Santa Girl (2019) - full transcript

Santa's daughter gets a chance to attend college for one semester in the 'real' world before heading back to the North Pole to fulfill her duties under her father.

[jolly classical music]

[festive music]


-Busy day.
-Thank you.

[jolly classical music]

Made her favorite this morning.

That should put her
in a good mood.

Don't bring
the negativity, Lulu.

I'm optimistic,
I'm a glass-half-full

kind of elf.

[festive music]

[knocks on door]

Morning, Miss Cassie.

Up and at 'em.

[Cassie groans]

Early bird gets the worm.

[Cassie] Go away.

Sorry about this.

[Cassie groans]

What has your father
said about using magic

to avoid your responsibilities?

Just let me sleep,
it's summer, I've earned it.

No can do, the boss
gave strict instructions.

There's an itinerary.

Early morning wake-up, check,

breakfast, on deck.

You have a meeting
with Cupcake in the mail room.

The boss wants you to know
every facet of the business,

bottom to top. He gets over
a million letters a year.

-Did you know that?

I can't tell if
this is one of those times
where you think it is

or you say fascinating
and you don't really think so.

Okay, so, not fascinating.

Uh, after the mail room,
you have a photo-op

with the Young Aspiring
Toy Makers of the North Pole.

Do I have to?
They're just such nerds.

I was a member of the YATMOTNP.

-That hurt my feelings.

Guess I'm not building
that thick skin after all.

Probably going to
cry about that later.

Shake it off, Pep.


the Tooth Fairy Banquet,

so, big day,
let's get cracking. [claps]

I hate you.

Can I get a smile, Cassie?

[camera snaps]

Okay, thank you, Miss Cassie
has another appointment.

can I have your autograph?

Come here.

All right, come on.

[festive music]

Here we go.

Video Game Department
needs to go into overtime again.

No, the more we pay in overtime,

the less we have in our
quarterly earnings, no go.

The union isn't
going to like that.

[chuckles] So what's new?

Set up a lunch
with the union rep.

-What's his name? Pickles?
-Freckles, sir.

-Pickles is head of accounting.
-Yeah, whatever.

Listen, elves need to make toys

as much as toys need to be made.

Solid logic, sir.

[Elf] The Sugar
and Spice Department

is having major problems

with the candy canes.

-That doesn't look right.
-Good eye, sir,
worldwide peppermint shortage.

I don't want any more excuses,

I want results, Cottontail.

-It's Gum Drop, sir.

On it, Chief.

Right, we'll pick this up later.

You got it, SC.
Let's get back to work, fellas.

You do know it's summer, right?
I'm supposed to be on vacation.

Ah, vacation,
from your many responsibilities.

Well, you've inherited
your mother's sense of humor,

but unfortunately, not your
father's business savvy,

and both will be necessary
when you take over the company.

What's the hurry?

Ooh, you have something
you'd rather be doing?

I don't know, meet new people.

Look around, people everywhere.

Yeah, elves.

Elves are people too, kind of.

[sighs] No, Dad, Dad,
I want to travel, see the world.

You'll see the world
plenty once you take over,

you'll see it all
in one night, once a year.

Dad, I want to find myself.

Oh. Oh, hey, hey,
well, let me help you out.

[gasps] There you are,
you're Cassandra Claus,

you're at the North Pole, you're
in your father's workshop,

and it's where
you're meant to be,

so, I'll see you
tonight at the banquet.

For the Tooth Fairy, huh?

Oh, I know,
she's a bit eccentric.

Eccentric? She's a loon.

She's an ally.

Look, all of this is
going to be yours someday,

and you're going
to bring such joy

to the children of the world.

Come on.

Nobody wants me.

They want you,
with the beard and the red suit.

They don't want some Santa Girl.

People tend to
lower their expectations

when you're
handing out presents.

I'll see you tonight.

Don't be late.


[soft music]

Miss Cassie, you're not dressed.

You know,
and people say you're slow.

You were supposed
to be at the reception...

What people say that?

Just relax, okay?

I don't really do that.

You got this
letter this morning.

I'll take this,
and when I come back up,

you'll be dressed and ready.

Yeah, if you need to
believe that, absolutely.

Oddly, that didn't
make me feel better.

-[Cassie screams]
-[Pep yelps]

[tray crashes]

Miss Cassie, are you all right?

It came.
I can't open it, you do it.

-No, I'll do it.

That's fine too.

No, you.

This is from a university,
in the real world.

Why would a university...

Oh, wow.

Oh, oh, geez, okay, okay.

-"Dear Miss Claus--"
-Are you crazy?

Don't read it out loud,
just read it to yourself
and then tell me.

[Cassie sighs]

I didn't get in. Of course not.

You did,
Miss Cassie, you got in.

-I got in?
-You got in.

I got in?
Oh, I got in! [chuckles]

A real university
in the real world!

[chuckles] A new place
with new people,

I'm going to learn
everything! [chuckles]

We're bonding!

Does your dad know?

Oh, he's going to kill me.

["Here We Go" by
Christopher Robert Welch]

There he is, there's the guy.

So glad you could
make it, I'm Larry.

Larry Tooth Fairy, and on behalf
of my entire family,

I'd like to welcome you
to the Kingdom of Dentalia.

So how was the trip?
You reindeer in?

Great way to travel.
Santa, can I call you Santa?

-Mr. Claus,

you're a business man
and I respect you,

so let's get down
to brass fillings. Inflation,

teeth used to go for a quarter,

now kids want 10, 20 bucks,

I mean, what are
we talking about, am I right?

No idea,
what are we talking about?

I'm talking merger.
See, you have the liquid cash,
we have an army with wings.

We help with toy distribution,
you help with tooth cash.

Bing, bang, boom,
both holidays are locked in,

kids are happy, life moves on.

My mother, the, uh, Tooth Fairy,

she's single and ready
to mingle, with you.


And I know
your wife passed away...

I only bring it up because
of the Jack Frost merger.

Seems you're open to
powerful families uniting.

We also have
a powerful family, Mr. Claus.

I'm going to
walk away from you now,

but it's only
because I don't like you

or what you have to say.

So you'll think about it?

These tooth fairies are insane,

every single one of them,
the whole family.

Uh-oh, what did you do?

What are you talking about?

I'm just standing here.

You're giving me the look.

I know the look.

Okay, so I applied to college,

and I got in.

Yay. [chuckles]

Education is super important.

You say that, right?

Your mother said that, not me.

I don't understand,

why would you want
to leave the North Pole?

First of all,
the climate is terrible,

there's total isolation,

and I don't have
any friends, okay?

And the elves just cater
to my every whim and... [groans]

Well, how terrible for you.

I don't like it, Dad.

-You know,
we have a plan, Cassandra.
-I hate the plan.

No, you are going to apprentice
in the family business,

and then this Christmas,
you're going to
marry the Frost boy.

I don't want to marry
someone I've never met.

Well, the Frost family and ours

have a very delicate alliance,

and you have been
betrothed to Jack Junior

since you're three days old.

and I haven't seen him since.

Well, for your
information, young lady,

your mother and my marriage
was arranged.

Her father was Kris Kringle,

my parents owned the only flying
reindeer farm in the world.

I know the story
of you and Mom, Dad,

but I just want some
independence, some adventure,

before I settle into
the life that you chose for me.

Is that so crazy?

