Sansho the Bailiff (1954) - full transcript

In mediaeval Japan a compassionate governor is sent into exile. His wife and children try to join him, but are separated, and the children grow up amid suffering and oppression.



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The origin of this story

goes back to medieval times,

when Japan had not yet emerged
from the Dark Ages

and mankind had yet to awaken
as human beings.

It has been retold
by the people for centuries,

and it is treasured today

as one of the epic folk tales
of history.

Zushio, be careful.



What is it?

How did Father end up
in a faraway place like Tsukushi?

Father is a great man, isn't he?


He is a righteous and fine man.

I knew it!




Don't be violent!
Step back, all of you!

We didn't come here to be violent.

We're here to appeal.

Then, please, calm down!

Are you the general?

Master, please come out!
We're all here for you!

- What are you going to do?
- We'll have Master's transfer cancelled!

The transfer is just a pretense!
It means exile!

What kind of nonsense is that?

He is being punished because of us!
We can't just stand by and watch!

Let's all go to the general's office
and appeal!

Wait! I know you care for our master.

But what you want to do will only
make his situation more difficult!

Be sensible and listen to us.

For 13 years, famine has caused
suffering for all of you.

You need every working hand
you have.

That was why our master opposed
the general's demand

for more men to fight his war
and the increase of taxes on rice.

His attempt to help you was overruled.

If you do this now,
you too will be punished!

That's right!
If you riot, he will be blamed!

He will be accused of rebellion!

So, please, return to your homes!

You're too lenient on them!
This is a riot!

Kill them all!

What are you saying?
I do not approve of that!

Keep out of this.
You are no longer governor.

How dare you speak that way!


Your food is ready.

I am sorry to have caused
you trouble, Uncle.

You've involved the whole family.
Your wife and children are in pain.

The peasants are in pain as well.


You cannot compare us to peasants!

You fool!

Tamaki, take the children
to your parents' home in Iwashiro.


Tell them I am sorry

for disappointing them
after they put their trust in me.

Zushio, I wonder if you'll become
a stubborn man like me.

You may be too young to understand,
but hear me out anyway.

A man is not a human being
without mercy.


Even if you are hard on yourself,
be merciful to others.

Men are created equal.

Everyone is entitled
to their happiness.

This is the goddess of mercy,
a family treasure.

Think of this as my principle.

Keep it in remembrance of me.
Always keep it with you. Understand?


Now repeat what I've just told you.

"A man is not a human being
without mercy.

Even if you are hard on yourself,
be merciful to others."

"Men are created equal.

Everyone is entitled
to their happiness."

- Do you remember your father's face?
- Yes, Mother.

- And his teachings also?
- Yes, Mother.

Zushio, it is time
to say good-bye to your father.

Anju, become a lovely lady.

- Look after your sister.
- Yes, Father.

We are not parting forever.

Be hopeful and brave.


I never dreamed
I would have to leave this place.

- Governor!
- Master!

Come, we must hurry.
We have to find a place to stay.

Zushio, Anju...

we are taking the same road
your father took.


My lady! My lady!

There are no lodgings
available in this area.

Why is that?

There have been bandits and slave
dealers posing as travelers recently.

They have been killing
and kidnapping women and children,

so the governor has prohibited
sheltering travelers.

Bandits and slave dealers?

- We are in trouble.
- What shall we do?

We have no choice
other than to find a place to camp.

Camp, my lady?

We must build a shelter
before it gets too dark.

Zushio, Anju, you must help too.

- Yes, Mother.
- Yes, Mother.


Mother, shall I go get more?

Yes, more thatch and soft grass
would be nice.

- Come, Anju.
- Yes, brother.

Brother, we should get this branch.

You can't break it by yourself, Anju.

Mother is calling us.

- It's the sound of the waves.
- No, listen carefully.

Anju, come back quickly!



You two must be hungry.
This will help.

- What was that?
- Wolves, my lady.

Do not worry.
They will not come near the fire.

Don't worry, dear. It'll be all right.

I'm sorry
we don't have any warm food.

I will try to go get some porridge
from a house nearby.

And some bedding for sleeping.

I'll be right back.

Thank you.

