪ I wish that it could
Last all year♪

♪ Christmas is my favorite
Time of year♪

♪ Oh, Christmas is
My favorite time♪

♪ My favorite time of year♪