My marriage,

it was the best--


We have a plan, Cassandra.

Whether you think so or not,

family business is important,

-children are counting on us.
-I know.

And this merger with Jack Frost

will ensure that Christmas
will go on and on and on,

and to that end, you will marry
the heir to the Frost Kingdom,

is that understood?

I got it.

[soft music]

Well, then I suppose
a semester studying abroad

-wouldn't hurt anything.
-Daddy, really?

So long as you
come back this Christmas,

you marry the Frost boy,
and you take over the business.

There's no complains,
there's no belly-aching,

you understand? Is it a deal?


Your mother
would've been so proud of you.

I just wish she was
here to see this.

Thank you, Daddy,
thank you so much!

I'm going to regret this.

["Something Better"
by Amber Quintero]

I'm going to regret this.

¶ I've got a big dream ¶

¶ I've got a mission ¶

Hello, college, nice to meet ya.

¶ I've got a big dream ¶

¶ I've got a mission ¶

Okay, this is better.
Much better.

Hi, I'm Cassie.

No, that's too eager.

Okay, all right, um,
I'm in the right season,

and I look like a pumpkin.

Ooh, more rings, nice.

Hey, what's up?

Would you like
a cup of tea, college?

Okay, Cassie, you got this,
you got this. [exhales]

I don't think they can take it.

Nope, that's super weird.

Hi. Whoa, nope.

That's an elf greeting.

¶ I've got a big dream... ¶


Oh, no.



[exhales] You got this, Cassie.

Hi, I'm Cassie.


[classical music]

[Jack] What?

Jack, calm down.

No, we have an agreement.

Our children will marry,
our empires will merge.

Cassie going away to
school changes none of that.

Besides, your son's been going
away to school for years now.

Ah, an all-boys boarding school,

not a college with parties,
and dances, and shenanigans.

What happens if she
refuses to come back, hmm?

I will not have
my family's fortunes

resting on the whims
of a flighty teenage girl.

I hear your concerns.

Our merger is secure.

My daughter is
level-headed and responsible,

and she is going away to school.

That's your final decision?

It is.

I would keep
a close eye on your daughter.


[groans] Elves.

[Santa] Pup!

It's, uh, Pep.

-Hmm? What?
-You called me Pup.

Might I say you're
looking mighty sharp,

trimmed the whiskers,
dropped some LBs.

I'm no fashionista, but whatever
you're doing, keep it up.

No sugar, no carbs,
discipline, that's the secret.

No sugar?

Not even cookies?
You love cookies.

Oh, no, no, that is the old me,

no cookie tastes as
good as healthy feels.

I don't know,
cookies taste pretty good.

So, look, Plip,

you have been my daughter's
personal elf

for a long time now, right?

I know,
she can be a little difficult.

Hold on, I just,

I realized you
called me into your office,

and you've
never done that before.

Um, I'm sorry, whatever it is
I did, I didn't mean to do it.

-Are you going to fire me?
-No, no, no, no, no.

-Please don't fire me.
-Oh, no, no, no.

I have
a special mission for you.

[festive music]

[Santa] Cassandra, let's go.

Oh, that's a lot of bags.

-Just the essentials.
-Yeah, right.

Well, listen,
I have a surprise for you,

I want you to
meet your new roommate.

-Wait, what?

Yeah, she'll be your valet,
your maid, your bodyguard,

-[Cassie chuckles]
-whatever you need.


I'm small but wiry. Ninja-fast.

Uh, Dad, can I talk to
you for a second, privately?

-[Santa sighs]
-Oh, yes, sure.

[Pep hums "Jingle Bells"]

What's the deal? I'm not taking
an elf with me to college.

You have never
been on your own before,

I need someone to
keep an eye on you.

[Pep hums "Jingle Bells"]

But, [groans] she's so weird.

She's an elf.

[festive music]

-Billy Stevens?
-Uh, yeah.


Chad DeFranco.


[Santa sighs]

Don't smile at her, Trevor,
I know where you live.

None of these boys are nice,
where are the nice ones?


It's so small.

This whole thing is our room?

Bring in the bags!

[festive music]

-These punks need to know,
I am making a list.
-[Cassie chuckles]

Look, I know you think
I'm being overprotective,

maybe I am,
but this is the real world,

this isn't like home.

[soft music]

You're, you're special.

You're a princess,

and you have
these unique abilities,

and people
don't understand them,

and what they don't
understand, they fear.

What do you mean?

I mean who you are,

where you're from,
who your father is.

You know, just...

don't go
zipping down any chimneys.

-Well, then how
am I supposed to--
-Would you just trust me?

If you want to fit in,

just don't...

let 'em know
how special you are.




it's for emergencies, only.

-I got it.

Thank you.

I love you, Daddy.

I love you too.

-Hey, Dad.

Thank you for
letting me do this.

It's what your
mother would've wanted.


[festive music]

-I love our dorm!

-What is going on in here?
-I made it homey.

Okay, no, no, no. No Christmas,
let's get one thing straight,

I don't want you here,
my dad does.


Okay. Ouch.

I just want a normal
college experience, okay?

I don't want
Christmas decorations in August,

I don't want weird hats,
or pointy shoes,

or you propped up on
a shelf causing mischief.

That's not really my thing,
I'm too big for most shelves.

No weird elf stuff.

-Got it, Miss Cassie.
-Just Cassie, okay?

You're not my servant
anymore, you're, um,
my little sister now.

In elf years, I just turned 139,
so technically I--

You're my little sister, okay?

You're just
a regular human girl.

Copy that, Cassie.

Quick follow-up,

what do regular human girls do?

We'll figure it out.


Okay. Okay.

[Pep shrieks]

Sorry, I needed that.

Too elfy?

Ah, it's a little elfy.

[Pep] Look at
all the real people.

No magic,
just doing their own thing,

whatever they want to do.

It reminds me of my
days at North Pole University.

I majored in
reindeer psychology.

Reindeer are complicated.

Okay, just act normal,

I don't want to look
silly on my first day.

[Cassie groans]

Miss Cassie? Cassie? Sis?

[Cassie groans]

You okay?

What hit me?

An errant Frisbee.

Sorry, my bad,
the wind caught it.

-No problem.

No problem!

Can I give you a hand?

Yeah, thanks.

Wow, you're the prettiest boy
I've ever seen.

Well, thanks.

-I'm JR.
-Oh, I'm Cassie Claus,
and this is Pep.

-Her sister.

Like, [chuckles]
like Santa Claus?

-Nuh-uh. [chuckles]

-No way!
-[chuckles] That's crazy.

-[Pep] That's ridiculous!

No relation.

You ready for classes to start?

-Ah, super excited!
-[JR chuckles]

But not in a weird way,

in a totally normal way,
like everybody else.

Except I don't know how that is.

This is my first
time away from home.

That's a lot of information.

I'm, like,
totally cool with it. [chuckles]

I'm heading to
the bookstore now.

Oh, crazy coincidence, so am I.

May I escort you?

I like how he talks. [chuckles]

that would be great, thanks.

The more the merrier.


What kind of soap do you use?

Because you smell pretty.

Uh, Pep, I'm a little chilly,
and I forgot my jacket,

do you mind going
back and getting it for me?

Sure thing, sis.

Wow, she's enthusiastic.

-And she's driving me crazy.
-[both laughing]

Let's get out of here
before she comes back.

Is that mean?