Who's there?

What on earth are you doing here?

We are travelers.

We could not find any lodging.

I'm very sorry to hear that.

The cold night is harmful to children.

Come to my place.
I can give you warm porridge.

I appreciate your kindness,
but I would not want to intrude.

Just come quietly.

Even if the authorities find out,
I'm sure they'll allow one night.

Come, quickly.

Thank you...

but there is
one more person with us.

Another person?

Is this person a man or a woman?

It is a woman. Our servant.

Then it's all right.

I can't have a man
staying with a priestess.

I was able to get straw mats
but could not get any food, my lady.

It's all right.
This priestess here

has graciously offered to lodge us
secretly for the night.

- Really?
- Now, then, let's go.

Thank you so much.
I am so happy. Thank you so much.

I can never thank you enough
for your kindness.

It is nothing. I do not live my life
only to serve the gods.

No, really.
Even family cannot help us.

It is a cold world.

So you stayed at your brother's
in Iwashiro for six years?


Marriage will break apart
even siblings, I guess.

With their stomachs full, the children
have selfishly fallen asleep.

And what are your plans for travel?

It is impossible to walk.
Why don't you go by boat?

There are hard roads ahead,

and there are many bandits
lurking in the mountains.

Is going by boat safe?

I know reliable boatmen.

- I will ask them for you.
- Thank you.

I made all the arrangements
while you were asleep.

- How can we ever thank you?
- It was nothing.

Thank you. Here they are.
Please take care of them.

Thank you for accepting them.

Come this way.

Here you are.

Please get on the boat.

I'll never forget your kindness.

Zushio, Anju, say good-bye.

- Thank you very much.
- Farewell.

Farewell. I'll be praying
for your safe voyage.

Thank you very much.

Now, lady, you go first.

Anju-sama, Zushio-sama,
go ahead and get in.

Get back.
I'll help the children.

The children will ride separately.
We can't all fit in one boat.

That won't do.
I need the children with me.

- Please!
- Shut up!


Priestess, are you sure
they are reliable?

You'll be taken to the right place!

- Mother!
- Mother!

I'll give you all the money.
Please go back.

Please, go back. Please!


Go back, please!

Please, I beg you! Please!

- Mother!
- Mother!

Please! Go back! Please!


Those kids over there.

These kids? They're too young!

- They're smart and will be useful.
- How much?

Four and a half silver for one.
Eight silver for both.

They look weak.

I don't want any sick ones.
No, thanks.

Hey! Wait a minute! Hey!

Stop all that sobbing!

Your mother's already been sold to Sado.
Crying won't get you anywhere!

That's enough! If you want
to keep crying, you'll get no food.

Please, buy them.
I need to get rid of them.

Go to Tango.
Try Sansho the Bailiff.

- Sansho the Bailiff?
- He's the richest man there.

- He'll buy them from you.
- I see.

You'll have a better chance than here.

Hurry up!

Hey! Don't be standing around!

The kids are here.

Bow to the master.

You paid seven silver
for these weaklings?

What can they do here?

They're too weak to do rough work.
Maybe they can sweep the yard.

No, I spent enough on them.
They need to work as hard as others.

What are your names?

- They won't say, Master.
- Why not?

Stubborn kids, eh? Take them away.

Have no mercy on them!

Walk! Walk!



- Brother!
- Anju!

You come this way!



Where do you think you're going?
That way. Get going.

Here. A newcomer.
Teach her some work.

- She should be playing with dolls!
- What?

- Are you serious?
- Shut up and get to work!

This is unbelievable. Namiji.

- Here, try holding this.
- Yes.

- Can you walk?
- Yes.

Damn that heartless demon!

I don't know who sold you,
but you poor thing!

Get up. Come on.


Forgive me! Please! I beg you!

I wasn't trying to escape!
I really wasn't!

Those kids reminded me
of mine back home.

I just went to the third gate.

That's as bad as trying to escape!

Forgive me! Please, forgive me!

- What are you going to do?
- Give her what's due, of course.

That's Namiji.

Are they going to kill her?

Of course not. If they kill us,
they have one less worker.

Then she will be confined?

