Sansa (2003) - full transcript

Sansa is a young man. The camera pursues him, takes a peep at him, tries to catch his face, his look, his cap. The camera gets out of breath running after the man, becoming an observer, a friend into his endless trip between the stations of Paris, the streets of Spain and Portugal, Italy and Hungary, Burkina Faso and Egypt, India, the illuminated roads and boards and lounges of Japan. Sansa is a free-minded and impulsive. He is a man who will accost people on the street - women - to be courted, next minute - to be forgotten. He will get into trouble, but behind the next corner he will run away. May be the next train will take him to the end of his adventure ...

Just a minute...
Good morning.
How things?
Your ID please.
Just a routine control.
I thought I'd arrived in France, but...
You came from? Which train?
This one or that one, dunno.
- Dunno? - I'll go see.
Hang on!
Let's see your ID.
You took a bath with it?
- It's tired your ID! - A bit...
See that girl there?
I'm falling in love.
That girl over there!
- You fucking with us? - No.
No fucking with us, eh?
Let's talk of your love and originality!
- You interested? - Sure.
Specially with ID like this.
Come along, we'll talk downstairs.
Any coffee downstairs?
- You're a comic! - No.
So shut up then.
- Gotta decide now! - This way.
- You came from? - Russia.
- The ticket? - In the train.
It's a new russian method, huh?
In Russia... Trains... no tickets.
No tickets?
- Come on. - It's the cellar!
Hi Sansa.
Didn't you go off with that Swede to Copenhagen?
Sure, you fell for a Swedish guy.
- Hairdressing? - Wanna go blond?
Everyone needs a haircut!
Good to see you!
- You OK? - Cool.
Wanna buy a tie? Got the cash now?
I'll sell 'em and pay you back.
Stop messing around!
Gimme my gun back!
See you soon! Ciao!
Look... Police of the universe! All in balance!
Super clean!
That way!
Shit, sorry!
You chewing gum?
Can you blow bubbles?
Come on, try... Put your tongue like this and blow!
A? Cha...
A? Cha? Where's A? Cha?
A little portrait?
I like you a lot, cause he's my friend!
Can I give you a kiss?
- Stop! I'm working! - I like her!
Sansa, I trust you!
- A bit crazy, eh? - Yes!
Make me look nice!
Yeah, good, from Paris! Sansa!
- They're broke? - Dunno.
It's the holidays?
Dunno! Not top quality!
- How much? - 1000 euros!
Mother fucker! I love you!
And the cash, where's the cash?
Maestro, how are you?
How's it going, kids?
I've got a cold. It'll pass.
Look after yourself.
Everything OK?
We share this, right?
Now you owe me fifty!
- Nic Nic, stop that. - Cool, Sansa!
You're disturbing me.
She's beautiful...
- But she's not for him. - Why?
Don't look at me like that.
- Stop sketching! - But Carlo...
- I warned you! - Let me finish.
I've been waiting for...
This time, it's a fine. Come on!
- Don't push me, people know me. - Your board!
That kiss has to last 30 years!
Leave him alone.
Move! Let us do our job!
Everybody's here!
Say hi to your friends.
I'm gonna finish my portrait.
Shameful! I had a client and couldn't finish!
OK, your turn now!
It was a gift...
Once more and you'll be in court!
I don't give a shit, let me draw...
It's gonna be court for him, that'll show him!
And my stuff?
It's confiscated...
We don't wanna see you again!
It's me who won't see you!
Fuck! Stop them! Shit!
Those old cronies...
We didn't touch them.
They nicked our ball!
- Could you give the ball back? - Certainly not!
They call me an old witch, mentally retarded...
Who called her old witch?
That's three days, now!
- We're eating dust. - You prefer they take drugs?
I don't give a fuck!
Give us the ball!
Give us the ball back!
Who's the best player, Maradona or Pel¨¦?
Obvious. Maradona!
He punched the ball in.
That was his best goal.
He bullshitted everyone!
The hand of God!
What's next for you?
What's next for me?
I don't even know what's now and you ask me what's next.
- Beautiful. - Too beautiful!
What is it? Can I see it?
- Is it a camera or a video? - It's a camera.
Nice light!
Yes, but it'll disappear!
I had an unused ticket for Antanarivo.
This ticket's no longer valid.
Who's the superior round here?
It's for you. Present.
Impossible. There are no seats left.
It's full!
Can I talk to the superior?
You want the superior... Why?
It's a question of life or death!
Liz, please.
Is she the superior?
A bit of respect, please.
I've got a... a problem...
I'd like to...
- it's full... - I'll explain.
We can't throw someone off.
- How to explain... - It's impossible.
- It's possible. - It's full.
You must be able to take a risk. Just type OK.
Just once in your life. Please.
Just invent, take a risk.
Check, all my family crashed in one of your planes.
You owe me that!
It's nothing, just type OK, and we're off...
Let's see!