That's totally mean.

-Let's go.
-[Cassie chuckles]

[upbeat music]

I just moved back to the States,

did some boarding
school in Switzerland.

Oh, wow, that's so exotic.

You know,
I prefer Paris, or London.

See, I've never been anywhere.

Well, you're here now.

Oh, that's true.

New place,
new people, no parents.

-You know what I just realized?

You're my first
friend here at college.

-Aw, you're mine too.
-[JR chuckles] Well, look at us.

You know, this might
make a great story some day.

[groans] Okay,
this isn't happening.

-Come on,
I don't think you understand.
-That number, that's a price.

You give me that amount
of dollars in American currency

and you get to
take the book home.

-Yeah, no, no, no.
-That's how it works.

I get it, I hear what
you're saying, I get that,

but like I said,
if the card isn't working,

it's a financial
aid glitch, okay?

And that's all me, I'm on that,

but there's that whole thing
where I need books for classes,

and if I don't take them now,
they're going to get sold out,

and then there's that thing
where I don't have
books for my classes,

which is a problem.

Okay, I feel like you can hear
me, but I honestly can't tell.


-[sighs] Come on, man.
-Sorry, hey, sorry,
just give me a second.

Compromise, compromise, you keep
the books under the counter,

I come back tomorrow,
when Financial Aid is open,

you got the books,
I got the money, win-win.

-Yeah, we don't do that.
-Hi. Hello.

Hi, I'm sorry, I'm almost done.

You're done now,
unless you have $498.

If I had any money,
I wouldn't be on financial aid.

-[Cashier] Next!
-Um, would...

Will that do it?


[scoffs] Are you for real?

I am for real, yeah. [chuckles]

Uh, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.

Thank you.

[chuckles] You're welcome.

[soft music]

Okay, hi, uh, yeah, books.

Well, um, thanks for
going to the bookstore with me.

No, my pleasure.

Did you forget your books?

Oh, no, they're in my bag.

All your books
for all your classes

are in that little bag?

It's, uh, a deceptively
big bag. [chuckles]

I mean, I guess so.

I'd like to see you again.

Well, sure, we're friends.

What if I want to
be more than friends?

Well, I...

Don't freak out,
I'm not asking you to marry me,

just, you know, maybe a date.

Think about it, okay?

I'll see you around.

Uh, bye!

[Cassie gasps]

[Cassie sighs]

Hello, Cassandra.

Why are you just
sitting in the dark?

You scared me.

I fetched your sweater for you.

Oh, wow, I'm sorry,
I just, I totally forgot.

It's funny how you'd forget,
being so cold and all.

-Pep, I--
-You ditched me!

I looked for you all day!

I thought I lost
Santa Claus's daughter,

ruined Christmas, and
that Santa was going to kill me,

and worse, be mad at me.
And then I'd go
on the naughty list,

and once you're on that list,
it's super hard to get off!


you hurt my feelings.

Oh, Pep, I'm sorry, I really am.

No, you're not.
I'm just some weirdo elf,

and you wish that I wasn't here.

That's not true.

Okay, that's not totally true.

I just,
I don't want a servant, okay?

I want to be normal,
and you're...

All up in your business?


I can be a bit much.

I'm just trying to help.

-I don't need your help.
-But your dad--

He's not here,
it's just you and me,

and I don't need
a babysitter, okay?


I will give you room to blossom.


Thank you.

Now that that's out of the way,

what happened with you
and the good-looking boy?

Well, um,
we went to the bookstore,

and then we kind of
spent the day together.

You and the boy
with the pretty hair

spent all day together?

I'm conflicted, because,
A, holy cow, that's awesome,

but, B, you're engaged.

I didn't mean to.
I mean, I thought JR

and I were
just becoming friends.

-You thought?
-Well, then he told me that

he liked me more than friends.

That's so naughty! [chuckles]

I know. [chuckles]

-That's actually,
like, really naughty.

["Some Kind of Wonderful"
by Melody Noel]

Okay, Cassie,
you can do it, just...

Oh, no, nope, all right.

You can do it, you can
go out there and make friends.


Hi. [chuckles]
Can I get a hot chocolate

with mini marshmallows
and whipped cream?

-No marshmallows.

I know, a coffee shop that
doesn't sell tiny marshmallows,

it's insane,
what is the world coming to?

We also don't sell Italian food.

Well, you should
really get some.

Italian food?

No, no, no, the marshmallows,

-for the hot chocolate.

thank you, got it, awesome.

I'll go ahead and pass that
to Greg at upper management,

he really loves
suggestions like this.

[Cassie chuckles]

Are we done here?

No, actually, I have an idea.

Wow, it's a big day
for you, huh?

Yeah, it is. [chuckles]

Hi, everyone.
I'm Cassie, and I'm new here,

and I don't really
know anybody, but I'd love
to be friends with you,

and, um, so, I'm going
to get you a hot chocolate,

or whatever,
[chuckles] uh, as a present.

So, um,
happy first day of school.

[exhales] Hey, don't do that,
I'm the only one working today.

Hi, double shot
of espresso, please.

-Can I get a mocha latte?
-Medium Latte!

Robert Bremmer?

Cassandra Claus?

¶ Yeah, it hurts
Being broken... ¶

Cassandra Claus?

Miss Claus?

No Cassandra Claus.


[water splashing]


¶ The winds blow secrets... ¶

[whispers] Sorry.

¶ Keep ¶

¶ Keep ¶

Hi, I'm Cassie.

I'm Cassie!

What's that toy?

Oh, my god, is that your lunch?

Yeah, you don't like cupcakes?

¶ Hearts break Highs need lows ¶

¶ No we don't know why... ¶

Hey, hi. Hey, hi, don't move.

Oh, the boy with no money.

Yeah, that is who I am.

I've been looking
everywhere for you,

you never told me your name.

Was I supposed to?


Well, I'm Cassie Claus.

Cassie Claus, hey, I'm Sam.

-Wow, uh, I just wanted
to say thank you,

like, so much.
That's crazy, who does that?

-Who helps out
a total stranger like that?
-Well, I had it and you didn't,

anyone else would
have done the same.

No, literally nobody
would've done the same.

Hey, $500 might not be
a lot to you,

but it means the world to me,

and I'm going to pay you back.

Okay, if you'd like.

I would like,
I would like very much.

I'm working on it.
I sent seven long emails,

and I spent three hours
in the Financial Aid Office.

Hey, have you seen one of these?

So it's a phone, right?

But you can also send messages,

and you can ask it questions,
it's like magic.

I totally get why people are
on these things all the time.

You missed the whole
cell phone, Internet thing,

is that what you're
telling me right now?

Yeah. I mean, where I'm from,
we just don't have that.

My dad still writes lists with,
like, scrolls and parchment.

You're kind of weird, huh?

-Well, that's not very nice.
-No, no,

it's only not nice if
I'm saying I don't like weird,

but I happen to think
there's a significant
lack of weird in the world,

especially on this campus.
I'm a fan.



You're, uh...

-The guy with no money.

Uh, JR, this is Sam.

What's up? So, Cassie,

there's an amazing
party tonight,

and, well, I need a date.

And I need to leave. [chuckles]

All right, well,
catch you later, bro.

Yeah, sure, bro. [chuckles]

-Bye, Cassie.
-Bye, Sam.


-pick you up at 11?
-11? At night?