You don't know what happens?
Look! This is what happens!

I won't do it again!

Please forgive me!
I won't do it again!

She's apologizing.
You don't have to punish her!

They need to be taught a lesson.
Here, you do it, Taro.

You spineless coward!

Don't look.

Eat your supper
and start your night work!

Get in here.

Where did you two come from?

Come here. Tell me.

There's no need to be afraid.

Do you have parents?

They sold you?

Father would never sell us!

"Father," you say?
You're no peasant's kids.

Why were you sold?
Tell me everything.

Here, have some rice cake.

It's roasted well.

A messenger from the minister is
coming, and Taro decides to disappear!

Hey, Kichiji!

Where's Taro? Go find him!

A guest will be here soon.
Get the women ready!

And bring some sake!

Even children as young as you
are bought and sold,

treated like animals,
and nobody questions it.

What a horrible world!

Tell me your father's words again.

"A man is not a human being
without mercy.

Even if you are hard on yourself,
be merciful to others."

I want to get you back to your parents,
but Sado is far away.

Tsukushi is even farther than that.

It is not a distance
children can travel on their own.

Wait until you grow up!
No matter what happens, endure it!

I now see why you keep
your names secret,

but you will need something.
I will give you names.

For you, Mutsu-Waka,
after your birthplace.

You will be Shinobu,
to endure through anything.



There you are.

A messenger from the minister
is about to arrive.

You are needed back in the hall.

- Tell my father you couldn't find me.
- He is an important guest from Kyoto!

Come. Let's go.

Such a sudden visit.
I thought you had come to scold us.

Nonsense. What for?
We only have to thank you.

You collect taxes promptly

and provide more tributes
every year. It is a great help to us.

I am honored, sir.

You're the most trusted man
among all the bailiffs.

The minister insisted that I visit
and study the methods you use

in the handling of your people.

Please, I do not deserve such praise.

I am only doing my duty
in managing his lordship's manor.

It is seldom done these days.

The minister appreciates
your work so much

that he's thinking of inviting you
to Kyoto as a reward.

- Is that true, sir?
- Yes.

I cannot believe it.
I appreciate his kindness.

Kichiji, bring the chest!

This is a humble token
of my gratitude, sir.

This is impressive. Thank you.

This is my son, Taro.
Show your gratitude.

You are lucky to have such a father.
Be a dutiful son.

Girls, begin your dance!

Are you asleep?

Take care of yourselves.

Open the gate.

- Where to so late?
- It's none of your business.






Brother, wake up.

- What?
- The alarm.

That way! He ran that way!

This way! This way!

Come back here, you!

- Over there!
- Get him!

Why, you!

Catch him!

Get him! Get him!

Let me go! Please!

I've been working patiently
for 50 years!

Let me go.

I'm already 70.
My days are numbered!

Let me die a free man!
I don't want to die here!

Mutsu, you handle this.

- Who did the branding?
- It was Mutsu-Waka.

How cruel of him!

He'll die a miserable death.

Mutsu is a bad one.
Must be the son of a bandit.

Don't worry,
you're not to blame for anything.

- Teach this newcomer.
- Pleased to meet you.

Take care of her.

Look. Like this.

Try it.

- What's your name?
- Kohagi.

- How old are you?
- Sixteen.

- Are you a peasant's daughter?
- Yes.

- Where were you sold from?
- Sado.


Do you happen to know
a woman named Tamaki?


She was sold 10 years ago.
She was 35 or 36 then.

She must be 45 or 46 by now.

I'm sorry. Sado is a big island.

Are you in pain again, Namiji-san?

I feel as though a heavy stone
is in my stomach.

You're getting worse.

I can't rest unless I die.

We're not human beings.

Why does the rest of the world
turn its back on us?

What are you saying?
You're talking like a newcomer.

I have to get back to work. You too.

Zushio, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

Anju, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

Hey, what song are you singing?

What is it called?

It goes, "Zushio, how I long for you.
Anju, how I long for you."

Who taught you that?

It became a popular song in Sado.

Who first sang such a sad song?

A courtesan, they say.

- A courtesan?
- Yes, named Nakagimi.

Do you think she's still alive?

I don't know.

