Sanshiro Sugata (1943) - full transcript

Sanshiro, a strong stubborn youth, comes to the city to apprentice at a jujitsu school. His first night, he sees Yano in action, a master of judo, a more spiritual art, and he begs to be Yano's student. As the youth learns technique, he must also learn "satori," the calm acceptance of Nature's law. If he can balance strength and control, then judo may become the training regimen for the city's police, Sanshiro can gain respect from an old teacher in a jujitsu school, and he can win the hand of Sayo, that teacher's daughter, who is also sought by jujitsu's finest master, the implacable Higaki, who vows to kill Sanshiro in a midnight fight on a windswept mountainside.


This film has been modified
from the original version

of Akira Kurosawa's debut film,
which opened in 1943,

without consulting the director
or the production staff.

1,845 feet of footage was cut in 1944,

to comply with the government's
wartime entertainment policies.

As much as we'd like to show
the original version,

we were not able to locate
the cut footage.

Yet we strongly believe this modified
version is worthy of rerelease.

We thank you for understanding
the circumstances

surrounding the rerelease of this film.

April 1952, Toho Company, Ltd.


Original Novel by TSUNEO TOMITA

Screenplay by AKIRA KUROSAWA

Cinematography by AKIRA MIMURA












This narrow road
Where does it go?

This narrow road
belongs to the Tenjin God

Allow me to pass for a moment

No one must pass
who has no business to pass

I have some business.
Let me pass.

Having made a vow to the Tenjin God

Actually, I'm looking for
a jujitsu instructor.

You have reason to be afraid
on your way back

A Shimmei-style instructor
lives right there.

But he's out now.

He's in an exhibition match
in Asakusa.


We have a new pupil.

You're lucky.

You'll see quite a show tonight.

We're going to teach
Yano a lesson.


Don't you know him?

The judo wrestler
of the Shudokan.

What's judo?

That's a good one.

Yano calls jujitsu "judo."

He wants to make money off it.
What a fraud.

The police are looking for
a martial arts instructor.

We're about to make a name
for ourselves in the field.

We can't allow him to steal the job
with some fancy name for jujitsu.

He must be stopped.


Just a match without a referee.

- Sir.
- What is it?

- He's left the shop.
- Where did he go?

He's headed this way in a rickshaw.

Let's wait under the bridge.

Let's go!

No weapons!
Let's not disgrace ourselves!

Come with us.
You may learn a thing or two.

Father, where are you going?

We won't be long.

Is something wrong, Father?

Don't be silly.


I'm Yano of the Shudokan.

Do you know
who you're attacking?

State your names.

Be prepared for
the Shimmei's final blow.

Your name?

Kill me!

I won't kill you
or even break your arm.

Just tell me your name.

What have I done to you?

I wanted to teach you a lesson.

Teach me a lesson?

How foolish.

Jujitsu is on the decline
because of men like you.

I won't live in shame after I'm beat
by a scoundrel like you.

Kill me now!

You should have shown
that spirit in your jujitsu.

What a waste.



It's over.

Sir, let me take you.

Get in.

Can you drive?


Thank you.

It's a fight!

Come on!

I did nothing to you.

You said something.
Say it again!

You scoundrel!

Don't be haughty.



Sugata is back.

Send him in.


Be easy on him.

Bring him in.


You must have enjoyed fighting.

I'm sorry.

I should've been there
to watch you fight.

You're strong... very strong.

Maybe even stronger than me.


your judo and my judo...

are worlds apart.

Do you know why?

Because you don't
understand humanity.

Teaching judo to such a man...

is like giving a knife to a lunatic.

Sir, I understand humanity.

You don't!

You live without reason or purpose.

Where is your humanity?

Humanity is nature's rule...

by which we live and die.

Only according to this principle
can you die in peace.

It is the true essence of all life...

and of judo as well.


you haven't realized this.

But, sir, I am willing to die
if you tell me to.

- Liar!
- No. I am!

Shut up!

You're a reckless bully.

Your words mean nothing to me.

I'm willing to die.




Sugata is still in the water.

It's late. He might die.
Forgive him.

He's wild and stubborn,
but this is too much.

He can come out whenever he likes.

Not without your forgiveness.

He'll come out when he wants to.

Won't you forgive him?


He won't die. He's thinking.

Well, proud one.

Are you comfortable?

No answer?
You haven't figured it out.

Won't you give up?


You sound like you can
go on a little longer.

But, Sanshiro...

do you know what...

you're hanging on to?

Too full of yourself to notice?

It's a stake!