Well, nothing cool
happens before 11, come on.


[groans] But I can't.

Let me guess,
boyfriend back home, right?

We're just friends, Cass.

I mean, you want to
meet new people, right?

Know where there
are lots of people?


[Cassie chuckles]

[eerie music]

[wind blows]

You can't just come
in here whenever you want.


Can't I?

I'm sorry, Father,

I wasn't expecting you.

You were to keep me apprised.

Classes just started.

Do you think I care about that?


Good grades, dean's list,

big man on campus, whoa.

Do you even
remember why I sent you here?

To make Cassie Claus
fall in love with me.

I don't care if she loves you,

I only care
that she marries you.

We're on track.

Oh, really?

Then who is this?

You're having her followed?

Oh, does that
offend your sensibilities?

He's nobody.

I can arrange to have
him removed from the campus.

No, I can handle him.


I won't let you down.

If only I was confident of that.

[keys jingle]

Got to go.

Oh, by all means, go, go.

will you be visiting regularly?

I like to keep
an eye on my investments.

[door closes]

It sounds like a date.

-It's not.
-He's picking you up,
taking you to a party,

you're getting all fancy.

We're just friends, okay?

And you smelling like
flowers is just a coincidence?

[sighs] Pep.

Your dad would have
a reindeer if he found out.

[party music]

-You okay?
-Yeah, it's, [groans]

It's my first
party in the real world.

I don't know if I would
call college the real world.

-[Cassie chuckles]
-There's nothing
to be nervous about.

I mean, they're just kids,

just like you.

Well, not exactly like me.

[both chuckle]


No, maybe not.

[JR chuckles]

JR, there's a situation
back in my hometown,

-and it's not changing.
-[JR sighs]

I mean, no matter how cute
and charming you might be--

-Oh, you think
I'm cute and charming?
-[both chuckle]

I'm trying to be serious.

No, no,
I get it, you're spoken for.

He's a lucky guy.

Hey, come on, let's go mingle.

I don't know how to do that.

Oh, just stick with me, kid.

-Come on.
-[party music]

[chuckles] Okay.

Oh, my god, I love your outfit.

-Oh, thank you.
-Oh, my gosh,
I was sitting next to you

in English comp the other day,
and I was trying to figure out

if that's your
natural hair color.

-Oh, my god, it is not!

I'm getting some, like,
major theatre major vibes.

No, no, no, they're too fun,
I'm thinking more like
maybe science or something.

Oh, something that
probably doesn't make
a lot of money, right?

Like, like,
sociology or psychology.

Undeclared, yeah,
I can't decide,

-I just,
I want to learn everything.
-Undeclared, I knew it.

You have kind of
a whimsical, flaky vibe.

-Oh, thank you so much.
-Are you a Scorpio?

-I don't know what that is.
-Wait, are you going to pledge?

Oh, my god, of course she is!
Of course you are.

-I guess, yeah.
-Cass, Cass, I'm getting
a drink, you want one?

Uh, thank you, yeah, sure.

-[guy] Wait.
-So how do you two
know each other?

-Oh, well, I--
-Did you know that his parents
are, like, super important?

Yeah, I heard that too,
only I heard rich, super rich.

-It's the same thing.
-Good point, yeah, it is.

We just met,
so I don't really know--

You know he comes
from money, right?

Like, old money. You can tell
by the way he dresses.

And I mean,
have you seen his car?

-He lives on
the West Campus condos.


[boy] I know, right?

[JR] Cassie, here you go.

Thanks so much.

So, what did I miss?

Cassie didn't
know you were rich.

[water splashes]

Oh, my god, are you kidding me?

[party music]

What do you know?

It's Cassie Claus
looking distraught. [chuckles]

Sam, what are you doing here?

I'm stalking you.
No, I'm just kidding,

it's a shortcut
from the library,
and I heard the music,

I thought I'd stand
outside the party sad.

Never mind, what's going on
with you? Are you okay?

Do you know what vodka is?

Yes, I think I've heard of it.

Yeah, okay, so you
know it tastes nasty, right?

-Okay, JR poured me a cup of it,

and I took a big gulp, 'cause
I thought it was soda, and...

[groans] now I feel
like a total idiot.

Because you don't like vodka?

No. 'Cause I spit it on a girl.

-Oh, yikes.
-Yeah, and now
I just want to die.

-Reasonable reaction.

Your standing in the college
social hierarchy is threatened.

Yeah, you should
probably just quit school.

Or, you could blow off
this party

-and you come hang out with me.
I don't know,
-[Cassie chuckles]

either one, but I'd go with
option B, we can hang out.

Hey, I talked Brianna down.

-You again?
-[chuckles] Yeah,
like a bad penny.

-Private party, dude, okay?

Yeah, I'm going.

This is, uh,
my friend here though,

so maybe don't spike her drink.

Society frowns on
that stuff, you know?

So do I.


Bye, Cassie.

Look, when I said
I was getting you a drink...

-well, I thought you
understood that I meant--
-Well, I--

Look, it's all new to me, I...

You want to go back inside?


Come on.

[eerie music]

-Good evening.
-Oh. [chuckles]

Hey, man, you scared me there,

in the bushes,
but, did you see that?

I think that was snow,
it's August.

Look at me, Sam.

How do you know my name?

I know a lot of things.

I know that you're late
in paying your college tuition,

you're working minimum wage,

I also know you're
friends with Cassie Claus,

and I would like
to offer you a job.

Okay, I'm going to
go with a resounding no,

'cause you are
freaking me out, dude.

I'm from out of town.

[chuckles] No kidding.

Your friend Cassie's father
is worried about her, Sam.

She's led a sheltered life,
never been out on her own.

I would like to tell her
father that a nice young man

is keeping an eye on her.

That's the job offer?

You want to pay me
to watch out for Cassie?

And to keep me updated.

I mean,
I'm not going to spy on her.

Just be her friend,
Sam, that's all.

Now I can put you
on retainer for, uh,

oh, let's say $500?

[soft music]

[Cassie chuckles]

I had a great time tonight.

Yeah, it was super fun,

other than the whole
me embarrassing myself bit.

No, no, no, no, no,

that was my fault, okay?

-And I'm sorry.
-Yeah, you already said that.

-[JR chuckles]
-And it's still okay.

You know, just getting to
be near you tonight, it was...

Hi there, party people!

-[JR chuckles]
-Did you raise the roof?

You know, I'm beat,
it's getting pretty late, right?

And you should go to bed, sis.

In a minute.

Go away.

[Cassie chuckles]

Sorry about that. [chuckles]


goodnight, JR.

-[Cassie Chuckles]
-Goodnight, Cassie.

["Perfect You" by Benjamin
Smith and Christopher Branch]

Oh, hey, thanks.

Wait, could I get some,
um, whipped cream?

Yeah, and do you want
some sprinkles and, like,

a cherry on top too?

That would be so nice.


You really like sweets, huh?

Oh, yeah, where I'm from,
everybody eats sweets,

but I'm really
trying to cut back.

Now I only eat
sweets when I'm stressed,

or celebrating, or bored.

Right now, I'm stressed, so...

It's a good system,
why the stress?

Oh, this.

-I hate it.
-Yeah, well, cake will help.

-Subject change.

I have an early
Christmas present for you.

But it's 102 days
until Christmas.