"Zushio, how I long for you.
Isn't life a torture?

Anju, how I long for you.
Isn't life a torture?" Is that right?

- Sing it again.
- Yes.

Zushio, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

Anju, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

It's Mother!

Isn't life a torture?

Wait! Please, wait!

Take me too! Please, take me!

This is all the money I have!

Row off, quickly! Please!

Nakagimi! Not again.
We're going back!

She's impossible!

Cut her tendon
so she can't run away!

Please, I won't do it again!
Please have mercy on me!

Shut up!

Please forgive me!

Remember, girls.
Runaways are punished like this!

Too bad, Nakagimi-san.
We can't see the mainland today.



Anju, stop it! Stop singing.

It's the first news about Mother
we've heard.

Don't you care?

Don't you think of Father
and Mother anymore?

Don't you want to see them again?

What's the use of wanting?

If we escape, we'll find a way.

How? We don't have any money.
How will we look for them?

Just look at us. It's better
not to meet them like this.

So we'll go to Kyoto
and become somebodies.

Become somebodies?
Stop dreaming.

Despite our births,
we're servants now. Slaves!

Who'd bother with us?

You'll be sold to a brothel.
I'll become a thief.

Or we'll both be beggars.

You already have the heart of a bandit!

A soul lower than that of a beggar!

How can you brand
an old man's forehead like that?

How can you be so brutal?

Did you forget Father's words?

Don't you feel shame
before the goddess of mercy?


How could you?

It does me no good!

It's better to be loyal to the bailiff
and get on his good side.

You have changed.

Mutsu, Namiji isn't going to make it.
Go dump her in the mountains.

Namiji is like our sister.

Please let her die here.

- Take her, Mutsu.
- Yes.

Don't take her, brother.

She's still alive.
Don't give her to wild birds.

It's the bailiff's orders.

Another dead one?

This one's still alive.

- Take them.
- Yes, sir.

Open the gate.

Not you!

When you're reincarnated,
be born to a good family!

Be born to a rich family!

Hey, hurry up.

I tied this to the Buddha,
so hold it tight.

And this is the goddess of mercy.

You'll be born fortunate
in your next life.


That's too ruthless. Please let me
protect her from the frost.

Make it quick.

Brother, help me.

Brother, doesn't this remind you
of the time we camped near Naoe Port?

Mother had us gather straw and grass
like this, remember?



Oh, Mother is calling us!


Anju, let's run away.


Let's escape!

You mean it?

Then hurry!

- Go alone.
- What about you?

We'll get caught if we're together.

I'll delay them. Meanwhile,
run away as fast as you can.

They say there is a temple
at Nakayama. You'll be safe there.

I can't leave you. They'll torture you.

They don't kill slaves very often.

Don't worry.

They'll catch us
if we run away together.

If you go alone, you'll be all right.

Don't worry about me.

If you can, take Namiji-san with you.

Go while I talk with the gatekeeper.

The amulet is on Namiji's chest.

Wait for me.

I'll come back for you,
even if it's the last thing I do!

My brother will do the rest.


Thank you for waiting. My brother
will handle the rest. Let's go.

I hope I don't end up like that.
Let's go, quickly.

Come, Namiji-san, let's go.

Your brother is taking a long time.

He'll come soon.

What happened?

He's late.


You go look.

He's gone! He's gone!

- He ran away!
- What?

You slut!
You must be behind this.

Kayano, watch her!
Get more men!

Master! Bailiff!

- What happened?
- What is it?

- Mutsu the slave escaped!
- Escaped?

- And Shinobu?
- She's at the gate.

Torture her. She must know
where he's headed.

Hurry and search the village!
Hurry up!

You know where Mutsu went,
don't you?

I believe you're determined
not to say at any cost,

but you'll be talking
after they torture you.

No torture...

can make a dead person speak.

It's too late for you to outrun them.

Tie me up here and go
before it's too late.

Thank you, Kayano-san.

Now go.

Hurry. Hurry.

Farewell. Farewell.

- Farewell.
- Farewell.

Search throughout the gorge.

Come on, run!

Which way?

Zushio, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

Anju, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

Move away!

Check the back!