Yes, one that keeps you alive.

Without it, you'd sink into the mud.

You're too proud to come out.

Death is near.

Shut up, monk!

Well, then, why don't you
give up and come out?


How stubborn.

Suit yourself.

The moon is beautiful tonight.
Enjoy the view.


Is Mr. Yano here?

He's out.

Are his pupils here?

I'm one.

Are there any others?

Just one.

I want a match.

May I ask your name?

I practice the Ryoi style.
I'm Genzaburo Higaki.

Come in.

Priest, water.

Who's next?

Mr. Higaki.

I'm next.

No. I'll have a match
with Mr. Yano's pupil.

Then you must leave.

What about him?

I'm ready.

No. You can't.

Mr. Higaki.

This pupil is being punished.
He's not allowed to fight matches.

Please leave.

That's too bad.

Mr. Iinuma.

I'm sure Mr. Yano
will allow me in this case.

Perhaps, if he were here.

- But -
- No!

- I'm ready!
- No!

What's your name?

Sanshiro Sugata.

I'm sure we'll meet again.

We can meet tomorrow
if Mr. Yano allows it.

Don't rush it.

Someday jujitsu will fight judo.

What are we waiting for?

- Don't forget.
- I won't.

I don't like him.
He's like a snake.

The story now turns to Sayo,
a daughter of Hansuke Murai.

Higaki has learned
jujitsu from Murai.

Sayo fears Higaki's dark side,
his snakelike shadow.


Higaki isn't the only enemy
of the Shudokan.

Today I saw...

Police Inspector Shimada.

He wants us to take part

in their martial arts matches

as Shudokan judo wrestlers.

Mixed-style matches.

I said we would be glad to.

I believe he wants the winners

to become martial arts instructors

for the police officers.

If we win, what will happen?

As judo wrestlers,
we will have enemies everywhere.

As a matter of fact,
I received this today.

It's an invitation
to the opening ceremony...

of a Tenjin Shinyo-style dojo
in Yotsuya.

It says:

"To celebrate the opening...

we would like to have
an exhibition match...

between one of your pupils
and a jujitsu instructor.

Please accept our invitation."

Can you guess
which one of you was invited?

The invitation isn't for me.


it's from someone you know.

I get it.

Of course they wouldn't invite you, sir.

They practice the Shimmei style.

Mr. Yano threw them in the river before.

Sugata, it'll be your match.

Sugata, you may start
practicing tomorrow.

You must know, Sugata,

that Momma has improved
since the last time you saw him.



Show us what you've got.

I'm ready.

- Come on!
- Shall we begin?

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

There goes Sanshiro

Do not bother Sanshiro

Don't get close to him
Stay away from him

Don't touch Sanshiro
He'll get mad

There goes Sanshiro

Do not bother Sanshiro

Don't get close to him
Stay away from him

Don't touch Sanshiro
He'll get mad

"Don't touch Sanshiro."

Mr. Murai will fight...

Sanshiro Sugata.

I know.

It won't be easy.

It's a fight to the death.

He killed Momma in a match.

Children sing about him in fear.

Father will win.

I'm not so sure about that.

He quit drinking
and started training.

Even so, he's old.

He's in good shape for his age.


And... and -

I pray for him.

Miss Sayo, there's only one man
who can beat Sugata.

It's me.

My father can.

No, he can't.

Only I can beat him...

for your father.

Miss Sayo.

My father will win!

Welcome home.

You know what, Higaki?

My life before I quit drinking
seems like a bad dream.

I'm ready to fight.

I couldn't ask for a better opponent.
He's strong, very strong.

He'll be thinking of me,
Hansuke Murai, as he trains,

as he hones his skills.

Sanshiro Sugata.


Young lady.

Who do you want to see?

I'll call him for you.

Sanshiro Sugata.


This is Momma's daughter.

I thought something was strange.

Sanshiro is still young.

Nonetheless, he is badly shaken
by her failed attempt.

That night, Yano trains him
by moonlight.

Sanshiro is like a lifeless puppet.

But as he is thrown
by the instructor...

he regains his courage
and understands.

Yano has taught him what life is.

Sanshiro is of sound mind once again.


How beautiful.

Do you know where
such beauty comes from?

She's completely selfless
in her prayers.

She has let go of self
and united with the god of the shrine.

Nothing is more powerful than that.

Let's not disturb her.

We've seen a very rare thing.

It's good to behold.

I'll fix it.

No, don't trouble yourself.

You can't walk without it.

I'll fix it myself.

I can do it quickly.