It's very weird that you
know that. [clears throat]

-Hey, money.
-It's everything that I owe you,

plus $2 interest,
'cause I'm a generous guy.

Did financial aid come in?

Something like that.

-Thanks again.
-You're welcome again.

Hey, fun fact,

in addition to my
many obvious gifts,

I'm also a calculus whiz.

[chuckles] Really?

You doubt me?

Okay, well,
you seem like you would
pretend to be good at calculus

just so you
could hang out with me.

Oh, [chuckles]
that is so modest of you,

-but I would do that.
-[Cassie chuckles]

In this case, however...

Math genius?

-[Cassie chuckles]

-Come on.
-Wait, we're leaving?

we're leaving, change of locale.

-But there's cake.
-Come on, Claus,
I'm teaching math.

Hold on, let me just
get some frosting fuel.

Hold on.

Okay, I'm coming.

¶ Do the things you do ¶

Yeah, okay, so we just
need to use the first derivative

to find the equation
of the quadratic function.

Okay, you just
sounded really smart just then,

-are you a math major?
-Uh, pre-law.

Wow, I didn't know that.

Well, you don't know anything
about me. [chuckles]

And I know even less about you.

You're, like, the most
elusive person I've ever met.

That's not true at all.

Okay, where are you from?

I'm from...


Up north.

See? [chuckles] Who says that?

Who says that?
You're like an enigma.

Come on, let's get down to it.

We'll go one for one,
you ask me a question,

I ask you a question,
we have to answer, deal?

No, okay,
this is complicated for me.

Bock, bock, bock,
bock, bock, bock, bock, bock.

Are you really
making chicken noises?

I make a mean chicken noise.
Bock, bock, bock, bock, bock.

All right,
okay, fine, fine, okay,

I, I will do it, but I get
to ask the first question.


Okay, um,
why do you want to be a lawyer?

An occupational question,
very bold and exciting.

All right, well,
my dad has a lot of lawyers,

and they always seem anxious.

Okay, well, I'm anxious already,
so I figured why not?

You're not
answering the question.

All right, so, buzzkill, um,

my parents, uh, they sort
of ditched me when I was little,

and, uh, uh,
I was in foster care.

And I got in,

I got in trouble, as you do,

and there was this, uh,
this lawyer woman who helped me.

Not 'cause she needed to
or for money,

just she wanted to, I guess.

Pro-bono. [chuckles]

Sounds like
a hard way to grow up.

and that's what I want to do.

I want to help little
kids who don't have anybody.

[soft music]

My turn.

You said your dad
has a lot of lawyers,

so, I'm guessing
your family's loaded, huh?

[Cassie chuckles]

Oh, Dad is, um,
Mom died when I was little.

Hey, I'm sorry.

Never said
anything about your mom.

Well, you never said anything
about foster homes, so...

Fair enough.

So just the two of you then,
you and your dad?

No, there's three of us,
me, my dad, and his business.

-[Sam chuckles]
-He likes the business
more than me.

It wasn't always like that,

he, um, he used to be...


Losing someone
can change a person.

-Uh, well, I have class, so--
-Yeah, I've got work.

[both chuckle]

-Same time tomorrow?
-Same time?

Same time, tomorrow,
gazebo, romantic body of water,

and calculus,
'cause I'm going to tutor you,

-'cause you need it.
-[Cassie chuckles]

-Tutor me?
-And woo you, simultaneously.

I told you, I'm unwooable.

Mm-mm, everyone's wooable.

Yeah, you just wait and see, I'm
going to wear you down, Claus.

You're just going to look up
from your textbook
one day and just go,

"Hey, I'm totally crushing
on Sam, he's so dreamy."

Oh, yeah, I don't
think that's going to happen.

Yeah, we'll see.

["Sun Lite" by
Matthew Heath and Grady Griggs]

-Look, I don't think
we should be down here.
-This isn't it, this isn't it.

-Hello? Hello?
-[Cassie chuckles]

Does anyone know
where the math is?

Is anyone out there? [chuckles]

Is anyone out there?

[Cassie laughs]

Robert Bremmer?

Cassandra Claus?

¶ We can lie down
And everyone... ¶

-Miss Claus?

-[boy groans]

¶ We're too far
Just to hit the restart ¶

¶ I need to feel the sunlight ¶

¶ Like the Earth
Never changed her mind ¶

¶ I need to feel the sunshine ¶

¶ Let it burn
Through the darkest times ¶

¶ Oh, let it burn
Through the ceiling ¶

¶ Oh, let it burn
Through the dead of night ¶

¶ Oh, let it burn ¶

¶ Till the dark
Never sees the light ¶

¶ I see the sunrise
And it's changing my heart ¶

¶ We took it far
Just to see, it's too hard ¶


What's the deal with
you and frat boy?

[Cassie chuckles]

JR and I are just friends.

so you want to go out with me?

That's two questions.

I mean, it's one question,
I just phrased it wrong.

[both chuckle]

[chuckles] Thank you.

You're welcome.

You can't keep that though,

it's, like,
the best thing I own.

Well, what if I like it?

All right,
maybe you can keep it.

I'm going to keep it. [chuckles]

¶ I need to feel the sunlight ¶

¶ Like the Earth
Never changed her mind ¶

¶ I need to feel the sunshine ¶

-¶ Let it burn
Through the dark ¶
-[skeleton laughs]

¶ I need to feel the sunlight ¶

¶ Like the Earth
Never changed her mind ¶

¶ I need to feel the sunshine ¶

¶ Let it burn
Through the darkest time ¶

¶ Oh, let it burn
Through the ceiling ¶

¶ Oh, let it burn
Through the dead of night ¶

¶ Oh, let it burn ¶

¶ Till the dark
Never sees the light ¶

¶ Oh, oh, oh ¶

Let's get the ball back,
I just, I want to see you
make that again.

Sam, Sam, I did it!

-The midterm?

Yes! [chuckles]

[chuckles] Cool.

That's, that's great,
my work here is done. [chuckles]

Wait, where are you going?

Well, your training

-is complete, young Padawan.
-Do you want to get
a hot chocolate to celebrate?

-I'm buying.
-I can buy my own
hot chocolate, thanks.

That's not what I meant.

You know I'm, like,
a person, right,

with, uh, feelings and stuff?

-Sam, what's wrong?

No, okay, lots,
lots is wrong, lots is wrong.

I like you.

[soft music]

I like you, and you know that.

And you like him.

Him who?

Oh, JR? He and I are just
friends, like you and me.

No, we are different.
This thing, this is great.

It's not at all comparable
to you and the Ken doll.

I'm not into him.

So what about me?

I can't.

I'm not...


You mentioned that.

Why? Why? Why?

That's my question for today,
why aren't you available?

Who's the mystery man?

See you around, Cassie.

I'm engaged to someone
I never met, okay?


Like an arranged marriage?

Yes, to merge
the family businesses.


Okay, I didn't expect that.

Or that.

I'm sorry.

I don't know why I did that,
I just did it.

I've never been
kissed before, so...

And still haven't.

[Cassie chuckles]

-Now you've been kissed.
-[Cassie chuckles]

Where'd you come from,
Cassie Claus?

The North Pole. [chuckles]

I want to tell you the truth,
I want to tell you everything,

but I'm not supposed to.

[Sam chuckles]

What is it?

You can trust me.

Okay, um...