Where is he? Don't lose him!

Over here!

Over there!

That way!

Damn it.

Look! This way!


Have you found him?

Where did he go?

We have been sent by the bailiff
in search of a runaway!

He must be hiding here!
Hand him over!

If you refuse, you will be punished
by the minister.

You come bearing arms
as if a riot has broken out.

Seeking one of your servants, eh?

No one gets shelter here
without my permission.

As I haven't given any,
he can't be here.

And may I remind you
this is an imperial temple.



It is the imperial signature.

Trespassers will be severely punished!

Leave quietly. For your own good.

I saw him!

He went in that direction!

Southward, along the wall!
Hurry! You'll probably catch him.

Let's go!

Go left!

Go in the back alley!

How is she doing?

Thanks to your medicine,
she's gotten better.

- Good. I'm glad to hear that.
- Thank you very much.

I'm so glad.

What are your plans?

Taro-sama, I have a favor
to ask of you.

Can you keep Namiji-san here?

I would be happy to,
but what about you?

I plan to go to Kyoto.

Who is the most powerful man there?


the chief advisor to the emperor,
I should say. But why?


why did you leave
your father's house?

Do you intend to appeal
to the chief advisor?

Yes, sir.

I had the same idea
and went to Kyoto too.

But it wasn't as easy as I thought.

My single-handed efforts proved futile.

I found that humans
have little sympathy

for things that don't
directly concern them.

They're ruthless.

Unless those hearts
can be changed,

the world you dream of
cannot come true.

If you wish to live honestly
with your conscience...

keep close to the Buddha.

With all due respect...

this is something I must do,
no matter what the cost.

I see.

Then do as you wish.
You have a difficult road ahead of you.

I am prepared for that.

Very well.

I shall ask the priest to write
a letter to the chief advisor.

Thank you very much.
Thank you so very much.

Please, my lord,
if I may have a word!

Please! Please, my lord!

I am the son of the former deputy
governor of Mutsu! Please, my lord!

- Get back!
- Please!

I have here a letter from Priest Donmo
of the temple in Nakayama!

I'm doing this
as I was refused at the gate!

- Please! I beg you!
- Call the guards!

- Please!
- Stay away!

Please! Please!

I beg you!

Please, listen to me!
Please! Please!

Please! I beg of you! Please!

Where did you steal this from?

I didn't steal it!
It is my family's treasure!

Return it to me!

That's my father's keepsake!

Please give it back to me!

Please, for God's sake,
give it back to me!

Come out!

Don't send me back to Sansho
the Bailiff! Please! Please!

Don't worry.
His lordship has sent for you.

You're a lucky fellow.

Come out.
You must not keep him waiting.

- I have brought him.
- Come this way.

He is here, my lord.


Raise your head.

The letter you bring
claims you are the son

of Masauji Taira of Mutsu.
Is that true?

Yes, your lordship.

The statue you had
in your possession

originally belonged to
one of my forefathers, Michinaga.

He gave it to your family in recognition
of their good works. Did you know that?

I was only told that it was a treasure
handed down in our family.

My father left it with me
when he was sent to Tsukushi.

Your lordship!
Was what my father did a crime?

Is it unlawful to love your people?

No, but one must obey
his superior officer.

However, your father argued
with arrogant military men.

He is a man of extraordinary courage.

You knew about that, my lord?

Had I been in office,
things would have been different.

Then will you pardon him now?

It would make little difference now.

Zushio, do not let this dishearten you.

Your father has already departed
this transient life.

When did it happen, my lord?

After reading your letter,
I took the liberty to investigate.

He passed away
during the spring of last year.

I sympathize with you
and the hardships you have endured.

In recognition of his achievement
and efforts,

I am arranging for you
to succeed your father's title.

For me? For me, my lord?

The post of governor
of Tango is vacant.

I will give you that post.

- Governor?
- Right.

Masamichi Taira is created a peer
of the Junior Grade of the Fifth Rank.

"Masamichi Taira, of the Fifth Rank,
is hereby appointed governor of Tango."

This is the imperial prescript
of your post. Come closer.

I have chosen a name
befitting a governor.