I was inside...
Got a cigarette?
- Forget it! - Please just one!
No cigarette! Come on!
In the mouth!
Yes, yes. Move this way!
We forget everything then?
We're taking you to our home.
You think you can do anything!
Do you want a tie?
No one to give it to!
4000 pesetas for the three.
For your husband?
Got some paper? I like paper...
A thousand!
Let's exchange. Three ties. No?
It's silk.
To match your shirt?
I'm well covered.
1000 pesetas for the four.
The latest fashion!
Let's see if I can...
What we've got here is... very important!
I'm pleased. I worked hard on this project.
I'm a bit nervous.
Anyway. You can...
Iook carefully.
As you see, there are no partitions in the offices.
That way, people can communicate better.
What's going on here? What's all this?
I'm sorry...
I'm very impressed...
by you.
I think...
I think I love you.
I've got...
a family problem.
What's more important?
That or...?
Come with me, please!
One minute, gentlemen!
Impacted? Impressed?
I'm very impressed too. Two months of work...
and now you've spoilt it all.
I'm impacted! I'm impressed!
I don't understand.
You don't? You'll understand!
I like you a lot... but I have to go, ok?
Thanks a lot for fucking it all up!
May I have a sweet, please?
Fine... you've seen the plans. If everything is in order...
He's... my brother...
The dogs!
Hang on, the dogs!
Wait. Stop. Really it's not funny!
Where are we going?
Stop it.
Stop it. I'm begging you.
Ok. Get in.
You get in first!
What I've heard was beautiful.
Sorry, mister.
What the hell's going on?
Yeah, I'm nuts... you're right.
What's your name? Nuts?
What the hell's going on?
Let's have a coffee!
This is unbelievable.
Why not?
I must practice. I'll go to the hotel.
No, you were good!
No, you two have a coffee. It's better!
And it's her birthday today.
Yeah. We'll give her a gift.
Maybe you're the gift?
I'm no gift.
Sit down!
- What's your name? - What?
- What's your name? - Sansa.
Sansa (without his). Without what?
- Without house. - Without wife, mother?
Go on. Tell us.
Tell us. You want to!
It's obvious. Look how you're laughing.
You make me laugh.
Me? I'm funny?
- Anyway, it was... - What?
Impressive... what you do.
Two ballerinas.
What a wonder!
You're a star, Mr. Click! Where are we going now?
Look, it's Hagi!
See... Look! No need to worry!
Don't worry, be happy!
Imagine it's a 1000 foot drop!
I'm on a tightrope!
How to find the living among the dead, the dead among the living?
What a story...
Where was her grave?
Wait, I wonder... let's go over there.
You can't read it anymore.
They got a plan at the entrance?
The plan.
It was Mr. Eichmann who made the plan.
That train there might be the train...
that took my family away.
- Unbelievable. - Was your mum called Click?
She had a dream, well, a nightmare...
that her child would be something special.
Do you realize?
You live with that, it never leaves you.
We can't see anything. Thanks.
Can't you find her?
What was your mother's name?
I didn't know her, Manon raised me.
A grandmother from Montmartre.
Well I'm happy. That's funny, strange...
I look at your face, it's like a...
Where are you? Here?
I was like you,
I loved... for a long time,
and then things came and went...
I was in love...
Now I try, well you could almost say...
I try not to be in love,
but rather to love.
But that's not so easy.
Ok, that's enough.
- Is it real? - Yes.
I like it a lot...
My hair?
Can I smell it?
I like it!
It's mythical.
- It's beautiful? - Yes, mythical also.
I never saw such hair.
What's going on?
I was touching it 'cause...
She's an Egyptian goddess...
She's Cleopatra reincarnated!
And that's just mythical!
Look at you! Look at her!
Look. See the difference. Mythical!
No, be cool. No, I touched...
Quick, quick!
Wake up!
Wake up!
You can't sleep here!
Why are you sleeping here?
What time is it?
Five o'clock!
Wake me up at six...
At six o'clock!
One hour!
Just one hour?
That's all.
Good night.
- What's its name? - Cuba.
Like the island.
Are you hurt?
No problem...
No. It's ok.
Such lovely hair...
It's funny, you look like somebody I know.
Would you come to my concert tonight?
At the Scala. You remind me of somebody.
The palace of great music!
Fazzari, what are we doing?
Me, Joseph Click, they won't let me in. I cancel!
What President?
Invest. Always invest. Where is the music?
We have to invest and there's nothing here!
Diog¨¨nes said: The more I know men, the more I love my dog.
Of course...
The backstage entrance?
Good evening.
I'm a friend of Mr. Click's.
- I come with you? - Yes. Come.
Disinfectant. Who's hurt himself?
Disinfectant? It's not an open cut.
The eyes... magnifico! And the smile...
You too.
Good luck.
You too.
One for you, one for him.
St-Petersburg? Like this or like that?
I'm lost.