Santa Claus is my dad,
uh, we live in the North Pole,

and he makes toys and gives them
to all the nice boys
and girls across the world.

Say something.

Why are you trying
to be funny right now?

I'm not, that's the truth.

Santa's your dad?

Ho ho ho,
fat guy in a red suit Santa?

except that's not him at all.

I mean,
he never wears the red suit,

[sighs] he diets all the time,

and he hasn't
laughed since my mother died.

Reindeer? Elves?

Yes, reindeer and elves,
we've got a lot of 'em.

Actually, um,

Pep, my sister...

not really my sister.


-Okay, what is going on?

-I tell you I like you, we kiss.

Yeah, and then you go
full weirdo on me?

Santa's your dad,
your sister's an elf.

If you don't like me,
you can just tell me, Cassie,

you don't have to make stuff up.

No, I would never do that--


Okay, um, hey... [sighs]

I don't...

See you around, Cassie.

[upbeat music]

What the--

Mr. Frost?

Hey, Mr. Frost?

It's me, Pep.

We met at Santa Claus's office.

Um, you glared at me!

[eerie music]

[chimes and wind blows]

-[Sam yelps]

[Sam groans]

Not cool, man, not cool!

You, I'm not in the mood
for your freaky stuff, okay?

I've had a rough day.

What do you have to report?

Um, uh, I have to report that I
had a little heart attack, okay?

Not a big one,
but an EKG would confirm it.

[Jack clears throat]

What do you want?
Man, Cassie aced her
calculus midterm, how's that?

Tell her dad she's fine.

I'm afraid your
assurances are not enough.

Unless, of course, you would
like Miss Claus to become aware

of the money
that has changed hands?

Whoa, you're threatening me?

I've been
watching out for her, man.
I haven't done anything wrong.

I doubt she would
see it that way.

She's been hanging out
with some preppy guy.

Says they're just friends, um,

she also said
she's in some sort of, like,

arranged marriage or something,

but I'm pretty sure
she's making that up too.

No, go on, elaborate.

She said her dad is Santa Claus.
Cassie Claus, funny, right?

Said she's from the North Pole,
is traveling with an elf.

But you don't
believe her, do you?

I'm not six years old, dude.

And no one else
in this university

would believe her either.

They may think
she's mad. [chuckles]

[Jack laughs hysterically]

Okay, um, no offense, man,

but your social skills are,
like, off-the-charts terrible.

Spend more time with people,

have you heard
of fantasy football?

[wind blows]

[Sam gasps]

That's her, I would die.

[girl] She doesn't look crazy.

Do I have something on my face?

-[upbeat music]
-[girl chuckles] I know.

[girl] Ooh, look who it is.

Have you guys
met my sister, Pep?

Oh em gee,
she actually looks like one.

-One what?
-[boy] How does she go
in public with those ears?

-[girl chuckles]
-Pep, come on.

That annoying little voice,
she sure sounds like one to me.

That's my sister
you're talking about.

Well, your sister's a freak,
and so are you!

It's okay, Cassie, let's go.

What's going on?

I don't know.


[girls scream]


-Have you seen it?
-Seen what?

Well, your buddy
from the bookstore,

-he's making a fool of you.
-[Pep] What's this?

[girls scream]

Oh, my god!

They popped up on the school
site, now they're everywhere.

This is so mean.

This doesn't look like me.
We don't look like this.

This is a misrepresentation!

Elves are fictional characters,
but if they were real,

they'd be way more attractive
than these stupid photos!

I don't understand,
I mean, why would he do this?

Well, did you two fight?

He was jealous of
our friendship, but--

Well, there you go.

This is him getting even.

Just, he seemed so nice.

people aren't what they seem.

[knock at door]

Hi, uh, can I talk to Cassie?

You've got a lot of
nerve showing your face here.

-She's not available for--


It's okay.

Apparently, she is available,
which is surprising to me,

but let me tell
you something, pal,

you don't know
nothing about elves!

Just come on.

[Pep sighs]

Does this even look like me?

I mean...

At all?

[soft music]

So you're Internet famous.

Is this funny to you?
Some kind of joke?
Why would you do this?

Okay, that's why I came over,
I was afraid you might think
I had something to do with this.

-Are you saying that you didn't?
-I sat around making
Santa memes? How much free time

-do you think I have?
-Well, apparently,
when it comes to hurting me,

you make the time.

I mean, I told you
about my family in confidence.

-Your family?

Nobody knows
who I am or where I'm from.

I haven't told
anyone except for you.

The Santa thing?
Okay, I only told
one person about that.

Why did you tell anyone?

[door closes]

-You okay?
-Yeah, I'll be in in a minute.

-She's fine.
-This is how you treat her?

-After what she's done for you?

-Sam, I don't want to
be friends with you anymore.


Hey, it's going to be okay.

All this will blow over.

["Wrapped Up in You"
by Chasing Autumn]

¶ Crack a smile
And say my name ¶

¶ I can't wait
To hear your voice again ¶

I know you said
no decorations, but...

¶ Well, I'll go ahead... ¶

No, it's pretty. I like it.

¶ But you can't say you
Didn't see this coming ¶

¶ Well, I know I might be crazy,
but it's nothing new ¶

¶ Wrapped up in you ¶

¶ Wrapped up in you ¶

Brought you a hot chocolate.

And marshmallows.

What's hot chocolate
without marshmallows?

What do you want, Sam?

-[soft music]
-Just to talk.

It's too late for that.

Why, why, why is it too late?

It's, like, the season
of forgiveness or something.

You humiliated me
in front of the whole school.

I just wanted to be normal
and you ruined that for me.

Don't say that.

Just leave me alone, Sam.

Okay, okay, fine, fine,
I'm going to leave you alone,

but I need two minutes,
okay, two minutes.

You've got one.

Okay. Um, I swear,

I swear I didn't put
that stuff on the Internet,

okay, but I think
I know who might have.

Look, what I'm about to say,
it sounds awful, it is awful.

There was this old guy,

and he said
he worked for your father.

-My father?

he said your
dad's really protective,

and that he wanted to
pay me to keep an eye on you,

and I would report to him.

You were paid to spy on me?

It sounds worse
when you say it like that.

Well, how did you
expect me to react to this?

Ah, you'd just say,
"Sam, you're an idiot,

but I forgive you, and let's
go to Winter Formal together."

-We can dress up and go
just as friends, that's fine.

No, no, no, no, no,
I'm going to the formal with JR.

Oh, [chuckles] him?

Oh, come on.

Not him, Cassie,
that's not the guy for you.

He's, he's fake and he's boring.

-You don't know him!
-I know you!

Your minute's up, Sam.


[door closes]


[Cassie sighs]

You heard all that?

Enough to know
he really likes you.

I got to get ready.

JR's coming to pick me up.

[balls crack]

-[upbeat music]
-We need to talk!

Uh, okay,

Cassie's sister.

Elf, I'm her elf, personally
assigned by Santa himself.

[Sam chuckles]


Look, I get that
you girls hate me,

but this whole thing has
been blown so out of proportion.

Cassie made some
jokes about Santa,

I didn't think
she believed they were true.

I never thought she was crazy,

and I certainly
didn't want to embarrass her.

I believe you.

-You do?
-Sure, but I'm also super naive.

I wanted to ask
you some questions

about that mysterious man
you were talking to.

Did he have a pointy face?

Pointy face? Yeah.