Call yourself Masamichi Taira
from now on.

Visit your father's tomb.

Thank you, my lord.

My father may be dead,
but my mother and sister will be delighted.

Now I can make
a happy life for them.

I can also liberate the slaves

from the infernal house of Sansho.

What? Liberate slaves?


Yura Manor is the property
of the Minister of the Right.

A governor isn't authorized
to interfere with a private manor.

How do you expect to carry out
your duties without knowing that?

Carefully reconsider your limitations.


Imagine, the governor of Tango
coming all the way to Tsukushi.

His lordship is the son
of Lord Masauji who died here.

He came before going to his post.

A truly dutiful son.

My regret is that I could not come
while he was still alive.

I see so many flowers.

Have you been keeping them
on his grave like this?

No, sir. They are from those
who remember his kindness.

Your father was kind
to everyone he met,

especially the unfortunate peasants.

Your father taught them
how to read and write

and how to live a moral life.

I am Judge Norimura, my lord.

We congratulate you
on your new post

and humbly welcome you
and wish you a smooth transition.

Thank you for welcoming me.

I'm Murotsuna, my lord.

Narisada, my lord.

Toneyasu, my lord.

I want to do something in lieu
of announcing my arrival.

All but Norimura and his staff may go.

I want to issue a decree.
Take note.

"In this province,
the sale of human beings

is forbidden
under penalty of law.

The use of slaves
shall be prohibited

on both government lands
and private manors."

Is this an order from the capital?

No, it is my own.

Yours? Are you sure you want
to issue such a decree?

Do you think I am joking?

I am sure you have your reasons,

but you must admit this is reckless
even for your young age.

What is reckless about it?

- I have more.
- One moment.

A governor only has jurisdiction
over government land.

Manors are private property, sir.

Interfering with them
will bring serious consequences,

especially when the manor belongs
to the Minister of the Right.

Its bailiff, Sansho,
is a difficult adversary.

I want to liberate Sansho's slaves.

What are you saying, my lord?

He is an official
personally appointed by the minister.

His slaves are the property
of the minister himself.

As their guardian,
the bailiff will fight you!

- I don't want to hear any more.
- That's not all, sir.

Should this reach the capital,

the minister will undoubtedly move
to have you discharged.

You may be exiled!

Your very life might be in danger!

I do not understand where you got
such an extraordinary idea,

but please give it up
for your own good.

- Norimura, you wish to disobey me?
- No, my lord!


"Liberated slaves shall be granted
the choice of being sent home

or staying on the land
as employees,

to be paid fairly in money or land."

That is all.

Publish this throughout the province.


I want you to go to Sansho's
and fetch a girl named Shinobu.

A girl named Shinobu, sir?

- Yes.
- Yes, sir.

- There is no such girl here.
- No? Are you sure?

Even if she were, a local official
cannot make demands to see her.

Remember, this is the manor
of the Minister of the Right.

No governor can butt in here.

Go while the going's still good!

Off with you! Go away!


- Did you turn him away?
- Of course.

The fool. Why would he want
Shinobu anyway?

But don't let your guard down.
Stand on alert.

What nonsense.

I don't understand it at all.

"The buying and selling
of human beings

and use of slaves are prohibited
in this province of Tango.

Violators will be severely punished.

Issued November 25 in the seventh
year of Kanji by the governor of Tango."

Who is this new governor?

He must be absolutely crazy!
We're going to make him pay!

Dispatch a courier to Kyoto.
Let the minister know of this at once.

Yes, sir.

Be sure the slaves don't hear this.

Those morons are liable
to start meaningless trouble.

And tear down all of the notices
as fast as you can!

Go away!

No buying and selling of slaves?
Tear it down.

- What does it say?
- I can't read!

Destroy it!

- The governor's notice!
- We're free!

Hold it there!

Let's go!

Ready my men!

Please, sir!
As noble as your idea is -

You couldn't possibly understand!

Think of those
who rot in that earthly hell!

- Are we ready?
- Yes, sir.

They have arrived, Master.

It is a privilege to welcome you.

I'm afraid there is nothing to offer you,
as this is so sudden.

It has been a while, bailiff.


I am Masamichi, governor of Tango.