To love!
Oh my God, what is it?
Just tell me the truth.
I can't, I can't anymore!
And you? You got a lighter?
You kiss well.
Caught him!
Work! Work!
She touches his chest, his chest is powerful.
Left side is stronger than his right...
as a boy he had to carry trees.
Hard childhood... his family sold flour,
carrying flour sacks... his right chest
became stronger than his left.
He did all that so that 68 years later, Olga...
could touch his tit... strong and black.
Look... But she's also touching the right one!
In the middle!
I've got him!
What are you doing here?
- I just dropped in. - What do you mean?
They won't let me in...
I thought Stalin was dead.
They'll give you a room.
I won't sleep where they want to kill me!
Fuck off!
You see,
you arrive
at a difficult time for me.
I don't know what to do.
Don't know.
Look how beautiful it is!
Does he play the violin?
You're strong! You'll spin people like that?
We're tied and don't know it.
- I'm not tied. - Of course you're tied.
They're revolutionary songs...
Come on!
How do you travel?
On a winged horse or a flying carpet?
What do you want?
No. I got a bit lost.
- Lost? - I'm trying to find myself.
You are here.
We can leave it all. I can drop the orchestra...
Got a rehearsal at the Marjinsky. Got to go.
I don't understand...
That way?
Don't shoot!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
You like passports here...
Let him go,
we'll get nothing out of him, he's an artist.
Ok man? You ok, brother?
You lived here long?
Yeah. Been here... cool like, and then, I get by,
nice and quiet like, cool...
Have to take off shoes.
It's a friend, in the shit...
Let him... sleep here, easy style.
- Come on, man. - Is it ok?
Yeah. Come on!
Customs asked for my passport
and then... locked up... Jail.
But over there, it's fucked up, man.
It'll be cool.
Yeah, cool. But just cool...
Have a rest.
Yeah, I'll go to bed.
- 'Night, bro. - Thanks.
Yeah. See you tomorrow.
I'm a conductor!
A shit passport. He wants to pass.
You can't come in!
Corruption doesn't work here. In some countries, yes!
But not here!
My dear friend, we're all citizens of the world,
I'll let you pass.
But remember, if you're in trouble, don't mention me.
I don't know you, it wasn't me you saw today!
Nice trip and up to you to get out!
Ten thousand for the marijuana, ok?
Ten thousand, ok?
I don't understand.
Haven't got any.
Come in!
It's you? Sit down.
What's new?
- You ok? - Fine, and you?
Why are you cooped up alone?
I dunno... I'm never alone when I'm with this.
But I have a concert tonight... I don't want to do it.
Always the telephone.
- Shower and let's go out. - Had it.
Unbelievable! Without asking me!
They're nuts. I'm dreaming!
Arrange it. It's over.
I want to leave... Get away from it all!
To Ibiza with... Paloma!
Oh no, the telephone again.
You're really something!
Dunno how you do it, but I must say...
Where are these shitty musicians!
It looks like a hotel room.
I often quote things...
- Just scribbling. - Scribbling?
There are those bastards!
The musicians aren't here.
Don't get upset. I deal with it.
I've worked with Mr. Click for many years.
No rehearsal, no concert.
No concert, big problems for you, for you...
We'll find a solution!
I got two hours.
He needs four hours.
I like you.
Three hours.
No more.
You're fantastic.
See. It's easy to conduct,
you stand and just follow the orchestra.
Where are you? Why?
Tell me why, why all this?
Here, look at that figure.
Look how she walks,
how her hair floats in the air.
That feline walk, just look!
Come with me, I can't, I'm too shy.
You prefer him or me?
Shut up. We're talking about me, not you.
Blah blah, he talks a lot.
He knows nothing...
What are you talking about?
You're annoying, leave us alone.
- Wanna fight? - Want to be alone with her?
- He's very nervous. - I'm not!
Calm down!
Ok, I'm calming down.
And him?
- I'm going to dance. - Dance? You dance?
It's so beautiful!
I love that stuff!
That one's for you!
- So kind! - See how I care...
- Don't cry my little one. - Stop.
- You're really something. - Let's go!
- Is it good? - Fantastic.
Just look at that.
- Come on, hurry up! - Wait.
Stop fussing around!
You're my friend.
Don't talk at the same time.
I'm watching life go by...
Wipe your mouth...
A little kiss?
- No. - A little one.
I can't give a kiss!
- Fantastic! - Jingle bells.
- Look. - The one with the hands!
Take your gloves off.
You speak with the hands!
What's going on?
What's going on, what?
Blah blah with her! Why?
Wanna fight him?
- Idiot, shit! - It's ok.
He thinks he owns her. What is that?
- He'll fuck you up. - So what! She's mine!
She's free!
We're really having fun!
- I'm off. - No. I'm scared.
- Don't be scared! - But I am.
- Stop. - I swear!
Subtitles: CN5566
Traslated by leaf