-Creepy blue eyes?

Did you get the shivers
when you were near him?

-Shivers, man, were you cold?

Yeah, yeah, I was cold.

I knew it.

Jack Frost is on campus!

Jack Frost is
a fictional character.

You've got to
open your mind, man,

he's real,
Santa's real, I'm freaking real!

Now let's get to
what actually matters,

how do you feel about Cassie?

It doesn't matter
how I feel, she hates me.

No, she doesn't, Sam,

I can tell when
she looks at you.

Look, I'm a simple elf,

I make my toys, I eat my candy,
I love to frolic--


Elves frolic!

But I know this,
you have to follow your heart,

and if you like her
the way I think you do,

then you have to tell her.

That was inspiring.

You're right.

You bet your buttons I'm right!

Now let's get to that dance!

[festive music]

¶ What can dear old
Santa Claus ¶

¶ Do to a fella
Who has everything ¶

May I have this dance?

¶ I got a perfect remedy ¶

¶ You get me for Christmas ¶

¶ I know that man
Will be warmed ¶

¶ But when he's finished
With them toys ¶

¶ I'll still be
Underneath the tree ¶

¶ When you get me
For Christmas ¶

¶ Well, I'll send you socks,
And scarves, and sweaters ¶

¶ Like it's snowing up a storm ¶

¶ But I've got something... ¶

They totally worked on that.

¶ That'll keep you warm ¶

¶ But if my
Christmas wish comes true ¶

¶ And all I'm wishing
For is you ¶

¶ How very merry I will be ¶

¶ If you get me for Christmas ¶


[Cassie chuckles]

[JR] Thank you.

I've never danced
with anyone like that.

Thank you.

Wow, you're
a really great dancer.

Well, I have been
taking classes all my life,

dance, piano, French.

-Au Francais, my father
insisted on it.
-[Cassie chuckles]

-Well, your dad must be
really proud.
-[JR chuckles]

Not really. But he will be.

Cassie, there's
something I need to tell you.

[upbeat music]

Side stitch!

-What? You okay?
-Go on without me!

Go get her, Sam!

God, I'm out of shape.

I haven't been
completely honest with you.

What do you mean?

Well, my name, for one,
JR, it's, well, it's a nickname.

Why would you
lie about your name?

Because my real
name's Jack Frost Jr.

[dramatic music]

Wait, hold on, you're
who I'm supposed to marry?

I wanted to meet you,
you know, see if I liked you,

see if you liked me.

Look, okay, I know
this is a lot to drop on you,

but our families need us,

and getting to know you
these past few months...

it's made me
certain that you're the woman

who I want to spend
the rest of my life with.

Oh, wow.

What's happening here?

Oh, okay,
you're doing the thing.

This is happening.

Right now, in front
of everyone, at the dance?

Cassie Claus, will you marry me?

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, what's, what's happening?

Do you mind?

We're kind of
having a moment here.

the man who was paying Sam...

I'm winded.

The man who was
paying Sam is Jack Frost.

-Your father was here?
-His father?

-[Sam chuckles]
-Plot twist.

[festive music continues]

-You're the guy?
-I'm the guy

that'll be Cassie's husband.

If she'll have me.

You've been behind this
whole thing, man, you set me up.

Back off, man.

I'm not going to back off.

you deserve something better

than a walking
haircut in a nice suit.

[JR chuckles] Funny.

-[JR grunts]
-[people gasp]

-Let's get out of here.
-No, no, no, no.

[dramatic music]

You kicked me?

I don't know.

[Sam grunts]


Are you kidding me?

[they grunt]


You want some, huh?

[Sam grunts]



[Cassie gasps]

Tag me in that.

-[Sam gasps]
-Take that.


[upbeat music]

-[JR grunts]
-Stop it!

[soft music]

Did your father
post that stuff about me?


I mean, I don't know,
I had nothing to do with it.

But that does sound
like something he's capable of.

Sam, I'm so sorry I blamed you.

It doesn't matter now,
I mean, I tried to fit in,

but I don't belong here.


My father needs me.

What about what you need?

Isn't that more important?

No, it's not.


ask me.

Cassie Claus...

will you marry me?



[soft music]

How you doing?

[Cassie exhales]

Oh, come here.

Let me fix that bow tie,
[chuckles] it's just so crooked.

I don't know why
we have to do this today,

it's the busiest day
of the year.

Well, that's what
the Jack Frost contract said.

-There, very dapper.

You look beautiful.

[Cassie scoffs]

Where's that smile?

You know,
when you were a little girl,

you used to come running
down the steps every morning

with this huge
smile on your face.

I haven't seen that
smile in a long time.

I'm not a little
girl anymore, so...

[Santa sighs]

You know how
important this marriage is.

It will cement our
ability to continue our work.

I know.

And you may be thinking
of that other young man,

your friend Sam?

He's a really nice boy, Dad.

I think you
would've really liked him.

It doesn't matter now,
'cause I'm never going
to see him again,

and that's just the way it is.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I just...

Can you just give me a minute?

I'll be okay, I will, I just,

I just need to be
alone for a minute, okay?


-What was it like?
-Were they nice?

I bet they were naughty.
There are lots of naughty ones,
aren't there, Pep?

Real people aren't so bad.
They worry about silly things,

and they don't eat enough sugar,

and they
definitely could be nicer,

but they try.

I think it's harder there.

Of course, I was really popular.

[all chuckle]

The boys just
threw themselves at me.

Pop, you're in charge
til I get back.

-Oh, but, sir, the wedding?
-Oh, I'll be back before then.

I'm counting on you, Plip.

I've got to go, I've got a lot
of responsibilities

now that I have
real-world experience.

-[elves gasp]
-She is so cool. [chuckles]

[soft music]


-Sam, right?
-[Sam gasps]

You're, uh, who?

Cassandra's father.

-I don't think we're on
a first-name basis yet, do you?

Yeah, no, no.

Uh, Mr. Claus.

What's up?

My daughter, she seems
to be quite fond of you.

Well, I'm pretty sure
she's marrying someone else.

Don't you think I know that?

Yeah, no, no, no,
you probably do.

That's why I'm here.

She's only marrying him
because I asked her to,

but I'm starting to
think that maybe, possibly,

it's conceivable
I may have made a mistake.

Is that a question?

I've checked you out, Sam,

you've been on
the nice list every single year.

You know, that's quite
impressive in this day and age.

What do you
think of my daughter?

I think she's the...

weirdest [chuckles]

most fun, smart,
beautiful girl I've ever met.

Come on.

Let's take a ride.

Call me Santa.



[jazzy music]

Excuse me.

Pardon me.


Thank you.

[dramatic music]

What's the delay?

All the best weddings
start late, it's a thing.

And why am I talking to an elf?

Where's Claus?

The elf you're talking to
happens to be in charge,

and Mr. Claus is busy,

and as soon as he's not,
I'll send him your way.

Excuse me.

We have to pull
the trigger on this,
Frost is getting anxy.

Where is my dad? I mean,
where could he have gone?

Pep, where is my dad?

[dramatic music]

It's time.

Um, knock-knock.

Now, our contract clearly states

that the wedding must take place

on Christmas Eve before sunset.

Mr. Frost,
my dad isn't here yet--

If the wedding
doesn't begin immediately,

the Claus family will
be in breach of contract,

and all of Kringle Industry
will revert to Frost and Son.