Here. Put your foot on this.

Thank you.

It might be a little too tight.

Thank you.

Your umbrella.

Your handkerchief.

You forgot your handkerchief
the other day.

- Don't worry about it.
- I'll bring it to your home.

- No need.
- Where do you live?

It's really all right.

I didn't expect you to be here.

Don't worry.

Thank you for washing it.

You really helped me.

What do you pray for every day?

For my father to win a match.

What sport does he play?


May I ask his name?

Hansuke Murai.

He will fight a match with
a judo wrestler from the Shudokan.

Do you know who he's to fight?


Sanshiro Sugata.

Father told me he's young
and very strong.

I'm sorry, I must be going.
Excuse me.

It's me. I'm Sanshiro Sugata.

I wish your father good luck.



What's keeping Sugata?

When we left he said, "Too early."

He was reading.

I'm worried.

"The spirits of heaven and earth
congregate in our nation of gods.

For us they have built Mt. Fuji
that towers for eternity.

For us they have brought water
to flow around our islands.

For us they have created
the beauty of cherry blossoms -"

This is an important match.

What the hell are you thinking?

I can't do it.

I can't win.


Are you afraid of Hansuke Murai?


Someone stands
between him and me.


His daughter.

- You love her?
- No.

It's not that.

Priest, I saw her praying
selflessly for her father.

It was beautiful and I was touched.

That's the problem.

How can I overcome it?


Be pure and innocent like her.

- I can't.
- You can. You once were.


Sanshiro Sugata found new life there.

Have you forgotten?

What is your life, Sanshiro?

You're late!


You're a lucky man.


Murai won't let me fight you.

We'll fight, sooner or later.

- Really?
- I promise.

Come. Let's go.


Stay calm. Be like Mr. Yano.

Demonstration match.

Mr. Hansuke Murai
of the Shinto style.

Sanshiro Sugata
of the Shudokan.

Call him "mister" too!

Yeah, that's not fair!

Play fair!

Thirty minutes. No judging.

Let's begin.

Shall we?

Father will win.

Father will win.

Father will surely win.

I give up.

We have a winner.

Mr. Murai!

Thank you.

Thank you.

Mr. Sugata.

You're strong.

You're great.

I'm no match for you.

I was lucky.

Take care.

There goes Sanshiro

Do not bother Sanshiro

Don't get close to him
Stay away from him

Don't touch Sanshiro
He'll get mad

Mr. Sugata.

To tell you the truth...

I used all my strength
in the match with you

for the first time in my life.

I did my best.

When the match was over,

my body felt broken.

It wasn't a good feeling.

I'm glad you came.

Let me thank you again.

I sent Sayo for you.
Were you embarrassed?

No. Not at all.

It was a good match.

I even felt good
when you threw me.

No hard feelings.

Supper is ready.

Father, will you have
the soup in bed?

No. I'll get up. I feel good.


Sayo is a good cook.

"As promised,
we shall fight a duel as follows:

On the night of December 26,
at 8:00 on Ukyo Field.

The witness will be
Mr. Iinuma of the Kito style.

It shall be fought
using jujitsu skills.

Please remember that
this is a fight to the death.

From Gennosuke Higaki

to Sanshiro Sugata."

A bloody sword in the right hand
Reins in the left hand

Of a little boy

Riding on a horse

Don't shed tears for me

What we face tonight

Is bigger than our love

The horses are wet
with the pouring rain

I can't go past

The slope of Tabaru


My last question.
Do you have to fight?


I thought it would
come to this some day.

But a fight to the death
isn't good.

I can't let either of you die.

If only you had let us
fight last year.

It's too late now.

I hate to lose either of you.

Mr. Iinuma.

Laugh at us.
We're young and stupid.

It's our fate.

In that case...


It can't be!

Give up.


Not yet!

Not yet!

By the way...

I don't see Sugata today.

He suddenly decided
to go on a trip.

A trip? Why?

I think he has
something to think over.

That kid thinks too much.

He's worried about Higaki.

Higaki's also changed
since their match.

He doesn't hate Sugata.

Then what's Sanshiro's problem?

Mr. Yano...

tell him this:

"If you feel you're in a tight spot,

come back to look at
the stake in the pond."

That won't be necessary.

Mr. Yano,
he's finally become a man.

No, not in the least.

He's always like a baby.

Does it bother you that
I'll be seeing you off at Yokohama?


Father insisted on my seeing you off.

It's quite all right.

What's wrong?

Dust in my eye.

Does it hurt?

I'll be back soon.

Take care of your father.