You have changed.
I apologize for not recognizing you.

Do make yourself at home, please.

- Bring some drinks.
- Don't bother.

I do not come as a friend.

You and your men are under arrest.

- What for? What have I done wrong?
- Silence!

Destroying the governor's signpost
is crime enough.

Oh, do you mean
those lawless notices? I see.

Now I know how they got there.
However, this manor belongs to -

- I already know!
- Then all the more reason

your recklessness is sure
to rebound on you.

I recommend you promptly
repeal your decree.

If you do, I will not report this
to the minister.

I don't know how you rose
to this position of yours,

but a slave becoming a governor,
that's a true fairy tale!

- You should not spoil it.
- Is that all you have to say?

You need not inquire about me.

Your property shall be confiscated
and you will be exiled. Arrest him!

Release me!

Who do you think you're dealing with?

Whose house do you think this is?

Prepare yourself for the punishment
that will fall for attacking this manor!

Let me go!

Release me!

I'm telling you to release me!

Listen carefully, friends.

In this place of Tango,
slave trade has been banned.

On both government land
and in private manors,

the use of slaves
has been prohibited.

From this moment on, you are no longer
the property of Sansho the Bailiff.

You are all now free!

You may go home if you wish.

You may stay here and work.

You will be paid

or given land as your own.


Oh, Mutsu-Waka!

My sins in branding you
can never be erased,

but I ask you to let this
make up for part of it.


Did you hear me?

Shinobu, I mean. Did you hear me?


Where is my sister?

Where is she?

What happened?

Tell me.

She passed away.

He killed her?


Why didn't you wait for me?

I truly believed you would.

It was your great faith

that gave me back my life.

Why didn't you wait
for your brother's return?

Sansho's house is on fire, sir.


He and his family
have already been exiled, sir.


Submit this letter to the chief advisor.
It is my resignation.


Perhaps you think it very strange,

but those who shared in my suffering
will appreciate my actions.

I am going to Sado tomorrow.
Please make the preparations.

Yes, sir.

All aboard.

The boat is leaving.

Come on, hurry.

You are not coming aboard?
What's the matter?

I'm looking for a woman named
Nakagimi. Can you help me?

Nakagimi? She must be a courtesan.

There are brothels over there.
They can tell you.

I want to see Nakagimi.
Is she one of you?

- Yeah, she is.
- Where?

That house.

She's getting ready.


- Nakagimi-san?
- Who is it?

Welcome. Come here.

Are you really Nakagimi-san?

Of course.
I'm the one and only Nakagimi.

Come here.


What's the matter?

Come have a good time.

Why are you leaving?

You cheapskate!

Are you penniless?

You big prize fool!

You were rejected!

What's wrong?

It wasn't her. I'm looking for
a woman over 40.

Oh, you must mean
the former Nakagimi-san.

- Do you know her?
- She's dead now, I think.

She was found dead by the cape.

Or was it that
she jumped into the sea?

You're all wrong.

She was killed by
the big tsunami two years ago.

Are you a relative or something?

Where did it happen?

Beyond that cape over there.

Excuse me. I heard that this area
was hit by a tsunami two years ago.

That's right.

The village lost nine or ten
to the vicious waves.

Many bodies haven't
been discovered yet.

Why do you want to hear
about that tsunami?

Isn't life a torture?

Zushio, how I long for you

Anju, how I long for you

Isn't life a torture?

Anju, how I long for you


It's me, Zushio.

You wretched being.

You've come to try and fool me again.

Go away.


You can't fool me anymore.



It is the goddess of mercy
that Father gave me.


Are you truly...?

Do you recognize me?

I've come for you, Mother.


Are you alone?

Anju is with you, right?

Anju - where is she?

Please, let me see her.
Right away.

Anju has...

Anju has gone to join Father.

Your father?

Is he doing well?

No, Mother. It's just you and I.

We're all alone now.

I could have come for you

as a governor...

but I gave up my title in order
to follow Father's teachings.

Please, Mother, forgive me!

What nonsense do you speak of?

I don't know what you have done...

but I know that you followed
your father's teachings.

And that is why...

we have been able to meet again.