The toys, the distribution,
the glory will be mine.

Make your choice.

[Jack chuckles]

Smart girl.


I'll have them
start the "Wedding March".

I do not like him.

I'm ready to do what
I have to for my family.


I'm really glad you're here.

-Expected reindeer, right?

Everybody does,
but they're inefficient,

and they smell to high heaven.

But I got to use 'em,
tonight, part of the gig.

So Cassie says that you're,
um, studying law,

-read this on the drive.
-What am I looking for?

I want a way out, find it.

Where are we going?

North Pole, of course.

Whoa, hold on, you can't
drive to the North Pole.

No, you can't.

This baby here's got
650 reindeer under the hood,

flying reindeer. [chuckles]

-Come on.
-Do I need a jacket?

No, I'll put the top up.

-[engine revs]
-Ho ho ho!

[soft music]

[indistinct chatter]

["Bridal March" by Ray Davies]

You look nice.

Thank you.

Ladies, gentlemen,
elves, fairies,

and the best of you,
the leprechauns,

we are gathered here today

to bring together
these two young people

in the bonds of matrimony.

Hey, are you okay?

-I'm kind of freaking out.
-In the world of magic,

these two families
hold a very special place,

and today,
they will be forever
joined by this lad and lassie,

who love each other so deeply.

If anyone here has any reason

why these two
should not be wed--

-We don't.

-I'm sorry, lass?

-You said we don't.
-No, I didn't.

-You did, actually.
-Aye, you did.

Oh, um,

I guess that's because...

We don't actually
love each other.

Well, that's a problem.

You're right, it is.

And I'm sorry,
everyone, I'm so sorry,

I'm calling this
whole wedding thing off.

-[people gasp]
-You can't do that!

Yes, I can!

I can, can't I?


Cool, okay.

[door closes]

Stop everything!

[people gasp]

Cassie already did.

Ah, that's my girl.

[soft music]


What are you doing here?

I flew here, in a car.

Who's that?

Those are elves.
That's a big leprechaun.

Sam, focus.

Your dad brought me.
He's very intimidating.

I told him you rejected me in
front of the whole university,

but he seemed to
think you'd want to see me.

You look great, by the way.

Aw, thank you, you too.

This old thing?
This is my alone on
Christmas Eve outfit.

Aw. You know what,
let's cut to the chase,

'cause people are staring.

-[Sam] Makes sense.
-Yeah, um,
I think I'm in love with you.

Wow, okay,
I just came right out with that.

-Sure did.
-You know what, there's
a lot going on right now,

I don't really want to marry JR,

and I don't want to
marry you either, I'm too young,

I just want to finish school
and see the world.

-I should really talk to my dad.
-He's over there.

Uh-huh, okay.


I'm in love with you too.

[soft music]

I'm pretty sure I'm in
the clear on this thing.


Claus, get that boy's mouth
off of her!

I'm just going to go.

Oh, yeah,
do your thing. [chuckles]

Dad, I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry about the wedding,

I said I was going to
do the thing, and then--

You're headstrong,
just like your mother,

I'm so proud of you.

No, no, no, we have a contract.

Which you broke,
talk to my lawyer.

Oh, yeah, no, that's me, okay.

Uh, this is your contract, uh...


Section one,
article B, paragraph nine,

"Should either party make a
statement they know to be false

or otherwise act in
such a way to mislead,

or defame the other party,"

you know, like spying
on her the last six months

or spreading
rumors about her at school,

"then this contract shall
be rendered null and void."

-That has nothing to do with--
-The marriage is off.

It was a mistake to begin with.

You won't survive without us.

Goodness, charity,
those are things of the past.

Christmas cheer needs a patron.

You know, the numbers,
they say that you're right,

but in a few moments,
I'm going to climb
into an old-fashioned sleigh,

and I'm going to deliver
presents to lots and lots
of children,

and that's not about profit,
that's about giving.

I was so intent on
saving our business,

I forgot what our business
was really about.

Your mother was the best
thing that ever happened to me.

I was so lucky that our parents
promised us to each other.

But that was
our life, not yours.

I just want you
to be happy, Cassie.

You're a fool, Claus.

Son, we're leaving!

[jolly music]

I'm really sorry about this.

Are you kidding? [chuckles]

-No way am I ready for marriage.
-[Cassie chuckles]

And good luck with Sam.


You, you will rue the day
you crossed the Frost family.


[Jack screams]

[laughter and gasping]

-Claus! I know you did this!
-What a waste of cake.

[jazzy festive music]

[Jack groans]

-[Sam] No, you got it.
-No, help me with
the skirt part,

-I think it's-- Oh!
-[both chuckle]

There's that smile.

[woman] Want a cookie?
Fresh from the oven.

Oh, no, I'm on a low-carb diet.

Oh, no, don't be silly.

You could stand to
put on a few pounds.

[Santa chuckles]

Oh, I'll take a cookie.

Mm, that is--
these are very good.

I'm Santa.

I know.

-So, you met my Dad.
-Big step.

-[Sam chuckles]

We're not rushing to
the altar or anything like that,

but, uh, do you maybe
want to be my girlfriend?


-[chuckles] Yeah.


So, are you going
to kiss me or what?

-[both chuckle]

[upbeat music]

[Cassie chuckles]


That's enough of that.

Sam, how would you
like to spend a few days here?

-I mean, is that all right?
-It's up to you.

I mean, no one
should be alone at Christmas.

[Sam chuckles]

Where's my girl?


Oh, and don't eat
all the cookies!

I got to fill out
the suit, huh? [chuckles]

Santa out.

All right,
your family is so weird.

Ah, there's a shortage
of weird in the world.

[both chuckle]

[Santa] Ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas!

["Just a Girl (Lyre Remix)"
by Aberdeen Green]

¶ I was just a girl when
Daddy took me on his sleigh ¶

¶ Up to our favorite mountain ¶

¶ Where the reindeer
Like to play ¶

¶ We used to laugh ¶

¶ He said I had Momma's eyes ¶

¶ As we talked
About the future ¶

¶ There was magic in his smile ¶

¶ He said I had the power ¶

¶ If I wanted, I could fly ¶

¶ I just want a normal life ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ That's what I see ¶

¶ Nobody knows
The other side of me ¶

¶ In a different world ¶

¶ I'd leave ¶

¶ You can be
Whatever you decide to be ¶

¶ Just look at me ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ Off to college, on my own ¶

¶ Surrounded by
So many friends ¶

¶ But I still feel alone ¶

¶ If I can fly ¶

¶ Why is home so far away ¶

¶ Do I spread my wings or
Do I find the strength to stay ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ That's what they see ¶

¶ Nobody knows
The other side of me ¶

¶ In a different world ¶

¶ I'd leave ¶

¶ You can be
Whatever you decide to be ¶

¶ Just look at me ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ Yeah ¶

¶ It doesn't
Have to be a secret ¶

¶ If we choose not to keep it ¶

¶ We all have something
That makes us who we are ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ That's what they see ¶

¶ Nobody knows
The other side of me ¶

¶ In a different world ¶

¶ I'd leave ¶

¶ You can be
Whatever you decide to be ¶

¶ Just look at me ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ Ooh, yeah ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ A beautiful girl ¶

¶ Oh ¶

¶ Ooh ¶

¶ I'm just a girl ¶

¶ Ooh ¶